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special requirement of gunmetal rod




  © BIS 2005 B U R E A UO FI N D I A NS T A N D A R D S MANAK    BHAVAN , 9   BAHADUR   SHAH   ZAFAR   MARGNEW   DELHI   110002 IS:10742-1983 (Reaffirmed1998) Edition 1.1(2004-06)Price Group2  Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FORCAST GUN METAL RODS AND BARS (Incorporating Amendment No. 1)UDC669.35’5’6.018.28-422  IS:10742-1983 © BIS 2005 BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS This publication is protected under the  Indian Copyright Act  (XIV of 1957) andreproduction in whole or in part by any means except with written permission of thepublisher shall be deemed to be an infringement of copyright under the said Act.  Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FORCAST GUN METAL RODS AND BARS Copper and Copper Alloys Sectional Committee, SMDC 11 Chairman Representing D R  L. R. V   AIDYANATH Indian Copper Information Centre, Calcutta  Members S HRI  D. D E  S  ARKAR  (  Alternate  toDr L. R. Vaidyanath)S HRI  D EV   K  UMAR  A  GGARWAL Bralco Metal Industries Pvt Ltd, BombayS HRI  R  AJ  K  UMAR  A  GGARWAL (  Alternate )S HRI  K. L. B  ARUI National Test House, CalcuttaS HRI  H. P. D UBEY   (  Alternate )S HRI  J. N  AGESH  B HATT Indian Telephone Industries Ltd, BangaloreS HRI  A. R. S UKUMARAN  (  Alternate )S HRI  B  ACHITAR  S INGH Ministry of Defence [DPI (N)]S HRI  M. R. A  CHARYA   (  Alternate )S HRI  B  ALKRISHNA   B INANI Rashtriya Metal Industries Ltd, BombayD R  V. S. P  ATKAR  (  Alternate )D R  S. K. B ISWAS Hindustan Copper Ltd, CalcuttaP ROF  A. D. B OHRA   Alcobex Metals (P) Ltd, JodhpurS HRI  S. D. N  ARKHADE  (  Alternate )S HRI  L. N. C HAKRABORTY  Bengal Ingot Co Ltd, CalcuttaS HRI  P. R. B HAR National Pipes and Tube Co Ltd, CalcuttaS HRI  A. K. M ITRA   (  Alternate )S HRI  P. G HOSH Indian Cable Co, JamshedpurS HRI  T RILOK   S INGH  (  Alternate )S HRI  H. N. G UPTA  Ministry of Finance (India Government Mint),CalcuttaS HRI  A. V. H  ARNE Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, SecunderabadD R  M. N. C HANDRASEKHARIAH (  Alternate I)S HRI  K. N. W  ADHWA   (  Alternate II)S HRI  D. P. J  AIN Saru Smelting Pvt Ltd, MeerutS HRI  D. N. C HAKRAVORTY   (  Alternate )S HRI  R. P. K  ESAN Kamani Metals & Alloys Ltd, BombayS HRI  A. H. S  ABHACHANDANI  (  Alternate )(  Continued on page 2)  IS:10742-1983 2 (  Continued from page 1)  Members Representing S HRI  S. K. K  HANDEKAR  Vanaz Engineers (P) Ltd, PuneS HRI  S. K. M OHANTY  Directorate General of Ordnance Factories, CalcuttaS HRI  G. R. K. M URTHY  Ministry of Defence (R & D)S HRI  I. N. B HATIA   (  Alternate )S HRI  P. S. R  AMASWAMY  Bhandary Metallurgical Corporation Pvt Ltd,BombayS HRI  T. R  AMASUBRAMANIAN Directorate General of Technical Development,NewDelhiS HRI  T. R. M OHAN  R  AO  (  Alternate )S HRI  M. K. R  AO Indian Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturers Association, BombayS HRI  S. K. R OY  Ministry of Defence (DGI)S HRI  P. K. L. P. N IMANKAR  (  Alternate )S HRI  R. N. S  AHA  Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals, NewDelhiS HRI  D IPANKAR  K  IRTI  (  Alternate )S HRI  D. K. S EHGAL Leader Engineering Works, JalandharS HRI  V. K. C HOUDHURY   (  Alternate )S ENIOR  C HEMIST  & M ETALLUR - GIST , C ENTRAL  R  AILWAY  , B OMBAY  Ministry of RailwaysD EPUTY   D IRECTOR  (M ET )-II,RDSO, L UCKNOW  (  Alternate )S HRI  A. S HANTHARAM HMT Ltd, BangaloreS HRI  S. C. S IVARAMAKRISHNAN National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR),JamshedpurS HRI  A. R. C. S ONDYS The Institution of Engineers, CalcuttaS HRI  J. S RIDHARAN Ministry of Steel & Mines, New DelhiS HRI  P. S RIRAM Rapsri Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd, BangaloreS HRI  N. S. S URANA  Multimetals Ltd, KotaS HRI  N. C. R  AMAKRISHANA   (  Alternate )S HRI  S WAROOP  K  RISHNA  Indian Standard Metal Co Ltd, BombayS HRI  S. S. V   AIDYANATHAN J. B. Metal Industries Pvt Ltd, BombayS HRI  K. R  AGHAVENDRAN ,Director (Struc & Met)Director General, ISI (  Ex-officio Member ) Secretary S HRI  J  AGMOHAN  S INGH Deputy Director (Met), ISI  IS:10742-1983 3  Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FORCAST GUN METAL RODS AND BARS 0. F O R E W O R D 0.1 This Indian Standard was adopted by the Indian StandardsInstitution on 30 November 1983, after the draft finalized by theCopper and Copper Alloys Sectional Committee had been approved bythe Structural and Metals Division Council. 0.2 This standard specifies the requirements of gun metal rods and barsin sand, chill and continuous cast conditions. In view of the specialrequirements of gun metal rods and bars which are not exactly met byIS:28-1975*, IS:318-1981† and IS:306-1968‡, the necessity was feltthat there should be a separate standard for covering the requirementof gun metal rods and bars. In this specification the composition of threedifferent grades with mechanical properties has been mentioned. GradesI and II have a fair strength and good machining properties. They are usedin valve fittings, pumps, and bearing shells, Grade III is suitable forsteam valve bodies and general utility structural use in severe conditions. 0.3 While preparing the standard, the necessary assistance has beenderived from:DIN 1705 Tin bronze and leadbrass castings. Deutschen Normen-ausschusses.JIS H5115 Leaded tin bronze castings. Japanese Standards Association.BS 1400:1973 Specification for copper alloy ingots and copperand copper alloy castings. British Standards Institution. Annual Book of ASTM Part 6 Copper and copper alloys. AmericanSociety for Testing and Materials. 0.4 This edition 1.1 incorporates Amendment No. 1 (June 2004). Sidebar indicates modification of the text as the result of incorporation of the amendment. 0.5 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with, the final value, observed or calculated,expressing the result of a test or analysis, shall be rounded off inaccordance with IS:2-1960§. The number of significant placesretained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of thespecified value in this standard. *Specification for phosphor bronze ingots and castings (  third revision ).†Specification for leaded tin bronze ingots and castings (  second revision ).‡Specification for tin bronze ingots and castings (  second revision ).§Rules for rounding off numerical values (  revised ).