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Safety, health and Safety, environment, SHE Paint School Many risks are involved when working with paints Safety  – Explosion and Fire Health  – Manufacturing and Surface treatment Environment  – Emission to air (VOC)  – Emission to water (Maintenance)  – Emission to soil (aste !andling) Paint School Many risks are involved when working with paints Safety  – Explosion and Fire Health  – Manufacturing and Surface treatment Environment  – Emission to air (VOC)  – Emission to water (Maintenance)  – Emission to soil (aste !andling) Paint School Safety hazard Explosion / fire # # Mainl$ related to t!e sol%ents # ig! ris* areas are &emem'er Sol%ents are !ea%ier t!an air and will flow along t!e floor to possi'le ignition sources  – Close to !ot wor* (welding+ gas,cutting+etc-)  – Confined spaces (Ventilation) Injuries of persons # ig! pressure e.uipment , /irless spra$+ 0last cleani cleaning ng and ater  'lasting e.uipment Paint School Working with solvents represents a safety risk # Sol%ents are !ea%ier t!an air  # !e sol%ents ma$ flow to lower compartments or areas # ot wor* ma$ ignite t!e sol%ents # / fire or an explosion ma$ 'e initiated SE Sol%ents3fire1 Paint School Safety risk: High pressure equipment Surface treatment involves equipment with very high pressures # last cleaning , Mixture of air and particles # ater "etting , ater up to a'o%e 2455 0ar  # #irless spray application , 6aint Never point any high pressure unit at another person or at yourself !! Paint School Blast!leaning and water "etting represent a safety risk for the operator  # ig! pressures are in%ol%ed #  8e%er point t!e guns at $ourself or an$ ot!er near'$ person # /lwa$s use appro%ed e.uipment # 9nappro%ed e.uipment ma$ gi%e inade.uate  protection SE :lo%e3and3'oot!1 Paint School How !an we redu!e the possi#ility for a!!idents to happen $ # &ead t!e Safet$ ower explosion limit %re!autions when painting in !onfined spa!es& Paint School # # Ensure good %entilation # # # # # # # Start application from t!e 'ottom and up Ex!aust points for fumes A sol%ents must 'e close to t!e 'ottom /lwa$s use non,spar*ing tools 9se antistatic clot!ing wit! !ood 9se mas*s wit! air suppl$ 9se 'oots and glo%es Safet$ lines Sufficient rest periods Never smo&e or use na&e% flames ! Evaluation of Environmental hazards Eco'toxicological %ata # oxicit$ for organisms at different trop!ic le%els ioaccumulation %ata # /ccumulation of su'stances in organisms (egra%ation %ata # &ate of 'iotic and a'riotic degradation (angerous for the )*on layer +ife ,ycle #ssessment # # Paint School ealt! and en%ironmental impacts Energ$ consumption and !andling of waste Where to find ' seek information a#out SHE related matters # # # # # #  >egislation and &egulations from aut!orities  Compan$Bs internal safet$ s$stem  Safet$ a'el on tin of t!e 6aint  Experienced colleagues  Suppliers of e.uipment or products Paint School Sym#ols (anger for the environment !is s$m'ol ma$ 'e found in Safet$ no4 5> Paint School -ypes of information to #e found in the safety data sheet 0.1 points2&  the 54 Gdentification of t!e compan$ =4 6!$sical and c!emical 74 Composition and ingredients   84 aard identification 5>4 Sta'ilit$ and reacti%it$ <4 First aid measure 554 oxicological information ?4 Fire fig!ting Measures 574 Ecological information @4 /ccidental release measures 584 i%er  S&in &eproducti%e s$stem Health hazards during pre  treatment work& last cleaning  –  no4 >8 6oise levels when working with pretreatment # # !e noise le%els are often %er$ !ig!- # Gn man$ countries protection of t!e ears are  prescri'ed at le%els a'o%e =4 deci'els # Gn%estigation !as s!own t!at a considera'le part of t!e e.uipment !as unsatisfactor$ noise le%el >e%els in t!e range of 125 , 1"5 deci'els are not rare- #lways use approve% types Paint School -he hazards of dust (ust entering the lungs may cause several %iseasesC # # # # Silicosis (Gn!alation of silica from a'rasi%es and .uart) /s'estosis (From dust of as'estos) Siderosis (From dust of iron oxide) >ung cancer (.uarts) Small particles 3 ? microns9 can enter the parts of the lungs Paint School narrow Why prote!t against dust $ • Oxygen enters the body through the respiratory organs and diffuses into the blood system • Dust may precipitate in the organs and create a barrier against the uptake of oxygen • A suitable mask will filter the dust away and clean air enter the lungs Paint School %rote!tion against dust and gas Fse approve% respirator assem-ly # # Mas* wit! filter  9nit consisting of support 'elt+ air flow control %al%e+ 'reat!ing tu'e+ !oodA!elmet wit! filter unit- (ifferent contaminants require %ifferent filters # # # Paint School owest degree of protection 62 Medium degree of protection 6" ig!est degree of protection Das from organic solvents /1 >owest degree of protection /2 Medium degree of protection /" ig!est degree of protection Paint School )ther types might -e require% for pro%ucts classifie% as corrosive4 -his type of mask prote!ts against dust, only # Various t$pe of filters protect against %arious t$pes of dust and different particle A dust sie (61+ 62+ 6") # &ead Material Safet$ no4 >B Paint School Brown filter mask for prote!tion against solvents # Gmportant to select correct t$pe of filter &ead Material Safet$ no4 >@ 7nopened, sealed mask for prote!tion against solvents and dust& # Gmportant to select correct t$pe of filter &ead Material Safet$ no4 >A Paint School Health hazards when using paints& in%ers # # S*in contact6articularl$ Epox$+ /mines and Gsoc$anates ma$ cause s*in irritation and /llergic reactions SolventsC ;ay enter the -o%y in three waysC # y inhalation # S&in contact #  Ingestion Ot!er constituents # Paint School ar+ ea%$ metals Health hazards from solvent e*posure #cute effects +ong term effects # eadac!e # /'normal tiredness # oss of memor$ # Organ damages (*idne$s+ li%er+ C8S) # &educed reaction a'ilit$ # &educed e%aluation a'ilit$ S&in irritations # Ecema #  no4 5@ Paint School