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Attorneys Against Bannon 15000 Signatures

Nov 23, 2016 - State of California. Heather Muwero (Washington). Golnoush Goharzad (CA) Attorney. Daria Banerjee (Minnesota) attorney. Tejal Shah (New York). Richard Danguilan (Currently unlicensed and living abroad). Cindy Schmidt (Arizona) Attorney. Jessica Hernandez (Illinois) Attorney. Alex alpert (California)


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House Speaker Paul Ryan Office of the Speaker H-232 The Capitol Washington, D.C. 20515 November 23, 2016 Dear Mr. Ryan: We are more than 15,000 attorneys whose political views span the ideological spectrum. We write to ask that you call upon President-Elect Trump to rescind his appointment of Stephen Bannon as White House Chief Strategist. As attorneys, we swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. We committed to protect the institutions upon which our democracy depends. We committed to provide zealous representation for all our clients, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. Mr. Bannon has demonstrated his opposition to the stable, democratic form of government that our profession embraces and strives to maintain. His words could not be more clear: “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too . . . I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” This contempt for our longstanding governmental institutions has no place in a crucial leadership position. Mr. Bannon has also enabled and promoted white supremacy. Under his leadership, Breitbart News has become what Mr. Bannon himself describes as "a platform for the alt-right" -- another term for white nationalism. Through Breitbart, Mr. Bannon has intentionally legitimized racism, anti-Semitism, and other hate-based ideologies. Such bigotry runs counter to the values enshrined in the Constitution we promised to defend. Indeed, it threatens democracy itself by undermining the equality of all citizens. Of course we do not dispute that Mr. Bannon has the right to voice his opinions. Indeed, some of us have devoted our careers to safeguarding a robust First Amendment that protects individuals, the media, and other organizations. But these extreme and hateful views do not belong in the White House. This is not a partisan issue. The white supremacy and political insurgency that Mr. Bannon has embraced and amplified contradicts everything we stand for as attorneys and as Americans. President-Elect Trump has promised to be “a president for all Americans.” The selection of Mr. Bannon as a key advisor communicates exactly the opposite. We call upon you to take all possible measures to ensure that Mr. Trump rescinds his appointment of Mr. Bannon. The signatories to this letter are speaking on their own behalf, not on the behalf of their employers or any other individual or organization. Attorneys are listed by their name, state bar admission(s), and, at the attorney’s discretion, their title and employer. Where listed, employer information is provided for identification purposes only. Nancy Leong (CA, DC) Associate Professor University of Denver Sturm College of Law Lauren Fontana (CO) Robin Walker Sterling (CO) Associate Professor University of Denver Sturm College of Law Michael J.Z. Mannheimer (NY) Northern Kentucky University Lindsey Webb (CO) Assistant Professor University of Denver Sturm College of Law Jamie Smith (VA) David S. Cohen (PA, NJ) Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law Chloé White (NY) W. David Ball (CA) Santa Clara School of Law Edward F. Daniels (NY, DC) Brooklyn Defender Services Heather L. Weaver (DC, CA) Aidan C. McGlaze, Esq. (CA, NY) Anna Scanlon (DC, VA) Gregory H. Shill (NY) Harvard Law School Margaret Pirnie Kammerud (CA, GA) Victoria L. Allen (VA) Victoria L. Allen Law Lisa McElroy (MA) Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law Samantha James (CA) Kira Suyeishi (CO) Judith Ann Whiting, Esq. (SC) Law Office of Dr. Judith Ann Whiting, LLC Victoria Neilson (NY) Pamela Papish (NY) Eric Goldman (CA) Santa Clara University School of Law Margaret O'Hora (NY) Government Rebecca Taylor, Esq. (PA) Anna Neill (CA, FL) Tobin Abraham (MA) Africa Reanne Swafford (CA) Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Judd F. Sneirson (NY) Savannah Law School Marcia L. McCormick (IL, IA (inactive)) Saint Louis University School of Law Michael Doneson (PA, NJ) Daniel T. Deacon (MD, DC) University of California, Irvine School of Law Aisha Baruni (NY) Sarah Jessica Farber (NC) Kathryn Shoemaker (CA, DC) Elizabeth Sellers (MN) David Kwasniewski (CA) Yvette Joy Liebesman (NJ, MA) Saint Louis University School of Law Tia Link (NY) Xaxis Donald Davis (DC, VA, NC) Ackerman Brown PLLC Zachary Withers (NY, NJ) Kathy L. Cerminara (PA (retired)) Shepard Broad College of Law Nova Southeastern University Michelle Oberman (Michigan) Santa Clara University Lisa Sun (California) Hans P. Smith (California) Elizabeth M. Campbell (California) Nadia S Adawi (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Law Offices of Nadia S Adawi Nancy Levit (Kansas) UMKC School of Law Jonathan Cantu (California State Bar) Vikram Iyengar, Ph.D. (California State Bar) Fenwick & West LLP Élise Randall (Maryland) Susan McNulty (CO) Lauren Lucas (GA) Sheela Pai (NY) Britta E. Thornton (MO) Law Office of Britta E Thornton, LLC Eric Rothschild (PA) Americans United for Separation of Church and State Elie Zwiebel (CO) Beth Kurtz (DC, New York) Christine Bateup (New York) Brendon Fleming (New York, DC) Kelly Dineen (MO) Mary Twitchell, (FL) Retired Professor of Law Emeritus Univ. of Florida College of Law Anna Welch (ME) Clinical Professor César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández (TX) University of Denver College of Law Margaret B. Kwoka (MA, DC, OH) University of Denver Sturm College of Law Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg (IL) Stowell & Friedman, Ltd. Nathaniel R. Carroll, Esq. (MO, IL) ArchCity Defenders, Inc. Shana Knizhnik (NY) Kevin Cope (Illinois; District of Columbia) University of Virginia Brian Wilson (Illinois) Andrew Schmidt (Maine) Lauren Fisher White (Virginia) Jill C. Morrison (Washington DC) Georgetown University Law Center Sarah Deer (Kansas) Mitchell Hamline School of Law Ashley Basta (Colorado) Heather Rose PhD, JD (PA, NJ) Susan Bisom-Rapp (New York) Thomas Jefferson School of Law Caryn Becker (California) Bank of the West, Compliance Officer Amy Dillard (VA) University of Baltimore School of Law Susan Vincent (California) Aaron Shuler (Illinois) Sheri T. Lake (Georgia and California) Patricia Alcamo (NY and TN) Mary Ann B. Oakley (Georgia) Retired Judy Luo (NY) Diana Aragundi, Esq. (New York) Michael Selmi (CA) Kristin Aiello (Maine) Disability Rights Maine Anthony Michael Kreis, J.D., Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Law Chicago-Kent College of Law Jill Wasserman (Georgia) Rebecca Press (New York) William Browne (Colorado) Jessica McGough (New York, Tennessee, Connecticut) Rachael Neckowitz (NonE) Mary Squire (Utah) Bram T.B. Elias (CA, IA) University of Iowa College of Law Trisha Ananiades (California) Lauren Branz (Colorado and Missouri) Kimberley Morris Rosen (California) Lisa Smith (California) Alexandra Wald (New York) Cathy Cavalier Jamison (Georgia) Jamison Mediation Suzanne Alton de Eraso (Illinois; Indiana) Cassie Ehrenberg, Esquire (PA, NJ, NY) Charlotte Garden (DC) Seattle University School of Law Lynn Wu (CA) Ayo Labode (Colorado) Elizabeth Benson (California) Judith Serlin Munoz (New York) Laura Harris (California) Remy Moose Manley, LLP Shannon King (CA) Mary McNeill (CA) Rebecca Title (Texas) Daniel Epps (District of Columbia) Washington University School of Law Miriam Clark (New York) Michael Artz (DC, VA) Kellie Thomas (NY) Stephen G. Harvey (PA) Steve Harvey Law LLC Erin Pulaski (California) Kristie LaSalle (NY, MA) Julie A. Dahlstrom (Massachusetts) Boston University School of Law / Casa Myrna Vazqeuz Randall C. Berg, Jr. (Florida) Executive Director, Florida Justice Institute, Inc. Erica N. Briant (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Jenifer Wicks (District of Columbia) Rhonda Schechter (Ohio) Frost Brown Todd LLC Bridget krause (WI) Francine Lipman (California) Professor of Law Virginia Weiss (Minnesota, Nevada, California) Jennifer Tamin (CA) Samera Syeda Ludwig (Illinois, New York) Rashida Edmondson (District of Columbia, Georgia) Fleming Ford Bartoszek (IL) Attorney Zahra Billoo (California) Executive Director CAIR-California Thomas E Manns (Missouri & Illinois) Attorney Thomas E Manns PC Dustin M. Seesemann (California) Leonore F. Carpenter (PA) Associate Professor of Law Temple University Beasley School of LAw Amber Mees Gallman (Georgia, Florida) Ellie Austin (Ca, Pa, Wa) Attorney at Law Jasleen Kohli (CA) Director, Critical Race Studies Program UCLA School of Law Jessie Steffan (Missouri Bar) Attorney Erin Murphy (New York, Massachusetts, D.C.) Rebecca Gonzales (Ohio) Rose Hagan (California) Jessamyne Simon (PA) Michalyn Steele (District of Columbia) Associate Professor of Law Ruth E Sternglantz (NY, NJ, MA) Attorney Martha H. Kimes (New York, Arizona) Miriam Edelstein (PA, NJ, NY) Attorney Benjamin Hiltzheimer (North Carolina) Partner Chetson Hiltzheimer, PLLC Beverly Watson (NY Bar) Jon Zug (Virginia) Clerk, Albemarle Circuit Court Jessica Feierman (California, Pennsylvania) Danielle Goldstein (California) Valerie Kunze (Ohio) Government Attorney State of Ohio Craig Feltmann (Minnesota) General Counsel nRich Educational Consulting, Inc Heather Pinckney (DC) William N. Kent (New York) Trial Attorney Heather N. Branagan (Nevada) Mary Jo Dunnington (none) Amy Montemarano (New Jersey Pennsylvania) Robin Effron (New York) Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Julia Rabinovich (California) Miriam Baer (New York) Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Robin Goff Hallberg (Georgia) Attorney Hallberg Law, LLC Laura Cook (PA & NJ) Director, Financial Crime Resource Center The National Center for Victims of Crime Rebecca Simon-Pearson (CA) Attorney United States Postal Service Rachel Velcoff Hults (California) Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Sarah Schendel (Massachusetts) Dalie Jimenez (Massachusetts) Associate Professor of Law University of Connecticut School of Law Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Rebecca Noblin (California) Deputy District Attorney Los Angeles County Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Elizabeth Finn Johnson (GA) Of Counsel Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation Michelle Mann (Illinois) Lisa Goldman (California) Eve Keller (PA, NJ) Christine ZInter (Oregon, Washington) JD, CEBS Julie Sandler (New York) Catherine Anne Foley, Esquire (Pennsylvania; New Jersey) Lisa Melenyzer (Washington) Nichole Rustin-Paschal (Virginia) Esther Rosenfeld (California) Martín E. Klein (IL, PA, & NJ) Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Viktoriya Torchinsky-Field (Pennsylvania and Illinois) Jennifer Blasdell (Maryland) Tobias Barrington Wolff (NY, PA) Professor of Law University of Pennsylvania Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Zoe Robinson (Foreign bar membership) Professor of Law DePaul University College of Law Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Nina Willner (PA) Attorney Stutman Law Maureen Williams (Connecticut) Attorney Self Marcus Jackson (California) Lisa Ouellette (NY) Assistant Professor Stanford Law School Jeremy Sheff (New York) Professor of Law St. John's University Colleen C. Kelly (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Kathryn Elwart (Georgia) Partner Elwart & Hobbs LLC Ellie Margolis (Massachusetts) Professor of Law Jeanne Hepler Pitt (Virginia) Attorney Abner Greene (D.C. and PA (both inactive)) Leonard F. Manning Professor of Law Fordham Law School Robert Auritt (PA, NY) Roy M. Sobelson (Georgia) Professor of Law Georgia State University College of Law Sarah Parady (CO) Partner Lowrey Parady, LLC Anisha Singh (MD and DC) Samuel Carter Clements (New York and Tennessee) Attorney Sheryl Kay (FL, DC) Molly Albertson (Pennsylvania, Ohio) Attorney Diana Aragundi, Esq. (New York) Sarah Brewerton-Palmer (Georgia, Illinois) Robert Maes (Tennessee) John Pollock (MD) Tonna Farrar (MO, KS, CA and OR) Attorney Victoria L. Herring (Iowa) Attorney at Law Herring Law Firm Cari Benn (Washington) Mark McKenna (Illinois) Lauren Coleman (Virginia) Sarah Stephens (Georgia, California) Doug Williams (District of Columbia, Missouri) Professor of Law Saint Louis University School of Law Barbara R. Arnwine (Massachusetts and North Carolina) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Margaret Nielsen (Colorado) Attorney Dian Sohn (New York) Minami Tamaki LLP Amy Nelson (New York and Washington) Lauren McCulloch (PA) Tracey M Roberts (Georgia, Colorado) Jessica Lennon (Virginia, DC) Associate Latham & Watkins LLP Laila Babaeian (California) Emily Wood (California) Uyen Le (California & New York) Mellon Sawyer Post-Doctoral Fellow Mason Lane (PA, NJ) Nina Chernoff (NY) Corey Rayburn Yung (New York) Professor of Law Marty Rosenbluth, Esq. (North Carolina) Kathryn White (California) Gail Deady (Virginia) Attorney at Law Ariane Dansie (Utah) Alexandra Tomich (PA, NJ) Attorney Kessler Topaz Meltzer Check Chelsea Biemiller (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Litigation Associate Karen Smolar (New York) Public Defender Daniel Padilla (Hawaii) Brian Soucek (New York) Acting Professor of Law UC Davis School of Law Niki Mendoza (Hi, CA, OR) Senior Counsel Julie Biehl (IL) Director Children and Family Justice Center. Northwestern Pritzker Law School Irene Gutierrez (CA) John Greabe (New Hampshire and Massachusetts) Professor of Law University of New Hampshire School of Law Clement S Roberts (Ca) Partner Durie Tangri Margo Kaplan (New York) Associate Professor of Law Rutgers Law School Anna Deknatel (New York) Staff attorney Devjani Mishra (New York, Pennsylvania) Lisa Solomon (New York) Lisa Solomon, Esq. Legal Research & Writing Kristen Murray (New York) Professor of Law Temple University, Beasley School of Law Leora Eisenstadt (Pennsylvania) Professor Temple University Stephanie Barrie (None) Kathryn A. Hall (Oregon, Washington) President/Shareholder Kathryn A. Hall PC Michelle McGrath (NY) Public Defender Julie Wahlstrand (CA, MN) Kumar Rao (New York) Jacqueline Dombroff (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Anne Ohlrich (Texas) Attorney Shannon Kirk (Illinois, Massachusetts) Daniel Steinbock (New York) Dean and Professor Emeritus University of Toledo College of Law Rachel Sheridan (CA, DC) Gabriel Espinosa Gonzalez, Esq (Puerto Rico) Solo Practioner Kari Parks (NY) Beckie Moriello (NC) Attorney Raleigh Immigration Steven Bender (Arizona) Professor of Law Katrina Waiters (NY and NJ) Simranjit Singh (Florida, District of Columbia) Attorney Lauris Wren (NY) Clinical Professor Hofstra University Love Macione (CA) Hadar Aviram (California) Professor UC Hastings College of the Law Shane Von Farr (North Carolina State Bar) Margaret D. Wilkinson (California) Vickey A Wright-Smith (DC, PA and MD) Attorney Self-employed John Charin (Virginia) Garrett Epps (Oregon) Professor Brandy Karl (MA) Copyright Officer Penn State Wendy Klein Keane (Pennsylvania) Kristen Smith Dayley (California, Washington) Founding Partner Prism Law Group PLLC Logan Noblin (CA) Kathryn Honecker (Illinois and Arizona) Attorney Marianne Tassone (CA, NY) Carol Anne Donohoe, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Melissa McWhinney (Massachusetts) William P. Johnson (Wisconsin (inactive status)) Professor of Law Saint Louis University Steven W. Golden (NY, TX, MD) Trini Wientjes (Ohio) Quo Mieko Judkins (DC) Rebecca Wasserman (Georgia) Marcy Strauss (California) Professor of Law Loyola Law School Carmen Brooks (Colorado) Associate Attorney LFM Defense Debra Tucker (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Stephen F Hanllon (District of Columbia, Florida, Missouri) General Counsel National Association for Public Defense Pacyinz Lyfoung (MN, CA) Victoria Neilson (New York) Deborah Ezer (California) Tamar Birckhead (NC, CT, NY, MA) Law professor Yale Law School, UNC School of Law Jennifer Kouzi (New York) Michelle Movahed (New York, Illinois) Anne Harvey Holbrook (Florida) Nina Kohn (New York) Cy Ashley Webbb (U.S. Patent Bar) Larry D. Wright (Missouri) Criterion Law, LLC Meredith Stivers (MA) Attorney Sklkime Abduli (Wisconsin) Attorney Self (Solo Practitioner) Helen Tarokic (NC) Attorney Helen Tarokic Law Pllc David Shapiro (New York, Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Marina Bowsher (DC) Principal Self employed Mike Yaghmai (CA) Associate General Counsel Wendy Klein Keane (Pennsylvania) Margaret Klaw (PA, NY) Partner Berner Klaw & Watson Matthew Jobe (Minnesota) Naomi Shatz (New York, Massachusetts) Carrie Sager (California) Victoria Sweet (Minnesota) Program Attorney Marcia Goldsmith (Missouri) Professor of Legal Writing St. Louis University School of Law Deepa Iyer (IN; NY) Joy Bernstein (Pennsylvania) Debbie Austin (Georgia) Kristin Knudson (Colorado) Attorney Johnson Knudson LLC Sam Mawn-Mahlau (Massachusetts) Shareholder Davis, Malm & D'Agostine, PC Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Henry Ordower (Missouri) Professor of Law Saint Louis University Thushanti Kamalakanth (6298111 IL) Attorney at Law TK Immigration Law Vanessa Otero (Colorado) Attorney Thomas Terrizzi (NY) Law Office of Thomas Terrizzi Jessica Beever (Kansas, Missouri) Trial Staff Attomey American Family Insurance Ryan North Miller (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York) Fox Rothschild LLP Stephanie Amaru (California) Jennifer Wadhwa (Colorado) Attorney Stephanie Daley-Watson (Washington) Founding Member Prism Law Group PLLC Valerie L'Herrou (Virginia) Staff attorney Elizabeth Sepper (New York) Associate Professor Washington University School of Law Diep Nguyen (New York) Kaitlin A. Alley (NM) Michelle Movahed (New York, Illinois) Briar Andresen (Minnesota) David C. Yamada (Massachusetts, New York) Professor of Law Suffolk University Law School Nan feyler (Pa) Anil Kalhan (New York) Associate Professor of Law Drexel University Kline School of Law Erica Worthington (California) Rebecca Fike (Texas) Menaka Fernando (California) Nikki Jackson (MD) Retired Veronica vela (New york) Staff attorney The legal aid society Christopher Law (California) Attorney Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Helen Parsonage (North Carolina) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Cheryl Nelson-Butler (New York) Assistant Professor of Law Matthew fisher (Pa nj) Yusuf Ahmad (Virginia) Attorney Lisa Ouellette (NY) Assistant Professor Stanford Law School Amy K Penn (New York, Texas) Jessamyn Vedro (California) Jennifer Laurin (New York) Susan DeJarnatt (Pennsylvania) Natalie Brouwer Potts (Illinois, District of Columbia) Debra Tucker (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Courtney Rice (MD, DC) Mary Colleen Ryan (California) Vanessa blanchfield (Iowa) Attorney Erin McKee (North Carolina) Nayda Verier-Taylor, Esq. (Michigan) Susan Szczucinski (Missouri and Kansas) Attorney at Law Dixon-Szczucinski Law Firm Karen Guss (Pennsylvania) Robert C. Keitamo (California) Esq. Randall Lee Rowberry (Utah) Associate Attorney Law Office of Yasser F. Sanchez, PLLC Yonatan Berkovits (New York) Patricia W. Lamar (Georgia) Allison Weiner (NY) Wendy Klein Keane (Pennsylvania) Sharon Miller (New York, Maine) Attorney Elizabeth Ybarra Crean (California; Massachusetts) Wendy Klein Keane (Pennsylvania) Keith Greenwald (Pennsylvania) Raya Marinova (California) W. Lawton Tufts (VA) University of Virginia School of Law Brian Shearer (Virginia) Jean Kim (CA, HI, DC) Attorney Stiller Kim, PC Miranda Johnson (IL) Elizabeth Curtiss (none) Teacher Joshua A. Douglas (Texas (inactive)) Associate Professor of Law University of Kentucky College of Law Aroon Karuna (Illinois) Amanda Hutchison (West Virginia) Wanda M Temm (Missouri, Kansas) Jennifer Bader (New York, Maryland) Shara Svendsen (Washington) Attorney Law Office of Shara Svendsen Adam Zimmerman (California) Alia M Horwick (Illinois) Attorney Leslie Archambeault (New York) Donita Judge (NJ & DC) Ricardo Vasquez (Colorado) Judith Ebenhahn (CA) Heidi Kitrosser (California) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) June Shih (District of Columbia; California) David Schraub (DC, Maryland (inactive)) Lecturer in Law University of California, Berkeley Brian H. Bix (Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts) Frederick W. Thomas Professor of Law and Philosophy University of Minnesota Jon Stride (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) Amanda Pushinsky (California) Attorney Catherine Paytash Thuresson (California) Jacque St. Romain (Washington) Attorney Joelle Tavan (Oregon) Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP Brian L. Owsley (New York and the District of Columbia) Assistant Professor of Law UNT Dallas College of Law Melissa Flores (New Jersey, New York) In-house Counsel ActBlue Antonia Miller (Virginia and DC) Sarah Torres (California) Elisabeth Genn (New York) Abigail Romero (Georgia, California) Suzanna Moran (Colorado, Texas) Professor University of Denver Sturm College of Law Rose Cuison-Villazor (New York) Professor of Law UC Davis School of Law Aikeem Cooper (Georgia) Melissa Furrer Miller (Pennsylvania, D.C., retired from practice) Carol Brooke (NC) Laura Heymann (DC, MD, VA) Leah Malone (NY) Tara Urs (Washington) Public Defender Cameron Powell (CO, DC) Gregory S. Chernack (New York, New Jersey, District of Columbia) Kristin Fearnow (Nebraska) Attorney James Bogin (New York) Elizabeth Abdnour (Michigan (active), Ohio (inactive)) Meera E Deo (California) Associate Professor Thomas Jefferson School of Law Greg Oldham (Oregon) Carol Chomsky (Washington, D.C.) Professor University of Minnesota Law School Rebecca Khalil (NY, OR) Scott Goldshaw (PA, NJ, and NY) Victoria Keller (Colorado) Matthew Rovner (Washington) Lauren Lucas (No) Jeya Paul (Minnesota) Cherie Dominic (Michigan) Attorney Rachel Pasternak (New York) Anthony Niedwiecki (Texas) Professor & Associate Dean for Academic Affairs The John Marshall Law School Amelia Kohli (New York) Nicole B Godfrey (Colorado, New York) Civil Rights Clinical Fellow University of Denver Sturm College of Law Angela J. Davis (District of Columbia) Professor American University Andrew Deeringer (California, DC (inactive)) Staff Counsel California State Water Resources Control Board - Office of Chief Counsel Naomi Goodno (California) Associate Professor of Law Pepperdine University Rachel Martin (Virginia) Viva R. Moffat (CA, CO) Amy Parekh (California and Illinois) Marianna Moss (Colorado) Allie Cimpl-Wiemer (Wisconsin) Patrice M Carter (NJ) Mary Macpherson (Ohio) Danielle D'Onfro (MA and DC) Lecturer Washington University Law School Nicole Grunfeld (NY) Erin Stearns (Colorado) Chelsea Gilbertson (Colorado) Mary Beth Beazley (Ohio (inactive)) Julia Napier (Illinois) Assistant Corporation Counsel The City of Chicago Law Department Emily Newhouse Dillingham (Illinois) Associate Kaye Scholer LLP Susan Serrano (CA, HI) Marie Figueroa (None) Kellie Maki Foster (Michigan and Ohio) Cynthia Nance (Iowa) Professor of Law Paul Gowder (MA, LA, OR, VA (none active)) Associate Professor of Law University of Iowa Rebecca Heinsen (New York) Legal Aid Society Ann Tweedy (Washington and California (inactive)) attorney and adjunct professor Brigham Daniels (Utah) Edward Ungvarsky (Va, DC, NY, NJ) Capital Defender for Northern Virginia Virginia Indigent Defense Commission Jamila E. Jefferson (Louisiana, Maryland, District of Columbia) Jennifer Hendricks (Montana) Jeremy Haile (New York, District of Columbia) Lisa Anne Houdyshell (Missouri and Illinois) Attorney at Law LAH Legal Consulting Candace Gibson (Utah) Jeremy Reiss (NY) Scott Thompson (Wisconsin) Rochelle Sparko (NC, HI, OR) Meg Snowden (California) Attorney Christopher Lasch (KY, CT, NY, CO) Kristen M. Fisher (Maryland, North Carolina) Asifa Quraishi-Landes (California) Associate Professor University of Wisconsin Law School Jordan Cunnings (California) Public Counsel Christopher J. Peters (IL (inactive)) Professor of Law University of Baltimore School of Law Scott Moore (Michigan) Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Clare County, Michigan Donna Young (New York) Amna Arshad (VA and DC) Attorney Alison Stankus (Illinois) Attorney/child advocate Teryl Smith (Colorado) Attorney Yohance washington (Ca) Noah Long (CA) Amy Quinn (Missouri, Kansas) Saul Zipkin (New York and Connecticut) Jared P. Hollett (New York) Managing Member J. P. Hollett & Associates, PLLC Seth M. Graham (New York & California) Lauren Celello Gradinger (Pennsylvania, District of Columbia) Bradley R. Flynn (NJ) Of counsel attorney Mary Kim (New York) Lauren Rea (Georgia) Rhett O. Millsaps II (New York) Nikia Marie Bilal (Illinois) Attorney Amal Law Group, LLC Jeremy Liles (New York) Tanishka Cruz (Virginia Bar) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Justice Center Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Brianne Gungoll (Texas, Oklahoma, New York) Attorney Peter M Dennis (New York, Florida) Janice Strong (GA) Chief Counsel Becca Rausch (MA, NY) Rachel Brill (California) Jeri Ann H. Flynn (Louisiana) Attorney at Law Jeri Flynn and Associates, APLC Krystian Santini (Florida) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Saskia Valencia (New York) Ethan Forrest (CA) David L. Neal (North Carolina) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Alex Hulme (California) Lara Pabst (Missouri, Kansas) Attorney Megan Giske (Washington State) Miriam Sutherland (NM, TX, MD, DC) Zachary Lewis (Utah) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Britt Wicklund (Missouri) Attorney Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Robert Hebert (California) Courtney Cross (CA, DC, CO) Visiting Assistant Professor University of Denver, Civil Litigation Clinic Ann W. Cook (Washington state) Attorney, MS, JD Self Jennifer Mueller (DC, CA) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Christopher D. Wade (Utah) Attorney at Law Gillian Chadwick (KS) Associate Professor of Law Karena Rahall (NY WA) Executive Director - Court Square Law Project Emilie Eagan (NY, WA) Barbara conley (Wisconsin) Caitlin Heyward (South Carolina) Attorney Deepti Sethi (California) Harold V. O'Rourke (New York; Missouri) Managing Partner Stewart, Mittleman & O'Rourke, LLC Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Lara Schwartz (MD, DC (inactive)) Professorial Lecturer American University Elizabeth W. Wiegman (Tennessee) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Sara Davidson (CA) Lindsey Davis (Wisconsin) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Carla D. Pratt (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) Nicole Sheff (New York, Massachusetts) Michele Petty (Texas) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Michelle Maerov (New York) Melissa Murray (NY) Suzanne Mills (California Bar) Katherine Ordonez (Kentucky) Jennifer Fagan (Massachusetts) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) David Mendoza (California) Senior Policy Advisor City of Seattle Tracy Weiner (Missouri, Kansas & Illinois) Lesli Gallagher (California) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Rebecca Fortune (North Carolina) Casey Faucon (Colorado, Louisiana) Teaching Fellow University of Denver Sturm College of Law Samantha Del Bosque (Texas) Senior Staff Attorney Salena Copeland (California) Executive Director Legal Aid Association of California Penny Marshall (Washington DC) Mark Ladov (New York) Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Zachary Kramer (Illinois (inactive status)) Matthew Liebman (California) Cheryl I. Harris (Illinois) Professor of Law UCLA Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Jon H. Sylvester (California; Washington, D.C.) Professor of Law Golden Gate University Alejandra Torres (Oregon State Bar) Olivia Para (CA) Counsel Uber Technologies, Inc. Jajah Wu (IL) Jessica Asai (Oregon) Civil Rights Investigator Michael Pellegrin (Tennessee) Ala'a Wafa (IN, IL) Associate Counsel Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Kate Sigafoos (WA) Diana Winters (New York) Associate Professor Indiana University Angela L. Williams (Missouri, Kansas) Owner The Law Offices of Angela L. Williams, LLC Kristine L. Sullivan (North Carolina) Senior Attorney Debbie Girolamo (California, Washington) Senior Corporate Counsel Cedric Merlin Powell (Ohio; New York) Professor of Law University of Louisville Lara Pabst (Missouri, Kansas) Attorney Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Kathryn Pawlik (New York) Matt dearmond (Kentucky) Associate attorney Walters meadows Richardson pllc Liz (DC, VA, MN, NY) Attorney Daniel B. Weddle (Missouri and Kansas) Clinical Professor of Law University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law Lara Pabst (Missouri, Kansas) Attorney Adriana Gabriel (Illinois) Lara Pabst (Missouri, Kansas) Attorney Meagan E. Singer (California; District of Columbia) Hugh A. Clarke, Esq. (Maryland) Ariela Gross (California) John B. & Alice R. Sharp Professor of Law & History USC Gould School of Law Hayley Upshaw (CA) Meghan Pluimer (California) Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Amanda Nordstrom (NJ and PA) Denny Chan (California) Staff Attorney Justice in Aging Stacy Ehrlich (DC) Margaret Montoya (Massachusetts, New York, New Mexico) Professor Emerita of Law Univ of New Mexico Brianna Fairbanks (California) Vanessa Butnick Davis (CA) Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Dorothy Skye Borden (Alabama) Jennifer Molayem (California, Arkansas) Attorney Monica Davis (California) Casey Curran (California) Kelli Evans (CA, DC) Grace Gomez (Florida) Jenny Chung Mejia (California) Principal Jenny Chung Mejia Consulting Inc Steven Weiss (CA) Stacey Feeley Cavanagh (Illinois) Jennifer Moore (Minnesota) Attorney Lisa R. Pruitt (Arkansas, District of Columbia) Professor of Law University of California, Davis Bianca Sierra Wolff (New York and California) Director of Strategic Partnerships California Bar Foundation Grey Sample (Colorado) Maitreya Badami (California) Assistant Legal Director Northern California Innocence Project Sarah Madigan (New York, Massachusetts) Carla Vestal (Washington) Lesley Zork (DC, Maryland) Andrea Conjerti (New York) Attorney Alex Little (Tennessee) Daniel Brennan (Texas) Attorney Jenny Lam (CA) Elizabeth Layne Diehl (West Virginia) Managing Member Diehl Law PLLC Zahida Virani (New York State) Llezlie Green Coleman (New York, Maryland, District of Columbia) Associate Professor of Law Patricia M. Larrimore (Pennsylvania) Attorney Self Samer Hathout (California) Vernicka Shaw, Esq. (NY, IN) Hugh Handeyside (New York, Washington) Jennifer Moore (Georgia) Attorney Jennifer Perlman Moore, PC Nita Kundanmal (New York, New Jersey) Peter Morgan (Colorado and California) Staff Attorney Sierra Club Chelsea Epps (California) Partner Vanessa Butnick Davis (CA) Vanessa Butnick Davis (CA) Jolina Cuaresma (California; DC) Counsel Vanessa Butnick Davis (CA) Jill Davidson (NY) Of Counsel Squire Patton Boggs Melissa Murray (NY) Maria Astrada (District of Columbia) Laura Fernandez (Wisconsin) Attorney at Law Solo private practice Victoria Snyder (California) Attorney Claire R Thomas (New York) Attorney, Adjunct Professor of Law Rebecca Kay (Florida) Attorney/Shareholder Meghan Lacey (New York) Christine Costa Rosskopf (Ohio, California, District of Columbia) Attorney Casey Roberts (Texas, California) Staff Attorney Sierra club Ana Puszkin (FL) Sustainability Office City of Delray Beac Erin Ziegler (New York, DC, California, Washington) General Counsel Allison Glickman (New York; Florida; Kansas) Counsel Elizabeth Campbell (Michigan) Ryan Jayne (Wisconsin) Elaine & Eric Stone Legal Fellow Freedom From Religion Foundation Paula R Rhodes (Washington, DC) Blake H. Butner (Missouri) Sunny Eaton (Tennessee) Attorney and Managing Partner Gretchen Elsner (New Mexico) Attorney Lena Giangrosso (LA, TX) Elisabeth S. Smith (Washington) Sarah Gresham (Florida) Leah Shellberg (North Carolina) Josh Glickman (Florida, Kansas) Dylan Woodbury (Oregon) James Wise (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Kathlynn Smith (California) Danielle Campbell (Texas) Joanna Delfunt (Georgia) Attorney/Owner Delfunt Law Firm Kristen Hilton (OR, CA) Hannah Roman (New York, Washington) Camille Ward (Georgia) The Coca-Cola Company Angela L. Williams (Missouri, Kansas) Owner The Law Offices of Angela L. Williams, LLC Noah Zatz (New York) Professor of Law UCLA School of Law Ellen Shapiro (New York; Massachusetts) Partner Rosemary Colliver (Oregon and California) General Counsel LAIKA Kimberly Walker (New York, Washington) Corporate Counsel Julie L. Cantor (NY, NJ) Holly Griffith (Missouri and Kansas) Alexius Cruz O'Malley (IL) Dania Arencibia (Florida) Arencibia Law, LLC Mónica M. Ramirez (California) JIARUI yin (NY) Dr. Kris McDaniel-Miccio (NY) Professor of Law UNIV of Denver, Sturm College of Law Abigail K. Coursolle (California) Martina Cucullu Lim (California, New York) Tenants' Rights Program Director Centro Legal de la Raza Judy Lackey, Esq. (Washington, California) Attorney Rebecca Colvin (Washington, Hawaii) Adam Gunderson (Arizona) Rebecca St. George (Minnesota) Attorney David F. J. Dye (Colorado) Partner Tueller & Gibbs, LLP Stephanie Lin (California) Mary Macpherson (Ohio) Kimberly Solomon (California, Texas) Marion Donovan-Kaloust (CA) Niki Bowen (North Carolina) Legal Recruiter David Carrie, LLC alexi freeman (new york, DC) university of denver sturm college of law Samuel T. Lam (California) Tracey A. Steele, Esq. (California) Pamela Newport (Ohio) Jeffrey Pidot (Maine) Retired, formerly Deputy Attorney General, Maine Ivette Peña (California) Chief Deputy of Legal Services Amy Tenney (Virginia and DC) Assistant Dean of Academic Services and Registrar; Adjunct Professor of Law American University Washington College of Law Laura Joy Lattnam (New York, DC, Massachusetts) Principal The Lattman Law Firm, L.L.C. Carolyn Yashari Becher (CA) General Counsel Craig Holt Segall (California, District of Columbia) Yvonne Ballesteros (California and Indiana) David G. Larmore (Illinois; California) De Castro Law Group, P.C. Laura Lunn (Oregon) Managing Attorney Tin Thanh Nguyen (North Carolina) Partner Central Law Group, PLLC L. Reagan Florence (Minnesota, Utah) Attorney at Law AAlawfirm Laura Merchant (California) Reentry Advocacy Attorney Brianna Kadjo (California) Ian Haney Lopez (California) John H. Boalt Professor of Law UC Berkeley Miriam Allred (Utah) Assistant General Counsel Magdalena Guadalupe (California) Danielle St. Clair (California) Associate Attorney, litigation Jennifer Cohen (CA) Ilisha Dowell (Indiana) John Chase (Colorado) Public defender Colorado Public Defender Carlos Valenzuela (New York) Eric M. Fink (California; Pennsylvania (retired)) Associate Professor of Law Elon University School of Law Anna Rudman Santos (California) Legal Aid Attorney Jennifer Lee Koh (CA, NU) Professor of Law Western State College of Law Sara Kani (CA) Andrea Feathers (California State Bar) Yara Lomeli-Loibl (California) Nathan Pearman (Texas) Associate Virginia Morrison (CA) Leah Litman (District of Columbia, Maryland) Kate Kelly (DC) Human Rights Attorney Jessica Dixon Weaver (Texas) Associate Professor SMU Dedman School of Law Mara Dolan (Massachusetts) Cindy Chen (NY) Vivian Chen (California) Nicole Whatley (California) Associate Attorney HEBW Kristina Sjostrom (Minnesota State Bar) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Frank A. Bress (New York) Professor of Law New York Law School Simone L Spector (CA, MD) Attorney Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Lauren Katz (WA) Abigail Wong Grigsby (California) Melissa Camacho-Cheung (CA) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Jane Ehinger (Missouri) Sandy Chung (California) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Carolyn Larmore (California) Professor Chapman university Fowler School of Law Cheryl Nelson-Butler (New York) Assistant Professor of Law Stacey Gurian-Sherman (California) Managing Partner Strategic Expansion & Trainings, LCC Ruth Anne Robbins (NJ, PA) Distinguished Clinical Professor of Law Rutgers Law School Mary Elizabeth Oshei (CA, MI) Attorney Marie Tilden (Washington) Attorney Tilden & Associates Drew Wooldridge (Georgia) Partner Troutman Sanders LLP Andrea McEwen (CA) Andy Gonzalez (Utah Bar) J.D. State of Utah Juliette Gomez (Pennsylvania) Attorney Law Office of Juliette E. Gomez Lilian Maher (CA) Puja Shah (California) Anita Garcia (California) Attorney Hillary Mintz (MD, DC) LaRea Annette Griggs (MO, KS) Attorney McCollum & Griggs, LLC Van-Anh To (California) Deputy Public Defender Anne Jollay (California) General Counsel LeeAnn Jones (Georgia) Amy Lowen (WA) Asst. City Attorney Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Jacqueline Shipma (Missouri) Walakewon Blegay (Maryland and DC) Staff Attorney DC Nurses Associaiton Marci R Rubin (California) Jennifer Simon, JD, LCSW (California) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Anne M Brafford (California) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Thomas Greaney (District of Columbia) Chester Myers Professor of Law Saint Louis University School of Law Kelsey Beckner (Washington, New York) Beckner Immigration Law PLLC Ming Wong (California) Amber Charles (Georgia; Disrict of Columbia) Julia Campins (California) Alexander Han (California) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) David M. Saldana (California) Michelle Thom (Colorado) Attorney Heidi Raveling (California) Counsel California State Teachers Retirement System Sireen Sawaf (CA) Marji Hanson (Utah) Justin Cohen (Colorado) Darin Ranahan (California) Eric Porterfield (Texas) Professor UNT Dallas College of Law Belen Gomez (California) Attorney Karen M. Iezzi, Esq. (Florida) Jen Tomchak (Utah) Aaron Rogers (Iowa) Grace Calabrese Tonner (California) Clinical Law Professor University of California, Irvine School of Law Rachel Moran (Colorado, Illinois) Rigel S. Massaro (California) Staff Attorney Public Advocates Inc. Eleanor Morton (CA) Attorney Leonard Carder LLP Melissa Rose Roth (Colorado) Ruben Espinoza (California) Rigel S. Massaro (California) Staff Attorney Public Advocates Inc. Kimberly Cook (New Mexico) Assistant Appellate Defender Evelyn Cedeño-Naik (California) Supervisory Attorney Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project Grace Calabrese Tonner (California) Clinical Law Professor University of California, Irvine School of Law Mami Fujii Raske (Oregon) Milinda Kakani (New York) Angela Elizabeth Perry (California) Policy Analyst Maxim Thorne (New Jersey) CEO JusticeInvestor Rachel M. Walsh (California) Rigel S. Massaro (California) Staff Attorney Public Advocates Inc. Cindy Chen (NY) Alice Cheng (California) Associate Attorney Law Offices of Tracey C. Wapnick Amy Kapp (California, District of Columbia) Deputy City Attorney City of Santa Cruz Shea Brack (CA, UT) Eve Rutzick (California) Esq. Christina Fialho (CA) Co-Founder/Executive Director Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) Guillermo Mayer (California) Joseph Patrick McPeak (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Maleeha Haq (California) Grace Calabrese Tonner (California) Clinical Law Professor University of California, Irvine School of Law Rigel S. Massaro (California) Staff Attorney Public Advocates Inc. Lisa Mendes (CA) Attorney Self Michele Ballantyne (Utah) Shoshana Smolen, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Lori Rifkin (CA) Kelly Canavan (Texas) Kim D. Chanbonpin (California) Professor of Law The John Marshall Law School David M. Barron (Kentucky; South Carolina) Attorney Paige Kanen (California) Associate Clinical Professor Haven Tmoo (Minnesota) Alanna Holt (Florida) Immigration Attorney Hewan Teshome (NY) Rigel S. Massaro (California) Staff Attorney Public Advocates Inc. Colleen Gilg (New York) Maya Manian (CA; IL) Professor University of San Francisco School of Law Daniel Sullivan (New York) Srikant Cheruvu (New York) Millicent A Hoffman (Illinois) David Zisser (CA) Senior Staff Attorney Public Advocates Courtney OBrien (California) Senior Associate Rigel S. Massaro (California) Staff Attorney Public Advocates Inc. Jacqueline Hayot (None) COO Iron Harbor Capital Management Christine Lin (State Bar of California) David Lacy (Maryland, Texas) Tina Mehr (CA) Managing Attorney Vision Legal, Inc. Alyssa Mack (New York) Judicial Law Clerk Federal District Court Catherine Sakimura (California) Grace Calabrese Tonner (California) Clinical Law Professor University of California, Irvine School of Law Dorian Morello (California) Attorney Rachel Weislow (MA) Hadar Harris (California) Executive Director Northern California Innocence Project (signing in a personal capacity) Tiffany Bui Letourneau (California) Jill Pearson (Minnesota) Karin Wang (California) Vice-President of Programs and Communications Asian Americans Advcanicng Justice-Los Angeles Majdel Musa (Illinois) Attorney Katie Bosch (Virginia) Summer Shelton (CA, MD, WV) Attorney Victor Ochoa (California) Attorney at Law Elizabeth Bluestein (CA) Greg Montross (Maryland) Yasmin Cader (D.C., NY, CA) Deputy Federal Public Defender Office of the Federal Public Defender John West (Utah) Dwana Bain (CA) Tiffany Phan (California) Associate Katherine Judson (Wisconsin, New Mexico) Jenny Vultaggio (Colorado) Associate Attorney Chayet and Danzo LLC Julie E. Dinnerstein (New York) Jesse A. Goldner (Missouri) John D. Valentine Professor of Law-Emeritus-pending Saint Louis University Wendy N Weigand (Arizona) Member Gust Rosenfeld Anna Maslyanskaya (New York) Janeth Arias (California State Bar) Associate Attorney Jocelyn Wolf (California) Rihab Hamade (Florida) Attorney Aravinda Seshadri (California) Partner Silicon Legal Strategy Annecoos Wiersema (Colorado) Professor of Law Carol Leslie Peterson (California) Attorney at Law, Crminal Defense Bonnie Puckett (New York, Georgia) Of Counsel Ogletree Deakins Jennifer Wagner (West Virginia) Patricia Young (California) Laura Favazza (Missouri Bar) Andrea Hartsough (California) Owner Law Office of Andrea Hartsough Kathy Khommarath (California; U.S. District Court, Central District of California) Attorney Arabelle Malinis (California) Attorney Lola Sophia Bovell (Wisconsin) Staff Attorney The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project Liz Bradley (Wisconsin) Mike Hall (Wisconsin) University of Wisconsin Law School Amanda Nordstrom (NJ and PA) Katrina Kleinwachter Fortney (Washington (active); Minnesota (inactive)) Jeffrey R. Baker (Mississippi, Alabama, California) Pepperdine University School of Law Meredith Osborn (California) Ora Prochovnick (California) Professor JFKU College of Law Kayla Birns (California) Emily Haan (NY) Daria Roithmayr (CA (inactive)) Professor of Law Gould School of Law USC Jason L Held (CA, IL) Ann Carlson (California) Shirley Shapiro Professor UCLA School of Law Sabrina Forte (California) Noel Santos (California) Sophia Tornatore (California) Jennifer Eyl (CO) Amanda Nordstrom (NJ and PA) Ariel Robinson (California) Jason W. Brooks, Esq (California) Attorney altView Law Group, LLP Marie Jobling (CA) Souha Al-Samkari (Ohio) Joshua C. Stokes (California, Texas) Berry, Silberberg & Stokes Molly Malouf (Washington) Corporate Attorney Brandy N. Davis (Texas) Robert Gulack (Washington, D.C.) Christy Chandler (California) Misty Ewegen (Colorado, D.C.) Attorney Self Namira Islam (Michigan) Rachel Doughty (California (active), North Carolina (inactive)) President Greenfire Law, PC Jehan Laner (California) Kate Brosgart Moore (California) Attorney Amanda Nordstrom (NJ and PA) Lysandra Pachuta (Virginia) Attorney Aradhana Tiwari (California) Attorney Jesse Suarez (California & Nevada) General Counsel Starcity Amanda Prasuhn (California) Associate Attorney Aqua Terra Aeris Law Group Rena Rickles (California) Julia Forgie (California) J. Michael Goltermann (CA (inactive)) Vice President of Student Services West Los Angeles College Alice Cheng (California) Associate Attorney Law Offices of Tracey C. Wapnick L. Nicolle Cowger (California) Corporate Counsel Symantec Corporation Caitlin Fields (Virginia) Kyle Johnson (Arizona) J. Stephen Clark (Illinois) Professor of Law Albany Law School M. Nunez (CA) Ira P. Robbins (DC, NY) Professor of Law American University, Washington College of Law Shani Smith Fisher (NY, CA, UT, MD, DC) Owner Fisher Legal Pejman Yousefzadeh (Illinois) Alexis Rhorer (California and Massachusetts) Associate General Counsel Twilio Inc. Leah Simon-weisberg (California) Legal Director Tenants together Tiffany C. Graham (California) Natalie Mere (California) Emily Clark (California) Associate Attorney Samuel Kubernick (Oregon, Illinois) Jennifer Rosenberg (California) Associate Attorney Graham Boyd (California and Connecticut) Chelsea HaleyNelson (California) Partner HaleyNelson and Heilbrun LLP Ben Sheeley (California) Jenna Miara (CA, NY, IL, MA) Lara Williams (California) Attorney Anuja Malhotra (New York, New Jersey) Catlin C. O'Halloran (Washington) Bryant Jensen (Utah) Alena Ray Conrad (California) President Law Office of Alena Ray Conrad PC Natalie Mere (California) William H Walsh (WA, OR) Roxanne Melvin (Florida) Alli Kranz (Texas) Dee Knapp (Washington) Visiting Professor of Law Seattle University School of Law Sean Wilson (New York, New Jersey, California) Ayesha B. Hardaway (Ohio) Assistant Professor of Law Case Western Reserve Anjana Malhotra (New York) Associate Professor UB Law School Nadia Awad Grochowski (California) Staff Counsel L.A. Care Stephanie Holland (California, SB # 184263) Johanna A. Sanchez (California) Jean Folsom (Virginia; DC) Rhonda Troutman (California) Paula Galowitz (New York) Allen Weiner (California, District of Columbia) Senior Lecturer in Law Stanford Law School Lisa Curtis (Maryland) Natasha El-Sergany (Florida & New York) Staff Immigration Attorney Colectiva Legal del Pueblo Ethan Fine Maron (Maryland) Senior Attorney Lieberman & Mark Sean Hecht (California) Evan Frankel Professor of Policy and Practice UCLA School of Law Emily Hecht-McGowan (Virginia, Washington, DC) Chief Policy Officer Family Equality Council Patricia A. Broussard (Washington DC) Attorney Jessie Kohler (California) Attorney Sivan Harary (California, Colorado) Attorney Christian N. Cooper, Esq. (California) Senior Staff Attorney Public Counsel Nan Leonard (Massachusetts) Joshua Beiler (Illinois) Attorney Beiler Law Gowri Ramachandran (California and New York) Professor of Law Southwestern Law School Diane Klein (California) Professor of Law University of La Verne College of Law Molly Karlin (Arizona, New York, California) Jenny Ella Campi (New York) Janine Fierberg (Maryland) Seda Norodom (California) Aimee E. Bierman (Massachusetts) Andrea Wallace (Illinois) Jessica C Crowson (Florida, South Carolina) Attorney George Lynch (Florida) Ronald Schoedel III (Utah) Nelson Mitten (Missouri, Illinois) Principle/Attorney Riezman Berger, P.C. Laura Sorenson (New York) Sharon K. Childers, Esq. (West Virginia) Geoffrey D. Miller (Washington) Alyson Carrel (Illinois) Geoffrey King (California) Erika Cagney (NY, MA, CT) Munmeeth Soni (California) Samira Sulemana (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) Esquire Self employed Jennifer Chin (Hawaii) Associate P. Betty Su (California) Thomas B. McAffee (California) Professor of Law Nevada Las Vegas Caroline Carey (Colorado) Public Educator New Vista Skye Allen (Illinois) Amy Mulzer (New York) Staff Attorney & Clinical Instructor of Law, Disability and Civil Rights Clinic Brooklyn Law School David G Carpenter (VT, NY, MA) Attorney Shubha Ghosh (California) Michelle Tiger (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona) Monica S. Bloom (Indiana) Ronza Othman (Illinois Bar) Jennifer Lee (Pennsylvania, New York) Clinical Assistant Professor of Law Temple University Beasley School of Law Emily Tajuddin (WA (active), IL (retired)) Nathaniel Barker (Colorado) Kala Mulqueeny (New York) Lisa Eisenberg, Esq (NY, NJ) Patricia nasworthy (Texas) Emily Blumsack (NY and CA) Anna Schissel, Esq. (NY) Erica Cook (MD & DC) Miriam Aukerman (Michigan) Geeta Dhingra (NY) Kathleen A. Bergin (NY) Founder, Resistance Writers; Former Professor of Constitutional Law Hasan Mansori (MD, PA, DC) Meghan Spillane (New York) Skye Allen (Illinois) JD, PhD Amy Maldonado (Illinois) Attorney at Law Self Ruthanne Deutsch (DC, MD) Partner Deutsch Hunt PLLC Christie Stancil Matthews (North Carolina) Professor Jessica Alvarez (D.C.; MD) Staff Attorney Brooke Kravitz (Pennsylvania) Attorney Vernellia Randall (Oregon) Professor Emerita of Law The University of Dayton Adrienne Earley (Kentucky) Dayna Bowen Matthew (Colorado, Virginia) Professor University of Colorado Law School LaNita McWilliams (Maryland) Abigail Greene Goldman (Massachusetts) Bowdoin College Caitlin Mandel (VA, NY, DC) Sitara Kedilaya (Maryland) Terry Lawson (New York) Amy Maldonado (Illinois) Dana Outlaw (MO) Attorney Law Office of Dana M. Outlaw Sal pool (FL) Laura Perez (New York) Attorney at Law Self-Employed/ Solo Kristi M. Smith (District of Columbia) Renee Hatcher (Indiana, Illinois) Elizabeth Keyes (Maryland) Laura J. Wetsch (NC) Jennifer West (north carolina) Hyder and Overas Dov Waisman (California) Associate Professor of Law Southwestern Law School Kelly Churchwright (Ohio) Jenean M. Klein (New York) Attorney Dana Maher (New Jersey) Heron Greenesmith (NY, MA) Kathy Tuznik (NY, NJ, DC) Assistant General Counsel City of New York Melanie Elturk (Michigan) Kara Bruce (Ohio) Caitlin Mandel (VA, NY, DC) Zeenat Iqbal (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC) Shirim Nothenberg (New York) Senior Appellate Attorney Legal Services Martha McLean (Maine) Rachel Suppe (New York, Tennessee) Elliot Fladen (Colorado) Rebecca Zissel (Florida) Linda K. DiSantis (Georgia) Martha Philpott (DC, VA) Forensic consultant Paula Avila-Guillen (New York) Heather M. Ziemba (North Carolina) Managing Attorney Ziemba Law Firm PLLC Lee Ann Anderson (DC, NY, SC) Partner Laura Merritt (Tennessee) Taiyyaba Qureshi (North Carolina) Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Emma Cheuse (DC, NY) Kristin Parendo (Minnesota) Karyl Martin (NH) Allison Pearson (MD) Associate David Reynolds (Ohio) Kristin Case (Illinois) Principal The Case Law Firm, LLC Jessi Patton (Georgia) Founding Attorney Patton Law, LLC Nicole M. Avila, Esq. (Florida) Mariana Dominguez (NH) Staff attorney NH public Defender Corinne Corley (Missouri) Attorney Corley Law Firm Merisa K. Bowers (OH) Elizabeth Steiner (Maryland) Ian Ostermiller (Maryland) Carolyn C Wood (Georgia and North Carolina) Nathan Bishop (New York) James J. Tomkovicz (California) Professor of Law University of Iowa Naoka Carey (MA) Executve Director Citizens for Juvenile Justice Matthew E. Bergeron (NY) Jessica C Crowson (Florida, South Carolina) Attorney Andrea Wiltrout (Illinois and Minnesota) Jennifer O. Johnson (Maryland) Elizabeth Cavanagh (MD, DC) Adjunct professor Shirim Nothenberg (New York) Senior Appellate Attorney Legal Services Alexandra Sandvik (Utah) Shirim Nothenberg (New York) Senior Appellate Attorney Legal Services Shirim Nothenberg (New York) Senior Appellate Attorney Legal Services Henry Battestelli (Pennsylvania) Kim Howes (North Carolina) Megan Meier (DC, Virginia, Illinois) Lucy Colby (VA, MA) Nadine Gartner (Oregon and California) Lydia Edwards (Massachusetts) Deputy Director City of Boston Aubrey R. Bertram (MT, Northern Cheyenne Tribal Court; pending admission to Crow Tribal Court & CO) Indian law attorney Legal Services M. Lettie Dickerson (New York) Jessica Young (California, New York) Immigration Staff Attorney Westchester Hispanic Coalition Inga Laurent (Ohio (inactive)) John Chen (New York) Stacey B. Hammer (Maryland & Washington, D.C.) Mark A. Golub (Ilinois) Naomi Kaplowitz (California) Susan Lewis Roche (California) Amy Fox (Illinois) Pavitra Bacon (MD, DC) David Rodwin (Maryland) Sherizaan Minwalla (Illinois) Practitioner-in-Residence American University Faye Hellman (Pennsylvania) Nan L. Haynes (NYS) Lecturer in Law SUNY Buffalo School of Law Rose Hagan (California) Nareissa Smith (New York, District of Columbia) Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Alyan Haidery (Texas) Tram Nguyen (Massachusetts) Staff attorney Greater Boston legal services Stephen Viegas (Massachusetts) Keith Barber (Indiana and Texas) Shareholder Christy O'Connor (California) Amy Weiss (Virginia) David B. Spence (New York (retired)) Professor of Law University of Texas at Austin Erin J. Howell (New York) Diana Tafur (New York) Courtney Weiner (DC, NY) Law Office of Courtney Weiner Briana Olson (Wisconsin) Legal Adviser DFDL (Lao) Sole Co. Ltd Portia Karegeya (New York) Jane Cronin (Georgia) Baht Weiss (Maryland) Rabbi Temple Beth Ami Matthew E. Bergeron (NY) Melissa Lim Patterson (MD, DC) Katherine M. Swift (Illinois) Sarah Ebel (Illinois) Staff Attorney The Field Museum Eliza Lockhart-Jenks (Massachusetts) Public Defender Hannah bacon (New York) Lindsay B. Willett, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Kathryn Wycoff Gross (IL) Emma Alpert (New York) Thalia Gonzalez (California) Visiting Researcher Georgetown University Law Center Harini Srinivasan (New York; District of Columbia) Rafaela GP Serrano (Massachusetts) Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Heather Moss (DC) RANGELEY Wallace (D.C., MD) Faculty Washington College of Law, UNM School of Law Emma Alpert (New York) Kathleen Sedey (Illinois) Partner Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Andrea Pearl (FL) Attorney Katzman Garfinkel Mehrsa Baradaran (New York) Laurie Woog (New Jersey) Attorney at law Pamela Foohey (Minnesota) Associate Professor Indiana University Maurer School of Law Hannah West (New York, Illinois) Staff Attorney D.C. 37 Emma Alpert (New York) Synta Keeling (VA) Attorney Advisor Emma Alpert (New York) Anna Roberts (NY) Associate Professor Seattle University School of Law Emma Alpert (New York) Carolyn Kaas (Connecticut) Professor Quinnipiac University Sarah Holland (New York) Senior Associate Levy Sonet & Siegel Tamara Kuennen (Colorado) Professor of Law University of Denver Sturm College of Law John A. Jackson (NA) Stacey L. Bowers, JD, PhD (Colorado and California) Associate Professor of the Practice Kasey A Ciolfi (MA) Emma Cheuse (DC, NY) Eugenia Thompson (Kansas, Missouri) Michelle M. Marx (Pennsylvania) Kris Franklin (New York) Professor of Law New York Law School Byron Conway (District of Columbia) Attorney Adam Winokur (California) Chanta Parker (Georgia, Louisiana, New York) Thalia Julme (New York) Dina Francesca Haynes (California) Professor of Law Jason Imler (Pennsylvania) Carly Edelstein (Ohio, California) Legal Clinic Manager Suneeta Fernandes (California) Tracey M Roberts (Georgia, Colorado) Noah Baron (New York) Chris Eggert (Illinois) Nicole R. Betters (The State of Texas, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) Attorney BETTERS LAW FIRM PLLC Leslie Elkins (Wisconsin, Illinois) Partner Kramer, Elkins & Watt, LLC Gregory Foster (Florida) Senior Claims Counsel Fidelity National Financial Audrey Guthrie (Texas) Associate City Attorney for Galena Park, TX Jennifer Wagner (Pennsylvania) John Heinbockel (New York) Victoria del Campo (Wisconsin) Deborah L. Borman (Illinois) Northwestern University Christine Weber (Indiana and Illinois) General Motors Traci Akins (MI) Susan Bizzell (IN) Claudia Baellow (District of Columbia) Alyssa L. Vickers (New York) Alyson A. Grine (North Carolina) Jennifer Freeman (IL) Counsel FTI Consulting Kathryn Mallary (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Jill Paperno, Esq. (New York) Roopa carpenter (DC) Elizabeth D. Shimek (Wisconsin State Bar) Sandra Bucciero (Michigan) Attorney Stephanie Eisner (New York) Business Development Strategist PwC/ PricewaterhouseCoopers Matthew Murachver (ohio) PhD Student Kent State Univ Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Lesley Wexler (Maryland) Professor University of Illinois College of Law Lynda Atkins (Colorado) Laura F. Kelley, Esq. (California and Florida) Jill Paperno, Esq. (New York) Alyssa Crow (New York and DC) Susan Welber (New York) Jennifer West (north carolina) Hyder and Overas Carroll Muffett (District of Colombia) Jennifer West (north carolina) Hyder and Overas Sarah Remes (California) Aisha Sabadia (California) Jo-Elle Munchak (Illinois) Li Westerlund (CA, DC) Vice President Global IP Evangelia Katsari (NY, DC) Candace Smyth (DC, TX, NM) Elizabeth Silleck (NY) Kevin M. Whitfield (South Carolina) Assistant Public Defender Neetu sehgal (Massachusetts) Michael Bloom (Michigan, Illinois) Katie Leesman (DC, IL) Schahrazed Harper (Texas) Attorney Kirstin Ramsay (Louisiana) Ali M Audi (PA and NJ) Amy Mei Willis (Georgia) Allison Kelley (District of Columbia, Virginia) Emily McEvoy (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Seema Mohapatra (Illinois) Shana Weiner (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Barbara A.O. Thomas (Illinois State Bar Association Chicago Bar Association) Dale H Pugh (Colorado Bar Association) Katherine eagle (MN, federal bar) Attorney Kristen M. Ploetz (Massachusetts) Alicia Cushing, Esq. (Maine) Caitlin Howitt (Illinois) Amanda Luby (FL & KY) Partner Shutts & Bowen, LLP Angie Schwartz (CA) Attorney/Policy Director Alliance for Children's Rights Sarah B. Pitney, Esq. (Florida) Todd Law, P.A. Katherine Barron Wilcox (Virginia) Katy Cummings (California) Megan Carpenter (PA) Professor of Law Benjamin Alper (Pennsylvania) Corrine Parver (District of Columbia) Retired Stephanie Maddin Smith (Maryland) Nadia Ahmad (Florida and Colorado) Assistant Professor of Law Barry University Holly Andrews (Alabama) Kara Specht (Georgia) Laura Rovner (CO, DC, MD (inactive)) Professor of Law University of Denver College of Law Holly Beck (New York) Stefen R. Short (New York) Marc D. Greenbaum (Massachusetts) Professor of Law Suffolk University Law School Patty Skuster (PA) Lisa Grumet (New York) Stephanie Rebolo (New York) Sandra Benjamin (California and New York) Michelle Querijero (Connecticut) Attorney Ella P. Eisenhour (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Attorney Nicholas Giles (Texas, district of columbia) Jamie Burnett (Colorado) Corporate Counsel Carol Price Dillingham (Oklahoma) Attorney Stephanie Sivinski (Texas) Haynes and Boone LLP Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne (California) Associate Professor of Law Adina Rosenbaum (New York, D.C., Massachusetts) Zehra Naqvi (NY) Nancy Morrow (Washington State) Alyssa A. DiRusso (Alabama, Massachusetts) Palmer Professor of Law Cumberland School of Law Jessica Clarke (New York) Ayanna Jones-Lightsy (Georgia) Bradley Girard (New York, Washington DC) Erika Collins (NY, CA, and DC) Partner Proskauer Megan Sindel Agnew (IL) Senior Counsel Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Cyra Akila Choudhury (DC) Professor of Law Sarah Travis (NY, PA) Anne Joseph O'Connell (New York) George Johnson Professor of Law University of California, Berkeley Jessica Millward (Montana, Massachusetts, New York) C. Robert Sturm (California and Oregon) VP and Associate General Counsel Patrick Shin (Massachusetts) Katharine Clark (Pennsylvania) Courtney J Martin (Ma) Attorney Self Jason Walta (District of Columbia and Massachusetts) Jessica Smith (New York) Attorney Brigette's Maurer (Pa, NY, VA) Legal counsel Melissa Jacoby (PA) Law Professor Connor D. Deverell (Georgia) Esquire Andrea Armstrong (Louisiana) Associate Professor Loyola University New Orleans Carrie La Seur (Iowa, Montana, Wyoming) Jennifer Sullivan (Michigan) Laura Strausfeld (NY) Director of Litigation Period Equity Bobbi Greene (Pennsylvania) Emmanuel Epitacio Catalan (Maryland) Laura Crable (Pennsylvania) Attorney Betters Law Firm PLLC Allison Wolf (MInnesota) Allyn Jaqua Lowell (Texas, Tennessee) Counsel Jacqueline Sheehan (New York) Vivek Sankaran (Michigan) Meryn Grant (California) Associate Latham & Watkins LLP Amy Myers (District of Columbia) Sean Gard (Maryland) Melisa Pena (Florida) Diane Penneys Edelman (Pennsylvania) Samantha Valenzuela (Alabama) Attorney The Valenzuela Law Firm, LLC Kathleen Flaherty (CT, NY, MA) Kristin Lockhart (New York, New Jersey) Brian K. Lucas (Maryland) Law student Griselda Ponce (Texas) Alessa Boes (Michigan) Emily A. Brennan (Maryland, District of Columbia, U.S. District Court of Maryland, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland) Beatriz Winkelspecht (New York; PA) Stefanie Parchment (Florida) Lauren Worsek (District of Columbia, Illinois) Andrew Dodemaide (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Hans S. Hwang (New York: Southern District of New York) Michelle Vodenik (Illinois) Jay Monahan (California) General Counsel ResearchGate Jay Monahan (California) General Counsel ResearchGate Diane OConnell (Illinois) Staff Attorney Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Nayyer Siddiqi (State Bar of Michigan) Jacob A. Kanyusik (Illinois) Managing Attorney Parker Reynolds (Washington State) Marc Esterow (NJ, PA) Erin Edson (Illinois) Nancy L.N. McGinnis (California) Lindsey Ermey (Pennsylvania) Danielle Burs (Maryland) Ephraim Dagadu (California) Yasmín Schenkman (MD) Shane F. Hockins (Pennsylvania) Catherine Keys (New York) Stephanie Christensen (Idaho) Grace S Lee (Illinois) Rebecca B. Rosenfeld (NY) Alex Akhavan, Esq. (California) Stephany Couper (Virginia, District of Columbia) Lillian Bales (Virginia) Pearl Pickett (Illinois) Andrew Hoffman (New York) Tina Williams McKeon (Georgia) Partner Kilpatrick Townsend Christine Ryan (NY, NJ, GA) Attorney Kevin Blake (New York) Allison Heldreth (Maryland) Simone Bui (Massachusetts) Immigrant Rights Attorney Lisa Clark (PA) Spencer Freedman (New York) Shasta Brooks (New Mexico and Texas) Attorney at law Kathryn Karam (Texas) Meredith Marder (Arizona) Sarah Krakoff (Colorado, California (inactive)) Michael Adlin (DC) Manuel Geraldo (DC , VA, MD, PA and NJ) Attorney in Private Practice Larkin Robson (New York) Esq. Brieanna Wheeland (PA / NJ) Kate Svinarich (California) Allison Tait (NY) Assistant Professor University of Richmond School of Law Stacy Jones (District of Columbia) Andrew Trujillo (FL & MA) Ashley Shapiro (Virginia, Washington DC) Melissa Morales Fletcher (Texas) Attorney Adam Ramos (Rhode Island and Massachusetts) Litigation Partner Hinckley, Allen & Snyder, LLP Al Sierra (Washington) Cyndi Myers (None) Melissa Steinman (Maryland, District of Columbia) Shannon Minter (CA) Legal Director National Center for Lesbian Rights Ryan Burchell (Colorado) Tal Kitron (Georgia) Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Maureen J. Johnson (Maryland) Atoorney Geidy Achecar (Utah) Attorney at Law Lindsey Schuler (Nebraska) Associate Attorney Gwynne Mashon (Louisiana) Sean D. O'Nrien (Missouri) Professor Joshua Bardavid (New York) Bardavid Law, P.C. Stephanie Beckstrom (California) Karyn Rotker (Wisconsin, (Ohio & Texas inactive)) Ena Lebel (Pennsylvania) Bruce Walters (Colorado) Attorney Caryn Trombino (Illinois) Partner Michael Rapp (Kansas; Missouri) Attorney Stecklein & Rapp Karla McKanders (Michigan, Tennessee) Associate Professor of Law University of Tennessee Banu Ramachandran (New York and Oregon) Sarah Donnelly (Michigan) Peter Halewood (NY) Paulina Stamatelos (New York) Natalie Weiss (Ohio, District of Columbia) Associate General Counsel Maurie Levin (Texas) Katie Eyer (PA) Associate Professor Rutgers Law School Tin Thanh Nguyen (North Carolina) Partner Central Law Group, PLLC Robert E. Brown (PA) Ashley Kenny (Illinois) Madeline Neighly (California, Washington) Senior Policy Advisor Jennifer T. Fleming (Massachusetts) Partner, Trusts & Estates Group Prince Lobel Tye LLP Sima Atri (LA, AK) Staff Attorney New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice Elizabeth Walker (Colorado, Pending DC) Citizen, attorney, pissed off Jennifer Engelmann (Colorado) Senior public defender State of Colorado Charles Thomas, Esq. (PA) Ashley Rebstock (Florida) Sameena Karmally (Texas) Pamela Levine (New Jersey) Dana E. Lossia (NY, NJ) Partner Levy Ratner, PC Julia Saladino (D.C., MD) Elliott S. Milstein (District of Columbia and Connecticut) Professor of Law American University Elizabeth DeCoux (Mississippi) Vida Johnson (District of Columbia) Visiting Professor of Law Georgetown Law Jeffrey Brooks (New York) Preis PLC Director of Advocacy and Professional Practice Louisiana State University Law Center Elizabeth Walker (Colorado, Pending DC) Steven Virgil (North Carolina and Ohio) Professor Wake Forest University Jim Marston (Texas) Galina Varchena (Virginia) Denise Gilman (Texas, District of Columbia) Vasuki Nesiah (none) Assoc. Prof. of Practice NYU Claire Raj (DC, SC) Assistant Professor Mary Zanolli Natkin (Virginia) Deidre Keller (Georgia) Professor of Law Ohio Northern University Amy Walters (Maryland, Virginia) Staff Attorney Joseph Pileri (DC, CA) Attoney Joe Kozakiewicz (MI) Clinical Program Director Michigan State University Julia Stone (Georgia) Michael Haber (NY) Hofstra Law School Carolyn Lee Daffron (Pennsylvania) Rachel Lopez (New Yrok) Associate Professor of Law Kline School of Law, Drexel University Crisanne Hazen (California) Attorney Kathleen D Duncan (None) Retired Retired after 27 years from Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas Alexa Rosenbloom (MA, NY) Paul J. Cain (Illinois) Clinical Law Professor Northern Illinois University College of Law Jennifer Prusak (Indiana) J. D. Zack (CA, NY) Christine Barris (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) James Alexander Tanford (Indiana) Professor Emeritus Indiana Univ. Bloomington Kimberly Wong (New York, Massachusetts) Attorney Melissa Sobota (Illinois) Sadia Shakir (Michigan) Korey Lewis (Missouri) Staff Attorney Marcia Zug (New York) Professor University of South Carolina Moira Meltzer- Cohen (New York State and Federal Courts) Attorney at Law Sahar Aziz (Texas) Professor of Law Texas A&M School of Law David Honig (FL, IN, IL) Cody Jacobs (New York, California (inactive)) Abraham L. Freedman Fellow Temple University Beasley School of Law David Baluarte (Virginia) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Washington and Lee University Randi Mandelbaum (NY, NJ, CA, MD, DC) Sabi Ardalan (NY) Jessica Emerson (MD) LMSW, Esq. Sumayya Khatib (Texas, DC) Larissa koehler (California, New York) Attorney Jennifer Kinsley (Ohio, Florida) Associate Professor of Law Northern Kentucky University Jacquelyn Turner (Georgia) Attorney at law Retired Marissa Gordon-Nguyen (Oregon State Bar Association) Policy Analyst Beth S. Posner (North Carolina) Kimberly OLeary (Michigan) Professor of Law Shima baughman (New York) Professor Univ of utah Abel S. Delgado (Florida) Marlana R. Valdez (Texas) Principal Global Innovation Associates Kristen Carothers (CA, NY) Ashley cedars (1) Attorney advisor Social security administration Steven Reed (Louisiana) Jennifer Osborne (California) Afreen Syed (Texas) Maura Jurgrau (NY) Keith T. Walsh (NY) Samantha Howell (NY) Anne Goldin (Califonis) Alice Bullard, Ph.D. & Esq. (Maryland and Washington DC) Michael Just (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) Attorney Brenda Wylie, Esq. (New York) Associate Attorney Amanda Hitchcock (NC) Heather Garrett (Ohio) Pilot PSA Airlines Alice Meehan (NY, PA) Attorney The Legal Aid Society Cesare Romano Professor of Law Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Lauren Hunt (NYS) Partner Copps DiPaola, PLLC Emily Hirst (California and Georgia) Elizabeth L. MacDowell (California, Nevada (clinical membership)) Professor of Law William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV Minna Kotkin (New York) Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Emily Berman (New York) Assistant Professor of Law University of Houston Law Center Beverly Balos (Minnesota retired) Clinical Professor of Law Emerita Martha Chamallas (Louisiana, D.C.) Robert J. Lynn Chair in Law Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University Robin Dusek (IL) Partner Syeeda Amin (Texas) Caroline Forell (Oregon) Professor University of Oregon Lubna Alam (D.C., Illinois) Judith Rush (Minnesota) Director of Mentor Externship University of St. Thomas School of Law Nancy Chi Cantalupo (Maryland, District of Columbia) Jennifer Rand Stein (DC, MD) Sophie Alcorn (California) Founder Alcorn Immigration Law Yolanda Vazquez (New Jersey, Illinois) Associate Professor of Law University of Cincinnati College of Law Bardia Sanjabi (Kentucky) Attorney Deborah Kelly Weisberg (California) Professor of Law Hastings College of Law Laura Padilla (California) Professor of Law Norah Wylie (Massachusetts) Michael Bittoni (Pending admission in NY) Owner LanguageSolutionsNYC Donna Rolf (Illinois) Ananda Joy Hart (CA) Juvenile Delinquency Defense Self Donna (Florida) Jackie McQuarrie (CA) Virginia Ong (Illinois) Attorney Haseeb Jangda (Texas) Attorney Anna Haac (Washington, DC and Maryland) Attorney Melody A. Kramer, Esq. (California, Nebraska) Trial Lawyer Kramer Law Office, Inc. Joanna Cuevas Ingram (California and New York) Jennifer Drobac (Texas, California) Professor Dr. Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Janice Evans (Illinois) Jean Taylor (Illinois and California (inactive in both)) Vicki B. Roean (North Carolina) Attorney Self Julie Goldscheid (NY) Professor Christine S. Davik (Illinois) Professor of Law University of Maine School of Law Kizzy Jarashow (New York) Senior Associate Goodwin Procter Rita Pasarell (New York) Riedl & Pasarell, Partners Katayoon Majd (District of Columbia (active) and California (currently inactive)) Emily Finsterwald (New Mexico) Associate Attorney Bardavid Law Kathryn Legge (Pennsylvania) Managing Member Legge Law LLC Grace Crivello (Michigan) Staff Attorney Bethany Claus Widick (Maryland) Sarah Richelson (Arizona) M.A., J.D. Danné L. Johnson (New york) Professor of Law Oklahoma City University Janet Halley (MA, NY) Professor of Law Harvard Law School Rachel Benedict (MA) Susan M. Donovan (AL, DC) Joanna L. Grossman (NY, CA, DC) Professor of Law SMU Dedman School of Law Sarah Lamdan (New York) Erin O'Brien (IL) Hillary Krantz (Illinois) Elise Elzinga (Michigan) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Western Michigan Brett Barber (Texas) Kathryn A. Sabbeth (North Carolina, New York, District of Columbia) Derrick Howard (Pennsylvania) Associate Dean for Experiential Learning Valparaiso Law School Andrew Howard (California) Attorney Athena D. Mutua (New York) Professor of Law SUNY Buffalo Law Elan Cameron (Maryland) Jacqueline Moss (Maine) Attorney Melissa Essary (Texas) Eduardo Rizo (California) Max Huffman (Ohio, Washington DC) Professor of Law Indiana University Verna L. Williams (District of Columbia, Massachusetts) Judge Joseph P. Kinneary Professor of Law University of Cincinnati College of Law Mercedes maldonado (New york) Attorney Koehler & isaacs Sheerin Siddique (Michigan) Susan C. Wawrose (Massachusetts (ret.); Ohio) Director, Leadership Honors Program University of Dayton School of Law Gregory A. Belzley (Texas, Kentucky, Sixth Circuit, U.S. Supreme Court) Partner BelzleyBathurst Attorneys Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Alex Reinert (New York) Professor of Law Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Atiba R. Ellis (North Carolina; District of Columbia) Professor of Law West Virginia University Scott Simpson (New York) Anna Han (New York) Marley S. Weiss (Maryland) Professor of Law University of Maryland Carey School of Law Leah white (California) Mark Jefferson (N/A) Assistant Director of Admissions University of Michigan Law School Jill Family (NJ PA) Professor Sharon D. Greenspan (Illinois) Attorney at Law Ellen Williamson (Texas) Attorney-At-Law Sara Habbo (Michigan) Elsie Virgibia Ruiz (None) Margaret Gerety (DC, MA) Laura Koepnick (Massachusetts, Wisconsin) LaShanda Adams (District of Columbia and Maryland) Ruthann Robson (Florida) Remy De La Peza (California) Amanda Moore (Kentucky, Tennessee) Deirdre O'Connor (California) Laura Oren (Texas, retired) Professor Emerita University of Houston Law Center, retired Jean Eggen (New York) Distinguished Emerita Professor of Law Widener University Delaware Law School Christine S. Cox (Georgia) Alison Carter (Minnesota) Priya Baskaran (Michigan, District of Columbia, West Virginia) Germaine Dunn (New York, District of Columbia) Associate Counsel Hannon Armstrong Shawn Marie Boyne (New Mexico) Professor Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law Sara Snyder (Oregon) Alexandra Ricci (Missouri) Tamara Safarik (NM) Neha Chiaramonte (Pennsylvania) Ray Ybarra Maldonado (Arizona) Law Office of Ray A. Ybarra Maldonado Lauren Paulk (New York) Toby Golick (New York) Clinical Professor of Law Emeritus Lindsay Autz (NYC and CT) Diane Seiger (California) Retired Jessica Sebeok (New York, District of Columbia) Lynnise Pantin (New York and Massachuseets) Associate Professor Harriet N. Katz (Pennsylvania) Clinical Professor (emerita) Rutgers University School of Law Elissa Germaine (New York, California) David Jacobson (NY) Proskauer Rose LLP Wendy LaManque (New York, New Jersey) Rebecca Freeman (California) Principal Attorney San Francisco Law Group Jessica Feinberg (Michigan) Associate Professor of Law Mercer University School of Law Allie Robbins (New York) Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs CUNY School of Law Michelle Dhanda (MA NH) Cynthia Parks (GA) Managing Member Parks IP Jillian Tattersall (New York & Illinois) Nick Klenow (New York) Associate Benjamin J. Hogan (West Virginia) Associate Attorney Allan N. Karlin & Associates Kathryn Legge (Pennsylvania) Managing Member Legge Law LLC Matthew F. Finamore (New York (not yet licensed, passed July 2016 New York Bar Exam, and am awaiting swearing in ceremony this winter)) Christopher Jennison (Maryland) Cortney E. Lollar (GA, DC (inactive), MO (inactive)) Angelina Fisher (NY) Kelsey Joyce (Washington) Vice President, Legal T-Mobile Mary Beth S. Moore (Ohio) Julie C. Ford (Ohio) Doll, Jansen & Ford Libby Adler (MA) Prof of Law Northeastern University Danielle Citron (Maryland) Professor University of Maryland School of Law Mario A. Moya (California, Texas, New York) Owner Law Office of Mario A. Moya Megan Meekins (Indiana, Texas) Roger N. Simon (Maryland and District of Columbia) Kate Gibson (New York) Katrina M. Quicker (Georgia) Partner Baker & Hostetler Betsy Gates (Illinois) D'lorah Hughes (California, Michigan, Arkansas) Director of Externships University of California, Irvine School of Law Erin Ryan (California) Elizabeth C. and Clyde W. Atkinson Professor of Law Florida State University, College of Law JoNel Newman (FL) Professor University of Miami Shannan L. Wilber (California) Youth Policy Director National Center for Lesbian Rights Stefan J Bing (Kentucky) Elizabeth Schneider (New York) Rose L. Hoffer Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Barbara A. Atwood (Arizona) Professor of Law Emerita University of Arizona Rogers College of Law Linda Graham Alvarez (Texas and California) Kathryn Legge (Pennsylvania) Managing Member Legge Law LLC Michelle Ewert (Wisconsin, Illinois, California and Maryland) Clinical Fellow University of Baltimore Ramon Hernandez, Esq. (Florida) Cameron W. Arnold (New York) Cynthia M. Adams (Indiana) Clinical Professor of Law Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Matiangai Sirleaf (New York, District of Columbia) Assistant Professor of Law University of Pittsburgh School of Law Sarah Fox (New York; DC) Bonnie Lau (California) Partner Emily Hirst (California and Georgia) Felice Batlan (New York) Professor of Law Chicago-Kent College of Law Jesse Simon vanVoorhees Taft (New York) Denise Platfoot Lacey (Ohio State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Ohio Women's Bar Association) Maria D Fernos (Puerto Rico Bar Association) Law Professor Inter American University of Puerto Rico Aliina Kuismi Uhler (Minnesota) Sara Love (Illinois) Tara Plochocki (DC, NY, CA) Attorney Lewis Baach PLLC Adam R. Lee (Maine and New Hampshire) Tal Fagin (New York (retired)) Mary Kay Kisthardt (Pennsylvania) Brenda Treml (Illinois) Attorney Laurel Collins (WA) Daniel L. Greenberg (New York; Massachusetts) Lina Naik (Maryland) Attorney Advisor Cassandra Burke Robertson (Texas) Professor of Law Rachelle Llontop (District of Columbia) Cynthia Beverage (California) Lisa Collins (GA) Nancy C. Loeb (Illinois; D.C.) Catesby Perrin (New York) Eric Segall (Inactive Ga. Bar) Professor of Law Steve Gray (Michigan) Clinical Assistant Professor University of Michigan Law School Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Jennifer Robinson (N/a) Jessica Jenkins (New Mexico) Immigration Attorney Alpha Lillstrom (Illinois) Principal Zhende Strategies Andrea McArdle (New York) Professor of Law CUNY School of Law Shanda Gallowya Botts (Georgia and Virginia) Susan A. Clark (Illinois; Indiana) Stephen Loffredo (New York) Patricia Roberts (Virginia) Clinical Professor of Law Michael D. Simms (West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas) Attorney Simms Law Office Adam D. Orford (NY) Martha Jordan (Colorado, Tennessee) Gregory Fosheim (Georgia) Attorney BakerHostetler, LLP Melissa A. Charnes (Virginia) Lauren A. Estep (West Virginia) Travus A. Prince (West Virginia) Jennifer Webb (Kansas, Florida, Missouri) Counsel Sprint Jay P Holland (Maryland, District of Columbia) Partner Joseph, Greenwald & Laake Jeanne M. Kaiser (Massachusetts) Professor of Legal Research and Writing Western New England University School of Law Wendi Warren H. Binford (California & Oregon) Associate Professor & Director, Clinical Law Program Willamette University Melissa Nicole Girvan (New York) Esq. Laura Tejeda (New York) Erin Buzuvis (Massachusetts) Professor Western New England University Ellen Howard Kutzer (California (inactive), Colorado) Jeffery M. Cleghorn (Georgia) Attorney Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC Amy Yonesawa (Nevada) Attorney Julia K.L. Marquis (Connecticut, Massachusetts) Attorney State of Connecticut Lucy Brehm (Oregon) Stacey Leiman (New York) Susan Bryant (New York State) Professor Bonnie Klein (NY) Executive Director of the Career Initiative Concordia College Jennifer S. Martin (Texas) Professor of Law St. Thomas University Danielle Carman (NC) Amanda Allen (New York) Nickolas Kaplan (Illinois) Lisa Saperstein, Esq. (California) Associate Mollie Whitehead (Illinois) Partner WhiteheadFink Elder Law, LLC Anna Han (CA and Hawaii) Associate Professor Santa Clara University Jessica McCormack (Connecticut) Legal Counsel Margaret Aleks (California) Seongmin Park (New York) Self employed Elena Baylis (DC, CA) Evan (TN) Katherine Myers (Missouri, Kansas) Samantha Choe (California) Olivia Kyle (Colorado) Rhea Yo (CA, DC) Senior Attorney Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Sarah Legler (New York) Justin Williams (West Virginia) Alice Dueker (California, New Jersey and District of Columbia) Attorney Angelique Tremble (California) Attorney Laren Spirer (NY, MA) Benjamin P. Edwards (NY MI) Emily Suski (DC, VA, NC, GA) Alexandra K. Block (IL, NY, MA, CT) Partner Miller Shakman & Beem LLP, Chicago, IL Robert Minarcin (Florida and Pennsylvania) Clinical Instructor Florida A&M University College of Law Brett Manchel (Illinois) Jerald M. Lentini (Connecticut, Maryland) Bobbi M. Bittker (NY, CT) Esq. James D. Dimitri (Indiana) Clinical Professor of Law Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Wendy K Voss (Delaware) Partner Paul Rosenthal (New York; New Jersey) Jennifer Prilliman (Okahoma Bar Association) Oklahoma City University Jessica Sindel (Illinois and Missouri) Attorney at Law Jeffrey S. Vail (Colorado) Kelly M. Ritter (California) Attorney Melissa Fox (Georgia) Associate Sutherland Sarvenaz Madi (California) Director, Procut and Commercial Counsel EBay Pamela Edwards (none) Professor of Law Elizabeth Horowitz (California; New York) Attorney-at-Law Jonathan Miler (Ohio) Attorney Jack Knorps (Illinois) Jenn Kim (New York, New Jersey, Maryland) Judith Fox (Indiana and Michigan) Clinical Professor of Law Notre Dame Law School Kelly Cotting (Virginia) Jessica Clarke (NY (retired)) Paula Berg (New York) Professor of Law CUNY Law School James Do (CA) Perfect Prep, Inc. Yvonne Lindgren (California) Assistant Professor of Law Cheryl Zalenski (Michigan, Illinois) Joyce Rosenberg (Kansas (active), Missouri (inactive)) Kevin M. Bovard (Pennsylvania, California) Jeremy Naylor (New York; Massachusetts) Partner Cooley LLP Katherine Culliton-González (DC) Senior Counsel Demos Lisa Ells (California) Jessica Duggan (California) Liz Shura (New York) Angela Onwuachi-Willig (OH, IA) Chancellor's Professor of Law University of California, Berkeley Aimee Bouchard (Massachusetts, Connecticut) Law Offices of Aimee Bouchard Sydelle Exantus (New York, Connecticut) Attorney John T. Bender (Washington) Attorney Lewis Brisbois Sarah Courtman (NY) Abbey Baker (Massachusetts and D.C.) Esq. Stephen Zaffuto (Pennsylvania) Esquire Paige Provenzano (Florida) Associate Counsel Jessie Allen (New York) Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh School of Law Jenny Tank (Illinois) Melissa Haynes (New York) Attorney Rebecca M. Stork (Georiga) Christine Kellett (Pennsylvania) Professor of Law Emerita Dickinson Law/Penn State Jessica Richman Dworkin (D.C.) Elizabeth Zgoda (Maryland) Alicia (Pennsylvania and