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6. Special Features Of Ofs Messages





Open -inancial er(ice TEMENO E#%"T*ON ENT&E Warning: This document, is protected by copyright law and international treaties. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or m echanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of TEMENO !E"#$%"&TE& " %nauthori'ed reproduction reproduction or distribution of this presentation or any portion of it, may result in se(ere ci(il and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under applicable law.) *nformation in this document is sub+ect to change without notice ession / 0 Ob+ecti(es  "t the end of this session you should be able to  ontrol the no of authori'ers in a message  #escribe 1 %se the &eplace option  reate a %ni2ue Message &eference using O&#  #escribe 1 use special characters in O- messages -eature 4 0etting the No of "uthori'ers  O- messages can contain the no of authorisers  Eg. We can use a 556 after 7&OE to indicate 'ero authoriser.  This o(errides the no of authorisers specified in the (ersion 8 if a (ersion is used9 CUSTOMER,/I/PROCESS//0,AUTHOR/123456,,MNEMONIC=AIRFRG,SHO RT.NAME=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT,NAME.1=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT,STREET=3101 WESTERN AVE,TOWN.COUNTRY=SEATTE,REATION.CO!E"1=1,RE.CUSTOMER"1 =100424,REATION.CO!E"2=2,RE.CUSTOMER"2=100#24,SECTOR=20 01,ACCOUNT.OFFICER=1,IN!USTRY=1000,TARGET=$$$,NATIONAITY =IN,CUSTOMER.STATUS=1,RESI!ENCE=IN,ANGUAGE=1 etting the no of authorisers; 0 response 100$66/IM0#23600001/1,MNEMONIC=AIRFRG"1"1,SHORT.NAME=AIRB OURNE FREIGHT"1"1,NAME.1=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT"1"1,STREET=3101 WESTERN AVE"1"1,TOWN.COUNTRY=SEATTE"1"1,REATION.CO!E=1"1"1,REA TION.CO!E=2"2"1,RE.CUSTOMER=100424"1"1,RE.CUSTOMER=100# 24"2"1,REVERS.RE.CO!E=10"1"1,REVERS.RE.CO!E=12"2"1,SECT OR=2001"1"1,ACCOUNT.OFFICER=1"1"1,IN!USTRY=1000"1"1,TARGE T=$$$"1"1,NATIONAITY=IN"1"1,CUSTOMER.STATUS=1"1"1,RESI!E NCE=IN"1"1,ANGUAGE=1"1"1,COMPANY.BOO%=GB0010001"1"1,CS. CPARTY=NO"1"1,OVERRI!E=INTRO/CUS&100 FROM 100$66 NOT RECEIVE!"1"1,CURR.NO=1"1"1,INPUTTER=15'AUTHORISER'''OFS'T AABS"1"1,!ATE.TIME=#12131510"1"1,AUTHORISER=15'AUTHORISER 'OFS'TAABS"1"1,CO.CO!E=GB0010001"1"1,!EPT.CO!E=1"1"1 -eature  0 hanging field (alues  Null  &emo(ing sub(alues  "ssigning N%== example &e2uest ACCOUNT,/I/PROCESS//0,INPUTT/123123,3$0(#, ACCOUNT.TITE.2=NU &esponse 3$0(#//1,CUSTOMER=100#24"1"1,CATEGORY=1001"1"1,ACCOUNT.TI TE.1=AAA SHIPPING COMPANY OF PANAMA"1"1,SHORT.TITE=AAA SHIPPING COMPANY OF PANAMA"1"1,POSITION.TYPE=TR"1"1,CURRENCY=US!"1"1,CURRENCY .MAR%ET=1"1"1,ACCOUNT.OFFICER=2#"1"1,CON!ITION.GROUP=2"1" 1,CAP.!ATE.CHARGE=200(0131"1"1,PASSBOO%=NO"1"1,OPENING.!A TE=200(0110"1"1,OPEN.CATEGORY=1001"1"1,CHARGE.CCY=US!"1"1 ,CHARGE.M%T=1"1"1,INTEREST.CCY=US!"1"1,INTEREST.M%T=1"1"1 ,AT.ACCT.TYPE=EGACY"1"1,AOW.NETTING=NO"1"1,SINGE.IM IT=Y"1"1,CURR.NO=3"1"1,INPUTTER=11'INPUTTER'''OFS'TEST.TE NET"1"1,!ATE.TIME=0(11131421"1"1,AUTHORISER=11'INPUTTER' OFS'TEST.TENET"1"1,CO.CO!E=GB0010001"1"1,!EPT.CO!E=1"1"1 &emo(ing a sub (alue example ?efore &emo(ing a multi (alue example &e2uest CUSTOMER,/I/PROCESS//0,INPUTT/123123,100424, REATION.CO!E"2"1=) &esponse 100424//1,MNEMONIC"1"1=AFRIBAN%,SHORT.NAME"1"1=AFRIBAN%,N AME.1"1"1=AFRIBAN%,STRE ET"1"1=51)52 BROA! STREET,TOWN.COUNTRY"1"1=PMB 12021 AGOS NIGERIA, REATION.CO!E"1"1=2,RE.CUSTOMER"1"1=100#24, REVERS.RE.CO!E"1"1=12,SECTOR"1"1=3001,ACCOUNT.OF FICER"1"1=2#,IN!USTRY"1"1=3100,TARGET"1"1=$$$,NATIONAITY "1"1=NG,CUSTOMER.STATUS"1"1=22,RESI!ENCE"1"1=NG,ANGUAGE" 1"1=1, COMPANY.BOO%"1"1=GB0010001,CS.CPARTY"1"1=NO, CURR.NO"1"1=3,INPUTTER"1"1=4'INPUTTER'''OFS'TEST.TENET, !ATE.TIME"1"1=0(1114124#,AUTHORISER"1"1=4'INPUTTER'OFS'TE ST.TENET,CO.CO!E"1"1=GB0010001,!EPT.CO!E"1"1=1 &emo(ing a sub (alue example  "fter -eature 3 0 &eplace option   "mendments to existing records affect only the fields specified in the message  -rom &> there is a special option, that will allow records to be cleared and re0input.  This option when used, clears existing multi0(alues also &eplace option example  =ets illustrate by using the %TOME& record created pre(iously.  This has  multi(alueBs for the fields &elation.code,&el.customer. &elation.code.4C4   &el.customer.4C466   &elation.code.C   &el.customer.C466>  !ow do you change only the first multi0(alueD   !ow do you replace the entire multi0(alue set D Transaction message without replace option &e2uest CUSTOMER,/I/PROCESS//0,AUTHOR/123456,100$66,REL.CUSTOMER: 1=100172 &esponse 100$66/IM0#23600003/1,MNEMONIC"1"1=AIRFRG,SHORT.NAME"1"1= AIRBOURNE FREIGHT,NAME.1"1"1=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT,STREET"1"1=3101 WESTERN AVE,TOWN.COUNTRY"1"1=SEATTE,REATION.CO!E"1"1=1,REATION .CO!E"2"1=2,REL.CUSTOMER:1:1=100172,REL.CUSTOMER:2:1=1007 24,REVERS.RE.CO!E"1"1=10,REVERS.RE.CO!E"2"1=12,SECTOR"1 "1=2001,ACCOUNT.OFFICER"1"1=1,IN!USTRY"1"1=1000,TARGET"1" 1=$$$,NATIONAITY"1"1=IN,CUSTOMER.STATUS"1"1=1,RESI!ENCE" 1"1=IN,ANGUAGE"1"1=1,COMPANY.BOO%"1"1=GB0010001,CS.CPAR TY"1"1=NO,OVERRI!E"1"1=INTRO/CUS&100 FROM 100$66 NOT RECEIVE!,CURR.NO"1"1=2, INPUTTER"1"1=15'AUTHORISER'''OFS'TAABS,!ATE.TIME"1"1=0#12 131515,AUTHORISER"1"1=15'AUTHORISER'OFS'TAABS,CO.CO!E"1"1 =GB0010001,!EPT.CO!E"1"1=1 Note that only the specific multi0(alue haschanged Transaction &e2uest with &eplace option CUSTOMER,/I/PROCESS//0,AUTHOR/123456////1,100$66,MNEMONIC =AIRFRG,SHORT.NAME=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT,NAME.1=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT,STREET=3101 WESTERN AVE,TOWN.COUNTRY=SEATTE,REATION.CO!E"1=1,RE.CUSTOMER"1 =100300,SECTOR=2001,ACCOUNT.OFFICER=1,IN!USTRY=1000,TARGE T=$$$,NATIONAITY=IN,CUSTOMER.STATUS=1,RESI!ENCE=IN,ANGU AGE=1  %E& *N-O&M"T*ON   %sername5password5companycode5554 4 denotes replace option. Transaction &esponse 100$66/IM0#23600005/1,MNEMONIC=AIRFRG"1"1,SHORT.NAME=AIRB OURNE FREIGHT"1"1,NAME.1=AIRBOURNE FREIGHT"1"1,STREET=3101 WESTERN AVE"1"1,TOWN.COUNTRY=SEATTE"1"1,REATION.CO!E=1"1"1,RE. CUSTOMER=100300"1"1,REVERS.RE.CO!E=10"1"1,SECTOR=2001"1" 1,ACCOUNT.OFFICER=1"1"1,IN!USTRY=1000"1"1,TARGET=$$$"1"1, NATIONAITY=IN"1"1,CUSTOMER.STATUS=1"1"1,RESI!ENCE=IN"1"1 ,ANGUAGE=1"1"1,COMPANY.BOO%=GB0010001"1"1,CS.CPARTY=NO" 1"1,OVERRI!E=INTRO/CUS&100 FROM 100$66 NOT RECEIVE!"1"1,CURR.NO=3"1"1,INPUTTER=15'AUTHORISER'''OFS'T AABS"1"1,!ATE.TIME=0#12131521"1"1,AUTHORISER=15'AUTHORISE R'OFS'TAABS"1"1,CO.CO!E=GB0010001"1"1,!EPT.CO!E=1"1"1 Note : The existing multi0(alued &E=.