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Combat Arts Archive New Books Catalogue Sum 09 No. 57

Martial Arts Book and Magazine Catalogue, Boxing, Fencing, Wrestling.




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Overseas NEW BOOKS For the next Catalogue: Send Two First Class stamps, or £ 3.00 for the next four issues. Please Telephone or email to check if in stock, to reserve and order. Mail Order Only. Postage Packing and Payment for New Books By post or email, we will send an invoice to include postage and packing. Your order will be reserved for 28 days. By telephone, we will quote postage and packing. Your order will be reserved for 28 days. Payment can be made VISA and MASTERCARD or by International Money Order, Euro cheque etc. payable in Sterling. Make Payable to John Sparkes or Combat Arts Archive . Overseas Orders sent by Surface Mail or Air Mail, as requested. NOTE 176 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA Softback. W. E. Fairbairn --- SCIENTIFIC SELF DEFENCE £17.99 [Reprint.] This catalogue may have been out for a while. Some books may have been sold. Best to check first before ordering. Also available A Boxing Books Catalogue and a Vintage Martial Arts Book  Bo ok  and Magazine Catalogue. One of the most highly sought volumes in the library of legendary hand-to-hand combat manuals is finally republished. W. E. Fairbairn’s Scientific Self Defence, published in 1931 as a slightly modified reprint of Defendu (1926), outlines the close quarters combat program developed during Fairbairn’s renowned service with the Shanghai Municipal Police. Fairbairn’s techniques for defending against various holds, dealing with assailants armed with guns or knives, applying truly effective holds and throws, using the club and walking stick for self defence, and other areas of close-in fighting have had an extraordinary influence on the development of the combat arts. His immense impact on generations of fighting men, from an elite cadre of instructors who trained soldiers in realistic hand-to-hand combat during World War II to today’s practitioners of  hard core self defence, can now be studied directly from the source in this quality reprint edition of Scientific Self Defence. NOTE : This book  has the same information as “Defendu” only the setting out of the text and photographs are different. 182 pa pages. Illustrated by photog raphs. Paladin Press. US USA. Softback. £ 15 15.95 Peter Robins and Nicholas Tyler [Edited by Paul R. Child] --GENTLEMAN AND WARRIOR. The Legend of W. E Fairbairn. The Shanghai Years The book charts W. E. Fairbairn's early life and his career in the Shanghai in the Shanghai Municipal Police as he rose through the ranks until his retirement in 1940. Chapters on "Defendu" and other W. E. Fairbairn's books. 245 pages. Illustrated by photographs. CQB UK Hardback. Hardback. [Plus £ 3.50 U. K. Postage] £16.99 William E. Fairbairn --- HANDS OFF! SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN [Reprint] W. E. Fairbairn William E. Fairbairn [Foreword by Kelly McCann] --- DEFENDU [Reprint] Defendu is William E. Fairbairn's first manual on close quarters combat. Originally published in 1926, the book introduces Fairbairn's system of close-in fighting. Included are defences against various holds, disarming, holds, throws, use of the baton, walking stick and club, tying an opponent and the art of falling. NOTE : The book has the same information as “Scientific Self Defence” only the setting out of the text and photographs are different. W. E. Fairbairn wrote “Hands Off!” in 1942. He adapted the methods for women. Fairbairn's techniques taught women how to turn their perceived disadvantages of weight, build and strength into advantages to be exploited against potential attackers. “Hands Off!” is an historical manual of women's self defence in the 1940’s. 51 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA Softback. 1 Karate Clive Layton --- MASAO KAWASOE, 8th. DAN. £10.99 Recollections of a Shotokan Karate Master The Early Years Years [1945 – 1975] Biography. Masao Kawasoe began training in Shotokan with Katsunori Tsuyama in 1960 attaining a Japan Karate Association black belt in 1963. He gained a karate scholarship to Takushoku University and after gaining a degree, he attended the Japan Karate Association Instructors’ Course . He became  bases in Great Britain in 1974. 165 pages. Illustrated by photographs. photographs. Mona Books UK. Softback. Including UK postage. £14.95 Clive Layton --- SHOTOKAN DAWN. DAWN. [REPUBLISH ED] A Selected Early Early History of Shotokan Karate in Great Britain (1956 – 19 66) “Shotokan Dawn” charts how Vernon Bell introduced karate to Britain in 1957, with the founding of the British Karate Federation, through training with the infamous Tetsuji Murakami and the arrival of JKA Shotokan instructors, to the formation of the KUGB nine years later. Clive Layton --- SHOTOKAN DAWN. Volume 2 207 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Mona Books. UK Softback. Including Including UK post. Including UK post. £21.95 £21.95 --- THE SHOTOKAN DAWN SUPPLEMENT. Clive Layton ---THE A companion book to “Shotokan Dawn” and adds highly significant information that was previously thought lost. This book, which should be read in conjunction with, or after “Shotokan Dawn”, is an absolute must for all those who have enjoyed the original work.  Newly discovered photos are also published for the first time. 171 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Mona Books. UK Softback. Including UK post. £19.95 Clive Layton [with a forward by Hirokazu Kanazawa] Kanazawa] --- THE KANAZAWA YEARS Reminiscences by Michael Randall on a Golden Age in British Karate Michael Randall reflects on the arrival of the JKA’s Hirokazu Kanazawa'. "The Kanazawa Years" focuses on the period 1965 to 1968, when Hirokazu Kanazawa resided in this country. The book contains over one hundred historical photographs. 199 pages. pages. Illus Illustra trated ted by photogr photograph aphs. s. Shoto Shoto Publi Publishi shing. ng. UK. Softba Softback ck.. £14.95 £14.95 Black Belt Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder --THE WAY TO BLACK BELT A Comprehensive Comprehensive Guide to Rapid Rock – Solid Results Finding an instructor. How to learn. Strength verses skill. How to practice. How to work through injury. Using Technology. Technology. Terminology. Overview of martia l ar ts. Contributions by Iain Abernethy, Dan Anderson, Martina Sprague, Loren Christensen, Aeron Fields, Jeff Jeff Cooper etc. 270 pages. Illustrated by photographs. YMAA USA. Softback. UK post. £12.99 Heiko Bittmann --- THE TEACHINGS OF KARATEDO The book gives English translations of early texts written by the founding masters of the four major  Japanese schools. Shotokan [Funakoshi Gichin], Goju Ryu [Miyagi Chojun], Shito Ryu [Mabuni Kenwa], and Wado Ryu [Otsuka Hinonori]. The texts give an insight into the way of thinking of Japanese Martial Arts as a whole. The book has extensive notes, bibliography glossary and index. The book is well Researched using Japanese texts and has information not available anyway else in English. 217 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Verlag Verlag Heiko Bittmann Germany Softback. £18.95 Iain Abernethy --- BUNKAI - JUTSU. THE PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF KARATE KATA "Bunkai - Jutsu" is the analysis of karate kata to the application to real combat. The book considers the Kata application to Atemi, Vulnerable Points, Grappling, Joint Locks, Ground Techniques, Blocks etc. 235 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Neth UK. £17.99 SHOTOKAN DAWN comes in two, high quality paperback volumes and contains 225 historical  photographs. The text is detailed with many good stories. Clive Layton --- SHOTOKAN DAWN. Volume 1 313 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Mona Books. Books. UK Softba Softback. ck. 164 pages. All text. GM G MW Publishing. USA. Hardback. Andrew Kendall --- KARATE DO. THE GRADING SYLLABUS A textbook of Shotokan Karate for Shotokan Karate-do International. Includes basic techniques, kihon ippon kumite, jiyu ippon kumite. Kata demonstrated are Heian 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tekki 1. Bassai Dai, Jion, Enpi, Kanku Dai and Nijushiho. With introduction by Hirokazu Kanazawa. Techniques demonstrated are for ninth Kyu to Shodan. Illustrated by sequential drawings and photographs. 228 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. Softback. Softback. A. Kendall. Kendall. Hong Kong. £19.99 Walter Seaton --- KARATE-DO. WALTER SEATON 4 0 Years Years Anniversary Book 195 9 - 1999 ■ An anniversary book of 40 years in Karate. ■ A written and photographic history of Walter. ■ Principles Principles and basic techniques techniques of Wado Wado Ryu Ryu Karate. ■ Sanbon, ohyo and kihon kumite. ■ Walter's own kata: Katai Rensyuu. ■ Jiyu Kumite and competition fighting. ■ Kyu and Dan examination procedures and syllabus. ■ Words of wisdom by Otsuka Hinonori. 126 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs. photographs. Softback Softback.. The England England Karate-do Karate-do Wadok Wadokai ai UK. £12.50 Joko Ninomiya with Ed. Zorensky --- SABAKI METHOD. KARATE IN THE INNER CIRCLE The meaning of Sabaki in Japanese is to transmit power efficiently. In karate Sabaki denotes the natural way to use an opponent's power and momentum against himself, regardless of size and weight. Using hundreds of motor drive photo sequences and drawings, Joko Ninomiya demonstrates Enshin Ryu Karate, a modern development of of Kyokushinkai, from basic techniques to advanced techniques. 227 pages. Sequence photographs and drawings. Softback. Frog Limited USA. £15.99 Keiji Tomiyama --- FUNDAMENTALS OF KARATE-DO. Essential Elements for Development through Karate Training at All Levels Shito-Ryu Karate. Stripping away the mysticism of karate, Keiji Tomiyama takes a logical approach to karate theory. Principles and theories of karate are studied which are relevant to all styles of karate as well as to other martial arts. 134 pages. Illustrated by photographs. SK Enterprises UK. UK. Softback. £ 9.95 Keiji Tomiyama --- SHITO - RYU. RYU. KARATE-DO. Volume 1. Basics Shito-Ryu Karate. Techniques of of the style including Shiho Sanshiki Ichi Kata, Shiho Sanshiki Ni Kata, Shiho Sanshiki San Kata. 102 pages. Illustrated by photographs. SK Enterprises UK. Softback. £ 7.95 3 Karate Including £19.99 2 Kris Wilder --- THE WAY OF SANCHIN KATA. The Application of Power. Sanchin kata studied in depth. Contents include :Movements not seen. ■ The Spine The Energetic structure ■ Iron Shirt The mind ■ Bones, sinew and muscle The mechanical structure Rooting ■ The traditional Sanchin Kata. Step by Step. 183 pages. Illustrated by drawings. YMAA. USA. Softback. £21.95  Karate Teruyuki Okazaki --- PERFECTION OF CHARACTER. Guiding Principles for the Martial Arts and Everyday Life Teruyuki Okazaki comments on Gichin Funakoshi’s two sets of principles, the Dojo Kun and the Niju Kun. The Dojo Kun are the five general guiding principles of karate do and the Niju Kun are the twenty specific principles of  karate, which encounter morality, technique and mindset.     Hirokazu Kanazawa --- KARATE KARATE FIGHTING TECHNIQUES. THE COMPLETE KUMITE. A systematic approach to various shotokan kumite techniques including tournament kumite. Gohon kumite, sanbon kumite, kiso kumite, forms of ippon kumite, jiyu kumite and happo kumite. 200 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Kodansha Kodansha Japan Hardback. Hardback. Hirokazu Kanazawa [Translated by Alex Bennett] --- KARATE. MY LIFE. The autobiography in English of Hirokazu Kanazawa. 299 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kendo World Japan. Hardback £22.00 £14.95 Robin L. Rielly --- THE SECRETS OF SHOTOKAN KARATE. A Textbook of Shotokan Karate. Includes basic physiological psychological principles. Principles of physical movement Elements of fighting. Strat egy. Kata - Kanku dai. 246 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle Japan / USA. S of oftback. £16.95 Robin L. Reilly --- COMPLETE SHOTOKAN KARATE. KARATE. The Samurai Legacy and Modern Practice. The  book outlines the history of karate and is an instructional manual for Shotokan karate. The book has been previously published under the title "Karate Training". 238 pages. Illustrated by over 600 photographs and diagrams. Tuttle. Tuttle. USA / Japan. Japan. Softback. Softback. £12.95 Patrick and Yuriko McCarthy [ Compiler and Translator ] --ANCIENT O KINAWAN MARTIAL ARTS. KORYU UCHINADI UCHINADI VOLUME 1. Contains: ■ Okinawan Kobudo kata for bo, sai and tuifa as taught by Shinken Taira ■ Taira Shinken: The Founder of Modern Kobudo by Patrick McCarthy. 116 pages. Il Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle Japan. Softback. £1 0 . 9 9 Patrick and Yuriko McCarthy [ Compiler and Translator ] --ANCIENT O KINAWAN MARTIAL ARTS. KORYU UCHINADI. VOLUME 2. Contains: ■ Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Mabuni Kenwa Story by Patrick McCarthy. ■ The Dai Nippon Butokukai ■ Karatedo: Development, Essence and Aims by Patrick McCarthy. ■ Karate Gaisetsu: An Outline of Karatedo by Chojin Miyagi. ■1936 Meeting of Okinawan Karate Masters: The meeting that determined the course of modern karate. 133 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan. Softback. £10.99 Howard Collins --- ABSOLUTE KARATE. KARATE. APPLICATIONS OF KYOKUS HIN. A textbook of of Kyokushinkai Karate containing the life story of Masutatsu Oyama. 176 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Hardback. Hardback. Collins Collins UK C. W. Nicol --- MOVING ZEN. KARATE AS A WAY WAY OF GENTLENESS A personal account of studying karate in Japan. The book tells of the relationship between pupil and teacher and the rivalry between pupil and pupil. 151 pages. Illustrated drawings. Cr Crompton UK. Softback. £22.95 Chinese Martial Arts Allen Pittman --- WALKING THE I CHING. The Linear Ba Gua of Gao Yi Sheng Ba gua is one of the internal styles of the Chinese martial arts, a "circular" walking technique that trains the mind and body to recognize and accept change. Characterized by its spinning movements and extremely evasive footwork,  ba gua is often used as a means to protect others. In this combination of philosophical treatise, health manual, and self defence text, Allen Pittman details the history,  philosophy, and techniques of straight line ba gua zhang, which means “eight trigram  palm” in reference to the seminal trigrams of the  I Ching. The book contains eight  parts corresponding to the eight sections of the  I Ching , each representing a different elemental manifestation and martial arts principle. Descriptions of the symbology, cultural, anatomical, and tactical details of each set are taught as well as detailed instructions on the form practice. Illustrated with step-by-step drawings and photographs, the book shows how ba gua zhang, driven by  I Ching  wisdom, helps to cultivate a sense of centeredness and spontaneity. 382 382 pag pages es.. Illu Illust stra rate ted d by phot photog ogra raph phss and and dra drawing wings. s. Blue Blue Snak Snake. e. USA. USA. Soft Softba back ck.. £12. £12.99 99 Sheng Keng Yun --- THE MU LAN CHUAN EXERCISE BOOK. Eight Techniques for Better Health. Mu Lan Chuan is a form of Tai Chi and Chi Kung that can give good health and increased energy. The health benefits of Mu Lan Chun are explained and each movement is illustrated and is explained how it should be done. The movements are easy to do, involving breathing methods and dance like manoeuvres that give flexibility and stimulating acupuncture points. 147 pages. Illustrated by photographs and and acupuncture acupuncture point drawings. drawings. Samuel Weiser. Weiser. USA. USA. Softback. Softback. £11.99 Adam Hsu --- THE SWORD POLISHER'S RECORD. THE WAY OF KUNG – FU. Three essays were originally magazine articles aimed to correct the many misconceptions about kung-fu in films, books and some teachers. The book is organised into eight sections each examining a different aspect of kung-fu. These include foundations, concepts and principles related to kung-fu styles and forms, usage and training and discussions on the future of kung-fu. 205 pages. Illustrated by photographs with some drawings. Tuttle Japan / USA. Softback. £11.95 5 £ 8.95 4 Karate Teruyuki Okazaki --- PERFECTION OF CHARACTER. Guiding Principles for the Martial Arts and Everyday Life Teruyuki Okazaki comments on Gichin Funakoshi’s two sets of principles, the Dojo Kun and the Niju Kun. The Dojo Kun are the five general guiding principles of karate do and the Niju Kun are the twenty specific principles of karate, which encounter morality, technique and mindset. 164 pages. All text. GMW Publishing. Publishing. USA. Hardback. £12.99 Iain Abernethy --- BUNKAI - JUTSU. THE PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF KARATE KATA "Bunkai - Jutsu" is the analysis of karate kata to the application to real combat. The book considers the Kata application to Atemi, Vulnerable Points, Grappling, Joint Locks, Ground Techniques, Blocks etc. 235 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Neth UK. £17.99 Andrew Kendall --- KARATE DO. THE GRADING SYLLABUS A textbook of Shotokan Karate for Shotokan Karate-do International. Includes basic techniques, kihon ippon kumite, jiyu ippon kumite. Kata demonstrated are Heian 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tekki 1. Bassai Dai, Jion, Enpi, Kanku Dai and Nijushiho. With introduction by Hirokazu Kanazawa. Techniques demonstrated are for ninth Kyu to Shodan. Illustrated by sequential drawings and photographs. 228 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. Softback. Softback. A. Kendall. Kendall. Hong Kong. £19.99 Chinese Martial Arts Tong Zhongyi and Tim Cartmell [Translator] --THE METHODS OF CHINESE WRESTLING WRESTLING “The Methods of Chinese Wrestling” was written by Tong Zhongyi [1878 – 1963] and was first  published in 1935, by the Chinese Wrestling Association. Part one of the book deals with basic training and part two shows practical applications of technique. Also included is the history of  wrestling in China, solo training, training with equipment and rules of competition. 229 pages. Illustrated by photographs. North Atlantic USA. Softback. £12.99 Jin Yunting [Editor] and John Groschwitz [Translator] --THE XINGYI BOXING MANUAL. Hebei Style's Five Principles and Seven Words Written in the 1920's, published in Chinese in 1931, and now translated into English. The Xingyi Boxing Manual explains the concepts and images behind the five elements of Xingyi. Compiled by Jin Yunting, student of Sha ng Yunxiang and Sun Lutang and grand student of Li Cunyi, this classic text gives a feeling for  the old Chinese martial arts. 68 pages. Illustrated by drawings and a few photographs. North Atlantic. USA. Softback. £12.99 ROBERT W. SMITH --- CHINESE BOXING. MASTERS AND METHODS. [Republished.] [Republished.] A classic book first publishes in 1974 that give details Chinese boxing teachers and techniques. 148 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. North Atlantic USA. Li Tianji and Du Xilian --- A GUIDE TO CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS. An introduction to the origins, development and modern Chinese martial arts. A basic introduction to Styles of Chinese Boxing and weapon techniques. An insight is given of some styles such as Chang Quan [Extended Boxing]and Shaolin Quan [Shaolin Boxing] with illustrations. 