Illinois) Attorney Shoshana Ellis (Washington) Eduardo Capulong (Montana, New York, New Jersey) Professor of Law University of Montana Rob Kahn (New York) Associate Professor University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) Julianna S. Gonen (Virginia, District of Columbia) Policy Director National Center for Lesbian Rights Gregory P. Magarian (MD (inactive); DC) Professor of Law Washington University in St. Louis Timothy D. Porter (New York) Joyce E Kitchens (GA) Founding Member Kitchens New Cleghorn LLC James Rowan (Massachusetts) Professor of Law Northeastern University School of Law Patricia Roman Hass (Indiana and Illinois) Rachel Gordon (Maryland) Fatma Marouf (California) Professor of Law Texas A&M University School of Law Katherine Leisch (Florida and New York State bars) Hollee Temple (Pennsylvania) Law Professor West Virginia University Nancy S. Gibson (Maine) Janet Neuman (Oregon, Minnesota(inactive)) Senior Counsel Private Practice Whitney Derber (California) Elizabeth B. Davis (Georgia) Capri Miller (California, Virginia) Litigation Consultant Andrew Horwitz (RI, NY, MA) Assistant Dean for Experiential Education Roger Williams University School of Law Jin-Hwa Frazier (My, DC, CA, FL) Emma E. Babler (Wisconsin) Stephen B. Pershing (Virginia, Maryland, D.C.) Civil rights lawyer, adjunct law professor Madhuri Nemali (CA) Lee Stetson (New York) Matthew Weisner (California) Supervising Attorney Catholic Charities of the East Bay Nancy Marcus (Ohio) Ellen Wingenter (Colorado, Alabama) Belle Hsu (California) Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Julia Brooke Scalf (Georgia) Associate Attorney Marie A. Failinger (Minnesota) Professor of Law Mitchell Hamline School of Law Sister Alison McCrary (Louisiana) Attorney and Catholic Sister Andrea Brownridge (Georgia) Erin Palmer (CA; DC) Monte Mills (Colorado, Montana) Emily McBeath (KY & OH) Vanessa Glushefski (New York) David Mucci (Illinois) Natalia Cortez (New York; California) Kathryn Stanchi (NJ, NY) Jack E. Feinberg Professor of Litigation John T. Stinson, Jr. (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Lauren Dana-Evans (MA, MD, DC) Carolyn S. Braat (KY and NY) Professor Emerita University of Kentucky Thomas M. Beshere (Virginia) Debbie Greenberger (New York) Sharona Hoffman (California, District of Columbia) Professor of Law and Bioethics Case Western Reserve University Robyn Crowther (California) Shareholder Caldwell Leslie & Proctor, PC Amanda Hirschberg (New York) Myra G. Orlen (Massachusetts (active) and Maine (inactive)) Associate Professor of Legal Research and Writing Western New England University School of Law Michael Kagan (New York, Nevada) Professor of Law University of Nevada, Las Vegas Sarah Jackson (Missouri) Gavin Fritton (Kansas) Ryanne Easley (Illinois and California) Laurie Barron (IL, MA, NY) Scott A. Gorman (New Jersey, New York) Rebecca Dent (New York) Lauren Rachel Aronson (New York, 2nd Judicial Department) Assistant Professor of Professional Practice Olga Greenberg (GA) Phyllis Goldfarb (District of Columbia, Massachusetts) Jacob Burns Foundation Professor of Law George Washington University Sarah Boonin (MA) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Laurel Collins (WA) Self Darren Ishmael (New York) Russell Mangan (California) Bennet Kelley (CA, DC and MD) Founder Internet Law Center Elinor Jordan (Michigan) Laurel Collins (WA) Linda F. Smith (Utah) Professor of Law University of Utah Joshua M. Daniels (Massachusetts) Elizabeth Hein (PA, NJ) Michelle Vago (NY, CT) Kinza Khan (Illinois) Attorney Jessica Fegan (Maryland, District of Columbia) Lisa Fuller (District of Columbia) IRS Dylan M. LeValley (Washington) Attorney Adams & Duncan, Inc., P.S. Andrew Selbst (NY, NJ) Lisa A. Mazzie (Wisconsin) Professor of Legal Writing Marquette University Law School Talya Janoff (Illinois) James Blakemore (New York) Alicia Plerhoples (DC, NY, CA) Sharmila L. Murthy (MA, NY, TN) Teresa J. Verges (Florida, Illinois) Director, Investor Rights Clinic University of Miami School of Law Erika Shinpaugh (Washington State) Jodie Hoke (Colorado) Jennifer B. Condon (NJ, NY) Sandra L. Rierson (California) Associate Professor Thomas Jefferson School of Law Judith R.T. O'Kelley (Alaska, Washington DC, Georgia) Scott Reinstein (California, Arizona) Livable City Genna Kidd (Pennsylvania) Barbara Barreno-Paschall (Illinois) Alexia Smokler (Maryland) Matthew N. Andres (Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois) Raquel Aldana (Arizona) Professor of Law McGeorge School of Law Patricia M. Kipnis (PA, NJ, WV) Jennifer Taub (NY and MA) Professor Vermont Law School Lesley Holloway (Texas) Attorney Julie Chambers (DC) Jeanne Sheahan (CA) Senior Corporate Counsel, Privacy & Regulatory Yvonne Williams-Wass (Georgia) Associate Elizabeth Loh (California) Justin Withem (Oregon) Ana Puszkin (Fl) Sustainability Office City of Delray Beac Geoffrey F Green (Missouri, Massachusetts) Erika Gottfried (New York) Elizabeth Fink (Illinois) Vanessa Selbst (New York) Sadia Shakir (Michigan) Caroline Kert (CO) Attorney at Law Amy Rogers, Esq. (Colorado) Brenda Wright (New York) Phillip Zeeck (Missouri) Jason Schultz (CA, NY) Professor NYU School of Law Christopher R. Stork (Colorado) Ana Puszkin (Fl) Sustainability Office City of Delray Beac Mary Dewey (Colorado, Utah) Rita Montoya (Washington DC and Colorado) Rebecca Paddock (Nevada) Vivek J. Rao (MA, ME, DC) Paul Rugani (Washington; New York) Kimberly P. Jordan (IL, OH) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Billy Vela (None) Director, USC El Centro Chicano University of Southern California Cynthia Ford (Montana) Nancy Pokler (New York) Carol S. Bruch (California (inactive)) Distinguished Professor Emerita School of Law, University of California, Davis Ashley Novander (CO, FL) Ana Puszkin (Fl) Sustainability Office City of Delray Beac Erica Tennyson (Massachusetts) Sarah Marcello (LA) RJ Gabriel (NJ) Kimberley Motley (Wisconsin, U.S. Supreme Court) Sabrina Blomquist (Georgia) Elizabeth McCusker (Massachusetts; New York) Senior Counsel Natalie Naugle (California) Laura C Fry (CA) Director of Externships Beth Storper Joseph (Florida) Adam Dubinsky (CA - California) Project Leader EverFi JONATHAN GLASS (CA and NY) Una Chung-Iwasaka, Esq. (California) Melissa Kasnitz (California) Legal Counsel Center for Accessible Technology Eva M. Zelnick (Massachusetts, New York) Attorney Mirick O'Connell Michael Kirkwood (New York) General Counsel Susan C. Hopkins (Maine) Attorney at Law Susan C. Hopkins, Esq. Alexander W. Tapling (Illinois State Bar) Carolyn A Bird, Esq. (IL, CT and ME) Daniel F. Berlin (PA, DC) Attorney Christy Cassisa (Missouri, Illinois) Mike Michel (New York) Karla Carlisle (Washington State) Staff attorney jennvine wong (New York, New Jersey) Margaret Aylward (Illinois) Contracts Administrator Susan J. Abraham (New York) Professor of Law New York Law School Matthew Olsman (California) Daniel Royce (Virginia) Yael Bortnick (Maryland) Kelsey jones (Oregon) Associate Alexandra Roth (Massachusetts) Scott Greenwood (California) Maya Kuttan (CA) camellia noriega (Florida and Illinois) Attorney Elizabeth Lueder (Michigan) Amanda L. Fickett, Esq. (Maine) Jessica Collett (IL) Esq. Victoria Murphy (NY, DC) Eli Savit (Michigan, DC) Emi Gusukuma (CA) Senior Counsel Susan Saidel (NJ and PA) Kay A. Beehler (Indiana and Maryland) Attorney at Law Self Kathleen Kiernan (DC, NY) Tanner Henderson (Texas) Erin Collins (New Yor) Nancy Luque (California and the District of Columbia) Laura Diven (California) Principal Attorney Michael Riffitts (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Attorney Diane Downs (Iowa) Tara N. Gaston (WA, NY) Vivian E. Hamilton (MD, DC) Professor of Law William & Mary School of Law Tea Norfolk (Wisconsin) Debra Denslaw (IL (inactive)) Librarian Angelica Cesario (NY, NJ) Beth Lyon (DC, PA, NY) Clinical Professor of Law Cornell Law School Carolyn Brown (Ohio) Micki Bloom (Virginia, Florida, District of Columbia) Assistant Public Defender Stephanie Vittands (Illinois) Patty Mendoza (New Hampshire) Shannon Curtis (Texas) Cynthia Grant Bowman (NY and Illinois) Professor of Law Cornell Law School Cari Hipp (Georgia) Jill Tenley Oldak (Colorado, Massachusetts) Amanda Naprawa (Ohio, CA) Camille Ranadive (New York) Danielle M. McLaughlin (Massachusetts) Attorney, Author, Political Commentator Tarnetta Jones (NY) Jon Davidson (CA) Gautam Hans (Maryland) Amy Fleischer (Virginia, District of Columbia) Matthew M. Gayle (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) S. Mansoor Khan (Illinois) Attorney at Law The Law Office of S. Mansoor Khan Aisa Villarosa (California and Michigan) Attorney Young Minds Advocacy Kyle C. Velte (CO, NY) Visiting Assistant Professor Texas Tech University School of Law Deena Kalai (Texas, New York) Sahar Moazami (NY law student) Torrey Samson (Tennessee) Caroline Simon (NY NJ FL TX) Shyaam Subramanian (California) Kelsey Kittleson (Washington) Attorney Magnin & Kittleson Law Office, PLLC Brittney Savino (Florida) Attorney Corinne Prosniewski (Massachusetts) Theann Sandos (Colorado) Martha E. Menendez (California) Shyaam Subramanian (California) Michael Matthews (Missouri) Marc Lewinstein (New York, Massachusetts) David Kiene (California) Rachel Preda (New York) Esq Daniel E. Parga, Esq. (New York, District of Columbia, Court of International Trade) Whitney Derber (California) Tara Blackman (Massachusetts) Rachel Maman Kish (New York) Amy Condon (Washington) Attorney Elizabeth Ford (Washington) Amy Brown (NJ and NY) Anjum Unwala (New York) Mallory J. McClure (Florida, Indiana, California (inactive)) Attorney Ann Gong (WA) Carol A. Schrager (New York) Susan Gualtier (NY, NJ) Kaitlyn Johnson (Minnesota) Melanie Cannon (IL) Attorney at Law Regina Gennari (New York) Julia Surette (NY) Attorney Karalena M. Guerrieri (Illinois) Civil Litigation Attorney Garth Lewis (Illinois) Julissa Nethersole, Esq. (Florida) Laurie Puhn Feinstein (New York) Lawyer, Mediator, Author Hilary Hochman (California, New York) Mayme C. Gillham (Arkansas) Margaret Farrand (California) Deputy federal public defender Office of the Federal Public Defender Kristin Orlando (Illinois) Lindsay Hawley (IL) Supervising Attorney Sarah O'Connor (New York) Andrea Normoyle (Illinois) Archana Rao (Washington) Mayte Santacruz (California) Lynne N. Henderson (CA) Prof. emerita Alexa Austin (California) Megan Mahle (DE MA PA NY) Megan Grover Howell (Washington) Sarah Wooten (State Bar of Georgia) Associate Director of Admission Mia Napolitano (New Mexico, Illinois) Johanna Schwartz Miralles (Pennsylvania) Aix-Marseille University Radiah Rondon (DC) Lauren Reisner (NJ, PA) Rayne DeVivo (Illinois) Kristin Parker (Minnesota) Partner Stinson Leonard Street Eliza Pacheco (New York) Staff Attorney Legal aid society Yoshiko Inoue (California) Rebecca Aviel (California) Law Professor University of Denver Leslie Scott Jean-Bart (FL and GA) Partner Terrell Hogan Yegelwel, PA Max H. Hacker (California) Sandra Ard (Texas) Caroline Klosko (Virginia) Legal Services of Northern Virginia Erin Doughty (Illinois) Lisa Ball (New York) Staff Attorney Maria Rodi (New York State Bar) Melissa Levin (New York) Attorney Jaime R. Kennedy (California and New Mexico) Deborah Jeon (Georgia, DC, Maryland) Legal Director Kate Willcox (CA, MD, DC) Ilana Schoenbach (Ca) Attorney Jennifer Hu Corriggio (NY, FL) Director of Philanthropy & Donor Relations Westchester Community Foundation Shannon Kimball (Kansas, Georgia) Wei Wei Jeang (Texas) Vanessa N. Caicedo, Esq. (New York) Kristen Simplicio (California, District of Columbia) Gutride Safier LLP Maxwell Boltinghouse (Colorado) Attorney The Law Office of Jennifer E Longtin Nicole Barna (New York and New Jersey) Lauren E. Williams (SC) Partner Williams & Walsh, LLC Cheryl Blake (New York) Danielle P. Salgado (NY) Sara K. Parker (Washington) In house counsel Churchill Huston (PA, NJ, NY) Owner Churchill Huston Law, LLC Rebecca Reed (Maryland; Washington DC) Katie Campbell (Taking NY Bar Summer 2017) Law Student Hillary D. Phelps (Illinois) Stephanie Douglas (Michigan) Jennifer Stephens (West Virginia) Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Emiko Meyers (Washington, Hawaii, Michigan) Lindsay Hawley (IL) Supervising Attorney Rene Ugarte (Missouri and Colorado) Attorney Elizabeth McCoy (New York, New Jersey) Katherine Teitgen (Maryland, New York, District of Columbia) Attorney Dan Roth (CA, MA, DC, OH) Principal Law Office of Dan Roth Andrew Beck (New York) Paula F. Frantz (California) Stacy W. Thomsen (CALIFORNIA) Charlotte Archer (Washington) Suzanne Harrington-Steppen (RI and NY) Mary Lynch (New York State Federal District Court) Kate Stoneman Chair in Law and Democracy Albany Law School Krupa Shah (IL) Assistant General Counsel Julie Jonas (MN) Legal Director Innocence Project of MN Peggy Bird (New Mexico) James Bailinson (Maine, Illinois) Corporate Counsel Maine Health Jocelyn J. Hackett (New York) Meegan Brooks (California) Associate Carlos C. Condarco (Florida) Ian Bolton (MI) Owner Ian Bolton Law PLLC Susan Adams (Texas) Lori Hurl (Washington, Oregon) Attorney Betts Patterson & Mines Kristen Simplicio (California, District of Columbia) Gutride Safier LLP Ashley Watson (OH - Anticipated 2017) Student, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Sarah Perez (Nevada) Attorney Hamilton Law Nadia Danilovich (California) Immigration Attorney Marcia A. Widder (Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania) Amy Hader (IL and CO) General Counsel Maria Campigotto (New York) Katie E Pinter (Illinois) Senior Staff Attorney LSC Legal Aid Agency Amy Boyd Rabin (MA) Senior Attorney Acadia Center Monica Murphy (Wisconsin) Managing Attorney Morgen Daniels (Oregon) Leanne J. Beyer (IL) Attorney Beyer Law & Social Work, LLC Samantha Stonework-Hand (California) Judybeth Tropp (CA) Law Professor Thomas Jefferson School of Law Leslie Ivie (California) Attorney Erica Byrd (Illinois) Maya watts (CA) Staff attorney Sarah Tishler (New York) Natalie Wicklund (Montana) Attorney-at-Law Liz Meske (Minnesota) Attorney Margaret J. Scales (New York) Attorney Leila A. D'Aquin (Louisiana) Elizabeth Coleman With (California) Deputy County Counsel Sonoma County Lisa Askowitz (Florida) Amy Scott (OR, NY) Christopher R. Machado (Florida) Ayanna Lewis-Gruss (New York) John Schlosser (Oregon) Attorney Allison Ianni (New York) Emily Poor (Maryland) Angela Hamarich (New York) Associate Joseph Morris (California) Corinne Schultz (District of Columbia) Julia Brown (Georgia and Maryland bars) Michele Stafford (California) William Li (Virginia, District of Columbia) Lisa Kronbeck (CA) Jessica Culpepper (NY, DC) Food Safety and Health Attorney Public Justice Jonathan Lloyd (WA, NY) SARAH RAMIA (TEXAS; D.C.) ATTORNEY RAMIA LAW PLLC Mary Garner (Texas) Callie Heller (California and Texas) Defense attorney Heather Pieper-Olson (Minnesota) Eric Yang (California) Amy Emerson (New York) Kerry Monaco (Pennsylvania, New York) Trial Attorney Vanessa L. Johnson (Texas) Rianne Rocca (CA) Jimmy Midyette, Esq. (Florida) Attorney At Law The Luna Law Firm, PA Erikka L. Hise (Texas) Daniela Jampel (NY) Sara Moskowitz (District of Columbia) Emily Bolles (New York) Benjamin Elga (New York, New Jersey) Mengmeng Zhang (California) Joshua Saltzman (New York) Attorney Vanessa Crawford (California) Manish Bhatia (Illinois) Attorney at Law Manish C. Bhatia, Attorney at Law Bret Logue (California) Cynthia Sullivan-Brown (WA) Attorney Lindsay Salk (California) Partner Solouki Savoy, LLP Grace Davies (Minnesota; California (inactive)) Mitzi Vaughn (Texas, Washington) Managing Attorney Beatrice Lindstrom (New York) Deborah Dubroff (California) Katy Suttorp (California) Lesli Harris (New York, Louisiana) Mark Goldstein (New York) Nathan Hoyle (Maryland) Katherine Moore (New York) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Cecylia Hahn (NJ, NY) Nicole R Block (Ohio) Attorney at Law Julie Kaelin (Kentucky) Matthew Nagy (Illinois) Emily Suran (New York) Rachael T. (California) Meg Wrenn Hollingsworth (Colorado) Attorney Sarah Biran (MD, CA, CT, DC) Lisa McCamey (CA, NY, DC) Law Offices of Lisa K. McCamey Rena Jimenez-Blount (Oregon) Angela Schnell (New York) Lissa Casey (Oregon) Jessica M. Greenberg (New York, New Jersey) staff attorney Survi Parvatiyar (New York) Jenna Renee Konruff (Wisconsin) Attorney Stephen A. Roth (Massachusetts, New York) Associate Attorney Lynnette Brown (California) Katherine Wyman (Illinois) private practice Shashi Kumara (Texas) Morgan Durham (California) Eliana Maruri (Texas) Associate Attorney Rubin Law Firm Emma Grunberg (New York) Mick Woynarowski (Washington) attorney Mary L. Dumestre (Louisiana) Lindsay Hawley (IL) Supervising Attorney Megan Jennings (California) Katelynn Williams (Wisconsin) Attorney Kelsey Scribner (New York) Attorney Kari Tannenbaum (MA) Karen Crawford (TX, MA) Law Office of Karen J. Crawford Jennifer Lerman (New York) Peggy Bernardy (California) attorney Miriam Van Heukelem (Iowa) Attorney in private practice Hope Korenstein (New York) marguerite patrick (georgia) Erica J. Shoaf, Esq. (Pennsylvania, Arizona) Erin LaRocca (New York) Laura Nagel (New York, Maryland, D.C.) Leah Romond (CA) Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Gaelle Gralnek (California, Arizona (inactive)) Brett Zeeb (Illinois) Asst. Appellate Defender Office of Illinois State Appellate Defender Diana Nakarmi (Florida, DC) General Counsel Rishi Agrawal (IL) Susan N. Esce (New York) Norma Garcia Guillen (CA) Partner Elizabeth Whipple (Georgia) Director, Domestic Violence Clinic University of Alabama School of Law Tracey Perlman (South Carolina) Mike Kotlarczyk (Illinois, Colorado) Sanjay K. (Illinois, Louisiana, D.C.) Barbara J Lipshutz (New York) Kristin Henrikson (DC & MD) Attorney - Partner Delaney McKinney, LLP Hope Anastasakis (California, Colorado) Cavan Doyle (Illinois & North Carolina) Attorney Patrice Goldman (California) Attorney Susan Gershon (Massachusetts) David Rabinowe, Esq. (New York) Jerilyn Laskie (New York) Jacob R. Brown (Oregon) Tracy Turner (California) Professor of LAWS Southwestern Law School Pelagia ivanova (Massachusetts) Mary Harmon (Illinois) Marcia Mitchell (Washington) Maura Glasson Velamoor (New York) Matthew Almon (Louisiana) Attorney Joachim B. Steinberg (New York, California) Alexandria Barkmeier (Illinois) Emma Zavala-Suarez (Washington) JD, MD expected '19 K-Sue Park (Texas) Lisa Colburn (Minnesota) Mark Trachtenberg (Texas) Rebecca Andrews (Washington) Whitney Weatherly (Maryland) Kathleen M Smith (Pennsylvania) Katherine Soltis (Virginia) Annette M. Lamoreaux (Texas) Attorney at Law Stacy Villalobos (CA) Robin Bennett (California) Lisa Dorfman (New York) Christie M. Saenz, Esq. (State Bar of California) Jen Roberts (IL) Attorney Jessica Rogers (Pennsylvania) Associate Attorney Kaitlin Molloy (PA, NJ) Stephanie Nodine (South Carolina) Attorney at Law Law Office of Stephanie Nodine, LLC Nicole Black (New York) Alyssa Watzman (Colorado, New York) Associate John Gerl (Georgia) Joshua Beldner (New York) Attorney Eric Santos (Georgia (have passed bar exam, awaiting admission)) Kaitrin Vohs (Minnesota) Attorney At Law Mary Danahy (Illinois) Adina Florea (Minnesota) Attorney Alissa Glasser (Florida) Kinsey O'Brien (New York) Jaime Winchenbach (Massachusetts) Elizabeth Etherton (Georgia) Alison Bazeley (PA (inactive), OH (inactive)) Christina Suh (Ohio) Attorney Amanda L. Nelson (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Ariel Devine (New York) Counsel IBM corporation. Linda Shipley (California) Ryan Sullivan (Texas) Joni Ostler (Utah, California) Rana Draganja (New York) Rosanna Lopez (VA) Attorney Rebecca Shaeffer (PA) Senior Legal and Policy Officer Fair Trials Alexa Sendukas (Texas) Diana Dascalu-Joffe (Maryland, Colorado pending admission on motion) Senior Attorney Eric Pekar (New York) Joseph Kaufman (California) CEO Aida Martinez (District of Columbia) Eden Davis Stephens (Kentucky) Erin Crum (California) Attorney Lauren Millcarek (Florida) Attorney Ali Frick (New York) Attorney Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP Breana Jetej (North Carolina) Olga Hernandez (New Jersey) Natalie Kissinger (Illinois) Karen Cullinane (New York) Associate Attorney Aleksandra King (NY) Connie Y Chiang (New York, California) Elizabeth L Diamond (NH & MA) Ryan Locke (Georgia) Locke Law Firm, LLC Laura Hartin (Illinois) Senior attorney Bhanu Mathur (CO, DC) Eileen Horgan (PA) Lindsey Cook (Maryland, Pennsylvania) Alex Berke (New York) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Cathleen Moran (CA) Attorney at Law Sandra Fraser (Oregon) Attorney Fraser Law Min-Sun Kim (PA) Amy Rose (Nevada) Kristy Blank (NY) Senior Counsel NBCUniversal Media Jennifer Docherty (New York) Kelly Duncan (California) Public Defender Kevin Riach (Minnesota) Attorney Sherryl A. Jones (Arizona, New Mexico, Washington) Self-employed Jessica Feldman (NY, WA) Starbucks Corporation Anthony Cirigliano (PA) Adam Schupack (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois) Associate Maureen Kieffer (Illinois) Mary Ellen Lemieux, JD,LCSW (California) Jamie Ballinger-Holden (Tennessee and Kentucky) Carl Eppler (Tennessee) Melissa Lum (Texas) Claudia Hagadus Long (California) Lindsay S. Nixon (CA) CEO Meal Mentor B.J. Richards (Georgia) Jamie Ellsworth (Idaho, Washington, United States Patent &a Trademark Office) Susan Casey (Georgia) Davey Jay (Florida) Lillian Macartney (Virginia, Massachusetts) Julia J. Carabillo (Massachusetts, District of Columbia) Elizabeth Aquino (New York) Jacob Oakes (NC) Attorney Rebecca Sell (Washington) Attorney Wendy Bratten (Minnesota) Associate Attorney Mary W Thuell (DC, MD) Founding Member Legacy Law Firm PLLC Samantha Rothaus (New York, Massachusetts) Anne McShane (Minnesota, Nebraska) Attorney Seld Kathryn Fernandez (Louisiana) Staff Attorney Advocacy Center of Louisiana Abbey Ruby (New York, DC, Virginia) Counsel Miles & Stockbridge, P.C. Lindsay Lefteroff (Illinois) Aimee Vierra (California) Binny Miller (Maryland, DC, Minnesota) Professor of Law American University Shaina Lamchick Hagen (Maryland, District of Columbia) Staff Attorney Neighborhood Legal Services Program Ciarra Chavarria (New York) Jeff Nobles (TX) Partner Deans & Lyons Jennifer Lambert (Georgia) Counsel Jonathan Hershberg (New York; New Jersey) Attorney at Law Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP Allison Duffie (Florida) Attorney Scott Wagner and Associates, P.A. Michael Rueda (Connecticut, New York) Pamela Parker (Texas) Attorney Law Office of Pamela Parker Trevor J. Smith (Florida) PETA Foundation Tracy Van den Bergh (Michigan) Senior Associate Roberts & Freatman Sarah Rogerson (NY) Associate Professor of Law Albany Law School Celia Muller (New York) Dana Rubin (New York) Greg Siskind (Tennessee) Siskind Susser, PC - Immigration Lawyers Karen Strouse (CT) Jessika Gualtieri (Ohio) Solo Attorney Nathaniel Gaffney (Colorado Bar Association) Doug Weinstein (Georgia) Lino R. Rodriguez Jr (Georgia) Attorney at Law Brian C. Brook (New York, New Jersey, and District of Columbia) Partner Clinton Brook & Peed Aaron Rowden (Maine) Ariel Linet (Maine, New York, Massachusetts) Emma Banze (Georgia) Ashley Skowronski (Tennessee) Reena Bajowala (Illinois) Bonnie A. Sullivan (Maryland) Executive Director Maryland nonprofit S. Bro (California) Associate Lori Pickle (Texas) Attorney Jeanette Pesamoska (Illinois) Matthew Yan (California) Partner Moscone Emblidge and Otis LLP Amber McKinney (Virginia, District of Columbia) Kelly Warner-King (Washington State) Co-Director Court Improvement Training Academy Andrew Seewald (New York) David Patton (Minnesota; (South Dakota - inactive)) Deputy Solicitor General Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Veronica Allen (New York) Sumaira Khan (Michigan) Monica Ramallo-Young (California and Florida) Gelene Brown (Illinois) Jessica Schuster (California) Attorney Diana Corbin (CA, MA) Sara Franklin (Illinois) Attorney Winston & Strawn LLP Cynthia G. Schmidt (Florida) Elizabeth M. Young LaBerge (Maine) Dennis J. Hanna (California) Jason Dooley (California) Martha O'Connor (Illinois) Litigation Associate Sheila Simhan (Illinois & Wisconsin) Cortelyou Kenney (CA, NY, DC) Yale Law School Ann Levine (California, Colorado) Corey J. Eilers (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Eilers Law, PLLC Kathryn Wozny (Maryland and District of Columbia) Lawyer Shannon Lynch (CA, DC) Laura Buchanan (California) Michelle Rosenblum (NJ, NY) Reid Murdoch (Nebraska) Researcher The Fulbright Program Andrew Cohen (DC) Directing Manager LeTR Solutions, LLC Caitlin K. Hawks (California, Washington) Christine P. Bartholomew (California) Associate Professor of Law Carl Zielinski (Colorado) Margaret Cistley (NC) Kathleen Metcalfe (PA and NJ) Attorney Matthew Steinberg (CA) Antonia Eliason (New York (inactive)) Kimberley R. Chapman (New York) Amber Murray (Tennessee) Sara Taylor (California) Jessica Long (Washington) Jillian Thompson (IL) Tax Attorney Tred R. Eyerly (California, Hawaii, Alaska, Northern Mariana Islands) Jason Stinnett (Texas) Anu Anand (New Jersey) Rachel Jamison Instructor of Law New York University-Abu Dhabi Laura Stafford (MA, NY) Marit Warren (Ohio) Hildja Saas (Washington State Bar) Attorney Eva Van Brunt (CA (Inactive)) Sean McGuckian (California) Cody Fenton-Robertson (Washington) Maureen Williams (Connecticut) Shamaila S. Malik (Texas) Jason R Riley (CA, MN) Daniel Fabiano, Esq (California) Kelley Amburgey-Richardson (Oregon) Emily Giometti (California) Kristen Abramowicz (Georgia) Assistant Public Defender Doug Weinstein (Georgia) AMANDA List (California) Attorney at Law List Jacobson-Kwok Thorndal, LLP Tsui S. Ng, Esq. (New York) John Poppe (New York) Misty M. Willits (Washington) Sara Gray (Oregon) Stephanie Plamondon Bair (Massachusetts) Associate Professor of Law BYU Law School Javaneh pourkarim (Maryland and Maine) Philip J. Velez (New York State) Licensed Attorney Max Gibbs-Ruby (WA) Carolyn Rashby (California) Attorney Meredith Black-Mathews (Texas) Jessica Coffield (California) Lena Silver (California) Patricia Lakner (California) Attorney Dante Costa (IL) Melissa A. Sikorski (Massachusetts) Barbara Morgan Rees (Arizona) Nancy S. Abramowitz (D.C.) Professor of Practice American Univ. washington College of Law Heidi Reiner (Georgia, New York) Norma Evans (California) Evan M. Greenberger (New York) Roya Behnia (Illinois) Alexa Woodward (New York) Aliza Cohen (CA) Isabelle Dinerman (Georgia; New York) Attorney Stacy L. Vincent (Missouri) Bennett Bryan (Georgia) Jin-Ho Chung (Illinois) Patricia Perez-Jenkins (Minnesota) Attorney Nancy Manley (New York and Georgia) Assistant General Counsel Jacqueline Rohr (Arizona) Claire Donohue (DC, MA) Julie (IL) Law Office of Julie O. Herrera Colleen Wort (Colorado) Rebecca Meyer (California) Attorney Heather Axford (New York) Staff Attorney Central American Legal Assistance Daniel Goldstein (Illinois) Holly Tyler (Illinois) Lida Angier, Esq (Hawaii, Illinois) Leigh M. Wilco (Georgia, North Carolina) Attorney Carrie Amezcua (DC, PA) Kelly Williams (California) Kathryn Bain (California) Partner Bain Mazza & Debski LLP Gina M Roccanova (California, Pennsylvania) Principal Stephanie Alexandra de Padua (New York State) Attorney Elizabeth Weinstein (New York) Retired attorney Laura Berger (New York, New Jersey) Staff Attorney Nicole Centracchio (Illinois) Attorney Stephanie Wilkins (New York) Aruj Chaudhry (IL) Joey Scott (Colorado, Illinois) Attorney Joey Scott Legal Services LLC Erin A. Graham (MI, IN) Associate Attorney Fixel & Nyeholt, PLLC Joanna Stevenson (California) Attorney Sarah Tate (Kentucky) Michele Floyd (California) Bobbi-Jo Dobush (CA, NY) Lani Brandon (New York) Associate Attorney Fiona M. Dutta (New York) Associate Attorney Kanan Sheth (NY) AVP Ellyn Riedl, Esq. (Maryland) Julia Vlahos (California) Esq. Mariana Padias (PA) Assistant General Counsel United Steelworkers sukti dhital (new york) Elaine Chang (California) Alissa Epstein (NJ, MA) Sabrina Rose-Smith (Virginia, District of Columbia) Partner Goodwin Procter, LLP Kristin Lucey (California) Jylan Megahed (California and District of Columbia) Principal Attorney Kelsey McGregor (CA) Farheen Ibrahim (Texas) Attorney Mullin Law, PC Jennifer Delgado (Arizona) Attorney Katie Phetteplace (California and Nevada) Erin Corber (Louisiana) Attorney Amber Neal (Indiana and New York) Erin N. Bruno (PA) Assistant Public Defender Andrea Young (Georgia) Darlene Goring (Illinois, retired status) Professor of Law LSU Law Center Christin Flint (California) Teresa Lynn Friend (California) Director/Managing Attorney Homeless Advocacy Project/Justice & Diversity Center/BASF Arathi Premkumar, Esq. (Arizona and California) Kristen van de Biezenbos (Louisiana) Jamie Ball (California) Emilia Tavakoli (California) Lauren Johnson (Texas) Staff Attorney Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Stefanie Meyers (New York, Colorado) Senior Counsel Hunter Jackson (Texas) Associate Counsel David Richter (New Mexico) Sean Goodbody (Colorado, New Mexico) Attorney Withers Seidman Rice & Mueller, P.C. Gloria M. Garcia (Nevada) Emily Baxter (Minnesota) Henry Freedman (New York) Robert Z Rogosich (Michigan) Tax Manager Brian Sheppard (Massachusetts) Professor of Law Seton Hall University School of Law Peter Witherington (California) Kimberly V. Sparks (Colorado) Managing Partner Sparks Legal Corporation, PC Kimberly V. Sparks (Colorado) Managing Partner Sparks Legal Corporation, PC David Greco (California) Attorney Erin M. Scheick (DC, NY) Visiting Associate Professor of Law Matthew V.H. Noller (New York) Brenda Ford Harding (DC and NC) Attorney Self and chair of TJC Johanna Sanders (NY law student) Ali Puente-Douglass (California) Staff Attorney Non-profit civil legal services Gary Rowe (California, D.C.) Julian Gonzalez (New York) Derek McNally (New York) Associate Johnson Gallagher Magliery Greg Campbell (Missouri) Hammond and Shinners Alyssa Newswanger (IL) Attorney at Law Lauren Winchester (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Kellan Martz (CA) Attorney Kellan Martz Law Lucas Anderson (New York) Ashley Hill (Vermont and Massachusetts) Melanie Audy (New York) Attorney/Litigation Analyst Elizabeth A. Jex (Virginia, District of Columbia) Victor Wang (California) Priyanka Premo (Minnesota) Laura Renger (California) Allison M. Hoots (Pennsylvania and DC) Jill A. Gurfinkel, Esq. (Michigan) Jeffrey S. Warncke (Georgia) Partner Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke Priya Rajagopalan (CA) Aaron Capron (California) Rinku Siddiky (NY) Hillary Weinstein (PA, NJ) Sheri Lynn Johsnon (New York) Professor Cornell Law School Michelle Keith (Massachusetts) Faith Shaw Winstead (Virginia and Colorado) Assistant Capital Defender Virginia Indigent Defense Commission Elena Bowers (California) Meha Gargi (Texas) Sheyda Joolharzadeh (California) Elizabeth Garfinkle (California) Jason Gottlieb (New York) Partner Morrison Cohen, LLP Meghan Klaric (MI, PA, USPTO) Attorney Anne Gerson (New York, California) Lisa Mackem (Virginia) Lauren E. Seffel (NY, DC) Matthew McCloskey (Massachusetts) Consultant Target Litigation Consulting Stephanie Nunez (Florida) Attorney - commercial litigation Mitzi L. Hill (Georgia) Kiara Taite (Mississippi) Attorney at Law Phyllis Cantor (California) Wolkin Curran, LLP Dana Hadl (California) Counsel Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Laure Ruth (Maryland) Diana Honig (California) Erica Meierhans (California) Annelise Riles (New York) Professor of law Cornell Law School Saul Wolf (California) Attorney Manly, Stewart & Finaldi Xochitl Arteaga (California) Harlan Dalzell (VA, MD) Lauren Buford (Illinois) Attorney Virginia Corrigan (California, New York) Khara Coleman (Illinois) J.D. Daniel Alan Terner, Esq. (FL) Managing Member Terner Elder Law, P.L. Cecily Molak (NY) Anushka Gehi (Georgia) David Wheatley (New York) Victoria B. Rivapalacio (California) Anna Goldenhersh (New York) Attorney Susana Fernandes (MA) Elizabeth Inglehart (IL; NY) Clinical Associate Professor of Law Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law Brenda (DC, MI) Staycie Sena (CA) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena Amy Guy (California) Senior Attorney Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Wanda Engracia (New Jersey) Attorney Sam Iola (Texas) Abigail S. Clough (Illinois) Attorney at Law Grace Ganz Blumberg (New York, California) Distinguished Professor of Law Emerita UCLA Law School Amy Strauss (Texas and New York) Attorney Mehreen hayat (New york) Attorney at law Cellino & barnes Lauren Schwimmer (PA and NJ) Lindsey Marie Williams (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Andrea Parra (New York 3rd Judicial Division) Practitioner-in-Residence American University - Washington College of Law Ediberto Roman (New York) Professor of Law Katherine K. Walts (Wisconsin) Sophia Wolman (Michigan) Deborah Truitt (Washington) Partner Truitt & Lyons Attorneys at Law Cathleen Stadecker (California and Vermont) Kelly Simons (Georgia) Immigration Lawyer Kelly A. Simons PC Jennifer Simon (MA, NJ, and PA) Senior Associate Counsel Kenyon Energy, LLC Rebekah Pfahler (Colorado) Salma Waheedi (New York) Clinical Advocacy Fellow Harvard Law School Cynthia Demsey (Ohio) \ Emily Wood (Illinois) Senior Counsel Jeffrey Cassuto (New York) Rachel Johnson (Illinois) Staff Attorney Sarah Heim (New York) Esq. Jessica Joseph (Florida, Massachusetts) Alexis Neely (California) Farren Sheehan (Texas) Attorney Sheehan Law, LLC Maura Finn (Georgia) Associate Attorney Vazquez & Servi, PC Phillip V. Urban (New York) Attorney at Law Julie Gendel (New Jersey) Jennifer SHAPIRO (Ill) Pooja A. Regmi (Maryland) Health Policy Analyst State of Maryland Olivia Fines (Virginia) Counsel Tamara Caban-Ramirez (Minnesota) Owner Caban-Ramirez Law Firm, LLC Stacia Sidlow (Utah) Jenna Ewing (Illinois) Attorney Cindy Villanueva, Esq. (Arizona and California) Jenine Hinkle (California; Illinois) Danielle Kocal (New York, New Jersey) Scott Singer (New York) Joshua Weigensberg (New York) Graham Shaffer (Pennsylvania and Connecticut) Attorney Michael Cerasa (Florida) Attorney The Cerasa Law Firm LLC Alyssa Koo (California) Chezare Palacios (Florida) Daniel Manville (State of Michigan) Professor, Director, Civil Rights Clinic Michigan State Univ. College of Law Kimber A. Russell (IL) Project Attorney Axiom Lara Haddad (New York) Attorney Capt Morgan Engling (Iowa) Jodi Greenberg (Georgia) Francey Youngberg (PA) Timothy L. O'Hair (California) Attorney Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Lena E. Barouh (Washington) Associate Attorney Law Office of Daniel J. Smith Daveed Lift (Georgia) John Davis Malloy (District of Columbia) Vice President ACLU of the Nation's Capital Christina M. Padien (California) Tara Borton (MN, WI) Grant L. Vaughn (Maryland State Bar) Ilana Bergstrom (California) Jessica Lund (California and New York) Writer/Independent Legal Professional Susannah Knox (SC, NC) Stephanie Langer (Florida, New York, New Jersey and Georgia) Elizabeth Bardauskis (New York; Illinois) Zoe Littlepage (Texas) Partner Littlepage Booth Justin Berlin (California) Allie Boldt (MN, WI) Counsel Demos Kara Unal (Nevada) Beata Leja (Illinois) Associate Amanda E. Thibodeau (Massachusetts and New Hampshire) Mary Bowman (Washington) Mary E. Robinson (California) Associate Director Leigh Pires McCulle (PA) Owner, LP Consulting Nancy Goldstein (New York, Massachusetts) Christine Lao-Scott (NY, DC) John R. Pollino (New York) N. Jeremi Duru (MD; DC) Professor of Law American University Lucia Marker-Moore (IL) Eileen (Maryland) Powers Benjamin Owens (CA and LA (currently inactive)) Paul Johnson (New York) Amanda Koons (Louisiana) Connor Moran (Washington) Antonia Domingo (Pennsylvania) Assistant General Counsel United Steelworkers Maureen A. Murphy (Connecticut) Lori F Mayall (California) Corporate Counsel Katie Whitney (Colorado) Partner Whitney and Schowalter, LLC Debra Greenberg (NY) Cameron Blazer (South Carolina) Owner Blazer Law Firm Colleen Micavich (Massachusetts and New Hampshire) Melissa Meggison (Georgia) Alicia Tallbe (NY) Frances Walters (MI, MD, DC) Lisa Finkra (Washington) Clevonne M. Jacobs, Esq. (Tennessee, Ohio) Associate University Counsel Duke University Sonia Roubini (Law student at Berkeley Law) Jessica Fairbairn (California) Samuel Kidder (Colorado) Attorney Amanda Burkett (NY) Andrew Hughes (WA, IL) Hollis Hanover (Illinois) Ali Robak (Colorado) Elizabeth Gerber (North Carolina, New York) Courtney J. Armour (D.C., NY) Jesika Wehunt French (Georgia) Associate Jones Day Olivia S. Harris DeVall, Esq. (West Virginia State Bar) West Cirginia Attorney Lauren Howard (Colorado) Chris Nunes (California) Attorney at Law Christina M. Christodoulou (New York) Abbey Morrow (Florida, Georgia) Kimberly Kayiwa (NY) Patricia Greenwell (Maryland) Jessica Carr (Washington) TrueBearing Consulting Chelsey M. Golightly (State Bar of Arizona) Lisa DellAquila (NY) Susan Kim (NY, CT, DC) Joanna Coll (Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island) KIM Akins (Ohio) Kathleen Garbacz (Michigan) Kate Barth (New York) Jillian A. Mikrut (Illinois) Mark Yoshida (California) N. Lucy Chukwurah (Texas) Aaron Lawrence (California) Associate Alix Claps (New Jersey, New York) Brandi Welch (Texas) Director of Academic Advising and Student Affairs University of Texas School of Law Sara E. Raymond (California) Sarah Wariner (Texas) Christopher M Garbarino (N/a) Student American University Washington College of Law Jennifer Dwyer (Montana) Katie Davies (AK) Associate Attorney Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot Mia Poliquin Pross (Maine) Jennifer M. Keas (Maryland, District of Columbia) Stefan Borst-Censullo (California) Senior Partner Grass Roots Government Strategies Edward F Reilly (Missouri, Illinois) Attorney Suzanne Summerlin (Florida) Andrea L. Spalla (New York (retired)) Rachel Mark (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Marie Jonas (California) Associate Folger Levin Elizabeth Parsons (Maryland and DC) Andrea Rubin (Louisiana) Katrina E. Waizer (New York, New Jersey) Charlotte S Kormendy (Illinois) Valerie Sherman (Illinois) Kathryn Erno (California) Desi Kalcheva (CA) David A. Soles (Washington) Kelsey Nunez (Idaho) Ira Rubinstein (Washington) Senior Fellow NYU School of Law Stephanie Kalahurka (Texas, Missouri) Partner Susan Mandiberg (Oregon) Distinguished Professor or Law Autumn Katz (New York) Robert A. Liguori (New York) Jennifer El Mekkaoui (Florida) SHANE TELA (NEW YORK) Priscilla Orta (KS and CO) Staff Attorney CALA: Community Activism Law Alliance Wendy Hernandez (NY and NJ) Attorney Self employed Meaghan Moriarty (Minnesota) Catherine Adams (CA) Lindsey Dionne (Texas) Lindsey Dionne Attorney at Law, PLLC Jennifer A. Driscoll (Ohio) brooke blecher (ca) Blecher & Hubbell Sarah LaFantano, Esq. (Georgia) Emma A. Benkert, Esq. (Georgia) Shruti Dusaj (New York) Valerie Sussman (Massachusetts) Attorney Jennifer Freeland (California) Jessica Hempstead (California, Colorado) Deputy Public Defender Charisa Smith (Virginia, New York, New Jersey) D. Inder Comar (California, New York) Legal Director Comar LLP Leslie A. Farber (NJ, NY, PA) Michael Dylan Brennan (Ohio) Attorney at Law Law Ofc of Michael Dylan Brennan LLC Tyler Cantrell (Virginia, Washington) Allison Hartry (Texas) Darius Amiri (Arizona) Attorney Victory Law Group Sarah Ricks (PA, NJ) Clinical Professor Rutgers Law School Ida Martinac (California) Angel Graf (Illinois) Supervising Attorney Immigration Center for Women and Children Erin Dolly (CA) Esther Chang (Illinois and Massachusetts) Associate Greenberg Traurig, LLP Stephanie Bilinski (California) Supervising Attorney Justice and Diversity Center Valerie Byrne (Illinois & New York) Attorney Jasmine McGhee (North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia) Annie Albertson (California; Illinois) Erika Stallworth (Indiana) Jennifer Zayas (California) Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Christina Sandidge (California) Sabrina Sacks Mann (PA) President Sacks Legal Search Rick Kahn (New York, Connecticut) Mneesha Nahata (Massachusetts, Florida) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Allyson Barker (Washington State and Utah) Seth Hill (CA) Esq. Shefali Singh (New York) Emily R. Sherrer (Illinois) Laura Fitzzimmons (Nevada) Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law John Tschirgi (NY) Thomas A. Doggett (Illinois) Marino & Simonetti Amy Salmela (Minnesota) Cynthia Thompkins (NY) Genie Lyons (Oregon) Bryanne Schmitt (CA & NY) Corporate Counsel Dara weiss (NY, PA) Senior counsel Jennifer Soble (D. C.) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin (VA, DC, NY, PA) CEO Gaia Project Consulting, LLC Stacy L Cargill (Texas) Nicole R. Faux (Pennsylvania) General Counsel Athena Rodbell (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Melissa LaBarge (Massachusetts) Meghan H. Mead (New Mexico, California) Manprit Brar (CA) Legal Counsel Wikimedia Foundation Elena Q Gerli (California) Richard North (California) Ann Crowley (Massachusetts) Jekka Garner (N/A) Law student Robyn K. Bitner (New York) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Ann Kaufman (District of Columbia, South Carolina and Virginia) Ona T. Wang (NY, CT) Lisa Delzompo (CA) Broker/Attorney on Inactive Status PRW Lending, Inc. Shira R. Isenberg (Illinois) Attorney Kathleen Gordon (California, District of Columbia) Associate Director, Clinical Program American University Washington College of Law Stephanie J Millet (Georgia and California) Partner The Millet Law Firm LLC Marc Hedman-Dennis (Minnesota) Policy Analyst Brei Gussack (CA, DC) Associate Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Jill Farrington (NYS) Kathryn McKenna Pytlewski (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey) Deputy General Counsel Michelle Siri (Maryland) Candida Ruesga (Arizona) Attorney Malissa Durham (Pennsylvania) Anderson Lankford (Maryland, District of Columbia) Sharon Sorkin (IL and NY) Senior Counsel Isabel Daniels (California) Pamela Berkowitz (Illinois) Belinda Friis (Michigan) Chantel Alberhasky (Missouri) Attorney Self Heather Counts Garrett (Missouri and Kansas) Kasey Burton (Washington) Matthew Platkin (NY and NJ) Leigh Richards (New York) Alexander Merchant (California) Attorney Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Katharine Bieber Ogg (New York, Connecticut) Harriet Blackburn (Louisiana) Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Amanda Johnson (MN) Ryan M. Heron (Georgia) Nicole Lefton (New York) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) R. Stockton (California) Arianne Waldron (Massachusetts) Attorney Marisa Dominguez (NJ & NY) Attorney Sarah Ryan (Illinois) Director of Grant Development St. Norbert College Rachel Schwartz-Gilbert (Oregon) Rebecca Gudeman (California) Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Danielle Graceffa (Michigan) Whitney Dodds (Massachusetts) Matthew Tang (California) Chelsea Mazur (New York, Illinois) Contract Attorney Ebony Smith (Illinois) Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Daniel Rodriguez (Virginia) Attorney Nieri Avanessian (New York) Associate Attorney Amanda Phillips (Colorado) Sr Counsel Lilliana Diaz Pedrosa (NYS) Laurie Janus (Va and NC) Dylan Dindial (NJ, NY, DNJ, SDNY) Associate Attorney Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Aarti Sheth, Esq. (New York; New Jersey) Peta Mattis (Texas) Eva A Gonzalez (NM) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Bari Steinholz (New York) Lynn Daggett (Connecticut) Professor Gonzaga Law School Eva Shih (Texas, Arizona, Oregon) Attorney NLRB Jeanyne T Scatton (PA, NY, NJ) Jannette Brickman (Illinois, Colorado) Rita Choudhury (Pennsylvania, New York) Gerald Shoemaker (PA) Rebecca Ebert (New York, Massachusetts, District of Columbia) Stacey Eunnae (DC, VA) Supervising Attorney University of the District of Columbia Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Rocio Guadalupe Mendoza (Texas) Associate Baker & McKenzie Candace J Morey (California) Principal Counsel California Public Utilities Commission Jeff Zentner (Tennessee, North Carolina) Elise Meyer (Missouri) Law Fellow Eva A Gonzalez (NM) Amanda Huetinck (NY; DC) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Kathleen A. Batliner (Ohio) Bertie Cheng (New York) Brittany Hightower (Texas) Erin Curtiss (New York) Nicholas Mindicino (New York) Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Lucia Roibal (California) Neysun Mahboubi (Massachusetts) Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Megan Pulsts (Georgia) AJ Zachary (Texas) Talene Ghazarian (California) Maria McLaughlin (CA) Maureen B. Hodson (California) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Jennifer White (Pennsylvania) Jamie Lynn Crofts (West Virginia, Illinois) Legal Director ACLU of West Virginia Natalie Walsh (CO, IL) Laura Hogan (New York) Ellen Buckley (Colorado) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Laura Tansey (Texas) Nick Lawton (OR) Tzvia Feiertag (CA, NY, NJ) Martha Koutsogiannopoulos (NY) Robert Kaplan (OH (inactive), VA (associate)) Yevgeniya Gazman (MN) Rhiannon O'Connor (Georgia) Child Advocate Attorney Matthew Mobilio (Pennsylvania) Partner Felicia Barnes (DC, MD) Carrie Harrington (IL, FL) Nicole B. Norkevicus (MA, US Supreme Court) Elizabeth Yockel (Vermont) Meghan Paulas (Illinois) Janice Tam (Illinois, California) Founder Estatable Laura Benghal (CA) Susan Hutchison (California) Trial counsel Fidelity National Law Group Elizabeth Weinstein (NY and WA) Maria Petrone (Illinois; New York) John L. Williams (Texas) Joshua Smith (California Student Bar) Law Student Loyola Law School Jennifer Jaffe (IL) Ryan Maddock (Virginia, DC) Attorney Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Mariah Thompson (California) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Adam Logan (MA) Karen Hu (Virginia) Cynthia Griffin (Nebraska) Orly May (Maryland) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Nicola Duggan (CA) Gayle Tiller (California) Margaret J. Krueger (Washington) Attorney at Law Jill Bennett Gaieski (PA, FL) JD, PHD University of Pennsylvania Stephanie M. Corcoran (Arizona) Immigration Attorney Corcoran Law Group Sara Werboff (Oregon) Tabitha Crosier (New York, New Jersey) Jennifer LaDuke (IL) Laura Weber (California) Maxwell J. Mehlman (DC, Ohio) Distinguished University Professor Case Western Reserve University Kelly Terry (Arkansas) Emma Shinn (Colorado & Texas) Retired USMC Judge Advocate and defense attorney Shinn Law Office, LLC Elizabeth Grisaru (New York) Perry L. Moriearty (Massachusetts, Minnesota) Associate Professor University of Minnesota Law School Emily Lippolis (Pennsylvania) Voting Rights Advocate Heather Haney (Colorado, California) Attorney Anna Rae Goethe (Washington) Kids in Need of Defense Randi Milgram (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Jonathan S. Quinn (New York, Illinois) Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP Ilana Landecker (NY) Christine E. Webber (District of Columbia and Illinois) Kelly Rizzo (Texas) Attorney Patricia Castillo Flanagan (FL) Associate Attorney Rifkin & Fox-Isicoff, P.A. Sarah E Brewsaugh (California) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Sarah E Brewsaugh Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Zachary Schreiber (New York; Washington D.C.) Marisa Chaves (California) Senior Counsel Meredith Elkins (Texas) Kate Eshghi (Massachusetts) Brianna Schofield (California) Clinical Teaching Fellow UC Berkeley, School of Law Nora Lewis (Florida, Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Miami-Dade County Florida Jayesh Rathod (NY, DC) Professor of Law American University Washington College of Law Allyson Barker (Washington State and Utah) Ellen M. Papadakis (Illinois, California) Michelle M. Marx (Pennsylvania) Yelda Bartlett (California) Bartlett Law Firm Carrie W Cotter (IL, CAL, USPTO) Sarah Altschuller (MD, MA, DC) Counsel Clemente Jimenez (California) Jonathan Hood (Oregon) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Ariadna Tajoya (California State Bar) Attorney at Law Emily Parks (Minnesota) Stephanie Franco Alexander (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Bexar County DA Jenny Knopinski (Virginia) Susan Hensler (New York) Attorney Corilee Racela (California, New York) Tana Benner (Missouri) Attorney Columbia Family Law Group John Medeiros (Minnesota) Attorney Lisa Fulton (MN) Gerald E. Burns (Minnesota) Attorney Burns Law Office, P.L.C. Erica Zunkel (Illinois & California) Assistant Clinical Professor of Law University of Chicago Law School Steve Beck (Minnesota) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Jennifer Embry (Illinois) Senior Counsel Diagnostics Patents Abbott Laboratories Laina Miller (Texas) Principal Shipley Snell Montgomery LLP Jill Mandell (NY, CT) Darah Eckert (Texas) Eugenia Pyntikova (VA) Michelle Morin (California, Virginia, Washington DC) Nicole Rothgeb (CT, MA) Partner Livingston, Adler, Pulda, Meiklejohn & Kelly, P.C. Natalie Hemmerich (PA) Adrienne Fischer (California and Colorado) Attorney Janette Schue (California State Bar) Caitlin Steinke (New York) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Melanie Kim (California) Mary A. Lynch (New York) Kristen B. Ornato, Esq. MSW (Pennsylvania) Annie Mehlman (New York, New Jersey) Robin Gross (California) Executive Director IP Justice Nikki Woods (New York, Connecticut) Attorney Kristin Petersen (California) Stephen Selbst (NY, IL) Perla Esquivel (CA) Attorney Karen Scarr (California) Leslie Gaunt (California) Attorney Chase A. Simon (Ohio) Denise Ferguson (Ohio) Jawad H. Salah (New York, Pennsylvania) Attorney Janet Margrave (Arizona) Careen Shannon (New York) Melissa M. Brown (New York & New Jersey) Stephanie Poucher (Louisiana (Bar No. 37263)) Bruce Fickman (Texas and Pennsylvania) USW Associate General Counsel USW Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Rebecca Sosa (NY; FL) Owner Sosa Law Hadia Hakim (California, Washington DC) Harold Pike (RI and MA) Attorney Cecilia Aranzamendez (Admitted to NYS) Shanda Lewis (North Carolina) S. Kate Fletcher (Arkansas) Associate Counsel Avani Kamdar (Illinois) Supervising Attorney Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc. Arielle Garcia (New York, S.D.N.Y.) Lawyer Jackson Lewis P.C. Jennifer Cieluch (New York, New Jersey) Associate Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Nathaniel Kane (California) Staff Attorney Environmental Law Foundation Christina A. Suarez (New York) Julie Oinonen (Georgia) Managing Partner Williams Oinonen LLC Maret Thatcher Smitg (Oregon) Attorney Hallie Mitnick (New York and New Jersey) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Mackenzie Houck (California) Sarah E. Bellino (MA & NH) Attorney Blatman, Bobrowski, Mead & Talerman, LLC Judith Lipton (Ohio) Professor Case Western Reserve University School of Law Lauren Kavanagh (NJ, VA) Rebecca Branna Hagen (AL, GA) Attorney at Law Mona Solouki (California) Neal Davis (Texas) Mark Kind (Kansas, Missouri) Attorney Mark R. Bittner (New York, New Jersey) Associate Attorney Jennifer Chou (California) Reproductive Justice Attorney ACLU of Northern California Megan gallow (CA, NY, CT) Deputy Public Defender Los Angeles County Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Suchismita Pahi (Texas) Attorney BakerHostetler Margaret Wheeler-Frothingham (New York) Kimberly Baker (California) Jessica Kim (California) Senior Associate General Counsel Tahreem Kalam (Illinois) Attorney Stephanie Rosendorf (Florida) Sarah LeClair (Oregon) Tim LeFebvre, Esq. (New York) LeFebvre Law, PLLC Rachel Brady (Illinois) Public Interest Lawyer Melissa R. Soberalski (Wisconsin) Immigration Attorney Solo Practice Kenneth M. Chang (Washington) Partner Hart Jarvis Chang PLLC Regina Wright (Florida) Emily Brown (Ohio) Attorney Virginia Thompson (Colorado) Immigration Attorney Hernandez & Associates Matthew Solomon (MA) Franco A. Lucchin (OR) Margaret (Maggie) Davis (New York State, District of Columbia) Senior Law & Policy Analyst University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security Kristin Flood (New York) Jacques Schillaci (New York) Kerri McLean (California) Joanna Solozabal (CA) Lauren Dollar (District of Columbia and Maryland) Staff Attorney Georgetown Law Jessica Gingold (DC) Public defender Cindy Kaneshiro (California) Meri Nagapetyan (Ohio) April Pope (Idaho) Jason Knox (California) Associate D'Andre, Peterson, Bobus & Rosenberg Stephanie Turner (New York) Emma Knight (Colorado) Rhia Bornmann (Minnesota) Owner of firm Bornmann Family Law PLLC Self Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Matthew Appenfeller (Rhode Island) Adrienne Deckman (Ohio, 6th Circuit, U.S. Supreme Court) Amanda Roze (California) Attorney at Law Self-employed Jamienne Studley (DC) Xiomara Piccirillo (Florida) Attorney Shanti Hubbard (New York) Partner Chan Hubbard, PLLC Amie Penny Sayler (Minnesota) Stephanie Perron (California and New York) Of Counsel Greenberg Traurig, LLP Havneet Kaur Sethi (New York) International Criminal Defense Attorney Kelly Becker-Smith (NY, VA) Immigration Attorney Jennifer Richards (NV, WA) Mark A. Seif (California) Attorney at Law Yasmeen Hussain (New York) Emily Avant (Georgia) Minerva L Alonso (NY and NJ) Justin A. Houppert (Illinois) Sarah Miller (Tennessee, D.C., Virginia) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Matthew Scutari (DC) Head of Privacy Program Facebook Andrew Pierce (Washington) Jennifer Taggart (California) Partner Demetriou, Del Guercio, Springer & Francis, LLP Geraldine Carr (DC, CA) Andrew Mahler (Georgia, Arizona) Micah Sucherman (Colorado) Associate Attorney Danielle Rowland Lindahl (NY and DC) Cassia Pangas (PA, DC) Assistant Counsel Vicki Werneke (Oklahoma, Ohio) Melanie Dickson (New York) Pamela Clarke (NJ and NY) Mark Schaefer (New York, District of Columbia) Jane E. Hendricks (Florida) Zachary Weintraub (New York) Assistant District Attorney Justin nash (California) Attorney Liz Budnitz (New York) Attorney Kathleen Fritz (IL) Suzanne A. Metzger (NY, NJ, MA) Asst. General Counsel 1199SEIU Benefit & Pension Funds Addisah Sherwood, Esq. (Ohio) Monica Hincken (New York) Associate Diane Walton (North Carolina) Attorney Walton Law Office Edwin Cruz (Florida) Attorney at Law Romy Ganschow (NY) Tanya Cobb, Esq. (California) Kirsten Kinegak-Friday (Alaska) Alicia Truman (Colorado) Jennifer Rhein (Illinois) Michael Huft (Illinois) Megan Grembowski (Washington) Regina Jefferies (Arizona, New Mexico) Clinical Teaching Fellow University of Minnesota Law School Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Samantha R. Evans (Oregon) Southern Oregon Public Defender, Inc. Andrew McNulty (Missouri) Associate Killmer, Lane & Newman, LLP Ellen R. Kordik (Illinois) Law Professor University of Illinois College of Law Jessica Liberman (New York) Eva W. Cole (NY) Maria Trakas (Illinois) Attorney and Counselor at Law Samuel Henderson (Indiana) Attorney Hoosier Environmental Council Amy J. Mayer (NY) Kerry Monroe (Georgia, District of Columbia) Colleen DeGraff (Florida) B.C.S. Elizabeth Brown (District of Columbia) Hye Lim Kim (CA) Michal Rosenn (NY) General Counsel Kickstarter, PBC Laura Carlsen (Washington) Priscila A. Rocha (Ohio) Assistant Legal Counsel Daniel Davidson (dc,ny) Joanna Laine (New York, New Jersey) Staff Attorney Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A Michael Lebow (California) Heidi T. Troxell (Colorado) Attorney Alexander W. Mejias (Virginia, New York) Heather Miewald (Oregon) Keeley Blanchard (Michigan) Trial Attorney Miel & Carr, PLC Erin Elmouji (NY, NJ) Attorney at Law Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Nadiyah J. Humber (Massachusetts) Clinical Fellow Suffolk University Law School Laura Zampieri (Florida) Attorney Morris Charles Zarif (New York; New Jersey) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Stephanie Sharron (California) Sara Feldenkris (New York, District of Columbia) Prescott Loveland (DC) Allan M. Kassirer, Esq. (California) Law Offices of Allan M. Kassirer Nicholas Marrtz (Virginia, California (inactive)) Ann Lindenbaum (New york) Courtney Carter (Minnesota) Michelle Sinnott (Alaska; Virginia) Environmental Attorney Daniel D. Kalk (Minnesota) Assistant County Attorney Stephanie Taylor (Texas) Almudena Bernabeu (Spain) International attorney Jennifer Swayne (New York) Kathryn Clearfield Reilly (NY) Ms. (Esq.) Ximena Flores (New York & New Jersey) Attorney Austin Batalden (Oregon, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Nebraska) Saira Mohamed (California) Assistant Professor of Law UC Berkeley School of Law Eileen Bissen (California) Attorney Joseph A. Brophy (Pennsylvania and New York) Holly Murrell (Ohio) Attorney at Law Barbara Glesner Fines (Missouri) Danielle Prado (Texas) Clela A. Errinqton (New York) Elizabeth Aron (California) Diana Emerich (New York, Connecticut) Victoria (NY & NJ) Free Speech Attny Maureen Loughran (Illinois) Associate Attorney Anita Jain (Colorado) Meghan V. Embry (New York and Massachusetts) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Holly Stirling (CALIFORNIA) Wendy Tien (MN, IL, CA, MD) Laura Bottaro (PA, NJ) Sharon Dolovich (New York, Massachusetts) Professor of Law UCLA liz majerus (wisconsin) staff attorney city government Carol Vizzier (New York) Jennie Liu (California) Attorney Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Ellen Wheeler (Illinois) Regina Rana (VA, NY) Heather Crimmins (New York) Anita Mercedes Ryden (Arizona) Attorney Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Melissa Garcia (Oregon) Attorney at Law Metropolitan Public Defenders Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law James A. Doppke, Jr. (Illinois) Brent Childerhose (Wisconsin) Attorney Elizabeth Compa, Esq. (Georgia, Louisiana) Pamela Rockmore (New York) Bertha Swartz (None) Blaire Fellows (New York) Attorney Self Michelle Addison (Wisconsin & Massachusetts) Mary Kane (Oregon) Attorney Susan Swan (California) Attorney Swan Employment Law Shana Samson (Ohio) Neyha Rajan (California) Erika Yawger (California) Senior Counsel Suzann Ordile (PA, NJ, FL, MA) Attorney Ordile Law and Mediation Christina Finn (California) Christian Kurpiewski (California) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Sara Perkins Jones (Massachusetts) Vincent DeSimone (California) Civil Rights laweyer Marc Harrison (Illinois) Shareholder Greenberg Traurig, LLP Joanna Hershey (OR) Atttorney Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Heidi Adams (California) Neil Mevellec, Esq. (California) Director of Business & Legal Affairs Tara Mulay (California) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Sally Saltzberg (Illinois) Lauren Dana-Evans (MA, MD, DC) Alissa de Vogel (California) Cynthia Redwine Martinez (Texas) Attorney DAWN M. DAVISON (VIRGINIA) Ann Marie Iannone (NJ) Rutgers School of Law Cory McLaughlin (New York) Kellie Blumin Simon (California) Kathryn S. Bloomfield (Louisiana. California) Attorney at Law Self Michelle S. Mehta (California) Attorney Jennifer Merrigan (Missouri, Pennsylvania) Attorney Juliet M. Brodie (California (formerly also MA, MI, WI)) Professor of Law Stanford Law School Jessica E Schellenberger (Kentucky) Associate Attorney Karen Johnson-McKewan (California) Orrick Will Crain (Minnesota) Meredith Olan (CT) Michelle Spencer (Cal and Oregon (inactive in Or)) Attorney Self James E. Wilcox, Jr. (Virginia) Jaimie Cairns (Indiana) Partner Cairns & Rabiola, LLP Michael La Porte (Illinois) Partner Kensie Kim (CA) Gabriel Arkles (New York) Associate Teaching Professor Northeastern University School of Law Megan Alvarez (Illinois, District of Columbia) Associate General Counsel, Privacy Ryann Jorban (California) Esquire Amanda Ziemann (Illinois) Maria Fernandez-Williams (New York) Anna Geismar (Texas) Founder The Comms Shop, LLC Elizabeth Ann (Kentucky) Sunny Paley (California) Paley Law Anne Rios (CA) Zaki Anarwala (Illinois) Attorney S. Nicole Bates (Florida) Kimberly Mason (Oregon, Minnesota) Kara Baysinger (IL and CA) partner Francine Cohen (New York) Michael D. Hoke (Colorado (active), Massachusetts (retired)) Connor Junkin (Louisiana) Attorney David J. Millstein (Pennsylvania) Brittany Muetzel (Florida) Ben Basil (Kentucky) Priddy, Cutler, Naake & Meade Mary Donachy (Colorado) Attorney Amber Shubin (California) Associate Veronique Stravato (New York) Gregory E. Van Houten (New York) Attorney Sabrina F. Blickenstaff (California) Michelle Mirabal (Texas, District of Columbia) Ellen Barry (CA, DC, VA) Matthew Brown (New York) Ariela Gragg, Esq. (Massachusetts) Hannah Little (NC) Michael Granne (NY and PA) John A. Stefani (Illinois) Jessica Johnson (TX) Staff Attorney David B. Cruz (New York) Professor of Law University of Southern California Gould School of Law Stacy Schwartz (Minnesota) First Avenue & 7th St Entry / Boen Law Office Alexandra Collins (IL, DC) Rwan Hardesty (Texas) Jeanetta Brown (Florida) Assistant General Counsel Robert Polsky (New York) Teri H.P. Nguyen (California) Attorney angela a. allen-bell (Louisiana) Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law Eileen Pizzurro (New York and New Jersey) Jane Lyder (North Carolina) Alison Mikkor (New York) Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills UC Irvine School of Law David Pai (California) W. Ann Warner (Michigan) Alicia Edwards (North Carolina) Kate Chaltain, Esq. (New York) Immigration Attorney The Law Office of Kate Chaltain, Esq. Catherine Greene (Kentucky) Amanda J. Davis (West Virginia) Attorney McQueen Davis. PLLC Jesse Evans-Schroeder (Arizona) Attorney at Law MARVIN E. SCHECHTER (NEW YORK) Thais De La Cuba (Florida) Staff Attorney Americans for Immigrant Justic Brian Byun (CA, NY) Amy Osenar (Oregon) Partner Jeff Newberry (Texas) legal clinic supervisor University of Houston Law Center / Texas Innocence Network Lauren Pachman (MD, DC, NJ) Winnie Loh (California) Attorney Julie Hunter (New York) Julie D. Recinos (Florida) K. Reilly (Pennsylvania) Rebecca Garland (Tennessee, Washington) Attorney Holly Trief (California) Melanie B. Jacobs (Massachusetts) Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs Michigan State University College of Law Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort (Texas) Rachel Oliver (Colorado) Jeff Newberry (Texas) legal clinic supervisor University of Houston Law Center / Texas Innocence Network Lindsey Johnson (Illinois) Director, Continuing Legal Education Loyola University Chicago School of Law Todd Russell (New Hampshire) Public Defender Rebecca Olson (California) Partner Miller & Olson LLP Carol Hayes (Washington) Shantanu Singh (Wisconsin and Illinois) Annette Newman (Florida) Attorney Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC Amber Phillips (California) Attorney Patricia Daza-Luu (CA) Attorney Lauren G. Klein, Esq. (NY, MA) Law Office of Lauren G. Klein Felice Torres (NY) Benjamin Smith (New Mexico) Assistant Public Defender Lili Biesemeyer (New York) Marley C. Nelson (Illinois) Right Management Specialist The Ohio State University Rennee Dehesa (California) Attorney Partner - Self Jackie Kline (Pennsylvania) Partner Cambria & Kline PC Abigail Patthoff (West Virginia) Professor Dennis Kim-Prieto (New Jersey) Reference Librarian Rutgers School of Law Julie Chinitz (Washington) Mark Vaughn (Massachusetts) Michael Smith (California) Attorney Nikki Simon (Florida) Bridget Galati (Colorado) Lauren Groetch (New York) Jennifer Kristiansen (Oregon) Associate Amy Jane Agnew (NY; NJ) Principal Law Firm of Amy Jane Agnew, PC Lisa E. Davis (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Aelz Scott Bulua (California) Luisa Beristain (282182) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Luisa Beristain Margaret A. Eason (North Carolina) Esq. Virginia C. Haizlip (District of Columbia, Virginia) Meredith Mazzola (California, New Jersey, New York) Xinyue Angela Lin (Massachusetts) Sean Smith (Florida, DC) Mark Campbell (Pennsylvania) Compliance Legal Anna M. Rathbun (DC, CA) Carl Hessler (California) Sabrina Sameshima (Minnesota) Elena Carter (NY, MO, MI) Partner Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Catherine Singer (California, Kansas, Missouri) Miguel Mexicano Furmanska (California) Directing Attorney Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project , CCLA Megan Carroll (California) Consultant Self Jaime Willis (NY State Bar) David Nahm (Virginia, Massachusetts) luke liss (california) Brecken J. Cutler (Illinois) Brandy Pirtle-Guiney (Oregon, Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Pirtle-Guiney Law LLC Christine Keating (Washington) Deputy Prosecuting Attorney King County Prosecutor's Office Kristin Mosely Jones (Louisiana) Sheryl Hurst (Tennessee) Attorney Hurst Immigration Ellen Griffin (Florida) Daniel Hafetz (New York) Grace Pazdan (Vermont) Staff Attorney George Chikovani (California) Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP Marla Woodarek (New York) Karen Bauer (Wisconsin) Attorney Jacqueline D. Yu (State Bar of California) David Rappaport (New York) Kenia Gomez (Florida) Rosaclaire Baisinger (California, Pennsylvania) Shruti Rana (DC and CA) Molly Zimmermann (NY) Assoc. Director NYS STLC Syracuse University Thomas Miller (Washington) Kathryn Glancy (Michigan) Self Employed Katherine Belzowski (Michigan and Arizona) Attorney Amy S. Koch (DC) Attorney-at-Law Law Offices of Amy S. Koch PLLC Marc Alifanz (NJ, NY, OR) Annie Smith (AR, NJ, WI, DC) Kelly Cox (Florida) Staff Attorney Miami Waterkeeper Ashley Mayes Guice (Texas) Charity R. Clark (Vermont and New York) Assistant Attorney General State of Vermont Beth Gordon (Florida) Melissa Romero (Pennsylvania, Massachusetts) Diana Fu (California) Patent Attorney Paul Brennan (New York) Bruns Brennan & Berry PLLC Erica Miller (California) Staff Attorney McDermott Will & Emery Galen Sherwin (New York) Senior Staff Attorney ACLU Emilia Sicilia (New York) Urban Justice Center Michelle Turner (Connecticut, California) Bridget Burns (California) Clare Kelly (Michigan) Staff Attorney Cosmich Simmons and Brown Maya Golden-Krasner (California) Holly Telerant (CA, OR) Deputy Public Defender Maryam Judar (IL, CA) Executive Director/Community Lawyer Citizen Advocacy Center Nandi F Campbell (Louisiana) Attorney Nicole Perkins (Pennsylvania) Kandra Roberts (Ohio) Barbara Ellen Schnepper (Florida) Julie Isen (California, Illinois) Rachel Bernstein Sheikh (Colorado) Nicole Goodson (Indiana, Michigan) Natasha Perry (Colorado) Attorney Jennifer Burbine (GA Bar) Attorney Mark Burton (Minnesota - inactive status) Managing Director California Capital Partners Amanda Mayer (New York, New Jersey) Mary Beth Short (Washington State Bar) JD, Benefits Payroll Manager Jane Siegfried (NY NJ PA) Attorney Ballard Spahr LLP Shannon Leong (California, New York) Michael Martin, II (Washington, New York, District of Columbia) Directing Attorney, Social Security Advocacy Project Seattle Community Law Center Rebecca Meiers-De Pastino (California) Erin Higgins (MA) Carmen M. Hamper (Ohio) Attorney Laura Diss (Massachusetts) Monica Kane (California) Law Offices of Monica Kane Kelly Stone (Massachusetts) Legal Advisor and Consultant Sarah Kleven Mcgann (California) Cecilia Showalter (DC & Virginia) Meredith Rose (CA) Policy Advocate Public Knowledge Lauren Onkeles-Klein (MD, DC) Practitioner-in-Resdience American University, Washington College of Law Caitlin Stafford (Colorado) Meghan Moran (PA, WV, OH) Larissa Calva Ruiz (California and New York) Hailey Gallant Rice (CT, MA) Jessica Heimler (NY, CA) Amanda Martino (Washington) Evelyn Atkinson (New York) JD, PhD Kim Brown (New York) Daniel Bruzzone (Minnesota) Ashley Adams (Florida) Associate Harry B. Cook (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) Jaime Leggett (New York) Associate Brian P. Hopkins (New York, Connecticut) Lauren Barnes (MA) Partner Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP Danielle Haraburda (Colorado) Attorney at Law DW Haraburda, LLC Heather Decker (Oregon) Attorney at Law Barbara Willett (None) Retired Catherine Harris (Louisiana, Texas) Ariel Stevenson (California) Acting Assistant Professor NYU School of Law Sarah Abelson (California, Colorado, New York) Amy Rose (New York) Deb Steiner (Illinois) AMANDA AMBROSE (New York) ATTORNEY AT LAW Beth Baum (MD, DC) Stew Schmella (Texas) Susannah Rooney (California) Melanie E . Davis (Tennessee) Chloe Wolman (California) Senior Associate Davies Wegner Law Flor Tataje (California) Saren Sudel (MN, IL) Laura Blaser (Kentucky) Niki Zupanic (California) Jessica Travis (Kansas, Missouri, Florida) Attorney Jacqueline (Farinella) Chezar (New York, Illinois, New Jersey) Brian Bailey (Texas) Molly Kingeter (Wisconsin) Krista Lepper (NY) Deputy General Counsel Alec Orenstein (New York, New Mexico) Law Office of the New Mexico Public Defender Lisa Griffith Lake (NY, NJ, GA) Staff Attorney Public Interest Lew Goldfarb (Ohio) Director of Clinical Programs University of Cincinnati College of Law Rita A. Rodin (New York) Alexis Kent (California) Associate Attorney Beyers Costin Simon Joung W. Hwang, Esq. (New York) Professor HUFS Law School Laura Luisi (Illinois) Attorney Rachel M. Terp (California State Bar) Kristin Jackson (Indiana) Jojo C. Liu (California (Active) Retired from NY Bar) Adjunct Professor University of Utah College of Law Timilin Sanders (Virginia, DC) Lizabeth Weis (California) Sonia Shah (Massachusetts) Jazmin Alagha (Arizona) Attorney at Law Alagha Law, Pllc Bridget Schuster (Washington) Attorney Lowell Steiger (California) Attorney Law Office of Lowell Stieger Caroline Heindel (California) Whitney Caldwell (AZ, CO, IN) Attorney Sanny Kataoka (California) Mary Daugherty (Florida) Sarika Gupta (Illinois) Nandini Iyer (CA) Margo A. Bagley (GA) Juliette Niehuss (New York and District of Columbia) Attorney Kristen Tranetzki (OR, NY) Angeli Law Group Roberta Mooney (CO) Attorney Kristin Bruan (New York) Senior Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Susan Taing (New York) Richard Whitehill (MA) Attorney April Pope (Idaho) Kate Satin (New York State) Title IX Coordinator Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Burt Boltuch (CA) Attorney Self Francey Youngberg (PA) Nura Maznavi (California, Illinois) Director, Pro Bono Service Initiative University of Chicago Law SChool Mieke Malmberg (California and Texas) Partner Skiermont Derby LLP Erick T. Haman (New York, New Jersey) Nicholas Van Brunt (California) Rebecca L Stubbs (New York) Senior Associate Anthony Mischel (California) retired state attorney Susan Hartl (Illinois) Satan Sutton (MN, IN, IL) Attorney Federico Cheever (California, Colorado) Professor of Law University of Denver Erin Dempsey (Texas) Senior Counsel Dykema Cox Smith Danielle Kalil-McLane (California, Texas) J.C. Lundberg (Washington) Lieutenant U.S. Navy Anna Pachner (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Associate Attorney Michael J. Leibson (Kentucky) Attorney Self Bridget Fitzpatrick (New York) Karri Lueddeke (NJ, NY) Attorney at law Lueddeke Law Firm Carlen Zhang-D'Souza (MI, OH) Christine Black (PA/NJ) Director of Military and Veteran Services Michael J. Douglas (Massachusetts) Melinda Iwen (Washington) Attorney Molly Dix (North Carolina) Business Owner Erin C. DeCarlo (Georgia) Attorney at Law Anet M. Castro (California, Massachusetts) Associate Wilson Elser Christine Newman (California) Blair Warner (California) Lynn Hartfield (Colorado) Natalie Hardt (Kentucky and Indiana) Alex Corey (New York) Emily Dinsmore (New York) Andrew Ohlert (California) Celeste Johansson (California) Rhonda Medins (New York) Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs Elizabeth Liliedahl-Allen (California) Aaren S. Jackson (Virginia) Owner The Lane Law Firm, PC sara rankin (illinois) Kari Kaplan (Illinois) Emily Cordo (Washington) Barbara Mulvaney (California) War Crimes Prosecutor - Human Rights Attorney Consultant - Retired UN and former US State Department Caroline Ayala (Florida) Attorney State of Florida Joe Sandman (District of Columbia, Maryland) Chris Evans (Texas) Jayshree Mahtani (New York) Jeff Newberry (Texas) legal clinic supervisor University of Houston Law Center / Texas Innocence Network Laura Wallace (Maryland) Attorney Jenn McCaffrey (Kentucky) Aaron Abramowitz (California) Attorney at Law Enright & Ocheltree LLP Charles A. Pascal, Jr. (Pennsylvania) Heather L. Weigler (OR, TX, DC) Lillian Green (Arkansas) Associate Attorney Christina Sambor (California, North Dakota) Kalyani Robbins (CA, NY (both inactive)) Associate Professor of Law FIU College of Law Michael Kittell (Oregon, Washington) Attorney Albright Kittell PC Ari Sommer (Virginia, New York) Attorney Laura C. Sayler (New York) Meredith Weingarden, Esq. (State Bar of Michigan) Candace Coulson (New Mexico) Sara Goodin (Florida) Assistant Public Defender State of Florida Vivek Narayanadas (California) Senior Counsel & Data Protection Officer Tracy Strong (California) Jennifer Y. Peng (New York) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Susan Zurface Daniels (Ohio) Attorney at Law Nicole A. El (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Esquire Krista Campeau (MIchigan) Azadeh Sinai Samimi (California) Joseph Creitz (California) Managing Partner Creitz & Serebin LLP LeRyan Lambert (Georgia) Attorney Mary A. Gilg (California) Alameda County Homeless Action Center Stephanie L. Sweitzer (Illinois and Michigan) Michael J. Chapman (DC (inactive); maryland (inactive)) Reena Sikdar (Illinois) Associate Attorney Mary Dieng (Maryland and D.C.) Christina Bennett (NY, MA) Heather Sutton (CA) JoAnna Gavigan (Maryland) Rhona Shwaid (Minnesota) Amos Friedland (New York, Connecticut) Attorney at Law Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP Afra Afsharipour (New York, California) Professor of Law UC Davis School of Law Dawn Dabagia Wood (Illinois) Joshua Beldner (New York) Attorney Giancarlo Spolidoro (CA) Joanne Moy (New York) James Sonnier (Texas) Counsel Maggie Ziemianek (California) Anjali Kulkarni (California) Elizabeth Han (Texas) Corporate Counsel L. Paul Zahn (California) Attorney at Law Zahn Law Office Benjamin Casper (Minnesota) Director, Center for New Americans University of Minnesota Law School Robert M. Cross (New York) Abbey Richards (DC, VA, OK) Jeni Wright (PA) Erika Rickard (Massachusetts) Christopher B. Stone (California, District of Columbia) Maya Tester (Minnesota) Alison L. Coombs, Esq. (Nevada) Jennifer Chiarelli (California) Brian Page (Louisiana) Attorney at Law Robichaux Law Firm, LLC Jennifer Williams (Delaware, Georgia) Joelle S. (Illinois) Attorney Micki Buschart (Missouri) Ryan Cunningham (California) Ellen Gavan (Illinois) Director Sharon Noel (New Mexico) Attorney Tribal Amy Fehn (Michigan, Ohio) Gabriel Lenhart (CA) Rachel p young, esq (California) Rebecca Whitaker (North Carolina) Jennifer Tobkin (California) Sharon Hing (California) Nicholas T. McIntyre (Illinois) Kimberly Sue Griffiths (Ohio) Megan Williams (NY) Attorney Jess Davis (Georgia) Attorney Davis Adams, LLC Laura Greig (Texas, District of Columbia) Attorney Justin Massey (CA, AK) Mayor Pro Tem, City of Hermosa Beach, CA Miller & Axline Meaghan Murphy (Florida) Attorney Brian M. Larson (Colorado and Illinois) Kathryn young Galla (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Stephanie McCleery (CA, OR, WA) Partner K&L Gates Sara Noll (Illinois) Attorney at law Arielle B. Kristan (Massachusetts and Connecticut) Karen J. Moss (Illinois, Michigan) Jannat Majeed (Washington DC) Yue Heng Loke (New York) Chioma Abara (PA and NJ) Wesley Warren (Ohio) Amy Vigorita (Admitted in Massachusetts and Washington) Diane Price (NC, DC) Rachel Philips (Oregon) Attorney Philips Consulting Group Michael T. Muha (PENNSYLVANIA) Attorney Self Faisal Kutty (Ontario) Associate Professor Valparaiso University Law School Rubaiyat Mahboob (New York) Agency Attorney City of New York Subrata Paul (New York) Attorney Rebekah Bailey (Minnesota and California) Attorney Nichols Kaster PLLP Melissa De Jesus (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society (NYC) Eva M. Byerley (Illinois) Rebecca Siska-Salkin (Colorado) Lauren Nevitt (California) Alexander Lindgren (California) Attorney Lindgren, Lindgren, Oehm & You LLP Aaron Mutnick (Texas, Missouri) Shara Pelz (Florida) university of miami school of law Maurice Goldman (Arizona State Bar) Attorney Goldman & Goldman PC Samuel Charron (Massachusetts) Jonathan Jacobs (New York and New Jersey) Alex Alpert (California) Esquire Aaron Olsen, Esq. (California) Angela Davis (Louisiana) Project Ishmael Peter Rukin (Illinois, New York, California) Rukin Hyland Doria & Tindall LLP Christelette Hoey (FL and NY) Amy Hoven (California, Oregon) Attorney Michelle T. Aaron (Michigan) Attorney Goodman Acker, PC Sarah Ball (California) Attorney Christopher Argyros (Massachusetts) Clifford R. Friedman (Florida) Edw R Gerber (California) Community volunteer Retired Sarah Masarachia (Illinois) Sheila Starkey Hahn (VA, MN) Attorney Law Offices of Sheila Starkey Hahn Terra Perkins (None) WDFW Carolyn Wilson (Nebraska and Alabama) Margaret Coulter (California, District of Columbia) James (Ohio) Cox Pamela Rovello (Illinois) Lawyer Rebecca Labat (California) Partner Capstone Law APC Elizabeth Hendren (Washington) Attorney Valerie Feigen (New York) Kathryn Reilly (Colorado, New York, DC) Partner Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell Bradley Goldman (New York and New Jersey) Kelly Trainer (California and Texas) Gail Ehrlich (California) Karen E. Wabeke (MD) Merlyn (California) Lisa Pierson Weinberger (California) Law Office of Lisa Pierson Weinberger, PC Elizabeth Gopinath (California) Caroline Bruckner (Virginia) Parsa Garrett (Georgia and Maryland) Business Attorney Yvonne Mayer (Illinois, Michigan) Wesley Helmholz (California) Susan Keller-Garcia (Louisiana) Attorney Private Law Firm in New Orleans Annie Dean Zaitzeff (New York) Joseph Pahl (New York) Miye Goishi (California) Emerita Clinical Professor of Law University of California, Hastings College of the Law Rebecca Robertson (Massachusetts and New Hampshire) Mai-Linh Hong (Virginia) Assistant Professor Bucknell University Elizabeth Blass (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Law Clerk First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Sunny Lee (NY STATE) Ellen Pall (New York, New Jersey.) Alexis Peskin (Pennsylvania) Counsel Brooke Cucinella (New York) Tara Kaushik (California) Maria Pavlidis (Florida) Michael S. Hamden (North Carolina State Bar) Attorney and Counselor at Law Anne McCunney (None) Coryn Steinfeld (Illinois) Alexis Berkowitz (New York) Maureen Murphy (WA (active) and OH (inactive)) Attorney Christine Prokopick (Pennsylvania) Mary Wilke (California) Attorney Kellyn Marie Goler (DC, MD) Jody Nunez (California) Senior Assistant Public Defender County of Alameda Renay Grace Rodriguez (CALIFORNIA) Attorney at Law The Law Offices of R. Grace Rodriguez Katherine deGzuman (CA) Attorney Renee Hill (North Carolina and DC) Mackenzie W. Smith (Pennsylvania) Angela Barber (Georgia) Percy Xu (NY) Attorney Axiom Kristy Nardone (Massachusetts) Jennifer Kovar (Missouri, Illinois) Cindy R. Slane (CT and NY) Melanie Proctor (California) Gabrielle McKee (Michigan) Associate Attorney Martha Perez-Pedemonti (New York) Julia Kaye (New York) Katherine Brokaw (Georgia, New York) Ellen Harnick (NY NC) Stephen Blitch (California) Sara Bird (WV) Natalia Lucak (New York and New Jersey) Staff attorney Augusta Wilson (New York, Pennsylvania) Jake Laperruque (DC) Audrey E. Bianco (Colorado Bar) Yusuf Zakir (California) J. Denise Diskin (Washington) Attorney Kate Webster (New York) Amanda Glickman (Virginia) James Knoepp (SC, GA, VA) Alison Hudspeth (New York) Ann Springgate (California) Attorney California Power Law Group Lisa van Velsor (California) Roujin Mozaffarimehr (California) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Erik Jennings (Washington and California) Kathryn E. Miller (Alabama and New York) Attorney and Clinical Teaching Fellow Berkeley Law Alicia Mitchell (Arkansas) Megan McCloskey (Washington and Oregon) Cristen N. Campbell (Oregon) Attorney at Law Jeremy toth (New york) County of erie Gabrielle A. Figueroa (New Jersey, New York, Tennessee) Attorney Katie Loberstein (WA) Michael D'Ambrosio (New York (pending)) Law Graduate The Legal Aid Society Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Amy Messigian (California) Lindsey Yeargin (Georgia) Jonathan Hafetz (NY) Professor of Law Seton Hall Law School Benedict E. Idemundia (California) Lisa Hamer (California and Kansas) Attorney Silvia Menendez (MN, PA, NJ (all inactive)) Lecturer Laura Huggett (DC, GA, TN, PA, DE (limited in house)) Corporate Counsel Jaime Dasque (MA and NY) Samantha Koopersmith (Massachusetts and California) Attorney Jorjana Marx (Washington) Kate R. Woodrow, Esq. (New York) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Carolyn Desai (CA) Regina Giacusa (Florida) Sheila Warren (CA, NY) General Counsel Anna Itenberg (Colorado) Chetan Rao (NJ) Managing Director Sue Wasserkrug (Pennsylvania) Jill Wichlens (Washington, D.C.) Assistant Federal Public Defender, Retired Anne Ross (MA) Associate Sullivan & Worcester LLP Jason Saltoun-Ebn (WI and CA) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Sarah Levin (New York) Public Defender Mike Usry (Florida and DC) Jessica Kitson (New Jersey) Managing Attorney Volunteer Lawyers for Justice Jamie Retmier (California) Associate Attorney Andrew Stoecker, Esq (New York) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Scott