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(010) Ladaga Vs. Mapagu





In the Matter of the Petition for the Issuance of a Writ of Amparo in Favor of  Lili Lilibe beth th O. Lada Ladaga ga vs. vs. Maj. Maj. Ge Gen. n. e!n e!nal aldo do Mapa Mapagu gu"" G.. G.. #o. #o. $%&' $%&'%& %&(& (&$" $" #ovember $)" *+$* Facts, Petitioners share the common circumstance of having their names included in what what is alle alleged ged to be a JCIC JCICC C “AGI “AGILA LA”” 3rd 3rd Quart Quarter er !!" !!" #rde #rderr of $att $attle le %alidation &esult of the Phili''ine Arm()s *!th Infantr( +ivision ,*!th I+-. /he(  'erceive that b( the inclusion of their names in the said #rder of $attle ,#$ List-0 the(  become eas( targets of une1'lained disa''earances or e1tralegal 2illings  a real threat to their life0 libert( and securit(. securit(. A//4. LILI$5/6 #. LA+AGA ,Att(. Ladaga-0 first came to 2now of the e1istence of the #$ List from an undisclosed source on 7a( *0 !!8. In the #$ List0 it was reflected that the 9L/I7A/5 G#AL is to /&4 /# #9:/ PG7A #; 3! ;#% !!". #n the other hand0 Att(. Att(. Angela Angela Librado0 two sus'icious three men tried to barge into their house 7eanwh 7eanwhile ile00 Att( Att(.. Carlos Carlos Isagan Isaganii /. ?arate ?arate was inform informed ed that that he was also also included on the #$ List. In his 'etition0 he alleged that the inclusion of his name in the said #$ List was due to his advocacies as a 'ublic interest or human rights law(er. /he Petitioners assert that the #$ List is reall( a militar( hit