195 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. McLaren McLaren UK. Softback. Softback. £11.99 £ 3.95 Order of Shaolin Ch'an --THE SHAOLIN GRANDMASTERS' TEXT. TEXT. History, Philosophy and Gung Fu of Shaolin Ch'an. The Order of Shaolin Ch'an fled China in 1901 due to the war. Since coming to the United States, the monks have quietly worked to preserve the traditions, philosophies and martial arts of the Order. The book presents and discusses Shaolin philosophy and the martial significance of Gung Fu in a  public forum for the first time since the Order was founded in 520. 304 pages. Illustrated by a few photographs. Hardback. Order of Shaolin Ch'an. USA. £25.00 Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo --CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING MANUALS. A Historical Survey. Chinese martial arts masters of the past wrote training manuals with text and images. These manuals  provide a glimpse into how various martial arts were practised in the period spanning the mid seventeenth through the mid twentieth century. Along with biographical portraits of thirty masters, the book has information on the history of martial arts and martial arts manuals. Topics include the history of Taiwanese martial arts, how Chinese martial artists made a living, the Imperial military examinations and the place of the Shaolin Temple in Chinese martial history. 328 pages. Illustrated by a drawings and photographs. North Atlantic Books. USA. Softback. £11.95 Paul Dillon --- LIUHEBAFA. FIVE CHARACTER SECRETS. Chinese Classics. Translations. Commentary. The origins of Liuhebafa [Water Boxing] can be traced to Chen Tuan [c. 871 - 989 A.D.] The book contains the original Chinese treatise of Li Dong Feng and the author's commentary on the meaning of each verse. 154 pages. Illustrated by photographs. YMAA. USA. Softback. £13.95 Meir Shahar --- THE SHAOLIN MONASTERY. History. Religion and the Chinese Martial Arts. Charts the history of the Shaolin Temple from the early times to the modern day. A scholarly study of the history, social, political and the religious context of Chinese martial arts. From military origins to religious traditions to self cultivation. With extensive notes and references. 214 pages. Illustrated by a few drawings, maps and photographs. University of Hawai’i Press USA Hardback. £35.00 Qigong £14.99 Military James Dunning --- BRITISH COMMANDOS. [Reprint] The Origins and Special Training of an Elite Unit. The story of British commando raids in World War II and special operations etc. Originally published in Britain under the title “It Had to Be Tough: The Fascinating Story of the Origins of the Commandos and Their Special Training in World War II”. James Dunning was one of the original commandos. 212 pages. Illustrated by a few photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. Cheong Cheng Leong and Mark V. Wiley --THE SECRETS OF PHOENIX - EYE FIST KUNG - FU . The Art of Chuka Shaolin ■ The fundamental techniques of Phoenix Eye Fist ■ The two person empty hand practice form ■ Chu Chuka ka Shao Shaoli linn pole pole figh fighti ting ng form orm ■ Chi Chi Kun Kung form orms as an aid aid to trai traini ning ng ■ An overview of other weapons - Sai - Twin Knives - Spear - Hoe 176 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle Tuttle Japan / USA. Softback. Yap Soo Yeong and Chok C. Hiew --- TRUE STORIES OF QIGONG HEALING. Case studies Qigong healing. The range of illness and problems is wide and the reports are accompanied by photographs of some of the methods employed. Part of the hexagram dance form shown. 166 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paul Crompton UK Softback. £13.95 Scott Shaw --- CHI KUNG FOR BEGINNERS. Master the Flow of Chi for Good Health, Stress Reduction and Increased Energy Chi Kung exercises including breathing and meditation. 165 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Llewllyn USA. £ 9.99 6 £10.99 Yanling Lee Johnson --- A WOMAN'S QIGONG GUIDE. EMPOWERMENT THROUGH MOVEMENT, DIET AND HERBS. ■ Practical Instruction for Qigong Exercises, Herbal Remedies and Diet ■ Heal Injuries and Illness within Yourself ■ Special Instructions for Mothers and their Babies ■ Tips for Weight Loss, Depression and Staying Young and Beautiful 154 pages. Mostly text. Softback. YMAA USA. £14.95 7 Wing Chun Chinese Martial Arts Derek Frearson --NORTHERN SHAOLIN MANTIS BOXING APPLCATIONS. APPLCATIONS. Practical self defence applications taken from “Praying Mantis Chinese Boxing”, one of the major branches of Northern Shaolin Boxing. Contains a brief history of the style. 81 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Lexi Lexilo lore re Publ Public icat atio ions ns.. UK. UK. Soft Softba back ck.. Guy Edwards --- WING CHUN. Long Pole and Butterfly Knives Wing Chun textbook. The book contains Chi Ging [Developing pole energy], Lok Dim Boon Gwan [61/2 point pole form, Chi Gwan [Sticking pole techniques], Baat Jam Dau [8 Slash knives form], Wu Dip Day [Butterfly knives training drills]. Deriving from the Shaolin Temple, the Long Pole and Butterfly knives are synonymous with Wing Chun. 131 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Lexilore. UK. [Including UK post.] £14.95 Guy Edwards --- DARTING FINGERS. Hidden Form of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Wing Chun techniques. Biu Jee [Darting Fingers form] analysed with applications. Qi Gong energy exercises, pressure points and position strikes. Conditioning drills. [Including UK post.] 164 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Softback. Lexilore. UK. £14.95 £12. £12.95 95 Leung Shum and Jeanne Chin --- THE SECRETS OF EAGLE CLAW KUNG FU. YING JOW PAI. The fundamentals of Eagle Claw Kung Fu including the first thirty locking hand techniques, the wide array of punches and kicks. 216 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle. Tuttle. USA / Japan. Softback. £14.99 Guy Edwards --- WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY. Dynamic Training Methods. Wing Chin textbook. Training guide for wooden dummy techniques. History and development of  wooden dummy. Variations of wooden dummy. Conditioning. Dummy versat ility. Hong Jong Form. Mook Yan Jong Form. [116 Movements of the Wooden Wooden Dummy] Fighting applications. 161 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Lexilore Publications. UK. £14.95 [Including UK post.] Guy Edwards --- WING CHUN KUNG FU. Southern Chinese Boxing System. Wing Chun textbook. Includes kicking essentials and set ups, eye focusing drills, conditioning and power drills, positioning for strikes, body conditioning and soft limbs exercises, making of training equipment, Siu Nim Tau form, single sticking and sensitivity exercises etc. 196 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Softback. Lexilore. UK. £14.95 [Including UK post.] Guy Edwards --- STICKING ARMS. Sensitivity Drills and Explosive Fighting Applications. Wing Chin textbook. Training guide for all the important phases of learning Sticking Arms [Chi Sau]. Covering the Yin Yang principles and many other aspects which makes Chi Sau effective. The book includes the next progression of Wing Chun detailing the Second Form, Chum Kiu, "Searching the Bridge" and its fighting applications. [Including UK post.] 156 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Lexilore Publications. UK £14.95 Robert Chu, Rene Richie and Y. Wu --- COMPLETE WING CHUN. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO WING CHUN'S HISTORY AND TRADITION. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, "Complete Wing Chun" presents seldom seen information on a dozen branches of the Wing Chun art. There are many different and distinct systems of Wing Chun. A side by side comparison of these arts is given, by outlining each system in terms of history, principles,  basics, and training methods. Lineage and history of eight Wing Chun styles are presented. 144 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle. Tuttle. USA / Japan. Softback. £12.99 Paul O'Neal --- SIL LIM TAO. THE BEGINNING. THE ULTIMATE WING CHUN. "Sil Lim Tao - The Beginning" is a comprehensive guide to Wing Chun and martial arts training. Containing Wing Chun theory, basic techniques, history, training methods and the first form, Sil Lim Tao [Little Idea]. The book is well presented and of interest to any student of the martial arts. 130 pages. pages. Well Well illust illustrat rated ed with with photogr photograph aphs. s. KRB. KRB. Softba Softback ck.. £15.00 £15.00 Alan Gibson --- WHY WING WING CHUN WORKS [First Edition] A textbook on Wing Chun that explains the technical theory of the art. The book covers basic hand techniques, footwork, kicking and drills such as Single and Double Sticking Hands and a brief  description the three empty hand forms, Wing Chun butterfly knives, Wooden Dummy and pole forms. 101 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Peacnick Press UK. Softback. £5.99 Joseph Wayne Smith [Dr.] --- WING CHUN KUNG- FU. ■ Wing Chun and other Chinese Styles [Vital strikes] ■ Ghin-na [Grappling] A Complete Guide. Volume 2: Fighting and Grappling ■ Dar mak [Vital ■ Chi sao [Sticky Hand] ■ Chi gerk [Sticky leg] 83 pages. Softback. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan / USA. £ 9.99 8 Tai Chi Chuan Glenn Newth --- HWA HWA YU TAI CHI CHUAN. Unlocking the Mystery of the Five Word Song. The book contains step by step instruction with photographs that illustrate Hwa Yu Tai Chi Chuan form, fighting applications and push hands. A explanation of the form’s philosophical and theoretical  basis is given together with an overview of the health benefits of this ancient art. 161 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Blue Snake Snake Books. Books. USA. Softback. Softback. Bruce Francis --- TAI CHI. HEALTH FOR LIFE. How and Why It Works for Health, Stress Relief and Longevity. A guide to understand the value of Tai Chi for relieving high blood pressure, circulatory and lung  problems, chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety. Chapters on:- What is Tai Chi? Traditional Chinese medicine and Tai Chi. Tai Chi and health. Tai Chi and stress. Tai Chi for different age groups. Tai Chi and spirituality. Choosing a Tai Chi style and a teacher. 321 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Blue Snake Snake Books. Books. USA. Softback. Softback. £15.99 £18.99 Yang Jwing-Ming [Translation and Commentary] --TAI CHI SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT MASTERS SELECTED READINGS WITH COMMENTARY. A MOTIVATIONAL POCKET GUIDE FOR TAI CHI CHUAN Translations Translations from: from: ■ Thirteen Importan Importantt Keys of of Regulating Regulating the body by Gu Liu - Xing Xing ■ Four Four Impor Important tant Senten Sentences ces by Yang Yu-Ting u-Ting ■ Taijiqu Taijiquan an Treat Treatise ise by Zhang Zhang San-Fe San-Feng ng ■ Taijiquan Classic by Wang Zong-Yue Zong-Yue ■ Song of Eight Words Anonymous ■ Three Important Important Theses Theses of Taijiquan Taijiquan Anony Anonymous mous and other translations translations.. 115 pages. YMAA. USA. Softback. £ 1 0. 95 Davidine Siaw -Voon Sim and David Gaffney --- CHEN STYLE TAIJIQUAN. THE SOURCE OF TAIJI BOXING Chen style is the oldest form of Taijiquan from which the other styles originated. The book gives a historical development of the system, its philosophical roots and through the intricacies of the various training methods of the Chen style. Descriptions of the Silk  Reeling Exercise, Laojin Yi Lu, Laojin Paocui, Fajing, Quinna, Push Hands and Tai Chi weapons. 224 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. North Atlantic USA Softback. Ellae Elinwood --- STAY YOUNG WIT T'AI CHI. Flexible, Mobile and Stress Free After 50. The first eighteen positions of the Yang short form adapted for the needs of the older readers. An introduction to Qigong and Tai Chi for those with limited mobility. Tai chi warm ups. 196 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle. USA / Japan.Softback. Japan. Softback. Yang Chengfu [Translated by Louis Swaim] --THE ESSENCE AND APPLICATIONS OF TAIJIQUAN A translation of "Taijiquan Tiyong Quanshu" first published in 1934 by Yang Chenfu. The book includes notes and commentary that clarify the text. A historical book in the modern evolution of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai chi form shown. [9 4 movement Yang style] with Yang Chengfu in the photographs. 124 pages. pages. Illust Illustrat rated ed by photogr photograph aphs. s. North North Atlant Atlantic. ic. USA. USA. Softba Softback ck.. Chung Al Huang --- TAI JI. ESSENTIAL TAI JI. [Revise d edition] . Tai Chi and the relationship with nature, space and time. With photographs by Si Chi Ko 79 page pages. s. Cele Celest stia iall Arts Arts.. USA. USA. Soft Softba back ck.. Rick Barrett --- TAIJIQUAN. Through the Western Western Gate. The book blends modern science and philosophy with traditional wisdom's that underline Chinese martial arts. Rick Barrett describes a wide range of movements, practices and positions in the context of topics as being in the zone, effortless power and force verses power, the whole body energetic connection, instant meditation and energetic coherence. 266 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Blue Snake Books USA. Softback. £14.99 £12.99 £12.99 £12.99 £10.9 £10.999 £12.99 9 Tai Chi Chuan John Loupos --- EXPLORING TAI TAI CHI. Contemporary Views Views on an Ancient Art. Art. Understanding the principles and intricacies of Tai Chi training. Training tips. Meditation. Dealing with injury. Tai Chi in everyday life. 206 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. YMAA. YMAA. USA. Softback. Softback. £18.95 Yang Jwing –  Jwing – Ming Ming --TAI CHI SECRETS OF THE WU AND LI STYLES ■ Chinese Classics ■ Translations ■ Commentary The translation include:■ Thirteen postures by Wu Yu-Xiang ■ Secret of Four Words Words by Wu Wu Yu-Xian Yu-Xiangg ■ Song of pulling pulling the bow to store store the jin by Wu Yu-Xia Yu-Xiang ng ■ Body Body manoe manoeuvr uvree by Wu Yu-X Yu-Xiang iang ■ Thesi Thesiss of the fist fist by Wu Chen Chengg-Qin Qingg ■ Song of striking hand by Wu Cheng-Qing plus many others 122 pages. All text with Chinese calligraphy. calligraphy. Softback. YMAA. USA £21.95 Yang Jwing – Ming --TAI CHI SECRETS OF THE YANG STYLE ■ Chinese Classics ■ Translations ■ Commentary The translation are:■ A brief summary of taijiquan by Yang Jian - Ho ■ Nine key secrets secrets of taijiquan taijiquan by Yang Yang Y Yuu ■ Forty taijiquan taijiquan treatise treatise by Yang Yu ■ Ten important keys to taijiquan dictated by Yang Chen- Fu ■ Explanation of taijiq uan's harmonious stepping in four sides of pushing hands by Yang Chen - Fu 194 pages. All text with Chinese calligraphy. calligraphy. Softback. YMAA. USA. £18.95 Zhang Yun --- THE ART OF CHINESE SWORDSMANSHIP. A MANUAL OF TAIJI JIAN. A book about the Tai Chi Sword. It describes the history of jian, the Tai Chi sword, its fundamental  principles and its essential form of thirty two postures, including a discussion of both internal and external components. An in depth study of the Chinese swordsmanship. 288 pages. pages. Illustrated by photographs and diagrams. Softback. Weatherhill Weatherhill USA / Japan. Robert Chuckrow Chuckrow --- TAI CHI WALKING. A Low Impact Path to Better Health. Learn how to walk the Tai Chi way. Walking provides an excellent opportunity to augment, refine, and reinforce Tai Chi principles and bridge the gap between formal practice and everyday life. £13.99 138 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Softback. YMAA. USA. £16.95 --- YIN - YANG IN TAI CHI CHUAN AND DAILY LIFE. Simmone Kuo ---YIN The philosophical context of Tai Chi in relation to Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian traditions. 201 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. North Atlantic Books. USA. Softback. Softback. £13.99 Tin-Yu Lam --- TAI CHI. Simple Routines for Home, Work and Travel. [A Gaia Busy Persons Guide.]  An introduction to the art of Tai Chi for the busy person. A book of Tai Chi Chuan exercises that can be used anytime, anywhere, for stamina, balance and strength. Suitable for all ages and levels of experience. 144 pages. Illustrated by colour photographs. Gaia Books. Books. UK. Softback. Yang Jwing-Ming --- TAIJIQUAN THEORY OF DR. YANG YANG JWING-MING TAIJIQUAN. IN DEPTH. The Root of Taijiquan. Taijiquan. An attempt to join together the various theories on Taijiquan in one text. Regulating the body, breathing, mind, qi and spirit. Jin, pushing hands, sparring 272 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Softback. YMAA Qu Lei Lei --- THE SIMPLE ART OF TAI CHI. Tai Chi Chuan exercise book. The twenty four movement form of the Yang style is shown in detail along with preparation exercises. 128 pages. Illustrated by a colour photographs. Sterling Publishing. USA. Softback. £ 3.99 £25.00 Tai Chi Chuan Jonathan Russell --- THE TAI CHI TWO PERSON DANCE. Tai Chi with a Partner An introduction to the Tai Chi forms performed with with a partner. The form in the book combines the Tui Shou, Da Lu and San Shou exercises of Tai Chi into one set. Harmonizing movement with a  partner helps to develop sensitivity of feeling. With photographs of T. T. Liang. 213 pages. pages. Illust Illustrat rated ed by photogr photograph aphs. s. North North Atlant Atlantic. ic. USA. USA. Softbac Softback. k. Nin-Jutsu Masaaki Hatsumi --- UNARMED FIGHTING TECHNIQUES OF THE SAMURAI A textbook about the unarmed fighting techniques of the ninja. The techniques tend to be described without photographic description of the techniques although there are plenty of photographs. An interesting book with respect to traditional martial arts. 239 pages. pages. Illust Illustrat rated ed by photogr photograph aphs. s. Kodansh Kodanshaa Japan. Japan. Hardba Hardback ck.. £19.99 £19.99 11 Kick Boxing £ 4.99 10 Jane Schorre [With Calligraphy by Margaret Chang] --HOW TO GRASP THE BIRD’S TAIL IF YOU DON’T SPEEK CHINESE The names of Tai Chi movements is lost to those who do not know Chinese and must rely on the usual English translations. This book looks at the Chinese characters and they can convey a lot about the inner essence of Tai Chi even though they give no clue to its exterior shape. The book offers students and teachers of Tai Chi Chuan a deeper understanding of Taiji through interpreting the Chinese characters representing the names of the movements. Jane Schorre shares her Taiji experience in meditations on the meanings of the characters, and further illustrates her ideas through stories and paintings. Honouring the mystery, imagery, and poetic ambiguity intrinsic to the Chinese language, the book celebrates the beauty of Chinese calligraphy. 