Grant (CA and CT) Deputy Public Defender Kanasha S. Herbert (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State of New York) Alita Tulsi (New York) Health Attorney CSSNY Saranicole Duaban (New York) Employment Law Associate Shulman Kessler LLP Kate Demarest (Alaska, Minnesota) Partner Dorsey & Whitney Michael G. Olinik (California, Pennsylvania) Attorney The Law Office of Michael G. Olinik Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Jacqueline Munoz (Illinois) Temenouga Kolarova (New York) A. Jasmin Mitchell (New York) Stephanie Greenwald (California) Massage Therapist Emily Tredeau (Vermont) Attorney Robert Russell (New York and California) Attorney Cassandra Wolfgram (Iowa) Tim Tarr (Colorado Bar Association) Sara Mooney (IL and DC) Jonathan Rosen (Ohio, Illinois, DC) Pokorny & Marks, LLC Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Haven Claytor (California and Minnesota) Attorney at Law Julia Wells (Wisconsin) Sarah Lunn (Washington, Louisiana) Autumn Gonzalez (California) Andrea Martinez (California) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Joanne Moy (New York) Nicole Buell (CA) Olivia Wilson (New York) Sherilyn Pillsbury (California) Amy Farr Robertson (CO; DC; MN) Co-Executive Director Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center David W. Hibbert (Georgia) Attorney Law Offices of David W. Hibbert Erin Toland (Washington) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Kelli Rodriguez Currie (Washington) Attorney at Law Erica Cohen (New York) Booth Andrews (Tennessee) Joanne Moy (New York) Erin Albanese (DC) Joshua E. Kim (California) Litigation Attorney A New Way of Life Re-entry Project Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Ludlow Brown (Georgia) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Jessica Bentley (California, Oregon) Attorney Law Office of Jessica N Bentley Alice Huling (New York) Christopher J. Soverow (New York) Associate Attorney Shana Bachman (Nevada, New York) Deputy Public Defender Clark County Public Defender's Office Clare Dooley (PA, CA) Ingrid Seggerman (Massachusetts) Ariana Fuller (California) Associate Attorney Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Rebecca Leving (PA, NJ) Mary Vargas (MD and CT) Stein &a Vargas, LLP Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Jennifer L. Eppens-Gross (Michigan) Katherine (Colorado) Alexis Michelle Rado (WA) Public Defender, Juvenile Division Rado Law PLLC Susan Shors (California) Attorney at Law Katelyn M. Sypher (Massachusetts, Washington) Attorney Caitlin Hammaker (Oregon) Attorney Daniella Mayer (NY) Senior Counsel Cohen Clair Lans Greifer & Thorpe LLP Kara Dunn (OR & IL (inactive)) Law Librarian Elizabeth Drotning Hartwell, Esq. (NM) Katherine Jones (CA) The Trust for Public Land Mary Gibbons (New Hampshire, New Jersey) Attorney Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Han Pham (New York) General Counsel Civic Dinners Taylor C. Spratt (Illinois) Staff Attorney First Defense Legal Aid Rebecka Hawkins (NY) Executive Director New York Professional Nurses Union Rachel Marshall (Maryland) Elizabeth Krick-Nelson (Wisconsin) Associate Attorney Lutfi Kharuf (California) Attorney Cindy Basso (California) Attorney Kalpana Plomin (IL) Emily R Walsh (Tennessee) Patricia J. Rogers (CO, GA) Partner Elizabeth E. Theran (NY, MA) Stephanie Dicker (Illinois) Christopher W. Bowman (MN) Chair, Appellate & Major Motion Practice Yaeger & Jungbauer Del Wright (New York) Financial Analyst Asaf Orr (California) Transgender Youth Project Staff Attorney National Center for Lesbian Rights Leah Paisner, Esq. (New Jersey) Melissa A. Michaelis (Colorado, Georgia) Executive Director Dawn Amos (Colorado, California) Tabitha Humphries (IL) Kristen Cortez (CA) Sarine Soghom (NY) Emily Melvin (IL) Patrick Blood (CA) Rebecca Hamilton (New York) Assistant Professor of Law American University Washington College of Law Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Maeve Goodbody (Colorado) Public defender Kelly M. Bonnevie (MA) Partner Wilson, Marino & Bonnevie, PC Michael S. Strocko, Esq. (NY, NJ, DC) Staff Attorney Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison Cary Berkeley Kaye (South Carolina, Maryland, and D.C. Bars) Deborah Kovsky-Apap (New York, New Jersey and Michigan) Partner Pepper Hamilton LLP Sarah Matsumoto (Oregon) Attorney Shelly Guest Cermak (Maryland, DC) Partner/Owner Cermak Nakajima McGowan Anthony Rothman (California) Jessica Newman (New York) Emily Benfer (DC, IL, NY) Clinical Professor of Law Loyola University Chicago School of Law Lara Eilhardt (DC, CA) Erin Bryan (Minnesota) Michael Propst (Pennsylvania and North Carolina) Associate Regional Counsel Dept of Housing and Urban Development Kathleen Willette (Maine) Marta Lowe (WA (inactive, DC and IL)) Kelly Clarke (North Carolina) Sarah Siegel (New York) Katherine Wich Sugden (California; New York) Autumn Town (Louisiana) Attorney Amanda Cole (Connecticut) Sydney Tarzwell (NY) Julia Foster (Massachusetts, Florida) Attorney Erika Jost (Michigan) Holly Hanover (California) Attorney at Law Lori Farrington (NY, NJ) Joyce F. Glucksman (GA, FL) Holly Carnes (California) Attorney John M. Chamberlain (California) Sara M. Mendicino (Pennsylvania & New Jersey) Hillary Richard (New York) Christina Taber-Kewene (New York) Emily Schaffer (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State of New York) Rosa Martinez (Ca) Lori Rosenthal (NC) Vigdis Bronder (NY and OR) Syd Whalley (CA) Michael Plank (California) Deidre Michael (NY) J casey simpson (La) Attorney at Law Lisa Valenti-Jordan (California) Stephanie Sprague (Massachusetts) David Miller (California and New York) Deputy City Attorney Stacy W. Thomsen (CALIFORNIA) Marc Bauer (California) Alissa Gazze (Delaware, Pennsylvania) Kate Tylee Herz (Washington) Attorney Davis Wright Tremaine Alyssa Baskam (South Carolina, Georgia) Tanis Kelly (California) Attorney Jonathan seligman (New jersey) Jodi Collova (California) Mercedes Castillo (California) Attorney Debi Ores (California) Attorney & Legislative Advocate Joshua Fershee (New York, District of Columbia) Professor of Law West Virginia University College of Law Jean Han (Maryland) Amy Jones (Texas) Dora Straus (NY) Rachel Byrd (Alabama, Tennessee) Lauren Fouda (New York) Lisa Damiano (IL) Trial Attorney Erin Carlson Nihill (Massachusetts) Lisa Meier (California) Josh Lockman (California) Lecturer USC Law School Lindsay McCaslin (Virginia) David Woolf (California, EOIR) Attorney at Law Judy Nguyen (California) Brenna Rahmlow (MN, NH) Hennepin County Public Defender's Caroline Greene (Virginia, Washington DC) Derek Johnson (MA) Executive Director Global Zero Elie Zenner (Illinois) Clinton M. Bowers (Louisiana) Attorney-at-Law Alison M. Lipsky (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Esquire Defender Association of Philadelphia Rene Casillic (California) Valeria (NY and NJ) Gheorghiu Kelly Cwiertny (California, DC, Iowa, Maryland) Counsel Shuttleworth & Ingersoll Lisalyn R. Jacobs (PA) CEO Just Solutions Justin Chou (CA) Attorney Walkup Law Office Jane Hargrave (None) Claire Corsey (Michigan) Megan Miller (Tennessee) Rebecca Shieh (New York) Pooja Patel (New york) Emily Kelliher (MA) Casey Cahill (Massachusetts) Ari Bessendorf (New York, California, Massachusetts) Political Director Bray-Ali for City Council 2017 John Rudikoff (New York; Massachussetts) CEO Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship Molly Maloney (Washington) Attorney & Principal Indie Business Law, PLLC Francisco Rivera (Florida, California, Puerto Rico) Prof. Emily Bloomenthal (MA, NJ, NY) Annah Kim (California) Kaley Lentini (Connecticut, Massachusetts) Legal Counsel Anne Hurley (MD) Kamla Alexander (Georgia Bar) Deborah Marx (California) Attorney at Law self Sula Kritikos (Pennsylvania) Attorney Dechert, LLP Lisa M. Pryor (Maryland) Attorney Vikram Chandhok (Texas) Samantha Cardenas (IL) Kristin Seltman (Ma) Jennifer Cattier (New York and Connecticut) Daniel Adam Ross (New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland) Ravika Rameshwar (Florida) Will S. Clay (Alabama) Attorney Ivy Finkenstadt (MD, DC, VA) Lauren Amberson (Florida) Assistant Public Defender Andrew Ben (Florida) Sarah Nickel Smith (Washington) Realtor Coldwell Banker Maria Tihin, Esq. (New York) Elizabeth Kavitz (West Virginia, New York) Pamela Pitt (California, Texas) Paul Fleishman (California) Darren Seilback (New York) Alison Downs Spanner (Illinois and Indiana) William Newsom (California) Mary Grace Chua (Illinois) Terry (California) Attorney Elizabeth Hubertz (Missouri and Illinois) Eric Dye (California and Michigan) Attorney Account Executive Sarah Magen (NY, NJ, PA) Attorney Dechert LLP Titi Liu (New York) Director, Int'l Public Interest Initiatives Stanford University Margaret Reeves (Georgia) Angela Lowe (Pa, Wv) Zara Lukens (Oregon) Nathaniel Tobin (Florida) Attorney Laura N. Mercer (Texas) Ida M. Lee (Missouri & Kansas) Lee Law, LLC Nicole Brown (New York, District of Columbia) Emily Bridges (Arkansas) Cindene Pezzell (Pennsylvania) Attorney Alycia Kantor (NY) Monica E. Eppinger (Missouri) Assist. Prof. Saint Louis University Audrey Blood (Texas) Rhode Island School of Design Timothy Fitchett (Oregon) Mr. StaTerra Law Amanda Riddle (California) Partner Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi, Nastari & Riddle LLP Aundrea Holt (Texas and Oklahoma) Attorney Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Kristie C Fingerhut (Illinois) Law Office of Kristie C Fingerhut Nathan Brody (Texas, California) Kathryn Sheely (Louisiana) Sarah Hawkins (Nevada) Deputy Public Defender Clark County Richard J. Fox (Massachusetts, Vermont) September Lau (Iowa) Esther Lim (California) Anne M. Hunter (California) Kayla M. Applegate (Arkansas) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Ronak Maisuria (Illinois) Brian Hoffman (Ohio) Bryce W. Woolley (California) Jeff Zentner (Tennessee, North Carolina) Breanna Van Engelen (Washington State) Associate Attorney Molly C Stacy (IL and WI) Jane Schacter (Inactive member of Massachusetts Bar) Stanford Law School Arlene Burgos (New York) Partner Jeffrey Spann (PA and NJ) Attorney Vintage Law, LLC Buckley Bridges (Arkansas) Cara Starr (Washington) Partner Stein Lotzkar & Starr Paul Kim (California) Staff Attorney Homeless Action Center Philip J Shecter (California) Megan D. McHugh (Texas) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Morgan Yuan (Virginia) Daniel Levy (California) Anilu Chadwick (NY - New York) Attorney Francis Brass (California) Linsey Ruhl (New York and Massachusetts) staff attorney Angela Hall (Indiana, Illinois) Attorney Devorah Signer Hill (Washington and Oregon) Sharon Shimanovsky (California state bar) Jason Tarasek (Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, California) partner/attorney Thompson Tarasek Lee-O'Halloran PLLC Joseph T. DiMaria (MA, NH) Anne Brinckman (Virginia) Beatrice Diehl (Florida) Esquire Christine Golightly (Oregon) Policy Analyst Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Isaac Harrington (Texas State Bar) Managing Owner of Law Office of Isaac Harrington, PLLC Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Adrienne Bossi (Utah and Massachusetts) Patricia Kubal (California) Advisor PTK Associates Laura Gowen (CA) Kristina Campbell (Arizona, California, Virginia) Professor of Law U of the District of Columbia Lin Harmon-Walker (OR) Megan E Gallagher (California) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Patricia Vallerand (Oregon) Allison Friedman (NY &NJ) Kerri Samuel, Esq. (California) Hannah Corinne Smith (Washington) Susanna Kim (California) Attorney Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP Marisa Cianciarulo (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Professor of Law Nicholas P. Silverman (Virginia; District of Columbia) Attorney Keith McCafferty (New York) Bennett Kaspar (CA) Tom Maxim, Esq. (Massachusetts) Criminal Defense Attorney Julie Waterstone (CA and MS) Clinical Professor Southwestern Law School Joshua Shiffrin (DC) Member Bredhoff & Kaiser PLLC Patty Powell (Colorado) Matthew Cron (Colorado) Attorney Sarosh Qaiser (CA) Eric moutz (Colorado) Elisa Yi (New York, New Jersey, Washington DC) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Anna Cushman (North Carolina) Rondi Thorp (WA) Partner Meyer Thorp Law Danielle Baran (Pennsylvania) Esquire Lisa Ehrlich (California) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Heather Katrina Sager (New York) Amy Pettit Gnau (Kansas, Missouri) Randi Weaver (New York; District of Columbia) Attorney Joe Ferrentino (Iowa) Melody E. Akhavan (New York) Erica Goldberg (New York and D.C.) Professor Ohio Northern Law School Jason Abel (MD, DC) Sara Springer (Washington) City Attorney Nejla Calvo, Esq. (Florida) Melissa K. Walker (North Carolina) Dawn (Arizona) Valdivia Leah Farzin (Massachusetts, Alaska) State of Alaska Dena Sonbol (Minnesota) Attorney mary appel (California - retired) Colin Bunnell (Massachusetts) Payal Shah (New York) Evan Woolley (California) Kristin Reis (Texas, Southern District of Texas) Senior Associate Travis T. Murtha (Colorado) IMA, Inc. April Pope (Idaho) Cecely Castillo (Wisconsin) Whitney Kummerow (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Cory S. Crawford (Arkansas) Staff Attorney Stephanie Peter (California) Marcie Brimer (Maryland; Washington, DC) David R. Bohm (MO.) Kristin Seltman (Ma) Deborah Q. Howe (Massachusetts) Of Counsel Stacy Koron (Kansas, Missouri) Susanne Aronowitz (CA) Katie Marcusse (MD/DC) Attorney Scott Dickinson (Washington) Attorney Kathryn Ellis (Tennessee) Carolyn Yamazaki (California and Illinois) Angela J Showalter (New York, District of Columbia, Virginia) JENNY TURPIN, Esq. (New York) Kathy E Wallace (California) Lorri Haden (Texas) Attorney Corinne Henneberg (New York) Brett Dakin (NY) Nicole S Jhonson (California) Kyle C. Webster, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Attorney Kimberly Lutes-Koths (California) Deputy Public Defender Michelle Kennedy (Utah) Katarzyna Ryzewska (California) Josiane Deschamps Abel (Florida) John Whiteman (Missouri) Debra Billard (Florida) Assistant Public Defender State of Florida Julie Connelly (MA) Sandy Milord (New York) Anne Fornecker (New York and Texas) Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP Laura Rodriguez (New York, New Jersey) Tricia Russell (Indiana) Director The Law Firm of Jack Tolliver Marisha Childs (Oregon and Washington) Attorney M. Childs Law Office/self Lauren Routhier (Minnesota) Attorney Sherica R. Bryan (New York, Florida) Rosalie Leung (California) Leslie Slavich (Georgia) Abe Gardner (California) Deputy Public Defender Napa County Public Defender's Office Audrey Schechter (Florida New York) Attorney Francie Nevill (Oregon) Emily Phan (California and Nevada) Craig C. Beles (Washington State) JD, LLM, Fulbright Specialist in Peace & Conflict Resolution The Beles Group, Arbitrator & Mediator Michelle Schwach Miecznikowski (New York State) John deMoulpied (GA) Andrea Crumrine (Minnesota) Attorney Americans for Immigrant Justice Jessica Lee (Illinois, District of Columbia, California) Wiline Justilien (Florida, Maryland, District of Columbia) Dene' Thibeaux (Louisiana) Merri Lopez-Keifer (California) Attorney-at-Law Law Office of Merri Lopez-Keifer JoAnne Tompkins (Washington, Federal District Court) Lizabeth Marshall (Massachusetts) Malu Malhotra (None, yet.) Student, University of Pennsylvania Law School Seth Boso (Georgia) Margaret Hoban (WA) Attorney at Law Jay H. Salamon (Ohio) Principal Attorney Jennifer Grossman (IL) Partner Alexander|Grossman Julie Silva Palmer (MA) Jimmy Verner (Texas) partner Verner Brumley Mueller Parker PC Dione Garlick (California) Associate Attorney Kendall Krajicek, J.D. (Alabama, Nebraska) Law Office of Kendall K. Krajicek Kelly M. Percival (California) S. Nicole Bates (Florida) Sarah Jaffe (New York) Mayowa F. Odusanya, Esq. (Florida) Siobhan Helene Shea (Florida) Past President Florida Association for Women Lawyers (statewide) Siobhan Helene Shea Appellate Practice Anne Dahlgren (California, District of Columbia) Timothy J. Murphy (New York) Andrew Chan (Virginia) Lara Katz (New Mexico) Elena Moreno (None) May Olivia Silverstein (Maryland & Washington, D.C.) Assistant Counsel/National Field Representative National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Parissa E. Florez (California) April Pope (Idaho) Laura Jurcevich (Ohio) Attorney Taylor Flynn (California) Professor of Law Romas Mockaitis (Illinois) Attorney Mockaitis Law Boyd L. Richie (Texas) Judge Sarah Lockwood (Montana) Steven J Cole (NY, DC, Md) Jasmine Hites (Oregon) Elena Agarkova (NY) Linda Friedman Ramirez (Florida) Eileen L. Morrison (Massachusetts) Jonathan Kahn (CA) Professor Mitchell Hamline School of Law Alison Toepp (Virginia) Jennifer Lai-Peterson (CA) Senior Attorney Advancement Project Vanessa Beaver (Illinois) Michael P. Williams, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Carinn Fleming (Illinois) Douglas B. Greenswag (Washington) Attorney-at-Law Theresa A. Androff (Florida, Washington, D.C.) Associate Jacquelyn Merrill (Washington) Melanie Twiggs (New York) Anika Singh Lemar (New York and Connecticut) Clinical Associate Professor of Law Yale Law School Ashlyn Marquez (New York) Lauri Damrell (California) Lauren Rose Keller (California, Nevada) Attorney Self employed Tanya Lundberg (Michigan) Daria Anichkova (New York) Rebecca Henry (ME, NY) Lucille A. Bongiovanni (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Bongiovanni Law/ Self Employed Dione Yvette Trawick (Florida) Lawyer Melissa Ewer (New Mexico) Paige Anne McKee (Kentucky) President Jimmy John's franchisee, Real Estate Entrepreneur Kathleen Garbacz (Michigan) Daniel J Schilling (Louisiana) Nancy Wang (CA, MA) Panagiota Ainalakis (NY and NJ) Robert Goins (Arkansas, Oklahoma) Sara Rezvanpour (California) Attorney Megan Lovett (Pennsylvania) Attorney Meredith Braxton (CT NY) Member Meredith C. Braxton, Esq., LLC Mary Westbrook (California) Amy Gray (NY) Donna A Corrigan (New York) Spencer Lo (New York) Gina Shkoukani (Michigan) Associate Tovah Kopan (New Jersey, New York) Attorney John Owen (Colorado, Illinois) Jessica Kerbel (Florida) Gina Lawrence (New York) Meghan Brown (Norh Carolina) Denise Quinterri (Arizona; Texas) Attorney Zachary Lown (Massachusetts) Attorney Committee for Public Counsel Services Laura G. Zagar (California) Mira Posner (Washington State) Staff Attorney Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy Angela Tamborella (N/A) Melissa Brill (NY, NJ) Attorney Raakhee Kumar (Texas) Attorney Vipul Kumar, esq. (California) Mir Kamran Meyer (California) Attorney at Law Jamie Jefferson (california, oregon) Attorney for State of California-DOJ Jonathan Fung (CA) Staff Attorney Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley Janette Cristen Corral (Arizona) Attorney Zachary Roy Duffly (Oregon) Rebecca Salsbury (Md) Assistant Attorney General Cheryl Buchanan (Arizona, Nevada, Connecticut) Sherica R. Bryan (New York, Florida) Kristina McKibben (California) Attorney Leslie Thorne (Texas and New York) Silas Mayberry (Minnesota) Tiffany Baldwin (Illinois and Missouri) Attorney Compass Immigration Law Ryan Schaller (Oklahoma) Attorney Cameron Coltrain (Utah) Center for Spiritual Living Melissa Renwick (NY Bar) Attorney Patricia A. Breen (Arizona and California) Maria DeHowitt (Colorado, Illinois) Lynne Devine (New Jersey) Scott J. Street (California) Senior Counsel Safarian Choi & Bolstad LLP Mark Schwarz (Utah) Franny Forsman (Nevada) Owner, Franny Forsman PLLC Annemarie Hassett (NY) Lawyer and Research Scholar Lindsay Terris Feldman (California) Emily Graham (California) Managing Attorney Miriah R. Elliott (Utah) General Counsel Chelan Vukas (California) Emily Wacker (Minnesota, Pennsylvania) Dan Schiller (Illinois) Sharvari Dalal-Dheini (MD) Kristin Seltman (Ma) Miwako Dai (New York) Frank Jenne (District of Columbia) Judith L. Ritter (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Professor of Law Delaware Law School Lisa Vickery (New York and DC) Rochelle Keyhan (PA) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Laura E Schwartz (Colorado) Kate Reder Sheikh (California) Kristin Scheel (Texas) Managing Partner Scheel Legal Stephen Berge (California, Washington) Luanne Leeds (Kansas Missouri) Leeds Law, LLC Hamid M. Khan (Colorado) Anna Vikse (New York) Village attorney Village of westbury Kimberly J. Jones (Colorado) Attorney King & Greisen, LLP Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Samuel F. Zets (PA WV) Human Legal Elizabeth Neidig (Illinois) Attorney Melissa Marie Staudinger (Minnesota) Esq. Sarah K. Molina (Missouri, Illinois) Attorney at Law Christine Hopkins (California, Michigan, and Texas) Attorney Kilgore & Kilgore, PLLC Davida Finger (Lousiana) Law Clinic Professor Mehernaz Farsi (California) Ruchi Shah (New York) Stephen R. Scarborough (GA, NY, CA) Attorney at Law Stephen R. Scarborough, P.C. Dena Carreyn (California) Phelicia Kossie-Butler (Colorado) Associate Attorney Kelly Buroker (VA, DC) Shoshana Y Chazan (California) Assistant General Counsel Sodexo, Inc. Jason A. Grant, Esq. (Maryland, Washington, D.C.) Erica Byrd (Georgia) Attorneh Aaron Kearney (New York) Cary Garcia (Florida) Anton Ware (California, New York) Sheila Delshad (California) Rachel Leff-Kich (California) Cheryl L. Junker (New Hampshire, Georgia) Rebecca Sundin (Illinois) Aaron Schwid (District of Columbia) Sarah Reise (Georgia) Michelle Berkovitz (District of Columbia, Pennsylvania) Sandra C. Muñoz (California) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Sandra C. Muñoz Bonnie Varner (Illinois) Attorney at Law Stacy Sanchez (California) Isha Mehmood (New York) Clarissa Bejarano (New York) Immigration Attorney Jennifer Ulbrich (California) Attorney Patricia Roth (Washington DC, Pennsylvania) Kimberly Mosolf (Washington) Attorney Disability Rights Washington Leslie Liang (CA) Julie Marzouk (California) Assistant Clinical Professor of Law Fowler School of Law- Chapman University James Dillon (New York) Associate in Law Columbia Law School David Yosifon (Massachusetts) Associate Professor Santa Clara University School of Law Anne Gordon (CA) Donna Morel (California; New York) Mary Louise Fellows Everett Fraser Professor of Law, Emerita University of Minnesota Andrea Sumits (California) Colene Robinson (California, New York, Colorado) Clinical Professor University of Colorado Law School Sachin Mehta (California) Managing Partner MEHTALEGAL Hobart J. Webster (Pennsylvania) Gina Rozman (Illinois) Chaundra C. Monday (Ohio) Jacqueline Tate-Naghi (California) Margaret E. Garner (Florida, Tennessee) Yvonne Skasko (Texas) Christina Gilligan (NY) Emily Graham (California) Managing Attorney Jason Rosenbaum (California) Danielle Kie Hart (Hawaii) Professor of Law Southwestern Law School Jill Friedman (NJ, PA, NY) Associate Dean for Pro Bono and Public Interest Rutgers Law School Bayoji Akingbola (Texas) Nicole Farrar (California) General Counsel Neat Capital Inc. Melynda Helen Barnhart (New York) Attorney and Adjunct Professor Jamie Raskin (Maryland, Massachusetts, District of Columbia) Professor of Law American University Bilal Zaheer (Illinois) Daniel Ashworth (NYS, Eastern & Southern Districts) The Legal Aid Society, NY NY Nicole Murray (Massachusetts) John Coté (New Jersey) Lauren Sugarman (New York) Emily Leahy (California) Stephanie Kao (Massachusetts, New York) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Robert Katz (Massachusetts) Professor of Law Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Kristina D Dion (IL) Steven J. Knox (Michigan) Associate Attorney Alkafaji & Associates, PLLC Jessica Reed (New York) Peter McEntee (California, Nevada) Attorney Alan Y. Wong (MA, CT, RI) Daniel H. Lewkowicz (New York) Lisa B. Kim (CA) Karen B. Hodges (Texas) Lauren Kurtz (NY, CA) Jessica Anna Cabot (New York) Brad Leiber (NY) Semira Nikou (New York) Melissa Guillaume (NY and NJ) Lenna R. Chambers (WV) Lori B. Day (New York) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Rebecca D. C. Putz (Minnesota) Attorney Raleigh Kalbfleisch (Illinois) Attorney Law Office of Raleigh Kalbfleisch Laura LaVelle (New York and Connecticu) Alma David (California) Attorney at Law Amy Weissman (NY, WA, DC) Program Manager Perry Teicher (New York) Jessica Adler (DC, MD, VA & OH (inactive)) Owner The Law Office of Jessica E. Adler Arnette Steele (Maryland, DC, irginia) Attorney Sameer M. Ashar (California, New York) Clinical Professor of Law UC Irvine School of Law Adam Schmelkin (NY, NJ) Staff Attorney Family Court Public Defender Organization Rosa Cohen-Cruz (New York) Immigration Attorney The Bronx Defenders Edward Holtz (State Bar of Texas) Kristie C. Elliott (Washington State) Monica J. Baumann (California) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Stella Unruh (NY) Associate Skadden Janna Levin, Esq. (New York) Senior Staff Attorney Kristin Seltman (Ma) Tamara Freilich (Pennsylvania) Margaret D. Farrell (Rhode Island) Maxine Goodman (Texas) South Texas College of Law Rachel Winston (New Mexico) Marina Pantchenko (CA) Attorney Metz and Harrison LLP Alisha King-Forsberg (Democrat) Mrs. Homemaker Amie Wexler (Oregon) Associate Director Oregon Justice Resource Center Brett Watson (California) Sharyn E. Dreyer (Colorado, Massachusetts) Manmeet Toor (CA) Pamela Usukumah (Massachusetts) Ann-Kathryn Tria (California) Elizabeth Bannon (CT, MA) Natalie walker (Massachusetts) Esquire Caroline R. Suissa-Edmiston (Washington State Bar #30506) Attorney at Law Katherine Hopkins (Michigan State Bar) David B. Belk (Louisiana) Abril Davila (Texas) Attorney at Law Lauren Cordray (Texas) Azadeh Allayee (California) April Pope (Idaho) Andrea Kramer (Massachusetts, Connecticut (Inactive)) Principal Kramer Law Office LLC MaryBeth Heydt (California) Ruth Greenwood (Illinois and New York) Erin Sindberg Porter (Minnesota) Attorney Betty Ann izenman (Pennsylvania, DC) Former Assistant US Attorney Christina odoms (Oregon) Jennifer Nielsen, Esq. (Ohio) Amanda L. Bruss (California and Colorado) Amanda Montgomery (Texas State Bar) Attorney Helen Kang (California) Professor of Law Erin K. Morris (Oregon) Associate Attorney Gearing, Rackner & McGrath Camila Tapernoux (California) Associate Felicia Petroff (Wisconsin) Darlyn Rodriguez Hayes (New York and Washington) Attorney Microsoft Corporation Aaron Williamson (New York) General Counsel Symphony Software Foundation Jeff Zentner (Tennessee, North Carolina) Karen B. Hodges (Texas) Self Joanna Shippee (California) Veronica Sustic (Wisconsin; Minnesota) Ronald K Perrry (California) Ami Sanghvi (NY) Anne Kathryn Fox (California State Bar) Partner/Attorney Ryan Cordsen (Student Not Yet Admitted) Law Student Student Danielle Mahoney (RI; MA) Megan Barker (California) Attorney Jacquelyn Loyd (California) Attorney DLA Piper LLP Ellis Carter (Arizona, Washington) President Carter Law Group, PC Dorothy (California) Gibbons-White Kim Gerber (Florida and New York) Muriel Williams (Illinois) Attorney Heidi McCormick (New York State) Al Ellis (Texas) Diane Uchimiya (California and District of Columbia) Law Professor Erin Hogan (Massachusetts) Attorney Kathrina Szymborski (New York) Carlos Lopez (New York) Talin Hitik (Illinois) Elaine Miller (MO) Kris A. Gomez (Colorado) General Counsel Colorado Education Association Shaheen Sheik-Sadhal (California) Clare Capaccioli Velasquez (California) Attorney at Law Pamela Sumners (AL) Esq. Colin Barreno (California) Amanda Massimini (California) Assistant Public Defender Sacramento County Lesley Risinger (New Jersey) Gregory Morrison (NV, CA) Erik G. Bradberry (Colorado) Sarah Wertheimer (New York) Emily Balter (New York) Kristin Keranen (New York) Whitney Morgan (New York) Lisbeth A. Freeman (FL, NY, DC) Managing Member Lisbeth Freeman Law PLLC Paul Fitzpatrick (Michigan) Attorney, CEO Kelley A. Chenhalls (WI) Attorney Marcie L Hefler (Illinois) Attorney Hillary Benham-Baker (California) Campins Benham-Baker, LLP Genevieve R. Mills (Ohio) Chief Operating Officer/In-House Counsel Oakland Nursery, Inc. Atasi Uppal (IL, MA) Mahua Dattaray (California) Hunter A. Swain (Colorado, New York) Attorney King & Greisen, LLP Steve O'Donnell (PA; USPTO) Reena Jashnani-Slusarz (Illinois) Deputy General Counsel Amy E. Yates (Illinois) Senior Privacy Strategist PayPal Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Kenneth A. Wexler (Illinois) Wexler Wallace LLP Lois Ann Peel Eisenstein, JD (Arizona, New York, Texas) Mark Quien (PA) Nathaniel Scheckler (Georgia) Susan Taing (New York) Rebecca Kraut (Pennsylvania) Cristina Martin (Illinois) Cherie Song (California) Jennifer LaTosch (Michigan) Attorney Brooke Copass (Colorado) Jonathan Roberts (California) Attorney Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Melanie Proctor (California) D. Marcus (Florida) Braswell, Jr. Sugarman & Susskind, P.A. Betsy Walits (Indiana) Esquire Traci Rollins (Florida) Joseph Hollinger (California) Jennifer Myers (California) Caroline Mala Corbin (New York) Professor of Law University of Miami School of Law Courtney Schaefer (Maryland & Virginia) Skyler Stuckey (Texas) Attorney Kathryn McClure (NJ) Partner Deutsch Atkins, P.C. Lorraine Barrabee (California) Ariel Winger (CA) Abigail Goldy (Washington) Carrie Kei Heim (NY, MA) Michael Suchoparek (Colorado) Managing Law Partner Weselis & Suchoparek, llc Monica Williams Harris, Esq. (Florida) Carrie Valladares (WA) Senior Attorney Microsoft Corporation Ann E. Freedman (CT, D.C., PA) Associate Professor of Law Rutgers Law School Jane Kaplan (California, Federal) Attorney at Lat Anjula Singh (Georgia) Seema Kadaba (CA, NY) Legal Aid Attorney Jennifer Madden (California) Vasu Reddy (Maryland) Sherica R. Bryan (New York, Florida) Ryan Thomas Dunn (California (active), Minnesota (inactive)) Senior Counsel Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC Suzanne Garwood (DC VA (inactive)) Daniel Sharpe (California) Civil rights attorney Elizabeth Wendt (Minnesota) Dione Yvette Trawick (Florida) Lawyer Melissa Trent (New York) Attorney Christina Bost Seaton (NY) Partner Dara Ann Tesoroni (NY, NJ) Attorney at Law Tesoroni & Le Roy Sarah Hill Colwell (North Carolina) Attorney John W. Mahoney (Rhode Island) Michelle Parsons (California) Associate Fish Mansi Shah (CA, IL) Partner Merchant & Gould Maureen Watson (Colorado; wyoming) David King (California) Erin M. Erickson (Montana) Managing Shareholder, Trial Lawyer Christopher S. Pieske (North Dakota) Coreen Kopper (California) Kristin Langwell (Texas) Charity Glass-Cotta (Ohio, Washington) Raoul Schonemann (Texas, California, Georgia, Alabama, D.C.) Clinical professor University of Texas School of Law Lisa Nobles (CA and CO) Melissa Potapova (Texas) David Hricik (Georgia; Texas) Keiko Ichiye (Texas) Senior Director, IP Legal Alicia Butler (TX) Attorney at Law Augusta M. Ridley (Maryland (currently inactive), DC) Karen Abravanel (New York) Paul Rosenthal (New York; New Jersey) Marianna sarkisyan (Massachusetts Florida) Vanessa Rodriguez (Louisiana) Jessica Aronoff (California) Self Kara Moskowitz (New York) Kendra Huard Fershee (NY, DC) Associate Dean for Academic Affairs West Virginia University College of Law Stephanie Lewis (California and New York) Rory M. Herington (Colorado) Legal Counsel Colorado Education Association Natasha Parrett (New York, California) Margaret L. Rocco (New York) Shelah Feiss (Massachusetts) Gretchen Birkheimer (California) Jami Ferrara (California) Attorney Ariel T. Flood (Illinois) Desiree DeSurra (California) Associate Attorney Kristin Kemnitzer (California) Attorney Kemnitzer, Barron & Krieg, LLP Alexa Lawson-Remer (California) Associate Attorney Sullivan & Cromwell Cynthia E. Wellbrock (Colorado) Owner Law Office of Cynthia E Wellbrock, LLC Amanda Powell (Ohio) Kanti Carolyn Ramamurti (California and Washington) Darcy Swinnerton (California) Senior Counsel Mayra Alejandra Gamez (California) Attorney Immigration Center for Women and Children Brandi Brown (California) Mike Heath (California) Melissa Sidor (New York) Len Watkins, Esq. (California State Bar) Sharon Beilinson (New York) Barry D. Roseman (Colorado) Attorney Roseman Law Offices, LLC Amy Sinden (Pennsylvania) James E. Beasley Professor of Law Temple University School of Law Heather Benderson (New York) Dan Pollack (California) Self-employed Michael Kent (Iowa) Lynn Cox (AR) Jaime L. Kyle (Pennsylvania) Associate Attorney Colleen McCormack-Maitland (New York) Staff Attorney New York County Defender Services Ellen Dauber (Illinois) Ami Sanghvi (NY) Dallas Houston (Maryland) Esquire Joy Ganes (CA, NY) Emily Houh (Michigan, Illinois) Professor of Law University of Cincinnati College of Law Nancy Hathaway (Massachusetts) Soraya Gillis (California) Attorney-at-Law Staycie Sena (CA) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena Raha Wala (New York) Genevieve Wallace (WA) Partner Susman Godfrey Ami Sanghvi (NY) Ellen Byers (Kansas) Anat Maytal (New York) Jeremy Roller (Washington State) Partner Yarmuth Wilsdon PLLC Leigh Ferrin (California) Cliff Rechtschaffen (California) Sara Scott (California) Attorney Liisa Nogelo (MA) General Counsel /Operations The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Jennifer Sandoval (Washington) Attorney Rebecca Rosenthal, Esq. (NJ, PA) Melanie Nevin (Massachusetts) Allison Driscoll (Massachusetts) Neil Bhartia (California) Attorney at Law Debra Chopp (MI, NY) Clinical Assistant Professor University of Michigan Law School Lynne Esselstein (California, New York) Anderson Yazdi Hwang Minton + Horn LLP Lisa Badner (NY) Scott Learned (Idaho) Attorney Learned Lawyer PLLC Liz Combs (California) Staff attorney Andrew Morgan (Washington) David Baron (New York & New Jersey) Jennifer Smith (Washington and California) lawyer Kaitlyn Alavi (Oregon) Craig Briskin (DC, NY, MA) Partner Mehri & Skalet, PLLC Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Sharon Briggs (Arizona) Brian Procel (California) Law Firm Partner Miller Barondess Gillian Wilcox (Missouri) Staff Attorney ACLU of Missouri Irena Como (New York) Nancy Margolis (PA, NJ) Attorney Heinze Group Rebecca E. Gulden (The Florida Bar) Faiella & Gulden, P.A. Diane Kay-Hougaboom (Michigan) Caroline Malone (Illinois) Krystyna Wamboldt (Colorado) Attorney Aja Hicks (Oregon, Washington) Cyrus Ghavi (New York) Daniel Wolf (Virginia) Erin Hughes (Wisconsin) Amazon Kevin Scura (Massachusetts) Daniel Garen (Illinois, Washington DC) Christie Cho (Washington) Rebecca Francis (Washington) Counsel Davis Wright Tremaine Kathleen Lockwood (North Carolina) Attorney Quoc To (California) Esq. Martha Beard-Duncan (Texas) Diane Curtis (MA (retired)) R. Elizabeth Rosenthal (Illinois) Supervisory Attorney LAF Lana Choi (New York, California) Sara Gibson (New York) Attorney Joanna Wasik (NY and DC) Associate Attorney Mehri & Skalet, PLLC Elizabeth Barba Pinkava (CA) Uniserv Staff California Teachers Association Tiffany Ray (Oregon) Amanda Johnson (California) Heather J. Canning (CA, NY) Carol Grabscheid (None) Ann Marie Duffy (VA, DC) Sarah Ahmad (NY and CA) Corporate Counsel Alexander Lee (CA) UC Berkeley School of Law Caitlin M Donnelly (PA and NJ) Associate Attorney Jasmine Owens (California) Attorney Stephanie Bryant Holland (DC, PA) Attorney Mehri & Skalet, PLLC Amelia Friedman (Texas, District of Columbia) Michael Dorff (New York, Texas (inactive)) Professor Southwestern Law School Rebecca Heinegg (New York) Attorney at Law Anne Dechter (MD, DC) Kevin J. Kovach (Ohio) Diane Meier (California) Ellisha Blechynden (New York, California) Lauren E. Pedley (CA / NY) Attorney Andrew Williams (New York) Nicole Wiebold (Minnesota) Garrett Kennedy (New York, New Jersey) Sharon Beilinson (New York) Leslie Garner (New York) Holly Wolfe Hinerman (WV State Bar) Stephanie Zinna (Nevada) Michael Ramos-Lynch (Texas) Attorney Self-employed Audrey Kwak (PA) Erin Finsten (District of Columbia and Virginia) Conflicts Attorney sandhya khandavalli (none yet.) Dara Purvis (New YOrk) Assistant Professor Penn State Law Rebecca Birmingham (New York) General Counsel Macro Sea Austin Sutta (California; Nevada) Jessica R Alms (Illinois) Paul Rosenthal (New York; New Jersey) Melissa Roller (Minnesota) Teri Stein (Caifornia) Andrew D. Geraghty (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Susan Moran (Ohio State Bar Assn.; CCDCL) Attorney Self Daniel Carpio (California) David B. Affler (NY) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society (New York City) Erica Shell (Michigan) Caitlin Parton (Massachusetts) Staff attorney Disability Law Center Sharon Beilinson (New York) Alice Huling (New York) Matthew J. Mankey (Minnesota) President Mankey Law Office Daniel Sakaguchi (California, Missouri, Illinois) Jennifer Loda (California) Staff Attorney George Jewell (New York) Shin-Ming Wong (California) Supervising Helpline Attorney National Center for Lesbian Rights Andrea hershman (None) Mrs Chantal Wentworth-Mullin (Michigan, North Carolina) Attorney Angela J. Edman, Esq. (New York, 3rd Appellate Division) Staff Attorney Sarah Gronemeyer (Minnesota, Iowa) Elizabeth Mullins (Arizona) Attorney Christine Wessel (California) Corporate Attorney Unable to provide due to employer policy Michael Huggins (California) Leslie Van Aken (California) Stacy Reynolds (GA) Frank Freeman (Illinois) Gail Ehrlich (California) Matthew Weiner (MD) Attorney Ivo Becica (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Erin Doyle (California) Gregory Engle (Pennsylvania) Munashe Magarira (North Carolina) Cara A. Moore (Connecticut) James P. Denvir (District of Columbia, Florida (inactive)) Partner Kathy Manley (NY) Sarah E. Coleman, Esq. (New York State; SDNY) Stefanie Renaud (Massachusetts) Associate Attorney Jeniene A. Matthews (California & Massachusetts) Mrs. Stephen Galvan (Texas) Jessica Lieberman (Massachusetts (currently inactive)) Matthew Casale (Virginia) Amanda Iler (California) Civil Litigation Attorney Whitney Mulhauser (MD) Kelly Browe Olson (Arkansas, Illinois) Christina Capobianco (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Attorney Fineman Krekstein & Harris Lindsay Runnels (Missouri, Texas) Law professor Courtney Flora (Oregon, Washington) Private practice attorney Lauren Malone (Virginia) Paul Nunez (Florida) Andrea Ruth Bird (Ca) Esq. Bird Law Group, PC Sarah Wariner (Texas) Lindsay Hoffman (Maryland, Florida, New York, District of Columbia) Deb Kennedy (MA) Attorney Marisa Diaz (California) Staff Attorney David Bell (Ohio) Principal Dave Bell Law Billy Joyner (Tennessee) Attorney James James & Joyner Dorothy (California) Gibbons-White Nicholas Cooksley (Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania) Shana Sokolofsky (Minnesota) Alex Berrio Matamoros (Massachusetts) Library Associate Professor CUNY School of Law Sheirin Ghoddoucy (California) Attorney Jane Newby (Idaho) Antone F. Johnson (California) Attorney Joanna Debski (New Jersey) Beth Caldwell (California) Professor Negar Katirai (Arizona, District of Columbia) Assistant Clinical Professor University of Arizona Bo Yang (California) Stacey E. Singleton (NY) Trial Attorney La Wanda Williams (NY) Kathleen O'Neill (New York) Jeff Kirchmeier (New York, Ohio) Professor of Law CUNY School of Law Chanelle Acheson (TN, CO) Kelly Resnick (CA) Attorney Erin Gaines (Texas) Chris Ballintine (Pennsylvania) Katharine Hsiao (California) Sarah M. Rose (Texas) Jennifer Meinig (Virginia & DC) Lory Ivey Alexander (District of Columbia, Maryland) Claudia Reis (NJ) Melissa Birchard (NH and DC) Kathryn freeman (Texas) Lauren Rogoff (New York) Beth Byster Corvino (Illinois) Esquire Daniel Casillas (Washington State) Associate Attorney Darren Silver & Associates, LLP Tracy Pratt (Louisiana, Florida) Attorney Self-employed Constance Beverley, Esq. (New York and California) Ana Vizzo (New York) Partner Alexandra Smith (New Mexico) Arthur Benson (Missouri) Leecia Welch (California, Washington, Illinois) Senior Attorney National Center for Youth Law Jennifer Zayas (California) Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Elizabeth Stura (Illinois) Amy Whelan (California) Senior Staff Attorney National Center for Lesbian Rights Francis Guzman (CA) Staff attorney National Center for Youth Law Emilia P. E. Morris (California) David A. Singer (New York) General Counsel Grind LLC Tiphanie Miller (Delaware) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Preeti Gupta (Ny/nj) Leila Faridi (New York) Employer Outreach Manager Cardozo Law School Tyrone Hanley, Esq. (DC) Policy Counsel National Center for Lesbian Rights Jessica Gaston Mathews (Ohio) Senior Legal Counsel Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Joanne Moy (New York) Claire Dean (New York) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Heather Brown (HI, CA) Deputy Public Defender Jean Zachariasiewicz (New York, DC, Maryland) Jill E Grucan (FLorida) Attorney-At-Law Grucan Immigration Law Pamela Weller (Maryland, D.C.) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Nisha Vora (New York) Lawyer Allison passman (Illinois) Mellonee Kennedy (FL and NC) Lisa Lukaszewski (Missouri and Kansas) Counsel Marissa Sites (Arizona) Jeniene A. Matthews (California & Massachusetts) Mrs. Josephine Pickford Beeman (Idaho) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Emma Rosenberg (New York) Pamela Swidler (New York) Hieu Phan (218216 CA) Sara Payne (Minnesota) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Taylor Steffan (Virginia) Jolene Kramer (California) Attorney Arsalan Ibnalnasir (California) Attorney Tania Ochoa (California) Dominique Williams (Wisconsin) Amy B. Kullar (Massachusetts) Elizabeth Lucente (North Carolina; Georgia; Minnesota) Attorney Nilab Rahyar Tolton (California) Mahsa Aliaskari (VA) Carol Allen (GA) Attorney Self Abby Pringle (CA) Luis Garcia (093627 (Oregon)) Attorney Marandas Sinlapasai PC Rochelle S Hall (CA, DC) Kimberly Culp Cloyd (California) Counsel Jenny Ma (New York) Jon Sherman (NY, DC) Rye Murphy (California) Associate attorney Newdorf Legal Karen L. Morrison (Virginia) Audrey Feldman (New York) ilene guralnick (New York) Gwen Wu (California) Carla Madrigal (California) Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Athul K. Acharya (Oregon) Hailey Suzanne Peterson Blevins (Florida) Bina ellefsen (WA) Edward Opton (California) Nikki Aden (Minnesota) Taetrece Harrison (Louisiana) Attorney at Law Harrison Law Group, LLC Paula Martinez (Texas) Staff Attorney Colectiva Legal del Pueblo Brian C. Weintraub, Esq. (New Jersey, New York) Wendy S. Leavitt (Florida) Amy Melendi Eaton (Texas) Gabie Berliner (Society for Clinical Social Work) Psychotherapist Self Sarah Ingebritsen (California) Amy Halbrook (Kentucky, Illinois) Leslie-Anne Taylor (Massachusetts) Ashley Sorgen (Ohio) Attorney at Law Amy Anthony (MA) Staff Attorney Northeast Justice Center Channing McKindra (California) Steven Skulnik (New York) Lindsey A. Remakel (Minnesota) Cynthia Walden (Connecticut) Matthew Pillischer, Esq. (PA, NJ) Director of Racial Justice & Social Advocacy YWCA-DE Haley Greenberg (California) Lawyer James Herr (Washington) Kristin Olson (CA) Stacia Stokes (Georgia) Katherine Burghardt Kramer (New York and Vermont) Jef Pearlman (CA) Clinical Supervising Attorney and Lecturer in Law Stanford Law SChool Katherine M Kimpel (DC, WI) Judy Sha (California) Kathryn Scully (Georgia) Eugene Strupinsky (NY) Ashley Waddell Tingstad (District of Columbia, Illinois) Department Counsel major U.S. law firm Bridget V. Kane (New York; New Jersey) Melissa Houghtaling (Minnesota) Esquire Kelly McAuley DesJardine (Forida) attorney Andrew Vasicek (MA & CA) Deputy Trial Counsel Rebecca Stith (Washington State; Missouri) Jocelyn Chhabria (California) Julie Holt (Florida, New York) Billie Rounds (Colorado) Guardian Ad Litem Lisa A. Shapira (MA) Attorney Renee Leplattenier (Georgia) Small Business Owner Brian Litmans (Alaska) Senior Staff Attorney Trustees for Alaska Michelle de Blank (California) Legal Aid attorney Ryan S. Bailey (California) Yevgeniya Titova (California) Alexander Stone-Tharp (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Jennifer Kingaard (Texas) Charlie Young (California) Debra A. Lauzon (CA) Attorney at Law Debra A. Lauzon Johanna Bond (DC, MN) Professor of Law Washington and Lee University School of Law Gina M. Gebhart, Esq. (Massachusetts, Illinois) Kristin Kunz (MN) Shannyn Shafer (California) Erin Nguyen (California) Mario Cacciola (New York) Associate Heather Broxterman (Colorado) Shareholder Broxterman Alicks McFarlane PC Christopher Buerger (New York) Ben Frey (IL, MI) Legal Counsel Abigail Horrigan (CA) General Counsel Paige Fogarty (NY, CT) Senior Counsel Lea (IL/NY) Michael Wiseman (Pennsylvania) Attorney Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Gerard Glynn (DC, Maryland, Florida and Arkansas) Chief Legal Officer Community Based Care of Central Florida Francey Youngberg (PA) Kate Sagers (Wisconsin) Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Kay Kyungsun Yu (Pennsylvania) Daliah Lugo (Puerto Rico) Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney anne wynne (texas) partner ikardwynne llp Abigail Seidner (NY) Jolene Forman (California) Kathryn Oehlschlager (California) Jenny Splitter (DC) Hannah K. Simpson (New York State Bar) Lynnette Miner (CA) Daniel (New York) Assistant General Counsel Michelle Collins Zhao (Minnesota) Heather Neu (New York) Heidi Dorn (California) Kevin J. Ankney (Ohio) Public Defender Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Heather Craig (Tennessee) Attorney Lindsay Gold (California) Greer Donley (D.C. And Missouri) Associate Doreen D. Erenea (California) Attorney at Law Jill sodafsky (CT, CA) attorney Christopher Teague (MA, NY) Stephen Pasta (Texas) IkardWynne Caitlin Halpern (New York) Staff Attorney Appellate Advocates Nicole Roth (California) Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Curt D. Campbell Jr. (DC, NY, MD) Christina Salabert, Esq. (New Jersey) Assistant Deputy Public Defender State of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender Omar M Dajani (CA) Professor of Law McGeorge School of Law Valerie Weiner Greenberg (New York) The Greenberg Law Firm Layne Hilton (Louisiana) Linda Hee (PA NJ) Attorney Schubert Gallagher Tyler Mulcahey Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Rachel Lassig Wertheimer (Utah) Attorney Melissa Frydman (CA and IL) Sandra Lieberman (Pennsylvania) Kristen Kussmann (WA) Seamus Kelly (Tennessee) Ana Vohryzek (California) Kyle T. Farrar (Texas) Ikard Wynne LLP Don C. Smith (Kansas) Associate Professor of the Practice of Law University of Denver College of Law Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Jennifer Parda-Aldrich (Washignton) Attorney Sebris Busto James Anagha Bharadwaj (N/A) GWU Law Student Joseph M. Sanow (Minnesota) Adam Thurschwell (New York) Ashley Geisendorfer (Minnesota) Julie L. Hall (California) Shareholder AlvaradoSmith Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Jessica Manivasager (Minnesota) Emily Wilson (Utah) Stephanie Nilva (New York) Executive Director Day One Lauren Bryant (Georgia) Attorney Lauren Schoeffler (Massachusetts) Randah Atassi (Illinois) Assistant Public Defender Office of the Cook County Public Defender Rebecca Sullivan (Washington State) Public defender Sarah Schindler (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Amira Yeiser (New York) Misti Groves (California) Jeanette Stecker (Texas) Catherine North Hounfodji (Arizona) Laurie Malkin (NY, MA) Partner Weinberg Zareh Malkin Price LLP Lauren Goshen (California) Jeanine Becker (CA & DC) Lecturer at Law Stanford Law School Laura Rittall (not a lawyer) Investigator Laura Rittall Investigations Inc. Hanna Thompson (California and Hawaii) Sharon Abaud (California) Hina Ahmad (New York, California) Nicole M. D'Orazio, Esq. (New York) Andrew Scroggins (Illinois) Senior Counsel Carol Morgan (Georgia) Sean Griffin (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) Partner Patricia Cochran (Pa) Attorney Self-employed Keala Chan (New York) Partner Chan Hubbard PLLC Octavio Caro (Illinois) Catholic Legal Services of Miami Eva A Gonzalez (NM) Shannon O'Daniel (Kentucky) Daniel Renehan (New York) Attorney Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Linda M. Beale (New York State Bar Association) Professor Wayne State University Law School Neill W. Clark IV (Pennsylvania) Elaine Niforos (Michigan) Attorney Stephanie Sivinski (Texas) Haynes and Boone LLP Alexander Scherr (Georgia) Sarah Anker (California) Kevin Raica (Illinois) Jennifer Howard (MA, PA) Domestic Violence Institute Shuan Lue (California; Massachusetts) Sandra White (Texas) Zahra Zaidi (New York) VP Assistant General Counsel Noah Williams (Indiana) Public Defender Wajiha Rizvi (Texas) Marisa Aya Gruber (Florida, District of Columbia) Professor of Law University of Colorado Roxanna M. Robertson (Texas, Georgia, Arizona) Attorney Tzung-Lin Fu (California) Attorney Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Laura Kelly (California, New York (inactive)) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Tracey Cowan (California) Counsel Andrea tiglio (Virginia) Chelsea Reynolds (Minnesota) Naomi Greenstone (California) Christine Wessel (California) Corporate Attorney Unable to provide due to employer policy Kate W. Ericsson (Pennsylvania) Associate Attorney M Badenhoop (California) Kimberly Kayiwa (NY) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Christopher Hawthorne (California) Clinical Professor of Law Loyola Law School Kasey Chow (GA) Krupa Parikh (NY, MA, DC) Associate Goodwin Procter LLP Melissa Roller (Minnesota) Richard W. Johnson (Missouri) Matthew Sean Williams (Minnesota) Esq. Lakshmi Ramakrishnan (Texas) Attorney at Law Amber Nesbitt Wood (Illinois) General Counsel Jennifer Richardson (CA) Attorney LA County Public Defender Susan Jost (Oregon) Jennifer Ilana Tintenfass (PA, NJ, LA) Associate Jessica L Frey (New York) Nicole Leonard (N/A - Law student) Law Student University of Texas Law School Emily Witney (Indiana) Randolph D. Greenwald, Esq. (Ohio and California) Managing Member Randolph Greenwald Attorney at Law Jonathan Cioschi (Pennsylvania) Public Defender Robyn Stanton (California and New York) General Partner Brian Murray (California) Robyn Aronson (NY, CA) Jessica Brand (California, DC, Texas) Criminal Defense Attorney Vanessa Colman (Illinois) Christine Evans (Illinois) Legal Director Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation Andrea Amicangelo, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Lara Rios (New York) Amy M. Fowler (Missouri; Kansas) Heather E. Edmands (Indiana) Marion County Public Defender Agency Joanna Harkey (Texas) General Counsel Alex J. Hurder (Tennessee) Clinical Professor of Law Vanderbilt University Law School Kristyna Stavish (Minnesota) Mónica A. Jiménez (Texas) Harlene Katzman (New York) Michael Lee (California) Attorney Hayes Holderness (New York) Benjamin M. Seel (New York) Associate Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP Jennifer Feistritzer (California) Attorney Robert Scott Rewak (Texas, New York) Associate Attorney Ikard Wynne LLP Jennifer Lin (New York) Monica Miller (California, District of Columbia) Senior Counsel Amber Harding (DC) Judith Kramer (District of Columbia) Kimberly Kayiwa (NY) Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Anat Maytal (New York) Monica Lienke (California) Pamela Donison (Arizona) Attorney / Mediator / Peacemaker Donison Law Firm, PLLC Huma Yasin (Oklahoma) J. Andrew Moss (Illinois, California) Maya curtis (MI, MA. IL) Jodi Lumsdaine Chapin (California) General Counsel Eminent, Inc. Lee Fairchild (Florida) Rachel Livingood (West Virginia) staff attorney West Virginia Senior Legal Aid Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Sharon Smith (North Carolina) Lacey Peterson (WA, AK) Staff Attorney Chad Wartick (Minnesota) Attorney Devon Rios (California) Attorney Law Office of Devon Rios Barellano Toby Galloway (Texas) Joshua Dressler (California) Professor of Law Vanessa Starke (Missouri) Attorney Self-Employed Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Jessica Pfeiffer Lange (Michigan) Kathy Roberts (California) Legal Director Kimberly Kayiwa (NY) Jenna Ewing (Illinois) Attorney Tara Allison (Ohio) Attorney at Law Max Friedman (California and New York) Judith Lê (NY) Patricia Jason (Michigan) Zahra R. Mohammed (California) Staff Attorney Benjamin M. Leff (Texas) Professor of Law American University Washington College of Law Carrington Madison Mead (Florida) Robert Liechty (Colorado) Robert M. Liechty PC Nicole Carrillo (California) Attorney Brittany L. Fayette (Washington State) Attorney Christine Glenn (Washington, California) Attorney Amanda Sen (New York, New Jersey) Carolyn Pitt (Georgia) Michael Riskin (California) Fernando Chang-Muy (Pennsylvania, Wsshington,DC) Sarah Goette Landres (New Hampshire) Kari M Klasen (Wisconsin) Rosalind D. Wolf (California) Kimberley Crockett (West Virginia) Attorney Self Employed Brooke L Manfredi (Massachusetts) Beth Tyler (Georgia) Ms Retired Sumy Kim (California) Sarah Korobkin (Virginia, Washington D.C., California) Director, Special Projects Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy UCLA School of Law Eman Ahmed-Fakhry (New York and New Jersey) Mytili Bala (California, Illinois) Appellate Attorney Amelia Alvarez, Esq. (California) Danielle Harris (CA) Chris Kolos (Florida and New Jersey) Attorney Harinder Kapur (California) Isabella Bellera (NY and DC) Andrew Hsieh (California) Mara King (Maine) Andrucki & King Julie Holt (Florida, New York) Michele Smolin (Ohio) General Counsel Jennifer Harrington (North Carolina) Melissa Roller (Minnesota) Heather Burnash (Michigan) Attorney Law Offices of Heather V Burnash, PLLC Colleen James (NY and NJ) Lawyer Barbara Vazquez (Georgia) Attorney Camilla Taylor (IL, NY) Senior Counsel Lambda Legal Jane Kirshbaum (Minnesota) Jennifer Evans (California) Lupe Artiga (Washington State) Attorney Nancy Elkind (Colorado) Of Counsel Amanda Fisher (Pennsylvania) Kathryn Thorner (Florida) Anthony W Matthews (Washington, DC) Allison Kamilos (Oregon) Emily Honsa Hicks (Ohio) Melinda Smith (New York) Juliette Koves (Florida) Senior Attorney Sam Jacobson (Oregon, Iowa) law professor (retired) Kristyn DeFilipp (Massachusetts) Adam Harmon (Massachusetts) Associate Claire Riley (DC) Peter Ulanowicz (Florida) Attorney William M. Julien, P.A. Michael Sadowitz (New York) Attorney Sara Page (Tennessee) Rose Mishaan (California, New York) Attorney at Law Chloe Pedersen (Illinois) Attorney Jenna Ewing (Illinois) Attorney Nichole Buehler (Minnesota) Leslie Fineberg (Illinois) Managing Partner Nottage and Ward, LLP Lisa J. Gary (California) Katie Tinto (CA, NY, DC) Assistant Clinical Professor of Law Corinne Gordon (MA, NH) Vicki Smith (Missouri, Kansas) Ariana Fink (MI) Katherine Van Dyck (Texas, District of Columbia) Jenna Ewing (Illinois) Attorney Rajvi Patel (New York) Hannah Rosenberger (Washington State) Attorney Linda Burrow (California) Shareholder Caldwell Leslie & Proctor Karen Fisher Gutheil (New York) Kamilah Lester (New Jersey) Kelli Chan (Colorado) Claire Rootjes (WAASHINGTON) Lawrence C. Levine (CA) Professor of Law Elwyn F. Schaefer (Colorado) Pres. Elwyn F Schaefer & Assoc., P.C. KAY FITZ-PATRICK (CA) Teena Williams (Washington State and Alaska) Athena Legal Advocates Tovah Pentelovitch (Texas) Attorney at Law Ethan levisohn (DC) Lauren Mitchell (CO, NY) Stephanie Fineman (PA, NJ) Partner Fox Rothschild LLP Andrea M. Goddard (Arizona, California, Washington, and Navajo Nation) Julie Gold (Maryland) Michael Ross (New York/New Jersey) Associate Ropes & Gray Ellen Kassis (Illinois) Kelly Thompson (North Carolina) Ms. Self-employed Tamisa Greening (Georgia) Jennifer L. Wright (Minnesota; California (inactive)) Professor of Law, Attorney at Law University of St. Thomas School of Law Laurel Markus (CO) Attorney Children's Law Center Sarah Mills (NY) Denise J. Lukins (WA, OR) Samantha Berryessa (California) Attorney At Law Alena weiserbs (NY, MA) Mayret De La Torre (Florida) Legal Counsel Amy Conners (Minnesota and New YOrk) Nathalie Le Ngoc (California) Catherine Adams (CA) Katherine Farias (Tennessee) Lisa Mathewson (Pennsylvania) Anne Lynch (Minnesota) Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Stacy Rogers Sharp (Texas) attorney Emilie Walgenbach (New York) Sean Van Demark (Hawaii) Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Victoria Ortiz (New York; Connecticut) Teresa Frisbie (Illinois) Zana Bugaighis (Washington and California) Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Patricia Jason (Michigan) Shelbi D. Day (Florida, California, Oregon) David R. Hobstetter (CA, AK) Brian Leiter (New York (inactive)) Llewellyn Professor of Jurisprudence University of Chicago Law School Bridget Brown (South Carolina; Ohio) Attorney Virginia Bernhagen (Minnesota, Wisconsin) Lena Albibi (NY, DC) Patricia Jason (Michigan) Laura Guy (California) Nalynn Park (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Patricia Jason (Michigan) Janet Fleck Griffith (Virginia, DC Pending) Associate Attorney Shane A. Connor (Texas) Patricia Jason (Michigan) Marianne Allegro (New York) Attorney Legal Aid Society Patricia Jason (Michigan) Tracy Baron (New York) Patricia Jason (Michigan) Michael Starr Hopkins (New York) Catherine A. Gnatek (MN) Lisa Horgan (California) Brigit Greeson Alvarez (California) Ryan Woodford (California) Attorney Bridget D Laurent (Wisconsin) Stephanie Messplay (Washington) Shannyn Shafer (California) Yujin Chun (California) Nicole Simon (Pennsylvania) Lori Russell (NC) Mercedes maldonado (New york) Attorney Koehler & isaacs Amy J. Cooper (California) Amanda L. Kool (Massachusetts) Lecturer on Law Harvard Law School Kathleen Sonnhalter (none) LEED AP BD+C self employed Arden J Olson (Washington, Oregon, California) Joshana McVeigh (California) Leslie Wallin (Illinois) Casey Hultin (California) Stacey Kielbasa (Illinois) Melanie Hirsch (Virginia, DC) Alaina Howard (Georgia) Sarah J. Hink (North Carolina) Attorney at Law Quinten Steenhuis (Massachusetts) Senior Attorney Greater Boston Legal Services (for identification only) Kelly Balamuth (California) Attorney Vanessa C. Adriance (California, Nevada) Anna Moench (Missouri) Criminal Defense Attorney Alina Charniauskaya (New York) Vicki Smith (Missouri, Kansas) Anne L. Card (California) Gilda Mehraban (California Bar) Alison Gaffney (Washington) Attorney Erin Crum (California) Attorney Laura Waters (New York) Laura Ashley Locke (Texas (State Bar License Number 24073075)) Director of Agency Operations Independent Insurance Group, Inc. Elizabeth Snyder (None: Law Student) Joseph Richard Hurt (Mississippi) Professor Florida A&M University College of Law Katrina Rainey (NY) Deanna L. Johnston (California) Rob Reed (California) Attorney Law Office of Robert Reed Tom St John (Wisconsin, US Supreme Court) Of Counsel Friebert, Finerty and St John Jennifer Atzberger (Ohio) Program Director Jennifer Park (New York) Colleen Howard (California) Tyler Norsted (Minnesota) Antonia House (New York, New Jersey) Rebekah Fasel (Missouri) Episcopal Community Services Emma Goodman (New York) Attorney The Legal Aid Society Ashley Jackson (California, Illinois, Massachusetts) Attorney Shana Schoem (Michigan) Patricia Zesut (Texas) Matthew Sean Williams (Minnesota) Esq. Myah Kehoe (Oregon) Attorney at Law Neil Salon (Massachusetts) Matthew Sean Williams (Minnesota) Esq. Michele Bertran (New Jersey) Monica Groat (Virginia, District of Columbia) Kristen Burke (Colorado) Attorney Sarah VanWye (South Carolina) Elizabeth M. Pierce (Minnesota) Partner Pierce Richards Law Office Kristopher P. Espino (Texas) Attorney at Law Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Philip A. Hostak (New York, District of Columbia) Erica Choi (California) Melissa Thompson Millard (Ohio and Kentucky) Attorney Phyllis G. Bossin & Associates Kimberly A. Gonzalez-Sprague (Colorado, Illinois & Texas) Stephanie M. Breslow (New York) Branden Cote (Arizona, Hopi Tribal Court) Senior Arizona Attorney Susan Jenkins (District of Columbia) Philomene Swenson (California) Alan R. Ouellette (California) Megan Dubatowka (New York and New Jersey) Associate Harris, St. Laurent & Chaudhry LLp Tom Bode (Oregon) Julie Schaffer (Washington) Attorney and Educator Helen Reeves (New York) Katherine M. Dru, Esq. (California and Illinois) Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, P.C. Kate Stoia (California) Attorney Stefanie Sparks (New York, Washington DC, Georgia) Naomi Cohen (California) Senior Deputy County Counsel Office of the County Counsel, Los Angeles County Jessica Pfeiffer Lange (Michigan) TARA SHEORAN-KHAIMOV (NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY) Milele Archibald (District of Columbia (retired)) Lindsey Cameron (California) Counsel Nancy Ghertner (Georgia) president Nancy N. Ghertner PC Hema Mehta (PA; NJ) Partner Fineman Krekstein & Harris Elizabeth Cronin (IL, MA) Meenakshi H Rajan (Virginia) Roxanne Mendez Johnson (Indiana, DC) Alice McCarthy (Georgia) Legal Editor Alisa Sparkia Moore (New Mexico but live in California) Attorney and Mediator Self-employed John Buchholz (Minnesota) Marisa Dunagan (Texas) Christina Mills (Minnesota) Andrew G. Kao, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Julie Rattray (Washington) Michael F. Derksen (IL) Attorney Proskauer Rose Sabrina Adler (California) Ericka J.A. Fowler, Esq. (Colorado) Kristin Johnston (New York) Paul Gutman (New York) Elizabeth Gopinath (California) Stephanie Joseph (California, Michigan) Gail T. Smith (Illinois) Project Director Correctional Association of NY Jessica Pfeiffer Lange (Michigan) Nora Barlow (Alaska, California) Share Holder Burr Pease & Kurtz Maricela Amezola (California) Immigration Attorney Erika S. Rivera (California) Immigration attorney Chariese Solorio (California) Lawyer Rebecca Diel (California) Attorney Andrew B. Delaney (Vermont, New York, District of Columbia) Vice President Martin & Associates, PC Jacqueline Beaumont (California) Shareholder Joseph Slater (DC) Eugene N. Balk Professor of Law and Values University of Toledo College of Law Joyce Wong (DE) Kelly Jurs (Pennsylvania) Cynthia Mousseau (NH, MA) Stephen Cody (CA) Daniel E. Gerken (Ohio) Kristyn Gregor (Michigan and Illinois) Alicia Perla (California and Illinois) Julie A. Davies (California) Professor of Law University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law Anthony Todd (Illinois) Associate Reed Smith LLP Erick Ihlenburg (New York) Esq. Betsy Burns (Georgia) Leslie Abbey (New York) Marion Perry (New York) Rocky Cabagnot (North Carolina, Florida (Inactive)) Assistant Professor of Law Charlotte School of Law Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Eric Chan (California) Senior Counsel Hooper, Lundy & Bookman PC Jessica Pfeiffer Lange (Michigan) Lauren Reiff (NY) Justin Pidot (District of Columbia, California (inactive)) Jessica Pfeiffer Lange (Michigan) Sandra L. Gomez (New Mexico) Susan Gary (Oregon) Professor of Law University of Oregon Elliot Podhorzer (New York) Attorney Virginia Hamner (Florida) Whitney M. Kulp (Pennsylvania) Ariel Harman-Holmes (Louisiana) Attorney Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Elizabeth I. Kaufman, Esq (New York) Kelly Dundulis (Missouri) Attorney Margaret Satterthwaite (NY) Professor of Clinical Law NYU School of Law Sofia Balile (NY, NJ) Principal Law Office of Sofia Balile Seongmin Park (New York) Self employed Courtney Weinberger (New York) Elizabeth Spivey (Georgia) Attorney Nancy Lynn Schroeder (California) Attorney Lindsey Teasdale Raleigh (Utah) Jennifer Saperstein (Illinois) Karen Bower (DC, NY, MD) Law Office of Karen Bower Mithuna Sivaraman (California) Cherlyn F. Walden (Washington State, Maryland, District of Columbia) General Cousel Kimberly Glassman (MD, DC) Kimberly Glassman, Esq. LLC Jeffrey Miller (New York) Kayla J. Giese (Minnesota) Attorney Robin Watkins (PA and NJ) Joanna Herrera (Massachusetts) Attorney and Mediator Kathleen Morrison (Pennsylvania) Assistant Public Defender Ashley R. Dobbs (VA and DC) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Carla Fredericks (NY; CO) Melissa Harclerode (New York) Kelsey McGregor (CA) Laboni Rahman (New York) Legislative Counsel New York City Council Megan Veith (Washington) Joseph Pahl (New York) Shelley Cavalieri (Washington) Law Professor Brittany E. Thornton (Illinois) Senior Counsel Aesha Desai Jadavia (PA, NJ) Rebecca White (California) Kelsey McGregor (CA) Shira Goodman (PA, NJ, DC) Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Emily G. Muller, Esq. (New York State) Self employed Druella Parker (Illinois) Nikki Hudman (Texas) Attorney at Law Law Office of Nikki Hudman Beth D. Levi (Arkansas and Massachusetts) Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Christable Lee (California) Attorney Katherine Cristobal (Minnesota) Christine Wessel (California) Corporate Attorney Unable to provide due to employer policy Jerry L. Dasti (New York) Attorney Sloss Eckhouse LawCo Elisa L. Villa (Connecticut and New York) Supervisory Assistant Public Defender CT Division of Public Defender Services Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Wendy Vaughn (Illinois, California, District of Columbia) Clinical Law Professor Nathaniel L. Fintz (New York) Christine Wessel (California) Corporate Attorney Unable to provide due to employer policy Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Christy Holstege (California) Shilpi Agarwal (California) Assistant Federal Public Defender Tricia Nicewicz (MD) Barbara Barton (SC) Barton law Firm Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Nicole Adams-Hess (California) Attorney Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Rachel Croskery-Roberts (Texas) Nicole Huberfeld (NY, NJ) Carrie Wright (New York) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC David S. Kaplan (Massachusetts) John Barcus (Texas) Attorney Hermes Law, P.C. Martha Phelps (Massachusetts, Washington, Minnesota) Counsel Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Stephanie Alexandra de Padua (New York State) Attorney Monica Seth (New York) Deborah Skawinski (Texas) Attorney Stacy W. Thomsen (CALIFORNIA) Jolynn Dellinger (North Carolina) N/A Deborah Gutierrez (California) Thrive law Jennifer Givens (VA, PA, GA) Virginia Allan (New York) Sarah Coleman (Colorado) Trish Bakst (California) Attorney at Law Self employed Jessie Howenstine (Indiana) Law Student Andrew Goldman (Virginia) Hung Nguyen (Florida) Marisha Pareek (California) Lisel Holdenried (CA, DC, NY) Attorney at Law Angela Barber (Georgia) Stefanie Sparks (New York, Washington DC, Georgia) Kimberly Graham (Iowa) Attorney at Law Graham Law Collaborative Dimple Dhabalia (CO / CA) Attorney / Immigration Officer Janel Ostrem (Washington State) Attorney Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Lindsay Hagy (Illinois) BRIANA Jones (Washington) Lisa Hoyes (New York) Rachel Fritzler (New York, Wisconsin) Associate Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Stacey A. Bradbury,Esq (Florida) Managing Attorney Bradbury Law Practice, LLC Stefanie Sparks (New York, Washington DC, Georgia) Caleb Miller (Massachusetts) Isaiah L. Govia (Idaho State Bar) Roxanne Mendez Johnson (Indiana, DC) Leora Moreno (North Carolina) Assistant Public Defender Elizabeth Eubanks (CA) Inland Empire Regional Director Disability Rights Legal Center Karen Frakie (None) Nurse...retired Retired Shannon L.C. Ammon (Virginia, Pennsylvania) David Rabinowe, Esq. (New York) Briana Swift (Oregon) Aishah McCoy (Texas) Attorney-at-law Michaela C. Holcombe (North Carolina) Casey Ellen Donnelly (New York State) Roxanne Mendez Johnson (Indiana, DC) Elizabeth Titus (Colorado, North Dakota) Counsel Hogan Lovells US LLP Amy Risseeuw (North Carolina) Jill Barton (Florida) Professor University of Miami School of Law Michele Bradley (Ohio) Professor University of Cincinnati Armando J. Prats (Kentucky) Professor University of Kentucky Elham Ardestani (California) Judith Hart (NY and MA) Rick Lasher (New York) Associate Attorney Siegel & Coonerty, LLP ellen tessitore (CA) Sarah Brinson (NC) Attorney Self/Owner of Brinson Law Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Susan Miller (New York) Attorney Jonathan Weinberg (DC) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Ingrid Leverett (California) Attorney Pillsbury & Coleman Devin Donohue (California) Managing Partner Shannyn Shafer (California) Collin McCarthy (California) Robyn Martin (Washington) Alexis Chernow (Louisiana and Massachusetts) Attorney Orleans Public Defenders Joan Steinman (Illinois) Katherine Hartigan (Colorado) Attorney Kelly Downes (Massachusetts) Attorney Law office Reid Setzer (Maryland) Margaret Brindle (Maryland) Professor George Washington University and NGO, Light Years IP carolyn silvers (new york) Clare Reilly (California) PAUL P PADIEN (Pennsylvania) Raven Moeslinger (Massachusetts) Catherine Crump (California) Assistant Clinical Professor UC Berkeley, School fo Law Karen M. Minatelli (Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, D.C.) Lisa Karson (New York) Elaine Kimbrell (Louisiana) Attorney-At-Law David S. Yellin (NY, DC) Katherine Kunz (New York and Texas) Kathryn Boling (WA) June Bourrillion (Colorado) Attorney Kristie Lutz (California) Staff Attorney Public Counsel Elyse Grossman (Maryland) Julia Pilkington (Colorado) Caitlin Hicks (Massachusetts) Attorney Bruce Levine (New York) Shana Oliver (Washington) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Melanie Bradley (New York) Michelle Zamora-Trilling (Wisconsin) Eva Furmanska (Massachusetts) The ASP Laura Redman (New York) Director Erin Conroy (California) Yvonne Mayer (Illinois, Michigan) Leila A. D'Aquin (Louisiana) Emily (New York, Texas) Rachel Stone (Texas) Sarah Pryor (Texas) Director, Legal Elizabeth Nevins (NY/DC (inactive)) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Hofstra University's Maurice A. Deane School of Law Natalie Kuba (GA) Lindsay Nako (California) Chelsea Silverman (New York and New Jersey) Tamara L. Loatman-Clark (NY, NJ) Attormey at Law The Clark Law Group, LLC Donna M. Brown (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Associate General Counsel Theodore Skaarup (Pennsylvania) Michelle Thomas (Oregon) Aziz Huq (NY) Professor of Law University of Chicago Law School Lila Bailey (California) Alonit Katzman (CO) Carolyn Barbadoro (California) Melissa Caballero (Illinois) Luz Herrera (California) Sheridan Chilcote, Esq. (Florida, Washington D.C.) Kimberly Joyce (New York) Senior Counsel New York City Law Department Daniel Friedman (California and Wisconsin) Laura Lane-Steele (Maryland pending) Associate Steptoe & Johnson Alejandra Rufatt (California) Brittany P. Tarabour, Esq. (New Jersey) Katherine A. Carver (NC, SC, and WV) Jonathan R. Markman (Virginia) Karen Frakie (None) Nurse...retired Retired Julie Paluch (California and DC) Senior Counsel GeneralCounselWest Cathleen Plasencia (FLORIDA) Attorney Liberty Mutual Insurance Sarah Owings (Georgia) Gregory Pleasants (CA, NC) Karen stilwell (None) Self Sara reisberg (New york) Ji Seon Song (California) Diana Merelman (D.C., VA) Alix Claps (New Jersey, New York) Emilia P. E. Morris (California) Andrew H. Turner (Colorado) Lori Johnson (Minnesota) Attorney Nancy Wanderer (Maine) Legal Writing Professor Emita University of Maine School of Law Joycelyn Jackson (Pennsylvania) Attorney Kathleen Banaszak (New Hampshire) Jessica R Blaemire (IL, DC) Attorney Ingrid Barnes (Texas) Attorney Ligia Markman (Maryland, DC) Karin Y. Coger, Esq. (NJ, NY) Principal Coger Law Firm, LLC Caitlin Bellis (California) Public Counsel Phoebe Geer (New York, New Jersey) Eric Havian (California) Partner Constantine Cannon Maureen Linch (New York, California) Caleb N. Browb (Arizona) Michelle M. Marx (Pennsylvania) Carol Fegan (New York and New Hampshire) Marissa D. Kelley (Florida) Thomas Pop (CA) Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Ken Chestek (Pennsylvania (inactive)) Associate Professor of Law University of Wyoming College of Law Elijah M Keyes (California) Timothy Arcaro (Florida, Pennsylvania) Attorney Lisa Hurlbutt (PA) Jennifer Ide (GA) Chief Legal Officer Rimidi Mallory Sepler-King (CA) Paul Gattone (Arizona) Attorney at Law Law Office of Paul Gattone Maureen Danielle O'Connor (Georgia) Senior Associate Attorney Mabry & McClelland, LLP Maria Pahl, Esq. (Illinois) Legal Director & Staff Attorney TransLife Center, Chicago House & Social Service Agency Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Bonita Girard (Minnesota) Allison Kranz (FL) Attorney Stephanie Ford (CO) Graduate student Liz Dubeck (California) Katherine Bromberg (New York) Chris Bornhorst (New York) Senior Associate Torys LLP Lucy McCarthy (Vermont and New York) Elizabeth McCoy (New York, New Jersey) Cheryl David (NY, DC, PA) Patricia A. Breen (Arizona and California) Denise metzger (Ca) Jennifer Whitlock (Missouri) Attorney Biesenthal & gray, llc Rebecca Sherman (CA, NY) Michelle M. Marx (Pennsylvania) Ana Puszkin (Fl) Sustainability Office City of Delray Beac Beth Hofmeister (New York) Margaret Ryan (Michigan) Tanisha Palvia (North Carolina and New York) Brian Nistler (Virginia) Shawn Benjamin (California) Sasha Shapiro (PA) Assistant General Counsel United Steelworkers Kelli Stiles (Ohio) Liza Jones (Utah) Jennifer A. Guerrero (California) Amy Bimeal (Pennsylvania) Alix Claps (New Jersey, New York) Elizabeth Brundige (CT) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Cornell Law School Christopher Stewart (Texas) Joseph Salama (California) Michael Arleth (Iowa) Attorney Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Catherine Grosso (Virginia, District of Columbia) Associate Professor of law Michigan State University College of Law Julia Rice (California) Attorney Kristen Guilmette (New Hampshire) Matthew Aldana (New York) Stephanie Farrior (Washington DC) Catherine Hanna (TX, CA) Dorothy Bean (Oregon) Attorney State of Oregon Kristin Udvari (OR) Carl J. Circo (Arkansas) Professor of Law University of Arkansas School of Law Ciara Faber (Colorado) City of New Orleans Jodi Phillips (California) Attorney Peter Shelton Law Sherri Zann Rosenthal (North Carolina) Attorney at Law Sarah Wagner (NY) Asha (Awad) Santos (MA) Benjamin M. Wilson (Colorado) Matthew Byers (Massachusetts) Kimberly Kayiwa (NY) Sabre Kaszynski (NY and MA) Hung Nguyen (California) Terrill Wilkins (Illinois) Employment Attorney Lauren Davis (California) Attorney Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Avery Katz (Michigan) Milton Handler Professor of Law Columbia University School of Law Karina B. Lubell (NY, DC) Lawrie E. Demorest (Georgia and Massachusetts) Alexis Schrader (California) Cooper Rekrut (Maryland) Associate Latham & Watkins LLP Massiel SILVA (Georgia) Associate Attorney karin wick (California) Law Offices of Karin H. Wick Ingrid Leverett (California) Attorney Pillsbury & Coleman Isabel Coberly (Colorado) Shireen L. Carter (Iowa) Attorney Paige Scott Reed (Massachusetts) Counsel Daisy Sanchez (California) Sascha Bollag (LA) Staff Attorney Elisabeth Prael (New York) Estelle Davis (New York) Arindam Kar (MO) Maia Falconi-Sachs (New York State) Julia Levy (nee Brumer) (Massachusetts, California) Brittany Tri (Washington) Nancy Lowenthal (California n) Shannyn Shafer (California) Sarah W. Rice (Maryland) Chris Troutman (Georgia) Kathryn Leonard (Washington) Peggy Bird (New Mexico) Spencer Pahlke (California) Attorney Gerald Korngold (New York) Professor New York Law School Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Moana Yost (Hawaii and Oregon) Attorney Lauren Jones (New York) Lynn Clark (Retired OR, MT) Andrea Freiberger (Missouri) Appeals Officer US Citizenship and Immigration Services Catherine West (WA) Attorney Katherine Higgins, Esq (NY) Brett Dobbs (Wisconsin, Illinois) Wallace Tetlow (Alaska) Lois Casaleggi (DC, Maryland) Senior Director of Career Services The University of Chicago Law School Joanna (maryland) Christian Fox (Ga) David Lichtenstein (Colorado) Anthony Resnick (CA and PA) Assistant General Counsel United Steelworkers Rebekah Rollo (New York) Mary Benton (Georgia) Raina Goods (PA and NJ) Jonathan Edwards (South Carolina) General Counsel Erin Snow (Colorado) Democratic Staff Director of Veterans' Economic Opportunity U.S. House of Representatives puja nayee (florida) Colin Yost (Hawaii) Bailey E. Axe (PA, NJ) Archer & Greiner, PC Emily Dawson (Texas) Kira Suyeishi (Colorado) Victoria Mora (Texas) Attorney at Law Mora Ortiz Law Firm Jade Harding (Connecticut) Murray E.Malakoff (Texas) Attorney at Law Jenna Wims Hashway (RI, MA) Professor of Legal Practice Neha Hewitt (Maryland) attorney advisor Elizabeth McIntyre (Massachusetts) Kira Suyeishi (Colorado) Joanne Tinsley (Florida) Esquire American Immigration Advocates, P.A. Florice Pressman (New York, New Jersey) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Nicholas Schanbaum (Texas) Chelsea O'Donnell (New York) Nicole Hartnett (New York) Attorney Erinn Robinson (GA) Executive Director- Senior Legal Counsel Hong-Vy Lewis (Washington) Sofia Ali-Khan (Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts) Attorney Leslie Ragsdale (CA) Kim Romain (Illinois) Melissa J Bernstein (New York, New Jersey) Law Library Director and Professor of Law SJ Quinney College of Law, University of Utah Drew Kostic (New York; Massachusetts) Christopher Roy Poindexter (New York) Regine Theodat (MA) MyaBel Marci R Rubin (California) Denise metzger (Ca) Natalie Kirk (Wisconsin) Jennifer Sung (OR, NY, CA) Partner McKanna Bishop Joffe, LLP Gregg S. Lerman (Florida) Gregg S. Lerman, PA Christine Shank (Oregon) Attorney Esther Albert (Georgia) Margot Metzner (CA) Robert Plagmann (New Jersey, Washington D. C.) Military Officer Julia Busetti (NY) Rina Carmel (California) Matthew Scott Martin (Colorado) Kelly A. Fisher (OR) Jessica Steinberg (California, District of Columbia) Law Professor George Washington University Cassie Boland (Pennsylvania) Denise metzger (Ca) Denise metzger (Ca) Taylor Romero (Texas) Managing Attorney TRR Law, PLLC Denise metzger (Ca) Maricela C. Fernandez (California and New Mexico) Jessica Myers Esq. (NY, CA, AZ) Sean McCurdy (Colorado) Brian Carideo (California) Inayat Ali Hemani (NY and NJ) Deanna Blair (Illinois, Oregon) Founding Member Blair Caravelli Irmen Enright Law, LLC Ethan M. Weisinger (California) Certified Family Law Specialist Walnut Creek Family Law Center, Inc. Alexis Cole (Ohio) Kelly Trimble (California; Colorado) Jill Martin (California) Attorney Law Offices of Jill R Martin Bashir Eustache (California) Hayley Tamburello, Esq. (Maryland) Joanna Medrano (Arizona) Sadie Diaz (New York, California) Sanctuary for Families Debra L. Winter (None) Melanie Starks (Connecticut) Attorney Lisa Mead (California) Stephen Burzio (New York) Eliza Filipowski (NY) Philip Cheney (New York, District of Columbia) Minha Javed (California) Vicki Smith (Missouri, Kansas) J.D. King (Virginia and the District of Columbia) Clinical Professor of Law Washington and Lee University School of Law David Loy (California, New York, Washington (inactive), Illinois (inactive)) Melissa Brown (California) Professor of Lawyering Skills McGeorge School of Law Fiona LeCong-Ly (California) Attorney Jeff Elkin (Maryland) Anastasia Salmon (California) Associate Attorney Hackard Law, A PLC E Michelle Tyde (Georgia) Counsel Kilpatrick Townsend Trisha DiGiore (NY) Shana Roth-Gormley (Maryland) Karl Israelsen (Utah, California) Suzanne Filippi (New York and Massachusetts) Luisa Cardona (Georgia and Maryland) Deputy Director Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs -Welcoming Atlanta Kathleen Morris (New York) Maria-Elena Kolovos (California) Karen Frakie (None) Nurse...retired Retired Nicole Fuentes (California) Attorney and Head of Community Casetext Nicole M. Avila, Esq. (Florida) Karen Frakie (None) Nurse...retired Retired Tim Fischer (Michigan) Shannyn Shafer (California) Jessie Leonard (Massachusetts) Attorney Marc Stenchever (Washington State) Supervising Attorney, SCRAP Division King County Department of Public Defense Tamara A. Walker (Illinois) Owner Walker & Associates Tianna Gibbs (New York, District of Columbia) Bonnie Anderson (None) LinkedIn Hannah Brenner (Oklahoma) Professor Jennifer Adams (Washington) Traci Irvin (California, Maryland, D.C.) Robert Simmelkjaer (New York) Senior Vice President NBC Sports Group Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg (Oregon) Lisa J. Gary (California) Erin J. Holland (California) Policy Officer University of California, Berkeley Elizabeth Darrington (California) Pablo Arredondo (California, New York) Roger S. Cunningham (Pennsylvania) Attorney-at-law Retired Zach Gelber (New York and New Jersey) Ann Sommers (California) Deputy Public Defender County of San Diego Miriam Paul Thacker (NY; CA) Paula Joachin (California) Immigration Lawyer Self Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Audra Prebish (None) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Veronica Walther (Minnesota) Partner Walther Goss Law Sang Hahn (Wisconsin) Attorney Elizabeth Brown (Massachusetts) Law Professor Bentley University Vamsi Vemuru (California) Attorney Hilaire McGriff PC Sayema Hameed (California) Patsy Yung Micale (Texas) Devon S. Sharma (New York) Counsel Rachel Farr (Pennsylvania, Colorado) Michael Klinger (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Allison Derschang (Colorado Bar Association) Brian Miller (Michigan) Shannyn Shafer (California) Xuanning Lu (California) Madeline Cohen (Colorado) Lauren Shryne (NY) Greater Boston Legal Services Mary Lou Johnson (Washington) Retired Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Daniel Balsam (California) Attorney The Law Offices of Daniel Balsam Jason W. Hobbes (Pennsylvania) Scott Dickinson (Washington) Attorney Sheridan Chilcote, Esq. (Florida, Washington D.C.) Lyana Hunter (Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina) Assistant Public Defender State of North Carolina Shashi Hanuman (California) Farah Muscadin (Illinois) Keisha Usher-Martin (New Jersey and the District of Columbia) Attorney Jay Feldstein (Pennsylvania) Attorney Retired David Ellis (D.C., Virginia, California) Jessica Manivasager (Minnesota) Robyn Painter (Georgia) Susan Goren (NYC, DC) Cassandra Capobianco (Florida) Sheridan Chilcote, Esq. (Florida, Washington D.C.) Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Fatema Merchant (DC, Texas) Senior Associate Sheppard Mullin Rebecca Hughes Parker (New York) Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Afton Cissell (Pennsylvania) Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Sheri Rabiner-Gordon, Esq. (New York) Timothy Roskelley (MA) Anderson & Kreiger LLP Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Nakia Thomas (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) In-House Counsel Emily S. Bremer (Virginia, DC) Assistant Professor of Law University of Wyoming College of Law Lory Rosenberg (DC, MA) Self-employed steven schreckinger (massachusetts) Elene Daley (California) Antony L. Sanacory (Georgia) Robin Effron (New York) Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Denise metzger (Ca) Jenneiger Toussaint (Virginia, DC) Mina Makarious (Massachusetts, Rhode Island) Frances Katz (Georgia) Serafina Sands (California) Attorney at Law Law Office of Serafina Sands Natalie M Hill (Illinois) Scott Novakowski (New York) Counsel Robert Sills (Georgia, Pennsylvania) Policy Director and Counsel Georgia House of Representatives Shannyn Shafer (California) Dan R. Larsson (OR) Attorney Larsson Immigration Group, PC James R. Percival (California) Partner Drosman & Percival LLP Rana Ansari (California) Associate Attorney Carrie Allman (Pennsylvania) Homicide Chief Montgomery County PD Jessica harris (Ny) Erin Elizabeth Wietecha (NY) Joseph Pahl (New York) Shawn Fultz (Maryland) Kristine Burck (Wisconsin and California) Ernest (California) Crawford Shauna Smith (CA) Sadie Diaz (New York, California) Sanctuary for Families Jillian B. Bargar (Massachusetts) Rachel Jennings (FL, CO, MT) Christopher J. Eby, Esq. (Colorado) Susan Champion (California) Attorney Stanford Law School Susan Kamlet (California) Shannon Hill (California (active), Illinois (inactive)) Attorney Diane Di Ianni (Tennessee (active) and Massachusetts (retired)) Adjunct Professor of Law Vanderbilt Law School Cheryl Ann Smith (California) Child Welfare Attorney Self Joanna Rauh (CA) Marci Seville (California) Professor of law emerita Golden Gate univ School of LAW (now Retired) Joyce Korn (NY) Attorney The Legal Aid Society Francine Sherman (Massachusetts) Clinical Professor Boston College Law School Vicki Smith (Missouri, Kansas) Daliah Lugo (Puerto Rico) Giacomo James Corrado (New York) Angelica Chazaro (New York) Assistant Professor University of Washington School of Law Richard Ford (California) Professor of Law Stanford University Mary T Cushing (Ohio) Tracey Harrach (Utah) Ann Shalleck (District of Columbia, Pennslyvania (inactive)) Professor of Law and Carrington Shields Scholar American University, Washington College of Law George Hultman (California) Atrorney Jake Haskell (Illinois) Monica C Kretzschmar (N/A) Law Student Karin Sullivan (Colorado) Corporate Counsel Sara Batres (California State Bar) Esquire Monica C. Pedroza (California) doris walkins (washington) Christina Marshall (Massachusetts, Rhode Island) Holly Armitage (Massachusetts) Rachel Bee (DC) Attorney Erma Bonadero (Texas) Daniel Widrew (RI, MA) Isabel Daniels (California) Lisa Henderson (District of Columbia) Nicole L. Mann, Esq. (MA) Kelly Valen (CA) S. Alex Webb (CA) Elaine Fronhofer (Massachusetts and New York) Diane MeDonough Riley (Georgia (emeritus status)) Retired (Georgia Legal Services Program & private practice Maya Brenes (California) Rebecca L. Salawdeh (WI State Bar) Salawdeh Law Office, LLC Thomas Watson (California) Kyle Wood (Washington State) Attorney Maggie Vickerman (Minnesota) Staff Attorney Christopher Minunni (California) Norris Cunningham (Indiana) Renae M. Yoo (Illinois) The Law Offices of Renae M. Yoo, PC Faye Jones (Florida) University of Illinois Colleen Shanahan (PA, NY, DC) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Temple University Beasley School of Law Cheryl Niro (Illinois) Zachary Tan (California) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Neha Sampat (CA) Founder GenLead/BelongLab Michael Wilson (California) Attorney Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Katherine Power (Colorado, Maine) Public Service Attorney Sara Feldenkris (New York, District of Columbia) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Denise metzger (Ca) Tim White (Illinois) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Alex Pacheco (New York; California) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Denise metzger (Ca) Courtney Ellis, Esq. (Virginia) Randi Friedman (MA) Harvard university Timothy E. Young (Texas, Colorado) Partner Ikard Wynne LLP Melissa Masoom (Texas) Attorney Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Michelle Ortiz (Florida) Sonja Beddow (Minnesota) Associate Attorney Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Jonathan Rodriguez (Florida) Suzanne Piluso (California) Sarah Wilbanks (Illinois) Jeanelle Graham (Florida) Karin J. DeDona (WA) Attorney Ann Chernicoff (Massachusetts, District of Columbia) Paul D. Epstein (California) Attorney Joshua W. Stanley (California) Attorney at Law Law Office of Joshua W. Stanley Paige Conner Totaro (Virginia) Arléne Amarante (New York) Elizabeth Burch (Georgia) Professor Alexander Su (California) Darryl C. Wilson, Esq. (IL) Prof. & Assoc. Dean Lyle M. Clark, Jr. (Washington State) Attorney at Law Traci Park (California) Partner Ann Ponichtera DeNardis (Massachusetts) Attorney Bonita Girard (Minnesota) Judith E. Koons (Florida) Law Professor Robin Konrad (Alabama, Maryland, District of Columbia) Attorney Kasonni Scales (California) James Wilson (Ca) Jeremy Moskowitz (MA) Sean Carlesimo (Maryland, DC) Lori Alvino McGill (District of Columbia; New York) Briane Cornish (District of Columbia) Melissa Ballowe (New York) Elizabeth R. Wohl (Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire) Attorney Emily Dahm (California) Grayce Frink (California) Associate Skadden Arps Annie Hairston (None) Mrs. Retired Julie Engels gerber (California) Melissa Miranda (N/A) Entrepreneur in Residence Foundation Capital Alexandra Gliga (Massachusetts) Lorie K. Komlyn (California; Connecticut) J.D. Nisreen Hasib (IL) Deborah Perlman (California) Attorney Perlman Law, Inc. Lindsay N. Wikle (North Carolina) Attorney Hedrick Gardner Amy Righter (California) Attorney Keri Olson (Washington) Jennifer Willcox (CT, NY) Deputy General Counsel Yale New Haven Health System Emily Honsa Hicks (Ohio) Katherine Aldrich (MA) D. Michael Risinger (NJ, NY) John J. Gibbons Professor of Law Seton Hall University School of Law Ryan Newby (Oregon) Danielle Gordon (New york) Bre Kidman (Maine) Alejandro Diaz-Ferguson, Esq. (Maryland) Nicole Bloom (Florida) Carol Izumi (District of Columbia Bar and Virginia State Bar) Clinical Professor of Law James Teich (Illinois) Attorney Matthew Berlin (New York, DC) Attorney James Julio Aburto (California) Billie J. Pierce (California) Jeremy Herrig (Oregon) Senior Research Analyst HK Payroll, Inc. Andrew Spaniol (Texas, Louisiana) Samuel R Young (California) Joshua Erlich (Virginia, District of Columbia) Principal The Erlich Law Office, PLLC Patricia Peterman (Montana) Leslie Maria (District of Columbia, Massachusetts) Nkechi Odu (California) Eileen Sterlock (Oregon) Esquire Ari Ezra Waldman (New York) Associate Professor of Law New York Law School Amanda Daylong (Washington) Lisa Branscomb (none) Florence Wagman Roisman (District of Columbia) William F. Harvey Professor of Law and Chancellor's Professor Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Heidi Anderson (Washington) Betsy Zedek (California) Rachel Graves (New York, Colorado) Emily Graham (California) Managing Attorney Riya Saha Shah (PA) Mozianio Samuel Reliford III (New York) Denise metzger (Ca) Jennifer Rampton (California) Immigration Law Ulysses Hui (CA) General Counsel JDI Display America, Inc. Timothy Work (New York, DC) Patricia Bloom-McDonald (Massachusetts) Attorney at law Mona Badie (California) Attorney Carson Osberg (Maryland) Kristina Marlow (District of Columbia) Senior Director Janay Farmer (New York) Attorny Janay Farmer Law Group Julie C Tolleson (Colorado) State of Colorado Kathleen Clark (District of Columbia) Alegría De La Cruz (California) Brian Canniff (PA) Elena Carter (NY, MO, MI) Partner Sarah Gersten (Massachusetts) Associate Sara Sunderland (CALIFORNIA) Denise Kronstadt (New York) Marissa Ram (New York) Attorney Karen A. Delaney (Texas) Senior Counsel GameStop Whitney Phend (New York) Attorney Jenna Bouchard (Arizona) Attorney Jessica Snyder (Oregon) Public Defender Metropolitan Public Defender Jessica Nguyen (Illinois and Pennsylvania) Joyce David (New York) Attorney at Law Laura Fox (MA) Naveen Pai (California) Gunderson Dettmer Joya Margolin (California) Myself Nishma Doshi (California; New York) Agata Pelka (DC, NC) Michael Robertson (MA) renee zipprich (illinois) attorney John McManus (NY) Attorney at Law Donovan Rinker-Morris (NY, CA) Thomas Tisdale (South Carolina) Lawyer Peggy Jenkins (Hawaii) Michelle P. Gonzalez (New York) Senior Attorney Americans for Immigrant Justice Ashley Atwell (Missouri, Kansas) Shenandoah Roath (Montana) Jennifer Rosen (California) Kathryn Sheehan (Washington State Bar Association) Executive Director Community Building Foundation Zachary St. Martin (CA) Taina Gomez (California State Bar) Ashly Nikkole Davis (New York, Texas) Stephan T. Mashel (NJ) Mashel Law, LLC Meghann Smith (IL) Peter Valenzano (NJ, NY) Esquire Mashel Law Thessica Harris (Florida) Managing Attorney Eric Robbins (Nevada, Colorado, DC) James Macleod (Illinois; Washington, DC.) Jennifer Wiegley (California) Jonathan Fombonne (New York, Texas) Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom Harry Heching (New York) Peter Geckeler (California) Lorber, Greenfield & Politico, LLC Suellyn Scarnecchia (Michigan) Y. Dave Silberman (NY and VT) Patricia Rosman (California) Anders Nelson (California) Attorney Marlena Byrne (California) Deputy City Attorney City and County of San Francisco Diego Cuenca (Colorado and Florida) Associate attorney Lauren Cohen (California) Attorney Clare Diegel (IL) Shawn Gilman (Washington, Washington, D.C., New York) Associate Counsel Providence St. Joseph Health Deborah Pearlstein (California, Washington, D.C.) Sara Mostafavi (Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Self-Employed Robin Lipetzky (California) Contra Costa County Public Defender Contra Costa County, CA Diana McBroom (Michigan) Attorney Self Lia Tisseverasinghe (NY) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) ToribBallif Gibbons (California) Carolyn Rumer (California) Julie Low (Massachusetts) Attorney Law Office of Julie Low PLLC Gregory J. Muller (Michigan) Attorney at Law Caroline Farrell (California) Andrew Leff (California) Spile, Leff & Goor Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Heather Bailey (WV) Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Ariane Sims (New York, California) Lauren Bauser (Illinois) Assistant Appellate Defender Office of the Illinois State Appellate Defender Leah Gershon (New York & California) Deputy Attorney General California Dept of Justice Brandi Chudoba (Illinois and Wisconsin) Elena Carter (NY, MO, MI) Partner Jenny Wang (New York) B. Michael Woltz, Jr. Esq. (DC, Virginia) Erin J Law (New York) isabelle kirshner (New York) Amanda Witt (Georgia) Partner Arin Miller (Florida) Law Professor Garth Davis (Massachusetts) Madeline Kass (WA STATE) Professor Emeritus Christopher Jones (Florida) Aya Kobori (NY) Danila Toscano (California) Associate Polsinelli Jessica Vartanian (Michigan) Attorney Jenny Rodriguez (California) Clinical Law Professor Southwestern Law School Joann Hnat (Massachusetts, Ohio (inactive)) Law Office of Joann M. Hnat Erin Wright Lothson (Illinois) Senior Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property Groupon, Inc. Maria Nunez (New York) Jona Maukonen (OR) Andrea Cunningham (Texas) Attorney Kendra Presswood (Florida) Denise metzger (Ca) Thessica Harris (Florida) Managing Attorney Zorah Braithwaite (California) Denise Metzger (CA) Sarah Sheshunoff (Alaska and California) Douglas E. Duckett (Ohio) Owner & Principal Duckett Law Firm, LLC donna kolis (ohio) Robert Magouirk (Colorado) Jennifer Noelle Henry (California) Rebecca wetterlin (Florida) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Stacy Cowan (MA) CEO/Attorney SLC Advisory Services Haley Jenkins (Illinois) William Callison (Colorado) Megan Baker, Esq. (Florida) Teresa Thomson Walsh (Colorado, Maryland) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Denise J. Bleau (Florida) Attorney Ward Damon Law Firm Andrea Bilbija (Georgia) J.D. Susan Salmon (Arizona, California) Samuel R.W. Price (Massachusetts, California) Chloe Jiang (New York) Jill Casselman (California) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Claire Keane (California) Sarah J. Woo (California) Kimberly B. Samek (California) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Julia Greer (California) Attorney Sarah LaFantano, Esq. (Georgia) Shelby Emerald (California) Attorney Michael Lieberman (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) K. Babe Howell (New York State) Professor Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Josephine Ennis (Washington) Atara Rich-Shea (Massachusetts) Director of Operations Massachusetts Bail Fund Rachel K. Loh (California) Attorney Alice Harman (Oregon) Attorney at Law Attorney Alice LLC Dennis D. Maxwell, Jr. (North Carolina) Nicole S. Blakely (California) Attorney Coast Law Group, LLP Earthen Johnson (PA and NJ) Chelsea Glover (Texas) Matthew Black (New York) Miwako Dai (New York) Noah Patterson (Colorado) Jonathan Katz (Maryland) Myrna A I Stahman (Idaho) Retired Deputy Idaho Attorney General Aleena Sorathia (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Stefanie K. Davis (Maryland, District of Columbia) cathy green (New Hampshire) attorney Green & Utter PA Simran Chatha (Illinois) Ian Macleod (Oregon) Julia Pergola (Maryland) BrittaLisa Gess (Washington) LeAnn G. Bischoff (California & Minnesota) Owner/sole proprietor: Law Office of LeAnn G. Bischoff self Angela P. Harris (California) Boochever and Bird Chair for the Study and Teaching of Freedom and Equality University of California, Davis School of Law Abby Brinkerhoff, Esq. (Utah, New York) Rebecca Masterson (Arizona) Attorney Elaine Ding (California) Attorney Nellie Hestin (Pennsylvania & Massachusetts) Ella Phillips (MN) Yessenia Medrano (Washington) Staff Attorney Kimberly Ambrose (Washington) Senior Lecturer University of Washington School of Law Denise metzger (Ca) Erica S. Olson (California) Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property Amgen Christopher E. Coleman (Tennessee) Staff Attorney Tennessee Justice Center Peter Kovalsky (California) Principal Joy Alegria Haynes (California and Washington, DC) Principal Haynes Novick Immigration Elizabeth B. Stein (New York) Maureen Pettibone Ryan (California) Attorney Nicole R. Vanderlaan Smith (California) Attorney Cheryl Priest Ainsworth (CA, (inactive in FL)) Partner Affeld Grivakes LLP Beth Zweig (New York and Massachusetts) Rachel Gruetzner (Michigan) Attorney Bonnie Anderson (None) LinkedIn Ryann Fogel (Colorado) Attorney Stephen M. Davis (Maryland) Lindsay Sklar (NY and CT) Esq. Caroline Greene (Virginia, Washington DC) Teague paterson (CA, NY) Elizabeth Houdek (Indiana) Appellate Public Defender Marsha V. Kazarosian (MA and NH) Partner Anne Daly (DC MD) Whitney Sevilla (Minnesota) Associate Attorney, family law Cooper Law, LLC Marie Kobler (California) Janis Puracal (Washington; Oregon) Attorney Randah Atassi (Illinois) Assistant Public Defender Office of the Cook County Public Defender Martha Rayner (New York) Clinical Professor of Law Fordham University School of Law Marjor Kaplan (California) Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Staci dresher (California) Partner Christian Elloie (New York) Aida Fitzgerald (Massachusetts) Hanna Kaufman (Illinois) Stefanie Leahy (MA, NY, DC) Nicole Banister (California) Jared Kosoglad (Illinois) Attorney Jared S Kosogad, P.C. Thessica Harris (Florida) Managing Attorney Geoffrey Burkhart (Illinois) Monte Albers de Leon (New York) Principal Albers de Leon LLC Stephanie Pearl (Massachusetts, New York 3D Dept) Pamela Flores (Florida) Attorney Hilary Kelly (New Jersey) Shelly Strunk (Oregon) Meaghan Shaughnessy (Colorado) Sarah Lee (CO and IL) James Milles (Missouri) Professor of Law University at Buffalo School of Law Eric Franklin (California and Washington) Judy Kwan (CA) Attorney Kahlill Palmer (New York, District of Columbia) Julian Ginos (New York) Amy Hanf (CA) Joseph J. Halso (Colorado) Denise metzger (Ca) Denise metzger (Ca) Nisreen Hasib (IL) Gabriel Gershowitz (New York) Amara Andrews (CA) Geetha Adinata (Georgia) Head Immigration Partner A leading, national labor and employment law firm Grace Kurland (New York) Helen Yi (California, New York) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Dana Hadl (California) Counsel Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Tashanna Golden (New York) Attorney at Law Legal Services New York Rachel Nichols (Illinois) Attorney, scientist, and veteran Yanin Senachai (CA) Denise metzger (Ca) Denise metzger (Ca) Jody O'Brien (Tennessee) Alla Brunstein (New York) Suparna Salil (Texas) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Jennifer Wieman Earles (Missouri) Attorney at Law Kwi H Choi (California) Staff Attorney Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles Denise metzger (Ca) Kasia Rutledge (Oregon) Public Defender Metropolitan Public Defenders Sarah Quinn Bond (Colorado) Attorney Paul Jung (CA) Mairead C O'Reilly (Vermont) Poverty Law Fellow Vermont Legal Aid Lydia Slaby (Illinois) Chasmin D. Brooks (Maryland, District of Columbia) Stuart Jasper (California) Cassondra E Joseph (New York) April Lipscomb (Colorado, Georgia) Jessica Shulruff (Florida) Caitlin smith (Tennessee and California) Jason A. Houdek (Indiana) Danielle Lovell Jones (NY) Michele Waldinger (Wisconsin, California) Pam Paluga (Oregon and Washington) Katherine McFarland (Texas) Mariam Siddiqui (Texas) Joe Fiorill (Virginia, Maryland, D.C.) Megan Metcalf (Tennessee) Jennifer Dodge (California) Attorney Self-employed Lauren Garrity (New Mexico) Jennifer Saunders (DC) Veronica M. Surges (Minnesota) Joseph Flores (PA) Sr Counsel Bank Emily Cooper (CO, MA, and NY) Holland & Hart Nicholas Murray (Colorado and California) Kyle Robertson (California) University of California, Santa Cruz Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Chad D. Wilson, Esq. (Tennessee) Jennifer Knutsson (California, Maine, Massachusetts) Associate General Counsel Sybil Rajan (State Bar of Texas) Diana (New york) Courtney E. Schlipp-Fisk (Michigan) Attorney Lubabah Abdullah (MO) Attorney Heidi Maretz (California) Renee Dubie van Beever (CA) Attorney at Law Learning Rights Law Center Eric Dye (California and Michigan) Attorney Account Executive Sarah E. Trombley (NY, MA) Jacqueline Ross (Illinois) Retired Assistant Public Defender Retired from the Cook County, Il. Public Defender's Office Lydia Ansari (Washington) Perkins Coie LLP Andrew Friedman (Illinois) Laura Antonuccio (Arizona) Tricia Bushnell (Missouri, Wisconsin) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Emily Honsa Hicks (Ohio) Lauren Zachry (CA) Associate Nicholas Harper (Minnesota) MELISSA BREGER (New York; Michigan) PROFESSOR Dimple Dhabalia (CO / CA) Attorney / Immigration Officer Charles W. Meibeyer (California) Samantha Bent Weber (Georgia, New York) Health Policy Leadership Fellow Abbey Q. Keister (Texas) Steffani Powell (Kentucky) Tara-Nicholle Nelson (California) Maria Lourdes Daatio Perez (California) Kathleen Tighe Sullivan (New York) Contract Attorney May Low (Massachusetts, New York, Oregon) Jessica Mayo (Missouri) Co director, attorney Migrant and immigrant community action project Stephanie Martinez (Washington) Attorney Jill Paperno, Esq. (New York) Barbara Serbent (Virginia) Artist/educator Elisabeth Hutchinson (Colorado; Wyoming) Jinhee Kim (Hawaii) Sarah Lawrence (California) Senior Attorney Sarah Lawrence &Associates Isabel Daniels (California) Daniel Graves, Esq. (Missouri) Associate Jason P. Bichsel (Ohio, Florida) Anne Gillespie (Massachusetts) Self employed William G. Cosmas, Jr. (Massachusetts) Elizabeth Chen (Michigan, D.C.) Andrew Gibbs, Esquire (Maryland, District of Columbia) Brittney Plesser (Oregon) Attorney Oregon Innocence Project Sarah Onori (Massachusetts) Attorney Chris Stevens, Esq. (Colorado) Attorney Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Suzanne Eriqat Veta (CA) Attorney at Law Susanna DeWese (PA) Michele Keratsis (Massachusetts) Christy White (VA, DC) Eric Dye (California and Michigan) Attorney Account Executive Claudia Hagadus Long (California) James Burton (Illinois) Attorney at Law Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. William E. Joost, Jr. (California) Attorney Self Nicole Martinez (Texas) Attorney Josh Goldberg (Illinois) Partner Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP David Sklansky (California) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Anna Bowers (New York) Self-employeed Nicole Romano-Ferreira (New York) Fran mady (New York) Jill Frankel (Pennsylvania) Allison Phillips Belnap (Utah, Colorado, North Dakota) Assistant Dean Karin Graver (California) Abigail Rosen (New York) Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Victoria Cook (New York) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. Laura Brown (DC, MD, CA) Executive Director First Shift Justice Project Kristin Sterling (Oregon & Washington) Attorney Stoel Rives LLP Wayne A. Hamilton (PA / NJ) Mitchell Fleischmann (Arizona) Professor of Law Aaron Sussman (New York) Attorney Parsa Garrett (Georgia and Maryland) Business Attorney Kate Morris (New York) Smita dazzi (DC and MD) Staff attorney Ashley Harrington, Esq. (CO) Nicole Diaz (CA) Attorney Julia C. Tsai (CA) Emily Reber-Mariniello (Washington) Attorney Georgiana Nikias (California) Associate Attorney Christopher Rogers (New York/Massachusetts) Associate Angela Gomes (NY; MA) Rebecca Noblin (Alaska) Stephanie Davidson (Massachusetts, New York) Clinical Attorney Andrea Siebert, Esq. (New York) Kimberly Ahrens (California) Attorney Jeffrey Travers (VA) Attorney The Miller Firm, LLC Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Melainee Collins (California) Attorney at Law Nathan Vogel (Pennsylvania) Leslie Schmerin (Wisconsin) Gillian Carcia (Massachusetts) Bary Hausrath (Virginia) The Law Office of Bary W Hausrath, PLLC Sally Frank (Iowa, Washington, DC) Professor of Law Drake University Jamie Gullen (Pennsylvania) Benjamin N Brust (New York) Clara Martone Bereston (Maryland) Clara Martone Bereston, PA Marlen Cortez Morris (Illinois) Attorney Heather M. Kolinsky (Florida) Marisa Cabrera (NY & NJ) Supervising Attorney Aparna Sri (Maryland) Attorney Rachel Hirsch (New York and New Jersey) Ashley West (California) Shareholder Carter West PC Katherine M Scott (Active NC and DC. Inactive VA.) Garland Reid (Georgia) Megan Denkers Baca (Future California bar card holder) Law Student Santa Clara Universiry, School of Law Michael Kentoff (MD, DC) Counsel Combs & Taylor Valerie Wattenberg (New York) Emily Dawson (Texas) Wendy Fu (New York) Kristen Santillo (New York and New Jersey) Andrea C. Okun (IL) Natali Marquez-Ponce (Illinois) Associate Attorney Tallulah Knopp (Massachusetts) John C. Trang (California) Diane McNamara (Tennessee) Chad D. Wilson, Esq. (Tennessee) Sarah Leidel (Massachusetts) Immigration attorney Genoveva M. Talbott (California) Founding Partner Talbott + Kim, LLP Anna-Marie Puryear (Massachusetts, Wisconsin) Sheri Lewis (Illinois) Rachel Gorman (NY) Consultant Elizabeth R. Bain (TX, DC, OR, CA) Thomas Burns (Florida and D.C.) Burns, P.A. Claire Ramsey (California) Senior Staff Attorney Ryan Erickson (California) Attorney Joshua Goodnewt (Kentucky State Bar) Joshua Poisrlel (Washington) Ryan Probstfeld (Oregon, Washington) Ann Strauser Palmer (Texas) Erin MacLeod (California) Senior Counsel Katrina Brede (Washington) Attorney Michelle Hudson (California) Neha Shah Nissen (CA) Jared Welsh (Georgia) Jeffrey Selbin (California) Clinical Professor of Law UC Berkeley School of Law Elisabeth O'Neill (Illinois) Eszter Bardi (Georgia) Jee Won Suh (California) Stefanie Coyle (New York) Kim Shropshire (Colorado) Linda S. Walker (None) Janice Rael (none) Joanna Panzera (New York) Holly Schroetlin (Illinois) Nina Rose (DC; NY) Shana Velex (Colorado) Attorney at Law Jennifer Gundlach (New York) Clinical Professor of Law Hofstra Law School Sara reisberg (New york) Kyle McEntee (North Carolina) Executive Director Law School Transparency Avi Rosenblit (California; New York) Attorney Eric Pierson (California, New York) M. Jason Hale (Tennessee, New York) Julia Mudd (Kentucky) Attorney Louisville Metro Public Defender Melinda Campbell (New York) Partner Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer LLP Samantha Hoagland (New York) Derek Milosavljevic (California, Texas) Becky Wolozin (Virginia) Attorney Lisa Polsnsky (Colorado and California) Attorney at Law Self Catherine Waltrip-Lesch (Texas and California (inactive)) Nathan J. Fetty (West Virginia) Jeff Salinger (New York, Massachusetts) Aytül Girgin (New York) Jill Folsom (Texas) Attorney Quinn Emanuel Urquhart &Sullivan Michael Anderson (California) Appellate Attorney David Russcol (MA, NY, DC) Monique B. DuPont (Colorado and Wyoming) Nefertiti Alexander (New York) Timothy M Flaherty (California) Managing Partner San Francisco Office Morris Polich & Purdy LLP Janyll Canals (New York) Staff Attorney Alyssa Koo (California) Peter Klausner (CA) Attorney Ashlee Highland (Illinois) Supervising Attorney Robyn Powell (Massachusetts) Andrea Cunningham (Texas) Attorney Patricia Jason (Michigan) Kate E Collins (California) Beth Markowski (None) Regus Mangement Group Sarah K. Withers (New York) Miki tal (Ca) Attorney, Tal Law Patrick K. McDonald (Wisconsin) Attorney McDonald LawOffice Nancy S. Morris (Wisconsin) Attorney Megan Metcalf (Tennessee) Zachary Herz (New York) Alexandra Drimal (New York, New Jersey) Staff Attorney Brooklyn Legal Services Alena weiserbs (NY, MA) Lisa Weiss (New York) Charles DeVore (Illinois) Attorney Avani P. Bhatt (New York) Senior Attorney Danielle Harris (CA) Glenda L. Pittman (Texas) Attorney Glenda Pittman & Associates, P.C. Rachel Rouby Yurek (Arkansas) Kelly Herbert (New York) Tobey Goldfarb (California) Angela Wilson (GA) Counsel GSK Teri Rogers Kemp (WA) Attorney Karen Sacks (NY) Beth Zilberman (MA) Tiffany N. Shockley (Texas) Associate Attorney Lynn Lugo (NJ and FL) Terri Nilliasca (NY) Leah Iknayan (Colorado) Daniel P. O'Brien, Ph.D, JD (North Carolina) Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law Stephanie A. Anderson (Maryland) Jennifer Russano Koltse (Illinois) Partner Chapman & Cutler Robin Springer (Oregon) Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law William Forni (New York) Joy Ziegeweid (New York) Staff Attorney Sanctuary for Families Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law David Michael Rodstein (WA: 49491 & AZ: 028611) Eric Pierson (California, New York) Susan Wilder (PA, NJ, DC) Independent General Counsel Erin Stone Dimry (California) DLA Piper Bridgid Napier (Florida) Staff Attorney Emily Schmit (California) Sumiyia Jafri (CA) Paula D. O'Gilvie (MASSACHUSETTS) Attorney Self employed Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law Gabrielle Kohlmeier (DC, NY) Sarah Baum (Illinois) Attorney Judah Ariel (District of Columbia) Sara E. Rothman (Virginia) Donna H. Lee (NY) Professor of Law CUNY School of Law Nadia Shash (DC and GA) Tasneem Dohadwala (California) Terry Eaton (District of Columbia; Maryland) Attorney The Eaton Law Firm Catherine Garcia Patterson (Virginia State Bar, District of Columbia Bar) Kathleen M. Angustia (Massachusetts) Angelica Torres (California) Staff Attorney Homeless Action Center John Squier Pelletier, Esq. (Colorado) Melissa Arnold (South Carolina & California) Staff Attorney South Carolina Department of Corrections Lauren Barnhart (Oregon) Associate Attorney Landerholm Law,LLC Emma Goodman (NY) Attorney The Legal Aid Society Olga Semenova (Michigan) Laurie Tompkins , Esq. (Pa and NJ) Legal Specialist Jamie McGrady (AK) Assistant Federal Defender Federal Defenders Kerry Dingle (Massachusetts, DC) Zachary Allen (California) Associate Corporate Counsel Google (for identification purposes only) Emily Constant (New York) Alexandria Lappas (Pennsylvania) Janelle Hill (CA) Puja Mehta (California) Amanda Krause (New York) Amie Penny Sayler (Minnesota) Betty Resch, Esq. (Florida, and the United State Supreme Court) Owner of the Law Office of Betty C. Resch, Esq. Elizabeth Joffe (OR, IL) Partner McKanna Bishop Joffe, LLP Norwood Bentley (West Virginia) Legal Counsel Melissa Perry (California) Toni Kelich (Oregon) Kristin carrera (Florida) Lisa Raccuglia (none) Sales Terrie O'Connor Realtors Jeff Sovern (NY) Professor of Law St. John's University School of Law Sarah Sherman-Stokes (Massachusetts) Lecturer in Law Boston University School of Law Reagan C Brown (Texas & Georgia) Elisabeth Sustman (Illinois, Colorado) Cynthia Granata (NJ (retired)) Attorney at Law Julie C. Frickleton (MO, KS) Samara Kline (CA) Attorney Pavani Thagirisa (NY) Assistant General Counsel E. Ashley Paynter (Indiana) Meeran Mahmud (California) Staff Attorney Asian Americans Advancing Justice- Los Angeles Emily Rubenstein (California) Attorney Pauline Chow (California) Tearyn Loving (MD, DC) Of Counsel Bredhoff & Kaiser Julia Elmaleh-Sachs (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Lacey Rainwater (California) Associate Anahid Gharakhanian (California) Professor of Legal Analysis, Writing and Skills and Director of Externships Southwestern Law School Yvonne Nix (New York) Dana J. Clausen, Esq. (California Bar Association) Breah Mortenson (Wisconsin) Chief Legal Counsel MSK Advertising, Inc. Taylor Gumbleton (WI) Edgar De La Torre (California) Student Nina Suetake (California) Ellyn Parker (None) Grace Lee (CA) Regional Counsel Gensler Tara Gilbreath Todd (Louisiana) Nate Riccardi (Massachusetts) Associate Stephanie Franco Alexander (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Bexar County DA Pamela Purdy (PA) Sharon L. Sullivan-Puccini (MA, RI) Claire Kennedy-Wilkins (California and New York) Elizabeth C. Lesher, Esq. (Louisiana) Daniel A. Navejas (Texas) Managing Partner The RBI Law Firm Jennifer Lunsford (New York) Laura Cohen (California) Ruth Dawson (California) Catherine Hartz (Texas) Eve Senuty (California State Bar No. 239605) Gillian Kosinski (New Jersey, New York) Jessica Sirolly (PA, CA, V A) Christopher Dalbey (California, New York) Attorney Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. Sabre Kaszynski (NY and MA) Brooks Seay (Georgia) Chief Financial Officer Irene Ayzenberg-Lyman (Pa, NJ and DC) Assistant General Counsel John Corkery (Illinois) Dean The John Marshall Law School Leo Reid (MN) Megan A. Senatori (Wisconsin) Matthew T. Crawford (Ohio) Attorney Sarah Rasheed (New York) Mary Alexandra Battey (Georgia, Washington, D.C.) Danielle Wakefield (California) Attorney at Law Jean Wong (New York) Sarah Castleberry (New York; Virginia) Attorney Reagan C Brown (Texas & Georgia) Tracy S. Carlin (Florida) Debra Urteaga (California) Ryan Cunningham (California) Brad Fiorito (Illinois) George W. Jones, Jr. (DC Bar) Senior Counsel Christopher David Boom (Louisiana) David Glatthorn (Florida) Self Jeff Bishop (DC, CA, AZ, NC) Reina Owen DeMartino (New Mexico) James Keneally (New York) Jennifer Reif (Texas, Louisiana) Gabriel J. Chin (NY, MA (Retired)) Edward L. Barrett Jr. Chiar & Martin Luther King Jr. Professor UC Davis School of Law Carol Kindt (California (resigned; moved to Washington State, retired.) M. Menendez (New York) Reagan C Brown (Texas & Georgia) Susan Kolodkin (Georgia) Melissa K. Walker (North Carolina) Elizabeth Sears (California) Attorney Law Office of Elizabeth Sears Valerie Ryan (Ca) Sheilagh McAteer (Colorado) Elizabeth McCaman (CA) Charles Brantley (None) Lisa DeLong (Pennsylvania) Corporate counsel Barbara Mariani (AR) Melissa Darr (Maryland) Kristin Keranen (New York) Aliya Yousufi (California, Arkansas) Kaycee Wolf (Tennessee and Arkansas) Tim Lyons (CA, VA, and MA) Tim Lyons Law Nicole Allen (California) Kathleen Scheidel (California) John Bergmayer (Colorado and DC) Angela Allen (D.C.) Jennifer Lunsford (New York) Caroline Greene (Virginia, Washington DC) Christy Ferioli (CA) Fatima Shah (Texas) Noah Shaw (New York, Massachusetts) Alexi Machek Velez, Esq. (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Law Fellow ACLU-NJ Jennifer Lunsford (New York) Olena Likhachova (California) Jason Smollar (New York) Attorney Self Reagan C Brown (Texas & Georgia) Jennifer Lunsford (New York) Jonathan Yates (Indiana and michigan) Partner Susan M Bungard (Ohio) Carolyn Harvey (Arizona) Rachel Peck (New York and Washington DC) Josina Raisler-Cohn (Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Committee for Public Counsel Services, MA Kathy J Ray (Kentucky) Retired Jessica Buckelew (New York, California) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Alina Salo (Oregon) Associate Attorney Tobey Goldfarb (California) Mahmoud El-Youssef (Massachusetts) Danielle D'Oyley (Florida; District of Columbia) Robert F. Egenolf (California) Attorney at Law Egenolf Group LLP Al-Lynn Symmons (Illinois) Counsel Ememobong Ikafia (Illinois) Kelly Breslin (Pennsylvania) Ed Mullen (Illinois) LaToya Larkin (Michigan) Associate Attorney Julia Zuckerman (CA) Rachel Hines (District of Columbia) Ashley Wing (Wyoming and Colorado) Alicia Farley (Pennsylvania) Gabriela Norona (Oregon) Veronica Williams (California) Attorney Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Holly Brauchli (California, Washington, and Oregon) Attorney Kavon Adli (California and Texas) Katie Wagner (Pennsylvania) Associate Llogan Walters (OH) David Marks (California) Sara Vanderhoff (Georgia, oregon) Micah Barry (Georgia) Attorney Deborah Baltaxe (California) Deputy Public Defender Los Angeles County Public Defender José Roberto (Beto) Juárez, Jr. (Texas) Professor of Law University of Denver Sturm College of Law Claudia Hagadus Long (California) David Mann (Ohio) Dara Hebert (New York) Attorney Aliza Kaplan (MA, OR) Maricela Amezola (California) Immigration Attorney Self Margaret V. Sachs (New York) Jessica Scholes (New York) Nina Safier (New Mexico) Maricela Amezola (California) Immigration Attorney Maricela Amezola (California) Immigration Attorney Self Carrie Rosenbaum (California) UC Davis School of Law Kathryne Hemmings Pope (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Assistant Public Defender Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender Diego Cuenca (Colorado and Florida) Associate attorney Susan Reff (Nebraska) Attorney Hightower Reff Law Azucena Rascon (Colorado) Hays Rudolph (New York) Joni M. Thome, Esq. (Minnesota) Derek Whitefield (Michigan, California and Texas) Katherine Wallace (District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Sara Goodin (Florida) Assistant Public Defender State of Florida Stephen M. Green (California) Laura Amato (PA) Ryan Beach (Michigan) Attorney/Owner Suzanne Brown (Missouri) Justin J. Andrews (Alaska, Washington) Attorney The Constitution; Gideon v. Wainwright Stacie H. Rosenzweig (Wisconsin) Richard Hardack (California (inactive status)) Kathryn DeVillez (Michigan) Elizabeth Fisher (Virginia) Miranda Rodriguez (Texas) Emily Honsa Hicks (Ohio) Amanda L. Thompson, Esq. (CA) Attorney at Law Law Office of Amanda L. Thompson Heather L. Weigler (OR, TX, DC) Sarah De Oliveira (Arizona and Massachusetts) Staff Attorney Nicholas May (Minnesota) Julie Howe (New York) William H White Jr (MD, NJ, FL, DC) Shekida Smith (Maryland) Lorraine McEvilley (NY, AZ, DC) Aimee Margolis (North Carolina, California, Colorado) Emily Honsa Hicks (Ohio) Chelsea Hanson (District of Columbia) Immigration Attorney Chelsea Hanson, Attorney at Law, PLLC Ann Marie (New York) Attorney Johanna C. Valenzuela (South Carolina) Larysa Kautz (NY, DC, MD) Laurie Romanoff (Maryland) Marisa Menezes (Maryland) Inga Fyodorova (Florida) Corporate Counsel Matthieu Milgrom (New York) Sharon Bradley (New York, California, District of Columbia) Ivar Draganja (New York) Brian Greene (Illinois, District of Columbia) Partner Chadbourne & Parke LLP Sarah W. Rice (Maryland) Eva Marcotrigiano (OR) Attorney Jessica Spector (NY) Paul Shelton (Virginia, Louisiana) David Larry (North Carolina) Attorney Retired Emily Murphy (CA) Fellow and lecturer UCLA School of Law Jessica Phillips (Illinois and DC) Counsel Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP Virginia Hardwick (PA, NJ, NY) Partner Hardwick Benfer LLC Jennifer Ramo (New York, Louisiana) Veronica S. Jae (Maryland) Erin N. Chelune (Ohio) Eric E. Meyer (Oregon) Attorney at Law Elkins, Zipse & Mitchell Taetrece Harrison (Louisiana) Attorney at Law Harrison Law Group, LLC Josi Swonetz (California) Senior Counsel Private Firm Callie Query (OH) Family Advocacy Attorney The Center for Family Safety and Healing - Nationwide Children's Hospital Karen Reid (None) Ryan Conners (Minnesota) Lawyer/Principal Conners Law PLC Katherine Taylor (Texas, D.C.) JD, PhD Drexel University Jill Siegelbaum (New York) Baba Zipkin (New York) Therese Berry (none) Database Report Writer Huntsman Cancer Institute Nikki Adame Winningham (New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington) Associate Lowenstein Sandler LLP Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Kaylie Kinney Straka (Michigan) Shelise Muzio (California) Dana C. Peterson (New York) eXacta Global Jenna Carl Jabara (Texas) Rita Radostitz (Texas) Staff Attorney Department of Defense Sara Edelstein (CA) Randy Michelson (California) Marisa K. Perry (New York, Illinois) Harris Winick Harris LLP sujatha baliga (New York) Christine Challoner Esq. (California) Janet Stoneking (Ohio) Alexa Van Brunt (Illinois) Clinical Assistant Professor MacArthur Justice Center, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Safeer Hopton (California State Bar) Alexandra Gioiella (NYSB) Rebecca Kwan (California) Senior Associate Ernst & Young, LLP Tim Lyons (CA, VA, and MA) Tim Lyons Law Allison L. Rief (New York and Kentucky) Anne Estevez Hunter (Florida) Assistant Public Defender Alison Borchgrevink (Louisiana and Texas) Jonathan Eddison (D.C. And California -I am no longer practicing) Managing Director Panaro LlC Jessica Tischler (New York; New Jersey) Tiffany Shimada (Illinois, Utah) Olga Tomchin (California) Helen Rodriguez (Texas) Monica Julian (California) Attorney for Youth Molly Cannon (MD (Inactive status)) Akila Radhakrishnan (California) Legal Director Global Justice Center Sara Kropf (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Tracey Glover (New York) Executive Director ARC Jessica Stern (California) Attorney Dawn Van Tassel (Minnesota) Owner Van Tassel Law Firm Gail Orendorff (Maryland) Jenny Luisa Esquivel (California) Head of People/General Counsel Sprig Briana Hill (California) Joan Goldfarb (Massachusetts) Aaron Allen (Michigan) Gabrielle Stokes (Texas) Travis Gasper (Texas) Melissa Langsdorf (Illinois) Partner Sarah W. Rice (Maryland) Craig Parker (Maryland & District of Columbia) Member of D.C. & Maryland bars Amanda Wingfield Goldman (Louisiana and Texas) Coats Rose Ryman Yale & Lee Alexandra Smith (New York State) Attorney Lauren Robbins (New York) Matthew Mathis (Arkansas) Carrie Bleakley (New York) First Assistant Conflict Defender Maaike Almeida (IL (inactive)) Managing Director Ronda Norris (California) Attorney At Law Self Mara Smith (NY, NJ, DC) Attorney Judah Ariel (District of Columbia) Lee Miller (North Carolina) Elizabeth H. Goldberg (Connecticut, District of Columbia) Andrea Del-Pan (California and Washington) Matthew Katz (New York) DANIEL FILLER (NEW YORK, PENNSYLVANIA) Roberta Valente (Maryland, DC) Leila Goldmark (New York) Erica Shapiro (New York) Jessica Richman Dworkin (D.C.) Courtney Payton (Louisiana) Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Meghan Ferris (Louisiana State Bar Association) Molly Mayhall Vandervoort (Texas) Alexandra Cotter (New York) Associate Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP Carolyn. Kalos (New York) Michelle Windmueller (Illinois (inactive); DC (active)) Stephanie Franco Alexander (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Bexar County DA Jean Binkovitz (Mn) Attorney Scott Hulgan (VA, MA, RI) Sarah Koper (New York) Colette Pollitt (New York) Laura R. Cole (Virginia, DC) Lauren Betters (New York) Attorney Erin J Law (New York) Todd kooperman (Wisconsin and Illinois) Attorney Wade Estey (California) Assistant General Counsel McKesson Corporation Katherine Snow (MO, NY, WV (inactive)) Attorney Blake & Uhlig, PA Yasaman Hannah Navai (Illinois) Lauren Ross (Texas and California) Denise Hoffner (California) Rebecca Coll (California, New York, and the District of Columbia) Partner Quadra & Coll Francesca Morgan (Colorado) Attorney Michele H. Kazarian (New York & Rhode Island) Christina Levin (Illinois) Attorney at Law Lucretia Myers (Missouri) Attorney Federal government Daria Licausi (New York, New Jersey) Amy O'Neal (Massachusetts (inactive)) Jennifer Jambor-Delgado (MN, CA) Jessica Jones (Delaware) Elizabeth Gopinath (California) Vicki Healy (CA) Tasneem Dohadwala (California) Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) David Smiley (New York) The Legal Aid Society Jennifer Burns Luz (MA, NY) Goodwin Procter Sara Feldenkris (New York, District of Columbia) Richard Bender (Pennsylvania) Patent Counsel Covestro LLC Sylvia A. Miller (Washington) Attorney Self Employed Shantrice D. Anderson (Colorado, Washington (pending)) Deputy State Public Defender Colorado State Public Defender Daniel E Kelly (NY, NJ) Emily Briggs (Colorado) Wendy Smith (CA, TN) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Louis S. Abronson (California) Attorney Owner of Abronson Law Offices Jack Tuckner (New York, Connecticut) Kristen Colburn (CA, DC, NJ, NY) April E. Moore (Michigan) Attorney Justin Barnard (California (inactive), Maine, Vermont) Dinse Knapp & McAndrew P.C. Elizabeth Moeller (California) Katurah (WI) Farris Carrie Ann Shirota (Hawai`i) University of Hawai`i Maui College Jennifer Ermoian (California) Kyle Mcfarlane (Colorado) Shareholder Attorney Broxterman Alicks McFarlane Pc Gregory S Parks (MD DC) Associate Professor Wake Forest University School of Law Ivan W. Halperin (California) Dr. Matthew Lister (New York) Senior Fellow, Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research Wharton School of Business Julie Knauer, Esq. (Maryland) Caroline A. Conway (New York) Elisa Redish (Illinois) Amir Naim (Georgia) Christina Chong (CA) Michelle Owen (illinois) Brian M. Richards (Illinois; Michigan) Filaree Moore (CO) Deputy Public Defender State of Colorado Office of the Public Defender Jenifer Kasten (Arizona (active), Maryland (inactive), D.C. (inactive)) Attorney Mina Zardkoohi (Illinois) Lisa Corman (California) Partner Sarah F. Teich (MA, DC) Attorney Williams & Connolly LLP Matthew Ribe (Colorado) Jill Cohen (NY, NJ, CT) Lindsay Adams (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Virginia Hardwick (PA, NJ, NY) Partner Hardwick Benfer LLC Tracey Jarzombek (New York) Principal Court Attorney OCA- New York State Andrea Rubin (Louisiana) Thomas Southard (Maryland) Diana P. Sanchez (Florida) Stephanie Marzouk (Massachusetts) Rudy Monterrosa (Indiana) Attorney at Law Monterrosa Law Group, LLC Jennifer Norris (Massachusetts, U.S. District of MA) Cynthia Kelly (Michigan) James A. Holtkamp (Itah State Bar) Natalie Wicklund (Montana) Attorney-at-Law Julie Chattopadhyay (MA) Jena Gutierrez (Arizona) Heather Catherwood (Massachusetts) Whitney Young (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Roy B. Oser (New York, New Jersey) Dustin Sharp (District of Columbia) Associate Professor University of San Diego Elizabeth Haley (Maryland, DC) Yasaman Hannah Navai (Illinois) Erin Coleman (TN and MD) Cindy Rosenthal (PA) Elizabeth Gopinath (California) Heather L. Mills (CA) Attorney Heidi Kirlew (Florida and new york) Matthew Lapin (CA, DC) Sumeera Younis (New York) Jessica Freedson (Texas) Counsel Bracewell LLP Logan Place (Maryland) Associate John M. Wilson (California) Dara Biederman (Wisconsin) Compliance officer Joseph M. Sanderson (California; Pending Admission in New York) Jennifer Rosenblum, Esq. (Florida Bar) Diane Durgin (Georgia, New York) Retired Emily Stopa (New York, District of Columbia) Jessica Loeloff (Utah) Compliance Attorney Thomas A. Cohen (California) Attorney; Judge Pro-Tem Susan McCarthy (MO & KS) Attorney Barbara Due (State of Wisconsin) Attorney Zeenat Hassan (California) Staff Attorney AIDS Legal Referral Panel Stephanie Madison (DC) Sophia Mire (Louisiana and New York) Staff attorney Nancy J. Mertzel (NY) Rufus V. Barner, Esq. (Illinois) Gary Botwinick (New Jersey) Karen Pazzani (California) Associate Attorney Shayla Silver-Balbus (California) Alexandra Colacito (California) Meggan Smith (Kentucky, Indiana) Stuart Schwartz (Texas) Shareholder ScottHulse, PC Heather Saslovsky (New York) Laura Neilsberg (Texas, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey) Alan Tannenwald (Massachusetts) Cara Norton (Colorado, Texas) Amanda Wiley (Illinois) Cara Suvall (NY, TN) John F. Nelson (California) Attorney Jessica A. Ekhoff (Illinois) Eric Wolf (Minnesota) Susan Criss (Texas) Partner Criss & Rousseau Law Firm L.L.P. Sherry Abbott Niang (Maine) Sameer Khedekar (CA) Partner Amy Lehman (Ny, MI) Attorney April L. Sherwood (Pennsylvania) Abigail Gordon (NY, MA, ME) Senior Director Lateral Link Cary Jacobson (Maryland) Attorney Jacobson Family Law Matthew T. Wissa (Illinois) Associate Winston & Strawn Mindy Rowland (Wisconsin) Vice President/Chief Legal Officer Dimple Dhabalia (CO / CA) Attorney / Immigration Officer Nubia Willman (Illinois) attorney Emily Wilson (Utah) William Xu (New York) Staff Attorney Brooklyn Defender Services Heather Trachtenberg (Texas) Ashley Halvorson (Arizona) Laura Rose (DC) Nicole Tortarolo (New York) Stephanie Yoshida (NY) Cecilia Merediz Andrews (Georgia) Mary Huser (California) Jon Anderson (District of Columbia) Virginia Hardwick (PA, NJ, NY) Partner Hardwick Benfer LLC Ann Cameron (None) Whitney S. Ikerd (Louisiana) DeGravelles, Palmintier, & Holthaus Juliette M Zaengle (Pennsylvania) Allison Johnson (California) Attorney Kimberly Newberry (Louisiana) Nadine Abrahams (Illinois) Jessica Pfeiffer Lange (Michigan) Kathleen M Smith (Pennsylvania) Rennie Phillips Polidora (WY) Managing Partner/Attorney Jacobs Polidora LLC Susan Pearlstein (PA) Supervising Attorney Brad Stephens (West Virginia) Attorney Sarah Bodack (NY NJ) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Society Carolyn Dulchinos (CO, PA) Tara Stein (New York) Jill Schein (Texas) Shareholder RCQZ Timothy Hadley (Colorado) Erin J Law (New York) James H. Cordes (California State Bar) Naureen Choudhury (IL & NJ) Staff Attorney Life Span Center for Legal Services Javier O. Hidalgo (New York) Deirdre Goldfarb, Esq. (California) The Law Office of Deirdre Goldfarb, Esq. Sumaiya Ahmed (New York) Associate Chadbourne & Parke LLP Christopher Sweeney (Maryland, District of Columbia) Megan Gess (Californua) Jennifer Westerhaus Adams (Indiana) Riddhi Mukhopadhyay (WA) Legal Director YWCA Seattle | King | Snohomish Diane Seltzer Torre (Maryland and DC) Mahmoud Fadli (California) Doug Keller (California) Marlies Spanjaard (MA) Shveta Kulkarni (Florida; Washington, DC) Jeremy Shimada (Utah) Elena Zoniadis (Oregon, New York, and New Jersey) Attorney Michael Hallas (Oregon, Washington) Attorney Heidi Kirlew (Florida and new york) Malachi J. Haswell (California) Staff Attorney Judith Szepesi (California Bar) Founding Partner Trung Tu (Oregon and California) Adriana Lavergne (none) Diane Wozniak (Colorado) Attorney Jennifer K. Niemeier (Wisconsin) Janet Glenn (Massachusetts) Esquire Solo practice Jody marksamer (California) Attorney Los Angeles dependency lawyers M. Renee Orth (California) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Deborah Hertz (New York) Urban Justice Center Eileen Maunus (Pa) Nicole H. Ryan (Maryland) Kate Richardson (California) Legal Director Zhulmira Paredes (Illinois) Owner/Attorney Paredes Law Office, P.C. Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Mindy Rowland (Wisconsin) Vice President/Chief Legal Officer Fareed Haddad (CA) Kelley L. Groover, Esq. (Tennessee) Paul Daniel Bond (Illinois) Partner Kirkland & Ellis LLP Sherri Catalano (Colorado) Jennifer Roberts (SC) Isabel Daniels (California) Robin Mitchell (Arizona) Alyssa Miller (Colorado) Suzanne Patrick (Texas, DC, VA, MD) Francie Arenson (Illinois) Attorney Peter Norman (New York) Chante Spann (Illinous) Tami Nida Arntzen (Washington) Attorney / Owner Arntzen Law, PLLC Erica Walle (Michigan) Law Clerk Saginaw County 10th Circuit Court Paul Bartels (New York) Attorney Patricia M. Zermeno (California) D. BRETT MARKS (Florida) Shareholder Sanjay K. (Illinois, Louisiana, D.C.) Ziwei Hu (California) Priya Patel (NJ/NY) David Huntenr (Oregon, Washington, DC) Professor of Law American University Washington College of Law Casey Dobel (Maryland) Associate Joy de Guzman (California) Victoria Lancaster (CA) Attorney at Law Hollister & Lancaster, Attorneys at Law Rachel Rubin (California) Legal Director, Marketing and Trademarks Megan Renze (Florida; Minnesota) Carmen De Gisi (PA and FL) Associate General Counsel Hotwire Communications Rebecca S. Mirra, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Laurie Kindel (Colorado, Minnesota) Attorney-at-law Fatima Shah (Texas) Erin Coleman (TN and MD) Abbe Tiger (NY. NJ) Kathleen M. Crosser (Texas) Bethany Burdette (West Virginia) Yolanda Ingram (MO) Attorney Vicky Bhandari (District of Columbia) Assistant General Counsel Cristine DeBerry (California) Chief of Staff San Francisco District Attorney's Office Kayla Mandel (Florida) Karen Ward (California) Senior Corporate Counsel Pamela Fero (Florida, Kansas) Attorney Pamela Fero Law, PLLC Niomi Drake (Washington and Illinois) Attorney Susan Parke (NC) Michael Bullerman (Illinois, New York) Roseanna Munger (CA) Rebecca (New York and California) Attorney Timothy W. Grinsell (California) Priya Patel (NJ/NY) Ryan McCarthy (New York) Jaime Willis (Illinois) Anthony Azcona (Illinois) Attorney at Law Self (Solo) Nicole Netkin-Collins (CT) Marissa M. Ennis, Esq. (California, Ohio) Tiffany Tsao (California) Virginia Hardwick (PA, NJ, NY) Partner Hardwick Benfer LLC Elisabeth Wickeri (NY) Executive Director, Leitner Center Fordham Law School Martha Nimmer (NY) Associate attorney Yasaman Hannah Navai (Illinois) Lea C. Bell, Esq. (Washington State Bar Association) Allison Haltmaier (New York and New Jersey) Susan Garea (California) Dawn Y. Yamane Hewett (District of Columbia) Sarah Felts (Missouri) Jill Saluck (NY) Denise Lee (California) Elizabeth Boburg (New York) Kristine Hayez (Ohio) Jessica R. Rubin-Wills (MA, NY) Tracey Katz (PA/NJ) LCSW Bibish Dagbame (Maryland) Wilfredo Trivino-Perez (California) Attorney at Law Trivino Perez & Associates Rose Auslander (New York) Counsel Heather Hamel (Arizona) Polly McFadden (Florida and Colorado) Retired prosecutor Erin J Law (New York) Hunter T Carter (New York, District of Columbia, Virginia) Partner Arent Fox LLP Marsha V. Kazarosian (MA and NH) Partner Self Mindy Rowland (Wisconsin) Vice President/Chief Legal Officer Lewis Goldberg (CT, NY, NJ) Courtney Payton (Louisiana) Alex Barlow (Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi) Margaret MacGregor (New Jersey, Nevada) Attorney Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Erin J Law (New York) Elana Jacobs (California) Christine Hsu (DC, MD, VA) Kymberly Smith (MO DC Edmd edmo edca) Attorney former AUSA Mindy Rowland (Wisconsin) Vice President/Chief Legal Officer Marja Selmann (Oregon, Washington, Alaska) Jeanette Chavez-Martinez (Kansas (Retired)) Betsy Ginsberg (New York and California) Erica Young (New York) Edmund Han (Massachusetts) William A. Loeb (New York) Kristin Keranen (New York) Natalie Sal (West Virginia) Lauren E. Spencer (Michigan) Amber Hendrick (Maryland) Kolet Buenavides (Ohio) Charles Loesner (New York) Phyllis Bossin (OH) Phyllis G Bossin & Associates Audrey M. Roth (Massachusetts) Partner Convergent GC, LLC Mallika Kaur (CA) Anne Coyle (New York) Carol Santangelo (New York) Supervising Attorney The Legal Aid Society Elisabeth DeLisle (Massachusetts) Lauren Adams (Arkansas) Attorney Adams Law Firm Nikki Mers (Missouri) Andrew M. Casanave (Louisiana) Jennifer Orthwein (CA) Attorney and psychologist Amanda Fornwalt (California) Brooke Anthony (Minnesota, Illinois) Shareholder Priya Patel (NJ/NY) Kari Annand (Washington) Noelle Trifiro (Texas) Sarah Buckley (Virginia) Kathleen Borschow (NH) David Raatz (California, Hawai`i) N. Kathleen Wenzel (Indiana) Cara Townsend (California, Oregon) Polly McFadden (Florida and Colorado) Retired prosecutor Erin J Law (New York) Jennifer Nakashima (Hawaii) Erin Carroll (Colorado) Michael Bersani (New York) Lawyer Michaels & Smolak, P.C. Cristina Zambrano (Texas) Attorney at Law Lee Palmer (MA) AmeriCorps Attorney Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services Regina Newman (TN) Kimberley Spire-Oh, Esq. (Florida) Carrie Showalter (WV) West Virginia University Stephanie Long (Colorado) Attorney Long Law Group LLC Erin J Law (New York) Dawn Mortazavi (CA) Tia Katrina Taruc Canlas (CA) Lawyer Alipato Project Eileen Norton (Oregon, Washington) Gaela Gehring Flores (District of Columbia, Virginia) Charlie King (Louisiana) Katherine Marsland (MA) James J Gay (Illinois and Wisconsin) Attorney at Law James J Gay Law, LLC Katherine Katcher (California) Ronni Jillions (D.C.) Partner Browdy and Neimark Vincent Southerland (New York, Washington DC) Elise Milstein (Virginia, the District of Columbia, and California) Attorney at Law Carrie M. Shields (California) Attorney Jeffrey Levin (New York & US Supreme Court) Erin J Law (New York) Stephanie Franco Alexander (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Bexar County DA Terrence Way (N/A) JD Candidate '18 Notre Dame Law School Jeffrey D. Boldt (Wisconsin) Pamela Berkowitz (Illinois) Bhavna Agnihotri (New York) Associate Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP Heidi Burakiewicz (Virginia, Maryland, D.C.) Attorney Mehri & Skalet, PLLC Leah Burcat (Texas) Ken Fitzgerald (California) Keisha N. Owens-Olufeso (New Jersey) Jennifer Berger (DC and Maryland; DC Federal) Supervising Attorney Lauren Betters (New York) Attorney Rebecca Masterson (Arizona) Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Elizabeth A. Burns (California) Attorney Lisa Leshinski, Esq. (PA, NJ) Harold Miller (Colorado) Miller Law Office LLC Kasha Roseta (Washington) Jennifer Tello (Michigan) Staff Attorney Legal Aid of Western Michigan Rwan Hardesty (Texas) Natalie Hennessy (New York) Rita Sethi (New York) Suzette Pieson (Illinois) Aubrie Ekman (Colorado) Linda Reich (California) Erin J Law (New York) Ameet Sarpatwari (Maryland) Instructor in Medicine Harvard Medical School Amy Chambers (California) Alan D. Goldberg (Illinois) Areto Imoukhuede (Illinois, District of Columbia) Professor of Law Kali Schellenberg (PA) Trial Attorney Hillary H. Peldner (Texas) Attorney Scott Wilkonson (Colorado) Webb & Wilkonson Law, LLC Andrea Hoeschen (Wisconsin) Attorney Thomadsen & Hoeschen LLC Terri LeClercq (none. English professor) Senior Lecturer Schooll of Law, University of Texas Lindsay LaVine (Illinois) Adrienne Hollis (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) Environmental attorney Anbinh Phan (California) Rebecca Schafler (Ca) Dale Ventura (New York) Public Defender Legal Aid Society Mary Burner (New York) Attorney Laura Fitzzimmons (Nevada) Thalia Sady (Oregon) Attorney Adam Francois watkins (MA, NY) Watkins Bradley LLP Ronni Jillions (D.C.) Partner Browdy and Neimark Zachary Dovitz (Massachusetts) Maria Caruana (CA) Joshua Neuman (Pennsylvania & New Jersey) Associate Attorney Ari Lieberman (New York) Attorney Karin Jenson (Ny) Partner BakerHostetler Karen S. Canady (California) Partner Canady + Lortz LLP Paul Dullea (Massachusetts) Ilana Kopmar (New York) Attorney Marco Materassi, Esq. (New York) Founder Materassi Legal PC Malina Koani (Hawaii) Denise Mazzeo (New York and Texas) Attorney Jonathan Goldberg (New York and New Jersey) Caroline Beauchamp (Tennessee) Member McCarter & Beauchamp, PLLC Jeff Adelman (Florida, Illinois, DC) Trial attorney Silke Rembacz (New Jersey) Self employed Amanda Fornwalt (California) Kate Ben-Ami (MI) Ana Vuk-Pavlovic (New York) Jared Cram (Pennsylvania) Danielle Cardona (Colorado) Sally Noma (California) Attorney Daniel Riegel (Texas, District of Columbia) Jonathan Taylor (District of Columbia) Liz Ptacek (Illinois) Deborah Jo Sandler, Esq. (California State Bar) Katherine Puzone (Florida) Associate Professor of Law Angelica A. Rivera (California) Defense Attorney County of Fresno Dana Hadl (California) Counsel Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Lina Zhou (New York) Associate Kirkland & Ellis LLP Rafael Urena (New York) Immigration Attorney Silvia Diaz (PA, NY, NJ) Education Law Attorney Rachel Geman (NY) Partner Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP Karen Kirchen (New York) David Levine (New York) Attorney Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. (Illinois) Assistant Professor University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law Jennifer LaTosch (Michigan) Attorney Katherine Puzone (Florida) Associate Professor of Law Melanie Gleason (Massachusetts) Self-Employed Kathleen Borschow (NH) Katherine Puzone (Florida) Associate Professor of Law Jenny R. Flom (New Jersey, Washington D.C.) Jessica Vanzura (California, New York) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Susan Wilker (Massachusetts) Akhila Kolisetty (New York) Margaret May (California) Attorney Eloise Gore (DC) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Arielle Schreiber (Colorado) Jordan greenberg (None) Alyne Diamond (NY , Connecticut) Partner Seligson Rothman & Rothman Kathy Wright (California) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Brad Brooks-Rubin (DC) Michael Tafelski (Georgia) Christopher Kopacz (Illinois) Jelani Jefferson Exum (LA; TX) Professor Emily Vance (California, New York) Attorney Blevans & Blevans Molly Baxendale (Ohio) Attorney Sheila Sokolowski (Illinois, Texas) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Nandi F Campbell (Louisiana) Attorney Stephanie Franco Alexander (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Bexar County DA Cecily R Brewster (California) Attorney at Law Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) Stephen Sloan (Illinois) Attorney Daley Disability Law Kelly Downes (Massachusetts) Attorney Law office David Lundeen (Illinois, Tennessee) Senior Counsel Nissan North America Amanda Fornwalt (California) Patience Crowder (CO; CA (inactive); MD (inactive)) Associate Professor of Law University of Denver Eric Sellars (California) Hillary Schneller (New York) Carrie Basas (Washington) State agency director Kelly K. Davis (Missouri; Texas) Associate Attorney Law Office of Howard E. Davis, P.C. Lisa Nicholson (New York) Professor of Law Elizabeth Brownback (New York) Attorney Sanctuary for Families Grace M. Lee (California) Andrea Black (New York) Katie Idzik (Illinois) Kathryn Shreeves (New York) Kristopher Craw (Colorado) Carolyn Weeks (New York) Matthew William Parker (State Bars: CO, KS, MO. Federal Bars: CO, NE, KS, W.D. MO, E.D. WI) Associate Attorney Brumbaugh & Quandahl, P.C. LLO Sarah Frederick (New York) Owner Frederick Law Offices, PLLC Patricia Feghali (Ohio) Patricia A. Breen (Arizona and California) ruth yang (Pa, nj) Kelsey (Iowa) Amy Salley (Georgia) Robert D. Goodis, Esq. (Maryland) Jennifer M. Coco, Esq. (Louisiana & Illinois) Senior Staff Attorney Southern Poverty Law Center Heidi Bogatz (Pennsylvania) Christine Townsend (Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois) Attorney Jennifer Cunha (Florida) Attorney Kasey Branam (California) Brett Rubin (California) Partner Clarkson, Riley, Rubin LLP Aaron B. DeGraffenreidt (Maryland) Jeanetta Brown (Florida) Assistant General Counsel Rachel Cohen- Deano (IL, NY, WI) Elena Saxonhouse (California & Washington DC) Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) Sharone Menczel Poopor (New York) Jeanetta Brown (Florida) Assistant General Counsel Renee Schor (California) Christopher Gurley (Illinois) Heather Clefisch (New York, Wisconsin) Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) Kaaryn Gustafson (California) Professor of Law Marco S. Menezes (Michigan) Retired Probate Court Judge Arash Jahanian (Colorado, New York) Partner Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC Deep Kaur Jodhka (California) Patricia Arjun (Oregon, Washington) Lawyer Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) Andrew Schoedel (Colorado) Aimee Vierra (California) Ms. Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) Charles D Sindel (Missouri) Carol Tarnawa (Illinois) Stefanie Trilling (NY and NJ) Jean Greenbaum (New York, New Jersey, California) Attorney Geneviève Kristie (California) Attorney Elizabeth G. Daugherty (Florida) Attorney at Law Elizabeth G. Daugherty, PA Francyne Stacey (Michigan) Attorney Hooper Hathaway Jana Zimmer (California) Britanie Hall (CA, NE, DC) Erika Gonzalez (CA) Ruth Mantilla (NY) Attorney Elizabeth Kleinberg (NY and VT) Beth Baltimore (New York) Bunny Smith (Illinois) Amanda Fornwalt (California) MA Wood (NA) Faisal salahuddin (Colorado) Partner Frank & Salahuddin Isabel Daniels (California) Molly MacKenzie (Louisiana) Jennifer Berke (CA) Michelle Laubin (NY, CT) Ken Davidson (California, New York) Isabel Daniels (California) Jessica Perry (None) Law Student Justin Malen (California and New York) Lynn Ward (Colorado) Attorney Jennie McLaughlin (AZ, PA, NJ) Katherine C. Black (Texas) Jenny McClister (Colorado, North Carolina) Meredith Dishaw (Washington) Erica Hewett (NY and DC) Michelle Yu (New York, Washington DC) Michelle Rosenblum (NJ, NY) Lynn Ward (Colorado) Attorney Jamie Rowen (California) Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts Amelia Burroughs (California) Eleanor Hamburger (Washington) Partner Sirianni Youtz Spoonemore Hamburger David Halstead (Massachusetts) Seth Northrop (California; Minnesota; Nebraska) Attorney Robins Kaplan LLP Sarah Klahn (CO, NM, ID, WYO) Managing Partner White & Jankowski Nichole Mounsey (California) Joshua Turnham (Washington) Joshua Room (California) Tobey Goldfarb (California) Megan E.K. Montcalm (New York) Bridget Hauler (California) Colby Sullins (Arizona) Heather L. Weigler (OR, TX, DC) Deborah Bennett (California) Attorney Donna Amjadi (California) Santa Clara University School of Law Autumn Francois (CA, DC) Eida (Florida) Christine Schneider (Georgia) Senior Counsel Eve Weissman (New York and New Jersey) Rachel Petty (Illinois) Senior Counsel RingCentral, Inc. Stephanie Franco Alexander (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Bexar County DA Noah B. Novogrodsky (California) Professor University of Wyoming College of Law Dana Hadl (California) Counsel Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Dana Hadl (California) Counsel Seyfarth Shaw, LLP Xochitl Carrion (California State Bar) Assistant District Attorney Office of San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon Monique Britton (OH) Director & Legal Counsel Tess Hand-Bender (Colorado) Attorney Brian Dodds (Illinois) Circuit Court of Cook County Jane Snow (Texas) Emily Slavin (DC, VA) Michael Kentoff (MD, DC) Counsel Combs & Taylor Leah Bennion (Utah) Emily Rome (Minnesota) Robert Shmalo (New York) Alexis Alvarez (CA) Catherine J. Wasson (Minnesota) Associate Professor of Law Elon University School of Law Nira Geevargis (California) Denise Bilderback (No State Bar) Lisa M. Borsotti (CA) Barbara Tolbert (California) Kathryn Dacanay (Washington) Attorney at Law Law Office of Katy Dacanay Katina Ancar (California) James C Pettis Esq (California) Partner Pettis Zimmer LLP Jessica Zellner (New York, Illinois) Suzette Bagneris (Louisiana Bar No 22241) Partner The Bagneris Firm, LLC Erik Williamsen (Colorado) Attorney Una Kang (NJ, PA, DC) Sydney B. Schaub (California) Kimberly Nevels (Illinois) Melanie Chaput (New Hampshire and Massachusetts) Attorney Chaput Law Office Ryan Cobb (Nevada, California) Winston G. Collier (New York, Illinois) Farheena Habib (California) Partner Aubrey Harris (Louisiana) Lisa Burn (Georgia) Lisa Freedman Enda (New York and New Jersey) Attorney Formerly at Legal Aid Society Juvenile Rights Practice Heather Hamel (Arizona) Caroline L. Kaufmann (Kentucky) Attorney Amanda Bhuket (California) Attorney Aaron Marr Page (DC) Managing Attorney Forum Nobis PLLC Naomi Kaplan (California) The Walt Disney Company Lucy Hynes (VA, DC) Trial Attorney Commodity Futures Trading Commission Ellen Kassis (Illinois) Darren Bush (Utah) Professor of Law Leonard B. Rosenberg College University of Houston Law Center Emily Thompson (New York) Susan Lefg (California) Attorney at Law Jennifer Kalnins Temple (NY, CA) Deputy Attorney General California Department of Justice Jacqueline Zamarripa (California) Alison Wilkinson (Oregon) Susan E. Hamra (Missouri, Illinois) Hamra Law Firm, LLC Erin Keenan (New york, new Jersey, Massachusetts) Nell Robinson (California) Rushika de Silva (California) Troutman Sanders LLP Ebony Duckett (Florida, California) Self Help Attorney Meredith Cunningham (Louisiana) Pamela Allen (Virginia, Arizona pending) Kaye Steinsapir (CA) Counsel Bryan Cave LLP Jill Abrahamson (New York, California, Nebraska) Attorney Abrahamson Law Office Sarah Grady (Illinois; New York) Timothy P. Berrier (Colorado) Lisa Badner (NY) Evangeline Stratton (WA) Attorney Anderson, York & Stratton Wadi Muhaisen (Colorado) Vanessa Vescio (Maryland) Lawyer State government Stephen King (Florida) Eileen Kaufman (New York) Charla Shaughnessy (CA) NTEU Chloe Dillon (California) Diane Johnston (NY) Staff Attorney Carrie Goulding (California) Lawyer, professor hagar dickman (California) attorney Dennis Murphy (ARizona, DC, and NY) Retired Suzette Haas (NY) Lawyer Lisa DeGeeter (Ohio, inactive) Melissa B. Pryor (Illinois) Shanda Fisher (Minnesota) JD, MPH Kelcey Patrick-Ferree (Minnesota, Iowa) Lesley McAllister (California) Professor of Law UC Davos Casey Silvia (Massachusetts) Timothy Minter (NY) Erick Flores (New York) Corinne Cooper (Arizona, Missouri) Professor Emerita of Law Retired Amanda Fornwalt (California) Chesney McAfee (Tennessee) Chris Love (AZ) Assistant General Counsel Jessica Lee (Illinois, District of Columbia, California) Vincent I. Polley (DC, MI, TX) KnowConnect PLLC Susan Carter (North Carolina admitted but not active) Aram Schvey (NY, DC) Senior Counsel Jacqueline Sandler (Virginia) Laura Kerr (Oregon) Attorney Emily Birdwhistell (California) Litigation Counsel Leigh Lathinghouse (Colorado) Associate Laura Vlieg (Virginia) Christina Kogan (California) Elizabeth Brewer (New York, North Carolina) Attorney at Law Nadedge Booth (Louisiana) No racists in charge Jessica Lee (Illinois, District of Columbia, California) Maura Jurgrau (NY) Kevin P. Haughton (California, Pennsylvania) Cheryl Velasquez (Colorado) Partner Waas Campbell Rivera Johnson & Velasquez Sarah Verbil (NY) Kristine Noyes (California) Senior Attorney Fiduciary Law Services, Inc. Kathy Hessler (Oregon, (Virginia, Ohio, DC - inactive)) Clinical Professor and Director Lewis & Clark Law School Jessica Lee (Illinois, District of Columbia, California) Linda Geffin (TX) Attorney Harris County (retired$ Lisa Schroeder (New Jersey; New York) Michele Marks (CA, NM, NJ) LinkedIn Amy Chang (California) Dana C. Heinzelman (Oregon (active), Utah (inactive)) Attorney at Law Self Carol Campbell (Texasc) Attorney at Law Retired Adam Jaffe (Illinois) Richard J Oparil (New York and DC) Principal Porzio, Bromberg &a Newman PC Erica Embree (New York) Katharine Speer (CO) Attorney Jessica Lee (Illinois, District of Columbia, California) Theresa Gheen, JD (IN, DC, NM, Navajo Nation) Tod Thompson (Ohio) Self Sarah Jacobs-Manwarren (Wyoming and Colorado) Partner/Owner Jacobs•Polidora, LLC Linda M Dardis (New York) Attorney and Mediator Blakely Fernandez (Texas) Partner Amber Gonzalez (New York) NYC attorney Hannah Sullivan (Missouri) Attorney Michael S. (New York) Diego Aranda Teixeira (New York) Scott A Ginns (California) Attorney Cassel Ginns A Professional Law Corporation Amanda Fornwalt (California) Mathias Maciejewski (California - 245025) Vice President Fidelity National Financial Nadine Chang (California) Alejandro Almanzan (Texas) Allissa Pollard (Texas) Tanya Bayeva (New York, Illinois) Corporate Counsel Veritas Technologies LLC Kelly Wachs (California) Owner Law Office of Kelly Wachs Nicole Demakis (California and Massachusetts) Partner/owner Trovillion Inveiss & Demakis Jordan Schreiber (California) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Josh Jones (Illinois) Supervising Attorney Illinois Attorney General's Office Daniel M Margolis, Esq. (Ohio) Principal Daniel M Margolis LLC Trina Mastro (California) Bryn Martyna (CA, WI) Carrie Etherton (Colorado) Corporate Counsel Kelly Knapp (California) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Tara (Curtis) Murray (California, District of Columbia) Grace Rodden (New York) Sarah Tarlow (New York, Illinois) Anna Matejcek (Louisiana) Barrasso Usdin Kupperman Freeman & Sarver Serena W. Lin (California) S. Christopher Winter, Esq. (California) Jason Hannigan (California) Berrie Goldman (California) Jonathan L. Stonbely (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society of NYC Miriam Friese (Minnesota) Jaimee Wellerstein (CA) Jason Gellman (Arizona) Attorney Kim Gordon (Washington) Owner and Partner Kristen Johnson (DC, CA) Jonathan Solorzano (California, New York) Esq. Tigran Eldred (New York) Lisa M. Lana (Massachusetts) Rebecca P. Jones (California) Kevin A. Freeman (Ohio) Scholars Program Manager The Ohio State University Susan V. Hazeldean (NY) Assistant Professor Brooklyn Law School Heather Fathali (WA) Immigration Attorney Cascadia Cross-Border Law Elizabeth Tissot (Alabama) Gideon's Promise Public Defender Whitney Fair (California) Arlaine Rockey (NC & FL) Attorney at Law Adam Daley Wilson (California, District of Columbia, and Maine) Attorney Jeff Baron (New York) Esquire Baron Law Scott Raber (California, New York) Partner Rimon, P.C. India Autry (New York) Esq. Laura J. Parker (North Carolina) M. Katherine Abate (New York) Self Employed Erica Schommer (Texas) Clinical Assistant Professor of Law Benjamin Mark Moss (IL, DC) Atossa Jackson (CA) Attorney Marge Wood (N/a) Author Retired Ellen Pachnanda (New York) Lisa Badner (NY) Jeanne H. Dickey (Utah, Colorado, Texas, Alaska) Matthew Cebrian (CA) Natalie Hicks (California) Andrew Silverman (Massachusetts) Cynthia Tyler (California) Attorney Natalie Ratzlaff (Minnesota) Jessica Haspel (Illinois) Jenna Pollock (NY) Teresa Keene (Washington) Attorney at Law Self - Canyon Law Office Naomi Loo (Oregon, California) Jenna Ross (New York) Rachelle Abrahami (New York; massachusetts) Steven B. Amend, Esq. (Nevada) Attorney Law Office of Steven B. Amend Clara Ell (Oregon) Grace Rodden (New York) Kara Tebeau (Washington State) Patricia Joshi (Virginia State Bar) Jacqueline May (New York) Erin Osborn (TX) Christie Vosburg (California) Jennifer McGowan (Oregon) Erin Sougstad (New York) Amy Powers (Utah) Attorney Salt Lake Legal Defender Association Matthew T. Wissa (Illinois) Associate Winston & Strawn Thomas W. Brown (Oregon; Washington) Attorney Johanna Hartwig (California) Assistant Dean, Career Planning & Legal Community Engagement University of San Francisco School of Law Zach Strassburger (Pennsylvania, Minnesota) Kristin Hawes (Washington; New York) Maria Ochoa (Texas) Michael Romano (CA) Stanford Law School S. Elizabeth miller (California and USPTO) Attorney Law offices of Betsy Miller Sara Durston (California) Attorney Monica Peters (Texas) Shareholder QSLWM, PC Samantha Adams (Washington) Jennifer Hogle (Colorado) Ellen Pachnanda (New York) Emily Graham (California) Managing Attorney Amanda Fornwalt (California) Deborah Horne (New Mexico, Maryland) Estelina Dallett, JD (formerly, Massachusetts, DC) Former Attorney, Business Owner Jia Feng (Oregon) Attorney Matthew Bullock (California) mindy ross (california) attorney Mark Rubin (Arizona) Attorney Amanda Fornwalt (California) Ellen Taussig Conaty (Oregon) Brian S. Clarke (North Carolina) Assistant Professor of Business Law Western Carolina University Andrea Bible (NY) N. Kay Bridger-Riley (Oklahoma) Owner Bridger-Riley & Associates Emily Graham (California) Managing Attorney Britton Schwartz (California) Clinical Fellow UC Berkeley Law Aimee Sutton (Washington) Attorney Shayla Myers (California) ashley hussey (california; hawaii) attorney self Eric Boeing (California) Attorney Boeing Law Offices Gina Nicholls (California) Laura B. Podolsky (California) General Counsel Science 37, Inc. Sarah Bury (IL) Legal Analyst Mindcrest Elizabeth Zitrin (California) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Lauren Beach, JD/PhD (MN) Director of LGBTI Research Vanderbilt University Medical Center Erica Sitkoff (Illinois) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Amanda Fornwalt (California) Tara Steeley (California) The City of San Francisco Katherine Rose Carlin, Esq. (California) J. Andrew Long (Oregon; New Jersey) Debra Scheufler (California) Attorney at Law Jami Ferrara (California) Attorney Laura Walpert (Maryland) Joanne Villanueva (California) Jack Metzler (VA, DC) Khadein Hackshaw (VA - Virginia) Attorney Advisor Kathleen McDaniel (WI) Ana Claudia Guedes (California, Washington DC) Ivan W. Halperin (California) Damon Marcus Lewis (Virginia and the District of Columbia) Jeffrey Sandberg (New York) Andrea Roberts (California) Loretta Burns-Bucklew (Missouri) Chief Advocacy Officer FosterAdopt Connect Heather Mitchell (California, Illinois) Deborah Rothman, Esq. (California) Lena Hines (CA & DC) Raul Arroyo-Mendoza (California) National Juvenile Defender Center Re-entry Fellow Contra Costa County Office of the Public Defender Mindy Stannard (Oregon and Washington) Attorney McKinley Irvin Barbara Gold (None) Rebecca Kelly Arnold (New York) Jessica Park (California State Bar) Lisa Landmeier (MD and DC) President Landmeier Legal Counsel PLLC Sara Matlin (California) Averil Andrews (Florida) Katie DeLuca (Florida) Angela LaVigne (New York) Carolyn Bills (California) Tiffany Siart (California) Thomas Werge (Colorado) Attorney Werge Law LLC Kaitlyn Kim (Utah) Barbara Gold (None) Angelica Ochoa (CO) Andrew Kerr (Oregon) Barbara Gold (None) Deborah Cook (Pennsylvania) Esquire Caren Press (Colorado) Christina Wong (Washington) Thomas Dreblow (Illinois; Wisconsin) Attorney Natalie Coley-Lawrence (Maryland) Christina Scelsi (Florida, Missouri) Johnson Hua (California) Ana Baires mira (CA) Attorney Legal Services for Children Melissa R Badgett (California, Illinois & Missouri) Jesse Thomas (Idaho, Alaska) Idaho Legal Defense Marc Rubenstein (IL, CA) Sarah Dougherty (Massachusetts) Brian Roberts (California) Yogeeta Gamper (California) Attorney Yogeeta Gamper Law Bronwyn Werner (Missouri) Nina Schuyler (California) Attorney Mary Alexander (Texas, District of Columbia) Marlena Balderas (California) Policy Specialist Mid-City Community Advocacy Network Cheryl Marken (Active: MD, inactive or retired: PA, NJ, DC) Management Analyst FDIC Katherine chu (California) Commercial counsel Betty Ng (NJ) Kathleen Hopkins (WA) Member Self Alan D. Rossi. WSBA#12468 (Washington State Bar) Attorney at Law Leona Goldshaw (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Attorney Law Offices of Dimitri L. Karapelou Katherine Flannery (New York) M. August Bournique (California) Leslie F. Kline Capelle (California) Heather Stone (New York) Courtney Morgan (CA) Mary Grace Guzmán (California) Teresa M. Martinez (CA) Jonathan Tobin (California) Lena F. Masri, Esq. (MI, NY, DC) Legal Director CAIR Michigan Patricia Gates (California) Retired Attorney, Of Counsel Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld Susan P. Underwood (California) Melissa A. Pierce (MA, NH) Kiameshia McPherson (NY) Allison W. Meredith (CA) Noelani Jai, Esq. (CA and HI) Reverend Krista salas (None) Business owner Vivek Gopalan (California) Bahareh Samsami (California) Neha Desai (PA) Susan Rutberg (California (1975-2015)) Professor of Law (Retired) Emily Danies (Arizona) Attorney Stefanie M. Hall (CA) Attorney Hall Family Law Erica Phillips (Florida) Puja Pahwa (California) Blakely Hamilton (California) Ashley Thomas (Texas) Barbara Gold (None) Spencer Baldwin (New York, Washington) Jim Bamberger (Washington) Suzy semerdjian (California) Michelle Bacon (TX) Wayne Sobon (California) Kathleen Haclett (California) Cristina llop (California) Alice Liu Cook (Texas, New Mexico) Attorney Disability Rights New Mexico Lauren King (Washington, Oklahoma) Attorney Eric Lee O'Brien (California, Nevada) President / CEO Snowledge Tasneem Dohadwala (California) Ramit Mizrahi (CA, NY) Allison Elgart (California) Legal Director Equal Justice Society Tasneem Dohadwala (California) Tasneem Dohadwala (California) Cheryl L. Brill (GA) Susan Krant (Oregon and California) Partner and small business owner Graham Fisher (Oregon) Mona Badie (California) Attorney Erin Millender (New York) Wes Johnsonn (Oklahoma) Lawyer Lindley Fraley (California) Attorney Noelle Gardner (California) Sarah Schlehr (CA & NY) Aaron Goldhamer (Colorado) Leif Julen (Oregon) Michael A. Larson (Washington) Attorney Jennifer Jeffers (California) Attorney Morrison & Foerster Joanne Badua (California, Hawaii) Wes Johnsonn (Oklahoma) Lawyer Self Maria Segarra (California) Haven Claytor (California and Minnesota) Attorney at Law Natalie N. Kuehler (New York, Massachusetts, Washington) Principal Ryan & Kuehler PLLC Meena Polich (California) Michael A. Larson (Washington) Attorney Karen Lee Lust (Pennsylvania and District of Columbia) Natalie N Kuehler (Washington, Massachusetts, New York) Becca Rabin (Illinois) Attorney Lexia B. Krown (Illinois) Jason Holder (California) Attorney Vinod Shankar (Ca) Sharon R. Vinick (California) Managing Partner Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP Read Hammond (Texas) Underwriting Counsel First American Title Kelly Chen (CA) Attorney Law Office of Kelly Chen Belinda Rachman, Esq. (California) Self employed Kaylie Simon (California) Jennifer Yeh (NY, OR, GA) Liz DeVleming (Washington) Attorney Tasneem Dohadwala (California) Christina Cheung, Esq. (California and New York) Salli Anne Swartz (Pennsylvania and Paris) Partner Artus Wise Karen Wang (California) Erick Flores (New York) Brenda Chavez (CA and NY) Self-Employed Shirin Khosravi (Oregon) Laura Jarvis (California) School Psychologist Denise Barnes (Washington, D.C. and New York) Attorney Melissa Jackson Witek (Wa) Ryan Cunningham (California) Laurel Thayer (California) Attorney Erin Sutton (Illinois) Equal Justice Works Fellow/Attorney Lyudmila Bondarenko (NY, MA, WI) Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton &Garrison LLP Steve Bertil (PA & NJ) Assistant City Solicitor City of Philadelphia Debi Ryan (None) Ann Park (California) Partner Pond North LLP Danaly Barajas (California) San Diego Public Defender Bruce Frost (Oklahoma, Maryland, New York) Attorney at Law Christine Nsajja (Minnesota) Raji Nagarkar (California) Kathleen Hopkins (WA) Member Amy Morseburg (WA) Attorney at Law Law Office of Amy Morseburg Julia Althoff (California, Minnesota) Ivan W. Halperin (California) Emahn Counts, Esq (Califorina) Managing Attorney Counts Law Firm Doris H (Florida) Assistant Medical biller Douglas K. DeFratus (Texas) Daniel Winer (MA) Chester Shiu (Texas, California) Tyronda Michelle Curry (Georgia, Michigan) Terri Chen (CA) David Ward (California) In-house attorney Robyn Sokol (CA) Judy Keenan (Michigan, New York) Thomas B. Cochrane (Ohio) Yesenia Gutierrez, J. D. (OR, NY, NJ) Jill Fox (California) Emily J. Yamada (Washington) Attorney Amicus Law Group Jackie Kruger (California) Attorney Kruger law firm Ying Wang (Massachusetts) Cameron Buhl (Washington State) Executive Managing Director/Attorney Infinity Law Group, P.S. Jonathan Sayegh, Esq (Massachusetts) Claire Pendergast McCeney (New York) Mark Ressa (California) Attorney Melanie Klinghoffet (Florida) Entrepreneur Powerful Transformations Katherine Scherschel (California) Associate Covington & Burling LLP Aaron C. Brown (California) Carolyn Ogami (Hawaii) Mudassir Hussain (New York) Inbal Naveh (California) Edie Carey (Colorado) Louise M Joy, MHA, JD (State Bar of Texas) Healthcare Attorney Joy & Young LLP Maureen