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2015 首届福田杯全国青少年钢琴精英赛报名表




2015 首届福田杯全国青少年钢琴精英赛 报名表 参赛资料 Competition information: 请以正楷填写此表格 Please complete this form in BLOCK LETTERS. 比赛组别名称 Competition Class Name 比赛曲目 Repertoire(s) 个人资料 Personal Particulars: ( * 为必填项目。报名者如未满 18 岁表格须由家长 / 监护人填写) * 出生日期 Date of Birth_____________________ * 手机号码 Mobile No. _________________ * 电邮 E-mail____________________________________________________________________________ 片 * 性别 Gender________________________ 照 * 中文姓名 Name__________________________ * 家长 / 监护人姓名 Parent/Guardian’s Name_________________________________________________ * 证件类型 Type of ID________________ * 证件号码 ID No._________________________________ * 通信地址 Correspondence Address________________________________________________________________________________ * 钢琴导师姓名 Name of Piano Tutor___________________ * 钢琴导师电话 Tutor’s Phone No. ___________________________ * 培训中心 / 推荐人 Presented by ________________________________________________________________________________ 钢琴导师 / 培训中心联系地址 Address of Piano Tutor_______________________________________________________________ * 钢琴导师电邮 E-mail_________________________________________________________________________________________ 声明 Declaration: 1. 本人声明在此报名表格及随附文件所载的资料,依本人所知均属完整真确。 I declare that all information provided in this application form and the attached documents are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete. 2. 本人同意如本人获取比赛资格,本人当遵守福田杯全国青少年钢琴精英赛的规例。 I consent that if admitted, I will comply with all the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the committee Futian National Piano Competition For Young Piantists . 3. 本人已细阅比赛章程内之申请须知,并明白所有报名须知详情均以网页之最后更新版本为依归。 I have read the “Rules and Regulations” in the Competition Syllabus and understood that the details are subject to the lastest updates in the Hong Kong Piano Music Association website. 地址:深圳市南山区华侨城深南大道 9028 号郎朗音乐世界(威斯汀酒店对面) 电话:+86 755 2690 3421 邮编:518053 Email:[email protected]