115 pages. Illustrated by paintings and Chinese Calligraphy. North Atlantic.USA. Atlantic.USA. Softback. Over fifty exercises for building flexibility, preventing common injuries and rehabilitation; Conditioning. Weight training. Running. Strengthening. Resistive bands. Total Gym. Exercise ball. Nutrition. Step-by-step instructions, including photographs, for taping techniques: ankles, feet, toes, shins, knees, elbows, hip, fingers, and hands. Self-care: Ice vs. heat, identifying serious injuries, caring for minor injuries. Safety in training and competition. Tips on coping with: Blisters; Ankle Injuries; Back Pain; Knee Injuries; Groin Pulls; Shin Splints; Dehydration; Athlete's Foot; Asthma; Concussions; Head Injuries; Bruises and Swelling; Lacerations; Facial Injuries; Hyperextensions; Chronic Injuries; Emergencies. 383 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Turtle Turtle Press. USA. Softback. £17.50 Christoph Delp --- KICKBOXING. The Complete Guide to Conditioning, Technique Technique and Competition This training manual features kickboxing techniques, fitness for the ring. “Kickboxing” includes:■ The history, rules and regulations for different levels kickboxing completion. ■ A kickboxing fitness program. ■ Basic stance, footwork, fighting distance and legal targets explained. ■ Offensive and defensive techniques, combinations and feints. ■ Training programs for beginners, advanced kick boxers and competitors. ■ Competition guidelines. Contest preparation. Competition Strategy. The book is more aimed at beginners. 252 page pages. s. Illu Illust stra rate ted d by colou colourr photo photogr grap aphs hs.. Blue Blue Snak Snake. e. USA. USA. Soft Softba back ck.. £17.9 £17.999 Filipino £12.99 £16.99 £16.99 Medical Michael Kelly [Dr.] --- FIGHT MEDICINE. Diagnosis and Treatment Treatment of Co mbat Sports Injuries for Boxing, Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. “Fight Medicine” explains what medical professionals, fighters, trainers and managers need to know about diagnosing and treating combat sports injuries. Injured boxers, wrestlers and mixed martial artists who ignore injuries or fail to seek health care often pay for it with pain, frustration and lost training time. Fighters require specialized medical care from appropriately trained medical professionals. Dr. Kelly has packed “Fight Medicine” with information on the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of injuries and ailments suffered by fighters, including bone, joint and soft tissue injuries, neurological and cardiac conditions, pulmonary conditions and infectious diseases. 274 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 Trish Bare Grounds [PhD.] --[Second Edition] Edition] BARE ESSENTIALS GUIDE FOR MARTIAL ARTS INJURY CARE AND PREVENTION. This book is a reference for martial arts athletes, coaches and instructors. Written in easy to understand language, the guide addresses important self care issues for the martial arts athlete including: Stretching: Sheikh Shamsuddin --- THE MALAY ART OF SELF DEFENCE. Silat Seni Gayong. Silat Seni Gayong is little known martial art that instils a sense of self perseverance and spirituality. An introduction to the philosophy and techniques of this combat fighting art. The history, customs and traditions of this Malaysian form. 247 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs. photographs. Softback. Softback. North Atlantic Atlantic Books. Books. USA. USA. £12.99 Mark V. Wiley --- FILIPINO MARTIAL CULTURE: A SOURCEBOOK. The Filipino martial arts have a rich history that has been described in this book. The book describes the martial arts, masters, weapons, history and spirituality of the Philippines. The book charts the history of the Philippines, the culture of the Filipino martial arts, including warriors, weaponry,  biographical sketches of eighteen grand masters who represent the spectrum of Filipino martial culture. 375 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Tuttle Tuttle Japan / USA. £15.99 Mark V. Wiley --- THE SECRETS OF CABLES SERRADA ESCRIMA. Revised and Expanded Ed. of  "Filipino Martial Arts. Cables Serrada Escrima" Techniques, history and philosophy of the Filipino fighting arts. 184 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan / USA. £11.95 Amante P. Marinas --- PANANANDATA YANTOK AT DAGA. Filipino Stick and Dagger. Stick and dagger techniques from the Philippines. 77 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Paladin Press. USA. £ 6.99 Jeet Kune Do Ron Balicki with Steven Gold --- JEET KUNE DO. THE PRINCIPLES OF A COMPLETE FIGHTER. Ron Balicki takes elements from Jun Fan, Muay Thai boxing and shoot wrestling combined with JKD make a modern martial art. Sections on focus mitt training, weapons (stick and knife), multiple attackers, trapping, grappling and ground fighting. Forward by Dan Inosanto. 198 page pages. s. Illu Illust stra rate ted d by phot photogr ograp aphs hs.. HnL. HnL. USA. USA. Soft Softba back ck.. £11. £11.95 95 13 Vital Points Marc Tedeschi --- ESSENTIAL ANATOMY FOR HEALING AND MARTIAL ARTS. The basic concepts of the human body, as defined by both Western and Eastern medical traditions. An overview of Western anatomical concepts a nd Eastern medical principles. A comprehensive listing of Oriental pressure points and meridians in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean cross referenced to nerves, blood vessels and other anatomical points. Detailed principles of pressure  point fighting as used in traditional Asian martial Arts. 143 pages. Illustrated with anatomical diagrams and charts. Weatherhill. Weatherhill. USA. Softback. Aikido £17.99 12 Hapkido and Taekwondo Mark Tedeschi --- HAPKIDO. TRADITIONS. PHILOSOPHY. TECHNIQUE. An encyclopaedic volume on the history, traditions, philosophy of Hapkido. More than 9000 photographs, over 2000 martial art techniques including strikes, kicks, blocks, joint locks, chokes, throws, falls, avoiding movements and weapon techniques. Anatomy, meditation, healing and pressure point fighting etc. The book is printed on glossy paper and is library bound. [Lies flat when open] 1136 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Weatherhill. Weatherhill. USA. Hardback. £65.00 plus £ 5.00 UK postage. Scott Shaw --- ADVANCED TAEKWONDO. ■ Basi Basicc and and adv advan ance cedd tec techn hniq ique ues. s. ■ Ori Origi gins ns an phi philo loso soph phyy of of Taek Taekwo wond ndo. o. ■ Discussion and tips on mastering essential techniques. ■ Illustrated Poomse sequences, including the Taeguek forms and Black Belt forms. ■ Effective strategies and skills for self defence. ■ Weapon techniques including instruction in Kumdo. The Korean Art of the Sword. 210 pages. Illustrated by over 400 drawings. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan. Softback. £15.99 Mark Tedeschi --- TAEKWONDO. TAEKWONDO. TRADITIONS. PHILOSOPHY. TECHNIQUE An encyclopaedic volume on the history, traditions, philosophy of Taekwondo. More than 8600  photographs, over 700 core Taekwondo techniques including stances, footwork, hand strikes, elbow strikes, standing kicks, jump kicks, ground kicks, avoiding and blocking skills, step and self defence sparring, Olympic style sparring, breaking techniques, competition rules, current trends, 49 solo forms and patterns for including WTF and ITF forms. The book is printed on glossy paper and is library bound. [Lies flat when open] 894 pages. Illustrated by photographs. photographs. Weatherhill. USA. Hardback. £65.00 plus £ 5.00 UK postage. Mark Tedeschi --- TAEKWONDO. THE ESSENTIAL INTRODUCTION. A concise introduction to Taekwondo of all styles. Included are techniques, forms, history and  philosophy, self defence and vital points. 127 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Weatherhill Weatherhill USA. Hardback. £12.99 Doug Cook --Cook --- TAEKWONDO. ANCIENT WISDOM FOR THE MODERN WARRIOR. An introduction to Taekwondo history, meditation techniques, self defence. The concept of ki and the do. Philosophy. Martial arts and martial sports. This is not a technique book but a book about Taekwondo and there are many aspects about this book which are common to other martial arts such as discipline,  perseverance to gain a black belt etc. 220 pages. Illustrated by photographs. YMAA. USA. Softback. £17.95 Scott Shaw --- TAEKWONDO BASICS. From basic kicks to Training and Competition. Everything You Need to Get Started in Taekwondo Taekwondo A textbook of Taekwondo techniques. 192 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Tuttle. USA / Japan. £ 9.99 Maurice Elmalem --- THE WILL POWER. Fighting / Breaking Application Techniques in Taekwondo textbook. Self Defence, Fitness, Philosophy, Conditioning Warm ups. Running. Meditation. Stances. Kicking. Blocking. Falling. Striking. Equipment use. Weight training. Fighting and sparring. Vital points. Breaking techniques. Self defence. 352 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Hardback. Budo International USA. £32.00 Mark Tedeschi --- TAEKWONDO. COMPLETE WTF FORMS. 25 Taekwondo forms. The P'algwae, T'aeguk and World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt forms. More than 5000 photographs and 1200 drawings. Large comprehensive book. 512 pages. Well illustrated by photographs. Weatherhill Weatherhill USA Hardback. £56.00 Morihei Ueshiba and John Stevens --- THE SECRET TEACHINGS TEACHINGS OF AIKIDO “The Secret Teaching of Aikido” is a collection of the spiritual teachings of Morihei Ueshiba. In the book, Morihei Ueshiba explains how Aikido is both the spirit of love and the study of that spirit. The author reflects on the philosophy of Aikido, discussing how Aiki is the ki(chi), and how through use of Aikido's breathing techniques the aikidoka can achieve harmony. Morihei Ueshiba explains the essence of Takemusu aiki (valorous force of procreation and harmony), and Misogi (the ritual of   purifying oneself), as well as discussing Aikido's relationship to the spirit and body that form the very essence of Aikido. This book is more of a philosophical exploration than a practical guide, and an insight into this revered martial art, and the spiritual meditations of the man behind it. The book also includes many rare photographs of the Morihei Ueshiba, on both his techniques and his everyday life, and contains Morihei's doca (spiritual Japanese style poetry) in Japanese, English, and also in Romanization. The book is at times challenging and provocative. "The purpose of Aikido is to harmonize oneself with the divine, and work for a better world." Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. 149 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kodansha. Japan / USA. Hardback. Phong Thong Dang and Lynn Seiser --- AIKIDO. WEAPON TECHNIQUES. The Wooden Sword, Stick and Knife of Aikido. An introduction to the Ken [Wooden Sword], Jo [Wooden Staff], and Tanto [Wooden Knife] as used in Aikido. Stances, grips, techniques, defences, forms and training methods for each weapon. 1 24 24 pages. Illustrated by pho to tog ra raphs. Tutt le le. Japan. Softback. Phong Thong Dang and Lynn Seiser --- AIKIDO BASICS. From basic footwork and Throws and Demonstrations. Everything You Need to get Started in Aikido Aikido A textbook of Aikido techniques based on Aikikai Hombu Aikido. 192 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Softback. Tuttle. USA / Japan. £19.99 £11 .9 .9 9 £ 9.99 --- ADVANCED AIKIDO. Phong Thong Dang and Lynn Seiser ---ADVANCED An in-depth look at the art of Aikido. Chapters include : ■ Effective strategies and skills for self defence. ■ A look at the origins and philosophies of Aikido. Aikido. ■ Discussion on utilizing ki to i mprove effectiveness. effectiveness. ■ Examination of fundamental theories and concepts essential to understand Aikido. ■ Advanced techniques including throws, locks, counters, reversals and combinations. 214 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Softback. Tuttle. USA / Japan. £15.99 Gozo Shioda and Yasuhisa Shioda --- AIKIDO: THE COMPLETE BASIC TECHNIQUES. In “Aikido: the Complete Basic Techniques” Gozo Shioda, who studied Aikido under Morihei Ueshiba and founded Yoshinkan Aikido, details Aikido's basic techniques. This book deals with the basic throws and hold downs that form the beginnings of Aikido practice. Each technique is presented in concise, comprehensive, and lucid explanations accompanied by detailed photographs. Gozo Shioda demonstrates how the Basic Exercises that comprise the core of Aikido teaching assist the practitioner in focusing strength, and how that strength can be harnessed for wider applications. Also central to the Aikido  philosophy is the importance of synchronizing the spirit and achieving harmony with the opponent, and Gozo Shioda explains how this can be done through a selfless devotion to the techniques. 224 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Kodansha. Kodansha. Japan. Japan. Hardback Hardback.. £19.99 --- AIKIDO FOR SELF DISCOVERY. BLUEPRINT FOR AN ENLIGHTENED LIFE. Stan Wrobel ---AIKIDO An attempt to use the concepts of Aikido in everyday life. Chapters on awareness, receiving and blending, awareness of and from the centre, controlling and leading, perceptions, moving within the flow etc. 198 pages. All text. Llewellyn. USA. Softback. £10.99 14 Aikido Moriteru Ueshiba --- PROGRESSIVE AIKIDO. THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS. A guide to Aikido techniques and principles Through detailed explanations and photographs. The book is primary aimed at beginners. An excellent step by step logical approach to aikido. 195 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kodansha Japan. Hardback. £19.99 Kisshomaru Ueshiba --- THE ART OF AIKIDO. Principle s and Essential Techniques. This book was originally published in Japanese as "Aikido Shintei" in 1986. The book combines Aikido philosophy and Aikido techniques. Well photographed. 176 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Kodansha Kodansha Japan Hardback. Hardback. £19.99 Kanshu Sunadomari --- ENLIGHTENMENT THROUGH AIKIDO. A collection of essays written by Kanshu Sunadoromari who was a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba  before World War 11. The essay contains quotes from Morihei Ueshiba as well as interpretations of  Morihei Ueshiba's spiritual teachings. 165 pages. pages. Illus Illustra trated ted by photogr photograph aphs. s. North North Atlant Atlantic. ic. USA. USA. Softba Softback ck.. £13.99 £13.99 Shiro Omiya --- THE HIDDEN ROOTS OF AIKIDO. AIKI JUJUTSU DAITORYU. SECRETS TECHNIQUES OF AN ANCIENT MARTIAL ART "The Hidden Roots of Aikido" offers a detailed visual introduction to techniques of the Daitoryu tradition. Illustrated with photographs, it gives a demonstration of about 90 techniques. Daitoryu's historical background, philosophy and theory are covered. The roots of Aikido are in Daitoryu and the similarities and differences can be seen. seen . 216 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kodansha International. Japan / USA. Hardback. £22.00 Gozo Shioda with Yasuhisa Shioda --- TOTAL AIKIDO. THE MASTER COURSE. Comprehensive and fully illustrated, "Total Aikido", covers the basic postures and movements with special emphasis on key points for perfecting technique. Demonstrations of the techniques are explained, with suggestions of how control and synchronise movements with the opponents movement. 209 pages. Illustrated by drawings drawings and and step by step step photographs. Kodansha Japan. Hardback. Hardback. £24.00 Moriteru Ueshiba --- THE AIKIDO MASTER COURSE: Best Aikido. Continued from " Best Aikido: The Fundamentals"  Fundamentals" , this new book deals with advanced techniques, All the techniques in "The Aikido Master Course: Best Aikido 2" are based on a proper understanding of the principles taught in Best Aikido: The Fundamentals Fundamentals  but applied in a broader manner against a variety of unarmed and armed attacks, and more than one attacker. 208 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Hardcover. Kodansha. Japan. Kisshomaru Ueshiba --- THE ART OF AIKIDO. Principle s and Essential Techniques. This book was originally published in Japanese as "Aikido Shintei" in 1986. The book combines Aikido philosophy and Aikido techniques. Well photographed. 176 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Kodansha Kodansha Japan Hardback. Hardback. John Stevens and Walther V. Krenner --- TRAINING WITH THE MASTER. Lessons with Morihei Ueshiba. Founder o f Aikido. The book contains a short biography of Morihei Ueshiba, photographs of Morihei Ueshiba on and off  the mat, and "The Art of Peace" by John Stevens. 139 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Shimbhala. Shimbhala. USA £25.00 £19.99 Gordon E. Perrigard --[Reprint] ARWROLOGY. ARWROLOGY. All-Out Hand-to-Hand Fighting for Commandos, Military, and Civilians. Arwrology is derived from the old Welsh word arwr, meaning an al l-out hand-to-hand fighter. It was developed by Gordon E. Perrigard, a Canadian medical doctor who combined his knowledge of jujitsu with his knowledge of human anatomy to come up with this devastatingly effective close-in combat system. Arwrology was originally released in 1943 in Canada for use in training combatants for World War II. Includes exercises, attacking methods, defence against a gun, use of a dagger, strangle hold defences and simple tricks etc. 294 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £15.99 Greg Thompson and Kid Peligro --- H2H Combat: Modern Army Combatives. When troops on the modern battlefield are forced to fight without weapons, they fall back on many of the expert techniques made accessible here for martial art students of all levels. Modern clinching, effective striking, and grappling techniques are detailed, along with weapon takeaway strategies and defences against opponents with knives. The step-by-step photos and thoroughly detailed movements are intended not only to train combat troops but also to empower citizens to protect themselves in dangerous situations. Greg Thompson instructor for the US Army and Special Forces demonstrates the critical skills of  hand-to-hand combat in this training manual. 256 page pages. s. Illu Illust stra rate ted d by colou colourr photo photogr grap aphs hs.. Invi Invisi sibl blee Citi Cities es Pres Presss US Soft Softba back ck £25.99 £25.99 Capt. E. Hartley Leather --- COMBAT WITHOUT WEAPONS. [Reprint .] This handbook was written during World War II, not for commandos or professional wrestlers, but for Canada’s Home Guard, that is, for ordinary people. The continued interest in and demand for an illustrated book on this subject resulted in its reissue in its wartime format. The author, of the Royal Canadian Artillery, believes that knowledge of self defence is a sound investment on anybody’s part at any time, not just during war, and he sets out to provide that knowledge. 48 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 4.99 Rex Applegate and Chuck Melson --- CLOSE COMBAT FILES OF COLONEL REX APPLEGATE. The story of how Col. Rex Applegate, William Fairbairn, Eric Sykes and Wild Bill Donovan trained and employed OSS and MID commandos during WWII. Includes the facts behind the development of point shooting, knife fighting, hand-to-hand combat and a staggering number of other fighting skills as taught by the top instructors of the era. Contains rare archival photos and the Colonel's graphic original lesson plans. 202 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £19.99 16 £12.99 --- AIKIDO AND THE DYNAMIC SPHERE. An Illustrated Introduction. A Westbrook and O. Ratti ---AIKIDO The now classic textbook on Aikido techniques. 375 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Softback. Tuttle Tuttle Japan £18.99 15 Combatives Jack Dempsey and Frank G. Menke --- HOW TO FIGHT TOUGH. A Second World World War hand to ha nd combat technique book by Jac k Dempsey. 128 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin. USA. Softback. Charles Nelson [Foreword by Carl Cestari] --CHARLES NELSON'S NELSON'S SCHOOL OF SELF - DEFENSE. The Red and and Gray Manuals Manuals [Reprint] Charles Nelson joined the Marine Corps in 1934 and learned hand-to-hand combat, bayonet fighting and  jiu-jitsu from Colonel Anthony J. Drexel Biddle. When he left the military after World War II, he opened his School of Self Defence in New York City. During the five decades of operation, Nelson's school taught hundreds of men, women and children. Charles Nelson published two manuals on self defence, referred to as the "Little Red Manual" and the "Little Gray Manual,". These two manuals have been combined to give an introduction to the Nelson system of self defence. 102 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £10.99 [Reprint] £ 9.99 Combatives A.J. Drexel Biddle --- DO OR DIE. [Reprint] A Supplementary Manual on Individual Combat. “Do or Die” served as an official training guide for the U.S. Marines when it was originally  published in 1937. This manual of hand to hand combat tells soldiers how to survive using bayonet fencing, knife fighting, jiujutsu, savate and boxing. Lt. Col. A.J. Drexel Biddle was an expert in sword, bayonet,  broadsword, dagger and epée. 74 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Paladin Paladin Press Press USA. Softback. Softback. £ 6.99 W. E. Fairbairn --- ALL-IN FIGHTING. [Reprint] Reprint of Fairbairn’s Second World War[1942] hand to hand combat manual. The British edition of “Get Tough”. 128 Ill t t d b d i . P l di P USA. S ftb k £ 7 99 W. E. Fairbairn --- GET TOUGH. The American edition of of “All-In Fighting” first published in 1942. A Second World War War unarmed combat manual. 121 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press USA. S of oftback. [Reprint ] W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes --- SHOOTING TO LIVE. [Reprint] “Shooting to Live” is the product of Fairbairn's and Sykes' practical experience with the handgun. Life incidents provided the basis for the book. The book teaches the concepts, considerations and applications of combat pistol craft. 96 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 9.99 £12.99 £ 7.99 Rex Applegate --- KILL OR GET KILLED. [1943 Edition] [Reprint] A Manual of Hand to Hand Fighting. 1943 Edition. “Kill or Get Killed” by Colonel Rex Applegate has been considered one of the most influential books on Close quarters combat ever published. The book was revised extensively for the 1976 edition. This is a reprint of the rare 1943 edition, written for combat use in World War II. Contains chapters about unarmed offence, disarming, attack with miscellaneous weapons, strangulations, the fighting knife, hand gun offence, close combat tactics, indoor combat course etc. When “Kill or Get Killed” was first released, British Army Capt. Eric A. Sykes, veteran of the Shanghai Municipal Police and one of  Applegate's earliest instructors, wrote, "It is the first book, a s far as my knowledge goes, to deal with the subject on sensible lines and without doubt will replace what I can only describe and always think of as peace time methods." 183 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 [Please state that you are ordering the 1 943 Edition] Rex Applegate --- KILL OR GET GET KILLED. KILLED. [Revised and Enlarged Enlarged 1976 Edition] The book details methods of self defence, offensive close combat, combat shooting and crowd control techniques in riot situations. Contains unarmed combat, use of the hand gun, knife defence, disarming,  prisoner handling police baton techniques, riot control etc. 421 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £18.99 [Please state that you are ordering the Rev ised and Enlarged 1976 Edition] SPECIAL FORCES. FORCES. Close Quarter Combat Manual. This is the manual used to train the BATFE assault force that conducted the raid against the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. The techniques of using guns / pistols in siege situations. Includes task evaluation, barrier penetration, safety tactics and procedures. [Restricted sale to Police, Army and dedicated martial artists etc.] 184 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Paladin Paladin Press Press USA. Softback. Softback. "English Gangster Methods." This manual was printed in 1942 for German troops in occupied Norway and is not believed to have been distributed outside that country. It remained largely unknown until rediscovered in 2001. “Silent Killing. Nazi Counters to Fairbairn-Sykes Techniques” is the first English translation of the German wartime manual. It contains the original German text and photographs, the English translation annotations, and a foreword by Phil Mathews, which gives information about the origins of the manual, how the Germans obtained the "secret" Allied training documents and the state of close combat instruction in Germany and Britain before and during World War II. 113 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin USA. Softback. Ronald Shillingford --THE ELETE FORCES HANDBOOK OF UNARMED COMBAT How soldiers defend themselves in an unarmed situation against multiple assailants, knife attacks, bayonet attacks, firearms, chokes, headlocks etc. Self defence and martial arts techniques in differing situations. 192 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Amber Amber Books UK. Softback. £ 3.99 United States Naval Institute --- HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT. [Reprint] [Originally published by the United States Naval Institute in 1943] The program shown in this book was designed to train sailors and naval aviators of World War II in the techniques of "commando tactics," with ju jitsu, boxing, wrestling and other fighting systems. The books goal was to teach efficient method[s] of overcoming the enemy in a manner most suitable to the execution of the mission. In eleven chapters, “Hand-to-Hand Combat” covers training tips, vulnerable targets, the fundamentals of close-in fighting, frontal and rear attacks, prisoner search and control techniques, disarming pistols, rifles, clubs and knives etc. A classic historical book in U.S. military close-quarters combat training. 239 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA Softback. £22.99 Bayonets R. A. Lidstone --- BLOODY BAYONETS. BAYONETS. The Complete Guide to Bayonet Fighting. [Reprinted] Reprinted edition from first edition 1942. Second World War bayonet fighting techniques. 68 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Naval and Military Press. UK. Softback. £ 4.50 18 £14.50 17 Combatives Chuck Melson --- COMBAT CONDITIONING [Reprint.] The Classic U.S. Marine Corps Physical Training and Hand to Hand Combat Course The classic USMC combat conditioning course as taught at the Officer Candidate School. Besides the “Marines” Physical Training program, the book includes instruction in unarmed combat, use of knives, clubs and silent weapons,  pistol disarming, bayonet drills and more. In the foreword, Charles Melson gives a history of the development of Marine close-combat programs from the turn of the twentieth century. He provides details on the contributions of figures as Biddle, Fairbairn, Sykes, Styers and O’Neill. 362 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin USA. Softback. £16.99 SILENT KILLING. NAZI COUNTERS TO FAIRBAIRN-SYKES TECHNIQUES. The Annotated English Translation Translation of the Classic German World War II Manual “Silent Killing” was the name given to the lethal techniques for dispatching  Nazi sentries and other German troops that close combat instructors W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes taught to Allied soldiers, paratroopers and commandos during World War War II. The techniques were so effective that the German Army Command was forced to develop counters to what they termed Knife Combat [Reprint.] John Styers and Karl Schuon --- COLD STEEL. Techniques Techniques of Close Combat The practice aspect of bayonet, knife and stick fighting, and short courses in unarmed combat and knife throwing. Originally published in 1952. A classic book. 189 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin USA. Softback. £12.99 Christopher Grosz and Michael D. Janich --CONTEMPORARY KNIFE TARGETING. TARGETING. Modern Science vs. W. E. Fairbairn's Timetable of Death. William E. Fairbairn’s Timetable of Death, a section in Fairbairn’s book All-In Fighting that identifies the major  arteries of the human body and lists the amount of time it would take to bleed to unconsciousness or death when any of these blood vessels are severed, has been used for years as a standard reference tool by students of edged weapon tactics. But when Colorado police officer Christopher Grosz began studying the timetable to validate its use as a reference for law enforcement responses to edged weapon attacks, he made a discovery. The information in it was flawed. Grosz began a thorough analysis of Fairbairn’s work, human anatomy, and the realities of effective knife targeting and later teamed up with knife expert Michael Janich to document it all in Contemporary Knife Targeting. The research in this book was conducted with the help of recognized experts in both the medical and tactical fields. It takes advantage of modern medical studies directly related to the effects of edged weapons on the human body. It also reveals the real purpose behind Fairbairn’s original Timetable and expands its scope to include the full spectrum of targets on the human  body that are vulnerable to knife attacks. The result is a modern, medically accurate version of Fairbairn’s original timetable, plus contemporary self defence applications. Paladin Press. Illustrated by photographs. 152 pages. Softback. £13.99 Christopher Scott Thompson and Louie Pastore --- HIGHLAND KNIFE FIGHTING. With the Dirk and Sgian. Highland Knife Fighting traces the historical roots of the Highland dirk, which is believed to be descended from the medieval ballock dagger and provides step by step instructions and photographs in how the Highlanders used the knife. Lessons include holding, carrying, and using the dirk with a sword and targe, choosing the proper guards, responding to sudden attacks from in and out of distance and executing the throw from Highland wrestling. Also included are exercises and drills, including quick draw drill and combative techniques of the Scottish dirk dance positions. 111 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback.  296 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Thorsons. UK. Softback. £ 8.95 Philip Elmore --- STREET SWORD. SWORD. Practical Use of the Long Blade for Self Defence. Has chapters on “Mechanics of the Sword” and “Fighting Theory”, but not at all practical for self defence. A Japanese sword is used but this is a not Japanese style or method. 83 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £ 7.99 Rex Applegate --- COMBAT USE OF THE DOUBLE EDGED FIGHTING KNIFE. The booklet is based on W. E. Fairbairn close quarter knife combat, developed in World War II. Contains information on the grip, stance, tactics, vital points, throwing knife, knife maintenance, knife defence and the knife sheath. 38 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press USA. Softback. James Loriega --- SEVILLIAN SEVILLIAN STEEL. The Traditional Knife Fighting Arts of Spain. Spanish knife fighting. 169 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin USA. Softback. £ 4.50 £11.99 Ninjutsu Donn F. Draeger --- NINJUTSU. The Art of Invisibility. Invisibility. Facts, Legends and Techniques. A reprint of Donn Dreager’s book on Ninjutsu. Training, skills, operating techniques, costume, tools, weapons, tactics, facts and legends of the ninja. 143 pa pages. Illustrated by drawings. Tuttle USA / Japan. Softback. Knife Throwing Ralph Thorn --- COMBAT KNIFE THROWING. A New Approach Approach to Knife Throwing and Knife Fighting Ralph Thorn differentiates between “circus” knife throwing and “combat” knife throwing. How to balance a knife for throwing. How to build targets. How to practice the various combat throwing techniques with emphasis on safety and practicality. 11 4 pag es es. Illustrated by drawing s. s. Paladin Press. USA. So ft ftback. £ 7.5 0 Martial Arts Fiction £ 1 2 .9 9 Martial Arts Steven Jones --- THE INTELLIGENT WARRIOR. Command Personal Power with Martial Arts Strategies Drawing on the principles and practice of Kung Fu, Dynamic Meditation and Chi Kung , Steven Jones shows how to train the mind and body. Contents include :Understanding the mind body connection. ■ Meditation. Giving presentations and speeches with confidence. Sharpen concentration and work more efficiently. ■ Chi Kung. Keep cool and defuse arguments. ■ Martial science.     Jay Gluck --Gluck --- ZEN COMBAT AND THE SECRET POWER CALLED KI. Revised edition of the 1963 classic book. Includes karate [Mas. Oyama and Gogen Yamaguchi], kendo, naginata, kyudo, sumo aikido ninja and a new chapter on "ki". 288 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Personally Oriented Japan . Softback. Morihei Ueshiba [Translated by John Stevens] --- The Secret Teachings of Aikido £ 6.95 £ 7.50 Hiroshi Moriya [Translated by William Scott Wilson] --THE 36 SECRET STRATEGIES OF THE MARTIAL ARTS. The Classic Chinese Guide for Success in War, Business, and Life. “The 36 Secret Strategies of the Martial Arts” is a collection of ancient Chinese maxims that encapsulate some of the Far East's most cunning tactics for battle and deception, and offer invaluable insights into facets of the Oriental mind. Each of these strategies represents a distilled nugget of Chinese wisdom. Hiroshi Moriya, an acknowledged authority on Chinese culture and philosophy, published a book in Japanese in which he analyzed and explained these strategies. He then used examples from ancient and recent history to further elucidate their meaning. The volume is organized into six parts (Strategies for Victory in Battle, Strategies for Engaging the Enemy, Strategies for Attack, Strategies for Ambiguous Situations, Strategies for Unified Battle, and Strategies for a Lost Battle), with six chapters in each part. 256 pages. All text. Kodansha. Japan / USA. Hardback. £10.99 20 Weapons £ 9.99 19 Shuhei Fujisawa [Translated by Gavin Frew] --BAMBOO SWORD and other Japanese tales. Historical fiction. A collection of eight stories of eighteenth century Japan, when peace begins after centuries of warfare. It is a period of upheaval and change as the rulers carve out their territories and clan politics are full of intrigue, rivalry and betrayals. The samurai are still valued for their  swordsmanship, but without battles to fight, the struggle to retain their sense of pride and meaning. 253 pages. All text. Kodansha. Japan. Hardback. Be safer and more confident when you walk home at night. Serge Mol --- CLASSICAL WEAPONRY OF JAPAN. Special Weapons Weapons and Tactics of the Martial Arts. A survey of classical weapons of Japan. The book focuses on kobuki (small minor weapons), hibuki (secret weapons) and kakushibuki (hidden weapons). Previously unknown weapons are listed. 217 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Kodansha Kodansha Japan. Japan. Hardback. Hardback. David Grant --- KNUCKLE DUSTERS AND KNUCKLE KNIVES A collection of photographs with with text of knuckle and knuck le knives, made famous by the famous “trench knife” of World War I. These weapons are categorized by a tough metal band that covers the knuckles and adds considerable protection and striking ability to the hands. Often linked with gangsters and thugs, brass knuckles are no more inherently evil than any other handheld weapon, have been used by combat soldiers and police, and are a alternative to guns and knives for  self defence but remain vilified and outlawed in many places. 181 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Iron Wave. Canada. Softback. David Grant --- HISTORY OF KNUCKLE DUSTERS. The Ultimate Close Quarters Weapon. For more than a century, knuckle dusters and brass knuckles have rested in the pockets of those who need a small, handy impact weapon that is easily concealed and inexpensive to produce. History of  Knuckle Dusters shows the actual knuckles through their history, including wartime knuckles, modern customs and mass produced examples. An amazing array of designs and materials has gone into knuckle dusters, and their popularity is even greater today among collectors and those who use them for protection. 89 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. Paladin Paladin Press. Press. USA. Softback. Softback. £22.99 £11.99 £ 7.99 --- TAIHO - JUTSU. LAW AND ORDER IN THE AGE OF THE SAMURAI. Don Cunningham ---TAIHO A detailed look at the weapons of of the Samurai "policeman" of the Edo period of Japan (1603 - 1836 ) including the Jutte [Iron truncheon], tessen [Iron fan], yori bo [Wooden staff], torinawa [Arresting ropes] and many other weapons are discussed. Arresting techniques are shown. 178 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Tuttle. Tuttle. USA / Japan. Hardback Hardback.. £17.99 Sword Fighting Dwight C. McLemore --- THE FIGHTING SWORD. Illustrated Techniques Techniques and Concepts. The “Fighting Sword” is a textbook for sword fighting, the concepts, techniques and combat scenarios. Dwight C. McLemore gives a course in how to balance form and function in a sword and then focuses on tactical techniques and concepts. He teaches how to train by using visualization and training partners, as well as how to instantly evaluate an opponent, his weapon, the terrain and environment, and advantages or disadvantages in various combat scenarios. Following instructions and illustrations, learn how to master cuts, thrusts,  blocks, and parries, which can then use for the more advanced techniques of disruption, working the inner circle, and single hand use. 257 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £19.99 Wim Demeere and Loren Christensen --- Training FIGHTER’S GUIDE TO HARD-CORE HEAVY BAG TRAINING. Heavy bag training develops power, form, speed, timing, endurance, and explosiveness. How to choose the right bag for your needs. How to hang it and how to care for it so it lasts for years. Learn the types of impacts and how to make the best use of them for specific situations, drills to maximize your fitness level and fighting ability, creative ways to grapple a heavy bag, including chokes, takedowns and arm  bars and how to avoid the most common mistakes in heavy bag training. 250 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £14.99 21 Martial Arts Thomas A. Green [Edited] --- MARTIAL ARTS OF THE WORLD: AN ENCYCLOPAEDIA " Martial Arts of the World" explores the cultural legacy of the martial arts. Nearly 100 A- to -Z entries that constitute well researched essays on martial arts topics. Highlights include: ■ Keit Keithh Ott Otter erbe bein in on Duel Duelli ling ng ■ G. Came Camero ronn Hur Hurst st III III on on Ken Kendo do ■ Philip Zarrilli on Performing Performing arts and the Martial Arts ■ Karl Friday on Samurai ■ Joseph Joseph Alter Alter on Indian Indian Wrestling Wrestling ■ John Clements Clements on Renaissanc Renaissancee European European Swordsman Swordsmanship ship ■ William Bodiford on Religion and Spiritual Development in the Japanese Martial Arts ■ Chi-hs Chi-hsiu iu D. Weng on Chines Chinesee Wres Wrestlin tlingg ■ Tommy Tommy Gong Gong on Jeet Kung Kung Do Do ■ Stanley E. Henning and Thomas A. Green on Folklore in the Martial Arts ■ Mikael S. Adolphson on the Sohei, the Warrior Warrior Monks of Japan ■ D'Arcy Jonathon Darcy Boulton on Religious Order of of Knighthood " Martial Arts of the World" deals with history, philosophy and evolution of the martial arts, coverage of contemporary practice, cross references to related topics and bibliographic citations to sources and translations for students, practitioners and researchers. 894 pages. Two Volumes. Hardback. Illustrated by photographs. ABC CLIO International USA / UK. Including Including UK postage. £79.99 Miyamoto Musashi [Translated by Thomas Cleary] Cleary] --- THE BOOK OF FIVE RINGS. A classic book with a clear translation and interpretation. 115 pages. All text. Shambhala Shambhala USA Softback. £10.99 Kevin O'Hagan --- RELENTLESS. My Endless Pursuit of the Warrior Way. The story of Kevin O'Hagan. Learning martial arts in the 1970's to teaching Combat Combat Ju Jutsu today. A frank story of his life in the martial arts and how he found an art that he understands. 200 pages. New Breed UK. Softback. £12.99 Miyamoto Musashi [ Translated by William Scott Wilson ] --- THE BOOK OF FIVE RINGS A new translation of The Book of Five Rings by the translator of "Hagukure" and "The Unfettered Mind". 157 pages. Kodansha International. Japan / USA. Hardback. £13.99 Included is a new translation of the "Book of Five Rings" along with four other texts on strategy, all with commentary. Also covered is the evolution of budo, or martial arts practice for self cultiva tion. Musashi's influence on contemporary practice. The founding of Musashi's two sword school. Weapons and ethics in swordsmanship traini ng. Softback. £19.99 488 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Shambhala Shambhala USA / UK. Hardback. £27.00 Yagyu Munenori [Translated by William Scott Wilson] --- THE LIFE GIVING SWORD Secret Teachings Teachings from the H ouse of the Shogun An English language version of the classic text on the art of No-Sword by seventeenth century swordsman Yagyu Munedori. 192 pages. Illustrated by two photographs and and scroll drawings. Kodansha Japan Hardback. £12.99 Byong Yu with Tom Bleecker --- INSIDE U. How to Become a Master of Your Own Destiny Taekwondo master Byong Yu bibliography and a guide book to discovering your own path. 183 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. £ 9.99 22 Martial Arts Robert W. Smith --- MARTIAL MARTIAL MUSINGS. A Portrayal of Martial Arts in the 20th. Century Robert Smith has practiced, taught and written on the Asian martial arts for more than fifty years. The book contains his experience an thoughts on the martial arts over that time. Some of the topics covered include theory and practice, portrayals of leading Asian Instructors, profiles of Westerners, who studied the arts and a historical record of the evolution of fighting arts in the West. 390 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. Via Media. Media. USA. Hardback. Hardback. £34.50 Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang --- THE WAY OF THE CHAMPION. Lessons From Sun Tzu’s The Art of War and Other Tao Wisdom for Sports and Life Applying Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” to competition, the book gives the mental and psychological approach to winning contests. Lessons and examples of how to develop the drive and mentality of a winner. 206 page pages. s. All All text text.. Tuttl uttle. e. Japa Japan. n. Soft Softba back ck.. £10.9 £10.999 William Scott Wilson --- THE LONE SAMURAI. The Life of Miyamoto Musashi. The biography of Miyamoto Musashi, swordsman samurai, spiritual seeker and author of  "The Book of Five Rings". A very well researched book, using Japanese source material, William Scott Wilson charts the life of Miyamoto Musashi. Also listed are the books and film made about him after his death. 288 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kodansha International. Japan. Hardback. Michael Rosenbaum --- KATA AND THE TRANSMISSION OF KNOWLEDGE. In Traditional Martial Arts Michael Rosenbaum takes the meaning of "kata" to be the learning of pre arranged fighting techniques. With this definition he scans through many differing cultures and societies at differing time periods to discover how these societies acquired the knowledge to fight. Thus you are with the ancient Greeks one moment and the Zulus the next. Thus there is only a glimpse of the concept of kata in the Japanese context. He also show how Poetry, Dance and Song were used as methods of remembering and learning fighting techniques through the ages. 198 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Softback. YMAA. USA. --- AUTUMN LIGHTING. THE EDUCATION OF AN AMERICAN SAMURAI David Lowry ---AUTUMN [New edition] The story of David Lowry's experience in learning a classic school of Japanese swordsmanship. 179 pages. Illustrated with a few photographs. Shambhala. Shambhala. USA. Softback. £12.99 £14.95 £13.00 Kenji Tokitsu [Translated [Translated by Sherab Chodzin Kohn] --KI AND TH E WAY OF THE MARTIAL ARTS How to cultivate Ki for the martial arts and the understanding of Seme (taking the mind of the opponent) and Ma (spatial distance) in martial combat 105 pages. Illustrated by a few photographs.Shambhala photographs.Shambhala USA Softback. £10.99 Nicklaus Suino --- ARTS OF STRENGTH. ARTS OF SERENITY. MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING FOR MENTAL, FOR MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH. A study of the aims, philosophy and the cultural aspects of the martial arts. The three martial virtues of strength, courage and loyalty are studied. The relationship between budo and Zen. Training the mind as well as the body. 118 pages. Weatherhill. Weatherhill. Japan / USA. Softback. £ 6.99 Kenji Tokitsu Tokitsu [Translated [Translated by Sherab Chodzin Kohn] --- MIYAMOTO MUSASHI. His Life and Writings. Includes a new translation of the "Book o f Five Rings" with commentary and annotations. The book is in three parts:1. Biography of Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi. 2. Musashi's Writings. 3. Miyamoto Musashi and the martial arts. Nicklaus Suino --- BUDO MIND AND BODY. Training Secrets of the Japanese Martial Arts A study of the aims, philosophy and the cultural aspects of the martial arts. The three martial virtues of strength, courage and loyalty are studied. The relationship between budo and Zen. Training the mind as well as the body. This is a revised and updated edit ion of the book previously published with the title "Arts of Strength, Arts of Serenity". 144 pages. Weatherhill. Weatherhill. USA Hardback. 220 pages. Illustrated by colour photographs. Victory Belt Publishing. Publishing. USA. Softback. £12.99 Antonio Cuevas and Jennifer Lee [Editors] --MARTIAL ARTS ARE NOT JUST FOR KICKING BUTT. An Anthology of Writings on Martial Arts. An anthology of martial arts writing including Capoeira, Aikido, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Ju Jutsu and Tai Chi Chuan. Bera Almeida, John F. Gilbey, Bruce Thomas etc. 191 pages. pages. North North Atlant Atlantic ic Books. Books. USA. USA. Softba Softback ck.. £12.99 £12.99 23 Jujutsu Dr. G. Kikuta --- 25 LESSONS IN OFFICIAL JIU - JITSU as Taught in the Japanese Army and Navy including the Vital Touches, Methods of Vivification and Advanced Combat Tricks. Tricks. These 25 lessons in official Jiu-Jitsu fully explain all the advanced methods of self-defence which are taught in the Japanese Army and Navy. An early introduction to jujitsu. Republished facsimile edition from first edition 1905. Including Post and Packing. 156 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Combat Art Archive UK. Softback. £12.50 H. Irving Hancock --Hancock --- JIU-JITSU COMBAT TRICKS. [Reprint] Japanese Feats of Attack and Defence in Personal Encounter Illustrated by photographs of "jiu-jitsu tricks". One of the first self instructional texts to use  photographs. Chapters on preliminary training, throat holds, defence from throat holds, tripping, throws over the shoulder, boxing and jiu-jitsu , defence against a boxer, speed and agility, keeping victim helpless, guards against boxing blows, stopping a fugitive. A very early book by H. I. Hancock  who went on to write "The Complete Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu". Reprinted from 1st. edition 1904. 151 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 --- The Game of Ju-Jutsu Taro Miyake and Yukio Tani ---The First published in 1906. Reprinted. Edited and reformatted. A classic and very rare book from the start of last century. Spiral bound. 88 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Combat Arts Archive. UK. Softback. £15.50 W. H. Garrud --- THE COMPLETE JUJITSUAN. [Reprint] “The Complete Jujitsuan”, first published 1914 covers jujutsu techniques, breakfalls, standing defences, tripping and throwing, ground locks and ground manoeuvres, a section on jujitsu vs. boxing, plus general hints on how to train safely and effectively. Step by step from cine photographs illustrate the text. 136 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 8.95 --- AMERICAN POLICE JIU-JITSU. S. J. Jorgensen ---AMERICAN [Reprint.] Jorgensen, an internationally famous jiu-jitsu instructor, developed the course contained in American Police JiuJitsu to teach applied jiu-jitsu to police departments all over the world, including the Federal Bureau of  Investigation and the Royal Canadian Northwest Mounted Police, as well as to members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army and various National Guard units. Then, seeing the need for this information to be available to civilians, he published this book in 1930 and sold it to satisfied customers all over the world. Containing 150  photographs and fifty lessons in the practical application of jiu-jitsu, American Police Jiu-Jitsu demonstrates aggressive self defence moves for disarming assailants armed with guns, knives and clubs. 64 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 8 . 99 P er erc y L on on gh gh ur ur st st --- - J UU- JU JU TS TSU AN AND JU JU DO DO . [ Re Rep ri ri nt nt ] Originally published in 1929 and based on the teachings of Barton Wright, who introduced ju-jutsu to England. This book shows ju-jutsu / judo throws and holds and self defence methods. A classic book of its time. 64 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £ 5.95 Gracie Jujutsu Dave Camarillo and Erich Krauss --GUERRILLA JIU JITSU. Revolutionizing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu textbook. With over eight hundred coloured step by step photographs with descriptive captions, throws, grip fighting, transitions from throws to submissions and some flying attacks are described in detail. Standing throws and ground work are shown. £18.99 24 Judo B. J. Cosneck --Cosneck ---AMERICAN AMERICAN COMBAT JUDO. [Reprint.] American Combat Judo, is a training session in vicious close-in fighting skills. Cosneck combines elements of jiu-jitsu, boxing, wrestling, savate and plain old dirty fighting into an easy-to-learn set of practical unarmed combat techniques designed to incapacitate any attacker as quickly and painfully as possible. 124 pa pages. Il Illustrated by by ph photographs. Pa Paladin Press. US USA. So Softback. £ 10 10.99 Peter Seisenbacher and George Kerr --- MODERN JUDO. Techniques Techniques of East and West In "Modern Judo" former Olympic Champion Peter Seisenbacher and coach George Kerr explain judo techniques, drawing on the practice of the martial art from which judo evolved, and on both the Eastern and Western styles of the combat sport today. "Modern Judo" offers a unique approach to improving  judo performance. Techniques and training for competition, Eastern and Western styles, development of judo into a sport, introduction of Judo to the West, commentaries and photographs of competitions. 192 pa pages. Illustrated by photographs. Crowood. UK. So Softback £ 7.99 Jigoro Kano [Translated by Nancy H. Ross] --- MIND OVER MUSCLE. Writings from the Founder of Judo. A collection of the writings of Jigoro Kano from 1889 to 1936. The book is divided into three sections. The development of Judo, the Spirit of Judo and Judo training. 155 pages. Kodansha. Japan. Hardback. £11.99 Mark Tedeschi --- THE ART OF GROUND FIGHTING: PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES. Chokes, head locks, joint techniques, pins, ground kicks, defence and counters. Illustrated by photographs. Weatherhill Weatherhill USA. Hardback. £25.00 Jigoro Kano [Edited by the Kodokan Editorial Committee] --- KODOKAN JUDO. Reprinted classic Judo textbook. Contain everything from basic Judo to Judo Kata to Randori. 264 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kodansha. Japan. Softback. Keiko Fukuda --- JU - NO - KATA. A Kodokan Textbook. Revised and Expanded from Born for the Mat. Reprint and a expanded version of  "Born for the Mat. A Kodokan Textbook for Women". Ju - no - Kata in detail. 176 pages. Illustrated by photographs. North Atlantic Books. USA. Softback. Kyuzo Mifune [Translated by Francoise White] --THE CANON OF JUDO. Classic Teachings on Principles of Techniques. Techniques. Reprint of the classic book  . Traditional Judo techniques demonstrated by Kyuzo Mifune. Some revisions have been made and the book has been completely re-translated with a new layout. 253 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Hardback. Kodansha. Japan. £18.99 £16.99 £22.00 Takahiko Ishikawa and Donn Draeger --- JUDO TRAINING METHODS. A SOURCEBOOK  Judo Training Methods is a reprint of a classic Judo book first published in 1962. The text is divided into two parts. The first part is a general evaluation of physical judo, the classification of exercise and muscle groups, kinesiological principles and ends with judo and weight training. The second  part starts with preparatory exercises and then supplementary, compound compound and auxiliary exercises. Over 1000 photographs and 200 conditioning exercises. 324 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan. Softback. £18.99 Patricia Harrington --- JUDO BASICS. PRINCIPLES, RULES, AND RANKINGS. Kyuzo Mifune. Subjects Based on the Teachings of Kyuzo Mifune The book is bases on a syllabus written by Kyuzo include:- a brief history of Judo, principles and aims, the dojo, equipment, ranking system, warm up and cool down exercises, kumikata, Gokyo - no - waza, ukemi, uchikomi, learning how to  become an instructor, the roll of the coach, International Judo Rules. The book shows many techniques in the form of line drawings. 200 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Kodansha International. Japan / USA. Hardback. £25.00 25 Judo History Michel Brouse and David Matsumoto --- JUDO IN THE U. S. A Century of Dedication. Dedication. The history of judo in the United States, the book traces more than 100 years of the history of judo in America. A good reference guide to early ju jutsu books and an interesting selection of photographs. 160 pages. Illustrated by photographs. North Atlantic Books. USA. Softback. £18.00 Makiwara and Heavy Bag Brian Struchtemeyer --- DOES A BROKEN BOARD EQUAL A BROKEN NOSE? Training Training to Achieve the Striking Force Proven to Stop an Attacker Precisely how hard do you have to hit to stop an attacker? And how do you train to develop that level of force? In this training guide, Brian Struchtemeyer investigates the nature and practical use of surrogate targets, including the heavy bag and Okinawan makiwara. He connects a diverse range of topics, including  psychology, early American football and the statistics of random chance, to the simple goal of effective stopping  power in unarmed strikes. These varied topics are synthesized into a set of training drills using surrogate targets that allow you to measure the force of your blows so you know when you are hitting with the same level of impact force proven by law enforcement officers to stop a violent opponent in his tracks Brian Struchtemeyer is a student of Matsubayshi-ryu Shorin-ryu. 170 pages. Illustrated by photographs, charts and and drawings. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £16.99 Sandow Lewis Library Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Billy Sandow ---  [Sandow Lewis Library]  Reprints Wrestler Ed “Strangler” Lewis and his and his manager and promoter, Billy Sandow, were founding fathers of professional wrestling. The two men helped transform wrestling from local matches to travelling circus tours, with celebrity wrestlers and packed arenas filled with screaming fans. Feared inside the ring for his crippling submission holds, Lewis was respected outside the ring for his extensive knowledge of wrestling. wrestling. In 1926, Lewis and Sandow compiled their knowledge of physical conditioning, fighting, and wrestling into an eight volume collection, called the Sandow Lewis Library. These books became classics and were instrumental in teaching the science of wrestling and physical fitness to generations of wrestling aficionados. “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Basics” is fully illustrated technical manual of Brazilian Jiu-jutsu. Brazilian Jiu-jutsu utilises techniques of strikes, holds, locks, throws and evasions. Jiu-jitsu utilises physics and science through leverage and knowledge of human anatomy to overcome any attacker, with as little effort and physical strength as possible. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu differs from traditional Jiu-jitsu in that it was developed in a different environment and area as a response to different needs. This caused the development of additional techniques that are more relevant to ground fighting and some relevant needs for dealing with violence in modern day life. Today, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is famous for its ground fighting, competitions and competitors, as well as for its tactical thinking and manoeuvres. 152 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Dekel Publishing USA. Softback. £14.99 Fabio Duca Gurgel do Amaral --- BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU. ADVANCED TECHNIQUES “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Advanced Techniques” is fully illustrated technical manual of Brazilian Jiu-jutsu. Included are techniques for self defence, passing the guard, sweeps, side attacks, mounted attacks, rear attacks, guard attacks, mounted escapes and throws. Seven time World Champion Fabio Duca Gurgel do Amaral began practicing Jiu-Jitsu at the age of thirteen and received his black belt at the age of nineteen. Along with his master, Romero Jacaré, he is the co-founder of the two time World Champion Alliance Team with academies around the world. 141 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Dekel Publishing. USA. Softback. £14.99 Kid Peligro and Rodrigo Medeiros --- ESSENTIAL GUARD The nuances of the guard, the most important position in jiu-jitsu, are covered in this instructional guide that teaches practitioners how to put up an impenetrable defence to any opponent. Showing how a myriad of techniques originate in the guard, including sweeps, reversals, and submissions, these drills demonstrate how small changes in hip position and weight distribution can make the difference between success and failure in submission combat. Extraordinarily detailed with tips from leading black belts and down-to-earth advice on what to think about during a match, this guide is instructive reading for even advanced students seeking to refine their game. 2 31 31 pa ge ge s. s. I llllu st st ra ra te te d by ph ot ot og og rraa ph ph s.s. I nv nv is is ib ib le le C itit ie ie s Pre ss ss. U SA SA. S of of tb tba cck k. £ 25 25 .9 .9 9 Ken Shamrock  Ken Shamrock and Richard Hanner --- THE LIONS DEN. The Life and Submission Fighting System of Ken Shamrock. 211 pages Illustrated by photographs. Tuttle. Japan. So Softback. £ 9 . 50 Ken Shamrock with Erich Krauss --BEYOND THE LION'S DEN. The Life, The Fights, The Techniques The book highlights the fighting life of Ken Shamrock. Popular professional wrestler in the WWE and the second most popular combatant in UFC history. It covers Ken Shamrock's beginnings in amateur wrestling, his bouts in the WWE, to his most recent return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It exposes the victories, injuries and personal struggles behind his successes and failures. Most of the book is about Ken Shamrocks fighting techniques from stand up, take downs to groundwork  from the shoot fighting style. An excellent instructional manual. Large book. (28 x 21.5)cm. 288 pages. Illustrated by over 500 colour photographs. Softback. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan £18.99 Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Billy Sandow --- PHYSICAL CONDITIONING. Volumes Volumes I – IV 212 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £13.99 Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Billy Sandow --- SELF DEFENCE Volume V 63 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. Softback. £ 8.99 Ed “Strangler” Lewis and Billy Sandow --- WRESTLING. Volumes Volumes VI – VIII 110 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 26 Gracie Jujutsu Fabio Duca Gurgel do Amaral --- BRAZILIAN BRAZILIAN J IU-JITSU. BASIC TECHNIQUES Gene LeBell GENE LEBELL --- THE TOUGHEST MAN ALIVE. The True and Incredible Story of the Hardest and Toughest Toughest Man in the World Autobiography of Gene LeBell. Boxer, wrestler and martial artist. 224 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Hardback. HNL USA. £14.95 27 Mixed Martial Arts Eddie Bravo, Erich Krauss and Glen Cordoza --- MASTERING THE TWISTER. Jiu Jitsu foe Mixed Martial Arts Competition. [Tenth Planet Jiu Jitsu] Early in his jiu-jitsu career, Eddie Bravo refined and mastered “The Twister”, a neck jarring, spine submission hold and later he proved the effectiveness of his unorthodox technique in numerous jiu-jitsu competitions. In “Mastering the Twister”, Bravo unveils the secrets behind his entire twister system, including twister side control and the truck, a control position. In addition to showing how to move into the twister  submission from nearly every position, he offers numerous routes to claim the mount and take your opponent's  back. The book divulges a complete system where all techniques tie together, making it an invaluable asset for   beginning grapplers, jiu-jitsu black belts, and seasoned mixed martial artists. More than 2000 step-by-step photographs With a descriptive narrative. 249 pages. Illustrated by colour photographs. Victory Belt Publishing USA. Softback. £19.99 Eddie Bravo, Erich Krauss and Glen Cordoza --- MASTERING THE RUBBER GUARD. Jiu Jitsu foe Mixed Martial Arts Competition. [Tenth Planet Jiu Jitsu.] In “Mastering the Rubber Guard”, Eddie Bravo reveals the techniques and strategy of the Rubber Guard, the core of Tenth Planet Jiu-Jitsu. Through descriptive narrative and more than twelve hundred colour step  by step photographs, he not only exposes dozens of submissions, escapes and transitions from each of the control  positions that make up the Rubber Guard, but he also teaches you how to move through the web of control positions like a spider. He demonstrates the elaborate half guard game, the butterfly guard game, and how to escape back to the guard. Widely regarded as not only the most offensive, but also the most defensive, guard game in existence, the Rubber Guard will change the way you view and play jiu-jitsu. An innovative and unusual approach to jiu-jitsu. 272 pages. Illustrated by colour photographs. Victory Belt Publishing. USA. Softback. Softback. £18.99 Submission Fighting Steven S Iverson --- Submission Fighting Techniques. [2nd Edition] This is a detailed book about submission fighting and full contact martial arts. All aspects of fighting are covered in detail to include stand up fighting, takedowns and counters, ground fighting, submissions and escapes, reversals and counters, and striking from all positions. Over 1500 pictures describe all moves in detail along with accompanying text. This is a manual that addresses all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts competition. Stand-Up. Striking. Clinching. Takedowns. Bottom Closed Guard. Top Closed Guard. The Open Guard. The Half-Guard. The Mount. Side Control. Knee On. All Fours. Rear Mount.  North-South. Submission Fundamentals. 314 pages. Illustrated by photographs. photographs. Atlas Books. [Spartan Submissions Submissions Inc.] USA. Softback. £21.50 Krabi Krabong Kruu Pedro Solana Villalobos --- KRABI-KRABONG. Thailand's Thailand's Art of Weapons Fighting. In ancient Thailand, warriors fought countless battles for survival, relying on combat techniques that  became, over time, highly efficient and deadly. In the era before guns, wars were fought at close range with arrows, spears, swords, farming tools, knives and myriad other handheld weapons. Early in the twentieth century, the old systems were codified and given a common name, “Krabi-Krabong”, literally "sabre and staff." Krabi-Krabong is a practical fighting art. Based on a series of principles for movement while fighting, Krabi-Krabong's deceptively simple basic motions can be learned quickly and adapted for combat use with virtually any weapon, staff, sword, knife, broomstick, etc. Krabi-Krabong contains an extensive empty hand fighting system called Muay Thai Boran which is the forerunner of Thai boxing. Kruu Pedro Villalobos gives an introduction to Krabi-Krabong's history, primary weapons and modern fighting strategies and techniques, plus a guide to the cultural and spiritual side of this historic martial art. 139 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA Softback. Capoeira Gerald Taylor --- CAPOEIRA. The Jogo de Angola from Luanda to Cyberspace. Volume Volume 1 Chronicles the events that shaped colonial Brazil and created a fighting art founded on central African martial traditions. By tracing Capoeira's development into a clandestine means of physical and mental conditioning, the author illuminates the history behind its movement structure. 540 pages. Illustrated by some drawings and photographs. North Atlantic Atlantic Books. USA. Softback. £17.99 Nestor Capoeira --- CAPOEIRA. ROOTS OF THE DANCE - FIGHT GAME. The book explores the history, philosophy and technique of Capoeira. The second volume of a trilogy. 345 pages. Illustrated Illustrated by drawings with some photographs. North Atlantic. USA. Softback. £16.99 Lloyd Howell and F. C. C. Albuquerque --- CAPOEIRA MARTIAL ART OF BRAZIL. History and technique of Capoeira, a martial art of Brazil. Styles of Capoeira. Songs. 192 pages. Illustrated by drawings drawings with some photographs. Warriors Warriors Dreams. UK. Softback. £12.95 Rumi Maki Juan Ramon Rodríguez Flores and Alex Bushman Vega Vega --RUMI MAKI FIGHTING ARTS. Martial Techniques Techniques of the Peruvian Inca. The history and martial techniques of the Peruvian Inca. A voyage into the world of Peru's indigenous warrior culture. “Rumi Maki” offers a fascinating look at this exotic martial art as preserved by a  practicing master. The book begins with a look at the history of the sacred Incan fighting arts, dispelling many of the myths surrounding them. The Incas approach to physical and mental conditioning, philosophy, spirituality, weaponry and military structure are covered. 135 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Blue Snake. USA. Softback. £13.99 Self Defence For Women £ 6.99 29 Boxing £12.99 Brazilian Jujutsu BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU FIGHTING STRATEGIES. In this book, you will learn the core techniques for gi, no-gi and no-holds-barred fighting tactical options for each of  the core techniques strategies for working your overall game to maximize your strengths and minimize your  weaknesses how to compare your skills to those of your opponent how to attack, counterattack, defend and outsmart your opponent from each of the eighteen ground fighting conditions. With photographs and instructions and interviews with some of the top names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, this book will enable fighters of all skill levels to make the jump from technician to strategist. 218 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 19.99 Modern Jujutsu £19.99 Lavinia Soo - Warr--Warr --- SELF DEFENCE FOR WOMEN. An easy and effective method of self protection suitable for the non martial artist, using the principles of Awareness Awareness [Surroundings], Psychology [Body language], Avoidance [Instinct] and the Physical [Self defence]. Simple self defence techniques. 256 pages. Illustrated by a colour photographs. Silverdale. UK. Softback. 28 Burton Richardson --- CHOKE 'EM OUT. 65 Chokes to End Any Fight Fast. Why learn chokes? A martial artist or street fighter who believes that he can survive solely on punches and kicks may be in for a rude awakening when the fight ends up in a clinch on the concrete, where knockout power is tougher to generate, or the attacker turns out to be immune to pain. Simply put, when striking is not working, the choke is one sure fight ender. Burton Richardson’s broad experience in the martial arts includes Jeet Kune Do, Filipino kali and Kali Ilustrisimo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The book is filled with hundreds of step by step photographs, Burton Richardson gives the techniques for ending fights quickly by demonstrating a wide variety of quick and effective chokes. 237 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Paladin Paladin Press USA. Softback. Softback. R. Michael Onello --- BOXING. ADVANCED TACTICS AND STRATERGIES. A collection of drills, tips, exercises and strategies for the novice boxer. Ring tactics include hitt ing with movement, blocks, slips, feints, draws and punch variations. Offence, defence, defence, punch progression and shadow sparring drills are includes. Conditioning exercises and ring generalship. 139 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. Turtle Turtle Press. USA. £ 9.99 [Aviation Training Training Division, Office of the Chief Naval Operations, U. S. Navy] --- BOXING “Boxing” originally published in 1943, was compiled by boxing champions and coaches to teach World War II cadets to box, take a punch and fight back calmly. It is a classic boxing book and still remains one of the best presented and informative boxing texts on boxing technique ever written. 286 pages. pages. Illust Illustrat rated ed by photogr photograph aphs. s. Palad Paladin in Press. Press. USA. USA. Softba Softback ck.. [Repri [Reprint. nt.]] £ 21.50 21.50 Dick Johnson [Illustrated by Teresa Brunton] --BARE FIST FIGHTERS OF THE 18TH AND 19TH. CENTURY. 1704 – 1861. The life and times of legendary characters like Bendigo, Ben Caunt, Jack Broughton, Tom Sayers, James Figg and Bill Perry, the Tipton Slasher. 165 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Hardback. Book Guild. UK. £ 9.50 Dick Johnson --- THE BARE – KNUCKLERS. The book is of the early, brutal days of bare - knuckle fighting. Includes sections on Jack Broughton, Dan Medoza, Dan Donnelly, Jem Ward, Tom Molineaux,  Nat Langham as well as a section on Irish born fighters. 202 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Softback. D. Johnson. UK. £ 7.50 BOXING. BOXING. Comple Complete te Illustr Illustrated ated Instructio Instructions ns in in the the Art Art of Self Defence. Defence. [Reprint] [Reprint] Reprinted from Spalding’s Athletic Library, this 1929 textbook provides expert instruction in attack  and defence, including lessons as the art of judging distance, protecting the stomach without blocking and achieving a variety of knockout blows. More than fifty period photographs demonstrate key techniques. 190 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £11.50 Ronald Wharton --- FIGHTING MEN OF THE NORTH The story of boxing in the North East of England. Starting with Will Curley, George Chrisp and Jack  Palmer fighting in Newcastle and Gateshead. Then leading to the First World War with Spike Robson of   North Shields and Johnny Summers of Middlesbrough. The thirties with Benny Sharkey and Jack Casey. Hartlepool after 1945 where Jack London and Teddy Gardner Became British champions. Lately Billy Hardy and Glen McGrory. 160 pages. Illustrated by a photographs. Tempus. UK. Softback. £ 6.99 Terry McGovern, James Corbett, J. Gardner Smith, Gus E. Keeley and Artie R. Keeley --HOW TO BOX. [Reprint] Collected from a series of boxing articles in the New York Evening World, this reprint is four books in one: "How to Box t o Win” by Terry McGovern. A fearless bantam and featherweight champion who was one of the first boxers to use persistent body blows to set up an opponent for a knockout. "How to Build Muscle” by James “Gentleman Jim” Corbett. Widely considered of the best heavyweights of all time, Corbett was the perfect blend of brain, brawn, speed and science, and is credited with innovating the counter punch, the feint, defensive tactics and fast footwork. "How to Breathe, Stand, Walk, or Run” by J. Gardner Smith. A medical doctor and early  proponent of using YMCA boxing gyms to develop strong leaders. "How to Punch the Bag” by G. E. and A. R. Keeley. Self taught “Champion bag punchers of the world”. How to Box originally appeared in 1899 and was regularly reprinted throughout the next three decades. The advice it offers on boxing, muscle development, nutrition and fitness and punching reflects the training practices adhered to by the great boxers of the early twentieth century. How boxing champions of the past trained to make themselves strong, quick and accurate so they could take on all comers and win. 192 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £11.50 30 Published in England in 1890, this book is an early book to discuss the use of everyday items as weapons of self defence for, in the words of the authors, “those ‘tight places’ where men care nothing for rules, but only want to make the most out of that weapon which the chance of the moment has put into their hands.” The book contains many useful insights into effective training in armed combat and how such training relates to real world self defence. 122 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £10.50 Jeffrey Hull, Monika Maziarz and Grzegorz Zabinski --KNIGHTLY DUELLING. DUELLING. The Fighting Arts of German Chivalry “Knightly Duelling” is an overview of the fighting arts of German chivalric duelling, on horse and on foot foot during the late middle ages and early Renaissance. Through the words and pictures of original source texts of the German fight masters of the 14th through 16th centuries, works that poetically  preserved medieval methods of armed and armoured combat. The book  reveals knightly duelling for what it was, mortal combat over some grave matter with battlefield weaponry and armour. Historical information on German duelling with swords, lances, daggers, poleaxes, and other weapons. “Knightly Duelling” shows the reality of man to man combat of the German Kunst des Fechtens [art of fighting], providing an understanding of  Johannes Liechtenauer’s “Roszfechten” [horse fighting] and “Kampffechten” [duel fighting]. The book gives Middle High German transcriptions, as well as modern English translations, of works from various fight books by Liechtenauer’s, Hanko Dobringer, Peter von Danzig, Hans Talhoffer, and Andre Lignitzer. The book also presents an illustrated blow by blow account of a deadly duel from a German Fechtbuch [fight book]. Primary source information regarding training of noblemen for duels and the training of noble youth in the combat arts and a glossary of historical German chivalric terms for arms and armour. 241 pages. Illustrated by period artwork. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £15.99 31 European European Martial M artial Arts David Lindholm and and Peter Svärd --SIGMUND RINGECK’S KNIGHTLY ART OF THE LONGSWORD Samurai Editors of Time Life Books --- [What Life Was Like Series]  WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE AMONG SAMURAI AND SHOGUNS The book tells the story of a Empress “Senshi” and her ambition to determine who would would rule Japan, along with other tales of men and women of medieval Japan. The book focuses on the daily lives of  Emperors and artisans, samurai and poets, and courtesans and monks in the capitals of Kyoto and Edo, Edo, in the countryside, in castle towns and military fortifications, and action on the battlefield. People like Murasaki Shikibu who wrote of the romantic lives of the Kyoto courtiers in her Tale of Genji; the warrior Kusunoki Masashige, who committed seppuku rather than face capture by enemy troops, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who succeeded in unifying Japan. Distinctive and colourful scroll paintings bring Japan's people,  places and events to life. 144 pages. Illustrated by colour photographs. Time Life UK. Hardback. Including UK post. European Martial Arts R. C. Allanson - Winn and C. Phillipps – Wolley --- BROADSWORD AND SINGLESTICK  With Chapters on Quarter-Staff, Bayonet, Cudgel, Shillalah, Walking Walking Stick, Umbrella, and Other Weapons of Self Defence. [Reprint.] £10.99 In the first half of the fifteenth century, fencing master Sigmund Ringeck compiled a book with comments based on the fencing lessons from Johannes Liechtenauer’s verses first written down in about 1389. Ringeck’s original handwritten manuscript, which contains no illustrations, is important due to the detailed instruction on long sword, wrestling, sword and buckler, armoured combat and mounted combat. Ringeck starts with the basics and then teaches the long sword step by step. He gives precise instructions in the handling of the sword and how to use it to win a fight. Author David Lindholm has translated Ringeck’s text and added interpretations and comments. Illustrator Peter Svärd has created hundreds of instructive drawings capturing the medieval swordsman’s art. Also included is advice for modern practitioners, such as physical training, evaluation of historical resources and the importance of test cutting. Finally, swordsmith Peter Johnsson shows how to sharpen a sword and describes how the shape of the blade dictates its function. 237 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Hardback. £29.99 Alfred Hutton --- OLD SWORD PLAY. Techniques of the great masters. Unabridged republication of the 1892 edition. A classic study of swordsmanship in the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Drawing upon the methods used by master swordsmen over three centuries, Hutton presents tactics of the masters with instructions of the use of the two hand sword, rapier and dagger, broadsword and buckler, rapier and cloak, and dagger and cloak. 93 pages. Illustrated by diagrams and woodcuts. Softback. Dover. USA. £ 8.95 David James Knight and Brian Hunt --- POLEARMS OF PAULUS HECTOR MAIR. Paulus Hector Mair was perhaps the most intriguing figure in the Liechtenauer tradition of German Renaissance Martial Arts. An enthusiastic practitioner of fencing, wrestling and other martial arts, he was determined to preserve the knowledge of the combat arts of his time. Mair, in his time, collected a large library of combat books. Mair wrote the “Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athletica” [Ultimate Book  of the Art of Athletics], a compendium heavily influenced by the earlier works in his library but surpassing them in content and depth. Today, only three complete manuscripts of his Opus survive in German and Austrian collections. In “Polearms of Paulus Hector Mair”, Knight and working from both the German and Latin versions of Mair’s Opus, present chapters on combat with the pole axe, halberd, spear and short staff, and lance and long staff, with text in the original German and Latin, along with the English translation. The illustrations, taken from the Dresden codices and, have been restored to give a clear view of the techniques. The book belongs in the library of everyone with an interest in Renaissance martial arts. 275 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £24.99 H. G. Lang [An officer of the Indian Police] --[Reprint] THE "WALKING STICK" METHOD OF SELF – DEFENCE. “The Walking Stick Method of Self Defence” by "an officer of the Indian Police" is an example of a  practical martial art text of the early twentieth century. First published in the 1920’s, the book provides illustrated instruction in stick fighting technique as developed by H. G. Lang, Superintendent of Agency Police, Kathiawar, India. A range of defensive and offensive skills is discussed and demonstrated, including guards, strikes, combinations, counterattacks, feints and tricks, double handed techniques and training drills. 112 pages. Illustrated by photographs and prints. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £10.50 32 Wrestling Scott Sonnon -- - MASTERING SAMBO FOR MARTIAL ARTS ARTS THE FIGHTING SWORD. The founders of Russian Sambo sifted through al l of the world’ world’ss martial martial arts, including judo and Jiu jitsu, to get the most combat effective effective techniques available. Each technique was carefully dissected and considered for its merits in achieving Sambo's ultimate goal, to stop an armed or unarmed adversa ry in the least time possible. Scott Sonno Sonnonn shows self defence, defence, sport wrestling, Combat Sambo, and Spetsnaz and then focuses on Sambo's mixed martial arts applications. He reveals the “saddle” techniques. Step by step moves include entries, sweeps, passes, counters, and submissions. Sambo prides itself on fast wrestling, with only sixty seconds of ground ground fighting fighting  permitted. In mixed martial arts, these locks only work twenty percent percent of the time and are not worth sacrificing quality positions. As a result, Sonnon modified traditional Sambo to become a lower half' positional approach so that fighters could both strike and defend against strikes, maintain positional dominance, and easily transition from one submission to the next in a chess like fashion, as Brazilian Jiu jitsu has become known for in the upper half' game. 165 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 Mark S. Hewitt --CATCH WRESTLING. A Wild and Wooly Look at the Early Days of Pro Wrestling in America. Deeply rooted in the Lancashire district of England, catch wrestling made its way to North America in the late nineteenth century. The anything-goes, no-holds-barred European import merged with the rough-and-tumble fighting of the American frontier to spawn one of the most lethal fighting arts, North American catch-as-catch-can wrestling. The book chronicles the exploits of an elite group of wrestlers who could, and often did, really put their  lives and reputations on the line. Tigerman John Pesek, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch, Charles Olsen and Ad Santel are just a handful of the authentic grapplers in this book who took on all comers in packed arenas, carnivals, circuses, county fairs, vaudeville theatres and dirt lots all across America. Mark Hewitt, describes in detail the bone-breaking locks, brutal submission holds, strangleholds and deadly moves that characterized this sport. Not all the action was on the mat, however, and Hewitt explains how the private side bets by fighters, managers, promoters and the audience contributed to the degeneration of professional wrestling from sport to spectacle. The book also contains chapters on mixed matches featuring wrestlers, boxers and jiu-jitsu practitioners; a superb collection of old photos, posters and ads from wrestling’s glory days; and forewords by old-time catch wrestler Dick Cardinal and modern no-holds-barred grappler Mark Hatmaker. Find out why catch wrestling, which is now enjoying a resurgence as a realistic self-defence system, is referred to as “America’s martial art” in this meticulously researched, colourfully recounted history of the wild-and-wooly early days of professional wrestling. 296 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 12.95 D. H. Luijendjik --Luijendjik --- ZOOR KHANE. History and Techniques of the Ancient Martial Art of Iran. Iranian soldiers of the past traditionally honed their famed physical strength and combat techniques by practicing zoor khane, a comprehensive martial system with training exercises designed to develop the power and agility needed for fighting with the sword, bow and arrow, club and shield. Though its origins are shrouded in mystery and legend, zoor khane is perhaps among the oldest extant martial arts in the world. In this book, D. H. Luijendijk, uses photographs of each technique to transport the reader into a traditional training hall of zoor  khane, revealing the age old knowledge of this revered art. He also examines the vital link between zoor khane and wrestling, which has always been an important part of the Iranian martial arts. 128 pages. Illustrated by photog ra raphs. Paladin Press. USA.Softback. £ 10.50 Earle Liederman --- SCIENCE OF WRESTLING AND THE ART ART OF JIU JITSU. [Reprint] American strength training pioneer Earle Liederman published this book on grappling for competition and self defence in 1923. It covers catch-as-catch-can wrestling moves including head locks, arm bars, leg dives, trips, nelsons, grapevines, scissor holds etc. as well as Ju Jutsu self defence methods. 223 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA Softback. £18.95 33 Wrestling Guy Jaouen and Matthew Bennett Nichols --- CELTIC WRESTLING. THE JACKET STYLES. History of an Old Sport. Techniques Techniques of Breton and Cornish Wrestling. Winners Winners 1928- 2006. The book is divided divided into three parts:- 1. Historical 2. Technical 3. List of winners of the Celtic wrestling championships for the years 1928-2006. The historical section is a well researched and highly informative section into Celtic Jacket Wrestling. The literature cited in this research spans more than five hundred years of European literary history with photographs and illustrations from the old texts. Much new information is given. The technical section of the  book treats the two cousin styles, Cornish wrestling and Gouren, as styles with common roots and this section can be used to learn both styles. The Breton jacket is used in all of the photographs but the contemporary Cornish jacket could easily have  been substituted. The techniques contained in this book constitute only the core techniques found in Cornish - Breton wrestling. Lastly, the book records the winners of the Celtic wrestling championships. The book is highly recommended and will become a classic text. 184 pages. Illustrated by photographs. FILA France. Softback. £12.95 --- WRESTLING. U.S. Naval Institute ---W [Reprint] [Revised] The U.S. Naval Aviation V-5 Physical Training Manuals were published during World War II to  provide the best standardized instruction in wrestling, boxing, hand to hand combat, physical conditioning to men training to be combat pilots. “Wrestling” represented the results of years of study, research and coaching by the best wrestling minds the USA. Champion wrestlers from all levels tested all the techniques and only those that proved to be feasible and fundamentally sound were included in this manual. All techniques are described and illustrated in clear, step by step detail. 183 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £18.99 George Hackenschmidt Hackenschmidt --- COMPLETE SCIENCE OF WRESTLING WRESTLING by [Reprint.] George Hackenschmidt was one of a group of illustrious “strongmen” who dominated the rough world of   professional wrestling at the turn of the century. Originally published in 1909, the text provides an in-depth discussion of many of the moves that Hackenschmidt applied so effectively to overpower opponents throughout his renowned career. Strangleholds, leg holds, arm rolls, nelsons, hammerlocks and many more. Variations on the techniques, escapes from common problems and photographs illustrating key points make this a complete wrestling tutorial from one of the sport’s greatest practitioners. 156 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 Ned Beaumont --- KILL-AS-CATCH-CAN. KILL-AS-CATCH-CAN. Wrestling Skills for Streetfighting. Sure, you know how to punch and kick, but how well can you fight at shorter range? Can you defend yourself when the fight turns to grappling? When both you and your opponent are rolling around and wrestling on the barroom floor, are you confident that you can win the fight? If you doubt your chances at close quarters, then you are not prepared for the reality of street fighting. That's because, as Ned Beaumont points out here, in the real world, fights frequently begin with or turn into bouts of wrestling, and the antagonist with the greater expertise in wrestling is most often the victor. The truly tough customer is the person who thoroughly conditions himself, diligently studies and practices wrestling holds and techniques, and then makes full use of them in rough-and-tumble situations. 2 00 00 pa pag es es. Illustrated by by dr drawings. Breakout Productions. USA. Softback. £ 11 11.9 5 E. Hitchcock and R. F. Nelligan --- WRESTLING. Catch-as-Catch-Can Style “How to Wrestle” published in 1928 by Spalding’s Athletic Library, documents some of the titleholders of the day as they teach their secrets. George Hackenschmidt, Tom Jenkins, George Bothner and other  wrestlers demonstrate head locks, strangleholds, nelsons, leg trips, waist holds, grapevines and other fundamental techniques. The second book “ Wrestling. Wrestling. Catch-as-Catch-Can”, illustrates catch-as-catch-can wrestling moves. 168 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £11.50 34 Wrestling Mike Chapman Chapman --- LIFE AND LEGACY OF FRANK GOTCH. King of the Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestlers. Wrestlers. “The Life and Legacy of Frank Gotch” chronicles Gotch’s rise to the pinnacle of the wrestling world before his death in 1917. It provides details about his earliest matches, his trip to Alaska to hone his wrestling skills, his training under Farmer Burns, his contests with the Tom Jenkins and his two epic bouts against the “Russian Lion”, George Hackenschmidt. Mike Chapman offers intriguing speculation about how Gotch may have matched up against some of the other top wrestlers of all time, and he has unearthed fascinating accounts from wrestling legends, promoters and sports writers, during and after  the Gotch era, who all weigh in on why Gotch was the greatest of them all. Close to eighty photographs, many of which are being published for the first time in nearly a century, round out this portrait of one of the most influential figures in the history of professional wrestling. 161 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin USA. Softback. £12.99 Frank Gotch --- WRESTLING WRESTLING Reprint First published soon after Gotch's 1908 world championship defeat of “George the Russian Lion” Hackenschmidt, the book shows Gotch performing his wrestling moves in photographs, along with tips on how to make them work  against an opponent. It also contains his thoughts on the science of wrestling, advice on training, and photographs of Hackenschmidt, Farmer Burns, George Bothner, Dan McLeod, Fred Beell, Leo Pardello etc. 120 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. Softback. Archie Potts --HEADLOCKS AND HANDBAGS. WRESTLING AT NEW ST. JAMES’S HALL. Headlocks and Handbags is an account of wrestling at New St. James's Hall in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Hall was a purpose built boxing stadium opened in May 1930. However in the Spring of 1931 the Hall was also used to stage all-in wrestling bouts and these promotions continued until January 1968 when St. James was converted into a  bingo hall. Many of wrestling’s most colourful figures appeared at the Hall. In the 1930’s and 40’s there were skilful wrestlers such as Dave Armstrong and Vic Hesselle, alongside the villainous Jack Pye and the mysterious Blue Mask, followed in the 1950’s by the television personalities Jackie Pallo, Mick  McManus, Steve Logan and Kendo Nagasaki. World wrestling champions Jack Sherry, Lou Thesz and Primo Carnera fought at the Hall in their time. Local historian Archie Potts tells the story of wrestling at the stadium in Gallowgate, and recalls the wrestlers who provided many evenings of colour and excitement. 8 0 pa ge ges. Illustrated by by ph pho to to gr graphs. B ac ack Cat Pu Publicatio ns ns. UK UK S of oftba ck ck. £ 4. 4.50 35 Iai - do Masayuki Shimabukuro Shimabukuro and Leonard J. Pellman --- FLASHING STEEL. Mastering Eishin-Ryu Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship. Swordsmanship. [Second Edition. Completely Revised. Updated and Expanded.] Flashing Steel describes with words and step by step photographs forty two iai kata of Eishin Ryu Iai. The photographs are far more detailed than in the first edition. This edition is very well presented for easy understanding. Good clear photographs. 338 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Blue Snake. USA. Softback. £16.99 Kenjutsu Fredrick J. Lovret --- THE WAY AND THE POWER. Secrets of Japanese Strategy The philosophy of Japanese Martial Arts. Explains the meaning of Japanese terms such as In-Yo, Michi, Ki, Kime, Kiai, Aiki, Kokoro, Maai, Hyoshi. Sudori, Chuchin Minari, Sente, Kawari, Kage, Osea, Sutemi, Keikaku, Ojite etc. These concepts not only apply to Ken Jutsu but to other Japanese martial arts as well. 314 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press USA. Softback. £12.99 Masaaki Hatsumi --- JAPANESE JAPANESE SWORD FIGHTING. Secrets of the Samurai. Ancient Japanese sword fighting. The book covers a variety of classical techniques including Ninja kempo, Yagyu Shinkage-ryu and two sword techniques. Japanese sword techniques wearing armour are shown. 240 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Kodansha. Japan. Hardback. £19.99 Japanese Sword --- THE YASUKUNI SWORD. Tom Kishida [Translated by Kenji Mishina] ---THE A study of the Yasukuni sword smiths. Rare Weapons Weapons of Japan 1933 - 1945 The swords that were manufactured in the grounds of the Yasukuni Shrine between 1933 and 1945. 157 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Hardback. Kodansha. Japan. £10.99 Randy Couture, Erich Krauss, Glen Cordoza --- WRESTLING FOR FIGHTING. The Natural Way. Wrestling techniques for mixed martial arts. Includes basic take downs, basic tie ups, controls, sprawling, Greco Roman wrestling including takedowns, arm drags, body locks head locks and arm throws. Wrestling for fighting section includes closing the distance, the clinch, cage tactics, ground tactic and submissions. Clear colour photographs with detailed descriptions. 214 pages. Illustrated by colour photographs. Victory Belt USA. Softback. £19.99 Steven Scott --- CHAMPIONSHIP SAMBO. Submission Holds and Ground Fighting. Sambo is a Russian style of wrestling that emphasises practical submission holds. Steven Scott teaches the fundamental holds, breakdowns, arm locks and leg locks of the sport of Sambo. Techniques for breaking down an opponent from a stable to an unstable position so to can apply a hold or submission technique. The most practical holds for controlling an opponent and setting up an arm lock or leg lock to finish him off. Twenty two arm locks. Ten ankle and knee locks that have a high rate of success in finishing a match. 159 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Turtle Press. USA. Softback. £12.99 Tamio Tsuchiko --- THE NEW GENERATION OF JAPANESE SWORDSMITHS. The lives and works of twenty Japanese swordsmiths. Tamio Tsuchiko spent time interviewing the swordsmiths on sword forging techniques, their methods and aims. 256 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Hardback. Kodansha. Japan. £24.99 £35.00 Samurai Armour Jacqui Carey --- SAMURAI UNDRESSED. The book attempts to reveal some of the hidden depths of Samurai armour and its unique relationship with Kumihimo, the art of Japanese Braidmaking. Well illustrated by photographs, some in colour and drawings of Samurai armour and its parts. 80 pages colour and black and white photographs with drawings. Carey. UK. Softback. £ 7.50 Stick Fighting Masaaki Hatsumi --- ADVANCED STICKFIGHTING. Bo jutsu and Jo jutsu techniques. History of the bo. 208 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs.. Kodansha. Kodansha. Japan. Japan. Hardback. Hardback. Kata £19.99 Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder --- THE WAY OF KATA. A Comprehensive Guide to Deciphering Martial Applications. Applications. Only refers to the kata of Karate. No particular kata is taught. Refers to strategy, tactics, principles, rules, physics, psychology and examples of these ideas. The hidden meanings in the kata. How to analyse kata and to understand the techniques. 280 pages. Illustrated by photographs. YMAA USA Softback. 257 pages. Illustrated by drawings drawings and a few photographs. Tuttle. Tuttle. Japan. Softback. Self Defence £18.99 36 Kendo Darrell Max Craig --- THE WAY OF KENDO AND KENJITSU. SOUL OF THE SAMURAI. Kendo textbook. Equipment and its care. Kendo techniques. The Samurai and his swords. Kendo no Kata - The last three Kodachi [short sword] forms. Sword collecting and nomenclature. 266 pages. Illustrated by a drawing with some photographs. YMAA USA Softback. £19.99 Darrel Max Craig --- THE HEART OF KENDO. A COMPREHENSIVE INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE OF THE ART OF THE SWORD. A textbook on Kendo containing history and the techniques of Kendo. Use of equipment, Keiko and Kendo kata is included. 238 pages. Illustrated by drawings drawings with a few few photographs. photographs. Shambhala Shambhala USA / UK Hardback. John J. Donohue --- COMPLETE KENDO. "Complete Kendo" is an introduction the principles, techniques and philosophy of Kendo, Japanese sword fencing. John J. Donohue is an anthropologist specialising in the study of Japanese culture. 177 pages. Illustrated by line drawings drawings and a few photographs. Tuttle Tuttle Japan Softback. Hiroshi Ozawa --- KENDO. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE. This book is a technical book on kendo. Basic and advanced techniques are described with step by step line drawings. Nihon Kendo Kata is presented together with a chapter on Keiko (Practice). Competition and J udging is considered. A comprehensive guide to Kendo. 173 pages. Line drawings. drawings. Kodansha Japan / USA Hardback. £30.00 £13.95 £18.99 Minoru Kiyota --- THE SHAMBALA GUIDE TO KENDO. An Essential Introduction to the Principles and Practice of the Japanese Art of Swordsmanship Swordsmanship An introduction to the history and philosophy of Kendo. Only a little information is give on the technique of Kendo. The book was previously published by Kegan Paul Limited. 160 pages. Shambhala Shambhala USA. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. £12.99 Iai - do Nicklaus Suino --STRATEGY IN JAPANESE SWORDSMANSHIP Topics include :■ The nature of strategy. ■ Sword Handling. Ken jutsu techniques. ■ The importance of vision and state of mind. ■ Timing and distancing. ■Reading an opponent’s intention. 167 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by by photogra photographs phs and drawings drawings.. Weather Weatherhill hill USA / UK UK Softbac Softback. k. £12.99 37 Hei Long --- MASTER’S GUIDE TO BASIC SELF DEFENSE Progressive Retraining of the Reflexive Response. Self defence punching and kicking. Conditioning the reflexes to respond to an attack. 117 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £11.99 Janet Rodgers --- SAFE AT ALL TIMES. How to Protect Yourself and your Family at Home, At Work and While Travelling Travelling Chapters:- Stay aware, stay safe. Situation safety. Self defence techniques. Personal attacks. Child and teenage safety. Older people safety. Resources. Simple self defence techniques. Practical advice and tips to avoid and walking away from street attacks. Coping with floods, fire extreme weather and terrorist attacks. 178 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Carroll and Brown UK. Softback. Steven Collins --- THINK ACT STAY STAY SAFE. Be Your Own Guardian Angel with the R. E. A. C. T. Approach to Self Defence. Self defence techniques following the R. E. A. C. T. sequence. ecognise. Evaluate. Alternatives. Concentrate. Terminate. R ecognise. 160 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Harper Collins. UK. Softback. Ned Beaumont --- CHAMPIONSHIP STREET FIGHTING. Boxing as a Martial Art. Boxing techniques used for street fighting. Dirty tricks of boxing. With techniques used by Dempsey, Frazer, Sullivan, Ali, Patterson. 192 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 5.99 £ 5.99 £12.99 Khalegh Quinn --- KHALEGHL QUINN'S ART OF SELF DEFENCE Khalegh Quinn examines self defence in its entirety, considering both the physical and psychological aspects of self preservation. Physical techniques developed from a range of martial arts are combined with an examination of what motivates an attacker and how this can be turned to advantage. Learning to judge and predict danger forms an essential part of the book. 155 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by photographs photographs and drawings drawings.. Thorsons Thorsons UK. Softback. Softback. £ 7.50 Ned Beaumont --- THE SAVAGE SCIENCE OF STREET FIGHTING. Applying the Lessons of Championship Boxing to Serious Street Survival. Boxing techniques used for street fighting. Sequel to “Championship Street Fighting”. With techniques used by Dempsey, Jeffries, Frazer, Tunney, Marciano, Ali, and Walcott. 248 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Softback. Paladin Paladin Press. USA. £14.99 Scot Shaw --- THE TAO OF SELF DEFENCE. A self defence instruction book based on Hapkido. 212 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Samuel Weiser. Weiser. USA. Softback. £ 9.99 £18.99 William de Lange with Akita Moriji --- IAIDO. The History, Teachings and Practice of Japanese Swordmanship Akita Moriji Sensei Iai techniques of Shikage-ryu Iai with strip photographs. An insight into the history of Iaido. 158 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Softback. £16.99 Nicklaus Suino --- THE ART OF JAPANESE SWORDMANSHIP. A Manual of Eishin Ryu Iaido. Eishin ryu iaido forms. Each exercise is illustrated with step by step drawings to provide general skill development for using the Japanese sword. 252 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Weatherhill. Weatherhill. USA / Japan. Softback. £ 17.99 Darrel Craig --- IAI. THE ART OF DRAWING THE SWORD. An introduction the principles and techniques of Iai -do, the art of drawing the Japanese sword. Also contained is information on the Japanese sword, sword care and the story of the Forty Seven Ronin. Krav Maga Imi Sde-Or [Lichtenfeld] [ Founder of Krav Maga ] and Eyal Yanilov Yanilov [Chief Instructor ] --KRAV MAGA. HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ARMED ASSAULT. The Original Israeli System of Self Defence and Practical Fighting Skills Krav Maga is a self defence and hand to hand combat system. Developed for the Israel Defence Force, Krav Maga has been adapted to meet civilian needs. The book focuses on dealing with an armed attack with a sharp edged weapon, a blunt object, or a firearm. Other topics are also included. 240 pages. Over 500 photographs. Frog USA / Dekel Israel. Softback. 38 £14.99 Self defence using parts of the body as weapons and makeshift weapons that come to hand. 80 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. Self Defence Phil Giles --- STREET TOUGH. TOUGH. Hard Core, Anything Goes, Street Fighting Fundamentals. Fundamentals. In this book, Phil Giles provides instruction in how to prevail in a street or bar fight, from the combat mind-set to the first stand-up blows to when the fight gets down and dirty on the ground. This is serious self defence training, including the best ways to close with an opponent to smother his attack, how to slam someone up against a wall and really go to work on him Ground fighting tactics that work. A series of training drills performed at full power and full speed sets “Street Tough” apart from other self defence  programmes. 162 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £19.99 Kevin O'Hagan --- IN YOUR FACE. CLOSE QUARTER QUARTER FIGHTING The book helps you to understand how violence starts, the situations you can find yourself in and how to give yourself a fighting chance us ing realistic close quarter combat methods that work. Close up self defence techniques. 145 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. New Breed Publishing Publishing UK. Softba ck ck. £ 12 12.9 9 Kevin O'Hagan --- IN THE FACE OF VIOLENCE Understanding and Combating the Human Predator Deal with the none verbal and psychological aspects of self defence. Awareness in self protection situations. Examples of practical self defence techniques are shown. Many aspects of self protection observations not available in other books are offered. Tactics to predict, avoid , de-escalate and escape. Companion book to “ Bad to the Bone”. 352 pages. New Breed UK. Softback. £12.99 Kevin O'Hagan --- BAD TO THE BONE. Exploring the Many Facets of Aggression and Violent Behaviour  Not a technique book, but a book dealing with the psyche, exploring violence, conditioning the mind to think about self protection as more than just a physical response. The book deals with the psychology of confrontation. How to avoid aggressive confrontation and the different forms of aggression. 166 pages. New Breed UK. Softback. £12.99 Lawrence A. Kane --- SURVIVING ARMED ASSAULTS. A Martial Artist’s Guide to Weapons, Street Violence and Countervailing Force. This book teaches survival skills that can keep you safe on the street. A multitude of real life scenarios and case studies analyzing violent encounters will help you to internalize this crucial knowledge. Contents include: Awareness. Avoidance. Avoidance. De-escalation. Countervailing force. Armed conflict. Survival skills. Managing the aftermath of violence. Weapon features and functions. 330 pages. Illustrated by photographs. YMAA Publication Centre. USA. Softback. £16.50 £ 9.99 Hei Long --- GUGE GONGJI. Seven Primary Targets to Take Anyone Out of a Fight. Self defence attacking the vital points of the body. 182 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £11.99 Hei Long --- IRON HAND O F THE DRAGONS TOUCH. Secret of Breaking Power. Power. Breaking techniques with the hands and feet explained. 104 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 9.99 Hei Long --- IRON HAND O F THE DRAGON’S TOUCH. Secrets of Breaking Breaking Power. Breaking techniques for the hands and feet. Angles and concentration point. 104 pages. pages. Illustrate Illustrated d by drawing drawings. s. Citadel Citadel Press. Press. USA. Softback. Softback. Hei Long --- DANGER ZONES. Defending Yourself Yourself Against Surprise Attack. Surviving a street attack. Taking control of the danger ones. Self defence from sudden attack. 121 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. Hei Long --- DA ZHIMINGDE. Striking Deadly Blows to Vital Organs. Vital point striking techniques. Direction of force to attack the vital point. 195 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 3.99 £ 9.99 £12.99 Hei Long --- DA QIANG JI. Power Striking. Mechanics of hand strikes and kicks. Striking and kicking techniques. 163 pages. Illustrated by drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 9.99 Kalarippayat D.H. Luijendjik --- KALARIPPAYAT. India’s Ancient Martial Art Although most of India’s martial arts have been lost over time, the south-western state of Kerala maintains a rich martial tradition in the ancient art of kalarippayat, a complete system that incorporates empty hand fighting, weapon raft and a method of massage and healing. Kalarippayat thrived for centuries until the British colonial government  banned it in 1804 in response to a series of revolts. After that, it was  practiced in secret, passed down mostly within certain families, until nationalists  began promoting it as an expression of Keralan culture early in the twentieth century. 107 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin USA. Softback. £12.99 Bujutsu £18.99 Black Medicine N. Mashiro --- BLACK MEDICINE. WEAPONS AT HAND. Volume Two. £ 9.99 N. Mashiro --- BLACK MEDICINE. EQUALIZERS. Volume Four. Self defence using weapons to hand. Pens, small sticks, telephones, clubs etc. Also chains, shields, knives, spears, spray weapons and electric shock weapons. 91 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. 40 39 N. Mashiro --- BLACK MEDICINE. THE DARK ART OF DEATH. Volume One. A study of the vital points of the body for self . 92 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Paladin Press. USA. Softback. £ 9.99 Hei Long Kevin O'Hagan --- GRAPPLING WITH REALITY. SURVIVAL ON THE GROUND A book about self defence grappling. The major differences between contest sport grappling and street grappling. The street fighters strategy and how to defeat it. Counters to grappling's most common holds. Drills, conditioning and techniques to become a better grappler. 162 pages plus adverts. Illu Illust stra rate ted d by photo photogra graph phss and and draw drawin ings gs.. New New Bree Breed d Publ Publis ishi hing ng UK. UK. Soft Softba back ck.. £12.99 £12.99 Martina Sprague--Sprague--THE SCIENCE OF TAKEDOWNS, THROWS AND GRAPPLING FOR SELF DEFENCE A scientific analysis of the laws of physics applied to grappling techniques. Topics include positioning, timing, leverage, momentum, point of balance, leg, body, arm and neck takedowns, trap and throw, stick leverage, throws knife defence, all with scientific analysis 283 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Turtle Turtle Press USA Softback. N. Mashiro --- BLACK MEDICINE. LOW BLOWS. Volume Three. Self defence techniques and escapes from differing attacks. Fist fighting, escapes from chokes and headlocks, unarmed defence against knives and clubs. 119 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Paladin Press.USA. Softback. £10.99 Roald Knutsen --- REDISCOVERING BUDO FROM A SWORDSMAN'S PERSPECTIVE. "Rediscovering Budo" is a serious book for Budo practitioners and the interested observer. The book offers a return to first principles and substance rather than style. Historical, tradi tional, symbolic, spiritual and emotional aspects and influences of Budo are discussed. Chapters on the Kashima tradition, book or dojo learning, historical perspectives, attitude towards Budo, respect and discipline, kata, the deeper influences on the Budo tradition, Gods and Yamabushi, Tengu and Mikkyo. 276 pages. Illustrated by drawings and photographs. Global Oriental. UK. Hardback. Hardback. £35.00 Diane Skoss [Editor] --- KORYU BUJUTS U CLASSICAL WARRIOR TRADITIONS OF JAPAN. The book consists of a collection of essays on Koryu Bujutsu. Contents: - Introduction: Keiko Shokan by Diane Skoss. The Koryu Bujutsu Experience by Hunter B. Armstrong. Armstrong. The Meaning of Martial Arts Training: A Conversation Conversation with Sawada Hanae by Meik Skoss Field Guide to Classical Japanese Martial Arts by Diane Skoss Marishiten: Buddhist Influences on Combative Behaviour by David A. A. Hall Tenjin Shinyo-ryu Jujutsu by Meik Skoss Koryu Meets the the West West by Ellis Amdur  Kato Takashi: Reflections of the Tatsumi - ryu Headmaster Interview by Liam Keeley 192 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Koryu Books USA. Softback. £12.95 Diane Skoss [Editor] --- SWORD AND SPIRIT. SPIRIT . CLASSICAL WARRIOR TRADITIONS OF JAPAN. Lowry. The book consists of eight essay on the Japanese classical martial arts. Volume 2 Introduction: by Dave Lowry. Contents:- Neglected Treasure: Koro Gunkan Negishi Ryu Shuriken Jutsu: Interview with with Saito Satoshi Kyujukyu Kakun: 99 Precepts of the Takeda Family by Takeda Nobushige Field Guide to Classical Japanese Martial Arts by Meik and Diane Skoss The Tojutsu Tojutsu of the Tatsumi Ryu by Liam Keeley Keeley Uchidachi and Shidachi by Nishoka Tsuneo Kabala in Motion: Kata in the Traditional Bugei by Karl Friday 192 pages. pages. Illus Illustra trated ted by photogr photograph aphs. s. Koryu Koryu Books Books USA. USA. Softba Softback ck.. £12.95 £12.95 Diane Skoss [ Editor ] --- KEIKO SHOKON. CLASSICAL WARRIOR TRADITIONS OF JAPAN. Volume 3 The book consists of nine essays on the Japanese classical martial arts. Essays by Karl Friday, David Lowry, Liam Keeley, Ron Beaubien, Meik and Diane Skoss, William Bodiford, Ellis Amdur, George Bristol. 208 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Koryu Books USA. Softback. £14.95 Donn F. Draeger --- CLASSICAL BUJUTSU. The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan: Volume 1 Evolved amid the warfare of medieval Japan, bujitsu, or "martia l arts," provided the warrior with the technical and psychological training that prepared him to use his weapons in actual combat. Classical Bujutsu emphasises the practical nature of these martial arts. Sixteen major forms of bujutsu are described, employing a variety of weapons and techniques. 112 pages. Illustrated by photographs and line drawings. Weatherhill Weatherhill USA. Softback. Softback. £12.99 Donn F. Draeger --- MODERN BUJUTSU AND BUDO. The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan: Volume 3 Modern bujutsu is defined. Pragmatic forms of self defence, both armed and unarmed. The story of modern modern budo of adaptation and perversion from the classical ideals. Myths about modern budo are exposed. The difference between modern and classical budo is explained. 191 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Weatherhill Weatherhill USA. Softback. £12.99 Susan Lynn Peterson --- LEGENDS OF THE MARTIAL ARTS MASTERS. Stories of the martial arts. From Tsukahara Tsukahara B okuden to Mas. Oyama, fables that have been told. 120 pages. Illustrated by drawings.Tuttle. USA / Japan. Softback. Inazo Nitobe --- Bushido. The Soul of Japan. A reprint of Inazo Nitobe's concept of Bushido. 137 pages. All text. Tuttle Tuttle USA. Softback. £ 5.99 £ 8.99 41 Bujutsu Risuke Ōtake --- KATORI SHINTO-RYU : WARRIOR TRADITION. [“The Deity and the Sword” rewritten, expanded, reorganized, new photographs, and retranslated into a one vo lume edition.] Few of Japan's ancient warrior traditions have survived the five and a half  centuries since their heyday. Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu is the oldest extant classical Japanese martial art and one of the few that has maintained a comprehensive technical curriculum as well as studies in military strategy. This book, by the tradition's only master teacher, is a detailed illustrated introduction to the sword techniques, strategy, and esoteric studies of the Katori Shinto-ryu, Japan's most famous sword school. ■ Comprehensive introduction to Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto-ryu. ■ Only book currently in print authorized by Katori Shinto-ryu headmaster  Iizasa Yasusada ■ Covers both the physical and esoteric aspects of training in this nearly 600 year old tradition ■ Written by Ōtake Risuke Shihan, who has been for the last four and a half decades the tradition's only master  teacher  ■ 859 all new photographs and 34 illustrations ■ Rewritten, expanded, reorganized and completely retranslated one volume edition based on the three volume, “The Deity and the Sword”.■ C omplete text in both Japanese and English 336 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Koryu Books USA. Hardback. [Including UK postage] postage] £39.99 Kyudo Dan DeProspero and Jackie DeProspero --ILLUMINATED ILLUMINATED SPIRIT. Conversations with a Kyudo Master. [New Edition with new material] There is more to learning a Japanese martial art than movement and combat strategy. Many of the most important lessons a teacher has to offer are casual conversations, often outside the dojo. “Illuminated Spirit”  presents the everyday wisdom of Onuma Hideharu, fifteenth head master  of the Heki Ryu Sekka-ha tradition of Japanese archery. The wealth of  Onuma Hideharu lessons has been so profound that they have been inspired to share them with the rest of us in this little book of conversations, “Illuminated Spirit”. Chapters range from "Inspiration," through "Everyday Life," "On Being Human," and "Work and Responsibility" to the "Mystery of Kyudo". [Including UK postage] 130 pages. Illustrated by photographs. Koryu Books. USA. Softback. £ 9.99 Japanese Spears Roald Knutsen and Patricia Knutsen --JAPANESE JAPANESE SPEARS. Polearms and Their Use in Old Japan. A historical survey of Naginata and Yari from earliest times to the close of the Edo period. The book focuses on a number of actual kata forms from the Bujutsu traditions during the Sengoku-jidai, the Age of War in fifteenth and sixteenth century Japan. 131 pages. Illustrated by photographs and drawings. Global Oriental. UK. Hardback. 42 £35.00