Murphy (WA (active) and OH (inactive)) Attorney Havneet Kaur Sethi (New York) International Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Wu (California) Associate Deputy Public Defender Alameda County Public Defender Sarah R Shuler (Florida) Eric B. Fisher (New York) Partner Binder & Schwartz LLP Tomar Brown (Pennsylvania, District of Columbia) Ann Cammett (New York) Professor of Law Udoka Nwanna (California) Professor Victoria Mesa-Estrada (Florida) Attorney Mary Mock (California) Travis Britton (West Virginia) Alfred R. Gould, Jr., Esq. (Louisiana) Attorney Self Roxanne Eberle (WA) Attorney Wild Sky Law Group, PLLC Roberta Stewart (Massachusetts, District of Columbia) Gabriel Kussin (North Carolina) Denise Katz (California and District of Columbia) Natalie Sal (West Virginia) Carol Aronoff (New York, Connecticut (Retired)) Brennan Gian-Grasso (Pa) Gian-Grasso, Tomczak, & Hufe Sally Goldfarb (District of Columbia) Natalie Sal (West Virginia) Beth Hooton (California) Madeline Stone (California) Senior Counsel Occidental Petroleum Laura Bachmann (Wisconsin) Anita Khushalani (NY DC VA) Larysa Kautz (NY, DC, MD) Alex Sarch (New York) Anup Kaur (New York) Pamela J Pedlow, Esq (Florida) Attorney The Law Office of Pamela J Pedlow, PA Tamara Piety (Florida) Professor of Law University of Tulsa Ira S. Alkalay (Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Donna M Byrne (OR, MN) Claire Aliki Collins (Massachusetts) Lawyer Lilian Leifert (VA, MD, DC) Kacey Houston Walker (MA and NY) Carol Aronoff (New York, Connecticut (Retired)) Michelle Madden Dempsey (Illinois) Professor of Law Villanova Frederick H. Ober, III (New Jersey, Pennsylvania (inactive)) Erwin Lewis (Kentucky) Gabrielle Kohlmeier (DC, NY) Colleen Lunsford (Maryland) Rebecca Elliott (New Jersey) Shannon Ryman (NY, NJ and TX) Debra Loevy (Illinois) Associate Attorney Loevy and Loevy Russell Dees (California) Comeka Anderson Diaz (Texas & Washington DC) Keri Foster (Oklahoma) Attorney Natalia Cooper (Maryland) June Roberts (reitred, MA bar) retired Lorraine Anderson (Georgia) Scott Shapiro (New York) Yale Law School Coleman Miller (New York) John H. Bogart (Utah (active), Callifornia (inactive)) Principal and Managing Member Telos VG, PLLC M. Krista Barth (Florida New York Maryland and District of Columbia) Patricia Joshi (Virginia State Bar) Anna Connolly (CA) Jessica Cushard (Illinois) Sherri Davis (Illinois) Director of Legal Services & Associate Corporate Counsel Clear Lam Packagaing Danielle Vanderzanden (MA, NH, ME, VT) Shareholder Ogletree Deakins Christina Clark (Michigan) Karen Doner (VA) Alliah Humleker (VA) Heather S. Duffy JD PhD (Non-practicing) Doctor Founder, Creative Innovation Consulting Andrea Barrow (New York, New Jersey) Attorney Patricia Joshi (Virginia State Bar) Anthony Onyrscuk (New York) Jessica Almy, J.D., M.S. (NY (2nd Department), DC, D.D.C., D.C. Cir.) Lisa Lopata (Illinois) Emily Danies (Arizona) Attorney Sarah Boyette (NY & PA) Sherry Williams (FL, NJ, NY) Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Global Chief Compliance Officer Rachel Thiessen (Pennsylvania) Bryan MacAvoy (MA, MD, DC) Solo Attorney The MacAvoy Law Office Lynda Slade (NY, Conn, FL) Alan Arnold (Georgia) David S. Law (California, DC) Charles Nagel Chair of Constitutional Law and Political Science Washington University in St. Louis Elizabeth Ann Morgan (Florida and Georgia) Managing Partner The Morgan Law Firm PC Richard Joselson (New York) Lauren Carasik (Massachusetts) Clinical Professor of Law Western New England University School of Law Rose Monahan (Maryland (2015), Pennsylvania (2016)) Michelle DeVoe (Texas) Sara Solfanelli (New York) Letitia M Maxfield (Colorado) Attorney at Law Trust & Estate Advocates LLP Amelia Boss (PA. nJ) Trustee Professor of Law Thomas R Kline School of Law Drexel University Catherine Ahlin-Halverson (Minnesota) Casey J. Mulligan (Colorado) Attorney at Law Craig Abrahamson (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Gwendolyn Gordon (New York) Professor A. Craig Abrahamson (Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota) Attorney at Law Shawna Kobel-Stone (Virginia) White Stevens Perry LLC Amy L. Cocuzza (New York) Phillip Neuman (Michigan, Wisconsin) Couzens Lansky Liz Vladeck (NY) Sadia Rahman (New York) Mark Anthony Davis (California) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Mark A Davis Mallory Silberman (Washington, DC; Maryland) V. William Scarpato, III (Colorado; Delaware) Deborah Gordon (New York, CT) Associate Professor of Law Kate Brinkley (Alabama and New York) Christy McElhaney, Esq. (New York Florida) Michael J Barker (New York) Marissa Ram (New York) Shelly Okere (Ohio, Maine) Kimberlynn Davis (Georgia) Mary Goff (Arkansas) Appellate Attorney Leah Wissow (New York) Alena weiserbs (NY, MA) Dona Playton (Wyoming and Colorado) University of Wyoming Jed Bergman (New York) Lauraill Williams (Georgia) Special Assistant Attorney General Self Elizabeth Jordan (New York) Katya Dow (Texas) Legal Program Director University of Houston Elizabeth Marshall (D.C., VA) Associate Tracy Magdalene (Massachusetts) Supervising Attorney, District Court Committee for Public Counsel Services Sandra Sheldon (California and New York) Anna Luckey (Pennsylvania) Sharon Roberg-Perez (Minnesota, Massachusetts) Attorney Robins Kaplan LLP Justine Harris (New York) Partner Sher Tremonte LLP Sara Ferrari (Colorado) Clint Dupew (Texas) Albab Dabela (New York & Washington DC) Keri Foster (Oklahoma) Attorney Ari Lessa (New york) Suzette Haas (NY) Lawyer Michelle m Hughes (Illinois) Law offices of Michelle m Hughes PC Lori Claire Petrick (Ohio) Pia Hundal (Ontario, Canada) Rachel M. Segger (CT, NY, DC) Lauren A. Goldberg (New York) Sarah Grusin (Illinois) Loevy & Loevy Lisa Freedman (New York, Colorado) Elizabeth Vieira (Minnesota) Cynthia von Schlichten (PA) Attorney Ingrid Norbergs (Texas) Texas Innocence Network Alycia Kennedy (Massachusetts) Liz Butler (NY) Associate Counsel NYS Depart of Financial Services Ashley E Lively (Pennsylvania) Attorney Jonathan Offenkrantz (NY and PA) VP and Counsel Toll Brothers Inc Dwayne King (Pennsylvania; New Jersey) Jared DeBona (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Elizabeth McCormick (Oklahoma and Connecticut) Tracy Malloy-Curtis (New York) Maite Garcia (Florida) Attorney Paula Brantner (California) Principal PB Work Solutions Miguel Nogueras (Texas) Trial lawyer Lisa DiCocco (New York State) Sarah Schlossberg (PA NJ) Kimberley Klein (Illinois State Bar Association) Natalia Santanna (MI) Attorney Laura Pho (Virginia) Attorney Jennifer Ivey-Crickenberger (Maryland) Associate Counsel Courtney French (Louisiana) Amber Fox (NY, CA, MO, DC) Evelyn Chung (New York) Alma Angotti (DC) Tahesha Osinowo (New York) Elizabeth E. Millard (Missouri) Benjamin Meyers (New York) Yvette Missri, JD (MA, DC) Katy Webb (Indiana) Attorney Ari Lessa (New york) Janine Castorina (New York, District of Columbia, Maryland) Tolu Odukoya (New York) Bejal Shah (New York) The Legal Aid Society Jori Bloom Naegele (OH (active), CO (inactive)) Partner Gary, Naegele & Theado, LLC David Seligman (Colorado, Massachusetts, New York) Attorney Towards Justice Nicholas E. Tishler (New York) Keeana Saxon (Massachusetts) Commisssioner City of Boston Meghan Moore (Michigan, Illinois) Avanti Law Group Heather Roberts (New York) Katharine Jilka (Missouri and Illinois) Partner Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young Tolu Odukoya (New York) Joseph M. Gorman (Colorado) Jonathan Willmoth (Missouri) Attorney Willmoth Immigration Law, LLC Christopher D Moseng (MN) Kasey Baker (Florida) Julia Simon-Mishel (PA) Rebecca Gauthier (New York and North Carolina) Sarah Kennedy (MA and NY) Jason P. Steed (Texas) Kristi Godden (Texas) Brenda M. Johnson (Ohio) Kathleen Miller (Connecticut Massachusetts) Meredith Graves (District of Columbia) Tanisha L. Massie (New York) Jack C. Dolance (WV) Sarah Efronson (New York) Alexandra Hutchings (Missouri) David Baddour (North Carolina) stuart hanlon (california) managing partner, hanlon and rief hanlon and rief Reidan S Fredstrom (Massachusetts) Sylvia Wilson (California) Emilie Edling (Oregon) Attorneh Jeremy Freedman (New York) Patricia Ferran (Florida) Stephanie Furgang Adwar (NY) Partner Furgang & Adwar, LLP Christopher Wild (NY) Pedro de Lencastre (New York) Ethan Wood (Pennsylvania) Caroline Cheng (NY) William Lahey (Massachusetts) Partner Anderson & Kreiger LLP Jenie Van Hampton (Indiana) Andrew Kelser (PA, DC) O'Donoghue & O'Donoghue LLP Melissa Martinelli (Massachusetts) Caroline Palmer (Minnesota) Sarah Waxman (IL) Joanna Day (District of Columbia) Compliance Consultant Morehead Compliance Consulting Jorge Sevilla (Florida) Managing Attorney The Sevilla Law Group, PLLC Shirlene K Haley (Calif) Retired Melody A Alger (RI, MA) Alger Law LLC Stacy Jordan Rodriguez (Texas) Kasey Mahoney (Michigan) Deena R. Hurwitz (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) Merle Turchik (Arizona and Illinois) President Turchik Law Firm, P.C. Dileep Rao (Texas) Patent Attorney David Jury (Pennsylvania) Associate General Counsel United Steelworkers Gabrielle Russell (New York) Attorney Amy J. Finkelstein (Colorado) Amy J. Finkelstein, Attorney at Law LLC Michael Hoffmann (NY) Katherine Kaso-Howard (California) Litigation Counsel Apple Inc. Renee Faulkemberry (Oklahoma) Attorney at Law Kelly Altschul (Wisconsin) Attorney The State of Wisconsin Sarah Rheagan Alexander (New York) Alycia Kennedy (Massachusetts) Michael A. Perino (New York) Dean George W. Matheson Professor of Law St. John's University School of Law Junine Johnson (NY, FL, NC) Attorney Helen Sullivan-Looney (New Hampshire) J. Katz (California) Catherine Merino Reisman (PA, NJ) Partner Lisa Perez (Virginia) Cecilia Kremer (Massachusetts) Mia Garcia (Texas) Senior Counsel McKesson Corp Jennifer LaTosch (Michigan) Attorney Alicia Alvarez (Illinois, Michigan) Gretchen Daniel (Texas) Rachel K. Speller (Tennessee) In-House Counsel Erum Syed (California) Attorney Ivy Tech Lillian Bozonie (Texas) Stephanie Myott (Michigan) Elizabeth Martin (Illinois, New York, Colorado, D.C.) Betsy Tucker (North Carolina) Division Counsel Avier Gaitan (Florida and Illinois) David William Van Etten (California State Bar) Aleida Conners (Minnesota) Associate Attorney Helen Pinkston-Pope (Georgia) Claudia Wilner (New York) Carole A. LoConte Tedesco (MA) Attorney Tedesco Law Offices, P.C. Kate Garland (Ohio) Janine Laird (MN) Director of MN Justice Foundation MN Justice Foundation Gordon Hartman (Georgia) Robin Thorner (Texas) Suzanne Chester (NC State Bar) John Vigorito (Ohio) Associate Attorney J. Hassman (New York) M. Khurram Baig (Georgia) Managing Member The Baig Firm Robert L. Tsai (Georgia) Professor of Law American University Ellen L. Marks (Illinois) Partner Latham & Watkins, LLP Andrew H Foster (North Carolina) Clinical Professor of Law Duke Law School Leslie Rudy (IL, TX, TN, KY) Sandra Bernstein (Maryland and DIstrict of Columbia) Emily Miller (Texas) Chesley H. Davis (MA, RI) Tara Tieman (Tennessee) Lawyer and Small Business Ownee Five Points Pizza Jennifer Bush (CA) Dmetria C. Gibson (Georgia) Melissa Rifkin (Massachusetts) Lauren Medel, Esq (Texas (TX)) Attorney at Law The Law Office of Lauren C Medel PLLC Marisa Capra-Cunningham (California and New York) Lauren Ackert (CA) William Patterson (Illinois) Juliet Gobler, Esq. (New York and New Jersey) Robert J. Castagna (Oregon) Ava Blake (Georgia) Selena Medlen (California) Emily Popp (New York, Illinois) Attorney Nancy Kuemin (Michigan) Christopher Perre (New York, Florida) Bridget Kennedy (California) Trial Attorney Katherine Meger Kelsey (Indiana) Attorney Robert A. McNew (Ohio, New York, Georgia, and North Carolina) Christine Keller (California) Jan Whitacre (Iowa) Allan Horwich (Illinois) Professor of Practice Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Kym Watt (Oklahoma) Attorney Youngjae Lee (New York) Professor of Law Fordham University School of Law Jillian Adelsberg (Connecticut) Charlene Stewart Barnaba (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Attorney Elizabeth Clark (Illinois) Attorney Mary Huft (California State Bar) Deputy Public Defender Santa Barbara County Public Defender's Office Jenifer Keenan (GA, MO) Attorney Alston & Bird Sasha Tulgan (New York, Massachusetts) Amanda Berndt (IL, UT) Steve Scudder (NH) Kelsey Kelley (Minnesota, Iowa) Zachary Brandwein (Maine, Massachusetts) Maggie Filler (CA, MA) Staff Attorney Daniel S. Gordon (New York) Christopher Hart (DC, MD, MA) Carah Helwig (Texas (active) and Wisconsin (inactive)) Amy V. Morales-Knight (Texas) Attorney At Law Terri Seligman (NY, CA, MA) Partner Frankfurt Kurnit Amanda Goad (California and New York) J. Wayne Thomas (Tennessee) Lynn Whitney (Massachusetts state bar, Massachusetts federal bar, and Supreme Court) Attorney Whitney and Pacheco Tatiana Christensen (Utah) Crystle L. Carrion, Esq. (Tennessee) Anthony G. Puopolo II (Massachusetts) Andrew W Cowan (MA) Rebecca Kristall (IL) Claire Hankin (NY) Associate Wilson Elser RobertKramer (New Jersey, District of Columbia) Law Office of Robert P. Kramer Sonya Linton (NC) Attorney Law Office of Sonya Linton Dylan Hendricks (California) Maria L Garcia (Texas) Pamela Gully (Maryland) Faculty Saint Joseph's College of Maine Robert S. Baker (West Virginia (active), California (inactive)) Attorney at Law Meisha A. Powell (New York) Litigation Attorney Jennifer Robinson (CA, NC) Staff Attorney Sarah Austin (Georgia) Kristy Woolf (MD, DC) Anthony Boskovich (California) Attorney Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich Mladenka Rodriguez (Indiana) David Glod (Massachusetts) Rich May, P.C. Juan Renteria (Texas) Attorney Ming Hsu Chen (Inactive) Professor University of Colorado Iulia Fradkin (PA) Bethany Mazura (New York) Sarah Cable (Tennessee and the District of Columbia) Ana Devereaux (MI) Staff Attorney Michigan immigrant rights center Ty Booker (New York) Valerie Wagner (CA) Partner Private Firm Amy Kennedy (California) Deputy Public Defender Stanislaus County Ellen Schneider (Florida) Attorney Lewis Armstrong III (Texas) Attorney Sara Peloquin (California) Statia Peakheart (California and Oklahoma) Cheri Elson-Sperber (California) Jarret McNeill (Florida) Ashley Singletary-Claffee (Virginia and DC) Cecilia Kremer (Massachusetts) Chloe Dillon (California) Joseph Terrenzio (WA, OR, IL) Sections Program Lead Washington State Bar Association Rachel S. Coen (California & Massachusetts) Robin Boyle Laisure (NY) Professor of Legal Writing Megan Hamilton (Florida, Louisiana) Margaret Lenzi (PA) NancyJean Petro, Esquire (Pennsylvania) Hart Passman (Illinois) Ben Weiss (Minnesota) Erin Shinneman (New York and California) Kathleen Maloney (New York) Lawyer The Legal Aid Society Joseph Hutchinson (New York) Associate Shearman & Sterling LLP Alesha Donoso (California) Attorney at Law Ronald J Offenkrantz (New York) John Lund (Utah, Colorado , Wyoming) Latisha Rivera, Esq. (Texas and Maryland) Jean Siska (Michigan, Nevada Texas) Of Counsel Craig Rainey (Oklahoma) Self Employed. Former GC of Fortune 200 Company Erika Donner (MN, KS) Associate Attorney Chavi Keeney Nana (NY) Nina Pickering-Cook (Massachusetts) Associate Elora Mukherjee (NY; NJ) Associate Clinical Professor of Law Columbia Law School Hema Sarang-Sieminski (MA) Immigration Attorney Megan Bentley (Oregon) Andrea Belard (Illinois) Staff Attorney Chakira Ga (Texas and Maryland) Corporate Counsel Teneille Brown (MD and DC (inactive)) Professor of Law University of Utah Jordan Isaacs (Colorado) Attorney Tony DeMarco (Massachusetts; Federal 1st Circuit) Sandeep Kandhari (New York) Cassandra McNair (Indiana) Attorney at Law Karl Olsen (Nevada, California) Shareholder Parsons Behle & Latimer Elizabeth Holtz (Maryland) For All Animals June Kitagawa (CA) Diane S. Sykes (Oregon) Attorney Elise Epner (CT, MA) Giselle Schuetz (New York) Harold Israel (Illinois) Parner Lynn Adams (Connecticut) Legal Counsel Kari White (Ohio) Megan Parker-Johnson (Massachusetts) Associate Attorney CORY ROTH (Texas) Attorney Earl Burton Hathaway III (Maryland, Maine) Counselor-at-Law Ashlyn Capote (Michigan, New York) Nicholas Gertler (Washington DC) Kathy Quant (California) Attorney L. A. Public Defender's Office Haroon Manjlai (California) Attorney Jo Ann Novoson (California) Attorney Denise Millon (Georgia) Jose M. Sabalbaro (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Lily Becker (Pennsylvania) Associate, Litigation Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Kathleen Haclett (California) Stuart Sherman (New York and Massachusetts) Emily Strunk (New York, District of Columbia) Kathleen Haclett (California) Dora Rose (Ohio, California, Pennsylvania) Catherine Villanueva (Michigan) attorney Rachel Jones (California) April D. Miller (Oklahoma) Betsy Gwin (Massachusetts) Daniel E. Caputi (New York) Erin Brennan (California) Elizabeth Small (MA, CT, DC) Director, Reproductive Legal Counsel Curtis Fisher (Oklahoma) Attorney The Fisher Law Office, PLLC Hillary Schwab (MA, NY) Nishanth Chari (NY & CA) Associate Patricia Germer-Coolidge (Colorado) Anna M. Hill (Michigan; California) Ashley Steele (Texas) Daniel M. Kowalski (Colorado, Washington, Texas) Editor, Bender's Immigration Bulletin Allott Immigration Law Firm Sarah Burke (California) Burke ADR Julie Fehrenbacher (Illinois) Renee Love (California) Leslie Gerstein (Nj) General counsel Laurel Kaufer (California) Craig Bloom (Texas) Legal Counsel Kristen Rau (Illinois, Minnesota) Attorney Monica Youn (NY) Geoffrey A Hoffman (Florida) Molly Mikuljan (New York) Cheryl Akin (California) Tax Counsel Michael A. Discenza (New York State) Attorney Daniela bartolo (New York State) Attorney Catherine Clemmens (New York) Attorney Miles Cooley (California) Lawyer Matthew George (California) Laura Trice (California, New York) Spring Alice Miller (Tennessee) Charles F. Pelkey (Wyoming) Attorney, State Representative (Wy HD45) Neubauer, Pelkey and Goldfinger, LLP Sarah Paoletti (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, District of Columbia) Practice Professor of Law, Director Transnational Legal Clinic University of Pennsylvania Law School Victoria Britton, Esq. (NJ, CT, MA) Halina Schiffman-Shilo (New York State) Staff Attorney Natalie Nanasi (TX, NY, DC) Assistant Professor SMU Dedman School of Law Joe Cronk (Georgia) Luis Mancheno (New York, Colorado) Clinical Teaching Fellow Cardozo Law School Immigration Justice Clinic Terrance cheung (California) Kim Thuy Seelinger (NY) Director, Sexual Violence Program, Human Rights Center Univ. of California, Berkeley, School of Law Eva P. Vekos (Vermont, Mass, NY) Mary Wells (Georgia, Florida) Jan Datomi (California) Lauren Gilbert (Florida, District of Columbia) Professor of Law St. Thomas University School of Law David Reiss (NY, CA) Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Theresa Moser (NY, CT) Piper L. Bringhurst (New York & California) University of Arizona Paul S. Mandel (Massachusetts, retired) Retired Attorney Mandel Home Improvements, Inc Tiffany Hosey (VA, MD, DC, NJ) Jonathan Rapping (Georgia / Washington DC) Professor Atlanta's John Marshall Law School Janelle Carney (California) Lindsay M. Harris (California) Assistant Professor of Law UDC David A. Clarke School of Law Christy Tobin (KY) Emmanuel Logan Brown (Pennsylvania) Corporate Associate Roxana Bacon (Arizona) Former Chief Counsel, USCIS/DHS Andrea N. Capua (Florida and North Carolina) di Santi Watson Capua Wilson & Garrett, PLLC Megan Backsen (Alaska) Catherine Courtenay Miller (Georgia) JD, MAT Philip Lee (NY, MA) Associate Professor of Law UDC David A. Clarke School of Law Sean M. Phelan (Washington, New York) Partner Frank Freed Subit & Thomas Mary Tolle (Georgia) Attorney Lidiana Rios (Colorado) Leeann thornhill (Ky) Attorney Hannah Weinstein (California) Julie Aarlev (NJ, MA) Matthew D. Winfrey (Missouri) Miriam Gregory, Esq. (California) Mariya Volzhskaya (Illinois) Rebecca Sharpless (Florida, Washington State) Professor Mariela Olivares (Texas (inactive); Washington D.C.) Associate Professor of Law Howard University School of Law Cara Hirsch (New York) Elizabeth Riles (California) Managing Shareholder Bohbot & Riles, PC Emily Kuznick (NY) Nancy Ehrenreich (Colorado & Virginia) Professor of Law University of Denver Laurie Morin (DC, MA) Professor University of the District of Columbia School if Law Amanda Burleigh (Texas; New York) Mark Soto (New York) Staff Attorney - Legal Aid Society Legal Aid Society Jason Cade (Georgia) Alexis Dunton (Illinois) Clint Dupew (Texas) Phyllis Verdugo (California) Elizabeth Erickson (California) Adam Zanetis (Tennessee) Attorney Kristin Ladd (Colorado) Deputy State public defender Jacqueline A. Rogers (Delaware) Eileen J. Shuman (Georgia) Lawyer Nantiya Ruan (California, Colorado, New York) Professor of the Practice of Law University of Denver Sturm College of Law Amber Leaders (WA) Attorney Elizabeth Mellon (Delaware) Allison Reynolds (Pennsylvania) Attorney The Law Office of Allison Reynolds Rachel Ewing (California) Law Firm Director Julianne Spears (California) Laura Haley (Texas) Attorney Autumn Francois (CA, DC) Ann Crowley (Massachusetts) Mark Friedman (NJ, NY) Julia Bennett (California) Louise Howeĺls (District of Columbia) Professor of Law Amy Kratz (Washington State Bar) David Gartenberg (New York, New Jersey) Patrick E. McCormick (California) Associate Liner LLP Lenni Benson (Arizona, California) Susan Stark (California) Kimberly White (AL, TN) David B. Thronson (New York, Massachusetts, Michigan) Professor of Law Michigan State University College of Law ALISON KENT-FRIEDMAN (New York) Gary Maher (NJ, PA) Partner Joseph Buller (Georgia) Ani Kanburiyan (New York) Elissa Steglich (Texas, New York and New Jersey) Alan Hyde (CA) Distinguished Professor Rutgers Law School Dorothy F. Kowey (Pennsylvania, New jersey) Attorney Iliana Peters, JD, LLM (Tennessee) John di Bene (Washington DC, California) Danielle M. Lang (New York, California) Laurel Siegel (Massachusetts) Louis N. Schulze, Jr. (MA, FL) Assistant Dean and Professor Autumn Paine (California) Melissa Huelsman (CA and WA) Attorney David Nguyen (Texas) Attorney Rebecca Watson (DC; Maryland) Liz Griffin (Colorado) Colorado Public Defender Genia Lindsey (New Mexico) Sarah Hooper (California) John T. Baker (Colorado) Board Member National Institute for Trial Advocacy Board of Trustees Andrea Gold (Illinois, District of Columbia, Maryland) Arian Sultan Rothman (NY) Patrick K. Nightingale, Esquire (PA, Western District of PA, Third Circuit Court of Appeals, United States Supreme Court) PKN Law Yuxi Tian (New York) Indy Colbath (California) Attorney Vanessa Merton (New York) Professor of Law Pace University Hannah Strom (CO (inactive status)) Cynthia Morgan-Reed (California) Attorney Jo Martin (Massachusetts) Ann Troxler (New York) Attorney Geico Nicole Hoikka, Esq. (California) Attorney at Law Rachael Gardiner (California) M.A. Dalton (Tennessee) Cassandra Cummings (Nevada) Sarah Walters (District of Columbia) Anne E. Armstrong (New York) Associate Attorney Thomas E. Shakow (DC, Virginia, Maryland, California) JL Flanagan (IL, DC) Mary Berkheiser (Arizona) Ben Perry (AL, TN) Attorney Mikael Rojas (California) Sean Stewart (Colorado) Attorney Stevens Littman Biddison LLC Lyndsay Medlin (North Carolina) Elizabeth M. Fox (Georgia) Senior Attorney Lauren Clark Rad (California) Adonia R. Simpson (Massachusetts) Julia Guarino (Montana, Colorado, Arizona) Ellen G. Friedman (Kentucky) Stephanie Moll (Missouri, Illinois, Colorado) Attorney Kenley Farmer (SC, DC) Kristen Brenchley (District of Columbia and California) Evan R. Sorem (CA) Deputy Attorney General CA Department of Justice Emily J. Leader (Pennsylvania) Jennifer Kirby-McLemore (Tennessee) U.S. Bankruptcy Court Lisa Hallowell (Pennsylvania) Attorney Katherine Atkinson (MD) Partner Wilkenfeld, Herendeen & Atkinson Kristen Welsh (VA, DC) Heather Wright (NC and TN) Attorney Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP H. Briana Levine (New Jersey) Jason Lloyd Miller (NY State.) Murray I.A. Gregorson (New York and Texas) Attorney at Law Eugene Ohm (DC) Public Defender Tammy PengCA (CA) Mark Goldstein (New York) Mary Clay Morgan (Mississippi and Arkansas) Lisa Ferguson Walker (California) Alena weiserbs (NY, MA) Suzanne Andrews, Esq. (Florida) Hannah Kaplan (New York) Raina Urton (Minnesota) Leslie Garfield Tenzer (New York, Florifa) Professor of Law Pace Law School Colin Wilhelm (Colorado; Massachusetts) Shonita Black (Ohio) Attorney/Professor University of Cincinnati Jonathan Klein (California) Managing Partner Kelly, Hockel & Klein PC Laurie Landsittel (Georgia) Attorney Hire Counsel Kari Rudd (CA and MN) Laura Flanagan (New York) General Counsel - CCO Joseph M Kerber (Minnesota) Meaghan Carey (New York) O'Reilly Stoutenburg Richards LLP Nina Ward (Colorado) Michelle McMahon (NY, CA, DE and CT) partner Bryan Cave LLP Marie Stefanini Newman (New York) Professor of Law Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Colleen Naseem (Virginia, District of Columbia) Tien Tien (Florida) Johanna S. Wilson (California and New York) Jason Holder (California) Attorney Laura Washburn (Alabama, Texas and District of Columbia) Partner Iris Packman (Maryland; DC) Maha Ibrahim (California) Attorney Jeanne McGuire (Michigan) Thara Russell (New York, District of Columbia) Sarah S Barr (Kansas) Attorney at Law Nadine Figueroa (Florida) Attorney Deborah G. Radin (California) partner Hanna stotland (Illinois) Mary Mecartney (California) Attorney Anne N. Hill (New Hampshire) Markita D. Cooper (California) Professor of Law Bridget J. Crawford (NY) Professor of Law Pace University Kristen Ford (Texas) Sara Mendoza (Minnesota) Lena Ryan (California, Arizona) Pamela L. Millard (Delaware) Attorney at Law Gregory Campora (Connecticut, New York) Kimberly McCreight (New York) Blanka Wolfe (New York) James B. Robertson (Alabama, Illinois) Shana Tabak (New York) Professor Georgia State Law Gretchen Bellamy (Maryland) Andrea Miller (Minnesota) Visiting Assistant Professor University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Evan Gelles (Minnesota) Staff Attorney Marikit Bankston (Georgia) Maggie Morgan (New York) Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic Samantha Eisner (California) Joshua Lay-Perez (Oregon) Attorney Michael Silver (New York) Tuyet T. Nguyen (CA) Attorney Jeffrey A. Mandell (WI, IL, DC) Kaitlin Andrews (NY) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Society Nancy Kelly (Massachusetts) Senior Clinical Intructor/Lecturer on Law Harvard Law School Timothy Ho (Texas) Niyati Shah (NY NJ) Kate OHara (AZ) Retired Jay Dunham (Oklahoma, Washington) Attorney at Law Jack Meoff (California) Heather Brock (Florida) Partner Marissa Gluck (New York) Vera Zolotaryova (NY) Hallie Prest (Minnesota) Jason Parkin (New York, Connecticut) Visiting Associate Clinical Professor of Law Columbia Law School Denise E. Brogan-Kator (Michigan) Director of State Policy Family Equality Council James Fishman (New York) Professor of Law, Emeritus Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Tal Levy (California) Caroline Conway (NY) Adriana Rojas (MA, NY) Ethan Prall (Texas, D.C.) Matthew Hulstein (Illinois) Paul Kavanaugh (Missouri) attorney Rollins/Kavanaugh Sharon E. Frase (CA, NY) Amanda Franklin (North Carolina) Senior Associate Becky Owen (Minnesota) Attorney-at-Law Richard Ottinger (NY, DC, Supreme Court) Dean Emeritus Elizabeth Haub Law School at Pace Univeristy Jill Breslau (Maryland, Florida, Colorado) Shayna Eichen (New York) Emily Aldridge (New York) Miriam Marton (OK, NY, MI) Gabrielle V. Davis (New York) Nicole Girault (NY) Naila S. Awan (Ohio and New York) Counsel Demos Sarah Long (Nevada and California) Attorney Krista Glaser (CA) Vanessa Candelaria (California) Law Offices of Vanessa Candelaria, P.C. Angelica Ochoa (CO) Katrina Pradelski (IL, MI) Carolyn Glosby (Ohio; Michigan) Nancy Tompkins (MA, CA) California First District Court of Appeal Virginia K Anderson (VA) Sean Dormer (Colorado) Member Dormer, Harpring & Gray, LLC Andrina Zink, esq. (ME) Kristopher Torres (Florida) Attorney Berman and Berman Logan Mussman (Arizona) Attorney Martha I. Morgan (Alabama, District of Colombia) Professor Emerita University of Alabama School of Law Katherine A. Scanlon (CT, PA, NY) Marti Morgan (Florida (91879)) Assistant Public Defender Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office Claudia Center (CA) Senior Staff Attorney, Disability Rights ACLU Raquel Vallejo (California) Trial Attorney Farmers Insurance Hong-An Vu (California) Praveen Kosuri (Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois) Erin C. Fuse Brown (California, Hawaii) Assistant Professor of Law Georgia State University College of Law Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Alexandra Tsiros (MD, DC) Carlin Yamachika (California, Oregon) Sarah McGee (Minnesota) Assistant General Counsel Tabitha Y. Clark, Esq. (New Jersey) Aaron DeGraffenreidr (Maryland State Bar) Bryn Starbird (CA) Terri Tessier (California) Beverly Jones Sill (Georgia) Elizabeth Hoefer (Texas) Lindsy Doucette (Nebraska and Washington (Pending Oath)) Vice President and Underwriting Counsel FNTG Jean Farrell (New York, New Jersey) Michael Vargas (New York) Associate Edward L. Brant (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Andrew Coffman (Tennessee) Cynthia Dahl (PA, NY) Practice Associate Professor of Law Nida Hasan (Maryland, District of Columbia) Elisabeth A. Sinclair (Texas) Attorney at Law Steven Ettinger (Pennsylvania) Amy Detisch (Ohio) Ana Crawford (Ohio) Kathleen L Lee (Indiana) Mary Williams (Pennsylvania, North Carolina (inactive)) Of Counsel (Attorney) Alpa Amin (Georgia) Hassan mahamud (Minnesota) Compliance consultant Minnesota department of human rights Nancy Alisberg (CT and NY) Alyssa Scott (Illinois) Attorney Brett P. Clark (Montana, Minnesota) Amanda Swaim (Colorado) Ted Roe (Oregon) Attorney Roe Law Firm Meredith Wade (MA) Julian Gross (California) Law Office of Julian Gross John M Kelsey (New York) Daniel Frech (Ohio) Ryan T. Cox (Colorado and Florida) Andrew Levitt (New York) Monica Smith (California) Contracts Officer Amanda Aronoff (Pennsylvania) Ed Goines (California) General Counsel Alison Tomasco (PA, NJ, NY) Rachel A. Scotch (MA and CT) Attorney Lucy S. Clippinger (New York, District of Columbia) Daniel James Barnes (TN) Senior Associate Rocco & Griffin, PLLC Emma R. Rebhorn (NJ, PA) General Counsel Health Professionals & Allied Employees, AFT/AFL-CIO Stuart Green (DC, PA) Dist. Professor of Law Rutgers University Julia Althoff (California, Minnesota) Jessica Baumgarten Baggenstos (CA, OR, DC) Attorney Duffy Kekel LLP Cheryl Fischer (California State Bar) Seth Fellenstein (Oklahoma) Emma Greenman (Minnesota) The Center for Popular Democracy Amira Hasenbush (California) Jim Kepner Law and Policy Fellow The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law Beth Stickney (Massachusetts) Attorney steve lawrenz (washington) Rachel Chambers (Minnesota) Ginger L. Odom (IL) Assistant Appellate Defender State of Illinois Julie Ruiz-Sierra (California) Heather Wilde (New York, New Mexico, Washington) Attorney Aisha U-Kiu (State Bar of Texas) Cathy Dreyfuss (California) Attorney at Law Kevin Schneider (Illinois) Attorney Stephanie Aycart (Florida) Assistant state attorney Miami dade state attorney's office Deborah Hoetger (California) Attorney Robin Packel (California) Lars Shallberg (California) Attorney at Law Surf City Crumunal Defense James Harrigan (California, U.S. Federal Courts) International Legal Expert Self-employed, formerly USAID and UNDP Christina Peters (California) Jennifer D. Taddeo (MA, MD) Pazit Zohar (State Bar of California) Attorney Law and Mediation Office of Pazit Zohar Rebekah L. Fletcher (Washington) Louis Shansky (Illinois) Jacob Westen (MO) Sue E. Lunbeck (California) Rhonda Neuhaus (MD, MA, DC) Sarah Varela (CA, AZ, NV) Aundrea Smith (CA) Jacquelyn Berman (Massachusetts) Comm. of MA Dept Dev. Disabilities Bettye Hynson Kehrer (Georgia and Missouri) Kathleen Delaney (North Carolina) Attorney Geeta Dharmappa (D.C.; New York) Ann Anderson (North Carolina) Associate Professor of Law Emily Dolina (Oklahoma) Eliza Finley (California) Monica Devens (California) Alicia Connor (Rhode Island and Massachusetts) Dan Hegwer (California) Barrett Price (North Carolina and Colorado) Laureen Tyler Dodd (Virginia) Law Office of Laureen Tyler Dodd LINDSEY WILKES (VIRGINIA & MARYLAND) PARTNER KAYI & WILKES PLLC Lovely Thomas-McCracken (NC) Attorney at Law Kathryn Burton (California) Elizabeth Haley (Maryland, DC) Mary E. Lorenz (Louisiana) Teri Vela (Nevada) Jonathan F. Hung (Ohio State Bar) Attorney Andrea Hanner (Colorado, North Carolina) Juan Camilo Mendez (California) M Isabel Medina (District of Columbia) Justin Grant (Arizona) William Nguyen (California) Staff Counsel California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Julie Goldobin (CA) Corporate Counsel Model N Inc. Devon Holmes, Esq. (Maryland, Kentucky) Elizabeth Stout (Maine) Attorney Maine Community Law Center Ariel Xue (New York) Colleen Flannery (California) State of California Deborah M. Weissman (New York, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina) Professor Hailey Yeager (California) Sarah Ruby (California) Attorney Jessica Starkman (New jersey) Suzanne Lieberman (Colorado) Ashley T. Adams (Alabama) Attorney Gaines Gault Hendrix, P.C. Erin Forstag (Oregon) Felicia Soleil (Washington) Attorney at Law Family Law Resolutions Matthew J. Owens (Illinois) Associate Miner, Barnhill & Galland Whitney Stowe (Washington) Sarah Park (New York) Katherine E Saitas (Oregon, Washington) Randi Dufault (Minnesota) Lauren Groth (Colorado, Illinois) Attorney Paul R. Shankman (CA) Attorney Hinds & Shankman, LLP Janet Kim (California) Legal Aid Society of San Diego Briana E. McCarthy (California) Attorney, Civil Litigator McCarthy & Kroes Annie Hsu (New York) Julia R. Hayes (Texas) Jenna Novela (California) Shanti Eagle (California) Attorney Meredith, Weinstein & Numbers, LLP Karen Bay Fox, Esq. (Maine) Ella Callow (California) American Citizen The People Monique Muggli (MN) Andrea Grill (Pennsylvania; Maryland; Washington, DC) Associate General Counsel Victoria Noel (Iowa) Attorney Mayer, Lonergan & Rolfes Nancy Theberge (California) attorney Cynthia Ragona (GA, CA) Elizabeth Alfred (Massachusetts) Jessica Gallegos (Georgia) Associate Attorney mana barari (CA, NY) senior staff attorney Legal Aid Society- Employment Law Center Sarah Goldberg (Florida) Alissa Carter Verson (Illinois) Bradley Coleman (Illinois) M. Imad Khan (Texas) Sr. Associate, Adjunct Law Professor Anupam Chander (NY) Ayodele Gansallo (New York) Senior Staff Attorney Addya Bhowmick (New York) Andrew Sta. Ana (New York) Dakota Duncan (Oregon State Bar) Co-Founder, CEO Rising Owl Studios Carrie Collier-Brown (Texas, District of Columbia) Attorney Jacob Sider (California) Jessica Mann Gutteridge (New York) Shannon R. Doty (Minnesota) Attorney At Law Katie Padilla (California) Jill Dinneen (NY and NH (inactive in NH)) Lilah Rosenblum (MD, DC) Rachel Horne (Minnesota) Crystal Szogi (Pennsylvania) Chinyelu Kambui Lee (Virginia State Bar, District of Columbia Bar) Janet Horne (NY) Dawn Popp (Maryland) Attorney Aruna Prabhala (California) Rachel C. Perlman (Illinois) Pamela Sullivan (New York) Emma Leheny (CA) Senior Counsel Alexis Blane (New York) Alicia Rinaldi (MA) Jayme Walker (California) Partner Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer Cynthia Arn (Maine) attorney Landis Arn & Jaynes PA Shain M. Neumeier (Oregon, New York & Massachusetts) Sandra Le (California, District of Columbia) Senior Contracts Associate Gilead Sciences Seth Aram Steinzor (Vermont) Benjamin Mickle, Esq. (New York and Massachusetts) Associate Nadine L. Burg (California) Attorney Law Offices of Nadine L. Burg Indra Lusero (Colorado) Victoria Reinhart (nee Tomei) (Texas) Sandra DeMeo (Ca) Scott Rome (District of Columbia, Maryland) Attorney Shelby D. Green (New York) Professor of Law Elisabeth Haub School of Law, White Plains, NY Jason Lloyd Miller (NY State.) Jason Lloyd Miller (NY State.) Jeannette Frey, Esq. (Massachusetts) Jason Lloyd Miller (NY State.) Karen E Bravo (NY, MA, DC) Professor Rebecca Erlichman (Massachusetts) Attorney At Law Virginia Knowlton Marcus (California, DC) Susan Krumplitsch (California) Nesli Pipkins (New York) Misha Seay (California) Senior Staff Attorney Virginia Knowlton Marcus (California, DC) Cynthia M. Pring (Colorado) Retired Michael H. Wilbur (Colorado) Attorney at Law Erica Smilevski (New York) Jennifer K. Payne (NC) Member-Manager Payne & Associates, PLLC Grace Meng (New York, California) Elisa Della-Piana (California) Legal Director Veronica Joya (New York) Staff Attorney Nicholas J. Reeder (New York, Virginia) Nabil Bisharat (California) Maya S. Zahn Rhine (Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota) Attorney NIcole Simon (California) Partner Landau, Hess, Simon & Choi Rebecca M. Young (Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Rebecca M. Young, Attorney at Law Amy Kaye (California) Attorney at Law Rachel Feinman (Florida New York) Adriane E. Price (New York; New Jersey) Ester Blair, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Jeanne Barrans (Washington State) Limited License Legal Technician Brewe Layman, P.S. Nickole Miller, Esq. (California) Managing Attorney Fabian Lima (PA & NJ) Ana Moraga Archila (California) Attorney Virginia Knowlton Marcus (California, DC) Monica Valdez (Texas) Michelle Feigen Zeamer (Massachusetts) General Counsel Abbess Instruments and Systems, Inc. Tobey Goldfarb (California) Carolyn Young (Connecticut, New York) Kimberly A. Millington, Esq. (California) Susan Kerns (Indiana) Lindsay Coveney (California and Massachusetts) Corey Edmonds (Washington) Tom McDonnell (New York and California) Pilar Ferguson (California) Equal Justice Works Fellow Kids In Need of Defense Amanda M. Willis, Esq. (NC, MA) Tiger Jackson (Texas) David R. Dow (Texas) Professor of Law and History, University of Houston and Rice University Kimberly Bennett (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Celine DinhJanelle (California) Attorney Juliet Huang (Illinois) Attorney Abigail Rezneck (California) Suzette Haas (NY) Lawyer Paula Johnson (N/A) United Health Care Mary Nagel (Illinois) Assistant Professor The John Marshall Law School Tim Caballero (California) Leana Stormont (Virginia) Senior Attorney Jenny Anne Martz (New York) Christine Sommella (NV & NY) VP & Sr. AGC Fatima Alloo (California) Litigatior Theresa Ardal Connor (Washington State Bar Association) Attorney Jed Lewin, Esq. (NY) Acting National Director of Courts and Government Engagement Bloomberg BNA Nicole Ochi (California) Impact Litigation - Supervising Attorney Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles Calyn Arnold (Pennsylvania and Colorado) Associate Attorney Pilan Chenhansa (California) Alexis Stone (New York) Lawyer Michael B. Mushlin (New York) Professor of Law Pace Law School Laurie Reiz Altman (Florida) Juan Dotson (California, USPTO) Attorney Osuna & Dotson Law Firm Cynthia J. Starke (Oregon) Assistant General Counsel Portland State University Gretchen Garnecho (New York) Miriam Barcimanto (Colorado, Massachusetts) Attorney WeatherSure Leah Engle (Illinois) Arthur Duggan, Jr. (California) Elisa Laird-Metke (California) Lara Johnson (Virginia, D.C.) Jean Simeon (New York) Associate Carol Igoe (CA) Nikhita Ved (Texas) Legal Services Manager SAFE Alliance Elena Ahn (New York) Tania Karina Vargas (California) Directing Attorney Immigrant Defenders Law Center Rachel Haverkorn (Texas) Tim Fox (California, Colorado) Kira Elert (Illinois) Katherine Schreiber (Pennsylvania) Dan Mitton (INDIANA) Vue Yang (Wisconsin State Bar) Assistant Corporation Counsel Chandra Brantley (CA) Ann M. Roan (Colorado) Caroline McGlamry (Georgia, California) Attorney Virginia Joehl (Maryland) Attorney Andrea Pittel (Minnesota) Attorney John Kulesz (Michigan) Lissa Griffin (New York) James D. Hopkins Professor of Law Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Emily Foster (Texas, Maryland) Lauren Dayton (New York and Georgia) John A. Dunn (New York) Kristen Heckman (New York) Attorney at Law Guadalupe T. Luna (Minnesota) Professor Emerita Aarti Kohli (California) Interim Executive Director Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus Willliam H. Shibley (California and Idaho) Attorney at Law Tran Meltzer (Ca) Rachel Stanton (New York) Attorney Janelle Carney (California) Heather Eastwood (California) Esq Katherine J. Chapman (Texas) Staff Attorney Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Cabrini Center Rebecca Kristall (IL) Lisa McGee (Wyoming) Steven M. Rehaut (California) Attorney Gilbert & Sackman, a Law Corporation Veronica Williams (Pennsylvania) Frank Calabrese (PA) Associate Director, ISSS Kamali P. Willett (New York, Massachusetts) Brittany M. Bloam (Pennsylvania) Jennifer Dalman (North Carolina) Member Attorney Walker Lambe PLLC Christina M. Milien (Illinois & Missouri) Attorney Timothy P. Piatt (Ohio) Attorney Macala & Piatt, LLC Steckley Lee (NY, FL) Ayan M. Afridi (NJ, NJ) Associate Auburn Daily (California) Senior Counsel Dignity Health Kristi Godden (Texas) Charlotte Croson (Michigan) Thomas M Gutting (Texas Bar No. 24067640) Robert Burwell (California) Member Mintz Levin Kate Levine (New York) Asst Prof of Law St. John's U Sch of Law Michelle Jacobson-Kwok (CA) Attorney at Law List Jacobson-Kwok Thorndal, LLP Glen Savits (New Jersey, New York) Zeba Huq (California) Katherine Wrenshall (Pennsylvania and West Virginia) Brackett Smith (West Virginia) Eric Thompson, Esq. (Massachusetts) Kristine Burk (CA) Chief Deputy Public Defender Sonoma County Editha Rosario-Moore (Illinois) Assistant Appellate Defender Amy Olli (Ny) gc Avaya Cecelia Townes (Maryland) Jacqueline Hall (California) Ross haine (Virginia, Florida) Regina Mullen (Michigan) Juliet Azarani (Texas) Edward T Chaney (NC, DC) Schell Bray, PLLC Richard Campbell (Louisiana and Georgia) Scott Pilutik (New York) Law Office of Scott Pilutik Stephanie Toscano (CA) Brielle L. Mark (FL) Partner Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL Jamie Hochman Herz (IL, WA) Public Interest Attorney and Social Worker Leah Martin (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Benjamin L. Jerner (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Managing Partner Jerner &Palmer, P. C. John Young (Pennsylvania) Senior Legal Officer United Nations Barbara B. Mistishen (New York and Massachusetts) JON.P. BEAVER (California State Bar) Attorney at Law Ashley Krupski (California) Elisabeth Mason (New York) Charles B. Kraft (New Mexico) Prerna Lal (DC) Christine Start (California) Donna Boris (California) Simon P. Pedrotty (New York) Sara Bitter (Ohio) Elisabeth Morse (New York) Jeff Spitzer-Resnick (Wisconsin) Michael W. Shumate (Illinois) Attorney Amy Frances Barnett (California) Alexander Wiker (PA) Karen Shinskie (District of Columbia) Daniel Wise (New York) author, Rachel Arfa (Wisconsin and Illinois) Attorney disability rights law firm Michelle Hylton (Georgia) Assistant General Counsel TBS, Inc. Elzbieta Tuchaj (Illinois) Attorney Advisor SSA NHC Chicago Seth Ragosta (Virginia, Massachusetts) Robert A. Cantore (California) Member of the Firm Gilbert & Sackman Abigail Gaunt (New York, Louisiana) Estela Dimas (California) Katie Stewart (NY, NJ, PA, CT) Gautam Jagannath (California) Executive Director SOCIAL JUSTICE COLLABORATIVE Sara Lima (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Partner Aimee J Beckwith (Colorado and California) Sonia Lari (California) Mary Chicorelli (PA, NJ, NY) Lionel Artom-Ginzburg (Pennsylvania) Attorney Mary Margaret Anderson (New York) John C. Hentschel (California) Angela Brown (New York and Texas) John Rockwell Hitt (MA) Jennifer Klein (New York) Somita Basu (California) Julia Fox (Virginia, District of Columbia) Sara Temes (New York) Matthew Ahn (New York) Staff Attorney Partnership for Children's Rights Jason Lloyd Miller (NY State.) Andrea Corrales (PA) Attorney DOD Lilja Altman (NY/NJ) Genevieve Ballinger (Connecticut) Jenny Eisenberg (New York) Patricia Ortiz (California) Erin M Brewster (MA & NJ) Mary Marbach (Florida and California) General Counsel Hawa Allan (NY) Gillian Egan (LA, FL, AL) Attorney Jacquenette Corgan (Ohio) Attorney at Law Michelle Collins Zhao (Minnesota) Zoe Cronin (Massachusetts) Karen Pordum (NY) Susan Greenwald (New York State, retired) Retired Jane Farrington (New York) Elizabeth Brock (Michigan) Attorney Lisa P. Goldstein (NY, DC) Kate Voigt (New York) Shigemi Pang (CA and NY) Gabriel Shechter (Missouri, Illinois) Attorney Kristy Wiehe (California) CA Attorney Susan Iin (New York and New Jersey) Ana Vicente (California) Attorney Paige Armstrong (Colorado) Christin Damiano (NY) Vipin Gandra (Illinois & Wisconsin) Vice President OneButton Jenifer Foster (VA, DC) Masha Bresner (New York) Nicole Safker (Florida) Elizabeth Gray Nunez (Georgia, Minnesota) Elizabeth Minerd (California) Catherine Beekman (California) Ralph DeRosa (New York) Marissa Buck (California) Tracey E. Spruce (MA, NH) Attorney Spruce Law LLC Chelsea Deatsch (California) Craig Buschmann (Utah) Counsel Jaime Lee (MD, CA (inactive)) Associate Professor of Law and Director, Community Development Clinic, University of Baltimore Rebecca Kristall (IL) Casey R. McCaffrey (Massachusetts) Patrick Liu (California) Renee Lloyd (Massachusetts) Carolyn Walther (New York) Jennifer Thomas (Washington, DC; California (Inactive)) Lilyan Talia (Michigan) Associate Attorney Danielle Earls (Illinois, Maryland) Katrina Bleckley (California) Bleckley Law, P.C. Craig Johnston (Oregon (inactive)) Dania Lopez Beltran (New York) Staff Attorney/Clinical Instructor East Bay Community Law Center Madalia Maaliki (Colorado) Deputy District Attorney Michael Thomson (Colorado) Partner Purvis Gray Thomson, LLP Valerie Warner Danin (Georgia) Christopher W Hughes (New York) Jessica Faris (Ohio) Attorney Tabitha Mitchell (Maryland and Missouri) Melissa Munson (Texas) Cristina Velez (New York) Miranda Leppla (Ohio) Anna Statnikova (New York, New Jersey) Martha J. Bekink (New York) President Martha J. Bekink Consulting Eric Eberwine (Kentucky; Indiana) Attorney at Law Amelia Cardenas (Texas) Marybeth Milionis (California) Gilly Segal (Georgia) Counsel, Advertising and Intellectual Property Rachel Nevarez (Illinois) Attorney Charlotte Lofft (California) Retired Stephanie Rogers (Tennessee, Massachusetts) Esq. Anthony Graniere (New York) Attorney Mark Beloborodov (Massachusetts) Diane Orentlicher (DC Bar) Professor of Law Washington College of Law Mary L. Fickel (California) Beth M. Young (New York) Jaime Feeney (IL, NY, MA) Erin Le (California Bar Association) Staff Attorney & Clinical Supervisor East Bay Community Law Center Britney Mark (California) Attorney Mark & Nowzaree LLP Wesley Cheung (California) Heidy Vaquerano (California) Leah Wissow (New York) Robert Calhoun (California (inactive)) Professor of Law Emeritus Retired from Golden Gate School of Law Jesse L Sands, Esq. (New York) Ubaldo Fernandez (California) Attorney and Clinical Instructor Nicole Hauptman (Pennsylvania) Partner Flaherty Fardo LLC Emily Berger (MA, CA) Marikit Bankston (Georgia) Allyson Kitchel (Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia) Principal Counsel Saumya Kumar (Arizona) Associate Attorney Lauren Nishimura (California) PhD student, Human Rights lawyer University of Oxford Marissa Malouff (Colorado) Era Makoci (New York, New Jersey) Brooke Dawson (New York) Attorney at law Marie-Andree Weiss (New York) Samantha Kidd (Georgia) Jaclyn M. Gibson, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Sarah Konter (Massachusetts) CJ Solano (NY and NJ) Attorney Dvora Wilensky (Illinois) Blaise Chow (New York) Attorney Ropers Majeski Amy Hampton (Tennessee) Andrew Horsfall (New York) Anya Lynn-Alesker (CA) Courtney Feeley Karp (MA) Heather St.Clair (Oregon) Colleen Higgins Schultz (Texas) Senior Counsel Cassandra McCrae (Texas) Lin Zhu (California) Attorney Jennifer Schoch (New York) Attorney Verity A. Van Tassel Richards (New York) Damon Marcus Lewis (Virginia and the District of Columbia) Elizabeth Yaeger (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Michael Burleigh (Colorado) Associate Patent Attorney Leanne Hamilton (New Mexico and Colorado) Courtney E. Endwright (Indiana) Attorney Stephanie L. Fera (Pennsylvania) Hannah Tanabe (Massachusetts) Marissa Cocciolone (Pennsylvania) associate Susan Bennett (Maryland, DC) Hilary M. Jarvis (Kentucky) Trisha DiGiore (NU) Mary Margaret Anderson (New York) Melba V. Pearson (Florida, DC) Katharine Flatley (Virginia) Executive Director Women's Justice Initiative Steven Imig (Colorado) Sanja Bogdanovic (Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Colorado) Audrey Hadlock (CA) Amber Rabon-Luna (California) Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Shelby Dodson (TN) Ayisha Amjad (NEW YORK) Attorney Cara L. Galbavi (Michigan) Attorney Christine Whited (New York) Elise Yu (Illinois, Michigan) Suzan Pritchett (New York, Wyoming, Iowa) Assistant Professor University of Wyoming James Kaiser (Virginia; District of Columbia) Carolyn K Brooks Rincon (New York) Megan Knize (California) Ana Smith (Massachusetts) Katherine L. Kraschel (Connecticut) Associate Counsel Yale New Haven Health Kavita Desai (North Carolina, New York & New Jersey) Mandy Bartoshesky (Maryland) Compliance Counsel Melissa Griffith (Texas) Silas Allard (New York) Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Dana Gorelik (Texas, Maryland (inactive), Pennsylvania (inactive)) Lisa Friedman (California) Emily Colson (Georgia) Anazette W. Ray, Esq. (New Jersey) Daniel R. Kelley (Indiana, Illinois) Attorney Sabina Khan (New York) Attorney Michael Gaugh (Maryland, District of Columbia) Kelly Jantunen (Alaska) Sarah Crowley (New York and California) Director, Clean Slate Practice East Bay Community Law Center Stephanie Newman (NY and FL) Attorney Erin Craig (Texas) Attorney at law Elizabeth Salinas-Strittmatter (Texas) Brooke McCarthy (CA & MS) Attorney Non-Profit Amy Oven (Pennsylvania) Leslie S. Lott (Michigan) Damian Aquino (Michigan) Katherine Wessling (Missouri) James M. Green (Arizona) John Yacoub (New York) Claims Manager HDI Global SE Jessie Opinion (CT, MA) Jennifer Cosgrove (Florida) Kelly Eddy (Indiana, Illinois) Donald A. Larkin (California) Amy Floraday (Michigan, Illinois) Janee T. Prince (Florida) Attorney Jennifer Lav (District of Columbia (active) and New York (inactive)) Alyssa Van Breene (California) Jolene Forman (California) Staff Attorney Nisha Ajmani (California) Lainie E. Cohen (New York and California) Partner Monique Drew (California, Colorado, Hawaii) Afia Yunus (Illinois) Principal Attorney Laura Murray-Tjan (New York, Massachusetts) Founder FIAP, PLLC Brienne Henderson (New York (active), Washington (inactive)) Saul Perloff (California, Texas) Partner Mauricio Norona (New York) African Services Committee Elaine Sutton (NM) Nikki D. Pope (CA) Attorney Cooley LLP Richard Cohen (California, Indiana, Massachusetts) Kristin Delaney (New York) Chalyse Robinson (Colorado and New York) Lisa Sciandra (California) Josh Gillispie (Arkansas) Esquire Green & Gillispie - Attorneys at Law Lou Wollin (New York) Nadav Aschner (Colorado) Attorney Chaitali Shah (New York) Matthew Weisner (CA) Supervising Attorney Catholic Charities of the East Bay Miriam Friese (Minnesota) Laura Mastrangelo (California) Google Alexis Ortiz (New York) Katie Chang (California) Alex Chang (NY, NJ, & DC) Geri Greenspan (Virginia) Fran-Marie Silveri (Michigan) Associate Attorney Susan Bartow (Pennsylvania) Elliott Michael Robinson (Illinois) Reference Attorney Ann Luu (Virginia) Associate Attorney Kelly Byrnes & Danker, PLLC Mairead Donahey (California) Lauren Bateman (Alaska) Emma Webb (Tennessee) Marny Heit (Georgia) Heit Law Daniel A. Johnson (Illinois) Elizabeth Wilson (IL and NY) Attorney and mitigation specialist Sentencing Advocacy Group of Evanston Jennifer DeMarco (California) Senior Counsel Lillian Marshall-Bass (California, Oregon) Lindsay Hodge (Ohio) Corporate Counsel EXXCEL Sarah Ansari (Illinois) Fasiha Khan (Maryland) Melissa Goodman (New York, California) Thomas Dolan (New Jersey) Attorney InderBir Datta (California) Associate Attorney Andrea Cola (PA) Assistant General Counsel Sheila Hall (California) Staff Attorney East Bay Community Law Center Drake Hagner (Maryland, District of Columbia) Danielle Bergman (Colorado) Attorney Vinuta Naik (California) Attorney William Moss (Ohio, North Carolina) Deborah Goldberg (California) Esq Laurie Charrington (CA) Managing Counsel Intel Corporation Deanna Sinn (Ohio) Heather Thompson (New York) Tasha Hill (California) Julia Greer (California) Attorney Melanie Rowen (California) Sarah C. Griffiths (New York) Amy Royalty (Washington) Attorney Jonathan A. Mintz (CA) Principal Partner Matsen Voorhees Mintz LLP Alyson Robbins (Michigan) Angela Tartline (GA) Attorney Benjamin Davis (New York) Professor University of Toledo College of Law Carli Jensen (Washington State, New Jersey) Katherine Ferar (California) Emily Kirby (CA, NC) Attorney Nina Wasow (California) Feinberg, Jackson, Worthman & Wasow LLP Catherine Milne (New York) Priscilla Huang (MD) Kirsten Clevenger (Missouri & Kansas) Daniel A. Shockley (NY, NJ) Appalenia Udell (CA, CO, WA) Health Lawyer LOARU Jorden Rutledge (Missouri) Jeana Zelan (California) Attorney Richard Hom (Califonia) Carly West Holler (Minnesota) Attorney S. Gabriel Hayes-Williams (New York) Casey McCabe (NY, CT, GA) Allan P. Aclo (Pensylvania) Immigration Attorney Murphy Law Firm, PC Emily Kolas (MD) Attorney Sandy Sypherd (Nebraska) Gail Rosenschein (Colorado) Reid Skibell (New York) Prof. David Mednicoff (New York and Washington, DC) Director of Middle Eastern Studies University of Massachusetts - Amherst April K. Seo (State Bar of California) Founder/Attorney Seo Family Law Samantha Rauer (New York) Kristen Guidry (Georgia and Louisiana) Attorney Public Defender Sandra Babcock (Texas, Minnesota) Clinical Professor Cornell Law School David Graff (New York) Nathan Rouse (South Carolina) Assistant Public Defender Milos Kovacevic (NY, IL) David B. Goldstein (New York) Harjinder K. Chima (California) Attorney Benjamin L. Ruttan (Ohio) Brandon E. Beeler (Indiana) Mary Lehman (California) Attorney at law Jason Kruszka (Florida) Joanna Kunz (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Courtney Huizar (California) Patrick Curran (VA, DC) Associate Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Kelly Spinks (Virginia) Keely Ambrose (Colorado) Ellennita Hellmer (Maryland) Peter Brandt (California, Washington D.C., Oregon: admitted as in-house counsel) Sabita Krishnan (New York) Jennifer Ching (NY) Sally Kay (California) Alexander J. Diaz (California) Merrill Bent (Vermont, New York) Punam Prahalad (Ohio & California) Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Brandon Kennedy (CA) Attorney Penelope A. Scudder (Pennsylvania) Gabriel Mendlow (Connecticut) Assistant Professor of Law University of Michigan Benjamin Reed (New York) Nathaniel Aquino (Ohio (inactive), Michigan, District of Columbia) Pui-Yee Yu (California) Associate Attorney Gilbert & Sackman Christina Hart (California) Raashi Sachdeva (NY) Benjamin Lindy (Ohio) Troy Hansen, Esq. (Maryland) Attorney The Law Office of Troy C. Hansen,llc. Adam Richardson (Florida) Carol Gerard (New York, Connecticut, Florida and Alabama) Attorney Natalie G. Roisman (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) Drew Freeborn (New York) JOELLE STEPIEN BAILARD, J.D., PH.D. (CALIFORNIA) ATTORNEY AND MEDIATOR Shelly Okere (Ohio, Maine) Karis L North (MA, MD (inactive)) Attorney Elisa Miller (California) Melody A Alger (RI, MA) Alger Law LLC Alison Carter (Minnesota) Attorney Jill Polk (Missouri) Kalissa Holdcraft (Nebraska) Mattelyn Tharpe (Georgia) Wayne S. Tartline (Georgia, Florida) Melinda Newman (Texas) Tara L. Borelli (GA, WA, CA) Carolyn Matos Montes (New York) Associate Kimberly Mutcherson (Retired from New York) Professor of Law Elizabet Zeigler (California) Joe Maczko (New York) Attorney National Basketball Association Kienan D. Christianson (New York, Vermont) Associate Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew Rhea Jones-Price (Indiana) Alice Clapman (NY, DC) Alba Morales (PA, NY) Attorney Rebecca Caruso (Virginia) Sarah Shelledy Pleban (Missouori & Illinois) Attorney Sarah Pleban, Attorney at Law Carey Olson (Georgia) Kristen Sparks (Missouri) Angelica Jongco (CA) Senior Staff Attorney Public Advocates, Inc. Chapman A. Bauerlein (Texas) Attorney Debra McLoughlin (New Jersey) Tara Hereich (New York) Margaret Marr (Illinois, Colorado, California) Margaret Marr Legal Saira Alikhan (Illinois) Kristina Cunningham (Texas) Associate Attorney Marti Goldstein, Esq. (Florida) Marti Goldstein, P.A. Jamay Lee (California) Principal Barulich Dugoni Law Group, Inc. Joshua Margolin (New York) Attorney Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan Mary Elizabeth Davis (Virginia, North Carolina) Attorney Hillary Ross (Colorado and California) Sandra Hauser (New York) Partner Cabrelle Abel (Washington) Alyson M. Petrick (Missouri) Rhiannon Batchelder (New York) Jordan A. Taren (Washington State Bar Association) Katharine McIntyre (Maryland, Virginia, DC) Katie Frayler (Colorado) Chris Crull (Ohio) Mary Scholle (Wisconsin) Assistant Wisconsin State Public Defender State of Wisconsin Jayne Kacer (California) Eric J. Gouvin (MA, ME) Dean, School of Law Western New England University Aaron D. Ingber (Michigan) Attorney and Counselor at Law Legalquest Network, PC Amelia McClure (Indiana) Assistant Corporation Counsel Office of Corporation Counsel-City of Indianapolis Marissa Hill-Dongre (Minnesota) Leah Parker (Georgia, South Carolina) Attorney Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, LLP Hilary J Gettman, JD PhD (New York and DC) Hannah Bloch-Wehba (Texas, District of Columbia) Steve Ta (Illinois) Attorney Kirton Madison (North Carolina) Emily Buchwald (Nevada) Mindy Phillips (CA) Immigration Attorney Sara Beliveau (MA (last name Cohen)) Adrienne Woods (New York) Managing Partner Deanna Smith (New York) Rachel Cohn (Illinois) Priya Chaudhry (NY) Partner Harris, St. Laurent & Chaudhry LLP Kristen Schneck (New Jersey) Immigration Attorney Schneck & Harley, LLP Colin M. Downes (New York) Clifford Chance US LLP Dagmar Pollex (MA) Attorney Natalia Cortez (New York) Sara Maeder (New York) Felice Wagner (Maryland) General Counsel Network of Trial Law Firms Kate Berry (New York) Elise D. Frisella (Missouri) Tarah Heinzen (DC, MN) Marcia Del Rios (NY, NJ, TX, DC) Ian Marcus Amelkin (New York) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Society Katie Lester (Colorado & New York) Emily Livingston (Illinois) Leo Gertner (Pennsylvania) Dana Goldblatt (MA, NY, DC, VT) Sabrina Glaser (New York) Kyle Marie Stock (New Mexico) christina boulougouris (New Yirk) Elizabeth Frost (Oregon, California, Illinois) Anna Christensen (Pennsylvania) Associate Alexandra Buenaventura Gillett (CT, MA) Mediation Specialist State of CT Crystal Shin (Virginia) Clinical Assistant Professor of Law Carrie Miller (New York) Staff Attorney DC 37 Municipal Employees Legal Svces Mae Kuykendall (Massachusetts; NY (retired status)) Professor of Law Michigan State University College of Law Beth Mathiesen (Massachusetts) Head of US Intellectual Property Sanofi Pasteur Jee Young You (California) Yordanosse Yenenh (NY) Associate Mary Fee (New York) Faranak Benjamin (NM) Jennifer Urban (California) Rachael Inez Hoffman (Pennsylvania) Erikson Albrecht (California) Gabe Hopkins (New York) Vivian F. Wang (California) Azar Rashidfarokhi (Illinois) Director, GAL for Minors Program Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Rebecca Blemberg (Wisconsin) Laura Warf (Oregon) Attorney Stacie Hendrix (CA) Attorney Molly Eckman (WA, OR) Aruna Ghatak-Roy (Texas) Karen Poppy (CA and TX) Senior Staff Attorney The Hartford/Law Offices of Darlene Sharp Nadia Firozvi (MD) Sarah London (California) Attorney LCHB Alexandra Rizio (New York) Alexandra Cochran (Colorado) Thomas Aragona (Connecticut and New York) Joellen Valentine (New York and Connecticut) Veronica Gomez (California) Holly McIntush (Texas) Pavithra Menon (California) Rachel Ma (California) Associate Attorney Mark Machiedo (New Jersey) Daniela Alvarado (NY) Adriana Galindo (California) Priscilla Jimenez (Pennsylvania) Sarah Giammichele (California) Kymberlee Renee Vining-Saks (Ohio) Michele Keegan (DC and Maryland) Lauren Oldham (Oklahoma and Texas) Randall Poppy (California) Jessica L. Dark (Oklahoma) Attorney Lorenzo Edoardo Merlo (NY) Esq. Russell Semmel (NY) Sharon Krauss (California) Andrea DiTullio (California) Attorney Kristen Renfro (California) Hannah Gladstein (New York) Montgomery Engel (New York, District of Columbia) Attorney Marne Sussman (California) Attorney Kara A. Hailey (NY) Attorney Nate Levin (NY) Anne Bellows (California, District of Columbia) Kim Taylor-Thompson (District of Columbia) Vanessa Maczko (New York) Senior Counsel Proskauer Rose Madhuri Patel (Illinois) Attorney Olivia Smith (Ohio) Attorney Keith Harris (Minnesota) Attorney Keith Harris Law Mikel-Meredith Weidman (D.C., California) Daniel Mullkoff (New York) Brenda Villalpando (California) Partner Janos, Zavala & Villalpando, LC Henry J. Lunardi Esq (PA) Malin Delling (CA) Diane Conradi (Montana and Oregon) Lauren Berman (Michigan - retired, Pennsylvania - Inactive) Kim Le (North Carolina) Attorney Sarah Demarest (NC) jeanne solomon (New York) Senior Attorney Withers Bergman LLP Andrea Bonina Foad (New York) Attorney Bonina and Bonina, P.C. Diana Rivero (California) Attorney at Law HAMILTON TATUM HOLT IV (FL) Zachary D. Krug (New York & California) Lawyer Quinn Emanuel Ariel Lopez (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Stephanie Ridgeway (California) Esq. Resham Mantri (NY & NJ) Amy Scherer (Missouri) Staff Attorney Kate Walsham (California, New Mexico) Brandon L. Garrett (New York) Professor of Law Martha Neustadt Storie (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) Attorney Microsoft Corporation Susan A. Manardo (VA) Head, NA Litigation & Investigations Sanofi US Jessica Takano (California) Shohreh Davoodi (Texas) Associate Attorney Jennifer D. Sharp (Florida) Heidi Li Feldman Professor of Law Georgetown University Law Center Courtnie Weber (Illinois) WeWork Esther Bodek (New Jersey) Linda Schmidt (New York; Washington, D.C.; Wisconsin; and Vermont) Special Counsel Alicia Westhoff Reid (FL) Emily Richardson (IN) Samantha Moppett (Massachusetts) Professor of Legal Writing Suffolk University Law School Brooke Heymach (California) Attorney Jennifer Hepp (Montana) Attorney Lorraine M Brennan (New York, MA (retired status)) Arbitrator and Mediator, JAMS; Professor, Georgetown Law School John Van Geffen (CA) Counsel Michael L. Dworkin and Associates Tracy Walts (MA, NY) Margo Hasselman (California) Partner Renaker Hasselman Scott LLP Wendy Gardner (New York) Christopher Joseph Brummitt (Colorado) Megan Woodford (New York) Jordan Barry (New York, New Jersey) Professor of Law University of San Diego School of Law Samantha Garvin (DC, VA (inactive)) Molly M. Claflin (California, Washington DC) Yongmin Oh (NY) Marny Requa (New York) Associate Professor Georgian Court University Joseph E. Mitchell (Michigan, Texas) Managing Principal Mitchell Law Group, PLLC Hannah Weaver (Washington State) Attorney Janelle Carney (California) Emily Jones (Massachusetts, Connecticut) Nina Isaacson (DC, NY) Kerry Ryan (IN) Amanda Leipold (Wisconsin) Health Law Attorney Anna Chase (New York and California) Henry A.Heiman (New York-1969; Delaware-1972) Julia Yeliseyeva (New York, New Jersey) Sheila Bapat (California) Alison J. Hartwell (New York) Jaya Kasibhatla (New York) Associate Cynthia Gilbert (Massachusetts) Alena Amundson (Colorado, District of Columbia) Susanna Parker (MD) Elizabeth M. Trinidad (New Jersey) Attorney-at-Law Eva Zelson (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Mary Whiteside (NY) Appellate Counsel NY 4th Department Tracey Bowes (Pennsylvania) Teresa Chan (California, Tennessee) Attorney Jacqueline Schafer (Washington, Alaska, New York) Krissa Kean Spence (Ohio) Counsel Kristen Isacsen (NY) Rebecca Rendell (New York) Jillian Berner (Virginia) Sharon Stephens (DC) Attorney XINYI CHEN (NEW YORK) Robert Dove (Ohio) Oscar Peralta (Nevada) Jennie Lee Anderson (California) Jane Calvin (NY, MA) Oliver Loewy (Illinois) Jane Li (New York) Gregory T. Phillips (New York, US District Courts (WDNY, NDNY)) Chair, Social Security Department Segar & Sciortino PLLC Matthew W. Lasley (Minnesota) Attorney David M. Fox (CA, MA, NY) Attorney Downey Brand LLP Verlan Kwan (California) Associate Attorney Vanessa Horvath (Florida) Tyler O'Connor (Maryland and Washington DC) Attorney Nathaniel Ament-Stone (New York) Associate Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP Natia Daviti (New York) Corporate Attorney Joanna Reihing, Esq. (GA and AZ) Jennifer Weissman (Massachusetts (retired)) Ashley Tomlinson (Texas) Cari A. Lewis (New York) Partner Michelle Cordova (District of Columbia) Nicholas Klein (Colorado) Attorney Claire C. Miller (New York State) Laura Young (SC, GA) Attorney The Mitigation and Law Office of Laura Young, LLC Pertinderjit Hora (New York) Attorney PH Law PLLC Joseph Wenzinger (DC) Attorney Na young Patty Kim (California) David C. Johnson, Esq. (New York) Counsel & Advisor Rahul Agarwal (New York) Carson Smith (North Carolina State Bar) Assistant Public Defender Mecklenburg County (NC) Public Defender Jessica Basso (Rhode Island) Monika Kalra Varma (California , District of Columbia) Jodi Barrett (NY, MA, RI) Richelle Nessralla (MA) Counsel Jerri Green (TN) Community Legal Center Catherine Hancock McCarty (Tennessee) Erin Podolny (Maryland) Rachael Simon-Miller (MN) Miriam Gohara (NY, CT) Visiting Clinical Associate Professor of Law Yale Law School Harley Racer (Massachusetts) Attorney valerie cohen (california (inactive)) Nadia Saleem (Georgia) Meta Copeland (Mississippi) Lauren A. Graber (Massachusetts and New York) Alison Lerner (Georgia) Senior Associate Joel Goldman (DC) Allison Stowell (New York) Nate Ela (Massachusetts) Beka Feathers (CA) Tal Levy (California) Charlotte Alexander (Georgia) Assistant Professoe Georgia State University Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Aniko Schwarcz (Maryland, DC) Attorney Alexina G. Jackson (Maryland, D.C., Virginia) Donna Krouzman (New York) Naomi Terr (Texas) Rebecca A. Moore (Iowa, Minnesota) Attorney Jessica Mulvaney (California) Katerina Yiannibas (New York) Jennifer Ghaussy (California) Elisabeth Traugott (California) Andrew M. Golden (Massachusetts) Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP Jessica Wheeler (New York) Stephanie Lubert (Pennsylvania) Attorney HIAS Pennsylvania Priscilla Huang (MD) Cathy Shyong (California) Barbara DuVan-Clarke, Esq. (CA) Attorney at Law Nathalie Klukovich (California State Bar) Esquire Stephanie Wargo-Wilson (California) Partner Patrick B. Reagin (Louisiana) Attorney Lia Kim (IL) Attorney Tanya Sanerib (OR, D.C.) Senior Attorney John Vang (New York) Sean Brousseau (MO, IL, RI) Attorney Anastasia L. Holoboff, Esq. (New York) Carol Gapen (Wisconsin State Bar) Jeannine Casselman (RI, MA) Attorney Mary Gilbert (CA, DC) John Bowen (New York) Esq. Katherine Binkley (Texas) Mary Margaret Montgomery (Indiana) Attorney Marion County Public Defender Agency Robin J. Allan (California) Lecturer-in-Residence UC Berkeley Law School Aarti Reddy (Cooley LLP) Michelle E. Danley (California, Hawaii) Alicia Zhang (New York) Johanna S. Wilson (California and New York) Marissa L. Millman (New York) General Counsel Cedar Hill Capital Partners, LLC Kaitland Kennelly (New York) Maria Cristina Melendez (NY) Amanda Jansen (Iowa) Attorney Mary Margaret Anderson (New York) Reneé Garrick (NY) Associate Debevoise and Plimpton Melissa Magliana (New York) Elizabeth Tippett (California, New York, Oregon) Julia Franklin (DC; CT; NY) Elizabeth Parks (VA) Anne M Levin (New York) Shelby Emerald (California) Attorney Lisa C. Arnolds (Colorado) Owner-attorney Arnolds Law, LLC Taya Mashburn (TN) Laura Ploeg (NJ, PA) Pamela Chandran (California) Attorney Gilbert & Sackman Katherine Arnold (Minnesota) Leana E. Amaez (NY) Aaron DeGraffenreidr (Maryland State Bar) Kyle Kolb (NY) Neha Singh Gohil (New York) Alex Rogers (Massachusetts) Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Elizabeth Sweet (California) Sara Hinkley (Texas) Senior Counsel Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Jenifer Hunt (Arizona) Andreas Kralios (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington) Joan Vogel (California) Professor of Law Vermont Law School Michael S. Young (Illinois) Charles Lincoln Abbott, III (New York) Senior Legal Adviser for LAC Center for Reproductive Rights Miriam Woods (WA) Jenny Odegard (New York State Bar) Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Rachel M Blunk (North Carolina) Esq. Sharpless & Stavola, PA Clinton J. Hubbell (Michigan; Washington) Managing Attorney Hubbell DuVall PLLC Meredith Gaunce (Florida and Georgia) Attorney Gaunce Law Dianne Todd (WA) Alma Gonzalez (State bar of Texas) Attorney Sumit Daye (TX. CA.) Joellen Valentine (New York and Connecticut) Lauren Lendzion (California) Aaron C. Brown (California) Leigh Smith (New York, New Jersey) Erica Wolff (New York) Margaret Wesley (Colorado) Hyla Kaplan Rosenberg (New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania) Aaron C. Brown (California) Eric Larson (Wisconsin) Christine Ricardo (New Jersey) Lauren Gill (D.C., Virginia) attorney advisor Susan Piper (Oregon) retired James Goodwin (Maryland) Senior Policy Analyst Center for Progressive Reform Ami Koldhekar Rodrigues (Georgia) Esquire Jennifer Hendricks (California) Associate Attorney Anna VanCleave (Louisiana, DC) Nancy M. Martinez (California) Owner/Managing Attorney Law Offices of Nancy M. Martínez Jacqueline Fox (DC (inactive)) Associate Professor University of South Carolina School of Law Mary Callaghan (Illinois) Stephanie Harris (Arkansas) Attorney Dina Castillo Ward (Florida) Attorney Astera Law Group, PLLC Anna Czarples (New York) David M.C. Peterson (California) Sandra Jezierski (Minnesota) Attorney Nilan Johnson Jonathan David Park (New York) Amy van Saun (New York; Oregon) Legal Fellow Center for Food Safety Aasma Husain (California) Theresa J. Lee (New York) Associate Bracewell LLP Jennifer Reisch (California) Legal Director Equal Rights Advocates Carl Charles (New York, Massachusetts) Attorney Kosha Tucker (Georgia) Public Defender Tarana Riddick (New York) Claire Choo (California) Attorney Lee Kovarsky (Texas and New York) Professor of Law University of Maryland Lisa Jones (Florida) Sara Rosenzweig Cribbs (NY, MA) Jennifer Cordon Thor (Michigan) Jose Klein (Oregon, Washington) Attorney Julie Zhu (New Jersey) Catherine Morton Ward (KY) Ilene Dubin (Pennsylvania) Legal Training Specialist Family Design Resources Christine Safreno (California) Leah Robbins Fowler (Texas) Sandra Holt (Maryland) Attorney John Windle (Florida) Associate attorney Susie Hwang (CA) Diane Wagner Katzen (Florida) Attorney Kluger Kaplan Emily Martin (New York, District of Columbia) Melba Katherine Johnsonius (Texas, Retired License) Attorney at Law Emily Sanders (New York) Associate Damon Marcus Lewis (Virginia and the District of Columbia) Laura Walker (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Assistant Public Defender Bridget Gordon (California) Attorney Veronica Perera (Michigan) Ryan D. Etter (Indiana) Atteeyah Hollie (Georgia) Staff Attorney Emma Kazaryan (Washington State) SUZANNE BISH (ILLINOIS) Marjorie Silver (New York) Professor of Law TOURO law school Paula Brantner (California) Principal PB Work Solutions Julie Wilensky (CA, CT, NY) Scott Sia (CA) Staff Attorneh The Wage Justice Center Katharine Fisher (California) Karen Pollins (Pennsylvania) Partner Goldblum & Pollins Aaron Johnson (Texas) Staff Attorney Equal Justice Center Monisha Cherayil (Maryland (MD)) Neil Thakor (California) Associate Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP Anthony May (Maryland) Attorney Public Justice Center, Baltimore, MD Susan Cartier Liebel (Connecticut) Jamie Crook (CA, DC) Eduard Meleshinsky (California) N. David Palmeter (New York, District of Columbia) Retired Richard Kuhns (California) Professor of Law, Emeritus charles schwartz (pennsylvania) Nathaniel Hausman (California and Vermont) Jessica Riggin (California) Brandon Montville (Florida) Leigh de la Reza (Texas) Attorney Partner Vaught Law Firm Xiao Chang (New York) Amy Herrera (New York) Associate Carole Vigne (California) Senior Staff Attorney Claire hanselmann (IL, DC, NY) Esq. Hallie Ryan (Virginia) Associate Counsel Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Ellison Merkel (New York) Liyah Brown (New York, District of Columbia) Tatiana Yaques (Florida) Attorney Stacy Robinson (California) Esquire Cathleen Bolek (Ohio) Principal Bolek Besser Glesius LLC Linda siegel (New york) Heather Mitchell (Florida) Associate Attorney Maceau Law David Benowitz (DC, MD, VA) Founding Partner Price Benowitz LLP Ghazaleh Modarresi (California) Lawyer Jake Reif (Georgia) Susanne Pringle (Texas, Illinois) Jana Sperry (NY, NJ, NC) Katherine Wutchiett (308240) Attorney Jennifer Parrado (Florida Bar) C. Vasquez (NY, CT) Megan Ryan (California) Attorney Laura Fernandez (NY, DC, CT) Research Scholar Yale Law School Maria Tapia (California) Suellen Richardson (Louisiana) Attorney Emily Nugent (California) Bryan Schwartz (CA, DC) Matthew Flores (Illinois) Sara Van Loh (California) Patricia Vroom (District of Columbia, Virginia) Miriam R. Nemeth (New York, Michigan, Washington DC) Hamel Vyas (New York) Rebecca Zietlow (Ohio) Professor of Law University of Toledo College of Law Titus Lin (California) Michael Knoeller (Wisconsin) Rachel Laura Kipnis (Florida) Assistant State Attorney State of Florida Marissa McCall Dodson Georgia) Public Policy Director Southern Center for Human Rights Charles Trudrung Taylor (California) Partner, Lang Richert & Patch Lang Richert & Patch Rebecca Roiphe (New York) Professor of Law New York Law School Kelly Engel Wells (TX, NY) Staff Attorney Ada Sheng (NY and MA) Attorney James M. Treglio (California) Rebecca Stephens (Illinois, California) Associate Attorney Rukin Hyland Doria & Tindall Rachel Kranz (Colorado) Ronit Arie (New York) Cecelia Levin (MD, DC) Evelina Nava (California) Jessica Espinosa (California) Attorney Danielle Leventhal Elias (NY and NJ) Chaitali Shah (New York) Natella Royzman (CA) Randall Chamberlain (New York, California) Immigration lawyer Sulma Guzman (CA) Attorney Matthew Dietz (California) Attorney Carlos Jurado (Michigan) Andrea Harrington (Texas) Sarah Heckman Yardeni (New York) Jessica Stender (California) Senior Staff Attorney Equal Rights Advocates Michelle McGreal (New York) Bicka Barlow (California) Attorney Sarah Hwang (California) Lisa K. Sangoi (New York) Staff Attorney NYU Law Family Defense Clinic Todd E Duffy (NY, NJ, PA) Partner DuffyAmedeo LLP Catherine N. Perez (North Carolina) Associate Attorney Tiyane Q. Mike (Texas) Senior Operations Consultant Steven L. Johnson, Esq. (CO, ME, NH and VT) Attorney Valerie Hays (Arkansas) Blythe Austin (New York) Rajdeep Singh Jolly (Florida & Washington, DC) Cornelia Dai (California) Zachary Norris (CA) Mariam Abdel-Malek (California) Kirstin Eidenbach (Arizona) Margaret Brito (Florida) Attorney Laura Katherine Young (Colorado) Associate Attorney Lena Graber (California) Staff Attorney ILRC Linnea Nelson (California) Marc Rogers (New York) Rachel Dane (Colorado) Olivia J. Tsai (California) Tessa Walker (Pennsylvania) Abbas Khan (Illinois) Samantha Satish (Florida) Merissa Moeller (Oregon) Eva G.Jellison (Massachusetts) Jillian Atuegbu (California) Attorney Jacob Kopas (Massachusetts) Columbia University Kayci McLeod (Oregon; District of Columbia) Assistant General Counsel The Humane Society of the United States Toni Maschler (Maryland) Attorney Peter Michael Perez (California) Cindy Cuba (MA, NY) Nicolle Brito (Florida, District of Columbia) Attorney Kelley Kronenberg CJ Griffin, Esq. (NJ, NY) Counsel Arlene Joyce (California) Retired Eliza Hersh (California) Victoria Guest (New York) General Counsel Hamilton insurance Group Jaime L. Montgomery (Illinois) Eleanor Wetzel (TN & IN) Matt Hill (Maryland) Attorney Public Justice Center Karla Gilbride (California, New York, DC) Cartwright-Baron Staff Attorney Public Justice Katharine V. Jackson (Delaware) Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University; William & Mary, J.D. 2005 Columbia University Anna Slotky Reitano (California) Dina Lamarche (Illinois) Thomas Owen Powell (California) Charles Garcia (Colorado) Attorney Retired kristen rinaker (Former member of California Bar) Retired attorney/educator Volunteer nonprofit grant writer Julie Carter (Alabama) Mark A. Fogg (Colorado Bar Association) Renee E. Salley (Georgia and Alabama) Meredith J. Weaver (California) Staff Attorney Nancy Mayer (North Carolina, District of Columbia and Eastern District of NC.) Attorney Nancy Mayer, Attorney at Law, PLLC Albert Teng (California) Brian Huebsch (Colorado) Khanh Ha (Georgia) Project Sentinel Bhavjyot Kaur Singh (New York State) Katherine Nielson (Maryland) Christopher Jones (Virginia) Stacey Sousaris (Ohio) Sana Abbasi (California) Attorney at Law Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Janeen Hayat (New York) David deRubertis (California) Lawyer The deRubertis Law Firm, APC Joanna McGibbon (New York) Jasmine Oberman (California) Nicole Marquez (California) Attorney Lisa Vasudevan (Currently inactive /on leave) Leila Mokhtarzadeh (New York) Lauren Fox (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Patrick Burns (California) Associate Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP Harjit Kaur (California) Adam W Beaugh (Florida) Attorney State of Florida Stanley Chen (California) Karen Lu (California) John Renaud (Georgia) Senior Counsel Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Rebecca Masterson (Arizona) Attorney Judith M Schvimmer (CA`) VP, Legal Counsel Allison G. Caldwell (Illinois, Colorado (admission pending)) Attorney at Law Andrea Hall (Virginia) Charity & Security Network Jennifer Bennett (California) Marlene Goldenberg (Minnesota) Attorney Rosena Sammi (New York) Helen Choi (CA, NY) Alexander Garnick (Missouri; District of Columbia) Terri Tessier (California) Valerie Hays (Arkansas) Sarah Epperson (Arizona) Brianna Golan (Illinois) Natalie K. Hoppel, Esq. (Massachusetts) Laura Guthrie (New York (active). California (inactive)) Trial Attorney Legal Aid, Criminal Defense Division Kumar Rao (New York) Catha Worthman (CA) Partner Feinberg Jackson Worthman & Wasow Jane Messmer (Ohio) Law Office of Jane Messmer, LLC Nicolas Robinson (Florida) Attorney Darcy Harris (New York) Dalia Khalili (California) Charles C. Turner (Colorado) Retired Executive Director, Colorado and Denver Bar Assns David J. Kozlowski (New York, Connecticut) Valerie Hays (Arkansas) Nan Schivone (Georgia, New York) Legal Director Justice in Motion Shayna M. van Hoften (CA) David C. Beach (California) Todd Siegel (Illinois) Mary Reveles (Texas) Senior in-House Counsel Steve Franco (California State Bar) Senior Associate Ratto Law Firm, P.C Ana Citrin (California) Amar Shergill (California) Jeffrey Perlman (MA, NY, NJ) Melody Chang (California) Staff Attorney United States District Court, Central District of California Margaret Caroline Lindsey Trautman (North Carolina and South Carolina) Daniel J. Tully (California; Illinois) Attorney at Law James E. Fogg (Colorado) Attorney at Law Emily Thiagaraj (California) Attorney Kosinski and Thiagaraj, LLP Jillian M. Ryan (Massachusetts) Attorney Pyle Rome Ehrenberg PC Alexander Heydemann (Florida) Jereme L. Baker (Colorado) CEO Baker Law Group, LLC Erica Yen (California) Robin Wakins (NJ and PA) Jake Walker (MA, CA) Attorney Block & Leviton LLP Jason Yeh (California) Attorney Dean B. Gordon (California) Attorney at Law Aaron DeGraffenreidr (Maryland State Bar) Amanda Frost (D.C. Bar) Laura Israel Sinrod (New York) Emily Barth (washington, DC) Alexander Westerfield (California) Elizabeth A. Leahy, Esq. (MA) Elena Krafcik (CA) Leah Whitmill (Florida) In house counsel Aimee Kirby (CA, NV, TX, Georgia and Arizona) Managing Attorney Marla R. Milgram, Esq. (PA) Vice President and General Counsel Diana Reddy (TX, CA) Zabrina Delgado (North Carolina) Jenny Yeh (Washington, District of Columbia, California) Kim Turner, Esq. (CA) Trung Nguyen (California) Attorney James Allen D. Green (Virginia) Jessica Ladd (MA) Sara Smith (Minnesota) Renee Mochkatel, Esq (California) Beth Touschner (Washington) Ella Krainsky (DC & CA) Stephen Grayless (Oklahoma) Amy Nielsen (California) Senior Associate Brian R. Petz (Colorado) Associate Attorney-Private Nicole Phillis (California, Georgia) Attorney TroyGould PC Stacey Armato (CA) Attorney Florence Yu (CA, NY, DC) Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg (VA) Legal Director, Immigrant Advocacy Program Legal Aid Justice Center Jennifer Lewin (California, Georgia) Andrea Wisner (Florida) Nicole Neuman (DC and MD) Associate Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum (Maryland) Shirin Chahal (Colorado) Attorney Law Offices of Daniel T. Goodwin LLC Kristen Sisko (New York) Attorney Paul N. Tauger (California) Attorney at Law Anne R. Markham (Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois) Alyssa Reed (Colorado) Attorney Reed Immigration Leah Nicholls (District of Columbia, Virginia) Staff Attorney Public Justice, P.C. Mariana Olenko (New York) Attorney Olenko Law, PLLC Shari L. Lane (Oregon, Washington) Attorney Carol Longenecker Schmidt (Kansas) Stephen Cassidy (California) Of Counsel Dolan Law Firm Scott Hugo (CA) Mark Loudon-Brown (Alabama, Georgia, New York) Jesse Buss (Oregon) Esq. Law Office of Jesse A. Buss Austin Brunson (Pennsylvania) Assistant Defender Elena M. DiMuzio (California (#239953)) Corporate Counsel Oracle America, Inc. T. Jacob Satayaviboon (California) Kim Heyman (Pennsylvania and New York) Partner Rachel Hoerger (California) Staff attorney Laboni Hoq (California) Litigation Director Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA Roth Sam (California) General Counsel NutraGroup Inc. Michael M. Marzban, Esq. (California and Nevada) Farah Tabibkhoei (CA) Attorney Reed Smith Bess Freedman (DC, Maryland and Florida) Liza Cristol-Deman (California) Partner Brancart & Brancart lisa holder (califonia) Jason Horrell (NC, DC) Attorney Frances C Whiteman (West Virginia and North Carolina) Esquire Kayvan Iradjpanah (267548) John Nethercut (Maryland) Yanni Guo (New York) Jennifer E. Ponard (Maryland) Attorney-Advisor Social Security Administration Jennifer Treppa (California) Attorney Samantha Arens, Esq. (California) ANDREW YEN (California) Associate Attorney Tharpe & Howell Sharon Dolente (Michigan) Sondra Tennessee (Missouri) Associate Dean for Student Affairs University of Houston Law Center Lucia Deacon (Maryland) Neda sargordan (California) John Daskam (Colorado) Pat Andriola (New York) Enrique Martinez (California) Jennifer Shih (California) Attorney Angela Clements (California) Attorney Hanson Bridgett LLP Lauren Bier (New York and California) Kara Janssen (California) Attorney Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP Stephanie Carroll (California) Craig Corbitt (California) Senior Counsel Zelle LLP Saira Najam (TX and California) Concerned Citizen Kristin Carlson (NY, CA) Amanda Beane (Washington, California) Kerry Halpern-Skoglund (New York, Pennsylvania) Cara Maggioni (CA, DC) Margaret Korey (Colorado) Davina T. Chen (California) Attorney at Law Kathryn R. Brown (New Jersey ; Pennsylvania) Katherine Dare (North Carolina Bar) Attorney at Law The Dare Law Firm, PLLC David Akerson (Colorado) Kisa Shapiro (Florida) Deanna Kitamura (California) Cristina Garcia (California State Bar) Associate Attorney Dina Richman (California) D. Johnson (Minnesota) Lisa Rhode (PA, Tx (inactive), OH (inactive)) Gadsden, Schneider & Woodward, LLP Robert Carrasco (California) Maggie Schroedter (California) Jennifer Gross (DC (active) and California (inactive)) Jenna Glassock (California) Nicole Smith (California) David C Hungerford (California, Nevada) Kate Nace Day (CA) Co-Founder Film and Law Productions and Professor of Law Emerita. Film and Law Productions Peter Irvine (Massachusetts) Georgiana Boss (Florida and New York) Attorney Richard A. Boswell (District of Columbia Bar) Professor of Law University of California, Hastings College of the Law Verna Wefald (California, District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Andrea Hutner (California) Katherine Savoy (Maryland) Lauren Prater (Tennessee) Joseph Bennett (Colorado) Attorney Cross &a Bennett, LLC Mary vogel (PA) Cynthia Warren (Louisiana) Attorney-at-law Shannon Bell (Colorado, Wyoming) Partner Kristen Surya (New York; New Jersey) Rebecca Bon (CA) Kyle J. Craig (Kansas) Associate Attorney Sonia Ansari (TX) Craig Wilke (California) Lawyer Christine Shaw (New Jersey, New York) Katherine O'Connor (North Carolina) Elana Goodman (Florida) Partner Migrant Rynor, et al., PA Geetha Tamaroon (California) Tara Lai Quinlan (New York) Marissa Garcia, Esq. (Oregon) Executive Director Huerto de la Familia Casey Hatton (California) Angela Hoyt (Texas; California) Attorney/Partner Cotten Schmidt & Abbott Dana Katz (Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania) Attorney Heidi A. Ray (Colorado Bar Association) Program Director Colorado Bar Association CLE Margaret Parker (California) Vanderford & Ruiz, LLP Westley Ashley (Arkansas) Jennifer Chin (NYS) K. Hilde Smith DeNoma (MN) Attorney The Advocacy House Cristina Azar (Georgia) Associate Claims Counsel Todd Greene (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) Paul Przybylski (New York) Lynn Noesner (Colorado) Senior Public Defender State of Colorado Callan Slavin (Ohio and New York) Courtney Lorentz (Illinois) Abigail Graber (Maryland) Lauren Crais (California, SCOTUS) Kinika Young (Tennessee) Michael P. WHALEN (Kansas) Aplellate Attorney Amy Koch (California) Partner Loeb & Loeb LLP Elijah Welenc (State Bar of Michigan) Andrew J. Asplund (Washington) William Hargiss (Tennessee and California) Attorney Kimberly Miller (IL) Principal Paradigm Legal Group Emily Kaas (Connecticut) Frieda Zimmerman (Washington) Neda shakoori (ca) lawyer Jessica Diotalevi (California) Attorney Meagan Kinsey (California) Sarvenaz Attorney (California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) Non profit attorney Laura Horton (California) Partner Horton Law Firm J. Matthew Flower (Georgia) Nora Schneider (New York, DC) Associate Arnold & Porter Barbara Wally (DC) Cassandra Cooper (Idaho) Attorney Elise Myer (Colorado) Attorney Brian DeWitt (California) Partner Coombs & Dunlap LLP Amanda Walsh (Illinois) Equal Justice Works Fellow Colleen Normile (Pennsylvania) Kelley Chubb (New Jersey) Peter Katz (Michigan) Lauren Gans (California) Alexandrea Scott (California and Washington, DC) Staff Attorney Break the Cycle Peter Romer-Friedman (District of Columbia and New York) Civil Rights/Employment Attorney, Adjunct Law Professor at Georgetown University Law Center Leslie Bailey (CA) Staff Attorney Public Justice Stephen Boyett (California Wisconsin) Counsel Mark Gabel (California) Principal Attorney Gabel Law Firm, P.C. Melissa Solomon (District of Columbia) Alex Sarch (New York) Elizabeth Kristen (California) Danielle Bennett (MA, NY, NJ) Mary Hanna-Weir (North Carolina) David Mesa (California) Associate Sedgwick LLP Robin Nourmand (California) Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Jenna Clemens (California) Heather Grafstrom (California) Manuel Quinto-Pozos (Texas, Illinois) Melissa Gawelek (Ohio) Brian Carrico (Virginia) Meredith Sofer (New York) Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Tanika Padhye (Washington) Jeffrey Duncan (Illinois) Attorney Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Karen M. Lockwood, Esq. (Washington, DC Bar; moving my residence to Colorado) Executive Director National Institute for Trial Advocacy Rachael Langston (California) Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Alexandra Schneider (Oregon) Attorney and Co-Founder Meadowlark Immigration PC Jody Green (CA) Rebekah Viola Beard (Maryland, Virginia (inactive), Ohio (inactive)) Kathryn Mellinger (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Jean Allan (California) Valerie Shea (Florida California) Partner Sedgwick LLP Paul E. Davis (California) SVP and General Counsel Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Joseph Matye (Missouri) Betsy White (California) Attorney Apple Inc. Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Morwenna K. Claire (NY) Attorney William M Burd (California and Nevada) Melissa A. Meister (Arizona, District of Columbia, California) Stephanie D. Mongiello (Texas) Juliet Gray (New York and DC) Betty Hung (California) Kelly Kimble (WV) Jesse Thompson (New York) Staff Attorney Sarah Malia (Tennessee) Elder Law Attorney Whitney Fleshman (Maryland) Jessica Shen (Washington) Noah Warman (Florida) Sugarman & Susskind Christine Thornton (Colorado) Alex Pacheco (New York; California) Jessica Lowenthal (PA NJ) Erin Matzkin (California) Claire Kelleher-Smith (California (inactive) & Northern Mariana Islands) Kelly Scindian (DC) Senior Counsel Kimberly Chew (California) Wenning Xu (Maryland, DC) Doreena Wong (Californa) Director, Health Access Project Asian Americans Advancing Jystice / Los Angeles William J. Armstrong (California) Armstrong Law Firm Emily McKinney (Ohio, Washington, DC) Attorney Jane Steadman (Washington, Oregon) Ely Gonzalez (Florida) Attorney Anne Richardson (California) Director Consumer Law Project Public Counsel Tiffany Hu (California) Katharine Miner (California) Catherine Duke (New York) Legal Director Ellen Lake (California) Chris Kaplan (Arizona) Assistant Legal Defender Dana Ulise (California) Kim Hai Pearson (Nevada (inactive)) Associate Professor of Law Gonzaga University School of Law Mark S. Zaid (DC, MD, NY, CT) Managing Partner Mark S. Zaid, PC Mark Lemley (California) Professor of Law Stanford Law School Kristen Bell (California) Yale Law School Nicole gutierrez (California) Associate Manatt Phelps & Phillips Marie Vincent (California) Attorney Pangea Legal Services Andrea Hall (Virginia) Charity & Security Network Kelly Koch (Massachusetts) Jessi C. Huff (California & Texas) Attorney Barry W Lynn (District of Columbia) Evan Nordby (Washington) Mary Silverman (New York) Sarah Thompson-Peer (Massachusetts) Drew Hoeffner (New York) Elizabeth A. Groeschel (Wisconsin) Attorney at Law Kristen Nilsen (Washington) Angela Langer (Washington) Family Law CASA Jennifer S. Gregory (California) Patricia Jarzobski (Colorado) Charlene Krider (California) Attorney Kate Didech (California) Kathleen Beson (Michigan) Esquire Ann Crowley (Massachusetts) Matthew Hand (Colorado) Attorney Amanda Noble, Esq. (New Jersey) Javad Mostofizadeh (California) Partner Gunderson Dettmer Catherine Heitchue Reed (Michigan) Mary Bresnan (CA NY) Jeffrey W. Molenda (West Virginia (and The US Supreme Court)) Mediator & Attorney Lisa rivera (New York) LEONORA Gorelik (CA) Rachel Gurvich (MA) Patricia A. Levesh (Massachusetts) Managing Attorney Greater Boston Legal Services Anette Hooper (Pennsylvania) Christine Zeivel (IL) Assistant Counsel Holly Brady Friedman (Arkansas) Mary E. Bolkcom (Minnesota, California, New York) Attorney Christine Henry Andresen (Texas) Managing Attorney CHA Law Group, PC Jill Bramwell (New York, Wisconsin) W. Danny Green (Arizona) Attorney Victoria Chinsee (California) Attorney Lacey Bangle (CA) Attorney Nataniel Johnson (California) Public defender Anne Gathje (Minnesota) Stephen Hoffman (California, Minnesota) Nita Upadhye (Arizona) Sandra Brown (Wisconsin, Illinois) Stacey Hyman (New York, New Jersey) Courtney Thornton (Georgia) Tina M. Walls (Nevada, Arizona, California) Attorney Abigail Politzer (Georgia) Jacob A. Green (Utah) Fatima Khan (California, Texas) Caren Rovics (Oregon) Blake Reid (Colorado (active) and DC (inactive)) Assistant Clinical Professor Colorado Law Irmarie Rivera (Puerto Rico) Kristen Finlon (North Carolina and New York) Owner/Member Finlon Law PLLC Taylor Shann (New York) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Society Catherine Martin (Pennsylvania) Stephanie Wade (Washington) Robyn Watts (New York) Esq. Olenko Law PLLC Erika Overby (Minnesota) Attorney Jason Danowsky (Texas) Corey Calabrese (New York) Jona Cosio (New York, New Jersey) The Legal Aid Society Joseph C. Borland (Pennsylvania) Borland and Borland LLP Rohini Khanna (CA) Ucla Seeta Persaud, Esq. (New York) Attorney Meryl Epstein (Massachusetts) Lindsey Curcio (North Carolina) Ruya Carton (New York) Partner Eisenberg & Carton Vanessa Chien (New York) Stacey Aldstadt (California; Texas (inactive)) General Manager San Bernardino Mun. Water Dept. Kate Perino, Esq. (Virginia) Sarah Thomas (California, Colorado) Shelly Okere (Ohio, Maine) Brendan Gants (Illinois, DC) Rachel Johnson (IL) Attorney Alexander P. Guilmartin, Esq. (California) Hether C. Macfarlane (New York, District of Columbia, California) Professor of Lawyering Skills McGeorge School of Law Alyssa Dusterhoff (Oregon) Esq. Thomson Reuters Anita Nabha (California) Alexandra Rengel (Florida, Massachusetts) Shelly Okere (Ohio, Maine) Zachary Alinder (California) Attorney Kris McVey (SC) JD/MHR Michelin North America Talia Butler (Washington) Gregory Pyle (Washington) Attorney Rachael Becker McEntee, Esq. (ME, MA) Paul Frankenstein (California, New York) Uzma Mariam Ahmed (Illinois) Justin Steffen (Oregon) Sangita Datta (California) Carla Craft (Alabama) Tyler Sowers (Arkansas) Attorney Walmart Aaron DeGraffenreidr (Maryland State Bar) Ann Beatus (PA) Rita Morales (California) Ryan Frei (California) Denise RekemDenise, Esq. (New Jersey and New York) Partner Parles Rekem, LLP Benjamin O'Donnell (California, Oregon, District of Columbia) Paul Varnado (IL, DC) Brandon Kennedy (CA) Attorney Katherine Becker (California) Partner, Attorney Schuck, Becker & Dehesa, LLP Vittoria Fariello (New York) Partner Balestriere Fariello Marvin Lee Smallwood, II (Virginia) Peter Salsich (Missouri) Kate Boulton (MA) Staff Attorney Rabia Ahmad (Missouri) Julius Towers (New York) Sheri greenberg (Illinois) Ingrid Eagly (Cal.) Professor of Law UCLA School of Law Sean Betouliere (California) Shari Fagen (New York and New Jersey) Eric Slepak (IL) Director of ADR Programs Resolution Systems Institute Andrea Barilli (NJ) Irene Meloney (California) Director, Law Student Affairs University of San Diego School of Law Washcarina Martinez Alonzo (New York) Amy Kelley (NJ) Jonelle Redelman Chalmers (Indiana) attorney/owner Redelman Law LLC Michelle Falkoff (California (inactive)) Director of Communication and Legal Reasoning Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Kim sabo (Maryland) Kamilla Sjodin, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Director of Eviction Prevention Services Rebecca M. Lightle (Florida, Virginia) Robin Schneider (District of Columbia, California) Senior Counsel Dentons LLP Josh Swanner (Maryland) Sherri Andrews (California) Gretchen Gonzalez (New York) Rachel Thomas (California) Attorney Saba Shakoori (California) Attorney Marguerite Schervish (Michigan) Timothy King (NJ, NY, DNJ) Seth Westby (Minnesota) Attorney Christopher Repole (New York) Neha Singh Gohil (New York) Jazmine Capulong (California) Ann Beatus (PA) Annmarie (NJ and NY) Pinarski Adam Sharpe (Maryland) Attorney Melissa Goetz-Krummel (Wisconsin) Nichole Sterling (New York) Emily Adams (Illinois) Litigation Counsel Levi Guthrie (Colorado) Genevieve Dong (California) Gouri G. Sashital (Michigan) Meghann Burke (North Carolina) Esquire Brazil & Burke, PA Krista S. Jacobsen (California) Attorney Eve gutman (New York) Christie Harris (Maryland) Maria Rottblatt (MA, NY) Martha Ruch (California) Equal Justice Works Fellow / Staff Attorney Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles Chad A. Rice (Louisiana) Rachel Christiansen (Pennsylvania) Sophia Cohn (California) Carla Cottrell (New York) Attorney Donna Harati (TX) Daniel Werner (GA, NY) Senior Supervising Attorney Southern Poverty Law Center Andy Murphy (Washington) Brooke Lierman (Maryland) Michael Diehl (Indiana) Attorney Marion County Public Defender Agency Alec Paxton (New York) Kimberly Conway (New York) Paula Spano (California) Assistant Public Defender Sacramento County Amy Wilson (Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Ian Liberty (New Jersey) Leigh Smith (New York, New Jersey) Teresa M. Woods (New York State) Natascha Kiernan (New York) Dawn Balzarano (California) Attorney Chelsea Corey (North Carolina; New York) Karen Wan (California) Kris Zucconi (Washington) Attorney Nathaniel M. Carle (CA, NY) Andrea Hall (Virginia) Charity & Security Network Sarah Schultz (Minnesota) Peter Nestor (California) Human Rights Advisor BSR Megan Yip (California) attorney Law Office of Megan Yip Rajbir Datta (Ny and NJ) Robin Kaplan (Illinois) Debbie Kerzner (Massachusetts) Attorney Jennifer Brown (Missouri, California) Andrea Bryant (California, Nevada) Lauren Buchanan (Illinois) Partner, Attorney Lauren A Buchanan & Associates Guenevere Mesco (New York) Eugenie M. Cesar-Fabian, Esq. (New York) Grace Alano (CA) Attorney at Law Mei Benni (CT, NY) Gloria S Gruhin, Esq (OH) Bryan L Adamson (Washington State) Associate Professor of Law Seattle University Andrea Perez (California) Senior Legal Counsel Ethan Mann (Georgia (as of Dec. 2nd)) Matthew D Forsgren (Minnesota) Jessica L. Dark (Oklahoma) Attorney Susannah Howard (New York, California) Sarah Vokes (Minnesota) L. Christine Siojo (CA) Associate MPKGC LLP Desiree Sumilang (New York) Legal Counsel Rebecca Dansky (DC) Elizabeth Kohler Maya (Virginia) Attorney Bromberg, Kohler Maya & Maschler PLLC Jessica Lawrence (NM, MI) Attorney at Law Lawrence ADR Meghan Stelzer (NY) Public Defender Pooja Sethi (New Jersey) Managing Partner Darin Leong (Hawaii and New York) Shelly D. Bates (Washington) Hanan Hardy (California) Carrie Torrisi (MA) Jo Coakley (NJ and NJ) Hollie A Morgan (Florida) Anna Ansari (New York) Kia Franklin (Washington) Elizabeth Zambrana (New Jersey) Robert Gilmore (District of Columbia) Lisa Thalmann (Indiana) Christine Chen (California) Attorney Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA Nisha Vyas (California) Ashley Miller (Washington) Nancy Minter (Virginia) Lisa Babcock (MI) Owner Lisa Babcock Law Christopher Jackson (Michigan) Mathew Bergman (New York) Director and Senior Counsel Marilynn Mika Spencer (California) Managing Attorney Spencer Johnson McCammon LLP Sarah Bronson (Minnesota) Staff Attorney Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Rebecca Taylor (California) Associate Attorney Sally Morin Law Erica Fine (NY, MA) Investment Counsel Fidelity & Guaranty Life Danielle Fredericks (California) Attorney Carolyn Allegro IL Grande (NJ) Lauren Pietsch (California) Attorney Sally Morin Law Margaret Korey (Colorado) Christy Whitfield (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Troy Ortiz (California) Erin Albright (Massachusetts) Christine Kain (Minnesota) Lawyer Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Brienne Henderson (New York (active), Washington (inactive)) Faith Foote (North Carolina) Ana Guardado (California) Jack Herzig (Pennsylvania) Attorney at Law Timothy D. Thulson (NY, NJ) Lindsey Stout (IN) Attorney at Law Rebecca Richman Cohen Lecturer on Law Harvard Law School Christy Cassisa (Missouri, Illinois) Idin Kashefipour (California) Attorney at aLaw Amanda Gregory (Michigan, New York) Legal & Policy Program Manager MI Community Resources Jane E. Kornblatt (Massachusetts) Retired Attorney Deepika S. Saluja (California) Attorney Thomas Sines (New York) Cara E. Creager (Illinois) Nicholas Cady (Oregon) Lisa Cronin (Indiana, Illinois, Oregon) James Lewis (Maryland) Naima Said (NY) James P. Walsh (State Bar of Arizoma, Retired) Former Pinal County Attorney and former Chief Deputy, Arizona Attorney General Retired Junea Williams-Edmund (NJ, NY) Woody Clermont (Florida) Attorney Adam Kanzer (New York) Betsy Brazy, Esq. (California) Law Office of Betsy Brazy Jennifer R. Wilkie, Esq. (Virginia) Abigail Politzer (Georgia) Courtney Fraser (California) Samantha Steinfeld (New York) Shelley Halstead (Maryland) Elizabeth K. Ehret (New Jersey) Shirin Keen (New York and California) Stephanie Perez (California) DawnMarie White (Indiana) Attorney Andrea Garland (Illinois) Attorney Civic Legal Corps Allison Apolo (New York) Staff Attorney New York Legal Assistance Group Ashley N. Stefan (California) Charlotte Noss (California) Employment Attorney First Shift Justice Project Shirley Wei (California) Law Office of Shirley Wei Lina Guillen (California) Erica Finkle (NY) Erica W. Fenstermacher (NY) Temojai Inhofe (Oregon) Attorney Kaleisha Stuart (Texas) J. Leah Castella (CA) Partner Burke, Williams, & Sorensen Ioanna Paraskevopoulos (Ohio) Chief of Staff Cincinnati Vice Mayor's Office T. Gary Mitchell (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Family Law attorney, Adjunct Professor of Law Lesley Kroupa (New York) Assistant General Counsel Sanford Furman (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) Mark Weiner (New York) Trial Associate Pryor Cashman Jessica Zaklad (District of Columbia) Osha Neumann (California) Supervising attorney East Bay Community Law Center Keyashia R. Barkins (Texas) Alysia Franklin (California) Ram Sussman-Fletcher (California) Partner Tiffany N Kithcart (Texas, Washington DC) Emily Marrer (Oregon) Sage Legal Center Inna Zatulovsky (California) Attorney at Law Natalie Link (California) Attorney Cynthia B Rosenberg (Maryland) Attorney Rourke & Rosenberg LLC Jessalyn Schwartz (Massachusetts) Matthew S. Holleb (Colorado) Ambre Brandis (New York) Neha Singh Gohil (New York) Stven E. Richardson (Kentucky, Missouri) Justin Treasure (Indiana, Illinois) Rebecca Spence (Virginia) JD, MPH steven j chaikin (New York, Fed: Eastern & Southern Districts, SCOTUS.) attorney at laww Jessica Wang (Rhode Island) April Ramirez (District of Columbia) Attorney Deanna Chui (New York, Minnesota) Mariam SIDDIQUI (Texas) Chantal Khalil (New York) Attorney Chanel N. Call (CA) Los Angeles Public Defender Pavani Thagirisa (New York) Assistant General Counsel Chelsea Down (Michigan and North Carolina) Attorney E. F. Baltodano (CA) Managing Partner Sam Cleaver (California) Virginia Stitzer (Virginia) Milica Filipovic (Michigan) Associate Attorney Deborah Reyher (New York) Christin Szymak (Oklahoma) Bradley Frank (MN) Yesenia Herrera (California) Paula Beck (Minnesota) James Daniel Cole (Georgia) Attorney Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele Rachel Brown (Massachusetts) Assistant City Solicitor City of Lowell Aaron J Katzel (New York) Head of Legal Operations Center American Intl Group Lourdes Armengol (Florida) Amber Floyd Lee (Tennessee) Attorney at Law Lee Law Group, PLLC Rielle C. Montague (Maryland, District of Columbia) Megan Monaghan (Illinois) Attorney Danya Shakfeh (Illinois, Florida) Attorney Jane Nylund (Pennsylvania) Staff attorney Marielle Florendo (Oregon) Attorney Kenneth D. Brown (Illinois) Attorney at Law Jacob S. Perskie (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Jocelyn Smerd (New York) Kelly J. Rodriguez (California) Attorney Christopher Del Vecchio (California) Laura Misumi (Michigan; Washington D.C.) Workers' Rights Staff Attorney Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center Rene Roupinian (Michigan and New York) Ashley Funkhouser (New Mexico) Kristin Paulson (Colorado) Amy Tridgell (New York) Negin Nazemi (California) Attorney Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Caleb Benadum (Ohio and New York) Staff Attorney Pamela Nickell (Texas) Nikki south (Vermont) Deputy State's Attorney Washington County VT Eden Gaines (DC, MD) Jody Green (CA) Ann Grant (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York) Meredith Marine (New Jersey, California) Amy N. Sanders (Missouri, Illinois) Hali Resnick (New York) Astrid Paniagua (Massachusetts) Attorney Amelia Sandoval-Smith (California) Nassim Nazemi (CA) Melanie Benesh (Maryland, District of Columbia) Legislative Attorney Alex Maturi (Illinois) Attorney Diana Maltzer (California) Bryan L Adamson (Washington State) Associate Professor of Law Seattle University Holly C. Stern (NJ) Myra Sun (Washington state; California) Attorney at Law Ashley Glassman (Colorado) Associate Attorney Kwame Akosah (New York State) Juliana Zhu (California and New York) Attorney at Law Epin Christensen (California) Greg Bernhard (New York) Guljit k bains (Nys) Attorney Hannah Garst (Illinois) Christine Zeivel (IL) Assistant Counsel Jason Gillmer (Minnesota) Professor of Law Gonzaga University School of Law Milli Hansen (New York, District of Columbia) Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP Ian M. Alden (New Mexico) Attorney at law Beth Levine (NY) Esquire Erin Willoughby (Georgia) Brian Stull (NC, TX) Brooks Holland (New York) Gonzaga University School of Law Elizabeth Grossman (New York) Nitasha Sawhney (CA) Partner Garcia, Hernandez, Sawhney LLP Le'a Kent (Washington) Deborah P. Mantell (NY) Senior Attorney NY State Unified Court System Rhodora Derpo (CA) Immigration Attorney Kyle Pawlak (Colorado) Clinical Contracts Associate II Janssen Pharmaceuticals/PRA Health Sciences John Atchley (New York) Bryan L Adamson (Washington State) Associate Professor of Law Seattle University Genevieve Quinn (New York) Tasha Holmes (Minnesota) Client Manager Thomson Reuters Katelyn Bacon (Indiana) Jeffrey Alan Kerstetter (New Jersey) Attorney Kerstetter Law, LLC Ann Powers (New York, District of Columbia, Maryland) Professor Emerita Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Orion J. Nessly (OR (Active) PA (inactive)) Attorney at Law Solo practitioner Don Nghiem (California) Caitlin Loftus (MA; CT) Virginia Wallace (IL) Duke University RUBENIA Mejia (CA) Ksenia Snylyk (California) Amanda Shapiro (Massachusetts) Beth Davidson (MD, DC) Kiamesha Colom (Indiana) Attorney Deborah Archer (New York) Ron Shipley (Maryland and the District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Kelann Stirling (NY, DC, CA) Yana Lantsberg (NY) Associate Carolyn Kim (California) Robert Depew (California) Jessica Bahr (Louisiana) Michelle kim (California) Kaitlin Jackson (California, New York) Public Defender Bronx Defenders Alexandra Rosenblatt (Colorado, Hawaii, District of Columbia) Johanna Carney (California) Corporate Counsel Alison T. Rosenblum (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Damon Marcus Lewis (Virginia and the District of Columbia) Jessica Roff (New York) Nida Rizvi (New York) Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Daniella Gordon (NJ) Attorney Kaylee Niemasik (Georgia) Nicki Green Johnson (Maryland) Leila Golchehreh (CA, NY) Attorney Brian Scott Wayson (Oregon) Owner / Attorney at Law WaysonLaw LLC Rachel Ryon (WA) Esquire Douglas Martin, Esq. (Massachusetts) Managing Partner Law Offices of Douglas Martin Michael Ramirez (Texas) Jacquelyn Hill (Illinois) Attorney Richard E. Gutierrez (Illinois) Joi Bourgeois (New York) Vice President Greiner Consulting Katrina Barnett (Illinois) Managing Partner/Attorney Lisa del Puerto (New York) David E. Madden (NJ and NY) Jed Koslow, Esq. (NY) Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann Kimberly A. Kolch (NY) Assistant County Attorney Barbara Wally (DC) Pia Owens (Massachusetts) Jessica L. Harter (New York) Carla Cottrell (New York) Attorney Andrea Barilli (NJ) Alice Kenniff (New York) Attorney Antony Loo (California) Esq. Neha Tannan (Illinois) Senior Associate Attorney Laura Sheppard (California) Attorney at Law Joshua Goldfein (NY) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Esther Silberstein (New York) Associate Maria Piva (Florida Bar) Associate Attorney Elizabeth M. Crotty (Illinois) Ifetayo Davidson-Cade (Maryland) Alison Vicroy (New Mexico) Jennifer Bays Beinart (Indiana) Attorney Bays Family Law Jacqueline Greene (Ohio and New York) Attorney Friedman & Gilbert Kimberly M Hinton (Colorado, California) Kimberly-Claire Seymour (Illinois) Attorney Makau Mutua (New York) SUNY Distinguished Professor SUNY Buffalo Law School Ursula Lalovic (California) Attorney Maria Martinez Sanchez (New Mexico) Stephanie Lacambra (California) Criminal Defense and Civil Rights attorney Alison Vicroy (New Mexico) Andrea Kingbird (Minnesota) Azra Hot (California) Attorney Laura Bull (New York) Paula J O'Brien (New York, Massachusetts) Epin Christensen (California) Alice Rosenthal (Connecticut) Staff Attorney Eric Ortner (California) Bloomberg BNA Tamara L. Tucker (Virginia) Managing Partner Danielle Miranda (DC ,VA) Attorney Chris Wheeler (CA) James J. Zachary Zimmerman (Georgia) Shanna Cleveland (Massachusetts, Hawaii) Thomas Davis (Illinois) Julian Medrano (Illinois) Legal Director Interfaith Worker Justice Hannah Guerrier (North Carolina) Attorney Amy Travis (New Jersey) Joseph Sadon (New York) Sarah Everett (Indiana) Erin Mundy (Indiana) Josh Sindel (Missouri) Attorney Josh Peimer (MA, NH) Rella Zapletal (Louisiana) Jacklyn Gurany (Massachusetts) Attorney Melissa Desvarieux (New York) Attorney Dobroshi & Desvarieux, P.C. Brooke Rupert (VA) Liz Manning (New York) Lauren DeBellis Aviv (Ny and nj) Managing Partner Henry M. Willis (California and Nevada) James O'Neil (California) Attorney at Law O'Neil & Rueppel, LLP Laura Hawes Young (WA) Beth Gellman-Beer (PA) Ngoc nguyen (CA and NY) Lawyer Rachel Odio (California) Kaci White (Connecticut, Massachusetts) Lynne Gedanken (District of Columbia) Emily Richardson (IN) Jennifer Russell (Pennsylvania) Brienne Henderson (New York (active), Washington (inactive)) Nermin Abdelwahab (Virginia) Rene Kang (New York) Te'ya T. O'Bannon-Martens (Iowa & Nebraska) Owner O'Bannon Law, P.C. Radha Pathak (California) Of Counsel Stris & Maher LLP Marissa Janton (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) Susan Daggett (Colorado, Arkansas) Associate professor of the practice University of denver Sturm college of law John Joseph McVeigh (New York, District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Eva Wojtalewski (California and New York) Dana A. Thompson (Michigan and California) Georgia Maclean (Virginia) Charell Arnold (Louisiana) Francesca Corbacho (New York) Mao Shiokura (CA) Chris Gilmore (Georgia) Amanda Heyman (Minnesota) Joyce Fu (New York) MLB Rebecca A. Bers (NY, CA) Deputy City Attorney City and County of San Francisco Laura Blair-Gano (Washington) Nakisha Einston (DC) Staff Attorney DC Public Defender Service Matthew Bryant (Ohio) Owner Bryant Legal, LLC Virginia Knowlton Marcus (CA, DC) Michael Hollander (Pennsylvania) Amy Copperman (Massachusetts) Sylvia Trujillo (California Bar) John Simon (Missouri, Illinois, Massachusetts) Amanda Jackson Miller (California) Attorney at Law Kathryn Probasco (California) Marcus A. Barnes Cannon (Washington) Anne del Castillo (New York) David Bernstein (New York) Terry Woods (Tennessee) Ksenia Snylyk (California) Anh Vu (DC) Marjorie Hornaday (New York) Melissa Goldman (NY, CT) Goldman & Company, P.C. Ariella Simonds (California) Lany Or (California) Carole McNall (New York) Lesley Stefan (New York) Lori B. Warlick (North Carolina) Amy Insler (NY) Attorney Bonina & Bonina, P.C. Thomas Justin Campbell (Texas) Kimberly Muschong (Michigan) Attorney Stephen Zollman (CA) Attorney Oren Bitan (California) Attorney Amanda Bahena (Iowa) Attorney Caitlin McCartney (New York) Sarah Olson (NC) Amy Lehman (California, Massachusetts, DC) Attorney SSL Law Firm Jessica R. Friedman (NY) Attorney at Law Smita Aiyar (NY, NJ) Corporate Counsel Elisabeth Pollock (Illinois) Annie Kouba (South Carolina) Catherine Bailey (Massachusetts, Connecticut) Cathy Bowman (NY) Melissa Ader (New York) Victoria Noel (Iowa) Attorney Mayer, Lonergan & Rolfes Kaci White (Connecticut, Massachusetts) John G. Simon (Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas) President Simon Law Therese Hankel (California, Minnesota) Attorney at law Shelley McEwan (California) Barbara Wally (DC) Justin L. DiBiasio (RI, MA, FL) Jessica Lee (NY) Christine Zeivel (IL) Assistant Counsel Elizabeth Smith (New York) Alexis Silsbe (Missouri) Cheng Xu (California) Attorney Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton Mishell B Kneeland (New York, New Jersey, Texas) Lisa Anderson (Georgia) Jasmine Foreman (New York and New Jersey) Sharon Terman (California) Jennelle D. Arthur (New York, West Virginia) Christie J. Fix (Washington) Marc G. Farris (New York) Douglas P. Elliott (California) Sara Turley (District of Columbia) Jang Lee (Utah) Lauren Aronson (Maryland, District of Columbia) Counsel Micah Ludeke (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Sujata Gibson (New York) Senior Associate Schlather, Stumbar, Parks & Salk, LLP Alison Kollee (California) Donna J. Hooper (California) Attorney Christina Schleich (Illinois) Attorney Jill van Berg (New York) Ember Eyster (Tennessee) Diane Standaert (North Carolina) Joanna Brand (nee Buck) (Texas) Colin Garrett (GA, CA, AL) Staff Attorney Federal Defender Program Kaci White (Connecticut, Massachusetts) Hannah Geyer (Maryland) Amy Bruins (New York) Attorney Karen Giardiello (Massachusetts) Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Evan Dyer (Pennsylvania) Attorney Louis B. Himmelstein & associates Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Adam Gusman (District of Columbia) Senior Corporate Counsel Epin Christensen (California) Andrea Turner (Oregon State Bar) Nathalie Johnson-Noon (Maryland, Virginia and D.C.) D. Cary Mitchell (NEW YORK (1993) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (1994)) Partner Blooston Mordkofsky Dickens Duffy & Prendergast, LLP Maria V. Vasos (Illinois) Principal Attorney Law Office of Maria V. Vasos, LLC KellyAnne Holohan (New York) William T Orgeman (Minnesota, Wisconsin) Drake Shunneson (Colorado illinois and Nebraska) Esquire Cheryl Rayner (Illinois) Deepti Sahrawat (New York, Illinois) Debevoise & Plimpton Meghan McMahon (Illinois & Tennessee) Juniper downs (CA) Google Jessica Terrazas (New Mexico) Attorney Rodey Law Firm Amanda McGrath (Virginia, District of Columbia) Joyce Lilly (Texas) Nurse Lawyer Joan Slavin (Illinois) Cara Leheny (Pennsylvania) Jeff Kenny (Virginia) Jennifer Shahabuddin (Maryland) Attorney Keira McNett (DC, MD) Ashish Kapoor (New Jersey) Dana Kreis Glencer (Michigan) Gregory Berlowitz (Illinois) Jeremy Sacks (Oregon, Washington, California, District of Columbia) Ryan S. Dunning (California, USPTO) Attorney Nicole Grimm (Missouri, DC) Kanika juneja (LA, NY and MS) Attorney George Welch (Ny, nj, ct, ma) Public Defender Committee for Public Counsel Services Charlie Yu (NY) Margaret E. Schroeder (Oregon and Washington) Partner Jessica K Miles (New Mexico) Attorney At Law Noble & Vrapi, PA Sara Mangan (Florida) Ingrid Miller (Arizona) Bryan Boender (Oregon) Attorney Shelby Sullivan-Bennis (New York) Reprieve US Jennifer A. McAllister (California) Jessica Streeter (New Mexico) Amy Gold (New York) Alyssa Heumann (New York) Holly Roark (CA, ID) Attorney/Owner Roark Law Offices Joe Mellis (California) Attorney Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Paula Clarity (New York) Attorney Michelle Nadeau (Florida) April Nix Bowden (Tennessee) Attorney Cassandra Flipper (California (inactive)) Retired Margaret Campbell (Pennsylvania a) Esquire Perkins Coie Jeena Moon (New York) Patricia Krewson (Ohio) Blaine G. Saito (California) Erin Goodsell (California) Alyssa King (New York bar) Daniel Bradford (Texas) Kirstie Baker (MA) Melissa Pang (PA, NJ) Matthew Hawkins (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Gurdeep (California) Associate Attorney Langenkamp, Curtis & Price Catherine Calley Tabor (California) Zil Huma (New York) John T. Dey (Massachusetts; New York; District of Columbia) Associate Ropes & Gray LLP Leah Stevens-Block (New Mexico) Attorney Adria Vondra (WA) Attorney Paula J. Peters (Maryland) Attorney Peters & Clatk Kaci Bishop (NC) Renée Gentry (DC) Attorney Shoemaker, Gentry & Knickelbein Emily B Goldberg (NY, NJ) Lynn Kelly (LA) Dane Torbenson (Colorado) Stuart Bartow (California) Catlin Tucker Harlow (new Mexico) attorney me Justin Gingerich (Ohio) Associate Beth A. Behrend, JD, LLM (New Jersey) Patrick F. McIntyre, Esq. (California) Attorney McIntyre Legal Amy Kelley (NJ) Amy Dallas (New York) Attorney Legal Aid Society Nkechi James Gillman (Minnesota) Lawyer Sonal Singh (NY) Linda Eyerman (Oregon) Attorney Gaylord Eyerman Bradley PC Lauren Barr Jebsen (Illinois and District of Columbia) Owner Operator PB Leesburg LLC Stephani Nichols (WA) Attorney Donald G. Kosin Jr. (DC Bar) Melissa Burkhart (California) Contra Costa County Public Defender's Office Renée Gentry (DC) Attorney Shoemaker, Gentry & Knickelbein Kimberly A. Opsahl (Indiana) Emily Machalow (Illinois) Rachael Kamons (Maryland) Alanna Peterson (Washington) Attorney Walter Gindin (New York) Angela McNair Turner (California) Sharon D. Brown (Pennsylvania) Attorney Deborah Milner (Texas, Virginia, D.C.) Counsel Vinson & Elkins LLP Margaret J. Krueger (WA, PA (inactive) IL (inactive) MA (inactive)) Renée Gentry (DC) Attorney Shoemaker, Gentry & Knickelbein Katie Darden (Louisiana) Thomas McSweeney (New York) Joy M. Suder (Nebraska) Suder Law, PC LLO Brook Detterman (Massachusetts, District of Columbia) Jenny Roberts (NY, MD, DC) Professor American University Washington College of Law Troy Hansen, Esq. (Maryland) Attorney The Law Office of Troy C. Hansen,llc. Stephanie Taylor (NY) Managing Attorney Legal Services NYC Stephanie Mitra (New York) Sarah Erickson-Muschko (Maryland, District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Melissa Keyes (Indiana) Larissa Mervin (North Carolina) Jennifer harbury (Texas) Attorney Jessica Gordon (CA) Robin L. Lewis (California, Wisconsin) Carol Gapen (Wisconsin State Bar) Kaycie Rupp (Illinois) Attorney Jessica Bettencourt (New York) Marly gonzalez (New York) Lawyers for children, inc. Susanna Lichter (New York) Eric Alderete (California) Lindsey Davis (Minnesota) Attorney Beverly Garcia (Massachusetts, New York) Terry Woods (Tennessee) Noemi Pizzini, Esq. (New York) Attorney Law Office of Noemi Pizzini Cheryl Espinoza (New York) Abby Johnston (New York, California) Douglas L. Inhofe (Oklahoma) Brooke L. Devlin-Brown (Illinois, Vermont) Katherine Binkley (Texas) Andrew R Turner (Oklahoma) Shannon Bayer (MA - Retired) Lisa De Sanctis (CA (inactive); DC (inactive)) Editor (former deputy district attorney/former law professor/former civil litigator) Deborah. A. Palmer, Esq. (California and Nevada) Anita Weinberg (Illinois) Whitney Siehl (Illinois) Associate Attorney Emily Arnold-Fernandez (California (inactive)) Alexandria Witte (California) Gila S. Singer (New York) Matthew R. O'Connor (RI and MA) Emma Libby (CA) Cynthia Nguyen (California and New Mexico) Mira Edelman (Licensed in DC, MD; registered in CA) Jill Talbot (MD) Senior Counsel Kate Frenzinger (Arizona) Attorney The Quinlan Law Firm Remi Moncel (California) Daniel Jebsen (Illinois) Connie Chang (New York) Karin Cather (Virginia (31881) and Arizona (025964)) Mahnu Davar (PA, DC) Brandon Trice (New York) Attorney Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler Robin berkovitz (California) Public defender County of Los Angeles Shane Goranson (SC) Stephen Wong (California) Kamanta Kettle Villaman (New York State Bar) Rua Kelly (Massachusetts) Loretta Simon (Missouri and illinois) President Simon Law Group J. Ashlee Albies (oregon) Attorney at law Amanda Norton (NY, DC) Associate Todd Scardina (Colorado) Dorothy Ward (Utah) Jennifer Gordon (Missouri) PricewaterhouseCooopers Darryl Li (New York) Deborah Milner (Texas, Virginia, D.C.) Counsel Vinson & Elkins LLP Mariah Shaver (Illinois) Esquire Christine Zeivel (IL) Assistant Counsel Brienne Henderson (New York (active), Washington (inactive)) Christine Zeivel (IL) Assistant Counsel Maury Bowen (Georgis) Teresa Bloom (DC) Ellen O. Lloyd (North Carolina and Louisiana) Attorney Arika B Hover (Arizona) Litigation Counsel April Nix Bowden (Tennessee) Attorney Sheila Quinlan (California & Arizona) Attorney at Law Tszyu Chen-Holmes (New York) Nicole Porter (Michigan) Professor of Law Stacy Deery Stennes (Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin) Attorney Michael Steinberg (Michigan) Farzana Hassonjee (PA) Attorney Stacy Humphries (Texas) Lia Minkoff (New York) Attorney Annie Lee (California) Civil Rights Attorney Lisa Pheatt (California) Deputy County Counsel Betsy Lehman (Illinois) Lany Or (California) Jackson A. Petito (Colorado and Maryland) Partner Rainville Petito pllc Melineh Ounanian (New Jersey, New York) Eva Cerreta (California) J.D. Jamie Giani (Arkansas) Assistant Federal Public Defender Amadou Sy (Ohio) Lisa Renee Schwartz, JD, LLN (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Attorney Cordisco & Saile Cheryl D. Harris, Esq. (Georgia, New York) Lillian Hirales (Massachusetts, Florida) Briana LaBriola (California) Kate Weisburd (ca) Supervising Attorney Kimi Ide-Foster (Hawaii) Associate Attorney Juan P. Caballero (New York) ACLU of Michigan Carla M. Lee (Missouri) Karolina Ericsson (California) Partner Timea Hargesheimer (Arizona) Attorney The Cavanagh Law Firm, P.A. Nicole Goodson (Indiana, Michigan) Sasha Ellis (California) Deborah Behles (California) Mary Katherine Kremer (Pennsylvania) Attorney Alison Siegler (Illinois, DC) Director, University of Chicago Law School Federal Criminal Justice Clinic University of Chicago Law School Robert Courtney (DC, MN, CA) Diana Conner (New York) April Nix Bowden (Tennessee) Attorney Sarah DeKay (California) Douglas Haeuber (New Jersey, California, Washington State) John A Scanlan (Indiana) Professor Emeritus Maurer School of Law, Indiana University-Bloomington Shailey Jain (CA) Attorney Asina Gant (Indiana, California (in-house counsel)) Attorney Daniel Fuchs (California) Deputy Attorney General Tara Thompson (Illinois) Partner Loevy and Loevy Nycole howard (NC) Attorney Dhenu Savla (Illinois) Attorney at Law; Owner SwagatUSA Tim McHugh (MN) Danielle Jefferis (New York, Colorado) Visiting Assistant Professor University of Denver Storm College of Law Tanya Leach (New York) Attorney Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison Victoria Spetter (MA, FL, NY & NJ) Attorney Lisa A. Gray (Arizona, Indiana) Capital Defense Attorney April Nix Bowden (Tennessee) Attorney Benjamin Isser (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Rebecca savage (Co) Neelam Mohammed (California) Dakota Whitnet (California) Gina Holt (Texas) Jaimie Fender (Oregon) Eva Johnson (District of Columbia) Senior Advisor Eyman Associates, PC Sheila Foste (California) David M Page (MA, DC) Edwin Colon (CT) Attorney Lori Bolander (California) Rahul Rao, Esq. (DC, NY, PA) Elizabeth Brannen (Massachusetts California Florida) Partner Elizabeth Adinolfi (New York) Claire Battle (IL) Gerald O. Williams (Minnesota) Attorney / Owner Williams Divorce & Family Law, P.A. George Saba (Pennsylvania) Assistant Public Defender Diana Massaband (California) Genevieve Manco (Colorado) Rachel Hable (Minnesota) Nora Phillips (IL) Attorney Phillips & Urias, LLP Carrie May Poniewaz (Wisconsin) Fernanda Barreto (California) Marta N. Farmer (Montana) Sunita Patel (DC) Practitioner Washington College of Law Robin Thorner (Texas) Ariel Lager (NJ, PA, DC) Jason Green (Colorado) Staff Attorney Bernadette Valdellon (California) Julie Keersmaekers (New York) Anastasia Karson (WA, ID) Attorney Wallace & Karson Law Office Krista Halla-Valdes (Florida) Federal Defender Services of Wi, Inc. Hannah Stitt (California) Associate Attorney Lynsey A. Stewart (Illinois) Attorney Cassiday Schade LLP Julia McIlroy (California) Attorney McIlroy Law Mara Gross (CA) Ilyce Shugall (California, Illinois) Attorney Sasha Westerman-Keuning (Florida) Jaime Leggett (New York) Crystal Alford (Washington and Colorado) Defense Attorney Moriarty & Associates, PLLC Lisa Gans (New York) Kate Hege (California) Of Counsel Law Office of McEnroe & Turner Arden peters (Colorado) Deborah Ettinger (CA) Attorney Ethan Turner (California) City Attorney Alma Rosa Montanez (New York) Sun Choi (Maryland) Horace W Green (California) Buchman Provine Brothers Smith Lindsay Thomas (New York) Michelle Katz (New York) Jason Sanders (Wisconsin) Ashley Rodriguez (California) Luis Font (Florida) Partner Font Law Group Rebecca JCH Jackson (Washington) Nicholas Costanza (California) Laura M Sturges (Colorado) Of Counsel Gibson Dunn & Crutcher Linda Abel (Oregon) Carrie Grove (California) Partner Seyfarth Shaw Julie Zhu (New Jersey) Megan (Minnesota) Attorney Meredith Neely (Virginia) Ella Krainsky (DC & CA) Katherine Windsor (California) Stacy Barrett (California State Bar #238737) Attorney at Law Nicholas Pedersen (Georgia) Taina L. Colon (New Mexico) Attorney Andrea Schmitt (Washington) Aaron DeMichael (Illinois) Michael Garemko (Texas) Kevin McCulloch (DC, NY) The McCulloch Law Firm, PLLC Maxwell Blum (California) Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan Ansel Halliburton (California) Kent Greenfield (DC) Professor of Law Boston College Regina Yeh (CA) Margaret Hickey (Wisconsin) Attorney Becker Hickey & Poster SV Lee Saladino (New York State) Carrie Bader (KS) Senior Associate Heather McCauley (California) Sunny Heydorn (CO) Senior Counsel David R. Cleveland (Michigan) Carole James (New York) Attorney Sasha Martinez (California) Legal aid society of San Mateo county Jessica K Miles (New Mexico) Attorney At Law Noble & Vrapi, PA Lina Cohen (California) Kanika juneja (LA, NY and MS) Attorney Jennifer Bezoza (CA, CO, NY, NJ) Staff Attorney California Teachers Association Gail Hammer (Washington and Montana) Barbara Mulvaney (California) War Crimes Prosecutor Retired UN - Former US State Department Roswill Mejia (Texas) Mary Pat Treuthart (Pennsylvania) Professor of Law Gonzaga University Christine Zeivel (IL) Assistant Counsel Jessica Gomez (California) Associate Attorney Kat Walsh (Virginia) Christa Chan-Pak (New York, California, Washington D.C.) Ashley Palomaki (Colorado) Jamie Kitces (GA and MA) Associate General Counsel Jonathan Rodriguez-Atkatz (Washington State, New York State) Georgina C. Verdugo (California, Federal) Amy Cu (California) Cristyn Chadwick (California) Attorney Lany Or (California) Eleanor Knight (California and Pennsylvania) Lany Or (California) Aubrey Hoffman (Oregon) Susan Ann Silverstein (New York, District of Columbia) Leila Knox (California) Carolyn Shapiro (Illinois) Associate Professor of Law IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Zubin Kotval (CA) Susan Greenwald (New York State, retired) Retired Amy Lynne Carafa (Massachusetts) The Law Office of Amy Lynne Carafa Sara Dunsky (California) Aroma Sharma (California) Associate Attorney Judith S. Mitchell (California and New York) David Wilkes (New York, Colorado) Partner Valerie Ho (California) Shareholder Greenberg Traurig LLP Karen Hershman (Massachusetts) Attorney Megan Anderson (MN) Attorney Tracy Washington (Ohio and New York) Senior Attorney Nina Chernoff (NY) Sondra Solovay (California) Attorney at Law Heather Walloch (Oregon) Attorney Sara Zier (Washington) Victoria Lowery (Mississippi) Directory of Advocacy Mississippi College School of Law Conchita Lozano-Batista (California) Shareholder Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld Robyn Mancini (Cal. 257706) Attorney Mancini Law Offices Cora Morgan (Michigan) Attorney Diana Mary Nevins (New York; Massachusetts) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society of New York City Carla A. Hernandez (California) Carrie Ann Lucas (Colorado) Executive Director Disabled Parents' Rights Larry Lee (California) Attorney Diversity Law Group Cheryl Boone (Texas, retired) retired Jill Kopeikin (California) Mary Pougiales (California and New Mexico) Pougiales Law Offices Sarah Arnott (California and Florida) Attorney Noah Smith (Oregon State Bar) Carriann Engelhardt (Illinois) Eleanor Knight (California and Pennsylvania) Eleanor Knight (California and Pennsylvania) Lynn Meyer (California) Mountain view parents association Tulin D. Acikalin (California) Partner ADZ Law, LLP David S. Kaplan (Colorado) Haddon, Morgan & Foreman Seema N. Patel (California) Deputy Director SF Office of Labor Standards Enforcement Kristen agnew (California) Samuel Feinson (Washington) Kimberly Snyder (California) Attorney Renée J. Schomp (California) Staff Attorney Anne Hart Walton (CA) Dr. Allison Sondak (New York) Cyndi Wheeler (California) Pamela Cohen (California) Tina Sohaili (California, Oregon) Maryam Azizi (California Oregon) Sydney Fitzpatrick (Oregon) Monica Ramirez (FL, GA) Ronald R. Ward (Washington and California) Attorney St Law Ward Smith PLLC Nan Whitfield (California) Attorney Los Angeles County Public Defender Jordan Weber (New York) Jennifer Roberts (Nevada, Utah) Attorney at Law Roberts Gaming Law Carine Williams (New York, Florida) Carl Lisberger (California) Attorney Connie Tcheng (California) Willa Gelvick (Minnesota (active); California (inactive)) Attorney Keiko Sugisaka (Minnesota) Clay Samford (New Mexico) Renee Dall (CA) Wendy Berg (Massachusetts State Bar) Senior Attorney Community Legal Aid Heidi Rosenfelder (CA) Kimberly Roura (California) Olga Sanchez-Ochoa (California) Deputy Chief Counsel Sacramento Regional Transit District Sarah Hooper (California) Claire Brown (Oregon) Attorney Carmen Sabater (California) Lara M. Palles (Arizona) Attorney-at-law Lisa Olson (Minnesota) Carolyn J. Shulman (Texas and Colorado) Joanna C. Schwartz (California and New York) Professor of Law UCLA School of Law Corey Jahner (Illinois) Attorney Jeff Winikow (CA) Fazila Vaid (IL) Attorney Audrey Tam (Oregon) Maulik Shah (California) Legal Counsel Katrina J Plonczynski (IL) Christina Q. Nguyen (California) Associate Attorney Kanita Viranond (CA) Jessica Riemer (Minnesota) Staff attorney Johnette Duff (Texas) Laura Leitner Salazar (NY, NJ, PA (inactive)) Lauren Wolfe (Michigan, DC) Counsel Travelers United Yoshinori H. T. Himel (California #66194) Emerson Yearwood (NY, DC, AZ) Katherine Paspalis (California) Levi Gatov Johnston (Oregon) Erin Bloom (New York) Sarah Sullivan (New York) Ellen Barry (California) Founder, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children Organizational Consultant Natalie Duke (California) Bridget Shsrphorn (Texas) Carolyn Zegeer (Florida) General Counsel Kelvin Kakazu (Illinois) Jesse Levine (NY) Ann Murphy (Illinois) Professor Gonzaga University School of Law Neelofer Syed (Michigan) Attorney at Law International immigration law firm Ilmi Granoff (New York) Jason A. Wrubleski (OR, CA) Lindsey Golden (CA, MI) Mary-Beth Moylan (California) Gage DeMont Hansen (Utah) Janani S. Rana (CA) Minyard Morris Lindsay Kearl (Oregon and Wisconsin) Associate Attorney Charis Moore (California) Amber Hardwick (Washington) Andrew C. Hughes (New York) Julia Weber (California, Missouri) Jayesh Patel (MI) Street Democracy Chris Wheeler (CA) Kathryn McArdle (Illinois) Allison McNeill (Florida) Associate Attorney Anne Johnson (California) Tanya Kiatkulpiboone (California) Lorraine Chambers (California) Leinaala Ley (HI, CA) Charis Moore (California) Jason Lehman (Iowa, Wisconsin) Heike Vogel (New York, New Jersey) Attorney Dara R Larson (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Thomson Reuters Felisa Ihly (California) Chad R. Thomas (Minnesota, Wisconsin) Attorney Sharon K. Sandeen (California) Professor of Law Mitchell Hamline School of Law Julie Moss-Lewis (California) Erin Ronstadt (Arizona) Attorney Ober & Pekas, PLLC Lynn Ann Zikoski (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Alison Plavin (Indiana) Garrick Pursley (Texas) Associate Professor of Law Benjamin Shipper (Michigan) Attorney Caitlin Reed (MA) Chandra Spencer (California) Partner/Attorney Elder & Spencer, LLP Christopher E. Czerwonka (New York) Michael D. Weinstein (NY, FL and MA) Shelly Damore (Oregon and Washington) Attorney Melissa Z Kelly (Ohio) Jennifer Hamamoto (Illinois) Lauren Vogt (Virginia) Owner L&L Immigration Law, PLLC Joyce S. Pickles (Pennsylvania New Jersey Florida) Liz Watson (NY) Debra Belott (New York, District of Columbia) Kursten A Phelps (Kansas) Cynthia Dean (Indiana) Amy J. Mayer (New York) Melisda petrozza (New York) Samantha Regenbogen (MA) Alexa Hansen (California) Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Megan L. Sprecher (WI, OH) Attorney at Law Amanda Carr (Washington, Oregon) Alanna K Moravetz (MWL) Sarah Randolph Knight (Illinois) Jodi Rifkin (Illinois) Christine A. Koehler (Georgia) Attorney at Law Koehler & Riddick, LLC Susan R. Dargay, Esq. (NJ) Sole practitioner Sherry Jung (California) Jayne Huckerby (New York) Joan J. Burroughs, Esq. (Virginia (VSB #81920)) Owner, The Law Office of Joan J. Burroughs Katie Sinderson (New York) Leslie Ratley-Beach (Vermont) Thomas Sokat (Texas and California) Ashley Burns (New York) Zia Oatley (North Carolina, DC, and Maryland) Cristina DeMento (New York, Illinois) Partner Katherine J Wise (Texas, Ohio) Attorney and Executive Editor Rebecca Leslie (MA) International Rescue Committee Adrienne Kalosieh, Esq (NY, NJ) Katherine Adamides (Arizona) Sister Mary Ellen Lacy DC (Illinois and Alabama) Daughter of Charity Alexander Volokh (D.C.) Associate Professor Emory Law School Gerald Tower (New York) Carl T. Bogus (Pennsylvania) Distinguished Research Professor Roger Williams University School of Law Yukyan Lam (Massachusetts) Sara Navarrette (New Mexico) Lisa Hart (California, New York) Esq. Kathy J Bloom (PA) Attorney Mala Rafik (Massachusetts) Attorney Kim Pacelli (Maine, Massachusetts) Wendy Tyson (Pennsylvania) Dare Bailey (South Carolina) Pamela A Mann (New York, Pennsylvania) Frances Faircloth (VA, DC) Laila Thompson (California) Cindy R. Slane (CT and NY) Shari Lee Sugarman (New York) Attorney Sugarman Law PC Victoria Jayne (North carolina) Assistant capital defender Wendy Ravitz (New York) TRACEY HINSON (NY & NJ) ATTORNEY HINSON SNIPES, LLP Adrienne Fazio (Tn, al, ms, D.C.) Jessica Thompson (PA) Monique Kornfeld (MA) Immigration Attorney Rebekah Scherr (NY) William B Shields (NYS registration no. 1515386; DC Bar 451036) Of Counsel Sean M. Coughlin (Massachusetts, California, District of Columbia and Hawaii) Partner Lathrop & Gage Tom Adolph (Texas) Partner Adolph Locklar Victoria Lane (New York) Aadil Ginwala (New York and New Jersey) Taylor Kittell (Oregon and Washington) Attorney at Law Mory Jones (FL) VP, General Counsel Michael D. Lieder (Washington DC) lawyer Celeste Hollerud-Jones (Minnesota) Geoffrey Wertime (New York) Skadden Fellow Housing Works Allison Reimann (Illinois) Jeff Christenson (Minnesota) Amy Laura Cahn (PA) Ihsaan R. Muhammad, Esq. (New Jersey) Christina Scaringe (FL) M Cordner (Ny) Beverly Luther (Minnesota) Counsel Sally Dworak-Fisher (Md) Attorney Neal Stender (California) Jessica L. Selecky, Esq. (New York and New Jersey) Maria Dawson Torsney (Florida) Amy Barsky (CA) Irving Apar (New York) Partner Thompson Hine LLP Kate Jaycox (MN) Principal Robins Kaplan LLP Mark Wiletsky (Colorado) Attorney Holland & Hart LLP Bailey M. Harned (Tennessee) Esq. Ariana Wright (Virginia) Kimberley Klein (Illinois State Bar Association) Darcie Owens (Florida) Keith Doniphan Elston, Esq (Kentucky) Attorney at Law Elston Law Office, PLLC Kimberley Klein (Illinois State Bar Association) Chante Lasco (Maryland) Attorney Lisabeth Ryan Kundert (Massachusetts) Julia Fisherman (New York) Joan C. Lenihan (New York) Joan C. Lenihan, Attorney At Law I am a Solo Practitoner Jeffrey C Kovalski (Tennessee) Attorney at Law Law Office of Jeffrey C. Kovalski Elizabeth Letcher (California) Kimberley Klein (Illinois State Bar Association) Ana Pottratz Acosta (MN & NY) Attorney Mechelle Zarou (Ohio and Michigan) Partner Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP Jamaal Myers (New York) Associate Megan Johnson (Georgia) Partner Founders Legal Melissa Miller (california) Brian M. Jasper (Kentucky, Georgia) Seth Stoughton (Virginia) Professor University of South Carolina Alex S. Aughtry (Louisiana) Associate Attorney Anne Alstott (New York) Professor Heather Gatnarek (Kentucky) Amy S. Johnson (Indiana) Attorney Scott A Joseph (Massachusetts) Partner Joseph & Joseph Rebekah Page-Gourley (Michigan) Caren Rovics (Oregon) Daniel Bradford (Texas) Leni Battaglia (NY NJ) Attorney Kimberley Klein (Illinois State Bar Association) Richard J Oparil (New York, District of Columbia) Kimberley Klein (Illinois State Bar Association) Maureen A. Sweeney (Maryland) Raquel Azevedo McKenney (New York) Robert H. Cohen (Ohio) Attorney Ann Sinsheimer (Pennsylvania) Liana Epperson (California) Senior Counsel J. Karim Aoun (CA, NY) Beth Budnick (New York and New Jersey) Attorney Iris Bromberg (New Jersey & New York) Robert J. Shoemaker (New York, Massachusetts) Assistant District Attorney Monroe County District Attorney's Office Chloe Sershon (Minnesota) Melissa Smith (TN) Attorney Dan Schulke (MARYLAND) Tiffany D. Gardner (Georgia) Diana Robinson (Ohio) Laura Dahl (Illinois) Attorney Granville Powers (Georgia) Sara K. Van Norman (MN) Aparna Polavarapu (MA, DC) Assistant Professor of Law University of South Carolina School of Law Mark Humbert (California) Attorney Lauren Conn (Florida) Joshua Tepfer (Illinois) Lecturer-in-Law University of Chicago Law School Rachel Rosenbloom (Massachusetts) Professor of Law Northeastern University School of Law Krista Nelson (Washington) Kim Bell (Pennsylvania) Attorney-at-Law Krista Halpin (New York) Beth S. Hackney (Pennsylvania) Kaitlin Ball (Maryland) Deborah Hale Worrell (California) Attorney at Law Jay L. Himes (New York, Wisconsin) L. Joe Dunman (Kentucky) Attorney Molly Silfen (New York, DC) Colette Routel (Minnesota) Professor of Law Mitchell Hamline School of Law Kristen French (New York and New Jersey) Sheila Prendergast (Illinois) Lisa Mulligan (WA #29429) The Law Office of Lisa Mulligan Nzinga Hill (Louisiana) Brian Rothenberg (Massachusetts) Jeffrey Rosenthal (New York) Jamie L. Formont (Tennessee) Attorney Mark J. Heyrman (Illinois) Clinical Professor of Law University of Chicago Law School Ann-Catherine Padian (California) LaTanya Channel (Maryland) Karen Hummel (OH) Attorney Eric Lesh (NY) Fair Court Project Director Lambda Legal David Samms (Missouri) Luke Laumann (New York State) Associate Kathryn Hoffman (Minnesota) Attorney Anser Ahmad (Pennsylvania) Ahmad and Associates Daniel Miller (New York) Margaret O'Grady (Massachusetts) Ada Cordelia Montague (MT) Esquire Marcia A. Wiss (DC) Managing Partner Wiss & Partners LLP Stephanie Sauter (CA) Director LAW Project of Los Angeles Tiffany Fox (Tennessee) Jordan Wilkes Peeler (South Carolina) Attorney James R. Stevenson (Michigan, Pennsylvania) Morgan Felts (Georgia) Rhianna Fronapfel (Washington) Leigh Currie (Minnesota) Charles Horowitz (Minnesota) Andrew Artzt (Georgia) Howard T. Ayers (Texas) Elizabeth Burton (Pennsylvania) Phyllis Savage (Connecticut, New York) Sarah Geraghty (Georgia, Alabama, New York, Illinois) Karen Woods (Indiana) Corporate Counsel and CRO MainSource Financial Group, Inc. Julie P. Forrester (Texas) Wazhma Mojaddidi (California) Attorney at Law Kelly Schodorf (Kansas) Meghan Gorman (MD) Attorney Claudia Flores (NY and IL) Assistant Clinical Professor of Law University of Chicago Law School Ethan Birnberg (Colorado, Wyoming, California, Nevada) Jaime Novikoff (New York, District of Columbia) Caitlin Bannigan Weber (Georgia) Mary R. Mannix (New York) Maja Szumarska (New York) Katharine Hannaher` (Minnesota) Assistant Public Defender Hennepin County Public Defender's Office Katherine O'Connor (Georgia, Massachusetts) Keith Findley (Wisconsin) Blain Myhre (Colorado) Blain Myhre LLC Abigail Larimer Crosby (Georgia) M. SALMAN Shah (Ohio) Attorney Theresa Hacsi (New Mexico) Cheryl Milton (Georgia) Caitlin Watts-FitzGerald (California) Attorney at Law Thomas McCarrick (California) Sarande Dedushi (New York) Janet J. Lee (New York, New Jersey, and District of Columbia) Sierra Spitzer (CA) Kathleen Halloran (MA) Maureen Dimino, Esq. (DC, FL, S. Ct) Camille Holmes (DC and Georgia) Andrea Gilliam (CA and DC) Trescot Gear, Esq. (Florida) Managing Owner Gear Law, LLC Melinda R. Cordell (Missouri) Proofreading coordinator American Angus Lauren Dixon (Georgia) Public Defender Linda Abel (Oregon) Josune Aguirre (California) Attorney at Law Amanda Giffin (Georgia) Associate Sutherland Aurora Kaiser, esq (California) Monica Iyer (New York) David E. Hodges (New York) Tamara Suiza (California) Boyd Stephenson (VA) Koethi Zan (New York) Susan Peters (NY, Mass) Attorney At Law Greybridge PR Johanna Jennings (NC) Staff Attorney Center for Death Penalty Litigation Janee' J. Garcia (North Carolina) Law Office of Janee' J. Garcia Debra Dority (Oregon) Jennifer Hill (Kansas) Kevin Benninger (Colorado) Debora K Grobman (NY) Retired Assistant District Attorney NYCounty and Retired White Collar Defense Attorney. Monica Vantoch. (California) Meghan Boland, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Rebecca Schleifer (New York, California) Beth Kruchek (Arizona) Attorney Kruchek Law, PLLC Andrew C. Buckner (North Carolina) Daniel Soso (Illinois) Anthony Fata (ILLINOIS) Partner/Adjunct Professor CCMS LLP/SETON HALL UNIVERSITY Andrea Taetle (New York and Illinois) Civil Rights Proponent Rebecca Siegel Singer (Texas) Attorney Samantha Crane (District of Columbia, Pennsylvania) Leila Kermani (New York) Barbara Nectow, Esq. (New York) Anna Dean Kamins (Texas, Mississippi) Gregory Harp (Alabama) Anam Ismail (Georgia) Attorney Alyssa Kelman (New York) Assistant General Counsel Freeman Faust (New Mexico) Miguel Molina (NY, NJ) Kristen W. Smith (NY) Sophie Brion (Florida) Ashleigh Raso (Minnesota) Attorney Katharine Deabler-Meadows (New York) Jessica Yager (New York) James Commodore (NY, CT) Jason Husgen (Missouri and New York) Jajah Wu (Illinois) Supervising Attorney Neil Perry (California) Sr Corporate Counsel Patricia G Sparks (West Virginia) Attorney David M. Skeens (Missouri and Kansas) Rebecca Bodnar (Ohio and NJ (IHC)) Brooks de Peyster (Washington State, California) Patricia Jo (New York) Attorney R. Heather Sina (New York & New Jersey) Esquire Timothy Miles (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Keith W. Heard (New York) Partner in a law firm Eduardo Martinez Jr. (Georgia) Virginia T. Nguyen (New York) Paul Vicary (Florida) Attorney Rhina Roberts (Virginia, District of Columbia, New York) Leah Lotto (Georgia) Staff Attorney National Center for Law and Economic Justice Lynne Green (CALIFORNIA) Attorney at Law Emilie Curtis (Massachusetts) Sophie Cohen (California, New York) Shelly N. Donaldson (FL and GA) Partner Judy Parker (Oregon and Washington) The Winemakers' Lawyer Alia Horwick (Illinois) Attorney Melissa Horton (Texas) Kristina Pechulis (Massachusetts) Kevin Greenleaf (CA) Sandra Estremera-Zink (California) Attorney at Law Elizabeth Letcher (California) Charles P. Ciaccio, Jr. (CA, CO) Attorney A. Chowning Poppler (California) Attorney Robert Weinstock (IL, NY) John David Blakley (Texas) Partner Dunn Sheehan LLP Ruth O'Meara-Costello (Massachusetts) Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP Hallie Campbell (California) Attorney Public Defender Laura Tubbs (Georgia, Texas) Thomas Kozak (New York) Emily Davis (Illinois) Chris Kaiser (Texas) Mara Cusker Gonzalez (New York) Counsel Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP Jeanne Segil (Alabama) Bethelwel Wilson (California) Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Janet Hendrickson (Missouri) Stephanie Pope (New York) Staff Attorney Legal Aid Society Fred Nisen (California and Nevada) Julia Campins (California) Lawrence Rutkowski (New York) Law Firm Partner/Adjunct Professor Sara Kornblatt (California) John F. Nelson (Texas, Nebraska & Pennsylvania) Managing Partner Nelson & Nelson Law Firm, PLLC Andrew D. Levy (MD; DC) Marie Drake (Colorado) Attorney The Drake Law Firm, P.C. Jamie Popper (California Bar Association) Monica Mason (Louisiana) Cate Pham (Tennessee) Hermine Valizadeh (Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Erica G. Wilson (PA) Justin Manning (Kentucky) Attorney B J Star (Florida, Michigan) Owner Keeley McKay (Montana and Arizona) Attorney Sara Gray (Oregon) Steve Moore (California, North Carolina, Georgia) Tamara Connor (Virginia, District of Columbia) Kristen Phinnessee (California, District of Columbia) Lisa A. Schwartz (New York) Jennifer Jeans (Texas, Nevada, California) Jean K. Hyams (California) Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP David Shyer (New York) Patrick Tighe (Texas) Attorney Tighe Law Firm Audrey Jean (New York, Washington DC) Corporate Counsel and Director The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. Alyssa Senzel (CA and DC) Heather McElroy (Minnesota) Attorney Swati Rawani (NY, DC) Susannah Bender (Ohio) Molly Rose Goodman (Massachusetts) Bear Wilner-Nugent (Oregon) Patrick Fanning Madden (Pennsylvania) Tracy Blake DeVlieger (PA) Partner Gadsden Schneider & Woodward LLP Morgan Lynn-Alesker (MD, DC) Lisa Pferdeort (Arizona) Deputy Public Advocate Michael O'Neil (DC & NY) Carmia N. Caesar (California and Connecticut) Director of Experiential Learning Howard University School of Law elaine martin (texas) martin Immigration law Tara Raghavan (Illinois) Gina Browne (CA) Partner Feldman Browne Olivares, APC Whitney (IL) Criminal Defense Attorney Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem Donna L. Tapellini (New York) Benda Lea Tofte (Minnesota) Chrisiant Bracken (Massachusetts, New York) Staff Attorney Prisoners' Legal Services of New York Tara Raghavan (Illinois) Mary Kate ONeill (California) Robert A. Hamill (North Carolina; South Carolina) Marcia S. Cohen (The Florida Bar) Marcia S. Cohen, P.A. Kelly Albinak Kribs (Illinois) William Juska (New York) Managing Partner Freehill Hogan & Mahar Shoaib A. Ghias (Massachusetts) Terisa E. Chaw (Calilfornia) Lillian Howard Potter (Maryland and Washington, D.C.) Lindsay Arrieta (Florida) Shiveh Roe (Georgia) Cindy del Rosario (Oregon) Shannon Peters (Arizona) Attorney Connie Sue Manos Martin (WA, OR, HI) Attorney Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt Judith K. Crosby (Massachusetts) Of Counsel John Infranca (NY) Joseph Fishman (New York) Neal R. Roach, Jr. (Indiana) Scott Chang (California, District ofColumbia) Kamala Miller (MD, DC) Michelle Paulson (California, New York) Sarah Sobel (NY and MA) EVP, Business and Legal Affairs The Weinstein Company Shannon Foley (California and Nevada) Partner Foley Lyman Law Group LLP Simone Chriss (Florida) Esquire Southern Legal Counsel Joshua Rubin (California) Litigation Associate Robert H. Stroup (New York) Sandy Yeung (Massachusetts) Sharanya Mitchell (NY) Kirsten Hill (California, Hawaii) Gregory Lipper (District of Columbia) Kerry Chicon (New York State) Attorney Lisa Devlin (IL) Attorney Nixon Peabody David Gold (NY) Anthony Mendoza (Minnesota) President Mendoza Law, LLC Lisa Kelly (Washington) Professor of Law Ellen P. Goodman (PA) Professor Rutgers Law Farnoosh Hashemian (New York) Eva Bacevice (Michigan and New York) Darlene Bagley Comstedt (Colorado, California) Attorney Willie Wilder (Florida) David Price (Massachusetts) Executive Director & CEO Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation Naomi Sunshine (New York, California) Acting Assistant Professor NYU School of Law Lucas Cuellar (Washington) Shawnell Russell (California) Alicia Miller (Minnesota) Tax Associate Monica Holland (WA) Managing Attorney Unemployment Law Project Ira Friedman (New York) Priya Gupta (New York) Professor of Law Southwestern Law School Dylan J. Williams (New York) Sarah M. Adams (District of Columbia, Virginia) Cristina Giner (CA) J.D., LLM in Tax Jacqueline McMurtrie (Washington) Professor Allison N. Wirth, Esq. (Nevada) James Kinzer (Illinois, New York) counsel Tyler Gerking (CA) Crystal Tajalle (California) Margaret Radabaugh (MI and DC) William Stancil (Minnesota, New York) Fellow Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity Jane Santoni (Maryland) Suzan Hyssen (Michigan) Lizabeth L. Burrell (New York) Robert A. Walder (New York) Partner Meagan Crowley (New York, New Jersey) Himani Bhardwaj (IL) Managing Partner HBM Law Offices Grant Margeson (California) Claudia Joseph (New Mexico) Attorney at law Agustina Bacce (Georgia) Associate Troutman Sanders LLP Betsy Walters Tornatore (New York) The International Legal Foundation Jill Pierard (IL, MI, HI) Heather Riley (NY and CA) Partner Byron C. Cherry (Texas) Randall Lehner (IL) Partner Peggy L. Middlestead (Minnesota) Associate Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Brian Citro (IL) Clinical Lecturer in Law University of Chicago Law School Ithti Toy Ulit (New York, Washington D.C.) Legal Counsel Alvogen Elizabeth Wang (IL, CO) Partner Loevy & Loevy Denelle Reilly (Washington State) Leigh Goodmark (California, Maryland, DC) Professor Rainey Booth (Florida, Georgia) Partner Littlepage Booth Colleen Hobson (New York) Holly Jacobson (California) Attorney Bahareh Wullschleger (California) Jessica Kosares (CO) Sara Kornblatt (California) Jennifer lam (California) Ben Golden (WA) Director of Legal Affairs Tara Herivel (OR and WA) Attorney Amy Labenz (Admitted in New York and Michigan) Emily Brown-Sitnick (Oregon) Staff Attorney Amanda Upson (CO) Melissa Alfano (Virginia) Abby Wood (New York) Assistant Professor of Law, Political Science, and Public Policy University of Southern California Jason Fiorillo (Massachusetts, California) Ben Finholt (NC) Elisa Kao (New York) Associate James Lai (Illinois) Rebecca Cambreleng (New York and Oregon) Robert Solomon (PA (ret), CT (ret), CA) Clinical Professor of Law University of California Irvine Pamela Woldow (Pennsylvania) General Counsel Legal Leadership Tiago Guevara (Colorado Bar) Associate Attorney McKinley Law Group Daria Fisher Page (NY, DC) The Community Justice Project Georgetown University Law Center Stephen R. Bentfield (Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Colorado) Sophia Lai (CA) Brittany Summers (Georgia) Hayley Gladstone (New York, New Jersey) Krystina Phillips (Oklahoma) Partner Indian and Environmental Law Group, PLLC Heather McCabe (IN) Matthew T. Charles, Esq. (Pennsylvania & New Jersey) Partner Concannon & Charles David Kazzie (Virginia) Tom Hinshaw (Indiana, California) Todd L. Platek (NY, NJ) Attorney Law Office of Todd L. Platek Douglas Richardson (Pennsylvania) President The Richardson Group Alex Spilberg (New York, New Jersey) Attorney Todd Gers (Illinois, Michigan) General Counsel Shamaila S. Malik (Texas) Attorney at Law Turquoise Young (New York) Bryndis Tobin (California) Traci Hinden (California) Attorney Earle J. Schwarz (Tennessee) Principal Office of Earle J. Schwarz Bertis Downs (Georgia) Attorney at Law Lane Hatfield (Washington State Bar Association) Christine Clolinger (Alabama) Attorney Howard Cohen (Indiana) Attorney Robin Selig (Oregon) Diane K. Vaillancourt (California Nevada) Civil Rights Lawyer Sole Practitioner Darren Teshima (California) Amy Kapoor (Colorado and California) Senior Associate Johnson Brennan and Klein PLLC May Mallari (California) Paul Shadle (Illinois) Laura Balson (Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine) Partner Anita Mohan (California) Attorney Lindsay Earls (Ok) Heather Follensbee (MN) Attorney Amie Sloane (North Carolina) Attorney at Law Gail Silverstein (California) Clinical Professor of Law UC Hastings College of the Law Meghan Lang (CA) Emily Landsverk (California) Gail K. Johnson (CO (active) DC (inactive) CA (inactive)) Marguerite Dorn (MA) Kelly Levenda (Oregon) Hilary Sadhoo (Oklahoma) Assistant General Counsel Charlotte H. Gesten (California, Massachusetts) Sunith Kartha (Illinois) Attorney/School Board Member Pamela Dayton (Colorado) Attorney Michael Wang (California) Attorney Kimberly Boyer-Cohen (Pennsylvania) Special Counsel Monica Mason (Louisiana) Crystal Perkins (Washington) Nora Nye (Colorado) Attorney Law Office of N Nora Nye LLC NITHYA B Das (NY and MA) SVP, General Counsel AppNexus Carol VanderWoude (PA) Manasi Rodgers (New York, Texas) Attorney Reeves & Brightwell LLP John P Breen (Indiana, Virginia) Cara Christian (Arizona) Attorney Denise Mejia (Texas) Sudha Rajan (Minnesota) David A. Diamond (California) Attorney at Law Hines Carr Diamond LLP Walter B Batt (California and Florida) Attorney-at-law Julie Turner (California) Partner Turner Boyd LLP Mitchell B. Ryan (New York) Bettina Yip (Georgia) Kimberly Epstein (California) Niamh Lewis (Oregon) Carrie B. Kingsley (NY) Sarah A. Smith (Texas) Marcus Saitschenko (Pennsylvania) Amy Adolph (California, Texas) General Counsel Alexa Chrisos (California, Massachusetts) Attorney Carmine J. Castellano (NY) David C. Shall (California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio) Latika Sharma (California) Lisa Stanton (New York) Brian Yeager (KS, NJ, PA) Matthew Broccolo (New York) Kathleen S. Kizer (California) Attorney Carrie Noteboom (New York) Abbey Marr (New York) State Policy Analyst Advocates for Youth Jon Choate (Alaska, New York) Partner Choate Law Firm LLC Douglas Sayranian (New York) Associate Kirkland & Ellis LLP Erika Siu (New Jersey) Kimberly Morning (VA, DC) Associate General Counsel Lindsay Speicher (Rhode Island) Jesse Lanier (California, Massachusetts) Shouan Zhoobin Riahi (New York) Staff Attorney Central American Legal Assistance Valerie E Hill (Virginia) Michael Norwick (NY, NJ) Staff Attorney Media Law Resource Center Sarah Baldwin, Esq. (New York) Peter W. Beadle (New York) Of Counsel Vaccaro & White Alicia Schmitt (PA, WV) Principal Lindsey D. Sbernas (Texas) Attorney at Law Amanda Rutherford (Iowa) Rachel C. Perlman (Illinois) Attorney Arryn K. Miner (Ohio) Laren Spirer (NY, MA) Director of Pro Bono Programs Columbia Law School Jessica mariani (CA) Sylvia Lam (Maryland) Gary Rhoades (California) Andrea Korb (Pennsylvania) Christina DeAngelis (Florida) IP Counsel Newell Brands Judith Lê (New York) Michele Connors (CA, TX) Mehran Tahoori (CA) Attorney Kate Lloyd (Illinois) Senior Counsel Caitlin O. Bradley (Virginia; (D.C. pending)) Attorney Beverley Ann Griffin (Massachusetts) Attorney Thomas H. Justice III (Florida, Virginia) Attorney Thomas H. Justice III, P.A. Stephanie Spanja, Esq. (OH, NY) Brita Schemmel (Minnesota) Legal Strategist Geisa Balla (New York, New Jersey) Lisa Sotelo (Texas) Susan Adams (Maryland) Michael Schafer (Wisconsin) Attorney Rachel Feinman (Florida, New York) Attorney Taya Mashburn (TN) Nicole Edwards-Masuda (CA) Shauna B. Yoder (Arizona) Leigh de la Reza (Texas) Attorney Partner John Vang (New York) Geoffrey Dailey (CO) Miriam Gutman (Georgia) Elysa Greenblatt (New York) Abbey Ruby (New York, Virginia, DC) Counsel Miles & Stockbridge, P.C. Christina Ortecho (Arizona) Immigration and Family Law Attorney Ortecho Law Pllc Douglas Do (California) Chris Johns (Massachusetts, DC) Reilly Morse (Mississippi) Matthew Sebastian (Pennsylvania) Ryan P. Siney (Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey) Attorney Jerrico Perez (Colorado) Attorney Vicente Sederberg LLC Bryana Boudreau-Sacino (Massachusetts, Connecticut (retired)) Associate Attorney Katherine Walton (Illinois) Idun Green (New Jersey) Esq. Wanda DeJesus Engracia (New Jersey) Attorney-at-law Daniel Bednarski (California) Amanda T. Lee (Maryland) Meera Coilparampil (OR, NY, NJ) Leigh Smith (New York and New Jersey) jennifer brandeis (texas) general counsel Thomas Zimarowski (West Virginia, Pennsylvania) Timothy Moore (California, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) Heather Sneddon (Member, Utah State Bar) Attorney Bianca D. Martinez (Texas) Associate Attorney Melissa L. Staas (Illinois) John Geise (New York, Washington D.C.) Mary Lewis-Pierce (Massachusetts) Karl A. Doss (Virginia) Attorney Jennifer L. Haynes (Georgia) Paul Stephan (New York) Associate General Counsel AppNexus Krista Robertson (NY, DC) David P Voisin (MS) Gayle R Elings (New York State) Partner Stacie Cameron (New York) Suzanne DuRard (Washington State) attorney Rebecca Mayer (Texas) Char Sachson (CA) California Attorney General's Office Talia Kolluri (California) Nakia Hansen (New York) Regina M. Buono (Texas) Chay Sengkhounmany (Tennessee) Charlene D'Cruz (Minnesota) Attorney Geoffrey J. Ginos (New York and Vermont) Solo Practitioner Lindsey D. Sberna (Texas) Attorney Kari Cincotta (Massachusetts) Supervising Attorney Lynne Esselstein (California, New York) Cristina Velez (New York State) Natalie Mazur (New York) Sam Lunier (CA, WA) Jose Hernandez (Washington) Marisa DeVito (Ny) Jennifer Moreno (California) Staff Attorney Berkeley Law Death Penalty Clinic Bree H. Kame'enui-Ramirez (Oregon, Washington) Senior Litigation Counsel Weyerhaeuser Patrick Skahan (California) Attorney Richard Wilder (New Hampshire, Virginia, USPTO) Paul Blumenstein (California) Jennifer Fidlon-Bugat (New York) Philice Cohen (NJ and PA) Attorney Alina Mason (NY & HI) General Counsel Cayuga Centers Jennifer Meiselman Titus (Florida) Mattie Cohan (District of Columbia) Lauren McSwain (New York) Barbara T Hale (Texas) Attorney Suzann VanNasdale (Indiana) Founder & President The VanNasdale Group, LLC Daphne Hallett Donahue (Maine) Quynh Goodhouse (Connecticut) Attorney Kathryn Neilson (New York) Alex Camacho (California) UC Irvine Carolyn G Johnson (Texas) Esther Silberstein (New York State) Attorney Susan Cohodes (washington, Illinoise) Attorney at Law Leigh Rome (New York) Emily W. Mundy (Maine) Whitney Mundy and Mundy Kathryn R. Brown (New Jersey; Pennsylvania) Attorney Sara Manaugh (NY) Bruce Highman (California) Highman & Highman Suzanne A. Kim (New York) Irosha Ratnasekera (New York) Senior attorney Cherry, Edson & Kelly LLp Megan Mahle (DE NY MA PA) Sarah Kanter (NY, DC, CA) Attorney Beeson, Tayer & Bodine, APC Brionna Ned (California) Attorney Alicia Storm (State Bar of Michigan, US District Court for Western District of Michigan) Attorney Tara L. Sharp & Associates Kathryn Ederle (Georgia) Joshua Davidson (California) Supervising Attorney Disability Rights California Carolina Castaneda (California) Attorney Law Office of Carolina Castaneda Tam M. Ma (California) Sarah E. McElwaney (Michigan) Attorney Times Wang (DC, CA) Associate Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC MacAllistre Janson Henry (MA; NY (admission pending)) Law Clerk Jennifer Clingo (California) Civil Rights/ Employment Lawyer Principal/ Owner of Clingo Law Group Stefanie Raue (CA, NY) Mary Silverman (New York) Vanessa Geer (Missouri) Elizabeth Allison (Illinois) Caitlin Reardon (New York) Breah Mortenson (Wisconsin) Chief Legal Counsel MSK Nina DeJong (Virginia) Huron Consulting Group Patrick Lee-O'Halloran (Minnesota, South Dakota) Attorney Thompson Tarasek Lee-O'Halloran PLLC Augustus Curtis (Maryland, District of Columbia) Kathy Reif (Washington) Ami Patel (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Michelle Payne (Pennsylvania) Catherine B. Martineau (Ohio and US Patent and Trademark Office) Partner, Patent Attorney Caroline Vega (New York) Pooja Agarwal (Pennsylvania, New York) Associate General Counsel University of Pennsylvania Jean Carmalt (New York) Sonia Lopez (New York) Natalie Butcher (California) University of California, Davis School of Law Yair Chaver (California) Elizabeth Campbell (Michigan) Clinic Assistant Professor Ilene Friedman (Maryland) Jessica Gioia Baldwin (California) Tracy Steedman (Maryland) Partner Adelberg Rudow Rachel Berardinelli (New York) Megan Sramek (New York) Latha Srinivasan (Ohio) Merri Moore (Florida) Jordan Dahme (Illinois) Cara Peterman (Georgia) Sarah Sandford-Smith (CA and HI) Attorney Beeson, Tayer & Bodine, APC Jake Feldman (Tennessee) Sr. Director of Legal Affairs Jennifer Olson (New Mexico) Attorney Elliott Riebman (Illinois) Attorney Circuit Court of Cook County Patricia roth (District of Columbia. Pennsylvania) Andrea Huber (California) Margaret E. Heinen (Georgia) Dana B. Levy (Texas) Melissa Skilken (OH, IL) Attorney and Informed Voter Rebecca Gindi (California, New Jersey) Public Defender Stacy Hawkins (New York, Washington, D.C.) Associate Professor of Law Tracy Siebold (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Attorney Erik Levy (Minnesota) Assistant General Counsel Whitney Sado Bakke (California) Christine Donlan (MA NH) Ana Guzina (California, New York) Andrea Likwornik Weiss (New York) Humza Kazmi (Maryland, DC) Associate The HMA Law Firm Marie Wolf (Minnesota) Robin Miler (California) Sara peters (California) Walkup Melodia Kelly & Schoenberger Saba Khwaja (Virginia) Leesa Haspel (New York) Michael G. Wasserman (Georgia) Partner Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman, LLP Benjamin Wolverton (New York) Associate Arnold & Porter LLP Tamara Gaw (DC, MD) Carrie James (California) Ilana Haramati (New York) Attorney Rebecca Raphaelson (Massachusetts) Carolyn J. Ruth (California) Attorney at Law Marissa Korbel (California) Neonu Jewell (DC, MD) Attorney & Leadership and Inclusion Consultant VallotKarp Maggie Wickett-Altier (Illinois) Attorney Thelma Akpan (NJ, NY, PA) Associate Valérie Duchesneau (New York) Holly Sullivan (CA) Elizabeth Franklin-Best (Sc, ny) Lawyer Blume Norris & Franklin-Best, LLC Charity Glass-Cotta (Ohio, Washington) Moncie Rowther (New York) jenna orkin (new york) Abe Gardner (California) Deputy Public Defender Napa county Mary Pareja (IN and CO) Erin Swisshelm (West Virginia, Virginia) Attorney Erin Lewis (South Carolina, District of Columbia) Deputy General Counsel Craig Troyer (Texas, Colorado) Dara Delehant (California) Judicial Law Clerk Nebraska Court of Appeals Theodore R. Scott (California) Attorney Chris Stroech (WV, PA, DC) Attorney Arnold & Bailey, PLLC John Maxwell Greene (Rhode Island and Massachusetts) Danielle Giovannone (New York) Attorney Jennifer Lee (New York) Associate Attorney Mekhala Attonito (New York) Jacquelyn Thomas (Florida) Emily Yu (California) Anand Mehta (New York) Joseph Saka (DC) Counsel Sarah Horvitz (New York) Catherine Dry (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Martin Kurzweil (New York) Paula Lequerica-Sternberg (New York) Scott M. Nenni (California) Associate Attorney Helen M. Hoopes (Colorado) Esquire Cansu Akalin (California) Henry T. M. LeFevre-Snee (New York and New Jersey) Suzanne Becker (Wisconsin) Le Duong (California) Associate Attorney MaryBeth LippSmith (California) Partner LippSmith Law Zainab Ali (FL, PA, NJ) Matthew Wholey (Ohio) Meghan Morris (Colorado) Gary R. Reinhardt (Virginia) Michelle Morin (CA, VA, DC) Christoper Benedik (New York) Brooke Manfredi (Massachusetts) Martin Howard (Illinois) Attorney Margaret Byrne Ikeda, Esq. (California) Attorney Molly Stark (New York) Associate General Counsel Mary Jo Barr (125892) Attorney San Diego County Richard A. Ostrow (California) Attorney Sevil Nuredinoski (New York and New Jersey) Esq Dawn Valdivia (AZ) Assistant General Counsel Candice Baker Leit, Esq. (New York, Pennsylvania) Attorney-Editor May Mallari (California) Dree Collopy (Maryland, District of Columbia) Partner Benach Collopy LLP Jaclyn Johnson (Arizona) Attorney at Law Violeta R. Chapin (Colorado) Clinical Professor of Law University of Colorado Law School Christina L. Minch (Ohio) Solo Practitioner/Adjunct Professor Lacey D. Corona (Florida, New York) Attorney Shahab Nassirpour (New York, New Jersey) LisaNadine Ramos Toro (Colorado; California) National Counsel National Treasury Employees Union Kaitlyn Dennis (Minnesota) Associate Attorney Andrea Weiss (California) Associate Mayer Brown LLP Katherine J. Chuston (Illinois and Nebraska) Courtney R. Forrest (Virginia; District of Columbia) Jacob Smith (Minnesota) Leslie Ann Rose (California) Staff Attorney Melissa Lentz (Pennsylvania) Esquire Hire Counsel Melissa Lennon (PA) Debra Smietanski (Florida and Illinois) Special Counsel Foley & Lardner LLP Pamela M. Schmidt (Wisconsin) Gregory B. Wilbur (California) Sarah Bellino (MA & NH) Associate Blatman, Bobrowksi, Mead & Talerman, LLC Raymond Lahoud, Esquire (New York State) Immigration Attorney Baurkot & Baurkot Daniel J. Roemer (CA) Managing Attorney, LODR PC Law Office of Daniel Roemer, pC Tran Che (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Lan Vu (California) Adriana Badilas (California) Lynn Dukette (NY; DC) Associate General Counsel Tranzact Kate Vengraitis (PA, NJ) Francis P. Drulis III (Virginia) James Magid (California) Counsel Amit Kumar (New York, New Jersey) Associate Emily Arneson (Washington, Idaho) Jacqueline Klosek (New York New Jersey) Cindy Levine (New York) Sophia Piliouras (New York) VP, Assistant General Counsel JP Morgan Chase Kirsten Rush (Oregon) Matthew Wagoner (New York) Managing Partner The Wagoner Firm, PLLC Juliana Wong (Washington) Attorney Frey Buck, P.S. Sara Solano (Florida) Meredith Sampson (Washington) Joseph Lawrence (California, New York, Connecticut) Raquel Villar (New York) Spencer Bruck (New York) Don Reeve (California and Nevada) Betsy Bridge (Oregon) General Counsel Merrill Bent (Vermont, New York) Joan Ruttenberg (Massachusetts) Lynnette Brawer (CA,MA,NM) Natalie Braswell (Connecticut) General Counsel Alicia F. Curtis (Maine and New Hampshire) Michelle lee (CA) Deputy General Counsel Trish Bauer (Massachusetts) Merritt Schnipper (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire) Esq. Elizabeth Rothenberg (Ohio) Sharon Grodin (California) Rajesh Nayak (New York, Illinois) Jungmee Lee (New York) Terry A. O'Neill (Illinois) President National Organization for Women Katharine Malone (California) Associate Attorney Greenberg Traurig LLP Caitlin M. Kelly (New York) Michelle Berkovitz (District of Columbia, Pennsylvania) Linda Tvrdy (New York) Co-Founder Eliana Weissman (California, DC, and New York) Attorney Damien DeLaney (California) Judith Miller (CT, CA, DC) Assistant Clinical Professor of Law University of Chicago Law School Jill K. Sanders (New York, New Jersey) Julia Shullman (New York) Wilhelm Dingler (Pennsylvania and Washington) Shareholder Kate Klonick (New York State) PhD expected 2018, JD. Yale Law School Laura Rosenthal (California) Stephanie Pawlowski (Pennsylvania) Roxanne Cahn (Georgia; Massachusetts) Matthew Trinidad (Colorado) Ruth Hargrove (California, Southern District of California) Attorney at Law California Western School of Law Jessica Palumbo (New York, Georgia) Bailey Williams (New York) Katie Fortney (California) Maneka Sinha (District of Columbia) Robert Icsezen (Texas) Frances Grunder (California) Senior Assistant Attorney General (retired) Retired Denisse Velarde-Cubek (Virginia) Associate Amy Whitelaw (Virginia) Attorney Jonathan Wallack (Arizona) Paul Johnson (Illinois) Ryan Pierce (Texas) Mitchell M. Tsai (California) Mitchell M. Tsai< Attorney At law Megan Demicco (Georgia, Texas) Dave Marcus (Colorado) Eric Burton (California) Jessica Palumbo (New York, Georgia) jodi schwartz (New York) Adam J. Beshara (California) Mark Wojcik (Illinois) Professor The John Marshall Law School-Chicago Deva robbins (CA) Attorney Jillian M. Singer (New York) Todd Saucedo (Oklahoma) Attorney Kavita Narayan (California) Kerry McLean (California) Andrew McGoey (New York) McKool Smith Liath Bricks (Virginia) Attorney at Law Robert Stauffer (Illinois) Partner Jenner & Block Gary I. Smith, Jr. (Arizona; Pennsylvania) Associate Attorney James DeVerna (Colorado, New York) Jaclyn Kennard (Virginia) Attorney Julie Picquet (California) Matthew J. White (Texas) Attorney Katherine Koepsell (Wisconsin) Margaret Maffai (Oregon; Wisconsin) Toby Adams (California) Attorney at Law Claire Dean (New York) Cindy O'Hara (California) Attorney Michal Flombaum (NY) Jack Bussell (California) Kimberly Loges (Washington) Executive Director Olympic Legal Access, P.S. Kevin Lee (New York) Jennifer Caballero (California) William Lim (NJ, NY) Attorney at Law Law Office of William Lim, LLC Hannah Graae (Maryland, Washington DC) Nidhi Kashyap (Wisconsin) Candice Baker Leit, Esq. (New York, Pennsylvania) Attorney-Editor Jaime Wojdowski (Washington, DC; Georgia) EEO Specialist Matthew McHale (MI, IL) Alycia Edgeworth Kersey (OR) Attorney at Law Theresa Langley (Texas) Litigation Attorney Meredith Nicholson (NC) Attorney NicholsonPham, PLLC Dylan Miles (California) attorney-mediator Miles Family Law and Mediation Heather L. Horst (Nebraska) Colleen (Florida) Fitzgerald Audrey M. Calkins (Tennessee and Texas) Alan Seltzer (California) Law Office of Alan Seltzer Lauren Wilton (MA) Attorney Caitlin Barlow (Illinois) Attorney Cabrini Green Legal Aid Garry Berger (New York and Connecticut) Evan Belosa (NY, NJ) Michelle Jenab (NY) Michael Russell (Vermont) Macey Levington (New York, District of Columbia) Alisha I Wyatt-Bullman (Georgia and Tennessee) Jaimie Stilz, Esq. (Nevada) Reid Rubinstein & Bogatz Josephine Abshier (MO) Attorney Stephanie J. Press, Esq. (New Jersey) Lori Le Cheminant (Oregon) Gary Romel (Washington state) Attorney Alison M. Coan (New York; US District Court of the Northern District of New York) AttorneyN Charlsa Broadus (Connecticut) Jeanelle Lust (SD, Nebraska, Colorado) Ms Knudsen law Pieter Bogaards (California) Bogaards Law Office Carey Aldridge (KY) Aldridge & Aldridge Law Firm May Mallari (California) Kristin Armstrong (Washington) Lauren Fernandez (FL) Legal Counsel Lonny Hoffman (Texas) Crystal Redd (GA) Mary C. Davis (Tennessee and Georgia) Staff Attorney Jennifer Fung (TX) Legal Counsel & Corporate Secretary Maura Leary (New York) Christine Tetreault (MA) Linda Roberson (Wisconsin) Attorney at Law Rebecca Houlding (New York; Pennsylvania (inactive)) Attorney at Law Friedman Houlding LLP Michael Anthony Sarmiento (California) Kyle Mothershead (TN, OR) Geoffrey Wistow (Virginia) Nicholas Bentley (Massachusetts) Emily K. Neuberger (Michigan and Illinois) Attorney Former SVP and General Counsel, Wayne County Airport Authority David Chen (New York, Washington D.C.) Litigation Attorney Janine Stern (California) Lisa Kang (CA) Los Angeles County Katarzyna Biernacki (California) President and CEO Soledad Ventures Law, PC Shavonne Henderson (Texas) Sarah Stack (Illinois) Attorney Sarah Williams (California) Staff Attorney William T. Webb (California, Colorado, Indiana and Illinois) Founder and Principal Attorney Webb Legal Group Isidro Mariscal (California) Ashley Marie Petrey (Colorado (limited), Florida (full)) Attorney at Law Elise Clancy Ruoho (State Bar of Wisconsin) Pines Bach LLP Robert A Benjamin (New York, New Jersey) Attorney - Partner Joshua Kissler (New Jersey) Associate Attorney Brian Ripley (California) Attorney at Law Samuel Effron (New York) Attorney Sara Duncan Boots (California) Colin Starger (New York, Maryland) Sonia Montalbano (Oregon, Washington) Attorney Elyse Meyers (California) Andrew Meerkins (IL, MN) Associate Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP Patricia Reisen-Ottavi (Iowa) Attorney Ottavi Law Office Laura Barzilai (New York) James Arthur Ulwick (Illinois) Joanna Brown (Texas) Charles Testa (Colorado) Shari Gribbin (Pennsylvania) Jon Sherman (DC, NY) Ryan Glanzer (New York) Federal Government Barry Rosenbaum (California State Bar) Retired Alma Stankovic (California, New York, Washington DC) David Federbush (MD, DC, FL) CC Davis (New Jersey) Lizbeth Ginsburg (Massachusetts) Attorney Alexander Rojas (Florida) Louis Kessler (Illinois and California) Attorney Meghsha Barner (Tennessee, Louisiana) National Lawyers Guild Anti-Racism Co-Chair Brandon O'Quinn (Texas) Attorney Mareesa Frederick (DC) Elizabeth Sedway (California) Attorney Melissa Dokurno (New York) Tanya Pellegrini (California) Esq. Hli Xyooj (Minnesota) Attorney Effat Hussain (New York, California) Associate Attorney Friedman & Houlding Sarah Ferguson (New York) Associate Dorothy E Heim (Oklahoma) Attorney at Law Amelia Power (Colorado) Rachel Demeny (New York) Shari graham (New York and Michigan) Karla Rachelle Goldman (Texas) Legal Counsel WesternGeco / Schlumberger Sarah Potter (Gawley) (California) Tim Vink (California and Wisconsin) Brian Trachtenberg PLLC (Texas) Member Pogach & Trachtenberg PLLC Shira Wakschlag (DC & CA) Linda Burns (New York) Attorney Rozann Smith (California) Attorney Sole Practitioner Sara May (Kentucky) Sarah Burns (ARKANSAS) J.D. Sarah Russell (IL) Benson K. Lau (California) Nicole Bright (NY) Valery Federici (New York) Anne Koch (OR & WA) Attorney Wyse Kadish LLP Morgan O'Neill (Texas and District of Columbia) Gelvina Rodriguez Stevenson (New York and PA) Associate General Counsel Victoria Nsikak (Texas) Attorney at Law Jamie Hughes Hubbard (Colorado) Sabrina Rafi (New York) Shannon Fyfe (Virginia) JD; PhD Candidate Vanderbilt University Nicolette Ward (Illinois) Associate Attorney Romanucci & Blandin, LLC A. Arsalan Malik (Maryland) Attorney Lori Bolander (California) Attorney at Law Michael Wolchansky (California, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, US District Court, Northern District of California, US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit) Attorney Zakia Kator (253225) Attorney Selina A. Billington (New York, New Jersey) Dana Gavrila (Texas; Wisconsin) Annette Nikki Borchardt Campbell (Utah) Executive Director National American Indian Court Judges Association Kelsey Herman (Oregon) Lance R. Stewart (California) Associate Attorney Angius & Terry, LLP Alex Goldberg (NY, NJ) Stephanie Hosea (DC, PA, NJ) Founding Attorney Hosea Legal PLLC Dawn Rochlen (Illinois) Attorney Randi Roberts (New York) Vice President, Compliance NBCUniversal rozanna tesler fried (NY, CA) VP, Business and Legal Affairs Fullscreen, Inc. Melissa Ayre (New York, New Jersey) Gloria M. Johnson (Illinois) Jennifer Bagosy (California) Attorney Chelsea Mesa (California) Jonathan Weisbrod (New York, New Jersey) Compliance Counsel Byron R. Chin (California) Associate Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Rebecca S. Williams (South Carolina) Assistant Public Defender Richland County Public Defender's Office Lauren Kramer (California, Washington D.C.) Attorney Sarah You g (NH, NY, MA) Sara McManus (Tennessee) Associate Sangeetha Raghunathan (California) Laura Bower Braunsberg (Delaware) Associate Famid Sinha (California) Carly A Zagaroli (Michigan) Jennifer Cheng (California) Senior Counsel Wylie Stecklow (New York) Attorney Stecklow Thompson Ashley Harlan (California Illinois) Leslie Foss (CA) Eugene Kim (New York) Pietrina Scaraglino (New York) Arlene Mayerson (California) Maryalice Khan (California) Attorney at Law Angela Duerden (CA and FL) Karen Goldman (California) Attorney Danielle S Van Lier (CA-California) Meghan McCulloch (Maryland) Attorney at Law Luke T. Federici (California; Nevada) Attorney at Law Carmen Comsti (California) Shelley Goto (Arizona, California) Chandra Spencer (California) Partner/Attorney Elder & Spencer, LLP J. Lauren Walz (California) Meghan E. Curavo (Michigan) William Fig (Oregon; Washington) Jordan A. Casey (PA, NJ) Staff Attorney HELP: MLP Karen Laisne (Massachusetts) Courtney Key (Texas) Amanda Dysart (New York) Judy Cullinan (Florida) Attormey Christina J. DeVries (New York, California) Attorney Ariel Glasner (Maryland, District of Columbia, New York) Attorney Brendan Charney (California) Associate Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP Ashleigh Lewis (New Jersey) Attorney Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith Catherine Taschner (Hawaii) Charles E Snee III (District of Columbia and New York State (inactive status in each)) Retired Corporate and Intellectual Property Attorney Melissa M. Gast (Ohio) Attorney at Law Janice Taylor (NY) Andrea L. Nieves (New York) Deborah Rocha (New York) M. C. Jones (California) Owner Law Office of M. Catherine Jones Catherine Taschner (Hawaii) F. Jean Sullivan (Texas) Lindsay Battles (California) Alexandra Boone (Texas and Oklahoma) Lua Kamal Yuille (New York) Associate Professor of Law University of Kansas School of Law Ryan Greco (CT, NY, CA) Brian Bromberg (New York and California) Amy Tayan (California) Charles Adams (California) Rona Shamoon (New York) Carrie Waybright (West Virginia) Carrie S. Erlin, J.D., Ph.D. (Nevada and Indiana) Stacy L. Wu (New York) Assistant General Counsel CBS Corporation Maleeha Rizwy (Minnesota) Public Interest Attorney civil legal services organization in MN Emmanuel Olawale (Ohio) Attorney at Law The Olawale Law Firm Alla Holmes (Illinois) Kari Hawthorne (Oklahoma) Cynthia Stelzer (California) Attorney Stephen D. Pauwels (Illinois) Rachael Campbell (California, Washington) Deputy Attorney General California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General Zeina Kazour (California and Pennsylvania) Associate Kathleen Scherger (California) Anwes Paul (NY) American Express Jude T. Pannell (Iowa) Assistant County Attorney Johnson County Attorney Lori Turoff (New York) John Galligan (Colorado) Deputy Public Defender Colorado State Public Defender Rebecca Fortune (California) Partner Kimball, Tirey & St. John Vivian Chen (New York) Partner Chen & Lahey LLP Isaac A. Binkovitz (New York; Pennsylvania; Minnesota) Attorney Alexis Flyer (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Mary weiler (Washington) Stefan Miller (New York) Kirkland & Ellis LLP Elaine F. Edwards (Texas) Shareholder Deats, Durst & Owen, PLLC Jaye L. Samuels, Esq. (Massachusetts) Alexandra Nickow (Illinois) Saba Jote (New York) Agency Counsel Rachael E. Binder (California) Thomas McNiff (New York) General Counsel Katherine Rodriguez (New York, New Jersey, Florida) An Le (California) Erin Casale (CA) Brian Jones (Indiana, Texas) Pauline Crane (DC, NY) Lindsey Burrows (Oregon) Vanessa Russell-Evans (Texas) General Counsel Jaime Roth (NY & CO) Principal Attorney Roth Legal Solutions LLC John D. Risvold (Illinois, Missouri) Trial Lawyer Gabrielle V. Davis (New York) Associate General Counsel Lara Aryani (NY) Aoife Martin (Massachusetts) Eileen Monaghan DeLucia (New York) Associate Anna Stolley Persky (California) Vik Kanwar (New York) Associate Director Wendy H. Weber (Washington, Indiana) Lindsey Burrows (Oregon) Tammy Hom (California) Attorney Patriacia McM. Bartels (NYSBA) Asst. General Counsel, ret. Mayor's Office of Labor Relations, New York City Lindsey Burrows (Oregon) Mary F Gardner (Pennsylvania - retired) Christopher J. Mercurio (Massachusetts) Attorney Katherine Halliday (New York, District of Columbia) Sarah J. Stein (Colorado) Attorney SJS Law Lauren Hunt (New york) Partner Copps DiPaola Christine ACY Kumar (USPTO and Bar Council of Delhi, passed NY Bar but not admitted) Supreme Court Advocate and Patent Agent Srikanth Katragadda (New York) Benjamin Luckett (West Virginia) Staff Attorney Hannah Cartwright (Maryland) Staff Attorney Darci Heroy (Oregon) Amelia Ruiz Fischer (Texas) Partner Fischer & Fischer, Attorneys at Law Celeste Wilson (Unlicensed JD) Client Manager Thomson Reuters Erica Lazzaro (Ohio) General Counsel OverDrive, Inc. Grace Perrin (Ohio) Nicole P. Hartley (Arizona) Linda Cowen (New York) Mary Tharin (California) Chelsea Ashworth (Tennessee) Rhina Roberts (Virginia, District of Columbia, New York) Michelle L. Wesley (Illinois) Associate Attorney Levin & Perconti Pallavi Chintapalli (MA and NY) COO in Texas Weiyu Chen (Texas) Elisa Ford (Maryland, Washington) Annie Rice (Missouri) Associate Attorney KWS Law Firm Elena L. Cohen (New York) Executive Vice President, National Lawyers Guild Susan Duell (Arkansas) Director, Labor and Employment Compliance Sam D. Starritt (Colorado and Wyoming) Attorney Ashley Ferrara Staropoli (New York, Washington DC) Jessica Anderson (Nevada) Managing Partner Anderson Keuscher, PLLC W Andrew Harrell, Ph.D., J.D. (California, Washington) Attorney at Law and Emeritus Full Professor Justin Brown (New York) Emily Markos, Esq. (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) Vanessa C. Whirl, Esq. (California and Washington) Taylor ANDERSON, LLP. Jeff Chang (Massachusetts) Erin Svokos (New York, New Jersey) Brian C. Lin (Massachusetts) Andrea Freimuth Carter (WA, OR, TN) Attorney Megan Challender (District of Columbia) Clinical Teaching Fellow Georgetown University Law Center Peter H. Schnore (PA) Babst Calland Michael Kerman (New York) Elisabeth Holmes (Oregon) Attorney Sharyl W. Ginther (Ohio) Attorney Kathy Konieczny (DC) Stephanie Leroux (California) Attorney Jacqueline Morrison (Utah) Ellen Rackley (Massachusetts) Tim Giordano (New York) Colleen Elbe (Texas) Attorney Timothy Cornell (Massachusetts) Partner Cornell Dolan, P.C. Springsong Cooper (California) Molly Kort (California) Kathleen Burch (Illinois) Professor Atlanta's John Marshall Law School Whitney Thomas (Texas) Monica Alonzo (Virginia) Kelly Espy (Ohio) Joanna S. Waldstreicher (DC, MD, CA (inactive), NV (inactive)) Anthony M. Vassallo (New York) Attorney at Law Keri Cusick (Florida; Washington) Millard Murphy (California State Bar #124451) Chandni Saxena (New York, New Jersey) Lindsey Burrows (Oregon) Amy wu (NYC) Amy M. D'Amico (New York) Esq. Kara Mignanelli (Ca) General counsel Natasha Sung (California) Emily Gilman (Illinois) Rachel Broder (Pennsylvania) Law clerk Corinne Smith (D.C.) Attorney Jenner & Block Ryan Miller (Illinois) Bethany Laurence (California) Senior Legal Editor Nolo Corey Guilmette (Washington) Graham Widmer (Minnesota) Associate Attorney Anjali Shenoy Dahiya (NY) Senior Associate General Counsel AppNexus Inc. Jason Mathew (Illinois) Scott M. Seedorf (DC, MD) Diane Kilcoyne (MD, DC) President ESI Group Erica A. Gonzales (California) Attorney The Linde Law Firm Kevan Fornasero (California) Elizabeth Upton (Colorado) Public Defender Karen Mayer (NY) SVP & Associate General Counsel Penguin Random House LLC Aisha Baruni (New York, Pennsylvania) Matthew Yuen (California) Attorney at Law Sandra Gomes (California) Attorney Laura Tansey (TX) Attorney at Law Private practice Sarah marino (New York) Nathan Benjamin (Washington) Benjamin Law Group, PLLC Katherine W. Schoonover (New York) Benjamin Hase (Colorado) Susan Briones (Texas) Attorney Jennifer Kimura (New York) Staff Attorney Elizabeth Franklin-Best (Sc, ny) Lawyer Blume Norris & Franklin-Best, LLC V. Paige Smith (California) Leona Lewis (Minnesota) Attorney Alexandra Pavlidakis (CA) Isabelle Gunning (District of Columbia, California) Professor of Law Southwestern Law School Randi Roberts (New York) Vice President, Compliance NBCUniversal Matthew D. Eskue (Oregon) Corporate Counsel Michelle Glover (Colorado, California (inactive in CA)) Attorney Mitchell Karp (New York) Partner VallotKarp Consulting LLC Brittany Ruyak (Texas; District of Columbia) Associate Carrie Williamson (Missouri) Attorney at Law Smith & Turley Jennifer Pelz (Colorado) Attorney Ross Payne (Florida) katherine S. Broderick (District of Columbia) Dean Jamie Rezmovits (Colorado) Attorney Scheitler & Podboy, PC Amy Tai (NY) Trial Attorney Warren R. Wellen (California) Principal Deputy County Counsel Los Angeles County Counsel Laura A. Randeles (District of Columbia) Senior Associate Stewart Cincotta (North Carolina) Paula Edgar (NY) Bonnie Walker (New York) DeCoste Rafi & Walker PLLC David W. Lowe (California) Law Office of David W. Lowe Christopher Day (MA) Boston Public Schools Michael Hollomon (California) Lawyer Matthew Craig (New York) Kate Kaiser (Colorado and Wisconsin) Attorney Virginia Louise Hicks (New Mexico) Patrick Ragen (CA) Attorney Victoria Green (Michigan) Attorney at Law Jessica E Rainey (Oklahoma, Federal and State) Christopher Setz-Kelly (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Staff Attorney Nationalities Service Center Sarah Braasch (New York) Cheryl Aza (CA, WA) Brian A. Ford (California) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Brian A. Ford Dante Cuddy (California) Shari Gregory (OR) Whitney Warren (Texas State Bar) Associate Attorney Shawn Flowers (New York) Time Inc. Miriam Albert (New York) Professor law professor Linda S Groezinger (Illinois) Attorney at Law Raymond D. Black, Esq. (New Jersey, New York, California) Connie Sue Manos Martin (WA, OR, HI) Attorney Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt Phillip M. Sparkes (New York) Rachel Smit (Massachusetts) Daniela Carrion (Florida) Associate Attorney Linesch Firm Addy M. Miro (Texas) Attorney at Law Denise Langer (New York) Aditi Kumar (MD) Ashley Westby (DC MD) Valerie A McCormack (Massachusetts) Attorney Doreen Odom (New York) Maya Karwande (California) Michael Wu (California) Dakin Ferris (CA) Attorney Valerie A McCormack (Massachusetts) Attorney Amanda Essex (Colorado) Sonia Cook (Washington State) Mary Rhodes (New York) Assistant Public Defender Jared Jacobs (Georgia) Annemarie Brennan-Linnan (New York, District of Columbia) Adrienne Garcia (Maryland) Amy Drushal (Florida) Ian Bonifield (California) Karin Ranta-Curran (Colorado) Emily S. Rucker (Michigan) Laurel Kilgour (CA) Attorney Goodwin Procter Sarah Kaltsounis (Washington) Margaret Perl (Virginia, District of Columbia, Colorado) Nitza Mendez (Puerto Rico) Katy Yang (NY) Michael Murray (Maine) Attorney/President Amy Goldrich (NY & CA) Elisa Mollick (California) Attorney Arwa Zakir (New York, New Jersey, California) Randi Roberts (New York) Vice President, Compliance NBCUniversal Milan Sundaresan (California) Attorney Liz Gayle (California) Lia Matera (California) Susan W Cope (NC) James D. Crammond (Oregon, Arizona) Casey A. Sears II (Tennessee) Criminal Defense Attorney Kyra Kazanztis (California) Directing Attorney Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Gabriel Huertas del Pino (New York) John W. Dunn (Colorado) Amy Stromberg (New York) Retired attirney Jennifer Allen-Goldstein (Illinois) Crystal Robles (Texas) Attorney Rachel Romito (Virginia) Margaret Clements (New York, New Jersey) Brittany Glass (Texas) Attorney Kimberly M. Skaggs, Esq. (Ohio, Illinois) Sarah Fransene (Illinois) Asst Public Defender Cook County Marc Fernandez (California) Christina Liu (Dc, il, ny) Senior Associate Cole Sadkin llc Deya M. Warren (New York) Christopher Funk (Washington, D.C.; Virginia) Raechel Barrios (Arizona) Attorney Gerard Abate (New York & New Jersey) Irene B. Mot (California) Attorney Elizabeth Allen (Washington) Attorney Karen Stein (George, Arizona) General Counsel IO Data Centers Yleana Roman (New Jersey) Supervising attorney Tara Hiromura (California) Not employed Donald C. Nemec (TX) Attorney Bryan Kreykes (New York, District of Columbia) Michele Alexander (New York and New Jersey) Emily Giza (Massachusetts, California) Michelle Berger (NY, CA) Tara Zeller (Louisiana Wisconsin Texas) Partner Spell & Spell Yleana Roman (New Jersey) Supervising attorney Shawn M. Burks (NJ) Retired attorney Office of the Public Defender, Essex Co. NJ Kaley Childs Karaffa (New York) Attorney Greta L. Biagi (Massachusetts, Connecticut) Attorney Bruce Harvey (District of Columbia, Georgia) Attorney Law Offices of Bruce Harvey Amy Attias (New York) Attorney Saira Khan (New York) Cindy Peterson (CA) P.K. Runkles-Pearson (Oregon) Partner Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP Jenifer Stinson (Colorado) Attorney Stinson & Pagett, LLC Courtney Montiero (Florida, Rhode Island, Massachusetts) Alana Chazan, Esq. (California) Courtney Joslin (California) Professor of Law UC Davis School of Law Matthew Sharbaugh (California, Virginia, and DC) Caitlin Beer (Pennsylvania) Jamie Kitano (California) David Goldstein (New York) Partner Goldstein Hall PLLC Lisa M. Tittemore (Massachusetts) Sima Bhakta Pat (CALIFORNIA, DC, South Carolina) Andrew Hubbard Fuller (Washington) Kathleen Slocum (New York) Jonathan Wallace (New York) Civil liberties attorney Jennifer Foote (New Mexico) Sarah K. Webb (California) Laura Bernescu (Illinois) Jill Schlessinger Wessel (Maryland State, 5th Circuit Ct of Appeals, Fed. Cts) Attorney at Law Chris Crozier (Texas) Sophie Dalsimer (New York) Jason Kueser (Missouri, Kansas) Dawn Floyd (New York North Carolina) Amanda Wood (New York) Krista Van Engelen (Iowa) Kristen E. Elwell, Esq. (Massachusetts) Mark Melo (California) Attorney Alexis Brine (New York State) J. Justyn Sirkin (New York, District of Columbia, Colorado) Anna Cavnar (New York) Sarah Dada (California) Attorney at Law John Towers Rice (TN; SC) Mason Hubbard (SC) Lisa A. Gray (Arizona, Indiana) Capital Defense Attorney Rachana Desai Martin (Virginia and DC) Meaghan M. Whyte (New York) Adam Podowitz-Thomas (California) Elizabeth Platt (New York State) Jaimee Todd (New York) Hannah Rumple (Illinois) Sr. Associate Phil Jaret (California, Illinois) attorney Jaret & Jaret Jesse White (New York) Stephanie Olsen (Michigan) Assunta Fiorini (Georgia) Melissa Youngman (Florida, New York) Melissa A. Youngman Emily Tulli (New Jersey) Ventura V. Ramos (California) Esq Gregory Murphy (California) Dania Palanker (New York, District of Columbia) Emily Cooper (Washington) Emily Nassberg (New York) Laura MacDonald (Illinois) Andy McNeil (Georgia) Grace Huang (Washington State) Stephen Bachran (Texas) David Shull (Virginia) Candice Blain (Georgia) Esquire Janine M. Lopez (Massachusetts) Maria C. Chavez (Maryland) Associate Attorney Akisha Townsend (District of Columbia) Anna Benvenutti Hoffmann (New York and Massachusetts) Jacklyn DeMar (MD, DC) Director of Legal Education Taxpayers Against Fraud Eduction Fund Kristin Harriman (California, Louisiana) Attorney Elizabeth waterman (Ohio, new york) Marella I. Kim (PA) Sabreena Khalid (New York) Megan Auerbach (Michigan) Francisco A. Pardo (New York) Carolyn Sandifer (Colorado) Joshua A. Wilson (Ohio) Dana Kobos (New York) Lauren Barefoot (Maryland) Diane Mchugh Martinez (DC court of appeal PA supreme court) Attorney Law Office of Mchugh Martinez Scott Florance (California) Jacob Allen (Colorado) Katherine McGovern (Maine) Jeff Appleman (California) Attorney Leah Kempel (Minnesota) Thomson Reuters Jennifer Allen-Goldstein (Illinois) Annaleigh Curtis (MA) Lauren Kubota (California) Keri Mallon (Texas) Attorney Ellen Terry (Pennsylvania) Lauren S. Matthiesen (Wisconsin, State & Federal) Associate Attorney Amy Drushal (Florida) Kylee Sunderlin (New York) Staff Attorney Brooklyn Defender Services Brian Strickman (Arizona) Partner Burguan Strickman Law, PLLC Sarah Castello (California) Attorney K Nelson (District of Columbia) Airina Rodrigues (New York) Veronika Zappelli (California) Attorney Rachel Bender (Colorado) Assistant County Attorney Jefferson County Katelyn Oldham (WA, OR, AK) Attorney at Law Tedesco Law Group Debora C. Fliegelman (Pennsylvania) Elizabeth Wang (NY and CA (inactive)) Haley Rosenthal (Oregon) Attorney Toshimi Barks (CA) Amy Lindsey-Doyle (California) Christopher J Ryan (New York) Julie Siegel (NY) Linda Hausman (West Virginia) Mary Jones (Maryland) Bruno Garofalo (Florida) Jordana Sobey (NY and MA) Eric Reynolds (California) Emily E. Gianetta (Massachusetts) Pamala Blane (California) Attorney Jane Michalakes (Colorado) Associate Attorney Melissa Briggs (Washington) Staff Attorney Northwest Justice Project Joslyn Keating (Origin, Washington) Attorney Kelly Hickman (Texas) Thea Strassburg (Missouri) Attorney State Laura Ardito (District of Columbia; Maryland) Stephanie Kraft Sheley (Missouri) Emily S. Jonas (New York) Attorney/Divorce Mediator Vincent Tong (California) Attorney Melissa Listug Klick (California and Minnesota) Breana M. Ware (Georgia) Erin Olesen (Massachusetts) Bonita S. Gutierrez (CA and NY) Attorney Law Office of Helen Lawrence Teresa DeAmicis (California) Sarah Burns (Massachusetts) Associate Attorney Monique Bhargava (Illinois) Dana Schumacher (California) Carol Garvan (Maine, New Hampshire) Stephanie Thomas (Colorado) Lucas Buzzard (New York, New Jersey) Attorney Daniel T. Montoya (New York, New Mexico) Management Consultant Sarah Lelle (MA) Jo Anne Simon (New York, New Jersey) Attorney at Law Jo Anne Simon, P.C. Lisa Palin (TX, MA) Caitlyn Byers (Massachusetts) Staff Attorney Amy Katzen (Massachusetts) Sonya N. Goll (Mighigan) Elizabeth Greene (Illinois) Diane Zipursky (District of Columbia) Janisha Sabnani (California and New York) Currey Hitchens (Georgia) Melissa Davis (New Hampshire) Erik Eklund (Oregon) Attorney The Law Office Of Erik Eklund Jill Kopeikin (California) Keri Mallon (Texas) Attorney Amy Killelea (Massachusetts) Dale H Harrison (West Virginia) Associate Jackson Kelly PLLC Kelly Bitov (Massachusetts) Attorney Amy Zabetakis (New York and Connecticut) Joseph David Root (Oregon) Amy Rae Gowan (California) Caryn Lederer (New York, Illinois) Jennie Yarborough (South Carolina) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor Olga Akselrod (New York) Tiffany Hutchings (Colorado) Associate Attorney Celina Ramirez (Arizona, California) Alexis Ford (California) Megan S. Haines (Pennsylvania) Barbara Dunham (Alaska) Sarah Goncher (DE, PA, NJ) Pamela Perrone (Illinois) Litigation Counsel Katherine Tong (California) Chad Boelhower (South Dakota) Attorney Walead Esmail Rath (Massachusetts, New York, California) Matthew Hamblin (Colorado) Esq Michelle Watchman (Washington) Shanice Stahl (Washington) Sarah M. Smith (California, Arizona) Attorney State of California Sarah Lippek (Washington State/Western District of Washington) Attorney Jennifer Gauthier (FL, GA, NY) Elissa Gelber (New York) Nisha Karnani (Georgia) Karin McAnaney (New York) Alissa Halperin (Pennslyvania Supreme Court, Eastern District of PA) Jennifer Achtert (California) Helen Redman (WA) Esther D. Gyory (Virginia) Allison Wong (NY) Courtney Shapiro (New York State) Ariel K. DiGiulio (Louisiana State Bar Association) Attorney DiGiulio Utley, LLC Stephen P. Rypel (Wisconsin) Nancy Modesitt (Virginia) Heather Nodler (New York) Attorney Sarah Bazzi (Hawaii) Dylan Utley (LA) Christina Kotowski (California) Gowri Krishna (NY) Supervising Attorney Urban Justice Center Temiloluwa Nuga (New York) Esq Moira Murphy (Illinois) Anna M Curtin (Kentucky) Attorney at Law Lisa Kelly (Washington) Professor of Law Anne Strawbridge (Colorado) Attorney Aaron Coombs (Virginia & DC) Counsel Perkins Coie LLP Peter Talbot (Washington State) Natalie Kraner (New Jersey and New York) Jillanne Schulte (Virginia and DC) Beth Roberts (Washington) Attorney Landesa Alexander Crecca (New Mexico) Crecca Law Firm, PC Jessica W. Low (Massachusetts) Ashley Rebstock (Florida) Amy Riviere (CA) Elsa M. Fraire (Kansas) Attorney Ryan Toombs (MA, NY) Kate Tsyvkin (New York) Attorney Laura Peralta-Schulte (Washington, DC) Kyle P. Carlson (Illinois) Attorney Lana Kleiman (New York State Bar, New Jersey State Bar) Natasha Chua Tan (New York) Stephanie Lee (CA) Lyman Thai (California) Meredith Larson (DC, Maryland) Betsy Ehrenberg (Massachusetts) Attorney Jessica Nance (New Mexico) Iska ziver (New york) Lakeisha Poole (California) Hannah J Barnard (Indiana) Attorney Louise Roback (NY) Amy Robinson (New York) Attorney Jessica Hoogs (California) Michael J. Yelnosky (Pennsylvania) Vivian R. Hessel, J.D. (Illinois) J Szutu (CA) Meagan Partilla (Colorado) Patricia Whong (California) Allyson Gold (Illinois (active), California (inactive)) Rodin Visiting Clinical Professor of Law Loyola University Chicago Sarah Connolly (New York, District of Columbia) Thomasin Sternberg (Illinois) Antonio Mendoza (New Jersey) Nisha Kashyap (California) Attorney Zoe Rawson (California) Elina Kreditor (NY, CA) NYU School of Medicine Stephanie Wolf (Maryland) Kukui Claydon (Hawaii) Tiffany Hall-Johnson (Washington) Amy Sheehan (New York) Molly Curren Rowles (Maine) Alicia Roman (Florida) Dustin Woehl (Wisconsin) LeaNora Ruffin (Pennsylvania) Katharine Schulman (Massachusetts) Marena McPherson (Illinois) Sarah Stensland (Minnesota) Amy Kathleen Sullivan (Washington State) Assistant Public Defender Rebecca Dickinson (Virginia) Kassandra Kuehl (Minnesota State Bar Association) Attorney/Writer Thomson Reuters Hershel Kleinberg (Maryland) Binh Tuong (Minnesota) Jennifer Borzooyeh (New York, New Jersey) Eduardo M. Flores (N/A) Law Graduate Alicia C. Meyer (California) Elizabeth Cardenas (Florida) Aaron Cardenas (Florida) Ryan Watson (Maryland) Jennifer Morton (California) Henry Cohen (New York) Alexander Smith (Iowa) Parrish Law Firm Theresa H. Gue (NY, NJ) Bronwen Blass (MD and DC) Alison K Guernsey (New York) Supervising Attorney Laura Correa (New York) Valerie Castelo (California) Thomas N Arnett Jr (UT) Bridget Lee (New York) Nathaniel Zachary West (Ohio) Liana Walczak (New York) Sydney Brown (Washington and Arkansas) Attorney Lindsey Adams-Hess (California) Elise Bernard (District of Columbia and Maryland) John-Paul LaPré (MA) Attorney at Law. Me. Jody Mason (Illinois, Indiana) Attorney Sara Elkington (Washington) Psychotherapist Carolee Hoover (California) Attorney Thayer Preece (CA) Bethaney LaFave (Illinois) Meital Waibsnaider (New York) Judy Hale Reed (Pennsylvania) Esquire Pamela Pasion (Washington) Kelly Behre (CA, MD) Anthony Luisi (New York) Cindy L. Sanchez, Esq. (NY) Angela Dawes (Oregon and Washington) Robert C. Merritt (Virginia) Trial Attorney Kisa Shapiro (FL) attorney Jeff Cisco (Illinois) Trial Lawyer Kanoski Bresney Cassandra Netzke (CO) Matilde Carbia (Louisiana, North Carolina) Attorney Theresa Westover (Wisconsin State Bar) Attorney Mahra Sarofsky (Florida) Erika J. Lindberg (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas) Gabriela Munoz (New York) Marvin H. Morse (New York (retired)) federal administrative law judge, retired/colonel USAF (JAGC) retired Andrea Weiss (California) Associate Mayer Brown LLP Debra B. Allen (Florida and Massachusetts) Michael P. Allen (Massachusetts) Stephanie Y. Wu (California, Illinois) Jared Bryant (New York) Gina Manfredi (New Mexico) Shea Donato (New York) Assistant District Attorney Carrie Fletcher (Maryland, DC) Meghan Henry MacLeod (NJ and PA) Legal Specialist Amy E. Lyons (New York) Karen Ku (New York) Heather Kelly (California) Attorney Devin Robinson (New York) James Walker (DC and Maryland) Lisa Zebovitz (Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Tam Pham (New York) Director of Attorney Development Paragon Legal Carmen Mulrooney (Oregon State Bar) Jamila Jarmon (Hawaii) Brianna Wilson (New York) Attorney Amy Knight (Arizona, Montana, California) Kuykendall & Associated Shirley P. Morrigan (California) Amy Campbell-Pittz (TN) Debra Katz (District of Columbia, NY) Civil rights attorney Katz, Marshall & Banks LLP Abbie Pugh (New York) Theresa M. Moore (Colorado, New York, Texas (Inactive)) Attorney The Moore Law Firm, P.C. Jenn Round (New York) Christina Francesca Solis, J.D., M.P.H. (Texas) Elizabeth Murrar (Wisconsin) Attorney Murrar Law Office LLC Seth Freilich (California, Massachusetts) Catherine Polta (AK) Wendy Weng (California) Terry Klein (Massachusetts, New York) Partner Henshon Klein LLP Cathleen Donohoe (California) Mark Baron (Michigan; Virginia) Attorney at Law Janice Wexler (Wisconsin) Attorney J. Wexler Law s.c. Tara Casey (Virginia) Allison J. Strupczewski (Pennsylvania) Alyson Zureick (New York) Sandy Sypherd (Nebraska) Clare McKay (California) Mahynoor El Tahry (New York) Leonard Park (California) Kimberly Chew (California) Wenona Benally Baldenegro (Arizona) AZ State Representative AZ State Legislature Toral parekh (NJ and NY) Kathryn Johnson (Minnesota) Hope Driscoll (Pennsylvania) Monick Halm (California) Principal VIP Assets Asra Husain (Wisconsin) Jennifer Baum (New York and New Jersey) Stephanie Y. Wu (California, Illinois) Melissa Hooper (California, Washington) Human Rights First Anna Schiffman (AZ and CA) Attorney Nelson Boyle (CO) Attorney Marcela Varela-Sisley (Texas) Julie D. Hensley (Virginia) Attorney at Law Law Offices of Kallen and Hensley Karen Intrater (District of Columbia) Joanna L. Wong (California) Howard Clyman (Oregon and New York) Hazel Gumera (New York and Georgia, pending admission to Florida) Lisa A. Gray (Arizona, Indiana) Capital Defense Attorney Palisa Kelley (New York) Cassy Stubbs (NC, CA, NY) Suzanne Tong (California) Associate Attorney Shari Brandt (NY and NJ) Partner Ronald Rutherford-Triche (CA, DC, LA) Katherine Bradley (District of Columbia Maryland) Joanne Agruso (New York) Amber Quarles (California) Daniel K. Janisch (California) Richard Dyer (Washington) Diane Carl (New Jersey) Alicia Dickerson (Kentucky) Alison Besunder (NY) Justin Walker (FL) Connie Lam (California) Sheila Forjuoh (TX) Margaret H. Benson (Arkansas) Kutak Rock LLP Bradley Freedman (District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York) Kelly LeGrand Weiner (New York; New Jersey) Managing Attorney Sheila Lewis (New Mexico) Lalo Garcia (California) Attorney Alicia Smith (Washington) Teacher Kyle D. Smith (California (280489)) Taylor Rhodes (California) Deputy District Attorney and Circuit Prosecutor Carolyn J. Ruth (California) Attorney at Law Kate Stevens (Iowa; Nebraska) Kelli Douglas (Missouri) Trisha Ton-nu (CA) Theresa Pranata (CA) Dana Riell (NY) David McAuley (CA) Staff Attorney Homeless Action Center John H. Eft (California) Retired from Assistant Chief Counsel Retired from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Scarlettah Schaefer (California) Daniel S. Gottlieb (Washington and Oregon) Mayank Prasad (New York) Associate Mayra Lira (California) Jessica Ziehler (FL, MA) Assistant Public Defender 15th Judicial Circuit Catherine A. Bernard (California, DC, Illinois) Mayer Brown LLP Rachael Wachs (Colorado) Julie L Medina (Iowa and Nebraska) J.D. Heidi Maher (Texas) Kofi Acquaah-Arhin (CA) Saira Haseebullah (Nevada) Associate Attorney Simone Salloum (Texas, New York) Pamela Koehler (Texas) Viktoriya Torchinsky-Field (Illinois and Pennsylvania) Jessica Hall (VA, MD, GA) Kelly Vaughan Husid (Massachusetts) Jennifer Sigler (Texas, US Dist Court - Western Dist of Texas) Attorney at Law Stephen Lee Professor UC Irvine School of Law Kimberly Buchholz (CA) Attorney Cara Panebianco (California) Associate Attorney Judi Lamble (MN, IL) Amber L. Humphries (Florida) Attorney and Counselor at Law Killgore, Pearlman, Stamp, Ornstein & Squires, P.A. Lisa Olson Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Southeastern Louisiana University Lindsey Van Beek (Minnesota) Meagan Partilla (Colorado) Meredith Weiss (Texas) Attorney Maxwelle Sokol (Virginia) Attorney Glasberg & Associates Fawn M. Horvath (New York) Lorilei Williams (NY, TX) Leslie Anne (OK) Citizen Lori Farrington (NY) Claire Wilson (Neill) (Texas) Chelsey Springer (Texas) Minna Naranjo (CA, DC) Paul M. Eza (FL, GA) Amber Leong (California) Kathleen O'Neill (Illinois) Carolyn J. Ruth (California) Attorney at Law Jesse Alderman (Massachusetts) Iayesha Smith (Oregon, Washington) Owner Law Office of Iayesha Smith, LLC Alison Wong (Texas) Consultant Felice Gray-Kemp (CT) Ana del Valle (Florida) Joseph Jaramillo (California) Cara Briusseau (NY) Lauren Roberts (California) Attorney Alana Collins Bullis (Washington) Randy Michelson (California) Michelson Law Group Amy Nowak (TX, LA) Attorney Stephanie Caballero (California) Attorney Daphne Monnoyeur-Moore (New York) Kristin Movius (Ohio Bar) Laura Lemire (WA) Attorney Jean M. Tibbetts (Wisconsin, Massachusetts) Rachel Arment (Michigan) Harini Raghupathi (California) Amanda O'Keefe (New York) Areeg Eluri (Massachusetts) Lisa Winebarger (California, Hawaii) Matthew Austin (California) Assistant Director University of Washington William Boyce (CA - California) Gary S. Auerbach (Pennsylvania) Attorney/Solo practitioner Michelle Luc (California) Crystal Johnson (California) Defense Attorney Public Defender Angie Alvarado (Florida) Jamie Zagoria (California) Kristin Movius (Ohio Bar) Carol Hoffman (California) Attorney John R. Knapp, Jr. (Delaware, Washington, and Idaho) Gary Benson (IL) Attorney at Law The Law Offices of Gary S. Benson Kelly Jenkins (California) Attorney at Law Mia White (New YOrk) Mohammad A. Nilforoush (Virginia) Crystal M. Johnson (New York) Esq. Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Julie Swaney (DC, Maryland) Sheena Jain (California) Corporate Counsel Delilah Lorenz Evans (Texas) Fairuz Abdullah (California) Associate Director of Public Interest Programs UC Hastings College of the Law Phong Wang (California) Deputy Public Defender San Francisco Public Defender Cynthia Havlicek (UTAH) Attorney Joung W. Hwang, Esq. (NY) Professor HUFS Law School Michael T. Graham (IL) Attorney Michael Graham Law, LLC Laura Horton (California) Partner Horton Law Firm Katherine Hallinan (California) Attorney John Bennett (NY) Catherine Baylin Duryea (California) PhD Candidate Stanford University Alyssa Barton (Florida, the District of Columbia, and Washington State) Dolores Leal (California) Attorney Pratt-Aquino Kaui (Hawaii) Pratt Law Hawaii, LLLC Lida Sparer (California) Jane Satow (Colorado) CEO Pesa Advanced Hydroponics Jodi Lin (California) Laural S. Boone (NY, CT, DC) Senior Director Angela Elleman (Kentucky) Susan Shin (New York) Nancy Vann (New York) Retired Andrea Yang (Minnesota, Washington) Shira Zucker (Washington) Terri-Lynn McCormick (Massachusetts) Attorney Retired Alisa Shorago (California) Debra Feldstein (MA, IL) Lori Bencoe (New Mexico) Bencoe & LaCour Law, P.C. Maureen Robinson (NC, WV) Kimberly Gaulin (Massachusetts) Brandon Weiss (California) Associate Professor UMKC Law School Delilah Lorenz Evans (Texas) Lindsey Byrd (South Carolina) Marla Valdez (Colorado and New Mexico) Attorney Darcy Mitchell (Maine) Jennifer Gorn (Texas) Jacklyn DeMar (MD, DC) Director of Legal Education Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund Brendan Goodhouse (New York and Connecticut) Delilah Lorenz Evans (Texas) Patricia Teck Seggerman (MD & DC) Karen (NY & NJ) Partner McLaughlin & Stern, LLP Barry M. Bennett (IL, PA, DC) Lawyer Careen M. Gordon (Illinois) Attorney Alicia Gale Windsor (Florida State Bar, All Federal Courts in Florida) Attorney at Law Kevin Nolan (Massachusetts and New York) Associate Alison Besunder (NY) Jennifer D. Ambrose (MD, DC) Attorney Debra L. Spinelli (Nevada, New York) Melissa Davis (New Hampshire) Paula K. Doyle (Wisconsin) Attorney Doyle Law Office Elizabeth A. Vorro (Massachusetts) Irene S Chase (Illinois) Underwriting Counsel Emily Green (Maine, Massachusetts) Attorney Areeg Eluri (Massachusetts) Christopher Leasor (Illinois) Joshua C. Tate (Texas & Connecticut) Associate Professor of Law SMU Dedman School of Law Brian Conway (New York) Michael Levin (MA, NH) Attorney Patrick Cicero (Pennsylvania) Jeremy Cole (Delaware) Sylvia Rios (Illinois) Francine Serafin (Maryland) Carlie J. Boos (Ohio) George Greene (New York) Taylor Stoneman (New York) Laura Barnet (New York) Marc Leibert (New York, Arizona) Margaret Emery (D.C., Maryland) Kristen Pursley (Michigan) Managing Partner The Dobrusin Law Firm Matthew Dupree (Michigan) Attorney John Kromer (Virginia) Hannah Elle Myers (Vermont) Wanda McLean Belcourt (None) Kelly Hockenberry (PA and NJ) Esquire Kristie Blase (New York) Devin Cohen (New York and New Jersey) Eleanor Schaffer (California) Nancy Wettersten (Wisconsin) Legal Counsel Wisconsin Dept. Of Children & Families Alejandro Rodriguez (NY - New York) Michael Radolinski, Esq. (New York) Kathryn Penrose Loan (Illinois) Theresa Witherspoon (California) Denyse Demel (Texas) Sarah Valentine (New York) Professor of Law CUNY School of Law Yiheng Feng (New York) Robin Watts (Maine and Illinois) Jeffrey Odland (MA and NH) Ed Livingston (Illinois) Andrea Mohamedbhai (COLORADO) Of Counsel Attorney Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC Heather Z. Kelly (Pennsylvania) Hillary Teague (Georgia) Aurelija Fitzpatrick (Illinois) Attorney Marilyn Longwell & Associates Dana Kobos (New York) Elizabeth (California, New York) Lawyer Elizabeth Aguilera (Missouri) Associate Attorney Sonya M. Allen (NORTH CAROLINA) Emily Heersink (AL, MA, PA) Marilyn Longwell (Illinois) Marilyn Longwell & Assoc., PC Tuyana Kupisk (NY, CA) Anita S Pulier (retired- NY and NJ) Jeanne Clemens (Kentucky) Charles Stone (California) Valecia McDowell (North Carolina) Kate Thompson (New Mexico) Rebekah Diller (New York) Romola Lucas (NY, NJ, PA) Elizabeth Rowan Marx (Pennsylvania) Mary Lonergan (Pennsylvania) Marisa Kish (Maryland) Lafayette L. Crump (WI) Ally Amerson (Maryland, Wisconsin (inactive)) Anne Flamm (Ohio) Ally Amerson (Maryland, Wisconsin (inactive)) Lori A. Hickman (Wisconsin) Jean A. Dalmore (CA 174204) Partner Kaiulani Lie (California) Jennifer M Protas (CA) Jennifer Straton (New York) Jami Schlafer (IL) Alyce Thompson (MD) Elise O'Dea (California) Ijeoma Ike (Tennessee) Zoe Dolan (California, New York) Jennifer E. Davis (Connecticut) Attorney D. L. Cox (North Carolina, Alabama, Texas) Jerri Adams (MN and WI) H. Buchholz (DC) Lawyer Amanda Barrera (Massachusetts; Ohio) Joshua Rubin (New York) Dana Kromm (CA) Partner Meera Chandramouli (New York) Mary A. Sell (OR) Attorney PD Leila Thamer (District of Columbia; New Hampshire) Attorney Federal Government Nora Gierke (Wisconsin) Attorney Kristin Fitzharris (Arizona, Massachusetts) Managing Attorney DNA-People's Legal Services, Inc Aaron Jones Wong (California) Jaime Strumberger (New York) Melinda Cooper (WV) Attorney Alessandra Phillips (DE, PA, NJ) Daniela Molina (California) Deputy Public Defender Matt Dulak (New York) Associate Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Camille Silliman (Wisconsin) Janine Stock (California) Karen M. McMahon (New York) Eliza Hall (Pa) Patricia Guerra (New Mexico) Lawyer Amanda L. Clark (Oklahoma) Attorney at Law Nicole Shannon (Michigan) Karen M. McMahon (New York) April Kuehnhoff (Massachusetts) Alexandra Sanchez (Virginia) Virginia Gottman (Ohio, Arkansas) Kay Slone (N/A) Columbus City Schools Vanessa Bartsch (California) CEO Law Offices of Vanessa Ortega Bartsch Myra Hernandez (NY) Educator Jennifer Hunter (NY, DC) Associate General Counsel SEIU Virginia Gottman (Ohio, Arkansas) Virginia Gottman (Ohio, Arkansas) Stephanie Quick (IL, WI) Kathleen Lu (California) Kimberly Davies (California) Attorney at Law Anita Barondes (DC) Sarah Dubale (Georgia) Christopher Hurld (Massachusetts) M. Cabell Clay (North Carolina, Virginia) Lee Baker (California) Senior Corporate Counsel Jeanette Alvarez-Webster (California) Carla Jimenez (Florida) Michael J Barry (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Delaware.) Jolsna John (California and Texas) Khushbu Patel (New Jersey) Attorney Araj Ahmed (MD, DC) Associate Counsel Linda Friedman Ramirez (Florida) Rochelle A'Hearn (California) Attorney Law Office of Rochelle S A'Hearn Andrea Gunadi (California; New York) Rachel Pusey (California) Partner Villarreal Hutner Linda Averbeck (ohio) Bryan Vezey (Texas) Member Cozen O'Connor Kelly R. Reed (WV) Owner/Member Law Offices of Kelly R. Reed PLLC Dawn Cortez (Washington) Attorney Lisa Mondori (California (active), Washington, DC (inactive)) Emily S. Durway (Ohio) Attorney Nancy Leonard (Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Arizona) Aurora Gonzalez-McLean (NY) Ida Rose Nininger, Esq. (New York) Lisa Moran (New York) Carly Elizabeth Souther (Florida) General Counsel & COO Greg Souther Bank Webinars Andrea Baumgarten (Washington) Virginia Gottman (Ohio, Arkansas) Maeda Riaz (California) Alon Rotem (California) General Counsel Rocket Lawyer Jennifer S. Abrams (California) Julie Raney (California) Deputy General Counsel Jocelyn Campanaro (Colorado) Alex van Schaick (New York, New Jersey) Counsel Communication Workers of America Kalliope Baldwin Duncan (Michigan) Quan Lu (Virginia) Patricia A. Schiavoni (Massachusetts) Laurie Strong (Colorado) Attorney Patrick Zhang (California) Lauren Fernandez (Fl) Legal counsel Parveen Tumber (California) Attorney Tumber Law Firm Amber Camio (New York) Marisa Gonzalez (California) Sloan S. J. Johnston (New York, District of Columbia) Sarah McLemore (New York) Carolyn Rashby (California) Stephanie Frank (Massachusetts, New York) Jaime J. Santos (New York, California) Managing Partner Santos Walding LLP Holly Cordova (California) Jeanmarie Harrington Bisceglia (Arizona) Melissa Barbee (New York, Maryland) James L. Schipper (Michigan) Linda J Barris (California) Erica J Worthington (CA) Mary-Ann Smyth (Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama.) Terry Nagel, Esq. (Massachusetts) J. Carlos Orellana (CA) Daniel K. Janisch (California) Elissa Levan (Maryland) STEPHEN LEMISH (CALIFORNIA) LAWYER Priscilla Ocen (California) Associate Professor of Law Loyola Law School Troy Moyer (Colorado) David W. Olson (Florida, New Mexico) Attorney David W. Olson, P.A. Anneliese Dickman (Wisconsin) Jovita Wang (Oregon and California) Attorney Rudy Perrin (California) Robert Russell (California and New York) Attorney Ann Ferebee (Georgia) Attorney at Law Leslie Polizzotto (New York and California) Danielle Ash (New York State) Associate Duval & Stachenfeld LLP Chloe Davis (RI, MA) Evan Peters (New York) Christopher Hurld (Massachusetts) Megan Wheelehan (California) Anuj Vohra (Washington D.C., Illinois) Tyler Holmes (Kansas, Missouri) Lillian Laserson (New York) Diane Mchugh Martinez (DC court of appeal PA supreme court) Attorney Law Office of Mchugh Martinez Iga Fikayo Keme (Washington) Associate Counsel Alexandra Harwin (NY, NJ, DC, MD) Senior Litigation Counsel Sanford Heisler Jennifer L Lauro (Massachusetss) VP--Group Counsel HR/Litigation Yen Hoang (New York) Vivian Ballard (Texas) Gina Ko (Oregon) Ama Appiah (Florida) Attorney Self-employed Lisa Newton (California) John Philo (Michigan) Executive Director Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice Rhea Ghosh (New York) Jorgio Castro (California) Staff Attorney S. Clinton Woods (California) Attorney at Law Audet & Partners, LLP Jessica Gonzalez (New York) Attorney Law firm Elaine K. Lee (California, Illinois, Wisconsin) Parmita Misty Samanta (New York) Amina Fields (Washington) Attorney Emily Cordo (Washington) Sarah Drescher (Oregon Washington) Attorney Tedesco law group Cynthia L. Kosiak (California Minnesota) Kristina Markosova (Washington) Heather Grossmann (Washington) Brooke W. Lainsbury (MT) Attorney Office of the Montana State Public Defender Ceasar Elloie (Louisiana) Retired Steam Plt Engineer City of New Orleans Florencia Albert-Aranovich (California) Partner, Sawkins & Albert, APLC Rebecca Archer (California) Deputy County Counsel San Mateo County Benjamin F. Smyser (NY, NJ) Attorney Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP Christine Calareso (CA) Partner Selman Breitman Sabiha Chunawala (CA) Patricia Deignan (California, New Jersey) Joanne Albertsen (New York) Associate attorney Stephanie Cavano (North Carolina) Angela Odensky (Texas) Amir Stone (Florida) Aldo Funaro (Toque 1746 - France) Maitre Yasmin Sokkar Harker (Ohio) Law Library Assoc. Professor CUNY Law Sabiha Chunawala (CA) Denise A. Rubin (New York) Rubin Law, PLLC Magdalena Kadziolka (New York, Connecticut) Francis Giambalvo (New York, New Jersey) Vimal Advani (California) Robert E. Rosenthal (Pennsylvania) Howard IP Law Group Roger Donley (Texas) Assistant Public Defender Wesley Platt (Florida) Asie Kehyari (New York, Washington DC) Amanda Bailey (Massachusetts) AVP Ryan Norman (California) Partner Norman Roos LLP Cynthia Abel (Texas) Virginia Gottman (Ohio, Arkansas) Kibian Adams Greene (GA and DC) Attorney at Law Michael J. Bresnahan (PA) Sara Sloan Mulroy (Oregon) Rachael C. Peters (Minnesota) Family Law Attorney Amos Whitney (Maryland) Attorney Christina Angeles Salseda (California) Deputy County Counsel Los Angeles County Consel Nancy Mccoid (Washington state) Marisa Williams (Colorado) Partner Williams & Rhodes LLP Jillian A.S. Roman (PA, NJ) Attorney Cohen Placitella & Roth PC James Tucker (State Bar of Georgia) Attorney Aimee Solway (CA, TX, TN) David Rosen (Connecticut) Amir Stone (Florida) Lauren Fernandez (Fl) Legal counsel Nancy Mccoid (Washington state) Barbara Goren (CT NY) Principal David Rosen & Associates David J. Munoz (New York) Mr. Kristi Poling (Pennsylvania) Nebiat Baarez (NY and CA) Elizabeth Henthorn (Nebraska) Compliance Counsel Amir Stone (Florida) Cam Mitchell (New York, New Jersey) Andrea Caster (California) Attorney Law Office of Andrea M. Caster Daniel J. Dufresne, Esq. (Massachusetts) Law Offices of Daniel J. Dufresne Beatriz Nafarrete (California) Joanna Funke (California, DC Christina Falco Baldwin (Louisiana) Associate Attorney Rachel H Smith (California) Lauren Herman (NJ, NY) Elizabeth Colman (California) Larry S. Green (Oregon, California, Minnesota) Attorney at Law Self Laura Kosloff (Oregon, California (DC - inactive)) Legal Advisor The Climatographers Susan Lowe (New York) Attorney Alexander T Taubes (Connecticut) Thomas Emerson Fellow David Rosen & Associates, P.C. Lauren E. Campbell (Massachusetts) Nicholas F. Daum (California) Frances Kilborne (Texas) Laura Knopp (Colorado) Azra Ahmad (Missouri and Illinois) David L. Faigman (California) Acting Chancellor & Dean University of CA, Hastings College of the Law Jenny DeFrancisco, Esq. (Connecticut and New York) Amir Stone (Florida) Laura Brill (California, New York) Sheryl Montour (NY & NJ) Howard Hudson (Oregon) Office Manager HM Law LLC william m polk (NC) Karly Grossman (NJ, PA) Amir Stone (Florida) Amanda M. Marvin (Montana) Lawyer Mike DeSanctis (California and Colorado) John W. Crittenden (California) Partner Cooley LLP Ghazi Al-Marayati (MA NH) Partner Bookman & Al-Marayati Christine Thompson (Maryland, Massachusetts) Atul Jain (Illinois, New York) Zachary Katznelson (California) Lynne Montgomery (New York, District of Columbia) Counsel Gene Takagi (California) Managing Attorney NEO Law Group Dustyn Coontz (Michigan) Criminal-defense attorney olivier sakellarios (new hampshire) attorney self Casey Trimble (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Eileen O. Tomkins (New York) Donna DeGrandi (New York) Melissa L. Lorentz (Minnesota) Attorney Hogen Adams PLLC Kathryn DeBord (Colorado, DC, and Maryland) Partner Bryan Cave LLP Amy Meselson (New York) olivier sakellarios (new hampshire) attorney self Viviane Eisenberg (New York) Carolyn Reyes (California) Youth Policy Counsel National Center for Lesbian Rights Leslie Gray (California) Administrative Law Judge (retired) Susan Morrison Coletti (Delaware) Principal Fish & Richardson P.C. Emily Nelson (Texas) Attorney Craig Karger (New York) Cheryl L. Warman (West Virginia) Attorney at Law Marsha Ignatyeva (New York) Staff Attorney Brooklyn Defender Services Anne V. Shutkin (New York) Justin Russo (GA) Associate Teresa A. Morguson (Indiana) The Spence Law Firm, LLC Maureen Terjak (Colorado) Terence M. Cooper (Texas) Associate Cushman & Wakefield Wendy Jacobs (Colorado) Rhonda Brown (New York, Connecticut) VP, Ethics, Compliance and Employment Law Doug Davis (New York) Owner The Davis Firm A K Dayton (DC) Emerita Professor Reese Nguyen (California) Latham & Watkins LLP Virginia Halden (Pennsylvania) Leah Tuisavalalo (California) Partner, Immigration Attorney Pasifika Immigration Law Group, LLP Julia Zalenski (IA) Diane Davies (Colorado) Janette McKinney (Arkansas) Cynthia Wolff (No longer member but admitted NY NJ MA) Florencia Albert-Aranovich (California) Partner, Sawkins & Albert, APLC Courtney Miklusak, Esq. (California) Beau Fan (Michigan) Olivia J. Robinson (Maryland) Erin Gaudreau, Esq. (MA) Pamela Fulmer (California) Partner Fulmer Ware LLP Meredith Van Horn (Colorado) Ilona Lindsay (Washington) T-Mobile Alicia C. Meyer (California) Jennifer Cameron-Rulkowski (WSBA) Sarika S. Maheshwari (Texas & Massachusetts) Risk Manager McKesson Corp. Cherise L Williams (Maryland) Attorney Amee Synnott (Massachusetts) Amir Stone (Florida) Geraldine McCafferty (Massachusetts) Fatemeh Mashouf (California) Attorney Amir Stone (Florida) Samantha Lobao (DC) Amir Stone (Florida) Amir Stone (Florida) Gina Borton (GA, NY, WA) Assistant General Counsel Clara M. Levers (California) Attorney at Law Nicole Gibert (Georgia) Rashidah Siddiqui, Esq. (New York and New Jersey) Laura Cashore (Minnesota) Counsel Rebecca Story (Arizona) Anthony J. Bragaglia (New York & New Jersey) Heather Volik (New york) Attorney Robert Schwartz (California) Attorney self John Marlow (Washington) King County Department of Public Defense Ulrike Creach (California, Alameda County) Retired Computer Science Engineer Lara Simmons (NC) Elizabeth Jarit (NY, NJ) Dana Heitz (New York) Michelle Ryan (Oregon) Alexa Woodward (New York) Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations University of Vermont Emmanuel Charles II (New York) Associate Erin Frazer (North Carolina) Associate Counsel Orlando Cabrera (Puerto Rico) Lisa pardini (Oregon) Jeff Seigle (NC) Attorney JeffSeigle, Attorney at Law Samantha Dang (CA, OR) Professor of Law IRVINE University College of Law Penelope A. Boyd (PA) Attorney Penelope A. Boyd, Attorney Emily Nelson (Washington) Clare McKendry (Colorado) Lawyer and Teacher J. Zoe Beckerman (DC and VA (inactive)) Constance Wannamaker (Texas) Attorney Jennifer Golden (Virginia, District of Columbia) Aruna Haati (NY) Director Gnaana Company, LLC Jennifer Nielsen (Ohio) Aaron Hersh (Illinois) Associate Kalliope Baldwin Duncan (Michigan) Nicole Bacon (Virginia and Washington, DC) Sabiha Chunawala (CA) Marianne Ober (Oregon) Attorney Chris Johnston (Colorado, Minnesota) Law Clerk State of Minnesota Sabiha Chunawala (CA) Dave Shriver (FL, IA) Malorie Medellin (Illinois) Joan Ruby (New York) Kelly R. Reed (WV) Owner/Member Law Offices of Kelly R. Reed PLLC Marie Milnes-Vasquez (District of Columbia) Margo L. Fournier (n/a) Concerned Citizen Polaris Enterprises, Inc. Susan Ciaravella (North Carolina and Louisiana) Felix Yeung (California) Mark Blechman (Colorado) Shari Laskowitz (New York) Peter Goldstone (California and Vermont) Dennis Roberts (CA) Frederick Macapinlac, Esq. (Hawaii) Deputy Public Defender State of Hawaii Sherry Williams (Florida) Global Chief Compliance Officer Sarah Russell Goddard (Indiana) Melissa Brown (Nevada) Carla T. Quisenberry (Oregon, California) Vivian Cheng (New York) Katherine O. Berger (Oregon) Brian P. Whire (California) Attorney Daspin & Aument LLP Melissa A. Gertz (NJ, PA) Sara Sloan Mulroy (Oregon) Katherine O. Berger (Oregon) Katherine O. Berger (Oregon) Rebecca Simpson (Virginia, District of Columbia) Omar Kazimi (New York; Massachusetts) Attorney Don (Ca) David Lane (Colorado, California, New York) Killmer, Lane & Newman Elizabeth JC Baker (Oregon) Attorney at Kaw, P.C. Hayley A. Steptoe (Minnesota) Michelle Yadegar (California) Associate Paul Hastings Barbara L. Lanier (California) Attorney at Law Mary Foy (New Jersey and pennsylvania) Joan Woodbury (Colorado) Barry MOrris (California) Attorney at Law Christine Troy (CALIFORNIA) Attorney Self Employed Jean C. O'Connor (Georgia) Keramet Reiter (California) Assistant Professor Allan Marain (New Jersey) Owner Law Offices of Allan Marain Heather Walloch (Oregon) Attorney Craig David Becker (New Jersey and Pensylvania) Samuel B. Johnston (Virginia, California) Donna Buntaine Brewer (CT) Miranda Bayne (Washington State) Donna Buntaine Brewer (CT) Suzanne Carlton (Washington) Monica Bansal (California) Lauren Michaels (New Jersey and New York) Stanley Peck (Connecticut) Attorney Jennifer Wolfsong (Oregon) Patrice Brymner (Massachusetts and California) Holly Panetta (Colorado) Attorney-Mediator Peak Empowerment LLC Wendy L. Fund (CA) Sole Practitioner Mallory Cooney (Florida) Litigation Associate Lionel Sobel (California) Law Professor Kenneth Stern (Oregon, New York) Amanda J. Goss (Washington) Ronald B. Schwartz (Illinois) Township Trustee West Deerfield Township Sue Ann Hartig Summers (Indiana) Attorney at Law Retired Felicia Albano (New York and DC) Craig Tuttle (Ohio) Attorney Leeseberg & Valentine Erbayne W. Jarvis (Minnesota) Deirdre Salsich (New York) Zachary Stettler (Washington) Esq. Jennifer Lafferty (New York) Michael Tanner (NC and AR) Carol McCrory (Florida) Attorney Self employed Jacy Rock (CO) Sumana Chintapalli (New York) Allison speigel (New York) Laura J. Powers (Oregon, Washington) Contracts & Policy Counsel Kendra Rychlick (Washington) Jennifer Landsidle (CA) Dave Shriver (FL, IA) Richard c Koman (CA) Attorney Cara Greenlee (Maryland) Christopher Hurld (Massachusetts) Christin B Coan (North Carolina) Kathy Lazar (Ohio) Andrea Smith (California) Jennifer Medeiros (California) Attorney Jennifer Medeiros, Attorney at Law Jannine Mutterer (CA, SC) Attorney Julie Dechen (New York) Conrad E Yunker (Oregon) Attorney at Law Conrad E. Yunker, P.C. Elizabeth J Young (Massachusetts) Senior Underwriting Counsel Robin Appleberry (D.C.) Kimberly Breger (New York & Massachusetts) Karen Nash (Ca) Deputy PD Kristin Millay (Virginia; District of Columbia) Noelle F. Eberts (New York) Attorney Terry Burt (Virginia) Self Robyn M Babineau (West Virginia) Esquire Whiteman Burdette pllc Beth Davies Carpinello (New York) Christina gaudio (New York) Immigration unit supervisor Christina Scelsi (FL, MO) Bianca Hearfield (CA) Elizabeth Tenney (Michigan and illinois) Vi Nguyen (Virginia, California, Washington D.C.) Tracy Winthrop Young (New York) Attorney at Law Gary Weiner (California) Judith A Mellyn (New York) Retired Solo Practitioner Rebecca Ueno (California) Managing Attorney Sustainable Law Group, PC Trevor Katende (California) Neil Story (Michigan) Nilesh P. Patel (Wisconsin, New York) Attorney Sabiha Chunawala (CA) Lara Simmons (NC) Emily J. Zibart (Tennessee) Lara Simmons (NC) Lara Simmons (NC) Penny Linsenmayer (Texas) Attorney Self-Employed David Silverstein (Illinois) Associate Counsel Shari Laskowitz (New York) Sabiha Chunawala (CA) Melissa C Griffith (Texas) Kathryn Jones (NY, NJ (in-house)) Senior Director, Intellectual Property Hillarie Welsh (Minnesota) Kathleen West (PA and NJ) Health Policy Attorney Jasmine Abdel-khalik (Illinois) Stuart L. Levison (NY) Partner Allen & O' Brien Linda Gadsby (NY, NJ) William H. Holmes (Oregon State Bar) Oregon Attorney Sara Sloan Mulroy (Oregon) Julie Dechen (New York) Mark D. Olson (Delaware) Penelope A. Boyd (PA) Attorney Penelope A. Boyd, Attorney Georgia Davies Graham (NY, CR) Anne Glatz (New York, Illinois) The Law Office of Anne Glatz Ingrid Alt (Colorado, Wisconsin) Attorney Margaret Middleton (Ct) Asha Mungara (Texas) Donald Marritz (Pennsylvania) Of counsel Melissa Hooper (California, Washington) Human Rights First Jessica Spataro (Virginia, District of Columbia) Robyn Chihak (WA) Mark Hough (North Carolina, Tennessee) Richard Paddor (California) Attorney Self-Employed Shayla Maatuka (Illinois) Attorney Dodd & Maatuka Douglas A. Mulvaney (Indiana) Attorney at Law Stutsman & Mulvaney Ebette Fortune (New York) Staff Attorney Caroline Camp (NY, CA) Sangita Land (New York and DC.) Rachel Presa (NY) Counsel Stephen P. Chinn (Missouri & Kansas) Partner Stinson Leonard Street LLP Mary Jeanne Phelan (New York) Partner Melissa Muro LaMere (Minnesota) Attorney Elaine M. Bild (California, Colorado, Washington) Attorney Retired Sarah Gilmer (CA) Policy Slack Katelyn Kinn (California and Washington) Clean Water Attorney Bruce Eli Mosbacher (Illinois) Laurel N. Holmes (California) Fabian McNally (New York) Katharine Allison (Washington, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington) Rachel Bryant (Washington) Mary Bennett (Formerly DC, MO, WA) Attorney, retired Susan Lund (Wisconsin) Adelle Stavis, Esq. (MASSACHUSETTS) Maureen Farrell-Stevenson (Colorado) Dana Kromm (CA) Partner Peter Haberfeld (California State Bar) Shelley Carthen Watson (MN, CA) Sam Lawrence (Missouri) Jane Liu (WASHINGTON) Daisy Ortiz (California) Marcia A. Pollioni (California) Attorney st Law Self Daniel Greenspahn (NY, DC) Julien (Oregon) Attorney Lauren Richardson (Florida) Attorney Nazer's Taqvi (Texas) Mr. TaqLead, A4 Technology Solutions Ron Salas (CO) Jilliana Liu (New York) Rachel Herd (MA, CO, CA) Associate WSGR Kabir Uddin (Georgia) Kelly Schulten (Colorado) John List (California, Washington) Chetna Koshy (Texas) Douglas E. Lindner (New York) Donna Cain, Esq (New York) Jennifer Doerrie (Texas) Attorney at Law self-employed Gialisa Whitchurch (California (inactive)) self Andrea Morgan (CA & NY) Rachel Mortimer (Oregon) Beate Weiss-Krull (Oregon) Barbara S. Hughes (Wisconsin) Carole Cullum (California) Retired Family Law Specialist Ralph Carter (NY) Sally S. deSoto (Nevada, California) Chief Appellate Deputy Nevada State Public Defender Lisa Bliss (FL, GA) Vandhana Balasubramanian (CA, IL) Mary Szondy (Minnesota) Kim Ringler (NJ, NY) Joyce E. Jones, Esq. (Maryland) Managing Partner Jones & Suh, LLC Peter E. Fisch (New York) Partner Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP Genevieve Allard (New Jersey) Teacher of law and Justice Bergen County Technical High School Rebecca Whitehill (Massachusetts) Ed Shacklee (District of Columbia) Susan Sturm (New York) George M. Jaffin Professor of Law and Social Responsibility Columbia Law School Astrid afKlinteberg (Massachusetts) Staff Attorney Committee for Public Counsel Services Maria Negron Kneib (Pennsylvania) Louise Annarino,J.D. (Ohio) Retired Julie Dechen (New York) Jean Yoon (Illinois) Assistant General Counsel Elizabeth P. Hinkley, Esq. (Massachusetts) Legal Services Attorney Margot Birke (New York and Massachusettss) Attorney at Law Julie Dechen (New York) Kathy Bloom (PA) Attorney Dani Alexis Ryskamp (Michigan) Legal Coordinator Autonomous Press Allison Fraser (New York; Washington DC) Dipty Jain (NJ) Kavita Mohan (D.C., MD, WI* (*inactive)) Cynthia LaFave (New York) Attorney Heather Kerr (Pennsylvania) Katie Beye (Virginia) Heather Behnke (NY) Assistant Counsel Hillary Burchuk (Disctrict of Columbia, Maryland) Elena Steiger Reich (New York) Jerome A. Tatar (Illinois) Attorney Anne Ward (New York; New Jersey) Associate Raphael Cua (Florida) Robin Villanueva (MD, DC) Julie L Cabou (New York, Wisconsin (Ret), Illinois (Ret)) Ilana Roberts (New York) Elizabeth P. Hinkley, Esq. (Massachusetts) Legal Services Attorney Anne Ward (New York; New Jersey) Associate Shari Laskowitz (New York) Nancy Sohn (Illinois) James Puckett (DC, Oregon) Associate Professor of Law Penn State Law Liam Curran (Massachusetts) Anne Ward (New York; New Jersey) Associate Shari Laskowitz (New York) Adam Ghebrekristos (New York) Attorney Pamela Corrie (NY, CT, CA) Shari Laskowitz (New York) Jaime A. O'Brien (D. N.J.; State of N.J.) Attorney Simon, O'Brien & Knapp, Esqs. Troy Lieberman (Massachusetts) Associate Nixon Peabody LLP Amy Brimah (Colorado) Self paula j. omansky (Mass. NY) Joseph Green (New York) Allison Near (CT, TN) Sheehan, Reeve & Near Donna H. Lee (New York) Professor of Law CUNY School of Law Peter Krynski (California) retired attorney U.S. Government Jean Yoon (Illinois) Assistant General Counsel Gregory Taschdjian (Colorado) Robert W. Lukow (New York State) Attorney and Counselor at Law Andrea Chang (California) Robert E. Mongue (Maine) Associate Professor, Legal Studies University of Mississippi Ana Rodriguez (Not applicable) Rhonda L Gaynier (New York) Attorney at Law Self-employed Vernon Norviel (California, DC) Partner Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati Skie Peltier-Anderson (None) Astrid afKlinteberg (Massachusetts) Staff Attorney Committee for Public Counsel Services Anne Ward (New York; New Jersey) Associate Anne Ward (New York; New Jersey) Associate David Leibowitz (Illinois Wisconsin) Nickolas Kaplan (Illinois) Laurence M. Miller (New Jersey) Attorney Julie Krumwiede (New York) Criminal Defense Attorney Lois Saldana (New York) Pamela Perrone (Illinois) Litigation Counsel Stephen P. Chinn (Missouri & Kansas) Partner Stinson Leonard Street LLP Paula Mattson-Sarli (MARYLAND and D.C.) Attorney Self Mina Khorrami (Ohio, Missouri, Illinois.) Attorney at Law Gillian Miller (California) Eric S. Brown (Ohio (1979)) former Ohio Chief Justice and retired Judge Stephanie Hunnell (New Jersey) Hunnell Law Firm Beckie Moriello (NC) attorney Raleigh Immigration Denise Wallace (New York, Virginia and New Jersey) LeeAnn M. Massucci (State of Ohio) Principal Massucci Law Group LLC Lynne Barron (Connecticut) Artist Jonathan Tauberg (CA, NY, DC) Suzy Fulton (Texas) Tara Blue (Washington) Jeffrey Pohlman (New York) Victoria McLaughlin (CA) Derrick J. Hensley (NC) Attorney Mark Wallach (Ohio) Theresa Peterson (Minnesota) Jennifer Lloyd (California and Nevada) Attorney/Shareholder Steven Visioli (Colorado) Attorney Richard Ross (Connecticut) Professor of Law Bert Lockwood (Ohio) Distinguished Service Professor University of Cincinnati Angela arabia-Meyer (New Jersey, New York, district of Columbia) Attorney Katie Tastrom (New York) Amy Dobberteen (California) AVP Marketplace Plan Support Nataliya Rymer (PA, NY) Gillian Miller (California) Adam Paczkowski (Washington) Attorney at Law Bobbie L Vinson (Louisiana) Mortgage Broker Amy Dobberteen (California) AVP Marketplace Plan Support Kim Diamond (Missouri) Martha Lawfer (Kentucky (inactive)) Gillian Miller (California) Justin Surber (Oregon) Lawyer/ MBA Student University of Oregon Aaron Jeffers (Oregon) Deputy Public Defender Crabtree & Rahmsdorff Nish Patel Attorney Mary Yanik (Louisiana, New York) Marilyn Britwar (New York, Georgia, District of Columbia) Lindsey Silverblatt (Ohio) Attorney Anne Ward (New York; New Jersey) Associate Danielle Skestos (Ohio) Attorney Amelia McGowan (Mississippi) Nicholas connell (New York; DC) Attorney Heather Pinckney (DC) Attorney Shauna Curphey (Oregon, Texas, Florida, Maryland, Virginia,) Attorney Curphey & Badger, P.A. Anne Glazer (Oregon, Washington.) Carole Johnston (California) retired attorney Sheila Wachsman (Kentucky) Retired Attorney Chisa Chervenick (Ohio) Andrew Midgett (NY) Christian Lassiter (New York) Esther Baldwin (Maryland) Heather Sapp (Arizona) Trademark Attorney Debra Pinzon-Hamilton (CA (newly admitted)) Aneelah Afzali (Washington) Attorney Brian Colton (California) Danielle M. Smith (Virginia) Rebecca Thomas (PA, NJ, MA) Esquire Jessica Hacker Trivizas (Virginia) Sonny Abbasi (DC and Virginia.) General Counsel Lender Service Provider Crystal Walters (I am not an attorney) Merrilee L. Harmon (Texas) Partner Dunnam & Dunnam, LLP Katherine Yancey (Oregon) Deputy District Attorney Constance Parks (Georgia) Goldy Berger (California) Partner Attorney Larry Vogelman (NH and NY) Wayne Novick (Ohio) Attorney Wayne Novick and Associates Karen Howell (NJ and NY) Katherine Mogg (New York) Tanya Miller (Georgia; Ohio) Sarah Starrett (Dc, md, fla) Kelsi Hunt (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado) Associate Attorney Elizabeth Denniston (New York) Joshua Stanton (Louisiana and Tennessee) Renée Wolforth (DC and MA) Deanna Sheridan (MA and NY) Susan Fitch (VA, DC, CA) Carol Francis (CA) Partner Corinne Schultz (District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Self employed Patti Burshtyn (New York and New Jersey) Jessica Richman (NY, PA) Attorney Anastasia DePaz (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Associate Toni Ann Hollifield (NY) Jaclyn Latessa (Massachusetts) Brian Colton (California) Carla Aikens (Illinois, Michigan) Heather Morris-Glass (Maryland and District of Columbia) J. Harris (PA) tanner kilander (wisconsin) attorney John T Kuzmik (District of Columbia, Ohio) Colleen Sorensen (Illinois) Gina Vela (Texas) Assistant Public Defender Amanda Garcia (Tennessee, California) Charles Turnipseed (Alabama) Attorney Rob Harlow (Texas) Kathryn Stevenson (Kansas, Montana) Attorney Monnat & Spurrier, Chartered Sarah E. Hager (CA, DC) Attorney Hilary Ritter Ormond (New York) Jason Macke (Ohio) Prya Murad (Florida) Office of the Public Defender, 15th Judicial Circuit Penny Friedrich (CA) Ms. Fleming Terrell (NY, TX, DC) Karyn Justice (Ohio) Asmahan Akam (WA, AZ) Christine Dinan (VA, DC) Staff Attorney Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs Adam Ghebrekristos (New York) Attorney JoAnn Wahl (New York) Rosemary J Thomas (Arizona) Emily Kahn (New York, New Jersey) Associate Attorney Stephanie Kurose (Connecticut) Maria Negron Kneib (Pennsylvania) Stephen Silver (California) Deputy Attorney Lin Sun-Hoffman (Maryland) Attorney Charles F. Forer (PA, NJ) Josephine Luna (Colorado) Ashley McMahon (Virginia) Lisa Miller (Florida and Minnesota) Emma Littman Baker (Hawaii) Nancy Norton (Washington state) Vice President, Legal pamela goldberg (New York State) Independent Consultant Cory Mason (California) Preeti Bajwa (California) Lisa J Hammer, JD MPA (MT, MN) Legal Analyst Angela Davis (Louisiana) Beate Weiss-Krull (Oregon) Carlyn Burton (Texas) Danielle Thompson (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Emily Sheffield (California) Research attorney James Bannerman (PA & DC) Vanessa Rownaghi (California) Deputy Alternate Public Defender Los Angeles County Marina Cramer (CT, MA, VT) Elizabeth Aniskevich (Virginia; DC) Attorney Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll Tonya Baña (MD, DC) Managing Member Tonya Baña LLC Adam Cohen (New York) Brooke Bischoff (Texas) Attorney at Law Jeanne Semivan (Massachusetts) Ryan Farnsworth (Idaho) Associate Attorney Avery Law W Joseph Bruckner (Minnesota) Attorney/ Partner Lockridge Grindal Nauen PLLP Susana Cruz Hodge (New Jersey) Hilary Ritter Ormond (New York) Sarah Lipka (Colorado) Laila Atallah (Maryland) Mary K. Blasy (CA, DC, NY) Attorney Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP Kristen Yolland (Washington) Catherine Alman MacDonagh (New Jersey and New Hork) Lawyer and Owner/Founder of several businesses Justine Geiger (Louisiana) Attorney at Law Mary Fran Love (District of Columbia) Attorney Aspire IP Sacha Cruse (California) Daniel R. Zim, Esq. (Virginia) Attorney-at-law Zim Travel Law, PLLC Yazmin Wadia (Oregon) Staff Attorney Kandis Burns-Summers (CA) Colette Sampson (Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington, Oregon) Violence Against Women Resource Prosecutor/ADA Mark Sirota (NY) Wendie Gerus (Ohio) Attorney Clara Vertes (FL) Mark Sylvester (New York) Elizabeth Polay (Oregon) Attorney at Law Brandan Borgos (Minnesota) Borgos Law PLLC Anita Bergman (New York) Marissa G. Repp (Maryland) Sarajane S. McMahon (Tennessee) Ilene Garten (Maryland) Sarah Austrian (New York) Luisa Lewis (Illinois) Timothy P. Walsh (Oregon) Emily Marshall (Minnesota) Michael E Flynn-O'Brien (DC, CA, NY) Yvette Fitzgerald (New York and Delaware) Lawrence V Gelber (NY/NJ) Catherine Alman MacDonagh (New Jersey and New York) Lawyer and Owner/Founder of several businesses Yvette Fitzgerald (New York and Delaware) Joan W. Howarth (California) Suzanne Tomkins (New York) Alyssa Saunders (PA, DC) Tanya Miller (Georgia; Ohio) Nataliya Rymer (PA, NY) Michael Donofrio (Vermont, New York) Paul B. Daiker (Ohio) Jonathan R. Jeremias (New York) Kristin Rice (Pennsylvania) Shannon Johnson (Massachusetts) Esq Jennifer Higgins (New York) Kelli Fitzgerald (Washington State) Jonathan Huber (Maryland, DC) Stephanie Durman (Tennessee) Tracy Winthrop Young (New York, New Jersey) Principal Court Attorney Holly Snow (Illinois) Andrew J. Thompson (Georgia) Leonard Weiser-Varon (Massachusetts) Suzanne S. Smith (Pennsylvania) Attorney Lawrence V Gelber (NY/NJ) Michael Pearson (California) HMS Law Group, LLP Rebecca Goldberg (Massachusetts) Lynn Coleman, Esq (Pennsylvania) Self Kelsey Brasher (Maryland) Thomas Bartlett-Svehla (Illinois) Matthew Sanford (South Carolina) Associate Attorney Samantha Gordon (Florida) Attorney Florida Department of Children and Families Gina Spade (DC, Kansas and Massachusetts) McKenzie Clark, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Attorney Melanie Ruth Lovell (Georgia) Attorney at Law Michael Vogel (Minnesota) Montgomery Bell (Pennsylvania) Attorney Bell & Bell Andrea Fried Neichter (Kentucky) Esquire Jennifer Eiteljorg (Colorado) Victoria Kanrek (New York) Sylvia Baker (Oklahoma) Thorne Clark (Arizona, New York) Lori Watkins Owens (Illinois) Mavis A. Ronayne, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Attorney Law Office of Mavis A. Ronayne Kelli King (California) Nicole Heeder (California) Dawn Marie Cutaia (PA) Cutaia Law LLC Kenneth Edwards (Illinois) Carol Lipton (New York State) Jeffrey light (California) Attorney Michael P. Scott (California) Attorney at Law Kevin Mora (Calfornia) Assistant Chief Counsel Lesly Jeanne Adams (California) Attorney Charles Applegate (California) Attorney at Law Applegate Law Office Diana Ricketts (NC (inactive/retired)) Retired Cornelia Gordon (New York) K. Michelle Livsey (CA) Attorney State of California Steve Alexander (California; before retiring, also belonged to PA and AR) retired Brad Taplin (Minnesota State Bar) John C Becker (Wisconsin) Attorney Self Julieanna Elegant (Oregon) Andrea Roth (California, New York, DC) Safiah Afify (Florida) Yumna Daimee (California) Larry Sheffield (California) Richard M. Morgain (Louisiana) Alexia K. Niketas (Georgia and South Carolina) Amy Handler Kasallis (Illinois) Lesly Jeanne Adams (California) Attorney Heidi Weisbaum (California) Tara L Maczuzak (Pennsylvania) Eric Bolt (CA) Attorney at Law Michael D. Morehead (Oklahoma) Appellate Defense Counsel Pamela E. Wagner (California) Julien Swanson (California) Attorney Austin Law Group Bennett M. Feitell (New York) Jesse Holmes (Illinois) Samuel T. Greenberg (California) Samuel Pinero (North Carolina) Ceola Huyghue (California) Realtor Self Brian Bethune (Texas) Attorney Steven W Ferrell Jr (Florida, Washington DC, Maryland) N. Bazan (New York) David Simon (New York) Attorney Aneiko Hickerson (California) Debra Roby (Wa) Joel Shapiro (Oregon) Law Office of Joel Shapiro Kelly Lusk (Oregon and Colorado) Senior Associate Anthony Sartorio (Louisiana) Johnny Keane (NJ) Aishah McCoy (Texas) Kelly Lusk (Oregon and Colorado) Senior Associate Diem Thinh T. Pham (California) Associate Attorney Tran Sood Law Firm Janet Ainsworth (Connecticut) Annie Kwock (Non) Realtor/ broker/ president Trinity properties llc Stephen L. Miller (California, Wisconsin) Mary Eyerman (Ohio) CFO Beckie Castell, Esq (Ohio) Jacqueline Lesser (NY, PA) Counsel Max Story (Florida) Attorney & Shareholder Ashley Gaudiano (CT, MD) Heather Batzel (D.C., MD, PA) Attorney-at-Law Alisha Mohammed, Esq. (New York) Deborah Kaurich Tongren (Ohio) Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Christopher Markos (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Vickie Voukidis (Illinois) Jennifer Nimer (Ohio) Russ MacKechnie (New York) Senior Counsel NYC Health+ Hospitals Patricia Buss (Minnesota) Attorney Rebecca Katz (DC, Maryland (inactive)) Erika Ballou (Nevada) Chief Deputy Public Defender Amanda Swanberg (MN) Elizabeth Ricks (Illinois, New York) Amy lee (California) Tapash Agarwal (Texas) Partner Rodery & Agarwal, PLLC Beverly J hodgson (Connecticut) Retired Judge Megan Iliff (Indiana) Shannon Going (California) Nataliya Rymer (PA, NY) Nataliya Rymer (PA, NY) Nataliya Rymer (PA, NY) J Fredrick Schill (Illinois) Amy M. Wojnarwsky (Ohio, Pennsylvania) Attorney Donna Skaats (CT and MA) self Patrick Cafferty (Michigan, Illinois) Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel LLP James E. Goodley (Pa, Nj, Md, Va) Gabrielle de Courcy (Virginia) Attorney Geoffrey Leonard (NY) Lindsey Drake (Drake Law PLLC) Attorney Amanda Cormier (MA) Destiny Riley (North Carolina) Joelle Wilson (Illinois) Chief Compliance Officer Melanie Lovell (Massachusetts) Attorney Doherty Cella Keane & Associates Averil Edwards (Illinois) Kimberly Stewart (NY, NJ) Emily Jenkins (Virginia) Jodi Nemeth (CO, GA) Kell Simon (Alabama, District of Columbia, Texas) Attorney The Law Offices of Kell A. Simon Seanna Brown (New York) Partner Baker Hostetler LLP Franceska O'Reilly (Massachusetts) Lisa Smith-Butler (Nebraska and Georgia) Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Law Charleston School of Law Lily Ana Sturgis (CA) Joshua Subin (New York) Leza DiBella (NY, MD, DC) Eric James Homa (Illinois) Attorney Self Allison Marshall (Minnesota) Cassandra Di Martino (New Jersey) Danielle Bolden (California & DC) Diana Quarry (North Carolina, New York) Betsy Thelen (Illinois) Partner Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP Ricki Schweizer (NY) Erica Iverson (New York) Lauren Litton (Ohio and Arizona) Bill Mann (Ohio) Attorney Jon Michalek (MA, NH) Partner Flynn Law Group Bonnie Youn (MA) Legal Recruiter The RMN Agency Lauren Rotonda (Tennessee, Arkansas) Leah Griggs Pauly (New York) Associate General Counsel Erica Doran (New York) Scott Charlton (Florida, Georgia (inactive)) Attorney Solo practioner Yael Aufgang (IL, MA, NY) Associate General Counsel Brianna Pierce (New York) Associate Law Office of Stephen P Long, PLLC Sara Kafshi (Maryland) Richard Rosenblatt (Colorado (Active), California (Inactive)) Attorney Rosenblatt & Gosch, PLLC Jessica Pearlman (WA) Partner K&L Gates LLP Eric James Homa (Illinois) Attorney Self Eric James Homa (Illinois) Attorney Self Aaron Frishman (Colorado, New York) Kari Bloom (Ohio) Bryan Clinton (Texas, Colorado) Kristin Richner (Ohio, California and New York) Luz Medrano (New York) Staff Attorney CUNY Aaron Seligman (Wisconsin) Valerie A. Barnes (Illinois) Sheri Abrams (Virginia and Washington DC) Emily Kimball (New York) Diana Bieber Locke (PA, NY) Managing Attorney Community Programs Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center Faith Pettis (Washington, Oregon) Partner Pacifica Law Group Britney Edwards (Texas, District of Columbia) Talia Timmins (Maine) Attorney Advisor Kimberly Richardson (Michigan, Delaware) Tera Schreiber (Washington State Bar) Nicole Bates (Florida) Attorney Tyra Blew (Missouri, Kansas) Attorney Stephanie Malkind (NY) Attorney M. Catherine OliverSmith (None) Renee M. Hutchins (New York, Maryland) Professor of Law University of Maryland Carey School of Law Sandra Rhee Ross (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) General Counsel Kandra Roberts (Ohio) Asst. Public Defender Juan Congote (MA, NY) Azeema Mohaideen (NY) Ruben Laboy Jr. (Florida) Attorney at Law DBKSMN Kristina Mazzocchi (New York) Partner Mirer Mazzocchi Schalet Julien & Chickedantz, PLLC Maria Phillis (Ohio (inactive status)) Kerry Halpern (New York, Pennsylvania) Caroline A. Conway (New York) Barbara Bailey (New York State) Attorney None (retired) Jennifer Riggs (CA) Of Counsel Meyers Nave Julia Claire Shapiro (PA) CEO Hire an Esquire, Inc. Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Brian Greben (New York) Mary Balthasar Lake (NY and Virginia) Brian Page (Louisiana) Attorney at Law Paula Pedersen (FL) Mark D. Fisher (None) Jessica Chapman (Louisiana) Leah Horowitz (New York & Connecticut) Brian Holb (N/A) Law Student Shannan Frisbie (WA) Partner K&L Gates Leticia Saucedo (Texas, New York) Cara Sterling (Colorado, New York, Nevada) Attorney Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck Ruth Botstein (Alaska; California (currently inactive)) Terrence A. Jackson (Arizona) Elaine Edwards (Texas) Shareholder Deats Durst & Owen PLLC Caroline Harris Crowne (OR) attorney Tonkon Torp LLP Christina M. Bushnell (Ohio) Partner McFadden Bushnell, LLC Mary Bullis (California) Lawyer Coleen Cusack (California) California Western School of Law Jeanette Berberich (Michigan) Amy Dell Trenary (Colorado) Eric Day (Minnesota) L Marion K Littman (New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Marion K Littman, LLC Shannan Higgins (VA, DC and CO) Erika A. Zucker (CA) Burton Newman (Missouri) Carole Silver (Illinois) Professor of Global Law & Practice Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Laurel Darby (Oregon, Missouri) Amy Shelf (California) Lisa Tuntigian (New York) Attorney Legal Aid Society of NY Kristin J. Casillo (New York) Nicole Ford (CA) Grace Hum (California) Assistant Dean for Student Affairs University of San Francisco School of Law Eugene Iredale (California,Massachusetts) Partner Iredale and Yoo,APC LESLIE CHAGGARIS (TEXAS) ATTORNEY Jared Lockwood (Colorado, Kentucky) Vanessa Ruggles (California) Natalie Ferrall (California) Cynthia Miller (Minnesota) Laura St. John (California) Danielle Urban (Colorado and Florida) Attorney Maya Trujillo ringe (Washington) Attorney Peter Golcher (California) Maureen Pacheco (California) Constitutional Defender Roberto L. Corrada (Inactive (DC, Michigan)) Professor University of Denver Burke Dunphy (CA, NY) Janene Sohng (WA) Avery Matro (Hawaii State Bar Association) Laurel Reiman Henneman (New York) Kerry Luck-Torry (Wyoming and Colorado) Z. Seth Griswold (Colorado) David Slater (NY CT) Attorney Slater Law Susan S. Silberstein (Ohio) Ida Abbott (CA (Inactive)) President Ida Abbott Consulting Robert Lindley (California (active) and Arizona (inactive)) Emily Pitlick Mallen (Virginia (Emily Pitlick), DC (Emily Pitlick Mallen)) Susan Lederman (None) Mary Dow (New York/Connecticut) Erin K. Bartlett (Virginia; District of Columbia) Attorney James Batchelor (MN) Attorney BLF, PA Chi Tran (State Bar of California) Sehar Siddiqi (New York and District of Columbia) Anne Marie Tavella (Alaska, Washington) Attorney Dana Giglet (Washington) Civil Deputy Prosecutor Cindy N. Pham (Colorado) Attorney Kate Elengold (Illinois, Maryland, Washington DC) Clinical Associate Professor of Law Adam T. Brown (Colorado) Maya Trujillo ringe (Washington) Attorney Ashley Melwani (California) Senior Staff Attorney Legal Services for Children Samantha Pearlman (CA) Debra Gardner (Maryland, Massachusetts) Megan Donahue (Pennsylvania, District of Columbia) Paul K. Pfeilschiefter (California) Attorney Blytne Rodgers (Maryland) Attorney American People Gloria Jimenez (n/a) Social Worker James P. Cullen (New York) President Cullen Management Ltd. Meredith Schramm-Strosser (Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia) Rachel Gupta (New York and New Jersey) Lyndsey Sharpe (Ohio) francesca distefano (montana) Courtney Johnson (Massachusetts) Gretchen Myers (Florida) Kathryn Keiser (Montana) Attorney at Law Kathryn E. Keiser Law, PLLC Sarah Sellers (New York) Ann Allen (NC) Attorney at Law Jim Thomas (Colorado) Stephanie J. Wall (Colorado) Attorney Jacqueline Lesser (NY, PA) Counsel Christina L. Dixon (Colorado) Jessica Bae (Pennsylvania; New Jersey) Vanessa Kline (Florida and California) Attorney Brian Sandstrom (New York, Massachusetts) Attorney Suzanne Nash (Maryland) Lacy Bauer (California) Senior Staff Attorney California Department of Fish and Wildlife Tal Hirshberg (New York) Tal Hirshberg, Esq. Joseph H. Lusk (Colorado) Attorney Andrea Collins (Montana) Jennifer Olson (New Mexico) Attorney Finch & Olson, P.A. Abigail Trillin (California) Executive Director Legal Services for Children Kaitlyn Schwendeman (New York) Attorney Cynthia Miller (Minnesota) Susannah Baruch (Illinois, District of Columbia) Consultant Sarah C. Zearfoss (Michigan) Sameer Khedekar (California) Susan Germer (California, New Mexico) Cofounder Jean Binkovitz (Mn) Attorney at Law Jeremy Gruber (New York) Suzanne Badenhoop (California (retired, inactive)) Nicole D. Fogarty, Esq. (New York) Ann Marie Pierce (California) Prosecutor Melissa Tung (California) Attorney Seo Family Law Emily Doty (California) Associate Attorney Suzanne Peterson (Minnesota) Attorney Pamela Auerbach (MA, DC) Anika Keswani (NY, DC) Tafadzwa Pasipanodya (New York & DC) Attorney Foley Hoag LLP Carrie Gallagher (Arizona) Laura DeBolt (IL) Cecilia C. Pryor (Michigan) Jay Kelly (California) Attorney Skyla Olds (California) Attorney at Law Self-employeed Ashley Gaudiano (CT, MD) Gil Hoy (Massachusetts) Courtney R. Blackwell (CA) Dora Pulido (New York) Attorney Seward & Kissel LLP Alyssa Chirlin (MA) Attorney Christopher Fry (Colorado) Associate Attorney Lesley Nash (New Mexico) Olga Rivera (Connecticut) Bloomberg BNA Robert Kern (California, Nevada) Owner Kern Law, Ltd Erendira Rubin (California) Kathryn A. Greis (New York) Sara Kobak (Oregon) Anthony Oliver (WA, MD) Amy Pritchard (Arkansas) Sai Kornsuwan (Florida) Associate Attorney Dana Gomez-Gayne (California) Rob Harlow (Texas) Michele Fournet (Louisiana) Amanda M Bradley (California) Sara Bergan (Minnesota, Oregon) Adrienne Waring Whitworth (Oregon) Megan Beaman (California, Wisconsin) Attorney at Law Beaman Law Harry Budisidharta (Colorado) Erica Storer (Massachusetts) Public Defender Ashley Bede (Washington State) Associate Mackenzie Suter (none) Anne Bonner (Oregon Bar Association) Sandhya Kidd (New York) Chris Radeff (Colorado) Managing Partner Jennifer Clingo (California) Clingo Law Group Felice Segura (New York, New Jersey) Craig R. Boone (Kentucky) Licensed attorney at law self-employed Jillian Pressnall (Washington) Attorney barbara Sherry (U.S. Supreme Court, Illinois) Wesley Eddington (Arizona, California, and Colorado) Litigation Attorney Ramos Law Christie M. Saenz (California) Chad K. Casey (California) Attorney Encore Capital Group Julia Springsteen (Kentucky, Virginia) Attorney at Law Self Allison Clark (Colorado) Associate Attorney Sage Law Group Trista McElhaney (Colorado) Jennifer Booth (California) Gloria A. Downey (California and Florida) Major, Retired, USAF Jag Corps Wounded Warrior Burke Dunphy (CA, NY) Greg Mintz (California) Cynthia P. Simmons (New York) Kathleen Davison Lebeck (NM, 10th circuit, SCOTUS) JD retired Raymond Manzo (California, Bar Number: 286759) Shelby R. Smith (Washington) Attorney Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, LLC Marc Merriweather (New York) Group Vice President- Litigation Yunah Rha (CA) Director Black Letter Discovery Tianni Rutt (Colorado) Edward Radlo (California) Dale Minami (Californai) President, CAPA21 Minami Tamaki LLP Margret McBurney (New York/New Jersey) VIce President - Claims Distinguished Program Jeffrey Orleans (DC) Caitlin G. Coslett (PA) Barbara Dutton (IL) Andrew Hart (Colorado & Massachusetts (retired status)) Associate Attorney Pelegrin & Radeff, P.C. Lauren Monosoff (NY) Jasmine Moy (New York) Self Wendy Ross (Wyoming, Colorado) Donica Lakhani (California) Joanne Ward (North Carolina) Senior Counsel Andrew Zangrilli (California) Jean Binkovitz (Mn) Attorney at Law Carrie Schiff (California and Colorado) Founding Partner Sage Law Group LLC Melany Nelson (Florida) Disabled Matt Lloyd (Idaho) Janet E. Mitchell (Indiana) Attorney-Mediator Janet E. Mitchell & IN Tech Law School David Robinson (New York) Frances Ma (NY) Patricia Anne Madsen (Arizona) Leslie Johns (Ohio) Rosanne Sangiacomo (Illinois) Jeffrey Waggoner (Indiana) Legal Research Attorney Hamilton Superior Court 3 Kristin Crowell (Florida) Virginia McCullough Fish (Not a lawyer, unfortunately) Retired Anthony Jarmolowicz (None) Babak Shirdel (California) Anne Nash (California) Attorney Hammons & Baldino Molly Biklen (New York) Supervising Attorney Diane Bross (Colorado) Mary E Bartholomew (New York) self employed Christopher LaPan (Indiana) Attorney Christine Williams (Massachusetts) Suzanne Wrubel (California) Attorney-at-Law Benjamin Lucas (Florida) Rebecca Briber (New York, Massachusetts) Attorney Matt Koski (California) Anne Cotter (Illinois) Attorney William Jansen (California) Attorney Self Karen Sullivan (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) Attorney Bridget McCarthy (California) Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Prabhjot Sekhon (New York) Tammara M Fort (New York) Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Ann Thrasher (Indiana) Mediator and Counselor at Law Aileen Kent (New York) Pamela Brown (Texas, California) Attorney at Law Libtard (All) Lawyer Democratic national committee Emily Taylor (Texas; Ohio) Alexandra Stephanie Audate (Florida) Joshua Schwartz (PA, NY, MA, DC) Matthew D Keller (Colorado) Amy Kwalwasser (NY) Mary Jo Gross, Esq. (Colorado) Treasurer, Colorado Bar Association; Past-President Denver Bar Association Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Kelly Diffily (PA) Sara Geelan (New York and Pennsylvania) General Counsel The Barnes Foundation Michael M. Butterworth (Louisiana and Washington State) Partner Phelps Dunbar LLP Cathy Frankel (New York) Pam Jenoff (NJ and PA) Clinical Professor Matthew Kochevar (Indiana) Co-General Counsel Indiana Election Division Victoria Brewster (California) Lauren Monosoff (NY) Dana Jupiter (New York) Jessica Arons (VA, DC) Sid W. Shapiro (TX) Marnie Berk (New York) Director of Pro Bono NYLPI Daniel J. Hoffheimer (Ohio) Lance Young (Maryland) Assistant Attorney General State of Maryland Ruby Wells (Alaska) Bryan C. Lamble (Illinois) Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Paul Miller (CO) Attorney Adam Klotz (Minnesota) Criminal Defense Attorney Steve Varel (Illinois) Sierra Villaran (California) Vanessa Eisemann (California) Alexandria Skinner (South Carolina) Attorney Attorney at Law Michelle Yang (CA) Craig Hughes (Texas) Sole practitioner Julie A. Wolfe (Colorado) Private Practitioner Law Firm of Julie Wolfe, P.C. Sai Kornsuwan (Florida) Associate Attorney Sai Kornsuwan (Florida) Associate Attorney Bill Rudge (colorado) Attorney Ashley Palomaki (Colorado) Melany Nelson (Florida) Disabled Melany Nelson (Florida) Disabled Melany Nelson (Florida) Disabled Eden Schwartz (California) Lea B. Vaughn (Michigan) Professor of Law University of Washington Melany Nelson (Florida) Disabled Eden Schwartz (California) Melany Nelson (Florida) Disabled Diana Moreno (California) Neena Dutta (NY and NJ) Principal Attorney Dutta Law Firm PC Molly E. Nephew (Minnesota) Phillip Wiese (California) Attorney Janice Corrales (California) Sarah Mackey (Washington) Alissa Baier (Washington State) Immigration Attorney Open Door Legal Services Heidi I. Jones (NY, PA) Attorney Paulette Fragiacomo (CA) A.J. Pongratz Esq. (California) Marilyn Feuer (New York) Managing Member Kimberly A. DeVane (Indiana) Attorney Self Sarah Van Derveer (Illinois) John Prosser (Washington State) Jennifer Anderson Ditter (WA) Anderson, York & Stratton, PC Ryan Prosser (Washington State) Ross Weiner (CA & NY) Thaddeus Chase (Texas) Yael Resnick (California) Marc Echeveste, Esq. (Arizona) Marc A Echeveste, PLLC Ryan M. Galloway (Illinois) Wendi Whitmore (Colorado) Andrew Murray (CA, DC) Rebecca Arian (New York) International Law and Advocacy Fellow Physicians for Human Rights - Israel Tanya Salman (Wisconsin, Illinois) Shann Jeffery (Colorado) Senior Deputy State Public Defender Colorado State Public Defender Dave Olson (CA) Briana Rosenbaum (CA; TN) Prof. University of Tennessee Hal Thurston Jr. (Indiana) Juvenile Public Defense Attorney Marion County Public Defender Agency Jennifer Lubinsky (Georgia) Leslie McNair-Jackson (NJ) Kteba Dunlap (California) KS Dunlap Darby Green (New York) Bloomberg BNA Shannon Walsh (IA) Attorney at Law Walsh Law Firm Scott Clark (Texas) Adams & Graham LLP Trish Krajniak (Illinois) Dana Wood (Georgia) Lloyd Kwak (Illinois) Melissa Tronquet (CA) Assistant City Attorney Jennie Harrigan (PA) G. Michael Davis (Tennessee) Tracey Fletcher (Illinois) Eric P. Overpeck (Indiana) Van Dang (California) Jeffrey Waggoner (Indiana) Ellen Schoolar (Georgia) Jennifer Moore (California) Professor of Law University of New Mexico School of Law Hannah Seigel Proff (Colorado) Senior Associate Johnson, Brennan & Klein Katherine Elizabeth Booth (North Carolina) Caren Ulrich Stacy (None) CEO Diversity Lab William S. Young (Massachusetts; Maryland) Attorney Beneth Browne (California, Ohio, Alaska) Deputy Attorney General State of California Jill Mullen (Colorado) Colorado State Senate Democrats Kathleen Darvil (New York) Gregory Silverman (New Hampshire) Monica Carmean (DC, MD (Both inactive)) Leslie Goller (Florida) Michael B. Engle (NY) Saundra Ramirez (New York) Marie-Helene Prinz (California) Kimberly Alcantara (Illinois) Attorney Todd Wachtel, Esq. (PA, NJ, 3rd Circuit) Human Katherine Swanson (California) Andrew Ahern (New York) Julie Lowenberg ( (TX)) Andrew Barovick (New York, Washington DC) partner self Chandra Shih (California) Attorney John Turner Frame II (Kentucky) Attorney The Law Offices of John Turner Frame II, PLLC Stephanie R. Large (Utah) Attorney Arinetta Martin-Bowser (Texas) Kendra Kinnaird (Maryland, DC) Pamela T. Miller, Esq (New Jersey) President and CEO Summit Global Strategies, Ltd. Joshua Weishart (California, West Virginia) Fred Abramson (Ny) Attorney Steve Ngo (California) Trustee, City College of San Francisco Ilesa McAuliffe (Washington) Edward E. Shapiro (New York) Jillian Raines (New York State) Attorney Nancy Isaacson (New Jersey) Partner Amy Martell (Massachusetts) collaborative attorney and mediator Christina L. Dixon (Colorado) Attorney Meredith Stange (American Bar Association) Aimee E. Bierman (Massachusetts) Celia Lee (California, New York) Gail Mitchell (New Jersey) Lara Cullinane Smith (California) Law Office of Lara C Smith James McCullagh (Washington) L. Maxwell Taylor (Vermont) Owner L. Maxwell Taylor PLLC Heather Sexton (Michigan) Barbara Comerford (New Jersey) Jennifer De Kock (Iowa & Illinois) Eryn C. Brasovan (Illinois) General Counsel Marilyn E Williams (New Jersey) Retired Municipal Court Judge Linda Bollinger (California) Attorney Eric Chang (CA, IL) Kevin Cooper (Ohio & Illinois) Tricia Prettypaul (New York, New Jersey) Counsel Allison Curreri (New York) Daniel N. Lundeen (Texas) Stacy M Manobianca (New Jersey and New York) Patricia Ann Campi (California) Attorney at Law SPAULDING CAMPI LLP Jennifer Brooks (Missouri, Illinois) Gladys Haro (CA) Staff Attorney Brenda Magid (California) Supervising Staff Attorney Rebekah Cude (Idaho State Bar) David G. Shapiro (Pennsylvania) Davin Rosborough (New York, Virginia) Katrina G. Hull (Wisconsin) Brittany Stonesifer (California) Staff Attorney Legal Services for Prisoners with Children Joanna Lin (Texas, Massachusetts) Stephen Duskin (PA) Jennifer Burn s (Florida) Daniel I. Morales (Illinois) Dana Gold (WA) Senior Fellow Government Accountability Project & self Cherish Keller (Illinois) Gustavo Gutierrez (NEw York) Sherrie Cohen (PA) Rita Issagholian (CO, CA) Claudia Trevor-Wright (Massachusetts) Tamblyn Ghanem (Massachusetts) Brenn O'Connor (New York) Spencer Bruck (New York) Thao La (Texas) Leslee Barnicle (CO) Etie-Lee Schaub (Massachusetts, Rhode Island) Joyce Lee (D.C., MD) Jamie Crawford (Colorado) Immigration Attorney Bakken Law Ellen B. Lubell (Conneticut and New York) Owner Law offices of Ellen B. Lubell Chris M. Gatton (New Mexico) Shareholder Giddens, Gatton & Jacobus, P.C. Amanda (Pennsylvania) Associate Liz Hempowicz (New York) Policy Counsel Coleen O'Mara (California; New York) Kelly Bonner (New York) Michelle de Blank (Caliofornia) Kelly A. Scott (Connecticut) Attorney Deanna Willson (Tx) Attorney Shad Miller (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) arthur balbirer (Connecticut) attorney Carole Topol Orland (CT, MA, NY, DC) Justin Murakami (Hawaii) Deanna Willson (Tx) Attorney Melissa Craig (Florida) Katharine Young (California) Steven Weinberg (California) Attorney Wein Law Group Deanna Willson (Tx) Attorney Don W Bell (Washington) Attorney Amy Thompson-Smith (California & Hawaii) National Director of Licensure and Accreditation Education Affiliates Patricia M Martin (New Mexico, Colorado and District of Columbia) President, Shareholder Patricia M Martin Attorney At Law PC Lindsey Haswell (California) Attorney Vanessa Steelman (Missouri, Kansas, Florida) Sarah Hsia (New York) Shoshanah Epstein (New Mexico, Washington) Kathleen Hobbins (Illinois) Kerry C. Marinelli (New Mexico) Douglas Glucroft (New York) Jennifer Mihalich (Vermont) Shouan Riahi (New York) Staff Attorney Central American Legal Assistance Stella Kim (California) Jay Silverstei, (New York) Isaac H. Braddoclk (Massachusetts, California) Stephanie kupferman (New York) Attorney Self employed Jon Slaughter Pelegrin (Colorado) Pelegrin & Radeff, PC Michelle Murphy (retired from California and Nevada Bars) retired Shanda Sibley (New York) Attorney Vicki Ferrara (CT, NY) President The Ferrara Law Group, PC Oona Cassidy (New York) Amanda LaMela (New York) Ryan Timmis (Illinois) Kathryn Stoker Worford (Colorado) Lydia Antoncic (NY, NJ and CT) Caitlin Johnson (California) Associate Attorney Christina Zahara Noh (District of Columbia, Hawaii) George Caceres (New Jersey) Ali Darias (Florida) Attorney Gail Gordon Donegan (NY, MA,DC, corporate counsel in VA) Senior Counsel Lydia Antoncic (NY, NJ and CT) Kleigh Hathaway (Ca) Attorney SF public defender Claire E. James (Texas) Kayte Spector-Bagdady (Washington, DC) Research Investigator University of Michigan Medical School Peter Manda, Esq. (New York) Attorney Christine Taylor (Oregon) Paige Kent (CA) Staff Attorney Brian Wheeler (New York and California) General Counsel Pam Spees (Louisiana and New York) Laura S. Martinez (Texas) Attorney at Law Halit Coussin (NY) Emily M. Miller (Colorado) Irene Hsieh (New Jersey, New York) Adam Graber (Colorado) Attorney James West (New York) Lindsay N. Silber (Colorado; New York) Judith Wise (NY, WA) Benjamin Rudolf (Massachusetts) David Tierney (Virginia) Rebecca Kirkman (N J) Esquire Self Julia DiPrete (New York) Assistant Director, Career Services Judith Wise (NY, WA) Judith Wise (NY, WA) Alexandra Heifetz (California) Julie Gokavi (Texas) Laura Full (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) Attorney Kathryn J Stimson (CO) Partner Stimson Glover Stancil Leedy Amanda Harber (Alaska) Sara Henning (California) Nhi Luu (Oregon) Attorney Lindsay Grossman (Texas) Paul Bazil (District of Columbia, California) Brandon S. Cook (West Virginia) Stephen Koppel (New York) Steven Lee (California) Lockheed Martin Jessica Lee (NY) Lauren Johnson (California and DC) Attorney Law Office of Lauren K Johnson, APLC Justin Yonowitz (Maryland) Tax associate RSM Garren W. Carroll (Arizona) Associate General Counsel Shauna K. McSherry (Ohio) staff attorney Second District Court of Appeals, Ohio Michael Carter Smith (California) Attorney Self Employed Jonathan A. Carnes (Massachusetts and North Carolina) Attorney at Law Carnes Law Kaui Yamane (Hawaii and District of Colombia) John Elmen (Maine Bar) Attorney Maurice Davis (MICHIGAN) Attorney Davis Law Group, PLLC Alex Wueste (California) Attorney Jenna Jacobsob (District of Columbia and Maryland) Andrew Patrick Matera (New York) Jennifer A. Becker (Oregon) Attorney John Rose (California) Joel K. Curelo (Oregon) Attorney Solo Practice Thomas E Shepard (North Carolina) Jennifer Dodson (Mussouri) Attorney James E. Denvir (Colorado, California) Attorney, Retired Judge Florice Hoffman (California) Dan Millikin (Wisconsin) Stephan Haimowitz (New York) Sriram Anne (Maryland) Harry Simon (California) Kathi Sandweiss (Arizona) Partner Jaburg & Wilk, PC Cynthia Hartman (MA) Attorney Fedele and Murray PC Elizabeth Post (Michigan) Marlys Hartley Roehm (Colorado) Senior Corporate Counsel Bradley Brook (California) Attorney at law Melvin G. Larew, Jr. (Utah) Attorney Retired Alexandra Haas (Colorado) Tara Irani (Florida) Attorney/Medical Student N/A Marian Stanton (California) Attorney at Law StantonLaw Corporation Peter Turk (MA, CO, TX, DC) Jonathan P. Truppman (NY; FL) Cindy A. Ossias (California) Sean Braswell (North Carolina) Morgan Embleton (Louisiana) Associate Attorney The Lambert Firm, PLC Tanya Norris (IL) Attorney Kenneth Knoppow (Michigan) Attorney at Law Eleanor Gladstone (California) Kimberly Wittmer (Texas) Candace J. Tremps (Indiana State Bar) Attorney at Law retired James L. Hayes (Georgia) Daniel Salas (California) Attorney Richelle Kemler VandenBergh (California) Melissa Mullin (Colorado, Georgia) Michael Jimenez (Illinois) Matthew Henning (California) Sonoma County District Attorney's Office Kaye Knox (Texas) President and Ceo Knox Resources, Inc. Claire Sellers (New York) Labor Attorney Michael J. Walkup (Illinois) Attorney and County Board Member Self/ McHenry County Illinois Eleanor Hannigan Powers (North Carolina, Texas (inactive)) Catherine Sharif (Florida) Adison Kingsley (California) Peter J. Hickey, III (Illinois) Partner Hickey and Nemzin Brent Gilbert (MA and RI) Christopher Ryan Jefferson (CA) Attorney at Law Carly Castle (Utah) Special Projects Coordinator Salt Lake City Corp. Kevin G. Cronin (California) Edward R. Carrillo (California) Attorney at Law State of California Stephen Vollbrecht (Texas) Joshua S. Wattles (California) Lecturer in Law Gould School of Law, University of Southern California John V. Rhiel (Wisconsin, bar no. 1001780) Self employed attorney Mark L. Knutson (Minnesota) Attorney Dryer Storaasli Knutson BryanTelegin (Oregon and Washington) Attorney at Law Arika Sanchez (New Mexico) Bryan G. Schumann (Illinois) Partner Douglas M. Prouty (California) Attorney Law Offices of Douglas M. Prouty Michele M Scuderi (NU) Attorney Marc Stickgold (CA, IL, WI) Professor Emeritus Gregory W Altschuh (CT) Attorney at Law Sole proprietor Sandra Russell (AZ, GA) Attorney The Russells Law Firm, PLC Bob Congdon (AK) Sarah Lustig (California) Associate Attorney Maria P. Muti (Massachusetts) Sana Suhail (New York) Barry Finck (Colorado) Self-employed Morgan F. Shah (Nevada) Bill Epstein (CA) Tiffany A. Bolster (Washington) Shawn Fields (California) Professor of Legal Writing University of San Diego Mary Morin (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Mitra Surrell (DC) Project Attorney Jason Coomer (Texas) Lawyer Marcos Castillo (GA) Donald J Louden (Mt) Retired Carolyn S Goldfarb (NY, MA) Aron Laub (California) Attorney at Law James Moore (CA) Attorney Jay Holland (Maryland, DC) Attorney Kymberleigh Dougherty (NM) Charles Menzies (California) Attorney Menzies Law Group Sonia Bendiks (Colorado and Texas) Attorney/pro tem administrative law judge State of WA Kristin Carter (California) Attorney Aimee Lulich (New York) Katherine Eitenmiller (Oregon) Lynda knowles (colorado) Peter A. Ryan (LA) Attorney Frances Raskin (Maryland, District of Columbia, Alaska) Attorney at Law Julie Hines (Washington) Lawyer Siu Ling Chen (California) Daniel G. Orenstein, JD, MPH (Arizona) Pascha Rose Moller Stevens (California) Attorney at law Ann Erickson, Esq. (Calufornia) Se. Corp Counsel Ann Erickson, Esq. (Calufornia) Se. Corp Counsel Robbie veith (California) Travis A Brooks (California & New York) Attorney Michael L Gabelman (Ohio) Assistant Public Defender Lake County Ohio Public Defender Leticia A. Corona (Virginia) Attorney Nooria Faizi (CA State Bar) Attorney Richard Deegan (Florida) Attorney J. Brent Vasconcellos (California & Texas) Senior Counsel David Katona (New York) Partner Kendra Samson (Tennessee; Kentucky) Sharon Carbine (Pennsylvania) Attorney at Law Wendy Miller (California) William C. Makler (California) Attorney at Law Law Offices of William C. Makler, P.C. Christopher M. Henderson (Washington) Tanya Reeves (CA) Attorney at Law Mediated Dispute Solutions Kathrynne Seiden (California) Linda Chang (California) Lisa Berman (MA DC) Dexter Pearce (OR) Stoel Rives Bryana Cross Bean (WA) Attorney at Law Caitlin O'Connell (Maryland, District of Columbia, Missouri) Sheila Lodwick (Ohio) Attorney Katarzyna Biernacki (California) President and CEO Soledad Ventures Law, PC Mercedes Riggs (Washington) Lauren Hoeflich (CA) Mark White (Missouri) Mark Misaghi (California) Vice President and General Counsel Agile-1 Jeanette K. Stone (NY, NJ, DC) U.S. Army (Ret.) John Sheehan Spadaro (Delaware, New York, New Jersey) John Sheehan Spadaro, LLC Kevin Hermansen (California) Attorney at law BASTA, Inc. Christin Liu (California state bar) Carolyn Walker (California) Attorney Laura Blakely (California) Partner GCA Law Partners LLP Michael Pianin (Arizona, Michigan) Pianin and Associates, P.C. Suhna Pierce (New York) Sara Snyder (Oregon) Attorney at Law David G. Sigale (Illinois) Attorney at Law Law Firm of David G. Sigale, P.C. Doris Chen (CA) Rose Cahn (California) Criminal and Immigrant Justice Attorney Elisabeth Esposito (California) Attorney Heena Shaikh (NY) Haley Jackson (Montana) Michael E. Bauer (California) Deputy District Attorney Los Angeles District Attorney's Office Benjamin Reed (New York) Yonina Alexander (California) Andrea Sebring (Michigan) Attorney Katherine Anand (Texas) Carol Zimmerman (New York) Michele Desoer (CA) Partner Zuber Lawler & Del Duca LLP Jennifer Porche (California, U.S. Supreme Court) Andrea Fessler (New York) Joanna Wylomanska (NY) Megan Woodyard (West Virginia) Emanuel Jacobowitz (WA, OH, DC) George Dulgeryan (California) Chris Civil (California) Associate Davis Errol Mills (New York (application pending)) Mitchell S. Bisson (Nevada) Managing Attorney Callister & Associates Elizabeth Sheldon (CA) April Miklautsch (Washington) Annie Borton (Oregon) Rolando Quesada (Texas) Attorney Jim S. Adler and associates Cynthia R. lindeman (Missouri) Jessica Chia (CA) Local Government Attorney Kathryn Childers (WA) Teri Ann Huggins (Kansas and Missouri) Attorney at Law Shirah Minkoff (District of Columbia) Mara E. Houck (Oregon) Deborah Wald (California) Larry Lund (Washington until 2013) Erin Sostock (Illinois) Jennifer Salomon (TX, WA) Rodney (State Bar of Texas) Williams Amie Scully (California) Adam Price (Utah) Lindsay Brown (California) Attorney California Public Utilities Commission Elizabeth Nicholson (California) Brooke Weitzman (CA) Nancy Franco (California) Monika Langarica, Esq (California) Susel Carrillo-Orellana (California) April Carson (Virginia) Aisha Shelton Adam (California) Managing Partner Margaret Hesse (Missouri, Illinois) Nichole Verville (California) Carlos Perez-Mesa (Hawaii and New Jersey) Partner Clay Chapman Iwamura Pulice & Nervell Sandy Liu (California) A. Courtenay Craig (West Virginia) Terri Chen (CA) Marnee Milner (Washington, California) Susan Tyndall (Wisconsin) Yun Heh (Virginia) Ezra A. Johnson (Texas and New York) Christeen Walch (NY, CA) Jonathan White (California) Kevin Lee (CA) Kenneth Hsu (CA) Katelyn Krueger (New York and Nes Jersey) Abigail Coursolle (California) Monica Gruntkowski (Oklahoma) Lawyer Joseph T. Scally (Illinois) Tina Coleman (California, Massachusetts (retired)) Ellen Grover (Oregon) Sharon L. Stewart (California) Emily Camastra (California) Lawyer John Alan Gibson (New York) Spencee W. Weisbroth (CA, MA, MD) Attorney Joseph T. Scally (Illinois) Jane E. Dale (Washington) Attorney Amy Bard (California) Sharon L. Stewart (California) Christeen Walch (NY, CA) Tsion Lencho (California) Christeen Walch (NY, CA) Ann H. Chen (Illinois) Chloe Wolman (California) Associate Attorney Davies Wegner Law Sharon L. Stewart (California) Janina Botchis (California Bar) Jill Irvin (California and New York) Jennifer De La Torre (California) Christeen Walch (NY, CA) Sharon L. Stewart (California) Kelly Dennis (New York) Attorney Alicia (Washington) Neil M. Soltman (California) Partner Mayer Brown LLP Sue Bunnell (CA) Sharon L. Stewart (California) Amanda Banik (Washington) Director Heather Goldsmith (MA) Sharon L. Stewart (California) Rachel Pearlman, Esq. (NY, NJ) Associate Yuliya Ivanov (California) Tiffany Allison Harvey (Illinois) Saied Pinto (California) The Walt Disney Company Rosanna Esposito (District of Columbia, Washington State) Margaret Marr (California, Colorado, Illinois) Attorney MML Fred Silberberg (California) Attorney John Nguyen (California) Attorney Ellen (California) Ann Miller (California) Nancy Franco (California) David B. Mojica, Esq. (California) Attorney Runako Allsopp (District of Columbia, Louisiana) Assistant General Counsel District of Columbia Government Amy Bard (California) Matthew Shapiro (New York) Mary Isernhagen (New York) Attorney Amena Piracha (Virginia, District of Columbia) Kan Yan (Texas) Wendy J Earle (Washington and Idaho) Attorney at Law Solo practice / Wendy Earle, Law mickey mccarthy (CA) attorney at law Rouzhna Nayeri (New York) Kristen Maryn (Virginia, District of Columbia) Attorney Kee A. Ables (Texas) Managing Partner Law Office of Kee A. Ables Bradley Daniels (California and Illinois) Attorney Liana Zelli (California) Katherine Umstetter (South Carolina) General Counsel Vetroresina LLC Lauren Wilson (California) Sarika Saxena (New York) Yuliya Ivanov (California) Ana Acevedo (CA) Van Ann Bui, Esq. (New York) Philip Laird (California) Christine Le (CA) Ruslana Monya (Minnesota) Attorney Yuliya Ivanov (California) Arielle Harris (CA) Attorney Laura Seel (Florida, North Carolina) Gregory Goldstein (Illinois) Law Office of Gregory Goldstein Vlada Rebeiz (NY) Olivia Marr (California) Lauren Lee (PA NJ NY) Rose Mary Drake (Tennessee, District of Columbia) Alli Kranz (Texas) Assistant District Attorney Brittany DeBord (NJ & NY) Association Attorney private practice Gretchen Taylor (Virginia) Attorney and President Taylor Law Company Efrat Cogan (California) Genan Zilkha (NY/NJ) Robia Crisp (CA) Lauren Zweier (California) attorney wilson sonsini goodrich & rosati Susan V. Wallace (CT) Jooryung Kang (CA) Misha Leister (MA, CA, NY) Law Student Sophia Sasaki (California) Suzan Kern (Texas, District of Columbia) Counsel Jennifer Lemon (Colorado) Marti McCaleb (Washington) Associate attorney Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt Markena Peavy (IL, TX) Kaycee Velarde (California) Eleanor Lambeth (None) Community Manager Elizabeth Farry (Oregon and Pennsylvania) Darlene Sevilla (California) Jocelyn Pietsch (California) Jeffrey P. Michalowski (California) Lindsay Toczylowski (CA) Scott Meyer (Washington) David Greco (CA) Attorney Nicholas & Tomasevic Monica Ault (New Mexico) Public Defender Law Offices of the Public Defender, New Mexico Sarah Beisheim (NY) Alesha Donoso (California) Attorney at Law Elizabeth Bradley (CA) Attorney Melanie Roland (California) Esquire Christa Daley (California) Attorney Roma Sharma (Washington, DC) Irene Ten Cate (New York) Syed Shaun Bokhari (Maryland, District of Columbia) Esquire Colin Holmes (MA, NY) Sophia Sasaki (California) Sophia Sasaki (California) Efrat Cogan (California) Cheryl McLandrich (California) Jen Gaarder-Wang (CA, NY) Jolie Lipsig (California) Emily Courtnage (Oregon) Sara Rogers (Cali3) Abigail Greenspan (California) EvanBeth Novotny (Oregon) Attorney Alyssa Cowley (New York) Allie Leeper (California) Sheila Maloney (Illinois) Attorney Self-Employed JoLee M. Adamich (CA, NY) Aran Wong (California) Attorney Coast Law Group LLP Sharan Dhanoa (California) Frances Grunder (California) Senior Assistant Attorney General (Retired) Casey D Paison (Colorado) Attorney-Activist-Community Organizer Paison & Rogers LLC Sara Blankenhorn (New Mexico) Barbara Russell (Indiana) Sarah Conley Odenkirk (California, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia, and New York) Attorney and Professor Claremont Graduate University Sajaa Ahmed (New York and New Jersey) Carolyn Park (CA) Kee A. Ables (Texas) Managing Partner Law Office of Kee A. Ables Andrea Lehman (California) Bonnie McKnight (California) Kristine Cirby (California) Legal Director Pamela Beitelman (New York) Senior trial counsel Jessica Almendarez (California) Scott H. Coomes, Esq. (New York) Carrie Camarena (CA) Senior Counsel State of California Heather Muwero (Washington) Golnoush Goharzad (CA) Attorney Daria Banerjee (Minnesota) attorney Tejal Shah (New York) Richard Danguilan (Currently unlicensed and living abroad) Cindy Schmidt (Arizona) Attorney Jessica Hernandez (Illinois) Attorney Alex alpert (California) Walsworth (WFBM) LLP Juan Redin (CA) Senior Attorney Norton Rose Fulbright Leah Romond (CA) Diana Chaikin (Washington) Arlyn L. Escalante (California) Nada Shamonki (California) Jennifer McCormick, Esq. (CA 189693) Sandy (Ca) Kelley Garrett (California State Bar) Retired Dennis Roberts (CA) Ursula Y. Holmes (Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi) Attorney Alyssa Wyklige (Michigan) Gloria Steinberg (PA, NJ) Amelia Whaley (Washington) Attorney Skye Emery (California) Attorney Nicole Reyes (California) Tracy Koral (Massachusetts Bar) Courtney Severino (MS) Katy France (WI) Emily Dentzer (California) Stephen C. Berger (GEORGIA Bar No. 622866) Self Victor M. Jones (Louisiana) Attorney Jamie Stoops (Washington) Attorney Ana Herrera (California) Managing Attorney Stephen Healy (California and Nevada) Attorney at Law Law Office of Stephen Healy Sydney Hanson (New Hampshire and Massachusetts) David St John-Larkin (Colorado) Partner Perkins Coie Thomas J. Nevers (Arizona) Attorney Ruth Dawson (California) Attorney Judith Neustadter Naone (Hawaii and Oregon) Nnogo Obiamiwe (California) Lawyer Self-employed Lilian Jimenez (Illinois) Sarah Colby (California) Attorney Drew Aiken (New York) Jessica Rocio Flores (California) Legal Counsel Dina Dieglio (Arizona) Aliya Yousufi (California, Arkansas) Amy Tu (California) Justin Manganiello (California) Associate Attorney Morris Polich & Purdy Walt M Britt (Georgia) Chandler, Britt & Jay, LLC Katherine Beck Fey (Oregon (inactive)) Casey Piras (Minnesota) Katy France (WI) John Shepardson (California) Attorney at Law Self Bruce Bishop (Virginia, District of Columbia) Jennifer Tschirch (Massachusetts) Rachel Luke (Washington) Paul Stein (New York) Shannon Jost (NY, WA) Attorney Leslie B Posnock (New Jersey) Schwartz & Posnock Emily Gilchrist (Oregon) Public Defender Michael G. Radigan (New York and New Jersey) Attorney at Law John C. Nelson (New York) Michelle Sicula (CA) Laura Wing (California) Professor of Political Science Barbara J. Schaffer, Esq. (New York) Aundrea Smith (CA) Michelle Sicula (CA) therese caron (Rhode Island) Attorney At Law Self-employed Erin Schechter (New York) Amanda Bundick (Pennsylvania) Partner Eberle & Bundick Susan Chung (New York) Adjunct Professor Fordham Law School Beth Corets (CA) Margaret MacGregor (New Jersey, Nevada) Attorney Sonia Wills (California) Senior Staff Counsel Celia Hicks (New York) Lauren Bennett (New York) Skadden Arps Amy Gernon (Minnesota) Director & Special Counsel Michelle Sicula (CA) Melissa Kincaid (California) Regina J Hernandez (Illinois) Jessica Gilbert (California) Counsel, Business and Legal Affairs Leslie Greene (Connecticut) Michelle Sicula (CA) Phyllis Recine (New York) Lindsey Greising (New York) Social Safeguards Specialist Michelle Sicula (CA) Kara Nottingham (Maryland and Washington, DC) Lawyer Kevin P. Hardman (Ohio) Private attorney Hardman Law, LLC Angelina Rocco (California) Christopher rewak (Ohio) Attorney Self Sondra Ashendorf (New York) Sharon Jones (Minnesota) Elizabeth Allen (Illinois) Karen R. Di Donna (State Bar of California) Elizabeth Allen (Illinois) Elizabeth Allen (Illinois) Dia Kayyali (California) Kathleen Chavez (Illinois) Attorney Foote, Mielke,Chavez &O'Neil,LLC Elizabeth Allen (Illinois) Sarah Hymowitz (New Jersey, New York) Attorney Elizabeth Allen (Illinois) Mujon Baghai (California) Mary Fabre LeVine (Florida and California) Attorney Blalock Walters PA Amy Shane (New York and New Jersey) Nigar Bek (NY, NJ) Ronald Lieberman (New Jersey) Partner Rebecca B. Rosenfeld (NY, NJ (pending)) Me Self Michael Remington (District of Columbia) Rosanne Mayer (New York) Miller Mayer LLP Michael Uricchio (South Carolina Bar) Sanaea Daruwalla (CA) General Counsel MaryBeth Fleming (Iowa) Owner, MaryBeth Fleming Law Office P.C. Sara Blackburn (Colorado) Kay Beehlet (Indiana; Maryland) Alexandra Cervenka (Pennsylvania (inactive Colorado and Wyoming)) Kendra M. Olson (Iowa) Beth Gellman-Beer (PA) Mary Kenney (West Virginia) Haley Morrisson (Massachusetts; District of Columbia) Pamela Morse (Florida) Molly Gilardi (CA) Associate Attorney Tanya Kessler (New York) Staff Attorney MFY Legal Services Cathy Miho Ota (California) MaryBeth Fleming (Iowa) Owner, MaryBeth Fleming Law Office P.C. Andrea Madrid (New York 2nd Appellate Division) Staff Attorney Marianna Kosharovsky (NY, CO) Kathleen Wenzel (Indiana) Beth Moskow-Schnoll (DE and PA) Vanessa Kirker Wright (California) Linda Riefberg (New York) Special counsel Cozen O'Connor Erin Dickinson (Ohio) Leah Schloss (Maryland, DC) Celine Burgaud (NY, DC) Roberto Fernandez (Florida) Assistant Regional Counsel Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel Catherine J MacIvor (Florida) James Bowers (New York (retired)) Asst. Director, Admissions & Financial Aid Harvard Law School, Graduate Program Anne Khirallah (Massachusetts and Maryland) Of counsel Jo Rosenberger Altman (PA, NJ) Maya Graham (New York) Jennifer Bondurant (Ohio, Indiana) State of Ohio Linda Riefberg (New York) Special counsel Cozen O'Connor Rashawn N. Jones (Georgia) Staff Attorney Fulton County Government Sean Hightower (Texas) James & Hightower Arpana Parikh (Texas) Christina J. Wang (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey) Sara Blessing (Minnesota) Kristina A. Gasson (MA, NY) Mellissa Longo (New Jersey) W. Todd (Ohio) Katherine Haffner (Massachusetts) Melisa Pena (FLORIDA) Theresa Dilworth (New York) Senior Tax Counsel Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Mary Elizabeth (Illinois) Attorney Adrean S. Taylor (Illinois) Cicely Parseghian (Massachusetts) Foley Hoag LLP Erica Kyzmir-McKeon (New York, Maine) Barbara Manolakos Posner (New York) Self employed, Retired NY State Administrative Law Judge Jennifer Sterling (California) Danielle Bass (Michigan) Cynthia Clark (Maryland and D.C.) Mitchel Sommer (New York) Attorney at law Elovich & Adell Long Beach, NY Jessica MacKeigan (Ohio) Robyn Barnard (New York) Deborah Nilson (New York) Attorney at Law Mariana (New York) Wisk Abby Lambertson (Michigan) Maribeth Cusick (Massachusetts) Lauren Parson (New York) Victoria smith (Florida, Massachusetts) Partner Jessica Guilbeault (New york) Staff attorney Jaunita Flessas, Esq. (Maryland) Tammy Seltzer (District of Columbia) Sarah Bruscia (Virginia) Lindsay Verity (Georgia) Deirdre DiBiaggio (Florida Bar) Matthew Bernstein (Illinois) Attorney At Law Law Offices of Matthew I Bernstein Ginger T. Faulk (D.C.) Attorney Lauren Hunt (NYS) Partner Copps DiPaola Katherine Zimmerman (Massachusetts) Mara Lozier Shore (NY, RI) Attorney Mary Kay Delavan (Texas) Elizabeth Hurley (New York) Linella Gavin (Illinois) Susan Friedman (Ohio) Attorney Axner, Friedman & Jones LLP Jessica K. Eddy (Virginia) Attorney Charlotte Main (Georgia, Alabama) Shareholder Littler Elizabeth Franks (Florida) Leslie A. Barnes (Indiana) Founder Barnes Legal Group Amy Turci (Florida) Jodie Michalski (Texas) Nicole Diop (Maryland) Matthew Rutlin (Wisconsin) Attorney Savannah River Nuclear Solution, LLC Alexa Kwartin (Georgia, Florida) Elizabeth Miller (New York) Bethel Zehaie (Texas) Attorney at Law Laura Correa (New York) Jessica Bulos (Virginia) Don Nguyen (New York, California) Amy McCrae Kessler, Esq. (New York) EVP, Head of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs Allison McKeen (Connecticut) Adriana de Armas (Florida, New York, and Massachusetts) In-House Counsel Cecily Hazelrigg Hernandez (Waahington) Nora M. Platt (Wisconsin) Camille C. Aponte-Rossini (MD, DC) Attorney at Law Lauren Slomka (Illinois) Anne Marie Estevez (Florida and Washington DC) Theresa Perkins (New York) Attorney Robert D Poyer (New York) Counsel Lisa Alexander (New York) Staff Attorney Megan Morrisey (Wisconsin) Heidi Eddy-Dorn (California) Caitlin Bogar (Maine) Attorney Kelsie Lewis (Oklahoma) June Egeland (NEW YORK) Administrative law judge Jessie Basner (NJ, NY, PA, MN) Attorney Airina Rodrigues (New York) Attorney Kristy Okunade (Colorado) Rita Alister (Texas) Anthony Santoni (NYS) Attorney Self Employed Julie Hancock (Washington, California) Hanoch Sheps (New York, New Jersey) Attorney at Law Sandra Bucciero (Michigan) Attorney Natasha Thomas (Massachusetts) attorney Shaina Jensen (Idaho) Attorney Tracy Magdalene (Massachusetts) Vanessa K. Eisenmann (Wisconsin) Katherine Clemons (Missouri; DC) Sarah Castleberry (New York; Virginia) Attorney Kara Von Blasingame (Wisconsin) Human Rights Attorney Holly Facer (Ohio) Kevin Gregorius (Minnesota) Meshbesher & Associates, P.A. Deana Cairo (Maryland, District of Columbia, Colorado) Attorney Ellen Cosgrove (New York) Joan Fluegel (Minnesota State Bar) Assistant Public Defender State of Minnesota Kavita Bhalla (Texas) Attorney Natia Daviti (NY) Melissa (Maryland and DC) Prosecutor Claire Forsyth (Virginia) Retired Attorney Amy Bratskeir (MA) Asst general counsel Jennifer A MacLean (DC) Justin Storch (Maryland) Keya Chowdhury (Maryland and D.C.) Of Counsel National Legal Center Molly Powell (Washington) Kali Murray (Maryland DC) Steven M. Nunez (California) Attorney Ward & Hagen LLP Amy Detisch (Ohio) Barbara Bailey (Pennsylvania) Ann Fick (Illinois) Meera Malhotra Marti (NY) Noel Brock (WV, DC, CA, PA) Amy Bernstein (New york) Mary Beth Canty (Nevada, Illinois) Alice Bers (Massachusetts) Attorney Carolyn Shaw (North Carolina) Susan frank (Arizona) Morgan Frontczak (TX, NY) Veronique Stravato (New York) Jeremiah Allen (Florida) Attorney at Law Victor Krumm (Fla and AK (formerly--now retired)) Sean Arnold Chase (Colorado) Self-employed James T. Lobb (Kentucky) attorney Weber Rose, PSC Kasey Daniel (New Mexico, Colorado) Ann Koppuzha (California) Stephanie S. Hoffman (Florida) John Micheal Dupuis (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) Attorney at Law Michelle Jackson (New York City Bar Association) General Counsel Meredith Santana (New York) Leslie Boe (MO & KS) Shareholder Katrina McCusker Rusteika (MA, FL) Chad W. Eaton (Texas) Associate Attorney Carla J. Bishop (Texas State Bar) Attorney KBR Talia Peleg (New York and New Jersey) Jennifer Hoekstra (LA) Carolyn A. D'Agostino, Esq. (New York) Theresa Trzaskoma (New York) Stephanie Gregoire (MA) Sarah Cooleybeck (Massachusetts) Sarai (Washington) Attorney Jordan Shipley (New York) Staff Attorney Michelle Jardine (New York) Madelyn Breerwood (Louisiana, Maine) Anne Marie Estevez (Florida and Washington DC) Ventura Dennis (MA) Attorney Jacob Plattenberger (Illinois) Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (Virginia, D.C., New York) Nicole Lefton (New York) Assistant Professor Hofstra Law School Sarah Morrissey (Delaware) Julia Yasmin Tayyab (IL, MO, TX, MA) Partner Polly Hankey (Ohio) Jessica J. Glass (New York) M. Farber (New York, DC) Christopher R. Wurster, Esq. (Massachusetts) Of Counsel Levine-Piro Law, P.C. Barbara Butterworth (Maryland; District of Columbia) Jorge de Cardenas (FL) Heidi Remick (Vermont) Deputy State's Attorney State of Vermont Jessica Radbord (Vermont) Staff Attorney Vermont Legal Aid, Inc. Lucienne Peoples (NC, GA) Attorney Sarah Hastings (Texas) Rachel Weidemann Reddick (Pennsylvania) Claire Walsh (Texas) Attorney Erin Bistricer (New York; New Jersey) Janet H. Scanlon, Esq. (New Jersey) Cori A. Menkin (New Jersey state bar) Nicole J. Schmidtke (Michigan) Attorney Law Offices of Lisa C. Ward Salah H Hibri (South Carolina) Attorney The Mason Law Firm Nadia Hasan (New York) Danielle Stephens (Texas) Wendy Hess (SD, DC, MD) Associate Professor Ross Haine (Virginia and Florida) Nancy Morin (ME) Family Lawyer Julia Donnan (Ohio) Sharon Carney (Ohio) Joan Bennett (Massachusetts) Cameron Cloar-Zavaleta (CA; IL; DC) Sr. Attorney and Director American Airlines Darlene Lewis (Florida) Attorney Self Brenna Greenwald (New York) Michele Tysiak (New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) Attorney Patricia Snyder (Tennessee) Attorney Elizabeth Billowitz (MA) Scott Lange (Georgia) Jessica Glassburn (IN SC) Attorney Whitney Standefer (Tennessee) Mariana I. Ferreiro (Florida) Senior Attorney Megan Lewis (Maryland) Allegra Lanni (Michigan) Katherine Covert (Ca) Barbara A Sheehy (CT, NY, DC) Anna Wiles (Minnesota) Marci Silver (Florida) Won-Suk Choi (Virginia) Jacquelyn Bradford (New York and Florida) Gina Oderda (Illinois) Julie Hancock (Washington, California) Lara Assaf (New York) Esq. Tara McCall (South Carolina) Dawn Andrews (CA) Kathryn Perry Hopkins (Illinois) EEO Officer Cook County, Illinois Matthew Elliott (Ohio) Madeline Garcia bigelow (New York) Managing director, domestic violence. Project Urban justice center Shari Gregory (OR) Thomas W. Howe (Texas) Attorney at Law Self employed Beth Watkins (Texas- 24037675) Appellate Soecialist Law Office if Beth Watki s Elizabeth Brownback (New York) Sanctuary for Families Anne Marie Estevez (Florida and Washington DC) Joey E. Pegram (NY, NJ) Maria Luisa Garcia (Texas and District of Columbia) Amanda Huetinck (New York; DC) Attorney Advisor Catherine Damico (Nebraska) Margaret ODonoghue (Illinois) Ofelia Calderon (VA, MD, DC) Partner Calderon Seguin PLC Stephanie Taylor (New York) Managing Attorney Michele Cohen (Pennsylvania) Anna Zabotina (New York) Charles F. Perego (Pennsylvania) McMonigle Vesely & Perego, PC Susan Antos (New York) Sean Carman (Colorado) Brianna Ford (Maryland; DC) Public Defender Christine Carey Steele, Esq. (Ohio) Jessica Kennedy (Florida, Alabama, Washington D.C.) Law firm, Orlando Sarita Prabhu (New York, Texas) Carly Mee (Virginia) Roberta Dahlstrom (Minnesota) VP M&A Executive Search Ellen Berkowitz (Pennsylvania) Senior Attorney Carol Bratt (Washington) Catherine Damico (Nebraska) Heather Thayer (West Virginia) Christina Hills (Michigan) Lesley Tse (New York) Attorney Anthony Jones II (Georgia) Attorney Anne Marie Estevez (Florida and Washington DC) Michelle L Graunke (Washington) Self Anne Readel (Wisconsin) Jalyn Parks (Georgia) Attorney The KLS Law Firm, LLC Catherine Damico (Nebraska) Shaina Thorpe (Florida) Jaimesue Knowlton (Wisconsin) Catherine Damico (Nebraska) Rene L. Robertson (Connecticut) Connecticut Judicial Branch Ambika Panday (New York, Massachusetts) Anne Marie Estevez (Florida and Washington DC) Mackenzie Cole (Georgia) Trial attorney Elisheva Mosko (Michigan) Catherine Damico (Nebraska) Annamarie Valdivia (Arizona) Attorney M.J. Williams (New York) Charlotte S Kormendy (Illinois) James J. Curry, Jr. (New York New Jersey) Attorney Curry Law Firm Andrea Alvarez (Illinois) Karen Muiter (New York) Suzanne Payson (Florida, Georgia) Assistant City Attorney Greer Hopkins (Ohio) Stacy Stitham (Maine) Rhiannon Funke (Florida) Rachel Seelig (Vermont) Sara Colb (New York and Massachusetts) Michael Kolesar (Colorado) Attorney Richard Dorman (Michigan) Owner Dormanlaw Anne Marie Estevez (Florida and Washington DC) Rebekah Frazier (Kentucky) S. Lazer (California) Tuyet-Lan Farrell (California) Rachel Fiorill (MA, DC) Alexandra Wyatt (VA, DC) Meghan Gorman Cohen (New Jersey) Brad Bedingfield (MA) Mehrin Masud-Elias (Pennsylvania) Emily Ayoob (New York) Senior Associate Deborah A. Nilson & Associates, PLLC Samuel Sheldon (Florida and New York) Partner The Behar Law Firm, P.A. Michael Lammers (MN) Carrie Lambert (Minnesota) Genevieve Baisden (Florida) Katie Lynn Patrick (Indiana) Kathryn Bradley (New York and Connecticut) Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Caroline serino (New York) Prosecutor Olivia Scheuer (New York) Amy Metzel (Virginia, DC) Bette Epstein (California) Attorney Jarryd Anderson (PA, NY, DC, NJ) Lisa Tavares (D.C. MA) Attorney Beth M. Overton (NORTH CAROLINA) Legal Advertising Advisor The Herald Sun Keith Black (New York) Catherine Megan Bradley (New York) Marissa Boyce (Virginia) Samantha Chaifetz (New York) Wanda Turpin Morrow (TEXAS) Attorney Morrow Legal Services, PLLC Jachyn Davis (California) Jennifer Blemur (Maryland) Melissa Lee-Benzon (New York and Illinois) Stan Zipser (CA) Tammy Boyd (New York) Cyd Oppenheimer (CT, MA) Genevieve Baisden (Florida) Hillary Levitt Dunn (Illinois State Bar) Kathleen Moriarty (New York) Attorney Peters & Moriarty (self employed) Natasha Fain (California) Ted H. Tai (Virginia) Juanita E. Mantz (California, Texas) Attorney at Law Law Offices of the Public Defender Riverside County Venus Bermudez (NY & NJ) Danielle Smith (Virginia) Attorney David J. Grove (Wisconsin) Hon. (retired) Ted H . Tai (Maryland, Washington, DC) Kerri Melucci (California) Attorney Braun & Melucci, llp Jaime Riera (DC, MA, MD) Michael Essien (Minnesota) Murray B. Wells (TN, CA) Partner/attorney Horne & Wells, PLLC Rosemarie Griesmer (Pennsylvania) Lecturer at Law and Clinical Supervising Attorney Delaware Law School Robin Turner (Montana) H. Boone Porter, III (MO, NH, KS, IL, WI) Larry Green (New York, New Jersey) Attorney Rebecca Randles (MO, KS, MA) Partner Randles Mata, LLC Tara Zurawski (Virginia, DC) Michael Duffy (Massachusetts) Attorney Adam Stone (New York) Pim Mayo (Texas) Frank S. Phillips (California) Daveed Lift (Georgia) Millar & Mixon, LLC Seema Zeya (Pennsylvania) Thomas Cadwallader (North Carolina) Law Offices of Thomas Cadwallader, PLLC Jaime Heller (California, Illinois, Tennessee) Attorney Sheila Farrell Rosenberg (Indiana) Catherine L. Rivard (California, Florida, New Mexico) Itai Maytal (New York) Anna McCarthy (New York) Charissa Huang (Michigan) Szuchien Yau (Maryland) Matthew B. Harris (Minnesota, New York) Katrina Caldwell (Oregon) Anastasia M. Stumpf, Esq. (New York) Angela A. Snyder, Esq. (Massachusetts, California) Attorney Hilary Fernald (Maine) Irene Caminer (Illinois) Kurt Budke (Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois) Laura Knittle (Illinois) Attorney Jennifer Claypool (Illinois) Daniel E. Boen (Minnesota) Attorney The Boen Law Office Lindsay Glazer Woloshin (Florida) Leah Weinrich (Massachusetts) Attorney Edwards Weinrich, PLLC Mary Fahey (Illinois) Morgan A. Russell, Esq. (Massachusetts) Lindsey Bigelow (Massachusetts) Lindsay Videnieks (Maryland) Ellen King (Massachusetts) Attorney Euk Charlie Oh (California) Attorney Natasha Royer (Florida) Susan Crippin (Texas) Susan Mello (Missouri) Law Office of Susan H Mello Anna Richardson (Massachusetts) Danielle Blue (Ohio) Attorney State of Ohio Meredith J McKee (North Carolina, California) Lindsay Noel (Washington) Attorney Stephanie Minogue (New York) Assistant District Attorney Michelle Olson (Illinois) Virginia B. Collins (NC) Rory E. Adams (DC, VA) Randi Bangerter (California) Laura Kenney (District of Columbia and Florida) Attorney Law Office of Laura E. Kenney Julie Stark (New York) Andrew T. Harding (Illinois) Associate Attorney Rosslyn Read (Wyoming) Associate Trefonas Law, P.C. Lindsey Topp (Mississippi, Louisiana, California (inactive)) Julia J. Tate-Keith (Tennessee) Solo Practitioner Kimberly M Rehberg (North Carolina) Senior Assistant City Attorney Megan Anne Stull (Maryland, District of Columbia) Patrick H. O'Donnell (Virginia) Attorney/Partner JARED A. JOHNSON (North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey) Lindsey Anderson Clifford (Illinois) Attorney Cook County Sarah Besnoff (PA, NJ) Kim wilbur (Michigan) John G. Powell (Colorado) President Powell Law Pc John Leubsdorf (NY, NJ) Bryan Savage (Illinois) Frances (Poppy) Northcutt (TX) Self David B. Picker (Pennsylvania and New York) Robert A. Condy (South Carolina) Immigration Law Office, LLC Stefanie Holmes (CA) Tim King (NJ NY D-NJ) Michael Chait (Washington) Samuel B. Cohen. Esq. (New York) Proprietor Samuel B. Cohen, Attorney & Counselor At Law Ingrid Miller (Arizona) Mary Ellen Halloran (New Jersey) John Neilly, Esq. (Florida) Law Office John Neilly P.A. Abby Biberman (New York) Attorney Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Amy crocetti (CA and PA) Counsel Katherine S. Linsey (PA, NJ) Associate Michelle Y. Talbert (DC) David A. Stanigar, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Laura Brake (Illinois) Counsel Cathleen A. Sykes (Minnesota) Owner Sykes Family Law Susan Jennik (New York) Attorney Kennedy, Jennik & Murray Lauren Wideman (California; Washington, D.C.; Virginia (Inactive)) Attorney at Law Laura Butte (Washington DC and Maryland) Bianca Francois (New York and New Jersey) Attorney Farmers Insurance Jody Rhodes (Georgia) Susan Crippin (Texas) Rashmi Shah (NC) Attorney Kristine Tucker (Florida) Attorney Rachel Bentley (Florida) Jessica Meyers (Nebraska) Alicia Rinaldi (Massachusetts) Christina Thompson (Michigan) Ian Spiridigliozzi (New York) Lori Kinkade (Missouri, Illinois and Pennsylvania) Sharmila Singh (NY and CA) Angelyne E. Cooper-Bailey (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York) Katherine E. Mayo, Esq. (New York, New Jersey) Associate William Brack (MA) Elaine Polemenakos (Texas) Valerie K Houness (Minnesota) Peter Trenchi (Tennessee) Susan Crippin (Texas) Neha Lall (Illinois) Lecturer in Law University of Chicago Law School Daniel R. Koslosky (Florida; District of Colubia) Attorney Angelyne E. Cooper-Bailey (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York) Marisa Okun (New York) Attorney WEMED Carolyn Raffensperger (Illinois) Executive Director Science and Environmental Health Network Amy Mushahwar (Virginia and DC) Counsel Darlene Sullivan (Texas) Joseph A. Williams (North CRolina) Former State District Court Judge Self Employed Christian Martinez (CA) Attorney Red Bridge Law Jennifer Kuzminski (Illinois) David Clinton Carter (Vermont) Monique Anne Gaylor (New York) Esquire David H. Gilliland (Texas) Ariana Barusch (Utah) Helen Sigman (Illinois) Attorney self Susan Crippin (Texas) Heather Siscel (Illinois) Miranda Jones (IL, FL) charne mundy (kansas) kansas mortgage center Diana Wilcoxon-Sanford (California State Bar) Michael Watson Doby (Michigan) Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Delta County, Michigan Joshua Humphreys (New Mexico, Texas) Assistant District Attorney State of New Mexico Gerald A. Bagazinski (Michigan) Ashley Burns (New York State) Julie M Philips (California) Self Raymond S. Kraft (California State Bar 113783) Attorney, Retired Mary Warman Terry (PA) Warman Terry Law Offices Mark A. Masica (Minnesota) Attorney at Law Self-Employed Michael Reiser (Colorado and California) Attorney Law Office of Michael J Reiser Derek Stegelmeier (New York) Jennifer Warberg (Oregon) Angelyne E. Cooper-Bailey (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York) Madeline Porta (New York) Public Defender Natalie M. Chin (NY) Assistant Professor of Law Brooklyn Law School Erica Brynes (New York and California) Attorney Self-employed Debra L. Spinelli (Nevada, New York) Managing Partner Shannon Burke (Illinois and Michigan) Andrew Crownover (TX) Trial Attorney John T. Carpenter (Texas) Donna M.B. King (MD, DC) Law Office of Donna M.B. King, LLC Elzbieta Tuchaj (Illinois) Attorney Advisor SSA NHC Chicago James Bashian (NY & NJ) Jessica Forrest (Ohio) Associate Attorney Sophia Sasaki (California) Jeremy Jones (Georgia) Attorney Georgia Office of Secretary of State Jillian Tuck (MA) Senior Program Officer UUSC Jocelyn Herrington (Maryland; Virginia) Julie McCollum (Georgia) David Mitchell Asbury (Virginia and West Virginia) Staff Attorney Troutman Sanders LLP Layla Summers (California) Attorney at Law Salick Family Law Group, APLC Mai Der Yang (WI) Legal Counsel Sarah Besnoff (PA, NJ) Elizabeth C. Schauber (New York and New Jersey) Lisa Marie Mims (Texas) Attorney Kathy Zatari (Arizona, Colorado) Jessica Ritzmann (Washington) Attorney Ritzmann Law Amy Maas (Colorado) Attorney at Law Self-Employed Joanne Werdel (NY, PA, DC) Elise M. Whitley (North Carolina) Attorney Aileen T (Washington) Attorney Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Steven Stern (New York) Annette Roae (California) Attorney Self-employed Laura Gleen (NY, DC, TX) Suzannah Phillips (New York) Kristen Stoll (Iowa) Contracts Attorney NCS Pearson, Inc. Melissa Chureau (Oregon) Richard S. Amador (California) Partner Sophia Sasaki (California) Alyssa Nugent, Esq. (Massachusetts, New York) Scott Schaefers (Illinois) Lucy Page Chesnutt (Oregon) Esquire Mark Lampen (Michigan) Donna Branning Thompson (South Carolina) Betty Jane Jacobs (New York) Michelle Simpson (Georgia) Elissa devins (New york) Attorney Katelyn Lonn (Washington State) Erica Taylor (Georgia) Attorney Amanda Zink (New York) Julie Hawkinson (California) Brianna Ford (Maryland; DC) Public Defender Steven Leonard Strasberg (Georgia) Associate Troutman Sanders LLP Lily Harley (California) Counsel Brianna Ford (Maryland; DC) Public Defender Sylvia Barboza Lexington (California) Jo M. Katz (NY) solo practitioner Sophia Sasaki (California) Kerry Balentine (North Carolina no 41032. Oklahoma) Caroline Zuschek (Kansas, Missouri) Appellate Public Defender Vaughan Buckley (PA) Self Kimberley Delfino (District of Columbia, California) Lauren Moews (California) Robin Turner (Montana) Edmund L. Harvey Jr. (Pennsylvania) Tanisha Massie (New York) Attorney Alexandra Margolis (NY, NJ) Partner Peter Bagley (Michigan) Attorney Retired Emily Haney-Caron (PA) Christopher B. Wood (Texas) Attorney Chamblee Ryan Kershaw & Anderson, PC Julie Hawkinson (California) Amy Powers (Utah) Attorney SLLDA Brittany Bakshi (Pennsylvania) Attorney Jane m Cuthbert (Wisconsin) samantha arango (Washington) Attorney Self-employed Chelsea Huber (Michigan) Prosecuting Attorney Donna H. Smith (Tennessee) Attorney at Law Smith, Higgins & Lehberger Victoria Esposito (New York) Gillian Nichols-Smith (Illinois) Patricia Ann Dark (California) Retired Public Defender Retired Jane Rydholm (Minnesota) Caitlin Shortell (Alaska) James R Christoph (Colorado Bar Association) Peter Hansen (Texas) Christopher D Skagen (Colorado) Attorney Skagen Law Gerard A. Plourde (Pennsylvania) Draya Harrison (MA) Wendy Williams (New York) Heather L. Johnson (Georgia) Attorney at law Devon Alexander (Minnesota) Elaina Christmas (Florida, Maryland) KAREN KOSKOFF (Pennsylvania) Janice Chua, Esq. (New York) David J wilzig (California) Wendy Francois (Florida) Associate Akerman Bethany Hamilton (District of Columbia) Elisabeth Schroeder (DC and PA) Katy Fain (Illinois) Attorney Sarah J Hewitt (Minnesota) Litigation Associate Elizabeth Squires (New York) Emily Supinger (Ohio) Kevin Hall, Esq. (California) Partner Kull + Hall LLP Hallie Balkin (California) Attorney at Law Mary L. Shelly (Michigan) Lauren Krapf (California) Suzanne Andrews (Florida) Managing attorney Andrews & Andrews Law Morgan Williams (Missouri and Illinois) Anna Reynolds (Florida) Kanan Sheth (New York) AVP Nadine Beckel (Oregon) Andreia (Florida and Colorado) Esquire Anne-Marie Zell (Virginia, DC) Rhonda North (Florida) Esquire Shane O'Neill (New York) Ana Herrera (California) Managing Attorney Dawn Sauer (AZ, CA) Attorney Sauer Law Firm Timothy Grabe (Oregon) Attorney Timothy Grabe Attorney at Law Zachary Noffsinger (CO) Martha Beard-Duncan (Texas) Michael Lulich (Indiana, Illinois) Alison M. Coan (New York State, Federal district Court for the Northern District of New York) Principal Attorney Sally Morin (California and Hawaii) Attorney Sally Morin Law Alex Brownstein (New York) DU Law, Class of '93 Marc Acriche (New York) Joshua Cliburn (Illinois, Florida) Counsel Peter J. Ryan (Connecticut, New York) Attorney Justin Mahony (New York, New Jersey) Allison Ishihara Fultz (Maryland, Washington DC) Partner Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP Marcia Randle (California) Belinda Etezad Rachman, Esq. (California) Lawyer Self Adam Gratch (Illinois) Attorney Self Meagan Durigan (Massachusetts & Rhode Island) Juvenile Law Attorney Palmer L. Lawrence, Esq. (New York) Evongelene Chamberlain (Colorado) Legal Counsel Sonya Erickson (Washington) Jane B. Hopfinger (New York) Senior Partner Osborn, Reed & Burke, LLP Mark A Chrisman (Colorado) Attorney Anne Hall (Washington) Kathleen O'Malley, Esq. (Pennsylvania) Managing Attorney Maria Theresa Calimag (California) Samuel Jackson (New York) Melissa Barrows (Ohio) Assistant Chief Counsel Alexis Kokkinos (California & Virginia) E. Jay Abt (GA, IL) Criminal Defense Attorney The Abt Law Firm, LLC Steven Grossman (New York) Eric Farber (CA) Attorney, Owner Farber & Co. Carly McClain (Massachusetts) Ron Tzadik (California, New York) Jon L. Kelly (Colorado) Emlyn E Kerr (Texas) VP, Associate General Counsel Amanda Rutherford (Iowa) Andrew Haber (New York) Katherine Roe (California) Attorney at Law Christopher C. Burdett (New York, Connecticut) Kenneth Price (CA) Elizabeth Ann Morgan (Florida and Georgia) The Morgan Law Firm PC Lisa Adams (New Jersey and Nebraska) Deputy Attorney General Colorado River Indian Tribes Beth Corets (CA) Amy Rogers (California) Assistant Public Defender Sacramento County Oublic Defenders Office Julie Hawkinson (California) Michelle foxman (New york) Kelly Parry (Kentucky) Sanford Lewis (Massachusetts) Attorney Sanford Lewis Attorney Nathaniel Hardy (Washington, DC) Mary Kate Bacalao (California, New York) Andria Richey (California) Geoffrey McCann (Washington) Marc Dann (Ohio) Managing Partner The Dann Law Firm Solomon Andrew Levin (California) Associate Julie Pearl (CA) Jonathan F. Hung (Ohio) Eric Chang (District of Columbia) Brett Ballew (Washington State, 25203) Rita Costabile Tobin (New York) Member and Owner RCTobinLaw, PLLC Hyungwook Chun (New York) Roopal Patel (New York) Peter Allen (Florida) Madeline Taylor (Oklahoma) Justin Storch (Maryland) Troy Anderson (California) International Director Speak Up for the Poor George samuel (New York, California) LAWRENCE A STUMME, JR (IOWA) ATTORNEY AT LAW Danielle Gagne (DC, PA) Beatrice Kahn (NY) Bailey Fowler Means (California) Deputy Public Defender Vanessa Townsend (Minnesota) Ana Herrera (California) Managing Attorney Robert R. Post, Jr. (Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Registration No. 5882 and South Carolina) Retired Attorney Joanna Hall (California) Marvin E. Schechter (New York State Bar) Robert E. Schmittgens (Missouri) Emerson Siegle (Virginia and D.C.) Jeffrey Trachtman (New York, Mass.) Partner Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel. LLP Ana Herrera (California) Managing Attorney M. Katherine Ben-Ami (Michigan) Stephanie Brand (New York (retired)) self (retired) Ryan M. Cleary, Esq. (New York, New Jersey, Colorado) Gary J. Cohan (Florida, New York and California) Attorney at Law Jane S. Wynn (California) Stephens B. Woodrough (Kentucky and Georgia) Principal and Owner The Banking Law Firm Ken Schoetz (New York) Kristin M. Cano (California) Attorney Law Offices of Kristin M. Cano Lindsay Toczylowski (CA) Cheryl Legare (Georgia) Partner Legare, Attwood & Wolfe, LLC Emily Jeffers (Ca) Staff attorney Dominique Moshier (California and Oregon) Public Defender II Mahsa Aliaskari (Va) Emily Popp (New York, Illinois) Saulius K. Mikalonis (Michigan; District of Columbia) Emma Hempstead (Vermont & Massachusetts) Jesse Medlong (California) Associate DLA Piper Liz Majerus (Wisconsin) Attorney City Government Fabiola Navarro (California) Attorney Law Office of Fabiola A Navarro David A. Engel (New York) Attorney at Law Warren Hynson (North Carolina) Attorney at Law Cassidy Chivers (California) Andrea Wimmer (Arizona) Melanie Rheinecker (MO, FL) Reed A Wagner (California) Ian James King, Esq. (Colorado) Joseph S. Jacobs, Esq (New York and New Jersey; California admission pending) Associate Attorney Megan Wright (Texas) Casey Dobel (Maryland) Associate Steven Alsip (Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky) Attorney Rathbone Group llc Michael Neumann (NY, IL) Kenneth Kaufman (Connecticut, Pennsylvania & District of Columbia) Michael Cobden (California) Andrew Flippo (Georgia; Massachusetts) Melissa Masoom (Texas) Associate Attorney Susan Cohen (Massachusetts) General Counsel Cambridge Housing Authority Ronald Albert, Jr. (Florida) Alexandra Kory (Washington) Staff Attorney Legal aid Paul Means (Colorado) Shareholder Gorrell Giles Gollata Means PC Katherine Russell (Colorado) Jessica Therkelsen (California) Thomas J. Duff (Iowa) Duff Law Firm, P.L.C. Julia Bailey (MD, DC) June Allison (North Carolina) partner Joy Batra (California) Danielle J. Brudi (NC) Attorney Elizabeth F Keys (Califonia) Retired Kayla Martin (Colorado) Nathan Clark (Mississippi) S. Cary Forrester (State Bar of Arizona) Zeena Rahman (New York, District of Columbia) Erin Ramana (Virginia) Daniel Katz (Colorado) Attorney Yair Chaver (California) Melissa Mitchum (New York) Bethany Tarpley (Mississippi) Associate attorney Bailey & Womble Kristin Lummus (MA, NY) Staff Attorney Commonwealth of Massachusetts John Plimpton (Colorado, Utah) Kristopher R. Alderman (Georgia) Jacob Lipton (Massachusetts) Margaret Richards (Missouri & Kansas) Michael Abromowitz (Ohio (Registration # 0090880)) Stone Abromowitz Group, LLC Robert N. Norris (Mississippi) Partner Watson & Norris, PLLC Eric Shovein (Michigan) Haniya Mir (North Carolina) Emily Thompson (New York) Leslie Liao (Maryland and District of Columbia) contract attorney Kao Lee (Arkansas) Attorney Nidhi Kaura (Pennsylvania) Kristen Cook (Michigan, Illinois) Junior Partner Keisha Palmer (Connecticut) Anthony H. Barash (California) Janis Harwell (California, Illinois, Washington) Elizabeth Murthy (Minnesota) Guadalupe Garcia (California) Julianne Harper (California) Catherine Jones (NY and FL) General Counsel Lisette Sell (California; Iowa) Mark C. Lewandowski (New Jersey) Meredith Burris (GA) Vanessa Bedford (California) David W. Scopp (California) Scopp Law Group, P.C. Susan M. Connolly (New York) Steve Griesemer (California) Abby Lucha (California) Rita D. Turner (NY, NJ) Marshal S. Granor (Pennsylvania) Granor & Granor, PC Jennifer Kuhlman (Nevada) Jon N. Manzanares (California Bar # 107249) Haniya Mir (North Carolina) Eric M Higgins (CT) Attorney/Law Firm Partner WRK&K Laurence Sarezky (CT) Attorney at Law self Jane Liu (Washington, DC; Massachusetts) Diane Breneman (Kansas, Missouri) Attorney Jillian Rice-Loew (California) Associate Waters & Kraus Graham Hollis (California) Managing Shareholder GRaham Hollis APC David Treyster (New York; New Jersey) Attorney Elham Dehbozorgi (DC) Christine Marie Quinn (Wisconsin) Attorney Self Kenneth Hsu (CA) Mr. Liza Q. Wirtz, Esq. (Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia) Megan O'Malley (Illinois) Partner O'Malley & Madden, P.C. Mary Fahey (Illinois) Randall F. Komisarek (Colorado) Alex Loyal (New Hampshire) Public Defender New Hampshire Public Defender A. Jabbar Fahim (Texas) The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, P.C. Emily Keehn (California) Associate Director, Academic Program Harvard Law School Human Rights Program Rohana Fines (Washington) S.Lynn Martinez (California) Managing Attorney Julie Mack (California) Attorney Emily Ramacciotti (Illinois) Barbara Jean Steadman (Mississippi) Attorney at law Frank R Siderius (Washington) Attorney at law Siderius Lonergan Martin LLP Stephanie Dolan (California and Oregon) Attorney at Law Heather (Pa, NJ) Melissa E. Spiller-Shiner (Arizona) Michael Serra (Missouri & Kansas) Attorney Susan Pyne (California) Barbara Fargo (California) Cara Klieger (New York) Attorney-at-Law Haniya Mir (North Carolina) Emily Jeffers (Ca) Staff attorney Emily Jeffers (Ca) Staff attorney Kelsey L. Warren (Texas) Jennifer Small (CA, WA, DC) Senior Attorney Emily Jeffers (Ca) Staff attorney Thomas Mitchell Dooley (Texas/Arizona) Attorney at Law Michael LaBerge (California) Associate Attorney Clare Adams (Virginia) Emily Jeffers (Ca) Staff attorney Sedric Bailey (Georgia) Associate Attorney Pablo Crucet (Florida) Attorney Casino Miami Joanna Liebes Hubberts (California) Jeremy Dailey (Georgia) Assistant Solicitor Leslie Ellen Shear (California) Lawyer Nick Bonham (California) Charles Guzak (New York) Associate Amy Dallas (New York) Russ Herman (DC, Ohio) Atty Rebecca Choi (California) Attorney Richard Nethercut (Minnesota) Attorney Nethercut Schieber Attorneys Jill A. Douthett (New Mexico) Attorney Law Office of Jill A. Douthett Sarah Stevenson (NM, NY) Attorney Elissa Parker (Pennsylvania) Retired Theresa L. Girten (Florida) Heba Tella (VA) Justin Hassani (Florida) Attorney Kristen Bergh (Virginia) Kristin Lindemann (Illinois and Wisconsin) Associate Attorney Niti Shah (Texas) Vue Yang (Wisconsin) Assistant Corporation Counsel Genie Chou (California) Michele Mount (Ct, La) Hannah Goldsmith (California) Robert Bedwell (None) Olivier Kamanda (Maryland; Washington, DC) Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel N. Marely Mercado (New York) Kim Le (North Carolina) Attorney Jessica A. Barajas (California) D. Cary Mitchell (NY, DC) Chiara M. Goodyear (NY) Michelle Pletka (NY, CT) Iris sherman (Retired from D.C. Bar) Adam Ford (Gergia) Julie Goldobin (CALIFORNIA) Corporate Counsel Roy Armstrong (Texas, New Mexico) Lawyer Armstrong & Armstrong, PC Laura Knittle (Illinois) Attorney John Turney (Kansas) Jacqueline V. McDonald, Esq. (New Jersey) Attorney Bottomline Technologies Pat Tulinski (Texas) Attorney Miya Griggs (Georgia) Attorney The Law Office of Miya Griggs Abby Taylor (California) Elizabeth Baker (California #86794) Attorney at Law Laura Milliken (New Hampshire) Shaun Barnes (Massachusetts) Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP Joseph M Dworak (New Mexico) Vanessa Arnold Shoots (Alabama) Attorney at Law Theresa Kennedy (Georgia) Attorney/Partner Frazier, Soloway & Kennedy Faith Bekermus (NY and NJ) Alexis Rowe (Iowa) Christopher Hines (Louisiana) Rachel DeAlto (NJ) Steven M Wolock (Michigan) Shareholder Maddin Hauser Roth & Heller, P.C. Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Robin Shishido (Washington) Associate Attorney The Blankenship Law Firm jehan jayakumar (California) partner Carlson & Jayakumar LLP Dennise Smith (WV, CA and OH) Attorney Anna Friedman (New York, California) Liah (California) Patricia Tobin Kubal (California) Joshua S. Opperman (Iowa) Alain Rozan (New York) Attorney At Law Nick Morgan (CA, WA) Senior Attorney Microsoft Corp. Ashley E. Wilson, Esq. (Georgia) Senior Associate Shingler Lewis LLC, Atlanta, GA Jazmyn Taitingfong (Wisconsin, Maryland) Assistant Public Defender Maryland Office of the Public Defender Gabriel de Vega (Texas) Attorney steven m. ditto (Oklahoma) attorney steven m. ditto, p.c. Moira Schilke (Texas) Laura Knittle (Illinois) Attorney Courtney (California) Morgan Shea Scanlon Lomma (New York) Deputy Bureau Chief Kings County District Attorney's Office Alma L. Sove (OH) Attorney Lindsay Toczylowski (CA) Laura Knittle (Illinois) Attorney Lisa Manolius (California) Bobby Debelak (Texas) Sondah Ouattara (NY, NJ) Sasha Rene (Florida) Kaili Kuiper (Vermont) Debra L. Osborn (Illinois) Senior Attorney Rowena C. Seto (California) Civil Litigation Attorney Medina Seto Law Group Chantale D. Lamitte (DC) Karen I Finley, J.D., LL.M. (Missouri) Member The Finley Law Firm LLC Mudit Kakar (Washington) Deborah Verdile (New Jersey and New York) Tricia Hofmann (Indiana) Elizabeth Tillotson (Colorado; New York) Attorney William Scheel (Texas and Tennessee) Katherine Elmore (Alabama) Attorney at Law Self Judith Ellenthal (Connecticut) Attorney Michael Ono (California) Staff Attorney Trisha Majumdar (Pennsylvania) Attorney Adam Juel (California) Attorney Tina Willis (Florida & Georgia) Owner, Tina Willis Law - Orlando Jennifer Bernazzani (MA) Teresa Conlan (Washington State) Attorney James J. Holland (Washington) Partner Holland Law Group Josh C. Snider (Illinois) Attorney at Law Rachel Le Roux (California) John Westerhaus (Kansas, Missouri) Amanda Faye Riley (California) Associate Attorney Kevin Michels (New York) Staff Attorney The Legal Aid Society Anna Benjamin (Illinois) Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (Virginia, D.C., New York) Kerry Born (Illinois) Owner Westover Born PC Kara E. Casteel, Esq. (Minnesota) attorney Michele Moreland (CA) BONNIE EDWARDS (New York and Florida (retired)) retired Federal Lawyer Tyler Gritts (Missouri) Associate CLA Lindsey Barr (California) Attorney Cox Castle & Nicholson Jaye Wickham TAylor (Oregon and Washington) Partner Buckley Law PC Elissa Hutner (New York) Attorney at Law Self Employed Rozann Smith (California) Emily Minns (Michigan) Stephanie Wiater (New York) Lindsay Carlson (California, Minnesota) Angela Lehman (NY and MA) Attorney at Law Solo Practitioner Leslie Warren (Illinois) James Arcellana (California) Julianne Burton (Kansas) Diane Tar (Arizona) Self Bethany Heirigs (Nebraska) Assistant Public Defender Douglas county Laura Handel Schwartz (Pennsylvania, New Jersey) Managing Attorney Widener University James Uyeda (Law Offices of James S. Uyeda) Attorney J. Sherrod Taylor (Georgia) Attorney Retired Sal Bonerdick (Ohio, New York) Managing Partner Novak Law Christine Billy (NY and CA) James Ribaudo (Missouri) Associate Attorney Tracey Guerra (Texas) Donald Green (California) Lawyer Natalie Virden (Arizona) Attorney Alex Enyart (Illinois) Assistant Public Defender and Adjunct Professor St. Clair County and Lindenwood University Laura Newcomer Cohen (Illinois) Attorney Thomas J Gravina (Pa) Attorney Emily Streier (Minnesota) Attorney Speeter & Johnson Angie Pitha (PA and DC) Kristen Knepper (Florida, New Jersey, DC) Attorney Fara Tabatabai (NY) Kelsey Knight (Iowa) Elizabeth Kapo (PA, NJ) Christina Checel (California) Iris Thornton (New Mexico) Advocates for Community and Environment Brad Bransky (Arizona) Senior Attorney V Coconino County Public Defender David B. Stromberg, Esq. (California) Attorney/Mediator Stromberg Law Firm, Attorneys/Mediators Tammy Yuen (NY) Dalma Grandjean (Ohio) Attorney at Law Altick & Corwin Co., LPA Anders Nelson (New York) Nancy A Peterson (Minnesota) Attorney at Law self-employed immigration lawyer Sam Kepfield (Kansas) Attorney at Law Patricia A. Schiavoni (Massachusetts) Ritee Sponsler (Washington) Kathryn Allen (California) Attorney at Law Shae Urbauer-Brau (Puerto Rico) Corporate Counsel, SEC Caroline Reiser (California) Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Christine Wessel (California) In-House Corporate Counsel Kelly A. Knight (California) Attorney at Law Murray Coffey (Inactive) Chief Marketing Officer Haynes Boone LLP mark futral (NY) retired Legal Aid Society Thomas Bain Becker, Jr. (New York) Human Rights Attorney/Investigator Harvard Law School Michael Dorfman-Gonzalez (New York) Travis Talbot (New York, New Jersey) Staff Attorney New York County Defender Services Antonia Carew-Watts (New York) Tanya Taylor (NY, NJ) Vice President, Assoc General Counsel Ana Guevara (Colorado and Alaska) Liselotte Schluender (Minnesota) Attorney Jobina Jones-McDonnell (California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) Laura Heiman (NY, CA) Kavon Khani (New York (pending swearing in)) Attorney Amanda Page (Virginia) Attorney Thomas Littman (New York and Massachusetts) Partner Self Sharon L. Stewart (California) Joseph Hoffman (California) Partner Weinberg-Hoffman, LLP Mark H. Jaffe (New York (California pending)) Attorney Tor Ekeland, P.C. Matthew Cave (California) Attorney Maggie Lambrose (Nevada) Attorney Self Alyson Jaen (Colorado) Attorney Sheila (Illinois) Vice President, Corporate Counsel Andrea Paris (California) Stephanie Ash (Ohio) Attorney Jon Feldon (State Bar of California) Tracy Gostyls (Texas) Mark L. Bunch (Washington State) Attorney Jennifer A. Guidea (New York, New Jersey, Colorado) Ralph U.Bergman (Connecticut) Commissioner of the Superior Court self Dacia Abel (Oklahoma) Associate Attorney Stephanie Marshall (Washington State) Kendall Bass (California) Attorney Dawn Smith (Georgia) Suzanne O'Shea (Indiana, Virginia, Maryland) Jennifer Smietana (California) Sean Neidhart (Illinois) Attorney Aubrey McCutcheon III (Michigan) Pamela A Okano (Washington State Bar Association) Yvonne M. Kisiel (Maryland - retired) Laura Brooks (California) Attorney at Law Alison Miller (DC, GA) Timothy V. MAGILL (California) Trial Lawyer Magill Law Offices Judith Ann Whiting (South Carolina) Deborah A Stencel (Wisconsin, Indiana (inactive)) Attorney Michael Scher (New York) Zheila Bazleh Holloway (Texas) President The Bazleh Law Firm Cristina DiMaria (Colorado) Attorney Elizabeth Swihart (MA) Yvonne Jaramillo Ahearn (California, Arizona, Hawaii) General Counsel Self Leroy WILSON, Jr. (New York) Jeffrey P Scott (Minnesota) Attorney John Vawter (California) Milena Pisano McNally (NY, NJ) Josephine Young (New York) Kaitlyn Geiger (Ohio) Tadesse (California and Georgia) Madaline George (Missouri) Anthony Perrotta (Maryland) Morgan Feder (NY) Nicole J. Barillaro, Esq. (Connecticut; New York) Attorney Law Offices of Christopher Carrozzella Michael A. Swift (California) Attorney Melissa McWhinney (Massachusetts) Alison Flaum (NY, IL, DC) Jeremy Rosenberg (California) Han Fang (Massachusetts) Attorney David B. Mueller (Colorado) Rachel Hawkins (California) Hannah Rabkin (California) Rona Shamoon (New York) Kathy Ober (California) attorney self employed Christine roddy (DC and GA) Hope Mathena (California) Paula Rothenberger (Georgia) Attorney Randal Allen Busby-Farmer (Arkansas) Ashlee Patterson (Illinois) Mary W Thuell (DC, MD) Founding Member Legacy Law Firm PLLC Sonia Wills (California) Senior Staff Counsel Chi Tran (State Bar of California) Elizabeth Hogan (Minnesota) Assistant Public Defender State of Minnesota/Hennepin County Public Defender's Office Heather Webb (NY CA) Ms. Jones Day April Powell-Willingham (California) International Constitutional Attorney Susan Freiwald (New York) Professor of law Sonia Wills (California) Senior Staff Counsel Elizabeth Chinault (Ohio) Attorney at Law Christa M. Bosch, Esq. (New York) Attorney Sonia Wills (California) Senior Staff Counsel Dan Childers (Iowa) Attorney Kathleen Jorgenson (California (inactive status)) Stay-at-home mom Leticia Arteaga (None) Kate Mangan (California) Amy crocetti (CA and PA) Counsel Jessica Jones (Massachusetts) Attorney Holley Simons (Texas) William Fogel (Maine (active) and California (inactive)) Suzanne E. Coe, Esq. (SC and FL) Attorney at Law Self Cesia K. Minemann (DC, NY, CA) Attorney Efstratios Gonithellis (Illinois) Jayasri Ganapathy (New York, New Jersey) Robert Young (Kansas and Missouri) Attorney Rebecca Adams Hollis (NY State, Southern District of NY) Associate General Counsel Fidelity National Law Group Lyndi Stone (Washington) Deputy Proseucting Attorney Thomas Cull (South Carolina) Stephanie Dovalina (Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi) Howard Lax (Michigan) Ana Apostoleris (Pennsylvania) Harvard Law School Nikhil Shah (Wisconsin) Lawyer Robin Thurston (Illinois) Natasja Handy (Maryland, Massachusetts) Ralph Tsong (California, Illinois) Principal Attorney Tsong Law Group, APC Jeremy Press (Texas, Illinois) Herbert H. Walker (New York) W. Scott Wilson (Ohio) Attorney Wilson Law Office Jill Franco (New York, California and District of Columbia) Attorney at Law Cassandra Ann Jenecke (California) David Brekke (California) Attorney Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Zach Rosen (Massachusetts) samuel hornreich (oregon and california) attorney at law Robin Turner (Montana) Robert H. Potts (Michigan) Consulting Attorney Amable N-F Bunry (Ohio) Esquire Siobhan M. Murphy (Illinois) Elizabeth Low (Pennsylvania) Associate Attorney Patti S. Murphy (Colorado) Attorney at Law Kathleen Cassata (Illinois) Assistant Public Defender Cook County Illinois Patrick Wong (California) General Counsel David J. Peters, Jr., Esq., LL.M. (Ohio) Jack Smart (Utah) Family Law Attorney Andy Smith (Oregon) Government Relations Manager/Legal Counsel Sara Lopez-Barton (California) Sharon L. Stewart (California) Peggy Steif Abram (Minnesota) Partner Debra Feldstein (IL, MA) Sunrise Ayers (Idaho) Managing Attorney Kenneth Scott Kohanowski (New York) Director, Foreclosure Prevention and LGBT Advocacy Projects City Bar Justice Center Victoria Hwang-Murphy (NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK) Janelle Walker (California) John T. Hiatt (Kansas) Attorney/Prosecutor Laurie A. Hall (Connecticut, Rhode Island)