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2018 Brigada Eskwela Action Plan

This is an action plan which guides the whole school in going through with the brigada activities.




Department of Education Region X District of Alubijid LAGTANG ELEMENTARY S!""L #$%& 'R(GADA ES)*ELA Action +lan Stage I. PreImplementation Stage Objectives Activities Persons Involved To organize Brig rigada ada Eskw Eskwe ela com committ mitte ees and orientation on spec specif ific ic role roles s and and tasks ". #rganiza #rganization tion of Brigada Brigada Eskw Eskwel ela a comm commit itte tees es and and orientat orientation ion on specific specific roles roles and tasks Teachers& School 'ead& PT(%& Barangay (hairman& S)( -To conduct $. %ss %ssess essme ment nt of Physi Physical cal School Physical Facilities assessment of   Facilitie Facilities s and aintena aintenance nce (oordinator& School 'ead Phys Physic ical al Faci Facili liti ties es !eeds of the school and and ain ainte tena nanc nce e !eeds of the school Time Frame *anuary $+", Resources Needed ondpapers& snacks& printers& ink Expected Outcomes -Brigada Eskwela (ommittees will e organized organized and persons inol inole ed d will will e oriented. *anuary $+", BE Form "& BE Form $ -Physical Faci Facili liti ties es of  the school will e asse assess ssed ed and maintenance needs needs will will e identified. Stage Objectives Activities Persons Involved -To increase increase pulic pulic /. %do %doca cacy cy and and Soci Social al %docacy and arketing awar awaren enes ess s on and and arketing (ommittee& School 'ead inolement in attend district initiated Brigada Eskwela orientation on Brigada Eskwela sec ur ure pertinent adocacy and marke marketin ting g mater material ials s from the diision diision0dist 0district rict office office for infor informa matio tion n drie drie actiities conene target memers of the School Brigada Eskwela (ommittee for awareness of roles and functi functions ons relati relatie e to the conduct of rigade Eskwela organize organize&& through through the %docacy and arketing (ommittee& arious arious adocacy adocacy and campaign campaign meeting meetings s to discuss discuss with potentia potentiall partners the enefits of  the BE program tap tap loca locall media in disseminating informat information ion aout aout the program      Time Frame Feruary $+", Resources Needed ondpapers& printers& ink& tarpaulin Expected Outcomes Pulic awaren awareness ess on the BE progra program m will will e increased. Stage Objectives Activities     Time Frame Resources Needed Expected Outcomes 3esource oilization (ommittee Feruaryarch $+", BE Form /& BE Form "& ondpapers& printer& ink -3esources needed& stakeholders to e tapped& tapped& oluntee olunteers rs to e inited will e determined and identified. get the %docacy %docacy and arketin arketing g (ommittee (ommittee inited to make presen presentat tation ions s on the BE program in different assemlies0meetings of the 1)20Ba 1)20Baran rangay gay (ouncil encourage more part partne ners rs to help help in Brig Brigad ada a Eskw Eskwel ela a y lett lettiing the them know aou aoutt the the %dop %doptt-%%Schoo chooll 1aw or the the 3epulic %ct ,4$4 -To -To dete determ rmin ine e the the 5. 3esource oilization resou resource rces s need needed ed&& firming-u firming-up p the kind of  partners to e serices and materials tapped& and to e sourced sourced for the olunteers to cond condu uct of Brig Brigad ada a part partic icip ipat ate e in the the Eskwela Brigada Eskwela identify possile potential partners who can help send letters of   initations to identified potential partners and other stakeholders stakeholders  Persons Involved Stage Objectives Activities -To prepare prepare for the 4. Firming-up of %ctiities for actual eent the %ctual Brigada Eskwela match e6pected olunte olunteers& ers& materials materials&& and resource resources s against against the identified needs of  the school and address gaps& if any prepar prepare e the openin opening g and closing closing programs programs and oth other rela relate ted d actii actiitie ties s during during the week organize working team teams s acco accord rdin ing g to natur nature e of seric serices es to e done done77 maso masonr nry& y& carpentry& electrical0electronics& garde gardeni ning& ng& paint paintin ing& g& etc.& and appoint team leaders make sure that donation donations s are in-kind in-kind and that all cash donations are conerted into materials     Persons Involved School Brigada Eskwela 8orking and Steering (ommittees Time Frame %pril $+ $+", Resources Needed financial resources& human resources& Expected Outcomes -%ctiitie -%ctiities s for the actual Brigada Eskw Eskwel ela a will will e firm-up. Stage II. Implementation Stage Objectives Activities Persons Involved -To -To e6ecu e6ecute te all all the ". Simple #pening plans plans y the School Program09ick-#ff (eremony Brig rigada ada Eskw Eskwe ela (ommittees $. #rganization and Briefing of 8orking Teams School Brigada Eskwela 8orking and Steering (ommittees& Stakeholders& ;olunteers& Partners Time Frame ay $+"< Resources Needed food for the stakeholders /. %ctual Implementation Implementation of  8ork Plan 5. 3ecording of %ccomplishments 4. :er :erie iefi fing ng (ommittees of :aily 8ork 8orkin ing g Expected Outcomes -The Brigada Brigada Eskw Eskwel ela a will will e form formal ally ly opened. -The working working teams teams will will e organized and oriented. -8o -8ork Plan lan for the Brigada Eskw Eskwel ela a will will e implemented. :ocumentation (ommittee School 'ead BE Forms 5& 4& and = %ccomplishme nts will e recorded daily -The working working committees will will e gien gien the chance to reflect on the daily accomplishme nts nts and and will will e remin reminded ded of the things things to e done. Stage Objectives Activities =. Final Inspection Persons Involved School Brigada Eskwela 8orking and Steering (ommittees <. (ulm (ulmin inat atin ing0 g0(l (los osin ing g School Brigada Eskwela program 8orking and Steering presentation of   (ommittees& Stakeholders accomplishments awarding of certificate of recognition to partners0donors forgin forging g of pledge pledges s of  commitment Time Frame ay $+", Resources Needed human resources& financial resources Expected Outcomes -Final inspe inspecti ction on of  the differ differen entt work and actiities undertaken during the week will consolidated0f  inalized. ay $+", financial resources -% summ summar ary y of reso resour urce ces s generated& work accomplished& lessons learne learned& d& and and ne6t steps will e presente presented d to all partners0stak eholders eholders who will attend the program. Time Resources Expected    Stage Objectives Activities Persons Involved III. PostImplementation Stage -To put togethe togetherr all ". Preparation of the Final the data reflected in %ccomplishment 3eport the diffe differen rentt forms forms completed and sum sumit itte ted d y the the diff differ eren entt work workin ing g committees $. Sumission of the Final %ccomplishment 3eport /. Sustaining Brigada Eskwela upkeep the school send letter of thanks to partners and olunteers  Frame *une $+", Needed ondpaper& printer& ink& human resources& financial resources :ocumentation (ommittee& School 'ead *une $+", financial resources for the printing and inding of  the accomplish ment report Teachers& School 'ead& )PT% and #ther Stakeholders >ear round School Brigada Eskwela 8orking and Steering (ommittees  +repared b,NEL(A E. GRA/E Teac0er (((1Sc0ool (n20arge NotedGERRY G. /A'R(A /A'R(A +S District Super3isor Outcomes -% comprehensie %ccomplishmen t 3eport will e made %ccomplishmen t report will e sum sumit itted ted on time -Brigada Eskwela program will e sustai sustained ned the whol whole e scho school ol year year throu through gh the partnerships formed formed during during th e entire conduc conductt of the program.