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Collective Nouns For Upsr English Pupils

Lists of Collective Nouns with graphics for UPSR English level. Senarai Collective Nouns untuk kegunaan Bahasa Inggeris UPSR. dengan grafik.




Collective Nouns  A collective noun noun is used to refer to a group of people, things or animals. Some common collective nouns 1. army – soldiers There was an army of soldiers marching on the field. 3. comb – bananas There is a comb of bananas on the shelf. 5. school – fish/whales/dolphins I saw a large school of fish in the sea. 2. bouquet – flowers Encik Jalil bought a bouquet of flowers for his wife. 4. flock – birds/sheep/goats Jeremy saw a flock of birds flying south for the winter. 6. set – tools/china He bought a set of tools from the supermarket. 8. team – players/doctors 7. swarm – bees/insects The whole team of players cheered when they won A swarm of bees attacked Vijay last week. the game. More collective nouns For people an audience of people a band of musicians/bandits a bevy of girls/beauties a bench of magistrates a board of directors a class of pupils/scholars a company of soldiers/actors a congregation of worshippers a crowd of spectators/people a choir of singers a crew of sailors a field of runners a gang of thieves/labourers/prisoners/convicts/ criminals a horde of savages a host of angels a party of friends a posse of policemen a staff  of  of teachers/servants a tribe of natives a troop of Boy Scouts a troupe of jugglers/dancers For thing an album of photographs a hedge of bushes an anthology of poems a kit of tools a bale of cotton/wool/cloth a library of books a block of flats/apartments a list of names a bowl of rice/soup a batch of bread or cookies a bunch of grapes/keys a mass of ruins a bundle of sticks/flags a pack of cards a cache of jewels a packet of cigarettes a chain of islands a pair of shoes/trousers/socks/spectacles a chest of drawers a pile of papers/stones a collection of stamps/antiques/pictures a quiver of arrows a cluster of stars/diamonds a range of mountains/hills a clump of trees a ring of fire a crate of fruits/apples/oranges a suit of clothes a fleet of ships/motorcars/vessels a sheaf  of  of wheat a flight of stairs a stack of hay a forest of trees a string of pearls/beads a galaxy  of stars a tuft of grass a hail of bullets a volley of bullets a heap of rubbish/stones a wreath of flowers For animals an army of ants/insects a host of sparrows a band of gorillas a litter of puppies/kittens/cubs a brood of chickens a nest of rabbits/mice/snakes/ants a colony of seals, bats a pack of wolves a flight of swallows a pride of lions a flock of sheeps a plague of locusts/insects a gaggle of geese a shoal of herring/fish a herd of cattle/elephants/buffaloes a team of oxen/horses a hive of bees a troop of monkeys