%TOME&s are replaced totally &eplace  The wrong way to do it &e2uest CUSTOMER,/I/PROCESS//0,AUTHOR/123456////1,100$66, RE.CUSTOMER"1=1001#2 &esponse 100$66/IM0#23600004/)1/NO,RE.CUSTOMER"1"1=MISSING CUSTOMER ) RECOR!,MNEMONIC"1"1=INPUT MISSING,SHORT.NAME"1"1=INPUT MISSING,RE.CUSTOMER"1"1=MISSING CUSTOMER )RECOR!,RE.CUSTOMER"1"1=MISSING CUSTOMER ) RECOR!,SECTOR"1"1=INPUT MISSING,ANGUAGE"1"1=INPUT MISSING,RE.CUSTOMER"1"1=REATION.CO!E MISSING,STREET"1"1=INPUT MAN!ATORY FOR GIVEN SECTOR,NAME.1"1"1=I*+- NAME.1 OR GIVEN.NAMES OR FAMIY.NAME,GIVEN.NAMES"1"1=I*+- NAME.1 OR GIVEN.NAMES OR FAMIY.NAME,FAMIY.NAME"1"1=I*+- NAME.1 OR GIVEN.NAMES OR FAMIY.NAME -eature  0O- %ni2ue identification number   O- %ni2ue Message &eference  This uni2ue number can be sent as part of the O- message.  !owD ACCOUNT,SAMPE/I/PROCESS,INPUTT/654321,34343/55555, CUSTOMER=100424,CATEGORY=1001,CURRENCY=US!.  The highlighted section of the abo(e O- Message is the O- %ni2ue &eference Number  WorFshop /.4  Write a O- transaction re2uest to create an account with two OT!E&.O--*E& fields. %se a uni2ue message reference also.  %se the replace option in a second O- message to replace these Other Officer fields with a single Other Officer field. -eature < 0 pecial characters in O- messages   ome O- messages may contain special characters as part of the data   "n address might contain a comma G Eg: 4/, terling &oad   "n O- re2uest to create a (ersion would use comma as part of the record id G Eg: " (ersion MEM?E& of %TOME& would ha(e an id %TOME&,MEM?E& omma in the data portion might con(ey a completely different meaning ommas in O- messages 0 solution  %se D instead of commas in the data  $uestions marFs are con(erted to commas before processing by the O- module &e2uest ABBREVIATION,/I/PROCESS,INPUTT/123123 ,CUF3,ORIGINA.TET=CUSTOMER I F3 &esponse CUF3//1,ORIGINA.TET=CUSTOMER, I F3"1"1,RECOR!.STATUS=INAU"1"1,CURR.NO= 1"1"1,INPUTTER=13'INPUTTER'''OFS'TEST. TENET"1"1,!ATE.TIME=0(11111442"1"1, CO.CO!E=GB0010001"1"1,!EPT.CO!E=1"1"1 pecial haracters in O- Character OFS Replacement character  , comma D $uestion marF H single 2uote I J double 2uote K pipeline 89 round parenthesis L curled bracFets 5 slash  caret WorFshop /.   Write a O- transaction re2uest to create a 'ero authorised (ersion for  "O%NT called NEW"O%NT Test this out using the O- online mode $ui'  tate True or -alse  ou use a 6 authoriser (ersion, but your message has no of authorisers set to 4. The transaction will be authorised  To remo(e data from a multi0(alue field , set it to N%==  ou need to specify only the field to be replaced while using the replace feature  No change fields must specified during a replace  ou can use a comma as part of the record id ummary ou should now be able to  ontrol the no of authori'ers in a message  #escribe 1 %se the &eplace option  reate a %ni2ue Message &eference using O&#  #escribe 1 use special characters in O- messages