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Sl  Name of books And Authors no. 1. Petroleum Geoscience 2. Publisher Price Wiley-Blackwell 129.95 Rider-French Consulting Limited 89.50 Editions Technip 60 Gulf Professional Publishing Gulf Professional Publishing 210.00 Elsevier Science 60.00 Jon Gluyas, Richard Swarbrick September 2003 Well Engineering & Construction Hussain Rabia 3. The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs M.H. Rider , Martin Kennedy 4. The Well Logging Handbook Oberto Seera 5. Reservoir Engineering Handbook by Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE 6. Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Engineering by William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E. 7. Fundamentals of Gas Reservoir Engineering by J. Hagoort 8. Standard Handbook of Integrated Reservoir Management 210.00 GULF PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHING by Tarek Ahmed 9. Fundamentals of Numerical Reservoir Simulation by D.W. Peaceman Fundamentals of Fractured 10 Fundamentals Reservoir Engineering by T.D. van Golf-Racht 11 Well Logging and Formation Gulf Professional Publishing 78.95 Gulf Professional Publishing 180.00 Gas Well Testing Handbook by Amanat Chaudhry Gulf Professional Publishing 210.00 Enhanced Oil Recovery by Vladimir Alvarado Gulf Professional Publishing 103.00 Evaluation by Toby Darling Petrophysics by Erle Donaldson Well Completion Design by Jonathan Bellarby Enhanced Oil Recovery, II Book, 1989, by E.C. Donaldson Advanced Drilling and Well Technology Bernt S. Aadnoy, Iain Cooper, Stefan Z. Miska,Robert F. Mitchell, Michael L. Payne Advanced Well Control David Watson Terry Brittenham Preston L. Moore Natural gas Systems Rafiq islam Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Practice  by Nnaemeka Ezekwe Petroleum Engineer's Guide to Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids, 1st Edition J Fink  Reservoir Monitoring Handbook  Authors: Nathan Meehan Reservoir Exploration and Appraisal  Authors: Luiz Amado Publication Advanced Reservoir Management and Engineering, 2n...  Authors: Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE & Nathan Meehan Water Management in Reservoirs  Authors: L. Votruba & V. Broža Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation  Authors: John R. Fanchi, PhD Nova Science Publishers Prentice Hall 65 Gulf Professional Publishing 139.95 129.95 99.95 139.95 166.00 Gulf Professional Publishing Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Productio...  Authors: Norton J. Lapeyrouse & William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E. & Thomas Carter  Gulf Professional Publishing Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids, 6th Edition Gulf Professional Publishing  Author(S) : Caenn & Darley & 108.17 No Active product found for ISBN 9780750679336. 125.95 169.95 Gray Shale Shakers and Drilling Fluid Systems  American Association of Drilling Engineers 82.95 Modern Well Test Analysis (A Computer-Aided Approach) Roland Horne Petroway, Incorporated 73.98 Petroleum company operations and agreements in the developing countries Raymond Frech Mikesell Earthscan 26.71 Advanced Drilling Engineering: Principles and Designs Dr. Robello Samuel (Author), Dr. Xiushan Liu (Author) Downhole Drilling Tools: Theory and Practice for Engineers and Students G. Robello Samuel (Author  International Energy Development Scott Gaille (Author) The Global Oil & Gas Industry: Management, Strategy and Finance  Andrew Inkpen (Author), Michael H. Moffett (Author) Advanced Drilling and Well Technology Bernt S. Aadnoy, Iain Cooper, Stefan Z. Miska,Robert F. Mitchell, Michael L. Payne Advanced Well Control David Watson Terry Brittenham Preston L. Moore Advances in Reservoir  Characterization Reprint Series, No. 60 Edited by  James W. Jennings Jr. Advances in Well Test Analysis R.C. Earlougher Jr  178.81 154.42 SPE 240 SPE 210 SPE 80 SPE 80 Analysis of Production Decline Curves Steven W. Poston Bobby D. Poe Jr  Applied Drilling Engineering  A.T. Bourgoyne Jr. K.K. Millheim M.E. Chenevert  F.S. Young Jr. SPE 140 SPE 80 Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation Turgay Ertekin J.H. Abou-Kassem G.R. King  SPE 190 Cementing D.K. Smith SPE 90 Design and Appraisal of Hydraulic SPE 90 Fractures Jack R. Jones Larry K. Britt  Enhanced Oil Recovery Don W. Green G. Paul Wil  Environmental Engineering for  Exploration and Production Activities Edited by  Mary Jane Wilson Jesse D. Frederick  SPE 180 SPE 70 Estimation and Classification of  Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Condensate Chapman Cronquist  SPE 130 The Flow of Complex Mixtures in Pipes (Second Edition) George W. Govier  Khalid Aziz  SPE 180 Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores  A.R. Hasan C.S. Kabir  Fundamental Principles of Reservoir  Engineering Brian F. Towler  SPE 150 SPE 150 Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering SPE Textbook Series, Vol. 12 Edited by  Robert F. Mitchell  SPE 150 Gas Reservoir Engineering John Lee Robert A. Wattenbarger  SPE 160 Horizontal Wells Reprint Series, No. 47 Edited by  Mukul M. Sharma SPE 40 Measurement While Drilling Reprint Series, No. 40 SPE 30 Multilateral Wells  A.D. Hill  SPE 150 Ding Zhu Michael J. Economides Multiphase Flow in Wells James P. Brill  Hemanta Mukherjee SPE 150 Naturally Fractured Reservoir  Characterization Wayne Narr  David S. Schechter  Laird B. Thompson SPE 90 Perforating W.T. Bell  R.A. Sukup S.M. Tariq SPE 30 Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradients Reprint Series, No. 49 Edited by   A.T. Bourgoyne Jr. SPE 60 Pressure Buildup and Flow Tests in Wells C.S. Matthews D.G. Russell  SPE 60 Pressure Transient Testing John Lee John B. Rollins John P. Spivey  SPE 210 Production Logging: Theoretical and Interpretive Elements  A.D. Hill  Recent Advances in Hydraulic Fracturing Edited by  John L. Gidley  Stephen A. Holditch Dale E. Nierode Ralph W. Veatch Jr. SPE 80 SPE 90 Reservoir Management Reprint Series, No. 48 Edited by  Ganesh Thakur  SPE 30 Reservoir Simulation Edited by  Calvin C. Mattax  Robert L. Dalton Sand Control W.L. Penberthy Jr. C.M. Shaughnessy  Formation sand can pose SPE 80 SPE 80 Seismic Inversion Mrinal K. Sen SPE 90 Theory, Measurement, and Interpretation of Well Logs Zaki Bassiouni  SPE 180 Transient Well Testing Medhat M. Kamal  SPE 280 Waterflooding G. Paul Willhite SPE 80 Well Logging II: Electric and Acoustic Logging James R. Jorden Frank L. Campbell  Well Testing John Lee SPE 70 SPE 100 Well Control  A.T. Bourgoyne Jr. SPE 30 4380