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Checklist For Training Process Audit

Checklist for Training Program Audit Page X of Y DD/MM/YY Checklist for Training Program Audit Processes and Procedures Audited: 1. External Training [ 2. Internal Training [ ] ] Auditee: Auditor: Date and time of Audit: Duration: 3. Induction Training [ ] Checklist Item Yes / Proof of Evidence No or Document Name I Training Requirements Identification and Communication a) Organizational Level: 1. Have any Training requirements at the organizational level been identified? 2. If yes, where h




  Checklist for Training Program AuditPage X of YDD/MM/YY Checklist for Training Program Audit Processes and Procedures Audited: 1. External Training [ ]2. Internal Training [ ]3. Induction Training [ ] Auditee:Auditor:Date and time of Audit:Duration: Checklist Item  Yes /NoProof of Evidenceor Document NameRemarks I Training Requirements Identification and Communicationa) Organizational Level:1.Have any Training requirementsat the organizational level beenidentified?2.If yes, where have they beendocumented?3.Does the document (TIF-Organizational TrainingIdentification form) containdetails of training identified for any of the following:----- Softskills----- Technical Skills----- Quality Processes----- Domain areas----- Technologies4.Has the TIFs been reviewed andapproved by concernedpersons?(Softskills – HR head, Quality – QAhead, Technical – Project head/R &D head, Technology – Project /R&Dhead, Domain – HR/R&D/Projects)b) Project Level5.Have any Training requirementsat the project level, beenidentified by the PM/PL?6.Are the training requirementsexternal or internal?7.In the case of external traininghas the training coordinator received training requisition by(E-mail)8.In the case of internal training, isthe coordinator aware of theproject specific training plans  Checklist for Training Program AuditPage X of YDD/MM/YY prepared by PM/PL?II Training Calendar 9.Are Organization Training needs,which have been identified in theTIF, reflected in the TrainingCalendar?10.Is there an OrganizationalTraining Calendar?11.Does the Training Calendar contain details of the TechnicalTraining, Quality ProcessTraining, Softskills etc asidentified in the TIF?12.Has the training calendar beenreviewed by the head of HR?13.Have there been changes to theTraining Calendar?14.If yes, Have the changes beenincorporated & rectified?15.Is the Training Calendar versioncontrolled?III Training Organization Evaluation(for Organization & Project specific)16.Has there been any projectspecific or organizational levelexternal Training conducted?(e.g. communications training for onsite project members, technicaltraining)17.Has the Training been conductedby an external Trainingorganization?18.If yes, to the item 18, has anevaluations forms completed andavailable?19.Are vendor evaluation formcompleted and available?20.Has the vendor evaluationform been reviewed byconcerned person (projectshead/R&D head/HRhead/QA head)IV Training Plans a) Organizational Training: (e.g. Induction, Softskills, Quality Processes) 21. Are the training plans availablefor organizational training,namely, softskills, QualityProcesses Training, TechnicalTraining)22. Does the Training plans containdetails of Training dates, budget,etc23.Have the Training plans been  Checklist for Training Program AuditPage X of YDD/MM/YY reviewed by concerned person(if the plan are prepared by thehead of projects, department,then the reviews are notapplicable)Training Plans (Project Specific)24.Have the training plan beenprepared by all project specifictraining by the Trainingcoordinator? (This willapplicableonly when the training isprovided by a trainer within theorganization)25. Have the training plans beenreviewed by concerned persons? _ head of HR, Head of Quality26 Have any waivers been providedfor the training?27. Has the basis of the waiver beendocumented?V Training ScheduleOrganizational Training (e.g. Quality Processes Training, Softskills & Technical etc)28. Have detailed Training schedulesbeen prepared for theorganizational level training byconcerned Trainers(If the Trainings provided by Trainerswithin the organization then theTraining schedule are prepared bythe organizational trainers. If thetraining is provided by externalorganization, the schedule isprepared by the external trainer )29.Have the Training schedulebeen reviewed as appropriate?(schedule of external trainingorganization are reviewed by thetraining co-ordinator along withTechnical representatives) T RAINING   SCHEDULE   PROJECT   SPECIFIC : NOTE : ( INTERNAL   TRAINING ) 30. Have Training schedules beenprepared by the concernedtrainers?31. Have the Training schedulesbeen reviewed as appropriateV Training Material:Organizational Level Training (e.g. Induction, Quality Process, Estimations, Technical) and Projectspecific:32. Have the training materials beenprepared for the trainingprograms?33. Have the training material beenreviewed by concerned persons?  Checklist for Training Program AuditPage X of YDD/MM/YY VI Training Program Implementation- Training Evaluation (applicable for both organizational level &Project specific)34. Have the training program beenimplemented in accordance withthe plan and schedule?35. Have the participants list beencaptured in the attendancerecord?36. Has the trainer conductedevaluations of the trainees &participants (as detailed inschedules/plans) (* notapplicable to the inductiontraining)37 As a part of the evaluation, hasthere been any minimumcriteriafor successful completion whichhas been set? (N/A to InductionTraining)38a) As a result of evaluation, havethe trainers met the ‘successfulcompletion Criteria’ (N/A toInduction Training)38b) Have there been instance of Re- training requirementsidentified? (*not for inductiontraining38 c)Are records of evaluation of alltrainees available andmaintained (by trainingcoordinator, N/A for inductionTraining)39. Have the details of evaluationbeen communicated toconcerned heads/projectmanagers by the trainingcoordinator (N/A toInduction Training)Training Program evaluation & Improvement40. Have the trainer logged the feedback on training program in thetraining feedback form41. Have the feed back forms beencollected and consolidated bythetraining coordinator/ concernedSQA facilitator 42. Have the feedback form beenanalyzed and documented?43. Have the results of the analysisbeen translated into trainingimprovements?Training Metrics: