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Company Data




18th Step Resorts Pvt. Ltd.

20 Microns Ltd.
20 Microns Nano Minerals Ltd.
20th Century Engineering Ltd.
20th Century Finance Corpn. Ltd. [merged]
20th Century Fox Corpn. (india) Pvt. Ltd.
20th Century Gems Ltd.
20th Century Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
20th Century Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd.
21st Century Automotive India Ltd.
21st Century Constructions Ltd.
21st Century Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
21st Century Infra Tele Ltd.
21st Century Pest Control Services Ltd.
24/7 Customer Pvt. Ltd.
3 Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
3 K Technologies Ltd.
3d P L M Software Solutions Ltd.
3d Technopack Ltd.
3i Infotech B P O Ltd.
3i Infotech Consultancy Services Ltd.
3i Infotech Insurance & Re-insurance Brokers Ltd.
3i Infotech Ltd.
3i Infotech Trusteeship Services Ltd.
3m India Ltd.
7seas Entertainment Ltd.
8k Miles Software Services Ltd.
9x Media Pvt. Ltd.
A 1 Century Trades Ltd.
A 2 Z E Waste Mgmt. Ltd.
A 2 Z Infraservices Ltd.
A 2 Z Infrastructure Ltd.
A 2 Z Maintenance & Engg. Services Ltd.
A 2 Z Powercom Ltd.
A 2 Z Powertech Ltd.
A 2 Z Shopping Ltd.
A 2 Z Water Solutions Ltd.
A A A Steel & Energy (india) Ltd.
A A A Township Pvt. Ltd.
A A P Infrastructure Ltd.
A A R Commercial Co. Ltd.
A B & Co. Corporate Services Ltd.
A B B Global Inds. & Services Ltd.

A B B Instrumentation Ltd. [merged]
A B B Ltd.
A B Bank Ltd.
A B Base Metal Mining Co. Pvt. Ltd.
A B C Bearings Ltd.
A B C Commercial Co. Ltd.
A B C Dubash Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd.
A B C Gas (international) Ltd.
A B C India Ltd.
A B C O Plastics Ltd.
A B C Paper Ltd.
A B C Tube Inds. Ltd.
A B Corp Ltd.
A B Duplex Ltd.
A B G Bulk Handling Pvt. Ltd.
A B G Coastal Pvt. Ltd.
A B G Container Handling Pvt. Ltd.
A B G Haldia Bulk Terminals Pvt. Ltd.
A B G Infralogistics Ltd.
A B G Kandla Container Terminal Ltd.
A B G Kolkata Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd.
A B G Ports Pvt. Ltd.
A B G Shipyard Ltd.
A B G-lda Bulk Handling Pvt. Ltd.
A B G-lda Marine Pvt. Ltd.
A B Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
A B Hotels Ltd.
A B I-showatech (india) Ltd.
A B L Biotechnologies Ltd.
A B L International Ltd.
A B Leasing & Finance Ltd.
A B M International Ltd.
A B M Knowledgeware Ltd.
A B M Securities Ltd.
A B Mauri India Pvt. Ltd.
A B Medical Centres Ltd.
A B Metal Mining Co. Pvt. Ltd.
A B N Granites Ltd.
A B N L Investment Ltd.
A B N-amro Bank N.v.
A B P G M Mining Co. Pvt. Ltd.
A B P Realty Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
A B P Tv Pvt. Ltd.

A B T (madras) Pvt. Ltd.
A B T (madurai) Pvt. Ltd.
A B T (trichy) Pvt. Ltd.
A B T Industries Ltd.
A B T Ltd.
A C C Concrete Ltd.
A C C Ltd.
A C C Mineral Resources Ltd.
A C C-nihon Castings Ltd. [merged]
A C E Derivatives & Commodity Exchange Ltd.
A C E Designers Ltd.
A C E Edutrend Ltd.
A C E Exports Ltd.
A C E Glass Containers Ltd. [merged]
A C E Laboratories Ltd.
A C E Stonecraft Ltd.
A C G Arts & Properties Pvt. Ltd.
A C G Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
A C I (agro Chemical Inds.) Ltd.
A C I Infocom Ltd.
A C L Components Ltd.
A C M E Telepower Ltd.
A C Nielsen O R G Marg Pvt. Ltd.
A C Shelter Pvt. Ltd.
A C T India Ltd. [merged]
A D A Software & Services Pvt. Ltd.
A D C India Communications Ltd.
A D C L Drugs & Chemicals Ltd.
A D F Foods (india) Ltd.
A D F Foods Ltd.
A D Hydro Power Ltd.
A D R C Health Care Ltd.
A D S Diagnostic Ltd.
A E & E Chennai Works Pvt. Ltd.
A E C (india) Ltd.
A E C Cements & Constructions Ltd.
A E C Enterprises Ltd.
A F C O Industrial & Chemicals Ltd.
A F L Dachser Pvt. Ltd.
A F L Infotech Ltd. [merged]
A F L Pvt. Ltd.
A G C Networks Ltd.
A G Fats Ltd.

A G Glass Ltd.
A G I Developers Ltd.
A G I Glasspack Ltd.
A G Industries Pvt. Ltd.
A G K Computer Secure Prints Ltd.
A G R Investments Ltd.
A G S Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
A G S Infotech Ltd.
A H A Parks Ltd.
A H W Steels Ltd.
A I A Engineering Ltd.
A I C Properties Ltd.
A I Champdany Inds. Ltd.
A I G Global Asset Mgmt. Co. (india) Pvt. Ltd.
A I S Glass Solutions Ltd.
A Infrastructure Ltd.
A J Brothers Ltd.
A J Enterprises Ltd.
A K C Developers Ltd.
A K C Retailers Ltd.
A K C Steel Inds. Ltd.
A K C Synthetics Ltd.
A K Capital Corpn. Pvt. Ltd.
A K Capital Finance Pvt. Ltd.
A K Capital Markets Ltd.
A K Capital Services Ltd.
A K G Acoustics (india) Ltd.
A K G Securities & Consultancy Ltd.
A K Gandhi Mktg. Pvt. Ltd.
A K H S Homes Pvt. Ltd.
A K L Soft & Infosys (india) Ltd.
A K S Bearings Ltd.
A K S Credits Ltd.
A K S Financial Services Ltd.
A K S International Ltd.
A K Spintex Ltd.
A K Stockmart Pvt. Ltd.
A K Structural Foam Ltd. [merged]
A K Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.
A L B Leasing & Finance Ltd.
A L F Insurance Services Pvt. Ltd.
A L Sudershan Construction Co. Ltd.
A M C L Machinery Ltd.

A M D Estates & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
A M D Industries Ltd.
A M E I Power Ltd.
A M G F Intercorp Ltd. [merged]
A M I Computers (i) Ltd.
A M I Ganga Infrastructure Ltd.
A M L Steel & Power Ltd.
A M L Steel Ltd.
A M R Constructions Ltd.
A M R L Hitech City Ltd.
A M S I L Enterprises Ltd.
A M Textiles & Knitwears Ltd.
A M Todd Co. India Pvt. Ltd.
A M-tech Packs Ltd.
A N G Auto Tech Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
A N G Industries Ltd.
A N Global Ltd.
A N R Investments Ltd.
A N S Ltd.
A N S Steel Tubes Ltd.
A N Z Capital Pvt. Ltd.
A Narrain Mines Ltd. [merged]
A O K In-house B P O Services Ltd.
A O K In-house Factoring Services Pvt. Ltd.
A O L Online India Pvt. Ltd.
A P A Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
A P Coatings Ltd.
A P D L Estates Ltd.
A P Finance Ltd.
A P L (india) Pvt. Ltd.
A P L Apollo Tubes Ltd.
A P L Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.
A P L Healthcare Ltd.
A P L Infotech Ltd.
A P L International Pvt. Ltd.
A P L Life Sciences Ltd. [merged]
A P L Research Centre Ltd.
A P M Industries Ltd.
A P M Investments Ltd.
A P Mahesh Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd.
A P Met Engg. Ltd.
A P Projects Pvt. Ltd.
A P R Packaging Ltd. [merged]

A P R Sacks Ltd.
A P Steel Re-rolling Mill Ltd.
A P T Packaging Ltd.
A P T Yarns Ltd.
A P Technology Services Ltd.
A P W President Systems Ltd.
A R C Finance Ltd.
A R Co-extruded Films Ltd.
A R I Consolidated Investments Ltd.
A R Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
A R Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
A R M Group Enterprises Ltd.
A R M Polymers Ltd.
A R Packaging Systems Ltd.
A R Paradise Pvt. Ltd.
A R S S Infrastructure Projects Ltd.
A R Thermosets Pvt. Ltd.
A R Venture Funds Mgmt. Pvt. Ltd.
A S B International Pvt. Ltd.
A S E Capital Market Development Board
A S E Capital Markets Ltd.
A S K Financial Services Ltd.
A S K Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
A S M Shipping Ltd.
A S M Technologies Ltd.
A S P Sealing Products Ltd.
A S P Technologies Ltd.
A S R Agro Ltd.
A S R Multimetals Pvt. Ltd.
A S Rototech Ltd.
A T C Ltd.
A T E Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
A T E Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
A T E Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
A T E Print Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
A T E Rectifiers Ltd.
A T E Services Ltd.
A T E Trading & Mfg. Co. Ltd. [merged]
A T F Aishwarya Finance Ltd.
A T I Ltd.
A T L Textile Processors Ltd.
A T L Textiles Ltd.
A T N International Ltd.

A T O (i) Ltd.
A T P International Ltd.
A T R Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
A T S Elgi Ltd.
A T S L Infrastructure Projects Ltd.
A T V Projects India Ltd.
A To Z Securities Ltd.
A Tosh & Sons (india) Ltd.
A V Cottex Ltd.
A V G Motors Ltd.
A V I Export (india) Ltd.
A V I Industries Ltd.
A V I Photochem Ltd.
A V I Polymers Ltd.
A V L Leasing & Finance Ltd.
A V M Ltd.
A V T Agrochem Ltd.
A V T Mccormick Ingrediants Pvt. Ltd.
A V T Natural Products Ltd.
A V Thomas & Co. (india) Ltd.
A V Thomas & Co. Ltd.
A V Thomas Exports Ltd.
A V Thomas Indl. Products Ltd.
A V Thomas International Ltd.
A V Thomas Investments Co. Ltd.
A V Thomas Leather & Allied Products Pvt. Ltd.
A W Travel & Logistic Services Ltd.
A X A Business Services Pvt. Ltd.
A X L Exploration Pvt. Ltd.
A-plus Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Aaa Aviation Pvt. Ltd.
Aabad Real Estates Ltd.
Aachal Alloys Ltd.
Aadarshini Real Estate Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Aadesh Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
Aadhaar Retailing Ltd.
Aadhar Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd.
Aadhunik Steels Ltd.
Aadi Industries Ltd.
Aadidev Properties Ltd.
Aafloat Textiles (india) Ltd.
Aakar Engineering & Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Aakar Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.

Aakarshak Realators Pvt. Ltd.
Aakarshak Synthetics Ltd.
Aakruti Investments Ltd.
Aaloka Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
Aamby Valley Ltd.
Aanchal Computers Ltd.
Aanchal Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Aanjaneya Lifecare Ltd.
Aankit Granites Ltd.
Aapurti Finance Ltd.
Aar Kay Steel Products Ltd.
Aar Shyam (india) Invst. Co. Ltd.
Aaren Initiative Outdoor Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Aarifi Tanners Ltd.
Aarkay Food Products Ltd.
Aarkay Innovation Ltd.
Aarman Software Pvt. Ltd.
Aarsree Agra Ltd.
Aarti Corporate Services Ltd.
Aarti Drugs Ltd.
Aarti Healthcare Ltd.
Aarti Industries Ltd.
Aarti International Ltd.
Aarti Steels Ltd.
Aarvee Denims & Exports Ltd.
Aarvee Information Systems Ltd.
Aarya Global Shares & Securities Ltd.
Aarzoo Technobuild Pvt. Ltd.
Aasavari Trading Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Aashee Infotech Ltd.
Aasheesh Securities Ltd.
Aashi Industries Ltd.
Aashraya Hotels & Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Aasia Management & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Aasni Multitrade Pvt. Ltd.
Aastha Broadcasting Network Ltd.
Aastha Tools Pvt. Ltd.
Aasthavinayak Estate Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Aaswa Trading & Exports Ltd.
Aatmiya Bio-fuel Pvt. Ltd.
Aavaran Ltd.
Aavaran Textiles Pvt. Ltd.

Aavishkar Finance & Trade Pvt. Ltd.
Aavishkar Software Ltd.
Aayush Food & Herbs Ltd.
Abacus Computers Ltd.
Aban Energies Ltd.
Aban Offshore Ltd.
Aban Power Co. Ltd.
Aban Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Abbott India Ltd.
Abbound Bio-agri Technologies Ltd.
Abby Lighting & Switchgear Ltd.
Abdos Polymers Ltd.
Abee Info-consumables Ltd.
Abha Property Project Ltd.
Abhaas Construction Pvt. Ltd.
Abhashree Projects Ltd.
Abhay Drugs Ltd.
Abheek Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Abhi-man Steels Ltd.
Abhijay Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Abhijit Trading Co. Ltd.
Abhimanu Exports Ltd.
Abhinandan Enterprises Ltd.
Abhinandan Investments Ltd.
Abhinandan Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Abhinav Capital Services Ltd.
Abhinav Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Abhiraami Chemicals Ltd.
Abhiraj Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
Abhisar Buildwell Pvt. Ltd.
Abhisek Jute & Inds. Ltd.
Abhishek Carpets & Felts Ltd.
Abhishek Corporation Ltd.
Abhishek Finance Co. Ltd.
Abhishek Finlease Pvt. Ltd.
Abhishek Global Ventures Ltd.
Abhishek India Ltd.
Abhishek Industrial Corpn. Ltd.
Abhishek Spinfab Corpn. Ltd. [merged]
Abhishek Steels Ltd.
Abhyadoot Finance & Invsts. Pvt. Ltd.
Abhyudaya Agrotech Ltd. [merged]

Abhyudaya Co-op. Bank Ltd.
Abhyudya Trading Ltd.
Abilities India Pistons & Rings Ltd.
Abirami Financial Services (india) Ltd.
Able Cotton & Dyeing Pvt. Ltd.
Abode Construciton Ltd.
Abohar Power Generation Ltd.
Abrepose Financial & Technical Services Ltd.
Absolute Aromatics Ltd.
Absolute Securities Ltd.
Absorption Aircon Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Abu Raj Resorts Ltd.
Accauto Marketing Ltd.
Accauto Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Accel Academy Ltd.
Accel Frontline Ltd.
Accel Frontline Services Ltd.
Accel Ltd.
Accel Media Ventures Ltd.
Accel Ltd.
Accel Transmatic Ltd.
Accelaris Technologies Ltd.
Accelerated Freeze Drying Co. Ltd.
Accentia Technologies Ltd.
Accenture India Pvt. Ltd.
Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.
Access Business Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Access Global Ltd.
Access India Advisors Ltd.
Access Matrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Acclaim Industries Ltd.
Acco Exports Ltd.
Accor Services Pvt. Ltd.
Accord Cotsyn Ltd.
Accord Fintech Pvt. Ltd.
Accord Healthcare Ltd.
Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Accounts Receivables Mgmt. Services (india) Ltd.
Accumax Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Accumax Ltd.
Accurate Exports Ltd.
Accurate Finance & Leasing Ltd.

Accurate Meters Ltd.
Accurate Traders Ltd.
Accurate Transformers Ltd.
Accuspeed Engineering Design Services Ltd.
Ace Calderys Ltd.
Ace Flora-tech Ltd.
Ace Gum Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Ace Software Exports Ltd.
Ace Trade Links (india) Ltd.
Aceelene Suitings Ltd.
Achal Finance Ltd.
Achal Investments Ltd.
Achates Builders & Constructions Ltd.
Achiles Knitwear Pvt. Ltd.
Acil Cotton Inds. Ltd.
Acknit Industries Ltd.
Ackruti Campus Of Research & Education Pvt. Ltd.
Ackruti Center Infotech Ltd.
Ackruti City Magnum Ltd.
Ackruti Safeguard Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Acme Advertisements Pvt. Ltd.
Acme Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
Acme Fluoro Polymers Ltd.
Acme Hotels & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Acme Industries Ltd.
Acme Locks Ltd.
Acme Resources Ltd.
Acme Spinners Ltd.
Acme Sthapati Ltd.
Acme Tele Power Ltd.
Acoris Research Ltd.
Acorn Engineering Ltd.
Acquaint Exports Ltd.
Acqvire Talent Services Ltd.
Acrastyle Power (india) Ltd.
Acrastyle Switchgear Ltd.
Acropetal Technologies Ltd.
Acrow India Ltd.
Acrysil Ltd.
Act Finance Ltd.
Actif Corporation Ltd.
Action Commodities Ltd.
Action Construction Equipment Ltd.

Action Financial Services (india) Ltd.
Action Ispat & Power Pvt. Ltd.
Action Securities Ltd.
Active Securities Ltd.
Acufab Pvt. Ltd.
Acumen Commodities (india) Ltd.
Acumen Trading & Invsts. Ltd.
Ad-manum Finance Ltd.
Ada Cellworks Wireless Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
Adam Comsof Ltd.
Adam Finman Ltd.
Adani Agri Fresh Ltd.
Adani Agri-logistics Ltd.
Adani Cements Ltd.
Adani Chemicals Ltd.
Adani Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Energy Ltd.
Adani Enterprises Ltd.
Adani Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Gas Ltd.
Adani Global Ltd.
Adani Habitats Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Infra (india) Ltd.
Adani Infrastructure & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Adani Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Landscapes Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Logistics Ltd.
Adani Mining Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Mundra Sez Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Murmugao Port Terminal Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Pench Power Ltd.
Adani Petronet (dahej) Port Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Port Infrastructure Ltd.
Adani Port Ltd.
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd.
Adani Power Dahej Ltd.
Adani Power Ltd.
Adani Power Maharashtra Ltd.
Adani Power Rajasthan Ltd.
Adani Shipping (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Adani Welspun Exploration Ltd.

Adilabad Expressway Pvt. Adcon Technologies Ltd. Adisons Precision Instruments Mfg. . Adhisesanpettai Benefit Fund Ltd. Adhunik Industries Ltd. Adecco Peopleone India Pvt. Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd. Ltd. Adayar Gate Hotel Ltd. Add-life Pharma Ltd. Ltd.Adani Wilmar Ltd. Adeshwar Infrabuild Ltd. Addison & Co. Adithya Alkaloids Ltd. Adinath Textiles Ltd. Adhunik Corporation Ltd. Adhunik Ispat Ltd. Co. Adecco Flexione Workforce Solutions Pvt. Add Life Fitness & S P A Pvt. Ltd. Adit Ecommerce Pvt. Adbur Pvt. Adarsh Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. Adarsh Commercial Co. Adhunik Power Transmission Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Adharshila Capital Services Ltd. Adhunik Power & Natural Resources Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Adhunik Metaliks Ltd. Adhivitiya Properties Ltd. Adapt Investments Ltd. Ltd. Adi Rasayan Ltd. Addon Export House Ltd. Ltd. Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd. Addi Industries Ltd. Adelie Builders & Developers Pvt. Adcon Capital Services Ltd. Adi Finechem Ltd. Addisons Paints & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Adidas India Mktg. Adinath Bio-labs Ltd. Adhunik Yarns Ltd. Ltd. Adhunik Synthetics Ltd. Add Corporation Ltd. Adinath Exim Resources Ltd. Adesh International Pvt. Ltd.

Ltd. Aditya Birla Health Services Ltd. Aditya Forge Ltd. Aditya Consultants & Traders Ltd. Aditya Birla Financial Shared Services Ltd. Aditya Polymers Ltd. Aditya International Ltd. Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Birla Securities Pvt.Adithya Aquaculture Ltd. Aditya Birla Finance Ltd. Aditya Lime Inds. Aditya Birla Money Ltd. Aditya Mills Ltd. Aditya Birla Trustee Co. Ltd. Aditya Horologicals Ltd. Aditya Fincom Pvt. Aditya Birla Financial Services Pvt. Aditya Gears Ltd. Aditya Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Info-soft Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Birla Minacs I T Services Ltd. Aditya Birla Money Insurance Advisory Services Ltd. Aditya Birla Money Mart Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Realtech Pvt. Aditya Birla Customer Services Pvt. Aditya Exim Ltd. Aditya Marketing & Mfg. Aditya Birla Insulators Ltd. [merged] Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Birla Commodities Broking Ltd. Aditya Exports Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Electro Communications Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Birla Chemicals (india) Ltd. Aditya Birla Capital Advisors Pvt. Aditya Birla Retail Ltd. Aditya Medisales Ltd. Ltd. Aditya Resources Ltd. Aditya Spinners Ltd. Aditya Birla Telecom Ltd. Adithya Automotive Applications Pvt. . Aditya Birla Minacs Technologies Ltd. Pvt. Aditya Exports Pvt.

[merged] Adroit Industries (india) Ltd. Advanced Magnetics Ltd. Advance Paints Pvt. Advanced Adhesives Ltd. [merged] Ador Welding Ltd. Adityapur Toll Bridge Co. [merged] Ador Cooperheat Ltd. Advance Bio-coal (india) Ltd. Advance Powerinfra Tech Ltd. Ltd. Adsteam Agency (india) Ltd. Advait Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Pvt. Advanced Oral Care Products Ltd. Ltd. Ador Technologies Ltd. [merged] Ador Technopak Ltd. Admiral Exports Pvt. Advance Power Display Systems Ltd. Adrenalin Esystems Ltd. Adorn Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Advance Petrochemicals Ltd. Adlabs Distributors & Exhibitors Ltd. Ador Multiproducts Ltd. Ltd. Adiyaman Textiles Ltd. Advance Multitech Ltd. Advanced Transfusion Medicine Research Foundation . Aditya Vikram Impex & Invsts. Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd. Adtech Systems Ltd. Ltd. Adrienne Builders & Constructions Pvt. Advance Crop Solutions Ltd. [merged] Ador Thermal Engg. [merged] Advance I P Technologies Ltd. Advance Ispat (india) Ltd. Advance Lifestyles Ltd. [merged] Ador Fontech Ltd. Ador Powertron Ltd. Ltd.Aditya Vidyut Appliances Ltd. Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. Admiral Investments Ltd. Ltd. Advance Steel Tubes Ltd. Advance Power Devices Pvt. Ador Finance Ltd. Advait Auto Finance Pvt. Advanced Bio-agro Tech Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd.Advanced Vital Enzymes Ltd. Advantage Impex Ltd. Aerens Goldsouk Intl. Aegis Business Ltd. Aevee Iron & Steel Works Pvt. Advani Hotels & Resorts (india) Ltd. Ltd. Advantage Retail Pvt. Ltd. Adwave Construction Ltd. Afcons (overseas) Constructions & Invsts. Adventz Infraworld India Ltd. Aegis Logistics Ltd. Ltd. Aftek Ltd. Afcons Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Adventz Investments & Holdings Ltd. Advanta Seeds Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Afcons Pauling (india) Ltd. Aegis B P O Services (gurgaon) Ltd. Aerostar Helmets Ltd. Afsons Industrial Corpn. Advantage Constructions Pvt. Advertising Standards Council Of India Advik Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Advani Pleasure Cruise Co. Pvt. Ltd. Aesculapius Remedies Ltd. Afcons Offshore & Marine Services Pvt. Advani Flight Catering Services Pvt. Adwaith Textiles Ltd. Af-taab Investment Co. Ltd. Aegean Properties Ltd. Adventz Securities Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Advika Properties Pvt. Afcons Corrosion Protection Pvt. Aeonian Investments Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aftek Sales & Services Pvt. Aero Estates & Leasing Co. Aegis Ltd. Agaram Developers Pvt. Aero Agencies Ltd. Advent Computer Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Advanta India Ltd. Aero Traders Ltd. Adventnet Development Centre (india) Pvt. Ltd. Advitiya Urja Pvt.

Ltd. Agauta Sugar & Chemicals Ltd. Agrawal Metal Works Pvt. Agrima Consultants International Ltd. Agro Dutch Inds. Agarwal Steel Complex Ltd. Agio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Agri-marine Exports Ltd. Agile Electric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Agre Developers Ltd. Agrani Wireless Services Ltd. Agrimmcor Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Agrasen Impex Pvt. Agmotex Fabrics Ltd. Ltd. Agarwal Cigco Ltd. Ltd. Agrani Convergence Ltd. Agrimas Chemicals Ltd. Agrashakti Paper Mills Pvt. Agarpara Jute Mills Ltd. Agro Chem Punjab Ltd. Agritech Hatcheries & Foods Ltd. Agarwal Industrial Corpn. Agnite Education Ltd. Agricultural Finance Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Agarwal Duplex Board Mills Ltd. .Agarpara Co. Aggarsain Spinners Ltd. Agnee Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Agarwal Bolts Ltd. Agri Marine Exports Ltd. Agarsar Commerce Ltd. Agni Garments Pvt. Ltd. Agila Specialties Pvt. Agribiotech Industries Ltd. Ltd. Agarwal Holdings Ltd. Agfa India Pvt. Agri-tech (india) Ltd. Agrawal Oil Extractions Ltd. Agastyamuni Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd. Agre Properties & Services Ltd. Agricultural Research & Services Kerala Ltd. Agio Paper & Inds. Agrawal Indotex Ltd. Agrani Satellite Services Ltd.

Ahmedabad Kaiser-i-hind Mills Co. Ltd. Agro Tech Foods Ltd. Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd.Agro Extracts Ltd. Ltd. Agrocel Industries Ltd. Aimco Pesticides Ltd. Aimwel Investment Pvt. Aimil Ltd. Ahinsa Buildtech Pvt. . [merged] Ahmedabad Ring Road Infrastructure Ltd. Ahmedabad Jubilee Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ahlcon Parenterals (india) Ltd. Co. Air India Air Transport Services Ltd. Ahmedabad International Diamond Bourse Ltd. Ltd. Agro Tech India Ltd. Ahmadpur Katwa Railway Co. Ltd. Aircel Cellular Ltd. Aim Capfin Services Ltd. Air-india Charters Ltd. Ltd. Air Conditioning Corpn. Agroha Fincap Ltd. Air India Ltd. Co. Aico Foods Ltd. Ltd. Milk Producers' Union Ltd. Air Survey Co. Ahmedabad Manufacturing & Calico Prtg. Ahura Welding Electrode Mfrs. Ltd. Ltd. Air India Ltd. Ahmedabad New Cotton Mills Co. Ltd. Co. Ahmedabad Gases Ltd. Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd. Ahmedabad-vadodara Expressway Co. Services Ltd. Air Control & Chemical Engg. Ahluwalia Contracts (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Ltd. Of India Ltd. Airads Ltd. [merged] Air Kerala International Services Ltd. Ahmedabad Victoria Iron Works Co. Ahlcon Ready Mix Concrete Pvt. Ltd. Aira Investment & Trdg. Ltd. Air India Engg. Agrocorpex India Ltd. Ahmedabad District Co-op. Ahmedabad Mercantile Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Aircommand International Ltd. Co. Ltd. Aircommand Airtechnics Ltd. Ajanta Textiles Ltd.Aircel Ltd. Ltd. Ajcon Commodity Brokers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aishwarya Investments & Realty Pvt. Ajanta Spinning & Wvg. Ajanta Auto Inds. Ajay Enterprises Ltd. Ajinkya Trading Ltd. Ajanta Paper & General Products Ltd. Pvt. Aishwarya Coated Boards Ltd. Ajanta India Ltd. Ltd. Airmid Developers Ltd. Ajel Ltd. Ajay Investment Enterprise Ltd. Ajay Textiles Inds. Airport Golf View Hotels & Suites Pvt. . Airline Financial Support Services (india) Ltd. Ajay Home Products Ltd. Aishwarya Textiles Ltd. Ajanta Soya Ltd. Airtravel Enterprises India Ltd. Pvt. Airline Allied Services Ltd. Aircommand India Ltd. Ajay Multi Projects Ltd. Ajeet Seeds Ltd. Ajanta Mercantile Ltd. Aiwo Ltd. Ajanta Offset & Packagings Ltd. Ajanta Tubes Ltd. [merged] Airlinks Cargo Pvt. Aishu Fincorp Ltd. Ajanta Pharma Ltd. Ajit Mills Ltd. [merged] Ajanta Commerce Ltd. Aishwarya Telecom Ltd. Airports Authority Of India Airtel M Commerce Services Ltd. Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd. Ajay Bio-tech (india) Ltd. Ajcon Global Services Ltd. Ltd. Ajay Electrical Inds.

Akay Flavours & Aromatics Ltd. Ltd. Aker Powergas Pvt. Aksh Infratel Ltd. Pvt. Aksharchem (india) Ltd. Ltd. Aklima Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Akash Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Akasaka Electronics Ltd. Akanksha Viniyog Ltd. [merged] Akar Tools Ltd. Ajmer Waste Processing Co. Akhil Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Akay Filtips Pvt. Akshat Consultancy Ltd. Ltd. Akashdeep Metal Inds. Akashna Global Steel Ltd. Akhivi Tea Plantations & Agro Inds. Ltd.Ajitnath Hi-tech Builders Pvt. Ltd. Akshar Finance Ltd. Akola Oil Inds. Akruti Finance & Leasing Pvt. Akhshayaa Finance Bhaarath Ltd. Akal Spring Ltd. Akshat Gases Ltd. Ltd. Akash Housing Ltd. Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd. [merged] Akasha Syncotex Ltd. Akshata Cashew Products Ltd. Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ajwa Fun World & Resort Ltd. Akola Chemicals (india) Ltd. Ajwa Finance Ltd. Akasaka Electronics Ltd. . Akar Laminators Ltd. Akashganga Textiles Mills Ltd. Aksh Net Tel Ltd. Aksh Optifibre Ltd. Ltd. Ajmera Estates (karnataka) Pvt. Aksh Technologies Ltd. Akin Chemicals Pvt. Akhand Jyoti Trdg. Akar Polymatik Ltd. Akash Agro Inds. Akash Fabrics Pvt.

Ltd. Ltd. Alchemie Organics Ltd. Ltd. Alagendran Property Developers Ltd. . Alaknanda Manufacturing & Finance Ltd. Albright Steel Inds. Alageswar Estates Ltd. Alcatel-lucent Technologies India Pvt. Alang Ship Breakers Ltd. Alaknanda Hydro Power Co. Alakhnanda Growth Funds Ltd. [merged] Albatross Security & Investigation Services Ltd. Alagro Trading Ltd. Alacrity Housing Ltd. Alcatel-lucent India Ltd. Alagendran Benefit Fund Ltd. Akshaya Textiles Ltd. Alang Marine Ltd. Akzo Nobel India Ltd. Alacrity Electronics Ltd. Alang Industrial Gases Ltd. Al Ameen Intl. Albert David Ltd. Ltd. Alamelu Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Alamgir Motor Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Al Falah Blossoms Ltd. Ltd. Al-amanat Finance & Capital Services Ltd. Alchem International Ltd. Alankar Business Corpn.Akshay Fiscal Services Ltd. Al-nafees Frozen Food Exports Pvt. Akzo Nobel Chemicals (india) Ltd. Akshay Software Technologies Ltd. Akshralay Enterprises Ltd. Al Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd. Alchemie Drugs Ltd. Alankrit Handicrafts Pvt. Alcatel India Ltd. Al Barr Finance House Ltd. Alan Scott Inds. Alcaste India Ltd. Alagendra Textiles Ltd. Alastair Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Alchemie Pharma Chem Ltd. Alagawadi Bireshwar Sugars Pvt.

Alexcon Foamcast Ltd. Alfa Laval Financial Services Ltd. Pvt. Alkor Petroo Ltd. Alcock Ashdown (gujarat) Ltd. Ltd. Alfred Herbert (india) Ltd. Alkyl Speciality Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Alchemist Metals Ltd. Alexcon Extrusions Ltd. Alfavision Overseas (india) Ltd. Alert Petrogas Ltd. Alicid Organic Inds. Alipurduar Tea Co. Pvt. Alicon Castalloy Ltd. . Ltd. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Alembic Exports Ltd. Ltd. & Fin. Alkali Metals Ltd. Alfa Transformers Ltd. Alembic Ltd. Alfa Export Technologies India Ltd.Alchemist Corporation Ltd. Alka India Ltd. Alintosch Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Alfred Herbert Ltd. Alkem Laboratories Ltd. Alfa Ica (india) Ltd. Ltd. Alka Commodities Ltd. Ltd. Co. Alchemist Realty Ltd. Alirox Abrasives Ltd. Alfa Laval (india) Ltd. Alcobex Metals Ltd. Alka Securities Ltd. Ltd. Alchemist Ltd. Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Alcon Cement Co. [merged] Alfa Mercantile Ltd. Alco Co. Alexandria Knowledge Park Pvt. Alchemist Foods Ltd. Alert Fire Protection Systems Pvt. Alcon Finance & Invsts. Algorithm Solution Pvt. Ltd. Alfa Beta Invst. Alka Diamond Inds.

Allana Investments & Trading Co. Allanzers Distribution Services Ltd. All India Reporter Engg. All Indian Origin Chemists & Distributors Ltd. Ltd. Allana Holdings Ltd. Ltd. All Season Events Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Alliance Funds Mgmt. Pvt. All Heaven Holdings & Estates Ltd. Alliance Comnet Ltd. All Seasons Foods Ltd. Ltd. Allahabad Bank Allana Cold Storage Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. All Colour Garments Pvt. Alliance Integrated Metaliks Ltd. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Allana Oil Mills Ltd. Ltd. Alliance Business Credit Ltd. Allcheckdeals India Pvt. Alliance Coffee Ltd. All Metal Process Inds. Alliance Infrastructure & Logistics Ltd. Allen Projects Ltd. Ltd. Alleppey Company Ltd. Pvt. Alliance Holdings Pvt. Alliance Capital & Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Allana Frozen Foods Ltd. Alliance Mall Developers Co. All Heavens Resorts India Ltd. Alliance Medicorp (india) Ltd. Alliance Techno Projects Ltd. Allana Exports Ltd. Allen Laboratories Ltd. Allied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd. Alliance Management & Fiscal Services Ltd. Alliance Jewelleries Pvt. All India Reporter Pvt. Allbank Finance Ltd.Alkyl Technology Ventures Ltd. Allana Impex Ltd. Allcargo Logistics Ltd. Allena Auto Inds. Allanasons Ltd. Alliance Credit & Investments Ltd. Allana Pharmachem Ltd.

Allied Digital Services Ltd. Alok Aurangabad Infratex Pvt. Allied Strips Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Allied Nippon Ltd. Almatis Alumina Pvt. Allsec Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Services Ltd. Ltd. Allied Photographics India Ltd. (asia) Ltd. Ltd. Almondz Finanz Ltd. Alok New City Infratex Pvt. Alok H B Hotels Pvt. Almondz Global Securities Ltd. Alok Apparels Pvt. Almondz Capital & Mgmt. Almondz Commodities Pvt. Allindia Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Allnet Infotech Pvt. . Allied Perfumers Pvt. Alok Ferro Alloys Ltd. Allied Industrial Facilities Ltd. Almondz Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Allied Publishers Pvt. Allied Resins & Chemicals Ltd. Almondz Reinsurance Brokers Pvt. Almondz Retail Equity Ltd. Alna Trading & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Allied Stock Investors Ltd. Alok H B Properties Pvt. Almora Magnesite Ltd.Allied Computers Intl. [merged] Allied Steels Ltd. Alok Infrastructure Pvt. Allstate Finance & Leasing Ltd. Allium Finance Pvt. Alok Industries Ltd. Ltd. Allied Dealcomm Pvt. Allied Global Infrastructure Ltd. Allied Photographics East India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Allsoft Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Alok Land Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Allied Fiscal Services Ltd. Alluri Finvest Ltd. Alok H & A Ltd. Ltd. Almi Hydro-electric Projects Ltd.

Alstom T & D Distribution Transformers Ltd. Alps B P O Services Ltd. Alpine Environmental Engineers Ltd. Alps Uttarakhand Energy Pvt. Ltd. Alpine Commercial Co. Alpha Graphic India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Alta Builders & Developers Pvt. Alps Spandex India Ltd. [merged] Alstom Power Boilers Services Ltd. Alta Moda Garments Ltd. . Alstom Power Boilers Ltd. Alom Extrusions Ltd. Alora Trading Co. Alps Industries Ltd. Alstom Holdings (india) Ltd. Alok Retail (india) Ltd. Alpine Trading & Finance Ltd. Alpa Laboratories Ltd.Alok Realtors Pvt. Alps Laboratories Ltd. Alsa Construction & Housing Ltd. Ltd. Alpha Drug India Ltd. Alta Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Alpha Hi-tech Fuel Ltd. [merged] Alphageo (india) Ltd. Alps Energy Pvt. Alpine Capital Services Ltd. Alpine Housing Devp. Ltd. Aloki Real Estate Developers Pvt. Alstom Projects India Ltd. Alpha X-ray Technologies (india) Pvt. Alstom Hydro R & D India Ltd. Alpine Industries Ltd. Alpump Ltd. Alsa Marine & Harvests Ltd. Ltd. Alpic Finance Ltd. Alphatania Ltd. Corpn. Alpha Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Alps Hospital Pvt. Alta Laboratories Ltd. Alpha Toyo Ltd. [merged] Alpha Garments Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Alpha Oxygen Ltd.

Amaravati Agro Ltd. Ltd. Alternative Investments & Credits Ltd. Amalgamated Transpower (india) Ltd. Amar Tara Hospitality Pvt. Amalgamated Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Amal Ltd. Amar Vanijya Ltd. Amalgam Foods Ltd. Amalgam Aquaculture Application Ltd. Amar Remedies Ltd. Amar Ujala Publications Ltd. Altius Autoworld Pvt. Ltd. . Amar Jyoti Udyog Ltd. Ltd.Alternate Brand Solutions (india) Ltd. Amar Brothers Ltd. Amar Polyester Ltd. Amar Parkash Agro India Ltd. Alvita Builders & Developers Pvt. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. Amarawati Tea Co. Amalgamated Development Ltd. Amalgamated Electricity Co. Amar Investments Ltd. Amajin Agro Exports Ltd. Amaravati Treasure Bazaar Pvt. Althaf Shoes Pvt. Alved Pharma & Foods Pvt. Aluminium Industries Ltd. Aluminium Powder Co. Ltd. Amar Traders & Finance Co. Ltd. Amaravathi Sri Venkatesa Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Amalgamations Valeo Clutch Pvt. Amani Trading & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Altos India Ltd. Amar Alcoholi Ltd. Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co. Alumeco India Extrusion Ltd. Amalgamations Repco Ltd. Alufluoride Ltd. Amalgam Marine Harvests Ltd. Ltd. Amalgam Foods & Beverages Ltd. Amar Dye-chem Ltd. Amaravathi Investment Ltd.

Ambience Buildwell Pvt. Ambattur Constructions Ltd. Ambience Ltd. Ambica Yarns Ltd. Ltd. Amartara Plastics Pvt. Ltd. Ambica Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Ambattur Garments Pvt. Ltd. Ambadi Enterprises Ltd. Ambica Steels Ltd. Amber Real Estate Ltd. Ambience Space Sellers Ltd. Amba Promoters & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Amartya Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ambience Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Ambica Agarbathies Aroma & Inds. Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ambe Hotel & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Amazon Infra Realtors Ltd. Ambica Infra Ventures Pvt. Ambica Corporation Ltd. Ambience Leasing Ltd. Amazon Infracon Pvt. Amarsons Automotives Ltd.Amardeep Jewellers Ltd. Amarnath Securities Ltd. Ltd. Amartara Pvt. Amazon Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ambica Capital Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Ambience Publicis Advertising Pvt. Ambattur Clothing Ltd. Ambey Metallic Ltd. Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd. Ambica Shipping & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ambal's Advertisers (india) Ltd. Ambi Estate Pvt. Ambe Agro Inds. [merged] . Ambalica Enterprises Ltd. Amarshiv Optical Ltd. Ambari Tea Co. Amazon Real Estate Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Amba Enterprises Ltd. Amber Distilleries Ltd. Ambica Developers Ltd.

Ambitious Plastomac Co. . Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Banking Corpn. Amco Properties & Invsts. Amco Investment & Leasing Ltd. American Express Intl. Ambuja Agro Industries Ltd. Ambuja Shipyard & Software Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Ambuja Cement India Pvt. Ltd. Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd. American Paints (india) Ltd. Ltd. American Remedies Ltd. Ltd. Amco Holding Pvt. Co. Ambuja Flour Mills Ltd. Amee Cosmo Pharma Ltd. Ambuja Cement Rajasthan Ltd. Amici India Ltd. American Express Bank Ltd. Amco Batteries Ltd. [merged] Ambuja Zinc Ltd. [merged] Amici Infopark Pvt. Ambuja Realty Devp. Amet & Ladoue Biotech Ltd. Amex Alloys Pvt. Ltd. Ambit Investment Advisory Co. Ltd. Amenity Software Pvt. Ltd. American Refrigerator Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ameer Trading Corpn. American Express Banking Corpn. American Devices India Pvt. Ambit Capital Pvt.Ambik Protiens Ltd. [merged] Ambuja Cements Ltd. American Express Services India Ltd. Ambitious Investment & Fin. [merged] American Spring & Prsg. American Express Foreign Exchange Services India Ltd. Amex Carbonates & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Amco India Ltd. Amforge Industries Ltd. Ltd. Americus Real Estate Pvt. Amco Industries Ltd. Ambuja Cement Eastern Ltd. Works Pvt. Ambuja Electrocastings Ltd. Amco Saft India Ltd.

Amines & Plasticizers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Amin International Ltd. Ltd. Ampoules & Vials Mfg. Amona Power Pvt. Amit Alcohol & Carbon Dioxide Ltd. Amjoy Exim Ltd. Amradeep Industries Ltd. Amison Fisheries Ltd. Amrit Agro Inds. Ltd. Aminex Chemicals Ltd. Amrit Feeds Ltd. Ampro Products Ltd. Amritsar Estates Ltd. Amira Foods (india) Ltd. Ltd. Amnet India Credit Corpn. Amravati Eximp Ltd. Ltd. Amritlal Chemaux Pvt. . [merged] Amrit-villa Investments Ltd.Amigo Exports Ltd. Amison Foods Ltd. [merged] Amit Commercial Co. Ltd. Amit International Ltd. Ltd. Amit Intertrade Pvt. Amirgadh Cements Ltd. Co. Amit Securities Ltd. Amrit International Ltd. Amit Spinning Inds. Amol Drug Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Ammana Bio Pharma Ltd. Amit Holdings Ltd. Amluckie Investment Co. Amrit Protein Foods Ltd. Amraworld Agrico Ltd. Amoda Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Amity Amusement Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Amrapali Developers (india) Ltd. Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Amphetronix Ltd. Amrit Banaspati Co. [merged] Amol Dicalite Ltd. [merged] Amrapali Industries Ltd. Amrit Corp. Amorphos Industries Ltd.

Anand Rathi Commodities Ltd. Amtek Auto Ltd. Amrut Ink Ltd. Ltd. Amul Industries Pvt. Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd. Anand Lakshmi Malleables Ltd. Anand Lease & Finance Ltd. Anand Rathi Global Finance Ltd. Amu Shares & Securities Ltd. Amtech Electronics (india) Ltd. Amtek Ring Gears Ltd. Amrut Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Amzel Ltd. Anand Electronics & Inds. Anand Products Ltd. Anand Lubricants Pvt. Anabond Ltd. Amtek India Ltd. [merged] Anagram Housing Finance Ltd. Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. Amrut Merchandising Ltd.Amrut Credit Corpn. Anagha Estates Ltd. Anand Cotspin Ltd. Amtek Siccardi (india) Ltd. Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Ltd. Co. (india) Ltd. Anand Engineers Pvt. Anand Credit Ltd. Ltd. Anand Duplex Ltd. Anagram Wellington Asset Mgmt. Ltd. Amstrin Healthcare Ltd. Amulyanidhi (india) Ltd. Ltd. Amrut Industries Ltd. . Anand Projects Ltd. Anagram Capital Markets Ltd. Ana Hospitality Pvt. Analytix Systems Pvt. Ltd. Anand Rathi Securities Ltd. Amulya Leasing & Finance Ltd. Anagram Finance Ltd. Anamallai Planter's Association Anan Drug & Chem Ltd. Ltd. Amtech Power Ltd.

Andhra Farm Chemicals Corpn. . Ltd. Ltd. Anandam Limited Anandam Rubber Co. Andhra Ferro Alloys Ltd. Ltd. Devp. Andhra Pradesh Fibres Ltd. Andhra Petrochemicals Ltd. Anant Syntex Ltd. Anchor Nirman Ltd. Anand Synthochem Ltd. Ltd. Anant Extrusions Ltd. Anand Tissues Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Anchor Infraprojects Ltd. Andhra Cements Ltd. Anco Communications Ltd. & Devp. Andhra Bank Andhra Bank Financial Services Ltd. Pvt. Andhra Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ananya Innovations Ltd. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Expositions Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Networks Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Heavy Machinery & Engg. Andaman & Nicobar Islands Forest & Plant. Anant Rotospin Ltd. Ananthi Constructions Ltd. Ltd. Anchor Health & Beauty Care Pvt. Anant Raj Hotels Ltd. Andhra Lakshmi Indl. Ananda-bag Tea Co. Anantha Maadhava Real Estates & Constructions Ltd. Anchor Electricals Pvt. Anchor Daewoo Inds. Co. Anant Raj Projects Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corpn.Anand Rathi Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Andhra Expressway Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Expressway Ltd. Anasuya Spinners Ltd. Anand Reddiplex Ltd. Corpn. Anant Raj Cons. Anaparai Estates Ltd. Anandmangal Fintrade Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Anant Raj Inds. Andhra Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

Ltd. Devp. Ltd. Anirudh Foods Ltd. Andhra Pradesh State Police Housing Corpn. Andhra Pradesh Steels Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Scooters Ltd. Anil Special Steel Inds. Ltd. Angel Capital & Debt Market Ltd. Angel Broking Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Anik Steels Ltd. [merged] Anima Investments Ltd. Ltd. Anest Iwata Motherson Ltd. Anfilco Ltd. Anik Financial Services Pvt. Anil Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Tanneries Ltd.Andhra Pradesh Indl. Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corpn. Anglo-french Drugs & Inds. Anil Locks Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Ltd. Andhra Sinter Ltd. Anisa Carpets Ltd. Ltd. Anik Ship Breaking Inds. Angeripalayam Common Effluent Treatment Plant Ltd. Anik Industries Ltd. Andhra Sea Products Ltd. Animantz Creative Animators Pvt. Anil Starch Products Ltd. . Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Corpn. [merged] Andre Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh Small Scale Indl. Anglo Overseas Finance (india) Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh State Financial Corpn. Andhra Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Anil Bioplus Ltd. Andhra Printers Ltd. Devp. Andhra Valley Power Supply Co. Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Devp. Ltd. Corpn. Angel Investments Ltd. Angelique International Ltd. Ltd. Angora Trading Co. Andhra Pradesh Power Finance Corpn. Anirox Pigments Ltd. Andrew Yule & Co. Angeerasa Greenfields Pvt.

Ankit Metal & Power Ltd. Ankit Prachi Trading & Invest. Anjanil Foods Ltd. Ankur Engineering Inds. Ltd. Anjani Agrico Implements Ltd. Ltd. Anjney Investments & Trading Co. Ankit Ispat Pvt. Ltd. Anjani Portland Cement Ltd. Ltd. Anjani Solvents India Ltd. Anjaney Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Anjaneya Cold Storage Ltd. Ltd. . Ankuna Synthetics Ltd. Anjaney Minerals Ltd. Ankur Buildcon Pvt. Anka India Ltd. Ankit Capital Resources Ltd. Ankita Pratisthan Ltd. Anjaniputra Builders Pvt.Anita Trading Co. Ltd. Anjaney Ferro Alloys Ltd. Anjani Finance Ltd. Ltd. Anjuman Buildcon Pvt. Pvt. Ankur Drugs & Pharma Ltd. Anmol Bakers Pvt. Ankur International Ltd. Ankur Protein Inds. Ankur Udyog Ltd. Anjana Explosives Ltd. Ankur Chemfood Ltd. Anjani Estates Ltd. Anjuli Builders & Developers Pvt. Ankita Knit Wear Ltd. Ankur Marketing Ltd. Ankush Finstock Ltd. Ankur Agro Chem Ltd. Ltd. Ankit Commerce Ltd. Anjani Dham Inds. Anjani Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. Ankit Fiscal Services Ltd. Ankit Gold Ltd. Anjaney Alloys Ltd. Ankit Yarns Ltd. Ltd. Ankit India Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ansal Townships Infrastructure Ltd. Antique Investment Co. Annai Finance Ltd. Ansal S E Z Projects Ltd. Antarix Eapplication Ltd. Antique Stock Broking Ltd. . Ansal Hi-tech Townships Ltd. Ansal Buildwell Ltd. Anniversary Investments & Agencies Ltd. Annamalaiar Mills Pvt. Antique Industries Ltd. [merged] Annapurna Projects Ltd. Antarctica Properties Co. Antarctica Ltd. Anna Infrastructures Ltd. Ltd. Anshuman-abhijat Holdings Ltd. Annupampattu Developers Pvt. [merged] Anmol Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ansaldocaldaie Boilers India Pvt. Ansal Condominium Ltd. Anmol Dairy Ltd. Annur Satya Textile Ltd. Ansal A P I Power Ltd. Annabel Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Antop Traders Pvt. Annamallai Industries Ltd.Anmol Biscuits Ltd. Anod Plasma Spray Ltd. Annamallai Infrastructures Ltd. Annam Feeds Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Anshuni Commercials Ltd. Anosh Finance & Invsts. Anna Aluminium Products (india) Ltd. Annapurna Foils Ltd. Ltd. Antarctic Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ansal I T City & Parks Ltd. Antelec Ltd. Ltd. Ansh Builders Pvt. Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd. Antop Hill Warehousing Co. Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd. Ansal Chaudhary Developers Pvt. Anshul Specialty Molecules Ltd. Ltd.

Anuroop Auto Pvt. Antrix Diamond Exports Pvt. Pvt. Aparna Synthetics Pvt. Anuh Pharma Ltd. Apar Industries Ltd. Anusha Investments Ltd. Anup Engineering Ltd. Apar Corporation Pvt. Anupama Steel Ltd. Antrix Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Anukool Trade & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Apcon Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. . Apcotex Industries Ltd. [merged] Aparna Capital Services Ltd. Anupama Investment Ltd. Anupam Extractions Ltd. Ltd. Anusha International Ltd. Anupam Cotfab Ltd. Apaksh Broadband Ltd. Anunta Tech Infrastructure Services Ltd. Apco Industries Ltd. Anupam Products Ltd. Ltd.Antriksh Vyapaar Ltd. Anukul Investments Pvt. [merged] Apeejay Shipping Ltd. Ltd. Anukaran Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Anusika Industries Ltd. Apar Ltd. Anusha Air Travels Ltd. Anupam Hoteliers Ltd. Antwerp Diamond Bank N V Anu's Laboratories Ltd. Anup Malleables Ltd. Anuradha Investments Ltd. Anuvin Industries Ltd. Anusandhan Investments Ltd. Anugraha Wood Products Ltd. Anugraha Valve Castings Ltd. Anupam Industries Ltd. Ltd. Anurang Engineering Co. Anukaran Agencies Pvt. Apcotex Securities Ltd. Anugraha Jewellers Ltd.

Apex Traders & Exporters Ltd. Aplab Ltd. Apis India Ltd. Apollo Infracon Ltd. . Apex Breweries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Apollo Finvest (india) Ltd. Aplab Display Devices & Systems Ltd. Apex Co-operative Bank Apex Electricals Ltd. Ltd. Apollo Finance Ltd. Apex Auto Ltd. Apollo Buildwell Pvt. Apex Enterprises (india) Ltd. Aplomb Investments Ltd. Apollo Lavasa Health Corpn. Apeejay Typhoo Tea Pvt. Apna Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd. Apna Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Apharmo Ltd. Ltd. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. Apex Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Apian Finance & Invst. Apollo International Ltd. Apex Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Apollo Hospitals Intl. Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd. Apitco Ltd.Apeejay Tea Ltd. Apollo Health Street Ltd. Ltd. Apex Intertech Ltd. Apollo Investments Ltd. Ltd. Apex Capital Markets Ltd. Apollo Earthmovers Ltd. Apex Holdings Ltd. Apex Logical Data Conversion Pvt. Apex Industrial Corpn. Apna Incable Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. Apollo Builders Ltd. Apex Ispat Ltd. Apex Advanced Technology Pvt. Apex N K Software Solutions Ltd. Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Ltd. Apollo Industrial Products Ltd. Ltd.

Apollo Sindhoori Commodities Trdg. Apte Amalgamations Ltd. Ltd. Services Ltd. [merged] Aptech Venture Ltd. Appollo Fibres Ltd. Ltd. Applect Learning Systems Pvt. Appu Impex Ltd. Apple Asset Mgmt. . Ltd. Aqua Bearings Ltd. Apptex Manpower Devp. Apte Industrial & Mgmt. [merged] Appollo Stones Ltd. Apple Sponge & Power Ltd. Ltd. Apollo Vikas Steels Pvt. Apollo Zipper India Ltd. Apollo Publishers Ltd. Apple Credit Corpn. Applicomp (india) Ltd. Appease Investments & Finance Ltd. Apple Granites Ltd. Apollo Trade Ltd. Aptech Education Society Aptech Ltd. Apple Finance Ltd. Applabs Technologies Pvt. Applogic Broadband Systems Ltd. Ltd. Services Ltd. Aptel Softek Systems Pvt. Apple Allied Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Apollo Tubes & Steel Inds. Apurva Benefit Fund Ltd.Apollo Metalex Pvt. Appu (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aps-star Industries Ltd. Aptech Manpower Services Ltd. Aponline Ltd. Appeline Cosmetics & Toiletries Ltd. Aptech Software Ltd. Apollo Tyres Ltd. Apple Commodities Ltd. Apptex Marketing Services & Solutions Ltd. Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd. Apple Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Aqua Investments (india) Ltd. Appu Hotels Ltd.

Arcadia Shipping Ltd. Aravali Industries Ltd. Arani Agro Oil Inds. Aravali (india) Ltd. Arcadia Mercantile Capital Ltd. . Arcee Ispat Udyog Ltd. Arch Finechemicals Ltd. Aqualand (india) Ltd. Aradhana Soft Drinks Co. Ltd. Arch Life Sciences Ltd. Arasmeta Coal Mining Co. Aradhana Petrochemical Ltd. Arcee Industries Ltd. Ltd. Aramusk Infrastructure Investments Ltd. Arasu Rubber Corpn. Arasan Syntex Ltd.Aqua Logistics Ltd. Ltd. Ar A S Auto Pvt. Aradhaya Agrodevelopers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Aquathane Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Arasan Vinayan Technology Pvt. Aradhana Snack Foods Co. Arasmeta Captive Power Co. Aqualine Marine India Ltd. Aquadiagnostics Water Research & Technology Centre Ltd. Aquadev India Ltd. Arandy Laboratories Ltd. Arandy Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Aquila Finance Ltd. Aravali Securities & Finance Ltd. Aravalli Properties Ltd. Arcadia Build-tech Ltd. Aradhana Investments Ltd. Aquarian Realtors Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Aravali Infrapower Ltd. Aquamarine Food Products Ltd. Arambagh Hatcheries Exports Ltd. Ltd. Arabian Exports Pvt. Aravali Floriculture Ltd. Aravali Properties Ltd. Aquamall Water Solutions Ltd. Aquaduc Equipments Ltd. Arambagh Hatcheries Ltd. Ltd.

Arch Pharmachem Ltd. Archon Engineering Co. Arihant Abode Ltd. Arha Buildcon Ltd. Arfin India Ltd. Aries Agro Care Pvt. Archidply Industries Ltd. Arcil Catalyst Pvt. Arempee Hi-tech Equipments Ltd. Ltd. Ardeshir B Cursetjee & Sons Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Arex Industries Ltd. Aries Agro Ltd. Aries Agro Produce Pvt. Ardi Investments & Trading Co. Archana Syntex Pvt. Archana Software Ltd. Ardent Steel Ltd. Aricent Infra Ltd. Archies Ltd. Arhat Industries Ltd. . Areva T & D India Ltd. Arcuttipore Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd. Aridhi Investments & Trading Co. [merged] Archit Holdings & Credits Ltd. Aridhi Investment Consultants Pvt. Archer Metal Ltd. Archies Online. Arco Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Arctic Investment & Trading Co. Arch Pharmalabs Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aries Agro Equipment Pvt. Arhant Suedes Ltd. Argus Cosmetics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aria Hotels & Consultancy Services Pvt. Archway Investment Co. Ares Infradevelopers Pvt. Aricent Technologies (holdings) Ltd. Arcus Ltd. Arcot Textile Mill Ltd. Arco Impex Ltd. Arcotech Ltd. Aridhi Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Aries Marketing Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Arintex Global Ltd. Arihant Enterprise Ltd. Arihant Classic Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Arihant Finlease (india) Ltd. Arihant Steel & Alloys Ltd. Aristo Finance & Invsts. Ltd. Arihant Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Arihant Insurance Broking Services Ltd. Arihant Finsec Ltd. Ltd. Arihant Chemicals Inds. Arihant Castor Exports Ltd. Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Arihant Leasing & Holdings Ltd. Arihant's Securities Ltd. Arihant Griha Ltd. Arihant Steel & Metal Wires Pvt. Ltd. Arihant Spinning Mills Ltd. Arihant Premises Pvt. . Arihant Udyog Ltd. Arihant Enterprises Ltd. Arihant Thermoware Ltd. Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd. Arihant Avenues & Credit Ltd. Arihant Industries Ltd. Ltd. Arindam Investments Pvt.Arihant Agro Products Ltd. Arihant Auto Components Pvt. Aristo Industrial Services Ltd. Aristocrat Investments Ltd. Arihant Futures & Commodities Ltd. Arihant Vatika Realty Pvt. Arihant Industrial Corpn. Arihant Corporation Ltd. Arihant Finance (india) Ltd. Arihant Petro Chemicals Ltd. Arihant Machine Builders & Structural Engineers Ltd. Arihant Capital Markets Ltd. Arihant Superstructures Ltd. Arihant Threads Ltd. Aristo Realty Developers Ltd. Arihant Tournesol Ltd. Arihant Cotsyn Ltd. Arihant Ltd.

Arpit Projects Ltd. [merged] Armaan Buildcon Pvt. Arms Paper Ltd. Arix Consultants Pvt. Arora Udyog Ltd. Arnav Corporation Ltd. Armchair Investments Ltd. Arman Financial Services Ltd. Arklite Speciality Lamps Ltd. Arkaya Commercial Ltd. Armstrong Smith Ltd.Aristocrat Luggage Ltd. Arora Fashions Ltd. Aroni Commercials Ltd. Arksoft Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Arkay Energy (rameswarm) Ltd. Arjun Shipping Pvt. Ltd. Arochem Silvassa Ltd. Arnav Gruh Ltd. Arraycom (india) Ltd. Arora Fibres Ltd. Ltd. Arman Builders Pvt. Arora Financial Services Ltd. Arogya Trading & Finance Ltd. Arjun Minerals & Transporters Ltd. Arman Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Arjuna Brokers & Minerals Ltd. Aro Granite Inds. Arpit Ltd. Ltd. Arpit Capital Ltd. Arjuna Cotton & Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Arnold Holdings Ltd. Armour Chemicals Ltd. Arpan Leasing Co. Armour Finance & Commerce Ltd. Arjay Apparel Industries Ltd. Arora Poultry Products Ltd. Arlabs Ltd. Arlem Breweries Ltd. Aroma Enterprises (india) Ltd. . [merged] Aristocrat Marketing Ltd. Arofine Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Armaan Electric Ltd.

Arth Udyog Ltd. Arshiya Eastern Domestic Distripark Ltd. Arti Web-developers Pvt. Arshiya Domestic Distripark Ltd. Arshiya Eastern F T W Z Ltd. Of India . Arshiya Northern Domestic Distripark Ltd. Arshiya Western Domestic Distripark Ltd. Artemis Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Arshiya International Ltd. Arti Solvex Ltd. Arrow Textiles Ltd. Arshiya Rail Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Arshiya F T W Z Ltd. Artemis Mediequipments Pvt. Ltd. Arshiya Exim Trdg. Ltd. Arsi Cosmetics & Chemicals Ltd. Arshiya Central F T W Z Ltd. Art Leather Ltd.Arren Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Arshiya Central Domestic Distripark Ltd. Arrow Coated Products Ltd. Arshiya Supply Chain Mgmt. Arshiya Northern F T W Z Ltd. Arshiya Transport & Handling Ltd. Arrow Webtex Ltd. Artemis Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Arti Agro Inds. Arthanari Loom Centre (textile) Ltd. Arshiya Southern Domestic Distripark Ltd. [merged] Arsen Infra Pvt. Artemis Medical Institute & Hospitals Pvt. Arshiya Rail Siding & Infrastructure Ltd. Arrow Oxygen Ltd. Artheon Electronics Ltd. Artefact Projects Ltd. Ltd. Artheon Finance Ltd. Arshiya Technologies (india) Pvt. Arshiya Western F T W Z Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Arteries Insurance Broking Ltd. Artemis Medicare Services Pvt. Arthos Breweries Ltd. Corpn. Artificial Limbs Mfg. Ltd. Artech Power Products Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.

Arvind Rashayana Udyog Ltd. Artson Engineering Ltd. Aruna Hotels Ltd. Arunoday Mills Ltd. Arvind Cotsyn (india) Ltd. Arvind Fashions Ltd. Arvind Brands & Retail Ltd. Arun Pipes Ltd. Arunachal Plywood Inds. Arvind Clothing Ltd. Ltd. Arun Processors Ltd. Arvind Intex Ltd. Arvind Accel Ltd. Arvind Engineering Works Ltd. [merged] Arvind Infrastructure Ltd. Arvind International Ltd. Arunachaleswar Finance & Invst. Arul Mariamman Textiles Ltd. [merged] Arvind Kumar Nand Kumar Ltd. Aruna Constructions (india) Ltd. Arvind Projects Ltd. [merged] Arvind Growell Ltd. [merged] Arvind Products Ltd. Arun Smelters Ltd. Arun Vyapar Udyog Pvt. Arudhra Properties Ltd. Arvind Ltd. Arventea Ltd. Co. [merged] Arunjyoti Enterprises Ltd. [merged] Arunava Investments Ltd. Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Arun Mantex Ltd. Arun Varun Trade & Invst. Ltd. Aruppukottai Sri Jayavilas Ltd. Aruna Mills Ltd. Aruppukottai Shri Ramalinga Spinners Pvt.Artillegence Bio-innovations Ltd. Arvind Plast & Accessories Ltd. Arvind Brands Ltd. Aruppukottai Shri Ramalinga Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Arvind Polycot Ltd. Ltd. Arum Investments Pvt. Ltd. Arvin Liquid Gases Ltd.

Ltd. Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. Ashapura International Ltd. Arviva Industries (india) Ltd. Aryan Paper Mills Ltd. Aryanish Finance & Invsts. Asahi Industries Ltd. Aryan Fine Fab Ltd. Ascendas I T Park (chennai) Ltd. Aryan Infrastructure Invsts. Asha Agro Inds. Ltd. Aryan Pesticides Ltd. Ascent Exim (india) Ltd. Ltd. Asco Numatics (india) Pvt. Asea Ltd. . Pvt. Ashapura Logistics Ltd. Ashapura Minechem Ltd. Aryaman Broking Ltd. [merged] Aryan Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Pvt. Aryan Energy Pvt. Ltd. Ashapura Claytech Ltd. Pvt. Asha Nitrochem Inds. Asahi Infrastructure & Projects Ltd. Asahi Alpha Ltd. Asha Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ascu Arch Timber Protection Ltd. Arvind Retail Ltd. Aseem Global Ltd. Aryavrat Marketing Ltd.Arvind Remedies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Asean Industrial Structures Ltd. Ltd. Ashapura Consultancy Service Pvt. Aryan Brush Co. Asansol Bottling & Packaging Co. Arya Heavy Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Asahi India Glass Ltd. Ashapura Shipping Ltd. Ascent Leasing & Finance Co. Aryabhata Properties Ltd. Ashapura Aluminium Ltd. Aryaman Financial Services Ltd. Aryan Toll Road Pvt. Asha Project Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Aryan Hospitality Pvt.

Ashiana Proteins Ltd. Ashima Dyecot Ltd. Ltd. Ashok Granites Ltd. Ltd. Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ashish Polyplast Ltd. Ashim Investment Co. Ltd. Ashish Chemo-plast Equipments Ltd. Ashnoor Textile Mills Ltd. Ashiana Agro Inds. Ltd. Ashika Agro Projects Ltd. Ashmani Developers Ltd. Ashika Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ashok Plywood Pvt. [merged] Ashibej Industries Ltd. . Ashok Leyland Project Services Ltd. Ashik Woollen Mills Ltd. [merged] Ashok Leyland Ltd. Ashley Investments Ltd. Ashari Properties & Finances Ltd. Ltd. Ashok Alco-chem Ltd. [erstwhile] Ashiana Retirement Villages Ltd. Ashika Credit Capital Ltd. Ashiyana Autobodies Pvt. Ashika Insurance Broking & Risk Mgmt. Ltd. Ashok Finance (karur) Ltd. Ashirwad Steels & Inds. Ltd. Ashiana Ispat Ltd. Ashika Global Securities Ltd. [merged] Ashima Attires Pvt. Ashika Capital Ltd.Ashapura Volclay Chemicals Pvt. Ashok Auto Finance & Leasing Ltd. Ashika Stock Broking Ltd. Ltd. Ashima Ltd. Ashish Trading & Agency Ltd. Ashirwad Capital Ltd. Ashco Niulab Exports Ltd. Pvt. Ashiana Housing Ltd. Ashima Cottons Pvt. Ashapura Volclay Ltd. Ashco Niulab Inds. Ashiana Apartments Ltd. Ltd. Ashok Fashions Ltd.

Ltd. Ashoka Pre-con Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ashwin City Homes Pratapgarh Pvt. Ltd. Ashoka Trade Centre Ltd. Asia Pacific Breweries (india) Pvt. Asia Pacific Hotels Ltd. Ashram Online. Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Ashoka Realty & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Ashwini Pharma Chem Ltd. Ltd. Ashrit Holdings Ltd. Ashutosh Castings Ltd. Ashok S S K Ltd. Ltd. Asia Automotive Ltd. Ashtech Infotech Pvt. Asia Pacific Financial Services Ltd. Ashoka Bearing Agencies Ltd. Ashoka-d S C Katni Bypass Road Pvt. Ashoka Marketing Ltd. Ashoka Highways (bhandara) Ltd. Asia Lpg Pvt. Ashoka Refineries Ltd. Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. Ltd. Ashray Infrabuild Pvt. Asia Healthcare Devp. Ashoka Highways (durg) Ltd. Asia Pack Ltd. Asia H R Technologies Ltd. Asia Aviation Ltd. Asia Motor Works Ltd. Ashoka Viniyoga Ltd. Asia Bioenergy (india) Ltd. [merged] Asia Pacific Investment Trust Ltd. Asia Pacific Commodities Ltd. Asia Match Co. Ashoka Infraways Pvt. Ashoka Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ashoka Technologies Pvt. Ashoka Mercantile Ltd.Ashok Polymers Ltd. Asia Polytex India Ltd. Ashutosh Paper Mills Ltd. Ashwarya Investment Co. Ashoka Sambalpur Baragarh Tollway Pvt. Ashoka Commercials Ltd. Ltd.

Asian Films Production & Distribution Ltd. Asian Paints Industrial Coatings Ltd. Asian Housing Devp. Asian Knitwears Ltd. Ltd. Asian Bearing Ltd. Ltd. Asian Age (south) Ltd. Asian Flora Ltd. Ltd. Asian Alloys Ltd. Asian Agro Farms India Ltd. [merged] Asian Coffee Ltd. Ltd. Asian Cables & Inds. Asian Distributors Ltd. Asian Electronics Ltd. Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd. [merged] Asian Cables Corpn. Asian Latex Ltd. Asian Oilfield Services Ltd. Asian Peroxide Ltd. Asian Optical Fibres Ltd. Asian Petro-chemicals (india) Ltd. Asian Hotels (north) Ltd. Asian Fertilizers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Asian Lakto Inds. Asian Hotels (east) Ltd. Asian Petroproducts & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Asian Agro Energy Plantations Ltd. Asian Renewable Energy Pvt. Asian International Network Ltd. Asian Agalite (india) Ltd. Asian Ppg Inds. [merged] Asian Age (west) Ltd. Asian Agro Inds. Asian Granito India Ltd. Asian Health & Nutri Foods Ltd. . Asian Hotels (west) Ltd. Asian Food Products Ltd. Ltd. [erstwhile] Asian Closures Ltd.Asia Refinery Ltd. Asian Heart Institute & Research Centre Pvt. [merged] Asian Age Holdings Ltd. [merged] Asian Consolidated Inds. Ltd. Asian Industries & Enterprises Sa Ltd. Ltd. Asian Paints Ltd.

Asian Vegpro Inds. [merged] Asian Tiles Ltd. Asiatic Food (exports) Ltd. Mehta Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Interrmediates Ltd. Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd. Ltd. Asit C. Asiatic Textile Co. Ask Financiers Pvt. Asian Techs Ltd. Asoka Ferrocast Ltd. Aska Equipments Ltd. Asmitha Microfin Ltd. Asian Star Jewels Pvt. Ltd. Asman Investments Ltd. Asit C Mehta Forex Pvt. Ltd. Aspee Plant Protection Appliances Pvt. Asianlak Capital & Finance Ltd. Asok Textiles Ltd. (travancore) Ltd. Aslo Steel Ltd. Asiatic Thermics Ltd. Asian Tea & Exports Ltd. Asiatic Gases Ltd. Asian Securities S A Ltd. Ltd. Asianet Communications Ltd. [merged] Asian Tractors Ltd. Asmi Jewellery India Ltd. Asim Exports International Ltd. Asiatic Colour Chem Inds. Asian Star Co. Aspen Developers Pvt. Ltd. Asoka Mills Ltd. Ltd. Asiatic Properties Ltd. Asiatic Oxygen Ltd. Foundation Aspee Agro Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Asian Sky Shop Ltd. Ask Capital Market Ltd. Ltd. Asiatic Infrastructure & Shelters Ltd. [merged] Aspee Agricultural Research & Devp. Asianol Shipping Ltd. [merged] . Asian Tubes Ltd.Asian Retail Lighting Ltd. Asit C Mehta Invst. Ltd. Aspinwall & Co. Asian Telephone Services Ltd.

Associated Business Credits Ltd. Associated Cereals Ltd. Associated Distilleries Ltd. Aspire Exim Pvt. Assambrook Exports Ltd. Associate Contact Services India Pvt. Assam Tea Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Assam Company India Ltd. Asrani Tubes Ltd. Pvt. Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd. Associated Ceramics Ltd. Associated Industries Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Associated Building Co. Ltd. [merged] Aspinwall Technologies Ltd. Aspinwall Geotech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. Assam Cotton Mills Ltd. Assam Oil & Gas Ltd. Asrec (india) Ltd. Ltd. Associated General Trading Society Ltd. Aspinwall Investments Ltd. [merged] Assam Financial Corpn.Aspinwall & Co. Assambrook Ltd. Associated Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Asso Lube (india) Ltd. Associated Chemicals & Intermediates Ltd. Ltd. . Associated Auto Parts Pvt. Assam Roofing Ltd. Assam Petrochemicals Ltd. Associated Engineers & Industrials Ltd. Associated Latex (india) Ltd. Asset Reconstruction Co. Aspire Fitness Pvt. Assam Gas Co. Assets Care & Reconstruction Enterprise Ltd. Ltd. Assam Bengal Carriers Ltd. Associated Aluminium Inds. (india) Ltd. Associated Finlease Ltd. Associated Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. Assam Carbon Products Ltd. Assam Industrial Devp. Ltd. Associated Container Terminals Ltd. Ltd. Associated Biscuit Co.

Ltd. Astec Lifesciences Ltd. Astron Research Ltd. Astral Biochem Pvt. Ltd.Associated Leasing Ltd. Astral Poly Technik Ltd. (kotah) Ltd. Atash Industries (india) Ltd. Ltd. Associated Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Atic Industries Ltd. [merged] Association Of Mutual Funds In India Assotex Engineering India Ltd. Athena Financial Services Ltd. Associated Road Carriers Ltd. Astra Microelectronic Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Associated Pigments Ltd. Astrum Developers Pvt. Ltd. Associated Polymers Ltd. Associated Marmo & Granites Ltd. Atharv Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Athila Investment & Trading Pvt. Atlanta Coalmines Pvt. Aster Silicates Ltd. Asutosh Enterprises Ltd. Atash Securities Ltd. Atcom Technologies Ltd. Atco Products Ltd. Athena Infrastructure Ltd. Atcomarrt Ltd. [merged] Atithi Tie-up Pvt. Associated Stone Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Assured Investments Ltd. Asvini Fisheries Pvt. Astrix Laboratories Ltd. Associated Transrail Structures Ltd. Atari Informatics Ltd. Ltd. . Astrazeneca Pharma India Ltd. [merged] Astra Microwave Products Ltd. Astrons Infotech Pvt. At & S India Pvt. Athani Farmers' Sugar Factory Ltd. [merged] Atcom Net Connect Ltd. Ltd. Asya Infrastructure & Tourism Corpn. Atcomaart Services Ltd. Astron Drugs & Inds.

Atlas Copco (india) Ltd. Attest Testing Services Ltd. Ltd. Atul Ltd. Atotech India Ltd. Atraiu City Homes Pratapgarh Pvt. Atlas Cycles (sonepat) Ltd. Atul Glass Inds. Atul Capital Market Ltd. Atul Products Ltd. Atlas Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Atlantic Commercial Co. Atlantic Holdings Ltd. Atul Bioscience Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Atlas Cycles (sahibabad) Ltd.Atlanta Energy Pvt. [merged] Atul Rajasthan Date Palms Ltd. Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Atria Power Corpn. Atria Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. Atlas Cycles (haryana) Ltd. Atulya Trades & Agencies Ltd. Atlas Automotive Components Ltd. Ltd. . Atlanta Ltd. Atlantic Floriculture & Agrotech Ltd. Ltd. Atul Fasteners Ltd. Atreya Petrochem Ltd. Atom Technologies Ltd. Attunli Hydro Electric Power Co. Atlantic Spinning & Wvg. Atul Mercantile Ltd. Atma Steels Ltd. Atlanta Tourism Ventures Ltd. Atul Oilcake Inds. Atul Auto Ltd. Atlas Soya Proteins Ltd. Atmanand City Homes Pratapgarh Pvt. Ltd. Aturia Continental Ltd. Atlas Cycles (malanpur) Ltd. Auchtel Products Ltd. Atlanta Infra Assets Ltd. Au Bon Pain Cafe India Ltd. Atri Exports Pvt. Ltd. Atna Investments Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Auroplast India Ltd. Ltd. Auro Mira Bio Energy Madurai Ltd. Aurangabad City Integrated Road Devp. Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. Auromed Ltd. Pvt. Auroma Coke Ltd. Aurum Soft Systems Ltd. Auma (india) Pvt. Ltd. Auronext Pharma Pvt. . Aurangabad Textiles & Apparel Parks Ltd. Aurangabad S E Z Ltd. Aurofood Pvt. Ltd. Auro Sundaram Ply & Doors Pvt. Ltd.Jalna Toll Way Ltd. Ltd. Aura Real Estate Pvt. Aurobrite Trading Ltd. Aurangabad Motor Mfrs. Aurum Electricals India Ltd. Auriferous Trading & Agencies Ltd. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. Aujasya Agro Power Pvt. Auspicious Infracon Ltd. Audit Bureau Of Circulations August Agents Ltd. Aura Greenport Pvt. Aum Texfab Pvt. Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd. Aurangabad Paper Mills Ltd. Auro Fabriks Ltd. Audco India Ltd.Auckland International Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Auram Leasing & Finance Ltd. Austenitic Creations Pvt. Aurobindo (datong) Bio-pharma Co. Ltd. Ltd. Auro Laboratories Ltd. Auriferous Aqua Farms Ltd. Auro Energy Ltd. Aurangabad Breweries Ltd. August Residency Pvt. Ltd. Aunde India Ltd. Ausom Enterprise Ltd. Aurangabad . Ltd. Aurica Laminates Ltd. Ltd. Auroknit Exports (india) Ltd.

Automotive Composite Systems (international) Ltd. Ltd. Avanti Feeds Ltd. Autometers Ltd. Avantel Ltd. Avance Technologies Ltd. Autoline Dimensions Software Pvt. Ltd. Avanashi Holdings Pvt. Auto Ignition Ltd. Autoline Design Software Ltd. Autoliv Safety Systems India Pvt. Avanti Leathers Ltd. [merged] Automatic Electric Ltd. Auto Tension Ltd. Automobile Association Of Eastern India Automobile Corpn. Ltd. Automotive Axles Ltd. Avadh Mercantile Co. Avanthi Business Machines Ltd. Autokast Ltd. Authum Investment & Infrastructure Ltd. Avalon Aviation Academy Pvt. Ltd. Autoriders Finance Ltd. Autoriders International Ltd. Avani Cimcon Technologies Ltd. Avantha Power & Infrastructure Ltd. Auto Pins (india) Ltd. Automotive Coaches & Components Ltd. Ltd. Autocomps India Ltd. Austin Engineering Co. [merged] Auto Aircon (india) Ltd. Automotive Stampings & Assemblies Ltd. Ltd. . Automax Mecair (india) Ltd. Automobile Products Of India Ltd. Available Finance Ltd. Auto (india) Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Autopal Industries Ltd. Pvt. Automotive Manufacturers Pvt. Of Goa Ltd. Autoline Industrial Parks Ltd. Auto Gallon Inds. Autometers Alliance Ltd. Ltd.Auster Securities Ltd. Autolite (india) Ltd. Autoline Industries Ltd.

Avenue Supermarts Pvt. Awdhan Trading Co. Axel Polymers Ltd. Avijit City Homes Pratapgarh Pvt. Aventis Cropscience Ltd. Ltd. Avron Investments Ltd. Avon Beauty Products India Pvt. Aver Software Technologies Ltd. Axiom International Projects Ltd. Avinash Drugs Ltd. Avasarala Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Avantika Commercial Co. Ltd. Ltd. Axiom Cordages Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Consultancy Ltd. . Avinaya Resources Ltd. Avonski Securities Ltd. [merged] Avinash Information Technologies Ltd. Avtec Limited Awa Power Co. [merged] Avichal Buildcon Pvt. Aviance Ltd. Aviva Industries Ltd. Avon Industries Ltd. Ltd. Avon Ispat & Power Ltd. Avon Organics Ltd. Avnav City Homes Bijnore Pvt. Averina International Resorts Ltd. Awas Realtors Ltd. Avro Commercial Co. Avilash City Homes Pratapgarh Pvt. Avenue Properties Pvt. Avichal Infrastructure Pvt. Avis Tie Up Pvt. [merged] Aviation Software Devp. Awas Ayogen Vittnigam Ltd. Ltd. [amalgamated] Aventis Pharma Ltd. Avery India Ltd. Avilok Trade & Finance Ltd. Avon Mercantile Ltd. Avon Cycles Ltd. Avro Sales Pvt. Ltd. Avon Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Avnet Technology Solutions (india) Pvt. Avikem Resins Ltd.

Ayodhya Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd. B & M Trading & Invst. B 2 B Software Technologies Ltd. Ayyappa Hydro Power Ltd. [merged] Azure Exim Services Ltd. Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Center Pvt. Ltd. Ayoki Merchantile Ltd. Ltd. Co. Axis Integrated Systems Ltd. Axis Trustee Services Ltd. Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Co. [merged] Axis Asset Mgmt. Axon Development Solutions Ltd. Co. Co. Ltd. Axon Trading & Mfg. Axis Private Equity Ltd. Aztecsoft Ltd.Axiom Medisurg Ltd. Axis Securities & Sales Ltd. B 2 B Enterprise Solutions Ltd. B & A Packaging India Ltd. Axles India Ltd. Azra Land Projects Pvt. Ayer Manis Rubber Estate Ltd. Axis Bank Ltd. Azrael Investments Ltd. Ayepee Lamitubes Ltd. Invst. Ltd. Axtel Industries Ltd. Axis Mutual Fund Trustee Ltd. Ayesha Cotton Mills Ltd. B & A Ltd. Axsys Health Tech Ltd. Ayurvedshri Herbals Ltd. Azimuth Investments Ltd. Ayush Investments Ltd. Axis-i T & T Ltd. Axis Capital Markets (india) Ltd. Ltd. B & C Machinery Ltd. Azad Finance & Trdg. B & B Realty Ltd. Axon Infotech Ltd. Axiom Technologies Ltd. Ltd. . Ayyappan Textiles Ltd. Axis Diagnostics & Biotech Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. B E Billimoria & Co. B A S F India Ltd. B C L Industries & Infrastructures Ltd. B F P Enterprises Pvt. B D A Pvt. B B F Industries Ltd. [merged] B 4 U Television Network India Ltd. Ltd. B C C Synthetics Ltd. . [merged] B B B Realty Pvt. Ltd. B A & Brothers (eastern) Ltd. Ltd. B A G Newsline Network Pvt. B C H Electric Ltd. B D L Distilleries Pvt. B E M L Ltd. B C W V Tech India Pvt. Ltd. B C L Financial Services Ltd. B C V Developers Pvt. B F Invst. B E C Strips Ltd. B D Industries Ltd. B A G Films & Media Ltd. B F I L Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. B F L Exports Ltd. B D K Process Controls Pvt. B C C Fuba India Ltd. B Arunkumar's International Ltd. B B Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. B D H Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. B F P Traders Pvt. Ltd. B C L Transport Finance Ltd. Pvt. B F M Industries Ltd.B 2 K Corp. B E S A Developers & Infrastructure Pvt. [merged] B A S P Chemical Products Ltd. B A S F Polyurethanes India Ltd. B D A Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. B B Commercial Ltd. B E Investment & Finance Pvt. Ltd. B F Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. B E L Optronic Devices Ltd. B A G Glamour Pvt. B C L Forgings Ltd. B A G Infotainment Pvt.

B F Utilities Ltd. B J Duplex Boards Ltd. [merged] . B G I L Films & Technologies Ltd. B I L T Tree Tech Ltd. B L G Electronics Ltd. Ltd. B G H Exim Ltd. B L K Furnishers & Contractors Pvt. B H P Machines Ltd. Ltd. B L Industries (india) Ltd. B K Duplex Board Ltd. B L K Lifestyle Ltd. B H L Brands International Ltd. B G F L Corporate Finance Pvt. B M F Beltings Ltd. Ltd. B I P Estates Services Pvt. B K L Securities Ltd. B L K Infrastructure Ltd. B L B Mutual Services Ltd. B M E Industries Ltd. B G K Infrastructure Developers Pvt. B L B Commodities Pvt. B H L Forex & Finlease Ltd. B L B Institute Of Financial Markets Ltd. B I L Industries Ltd. Ltd. B K T Moulds Ltd. B G S E Financials Ltd. B I T S Ltd. [merged] B L B Realty Ventures Ltd. B K V Industries Ltd. Ltd. B K C Developers Pvt. B I P Developers Pvt. B F-ntpc Energy Systems Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. B L K Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. B L B Ltd. B J M Industries Ltd. B L Kashyap & Sons Ltd. B L S Global Education Ltd. B G R Energy Systems Ltd. B M D Chemicals Pvt. B G Industries Ltd. B I L Continental Ltd. Ltd. B L S Infotech Ltd. B I L Metal Inds.

B S & B Safety Systems (i) Ltd. B P L Communications Ltd. B N Rathi Comtrade Pvt. B P L Engineering Ltd. Ltd. B S Appliances Ltd. B P L Systems & Projects Ltd. Ltd. B O B Housing Finance Ltd. B M W Industries Ltd. B P Investments Ltd. B P L Telecom Pvt. B R T Ltd. B P Alloys Ltd. B O B Capital Markets Ltd. B P L Broadband Networks Ltd. B M W India Pvt. B N K Capital Markets Ltd. B S C P L Infrastructure Ltd. India Pvt. B P M Industries Ltd. . [merged] B O C India Ltd. B N Rathi Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. B P L Display Devices Ltd. B P Ergo Ltd. B N K Commodities Pvt. [merged] B O I Shareholding Ltd. B P L Ltd. B P B India Gypsym Ltd. Ltd. B R T Spinnerrs Ltd. Ltd. B P L Techno Vision Pvt. B P T P Ltd. B N P Paribas B N P Paribas Asset Mgmt. B R Cement Industry Ltd. B M S Industries Ltd. B N R Udyog Ltd. Ltd. B O I Finance Ltd.B M F Investments Ltd. B Nanji Enterprises Ltd. B P Capital Ltd. B R D Securities Ltd. B P L Power Projects (a P) Pvt. B P L Securities Pvt. Ltd. B P Oil Mills Ltd. B S C P L Infra Projects Ltd.

B S G Hotels & Leasing Ltd. Babcock Borsig Ltd. B S I Credit & Inds. B S Transcomm Ltd. [merged] B S E S Kerala Power Ltd. B T Syndicate Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. B S L Scaffolding Ltd. B S L Wulfing Ltd. [merged] B S R Finance & Constructions Ltd. B V G India Ltd. Ltd. Baaz Trading & Investment Ltd. [merged] B T Composites Ltd. . [merged] B S E S Infrastructure Finance Ltd. B S T Ltd.Kurali Toll Road Ltd. B S E L Infrastructure Realty Ltd. Ltd. B T Tech Net Ltd. B S E S Yamuna Power Ltd. Ltd. Babcock & Wilcox (india) Pvt. B T A Cellcom Ltd. Ltd. B S E S Andhra Power Ltd. B S Ispat Ltd. Baba Ceramics Ltd. Baasima Buildcon Pvt. Babaji Shivram Clearing & Carriers Pvt. B S L Ltd. Baba Arts Ltd. B W L Ltd. B S I Securities International Ltd. B T System & Service Ltd. B S Refrigerators Ltd. B Sec Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.B S C-c & C. Babcock Borsig Engg. B S I Ltd. B T W Industries Ltd. Baba Sai Finance & Invst. B W Highway Star Pvt. B S E Ltd. B S Trade Invest Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Babul Smokeless Fuel Inds. B S E S Rajdhani Power Ltd. B S Infratel Ltd. Babhnan Sugar Mills Ltd.

Bacchhat Investment & Finance Ltd. Bahuma Polytex Ltd. Ltd. Badarpur Energy Pvt. Badra Estates & Inds. Bafna Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bagade India Engg. Baehal Software Ltd. Bagri Traders Pvt. Ltd. Bahubali Properties Ltd. Bacil Pharma Ltd. Bafna Agro Inds. Bahubali Leasing Limited Bahubali Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Bahubali Real Estate & Farms Mgmt. Bahubali Tie-up Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Baghmar Finlease Ltd. Bagrrys India Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Bagadia Colourchem Ltd.Babuta Promoters & Developers Ltd. Bagaria Trading Ltd. Bagwe Udyog Ltd. Bachins India Pvt. Bachhraj & Co. Bachhraj Factories Pvt. Bafna Spinning Mills & Exports Ltd. Baerlocher India Additives Pvt. Ltd. Badam Balakrishna Hotels Pvt. Baheti Metal & Ferro Alloys Ltd. Pvt. Baghmari Tea Co. Ltd. Ltd. Badarpur Faridabad Tollway Ltd. Bagrrys Finance Ltd. Badrinath Industries Ltd. Badridas Investment Co. Baffin Engineering Projects Ltd. Ltd. Bagri Minerals & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Baharampore-farakka Highways Ltd. Bacardi India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Bahubali Services Ltd. . Ltd. Baid Leasing & Finance Co. Ltd. Baid Mercantiles Ltd. Baid Global Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Bagalkot Udyog Ltd. Badrinath Hydro Power Generation Pvt.

Baker Gauges India Pvt. Bajwa Agro Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Balagarh Power Co. Bakemans Industries Pvt. Bajaj Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Bajaj Chemo-plast (india) Ltd. Ltd. Bakul Auromatics & Chemicals Pvt. Bajoria Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd. Bajaj International Pvt. Bala Techno Inds. Bajaj Global Ltd. Bajaj Leasing & Finance Ltd. Bajaj Motors Ltd. Ltd. Bala-bestos (india) Ltd. Ltd. Bala Industries & Entertainment Pvt. Balaji Agro Oils Ltd. Ltd. Bajaj Financial Solutions Ltd. Bakshi Securities Ltd. Bakliwal Fincom Pvt. Bajaj Finserv Ltd. Balaji Agro Inds. Ltd. Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Ltd. Bajaj Hindusthan Holdings Pvt. Bakhru Investments & Leasing Ltd. Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar & Inds. Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Bajaj Holdings & Invst. Bajaj Steel Inds. Bajaj Sevashram Pvt. Bajaj Ventures Ltd. Bajajsons Ltd. Bajaj Corp Ltd. Ltd. Bal Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Bajaj Eco-tec Products Ltd. Ltd. Bajaj Finance Ltd. Bajaj Auto Ltd.Bajaj Auto Holdings Ltd. Bajaj Superpack Ltd. Bala Techno Global Ltd. Bajaj Electricals Ltd. Bakra Pratisthan Ltd. Bajrang Finance Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd.

Balaji Telefilms Ltd. . Balaji Bio-tech Ltd. Ltd. Ballarpur Industries Ltd. Balaji Hotels & Enterprises Ltd. Balaji Industrial Corpn. Ltd. Balanoor Investments & Finance Co.Balaji Aluminium Alloys Pvt. Balaji Modern Spinners Ltd. Balaji Bonds & Holdings Ltd. Balaji Shipping & Logistics Ltd. Balasore Alloys Ltd. Balanoor Plantations & Inds. Balaji Distilleries Ltd. Balkrishna Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Balaji Yarn Ltd. Balaji Steel Tubes & Pipes Ltd. Balaji Industrial Products Ltd. Balls & Cylpebs Ltd. Balaji Infra Projects Ltd. [merged] Baledh Energy Projects Ltd. Ballavpur Paper Mfg. Balaji Foods & Feeds Ltd. Ltd. Balbir Distilleries Ltd. Balaji Pressure Vessels Ltd. Balaji Breweries Pvt. Balaji Prints Ltd. [merged] Balaji Engineering & Galvanizing Ltd. Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Balanoor Printers Ltd. Ballabh Commercial Ltd. Balgopal Holdings & Traders Ltd. [merged] Balaji Galvanising Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Bali Engicons Pvt. Ltd. Balaji Amines Ltd. Balkrishna Synthetics Ltd. Baliapatam Tile Works Ltd. Balaji Filaments Ltd. Bally Jute Co. Ltd. Ltd. Balaram Cements Ltd. Balaji Motion Pictures Ltd. Balaji Corporation Pvt. Balmer Lawrie & Co. Balmer Lawrie Invsts.

Bangalore International Airport Ltd. Balzers (india) Ltd. Bang Overseas Ltd. [merged] Bambino Investment & Trading Co. Bangalore Fort Farms Ltd. Ltd. Balwant Sales Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Banda Layer Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Balmukund Concast Ltd. Balurghat Technologies Ltd. (india) Ltd. Banashankari Medical & Oncology Research Centre Pvt. Bangalaxmi Steel Trdg. Bangalore Beverages Ltd. Banas Finance Ltd. Banaras House Ltd. Banda Broiler Breeder Farm Pvt. Bandishola Plantations Pvt. Bangalore Press Enterprises (p) Ltd. Bangalore Softsell Ltd. Ltd. Banashankari Sugars Pvt. Bangur Brothers Ltd. Ltd. Bama Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Bank International Indonesia . Banhem Estates & It Parks Ltd. Co. Banco Products (india) Ltd. Balsara Home Products Limited [merged] Balsara Hygiene Products Ltd. Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Bangalore Paints Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Banjara Cements Ltd. Bamra Iron & Steel Co. Bancapital India Ltd. [merged] Baltic Commercial Co. Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. Bambino Food Inds.Balmer Lawrie-van Leer Ltd. Ltd. Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd. Bangalore Electricity Supply Co. Ltd. Banaras Beads Ltd. Bampsl Securities Ltd. Balwant Textiles Mills Ltd. Bambino Agro Inds. [merged] Bamni Proteins Ltd. Bangalore Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.

Barbeque-nation Hospitality Ltd. Ltd.Bank Muscat Al Ahli Al Omani Bank Muscat S A O G Bank Of America N A Bank Of Bahrain & Kuwait Bsc Bank Of Baroda Bank Of Ceylon Bank Of India Bank Of Madura Ltd. Bararee Investments & Leasing Co. Baramati Grape Inds. Bansal Naturevest Ltd. [merged] Banyan & Berry Alloys Ltd. Banque Nationale De Paris Bansal Credits Ltd. Ltd. Banswara Fabrics Ltd. Ltd. Banka (india) Ltd. Ltd. Bannari Amman Flour Mill Ltd. Baramati Agro Ltd. Banspani Iron Ltd. [merged] Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd. [merged] Bank Of Tokyo-mitsubishi U F J Ltd. Bannari Amman Spinning Mills Ltd. Barberry Real Estate & Land Developers Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Barak Valley Alloys Pvt. Barak Valley Cements Ltd. Bansal High Carbons Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Bansilal Leisure Parks Ltd. Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. Banka Plantations Ltd. Bansal Wire Inds. Ltd. Bankam Investment Ltd. Banswara Syntex Ltd. Banswara Textile Mills Ltd. . Bansal Oil Mill Ltd. Bannari Amman Exports Ltd. [merged] Barar Industries Ltd. [merged] Bank Of Maharashtra Bank Of Nova Scotia Bank Of Punjab Ltd. Bankura Damoodar River Railway & Holding Co. Banyan Chemicals Ltd. Bansisons Tea Inds.

Barcley Enterprises Ltd. Pvt. Baroda Industrial Devp. Corpn. Baroda Textile Effects Ltd. Basant Capital Tech Ltd. Bareilly Corporation Bank Ltd. Baroda Industries Pvt. Ltd. Baron Impex Ltd. Baroda Polyplast Ltd. Baroda Power Transmission Ltd. Baron Telecommunications (india) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Barista Coffee Co. Co. Ltd. Baroda Electric Meters Ltd. . Bartronics India Ltd. Baron Infotech Ltd. Bargarh Cement Ltd. Baroda Dyeing Ltd. Barclays & Chartered Financial Services Ltd. Basant Agro Tech (india) Ltd. Baroda Extrusion Ltd. Barium Chemicals Ltd. Baroda Alloys Castings Ltd. Ltd. Baron Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. Barkat Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. Co. Baroda Pioneer Asset Mgmt. Barclays Bank Plc. Barwil Forbes Shipping Services Ltd. Ltd. Barque Infrastructure Pvt. Basant Properties Ltd. Barmer Lignite Mining Co. Baruni Properties Pvt. Barclays Investments & Loans (india) Ltd. Ltd. Baron International Ltd. Basant India Ltd. Barter Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Baroda Rayon Corpn. Basav Chem Ltd.Barbil Beneficiation Co. Ltd. Ltd. Baroda Ferro Alloys & Inds. Baroda Agents & Trdg. Ltd. Basant Alloy Steel Ltd. Baroda Carbons Ltd. Baroda Agro Inds. Ltd. Barkha Industries Ltd.

Ltd. Pvt. Bat Enterprise Ltd. Baxi Brothers Ltd. Batliboi Ltd. Baskinath Commercial Co. Base Financials Ltd. Bata India Ltd. Bay Islands Hotels Ltd. Basumati Corporation Ltd. Beacon Software Systems Ltd. Bazaloni Group Ltd. Ltd. Batliboi Environmental Engg. Basiz Fund Service Pvt. Be Be Rubber Estates Ltd. Ltd. Bay Organics Ltd. Basic Chemicals Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council Basic Tele Services Ltd. Basil Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Bay-forge Ltd. Ltd. Basudev Trading Co. Bata Properties Ltd. Bay Liners Ltd. Beacon Pumps (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Base Industries Ltd. Basera Cements Ltd. Bawa Industries Pvt. Bassein Drugs Ltd. Bayer Polychem (india) Ltd. . Ltd. Beacon Industries & Pumps Ltd.Base Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Basi Investment Ltd. [merged] Bayer Cropscience Ltd. Batliboi International Ltd. Batra Associates Ltd. Basil Chemicals & Additives Ltd. Bathina Technologies (india) Ltd. Bassein Electric Supply Co. Basil Hightech Seeds Ltd. Bateli Tea Co. Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt. Ltd. Bay View Properties Ltd. Beacon Neyrpic Ltd. Bayer Cropscience India Ltd. Bazargaon Paper & Pulp Mills Pvt.

Ltd. Bells Controls Ltd. Belgachi Tea Co. Bekal Resorts Devp. [merged] Bedelia Builders & Constructions Pvt. Bel Traders Pvt. . Behubor Investments Ltd. Beetle Investment Co. Ltd. Belliss International Ltd. Ltd. Bell Remedies Ltd. Beetel Teletech Ltd. Beckons Industries Ltd. Bellona Finvest Ltd. Behr India Ltd. [merged] Beharilal Ramcharan Cotton Mills Ltd. Ltd. Bedmutha Industries Ltd. Beekay Niryat Ltd. [merged] Beepee Coatings Pvt. Ltd. Bellona Estate Developers Pvt. Beekaylon Synthetics Pvt. Bellary Steel Rolling Mills Ltd. Ltd. Beekay Steel Inds. Beam Global Spirits & Wine (india) Pvt. Ltd. Bell Ceramics Ltd. Bee Network & Communication Pvt.Beacon Tileman Ltd. [merged] Bell Granito Ceramica Ltd. Behram Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Bellary Steels & Alloys Ltd. Beiersdorf India Ltd. Ltd. Bell Agromachina Ltd. Bebanco Northern Contracts Ltd. Ltd. Bell Leasing & Hire Purchase Ltd. Bells Softech Ltd. Ltd. Beco Engineering Co. Corpn. Believe Enterprises Ltd. Belliss India Ltd. Belapur Industries Ltd. Beardsell Ltd. Beeyu Overseas Ltd. Beekaylon Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bee Electronic Machines Ltd. Beem Healthcare Ltd. Beeyu Plantations Ltd.

Benares Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Benson Steels Ltd. [merged] Benchmark Asset Mgmt. Benetton India Pvt. Belvedere Gardens Ltd. Ltd. Bengal Tea & Fabrics Ltd. Ltd. Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Bengal Lamps Ltd. Bengal Intelligent Parks Pvt. . Belwal Spinning Mills Ltd. Bengal Coal Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bengal C E S Infratech Pvt. Belvedere Commercials Ltd. Ltd. Benson Polymers Ltd. Co. Bengal Saws & Steel Products Pvt. Bemco Jacks & Allied Products Ltd. Bengal Peerless Housing Devp. Bengal Immunity Ltd. Bengal Urdl Housing Projects Ltd. Bengal S R E I Infrastructure Devp. Bengal Aquatic Farms Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. Pvt. Bengal Unity Realtors Pvt. Benchmark Homes & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Benares State Bank Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Benda Amtek Ltd. Bennett Securities Ltd. Benninger India Ltd. Ltd. Bengal Emta Coal Mines Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bendictory Realtors Ltd. Bengal Ambuja Housing Devp. Co. Bengal Kaushalya Nirman Ltd. Benaka Sponge Iron Pvt.Belsund Sugar & Inds. Bengal Waterproof Ltd. Bengal Paper Mill (1989) Co. Bengal Shrachi Housing Development Ltd. Bengal & Assam Co. Belvedere Golf & Country Club Pvt. Bengal Tools Ltd. Bengal K D C Housing Devp. Bengal Steel Inds.

Benz Oil & Lubricants Ltd. Beryl Securities Ltd. Benzo Petrochemicals Ltd. Besant Raj International Ltd. Berenice Real Estate Pvt. Bericap India Pvt. Best & Crompton Engg. Besser Concrete Systems Ltd. Bestavision Electronics Ltd. Bespoke Finvest Ltd. Berar Finance Ltd. [merged] Bestai Precast Buildings Ltd. Ltd. Best Minerals Ltd. Ltd. Best Board Ltd. Best Eastern Hotels Ltd. Beta Findeals Ltd. Ltd. Besta Cosmetics Ltd. Beta Naphthol Ltd. Betex India Ltd. Better Value Leasing & Finance Ltd. Betalact Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Betsy Growth Finance Ltd. Best Mulyankan Consultants Ltd.Bentley Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Betala Global Securities Ltd. Best On Health Ltd. Besco Ltd. Beta Global Ventures Ltd. Berar Trading Co. . Ltd. Best Dwellers Pvt. Bervin Holdings Ltd. Benzo Petro International Ltd. Beri Mercurio Ltd. Best & Crompton Engg. Ltd. Best & Crompton Apparels Ltd. Beta Corporation Ltd. Beryl Drugs Ltd. Beta-kappa Investments Ltd. Bervin Investment & Leasing Ltd. Best Paper Mills Pvt. Projects Ltd. Best View Properties Ltd. Ltd. Benzer Investments Pvt. Berger Paints India Ltd.

Pvt. Bhagwati Glass Containers Ltd. Bhagheeratha Energy Controls Ltd. Bhagyanagar India Ltd. Bhageria Dye-chem Ltd. Ltd. Bhagwati Autocast Ltd. Bhagat International Pvt. Bhagwandas Metals Ltd. Bhagyanagar Green Energy Ltd. Bhagawati Gas Ltd. Bhagyanagar Infrastructure Ltd. [merged] Bhagat Aromatics Ltd. Bhagat Industrial Corpn. [merged] Bhagwan Industries Ltd. Bhagyanagar Chemicals Ltd. Bhagya Nidhi Exports Ltd. Bezel India Pvt. Bhagawati Oxygen Ltd. Bhagat Refinerers & Chemicals Ltd.Beverly Park Maintenance Services Ltd. Bhagwati Steel Cast Ltd. Beverly Park Operation & Maintenance Services Pvt. Bhagwati Glasses Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bhadohi Hotels Ltd. Bhagwati Vanaspati Industries Ltd. Bhagiradha Chemicals & Inds. Ltd. Bhagwati Plasto Works Pvt. Bhagyanagar Pipe Inds. Ltd. Bhagwati Cottons Ltd. Bhagheeratha Builders Ltd. Ltd. Bhagwati Pressing Co. Bhagwati Builders & Devp. Bhaagyalakshmi Vegetable Products Ltd. Bhagwati Banquets & Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Bhagwati Spherocast Ltd. Bhagwati Foundries Ltd. Bhagheeratha Engineering Ltd. Bhagalaxmi Investments Pvt. Ltd. Bhagwan Ram Investments & Leasing Ltd. . Bhagwandas Auto Finance Ltd. Bhagirath Agro-plast Ltd. Bhagwati (india) Ltd. Bezel Motors Pvt. Ltd. Bhagyanagar Metals Ltd.

Bharat Bijlee Ltd. Bhandari Foils & Tubes Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bhandary Metallurgical Corpn. Bharat Bobbins Ltd. Bharat Commerce & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Bhandari Export Inds. Bharat Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Bharat Electronics Ltd. Bharat Co-op. Bharat Aluminium Co. Bhansali Engineering Polymers Ltd. Bharat Berg Ltd. Bhamini Real Estate Developers Pvt. Bhansali Bright Bars Pvt. Bhandari Cottons Ltd. Ltd. Bhandari Hosiery Exports Ltd. Pvt. Bhairav Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Bharani Oils Ltd. Bhanot Infrastructure & Hospitalities Ltd. Bhakra Industries Ltd. Bhagyodaya Infrastructure Devp. Bharat Barrel & Drum Mfg.Bhagyanagar Properties Pvt. Bharat Energy Ventures Ltd. Bank (mumbai) Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Explosives Ltd. Bhandari Udhyog Ltd. Bhanu Infrabuild Pvt. [merged] Bhalla Techtran Inds. Ltd. Bharat Bhushan Finance & Commodity Brokers Ltd. Bharat Diamond Bourse Bharat Dynamics Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. . Bhanot Construction & Housing Ltd. Co. Ltd. Bhairavi Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd. Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Ltd. Bhaktwatsal Investments Ltd. Bharat Brakes & Valves Ltd. Bhandari Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Bhandari Co-operative Bank Ltd. Bhagyodaya Sales Ltd. Bhander Power Ltd. Bhalchandra Investment Ltd. Bhagyashree Leasing & Finance Ltd.

Ltd. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Bharat Pipes & Fittings Ltd. Bharat Ophthalmic Glass Ltd.Bharat Fertiliser Inds. Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Ltd. [merged] Bharat Glass Tube Ltd. Bharat Margarine Ltd. Bharat Immunologicals & Biologicals Corpn. Ltd. Bharat Rubber Regenerating Co. Ltd. [merged] Bharat Floorings & Tiles (mumbai) Pvt. Bharat General & Textile Inds. Bharat Nidhi Ltd. Bharat Knitting Works Ltd. [merged] Bharat Papers Ltd. Bharat Pumps & Compressors Ltd. Pvt. Bharat Gears Ltd. Bharat Petroresources Ltd. Bharat Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Investments Growth Ltd. . Bharat Petroresources J P D A Ltd. Bharat Radiators Inds. Bharat Fertiliser Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Rasayan Finance Ltd. Bharat Sahakari Bank Ltd. Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd. Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Ltd. Bharat Hydro Power Corpn. (india) Ltd. Bharat Power Corpn. Bharat Refractories Ltd. Bharat Gold Mines Ltd. Bharat Insulation Co. Bharat Forge Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Parenterals Ltd. Bharat Leather Corpn. Bharat Forge & Press Inds. Bharat Minex Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Process & Mechanical Engineers Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Refineries Ltd. Bharat Rasayan Ltd. Bharat Prakashan (delhi) Ltd. Ltd. Bharat N R E Coke Ltd. Bharat I T Services Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Line Ltd. Pvt.

Bharat Wagon & Engg. Bharnobari Tea & Inds. [merged] Bharti Broadband Ltd. Bharat Yantra Nigam Ltd. Bharat Textiles & Proofing Inds. Bharti Aquanet Ltd. . Managers Pvt. Bharat Tiles & Marble Pvt. Ltd. Bharat Zinc Ltd. Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd.Bharat Salt & Chemical Inds. Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd. Bharat Synthetics Ltd. Bharati Shipyard Ltd. Bharat Tin Works Bharat Tractors Pvt. Ltd. Bharat Shell Ltd. (mundra-kutch) Ltd. Bharathan Theatres Ltd. Ltd. Bharthari Securities Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Bharti Broadband Networks Limited [merged] Bharti Cellular Ltd. Bharatpur Investment Ltd. Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. Bharath Wind Farm Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Technologies Auto Components Ltd. [merged] Bharti Infratel Ltd. Bharatpur Nutritional Products Ltd. Bharat Seats Ltd. Ltd. Bharat Starch Inds. Bharat Telecom Pvt. Bharatiya Global Infomedia Ltd. Ltd. Bharti B T Ltd. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Bharat Strips Ltd. Bharti Infotel Ltd. Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Bharat Thermite Ltd. [merged] Bharat Starch Products Ltd. Bharatpuria Finance & Investment Ltd. Bharti A X A Invst. Bharathi Cement Corpn. Bharti Airtel Services Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Bharti Hexacom Ltd. Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Bhartia Bright & Seamless Steels Ltd. Bhasin Associates Ltd. Bharuch Power Ltd. Bharti Telesonic Ltd. Bharuch Airport Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Bhaskarpara Coal Co. . Bhaumik Buildwell Pvt. Bhasin Tobaccos Ltd. [merged] Bharti Telecom Ltd. Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Ltd. Bharti Mobile Ltd. Bhaskar Agrochemicals Ltd. Bhaskar Shrachi Alloys Ltd. Bhartiya Global Marketing Ltd. Bhatia International Ltd. Bhatia Coal Sales Ltd. Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Ltd.Bharti Infratel Ventures Ltd. Bhartiya International Ltd. Bhartia Commercial Co. Bhatinda Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Bhartiya Hotels Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Bharti Teletech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bhartiya Fashion Retail Ltd. Bhaskar Industries Ltd. [merged] Bharti Systel Ltd. Bhaskar Exxoils Pvt. Bharti Mobitel Ltd. Bhartiya International Sez Ltd. Bhatpara Papers Ltd. Ltd. Bhartia International Ltd. Pvt. Bhatpara Jute & Properties Ltd. Bharti Telemedia Ltd. Bhartia Bachat Ltd. Bharti Telesoft Pvt. Bhatia Industries & Infrastructure Ltd. Bhatkawa Tea Inds. Bhartiya Rail Bijlee Co. Bhasinsoft India Ltd. Bhaskar Foods Pvt. Bharti Telesoft Intl. Ltd. Bhashwanth Power Projects Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Bhasin Credit Aid Ltd.

Ltd. Bhavani Mills Ltd. Bhavani Tea & Produce Co. Bhawani Industries Ltd. Pvt.Bhaumik Shelters Pvt. Bherudan Dugar Finance Ltd. Bhavani Seeds & Agro Products Ltd. Pvt. Bhooma Realties Pvt. Bhilai Engineering Corpn. Bholenath Developers Ltd. Bhilosa Industries Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal Udyog Ltd. Bhilwara Technical Textiles Ltd. Bhilwara Energy Ltd. Bhilwara Holdings Ltd. Bhojwani Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Bhilai Jaypee Cement Ltd. [merged] Bhilwara Spinners Ltd. Bhor Industries Ltd. Ltd. Bhimad Commercial Co. Ltd. Bhilwara Processors Ltd. Bhavan Garments Ltd. Bhaval Synthetics (india) Ltd. Bhopal Paper & Board Ltd. Bhoopati Shikshan Pratisthan Bhopal Dhule Transmission Co. Ltd. Bhavani Techno Projects Ltd. Bhilai Power Supply Co. Ltd. Bhopal Sanchi Highways Pvt. Bhiwani Vanaspati Ltd. Bhima Riddhi Infotainment Pvt. Bheema Cements Ltd. . Ltd. Bhavi Investments Ltd. Bhilai Electric Supply Co. Ltd. Ltd. Bhawani Casting Ltd. Bhawna Estates Ltd. Bhawana Steel Cast Ltd. Bhilai Oxygen Ltd. Bhilwara Tex-fin Ltd. Bhishma Realty Ltd. Ltd. Bhiwani Denim & Apparels Ltd. Bhavani Realbuild Pvt. Bholanath Industries Ltd. Bhor Tapes Ltd. Ltd.

Biax Ltd. Ltd. Bhuvaneshwari Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Bhushan Energy Ltd. Bhushan Steel (orissa) Ltd. Bhoruka Steel & Services Ltd. Ltd. Bhoruka Financial Services Ltd. Big Star Films Ltd. Biecco Lawrie Ltd.Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd. Bhupati Investments & Finance Pvt. Ltd. Of India Ltd. Big Synergy Media Ltd. Ltd. Bhoruka Power Corpn. Bhushan Steel Ltd. Bhutta Printing & Allied Inds. Bhushan Steel (south) Ltd. Bhosari Trading Co. Ltd. Ltd. Bhuruka Gases Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Big Pictures Hospitality Services Pvt. Bhukhanvala Holdings Pvt. Big Apple Real Estate Pvt. Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Bhurji Supertek Inds. Bhushan Steel Madhya Bharat Ltd. Bhungani Synthetics Pvt. Biddle Sawyer Ltd. Bhura Exports Ltd. Bhutoria Brothers Ltd. Bhoruka Realty & Services Ltd. Ltd. Bhoruka Finance Corpn. Ltd. Bibinagar Developers Pvt. Bhuwalka Steel Inds. Bhutoria Valve Udyog Ltd. Bhushan Capital & Credit Services Pvt. Bigoo Investments Ltd. [merged] Biax Speciality Films Pvt. Bhupco Alloys Ltd. Bhuvan Tripura Inds. Bhoruka Textiles Ltd. Bhupendra Finstock Pvt. Ltd. Bhushan Steel Bengal Ltd. Big Nano Composites & Research Ltd. Bhushan Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Bhumica Lease Finance Ltd.

Bihar Foundry & Castings Ltd. Ltd. Bilati (orissa) Ltd. Ltd. Bihariji Fancy Fibres & Fabrics Ltd. Ltd. Bijlee Textiles Ltd. Bijni Dooars Tea Co. Ltd. Bijoy Hans Ltd. Billroth Hospitals Ltd. Bimetalic Steel & Alloys Ltd. Pvt. Bilpower Ltd. Bijco Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Bilt Graphic Papers Ltd. Bihar Rubber Co. Bilt Graphic Paper Products Ltd. Ltd. Billets Elektro Werke Ltd. Ltd. Bijoy Mining Co. Bilt Paper Holdings Ltd. Bilag Industries Pvt. Bihariji Ispat Udyog Ltd. Biltech Building Elements Ltd. Bank Ltd. Bihar Mercantile Union Ltd. Bikaner Waste Processing Co.Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Bihar Drugs & Organic Chemicals Ltd. Bikanna Commercial Co. Ltd. Bikaner Commercial Co. Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bihar State Co-op. Binani Cement Ltd. Bina Power Supply Co. . Binani Energy Pvt. Bikaji Marketing Ltd. Bijapur-hungund Tollway Pvt. Bihar Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Bilcare Ltd. Bijoynagar Tea Co. Ltd. Bijayshree Resources Ltd. Bilaspur Castings Ltd. Bihar Sponge Iron Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Binaca Synthetic Resins Ltd. Billbergea Ltd. [merged] Bilt Industrial Packaging Co. Bimetal Bearings Ltd. Bil Energy Systems Ltd.

Biotech Consortium India Ltd. Ltd. Bindal Textile Mills Ltd. Bio-ethicals Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Biocon Research Ltd. Biotech Medicals Pvt. Bipin Industrial Devp. Bioseed India Ltd. Biotech Synergy Ltd. Biotech International Ltd. Ltd. Bio Whitegold Inds. Ltd. Binayak Tex Processors Ltd. Biofil Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Biological E. Ltd. Biowin Pharma (india) Ltd. Binny Mills Ltd. Biocon Biopharmaceuticals Pvt. Biomed Hitech Inds. Binny Lorze Ltd. Bintex Investments Ltd. Bio Green Inds. Binod Mills Co. Biopac India Corpn. Bipin Textile Processing Inds. Binny Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Binani Zinc Ltd. Binary Semantics Ltd. Ltd.Binani Industries Ltd. Bio Tea Estates Ltd. Ltd. Binary Technology Transfers Pvt. Ltd. Binny Ltd. . Binani Ready Mix Concrete Ltd. Biotor Industries Ltd. Binod Jute & Fibre Ltd. Biocon Ltd. Ltd. Bioseed Research India Pvt. Ltd. Bindawala Cables & Conductors Ltd. Bipnet Infotech Ltd. Bindlas Duplux Ltd. Biochemical & Synthetic Products Ltd. Bio Green Papers Ltd. Ltd. Binani Metals Ltd. Biosulin International Pvt. Binjrajka Steel Tubes Ltd. Ltd.

Birla G T M-entrepose Ltd. Ltd. Birla Cement (assam) Ltd. Birmingham Thermotech Ltd. Birla Insurance Advisory & Broking Services Ltd. Birla Jute Supply Co. Birla Capital & Financial Services Ltd. Co. [merged] Bishwanath Ferro Alloys Ltd.Bipnet Infrastructure Ltd. Birla Eastern Ltd. Bishnauth Tea Co. . Birla Machining & Toolings Ltd. Bisil Plast Ltd. & Wvg. Birla Finance Ltd. Birla Cotsyn (india) Ltd. Ltd. Birla Pacific Medspa Ltd. [merged] Birla Holdings Ltd. Bisazza India Pvt. Birlasoft Enterprises Ltd. Bisleri (india) Pvt. Birds Jute & Exports Ltd. Birla Shloka Edutech Ltd. Birla North East Cement Ltd. Ltd. Birla Soft Ltd. Birla Industrial Finance (india) Ltd. Birla Precision Technologies Ltd. Birlasoft (india) Ltd. Ltd. Mills Ltd. Ltd. Birla Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Birla Agro Pvt. Birla Financial Corpn. Bisonic Engineers Pvt. Birla Transasia Carpets Ltd. Bisleri International Pvt. Bishwanath Industries Ltd. Birla Securities Ltd. Birla Century Finance Ltd. Birla Industrial Investments (india) Ltd. Ltd. Birla Accucast Ltd. Birla Sun Life Asset Mgmt. Ltd. Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd. [merged] Birla Consultants Ltd. Birla Power Solutions Ltd. Birla Global Finance Ltd. Birla Cotton Spg.

Blue Chip Tex Inds. Bliss Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Blue Dart Aviation Ltd. Blue Blends Finance Ltd. Blue Arcade Properties Pvt. Blue Chip Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Bitchem Asphalt Technologies Ltd Bitmappers Infotech Ltd. Blue Diamond Constructions Ltd. Blue Coast Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Blue Bird (india) Ltd. Black Rose Inds. Bloomfield Tea Co. Ltd. Blue Diamond Securities & Finance Ltd. [merged] Blow Plast Retail Ltd. Bitoni Lamps Ltd. Blue Dart Express Ltd. Bloomfields Agritex (india) Ltd. Blue Circle Services Ltd. Bloom Industries Ltd. Bliss G V S Pharma Ltd. Blazeflash Couriers Pvt. Blossom Industries (india) Ltd. Blue Bird Investments Ltd. Blue Blends (india) Ltd. Blue Blends Stocks & Securities Ltd. Ltd. Blue Coast Hospitality Ltd. Ltd. . Blue Bird Commercial Ltd. Blow Plast Ltd. Bloom Dekor Ltd. Blackwood Developers Pvt. Biznessmart. Ltd. Ltd. Biyani Mercantile Pvt. Blue Blends Equity Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Blue Blends Petrochemicals Ltd. Blue Chip India Ltd. Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bloomberg Data Services (india) Pvt. Blossom Buildtech Pvt. Blue Chip Leasing & Finance Ltd. Blue Bell Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.Bisra Stone Lime Co. Blackstone Group Technologies Pvt.

[merged] Bohmis Industries Ltd. Blue Horizon Investments Ltd. Blue Stampings & Forgings Ltd. Blue Moon Club & Resorts Ltd. Blue Mountain Food Products Ltd. Bokaro Tubes Ltd. Bluechip Stockspin Ltd. Bollineni Developers Pvt. Blue Star Infotech Ltd. Bodyline International Pvt.Blue Green Constructions & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Bobshell Electrodes Ltd. Blue Star Ltd. . [merged] Blue Sea Investments Ltd. Boehringer Mannheim India Ltd. Ltd. Bolt Properties Pvt. Blue Niles Holdings Ltd. Blue Moon Traders Pvt. Ltd. Blue Precision Ltd. Bokaro Jaypee Cement Ltd. Bokaro-kodarama Maithon Transmission Co. Bokel Investments Ltd. Blue Star Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Boistur Commercial Ltd. Blue Star Leasing & Investments Ltd. Bluemoon Engineers Ltd. Bluplast Industries Ltd. Blue Water Iron Ore Terminal Pvt. Blue Print Securities Ltd. Blue Rock Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. Bodh Gaya Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Bokiyu Tanneries Ltd. Bobcards Ltd. Bodhtree Consulting Ltd. Blupex Traders Ltd. Blue Information Technology Ltd. Bodycare International Ltd. Blue Wings Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Bokadia Films Ltd. Bluegold Maritech (international) Ltd. Bodal Chemicals Ltd. Blue Water Marine Industries Ltd. Blue Star Electro-mechanical Ltd.

[merged] Bombay Potteries & Tiles Ltd. Corpn. Bombay Co. Bombay Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Bombay Chemicals Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Co. Bombay Metal Exchange Ltd. Ltd. Bommidala Filaments Ltd. Bombay Slum Redevelopment Corpn. Bombay Store Retail Co. Bombay Sugar Market Ltd. Bombay Oil Inds. [merged] Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Bombay Paints Ltd. . Ltd. Bombay Oxygen Gases Ltd. Ltd. Bombay Baroda Roadways (india) Ltd. Bon Ltd. Bombay Minerals Ltd. Bombay Cycle & Motor Agency Ltd. Bombay Rayon Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Bona Sera Hotels Ltd. Bombay Real Estate Devp. Bombay Burmah Trdg. Bombay Cloth Market Co. Bombay Oxygen Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Bombardier Transportation India Ltd. Bombay Mercantile Co-op. Bombay Conductors & Electricals Ltd. Bank Ltd. Bombay Talkies Ltd. Bombay Wire Ropes Ltd. Ltd. Bombay Incorporated Law Society Bombay Intelligence Security (india) Ltd. Bombay Oxygen Acetylene Ltd. Bombay Music Corpn. Bonanza Biotech Ltd. Bombay Silk Mills Ltd. Bombay Drugs & Pharmas Ltd. Ltd. Bombay Gas Co. Pvt. Bombay Presidency Golf Club Ltd. Ltd. Bombay Gymkhana Ltd. Ltd. Bombay Presidency Radio Club Ltd.Bolton Properties Ltd. Bommidala Tobacco & General Exports Pvt. Ltd. Co. Bombay Swadeshi Stores Ltd.

Boppana Oils Ltd. Boston Exports Ltd. (1936) Ltd. Botanium Ltd. Ltd. Borosil Glass Works Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bonny Tours & Resorts Ltd. Bradbury Spinning & Wvg. Boss Profiles Ltd. Boon Infotech Systems Ltd. Ltd. Bowreah Cotton Mills Co. Border Transport Infrastructure Devp. [merged] Brady & Morris Engg. Boulevard Services Pvt. Borosil Holdings Ltd. Borana Plastic Ltd. Ltd. Boston Bio Systems Ltd. Mills Ltd. Bosch Chassis Systems India Ltd. Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Bormah Jan Tea Co. Borkar Packaging Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Bonn Nutrients Pvt. Bosanquet Exports Ltd. Book Centre Ltd. [merged] Brabourne Investments Ltd. Bond Company Ltd. . Brabourne Enterprises Ltd. Co. Bonanza Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Brahma Commercial Ltd. Bondwell Leasing & Hire Purchase Pvt. Bradma Of India Ltd. Boribunder Finance & Investments Pvt. Ltd. Borax Morarji Ltd. Boulevard Properties Ltd. Boomi Bottling Gas Co. Ltd. Bosch Ltd. Bpl Afx Information Services Pvt. Boston Education & Software Technologies Ltd. Borrea Coal Co. Boston Teknowsys (india) Ltd. Bougainvillea Properties Pvt.Bonanza Industries Ltd. Brahaspati Financers Ltd. Bosch Rexroth (india) Ltd. Ltd. Bose Corporation India Pvt.

Bridge & Roof Co. Brandhouse Retails Ltd. Brahmaputra Hospitals Ltd. Braitrim India Pvt. Brainpoint Infotech Ltd. Brahmaputra Cracker & Polymer Ltd. Brahmaputra Infraproject Ltd. Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corpn. Brandhouse Oviesse Ltd. Brahmanvel Energy Ltd. Brahmos Aerospace Pvt Ltd. Brahmaputra Infrastructure Ltd. Breach Candy Hospital Trust Breeze Hotel Ltd. Brics Securities Ltd. Ltd. Brentwood Investments Ltd. Brawn Biotech Ltd. Brand Alloys Ltd. Braithwaite Burn & Jessop Construction Co. Ltd. Ltd. Brahmaputra Properties Pvt. Bridgestone India Pvt. Bridge Securities Ltd. Brand Equity Treaties Ltd. Brahmasonic Sound Production Pvt. Brahmputra Capital & Financial Services Ltd. Bridget Builders & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Brahmani Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Brejeshwari Trading & Investment Ltd. Brand Realty Pvt. Brahmaputra Consortium Ltd. Brahma Steyr Tractors Ltd. Ltd. Bramhanand Home Finance Ltd. Brics Stock Brokers Ltd. Bramhaputra Cracker & Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Brand Realty Services Ltd. Brakes Auto (india) Ltd. Braithwaite & Co.Brahma Dev Holding & Trading Ltd. Ltd. Brescon Corporate Advisors Ltd. (india) Ltd. Brakes India Ltd. Bravo Healthcare Ltd. Brammer V-link Belting India Ltd. . Ltd. Brahmanand Himghar Ltd.

Brindavan Health Care Ltd. Brightest Circle Jewellery Ltd. Ltd. Brilliant Portfolios Ltd. Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking Brihans Natural Products Pvt. Bright Infrabuild Pvt. Brijesa Investments & Finance Pvt. Ltd. Brindavan Agro Inds. Britannia Industries Ltd. Ltd. Brit Holdings Ltd. Bright Brothers Ltd. Bristlecone India Ltd. Brigade Hospitality Services Pvt. Brisk International Pvt. [merged] Brite Industrial Resources Ltd. Brisk Services Ltd. . Brisk Securities Ltd. Brindavan Alloys Ltd. Ltd. Brite Automotive & Plastics Ltd. Brisk Surgicals Cotton Ltd. Ltd.Brigade Corporation India Pvt. Brigade Properties Pvt. Brindavan Properties Ltd. Ltd. Brima Sugar Ltd. Brigade Infrastructure & Power Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Brindaban Holdings & Trading Ltd. Brite Leasing & Finance Ltd. Bright Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Brink's Arya India Pvt. Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate Ltd. Ltd. Brijbasi Capital Ltd. Ltd. Brigade Enterprises Ltd. Brigade Estates & Projects Pvt. Brijlaxmi Leasing & Finance Ltd. Brightland Developers Pvt. Ltd. Brilliant Bio Pharma Ltd. Bright Autoplast Ltd. Ltd. Brindavan Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Britannia Dairy Pvt. Brij Fabrics Pvt. Brigade Tetrarch Pvt. Brindavan Commercial Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Brisk Capital Market Services Ltd.

Bruhaspati Investment & Trading Co. [merged] Brooke Bond Real Estates Pvt. Ltd. British India Steels Ltd. Brooks Laboratories Ltd. [merged] Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd. Ltd. Brook Crompton Greaves Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Broach Textile Mills Ltd. Buildcon Finance Ltd. (india) Pvt. Bubna Major Biotech Ltd. British Metal Corpn. . Ltd. Broadcast Initiatives Ltd. Brown Paper Technologies Ltd. Building Research & Mgmt. Budge Budge Floor Coverings Ltd. Brown Kraft Inds. Bulk Explosives Ltd. Bulk Cement Corpn. Britex (india) Ltd. (india) Ltd. Bronze Logistics Pvt. British Motor Car Co. Brother Computers & Software (india) Ltd. British Scaffolding (india) Ltd. Services Pvt. Budget Hotels Ltd. Ltd. British Bank Of The Middle East British India Corpn. Ltd.Britelite Carbons Ltd. Budge Budge Co. British Scaffolding International Ltd. Buildmet Ltd. Brown Multi-wall Paper Bags Ltd. Builtech Engineers & Consultants Pvt.(1934) Ltd. Brushman (india) Ltd. Buckingham Distilleries & Breweries Ltd. Brushware Ltd. Buddha Films Ltd. Brownia Business Ltd. Ltd. Broadcast Worldwide Ltd. [merged] Buckingham Industries Ltd. Ltd. Budge Budge Refineries Ltd. Budge Budge Carbon Ltd. Build-tech Projects India Ltd. Brown Pack Pvt. Budhrani Finance Ltd.

Burr Brown (india) Ltd. [merged] Bush Betta Holiday Ownership Wildlife Adventure Resort Pvt. Ltd. Burroughs Wellcome (india) Ltd.Bull Power Systems Ltd. C & M Farming Ltd. C & C Towers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Burn Standard Co. Ltd. Burnpur Cement Ltd. Bullseye Insurance Brokerage Ltd. Business Forms Ltd. Burrakur Coal Co. Ltd. Ltd. Burlington Finance Ltd. Burnpur Natural Resources Pvt. Business India Exhibitions Pvt. Bulls & Bears Portfolios Ltd. C & S System Technologies Pvt. Bunge India Pvt. Burliar Plantation Pvt. Buniyad Foods India Ltd. C & K Management Ltd. C & C Investments Ltd. Bysani Consumer Electronics Ltd. Burmah Petro Products Ltd. C & S Electric Ltd. Business India Builders & Developers Ltd. Bundy India Ltd. C & C Constructions Ltd. C & C Projects Ltd. Bullseye Finadvisors Ltd. Ltd. Byke Hospitality Ltd. Business India. Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd. Buniyad Chemicals Ltd. Bulls & Bears Finance Ltd. Bulland Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Business Combine Ltd. Business Link Automation (india) Ltd. Business Standard Digital Ltd. Business India Publications Ltd. Byrnihat Transmission Co. Ltd. Business Standard Ltd. . Bullseye Insurance Advisors Ltd. Ltd.

C C Square Films Ltd. . C C H Prosystem India Pvt. Ltd. C I C O Technotrade Ltd. C C Health Care Products Pvt. Ltd. C B L Combustion Systems Pvt. C H P L Industries Ltd. C C C Realty Pvt. C H D Developers Ltd. C G-ziv Power Automation Solutions Ltd. C G Capital & Investments Ltd. C G-p P I Adhesive Products Ltd. C G-v A K Software & Exports Ltd. C E Constructions Ltd. C G Actaris Electricity Mgmt. C C L Products (india) Ltd. C F Technologies Ltd. C E S C Infrastructure Ltd. [merged] C G Energy Mgmt. Ltd. C D Integrated Services Ltd. C A T O Research Neuland India Pvt. C F L Securities Ltd. [merged] C C L International Ltd. C E S C Properties Ltd. Ltd.C 2 M Technologies India Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. C H I Investments Ltd. C A I Industries Ltd. C E S C Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] C H L Ltd. C C C L Infrastructure Ltd. C E Gloves (india) Ltd. C A V Cotton Mills Ltd. C D S International Ltd. C F L Capital Financial Services Ltd. C G U Logistic Ltd. C C C L Pearl City Food Port S E Z Ltd. C F M Developers Ltd. C G Lucy Switchgear Ltd. C I C O Technologies Ltd. C C S Infotech Ltd. C B S L Cable Networks Ltd. C D S L Ventures Ltd. C G Impex Ltd. C D R Health Care Ltd.

. C Mahendra International Ltd. C R B Corporation Ltd. C I I Guardian Intl. C M S Computers Ltd. C R B Asset Mgmt. Ltd. C L C Global Ltd. C I Jewels Ltd. Ltd. C S L Infomedia Pvt. C I L Nova Petrochemicals Ltd. C M L Holdings Ltd. C M C Ltd. C S J Infrastructure Pvt. C P E C Engineering Ltd. C N C Commercials Ltd. C Mahendra Exports Ltd. C L S A India Ltd. C I G Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. C P Aquaculture (india) Pvt. Ltd. C S V S Property Developers Pvt. Ltd. C I F C O Ltd. C M S-d I T L Ltd. Ltd. C M I Ltd. C M S Finvest Ltd. C R I Ltd. C P E C Ltd. C J Gelatine Products Ltd. C S T Valinox Ltd. Ltd. C R Retail Malls (india) Pvt. Ltd. C R C Carrier Ltd. C M H Tools Ltd. C M M Ltd. C R B Share Custodian Services Ltd. C T C Geotechnical Pvt. [merged] C L Media Pvt. C P C Logistics Ltd. Ltd. C R B Capital Markets Ltd. C M Smith & Sons Ltd. C N I Research Ltd.C I F C O Finance Ltd. C T Cotton Yarn Ltd. C S S Technergy Ltd. C S J Technologies Ltd. C L S Ltd. Ltd.

Cable Corpn. Ltd. Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Calama Industries Pvt.C T P L Holdings Pvt. California Software Co. Ltd. Calcatta-haldia Port Road Co. Co. Calcutta Tube (india) Pvt. Ltd. Calcom Cement India Ltd. Cabot India Ltd. Ltd. Calcutta Company Ltd. Ltd. Caldern Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Caladium Properties Pvt. Cafco Consultants Ltd. Calantha Builders & Developers Pvt. Caledonian Jute & Inds. [merged] Calcutta Investment Co. Cafe D'lake Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Calcutta Silk Mfg. Ltd. C-net Communication & Office Automation Services Ltd. Caliber Point Business Solutions Ltd. Cadila Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Cairn India Ltd. Co. Ltd. Calibration Gas India Ltd. Cabb Karnavati Rasayan Ltd. Cades Digitech Pvt. [merged] . Cabot Sanmar Ltd. [merged] Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd. Calcutta Compressions & Liquefaction Engg. Ltd. Calcom Vision Ltd. Calcom Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Calcutta Metropolitan Group Ltd. Of India Ltd. C-edge Technologies Ltd. Calcutta Security Printers Ltd. C T R Manufacturing Inds. Calcutta Steel Co. Calcutta Detergents Pvt. Cadbury India Ltd. Ltd. Calicut Engineering Works Ltd. Ltd. Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Callista Builders & Constructions Pvt. Callipers Naigai Ltd. C V Steels Ltd. Calcutta Jute Mfg. Ltd.

Campbell Knitwear Ltd. Can Fin Homes Ltd. Cana Glass Ltd. [merged] Camson Bio Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Camellia Cha Bar Ltd. Camphor & Allied Products Ltd. Cals Refineries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Canbank Computer Services Ltd. Camex Ltd. Ltd. Cameo Investment & Finance Ltd. Camlin Ltd. Cambridge Solutions Ltd. Camlin International Ltd. Camelot Investments Co. Ltd. Canbank Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Camma Hi-tech Computers Pvt. Cambridge Technology Enterprises Ltd. Cama Hotels Ltd. Caltex Lubricants India Ltd. Camac Commercial Co. Ltd. Camelia Properties Pvt. Camlin Alphakids Ltd. Cama Resort Hotels Ltd. Canara Steel Ltd. Canara Land Investments Ltd. [merged] Camphor & Allied Products Ltd. Cambay Chem Ltd. Canara Workshops Ltd. Cama Properties Pvt. Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd. Canbank Factors Ltd. Cameo Corporate Services Ltd. Candico (i) Ltd. Ltd. Co. Cambay Investment Corpn. Camco Multi Metal Ltd. Pvt. Cannan International Infotech Ltd. Camellia Trading & Invst. Canara Sales Corpn. Canara Bank Canara Bank Securities Ltd. Ltd. Canara Robeco Asset Mgmt.Calorex (india) Ltd. Candy Filters (india) Ltd.

Captrans Shipping Ltd. Capital Foods Ltd. Capital Partners (india) Ltd. Capital Market Publishers India Pvt.Canning Industries Cochin Ltd. Ltd. Canopy Securities & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Caravan Commercial Co. Capital Trust Ltd. Capman Financials Ltd. . Caprolactam Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Capricorn Systems Global Solutions Ltd. Capable Udyog Viniyojan Ltd. Capital Record Centre Pvt. Capital Business Systems Ltd. Carbo Industrial Holdings Ltd. Caparo Engineering India Pvt. Canvasm Technologies Ltd. Caprihans India Ltd. Capital Meters Ltd. Caparo Vehicle Products India Pvt. Capricon Realty Ltd. Caravan Packaging Ltd. Carbo-ceramics Ltd. Capital Homes Ltd. Canon Leasing Ltd. Capsugel Healthcare Ltd. Capsein Bio-lab Ltd. Capexil Capfin India Ltd. Ltd. Canvay Chemicals Ltd. Carbogen Amcis (india) Ltd. Capital Build Con Pvt. [merged] Capital Ideas India Ltd. Ltd. Capital Finvest Ltd. Capgemini Business Services (india) Ltd. Capital Ltd. Capital Trade Links Ltd. Capital Local Area Bank Ltd. Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. Cantabil Retail India Ltd. Caravel Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Caparo Maruti Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Carniwal Investments Ltd. Cardwell Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Cartesian Computers Ltd. Care & Cure Herbs Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration Ltd. Carvanserai Ltd. Career Point Infra Ltd. Co. Carona Exim Ltd. [erstwhile] Carborundum Universal Ltd. Ltd. Cargo Motors Pvt. Care Infoserve Pvt. [merged] Carewell Hygiene Products Ltd. Carl Shares Ltd. Carraro India Ltd. Carburettors Ltd. [merged] Carbon Composites (india) Ltd. Ltd. Carona Ltd. Career Point Edutech Ltd. Ltd. Care & Cure Medicines Ltd. Carnation Industries Ltd. Ltd. Cartybon Ltd. Care Websites Pvt. Caryl Laboratories Ltd. Carraro P N H Components (india) Pvt. Carnation Financial Services Ltd. Cardcom (india) Pvt. Career Launcher Infrastructure Pvt. Carrier Aircon Ltd. Cardinal Energy & Infrastructure Pvt. Carborundum Universal Investments Ltd. [merged] Career Launcher (i) Ltd. Carbon Finance Ltd.Carbon & Chemicals India Ltd. Carew Phipson Ltd. Carina Finvest Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Career Launcher Education Infrastructure & Services Ltd. . Ltd. Cargill India Pvt. Carbon Specialities Ltd. Carefree Investment Co. Carter Pooler Engg. Carol Info Services Ltd. Career Point Ltd. Care Institute Of Medical Sciences Ltd.

Cee Aar Finance & Leasing Ltd. . Ltd. Ceat Ventures Ltd. Cauvery Palm Oil Ltd. Cede Investments Ltd. Catvision Products Ltd. Casuarina Capital & Finance Pvt. Catalyst Finance Ltd. Cbay Remote Services Pvt.Cas Card Finance Ltd. Cawnpore Sugar Works Ltd. Cavalet India Ltd. [merged] Casil Health Products Ltd. Caterpillar India Pvt. Casino Cultural Auditorium Ltd. Ltd. Systems Ltd. Castle Traders Ltd. Ltd. Catriona Builders & Constructions Pvt. Ceat Holdings Ltd. Castle Breweries Ltd. Castrol India Ltd. Casil Industries Ltd. [merged] Cebon India Ltd. [merged] Cee (i) Tv Entertainment Ltd. Cat Financial Services Ltd. Cat Technologies Ltd. Cauvery Software Engg. Casablancas Gannon Engg. Cecil Webber Engg. Cauvery Papers Ltd. Cauvery Hydro Energy Ltd. Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Cassandra Investments Ltd. Ltd. Caspian Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Caspia Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ceat Ltd. Castle Rock Fisheries Pvt. Cawnpore Textiles Ltd. Castron Technologies Ltd. Casino Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Catherine Builders & Developers Pvt. Ceejay Finance Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Ceat Investments Ltd. Cavinkare Pvt. Cauvery Mining Co.

Central Cottage Inds. Cent Ply Pvt. Ceenik Exports (india) Ltd. [merged] Ceejay Tobacco Ltd. Cellnext Solutions Ltd. Celebrations Apparel Ltd. Central Business Services Ltd. Of India Ltd. Ceeta Synthetics & Turfs Ltd. Cement International Ltd. Ltd. Celebrity Fashions Ltd. Celeste International Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Celindia Financial Services Ltd. Centennial Finance Ltd. Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Celstream Technologies Pvt. Celeste Merchandise Ltd. [merged] Central Bank Of India Central Bombay Cable Network Ltd. Ltd. Cement Manufacturing Co. Cello International Pvt. Celestial Realtors Ltd. Central Cables Ltd. Central Coalfields Ltd. Ceeta Industries Ltd. Cello Writing Instruments & Containers Pvt. Celestial Biologicals Ltd. Centennial Steel Co. Central Depository Services (india) Ltd. Of India Ltd. Cement Corpn.Ceejay Finance Ltd. Cellucom Retail India Pvt. Ltd. Celebrity Clothing Ltd. Cello Pens Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Central Electronics Ltd. . Ltd. Cenlub Industries Ltd. Central Distillery & Breweries Ltd. Centax (india) Ltd. Centenial Surgical Suture Ltd. Cemegra Balls (india) Ltd. Centbank Financial & Custodial Services Ltd. Ltd. Cellulose Products Of India Ltd. Celestial Biolabs Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Cent Bank Home Finance Ltd.

. Centrum Infrastructure & Realty Ltd. Ltd. Century Flour Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Centre Point Property Mgmt. Centron Industrial Alliance Ltd. [merged] Central India Power Co.Central India Electric Supply Co. Century Proteins Ltd. Century Communication Ltd. Centre Of Excellence In Design Ltd. Century Extrusions Ltd. Ltd. Central Warehousing Corpn. Century Biscuits Ltd. Century Galaxy Developers Ltd. Century Plyboards (india) Ltd. Central Travancore Specialists Hospital Ltd. Century Promoters Pvt. Century 21st Portfolio Ltd. Central India Inds. Century Impex Ltd. Central India Polyesters Ltd. Centrum Wealth Mgmt. Century Sheet Metal Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Centum Electronics Ltd. Century Aluminium Mfg. Central Scientific Supplies Co. Central Investigation & Security Services Ltd. Century Enka Ltd. Centum Rakon India Pvt. Ltd. Centrum Commodities Broking Pvt. Centrum Financial Services Ltd. Co. [merged] Centurion Housing & Constructions Pvt. Century Finance Ltd. Central Provinces Railways Co. Services Ltd. Ltd. Centrum Capital Ltd. Centurion Bank Of Punjab Ltd. Ltd. Central Power Distribution Co. Century Knitters (india) Ltd. Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd. Central Inland Water Transport Corpn. Century Plywoods Ltd. Century Fintech Ltd. Century Iron & Steel Ltd. Of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Centrum Direct Ltd.

Chalet Hotels Ltd. Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Cepha Imaging Pvt. Cethar Energy Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Cerebra L P O India Ltd. Cessna Garden Developers Pvt. Chain Impex Ltd. Chahat Garments Pvt. Cethar Industries Ltd. Ltd. Chakrapani Investments & Trades Ltd. Chakan Vegoils Ltd.Century Textiles & Inds. Cethar Consultancy Services Ltd. Chaanakya Cements Ltd. Centwin Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Chain Investments Ltd. Cescon Ltd. Chamak Holdings Ltd. Cethar Power Machines Ltd. Cethar Consulting Engineers Ltd. Chaitra Realty Ltd. Cepham Organics Ltd. Cepham Milk Specialities Ltd. Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd. Chaitanya Oils Ltd. Century Tubes Ltd. Ltd. Chaitra Trading Pvt. [erstwhile] Cethar Constructions Ltd. Cethar Ltd. [merged] Chakrapani Promotions Ltd. Certification Engineers International Ltd. Chaman Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ceres Estate Ltd. Cepham Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Cetex Petrochemicals Ltd. Ceramic Services Ltd. Ceramic Products Ltd. Ltd. Chalet Hotels & Properties (kerala) Pvt. Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd. Cethar Foodoil Ltd. Ltd. Ceom Pvt. . Chadha Papers Ltd. Chaitra Finance & Leasing Ltd.

Chandrajyoti Estate Developers Pvt. Champdany Industries Ltd. Chandamama India Ltd. Champion Dai-ichi Technologies India Ltd. Ltd. Chand Vanaspati Ltd. Chanakyapuri Resorts Pvt. Chandpur Enterprises Ltd. Champarun Sugar Co. Chambal Energy (chhattisgarh) Ltd. Ltd. Chandi Steel Inds. Ltd. Chambal Infrastructure Ventures Ltd. Chambal Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. Chambers Equity & Financial Co.Chamanlal Mehta & Co. Chamundi Inds. Chamong Tea Co. Ltd. Chandra Synthetics Ltd. Chandak Hospital & Research Insititute Ltd. Chandil Industries Ltd. Chandigarh Distillers & Bottlers Ltd. Chandan Steel Ltd. Chamundi Infotraining Academy Ltd. Champs Elysees Enterprises Pvt. Champion Realtors Pvt. Chandra Textiles Ltd. Chandni Textiles Engg. [merged] Champion Commercial Co. Chamundi Steel Castings (india) Ltd. Chandmal Jiwanmal (india) Ltd. Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Chandra Prabhu Intl. Champion Investments Ltd. Chandresh Cables Ltd. Chandrakala Money & Capital Mgmt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Champdany Constructions Ltd. Chandra Prabhu Housing Ltd. Chambal Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. Chandigarh Infotech Pvt. . Chambal Energy (orissa) Ltd. Chandrali Investments Pvt. Chamundi Textiles (silk Mills) Ltd. Champaran Marketing Co. Chandra Prabhu Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Chandrabhaga Sugars Pvt. Ltd.

Charter House International Ltd. Ltd. Checons Ltd. Chase Investments Ltd. Chemasia Industries Ltd. Chartered Capital & Investment Ltd. Charagni Ltd. Chem Leasing & Finance Pvt. Chandrima Mercantiles Ltd. [merged] Charminar Granites Exports Ltd. Chaturanan Industries Ltd. Ltd. Co. Channel Guide India Ltd. Chawla Techno Construct Ltd. Chargola Tea Co. Chartered Logistics Ltd. Channels India Network Pvt. Charms Industries Ltd. Charishma Engineering Ltd. Chankya Investments Ltd. Chase Manhattan Bank N A [merged] Chaste Realtors Ltd. Chekoplast (india) Ltd. Chariot Eximp Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. . Charminar Bottling Co. Charotar Housing Finance Co. Cheema Spintex Ltd.Chandrika Traders Ltd. Chanduka Trading Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Charminar Steels Ltd. Ltd. Charishma Overseas Ltd. Pvt. Chase Bright Steel Ltd. Chawla Brothers Pvt. Channel Securities Ltd. Chembond Ashland Water Technologies Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Charchika Impex Ltd. Chartwell Estates Pvt. Chattarpati Investments Ltd. Charminar Breweries Ltd. Chavan Rishi International Ltd. Chaney Refractories Pvt. Charosa Wineries Ltd. Chaya Industries Ltd. Chariot Investment & Fin. Charmugria Trading Co.

Chemcel Biotech Ltd. Ltd. Chemopulp Tissues Ltd. Chembra Peak Estates Ltd. Chemoleums Ltd. Chemical Process Equipments Pvt. Chemox Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Chembur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Chemito Technologies Pvt. . Chemicals & Plastics India Ltd. Chemould Intra (india) Ltd. Chemo-pharma Laboratories Ltd. Chemical & Alkali Distributors Ltd. Cheminvest Ltd.Chembond Chemicals Ltd. Cheminova India Ltd. Ltd. Chemisynth (vapi) Ltd. Chemplast Sanmar Ltd. Chemetall-rai India Ltd. Chemplast Sanmar Aromatics Ltd. Chemm Finance Ltd. Chemox Securities Ltd. Chemtex Global Engineers Pvt. Chemtreat Composites India Pvt. Chemical Limes Mundwa Pvt. Chemical Terminal Trombay Ltd. [merged] Cheminor Investments Ltd. Chemcaps Ltd. [merged] Chemicoat Ltd. Chemstar Organics (india) Ltd. Cheminor Drugs Ltd. Chemfab Alkalis Ltd. Chemical & Metallurgical Design Co. Chemguard Coatings Ltd. Chemiequip Ltd. Chemosyn Ltd. Chemech Laboratories Ltd. Chembra Orchard Produce Ltd. Ltd. Chemitech Health Care Products Ltd. Chemtreat India Ltd. [merged] Chemi World Ltd. Chemtex Engineering Of India Ltd. Chemox Chemical Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Chemolutions Chemicals Ltd.

Chetak Spintex Ltd. Chhatar Extractions Ltd. Cheslind Textiles Ltd. Chennai Holdings (india) Ltd. Chhajer Finance Ltd. Chhabra Spinners Ltd. Cheviot Co.Chemtrols Industries Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Chendur Forge Exports Ltd. Chettinad Cement Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Chetan Foundries Ltd. Cherry Fashions Ltd. Chetak Capital Services Ltd. Chennai Petroleum Corpn. . Cheviot International Ltd. Cheviot Agro Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Cherry Polypacks Ltd. Chennai Breweries Pvt. Chetak Constructions Ltd. Chenab Cement Ltd. Chettinad Structural & Engg. Chhata Sugar Co. Cherma's Exquisite Ltd. Ltd. Chetan Genthe & Co. Chetna Hotels & Properties Ltd. Chetak Roadways (india) Ltd. Chevron Glassfibre Reinforcements Ltd. Ltd. Chetram Balkrishan Ltd. Ltd. Cheviot Commerce Pvt. Chhaganlal Khimji & Co. Chennai Power Generation Ltd. Chennai Water Desalination Ltd. Cheran Constructions Ltd. Chennai Vision Developers Pvt. Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital Ltd. Cherry Mercantile Co. Ltd. [merged] Chengmari Tea Co. Ltd. Ltd. Chhabra Power Ltd. Ltd. Cheran Cement Ltd. Ltd. Chennai Properties & Invsts. [merged] Chennai Cable Vision Network Pvt. Cherrytec Intelisolve Ltd. Chennai Elevated Tollway Ltd. Ltd.

Co. Chivas Capitals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Chirau Finance Investment & Leasing Co. Chiplun F T W Z Pvt. Chitradurga Spintex Ltd. [merged] Chhattisgarh Highways Devp. Chika Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Chhattisgarh Electricity Co. Chhattisgarh Hydro Power Pvt. Chinsha Property Pvt. Chhotanagpur General Trading Co. Chittal Chemicals Ltd. Chloride International Ltd. Chhotabhai Jethabhai Patel Tobacco Products Co. Ltd. Ltd. Chloride International Ltd. [merged] Chimanlal Properties Pvt. Chiplun Fine Chemicals Ltd. Chinar Clothfolio Ltd. Chiranjiv Builders Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Chinar Industrial Invst. Chirawa Investment Ltd. Ltd. Chino Corporation India Pvt. Chitrakoot Dealers Pvt. Chinatrust Commercial Bank Chincholi Sugar & Bio Inds. Chhattisgarh Surguja Power Ltd. Chintpurni Investment & Trdg. Chitrakoot Steel & Power Pvt. [merged] Chicago Software Inds. Ltd. Chime Electronics Ltd.Chhattar Industries Ltd. Ltd. Chika Pvt. Chiripal Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Chhattisgarh Industries Ltd. Chikhal Market Co. Chimique Laboratories (india) Ltd. Ltd. Chitali Distillery Ltd. Chilwaria Sugars Ltd. [merged] . Chiranji Properties Ltd. Chicago Pneumatic India Ltd. & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Chi Investments Ltd. Chitrakut Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Chirag International Ltd. Ltd. Chinar Exports Ltd.

Ltd. Chowhan Exports Ltd. Pvt. (salt) Ltd. Chola Life Insurance Services Ltd. Choice International Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Cholamandalam M S General Insurance Co. Pvt. Ltd. Cholamandalam Factoring Ltd. Choksi Imaging Ltd. Chohal Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Chokhani Global Express Ltd. Ltd. Cholamandalam Securities Ltd. Chromatic India Ltd. Ltd. Chrome International Co. Chloride Power Systems & Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Choice Insurance Brokers Pvt. Chordia Food Products Ltd. Choice Trading Corpn. Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Choice Wealth Mgmt. Chowgule Industries Ltd. Choice Plasto Ltd. . Choice Merchandise Broking Pvt. Cho Hung Bank Chodavaram Developers Pvt. Chokhani Securities Ltd. Choksi Tube Co.Chloride Metals Ltd. Cholamandalam Distribution Services Ltd. Chowgule & Co. Chronomed Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Choice Capital Advisors Pvt. [erstwhile] Chona Share Broking Ltd. [merged] Choice Airline Ltd. Chokhani International Ltd. Choice Realty Pvt. Chowgule Steamships Ltd. Ltd. Chowgule & Co. Cholamandalam Software Ltd. Choudhary Global Ltd. Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Chowgule Shipbuilding Pvt. Choice Business Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Choksi Laboratories Ltd. Choice Infra Ventures Ltd. Choice Equity Broking Pvt. Ltd.

Citizen Communications Ltd. Citifinancial Retail Services India Ltd. Citicorp Clearing Services India Ltd. Citibank N A. Cinemax India Ltd. Ltd. Ciria India Ltd. Cindrella Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ciclopico Real Estate Pvt. Citizen Amusement & Organisors Ltd. [merged] Ciba India Ltd. Ltd. Cinerad Communications Ltd.Church Of South India Trust Association Ciba Ckd Biochem Ltd. Cilson Finance & Investment Ltd. Citigroup Global Markets India Pvt. Cinevista Studios Pvt. [merged] Citicorp Finance (india) Ltd. [merged] Cibatul Ltd. Citicorp Maruti Finance Ltd. Cil Securities Ltd. Cinevista Eagle Plus Media Pvt. Cigfil Ltd. Citifinancial Insurance Services India Ltd. Cinemax Motion Pictures Ltd. Circar Paper Mills Ltd. Citicorp Capital Markets Ltd. Citicorp Credit Services India Ltd. Circuit Systems (india) Ltd. Citadel Realty & Developers Ltd. Cistro Telelink Ltd. Citifinancial Consumer Finance India Ltd. Citi Port Financial Services Ltd. Citation Infowares Ltd. Cinevistaas Ltd. Citi Global Finance Ltd. Cilson Organics Ltd. Cimmco Ltd. Cigniti Technologies Ltd. Citicorp Brokerage (india) Ltd. Cindrella Hotels Ltd. . Ciemme Jewels Ltd. Citifinancial Home Finance India Ltd. Cipla Ltd.

Citurgia Biochemicals Ltd.Citizen Engineers Pvt. City Holdings Ltd. City Online Services Ltd. City Parks Pvt. Ltd. Citizen Watches (india) Pvt. [merged] Clariant Chemicals (india) Ltd. Ltd. Clariant (india) Ltd. City Union Bank Ltd. Citrine Consultants Ltd. Citric India Ltd. Claas India Pvt. Citygold Credit Capital Ltd. Co. Corpn. Of Maharashtra Ltd. Citizen Services Ltd. City Capfin Ltd. City Hospitalities India Ltd. Ltd. Citypulse Media (india) Ltd. Citizen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. City Capital Foundation Ltd. City Of Ahmedabad Spg. Citizen Motels International Ltd. Clarion Power Corpn. Citygold Education Research Ltd. Ltd. City Leasing & Finance Co. Citygold Farming Pvt. City Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Claris Lifesciences Ltd. Bank Ltd. Claridge Moulded Fibre Ltd. Citizencredit Co-op. . Cityline Constructions Pvt. Bank Ltd. Clarity Financial Services Ltd. City & Industrial Devp. Ltd. Citizen Umbrella Mfrs. Claridge Investments Ltd. [merged] Cityman Ltd. Ltd. & Mfg. Clarisis Organics Ltd. Citizen Fabrics Ltd. Citizen Yarns Ltd. City Co-op. Ltd. Ltd. City Lifts (india) Ltd. City Hotels Ltd. Citra Properties Ltd. Citizen Infoline Ltd.

Coastal Karnataka Power Ltd. Pvt. Classic Biotech & Exports Ltd. Clarus Infrastructure Realties Ltd. Classic Synthetics Ltd. Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd. Clifton Investment & Finance Pvt. Clex Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Cliton Consultants & Invst. Classic Diamonds (india) Ltd. Clio Infotech Ltd. Classic Credit Ltd. Clear Mipak Packaging Solutions Ltd. Classic Press (international) Ltd. Classique Trade Holdings Ltd. Classic Share & Stock Broking Services Ltd. Classic Media Makers Ltd. Coastal Corporation Ltd. Co-operative Bank Of Ahmedabad Ltd. Coastal Andhra Power Ltd. Ltd. Clearing Corporation Of India Ltd. Ltd. Co-operative Assurance Co. Classic Filaments Ltd. Ltd. Cleanfoods Corporation Ltd. Cmi F P E Ltd. Ltd. Classic Textiles Ltd. Classic Mushrooms Ltd. . Club 7 Holidays Ltd. Coastal Chemicals Ltd. Coal India Ltd. Classic Electricals Ltd. Co-nick Alloys (india) Pvt. Co-operative Bank Of Rajkot Ltd. Classic Leasing & Finance Ltd. Classic Growers Ltd. Classic Infrastructure & Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Classic Global Finance & Capital Ltd. Classic Stripes Pvt. Coastal Commercial & Exim Ltd. Clearcorp Dealing Systems (india) Ltd. Clinigene International Ltd.Claro India Ltd. Club Cabana Recreations Pvt. Clutch Auto Ltd. Ltd.

Cobal Investments Co. Coastal Roadways Ltd. Coastal Resorts (india) Ltd. Coffee Lands Ltd. Cochin Port Road Co. Coastal Tamil Nadu Power Ltd. [merged] Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Cochin Kagaz Ltd. Cochin Oil Merchants' Association Cochin Plantations Ltd. Ltd. Coastal Overseas Ltd. Cochin Malabar Estates & Inds. Cocanada Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. Cochin Minerals & Rutile Ltd. Coimbatore Stock Exchange Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Coduras Exports Ltd. Cognizant Finance Pvt. Ltd. Cocoa Products & Beverages Ltd. Coimbatore Flavors & Fragrances Ltd. Cochin Port Trust Cochin Refineries Balmer Lawrie Ltd. Cochin International Aviation Services Ltd. Coimbatore Cots & Coatings Ltd. [merged] Coastal Projects Ltd. Ltd. Coimbatore General Finance Ltd. Coastal Papers Ltd. . Coimbatore Cloth Mills India Ltd. Coimbatore Popular Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Cobra Indian Beer Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Cochin International Airport Ltd. Cochin Commercial Union Ltd. Cochin Stock Brokers Ltd. Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. [merged] Coimbatore Cotton Mills Ltd. Coimbatore Lakshmi Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. Coimbatore Pioneer Mills Ltd. Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd. Cohesive Constructions Ltd. Cochin Cements Ltd. Ltd. Coastal Sports Ventures Pvt. [merged] Cogent Ventures (india) Ltd. Cochin Bridge Infrastructure Co.Coastal Maharashtra Mega Power Ltd.

. Colwell & Salmon Communications (india) Ltd. Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Co. Colourtex Pvt. Colosceum Media Pvt. Ltd. Comet Leasing & Finance Ltd. Colorado Trading Co. Ltd. Color Peppers Media Pvt. Commercial Broadcasts Ltd. [merged] Comfin Commercial Ltd. Colour Yarns Ltd. Combined Industrials Ltd. Color Chips (india) Ltd. Comfort Intech Ltd. Combine Holding Ltd. Ltd. Colour Roof (india) Ltd. Colama Commercial Co. Collins Stewart India Ltd. Colgate-palmolive (india) Ltd. Color Plus Fashions Ltd. Comet Glass Ltd. Columbia Trading Co. Commercial Hire Purchase (india) Ltd. Cominco Binani Zinc Ltd. [merged] Columbia Chrome (india) Pvt. Command International Software Pvt.Coimbatore Vijay Cotton & Synthetics Ltd. Combined Travels Ltd. Comet Steels Ltd. Ltd. Colindale Hotels & Holiday Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Colaba Land & Mill Co. Color Chips New Media Ltd. [merged] Combat Drugs Ltd. Colaba Central Co-op. Colo Writing Instruments Ltd. Ltd. Columnea Ltd. Consumers' Stores Ltd. Comfort Fincap Ltd. Comfoams Ltd. Comfort Knitwear Ltd. Combi Line Indian Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Colinz Laboratories Ltd. Colour Cartons Ltd. Ltd. Comfund Consulting Ltd. Ltd. Coltech Chemicals (india) Ltd. Ltd.

Compucom Software Ltd. Ltd. Complete Spice Solutions India Ltd. Computer Skill Ltd. [merged] Compunics Information Systems Ltd. Commodity Online (india) Ltd. Commercial Motors Ltd. Concast Steel & Power Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Compact Electric Ltd. Commitment Finance Ltd.Commercial House Pvt. Ltd. Concept Group Telecom (india) Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Commerzbank A G Commex Technology Ltd. Compudyne Winfosystems Ltd. Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Comorin Polymers & Plantations Ltd. Computer Power (india) Ltd. Computech International Ltd. Concast (india) Ltd. Concept Assets Mgmt. Concast Bengal Inds. Conart Engineers Ltd. Computer Power Software Pvt. Computer Joint India Ltd. Computer Graphics Ltd. Computer Power Training Pvt. Comviva Technologies Ltd. Compact International Ltd. Computerskill Ltd. Computer Point Ltd. Competent Automobiles Co. Compubell Infotech Ltd. Concept Holdings Ltd. Comp-u-learn Tech India Ltd. [merged] Concept Communication Ltd. Compulink Systems Ltd. [merged] Concept Capital Mgmt. Compact Disc India Ltd. Ltd. Compuage Infocom Ltd. Computational Research Laboratories Ltd. Comtec Components Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Commercial Leasing Corpn. Concast Ispat Ltd. [merged] .

Console Estate & Investments Ltd. Concrete Credit Ltd. Condides Ltd. Condequip Engineers (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd. (india) Pvt. Connect. [merged] Consolidated Buildwell Ltd. [merged] Concert Capital Ltd. Ltd. Conscofe Investments Ltd. Concepta Cables Ltd. Concurrent (india) Infrastructure Ltd. Consolidated Distilleries Ltd. Confro Agros Ltd. Ltd. Concert Securities Ltd. Cons Holding Ltd. Co. Consolidated Foundations Ltd. Concord Biotech Ltd. Confidence Petroleum India Ltd. Consolidated Imaging Ltd. [merged] Conrad Manufacturers & Traders Ltd. Congenial I T Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Concept Marketing & Advertising Ltd. Confidence Trading Co. Concrete Investments Ltd. Concorde Air Logistics Ltd. [merged] Consolidated Fibres & Chemicals Ltd.1 Ltd. Conquest Pharma Pvt. Consolidated Capital Investcare Ltd. Consolidated Containers (india) Ltd. [merged] Consecutive Investments & Trading Co. Connell Bros. . Concorde Motors (india) Ltd. Concert Spices & Exports Ltd. Concept Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Concorde Cement Pvt. Concord Drugs Ltd. Concord Credit Ltd. [merged] Concrete Techno Project Ltd. Consite Engineering Co. Concord Lines Ltd. Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd. Consolidated Realtors Ltd. Ltd. Consolidated Interiors Ltd.

Continental Milkose (india) Ltd. Consumer Financial Services Ltd. Control Print Ltd. Coonoor Tea Estates Co. Ltd. Contemporary Targett Ltd. Consortex Karl Doelitzsch (india) Ltd. Consumer Protection & Guidance Co. Controlnet (india) Pvt. Continental Controls Ltd. Constrad Agencies (bombay) Pvt. Coorg Export & Invst. Ltd. Controlla Electrotech Pvt. Ltd. Continental Construction Ltd. Continental Engines Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Continental Petroleums Ltd. Continental Fiscal Mgmt. Ltd. Coorg & Mysore Coffee Co. Convergys India Services Pvt. . Continental Device Infotech Ltd. Contech Transport Services Pvt. Contessa India Ltd. Conway Printers Ltd. [merged] Consortium Vyapaar Ltd. [merged] Coochbehar Industries (india) Pvt. Contract Advertising (india) Pvt. Containerway International Ltd. Ltd.Consolidated Securities Ltd. Container Corpn. Conwel Cans (i) Ltd. Continental Shipping Corpn. (1937) Ltd. Continental Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Continental Profiles Ltd. Continental Castings Ltd. Ltd. Continental Chemicals Ltd. Of India Ltd. Consortium Finance Ltd. Consulting Engineering Service (india) Pvt. Contil India Ltd. Ltd. Continental Valve Ltd. Ltd. Continental Device India Ltd. Continental Forging Ltd. Continental Securities Ltd. Continental Papers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Controls & Switchgear Contactors Ltd.

Ltd. Core Petroleum Ltd. Coral Laboratories Ltd. Coresoft Technologies India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Coromandel Granite Co. Coromant (india) Ltd. Coromandel International Ltd. Corona Steel Industry Pvt. . Cords Cable Inds. Coromandel Bathware Ltd. Coromandel Stampings & Stones Ltd. Coromandel Holdings & Minerals Ltd. Copwud Orient Watches Ltd. Core Education & Technologies Ltd. Coromandel Garments Ltd. Coromandel Sugars Ltd. Coral India Finance & Housing Ltd. [merged] Core Organics Ltd. Coromandel Finance Co. Coral Newsprints Ltd. Coromandel Agro Products & Oils Ltd. Corona Plus Industries Ltd. Ltd. Core Careers & Skill Developments Ltd.Coorg Tea Co. Ltd. Coromandel Steels Ltd. [merged] Coromandal Biotech Inds. Ltd. Cornflower Investments Ltd. Coral Hub Online Services Pvt. Ltd. Copper Semis Pvt. Coromandel Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Corona Rim Mfg. Ltd. Core Education Infratech Ltd. Ltd. Coral Hub Ltd. Cornea Properties Ltd. Core K 12 Schools Pvt. Ltd. Coromandel Hotels Ltd. Co. (india) Ltd. Ltd. Core Laboratories Ltd. Coromandel Engineering Co. Coral Cosmetics Ltd. Core Higher Education Pvt. Corbel Estate & Investments Ltd. [merged] Coromandel Insurance Services Ltd. Core Skill Devp. & Careers Pvt. Coral Construction Pvt.

Corporation Bank Corpus Polychem Ltd. Cosmos Industries Ltd. Corporate Power Ltd. . Cosmos Watch Inds. Cosmos Apparels Ltd. Cosco Stock & Shares Ltd. Cosmo Films Ltd. Cosy Mercantile Ltd. Ltd. Cosoft India Ltd.Coronation Agro Inds. Corporate Ispat Alloys Ltd. Cosmo Synthetics Ltd. Coronation Capital Markets Ltd. Cosmos India Rubber Works Ltd. Cosmos Estate Pvt. Ltd. Corrtech Energy Ltd. Cosmo Spinners Ltd. [merged] Corpbank Securities Ltd. Cosmos Services Pvt. Cosboard Industries Ltd. Cosmo Ferrites Ltd. Corporate Courier & Cargo Ltd. Ltd. Corus India Ltd. Cosmo Finvest Ltd. Cosco (india) Ltd. Ltd. Corporate Merchant Bankers Ltd. Cosme Bio-tech Pvt. Corpbank Homes Ltd. Cosmopolitan Investments Ltd. Cosmos Leather Exports Ltd. Ltd. Cosco Sales & Services Ltd. Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd. Cosme Pharma Ltd. Cosmic Global Ltd. Cosmic Industries Ltd. Coruscant Tec Pvt. Cosmos Finman Ltd. Cosmic Investments Ltd. Cosmos Cements Ltd. Coronet Industries Ltd. Corporate Infrastructure Services Pvt. Cosme Farma Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Country Club (india) Ltd. Country Condo's Ltd. Creative Infra Developers Ltd. [merged] Covema Filaments Ltd. Covelong Beach Hotel (india) Ltd. Creative Wares Ltd. Coxswain Technologies Ltd. Cozy Enterprises Ltd. Creative Eye Ltd. & Exports Ltd. Cottanad Plantations Ltd. Creative Castings Ltd. Cream Investment & Trading Co. Cranes Software International Ltd. Ltd. Creative Outerwear Ltd. Cotton County Retail Ltd. Coventry Coil-o-matic (haryana) Ltd. Ltd. . Crane Process Flow Technologies (india) Ltd. Cranex Ltd. [merged] Cowtown Land Development Pvt. Craft Corner Paper Mills Ltd. Creative Propack Ltd. Cox & Kings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Cray Valley Resins India Pvt. Cotton Corporation Of India Ltd. Cowcoody Estates Ltd. Covansys (india) Pvt. Cottanad Agro Trdg. Crazy Infotech Ltd. Cowcoody Builders Pvt. Creative Fiscal Services Ltd. Ltd. Craig Jute Mills Ltd. Creative World Telefilms Ltd. Creative Infocity Ltd. Ltd. Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council Count Fabri Fluidomatics Ltd. Ltd. Creatnet Services Ltd. Creative Health Care Pvt. Crassula Ltd. Co. Creative Intra Ltd. Coventry Spring & Engg.Cottage Industries Exposition Ltd. [merged] Cranes Software Intl. Cravatex Ltd.

H P C L Biofuel Ltd. Ltd. Crescent Auto Repairs & Services India Pvt. Credit Lyonnais Credit Suisse Securities (india) Pvt. Cressanda Solutions Ltd. [merged] Crest Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Crestchem Ltd. Crew B O S Products Ltd. Cref Finance Ltd. Credit Agricol Corporate & Invst. Cricket Club Of India Ltd. Credence Sound & Vision Ltd. Crisil Properties Ltd. Crew R O R Products Ltd. Crester Global Finance Ltd. Credit Information Bureau (india) Ltd. Ltd. Cromakem Ltd. Crimson Estate & Properties Pvt. Credential Finance Ltd. [merged] Crisil Research & Information Services Ltd. Crest Geartech Pvt. Crest International Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Crisil Risk & Infrastructure Solutions Ltd. Cremica Agro Foods Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Crest Animation Studios Ltd. Cria Jewellery Pvt.Creda . Crimson Metal Engg. Crestworld Marine Ltd. Crescent Colorcoat Systems Ltd. Crescent Iron & Steel Corpn. Crisil Credit Information Services Ltd. Co. Ltd. Crescent Medical Centre Ltd. Crew B O S Enterprises Ltd. . Croitre Industries Ltd. Credila Financial Services Pvt. Bank Credit Agricole Bank Credit Analysis & Research Ltd. Crew M A G Exports Ltd. Crest Interractive Ltd. Credit Himatsingka Ltd. Credible Nivesh Ltd. Crisil Ltd. Crescent Finstock Ltd.

Ltd. [merged] Crystal Agritech Ltd. Crystal Investments Ltd. . Crown Gaskets (india) Ltd. Crown Leasing & Finance Ltd. Crystal Tea (india) Ltd. Croslands Research Laboratories Ltd. Croton Trading Ltd. Common Utilities Ltd. Croydon Chemical Works Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Crystaline Exports Ltd. Crown Tours Ltd. Crystal Fintech Ltd. Ltd. Crystal Credits Corpn. Cummins Auto Services Ltd. Cuddalore Sipcot Inds. Crown Milk Specialities Pvt. Cuckoo Financial Services Ltd. Cubical Financial Services Ltd. Crompton Greaves Ltd. Crystal Capital Finance (india) Ltd. [merged] Cummins India Ltd. Cubex Tubings Ltd. Cummins Sales & Service India Ltd. Crystal Hospitals Ltd. [merged] Cupid Ltd. Crystal Phosphates Ltd. [merged] Cross Country Hotels Ltd. Cumi Fine Materials Ltd. Crystal Software Solutions Ltd. Crown Television Ltd. Crosstown Power (india) Pvt. Crossword Bookstores Ltd. Crossborder Investments Pvt. Ltd. Crystal Exim Ltd. Cupid Medical & Research Centre Pvt. Crystal Cable Inds.Crombes Holdings Ltd. Crownglobe Ltd. Crombes Properties Ltd. Crouse Investment Ltd. Cuddapah Spinning Mills Ltd. Crystal Lace (india) Ltd. Ltd. Cronimet Alloys India Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Crustum Products Pvt.

Ltd. D B (international) Stock Brokers Ltd. Cypriot Consultancy Services Ltd. Cyber Media Digital Ltd. [merged] Cyanamid Agro Ltd. D A Reddy & Co.Cupid Trades & Finance Ltd. Curefast Remedies Ltd. [merged] Cybertech Online Ltd. Cyquator Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Cybertech Systems & Software Ltd. [merged] Cyber Media Events Ltd. D B Chandak Realtors Pvt. Cynera Investments & Holdings Ltd. [merged] Cyber Media (india) Ltd. Cyrus Engineers Pvt. Pvt. [merged] Cyber Media Research Ltd. Curewell (india) Ltd. Cyclic Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Cygnus Negri Invsts. Cyberspace Ltd. Cyber Media Services Ltd. Cyber Holdings Ltd. Pvt. Cybertech Information & Systems (india) Ltd. Cyberscape Multimedia Ltd. [merged] Cyberpark Development & Construction Ltd. Customer Asset India Pvt. [merged] Customer Com Pvt. Cycle Corporation Of India Ltd. Cuprum Bagrodia Ltd. Cybermate Infotek Ltd. Ltd. Cutfast Abrasive Tools Ltd. Cure Spects Laser Ltd. Cybermedia India Online Ltd. . Cyberabad Trustee Co. Cyrus Investments Ltd. [merged] Cybele Industries Ltd. D & H Welding Electrodes (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. D B Capital Services Ltd. Cyberwave Infrastructure Ltd. Cusp Infra Projects Ltd. Ltd. Cyrus Chemicals Pvt. Cura Technologies Ltd.

D C M Finance & Leasing Ltd. D C M Realty Investment & Consulting Ltd. D C M International Ltd. D C M Shriram Aqua Foods Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. D C M Shriram Thermal Energy Ltd. D C M Shriram Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. D C M Financial Services Ltd. [merged] D C M Engineering Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. D B Man Realty Ltd. D C L Maritech Ltd. D C M Shriram Granites Ltd. D B F S Securities Ltd. D C M Textiles Ltd. D C M Overseas Trading Co. [merged] D C W Ltd. D D Agro Inds. Ltd. D C M Shriram Infrastructure Ltd. D C M Shriram Hydro Energy Ltd.D B Contractors & Builders Pvt. D B Corp Ltd. D B Mig Realtors & Builders Pvt. D B Partners Enterprises Pvt. D B Properties Pvt. Ltd. D C B Power Ventures Ltd. D C M Shriram Chemicals Ltd. D C M Tools & Dies Ltd. D C W Pigments Ltd. D C M Shriram Credit & Investments Ltd. D C M Services Ltd. D C W Finance Ltd. Co. D C L Finance Ltd. D B G Retail Holdings Ltd. D C M Data Systems Ltd. D C M Ltd. D B Realty Ltd. D C M Hyundai Ltd. D B S Bank Ltd. D C W Power Corporation Ltd. D C M Shriram Consolidated Ltd. D C Offshore Devp. D C Kothari Exports Ltd. D C L Securities Ltd. Ltd. D C M Shriram Inds.

D L F Cyber City Developers Ltd. D F S Securities Ltd. D L F Home Developers Ltd. D H L Lemuir Logistics Pvt. Ltd. [merged] D D Industries Ltd. Ltd. D L F City Centre Ltd. D F L Infrastructure Finance Ltd. Ltd. D F L Fabrics Pvt. D G P Capital Mgmt.D D E Org Systems Pvt. D K Industries Ltd. Ltd. D L F Cement Ltd. D L F Commercial Complexes Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. D H P India Ltd. D L F Comfort Hotels Pvt. D H F L Vysya Housing Finance Ltd. D H K Investment Co. D I Trading Co. . D H F L Holdings Pvt. D G Vitta Vinimay & Properties Ltd. D G P Securities Ltd. D H F L Property Services Ltd. D L F Homes Ambala Pvt. Ltd. D I L Ltd. D D Leasing Ltd. D I C Coatings India Ltd. D I C India Ltd. D I Properties Ltd. [merged] D L F Commercial Developers Ltd. Ltd. D L F Building & Services Pvt. Ltd. D K Chemicals Ltd. D L F Ackruti Info Parks (pune) Ltd. Ltd. D L F Brands Ltd. Ltd. D F M Foods Ltd. D K Chemoplast Ltd. D J S Stock & Shares Ltd. D L F Estate Developers Ltd. D F L Finance Ltd. D L F Homes Durgapur Pvt. D H F L Insurance Services Ltd. D L F Financial Services Ltd. D L F Homes Pune Pvt. D L F Golf Resorts Ltd.

[merged] D L F Telecom Ltd. D N D Flyway Ltd. D R D B Inds. D L F Phase-iv Commercial Developers Ltd. D R S Logistics Pvt. Ltd. D L F Ltd. D M C C Oil Terminals (navlakhi) Ltd. Ltd. D L F Retail Services Ltd. Ltd. D P I Products & Services Ltd. D S Agrodevelopers Pvt. D L F Industries Ltd. Ltd. D S Agri Estates Pvt.D L F Hotels & Hospitality Ltd. D R S Industries Ltd. D S C Ventures Pvt. D Q Entertainment Ltd. [merged] D L F Info City Developers (kolkata) Ltd. D R Softech & Inds. D R Kukreja & Co. [merged] D L F Info City Developers (chandigarh) Ltd. D M C Education Ltd. D L F India Ltd. D L F Real Estate Ltd. D L F Luxury Hotels Ltd. [merged] D L F Services Ltd. Ltd. D L F Universal Ltd. Ltd. D L F Info Park Developers (chennai) Ltd. Ltd. D R L Investments Ltd. D L F Info City Developers (hyderabad) Ltd. D L Millar Exports Ltd. D L F Utilities Ltd. D P S C Ltd. D R S Transport Pvt. D Q Entertainment (international) Ltd. D S C Ltd. D P F Textiles Pvt. D L F Premium Homes Pvt. D P I L Ltd. D N P Ltd. D L F Housing & Construction Ltd. D L X Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] D L F Info City Developers (bangalore) Ltd. . D S (assam) Hospitality Ltd. Ltd.

D S Green Agrotech Pvt. D T D C Worldwide Express Ltd.D S D Agro Tech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . D-link Infotech Ltd. Managers Pvt. Ltd. D S Toll Road Ltd. D S Realetors Pvt. [merged] D T D C Courier & Cargo Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. D S S Mobile Communications Ltd. D S K Southern Projects Pvt. D S T Worldwide Services India Pvt. D1 Williamson Magor Bio Fuel Ltd. D S Q Granites Ltd. D T C India Ltd. D S P Merrill Lynch Trust Services Ltd. D S Q Industries Ltd. D S E Financial Services Ltd. D S M Hi-tech Products Ltd. D S J Communications Ltd. D S Q Software Ltd. Ltd. D S L Hydrowatt Ltd. D S K Sez Projects (pune) Pvt. Ltd. D S Kulkarni Developers Ltd. [merged] D S M Sugar (kashipur) Ltd. Ltd. D-link (india) Ltd. D T D C Intracity Courier Ltd. D S Hotels & Resorts (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. D S P Merrill Lynch Securities Trdg. D T Cinemas Ltd. D S J Finance Corpn. Dabripada Energy Ltd. Dabas Hotel & Resorts Pvt. D S K Real Estates Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] D-m-e Company (india) Pvt. D S P Merrill Lynch Ltd. D S P Merrill Lynch Capital Ltd. Daawat Foods Ltd. D T C Securities Ltd. D'damas Jewellery (india) Pvt. D S M Anti Infectives India Ltd. D S K Global Education & Research Pvt. D S P Finprint Ltd. D T Projects Ltd. [merged] D S P Black Rock Invst.

Dalmia Group Udyog Ltd. Daga Global Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Dairy Den Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Dadha Hewlett Inds. Dakshin Cements Ltd. Ltd. Dadrawala Papers Ltd. Dalmia Cement (bharat) Ltd. Daga Leasing & Finance Ltd. Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd. Ltd. Dalmia Bharat Enterprises Ltd. Dabur Exports Ltd. Dalhousie Holdings Ltd. Dabur Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Dabur Research Foundation Dada Chemicals Ltd. Dalecrest Ltd. Ltd. Dakshin Gujarat Vij Co. Ltd. Dalmia Cement (meghalaya) Ltd. Dahej Harbour & Infrastructure Ltd. Dalmia Bharat Sugar & Inds. Dail Consultants Ltd. Dahyabhai Sons Ltd.[merged] Dalmia Cement Ventures Ltd. (india) Pvt. Dalkia Energy Services Ltd. Dada Motors Ltd. Dalal Street Investments Ltd. Daily Bread Gourmet Foods (india) Pvt. . Daga International Ltd. Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd. Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd. [merged] Dabur India Ltd. Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Dalal Street Press Ltd. Dai-ichi Karkaria Ltd. Daiwa Asset Mgmt. Dai-ichi Gosei Chemicals (india) Ltd. Dabur Finance Ltd. Dakshineswar Investments Ltd.Dabriwala Banijya Udyog Ltd. Dalmia Dye-chem Inds. Daewoo Motors India Ltd. Dabur Foods Ltd. [merged] Dalal Mott Macdonald Pvt.

Danalakshmi Paper Mills Pvt. Darjeeling Impex Ltd. [merged] Darcl Logistics Ltd. Dalmia Securities Pvt. . Dandy Rolls India Pvt. Damodar Threads Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Danieli India Ltd. Pvt. Dandekar Inks & Adhesives Ltd. Darashaw & Co. Danlaw Technologies India Ltd. Damodar Valley Corpn. Damania Capital Markets Ltd. Dalmia Power Ltd. Danta Vyapar Kendra Ltd. Danand Industries Ltd. Darjeeling Ropeway Co. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Dandvati Investments & Trdg. Dankuni Steels Ltd. Dalmia Sugars Ltd. Daman Ganga Papers Ltd. Darbhanga Marketing Co. Darlco Cannings Ltd.Dalmia Laminators Ltd. Dalmia Solar Power Ltd. Dalmia Minerals & Properties Ltd. Ltd. Damodhar Cement & Slag Ltd. Danube Fashions Ltd. Darjeeling Power Ltd. Daman Ganga Holdings Pvt. Pvt. Daphene Investment & Properties Ltd. Darshan Oils Ltd. Dandeli Ferro Pvt. Darjeeling Dooars Plantations (tea) Ltd. Damania Pharma Ltd. Dani Finlease Ltd. [merged] Damos Trading Co. Dalmia Sugar Ventures Ltd. Danin Leathers Ltd. [merged] Dany Dairy & Food Engineers Ltd. Ltd. Co. Dankuni Investments Ltd. Ltd. Damascus Investment & Trading Co. Damodar Bulk Carriers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Daman Ganga Board Mills Pvt.

[merged] Davangere Sugar Co. Ltd. Datt Mediproducts Ltd. Daruka Sales Ltd. Ltd. Das Lagerwey Windturbines Ltd. Datar Switchgear Ltd. Dataline & Research Technologies (india) Ltd. Dastan Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Dauji Farms Ltd. . Datamatics Global Services Ltd. Das Wire & Finance Pvt. Datre Corporation Limited Datson Exports Ltd. Datt Enterprises Ltd. Dasve Business Hotel Ltd. Dart Electronics Ltd. Datamatics Intercon Ltd. [merged] Datamatics Software Solutions Ltd. Daurala Organics Ltd. Database Finance Ltd. Dasve Retail Ltd. Datapro Information Technology Ltd. Ltd. Dasve Hospitality Institutes Ltd. Datasoft Application Software (india) Ltd. Daspalla Hotels Ltd. Dastur Investment Ltd. Dasve Convention Center Ltd. Data Quest Infotech & Enterprises Ltd.Darshanlal Exports (calcutta) Ltd. Daulat Securities Ltd. Datum Technologies India Ltd. Datum Securities Ltd. [merged] Datamatics Technosoft Ltd. Daulat Electronics Ltd. [merged] Davangere Cotton Mills Ltd. Datacraft India Ltd. Daurala Foods & Beverages Pvt. Data Access (india) Ltd. [merged] Datamatics Ltd. Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. Datapro Industries Ltd. Daspalla Global Hotels Ltd. Datanet Ecommerce Services Ltd. Datamatics Softworld Pvt.

Deccan Flour Mills Ltd. Decent Infratech Ltd. Bank Ltd. Deccan Finvest Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Decorative Leasing & Finance Ltd. Deco-mica Ltd. Deccan Petroleums Ltd. Decillion Finance Ltd. Deccan Cements Ltd. Ltd. Deccan Finance Ltd. Deccan Exploration Services Pvt. Deccan Alloys Pvt. David Brown Greaves Ltd. Decora Tubes Ltd. Dawn Apparels Ltd. Deccan Merchants Co-op. Ltd. Deccan Bearings Ltd. Dayal Finsec Ltd. Ltd. De Nora India Ltd. Dawn Mills Co. Ltd. Decent Food & Beverages Ltd. [merged] Dax Networks Ltd. [merged] Deccan Mechanical & Chemical Inds. Decon Mercantile Pvt. Com Ltd. Deccan Polypacks Ltd. Daykon Financial Services Ltd. Debikay Information Technology Ltd. Decolight Ceramics Ltd. Deccan Syntex Ltd. Ltd. Dawn Developers Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Dawar Promoters Ltd. Daynasore Constructions & Invst. Ltd. De Two Forging Pvt. Deccan Gold Mines Ltd. Deccan Granites Ltd. Deccan Hospitals Corpn. Deccan Florabase Ltd. Deal India. Ltd. Deccan Sales Corpn.Daverashola Estates Pvt. . Ltd. Decent Securities & Finance Pvt. Ltd. Deccan Chargers Sporting Ventures Ltd. [merged] Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Dazzel Confindive Ltd.

Dee Dee Steel Castings Ltd.
Dee Greaves Ltd.
Dee Kartavya Finance Ltd.
Dee Pee Kagaz Udyog Pvt. Ltd.
Deedi Hire Purchase & Leasing Ltd.
Deejay Leasing Co. Ltd.
Deejay Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Deeksha Holding Ltd.
Deep Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
Deep Commercials Ltd.
Deep Diamond India Ltd.
Deep Industries Ltd.
Deep Natural Resources Ltd.
Deep Water Services (india) Ltd.
Deepa Trade & Commerce Ltd.
Deepak Agro Solutions Ltd.
Deepak Cables (india) Ltd.
Deepak Casting Ltd.
Deepak Cosmo Ltd.
Deepak Education Ltd.
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals Corpn. Ltd.
Deepak Gears Ltd.
Deepak Industries Ltd.
Deepak Mining Services Pvt. Ltd.
Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
Deepak Refineries Ltd.
Deepak Spinners Ltd.
Deepak Steel & Power Ltd.
Deepak Woollens Pvt. Ltd.
Deepali Finlease Ltd.
Deepharma Laboratories Ltd.
Deepharma Ltd.
Deepika Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Deepjyoti Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
Deepjyoti Textiles Ltd.
Deeplok Financial Services Ltd.
Deeplok Securities Ltd.
Deepmala Dealers Ltd.
Deepmala Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Deepraj Investments Ltd.
Deeps Special Steels Ltd.
Deepshikha (impex) Ltd.
Deesan Agro-tech Ltd.

Deevee Commercials Ltd.
Defence Land Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Degremont Ltd.
Dejoo Valley Invst. Co. Ltd.
Deki Electronics Ltd.
Delage Finance & Investments Ltd.
Delfin Finance Ltd.
Delhi Aerotropolis Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi Aviation Fuel Facility Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi Chapter Of Indian Institute Of Tourism & Travel Mgmt.
Delhi Financial Corpn.
Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd.
Delhi Forge Ltd.
Delhi Golf Club Ltd.
Delhi Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd.
Delhi Gymkhana Club Ltd.
Delhi International Airport Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi Metro Rail Corpn. Ltd.
Delhi Properties & Building Society Ltd.
Delhi Race Club (1940) Ltd.
Delhi Safe Deposit Co. Ltd.
Delhi State Civil Supplies Corpn. Ltd.
Delhi State Indl. & Infrastruture Devep. Corpn. Ltd.
Delhi Tourism & Transportation Devp. Corpn. Ltd.
Delhi Towers Ltd.
Delhi Transco Ltd.
Delicious Investment & Finance Ltd.
Delight Handicrafts Palace Ltd.
Delight Proteins Ltd.
Delna Finance & Invst. Pvt. Ltd.
Delphi-t V S Diesel Systems Ltd.
Delstar Commercial & Finance Ltd. [merged]
Delta Adventures & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Delta Colonizers Ltd.
Delta Corp Ltd.
Delta Hospitality & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Delta Hospitality & Leisure Pvt. Ltd.
Delta Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Delta Industries Ltd.
Delta International Ltd.
Delta Investments Ltd.
Delta Leisure & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Delta Lifestyle & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Delta Magnets Ltd.
Delta Mechcons (india) Ltd.
Delta Paper Mills Ltd.
Delta Polysters Ltd.
Delta Services (i) Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Delta Sugars Ltd.
Delta Tiles Ltd.
Delta Tobacco Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Deltech Innovations Ltd.
Deltmal Safety Shoes Ltd.
Delton Cables Ltd.
Delton Consultants Ltd.
Delton International Ltd.
Deltron Ltd.
Deltronix India Ltd.
Delux Bearing Ltd.
Demosha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Dempo Dairy Inds. Ltd.
Dempo Industries Ltd.
Dempo Shipbuilding & Engg. Ltd.
Den Networks Ltd.
Dena Bank
Denholm Steels Ltd.
Denim Fashions Ltd.
Denis Chem Lab Ltd.
Denis Finance Ltd.
Denish-knit Industries Ltd.
Denmur Fax Roll Ltd.
Denso Faridabad Pvt. Ltd.
Denso India Ltd.
Deogiri Fertilisers Ltd.
Deora Polytex Ltd.
Deoria Paper Mills Ltd.
Deoria Properties Ltd.
Deoria Sugar Mills Ltd.
Dera Paints & Chemicals Ltd.
Derby Textile Ltd.
Derco Cooling Coils Ltd.
Desai Brothers Ltd.
Desai Cement Co. Ltd.
Desh Rakshak Aushdhalaya Ltd.
Deshapriya Estates Ltd.

Deshbandhu Communications Ltd.
Deshbandhu Cotton Mills Ltd.
Deshraj Investment & Trading Co. Ltd.
Design Auto Systems Ltd.
Destini India Ltd.
Detail Clothing Ltd.
Detection Instruments (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Detroit Industries Ltd.
Deutsche Asset Mgmt. (i) Pvt. Ltd.
Deutsche Bank A G
Deutsche Investments India Pvt. Ltd.
Deutsche Securities (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Dev Fasteners Ltd.
Dev Holdings Ltd.
Dev Land & Housing Ltd.
Dev Priya Inds. Ltd.
Dev Priya Product Ltd.
Dev Realty & Developers Ltd.
Deva Drill Tech (india) Ltd.
Devagiri Textile Mills Ltd.
Devans Modern Breweries Ltd.
Devashola (nilgiri) Tea Estates Co. Ltd.
Devata Tradelink Ltd.
Devbhoomi Awas Ltd.
Devdhan Infrastructures & Developers Ltd.
Deve Paints Ltd.
Development Credit Bank Ltd.
Deverbetta Lands Pvt. Ltd.
Devi Enterprises Ltd.
Devi Fisheries Ltd.
Devi Sea Foods Ltd.
Devi Spinning Mills Ltd.
Devidayal (sales) Ltd.
Devidayal Agro Chemicals Ltd.
Devidayal Detectors Ltd.
Devidayal Industries Ltd.
Devika Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
Devine Impex Ltd.
Devinsu Trading Ltd.
Devki Cyber Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Devki Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Devkrupa Build Tech Ltd.
Devkusha Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.

Devlok Hatcheries Ltd.
Devon Consolidated Services Ltd.
Devon Financial Services Ltd.
Devon Foods Ltd.
Devon Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Devon Plantations & Inds. Ltd.
Devon Real Estate & Construction Ltd.
Devyani Beverages Ltd.
Devyani International Ltd.
Dewa Properties Ltd.
Dewan Housing Finance Corpn. Ltd.
Dewan Rubber Inds. Ltd.
Dewan Steels Ltd.
Dewan Sugars Ltd.
Dewan Tyres Ltd.
Dewas Bhopal Corridor Ltd.
Dewas Fabrics Ltd.
Dewas Metal Sections Ltd.
Dewas Soya Ltd.
Dexo Labs Pvt. Ltd. [erstwhile]
Dey's Medical Stores Mfg. Ltd.
Dhamaria Industries Ltd.
Dhami Finance Ltd.
Dhampur Sugar Distillery Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd.
Dhampure Specialty Sugars Ltd.
Dhamra Port Co. Ltd.
Dhanada Corporation Ltd.
Dhanalakshmi Mills Ltd.
Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Ltd.
Dhananjay Commercial Co. Ltd.
Dhanashree Electronics Ltd.
Dhanashree Realtors (hubli) Ltd.
Dhandapani Business Services Ltd.
Dhandapani Exports Ltd.
Dhandapani Holdings & Securities Ltd.
Dhandapani Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Dhanesh Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.
Dhaneswari Wood Products Ltd.
Dhankari Investments Ltd.
Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.
Dhanlaxmi Cotex Ltd.
Dhanlaxmi Fabrics Ltd.

Dhanlaxmi Solvex Pvt. Ltd.
Dhanshree Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Dhanuka Agritech Ltd.
Dhanus Global Medicare Ltd.
Dhanus Technologies Ltd.
Dhanvantri Jeevan Rekha Ltd.
Dhanverdhi Exports Ltd.
Dhanyalakshmi Investments Ltd. [merged]
Dhar Cement Ltd.
Dhar Industries Ltd.
Dhar Textile Mills Ltd.
Dhara Housing Credit Ltd.
Dharambir Manoharlal Ltd.
Dharambir Manoharlal Properties Ltd.
Dharampal Premchand Ltd.
Dharampal Satyapal Ltd.
Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co. Ltd.
Dharani Cements Ltd. [merged]
Dharani Finance Ltd.
Dharani Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.
Dhareshwar Real Estates Ltd.
Dharmadeep Powerdive Inds. Ltd.
Dharmanath Infra & Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Dharmayug Investments Ltd.
Dharmik Commodeal Pvt. Ltd.
Dharmshala Hydro Power Ltd.
Dharnendra Agro Food Inds. Ltd.
Dharnendra Industries Ltd.
Dharnendra Overseas Ltd.
Dharnidhar Global & Infraprojects Ltd.
Dharower Financial Services Ltd.
Dharti Dredging & Infrastructure Ltd.
Dharti Proteins Ltd.
Dhatri Developers & Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Dhatu Sanskar Ltd.
Dhaval Exports Ltd.
Dheeru Powergen Ltd.
Dhelakhat Tea Co. Ltd.
Dhendai Tea & Inds. Ltd.
Dhiman Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Dhiraj Iron & Steel Ltd.
Dhiraj Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Dholpur Gas Power Ltd.

Dhoomketu Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Dhoot Industrial Finance Ltd.
Dhoot Industries Ltd.
Dhoot Motors Ltd.
Dhradh Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Dhruv Estates Ltd.
Dhruv Globals Ltd.
Dhruv Theatres & Production Pvt. Ltd.
Dhruva Capital Services Ltd.
Dhruva Realty Projects Ltd.
Dhruvi Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Dhunseri Investments Ltd.
Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Ltd.
Dhunseri Polycarbonate Ltd. [merged]
Dhvanil Chemicals Ltd.
Dhwani Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Diagold Designs Ltd.
Dialforhealth Greencross Ltd.
Dialforhealth India Ltd.
Dialforhealth Unity Ltd.
Diamant Infrastructure Ltd.
Diamines & Chemicals Ltd.
Diamond & Gem Devp. Corpn. Ltd.
Diamond Agro Inds. Ltd.
Diamond Commercial Enterprises Ltd.
Diamond Crucible Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Diamond Dies Mfg. Corpn. Ltd.
Diamond Dye-chem Ltd. [merged]
Diamond Infosystems Ltd.
Diamond Medical Devices Ltd.
Diamond Pistons & Rings Ltd.
Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Diamond Power Transformers Ltd.
Diamond Products Prtg. & Processing Ltd.
Diamond Realty Ltd.
Diamond Regina Ceramics Ltd.
Diamond Shipping Co. Ltd.
Diana Tea Co. Ltd.
Diapers India Ltd.
Diaruza Exports Ltd.
Diastar Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
Dibba Infotech Ltd.
Dibrugarh Company Ltd.

Didwana Investment Co. Ltd.
Dies & Tools Ltd.
Diesel Injection Ltd.
Diesel Stars Ltd.
Diffusion Engineers Ltd.
Digantha Mudrana Ltd.
Dighe Electronics Ltd.
Dighi Port Ltd.
Dighi Project Devp. Co. Ltd.
Digi Giga Syatems Ltd.
Digicomp Complete Solutions Ltd.
Digiflex (india) Ltd.
Digihome Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Digital 18 Media Ltd.
Digital Electronics Ltd.
Digital Magic Visuals (india) Ltd.
Digital Multiforms Ltd.
Digital One Pvt. Ltd.
Digital Radio (delhi) Broadcasting Ltd.
Digital Radio (kolkata) Broadcasting Ltd.
Digital Radio (mumbai) Broadcasting Ltd.
Digital World India Ltd.
Digjam Ltd.
Digvijay Chemicals Ltd.
Digvijay Finlease Ltd.
Digvijay Investments Ltd.
Digvijay Services Ltd.
Digvijay Tiles & Potteries Ltd.
Dikson Trading & Finance Co. Ltd.
Diligent Media Corpn. Ltd.
Diligent Realtors Ltd.
Dillu Cine Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Dimakusi Tea Co. Ltd.
Dimart Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Dimension Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Dimensional Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Dimexon Diamonds Ltd.
Dimple Silk Mills Ltd.
Dina Alloys Ltd.
Dina Holdings Ltd.
Dina Iron & Steel Ltd.
Dinar Diamonds Ltd.
Dindayal Jalan Textiles Ltd.

Dinesh Allorga Ltd.
Dinesh Management Services Ltd.
Dinesh Platechem Ltd. [merged]
Dinesh Polyber Ltd.
Dinesh Remedies Ltd.
Dinshaw's Dairy Foods Ltd.
Dinsons Metals Ltd.
Dion Global Solutions Ltd.
Dipco Ltd.
Dipesh Mining Pvt. Ltd.
Dipti Textile Inds. Ltd.
Dirang Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Direct Internet Ltd. [merged]
Disa India Ltd.
Dish T V India Ltd.
Dishman Care Ltd.
Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd.
Dishnet Wireless Ltd.
Disposable Medi-aids Ltd.
Distinctive Properties & Leasing Ltd.
Distributed Object Technologies Ltd.
Divi's Laboratories Ltd.
Divine Entertainment Ltd.
Divine Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Divine Wellness Pvt. Ltd.
Diviniti Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Divinity Real Estates Ltd.
Diviya Chemicals Ltd.
Divy Rollform Ltd.
Divya Arcade Ltd.
Divya Dealers Ltd.
Divya Enterprises Ltd.
Divya Jyoti Inds. Ltd.
Divya Mercantile Ltd.
Divya Texfab (india) Ltd.
Divyansh Powergen Pvt. Ltd.
Divyashakti Granites Ltd.
Diwakar Estates Ltd.
Do-max Steels Ltd.
Doburg Lager Breweries Ltd. [erstwhile]
Doctor Morepen Ltd.
Doctors Biotech India Ltd.
Doctors Organic Chemicals Ltd.

Dodballapur Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Dodsal Pvt. Ltd.
Dolat Investments Ltd.
Dolf Finance Ltd.
Dolf Leasing Ltd.
Dolfin Rubbers Ltd.
Dollar Industries Ltd.
Dollex Industries Ltd.
Dolphin Constructions Ltd.
Dolphin Electro Magnetic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Dolphin Exim Ltd.
Dolphin Finance & Invst. Co. Ltd.
Dolphin Hotels Ltd.
Dolphin International Limited
Dolphin International Risk Services Ltd.
Dolphin Investment Ltd.
Dolphin Laboratories Ltd.
Dolphin Mart Ltd.
Dolphin Medical Services Ltd.
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (india) Ltd.
Dolphin Offshore Shipping Ltd.
Dolphin Udyog Ltd.
Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd.
Domino Leathers Ltd.
Donear Industries Ltd.
Donear Synthetics Ltd.
Dongguan Unza Consumer Products Ltd.
Donyi Polo Petro Chemicals Ltd.
Dooars Exim Ltd.
Doom Dooma India Ltd. [merged]
Doom Dooma Tea Co. Ltd. [merged]
Doon Dooars Plantation Ltd.
Doon Valley Rice Ltd.
Doon Vally Finance & Leasing Ltd.
Doongursee Diamond Tools Ltd. [merged]
Dorcas Market Makers Ltd.
Dorian Leasing & Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Doshi Housing Ltd.
Doshion Ltd.
Dot Com Global Ltd.
Dotex International Ltd.
Dotline Engineers Ltd.
Dotsons Steels Ltd.

Double Cola Beverages Ltd.
Doubledot Finance Ltd.
Dove Finance Pvt. Ltd.
Dover Global Finance Ltd.
Dovetail Software Ltd.
Dow Agrosciences India Pvt. Ltd.
Dow Corning India Pvt. Ltd.
Dowell Agriculture Products Pvt. Ltd.
Dowell Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Dowell's Elektro Werke Ltd.
Downhill Holiday Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital Ltd.
Dr. Agarwal's Pharma Ltd.
Dr. Jai Singh's Son & Co. Ltd.
Dr. Jain Video On Wheels Ltd.
Dr. M Soy Proteins Ltd.
Dr. Reddy's Bio-sciences Ltd.
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (proprietary) Ltd.
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
Dr. Reddy's Pharma S E Z Ltd.
Dr. Sabharwal's Manufacturing Labs Ltd.
Dr. Wellmans Homoeopathic Laboratory Ltd.
Draexlmaier & Motherson Electrical Systems India Ltd. [merged]
Dravya Finance Ltd.
Dravya Industrial Chemicals Ltd.
Dreams Infracon Ltd.
Dredging Corpn. Of India Ltd.
Dresdner Bank A.g.
Drillco Metal Carbides Ltd.
Drillco Seco Ltd.
Driplex Water Engg. Ltd.
Drishti Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
Drive India Enterprise Solutions Ltd.
Drivetech Accessories Ltd.
Drolia Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
Druckgrafen India Ltd.
Druid Pharma Ltd.
Drumella Plantations Pvt. Ltd.
Dtone Ltd.
Dua Constructions Pvt. Ltd.
Duchem Laboratories Ltd. [merged]
Duck Tarpaulins Ltd.
Ductile Castings Ltd.

Dudhoria Construction Co. Ltd.
Dufflaghur Investments Ltd.
Dugal Construction (india) Ltd.
Dugar Finance India Ltd.
Dugar Forex Ltd.
Dugar Housing Developments Ltd.
Dugar Housing Finance Ltd.
Dujodwala Paper Chemicals Ltd.
Dujodwala Products Ltd.
Dujohn Laboratories Ltd.
Dujon Commercial Pvt. Ltd.
Duke & Sons Ltd.
Duke Arnics Electronics Ltd.
Duke Commerce Ltd.
Duke Offshore Ltd.
Dukes Retreat Ltd.
Dulichand Finance & Leasing Ltd.
Dumex Ltd.
Dumpy Holdings Ltd.
Dumraon Textiles Ltd.
Duncan Brothers & Co. Ltd.
Duncan International (india) Ltd.
Duncans Agro Inds. Ltd. [merged]
Duncans Industries Ltd.
Duncans Tea Ltd.
Dunlop Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Dunlop India Ltd.
Dunlop Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Dunlop Investments Ltd.
Dunlop Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Dupas Leasing & Finance Co. Ltd.
Dupon International Ltd.
Dupont Sportswear Ltd.
Duraflex Services & Construction Technologies Ltd.
Durairaj Mills Ltd.
Durga Bhavani Invsts. Ltd.
Durga Dairy Ltd. [merged]
Durga Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Durgapur Chemicals Ltd.
Durgapur Projects Ltd.
Durgesh Block & China Glass Works Ltd.
Duroflex Exports Pvt. Ltd.
Duroflex Pvt. Ltd.

Dynamic Microsteppers Ltd. Dutron Polymers Ltd. Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. . Dutron Plastics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Dwapar Estates Pvt. Dynamic Archistructures Ltd. Duvvda Developers Pvt. [merged] Dwarikesh Sugar Inds. Ltd. Ltd. E A P Industries Ltd. Dynamic Overseas (india) Pvt. Dynamic Industries Ltd. Dwaraka Fruit Farms Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Dytron (india) Ltd. E 2 E Infotech Ltd. Ltd. Dynamic Portfolio Management & Services Ltd. Ltd. Dwarkesh Finance Ltd. Dyna Lamps & Glass Works Ltd. Ltd. Dwarkesh Energy Ltd. Dwekam Electrodes Pvt. Durovalves India Pvt. Dynemic Products Ltd. Dwekam Weld-tech Ltd. Dusk Valley Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Dynalog (india) Ltd. Dwarikesh Shares & Stocks Ltd. Dynasty Industries Ltd. Dynacons Systems & Solutions Ltd. Dynavision Ltd.Duropack Ltd. Dynacons Technologies Ltd. Dynamatic Forgings India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Dwarka Cement Works Ltd. Dynachem Pharmaceuticals (exports) Ltd. Dynamic Scrips Ltd. Dwarkadhish Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Dystar India Pvt. Dynamic Cosmetics Pvt. Dynasty Financial Corpn. Dynavest India Pvt. Dynavox Industries Ltd. Dynamix Milk & Food Inds. Ltd. E B F Finance Ltd. Dwarikesh Trading Co.

. E P I C Enzymes Pharmaceuticals & Indl. Ltd. E Cube India Solutions Ltd. E D A C Engineering Ltd. E I H Associated Hotels Ltd. E L Forge Ltd. E O N Telesystems Pvt. Chemicals Ltd. E I H Flight Catering Services Ltd. E I D-parry (india) Ltd. E D C I L (india) Ltd. E D L Properties Pvt. E D S-electronic Data Systems (india) Pvt. E C C L Investments & Finance Ltd. E Complex Pvt. E I K Investments & Trading Ltd. E F L Foods Ltd. E L F Trading & Chemicals Mfg. E C Global Ltd. E P Pressforge (india) Ltd. E I H Ltd. E I Dupont India Pvt. E C K Haubold & Laxmi Ltd. Ltd. E M I Transmission Ltd. [merged] E C L Finance Ltd. E P L Securities Ltd. E I K River Ceramics Ltd. E K L Appliances Ltd. E D C Ltd. Ltd. E C Commodity Ltd.E B I Culture India Ltd. E R P Soft Systems Ltd. E L C C Info. Ltd. E L F Atochem Peroxides India Ltd. E E P C India E F D Induction Ltd. Ltd. E C E Industries Ltd. [merged] E L B Schliff (india) Ltd. E I T A India Ltd. Ltd. E P C Industrie Ltd. E Hill & Co. E M C Hardware Ltd. Ltd. E D C L Power Projects Ltd. E C I Power & Agro Ltd. E Commerce Magnum Solution Ltd.

Ltd. Pvt. E T H L Communications Holdings Ltd. Pvt. Eaicom India Pvt. Eagleburgmann India Pvt. [merged] .star Infotech Ltd. E T T Ltd. E. Co. E-enable Technologies Pvt. E T L Power Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. E T A Karnataka Estates Ltd. E T C Networks Limited. E-mahindra Solutions Ltd. E S P N Software India Pvt. E'l Dorado Invsts. Ltd. [merged] E-infochips Bangalore Ltd. East Buildtech Ltd. E W D P L Residential Holdings Pvt.E S L Industries Ltd. E T H L Global Capital Ltd. Eaco Labs Ltd. E-wha Foam India Ltd. Ltd. E-infochips Ltd. Eagle International Ltd. [merged] E T C Networks Infotech (india) Ltd. Ltd. Earnest Holdings Ltd. E4 Development & Coaching Ltd. E-nxt Financials Ltd. Ltd. East Coast Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. E T P Corporation Ltd. E W D P L Five Star Hospitality Pvt. E T L Infrastructure Finance Ltd. E. E-eighteen. E T H Ltd. E-class Education System Pvt. [merged] E T Elec-trans Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. (1999) [merged] E T C Networks Ltd. E W S Finance & Investments Pvt. East & West Clothing Pvt. E T L Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. Earnest Healthcare Infotec Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] E-metals India Ltd. East Coast Bauxite Mining Co. E-assurance Services (india) Ltd. E.

Co. Eastern Gases Ltd. Ltd. East Delhi Waste Processing Co. Ltd. East West Travel & Trade Links Ltd. East Coast Marine Products Pvt. [merged] East Coast Powers Ltd. East Hyderabad Expressway Ltd. East India Granites Ltd. East India Udyog Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Eastcoast Steel Ltd. East West Mineral Sands Pvt. East West Power Generation Co. Pvt. East Delhi Vaults Ltd. East India Cotton Association East India Cotton Mfg. Ltd. Ltd. East India Iron & Steel Co. [merged] Eastern Bengal Jute Trading Co. East West Hotels Pvt. East India Minerals Ltd. . East Coast Consultants & Infrastructure Ltd. East Indian Produce Ltd. East North Interconnection Co. East Coast Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. Eastern Coalfields Ltd. East India Syntex Ltd. East Coast Terminal Operations & Port Services Ltd. East India Commercial Co. Ltd. Ltd. Eastern General Inds. Ltd. Eastern India Edible Oils & Food Products Ltd. East India Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. Eastern Bunkerers Pvt. Ltd. Eastern Abrasive Ltd. East View Estates Pvt. Eastern Dooars Tea Co. East Kolkata Infrastructure Devp. Eastern Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Eastern Circuits Ltd.East Coast Constructions & Inds. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. East India Portfolios Ltd. Ltd. East India Truck Terminal Ltd. Ltd. Eastern Granites Ltd. Ltd. East West Hotels Ltd. Eastern Enterprises Ltd. East India Petroleum Pvt.

Eastern Overseas Ltd. Eastern India Powertech Ltd. Ebony Commercials Pvt. Eclat Chemicals Ltd. Eastern Power Distribution Co. Ecap Equities Ltd. Eastern Sugar Ltd. Easun Engineering Co. Ltd. Eastman Industries Ltd. Eastman Auto & Power Ltd. Pvt. Eastern International Hotels Ltd. Ebay India Pvt. Eastern Investments Ltd. Eastern Tea Estates Ltd. Echjay Industries Pvt. Easyaccess Financial Services Ltd. Eastern Spinning Mills & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ebers Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Eastern Treads Ltd. Ltd. Eastman Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Eaton Fluid Power Ltd. Easy Fit Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Eastern Tar Pvt. Easun Capital Markets Ltd. Eclerx Investments Limited . Ltd. Ltd. Echo Properties Pvt. Easun Leather Products & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Eastern Steel & Power Ltd. Echjay Alloy & Special Steels Pvt.Eastern India Lpg Co. Eastern Synpacks Ltd. Echjay Forgings Pvt. Ltd. Ebony (india) Ltd. Echo Buildtech Pvt. Echlin India Ltd. Eastern Sugar & Inds. Eastern Silk Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Eastern Mining & Allied Inds. Easy Fincorp Ltd. Ebony Retail Holdings Ltd. Easun Reyrolle Ltd. Eaugu Udyog Ltd. Eastern Jingying Ltd.

Edel Land Ltd. Edelcap Securities Ltd. Ecoasfalt Construction Co. Edelweiss Comtrade Ltd. Ecomark Developers Ltd. Edelgive Foundation Edelweiss Advisors Ltd. Econo Trade India Ltd. Edelweiss Securities Ltd. Ecomotel Hotel Ltd. Econium Investments & Finance Ltd. Edelweiss Investment Advisors Ltd. Eco Recycling Ltd. Edel Finance Co. Ecoboard Industries Ltd. Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. Edelweiss Commodities & Advisors Ltd. Eco Wood Ltd. [merged] Eco Wheels Pvt. Edelweiss Housing Finance Ltd. Edelweiss Custodial Services Ltd. Ltd. Edel Investments Ltd.Eclerx Limited Eclerx Services Ltd. . Ltd. Edelweiss Broking Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Edelweiss Insurance Brokers Ltd. Edelweiss Alternative Asset Advisors Ltd. Ltd. Econix Hi-tech Components Ltd. Eco Auto Component Ltd. Ecoplast Ltd. Edelweiss Financial Products & Solutions Ltd. Edelweiss Fund Advisors Pvt. Eddal Credit Ltd. Edel Commodities Ltd. Edelweiss Financial Advisors Ltd. Eco Recycling Ltd. Edelweiss Finance & Investments Ltd. Edelweiss Stock Broking Ltd. Edelweiss Asset Mgmt. Economist Communications Ltd. Pvt. Eddy Current Controls (india) Ltd. Econ Antri Ltd. Economic Explosives Ltd.

Edserv Softsystems Ltd. Ekansh Buildtech Pvt. Edelweiss Web Services Ltd. Edelweiss Trusteeship Co. Efficient Publicities Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Eicher International Ltd. Eicher Goodearth Invst. Ltd. Efcon Securities Ltd. Eggro Paper Moulds Ltd. Ekam Leasing & Finance Co. Ekadanta Greenfields Pvt. Educomp Solutions Ltd. Eduexel Infotainment Ltd. Edelweiss Trustee Services Pvt. [merged] Elan Diamond Tools Ltd. Ltd. Elan Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd. El'dorado Investments Co. Effulgent Realtors Ltd. Eimco Elecon (india) Ltd. Eicher Tractors Ltd. Eden Buildcon Pvt. Eila Properties Pvt. Eftec Shroff (i) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Eicher Ltd. Eicher Motors Ltd. Eider P W I Communications Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Elantas Beck India Ltd. Ekdant Realty & Developers Ltd.Edelweiss Trading & Holdings Ltd. Edible Products (india) Ltd. Egattur Printing & Packaging Ltd. Eimco-k C P Ltd. Einstein Realtors Ltd. [merged] Eicher Goodearth Pvt. [erstwhile] Eider Infotech Ltd. Elango Industries Ltd. Ltd. . El-zee Television Ltd. Egmore Benefit Society Ltd. Ekdant Capital Markets Ltd. [merged] Eicher Motors Finance Ltd. Edoc Vision Infotech Pvt. Eider Technologies Ltd. Educomp Infrastructure & School Mgmt. Ltd.

Electronics Corporation Of India Ltd. Electric Control Gear (india) Ltd. Elbee Services Ltd. Elate Finance Ltd. Ltd. Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Elecon Engineering Co. Electronica Plastic Machines Pvt. Elcast Finance Ltd. Of Tamil Nadu Ltd. Electronica Finance Ltd. Ltd. Electronic Research Pvt. Ltd. Elbit Medical Diagnostics Ltd. Electro Teknica Switchgears Pvt.Elar Fashions Ltd. Electro Polychem Ltd. Electromark Devices (bombay) Ltd. Electronics Trade & Technology Devp. Elco Consultants Ltd. Elbee Airlines Ltd. Ltd. Electronics Ltd. Electric Lamp Mfrs. Ltd. Elcot Power Controls Ltd. Electra (india) Ltd. [merged] Electrical Manufacturing Co. Eldeco Housing & Inds. Ltd. Electrex (india) Ltd. Electronica Cnc Machining Technologies Ltd. Electron Industries Ltd. (india) Ltd. Eldeco Midc Sez Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Electronics Corpn. Electronica Machine Tools Ltd. Electromags Automotive Products Pvt. Elcaps Capacitors Ltd. Elcera Substrates Ltd. Elcon Finlease & Inds. Eldeco Infrastructure & Properties Ltd. Elder Projects Ltd. Ltd. Eldeco Sidcul Indl. Ltd. Elcid Investments Ltd. Corpn. Elasto Tapes Ltd. Elder Health Care Ltd. . Elbee Express Pvt. Park Ltd. Electrometal Ltd. Electra (jaipur) Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Elite (india) Ltd. Ltd. Elgin Mills Co. Elegant Footwear Ltd. Elico Ltd. Elgiva Finance & Invst. Elgi Industrial Products Ltd. Elegant Marbles & Grani Inds. Electroset Aqua Purifiers Ltd. [merged] Elgi Rubber Products Ltd. Elisha Investments Ltd. Elgi Ultra Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Elephanta Gases Ltd. Elian Finvest Ltd. Elektro Flame Ltd. Elel Hotels & Invsts. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Eleventh Land Developers Pvt. Elegant Buildcon Pvt. Elegant Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Elevator Promoters Pvt. Element K India Pvt. [merged] Elgi Polytex Ltd. Eli Lilly & Co. Elena Power & Infrastructure Ltd. Elgi Rubber Co. Elgi Electric & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Elegon Infotech Ltd.Electroscan India Ltd. Elegant Financial Services Ltd. Elevator Buildtech Pvt. Electrotherm (india) Ltd. Elephanta Oil & Vanaspati Inds. Elgi Auto Parts Ltd. Elenjikal Aquamarine Exports Ltd. Electrosteel Steels Ltd. . [merged] Elgi Software & Technologies Ltd. Elgi Rubber Co. Electrosteel Castings Ltd. Elgi Equipments Ltd. Elevator Properties Pvt. Elhard Marketing Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. (india) Pvt. Ltd. Elgi Ultra Appliances Ltd. Ltd. Elegant Floriculture & Agrotech (india) Ltd. Elgitread Ltd. Ltd.

Elnet Technologies Ltd. Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd. [merged] Elkay Strips Ltd. Ellora Paper Mills Ltd. Ellora Trading Ltd. Emami Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ellenbarrie Tea Co. Elite Capital & Management Services Ltd. Elite Meso Housewares Ltd. . Elnet Software City Ltd. Ema India Ltd. Elite Cable Network Pvt. Elnet Ltd. Elsamex India Pvt. Emaar M G F Land Ltd. Ellora International Ltd. [merged] Eluru Developers Pvt. Elite Appliances Ltd. Elvina Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ell Fashions Ltd. Emami Frank Ross Ltd. Elite Finlease Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Em Pee Motors Ltd. Ltd. Elsons Cotton Mills Ltd. Ellora Steels Ltd. [merged] Emami Rainbow Niketan Pvt. Emaai Pharma Ltd. Ellora Traders Ltd. Elixir Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Mills Co. Elvis India Ltd. Emaar Diamonds Pvt. Eltex Super Castings Ltd. Elpro International Ltd. Ltd. Emami Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Elite Agencies Pvt. Emami Paper Mills Ltd. Elphinstone Spinning & Wvg. Elsi Services Ltd. Eltec Communications Ltd. Ltd. Emami Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Elkhill Agrotech Pvt. Elphinstone Holdings & Trading Co. Elofic Industries Ltd.

Empire & Singlo Tea Ltd. Emerson Climate Technologies (india) Ltd. Emmsons Infotech Ltd. Emkay Consultants Ltd. Emergent Genetics India Pvt. Emgee Cables & Communications Ltd. Emco Power Ltd. Emergy Phaarma Ltd. Emkay Insurance Brokers Ltd. Empee Power Technologies Ltd. Emkay Commotrade Ltd. (india) Ltd. . Ltd. Emergent Energy & Services Ltd. Emphatic Realtors Ltd. Empee Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Eminent Networks Pvt. Emerson Network Power (india) Pvt. Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Empire Finance Co. Emmsons International Ltd. Empire Industries Ltd. Emed. Empire Mall Pvt. Emerald Co. Emkay Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Emgee Muthoot Benefit Fund (i) Ltd. Emmessar Biotech & Nutrition Ltd. Ltd. Emerald Commerce Pvt. Emperor International Ltd. Emmbi Polyarns Ltd. Emco Ltd. Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Emco Energy Ltd. Emerging Financial Services Ltd.Emami Realty Ltd. [merged] Empire Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Empee Distilleries Ltd. Emkay Fincap Ltd. Ltd. Emcee Telecom Ltd. Emerald Ceramics & Potteries Ltd. Emedlife Insurance Broking Services Ltd. Emmellen Biotech Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Emco Renewable Energy Ltd. Emco Infrastructure Ltd.

Empower. Energy Products (india) Ltd. Emporis Projects Ltd. Ltd. Enercon Wind Farms (karnataka) Pvt. Emta Industries Ltd. Ltd. Empire Securities & Capital Ltd. . Emsac Engineering Pvt. Enercon Wind Farms (hindustan) Pvt. Energylink (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Enercon Windfarms (india) Ltd. Energy Infrastructure (india) Ltd. Energy (india) Ltd. Emrald Commercial Ltd. Enbee Finlease Ltd. Ltd. Encore Software Ltd. Enbee Trade & Finance Ltd. Emves Finance & Invst. Enchante Jewellery Ltd. Enchant Constructions Pvt. Empower India Ltd. Energy Design Pvt. Emtex Industries (india) Ltd. Empire Promoters Pvt. Ltd. Energy Development Co. En Pointe Technologies India Pvt. Enertec Controls Ltd. Emtee Poly Yarn Ltd. Emporio B O S Designs Ltd. Enercon (india) Ltd. Energy Investment Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Emudhra Consumer Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Encore Business System Ltd. Energy Projects (india) Ltd. Endo Labs Ltd. Enbee Plantations Ltd. Emsons Chain Ltd. Encore Cement & Additives Pvt. Encorp E-service Ltd. Empire Spices & Foods Ltd. Enarai Finance Ltd. Endurance Systems (india) Pvt. Ltd. Endurance Technologies Ltd.Empire Products Ltd.

Enso Secutrack Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Engo Tea Co. Enhance Holdings Pvt. [merged] Engineering Projects (india) Ltd. Engineers India Ltd. Ltd. Enjayes Spices & Chemical Oils Ltd. Ennore Port Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Envair Electrodyne Ltd. Ltd. . Ennore Power & Coke Pvt. Ltd. Ensolvia Infotech Ltd. Enkay Texofood Inds. Entertainment Network (india) Ltd. Ensemble Holdings & Finance Ltd. English Indian Clays Ltd. [merged] Enkei Wheels (india) Ltd. Enkay Texofood Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Enva Chem (india) Ltd. Entegra Ltd. Engipress Industries Ltd. Entod Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ennore Coke Ltd. English Tools & Castings Ltd. Entrepreneurs (calcutta) Pvt.Enexco Teknologies India Ltd. Entertainment One (india) Ltd. Enfield Suppliers Ltd. Ltd. Ensen Holdings Ltd. Enpro Ltd. Enkay (india) Rubber Co. [merged] Entertainment World Developers Pvt. Ennertech Biofuels Ltd. Enginvest India Ltd. Ensemble Infrastructure India Ltd. Ltd. Enkay Exports (india) Ltd. Enrich Industries Ltd. Ensa Steel Inds. Ennore Automotive Logistics Ltd. Enjayes Natural Flavours Ltd. Enpak Motors Pvt. Entremonde Polyecoaters Ltd. Ltd. Enterprise International Ltd. Engine Valves Ltd. Enter 10 Television Pvt.

Era Buildsys Ltd. Escorts Heart Centre Ltd. Epic Energy Ltd. Ltd. Escorts Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ericsson India Pvt. Eri-tech Ltd. Epic Mercantiles Ltd. Envy International Pvt. . Erhardt+leimer (india) Pvt. Ltd. Escorts Herion Ltd. Equipment Conductors & Cables Ltd. Enzal Chemicals (india) Ltd. Environ Energy-tech Services Ltd. Esaar (india) Ltd. Ltd. Esab Welding & Cutting Systems Ltd.Enviro Technology Ltd. Ltd. Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre Ltd. (2007) Era Landmarks (india) Ltd. Escorts Automotives Ltd. Era Infrastructure (india) Ltd. Escorts Finance Investments & Leasing Pvt. Escorts Asset Mgmt. Epsom Properties Ltd. [merged] Escal Finance Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Epitome Developers Pvt. Era E-zone (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ergon Power Corpn. Escorts Construction Equipment Ltd. Era Infra Engg. Eon Electric Ltd. Escorts Heart & Superspeciality Institute Ltd. Equatorial International Ltd. Epcos India Pvt. Epicenter Technologies Pvt. Esconet Services Ltd. Equitymaster India Ltd. Eonour Businessway Ltd. Ltd. Escorts Heart & Super Speciality Hospital Ltd. Eros International Media Ltd. Ltd. Escorts Hospital & Research Centre Ltd. Eonour Technologies Ltd. Esab India Ltd. Eros Leasing Finance & Real Estate Ltd.

Esquire Money Guarantees Ltd. Essa Aircons Ltd. Ess Vee Holdings Ltd. Esqube Communication Solutions Pvt. Escotrac Finance & Investments Pvt. Essar Investments Ltd. Esenes Forgings Ltd. Essar Paradip Terminals Ltd. Eskay K'n'it (india) Ltd. Ltd. Esquire Engineering Solutions Ltd. Essar Bulk Terminal Paradip Ltd. Essar Dredging Ltd. Essar Agrotech Ltd. Essar Electric Power Devp. Essar Logistics Ltd. Ltd. Espiem Plasticss Ltd. Ess Vee Alloys Pvt. Essar Power (jharkhand) Ltd. Ltd. Essar Ports Ltd. Esquire Engineers & Consultants Ltd. Esquire Projects Pvt. Ltd. Essar Bulk Terminal Ltd. Essar Information Technology Ltd. . Ltd.Escorts Investment Trust Ltd. Essar House Services Ltd. Corpn. Esquire Engineering Ltd. Essar Infrastructure Services Ltd. [merged] Escorts Securities Ltd. Essar Holdings Ltd. [merged] Essar House Ltd. Eshcol Computers Pvt. Eskay Dye-stuffs & Organic Chemicals Pvt. Escorts Tractors Ltd. Esjay Commerce Ltd. Ltd. Escorts Pistons Ltd. Escorts Ltd. Essar Bulk Terminal (salaya) Ltd. Ltd. Esense Learning Pvt. Ltd. Essar Offshore Subsea Ltd. Essar Oilfield Services India Ltd. [merged] Escosoft Technologies Ltd. Essar Oil Ltd. Ess Dee Aluminium Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Esskay Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Essel Mining & Inds. Esugarindia Clearing Corpn. Ltd. Esvee Precision Components Ltd. Essar Securities Ltd. Essen Products India Ltd. Ltd. Essence Consumer Care Products Pvt. Essar Steel Ltd. Co. Essem Coated Steels (j&k) Ltd. Essel Shyam Technologies Ltd.Essar Power (orissa) Ltd. Estrella Batteries Ltd. Esteem Properties Pvt. Essem Catalyst Ltd. Essar Procurement Services Ltd. Essar Projects (india) Ltd. Ltd. . Essen Supplements India Ltd. Esyspro Infotech Ltd. Estel Agrotech Ltd. Essorpe Mills Ltd. Essar Power Ltd. Essar Power Gujarat Ltd. Essar Services Ltd. Eswind Green Power Ltd. Esscare Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Eswaran & Sons Engineers Pvt. Essar Steel Orissa Ltd. Essar Power M P Ltd. Essco Sanitations Ltd. Ester Industries Ltd. Esteem Capital & Management Services Ltd. Essel Shyam Communication Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Essar Shipping Ltd. [merged] Essar Teleholdings Ltd. (2010) Essar Sisco Ship Mgmt. Essen Computers Ltd. Essjay Synthetics Ltd. Essar Telecom Holdings Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Essemm Information Systems Ltd. [merged] Essar Steel (jharkhand) Ltd. Eswar Cements Pvt. Ltd. Essar Telecommunications Holdings Pvt. Essel Propack Ltd.

Ltd. Eurotex Industries & Exports Ltd. Etrac Travel Club Ltd. Euro Vistaa (india) Ltd. Europlast India Ltd. Euro Multivision Ltd. Euro Marine Products Ltd. Eureka Forbes Ltd. Eurospin Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ethics Commercials Ltd. Eupharma Laboratories Ltd. Eureka Finstock Pvt.Etalin Hydro Electric Power Co. Ltd. Euresian Equipments & Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Ethos Hvac Systems Ltd. Euro Asia Exports Ltd. Ethelbari Tea Co. Euro Asia Venture Capital (india) Ltd. Euro Merchandise (india) Ltd. European Software Alliances Ltd. Euro Coke & Energy Pvt. Ltd. Euro Industries (india) Ltd. Eurocoustic Products Ltd. Eurokids International Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Euro Fashion Inners Intl. Euroknit International Ltd. Ethnor Ltd. Eugene Marketing Ltd. Euro Leder Fashion Ltd. Pvt. . Euro Glass Ltd. Euro Finmart Ltd. Eurotech Cylinders Pvt. Eureka Net. Etiam Emedia Ltd. Euro Ceramics Ltd. Eurotherm Hema Radiators India Ltd. Eupec Welspun Pipe Coating India Ltd. Eureka Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Europa Commercial & Trades Ltd. (1932) Ltd. Euro Financial Services Ltd. Europa Enterprises Ltd. Eternia Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. Eurotex Leasing & Finance Ltd. Eureka Industries Ltd.

Ltd. Evinix Industries Ltd. Ltd. Excel Arcade Pvt. Evergreen Commercial Co. Ltd. (india) Ltd. Chemicals Ltd. Evershine Pharmachem Ltd. . Everest Paper Distributing Co. Everonn Educational Resources Solutions Ltd. Everkeen Blade Co. Evergrowing Iron & Finvest Ltd. Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. Pvt. Everest Organics Ltd. Evergreen Organics Ltd. Evotec . Ltd. Eveready Industries (india) Ltd. Evergreen Textiles Ltd. Everest Industries Ltd. Ltd. Everest Buildcon Ltd. Excel Fashions Ltd. Everonn Skill Devp. Excel Genetics Ltd. Everlon Synthetics Ltd. Everest Fintrade Ltd. Everblue Apparel Ltd. Ltd. Ewac Alloys Ltd. Excel Frits & Colours Ltd. Everlone Machinery Pvt. Ltd. Ewart Investments Ltd. Evergreen Manufacturing & Mktg. Excel Fibres Ltd. Ltd. Evans Fraser & Co.Eurotherm India Pvt. Eveready Energizer Miniatures Ltd. Pvt. Everplus Securities & Finance Ltd. Everlon Power Ltd. Ltd. Evolv Services Ltd. Eversun Sparkle Maritime Services Pvt. Evid & Co. Everonn Education Ltd.R S I L Ltd. Everest Infra Energy Ltd. Everest Flavours Ltd. Everest Building Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Excel Crop Care Ltd. Ever Trust Finance (india) Ltd. Everest Finvest (india) Pvt.

Exelon Infrastructure Ltd. Eximpo Tea Ltd. Excellent Fin-invest Ltd. Exide Industries Ltd. Excel Monuments Ltd. Explicit Finance Ltd. Export Credit Guarantee Corpn. Exlservice. Exedy India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Exclusive Leasing & Finance Ltd. Exel Softwares Ltd. Excella Pencils Ltd. Express Infopark Pvt. Excel Infoways Ltd. Exotica Exports (india) Ltd. Expicor Pharma Pvt. Excellent Co-operative Bank Ltd. Ltd. Exdon Trading Co. Exim Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Excellent Agencies Pvt. Excel Industries Ltd. Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts Export-import Bank Of India Expotec International Ltd. Exensys Software Solutions Ltd. Express Newspapers Ltd. Executive Stock Broking Services Ltd. Excellent Industrial Resources Ltd. Expo Gas Containers Ltd. Excellent Insurance Broking Services Ltd. . Expo Dealers Finance Ltd. Of India Ltd. [merged] Expoglobe India Ltd. Excellon Agencies (i) Pvt. Ltd. Excellent Commercial Enterprises & Invst. Exicom Tele-systems Ltd. Exim India Oil Co. Ltd. Ltd. Expo Machinery Ltd. Exotica Propbuild Pvt. Excel Infotech Ltd. Express Infoways Pvt. Express Carriers Ltd. Excel Infra N Realty Ltd.Excel Glasses Ltd.

Exquisite Apartments Pvt. Exxoils Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. F C I Oen Connectors Ltd. [merged] F B D Realtors Pvt. Ltd. F C L Technologies & Products Ltd. Pvt.Express Publications (madurai) Ltd. F I S Global Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Express Resorts & Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] F M C Healthcare Pvt. F M S Leasing & Finance Ltd. F L Smidth Ltd. F I S Payment Solutions & Services India Pvt. F G P Ltd. [merged] F C M Travel Solutions (india) Pvt. F C C Rico Ltd. F A L Industries Ltd. Ez-comm Trade Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Extol Hotels & Builders Ltd. Exxoteq Corporation Ltd. Exquisite Exports Ltd. F D C Ltd. F C S Software Solutions America Ltd. Ltd. Extrusions Fe-mets (india) Ltd. Expressions Realty Pvt. F C B-ulka Advertising Pvt. F C G L Industries Ltd. Ez-comm Wireless India Pvt. Ltd. Express Techno Park Pvt. . Expressindia. F A G Bearings India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. F L S L Distribution Services Ltd. [merged] F C G L Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. F M S Datamatics Ltd. F Pudumjee Investment Co. F C I Aravali Gypsum & Minerals India Ltd. F C I Technology Services Pvt. Eye Kare Kilitch Ltd. Extol Commercials Ltd. F I L Fund Mgmt. Ezra Trading & Finance Co. F I Sofex Ltd. F C S Software Solutions Ltd. Ltd.

Fancy Fittings Ltd. Ltd. Facor Power Ltd. Farco Foods Pvt. Fairdeal Properties Ltd. Fancy Plastic Moulders Pvt. Fairfield Atlas Ltd. Facor Steels Ltd. Fabritex Exports Pvt. F S L Projects Ltd. Fabient Global Ltd. Ltd. Falcon Gulf Ceramics Ltd. Falcon Watch Inds. Farakka-raiganj Highways Ltd. Fair Kuries (india) Ltd. Ltd. Fairpoint Industries Ltd. Fame India Ltd. Fairluck Commercial Co. Ltd. Fancy Silk & Smallware Weaving Mills Ltd. Faizan Shoes Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. F T Knowledge Mgmt. Ltd. Famy Care Ltd. Famous Studios Ltd. Fancy Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. Facor Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. Fancy Corporation Ltd. Faiveley Transport India Ltd. Facor Alloys Ltd. Fabulous Builders Pvt. Falguni Builders Pvt. [merged] Falcon Infrastructures Ltd. Fairdeal Filaments Ltd. Ltd. . Fact Enterprise Ltd. Facility Constructions Pvt.F S L (madras) Ltd. Fairgrowth Exim Ltd. Ltd. Fabient Textiles Ltd. Family Credit Ltd. Falcon Tyres Ltd. Falcon Marine Exports Ltd. Co. Fairdeal Trade Link Ltd. F S L Software Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Fame Securities & Credits Pvt. Fame Motion Pictures Ltd.

Ltd. Farrukhabad Electric Supply Co. Faridabad Investment Co. Ltd. [merged] Fastlane Distriparks & Logistics Ltd. Fast Track Sports Ltd. . Farmtek Agro Exports Ltd. Pvt. Federal-mogul Goetze (india) Ltd. Fast Mercantiles Pvt. Fastrack Financial Services Ltd. Farseen Rubber Inds. [merged] Fem Exports Ltd. Ltd. Fenesta India Ltd. Ltd. Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce & Industry Federation Of Karnataka Chambers Of Commerce & Industry Fedex Finance Ltd. Fedbank Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Femella Fashions Pvt. Ltd.Faridabad Festival City Pvt. Farmax India Ltd. Fathom Trading Co. Fashion Lifestyles (india) Ltd. Federal-mogul T P R (india) Ltd. Ltd. Fedex Securities Ltd. Fem Care Pharma Ltd. Farry Industries Ltd. Federal Brands Ltd. Femnor Mineral (india) Ltd. Farm Enterprises Ltd. Fedders Lloyd Corpn. Fatpipe Networks India Ltd. Fastrak Industries Ltd. Fenner (india) Ltd. Ltd. Fenner (india) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Fenny Real Estate Pvt. Feel Better Housing Pvt. Faze Three Ltd. Federal Bank Ltd. Fast Facts Computer Systems Ltd. Feeraj Holdings Ltd. Faridabad Paper Mills Ltd. Fashion Prints Ltd. Fast Track Entertainment Ltd. Federal Innovations Ltd. Federal-mogul Bearings India Ltd.

Fiitjee Franchise Network Ltd. [merged] Fics Consultancy Services Ltd. Fieldmining & Ispats Ltd. Fil Industries Ltd. Ferocity Properties Pvt. Ltd. Fimakem India Ltd. Fenro Rubbers Ltd. Filaments India Ltd. Filatex India Ltd. Ficom Organics Ltd. Film City Communication Technology Ltd. Ferro Scrap Nigam Ltd. Fibre Foam (bombay) Pvt. Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Fiem Industries Ltd. Fernhill Industries Ltd. Fibcom India Ltd. Fibre Shells Ltd. . Fermenta Biotech Ltd. Fibre Foils Ltd. Ferguson Investments Ltd. Filtrona India Ltd. Ltd. Feroke Boards Ltd. Ferro Concrete Co India Ltd. Filtron Engineers Pvt. Filament Finance & Investment Ltd. Fiberweb (india) Ltd. Fiem Sung San (india) Ltd. Fima Consultants Ltd. Filatex Fashions Ltd. Of India Ltd. Fertilisers & Chemicals Travancore Ltd. [merged] Fiitjee (ranchi Classes) Ltd. Ferromatik Milacron India Ltd.Fenoplast Ltd. Filmcity Media Ltd. Ltd. Filmcity Impex Ltd. [merged] Ferro Alloys Corpn. Fidelity Industries Ltd. Fertilizer Corpn. Fervent Pharma Synergies Ltd. Fidelity Finance Ltd. Fevicol Company Ltd. Fidelity Credit Ltd.

First Custodian Fund (india) Ltd. Finolex Plasson Inds. Financial Technologies Communications Ltd. Fine Platinum (india) Ltd. [merged] Finprop Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Fineotex Chemical Ltd. Ltd. Fine-line Circuits Ltd. Fine Lifestyle Solutions Ltd. Finns Frozen Foods (india) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Fine Infotech Ltd. Ltd. Financial Technologies (india) Ltd. Fine Plast Polymers Ltd. Fine Lifestyle Brands Ltd. Ltd. Fiora Link Road Properties Ltd. First Blue Financial Consultants Ltd. Financial & Management Services Ltd. Fine Renewable Energy Ltd. Firestone International Pvt. Fiora Services Ltd. Fineng Solutions Pvt. Finishing Touch Properties & Developers Pvt. Fiona Infosystems Ltd. Firefly E-ventures Ltd. Financial Eyes (india) Ltd. First Financial Services Ltd. Finolex Finance Ltd. Fine Drugs & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Fine Jewellery (india) Ltd. First Fiscal Services India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Finex Investment Mgmt. Fineview Realtors Pvt. Fintech Communication Ltd. Finaventure Capital Ltd. First Blue Home Finance Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Finoram Sheets Ltd.Finalysis Credit & Guarantee Co. First Capital India Ltd. Finolex Cables Ltd. Finance Exchange (india) Ltd. Firestone Diamond Pvt. [merged] Finolex Industries Ltd. Finolex Energy Corpn. Finolex Wire Products Ltd.

[merged] Flex Art Foil Pvt. Flashnet Info-solutions (india) Ltd. Firstrand Bank Ltd. Of India Ltd. Fish Products Ltd. [merged] Fisher Sanmar Ltd. First Leasing Co. Ltd. Fischer Chemic Ltd. Ltd. Flawless Diamond (india) Ltd. First S T P Pvt. [merged] Firstsource Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Fixed Income Brokers Association Fixed Income Money Market & Derivatives Association Of India Fixity Constructions Pvt.First Flight Couriers Ltd. Flare Finance (india) Ltd. Ltd. First Steps Baby Wear Pvt. First Overseas Capital Ltd. Flag Finin Ltd. Fiz-com Ltd. Flakt (india) Ltd. Firstobject Technologies Ltd. Flavex Aromats (india) Ltd. Fizza Trading Ltd. Flakt India Ltd. First Winner Inds. Co. Five Star Trading & Invst. First Winner Lifestyle Ltd. Fishing Falcons Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Firth (india) Steel Co. . [merged] Flex Foods Ltd. Fiskars India Ltd. Ltd. Fleetguard Filters Pvt. Firstring India Pvt. First Future Agri & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Flamingo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Flex Engineering Ltd. Fleetweld India Ltd. Flash Laboratories Pvt. Fives Cail K C P Ltd. [merged] Fishcove Leasing & Investment Ltd. First Promoters & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Fitch Ratings India Pvt. Flender Ltd.

Florence Alumina Ltd. Focus Agro Products Ltd. Flourish Securities & Finance Pvt. Floral Finance Pvt. Floreat India Ltd. [merged] Flexituff International Ltd. Ltd. Of India Food World Hospitality Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Florence Engineering Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Floatglass India Ltd. Fluidomat Ltd. Flora Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Flexoplast Abrasives (india) Ltd. Fomento Resorts & Hotels Ltd. Flotilla Finance Pvt. Food Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Florentine Estates Of India Ltd. Co. Flora Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Floral Technology Ltd. [erstwhile] Flowserve Sanmar Ltd. Fmec International Financial Services Ltd. Florind Uppers Pvt. Florind Shoes Pvt. Focus Energy Ltd. Floral Aroma Ltd. Flextronics Software Systems Ltd. Fluidclean Industries (india) Ltd. Flower Trading & Invst. Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Flicker Trading Ltd.Flex Securities Ltd. Fluid-air (india) Ltd. Floret Tradelink Pvt. Floram Shoes (india) Pvt. Flour & Food Ltd. Ltd. Fontal Flexipack Ltd. Ltd. Flower & Tissue India Ltd. Flowers Plants & Fruits (india) Pvt. Focus Industrial Resources Ltd. Floriana Properties Pvt. [merged] Flora Fountain Properties Ltd. Flora Investments Co. Flowmore Polyesters Ltd. Floreat Investments Ltd. Flora Wall Coverings Ltd.

Ltd. Forbes Campbell Services Ltd. Forest Industries (travancore) Ltd. [merged] Forgings Ltd. Forbes Tinsley Co. Fort Rock Invst. Forbes Aquamall Ltd. Forbes Finance Ltd. Ltd. Forbes Campbell Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Forbes Marshall Arca Pvt. Fore C Software Ltd. Fort William Inds. Foremms Industries Ltd. Ford India Pvt. Foothills Resorts Pvt. Forbes Smart Data Ltd. Ford Chemicals Ltd. Forge Investment Ltd. Forbes Bumi Armada Ltd. Fornax Real Estate Ltd. Foodworld Supermarkets Ltd.Foodland Retail Solutions Pvt. Foods & Inns Ltd. Ltd. Of Maharashtra Ltd. Ltd. Foods Fats & Fertilisers Ltd. Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra Ltd. Fort Gloster Inds. Co. Forbes Enviro Solutions Ltd. Foot Mart Retail (india) Ltd. Formulated Polymers Ltd. Forbes Forbes Campbell & Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Forbes & Co. Ltd. Foods & Flavours Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Forbes Edumetry Ltd. Foremost Industries (india) Ltd. Forge & Blower Inds. . Forex Finance Ltd. Forbes Doris & Naess Maritime Ltd. Forbes Technosys Ltd. Force Motors Ltd. Forest Development Corpn. [erstwhile] Forbes Infotainment Ltd. Forbes Campbell Finance Ltd. Ltd. Forever Precious Jewellery & Diamonds Ltd. Forbes Facility Services Pvt.

Fortis Health Mgmt. Fortune Investors & Traders Ltd. Fortune Financial India Insurance Brokers Ltd. Fortune Commodities & Derivative (india) Ltd. Fortune Industrial Resources Ltd. Fortune Infoscribe Ltd. Foster's India Ltd. Fowler Westrup (india) Pvt. Fortune Foods Ltd. Ltd. Fountain Consumer Appliances Ltd. Fortune Park Hotels Ltd. Four-d Imaging Institute (india) Ltd. Ltd. Foseco India Ltd. Fortis Hospital Mgmt. Four K Animation Ltd. Fortis Clinical Research Ltd. Fourenn Apparels Ltd.Fortis Business Intellect Ltd. Ltd. Fortune Floragro India Ltd. Four Soft Ltd. Fortis Healthcare (india) Ltd. Ltd. Four Dimensions Securities (india) Ltd. Fortis Hospotel Ltd. Forward Securities Ltd. Fourth Generation Information Systems Ltd. Ltd. Fortuna Information Technologies Ltd. Fortis Malar Hospitals Ltd. Ltd. Four Construction Pvt. Fortis Hospitals Ltd. Fortune Info Solutions Pvt. Fortune Communications Pvt. Foundry Fuel Products Ltd. Fortress Financial Services Ltd. Forvol International Services Ltd. Ltd. Fortune Infotech Ltd. Four Seasons Wines Ltd. Fortune International Ltd. Fortune Equity Brokers (india) Ltd. Fortis Healthcare Holdings Ltd. Foster Engineering Inds. Forward Financial Services Ltd. . Fortune Financial Services (india) Ltd. Fortune Credit Capital Ltd.

Freyssinet Prestressed Concrete Co. Frontline Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. (india) Pvt. Franco Tosi Turbines Pvt. Fresh & Healthy Enterprises Ltd. Frontline Securities Ltd. Franzaan Capitals Ltd. Frontline Electro Medical Ltd. Free Press House Ltd. Freshtrop Fruits Ltd. Frick India Ltd. Fracht Forwarding & Travels Pvt. Frost International Ltd. Frontier Business System Pvt. Freewheels (india) Ltd. Frank Brothers & Co. Frito-lay India Frontguard Investments Ltd. Ltd. Freedom Industries Ltd. Frontier Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Frontier Information Technologies Ltd. Frontier Bank Ltd. Ltd. Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Freshness Coatings Pvt. Co. Ltd. Ltd. Frankfort Sales Promotion Pvt. Ltd. Frontier Springs Ltd. . Franco Tosi Hydro Pvt. Friends Nirman Pvt. Fresh & Honest Cafe Ltd. Frontline Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Fox Software Technologies Ltd. Franklin Templeton Asset Mgmt. Freesia Investment & Trdg. Fugro Geotech Pvt. Ltd. Frontier Offshore Exploration India Ltd. Fresenius Kabi Oncology Ltd. Frigerio Conserva Allana Ltd. Freetown Traders Pvt. Ltd. French Motor Car Co. Ltd. Franco-indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Frigorifico Allana Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Frontline Business Solutions Ltd. Frontline Industries Ltd. Freezing Products Pvt. (publishers) Ltd. Ltd.

Future Logistic Solutions Ltd. Fujitsu India Ltd. Fullerton India Credit Co. Fusion Fittings (i) Ltd. Full Spectrum Adventure Ltd. Future Corporate Resources Ltd. Future Electronics Ltd. Future Capital Investment Advisors Ltd. Furnace Fabrica (india) Ltd. Futura Industries Ltd. Fulford (india) Ltd. [merged] Futura Travels Ltd. Future Consumer Products Ltd. Funskool (india) Ltd. Fusion Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Future City Multiservices Sez Ltd. Ltd. Futura Polymers Ltd. Future Capital Holdings Ltd.Fuji Elevators & Escalators (india) Ltd. Future Finance Ltd. Future Consumer Enterprises Ltd. [merged] Future Capital Financial Services Ltd. Future Gaming Solutions India Pvt. Future Media (india) Ltd. Ltd. Funworld & Tourism Devp. Fuji India Ltd. Future Human Devp. Future Knowledge Service Ltd. Future Hospitality Mgmt. Future Communications Ltd. . Ltd. Future Brands Ltd. Future Hotels Pvt. Furmanite Nicco Financial Services Ltd. Future Bazaar India Ltd. Fusion Investments & Financial Services Ltd. Future Learning & Devp. Future Capital Home Finance Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Future Agrovet Ltd. Future E-commerce Infrastructure Ltd. Futura Polyesters Ltd. Future Capital Credit Ltd. Future Capital Securities Ltd. Ltd. Fusegear Electric Ltd.

Future Securities Ltd. G A C L Finance Ltd. G Das & Co. Futuristic Offshore Services & Chemical Ltd. G D Goenka India Ltd. G A C L Finance Ltd. Pvt. Future Mobile & Accessories Ltd. [merged] Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. . Future Software Ltd. G C I L Finance Ltd. G D Fincap Lease Ltd. Future Value Retail Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Futuristic Solutions Ltd. Ltd. G C C Investment & Trading Co. G 2 Communications Pvt. G E I Foods Ltd. G E Capital Asset Mgmt. G C V Services Ltd. G D Trading & Agencies Ltd.Future Merchandising Ltd. Futures Securities Ltd. G A I L Gas Ltd. G D L Leasing & Finance Ltd. G E I Power Ltd. G 3 Communications Pvt. G D A Systems Pvt. [merged] G A I L (india) Ltd. G E Capital Financial Services G E Capital Services India G E Capital Transportation Financial Services Ltd. G D R Media Ltd. G E C Alsthom India Ltd. G E I Industrial Systems Ltd. G C C L Construction & Realities Ltd. G E E Ltd. G C C L Infrastructure & Projects Ltd. G D A Technologies Ltd. G E Countrywide Consumer Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. G Claridge & Co. Futuristic Securities Ltd. Future Outdoor Media Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Future Ventures India Ltd.

G I L Lifesciences Pvt. G G Automotive Gears Ltd. Ltd. Co. G L F L Housing Finance Ltd. G K Investments Ltd. G L Commercial Ltd. G J Freedom Fashions Ltd. G K S Housing Ltd. G I S Cotton Mill Ltd. G K Consultants Ltd. G F Kellner & Co. G I Biotech Pvt. [merged] G I S Ltd. Ltd. G F K Nielsen India Pvt. G G L Hotel & Resort Co. G E S Technologies Ltd. Ltd. G J S Hotels Ltd. G E Money Housing Finance Ltd. G K Steel & Allied Inds. G E Plastics India Ltd. G H C L Ltd. G K B Ophthalmics Ltd. G G Dandekar Machine Works Ltd. G I Engineering Solutions Ltd. G K B Vision Ltd. Ltd. G K Winding Wires Ltd. G K N Driveline (india) Ltd. G I Power Corpn. G E Power Services (india) Pvt. Ltd. [merged] G I V O Ltd. G K W (overseas Trading) Ltd. G I C Housing Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. G K W Ltd. G K Fincap Ltd. Ltd.G E Money Financial Services Pvt. G K W Infosystems Ltd. Ltd. G E T Power Pvt. . G K N Sinter Metals Ltd. G K W Cement Ltd. G F L Financials India Ltd. G G T Kaypee Ltd. G L F L Securities Ltd. G I C Asset Mgmt. Ltd. Ltd. G K S Holdings Ltd.

G M M Pfaudler Ltd. G M R Energy Ltd. G M B Ceramics Ltd. G M Global Finance Pvt. G M R Coastal Energy Pvt. Ltd. G M R Bajoli Holi Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. G M R Chhattisgarh Energy Ltd. G M R Renewable Energy Ltd. . Ltd. G M R Londa Hydropower Pvt. G M R Chennai Outer Ring Road Pvt. G M R Kamalanga Energy Ltd. G M R Hyderabad Intl. Ltd. G M R Tuni-anakapalli Expressways Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. G M R Pochanpalli Expressways Ltd. G M R Gujarat Solar Power Pvt. G M R Highways Ltd. Ltd. G M R Tambaram-tindivanam Expressways Pvt. G M R Hyderabad Multiproduct S E Z Ltd. Ltd. G M R Corporate Affairs Pvt. Ltd. G M R Infrastructure Ltd. G M R Power Corpn. Ltd. G M R Sez & Port Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. G M R Jadcherla Expressways Pvt. Ltd. Airport Ltd. G M R Hyderabad Aviation S E Z Ltd. G M R Vemagiri Power Generation Ltd. G M R Ose Hungund Hospet Highways Pvt. G M R Aviation Pvt. G M R Ambala Chandigarh Expressways Pvt. G M R Energy Trading Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. G M Breweries Ltd. Ltd. G M R Infratech Pvt. G M R Ulundurpet Expressways Pvt. G M Mittal Stainless Steels Ltd. Ltd. G M R Rajahmundry Energy Ltd. G M R Hyderabad Aerotropolis Ltd. G M R Krishnagiri S E Z Ltd. G M R Hyderabad Vijayawada Expressways Pvt.G M A C Financial Services India Ltd. G M R (badrinath) Hydro Power Generation Pvt. Ltd. G M R Hyderabad Airport Resource Mgmt. G M R Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. G M R Mining & Energy Pvt. G M R Airports Holding Ltd.

G S L Nova Petrochemicals Ltd. G R Cables Ltd. G P L Finance & Investments Ltd. G P Lighting Ltd. G R M Overseas Ltd. G Premjee Trading Ltd. G S Oils Ltd. G N P (madras) Ltd. G S B Share Custodian Services Ltd. G S F C Investment & Leasing Co. G R Magnets Ltd. Ltd. G S A L (india) Ltd. G R Engineering Works Ltd. . G R L International Ltd. G P Industries Ltd. [erstwhile] G S L (india) Ltd. G P I Textiles Ltd. Ltd. G M W Projects Ltd. G S P C Gas Co. G S B Finance Ltd. Ltd. G P T Steel Inds. G S P C (j P D A) Ltd. G R Roller Flour Mills Pvt. G M S Technologies Ltd. G P C Technology Ltd. Ltd. G S P C Lng Ltd.G M S Computers (india) Ltd. G S Industries Ltd. G S Auto International Ltd. [merged] G S F S Capital & Securities Ltd. G S L Securities Ltd. [merged] G N R C Ltd. G S Organics Ltd. G P T Infraprojects Ltd. G N G Investment Ltd. G P Wood Inds. G M T Metrology Pvt. G O M Industries Ltd. G Mart Limited G N B Motors Ltd. G R Industries & Finance Ltd. Ltd. G S B Capital Markets Ltd. Ltd. G O M International Ltd.

Ltd. G T P Finance Ltd. G V K Hotels Ltd. G T Z Securities Ltd. G-tech Info Training Ltd. . G T L Infrastructure Ltd. G T P Granites Ltd. [erstwhile] G V K Industries Ltd. G V K Power (goindwal Sahib) Ltd. G V K Gautami Power Ltd. G V K Airport Holdings Pvt. G S P L (india) Ltd. Gabriel India Ltd. Ltd. G V K Developmental Projects Pvt. G T N Textiles Ltd. G V G Paper Mills Pvt. G V R Infra Projects Ltd. Ltd. G V K Perambalur Sez Pvt. G S V K Manpower Supply & Services Pvt. G V D Textiles Pvt. Limited G V K Power & Infrastructure Ltd. G V Films Ltd. G V K Transportation Pvt. G-tech Stones Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. G Varadan Ltd. [merged] G T M Synthetics Ltd. G T C L Mobile-com Technology Ltd. G V K Jaipur Expressway Pvt. G T L Technology Invsts. G V K Coal (tokisud) Co. Ltd. Ltd. G T E Solutions Ltd. Mart Ltd. G S S Infotech Ltd. G T N Industries Ltd. G S R Hotels Ltd. G V K Energy Ltd. G T N Engineering (india) Ltd. Pvt. G W L Properties Ltd. G.G S P C Pipavav Power Co. Ltd. G V K Oil & Gas Ltd. G V F L Ltd. G V Studio City Ltd. Ltd. G V K Airport Developers Pvt. G T L Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Gajuwaka Developers Pvt. Galaxy Premises Pvt. Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute Pvt. Ltd. Gadag Mahalaxmi Pressing & Ginning Co. Gajanan Extraction Ltd. [merged] Galaxy Mercantiles Ltd. Ltd. Galaxy Agrico Exports Ltd. Galaxy Bearings Ltd. Gagan Commercial Agencies Ltd. Gagar Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Gagalbhai Investments Pvt. Ltd. Gagan Polycot India Ltd. Ltd. Galaxy Oleo-chem (india) Ltd.Gactel Turnkey Projects Ltd. [merged] Galaxy Papers Pvt. Gala Precision Technology Ltd. Galaxy Dwellers Pvt. Galaxy Lifestyle Restaurants Pvt. Gadchiroli Metals & Minerals Ltd. . Gagandeep Services Ltd. Ltd. Gajra Differential Gears Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Galada Finance Ltd. Galaxy Commercials Limited Galaxy Consolidated Finance Ltd. Ltd. Gagan Jyoti Holdings Ltd. Gajra Bevel Gears Ltd. Gajanan Electronics & Supply Pvt. Ltd. Gaekwar Mills Ltd. Galada Power & Telecommunication Ltd. Galaxy Entertainment Corpn. Gadget Builders Pvt. Gagan Gases Ltd. Galaxy Rain Restaurants Pvt. Galaxy Commercial Ltd. Galactic Enterprises Ltd. Galactica Investments Ltd. Gal Offshore Services Ltd. Gajendra Investments Ltd. Ltd. Gaja Finance Pvt. Gajra Gears Pvt. Gajanan Steels Ltd. Ltd. Gajanan Securities Services Ltd. Ltd. Galaxy Leasing Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Gamma Developers Pvt. Gammon Logistics Ltd. Gammon Turnkeys Ltd. Gallantt Udyog Ltd. Gandhi Nagar Electronics Ltd. Gammon Road Infrastructure Ltd. Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Gallantt Metal Ltd. Gallantt Ispat Ltd. Ganapati Exports Ltd. Ltd. . Gammon Realty Ltd. Ganesan Builders Ltd. Gandhar Builders Pvt. Gammon Metro Transport Ltd. Gammon Projects Developers Ltd. Gandhigram Rubbers Ltd. Ltd. Galore Prints Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gammon Renewable Energy Infrastructure Ltd. Gammon Seaport Infrastructure Ltd. Gallant Finance & Invst. Gampa Alcoates Ltd. Gammon & Billimoria Ltd. Gandhinagar Hotels Ltd. Ganapati Commerce Ltd. Ganapati Silk Mills Ltd. Ltd. Gallops Enterprise Ltd.Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. Ganage Pressings Pvt. Ganapati Combines Ltd. Ltd. Gammon Power Ltd. Gammon Hospitality Ltd. Galvani Batteries Ltd. Gamma Infoway Exalt Ltd. Gandhinagar Leasing & Finance Ltd. Gandhar Industries Ltd. [merged] Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd. Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd. Galileo India Pvt. Gammon India Ltd. Gandhidham Spinning & Mfg. Gallant Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. Gammon Retail Infrastructure Pvt. Co. Ganesh Bank Of Kurundwad Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Ganga General Finance Ltd. Ganesh Foundry & Castings Ltd. Ganpati Design & Decor Ltd. Ganges Investments Ltd. Ganon Trading & Finance Co. Ganga Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ganika Builders Pvt. Ganga Papers India Ltd. Ganex Commercial Co. Ganpati Finance Ltd. Ganpati Sponge Iron Ltd. Ganga Textiles Ltd. Ganpati Plastfab Ltd. Gangotri Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. Ganges Vally Foods Pvt. Ltd. Ganga Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ganga Steel & Alloys Ltd. Ganges Manufacturing Co. Gangotri Textiles Ltd. Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ganga Builders Ltd. Ltd. Ganesh Lea-finvest Ltd. Ganga Varnishes & Chemical Inds. Gangavaram Port Ltd. Ganga Care Hospital Ltd. Ganga Electrocast Ltd. . Gangavati Sugars Ltd. Ganesh Holdings Ltd. Ganga Acrowools Ltd. Ltd. Gangamai Industries & Constructions Ltd.Ganesh Cops & Services Pvt. Ltd. Gangotri Cement Ltd. Gangadharam Appliances Ltd. Ganipitak Yakshraj Caplease Ltd. [merged] Ganesh Tubes & Services Pvt. Gannon Dunkerley Finance Ltd. Ganesh Housing Corpn. Ganges Fertiliser & Chemicals Ltd. Gangetic Developers Pvt. Ganodaya Finlease Ltd. Ltd. Ganga Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ganesh Infrastructure (india) Pvt.

Gas Matters Ltd. Ltd. Garapati Tele Films Pvt. Garware Finance Corpn. Garg Forgings & Castings Ltd. Garlon Polyfab Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Garden Silk Mills Ltd. Garv Buildtech Pvt. Garg Furnace Ltd. Garv Constructions Pvt. Gapp's Industries Ltd. Garden Cements Ltd. Garden Finance Ltd. Gansons Ltd. Ltd. Gateway Chemists Pvt. Garware Polymers Ltd. Gantley Speciality Products Ltd. Garware-wall Ropes Ltd. (duplicate Name Maharashtra) Garg Industries Ltd. Garware Synthetics Ltd. Garuda Cotex Shades Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Garware Marine Inds. (duplicate Name Punjab) Garg Inox Ltd. Garware Chemicals Ltd. Garg Pipes Ltd. Garodia Chemicals Ltd. Garware Goa Nets Ltd. Garnet International Ltd. Garvee Granite Ltd. Garware Nylons Ltd. Garuda Finance Ltd. Gateway Distriparks (south) Pvt. Garg Acrylics Ltd. Ltd. Garg Industries Ltd.Ganpati Sugar Inds. Garg Tube Ltd. Garnett Wire Ltd. Garuda Plant Products Ltd. Garware Club House Garware Elestomerics Ltd. [merged] Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. Garnet Construction Ltd. Garware Polyester Ltd. Garware Capital Markets Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. .

Gayatri Projects Ltd. Gateway East India Pvt. Gateway Holding & Trades Ltd. Ltd. Gautam Trade & Commerce Ltd. Gati Ltd. Gaylord Commercial Co. Gayatri Lalitpur Roadways Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gayatri Industries Ltd. Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Ltd. Gayatri Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Gaurav Agro Plast Ltd. Gavin Builders & Developers Pvt. Gayatri Sugars Ltd. Gayatri International Ltd. Gateway Rail Freight Ltd. Gateway Hotels & Getaway Resorts Ltd. Gaylord Industries Ltd. Gayatri Infra Ventures Ltd. [merged] Gayaprasad Hiralal Ltd. Gayatri Cement & Chemicals Inds. Gaylord International Ltd. Gatil Properties Pvt. Pvt. Gaur & Nagi Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Gaurav Capital & Financial Services Ltd. Gateways For India Airports Pvt. Gaurav Paper Mills Ltd. Gayatri Jhansi Roadways Ltd. Gayatri Bioorganics Ltd. Gautam Resources Ltd. . [merged] Gateway Multichannel Retail (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gazebo Industries Ltd. Gateway Systems (india) Ltd. Gayatri Energy Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Gaursons India Ltd.Gateway Distriparks Ltd. Gateway Speciality Papers Ltd. Gayatri Tissue & Papers Ltd. Gaurav Mercantiles Ltd. Gati Import Export Trdg. Gaylord Impex Ltd. Gazi Financial Services & Investments Ltd. Gateway Fincons India Ltd. Gati Infrastructure Ltd.

Geetanjali Trading & Invsts. Ltd. Geepee Agri Pvt. Geetanjali Credit & Capital Ltd. Gemini Communication Ltd. Genau Extrusions Ltd. Gemus Engineering Ltd. Gee Gee Granites Ltd. Geekay Exim (india) Ltd. Genecol Industries Ltd. General Commodities Pvt. Gemplus Jewellery India Ltd. Genera Agri Corp Ltd. Gem Sugars Ltd. Gemini Steel Tubes Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gemini Engi-fab Ltd. Gemstone Investments Ltd. Gemini Commercial Credits Ltd. Gemini Dyeing & Printing Mills Ltd. Geetee Estates Ltd. [merged] Gems Commercial Co. Gem Refineries Ltd. Ltd. Geefcee Finance Ltd. Gemini Agritech Ltd. Gee Nee Impex Ltd. Gem Holiday Resorts Ltd. Geecee Ventures Ltd. Gemini Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Gem Spinners India Ltd. Gemalto Digital Security Ltd. . Gemini Tradelinks Ltd. Gemini Edibles & Fats India Pvt.Gears India (madras) Ltd. Gebbs Infotech Ltd. Geecee Logistics & Distributions Pvt. Gemini Industries & Imaging Ltd. Pvt. Gemini Constructions Ltd. Ltd. Gee Kay Textiles Ltd. Gee El Woollens Ltd. Gemini Traze Rfid Pvt. Ltd. Genelec Ltd. Ltd. Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council Gem Cables & Conductors Ltd. Gem Sanitary Appliances Pvt.

Gentle Cosmetics Impex Ltd. Genus Paper Products Ltd. General Motors India Pvt. [merged] Genins India T P A Ltd. Genesis Exports Ltd. Ltd. General Sales Ltd. Genesis I T Innovations Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Genesys International Corpn. Genesis Developers & Resorts Ltd. General Mills India Pvt. Geo Bros Muthoot Funds (india) Ltd. Geo Prime Developers Pvt. Genesys Worldeye Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Genuine Creations Pvt. General Metallisers Ltd. Ltd. Genuine Commodities Devp. Genomic Valley Biotech Ltd.General Electric Co. Genus Prime Infra Ltd. Co. Geo Renewable Power Ltd. . Genesis Foods & Beverages Ltd. Genesis Finance Co. Ltd. Geo Marine Exports Ltd. Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd. General Talkies Ltd. [merged] General Engineering Corpn. General Petrochemicals Ltd. Ltd. Genus Commu-trade Ltd. Of India Ltd. General Foods Ltd. Gennex Laboratories Ltd. [merged] General Investment Co. General Optics (asia) Ltd. Geo I V R C L Engg. Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Geodesic Ltd. General Exports & Credits Ltd. Geo Connect Ltd. Genomics Biotech Ltd. Genx Entertainment Ltd. Genpact India Gentech Laboratories Ltd. Genesis Industries Ltd. Ltd. Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd.

. Gherzi Eastern Ltd. Ltd. Gili India Ltd. Ltd. Giltedged Industrial Securities Ltd. Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gill & Co.Geoffrey Manners & Co. Geojit Financial Distribution Pvt. Giltedge Infotech Services Ltd. Gilt Pack Ltd. Geologging Industries Ltd. Geojit Credits Pvt. Ghar Finance & Leasing Co. [merged] Ghaghara Sugar Ltd. Gimpex Ltd. Gestetner (india) Ltd. Ltd. Geometric Ltd. Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co. German Remedies Ltd. German Remedies Ltd. Ghari Industries Pvt. Gerbera Properties Pvt. Geojit Technologies Pvt. Ghaziabad Developers Pvt. Pvt. George Fischer Trenton Ltd. Gharda Chemicals Ltd. Geojit Investment Services Ltd. Ltd. Geojit Financial Mgmt. Ghaziabad Organics Ltd. Gigabyte Technology (india) Ltd. Ghotaringa Minerals Ltd. [merged] Geojit B N P Paribas Financial Services Ltd. Gillapukri Tea & Inds. Ltd. [merged] Ghatge Patil Inds. Gillette India Ltd. George Oakes Ltd. Gilcon Project Services Ltd. Gillapukri Tea Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ghogarpalli Integrated Power Co. Ltd. Gilada Finance & Invsts. Ltd. Ltd. Gilt Edge Finance & Invsts. Ltd. [merged] Ghanshyam Steel Works Ltd. German Gardens Ltd. [merged] Gestamp Sungwoo Automotive (chennai) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Gherzi Eastern Investments Ltd.

Ltd. Glade Steel Pvt. Girdhar Vanijya Pvt. [merged] Ginza Industries Ltd. Ginni Filaments Ltd. Glass Equipment (india) Ltd. Glass-lined Equipment Co. Gitanjali Infratech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Giriraj Print Plast Ltd. Glance Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ginni Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Gitanjali Lifestyles Ltd. Gladiolla Investments Ltd. Gini Silk Mills Ltd. Ginni International Ltd. Gitanjali Exports Corporation Ltd. Glamourwear Apparels Pvt. Girnar Fibres Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Gladstone Ad-a-cab Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gitanjali Retail Ventures Ltd. Glacier Ions & Gases Ltd. Gitanjali Brands Ltd. Gitanjali Jewels Pvt. Girdharilal Sugar & Allied Inds. Girish Hotels Resorts & Health Farm Ltd. Ginni Global Ltd. Gita Pumps Ltd. Ginni Flour & Foods Ltd.Gini & Jony Ltd. Gitanjali Gems Ltd. Giral Lignite Power Ltd. Gitanjali Jewellery Retail Pvt. Glamorous Properties Pvt. Glasgow Distilleries Ltd. Girish Travels & Couriers Ltd. Ginni Power Ltd. Ltd. Glenford Petroleum (india) Ltd. Girnar Impex Ltd. Girikandra Holiday Homes & Resorts Ltd. . Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Girish Rolled Products & Alloys Ltd. Girdhari Distibutors Pvt. Gleitlager (india) Ltd.

Global Financial Markets Ltd. Ltd. Global Infrastructure & Technologies Ltd. Global E-solutions Ltd. [merged] Global Capital Ltd. Global Corporation Ltd. Glenmark Generics Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Global Offshore Services Ltd. [merged] Global Energy Ltd. Global Bulk Drugs & Fine Chemicals Pvt. Global Finance Corpn. Glittek Infotech Ltd. Global Fintech Ltd. Ltd. Global Arya Inds. [merged] Global Dolphin Drilling Co. Global Finance & Securities Ltd. Global Proserv Ltd. Ltd. Global Powertech Equipments Ltd. Global Gelatines Ltd. Global Green Co. Global Knitfab Ltd. Global Procurement Consultants Ltd. Global Credit Capital Ltd. Glittek Granites Ltd. Global Capital Market & Infrastructures Ltd. Global Interiors Ltd. Global Investment Trust Ltd.Glenmark Exports Ltd. Global Hospitality Services (india) Ltd. Global Natural Products Ltd. Global Fiscal Ltd. Global Data Services Of India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Global Industries Ltd. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Global Films & Broadcasting Ltd. Glenmark Laboratories Ltd. Global Electronic Commerce Services Ltd. Global Blooms (india) Ltd. Global Foods Ltd. Global Eco Earth Property Services Ltd. Global Payment Networks Ltd. Global Exhibitions Ltd. . Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd. Global Land Masters Corpn.

Ltd. Global Spin-weave Ltd. Globus Stores Pvt. Globe Capital Market Ltd. Globe Active Technologies Ltd. Globe (india) Ltd. Globe Stocks & Securities Ltd. Ltd.Global Recovery Services India Pvt. Globe Fincap Ltd. Gloria Leasing Ltd. Global Trust Bank Ltd. [merged] Glorious Plastics Ltd. Glodyne Peoplepower Ltd. Global Syntex (bhilwara) Ltd. Glofame Cotspin Inds. Globe Commodities Ltd. Glodyne Technoserve Ltd. Glorious Investment Co. Globus Constructors & Developers Ltd. Globe Organics Ltd. . Globe Soya Products Ltd. Global Software Ltd. Global Solar Energy (india) Ltd. Global Stone India Ltd. Global Vectra Helicorp Ltd. [merged] Global Resins & Chemicals Ltd. Globus Spirits Ltd. Global Technology Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Global Remedies Ltd. Globex Travels & Exchange Ltd. Globus Industries & Services Ltd. Ltd. Globsyn Technologies Ltd. Global Services (c & F) Pvt. Globsyn Infotech Ltd. [merged] Global Vantedge Pvt. Ltd. Global Towwers Ltd. Globus Corpooration Ltd. Ltd. Globecom Infotech Pvt. Globe Exim Ltd. Ltd. Globus Infocom Ltd. [merged] Gloria Chemical Inds. Globex Finance Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Global Securities Ltd. Globex Financial Services Ltd.

Godavari Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. Godavari Drugs Ltd. Gloster Ltd. Ltd. Glory Polyfilms Ltd. Goa Shipyard Ltd. Ltd. Go Airlines (india) Ltd. Ltd. Goa Ispat Ltd. Godavari Edible Bran Oil Ltd. Glory Trade & Exports Ltd. Goa Telecommunications & Systems Ltd. Goa Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Gobind Glass & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Go4i. [merged] . Goa Electricals & Fans Ltd. Goa Agro Oil Ltd. Goa Agro Tech Ltd. Goa Telematics Ltd. Ltd. Goa Construction Housing & Finance Corpn. Go Investments & Trdg. (india) Pvt. Goa Carbon Ltd. Goa Bottling Co.Glory Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Gobind Sugar Mills Ltd. Goa Financial & Leasing Services Ltd. Goa Sponge & Power (india) Pvt. Goa Steels Ltd. Godavari Biorefineries Ltd. Glyph International Ltd. Gloster Real Estates Pvt. Godavari Ceramics Ltd. Goa Fruit Specialities Ltd. Pvt. Go4cricket. Goa Formulations Ltd. Gmmco Ltd. [merged] Goa Electronics Ltd. Goa Energy Pvt. Gluconate Health Ltd. Goa Investcast Ltd. Goa Glass Fibre Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Glory Chemicals Ltd. Goa Auto Accessories Ltd. Goa Tourism Devp. Gnanambikai Mills Ltd. Corpn.

Godrej Hershey Ltd. Godrej Projects Devp. Ltd. . Ltd. Godrej Oil Palm Ltd. Godrej Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Goel Investments Ltd. Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. Godrej Buildwell Pvt. [merged] Godrej Premium Builders Pvt. Godrej Telecom Ltd. Godrej Real Estate Pvt. Godrej Agrovet Ltd. [merged] Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. [merged] Godrej Hygiene Care Pvt. Ltd. Godrich Finance & Securities Ltd. Co. Godrej Developers Pvt. Godawari Clinkers & Cement Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Godrej Industries Ltd. Godawari Green Energy Ltd. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Godrej Sea View Properties Pvt. Godrej Properties Ltd. Ltd. Godrej Investments Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Godavari Sugar Mills Ltd. Godawari Integrated Steels (india) Ltd. [merged] Godrej Waterside Properties Pvt. Godrej Capital Ltd. Godrej Household Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Godfrey Leasing & Finance Ltd. Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd. Godavari Pulp & Papers Mills Pvt. Godrej Infotech Ltd. Godrej Estate Developers Pvt. Godrej Realty Pvt. Godrej International Ltd. Goel International Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Godawari Energy Ltd.Godavari Paints Pvt. Godrej Appliances Ltd. Goenka Business & Finance Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Godrej Hygiene Products Ltd. Godrej Gokarna Oil Palm Ltd. Godrej Garden City Properties Pvt. Godrej Plant Biotech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Goldcrest Securities Ltd. Ltd. Gold Mohore Investment Co. Golden Agro-tech Inds. Gogia Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Co. Corpn. Goiex Michio Sudo Ltd. Gold Plus Glasses India Ltd. Gokuldas Hospitals Ltd. Gold Multifab Ltd. Gogte Infrastructure Devp. Golden Feed Products Ltd. Golconda Stud & Agricultural Farm Ltd. Golden Credit Lines Ltd. Gold Earth Biotech Ltd. Gold Star Noida Network Pvt. . Gold Star Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Goldedge Estate & Investments Ltd. Golden Fries Ltd. Gokak Sugars Ltd. Goldcrest Software Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Gokak Textiles Ltd. [merged] Gokul Agro Inds. Gokul Jewellery House Pvt. Ltd. Golden Glades Builders Pvt. Gold Rock Investments Ltd. Golden Capital Services Ltd. Gold Star Straw Products Ltd. Gokuldham Real Estate Devp. Golden Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Goga Foods Ltd. Ltd. Goldcrest Shelters (india) Ltd. Goldcrest Capital Markets Ltd. Gold Flake Corpn. Goldcrest Finance (india) Ltd. Gokul Rubber & Tea Plantation Ltd. Golden Falcon Inds. Ltd.Goenka Diamond & Jewels Ltd. Golden Computers Ltd. Ltd. Golden Anchor Pvt. Gokaldas Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gokul Refoils & Solvent Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Goenka Laser House Pvt. Golden Carpets Ltd. Pvt. Gokhatak Enterprises Ltd.

Ltd. Pvt. Goldiam International Ltd. Golden Joy Hotel Pvt. Golden Jubilee Hotels Ltd. Golden Palms (india) Pvt. Goldwin Commercial Co. Ltd. Ltd. Golden Legand Leasing & Finance Ltd. Goldman Securities Ltd. Goldrush Sales & Services Ltd. Goldfield Fragrances Ltd. Goldline Milkfood Ltd. Golden Properties & Traders Ltd. Goldmohur Foods & Feeds Ltd. Golkonda Engineering Enterprises Ltd. Goldstar Extrusions Ltd. Goldstone Infratech Ltd. Golden Rathi Star Inds. Ltd. Goldiam Jewels Ltd. Golf View Homes Ltd. Goldmine Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd. Golden Peak Township Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Goldwon Textiles Ltd. Goldstone Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Goldwin Medicare Ltd.Golden Goenka Fincorp Ltd. Goldiam Jewellery Ltd. Goldhammer Securities Ltd. Ltd. Goldfish Entertainment Ltd. Goldflag Trading Co. Goldline Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. . Golden Proteins Ltd. Golden Netsoft Pvt. Goldmine Advertising Ltd. Goldline International Finvest Ltd. Golden Tourist Resorts & Developer Ltd. Goldmohur Design & Apparel Park Ltd. Ltd. Golden Soya Ltd. [merged] Goldfields Leasing Finance & Investment Co. Goldman Securities Pvt. Goldwyn Ltd. Golechha Global Finance Ltd. Goldstar Metals Ltd. Golden Hills Resort Pvt. Golden Tobacco Ltd.

Ltd. Gopal Glass Works Ltd.Golkonda Hospitality Services & Resorts Ltd. Goodwill Housing & Investments Ltd. Good Luck Steel Tubes Ltd. [merged] Goodwill Team Papers Ltd. Ltd. Gopalpur Tea Co. Goodearth Industries Ltd. Pvt. Goodearth Maritime Ltd. Gontermann-peipers (india) Ltd. Gondwana Ispat Ltd. Good Value Irrigation Ltd. Gomti Capital Markets (india) Ltd. Gopi Resorts Pvt. Gomti Finlease (india) Ltd. Good Navigation Pvt. (gujarat) Ltd. Goodyear South Asia Tyres Pvt. Good Value Mktg. Goodearth Organic (india) Ltd. Ltd. Goodearth Financial Services Ltd. Gopal Iron & Steels Co. Gorakhpur Infrastructure Co. Goodwill India Ltd. . Gopala Polyplast Ltd. Goodricke Group Ltd. Ltd. Goodearth Shipbuilding Pvt. Ltd. Google India Pvt. Ltd. Gondwana Engineers Ltd. Gomobile Business Solutions India Pvt. Goodyear India Ltd. Gopal Krishna Infrastructure & Real Estate Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Goplee Infotech Ltd. Golkunda Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd. Co. Pvt. Good Investment (india) Ltd. Goman Agro-farms Pvt. Gopikrishna Granites India Ltd. Goombira Tea Co. Goojar Mal Ganpat Rai Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Goodluck Buildtech Pvt. Gopalpur Special Economic Zone Ltd. Goodearth Synthetics Ltd. Goradia Steel Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Goodstar Credit & Portfolio Goodwill Hospital & Research Centre Ltd.

. Govindh Murugan Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Grabal Alok Impex Ltd. Grace Industries Ltd. Govardhan Leafin (india) Ltd. Gourishankar Finance Ltd. Ltd. Gothi Plascon (india) Ltd. Goyal Industries Ltd. Gordon Woodroffe Logistics Ltd. Ltd. Grabal Alok Intl. Goyal Capital Ltd. Govindram Brothers Pvt. Govind Mills Ltd. Govardhan Spinners Ltd. Goyal Associates Ltd. Ltd. Goyal Ispat Ltd. Grade-o-castings Ltd. Goswamis Credits & Invst. Gossini Fashion Ltd. [merged] Gradiente Infotainment Ltd. Gordon Woodroffe Agencies Pvt. Goyal Achal Sampatti Vikas & Niyojan Nigam Ltd. Gowri Gopal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Govind Poy Oxygen Ltd. Gpsij Hi-tech Agro Foods & Farms Ltd. Govind Steel Co. Ltd. Ltd. Govind Commercial Co. Gove Investment & Finance Co. Goyal Proteins Ltd.Gorani Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Graceful Properties Ltd. (india) Ltd. Govind Properties Pvt. Gowri Polymers Ltd. Gowra Leasing & Finance Ltd. Gourepore Co. Goriganga Hydro Power Pvt. Graham Firth Steel Products (india) Ltd. Gordon Herbert (india) Ltd. Govind Rubber Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gracious Vanijya Ltd. Grahams Trading Co. Gorawara Electronics Ltd. Grahams Investments Ltd. Gowtham Granites Pvt.

Ltd. Grasim Industries Ltd. Gravita Infra Pvt. Great Eastern Energy Corpn. Great Atwood Ltd. Grand Bright Bars Ltd. Ltd. Gravita Exim Ltd. Granules India Ltd. Graphite Holdings Ltd. Graviss Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Gramco Music Publishing Ltd. Grandwell Properties & Leasing Pvt. Grandvalley Realtors Pvt. Grandvalley Developers Pvt. Grapco Mining & Co. Ltd. [merged] Graphite Vicarb India Ltd. Great Offshore Ltd. Ltd. Grand Foundry Ltd. Gratex Industries Ltd. Grand Park Estates Pvt. Gran Heal Pharma Ltd. Grauer & Weil (india) Ltd. Grandpark Buildtech Pvt. Graphic Charts Ltd. . Bank Ltd.Graintec India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Great Western Inds. Ltd. Grapco Industries Ltd. Great Eastern Shipping Co. Graphite India Ltd. Graviss Hospitality Ltd. Great Akhshaya Construction Ltd. Grand Royale Enterprises Ltd. Gravita Energy Ltd. Greater Bombay Co-op. Ltd. Gravita India Ltd. Ltd. Grandma Trading & Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Graviss Catering Pvt. Grant Investrade Ltd. Ltd. Greater Calcutta Gas Supply Corpn. Graziella Shoes Ltd. [merged] Graphite India Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Gramox Paper & Boards Ltd. [merged] Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Ltd. Gravity (india) Ltd.

Greenol Laboratories Pvt. Green Park Infrastructure Ltd. Greaves Semiconductors Ltd. Greenearth Biotechnologies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Greatship D O F Subsea Projects Pvt. Green Cottage & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Green Gold Seeds Ltd. Greenfield Corp Ltd. Greaves Auto Ltd. Greatway Estates Ltd. Green Pack Foils Pvt. Greenfield Industries Ltd. Green Hills Residences Ltd. Green Hills Developers & Builders Pvt. Greaves Chitram Ltd. Greaves Leasing Finance Ltd. Ltd.Greatship (india) Ltd. Greenland Paper Mills Ltd. [merged] Green Commercial Ltd. Green Planet Colonisers Pvt. Ltd. Greaves Midwest Engg. Green Gateway Leisure Ltd. Green Park Infracon Ltd. Green Dot Electric Ltd. Green Retreat & Motels Pvt. Greenfield Infotek Ltd. Greenacre Holdings Ltd. Green Mark Infra Ltd. Green Way Promoters Pvt. Green Point Technology Services (india) Ltd. Greenfield Processed Foods Ltd. Green View Buildwell Pvt. Co. Greenply Industries Ltd. [merged] Greaves Cotton Ltd. Greenline Buildcon Pvt. Greenland Warehousing Ltd. Ltd. Greenearth Resources & Projects Ltd. Greenline Tea & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Green Line Promoters Pvt. Ltd. Green Park Buildwell Ltd. Ltd. Green World Micro Finance Ltd. Green Delhi B Q S Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Greenstone Investments Pvt. Ltd.

[merged] . Ltd. Pvt. Greenwood Properties Pvt. Growel Energy Co. Gripwell Industries Ltd. Greystone Premises Pvt. Grey Cells Communication & Production Pvt. Grovy Exports & Mktg. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Guardian Health Care Ltd. Growth Capsules Ltd. Grover Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Guardian Finance Ltd. Ltd.Greenvalley Realtors Pvt. Grover Vineyards Ltd. Grindwell Norton Ltd. Greenvision Technologies Pvt. Groundnut Extractions Export Devp. Association Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Growel Times Ltd. Grip Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Growth Realtech Pvt. [merged] Growth Agro Inds. Greysham Co. Growel Softech Ltd. Growel Entertainment Pvt. Gremach Tea & Estates Ltd. India Ltd. Gruh Finance Ltd. Greshma Shares & Stocks Ltd. Gresoil (india) Ltd. Growth Avenues Ltd. Gremach C N C Ltd. Growth Techno Projects Ltd. Ltd. Greycells Education Ltd. Ltd. Guardian Controls Ltd. Grey Worldwide (india) Pvt. Growmore Solvent Ltd. Ltd. Gridco Ltd. Gruhaupyogi Electronics Appliances Pvt. Ltd. Grintex (india) Ltd. Grow Talent Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Greygold Cements Ltd. Grob Tea Co. Greenview Power Projects Ltd. Grobest Feeds Corpn. Ltd.

Corpn. Guardian Plasticote Ltd. Gujarat Bauxite Ltd. [merged] Gujarat Anant Raj Vidhyanagar Ltd. Gujarat Apollo Inds. Guindy Machine Tools Ltd. Milk Mktg. Ltd. Gujarat Dairy Devp. Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.Guardian Leasing Ltd. Gufic Pharma Ltd. Gujarat Composite Ltd. Gujarat Cypromet Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Concast Ltd. Gujarat Automotive Gears Ltd. Gujarat Arth Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Cotex Ltd. Gudia Investment Pvt. Gujarat Craft Inds. Gujarat Binil Chemicals Ltd. . Gujarat Carbon & Inds. Ltd. [merged] Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd. Guhan Textile Mills Pvt. Gujarat B D Luggage Ltd. Gujarat Bonanza Auto & Steel Rolling Ltd. Gujarat Agrochem Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Credit Corpn. Ltd. Federation Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Cotex Finlease Ltd. Gujarat Akruti-tcg Biotech Ltd. Gujarat Aqua Inds. Gujarat Chemical Port Terminal Co. Gujarat Airways Ltd. Gujarat Ambuja Cotspin Ltd. Guardian Sea Food Ltd. Corpn. Gujarat Bulk Packs Ltd. Gujarat Chemi-plasto Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Borosil Ltd. Gujarat Agro Inds. Ltd. Guernsey Estates Pvt. Gufic Biosciences Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Communications & Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Containers Ltd. Gujarat Ambuja Proteins Ltd. Gujarat Co-op. Guj Infopetro Ltd.

Ltd. Gujarat Industrial Investment Corpn. Gujarat Himalaya Cements Ltd. Gujarat Inject (kerala) Ltd. [merged] Gujarat Goldcoin Ceramics Ltd. Corpn. Gujarat Mineral Devp. Gujarat Meditech Ltd. Co. Gujarat Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Glass Ltd. Gujarat Investa Ltd. Gujarat Guardian Ltd. Gujarat Gas Financial Services Ltd. Gujarat Foils Ltd. Gujarat Minorities Finance & Devp. Gujarat Industrial Co-op. Gujarat Industries Power Co. Gujarat High Tech Inds. Bank Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Jaypee Cement & Infrastructure Ltd. Gujarat Gas Co. Gujarat Instruments Ltd. . Gujarat Filaments Ltd. Gujarat Intrux Ltd. Gujarat Metallic Coal & Coke Ltd. Gujarat Metal Cast Inds. Ltd. Gujarat Mulco Electronics Ltd. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat N R E Mineral Resources Ltd. Gujarat Lease Financing Ltd. Gujarat Ministeel Ltd. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corpn. Corpn. Gujarat Inject Ltd. Gujarat Forgings Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Lyka Organics Ltd. Gujarat Industrial Waste Mgmt. Gujarat Hydrocarbons & Power S E Z Ltd. Gujarat Fincap Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Indo-lube Ltd. Gujarat Fiscon Ltd. Gujarat Insecticides Ltd. Gujarat Fun'n Water Park Ltd. [merged] Gujarat Machine Tools Ltd. Gujarat N R E Coke Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Gujarat Dehyd Foods Ltd. Gujarat J H M Hotels Ltd.

[merged] Gujarat Oiland Inds. [merged] Gujarat Propack Ltd. Gujarat Refractories Ltd. Gujarat Polyweave Ltd. Gujarat Paguthan Energy Corpn. Gujarat Oleo Chem Ltd. Gujarat State Financial Corpn. [merged] Gujarat Raffia Inds. Gujarat Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd. Bank Ltd. Ltd. Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Pipes Ltd. Gujarat Narmada Flyash Co. Gujarat Organics Ltd. Gujarat Nitrates Ltd. Gujarat Project & Profins Ltd. Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. Gujarat State Co-op. Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. Gujarat Positra Port Infrastructure Ltd. Gujarat Poly-avx Electronics Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat Polybutenes Pvt. Gujarat Natural Resources Ltd. Gujarat Small Inds. [merged] Gujarat Narmada Auto Ltd. Gujarat Power Corpn. Gujarat Perstorp Electronics Ltd. Gujarat State Electricity Corpn. Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Co. Gujarat Positra Port Co. Gujarat Petrosynthese Ltd. Gujarat Narmada Knitwear Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Rodrel Engg. Gujarat S D T Communications Ltd. Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corpn. Gujarat Speciality Lubes Ltd. Ltd. . Gujarat Optical Communication Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Nylons Ltd. Ltd.Gujarat N R E Power Ltd. Gujarat Securities Ltd. Gujarat Road & Infrastructure Co. Gujarat Shares & Securities Ltd. Gujarat State Financial Services Ltd.

Gujarat Texspin Ltd. Gujarat Themis Biosyn Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd. Gulabdas Flexipack Inds. Gujarat Synthwood Ltd. Ltd. . Gujarat Toolroom Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Gulika Home Developers Pvt. [erstwhile] Gujaratgas Trading Co. Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Suspension Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat State Petronet Ltd. Ltd. Gul Properties Pvt. Gulf Carosserie India Ltd. Ltd. Gulishta Industries Ltd. Gujarat Water Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd.Gujarat State Machine Tools Corpn. Gulmohar Finance Ltd. Gulshan Capital Ltd. Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens Ltd. [merged] Gulshan Agro Food Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gujral Financiers & Traders Ltd. Gujarat State Seeds Corpn. Gujarat Steel Tubes Ltd. Co. Gujarat Urban Devp. Gujarat State Petroleum Corpn. Gujarat Sulphur Ltd. Gujarat State Police Housing Corpn. Gujarat Telephone Cables Ltd. Gujarat Windfarms Ltd. Gulbarga Cement Ltd. Gulnar Industries Ltd. Corpn. Gujerat Safe Deposit Co. Gulbarga Trading & Investment Ltd. Gulf Oil India Limited [merged] Gulf Oil India Ltd. Gujarat Textronics Ltd. Ltd. Gulf Oil Corpn. Ltd. Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd. Gujarat Water Resourcs Devp. Guljag Industries Ltd. Gulf Goans Hotels Co. Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd. Gujarat-godrej Innovative Chemicals Ltd. Gujchem Distillers India Ltd.

Ltd. Gupta Swabs Ltd. Gupta Carpets International Ltd. Ltd. Gwalior Distillers Ltd. Gupta Synthetics Ltd. Gwalior Bypass Project Ltd. Guru Teg Bahadur Sugars Ltd.Gulshan Chemicals Ltd. Gupta Machine Tools Ltd. Gupta Exim (india) Pvt. Gympac Fitness Systems Pvt. [merged] Gwalior Agriculture Co. Ltd. Gulshan Industries Ltd. Guviso Holdings Pvt. Gwalior Strips Ltd. Gyan Traders Ltd. [merged] Gummadi Industries Ltd. Gyan Developers & Builders Ltd. Gulshan Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Gyscoal Alloys Ltd. Guntur Merchants' Gin & Rice Factory Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gusbi International Ltd. Gunnebo India Pvt. Gyan Leatherboard Ltd. Gunny Chem Tex India Ltd. Gurdarshan Leathers Ltd. Ltd. Gwalior Polypipes Ltd. Gupta Nutritions Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon Recreation Park Ltd. Gurgaon Infospace Ltd. Gyan Real Estate Developers Pvt. Gwalior Transmission System Ltd. Ltd. Gwalior Sugar Co. Gupta Coal India Ltd. Gupta Domestic Fuels (nagpur) Ltd. Gwalior Securities & Traders Ltd. Gulshan Polyols Ltd. Guruashish Construction Pvt. Gwalior Webbing Co. Gupta & Syal Ltd. Gurgaon Technology Park Ltd. Gwalior Tanks & Vessels Ltd. Ltd. . Pvt. Ltd. Gurukrupa Polyplast Ltd.

H D F C Developers Ltd. [merged] H C L Technologies Ltd. H C L Technologies (mumbai) Ltd. H C L Global Processing Services Ltd. H C C Aviation Ltd. H B Securities Ltd. H C L Security Ltd. Ltd. H C L Comnet Ltd. H C C Concessions Ltd. H B Stockholdings Ltd. H C C A Business Services Pvt. H D F C Property Ventures Ltd. H C L Infosystems Ltd. Co. H D F C Realty Ltd. H B L Plastics Ltd. H C L Infinet Ltd. [merged] H C L Technologies B P O Services Ltd. H C Jain & Co. H B Prima Capital Ltd. . Ltd. H B Portfolio Ltd. H C L Infocom Ltd. Pvt. H B Corporate Services Ltd. H A L Offshore Ltd. Ltd. H C L Comnet Systems & Services Ltd. Ltd. H C C Realty Ltd. H D F C Bank Ltd. H & R Johnson (india) Ltd. [merged] H & R Johnson (india) T B K Ltd. H D F C Sales Pvt. H B Estate Developers Ltd. H C G Stocks & Share Brokers Ltd. H D F C Asset Mgmt. H B L Power Systems Ltd. H D F C Investments Ltd. H C C-infotech Ltd. Ltd.H & B Stores Ltd. H B Asset Mgmt Co. H D B Finanical Services Ltd. H D F C Holdings Ltd. H C C Real Estate Ltd. H C L Infosolutions Ltd. H C C Construction Ltd. [merged] H B C Finance & Leasing Ltd.

Ltd. H D I L Commercial Properties Pvt.H D F C Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. H M T Ltd. H D F C Ventures Trustee Co. H D International Ltd. H L L Lifecare Ltd. H K Finance & Capitals Ltd. Ltd. H E G Graphite Products & Services Ltd. Ltd. H M T (international) Ltd. H M G Industries Ltd. H M T Watches Ltd. H M M Coaches Ltd. H L S Asia Ltd. H D O Process Equipment & Systems Ltd. H M Export Ltd. Ltd. H D I L Entertainment Pvt. H G I Finance & Leasing Ltd. H G S (india) Ltd. H H P Broadcasting Services Pvt. H M T Machine Tools Ltd. Ltd. H E G Ltd. H E M Holdings & Trading Ltd. H D F C Trustee Co. H G I Securities Ltd. H M Enterprises Ltd. H G I Industries Ltd. H M A Starware Pvt. [merged] H D O Technologies Ltd. H F C L Trade-invest Ltd. H E S Ltd. H D I L Infra Projects Pvt. H M T Bearings Ltd. H M T Chinar Watches Ltd. . H D F C Venture Capital Ltd. H E B Luggage Inds. H M G Engineering Ltd. [merged] H G Entertainment Technology Ltd. Ltd. H L Investment Co. H M International Finance Ltd. H J S Stones Ltd. H M Finvest India Ltd. H O C-chematur Ltd. Ltd. H D Microns Ltd.

H S B C Investdirect Securities (india) Ltd. H O V Ar Mgmt. H T M T Telecom Pvt. Ltd. H S I Automotives Ltd. H S I L Associates Ltd. H T L Ltd. H O V Services Ltd. H P C L-mittal Energy Ltd. [merged] H-lon Hosiery Ltd. H T Films Ltd. H T Burda Media Ltd. H S E Securities Ltd. Ltd.H O D Laboratories Ltd. [merged] H T Media Ltd. H P C L Biofuels Ltd. H P L Cogeneration Ltd. H T Mobile Solutions Ltd. H T Music & Entertainment Co. H P Cotton Textile Mills Ltd. H S I L Ltd. H T Learning Centers Ltd. H S C C (india) Ltd. H R L Township Developers Ltd. H S B C Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. H S B C Investdirect Sales & Marketing (india) Ltd. H T Education Ltd. H T L Investment & Trading Co. H P M Industries Ltd. H S India Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Services Pvt. H T Digital Media Holdings Ltd. H R Travels Pvt. H S B C Investdirect Academy For Insurance & Finance (india) Ltd. H O V S Holdings Ltd. Ltd. H O E C Bardahl India Ltd. H R B Floriculture Ltd. H T L Realty Pvt. H S B C Investdirect Distribution Services (india) Ltd. H S B C Investdirect (india) Ltd. [merged] H P L India Ltd. Ltd. H R L (thane) Real Estate Ltd. Ltd. H V Transmissions Ltd. H P C L-mittal Pipelines Ltd. H T Interactive Media Properties Ltd.

Hackbridge-hewittic & Easun Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Haileyburia Tea Estates Ltd. Haldia Energy Ltd. Hamco Steels & Alloys Ltd. Halitious Warehousing Ltd. Haldiram Foods Intl. Hac India Ltd. Hallmark Drugs & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Haldia Riverside Estates Ltd. Ltd. Haffkine Ajintha Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Haldiram Indian Snacks Ltd. Haldex India Ltd. Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. Hamco Mining & Smelting Ltd. [merged] Halonix Ltd. Haldyn Corporation Ltd. Halliburton Oil Field Services (india) Ltd. Ltd. Co.Hab Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd. Halonix Technologies Ltd. Haldyn Glass Ltd. Hamara Ghar Constructions & Developers Pvt. Hackett Group (india) Ltd. Ltd. Hallmark Healthcare Ltd. Hada Textile Inds. Hamilton Poles Mfg. Haldia Water Mgmt. Hallmark Tobacco Co. Halwasiya Agro Inds. Haitima Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Haldiram Bhujiawala Ltd. Ltd. Hamilton & Co. Haffkine Bio-pharmaceutical Corpn. Pvt. Hallmark Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Haldia Steels Ltd. Hai Apparel Ltd. Haldia Investment Co. Hagwood Commercial Developers Pvt. Hallmark Textiles Ltd. Hamara Realty Pvt. Hamilton Industries Pvt. . Ltd. [merged] Haji Manzoor Alam Inds. Haldiram Foods Ltd. Hakoba Lifestyle Ltd.

Hamon Shriram Cottrell Pvt. Happy High Rises Ltd. Happy Home Housing Finance Co. Hanuman Engineering Works Ltd. Handum Iron & Steel Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hani Industries Ltd. Ltd. Hanuman Textile Mfg. Hanuman Minor Oils Ltd. Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hamlet Computer Group Ltd. Hanuman Texnit & Industries Ltd. Hanil Era Textiles Ltd. Co. . & Invst. Mgmt. Hanuman Laminates (india) Pvt. Of India Ltd. Hans Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hansdeep Investment Ltd. Hardcastle & Waud Mfg. Handloom & Small Users Art Silk Yarn Assn. Co. Ltd. Hans Buildcon Pvt. Hanil Lear India Pvt. Ltd. Hanuman Tea Co. Happy Forgings Ltd. Handicrafts & Handlooms Exports Corpn. Hansaflon Plasto Chem Ltd. Ltd. Hanuman Chromocoates Ltd. Harbor Network Systems Ltd.Hamilton Shoes Ltd. Handloom Export Promotion Council Handum Industries Ltd. Ltd. Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Hans Polyurethanes Ltd. Ltd. Hans Metals Ltd. Hanuman Finance Ltd. Harbans Lal Malhotra & Sons Pvt. Harak Chand Invsts. Hanover Securities & Invst. Hamworthy Indian Compressor Ltd. Harbour Petrochem Inds. Hansdeep Industries & Trdg. Harapa Real Estates Ltd. [merged] Hanuman Agro Inds. [merged] Hanjer Fibres Ltd. Happy Home Profin Ltd. Co. Happy Textiles Ltd. Ltd.

Harish Cement Ltd. Hari Iron (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Harita Rubber Products Ltd. Hargaon Properties Ltd. Hariyali Insurance Broking Ltd. Hariparvat Merry Land & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Hari Machines Ltd. Harihar Chem Ltd. Hari Steel & General Inds. Hardoli Paper Mills Ltd. Hariharaputhra Plantations Ltd. Ltd. Harita Polymer Ltd. Hare Krishan Intl. Harish Chandra (india) Ltd. Ltd. Harig Crankshafts Ltd. Ltd. Hariyana Ship Demolition Pvt. . Harita-grammer Ltd. Hariyana Ship Breakers Ltd. Haridham Colonizers Ltd. Harisiddha Trading & Finance Ltd. Haripuram Developers Pvt. Harita Finance Ltd. Hariyana Metals Ltd. Haritkranti Developers Pvt. Hariyali Rural Foundation Hariyali Rural Ventures Ltd. Haria Exports Ltd. Hari Sankara Benefit Fund Ltd. Hari Govind International Ltd. [merged] Harita-n T I Ltd. Harita Fehrer Ltd. Hari Om Trades & Agencies Ltd. Hari Darshan Realty Ltd. Harita Techserv Ltd. Hariyana International Pvt. Harinagar Sugar Mills Ltd.Hardcastle Waud & Co. [merged] Harita Financial Services Ltd. Hariyali India Ltd. Hari Fertilizers Ltd. Harita Seating Systems Ltd. Hargaon Investment & Trading Co. Ltd. Harismaa Consultant Ltd.

Ltd. Haryana Agro Inds. Harrisons Agro-products Ltd. Haryana Coated Papers Ltd. . Harshita Ltd. [merged] Harrisons Aquaculture Ltd. Harvestdeal Securities Ltd. Ltd. Harvatex Engineering & Processing Co. Hartron Networks Ltd. Harvard Plantations Ltd. Ltd. Hartron Communications Ltd. Harrisons Rubber Products Ltd. Harpercollins Publishers India Ltd. Harsh Polymers (india) Ltd. Harmony Erectors Pvt. Harshal Papers & Boards Ltd. [merged] Harpartap Steel Ltd. Harmony Spices Ltd. Harsh Chemicals Ltd. Harshvardhan Chemicals & Minerals Ltd. [merged] Harrisons Universal Flowers Ltd.Harleystreet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Haryana Breweries Ltd. Ltd. Harvey Health Care Ltd. [merged] Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. [merged] Haryana Capfin Ltd. Harvic Management Services (india) Ltd. Harvest Financials Ltd. Harshni Textiles Ltd. [merged] Harrisons Malayalam Financial Services Ltd. Harsha City Homes Bahraich Pvt. Harshwardhan Leasing Ltd. Pvt. Hartron Informatics Ltd. Harshit Finlease & Invsts. Harshvardhan Agro Ltd. Ltd. Harsha Engineers (india) Pvt. Ltd. Harsha Engineers Ltd. Harold International Ltd. [merged] Harman Finochem Ltd. Harmony Capital Services Ltd. Corpn. Harshad City Homes Lakhmpur Pvt. Harsha Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Haryana Biomass Power Ltd. Harsvin Fintech Ltd.

Haryana Land Reclamation & Devp. Hathway Internet Satellite Pvt. Ltd. Hateshwari Om Power Enterprises Pvt. . Hathway Media Vision Pvt. Hathway Cable M C N Nanded Pvt. Haryana Roadways Engg. Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd. Hathway Latur M C N Cable & Datacom Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Haryana Power Generation Corpn. Ltd. Haryana Containers Ltd. Haryana Steel & Alloys Ltd. Hathway Enjoy Cable Network Pvt. Hathising Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Devp. Haryana Foils Ltd. Hasti Finance Ltd. Haryana State Indl. Hathway Bhaskar Multinet Pvt. Ltd. Haryana Radiators Ltd. Haryana Petrochemicals Ltd. Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd. Haryana Financial Corpn. Haryana Sheet Glass Ltd. Ltd. Hathway J M D Farukhabad Cable Network Pvt. Hathway Ice Television Pvt. Haryana Yarns Ltd. Haryana Suraj Maltings Ltd. Haryana Texprints (overseas) Ltd. Hasimara Industries Ltd. Haryana Telecom Ltd. Hathway Dattatray Cable Network Pvt. Hathway Cnet Pvt. Ltd. Hathway Krishna Cable Pvt. Corpn. Ltd. Hathway Mantra Cable & Datacom Pvt. Hathway Mysore Cable Network Pvt. Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hasmukh Properties & Holdings Ltd. Hathway Gwalior Cable & Datacom Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hathway Digital Saharanpur Cable & Datacom Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Haryana State Minor Irrigation & Tubewells Corpn. Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Corpn.Haryana Concast Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hathway M C N Pvt. Ltd. Hathway Bhawani Cabletel & Datacom Ltd. Ltd. Haryana Milk Foods Ltd.

Headstrong Services India Pvt. Hazarat & Co. Ltd. Hawkins Cookers Ltd. Hazel Mercantile Ltd. Headway Capital Advisors Ltd. Havyaka Finance Ltd. Hathway Space Vision Cabletel Pvt. Hebe Attire Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hebe Infracon Pvt. Hb Leasing & Finance Co. Ltd.Hathway Nashik Cable Network Pvt. Hazira Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Hazira Road Infrastructure Pvt. Headland Farming Pvt. Havmore Financial Services (i) Ltd. Hawcoplast Investments & Trdg. Heatshrink Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Hawa Engineers Ltd. Headman Mercantile Pvt. Hazaribagh Ranchi Expressway Ltd. Hathway Software Developers Pvt. Heat Trace Xicon Ltd. Hec Finance Ltd. Hathway Universal Cabletel & Datacom Pvt. Ltd. Haytrans (india) Ltd. Pvt. Hathway United Cables Pvt. Ltd. Hathway Prime Cable & Datacom Pvt. Havells India Ltd. Healthy Investments Ltd. Hathway Sai Star Cable & Datacom Pvt. Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd. Ltd. Hathway Sonali Om Crystal Cable Pvt. Ltd. Hatigor Tea Estates Ltd. Healthcaps India Ltd. Heavy Engineering Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Havell's Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hatsun Agro Products Ltd. Healdan Investments Pvt. Hathway Palampur Cable Network Pvt. Hathway New Concept Cable & Datacom Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hathway Rajesh Multi Channel Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Health Care Ltd. Heath View Holiday Resorts Ltd. Ltd.

Hemkunt Investments Ltd. Hemi Petro Products Ltd. Pvt. Hemish City Homes Lakhmpur Pvt. Hendez Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Heinz India Pvt. Hemkunt Sahib Infrastructure Developers Ltd. . Ltd. Hema Engineering Inds. Ltd. Hem Share Brokers Ltd. Heena Warehousing Ltd. Heeler Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Hella India Lighting Ltd. Helpage Finlease Ltd. Heet Builders Pvt. Hemant Surgical Inds. Hem Financial Services Ltd. Heera Mercantile Ltd. Heidelberg Cement India Ltd. Helios & Matheson It (bangalore) Ltd. Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Ltd. Hemavathy Power & Light Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Hematic Motors Ltd. Hede Navigation Ltd. Hemakuta Industrial Investment Co. Henkel C A C Pvt. Hem-sil Trading & Mfg. Henkel Spic India Ltd. Hemkunth Industrial Resources Ltd. Ltd.Heddle Knowledge Pvt. Hemkunt Promoters Pvt. Heera Construction Co. Heilgers Pvt. Henkel Marketing India Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Helmet Traders Ltd. Hemant Tools Pvt. Hemalatha Textiles Ltd. Hemadri Cements Ltd. [merged] Hera Realcon Pvt. Ltd. Heera Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Henkel India Ltd. Hem Securities Ltd. Ltd. Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd. Hemkunt Timbers Ltd. Ltd. Hemshila Properties Ltd.

Heritage Finlease Ltd. Hester Biosciences Ltd. Hexaware Infosystems Ltd. Hermes Travel & Cargo Pvt. Hi-tech Agro Plantation Ltd. Heritage Foods (india) Ltd. Ltd. Hexagon Engineers Ltd. Hero Motors Ltd. Hercules Hoists Ltd. Heritage Laboratories Pvt. Hi-class Developers Pvt. Heritage Finance Ltd. Hertz Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Herbicides (india) Ltd. Hero Cycles Ltd. Hero Management Service Ltd. Ltd. Herbert Holdings Ltd. Hewlett-packard Globalsoft Pvt. Herman Milkfoods Ltd. Hermes Commerce Ltd. Hexone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Hetero Drugs Ltd. Heritage Housing Finance Ltd. Hero Motocorp Ltd. Hexaware Technologies Ltd. Hi-klass Trading & Investment Ltd. Ltd. Hi-choice Infracon Ltd. Ltd.Herald Commerce Ltd. Heynen India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Heritage Foods Retail Ltd. Hi-damp Industrial Mountings Ltd. Hero Financial Services Limited Hero Financial Services Ltd. Hero Chassis Systems Pvt. Hi-class Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Hi Tech Tele Access Services Ltd. Herbo Effect India Ltd. Hewlett-packard (india) Software Operation Pvt. Ltd. Hero Fincorp Ltd. . Heramba Holdings Pvt. Hi-rel Components (india) Ltd. Hexa Securities & Finance Co. Ltd. Herbertsons Ltd.

Hightemp Techmat Pvt. Highbar Technologies Ltd. High Technology Transmission Systems (india) Pvt. Hightemp Furnaces Ltd. Ltd. High Range Breweries Ltd. . Ltd. Hi-tech Drugs Ltd. Hico Products Ltd. Hiflon India Ltd. Highland Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Highland Industries Ltd. [merged] High Street Filatex Ltd. Hi-tech Gears Ltd. [merged] Hiemo Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Hifco Growth Ltd. Hifly Footwears Ltd. Ltd. Hi-tech Rock Products & Aggregates Ltd. Hifunda Ltd. Hidrive Finance Ltd. Hicks Thermometers (india) Ltd. Hi-tech Pipes Ltd. Hifazat Chemicals Ltd. Highland Meadows Pvt. Hi-tech Elastomers Ltd. High-tech Lime Products Ltd. Hickson & Dadajee Pvt. High Energy Batteries (india) Ltd. Hics Cements Ltd. Highland Produce Co. Hi-tech Telecom Ltd.Hi-tech Arai Ltd. High Ground Enterprise Ltd. Highway Industries Ltd. Ltd. Higashimaru Feeds (india) Ltd. Highstreet Cruises & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. High Gates Hotel Pvt. Hi-tech Electrothermics & Hydro Power Ltd. High Quality Steels Ltd. Ltd. Highgates Hotel Pvt. High Class Projects Ltd. Hi-tech Winding Systems Ltd. Hi-tech Laboratories Ltd. Hi-tech Brake Linings (india) Ltd. Ltd. Hi-tek Plastics Ltd.

Hillock Agro Foods (india) Ltd. Himalaya Granites Ltd. Hikal Ltd. Himachal Pradesh Financial Corpn. Hilton Finance Ltd. Hilltone Software & Gases Ltd. Devp. Corpn. Corpn. Ltd. Himachal Asbestos Cements Ltd. Himalyan Financial Services Ltd. Him Containers Ltd. Hilton Rubbers Ltd. Ltd. Hilton Intermediates Ltd. Himani Ltd. Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Himachal Pradesh State Indl. Hillcrest Investments (alpha) Pvt. Ltd. Himachal Telematics Ltd.Hiha Finance & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Himadri Industries Ltd. Himachal Tubes & Wires Ltd. Hilton Metal Forging Ltd. Himadri Credit & Finance Ltd. [merged] Himachal Textile Park Ltd. Himachal Fine Blank Ltd. Himachal Pradesh State Civil Supplies Corpn. Himalchuli Food Products Ltd. Himachal Sorang Power Pvt. Himalayan Wool Combers Ltd. Himalaya House Co. Himachal Fibres Ltd. Hill Rock Construction Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Himanshu Flour Mills Ltd. Hilton Trading Co. Hill Properties Ltd. Himagiri Greenfields Pvt. Hilman Capital Finance Ltd. Himagiri Bio-tech Pvt. Hillmens Agro (india) Ltd. Ltd. Himalya International Ltd. Himadri Chemicals & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Himachal Pradesh Road & Other Infrastructure Devp. Himalyan Expressway Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Him Ispat Ltd. Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd. .

Ltd. Hind Agro Oils Ltd. Hind Ispat Ltd. . Himland Finance & Leasing Ltd. Hind C-bay Webtech Ltd. Ltd. Hind Aqua Agro Farms Ltd. [merged] Himec India Ltd. Hind Aluminium Inds. Hind Finance Inds. Himatsingka Motor Works Ltd. Hind Shares & Stocks Ltd.Himatsingka Auto Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Hind Matches Pvt. Ltd. Himtal Hydro Power Co. Hincon Holdings Ltd. Hind Agri Properties Ltd. Hind Lamps Ltd. Hind Industries Ltd. Himco (india) Ltd. Hincon Finance Ltd. Hinafil India Ltd. Pvt. Hind Lever Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hind Filters Ltd. Himshikhar Investment Ltd. Himgiri Dynamics Ltd. Himatsingka Wovens Pvt. Hind Motors (india) Ltd. Hind Agro Inds. Himtubes Ltd. Hind Comtel Ltd. Hind Syntex Ltd. Hind Condensor Ltd. Ltd. Hind Musafir Agency Pvt. Hind Industrial Resources Ltd. Himgiri Foods Ltd. Himatsingka Seide Ltd. Hind Electrical & General Inds. Hind Leasing & Finance Ltd. Hind Securities & Credits Ltd. Himedia Laboratories Pvt. Hincon Technoconsult Ltd. & Invst. Himgiri Fincap Ltd. Hind Commerce Ltd. Ltd. Hind Rectifiers Ltd.

Hinduja Group India Ltd. Hindustan Aqua Ltd. Hindustan Agro Chemicals Ltd. Hinduja National Power Corpn. Co. Hindustan Adhesives Ltd. Hindustan Commercial Co. Ltd. Hindalco Almex Aerospace Ltd. . Hindustan Cables Ltd. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd. Hinduja Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. Hindlever Trust Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Colas Ltd. Hindustan Breweries & Bottling Ltd. Hindustan Commercial Investment Trust Ltd. Hinduja Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Allied Chemicals Ltd. Hinduja Infrastructure Ltd. Hindustan Appliances Ltd. Hindustan Biotech Ltd. Hinduja Realty Pvt. Hindustan Agrigenetics Ltd. Ltd. Hindon River Mills Ltd. Hindustan Composites Ltd. Hinduja Realty Ventures Ltd. Mills Ltd. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Hinduja Outsourcing Solutions India Pvt. Pvt. Hindustan Auto Finance Ltd. Hinduja Properties Ltd. Hindustan Ceramics Ltd. Hindustan Cargo Ltd. Hindustan Aegis L P G Ltd. Hindoostan Mills Ltd. Hinduja Foundries Ltd.Hind Wire Inds. Hindustan Coca-cola Mktg. Hindustan Compressors Ltd. [merged] Hinduja Estates Pvt. Hindon Mercantile Limited Hindon Mercantile Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hindalco Industries Ltd. Hindoostan Spinning & Wvg.

Hindustan Copper Ltd. Hindustan Financial Management Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Hindustan Diamond Co. Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Hindustan Photo Films Mfg. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd. Hindustan Flavours & Fragrances (international) Ltd. Hindustan Newsprint Ltd. Hindustan Gum & Chemicals Ltd. Hindustan Fluorocarbons Ltd. Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Hindustan Magnetics Ltd. Hindustan Motors Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan General Inds. Hindustan Maize Products Ltd. Hindustan Polyamides & Fibres Ltd. Ltd. (bombay) Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd. Hindustan Needle Bearings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd. Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Paper Corpn. Hindustan Dorr-oliver Ltd. Hindustan Nitroproducts Gujarat Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Fibres Ltd. Hindustan Domestic Oil & Gas Co. Ltd. Hindustan Insecticides Ltd. Hindustan Cotex Exports Ltd. . Hindustan Packaging Co. Hindustan Motor Finance Corpn. Ltd. Hindustan Klockner Switchgear Ltd.Hindustan Construction Co. Hindustan Leasing Ltd. Hindustan Finstock Ltd. Hindustan Max-gb Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Mineral Products Co. Hindustan Oxygen Gas Co. Hindustan Foods Ltd. Hindustan Housing Co. Hindustan Industrial Chemicals Ltd. Hindustan Ferro & Inds. Hindustan Powergen Ltd. Hindustan Fertilizer Corpn.

Ltd. Hindusthan Business Corpn. Hindusthan Mercantile Bank Ltd. Hindustan Salts Ltd. Hindustan Research Health Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Steelworks Construction Ltd. Hingir Rampur Coal Co. Hindusthan Safety Glass Works Pvt. . Hindware Home Retail Pvt. Hindusthan Chemical Works Ltd. Ltd. Hindusthan Malleable & Forgings Ltd. Hindustan Unilever Field Services Pvt. Hindusthan Vidyut Products Ltd. Ltd. Hindusthan Credit Capital Ltd. Hindustan Prefab Ltd. Hindustan Shipyard Ltd. Hindustan Tin Works Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Vacuum Glass Pvt. Hindusthan Consultancy & Services Ltd. Hindustan Wire Products Ltd. Ltd. Hindusthan Heavy Chemicals Ltd. Hindusthan Tea & Trading Co. Ltd. Hindustan Times Ltd. Hindustan Vegetable Oils Corpn. Hindustan Wires Ltd. Hindustan Sports Club Ltd. Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Hindusthan Capital Markets Ltd. Hindustan Transmission Products Ltd. Hindustan Spirits Ltd. Hindustan Remedies Ltd. Hindusthan Equity Fund Ltd. [merged] Hindusthan Ice & Cold Storage Co. Hindusthan National Glass & Inds. Ltd. Hindustan Unilever Ltd.Hindustan Powerplus Ltd. Hindustan Thompson Associates Pvt. Ltd. Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. Hindustan Tools & Forgings Ltd. Hindusthan Engineering & Inds. Hindustan Studies & Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hindustan Thermal Power Generation Ltd. Hindusthan Udyog Ltd. Hindustan Storage & Distribution Co.

Hitech Plast Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hittco Tools Ltd. Ltd. Hitachi Metglas (india) Pvt. Pvt. Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd. Hitkari China Ltd. Hitek Industries Ltd. Hira Steels Ltd. Hoare Miller & Co. Hitech Drilling Services India Ltd. Hiren Aluminium Ltd. Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. Hirakud Rolling Mill Ltd.Hipolin Ltd. Holtex Engineering Co. Hoffland Investments Ltd. Hitachi Consulting Software Services India Ltd. Hirajuli Tea Co. Hirakund Power Co. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Hitech Dwellers Pvt. Hold & Grow Benefit Funds Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Holistic Beauty Care Ltd. Ltd. Holiac Realty Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hirkani Properties Pvt. Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd. Holman-climax Mfg. Hoganas India Ltd. Hitkari Multifilters Ltd. Hitkari Finvest Pvt. Hiresh Builders Pvt. Hiralal Printing Works Ltd. Hitkari Industries Ltd. Hirakud Industrial Works Ltd. Hisar Metal Inds. Holista Tranzworld Ltd. Hole-in-the Wall Education Ltd. Hiran Orgochem Ltd. Hobby Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd. Hitechi Jewellery Inds. Hitesh Textile Mills Ltd. Hitachi Home & Life Solutions (india) Ltd. Hira Automobiles Ltd. Ltd. . Holtzman Systems Ltd. Holtec Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Horus Pharma India Ltd. Homefinders Housing Ltd. Co. Hotel Crystal Palace (cochin) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corpn. Honda Siel Power Products Ltd. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (pvt. Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. Hooghly Dock & Port Engineers Ltd. Ltd. . [merged] Honavar Electrodes Ltd. Hotel Chandra Towers Ltd. Hope Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Hooghly Building & Invst. Hooseini Co-operative Credit Socy. Hometrail Buildtech Pvt. Hooghly Flour Mills Co.Holy Redeemer's Finance Co. Horizon Investment Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Hooghly Mills Co. Ltd. Honeywell Electrical Devices & Systems India Ltd. Hooghly Printing Co. Hotel Corpn. Hosur Chemicals Ltd. Hooghly Met Coke & Power Co. Hospitality Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Hooghly Mills Projects Ltd. Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Honeywell Equity Services Ltd. Homefinders Technologies Ltd. Horizon Country Wide Logistics Ltd. Of India Ltd. Honeysuckle Properties Pvt. Hope Textiles Ltd. Horizon Multi Projects Ltd. Honda R & D (india) Pvt. Ltd. Hotel Banjara Ltd. Hometrust Housing Finance Co. Horizon Infrastructure Ltd. Hope Consultants Ltd. Home Trade Ltd. Ltd.) Ltd. Hometrail Estate Pvt. Ltd. Hooghly Ship Breakers Ltd. Home Solutions Retail (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Hoop Retail Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Hoograjuli (assam) Tea Co.

Hotel Excelsior Ltd.
Hotel Krishna International (india) Ltd.
Hotel Leelaventure Ltd.
Hotel Periyar Ltd.
Hotel Rugby Ltd.
Hotel Shrilekha Ltd.
Hotel Sree Krishna Ltd. [merged]
Hotels & Motels Pvt. Ltd.
Hotline Glass Ltd.
Hotline Teletube & Components Ltd.
Hots Securities Ltd.
Hotz Industries Ltd.
Houghton Hardcastle (i) Ltd.
House Full Intl. Ltd.
House Of Pearl Fashions Ltd.
Housing & Urban Development Corpn. Ltd.
Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd.
Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd.
Howard Hotels Ltd.
Howrah Gases Ltd.
Howrah Manufacturers Assn.
Howrah Mills Co. Ltd.
Howrah Motor Co. Ltd.
Hoysala Blow Moulders (india) Ltd.
Hub Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Hubli Electricity Supply Co. Ltd.
Hubtown Ltd.
Hughes & Hughes Chem Ltd.
Hukamchand Mills Ltd.
Hukumchand Jute & Inds. Ltd. [merged]
Hulda Properties & Trades Ltd.
Huldibari Industries & Plantation Co. Ltd.
Huma Poly Plast Ltd.
Humanware Integrated Systems Ltd.
Humboldt Wedag India Pvt. Ltd.
Hundalani Finance & Leasing Co. Ltd.
Hunsur Plywood Works Pvt. Ltd.
Huntervalley Coal Pvt. Ltd.
Hutti Gold Mines Co. Ltd.
Hwaseung Materials (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Hwashin Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.
Hy-grade Pellets Ltd. [merged]
Hy-growth Finance Ltd.

Hybrid Financial Services Ltd.
Hyderabaad Tulaman Ltd.
Hyderabad Airport Security Services Ltd.
Hyderabad Allwyn Ltd. [merged]
Hyderabad Chemical Products Ltd.
Hyderabad Chemicals Ltd.
Hyderabad Connectronics Ltd.
Hyderabad Distilleries & Wineries Ltd.
Hyderabad Flextech Ltd. [merged]
Hyderabad Gems S E Z Ltd.
Hyderabad Industries Ltd.
Hyderabad Information Technology Venture Enterprises Ltd.
Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Ltd.
Hyderabad Lamps Ltd.
Hyderabad Menzies Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd.
Hyderabad Roller Flour Mills Co. Ltd.
Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd.
Hyderabad-yadgiri Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
Hydragen Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
Hydro S & S Inds. Ltd.
Hydroflex Equipments Ltd.
Hydromet (india) Ltd.
Hydron Enviro Systems Ltd.
Hypercity Retail (india) Ltd.
Hypersoft Technologies Ltd.
Hypersonic Investment Ltd.
Hyquest Capital Services Ltd.
Hytaisun Magnetics Ltd.
Hytone Texstyles Ltd.
Hyundai Motor India Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
Hyundai Power Products Ltd.
Hyva (india) Pvt. Ltd.
I A & I C Chem Pvt. Ltd.
I A & I C Pvt. Ltd.
I A E C Boilers Ltd.
I A E C India Ltd.
I A E C Industries Madras Ltd.
I A G Co. Ltd.
I A I Industries Ltd.
I A L Airport Services Ltd.
I A L Construction & Agri Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

I A L Container Line (india) Ltd.
I A L Shipping Agencies (calcutta) Ltd.
I A L Shipping Agencies (chennai) Ltd.
I A L Shipping Agencies (kandla) Ltd.
I A L Shipping Agencies (kochi) Ltd.
I A L Shipping Agencies (mumbai) Ltd.
I A L Shipping Agencies (new Delhi) Ltd.
I B C Ltd.
I B I Chematur (engg. & Consultancy) Ltd.
I B Industries Ltd. [merged]
I B Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
I B M Business Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
I B M Daksh Business Process Services Pvt. Ltd.
I B M Global Services India Pvt. Ltd.
I B P Co. Ltd. [merged]
I C B Contractors Pvt. Ltd.
I C B I (india) Pvt. Ltd.
I C C International Agencies Ltd.
I C C Investment & Finance Consultants Ltd.
I C D S Ltd.
I C D S Securities Ltd.
I C E M Engineering Co. Ltd.
I C E S Software Ltd.
I C I C I Bank Ltd.
I C I C I Capital Services Ltd. [merged]
I C I C I Home Finance Co. Ltd.
I C I C I Investment Mgmt. Co. Ltd.
I C I C I Kinfra Ltd.
I C I C I Ltd. [merged]
I C I C I Personal Financial Services Ltd. [merged]
I C I C I Prudential Asset Mgmt. Co. Ltd.
I C I C I Prudential Trust Ltd.
I C I C I Securities Ltd.
I C I C I Securities Primary Dealership Ltd.
I C I C I Trusteeship Services Ltd.
I C I C I Venture Funds Mgmt. Co. Ltd.
I C I C I Web Trade Ltd. [merged]
I C I S Commodities Ltd.
I C L Financial Services Ltd.
I C L Foundries Ltd. [merged]
I C L International Ltd.
I C L Securities Ltd.
I C L Shipping Ltd.

I C L Steels (haryana) Ltd.
I C L Sugars Ltd.
I C L Towers Ltd.
I C M C Corporation Ltd.
I C P Securities Ltd.
I C R A Ltd.
I C R A Management Consulting Services Ltd.
I C R A Online Ltd.
I C R A Techno Analytics Ltd.
I C S A (india) Ltd.
I C Textiles Ltd.
I D B I Bank Ltd.
I D B I Bank Ltd. [merged]
I D B I Capital Market Services Ltd.
I D B I Gilts Ltd. [merged]
I D B I Homefinance Ltd. [merged]
I D B I Intech Ltd.
I D B I Trusteeship Sevices Ltd.
I D F C Amc Trustee Co. Ltd.
I D F C Asset Mgmt. Co. Ltd.
I D F C Capital Ltd.
I D F C Distribution Co. Ltd.
I D F C Finance Ltd.
I D F C Investment Advisors Ltd.
I D F C Pension Fund Mgmt. Co. Ltd.
I D F C Ppp Trusteeship Co. Ltd.
I D F C Private Equity Co. Ltd.
I D F C Project Equity Co. Ltd.
I D F C Projects Ltd.
I D F C Securities Ltd.
I D F C Trustee Co. Ltd.
I D L Buildware Ltd.
I D L Salzbau (india) Ltd. [merged]
I D L Speciality Chemicals Ltd.
I D M C Ltd.
I D P L (tamil Nadu) Ltd.
I E C Education & Infrastructure Ltd.
I E C Education Ltd.
I E C Fabchem Ltd.
I E C Info Telecommunication (india) Ltd.
I E C Learning & Mgmt. Ltd.
I E C Leasing & Capital Mgmt. Ltd.
I E C Saf Infotech Ltd.

I E C Sprinkler Inds. (india) Ltd.
I F B Agro Inds. Ltd.
I F B Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
I F B Finance Ltd.
I F B Global Ltd.
I F B Industries Ltd.
I F B Venture Capital Finance Ltd.
I F C I Factors Ltd.
I F C I Financial Services Ltd.
I F C I Infrastructure Devp. Ltd.
I F C I Ltd.
I F C I Venture Capital Funds Ltd.
I F G L Refractories Ltd.
I F L Promoters Ltd.
I F M Impex Global Ltd.
I F S L Ltd.
I G C Foils Ltd.
I G E (india) Ltd.
I G F T Ltd.
I G H Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
I G L Finance Ltd.
I G Petrochemicals Ltd.
I H H R Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
I H P Finvest Ltd.
I I F L Capital Ltd.
I I F L Energy Ltd.
I I F L Realty Ltd.
I I F L Wealth Mgmt. Ltd.
I I M L Asset Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
I I S C O Ujjain Pipe & Foundry Co. Ltd. [erstwhile]
I I T Corporate Services Ltd.
I I T Insurance Broking & Risk Mgmt. Pvt. Ltd.
I I T Investrust Ltd.
I I T L Projects Ltd.
I I T Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
I J M (india) Geotechniques Pvt. Ltd.
I J M (india) Infrastructure Ltd.
I J M Lingamaneni Township Pvt. Ltd.
I K F Finance Ltd.
I K F Green Fuel Ltd.
I K F Technologies Ltd.
I L & F S Asian Infrastructure Managers Ltd.
I L & F S Cluster Devp. Initiative Ltd.

I L & F S Ecosmart Ltd.
I L & F S Education & Technology Services Ltd.
I L & F S Engg. & Construction Co. Ltd.
I L & F S Environmental Infrastructure & Services Ltd.
I L & F S Financial Services Ltd.
I L & F S Infrastructure Devp. Corpn. Ltd.
I L & F S Investment Managers Ltd.
I L & F S Merchant Banking Services Ltd. [merged]
I L & F S Paradip Refinery Water Ltd.
I L & F S Property Mgmt. & Services Ltd.
I L & F S Securities Services Ltd.
I L & F S Technologies Ltd.
I L & F S Transportation Networks Ltd.
I L & F S Trust Co. Ltd.
I L & F S Urban Infrastructure Managers Ltd.
I L & F S Water Ltd.
I L & F S Wind Farms Ltd.
I L A C Ltd.
I M A-p G India Pvt. Ltd.
I M C Finance Ltd.
I M C Ltd.
I M Gears Pvt. Ltd.
I M K Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
I M P Powers Ltd.
I Media Corp Ltd.
I N G Bank N V
I N G Investment Management (india) Pvt. Ltd.
I N G Vysya Bank Ltd.
I N G Vysya Financial Services Ltd.
I N Investment Pvt. Ltd.
I N L Software Trading Pvt. Ltd.
I O L Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
I O L Netcom Ltd.
I O System Ltd.
I O T Anwesha Engg. & Construction Ltd.
I O T Cuddalore Construction & Terminalling Ltd.
I O T Design & Engg. Ltd.
I O T Engg. Projects Ltd.
I O T Infrastructure & Energy Services Ltd.
I O T Utkal Energy Services Ltd.
I P Fonline Ltd.
I P I Steel Ltd.
I P I-s P Cement Co. Ltd.

I P L Lanka Ltd.
I P Pins & Liners Ltd.
I P Power Cylinder Systems Ltd.
I P Rings Ltd.
I P S R Solutions Ltd.
I Power Solutions India Ltd.
I Q F Foods Ltd.
I Q Infotech Ltd.
I Q U Power Co. Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Goa Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Infrastructure Developers Ltd.
I R B Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Jaipur Deoli Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Kolhapur Integrated Road Devp. Co. Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Pathankot Amritsar Toll Road Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Sindhudurg Airport Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Surat Dahisar Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
I R B Talegaon Amravati Tollway Pvt. Ltd.
I R C Worldwide Couriers Ltd.
I S C Udyog Ltd.
I S E Securities & Services Ltd.
I S F Ltd.
I S G Novasoft Technologies Ltd.
I S G Traders Ltd.
I S L Consulting Ltd.
I S M T Ltd.
I S P L Industries Ltd.
I S S Hicare Ltd.
I S T Ltd.
I S T Steel & Power Ltd.
I T & T Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
I T & T Learning Solutions Ltd.
I T A G Business Solutions Ltd.
I T A I Investment Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
I T C Bhadrachalam Finance & Invst. Ltd.
I T C Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd. [merged]
I T C Classic Finance Ltd. [merged]
I T C Filtrona Ltd.
I T C Hotels Ltd. [merged]
I T C Infotech India Ltd.
I T C Ltd.
I T Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.
I T Citi Info Park Pvt. Ltd.

I T D Cementation India Ltd.
I T D Cementation Projects India Ltd.
I T D L Imagetec Ltd.
I T Expressway Ltd.
I T G Solutions Ltd.
I T H Finance Ltd.
I T I Capital Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
I T I Financial Services Ltd.
I T I Investor Services Ltd.
I T I Ltd.
I T I Securities Ltd.
I T I Wealth Mgmt. Pvt. Ltd.
I T Integrated Solutions Ltd.
I T L Finlease & Securities Ltd.
I T L Industries Ltd.
I T L Plastic Products Ltd.
I T L Sat-net Global Ltd.
I T M Digital Pvt. Ltd.
I T M Edutech (india) Ltd.
I T N L Enso Rail Systems Ltd.
I T N L Road Infrastructure Devp. Co. Ltd.
I T N L Toll Mgmt. Services Ltd.
I T P Ltd.
I T Secure Software Pvt. Ltd.
I T V Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd.
I T W India Ltd.
I U P Jindal Metals & Alloys Ltd.
I V P Ltd.
I V R C L Assets & Holdings Ltd.
I V R C L Building Products Ltd.
I V R C L Ltd.
I V R C L Mega Malls Ltd.
I V R C L Psc Pipes Pvt. Ltd.
I V R C L Steel Construction & Services Ltd.
I V R C L Tlt Pvt. Ltd.
I V R C L Water Infrastructures Ltd. [merged]
I V R Enviro Projects Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Hotels & Resorts Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (adayar) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (alwarpet) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (amalapuram) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (anakapalle) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (ananthapuram) Pvt. Ltd.

I V R Prime Developers (anna Nagar) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (araku) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (arumbakkam) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (ashram) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (avadi) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (bhimavaram) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (bobbili) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (egmore) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (erode) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (guindy) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (gummidipundi) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (guntur) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (kakinada) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (kodambakkam) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (mylapore) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (nellore) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (palakkad) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (perambadur) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (pudukkottai) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (rajahmundry) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (rajampeta) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (red Hills) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (retiral Homes) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (tambaram) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (tanuku) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (thandiarpet) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (tuni) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Prime Developers (west Mambalam) Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Pudl Resorts & Clubs Pvt. Ltd.
I V R Strategic Resources & Services Ltd. [merged]
I V R Vaanaprastha Pvt. Ltd.
I W L India Ltd.
I-con Industries Ltd.
I-design Engineering Solutions Ltd.
I-land Informatics Ltd.
I-ven Interactive Ltd. [merged]
Ibiza Industries Ltd.
Ibn18 Media & Software Ltd. [merged]
Ibulls Sales Ltd.
Ican Investments Ltd.
Iccha Shakti Builders Ltd.
Iccon Oil & Specialities Ltd.
Ichalkaranji Soya Ltd.

Ichchha Shakti Constructions & Invest Ltd.
Icicon Electronics India Ltd.
Icomm Energy Ltd.
Icomm Tele Ltd.
Icon Biopharma & Healthcare Ltd.
Icon Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Icon Integrated Inds. & Software Ltd.
Iconic Realtors Ltd.
Icpa Health Products Ltd.
Idaa Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Idcol Ferro Chrome & Alloys Ltd.
Idcol Kalinga Iron Works Ltd.
Idea Cellular Infrastructure Services Ltd.
Idea Cellular Ltd.
Idea Cellular Services Ltd.
Idea Cellular Towers Infrastructure Ltd.
Idea Mobile Commerce Services Ltd.
Idea Mobile Communications Ltd. [merged]
Idea2enterprises (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Ideal Auto Credit Ltd.
Ideal Cables Pvt. Ltd.
Ideal Carpets Ltd.
Ideal Hotels & Inds. Ltd.
Ideal Optics Ltd.
Ideal Road Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Ideaspace Solutions Ltd.
Idhayam Hospitals Erode Ltd.
Idika Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Iditri City Homes Lakhmpur Pvt. Ltd.
Idma Laboratories Ltd.
Idol Textiles Ltd.
Idream Film Infrastructure Co. Ltd.
Ifin Credit Ltd.
Ifiunik Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Iftex Oil & Chemicals Ltd.
Igarashi Motors India Ltd.
Igate Global Solutions Ltd.
Iggi Highway Motels Ltd.
Iggi Resorts International Ltd.
Ihsedu Agrochem Pvt. Ltd.
Ihsedu Coreagri Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ihsedu Itoh Green Chemicals Mktg. Pvt. Ltd.
Ihsedu Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd.
Il Power Electronics Ltd.
Ila Electricals Ltd.
Ilavampedu Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Imatek Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Imcola (exports) Ltd.
Imerys Ceramics (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Imkemex India Ltd.
Imkemex International Ltd.
Imomentum Technologies Ltd.
Impact Capital & Financial Services Ltd.
Impact Merchandising Pvt. Ltd.
Impala Distillery & Brewery Ltd.
Impel Forge & Allied Industries Ltd.
Imperial Auto Inds. Ltd.
Imperial Auto Nylon Tubing Ltd.
Imperial Consultants & Securities Pvt. Ltd.
Imperial Dyeing Ltd.
Imperial Exports Ltd.
Imperial Hospital & Research Centre Ltd.
Imperial Rubber Ltd.
Impex Ferro Tech Ltd.
Impex Services Ltd.
Imprint Packaging & Prtg. Ltd.
In Entertainment (india) Ltd.
In House Productions Ltd.
In2cable India Ltd.
Inalsa Appliances Ltd.
Inani Commodities & Finance Ltd.
Inani Marbles & Inds. Ltd.
Inani Securities Ltd.
Inarco Ltd.
Incab Industries Ltd.
Incap Financial Services Ltd.
Incap Insulators Pvt. Ltd.
Incap Ltd.
Incon Engineers Ltd.
Incorporated Engineers Ltd.
Ind Bank Housing Ltd.
Ind Ltd.
Ind Synergy Ltd.
Ind Tra Deco Ltd.
Ind-agiv Commerce Ltd.

Ind-barath Commodities Ltd.
Ind-barath Energies (maharashtra) Ltd.
Ind-barath Energies (thoothukkudi) Ltd.
Ind-barath Energies Ltd.
Ind-barath Energy (utkal) Ltd.
Ind-barath Power (cuddalore) Ltd.
Ind-barath Power (konkan) Ltd.
Ind-barath Power (madras) Ltd.
Ind-barath Power Gencom Ltd.
Ind-barath Power Infra Ltd.
Ind-barath Thermal Power Ltd.
Ind-euro Pharma Ltd.
Ind-ital Chemicals Ltd.
Ind-swift Laboratories Ltd.
Ind-swift Ltd.
Indabrator Ltd. [merged]
Indag Products Ltd.
Indag Rubber Ltd.
Indage Hotels Ltd.
Indage Restaurants & Leisure Ltd.
Indage Vintners Ltd.
Indagro Foods Ltd.
Indal Exports Ltd.
Indana Spices & Food Inds. Ltd.
Indarma Prime Inds. Ltd.
Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.
Indchem A T L Ltd.
Indchem Communications Ltd.
Indchem Software Technologies (india) Ltd.
Indchem Software Technologies Ltd.
Indcon Polymech Ltd.
Indcon Projects Ltd.
Inde Graniti Inds. Ltd.
Indecomal Exports Ltd.
Indeen Alloys Ltd.
Indef Marketing Services Ltd. [merged]
Indequip Chemdyes Pvt. Ltd.
Indequip Ltd.
Indergiri Finance Ltd.
Inderlok Buildwell Ltd.
Indesca Commercial Ltd.
Indfos Industries Ltd.
Indfrag Ltd.

Ltd. India Ener-gen Ltd. India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. India Firebricks & Insulation Co. India Emerging Companies Invst. Ltd. India Ceroils Ltd. India Finance Ltd. India E-commerce Ltd. India Advantage Securities Ltd. India Cements Ltd. India By Design Technologies Ltd. India Infoline Insurance Brokers Ltd. India Chapter Of International Advertising Assn. India Cements Invst. . India Index Services & Products Ltd. India Castor Ltd. India Gammachim Ltd. India Comnet Intl. India Cements Capital Ltd. India Infoline Commodities Ltd. Ltd. India Containers Ltd. India Fintrade Ltd. India Development & Construction Venture Capital Pvt. [merged] India Forge & Drop Stampings Ltd. Ltd. India Denim Ltd. India Home Loans Ltd. India Capital Markets Pvt. Pvt. India Fincap Ltd. Services Ltd. Ltd. India Envelopes Ltd. India Book Distributors (bombay) Ltd. [merged] India Ethanol & Sugar Ltd. India Glycols Ltd. India Coffee & Tea Distributing Co. India Equipment Leasing Ltd. India Exposition Mart Ltd. India General Trading Co. India Housing Finance & Devp. India Carbon Ltd. India Dairy Products Ltd. Ltd. India Broking Ltd.Indfund Management Ltd. India Infoline Housing Finance Ltd. India Foils Ltd. India Infoline Distribution Co.

India Infoline Ltd. India Motor Parts & Accessories Ltd. [merged] India Polyspin Ltd. India Techs Ltd. India Infoline Media & Research Services Ltd. India Telecom Infra Ltd. India Precision Bearing Mfrs. India Infraspace Ltd. India Linoleums Ltd. Ltd. India Pistons Ltd. [merged] India International Airways Ltd. India Securities Ltd. India Infoline Mktg. Ltd. . [merged] India Publicity Co. India Safety Vaults Ltd. India Infoline Invst. [merged] India Steel Works Ltd. Services Ltd. India Radiators Ltd. India Steamship Co. Ltd. [merged] India Infoline Trustee Co. Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. India S M E Asset Reconstruction Co. India Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd. India Infoline Securities Pvt. India Texfab Mktg. Ltd. Ltd. India Software Labs Pvt. India Trade Promotion Orgn.India Infoline Insurance Services Ltd. India Polyfibres Ltd. Services Ltd. India Japan Lighting Pvt. India Tourism Devp. India Lease Devp. India Infrastructure Finance Co. Ltd. Ltd. India Sugars & Refineries Ltd. (india) Ltd. India Packaging Products Pvt. Ltd. India Netexchange Ltd. India Tube Mills & Metal Inds. India Infusion Ltd. India Meters Ltd. India Jute & Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. India Rubber Ltd. India Thermit Corpn. India Nippon Electricals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. India Infrastructure Developers Ltd.

Ltd. Indiabulls Credit Services Ltd. Indiabulls Insurance Advisors Pvt. Indiabulls Venture Capital Mgmt. Ltd. Indiacom Ltd. Indiabulls Collection Agency Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd. Indiabulls Power Generation Ltd. Indiabulls Land Holdings Ltd. Indiabulls Infrastructure Devp. Indiabulls Realtech Ltd. Indiabulls Infrastructure Credit Ltd. Ltd. Indiabulls Engineering Ltd. Indiabulls Power Services Ltd. Indiabulls Brokerage Ltd. Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd. [merged] Indiabulls Power Trading Ltd. Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. Indiabulls Estate Ltd. Ltd. Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd. Indiabulls Venture Capital Trustee Co.India Vision Satellite Communications Ltd. Indiabulls Advisory Services Ltd. Ltd. Co. . Indiabulls Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Indiaco Telecom Pvt. Indiabulls Capital Services Ltd. Indiaco Health Care Pvt. Indiabulls Projects Ltd. Indiabulls Asset Mgmt. Indiabulls Hydro Electric Power Ltd. Co. Ltd. Indiabulls Securities Ltd. Indiabulls Power Distribution Ltd. Indiabulls Commodities Ltd. Indiabulls Asset Holding Co. India World Communications Ltd. India Webportal Pvt. Indiaco Ventures Ltd. Indiabulls Trustee Co. Indiabulls Commercial Estate Ltd. Indiabulls Finance Co. Ltd. Ltd. India Wind Power Ltd. Indiabulls Distribution Services Ltd. Indiabulls Power Ltd. Indiabulls Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Indian Bank Indian Base Metals Co. Indian Express Print Media Pvt. Ltd. Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-op. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Indian Autogas Co. Ltd. Pvt. Indian Express Property Pvt. Ltd. Indian Extractions Ltd. Indiagames Ltd. Indian & General Invst. Indian Bulk Drugs Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Indian Express Online Media Pvt. Indian Bright Steel Co. Indian Card Clothing Co.Indiafin Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Indian Cable Net Co. Indian Airlines Ltd. (coimbatore) Ltd. Indian Explosives Ltd. Trust Ltd. Indian Film Combine Pvt. Indian Express Business Publications Pvt. Ltd. Indian Clearing Corpn. Indian Capital Corpn. Indian Delco Pvt. Indian Cotton Mills' Federation Indian Dairy Products Ltd. Indian Express Ltd. Indian Commercial Co. Ltd. Indian Fasteners Ltd. Ltd. Indiagen Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Indian Aluminium Co. Ltd. Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd. Indian Capital & Invst. Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Indian Chillies Trading Co. . Indian Education Foundation Indian Electro Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Indiaideas. Indian Additives Ltd. Indian Charge Chrome Ltd. Indian Acrylics Ltd. Indian Express Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Indian Bullion Market Association Ltd. Indian Express Newspapers (mumbai) Ltd. Indian City Properties Ltd.

Ltd. Indian Railway Finance Corpn. Indian Hospitalities Ltd. Indian Oxides & Chemicals Ltd. Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corpn. Indian Maize & Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Indian Oil Corpn. [merged] Indian Lead Ltd. Indian Furniture Products Ltd. Indian Horizon Travel & Tours Ltd. Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance Indian Institute Of Jewellery Ltd. Indian Metals & Alloys Ltd. Indian Market Research Bureau Pvt. Indian Handicrafts Ltd. Ltd. Indian Rare Earths Ltd. Indian Marine Freight Container Mfg. Indian National Press (bombay) Ltd. Indian Infotech & Software Ltd. Indian Potash Ltd. Indian Link Chain Mfrs. Indian Iron & Steel Co. Indian Overseas Bank Indian Oxalate Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Indian Finance Guaranty Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Indian Products Ltd. Indian Green Grid Group Ltd. Ltd. Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd. [merged] Indian Plastics Ltd. Indian Oil Blending Ltd. [merged] Indian Institute Of Welding Indian International Marketing Centre Ltd. Indian Immunologicals Ltd. Indian Petrochemicals Corpn. Indian Hotels Co. Indian Food Fermentations Ltd. Indian Metals & Carbide Ltd. [merged] Indian Polyfins Ltd. Infoware Ltd. Indian Motion Picture Producers' Assn. Indian Medicines Pharmaceuticals Corp. Ltd. Indian Purchase. . Indian Magnetics Ltd. Indian Hume Pipe Co. Indian Glass & Electricals Ltd.

Indiana Engineering Works (bombay) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Indian Ropeways & Engg. Indiana Conveyors Pvt. Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd. Indian Sugar Exim Corpn. Ltd. Indian Resort Hotels Ltd. Indian Textile Agency Ltd. Ltd. Indian Seamless Financial Services Ltd.Indian Renewable Energy Devp. Pvt. Indian Roadways Corpn. Ltd. Indian Steel Corpn. [merged] Indian Seamless Metal Tubes (kalyani Seamless Tubes) Ltd. Ltd. Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd. [merged] Indian Road Construction Corpn. Indian Soap & Toiletries Makers' Association Indian Society Of Advertisers Indian Standard Metal Co. Indianivesh Ltd. Ltd. Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd. Ltd. Indian Steel S E Z Ltd. [merged] Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Indian Sulphacid Inds. Indianivesh Securities Pvt. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd. Indian Wood Products Co. [merged] Indian Seamless Power Ltd. Indiapistons-repco Ltd. Indian Steel Rolling Mills Ltd. Indian Vaccines Corpn. Indianoil-creda Biofuels Ltd. Indian Smelting & Refining Co. Indiana Gratings Pvt. Ltd. Agency Ltd. Indiana Dairy Specialities Ltd. [merged] . Indiana Ferro Alloys Ltd. Ltd. Indianoil Skytanking Ltd. Indian Transformers Co. Indian Technomac Co. Ltd. Indian Sucrose Ltd. Indianoil Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Indian Yarn Ltd. Indian School Of Business Indian Seamless Enterprises Ltd. Indiana Current Control Ltd.

Indication Instruments Ltd. Indo Euro Indchem Ltd. Indigo Investment Ltd. Indira In Finlease Ltd. Indo Biotech Foods Ltd. Indo Asia Leisure Services Ltd. Indium Software (india) Ltd. Indo Crystals Ltd. Indital Tintoria Ltd. Indo Canadian Consultancy Services Ltd. [merged] Inditalia Refcon Ltd. Indo Daein Leather Ltd. Ltd. Indo Asian Finance Ltd. . Indo Continental Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Indo Credit Capital Ltd. Ltd. Indo Amines Ltd. Indo Borax & Chemicals Ltd. Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd. Indma Credits (india) Ltd. Ltd. Indira Container Terminal Pvt. Indo Bonito Multinational Ltd. Indo Eco (india) Ltd. Indo Count Inds. Indo American Jewellery Ltd. Indlon Chemicals Ltd. Indo Colchem Ltd. Indo Britain Agro Farms Ltd. Indo Dutch Leder Ltd. [merged] Indo German Carbons Ltd. Ltd. Indo Alusys Inds. [merged] Indo Biotech Agro Products Ltd. Ltd.Indicarb Ltd. Indo Consumer Consultants Ltd. Indo Aquatics Ltd. Indo European Breweries Ltd. Indo Bloom Ltd. Indo Afrique Paper Mills Pvt. Indo Arya Central Transport Ltd. Indo Cotspin Ltd. Indo Bosch Gems & Jewellery Ltd. Indo Asahi Wire Ropes Ltd. Indo Flogates Ltd. Indo American Credit Corpn.

Indo Tech Electric Co. Ltd. Indo Korea Sports Ltd. Indo Lahari Bio Power Ltd. Indo-australian Chamber Of Commerce Indo-city Infotech Ltd. Indo-american Cement Corpn. Ltd. Indo Roses & Floriculture Ltd. [merged] Indo Gulf Fertilisers Ltd.Indo Gulf Construction Co. Ltd. Indo Unique Flame Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Indo Nissin Foods Ltd. Indo Korea Exports Ltd. Indo Lowenbrau Breweries Ltd. Indo Unique Trading Pvt. Indo Shrimps & Seeds Ltd. Indo-dutch Proteins Ltd. Indo Swiss Anti-shock Ltd. Indo Rama Textiles Ltd. Indo Slate Ltd. Indo Hokke Hotels Pvt. [merged] Indo Maxwell Ltd. [merged] Indo Tech Transformers Ltd. Indo Nippon Special Cements Ltd. Indo-american Optics Ltd. Indo Pacific Securities Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Indo Thai Securities Ltd. Indo Japan Photo Film Co. [merged] Indo Rama Synthetics (india) Ltd. Indo Power Cables Ltd. Indo Swiss Exports Ltd. Indo Pacific Housing Finance Ltd. Indo-american Advanced Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Indo Rolhard Inds. Indo Swiss Jewels Ltd. Indo-asian Projects Ltd. Indo Pacific Hotels Ltd. [merged] Indo Gulf Industries Ltd. Indo Industries Ltd. Ltd. Indo Gulf Corpn. Indo-american Chamber Of Commerce Indo-american Electricals Ltd. Indo Vanillon Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Indo Rama Petrochemicals Ltd.

Indowind Power Pvt. Indoco Capital Markets Ltd. Indo-us Mim Tec Pvt. Indore Steel & Iron Mills Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Indo-wagon Engineering Ltd. Indowind Energy Ltd. Indotrade India Ltd. Indoborax Infrastructure Pvt. Indo-italian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Indo-nippon Chemical Co. Ltd. Indoco Remedies Ltd. [merged] Indorama Software Solutions Ltd. Indoflames Petrochemicals Ltd. Indra Estate & Devp. Ltd. Indorigin Electric Ltd. Indoco Healthcare Ltd. [merged] Indokem Overseas Ltd. Indo-pacific Software & Entertainment Ltd. Indofil Industries Ltd.Indo-french Biotech Enterprises Ltd. Indorama Cement Ltd. Indo-holland Greenhouses Ltd. Indo-german Chamber Of Commerce Indo-global Spices Ltd. Ltd. Indore Exporting & Importing Co. . Indo-french Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Indo-germa Products Ltd. Indosin Ltd. Indocare Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Indo-international Fintrust Ltd. Indo-gulf Techno Projects Ltd. Indokem Exports Ltd. Indospin Filati Ltd. Indosolar Ltd. Indosol Drugs Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Indocount Securities Ltd. Indon Healthcare Ltd. Indodan Industries Ltd. Indoworth India Ltd. Indore Wire Co. Indobrij Finance Ltd. Ltd. Indokem Ltd. Indokem Ltd.

[merged] Indus International India Co. Indrayani Investment & Trading Pvt. Indus Florabase Ltd.Indra Industries Ltd. . Indus Towers Ltd. Indraprastha Steel Inds. Inducto Steel Ltd. Indrayani Biotech Ltd. Indus Technical & Financial Consultants Ltd. Indus Projects Ltd. Ltd. Indus Clothing Ltd. [merged] Indraprastha Gas Ltd. Inductocast Steel Foundry Ltd. Indraprastha Medical Corpn. Indu Nissan Oxo Chemical Inds. Indus Cultivation Ltd. Ltd. Indus Finance Corporation Ltd. Inducon India Ltd. Induri Farm Ltd. Indraprastha Power Generation Co. Indsec Securities & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Indus Networks Ltd. Indu Packaging (daman) Ltd. Indseam Services Ltd. Inductotherm (india) Pvt. Indtravels Pvt. Ltd. Indus Smelters Ltd. Indus Foods Ltd. Indus Biotherapeutics Ltd. Ltd. Indsur Global Ltd. Indsil Hydro Power & Manganese Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Indus Fila Ltd. Indsec Holdings Ltd. Indus Hotel Corpn. Ltd. Indtech Securities Ltd. Ltd. Indrad Auto Components Ltd. Indus E-solutions Ltd. Indus Securities Limited Indus Securities Ltd. Indus Drugs Ltd. Indsoya Ltd. Indu Engineering & Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Indus Credit Capital Ltd.

Ltd. Indusmin Foods Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Indusind Information Technology Ltd. Industrial Perfumes Ltd. Inference Systems Ltd. Infiniti Retail Ltd. Infinite Logistics Solutions Pvt. Industrial Investment Bank Of India Ltd. Infinity Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Industrial Energy Ltd. Mgmt. Industrial Promotion & Investment Corpn. Industrial Progressive (india) Ltd. Industrial Chemicals & Monomers Ltd. Infinity Bpo Services Pvt. Pvt. . Ineos A B S (india) Ltd. Industrial Cables (india) Ltd. Ltd. Industrial Fiscal Services Ltd. Indus Tree Crafts Pvt. Industrial Development Corpn. Indusind Enterprises & Finance Ltd. Industrial & Prudential Investment Co. Infinite Infoworld Ltd. [merged] Industrial Power Infrastructure Ltd. Infinite Infosoft Services Pvt. Industrial Venture Capital Ltd. Ltd. Indusa Information Technology Pvt. Inews. [merged] Infarm Kuthary Co. Infinite India Invst. Ltd. Inertia Steel Ltd. Indus Tubes Ltd. Infinite Infocomplex Pvt. Induss Food Products & Equipment Ltd. Ltd. Indus-league Clothing Ltd. Industry House Ltd. Infinite Computer Solutions (india) Ltd. Industrial Investment Trust Ltd. Indusind Bank Ltd. Ltd. Of Orissa Ltd. Industrial Jewels Pvt.Indus Trades & Services Ltd. Infinite Data Systems Pvt. Industrial Power Utility Ltd. Indusind Media & Communications Ltd. Ltd. Of Orissa Ltd. Industrial Township (maharashtra) Ltd.

Information Technology Park Ltd. Ltd. Inland Vikash Ltd. Inland Conware Ludhiana Pvt. Infobahn Corporation Ltd. Infotech Enterprises Ltd. Infragro Industries Ltd. Infotel Broadband Services Ltd. Infomedia 18 Ltd. Informatics (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Inmacs Ltd. Inland Printers Ltd. Infinity Infotech Parks Ltd. Infrastructure Finance Co. Infowavz International Pvt. Ltd. Ingersoll-rand (india) Ltd. Info-drive Software Ltd. Infotech Enterprises Information Technology Services Pvt. Infronics Systems Ltd. Infotel Tower Infrastructure Pvt. Infrastructures India Ltd. Infinity. Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. Information Technologies (india) Ltd. Infosys Ltd. Inmacs Management Services Ltd. Infreight Logistics Solutions Ltd. Info Edge (india) Ltd. Informed Technologies India Ltd. Inlac Granston Ltd.Infinity Finance Pvt. Infotas Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Gujarat Ltd. Injectoplast Pvt. Infra Industries Ltd. Infotech Geospatial (india) Ltd. Initiating Explosives Systems India Ltd. Infosys B P O Ltd. Inland Conware Pvt. . Infobahn Money Markets Ltd. Infotech 2000 India Ltd. Infinity Overseas Traders Ltd. Infrastructure Development Finance Co. Financial Securities Ltd. Infotech Ltd. Infinity Townships Pvt.

Innovation Software Exports Ltd. Inspec Oils Ltd. Inox Motion Pictures Ltd. Inox India Ltd. . Inspiron Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Insight Commodities & Futures Pvt. Inox Steels Ltd. Innovative Tech Pack Ltd.Inmate Consultants Pvt. Instant Trading & Investment Co. Inox Air Products Ltd. Innetwork Entertainment Ltd. Inox Wind Ltd. Inshaallah Investments Ltd. Innsoft Solutions Ltd. Innovision E-commerce Ltd. Innotech Pharma Ltd. Innvol Medical India Ltd. Ltd. Innocorp Ltd. Innovassynth Investments Ltd. Inox Mercantile Co . Ltd. Innovative Print-forms Ltd. Ltd. Innovative Finvest Ltd. Inox Leasing & Finance Ltd. Insilco Agents Ltd. Instalment Supply Ltd. Innovassynth Technologies (india) Ltd. Innovamedia Publications Ltd. Inndo Tech Anughraha Foundations Ltd. Ltd. Innovative Tyres & Tubes Ltd. Insecticides (india) Ltd. Inox Leisure Ltd. Ltd. Insight Entertainment Media Ltd. Innoventive Industries Ltd. Innovative B2b Logistics Solutions Ltd.pvt. Inorganics India Ltd. Innovative Insurance Services Ltd. Innovative Foods Ltd. Insilco Ltd. Inor Medical Products Ltd. Inox Infrastructure Pvt. Innoventive Venture Ltd. Institute Of Communications & Computers Ltd.

Intec Polymers Ltd. Insuflex Ind Pvt. Integral Knit Co. Integrated Stock Broking Services Pvt. Integra Apparels & Textiles Pvt. Integra Telecommunication & Software Ltd. Integrated Hitech Ltd. Ltd. Intechs Manufacturing Ltd. Integrated Finance Co. Instrumentation Control Valves Ltd. Integrated Rubian Exports Ltd. Integrated Thermoplastics Ltd. Integra Switchgear Ltd. Integrated Advisory Services Ltd. Ltd. Integral Investments Ltd. Integra Engineering India Ltd. Integra Capital Management Ltd. Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Intel Instruments & Systems Ltd. Integrated Waste Mgmt. Integrated Proteins Ltd. Integrated Technologies Ltd. Instrumentation Ltd. Intecon (india) Ltd. Intelenet Global Services Pvt. Ltd. & Urban Services Co. Integrated Capital Services Ltd. Integrated Organics Ltd. Integrated Data Systems Ltd. (tamilnadu) Ltd. Instrumentation Digital Control Ltd. Intec Capital Ltd. Ltd.Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India Institute Of Social Welfare & Research Instronics Ltd. Insutech Finance & Securities Ltd. Integrated Subscriber Mgmt. Intelecom Ltd. Services Ltd. Intas Pharma Ltd. Integra India Group Co. Integra Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Integrated Financial Services Ltd. Integrated Enterprises (india) Ltd. Integrated Glass Materials Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Intech International Ltd.

Intercare Limited [merged] Intercare Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Inter Gold Diamonds Pvt. Intercontinental Leasing & Finance Co. Interarch Building Products Pvt.Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd. Intercraft Ltd. Interact Leasing & Finance Ltd. Interlink Petroleum Ltd. Interactive Financial Services Ltd. Inter Plannet Exports & Constructions Ltd. Interface Communications Private Limited Interface Embedded Systems Ltd. Interface Financial Services Ltd. Intercorridor Systems Ltd. Intellvisions Software Ltd. . Intellivate Capital Ventures Ltd. Interdril (asia) Ltd. Interface Network Mktg. Intensive Air Systems Ltd. [merged] International Amusement & Infrastructures Ltd. Intense Technologies Ltd. Interlink Exports Ltd. Intergrated Digital Info Services Ltd. Interkiln Industries Ltd. Intercorp Biotech Ltd. Intelligent Technologies Ltd. [merged] Intercentre Enterprises Ltd. Inter State Oil Carrier Ltd. Ltd. International Airports Authority Of India [erstwhile] International Aluminium Products Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Interads Ltd. Ltd. Intelligent Systems India Ltd. Interactive Infonet Ltd. Intercorp Industries Ltd. Ltd. Interfit Techno Products Ltd. Inter Globe Finance Ltd. Interfit India Ltd. Interface Housing Finance Ltd. Interface Brokerage & Research Ltd. Inter Trim Linings Inds. Inter Gold (india) Pvt. Inter-connected Stock Exchange Of India Ltd.

International Auto Ltd. Ltd. International Hospital Ltd. International Ceramics Ltd. International Seaports (india) Pvt. International Digital Co. International Drug Co. International Contractors Ltd. International Diamond Services Ltd. International Steel Inds. International Bakery Products Ltd. International Lignin Products Ltd. International Tobacco Co. International Amusement Solutions Ltd. International Catalysts Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. International Health Care Products Ltd. International Country Holidays Pvt. International Housing Finance Corpn. International Development & Engg. International Coach Builders Ltd. International Foundation For Fairtrade & Devp. International Bestfoods Ltd. International Conveyors Ltd. International Components India Ltd. International Clothing Inds.International Amusement Ltd. International Electron Devices Ltd. International Securities Ltd. International Tractors Ltd. International Hometex Ltd. International Creative Foods Ltd. International Pumps & Projects Ltd. Associates Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] International Flavours & Fragrances (india) Ltd. International Data Management Ltd. International Commenter Ltd. International Seaport Dredging Ltd. Ltd. International Cars & Motors Ltd. Ltd. International Combustion (india) Ltd. International Gold Co. International Constructions Ltd. [merged] International Biotech Park Ltd. International Credits Ltd. International Resources Ltd. . Ltd. International Fisheries Ltd.

. Ltd. Investor Services Of India Ltd. Ion Exchange Finance Ltd. Co. Ltd. Inventia Healthcare Pvt. Inzi Controls India Ltd. Invicta Meditek Ltd. Intime Shipping Ltd. Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd. Intex Technologies (india) Ltd. Inwinex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Inuva Info Mgmt. Investsmart Insurance Agency Pvt. [merged] Ion Exchange Infrastructure Ltd. [merged] International Travel House Ltd. [merged] Investment & Precision Castings Ltd. Intravest (india) Ltd. (india) Ltd. Ltd. Interworld Digital Ltd. Ion Exchange (india) Ltd. Intrasoft Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Inventure Wealth Mgmt.International Trade Devp. Invesca Share Securities Ltd. Investment Trust Of India Ltd. Ltd. Investors India Ltd. Ion Aqua Membrane Ltd. Inventure Finance Pvt. Internet Exchangenext. International Travel House Explorations Ltd. Investsmart Financial Services Ltd. Iocee Exports Ltd. Inventure Commodities Ltd. Ion Exchange Enviro Farms Ltd. Inx Music Pvt. International Water Base Ltd. Intertec Technologies Ltd. Intertech Resources Ltd. Intime Spectrum Commodities Pvt. Ltd. Investors & Dealers Ltd. Invogue Furnishers & Builders Ltd. Interocean Navigation Ltd. Ioline Data Systems Ltd. Intron Ltd. Inventure Insurance Broking Pvt. Investa Ltd. Pvt.

Ltd.Ion Exchange Services (east) Ltd. Ion Exchange Services (west) Ltd. Ipsa Credit Ltd. Ltd. Irmac Services India Ltd. Iscon Surgicals Ltd. Ipolicy Networks Ltd. Irachem Ltd. Ircon International Ltd. Ltd. Ipca Traditional Remedies Pvt. Ishedu Speciality Chemicals Pvt. Iota Mtech Pvt. Ishaan Infrastructures & Shelters Ltd. Isabel Builders & Developers Pvt. Ion Exchange Services (north) Ltd. . Ishwarshakti Holdings & Traders Ltd. Ltd. Ipro Capital Ltd. Ltd. Ishu Software Ltd. Ishita Properties Ltd. Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. Isgec Engineering & Projects Ltd. Irizar T V S Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Irevna Research Services Ltd. Iron Global Ltd. Isgec Exports Ltd. [merged] Iponita Investments Pvt. Ishwar Medical Services Ltd. Ltd. Iris Smart Cards Ltd. Isgec Heavy Engg. Iris Computers Ltd. Iqbal Leathers Ltd. Ipco Paper Mills Ltd. Ircon Infrastructure & Services Ltd. Ishita Drugs & Inds. Isgec Covema Ltd. [merged] Iota Chemiculture Ltd. Ishan Resins & Paints Ltd. Ishan Properties & Invst. Ltd. Ltd. Isha Infratech Pvt. Ipca Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Iridium India Telecom Ltd. Iserv India Solutions Pvt. Ishita Cotton Inds. Ltd. Ion Exchange Speciality Chemicals Ltd.

J & J Leather Enterprises Ltd. Island Hotel Maharaj Ltd. Itfinity Solutions Pvt. Itarsi Oils & Flours Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ispat Jharkhand Steels Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ispat Parivar Finance Ltd. Ispat Metallics India Ltd. Ives Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Ispat Minerals Ltd. Co. Isolis Technologies Ltd. Ispace Developers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. .Isinox Steels Ltd. J B Daruka Papers Ltd. Ivee Injectaa Ltd. Ltd. Ispat Profiles India Ltd. Ltd. J B Advani & Co. [merged] Itspace. Itasca Software Devp. Ltd. Isuta Electronics (india) Ltd. Ivory Investment & Trading Co. Ispat Sheets Ltd. Italindian Trade & Financial Services Pvt. Ismart International Ltd. Pvt. Iskraemeco Regent Ltd. Ltd. Itel Industries Ltd. J A Finance Ltd. Iskita Traders Pvt. J B A Printing Inks Ltd. Ivan Jones Ltd. Ltd. J & B Software (india) Pvt. J B Life Science Overseas Ltd. Iykot Hitech Toolroom Ltd. J B J Infrastructure Litd. Corpn. Ltd. Ispat Energy Ltd. Ivory Properties & Hotels Pvt. J & K Mineral Devp. J B F Industries Ltd. Ismart Global Pvt. J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Isoft Technologies Ltd. Italien Jewellery Mfg. J B F Finance Ltd. Italia Ceramics Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. J H Trading & Fincap Ltd. J C Overseas Ltd. J B M Tools Ltd. Ltd. J D Electric Composer Ltd. J I C Homes Pvt. J D Motor Finance Ltd. J C B Manufacturing Ltd. [erstwhile] J C T Ltd. J H S Svendgaard Dental Care Ltd. J C B India Ltd. J B Mangharam Foods Pvt. J H S Svendgaard Hygiene Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. J B M Industries Ltd. J D Properties Ltd. J H S Svendgaard Laboratories Ltd. J C T Electricals Ltd. J C B Construction Equipment Ltd. [merged] J Bhasin Leasing Ltd.J B M Auto Ltd. J G Foundry Ltd. J D Plantations Ltd. [merged] J G Industries Ltd. J I K Industries Ltd. J I K Industries Ltd. J I T F Waterways Ltd. . J C T Fibres Ltd. J C L Pvt. J I T F Shipyards Ltd. J F C Finance (india) Ltd. J D C Leather Ltd. J B M Financial Services Ltd. J H Business (india) Pvt. J G Finance Ltd. J D Orgochem Ltd. J C C (global) Ltd. [merged] J D S Finance Co. Ltd. J C B L Ltd. J B Marketing & Finance Ltd. J H V Sugar Ltd. J F Laboratories Ltd. J G Glass Ltd. J C T Electronics Ltd. [merged] J I L Information Technology Ltd.

J K Leatherite Ltd. J K Cement (western) Ltd. J K Ansell Ltd. J K Bros Constrafin Ltd. J M D E Packaging & Realties Ltd. J K Credit & Finance Ltd. J K G Finance Ltd. J K Lakshmi Cement Ltd. J K Pharmachem Ltd. [merged] J K Agri Genetics Ltd. J K B Constructions Pvt. J L Morison (india) Ltd. J K Traders Ltd. J K M Research Farm Ltd. J L Knit (india) Ltd. J M B Commercial & Credit Ltd. J M D Alloys Ltd. J M C Projects (india) Ltd. J J Exporters Ltd. Ltd. J K Talabot Ltd. J J Finance Corpn. Pvt. J J Spectrum Silk Ltd. Ltd.J J Arts & Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. J M D Investment & Fin. J K Cement Ltd. Co. J K Investo Trade (india) Ltd. J M Assets Mgmt. J K Investment Ltd. J K M Dae Rim Automotive Ltd. J M C Mining & Quarries Ltd. J K Helene Curtis Ltd. J J Holdings Ltd. J K L'atelier Ltd. . Ltd. J J Automotive Ltd. Ltd. J K Investors (bombay) Ltd. J K Files (india) Ltd. [merged] J K M Erla Automotive Ltd. J K Tyre & Inds. J K Paper Ltd. J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. J K Sugar Ltd. J K Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. J K Satoh Agricultural Machines Ltd.

Ltd. J R G Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. J M Financial Institutional Securities Pvt. J M Real Estates Pvt. Managers Ltd. J M Financial Invst. J P Morgan Services India Pvt. J M Financial Securities Pvt. J M Financial Gilts Ltd. Ltd. J M Financial Commtrade Ltd. J N S Instruments Ltd. Pvt. India Pvt. Ltd. J N P Road Infraastructure Projects Pvt. J R D Finance Ltd. Ltd. J P T Share Services Pvt. J R G Wealth Mgmt. Ltd. J R G Fincorp Ltd. Ltd. J R Organics Ltd. J P Mobile (india) Ltd. Ltd. J R G Business Invst. J M Financial Consultants Pvt. J O P International Ltd. J R Fabricators Ltd. Ltd. J M Financial Insurance Broking Ltd. J R Finance Ltd. J M Financial Products Pvt. J P S L Marketing Ltd. J R G Insurance Broking Pvt.J M D Medicare Ltd. Ltd. J M P Castings Ltd. J R Foods Ltd. J P Morgan Asset Mgmt. Ltd. J P Iscon Ltd. Ltd. J M T Auto Ltd. J M G Corporation Ltd. Consultants Ltd. J M Financial Services Pvt. J M Financial Asset Mgmt. J Mitra & Co. . J R I Industries & Infrastructure Ltd. J P T Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.. J P Morgan Chase Bank National Association J P Morgan Securities (india) Pvt. J M D Telefilms Inds. J M Financial & Investment Consultancy Services Pvt. J M Financial Ltd. J M Financial Ventures Ltd. Ltd.

J T Telecoms Ltd. J S W Aluminium Ltd. J S C Vtb Bank J S G Leasing Ltd. J S W Jharkhand Steel Ltd. J S P Oils & Fats Ltd. Ltd. Co. J V G Leasing Ltd. J S W Jaigarh Port Ltd. J S W Ispat Steel Ltd. J S W Energy (bengal) Ltd. [merged] J S M Investments Ltd. [merged] J S W Energy (vijayanagar) Ltd.J R Power Gen Pvt. J Taparia Projects Ltd. J S W Natural Resources Ltd. J S W Power Transco Ltd. J V G Finance Ltd. J S K Bearings Ltd. J S W Building Systems Ltd. J S W Steel Processing Centres Ltd. J S W Bengal Steel Ltd. J S L Architecture Ltd. J S W Energy (raigarh) Ltd. Ltd. J S W Infrastructure & Logistics Ltd. . Ltd. J S L Media Ltd. J S L Industries Ltd. J S W Energy (ratnagiri) Ltd. J V G Housing Finance Ltd. J S L Logistics Ltd. J V G Departmental Stores Ltd. J V G Steels India Ltd. Ltd. J T International (india) Pvt. J S I Metals Ltd. J S W Natural Resources India Ltd. J S W Steel Ltd. J R Recreation Clubs & Resorts Ltd. J S L Corporate Services Ltd. J R S Projects Pvt. J S L Structures Ltd. J S B Securities Ltd. J S W Energy Ltd. J S W Power Trdg. J T L Infra Ltd.

Jagaran Microfin Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. J V L Finance & Securities Ltd. Jagannathpur Steel Ltd. Jagdambay Agri Genetics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Jagadhatri Foods Ltd. Jagatjit Industries Ltd. Ltd. Jagjanani Textiles Ltd. Jagat Agriculture & Forest Ltd. Jagdish Constructions Ltd. Jabalpur Transmission Co. Jag Investment Pvt. Jagat Chemicals Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Jagannath Textiles Co. Ltd. J V L Agro Inds. Jackard Products Ltd. Jagat Alloys Pvt. Jade Agricultural Co. Jade Food & Properties Pvt. J V R Forgings Ltd. Ltd. Jagdamba Foods Ltd. Jagatjit Sugar Mills Co.J V Gokal & Co. Ltd. [merged] Jagat Industries Ltd. Jacaranda Corporate Services Ltd. Ltd. Jagdamba Marbles Ltd. Ltd. Jabir & Company Ltd. Jagadishwar Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. Ltd. Jagatdal Jute & Inds. Jade Resorts Pvt. Jagat Trading Enterprises Ltd. Jacobs Ltd. Ltd. Jag-par Securities Ltd. Jagatjit Spirits & Wine Ltd. Jade Agri Land Pvt. Jagan Lamps Ltd. Jacobs H & G Pvt. Jafferson Leasing & Finance Ltd. Jackson Investments Ltd. Jagapati Breeders Ltd. Ltd. Jadia Pipes (india) Ltd. Jagadamba Cements Ltd. Jacqart Financial Services Ltd. J V Strips Ltd.

Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Jai Commercial Co. Jagson Airlines Ltd. Jai Corp Ltd. Jai Mata Glass Ltd. Jaguar Projects Developers Ltd. Jai Mata Inds. Jai Hind Wire Rod Mills Ltd. Ltd. Jai Durga Steel Inds. Jai Bhikshu Credit & Holdings Ltd. Jai Bhawani Steel Enterprises Ltd. Limited Jai Agro Inds. Jagson International Ltd. Jai Parabolic Springs Ltd. [merged] Jai Raj Ispat Ltd. Jagruti Synthetics Ltd. Jai Thackers Land Development Ltd. Jai Shree Agro Industries Ltd. Jai Realty Ventures Ltd. . Jahanri Trades & Finance Ltd. Jaguar Overseas Ltd. Jai Infraprojects Ltd. Jagsonpal Exports India Pvt. Ltd. Jagsonpal Finance & Leasing Ltd. Jai Goverdhan Overseas Ltd. Jai Corp Finance & Holding Ltd. Ltd. Jai Balaji Energy (purulia) Ltd. Jai Bharat Synthetics Ltd. Jai Hind Spg. Jagran Prakashan Ltd. Jai Suspension Systems Ltd. Jai Mata Foods Ltd. [merged] Jai Agro Inds. Ltd. Jagran Ltd.Jagran Finlease Ltd. Jagruti Commercial Ltd. Jai Balaji Cements Ltd. Jai Balaji Inds. Jai Mata Foundrex Ltd. Jai Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Jai Finance (india) Ltd. Mills Ltd. Jai Balaji Steels (purulia) Ltd. Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd.

Jain Tube Co. Jainco Projects (india) Ltd. Jaimurugan Textiles Ltd. Jain Housing & Constructions Hyderabad Ltd. Jaimor Ltd. [merged] . Jain Plastics & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Jain Chiquita Foods Pvt. Jaiprakash Enterprises Ltd. Jainex Metaliks Ltd. Jain Marmo Inds. Jain Sahakari Bank Ltd. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. Jaihind Permanent Fund Ltd. Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd. Jainex Aamcol Ltd. Jaihind Projects Ltd. Ltd. Jaipan Industries Ltd. Jaiho Industries Ltd. Jaihind Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. Jainpur Straw Board & Papers Ltd. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. Jainsons Corporation Ltd. [merged] Jaiprakash Overseas Finance Ltd. Jain Vanguard Polybutylene Ltd. Jaigad Power Transco Ltd. Jain Studios Ltd. Ltd. Jain Farms Palm Oil Ltd. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Jaika Motors Ltd. Jain Granites & Projects India Ltd. Jaiprakash Engineering & Steel Co. Jaidka Industries Ltd. Ltd. Jain Infraprojects Ltd. [merged] Jaiprakash Industries Ltd. Jainex Ltd. Jain Farms & Resorts Ltd. Jailaxmi Realty & Developers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Jain Processed Foods Pvt. Jain Vanijya Udyog Ltd.Jaico Steel Fasteners Ltd. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. Jain Spinners Ltd. Jain Finance & Invst.

Jalna Seed Procs. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jalashaayi Alamparathodu Hydro Power Ltd. Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Jalan Industries Pvt. Jaipur Festival City Pvt. Jaipur Polyspin Ltd. Jaipur Metals & Electricals Ltd. Jaipur Development Co. & Refr. Ltd. Ltd. Jalaram Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Jaipuria Silk Mills Pvt.Jaipriya Holdings Ltd. [merged] Jaipur Syntex Ltd. Jalan Jewellery Pvt. Jalan Jee Polytex Ltd. Ltd. Jalan Forgings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jalan Ispat Castings Ltd. Jalandhar Amritsar Tollways Ltd. Ltd. . Jajodia Industries Ltd. Jalan Con Cast Ltd. Jaksons Ltd. Jaiswal Plantations (india) Ltd. Ltd. Jaiswal Ferrous Inds. Jaipur-mahua Tollway Pvt. Jalan Carbons & Chemicals Ltd. Jaiswal Pharmachem Ltd. Jalakamal Investment & Finance Ltd. [merged] Jalakumbhi Investment & Finance Ltd. Jaipur Udyog Ltd. Jaiswal Tor Products Ltd. Jalees Commercial Ltd. Jaldhara Pumps Ltd. Jalaveg Investment & Trading Co. Jaipuria Brothers Ltd. Jalpac India Ltd. Jalan Cement Works Ltd. Jaisons Investment & Finance Ltd. Co. Jalandhar Construction Co. [merged] Jalan Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Jaisurya Financial Services Ltd. Jaiswal Velvet Inds. Jaipur Gem Bourse Ltd. Jaisha Holdings Ltd. Jal Power Corpn.

Jamirah Tea Co. Jamna Auto Inds. Janpriya Cement Ltd. Jamnagar Ratlam Pipeline Co. Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Jamnagar Properties Pvt. Ltd. Janki Textiles & Inds. Janaseva Sahakari Bank (borivli) Ltd. Ltd. Co. Jardine Housing Finlease Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Janardhan Plyboard Inds. Janardhan Trading Co. [merged] Janki Securities Ltd. Ltd. Janasevak Karjyalaya Ltd. Jansthan Vyapaar Pvt. Jampore Printers Ltd. Jambhora Energy Projects Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Janasakthi Transport Co. Janakalyan Sevashram Janakiram Mills Ltd.Jalpradeep Securities Ltd. Janak Intermediates Ltd. Jamshedpur Engineering & Machine Mfg. Jamnalal Sons Pvt. Janathacem Industries Ltd. Ltd. Janmabhoomi Chits Ltd. Jamshri Ranjitsinghji Spg. Janak Constructions Ltd. James Hotels Ltd. & Wvg. Ltd. Janice Textiles Ltd. Jamshedpur Injection Powder Ltd. Ltd. Jamshedpur Power Co. Mills Co. Ltd. Janpath Investments & Holdings Ltd. Jangla Multiple Steels Ltd. Ltd. Janakalyan Sahakari Bank Ltd. Janta Elasto Inds. Janzen Castmetals Ltd. Jamnadas Madhavji Intl. Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Co. Jamshedpur Cement Ltd. Japfa Comfeed India Pvt. Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. [merged] Jamshedpur Printing Works Ltd. Jardine Henderson Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. .

Ltd. Jatinga Tea Ltd. Jawahar Credit & Holdings Ltd. Jay Iron & Steels Inds. [merged] Jaswal Granites Ltd. Jarigold Textiles Ltd. & Trading Co. Jashnani Leasing & Finance Ltd. [merged] Jatayu Textiles & Inds. Jas Toll Road Co.Jardine Overseas Ltd. Jattashankar Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jay Ashapura Finance Ltd. Jashan Textile Mills Pvt. Javeri Fiscal Services Ltd. Jardine Victor Ltd. Jay Aar Solar Co. Jay Electric Ltd. Jasmine Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Jash Engineering Ltd. Jasmine Limited Jasper Investments Ltd. Jay Energy & S Energies Ltd. Jauss Polymers Ltd. Jawala Real Estate Pvt. Jay Ajey Investments Ltd. Jawahar Sahakari Kapus Utpadak Sut Girni Ltd. Jay Flash Ceramics Ltd. Jasmine Commercials Ltd. Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. Jawahar Mills Ltd. Jay Dee Fabrics Ltd. Jarul Promoters & Developers Pvt. Jay Amm Plasts (india) Ltd. Jay Agrochem Ltd. Jasmina Industries Ltd. Jay Bharat Overseas Ltd. . Jarigold Textiles Mfg. Jawala Tea Ltd. Ltd. Jatayu Investments Ltd. Javda India Impex Ltd. Ltd. Javs Engineering (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jasch Industries Ltd. Jay Bharat Exhaust Systems Ltd. Jay Finlease & Management Services Ltd.

Jayadhara City Homes Estate Pvt. Jayavant Products Ltd. Jayakwadi Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jayant Mercantile Co. Jay Rapid Roller Ltd. Jayamkondam Lignite Power Corpn. Jayco Leasing Ltd. Jayasilpa Floritech Ltd. Jaya Hind Sciaky Ltd. Jay Vinyls Ltd. Jayavant Industries Ltd. Jaybharat Fabrics Mills Ltd. Jayaswal Neco Inds. Jayapriya Chemical Inds. Jayant Vitamins Ltd. Jay Subhash Finlease Ltd. Jaya Hind Inds. Ltd. Jayaswals Neco Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. & Reality Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. . Jayanti Business Machines Ltd. Jayant Agro-organics Ltd. Ltd. Jay Polychem (india) Ltd. [merged] Jayasenthil Benefit Fund Ltd. Jaybharat Textiles & Real Estate Ltd. [merged] Jaya Proteins (india) Ltd. Jay Ushin Ltd. Jayamaruthi Software Systems Pvt. Jayapura Welfare Foundation Jayaram Mills Ltd. Jayabharat Credit Ltd. [merged] Jayatma Spinners Ltd. Jayant Security & Finance Ltd. Jayachandra Leasing & Invsts. Jaya Diagnostic & Research Centre Ltd. Ltd. Jayanti City Homes Devp. Jayant (india) Ltd. Jayalakshmi Estates Ltd. Jay Shree Tea & Inds. Jayakeerti City Homes Estate & Reality Pvt. Ltd. Jayanti Commercial Ltd. Ltd. Jayanti Domestic Products Pvt. Jayant Paper Mills Ltd.Jay Kay Dee Rubber (india) Ltd. Jayakrishna Aluminium Ltd.

Ltd. Jayem Realty Solutions Pvt. Jeevan Satellite Communications Ltd. Jechins Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Jaysynth Impex Ltd. Ltd. Jayshree Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Jaypee Hotels Ltd. Jayson Trading & Finance Co. Jaysynth Dyestuff (india) Ltd. Jayraj Holdings Ltd. [merged] Jaypee Infratech Ltd. Jeevaka Industries Ltd. Jeet Machine Tools Ltd. Jaypee Ganga Infrastructure Corpn. Ltd. Jaypee Chemicals Ltd. Jayna Mefa India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jayshree Polytex Ltd. [merged] Jaypee Meghalaya Power Ltd. . Jeevan City Homes Devp.Jaydeep Sharefin Ltd. Jaypee Forge Ltd. Jaypee Karcham Hydro Corpn. Co. Jayshree Finvest Ltd. Ltd. Jeevan Jyoti Vanijay Ltd. Jaypee Ventures Ltd. Jeco Exports & Finance Ltd. & Reality Pvt. Jeevan Scientific Technology Ltd. Jaypee Greens Ltd. Jaypee Financial Services Ltd. Jaysynth Anthraquinones Ltd. Ltd. Jeetstex Engineering Ltd. Jaypee Spintex Ltd. Jaykay Tech Ltd. Jaypee Agra Vikas Ltd. Jayshree Nirman Ltd. Jaypee Sports Intl. Jayton Trading Pvt. Jeevan Bima Sahayog Asset Mgmt. Jaypee Powergrid Ltd. Jaykay Enterprises Ltd. [merged] Jaykaypur Infrastructure & Housing Ltd. Jaypee Arunachal Power Ltd. Jaykaycem Ltd. Jaypee Development Corpn. Ltd.

Ltd. Jeyaseelan Benefit Fund Ltd. Jhaveri Weldflux Ltd. Jharkhand Integrated Power Ltd. Jewel Projects Pvt. Jet Lite (india) Ltd. Co. Jeewan Ltd. Jem Fiscal Ltd. Jetro Petro Bio-tech Pvt. Jewel Industries Ltd. Ltd. Jenny Plywood Inds. Jeypore Sugar Finance & Investment Corpn. Jersey India Ltd. Ltd. Jeya Bharath Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Jenson & Nicholson (india) Ltd. Jerom Trading & Investment Pvt. Jenson & Nicholson Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Jeypore Sugar Co. Jetpur Somnath Highway Ltd. Jejuplast Ltd. Jet Tec Info-consumables (india) Ltd. Jhaveri Hightech Agro Ltd. Jeevansathi Internet Services Pvt. Jhagadia Copper Ltd. Jharkhand Accelerated Road Devp. Jessop & Co. . Jesmin Investments Ltd. Ltd. Jewel Polymers Pvt. Jetpur Somnath Tollways Ltd. Jhabua Power Investments Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Jhabua Power Ltd. Jersy Industries Ltd.Jeevan Telecasting Corpn. Jetking Infotrain Ltd. Jesons Industries Ltd. Jhaveri Credits & Capital Ltd. Jharkhand Road Projects Implementation Co. Jhalani Tools (india) Ltd. Jhamman Builders & Contractors Ltd. Jet Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Jet Airways (india) Ltd. Jhaveri Flexo India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jem Industries Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Jindal Drilling & Inds. Jindal Leasefin Ltd. Jindal Medicot Ltd. Jin Plast (india) Ltd. Jindal Infrabiz Ltd. Jindal Photo Ltd. Jindal Photo Invsts. Jindal I T F Ltd. [merged] Jindal Irrigation Ltd. Jindal Aluminium & Steel Ltd. Jindal Infralogistics Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Esipl Cetp (sitarganj) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Jindal Health Care Ltd. Jindal Poly Films Ltd. Jhota Metals Minerals & Fertilizers Ltd. Jhota Finance & Leasing Co. Jindal Hotels Ltd. Jhunjhunu Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Drugs Ltd. Jindal Petroleum Ltd. Jindal Metal Ltd. Jigar Holdings Ltd. Jindal Cotex Ltd. Jindal Ferro Alloys Ltd. Jindal Industries Ltd. . Jindal Hydro Power Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Holdings Ltd. Jindal Aluminium Ltd. Jindal India Thermal Power Ltd. Jhunjhunwala Jarvis Pvt. Jindal Meadows Ltd. Jindal Metalex Ltd.Jhota & Sons Ltd. Jindal (india) Ltd. Jindal Equity Research Ltd. Jindal Capital Ltd. Jindal Intellicom Ltd. Jihant Housing Pvt. Jindal India Finvest & Holdings Ltd. Jilichem Laboratories (india) Ltd. Jindal Imaging Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Iron & Steel Co. Jindal India Power Ventures Ltd.

Jindal Saw Ltd. John Oil & Gas Ltd. Johnson & Johnson Exports (india) Ltd. Jineshwar Trade Pvt. Jodhana Medical & Research Centre Ltd. Jindal Specialty Textiles Ltd. Jiyajeerao Cotton Mills Ltd. Jindal Vegetable Products Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Power Ltd. . John Oakey & Mohan Ltd. Johnson & Johnson Ltd. [merged] Johnmeyers Granite Ltd. John Fowler (india) Pvt. John Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Jnanamandal Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Stocks Ltd. Jindal Steel & Alloys Ltd. John Deere Equipment Pvt. Jiwa Appliances Ltd. Jiwanjyoti Traders Pvt. Jogindra Exports Ltd. John Wyeth (india) Ltd. Jodhani Papers Ltd. Jindal Power Trading Co. Jogani Constructions Ltd. Jindal Water Infrastructure Ltd. Jindal Urban Infrastructure Ltd. Jindal Seamless Tubes Ltd. Jivraj Tea & Inds. Ltd. Jindal Stainless Steelway Ltd. Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. Jocil Ltd. Jindal Synthetics Ltd. Jindal Stainless Ltd. Ltd. Jindal South West Holdings Ltd. Jog Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Jindal Rail Infrastructure Ltd. Jindal Water Infra (naya Raipur) Ltd.Jindal Power Distribution Ltd. Jindal Worldwide Ltd. Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. Jindal Texofab Ltd. Jindal Power Transmission Ltd.

Jorehaut India Ltd. Jotindra Steel & Tubes Ltd. Jubilant Foodworks Ltd. Jost's Engineering Co. Jorehaut Group Ltd. Jolly Plastic Inds. Jonquil Finvest Ltd. Jubilant Infracon Pvt. [merged] Joindre Capital Services Ltd. Jubilant Biosys Ltd. Joy Realty Ltd. Jtekt Sona Automotive India Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Jubilant Industries Ltd. Ltd. Jolly Board Ltd. Jolly Merchandise Ltd. [merged] Joonktollee Tea & Inds. Jolly Brothers Pvt. Jolly Anil India Ltd. Jonam Jalas Amb (india) Ltd. Jotirling Finance & Invsts. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ju-ju Finance & Leasing Ltd. Jubilant Chemsys Ltd. Jubilant Software Services Pvt. Jord Engineers India Ltd. Joyco India Pvt. Joiner Hydro Power Projects Ltd. Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. . Jonas Woodhead & Sons (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Jolly Rides Ltd. Jubilant Exim Pvt.Johnson Lifts Pvt. Johnson Pedder Ltd. Joindre Commodities Ltd. Jubilant First Trust Healthcare Ltd. Jubilee Beverages Ltd. Joonktollee Enterprises Ltd. Jubilant Infrastructure Ltd. Johnson Modi Capital Ltd. Jubilant Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Joymat Hotel Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Jorhat Industries Ltd. Jubilant Clinsys Ltd. Jorehaut Finance Ltd.

Ltd. Juggilal Kamlapat Udyog Ltd. Judicious Investments Ltd. Ltd. Jumbo Finance Ltd. Mills Co. Julie (india) Ltd. Jupiter Bioscience Ltd. Juniper Hotels Pvt. . Juggilal Kamlapat Cotton Spg. Jubilee Investments & Industries Ltd. Ltd. Jupiter Enterprises Ltd. Juhi Alloys Ltd. Co. & Wvg. Of India Ltd. Jupiter Industries & Leasing Ltd. Jutlibari Tea Co. Jullundur Motor Agency (delhi) Ltd. Jupiter Solar Power Ltd. Ltd. Jute Corpn. Jupiter International Ltd. Jyothi Infraventures Ltd. June Technologies Ltd. Co. [merged] Jupiter Cement Inds. Just Textiles Ltd. Jugal Chemicals Ltd. Juggilal Kamlapat Holding Ltd. [merged] Jumbo World Holdings (india) Ltd. Jyothy Fabricare Services Ltd. Jupiter Stock Brokers Ltd. Jugal Kishore Modi Invst. Juggilal Kamlapat Jute Mills Co. Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Juhi Investment Pvt. Jumbo Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Jupiter Biotech Ltd. Jupiter Infrapower Ltd. Jugnu Industries Ltd. Jumbo Bag Ltd. Juhu Beach Resorts Ltd. [merged] Juventus Estate Ltd. Juliet Products Ltd. Jupiter Associates Ltd. Ltd. Jwalamukhi Investment & Trdg. Just Desserts Ltd. Ltd. Jutex International Ltd. Juhi Leasing & Finance Ltd.Jubilee Cements Ltd.

Jyoti Ceramic Inds. Jyoti Structures Ltd. K B Realtors Pvt. K C P Biotech Ltd. Ltd. K D Commercials Ltd. K & P Capital Services Ltd. K B S India Ltd. Ltd. K C L Ltd. Ltd. K A R Financial Services Pvt.Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. Jyoti Cosmetics (exim) Ltd. K B Associates Ltd. K C P Sugar & Inds. K C S Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. K B Exports Pvt. Ltd. K A R Mobiles Ltd. K C A Ltd. (duplicate Name Gujarat) Jyoti Ltd. K C P Sugars Agricultural Research Farms Ltd. K C L Infra Projects Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Jyoti Holdings Pvt. K C India Ltd. K D D L Ltd. Jyoti Concast Ltd. Corpn. Jyoti (india) Ltd. K B C Bank N V. (kolkata) Jyoti Ltd. K C I L Ltd. Pvt. K 2 Systems Ltd. [merged] K C P Ltd. Ltd. (duplicate Name Jammu & Kashmir) Jyoti Overseas Ltd. K A P Steel Ltd. K C Textiles Ltd. Ltd. K C S Trading Co. Jyoti Wire India Pvt. Jyoti Energy Ltd. K C Maritime (india) Ltd. K C C Software Ltd. Jyotsana Investment Co. K B Rolling Mills Ltd. Jyoti Poly Vinyl Ltd. Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Ltd.

K J M C Global Market (india) Ltd. Ltd. K K P Textiles Ltd. Ltd. . K J M C Investment Trust Co. K G S Spincot Ltd. Ltd. K E K Food Commodities Ltd. K I C M Investment Ltd. K G Petrochem Ltd. K J International Ltd. K G Non-wovens Ltd. K G N Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] K I C Metaliks Ltd. K Dhandapani & Co. K J M C Credit Mktg. K G Denim Finance Ltd. K I F S Financial Services Ltd. K J M C Financial Services Ltd. K K Patel Finance Ltd. K I C M (madras) Ltd. K G Denim Ltd. K J M C Asset Mgmt. Co. [merged] K G Infrastructure Pvt. K H Shoes Pvt. K J M C Shares & Securities Ltd. K I O C L Ltd. K E N Securities Ltd. K H S L Industries Ltd.K D L Biotech Ltd. K H Exports Ltd. K J M C Capital Market Services Ltd. Ltd. K H Arind Ltd. Electrical Pvt. K G N Agro Internationals Ltd. Ltd. K E C International Ltd. K G Tex Ltd. K H L Properties Ltd. K J M C Technologies & Systems Ltd. K G S Nelsun Paper Mill Ltd. Ltd. K K Ropeways Ltd. K G Gluco Biols Ltd. K L Concast Pvt. K E W Industries Ltd. K G N Enterprises Ltd. K Dhandapani & Co. K G Fabriks Ltd.

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K R M International Ltd. Ltd. K Sera Sera Ltd. K S K Jameri Hydro Power Pvt. K S K Technology Ventures Pvt. K R Ispat Pvt. K S K Dibbin Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd. K S K Energy Ventures Ltd. Ltd. K S M Exports Ltd. Ltd.K P Solvex Ltd. . K R B L Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. K R L Finance & Invsts. K V Arochem Pvt. K Raheja Corp Pvt. Ltd. K R M Marine Exports Ltd. Ltd. K S L & Industries Ltd. Ltd. K T C Pvt. Ltd. K S K Mahanadi Power Co. K V Foundations India Ltd. K S T Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. K R Foods Ltd. K R L Industries Ltd. K R A Leasing Ltd. Ltd. K S K Wind Energy Pvt. K R M Global Finance Ltd. K R Rubberite Ltd. Ltd. K S Motors Ltd. K T L Industrial Finance Co. K T C Hotels Ltd. K S E Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. K S Realty Constructions Pvt. K V A Pharma Ltd. K S Oils Ltd. K Raheja Corporate Services Pvt. K S B Pumps Ltd. K S K Narmada Power Co. K S K Dinchang Power Co. Pvt. Ltd. K Raheja Pvt. K R Steelunion Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. K S K Electricity Financing India Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. K S Diesels Ltd. Ltd. K S K Vidarbha Power Co. K T I Manufacturing Ltd. K S K Upper Subansiri Hydro Energy Pvt.

Ltd. K V L Finance Ltd. Kaefer Punj Lloyd Ltd. Kaashyap Technologies Ltd. Kabra Marble Udyog Ltd. Kabirdass Motor Co. Kadvani Securities Ltd. Kabirdas Investments Ltd. Kachins Textiles Ltd. Kadambari Synthetics Ltd. Kaar Lea-finvest Ltd. Kabra Agro Inds. Kachins Clothing Ltd. Kaashyap Foundations Ltd. K-int'l Textiles Pvt. K V K Multifacet Projects Ltd. Kadur Industries Ltd. Ltd. K W H Pipe (india) Ltd. Ltd. Kailash Ficom Ltd. Kai Kai Metal Ltd. Kadam Developers Pvt. Ltd. Kadevi Industries Ltd. Kabra Winder Pvt. Kailas Rubber Co. Kabra Commercial Ltd. Kadvani Forge Ltd. Kabra Steel Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kadamba Transport Corpn. Kailash Auto Finance Ltd. Kabeer Projects Ltd. K V Multi Healthplex Pvt. . Kadri Mills (cbe) Ltd. Kailash Dwellers Pvt.K V J Builders & Developers Pvt. Kadambini Commercial Ltd. K-lifestyle & Industries Ltd. Kagaz Finlease Ltd. Kadambini Mercantile Ltd. Ltd. Kabsons Industries Ltd. K Z Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Kabra Drugs Ltd. Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kadakia Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. Kachchh Minerals Ltd.

Kala Niketan Pvt. Ltd. Kaleidoscope Films Ltd. Ltd. Kaiser Press Ltd. Kaissan Plasto Ltd. Kairali Finance & Invsts. Kalanjium Thozhilagam Pvt. Kalasa Tea & Produce Co.Kailash Housing Ltd. Kalindee Rail Nirman (engineers) Ltd. Kal Radio Ltd. Kalakriti Engineers India Ltd. Ltd. Kakatiya Securities Ltd. Kailash Structurals Ltd. Works Ltd. Kalaimagal Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd. Kaira Can Co. . Pvt. Kakinada Seaports Ltd. Kakatiya Cement Sugar & Inds. Kalamkari Designs Ltd. Ltd. Kajal Synthetics & Silk Mills Ltd. Ltd. Kalgov Labs Ltd. Kajiva Construction Co. Kajaria Yarns & Twines Ltd. Kakinada S E Z Pvt. Kakinada Power Pvt. Ltd. Kalimati Investment Co. Kalindi Steels & Engg. Kaira District Co-op. Milk Producers' Union Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Kalameshvar Textile Mills Ltd. Kakati Aquatech Ltd. [merged] Kale Consultants Ltd. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. Kalapi Flexible Containers Ltd. Kalamkriya Ltd. Kajal Trading Ltd. Ltd. Kalaivani Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Kalinga Buildtech Pvt. Kalamboli Steels Ltd. Kakatiya Textiles Ltd. Kalabakan Investments Co. Kajaria Plus Ltd. Ltd. Kaiser Industries Ltd. Kakinada Cements Ltd. Ltd. Kajal (india) Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Kalyani Breweries Ltd. Kalpena Industries Ltd. Kalyani Forge Ltd. Kallam Spinning Mills Ltd. Kalptaru Fincap Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kalinga Meadows Ltd. Kallol Commercial Co. Ltd. Kalpavriksha Industries Ltd. Ltd. . Kalol Mills Ltd. Kalptaru Papers Ltd. [merged] Kalinga Plant Devp. Kalinga Realtors Pvt. Kalpena Plastiks Ltd. Kalyani Agro Corpn. Bank Ltd. Kalpataru Papers Ltd. Ltd. Kalva Marketing & Services Ltd. Kalyanang Developers Pvt. Ltd. Kalpana Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Kalyani Finance Ltd. Kalyani Engineering & Constructions Ltd. Kalptru Realty Pvt. Kalpetta Estates Ltd. Ltd. Kalyan Extractions Ltd.Kalinga Cement Ltd. Kalinga Green Valleys Ltd. Kalyan Marine & Agro Products Ltd. Kalyan Solvent Extractions Ltd. Kalp-prakash Finance Ltd. Kalptaru Apparels Ltd. Kalyani Ferrous Inds. Kalupur Commercial Co-op. Ltd. Kalpataru Corporate Services Ltd. Kalpataru Marketing Pvt. Kalyani Carpenter Special Steels Ltd. Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd. Kalyan Sundaram Cement Inds. Kalkulam Benefit Fund Ltd. Kalpak Polyplastic Inds. Kalyani Alstom Power Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Kalyani Carpenter Metal Centres Ltd. Kals Information Systems Ltd. Kalyani Gerdau Steels Ltd. Kalpataru Ltd.

Kamaldeep Synthetic Ltd. Kalyani Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Kalyani Thermal Systems Ltd. Kamachi Steels Ltd. Ltd. Kalyani Highway Developers Ltd. Kamal Leasing Ltd. Kamal Infosys Pvt. Ltd. Kamalakshi Finance Corpn. Kamakhya (india) Ltd. Kamat Hotels (india) Ltd. Kamal Realty Ltd. Ltd. Kalyani Hayes Lemmerz Ltd. Kamaljyot Investments Ltd. Kamani Tubes Ltd. Ltd. Kamakhya Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Kamanwala Housing Construction Ltd. Kama Realty (delhi) Ltd. Kamala Tea Co.Kalyani Habitat Ltd. Kalyani Utilities Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Kama Holdings Ltd. Kamal Trading Co. Kamani Stock Broking Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Kamal Sponge Steel & Power Ltd. Kamadgiri Fashion Ltd. Kamal Impex Ltd. Kamala Sugar Mills Ltd. Kamakhya Drugs Ltd. Kalyani Steels Ltd. Kamdhenu Ghee Ltd. Kamar Chemicals & Inds. Kamala Properties Ltd. Kalyani Refineries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Kalyanpur Cements Ltd. Kamdhenu Enterprises Ltd. Kamarhatty Co. . Kalyani Investment Co. Kamdhenu Industries Ltd. Kamarhatty Power Ltd. Kamdhar Leasing & Finance Ltd. Kamadgiri Industries Ltd. Kamal Overseas Ltd. Kamdar Cements Ltd.

Kancor Ingredients Ltd. Kangaro Industries Ltd. Kanak Projects Ltd. Kandoi Transport Ltd. Kandy Finlease Ltd. Kandy Blossoms Ltd. Kamla Co. Kanaiya Foods (india) Ltd. Kangra Exports Ltd. Kanel Oil & Export Inds. Kanakdhara Steel Ltd. Ltd. . Kandioners Sales Pvt. Kanani Industries Ltd. Kamex Electronics & Systems Ltd. Ltd. Kandhari Rubbers Ltd. Kampani Consultants Ltd. Kanha Extraktions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kamla Retail Ltd. Kancheepuram Hodgsonpet Dhanarakshaka Nidhi Ltd. Ltd. Kanco Enterprises Ltd.Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. Kanchan Properties Ltd. Kamper Concast Ltd. Kanara Ceramics Ltd. Kanchan Properties Pvt. Kams Laboratories (india) Ltd. Ltd. Kanakadurga Agro Oil Products Ltd. Kamlapur Sugar & Inds. Kanco Tea & Inds. Kanara Wood & Plywood Inds. Kamfin Leasing & Finance Ltd. Kanchan Oil Inds. Kandan Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd. Kanchan International Ltd. Kanchi Karpooram Ltd. Kamron Laboratories Ltd. Kanan Steels Ltd. Kampani Properties & Holdings Ltd. Kamla Tea & Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kamini Ispat Ltd. Kameng Dam Hydro Power Pvt. Kandagiri Spinning Mills Ltd. Kanchan Udyog Ltd. Ltd.

Kanha Vanaspati Ltd. Ltd. Kanoi Leasfin Ltd. Pvt. Kanoria Chemicals & Inds. Kanpur Commodity Exchange Ltd. Kanika International Ltd. Kanmoor Foods Ltd. Ltd. Kanoria Dyechem Ltd. Kanoria Mercantile Ltd. Kanmar Infrastructure Pvt. Kanika Shipping Ltd. Kanoria Fleurs & Naturales Ltd. Kanohar Electricals Ltd. Ltd. Kanodia Petroleum Ltd. Kanpur Plastipack Ltd. Kanjikode Apparel Exports Ltd. Kanoria International Ltd. Ltd. Kanpur Electricity Supply Co. Ltd. Kanoria Sugar & General Mfg. . Kanika Infrastructure & Power Ltd. Ltd. Kanpur Detergents & Chemicals Pvt. Kanishtha Finance & Invst. Kanoi Projects Ltd. Kanknarrah Co. Kanishka Housing Devp. Ltd. Kanishk Steel Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Kanishka Housing Devp. Kanoria Udyog Ltd. Kanpur Constructions Pvt. Kankaria Chemical Inds. Ltd. Kanoria Plaschem Ltd. Kannanamkulam Sriparvathy Parameswara Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Kanoi Developments Ltd. Co. Kansal Fibres Ltd. Ltd. Kanoria Wisconsin Centrifugal Ltd. Kanoria Securities & Financial Services Ltd. Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. Kanodia Commercial Ltd. Co. Kanhaiya Agro-industries Ltd. Kanpur Edibles Pvt. Kanika Investment Ltd. Kankhal Estates Pvt. Kanoria Jute & Inds. Co. Kanin (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.

Karan Finstock Ltd. . [merged] Kanti Bijlee Utpadan Nigam Ltd. Ltd. Kant & Co. Kapsales Electricals Ltd. Karan Industries Ltd. Ltd. Kapson Finlease Ltd. Karamsad Holdings Ltd. Kapashi Commercial Ltd. Kapil Trading & Finance Ltd. Kapsons Industries Ltd. Kapila Krishi Udyog Ltd. Ltd. Karan Woo-sin Ltd. Kapadia Metalic (india) Ltd. Kanu Spintex Ltd. Kansara Bearings Ltd. Kanva Hydro-chem Ltd. Kaprinas Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd. (coal Sales) Ltd. Kanyaka Fine Weld Ltd. Kapil Cotex Ltd. Kapila Buildcon Ltd. Ltd. Kapital Kraft Financial Services Ltd. Karan Finance Ltd. Kanumanek Trading Co. Kansal International Ltd. Kansons Industries Ltd. Karaikal Port Pvt. Karaikal Chlorates Ltd. Karamsad Investments Ltd. Karaikal Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Kanya Benefit Fund Ltd. Kap Chem Ltd.Kansal Hosiery Exports Ltd. Kapol Co-op. Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. Ltd. Kanva Finance Ltd. Kanthal India Ltd. Bank Ltd. Karan Fibres & Fabrics Ltd. Karanpura Development Co. Kapal Dyeing & Bleaching Works Pvt. Bank Ltd. Kansara Modler Ltd. Karad Urban Co-op. Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. Kappac Pharma Ltd.

Karnataka Food & Civil Supplies Corpn. Karnataka Ball Bearings Corpn. Karimtharuvi Tea Estates Ltd. Karnataka Cashew Devp. Karnataka Agro Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Karnataka Compost Devp. Ltd. Karnataka Chemical Inds. Kareems Spun Silk Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Karnataka Cement Ltd. [merged] Karnataka Power Corpn. . Karma Energy Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Karishma Advertising Pvt. Karnal Flour Mills Ltd. Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Karnataka Malladi Biotics Ltd. Karnani Properties Ltd. Ltd. Karnal Agricultural Inds. Karnataka Aluminium Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Karma Stock Trade Ltd. Karnataka Petrosynthese Ltd. Karnataka Film Industry Devp. Karmath Leasing & Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. Karnataka Instrade Corpn. Karnataka Forest Devp. [merged] Karma Industries Ltd. Karnani Finance Enterprise Ltd. Karnataka Bank Ltd. Karn Merchant Bankers Ltd. Karnataka Financial Services Ltd.Karapur Agro Ltd. Ltd. Karnataka Consumer Products Ltd. Corpn. Karnataka Meat & Poultry Mktg. Karita Benevolent Foundation Kariwala Industries Ltd. Corpn. Karmaveer Kakasaheb Wagh S S K Ltd. Ltd. Karnataka Hybrid Micro Devices Ltd. Corpn. Kareems Silk International Ltd. Karnataka Power Transmission Corpn. Karishma Floriculture Ltd. Karishma Extrusions Ltd.corpn. Karma Energy Ltd. Karavilai Benefit Fund Ltd. Karma Commodities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Karnavati Aviation Pvt. Karnataka State Electronics Devp. Karnataka Road Devp. Karnataka State Indl. Karnataka Woollens Ltd. Karnataka State Coir Devp. Karnataka Welding Products Ltd. Karnataka Silk Mktg. . Corpn. Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation Karnataka Vidyuth Karkhane Ltd. Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Ltd. Karnataka Small Industries Marketing Corpn. Kartar Glass Works Ltd. Karnataka State Agro Corn Products Ltd. Karnataka State Tourism Devp. Ltd. Kartar Bus Service Ltd. Karnavati Appliances Leasefin Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Karnataka Theatres Ltd. Karol Bagh Trdg. Kartik Steels Ltd. Karnavati Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Karnataka State Financial Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Karthik Alloys Ltd. Karnataka Telecom Ltd. Corpn. Invst. Karthikeya Paper & Boards Ltd. & Devp. Board Ltd. Karthik Inductions Ltd. Karsewa Investments Ltd. Kartik Pharma Chemicals Ltd. Karnataka State Road Transport Corpn.corpn. Karnav Leather Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Karp Impex Ltd. Corpn. Karthikeya Finance Ltd. Ltd. Karnavati Steel Inds. Ltd. Corpn. Kartik Investments Trust Ltd. Karrox Technologies Ltd. Karnavati Cold Storage Ltd. Corpn. Ltd.Karnataka Pressure Vessels Ltd. Karnataka Yuva Housing Ltd. Karnavati Alfa International Ltd. Karnavati Club Ltd. Karnavati Spinners Ltd. Karnataka State Police Housing Corpn. Karnataka State Textile Infrastructure Devp.

Karvinda City Homes Estate Pvt. Kashah Investments Ltd. Ltd. Karvy Investor Services Ltd. Karur Taluk Dyeing & Bleaching Effluent Treatment Plant Co. Ltd. Ltd. Kashi Resources Ltd. Ltd. Karur Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Karuturi Global Ltd. Karuturi Floritech Pvt. Kasargod Power Corpn. Kasaragod Eco-industrial Park & Tourism Ltd. Karur Sukkaliyur Common Effuent Treatment Plant Co. Kashi Urvarak Ltd. Karur Gayathiri Finance Ltd. . Ltd. Karumuthu Finance Ltd. Karvy Comtrade Ltd. Karur Vanchi Dyeing Enviro Tech Ltd. Karuturi Foods Pvt. Karur Thiruvai Dyeing Enviro Ltd. Ltd. Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. Karuna Impex Enterprises Ltd. Karur K C P Packkagings Ltd. Kashiram Pannalal Inds. Karwa Consolidated Mktg. Karvy Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Kashipur Holdings Ltd. Kashi Vishwanath Steels Ltd. Services Ltd. Karuturi Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Karvy Global Services Ltd. Karvy Realty (india) Ltd. Karunasindhu Financiers & Investors Ltd. Karur Andankoil Pollution Control Ltd. Karuturi Flower Express Pvt. Kashipur Sugar Mills Ltd. Karvy Data Mgmt. Ltd. Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. Karvy Insurance Broking Ltd.Kartikeya Agro Products Ltd. Ltd. Karur Mills Ltd. Karvy Financial Services Ltd. Karwa Securities Ltd. Kartikeya Properties Pvt. Karvy Forex & Currencies Pvt. Ltd. Karur Sellandipalayam Pollution Control Ltd.

Kataria Transport Co. Ltd. Kasturi Finlease & Investment Ltd. Kashyap Securities Ltd. Kasturi Tie-up Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Kasturilal Harlal Ltd. . Kashmissa Industries Ltd. Kataria Automobiles Ltd. Kashyap Fiscal Services Ltd. & Wvg. Kaur Sain Spg. Katwa Finance & Invst. Kausar India Ltd. Kaurub Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Kasturi Foods & Chemicals Ltd. Kaur Sain Spinners Ltd. Kashyap Housing & Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Kasi Housing & Devp. Kauser Engineers Ltd.Kashmir Vanaspati Ltd. Ltd. Kasibugga Developers Pvt. Ltd. Katyaeni Cement Ltd. Pvt. [merged] Kathayee Cotton Mills Ltd. Katch 22 Entertainment Pvt. Kasila Farms Ltd. Kasi Viswanathar (madras) Benefit Fund Ltd. Katheria Enterprises Ltd. Mills Ltd. Katras Jherriah Coal Co. Katakhal Lala Bazar Railway Co. Kastura Medicos Ltd. Ltd. Kasta Pipes Ltd. Ltd. Kasthuri Mills Ltd. Katwa Finlease Ltd. Katare Spinning Mills Ltd. Co. [merged] Kasp Finance & Invst. Kashyap Living Comforts Ltd. Ltd. Kaslow Trades & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kaushal Investments Ltd. Kasturee City Homes Reality & Devp. Kashyap Metal & Allied Inds. Kathir Finance Ltd. Katwa Construction Co. Kashyap Tele-medicines Ltd. Co. Kasturi & Sons Ltd. Kashyap Properties Pvt.

Ltd. (agencies) Ltd. Kaushalya Nirman Pvt. Kaya Ltd. Ltd. . Kavya Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Kavi Commercial Co.Kaushaladish Commercial Co. Kayel Securities Ltd. Kaveri Engineering Inds. Kay Bee Success India Ltd. Kaygaon Paper Mills Ltd. Kautilya Finsecurities Ltd. Corpn. Kayel Syntex Ltd. Kaushalya Township Pvt. Kay Kay Foods Ltd. Kaushalya Energy Pvt. Kay Intl. Kay Foam Ltd. Kay Power & Paper Ltd. Kaveri Seed Co. Ltd. Ltd. Kayesvee Educations Ltd. Kavveri Telecom Infrastructure Ltd. Kautik Hotel & Resorts Ltd. Kautilya Infotech Ltd. Kay Jay Fincap Ltd. Kaveri Gas Power Ltd. Kay Cee Infrastructure & Developers Ltd. Kay Ess Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kautilya Techno Finance Ltd. Kavish Investment & Finance Ltd. Kaveri Steels Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Kaya Hydropower Projects Ltd. Kaushalya Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd. Kay Ess Arr Benefit Fund Ltd. Kavini Ispat Ltd. Kaveri Shilpkala Ltd. Kay Jay Leasing Ltd. Kaushik Udyog Ltd. Kavanar Latex Ltd. Kaycee Industries Ltd. Ltd. Kaynet Capital Ltd. Kaushalya Infrastructure Devp. Kay Polyplast Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kaypee & Co.

Keffel Finance Ltd. Kedia Construction Co. Keltron Power Devices Ltd. Kedarnath Real Estates Pvt. Kedia Chemical Inds. Kedia Infotech Ltd. Kedia Inn Ltd. Ltd. Kelways Organics Ltd. Kee Pharma Ltd. Keltron Resistors Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Kaypee Mantex Ltd. Keltron Magnetics Ltd. Ltd. Keltron Component Complex Ltd. Kedia Overseas Ltd. Keerthi Industries Ltd. Kemicare Products Ltd. Kemira Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Kaytee Switchgear Ltd. Ltd. Kelvin Jute Co. Kelbro Floatech Ltd. Ltd. Keltron Crystals Ltd. Kedia Agglomerated Marbles Ltd. Kelly Financial Services Ltd. Kempf India Ltd. Kedia Shares & Stock Brokers Ltd. Ltd. Kedia Soft Solutions Ltd. Kejriwal Enterprises Ltd. Kellogg India Pvt. Kedia Distilleries Ltd. [merged] Kaytee Cotsynth Inds. Keltech Energies Ltd. Kei Industries Ltd. Keen Investment & Leasing Ltd. Kedia Lamikote (india) Ltd. [merged] Kedar Spices Ltd. Kedia Continental Ltd. Kedia Castle Delleon Inds. . Kellner Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Kemistar Corporation Ltd. Keltron Electro Ceramic Ltd. Kelambakkam Properties Pvt. Kemp & Co. Ltd. Kei-rsos Maritime Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Kemrock Speciality Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Agro Machinery Corpn. Kent R O Systems Ltd. Society Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Artisans Devp. Kemstar Metals Ltd. Kerala Cardamom Processing & Mktg. Kemrock Advance Reinforcements Ltd. Kemrock Advanced Composites Ltd. Kems Forgings Ltd. Kera Sinter Ltd. Ltd. Co. Kerala Industrial Polymers Ltd. Pvt. Co. Kengold (india) Ltd. Ltd. Corpn.Kemphar Laboratories Ltd. Kerala Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Kerala Clays & Ceramic Products Ltd. Ltd. Kenneth Builders & Developers Pvt. Kemrock Infratech Ltd. Kemrock Renewable Energy Ltd. Ken Electricals Ltd. Kent's Finance Ltd. Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd. Kendall Premium Healthcare Products Ltd. Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Devp. Kemrock Industries & Exports Ltd. . Ken Financial Services Ltd. Corpn. [merged] Kerala Electric Lamp Works Ltd. Kennametal India Ltd. Kerala Police Housing & Construction Corpn. Ltd. Kerala Distilleries & Allied Products Ltd. Kemrock Filament Windings Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Financial Corporation Kerala Hitech Inds. [merged] Kerala Electricals & Allied Engg. Kerala Paper & Board Mills Ltd. Kerala Dinesh Beedi Workers Central Co-op. Kerala Permanent Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Alcoholic Products Ltd. Kerala Ayurveda Ltd. Kemrije Paper Inds. Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala Ltd. Kerala Industrial Co. Kerala Automobiles Ltd. Kerala Feeds Ltd.

Ltd. Kesoram Textile Mills Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Spinners Ltd. . Ltd. Corpn. Kerala State Civil Supplies Corpn. Kersons Manufacturing Co. Corpn. Kesri Investments Ltd. Kerala State Beverages (mfg. Kerala State Devp. Kerala State Textile Corpn. Keshoram Leasing Ltd. Kerala State Indl. Kesar Terminals & Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. & Mktg. Kesavaya Finance Ltd. For Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Ltd. Kerala State Bamboo Corpn. Devp. Kesar Greenfield International Ltd. Kesari Printers Ltd. Kerala Shipping & Inland Navigation Corpn. [merged] Kesarval Springs Distillers Pvt. Kesham Developers & Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Kesri Vanaspati Products Ltd. Ltd. Finance Corpn. Kerala State Power & Infrastructure Finance Corpn. Kesarval Beverages Ltd. Ltd. Kerala State Construction Corpn. Ltd. Corpn. Kerala State Film Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Veluthedathu Nair Samajan Kernex Microsystems (india) Ltd. Corpn. Kerala State Cashew Devp.Kerala Rubber & Reclaims Ltd. Ltd. Kerala State Financial Enterprises Ltd. Kerala State Indl. Kerala Transport Devp. [merged] Kesar Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Keshariya Spinners Ltd. Kerala State Indl. Ltd. Kesar Marble & Granite Ltd. Keshava City Homes Estate & Reality Pvt. Keshav Overseas Ltd. Enterprise Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Travels Interserve Ltd. Of India Ltd. Ltd. Kerala Urban Development Finance Corpn. Kesoram Industries Ltd. Ltd. Products Trading Corpn. Ltd.) Corpn. Kerala State Coir Corpn. Ltd. Kesar Petroproducts Ltd. Kerala State Electricity Board Kerala State Electronics Devp.

Khaitan Electricals Ltd. Khaitan Soya Ltd. Keti Constructions (india) Ltd. Khadayata Decor Ltd. Kevn Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Keynote Corporate Services Ltd. Key Corp Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ketan Software Ltd. Kettlewell Bullen & Co. [merged] Khaitan Leasing Ltd. Khadim India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Key To Riches Investment & Leasing Ltd. Services Pvt. Keygien Global Ltd. Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd. Ketki India Ltd. Keva Flavours Pvt.Kestone Integrated Mktg. Khaitan Components Ltd. Pvt. Kevalin Securities Ltd. Khaitan Electricals Ltd. Ketki Research Institute Of Medical Sciences Ltd. Keva Biotech Pvt. Khaitan Mercantile Ltd. Khaitan Paper Machines Ltd. Key Stone Real Estate & Land Developers Pvt. . Keytuo Chemicals Ltd. Keystone Finance Ltd. Khaitan (india) Ltd. Keti Services Ltd. Ltd. Keventer Agro Ltd. Ltd. Keyur Ispat Ltd. Khaitan Lefin Ltd. Ltd. Khaitan Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Khaitan Consultants Ltd. Keva Fragrances Pvt. [merged] Khajrana Ganesh Properties Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Khaitan Fans (india) Ltd. Keval (india) Ltd. Keynote Capitals Ltd. Kesun Iron & Steel Co. Keynote Commodities Ltd. Kevin Enterprises Pvt. Khaitan Overseas & Finance Ltd.

Khatau Agrotech Ltd. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Khatau Brothers Ltd. . Khatau Dyes & Fibres Ltd. Khandelwal Extractions Ltd. Khandelwal Engineering Co. [merged] Khandwala Securities Ltd. Khemka Ispat Ltd. Khan Carpets Export Ltd. Khamgaon Syntex India Ltd. Khemsons Global Ltd. Khar Garden Apartments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Khatau Makanji Spg. Khalsa Overseas Ltd. Kharjan Tea Estates Pvt.Khajuraho Hotels Ltd. Khanna Paper Mills Ltd. Khandelwal Infotech Ltd. Khazana Jewellery (madras) Pvt. Khemka Holding & Enterprises Ltd. Khemka Stuart Leisure Ltd. Khammam Granite Ltd. Ltd. Khatema Fibres Ltd. Khandesh Energy Projects Ltd. Khayerbari Tea Co. Steel Ltd. Khandelwal Tubes (india) Ltd. Khemi Filaments Ltd. Ltd. Khandesh Extraction Ltd. Khemani Distilleries Pvt. Khanna & Co. Ltd. Khaneja Consolidate Enterprises Ltd. Khandoba Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. & Wvg. Khatod Investments & Finance Co. Khappa Coal Co. Ltd. Khandesh Investments Ltd. Khatau Exim Ltd. Khandelwal Laminates Ltd. Khandesh Builders Ltd. Khem Buildcon Pvt. Pvt. Khator Fibre & Fabrics Ltd. Khattri Fragrances & Flavours Ltd. Khandwala Finances Ltd. Ltd. Khandelwal Herrmann Electronics Ltd. Kharikatia Tea & Inds.

Ltd. Killick Exports Ltd. Killick Air Couriers & Forwarders Ltd. Khushhal Fertiliser Ltd. Ltd. Khwahish Constructions Pvt. Khorakiwala Holdings & Invsts. Kil Infrastructures Ltd. Khushi Industries Ltd. Khopoli Investments Ltd. [merged] Kidderpore Holdings Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Kiddy Plast Ltd. Khodiyar Pottery Works Ltd. Kilburn Chemicals Ltd. Kilachand Devchand & Co.Kherani Paper Mills Pvt. Khosla Indair Ltd. Kifs Securities Ltd. Khumor Investments Ltd. Khoobsurat Ltd. Ltd. Khetawat Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Kilburn Office Automation Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Khyati Multimedia Entertainment Ltd. Khukri Industries Ltd. Khordia Technocom Pvt. Killick Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Kherapati Vanijya Ltd. Killick Agencies & Mktg. Kil Kotagiri Tea & Coffee Estates Co. Khivraj Motors Pvt. Khimtex Ltd. Ltd. Khoday Properties Pvt. Kiev Finance Ltd. Ltd. Kidarnath Kishanchand Finance & Investments Ltd. Kiduja India Ltd. Khyati Fincap Ltd. Khudiram Commercial Co. Kienzle India Samay Ltd. Khushbu Auto Finance Ltd. . Khoday India Ltd. Kilburn Engineering Ltd. Killick Engineering Ltd. Killick Challenger Technologies Ltd. Kika Investments & Finance Pvt. Kilitch Drugs (india) Ltd.

Kings Ice Cream Ltd. Kinnera Power Co. Ltd. King Bird Town Planners Pvt. . Kiran Motors Ltd. Kingfisher Training & Aviation Services Ltd. Killick Halco Ltd. Ltd. Kim Chemicals Ltd. Kinetic Trust Ltd. Kinjal Finance Ltd. Kiran Commercial & Mercantile Ltd. Kiran Machine Tools Ltd.Killick Financial Services Ltd. Kings Infra Ventures Ltd. Kinetic Engineering Ltd. [merged] Kinetic Motor Co. Kinetic Copper Products Ltd. Kinfra International Apparel Parks Ltd. Killick Prestressing Pvt. Killick Power Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Killick Impex Ltd. Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. Kilpest India Ltd. Ltd. Kinetic Capital Finance Ltd. Ltd. Killick Infotech Ltd. Killick Shipping Services Ltd. Kingfisher Radio Ltd. Kings India Power Corpn. Kingdom Adventures & Entertainment Ltd. Killick Nixon Ltd. Kingston Hospitality & Developers Pvt. Kings International Ltd. Kimplas Piping Systems Ltd. Kintech Energy Ltd. Kinetic Impex Ltd. Ltd. Kingstone Krystals Ltd. Ltd. Kinjal Metals Ltd. Kings India Chemicals Corpn. Ltd. Kimberly Clark Lever Pvt. Kinetic Lease & Finance Ltd. Kinetic Investments Ltd. Kims Health Care Mgmt. Kinarivala Spinners Ltd. [merged] Kinetic Capital Services Ltd.

Kirloskar Consultants Ltd. Kirloskar Electric Co. Kirloskar Constructions & Engineers Ltd. Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. Kirti Dal Mills Ltd. Ltd. Kirby Building Systems India Ltd. Kiran Syntex Ltd. Kirti Mega Flori & Tissue Culture Ltd. Kirtivardhan Finvest Services Ltd. Kirti Investments Ltd. Kirloskar Corrocoat Pvt. Ltd. . Ltd. Kirloskar Systems Ltd. Kirloskar Systech Ltd. Kirloskar Computer Services Ltd. Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Ltd. Ltd. Kirloskar Batteries Ltd. Kirloskar Ferrous Inds. Ltd. Ltd.Kiran Overseas (exports) Ltd. [merged] Kirloskar Proprietary Ltd. [merged] Kirloskar Multimedia Ltd. [merged] Kirloskar Power Equipments Ltd. Kirti Seeds Biotech Ltd. Kirloskar Leasing & Finance Ltd. Kirloskar Ghatge Patil Auto Ltd. Kiri Industries Ltd. Kirtimoya Capital Ltd. Kirloskar A A F Ltd. [merged] Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Kiranjit Consultancy Services Ltd. Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd. Kiran Print-pack Ltd. Kireeti Soft Technologies Ltd. Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. Kirloskar Power Supply Co. Kirloskar Airtech Ltd. Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Ltd. Kirloskar Industries Ltd. Ltd. Kirloskar Brothers Invst. Kirlampudi Sugar Mills Ltd. Kirloskar Computer Systems Ltd. Kirloskar Investments & Finance Ltd.

Pvt. [merged] Kisan Irrigations Ltd. Ltd. Kitti Steels Ltd. Kissan Products Ltd. Kitex Garments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kisan Extrusions Ltd. Kocher Oil Mills Ltd. Kishco Ltd. Knitworth Lease Finance Ltd. Koffee Break Pictures Ltd. Ltd. Kishor Pumps Pvt. Kiskindha Finance & Leasing Co. Knit Mac (india) Ltd. Kisan Textiles Ltd. Kishan Chand Ferro Steels Pvt. Kodamalai Plantations Pvt. Klowin Business (india) Ltd. Kishlay Foods Pvt. Knowledge Township Ltd. Ltd. Kisan Plant Biotech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kits India Telecom Ltd.Kisan Cold Storage & Refrigeration Service Ltd. Kodak India Pvt. [erstwhile] Kitco Ltd. Kishore Trading Co. Kitex Ltd. Knowledge Vistas Ltd. Knowledge Dynamics Pvt. Kodavaasal Town Benefit Fund Ltd. Kodeeswaran Benefit Fund Ltd. . Kochi Refineries Ltd. Knowledge Tree Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Kish Exports Ltd. Kitec Industries (india) Ltd. Knorr-bremse India Pvt. [merged] Kodaikanal Finances Ltd. Knight Watch Security Ltd. Kisha Impex Ltd. Ltd. Knitworth Exports Ltd. Knitvel Needles Ltd. Kitply Industries Ltd. Koch Chemical Technology Group India Pvt. Ltd. Kismet Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Kisan Mouldings Ltd.

Kolkata Metro Networks Ltd. Kohinoor Foods Ltd. Konark Commerce & Inds. [merged] Kokad Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. Konark Investments Ltd. Kolsite Maschine Fabrik Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kollur Residential Project Pvt. Kolkatta Hotels Ltd. Kohinoor Feeds & Fats Ltd. Kohinoor Techno Engineers Ltd. Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. Konark Infrastructure Pvt. Kolar Biotech Ltd. . Kolet Resort Club Pvt. Kold Form Tech (india) Ltd. Kohinoor Cements Ltd. Ltd. Kojam Fininvest Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kolathoor Benefit Fund Ltd. Koladi Investment Services Ltd. Kolhapur Steel Ltd. Kokan Crystal Cable Network Pvt. Kolhapur Sugar Mills Ltd. Ltd. Kohinoor Capital & Securities Ltd. Pvt. Komoline Electronics Pvt.Kohinoor Broadcasting Corpn. Ltd. Komatix Technologies (india) Ltd. Konar Greenlands Pvt. Ltd. Komaf Financial Services Ltd. Kohinoor C T N L Infrastructure Co. Kompadavu Investment Ltd. Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Kokan Mercantile Co-op. Kohinoor Saw Mill Co. Ltd. Bank Ltd. Kolkata Axis Mall Ltd. Koluthara Exports Ltd. Konark (india) Ltd. Konark Fixtures Ltd. Kommineni Infotech Ltd. Kojagiri Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur Agro Tech Services Ltd. Kome-on Communication Ltd. Kompella Finance & Invst. Kolmak Chemicals Ltd. Konar Organics Ltd.

[merged] Konark Paper & Inds. Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd. Kool Breweries Ltd. Kopran Ltd. Kotak Forex Brokerage Ltd. Kone Elevator India Pvt. Konark Met Coke Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kopran Research Laboratories Ltd. Kosi Bridge Infrastructure Co. Kosha Cubidor Containers Ltd. Kotak Finstock Ltd. Konkan Storage Systems (kochi) Pvt. Konkan Tyres Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Kores (india) Ltd. Konark Synthetic Ltd. Kotak Ginning & Pressing Inds. Ltd. Kor Investments Pvt.Konark Jute Ltd. Kores Services Ltd. Koshy's Electronics Ltd. Konkan Commodity & Derivatives Pvt. Ltd. Kota Farm Services Ltd. [merged] Kosan Trading & Finance Ltd. Koratla Textiles India Ltd. Kongarar Textiles Ltd. Kontak Comforts Pvt. Ltd. Kosian Industries Ltd. Koron Business Systems Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kostub Investment Ltd. Konkan Railway Corpn. Koppal Oils & Refineries Ltd. Koodal Industries Ltd. Korin India Ltd. Koras Credit & Discounts Ltd. Ltd. Kongarar Spinners Ltd. Konaseema Gas Power Ltd. Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Asset Mgmt. Koratla Leasefin India Ltd. Co. [merged] Korlay Trading Co. Kongarar Integrated Fibres Ltd. Korba West Power Co. Kosha Investments Ltd. Konkan Capsules Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Kothari Products Ltd. Ltd. Kottai Finance & Invsts. Ltd. Koutons Retail India Ltd. Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Kothari (madras) International Ltd. Koti Resorts Ltd. Kothari Phytochemicals & Inds. Kothari International Trading Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kraft Sales & Services (india) Ltd. Kranti Impex Pvt. Ltd. Kotak Securities Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Capital Co. Kothari General Foods Corpn. Kraftwares (india) Ltd.Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd. Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Trustee Co. [merged] Kovalam Investment & Trading Co. Kothari Fermentation & Biochem Ltd. Kranti Buildwell Pvt. Kovalam Hotels Ltd. Kothari Vegetable Products Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Prime Ltd. Kovilpatti Suriya Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Kothari Global Ltd. Kothattai Benefit Fund Ltd. Kranti Automobiles Ltd. Kothari Credits (india) Ltd. Kovai Medical Center & Hospital Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. . Ltd. Kranes Industries India Ltd. [merged] Kotak Mahindra Invsts. Kotta Enterprises Ltd. Kothari Biotech Ltd. Kotak Mahindra Trusteeship Services Ltd. Kothari World Finance Ltd. Ltd. Kothari Industrial Corpn. Kotak Mahindra Investments Ltd. Kothari Safe Deposits Ltd. Kothiwal Textiles Ltd. Koushik Financial Services Pvt. Kothari Orient Finance Ltd. Kothiwal Finance & Invst.

Ltd. Krebs Biochemicals & Inds. Krishna Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Krishna Industrial Corpn. Krishna Maruti Ltd. Ltd. Krico Traders Ltd. Krishna Sagar Builders Pvt. Ltd. Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area Bank Ltd. Kripa Chemicals Ltd. Krishna Capital & Securities Ltd. Kris Srikkanth Sports Entertainment Ltd. Krishi Organic Chemical Inds. Krishna Cinema (india) Ltd. . Krez Hotel & Realty Ltd. Ltd. Krishna Infochip Ltd. Kredence Multi Trdg. Ltd. Ltd. Krishna Plastochem Ltd.Krapalini Steels Ltd. Pvt. Krishna Mills Ltd. Krimpex Synthetics Ltd. Krishak Bharati Co-op. Ltd. Krishna Global Minerals Ltd. Ltd. Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Ltd. Kratos Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. Krishna Package Trips Ltd. Kripal Springs (india) Ltd. Krishna Polyesters Ltd. Ltd. Krishna Deep Trade & Invest. Krimy Biscuits & Chemical Inds.. Krishna Cold Rolled Sections Ltd. Krishna Steel Enterprises Ltd. Krishna Knitwear Technology Ltd. Kreon Finnancial Services Ltd. Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Krishna Mingranite Ltd. Krishna Engineering Works Ltd. Krishna Krishna Jewellers & Invst. Krishna Mills Pvt. Krishna Synthetics Ltd. Krishna Continental Ltd. Ltd. Kripa Industries (india) Ltd. Krest Finlease Ltd. Krishana Fabrics Ltd. Krishna Ferro Products Ltd.

Kshitish Trading Co. Ltd. Kshitiz Realtech Ltd. Kristeel Shinwa Inds. Ltd. Kriti Auto & Engg. Kriti Resorts Pvt. Krishnadeep Marketing Services Pvt. Krishnan Vaka Benefit Fund Ltd. Kuber Auto General Finance & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Kryptos Networks Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Kshitish Marketing Pvt. Krishnabehari Tea Co. Kriti Cons Ltd. Inds. Ltd. Krypton Developers Ltd. Kriti Industries (india) Ltd. Krupa Realtors Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Krisons Electronic Systems Ltd. Ltd. Krung Thai Bank Public Co. Plastics Pvt. Krunal Construction & Finance Ltd. Kriti Nutrients Ltd. Krishnaveni Sugars Ltd. Krypton Industries Ltd. Ltd. Krishnaav Engineering Ltd. Kshema Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Kshanika Trading Ltd. Krisn Information Technologies Ltd.Krishna Ventures Ltd. . Krupa Land Ltd. Kshitij Investment Advisory Co. Ltd. Krishnapriya Properties Pvt. Ltd. Kshitij Property Solutions Pvt. Kryfs Power Components Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Krystal Knitwear Ltd. Kshemya Investments Ltd. Krupanidhi Ltd. Krosslink Infrastructure Ltd. Krystal Poly-fab Ltd. Krofta Engineering Ltd. Kshitij Investments Ltd. Krypton Intra Pvt. [merged] Kshemodayam Kuries Ltd. Kriti Corporate Services Pvt. Krithika Agro Farm Chemical & Engg. Kroner Investments Ltd. Ltd.

Kulitalai Benefit Funds Ltd. Kumaragiri Steel Ltd. Kudos Chemie Ltd. Kukar Sons (indo-french) Exports Ltd. Kumaragiri Textiles Ltd. Kudremukh Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Kukar Sons Inter Fashion Ltd. Kumaon Gases Ltd. Co. Kudrat Investment & Leasing (india) Pvt. Kumar Wire Cloth Mfg. Kumar City Club Ltd. Kumar's Metallurgical Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kubisi Green Earth Ltd. Kunal Plantations Ltd. Kumaon Seeds Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Kumi Agro Inds. Kudra Investment & Trdg. Kumardhubi Fireclay & Silica Works Ltd. Ltd. Kular Constructions Ltd. Kumar Malleables Ltd. Kumbhat Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Kumarapalayam Tollways Ltd. Kumar's Cotex Ltd. Kuber Granites (india) Ltd. Kumari Christavar Benefit Fund Ltd. Kuber Udyog Ltd. Kumbakonam Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd. Kunchala Securities Ltd. Kulkarni Power Tools Ltd. Kudumba Vilakku Benefit Fund Ltd. Kunbi Sahakari Bank Ltd. Kumaran Benefit Fund Ltd. Kulkarni Engineering Associates Ltd. Ltd. Co. Kumaka Industries Ltd. Kudalmanagar Benefit Fund Ltd. Kumar Urban Devp.Kuber Bhandar (india) Ltd. [merged] Kumar Polycot Mills Ltd. Kumar Precision Stamping Ltd. Kumar Food Inds. Kunal Engineering Co. Kuberkamal Industrial Investment Ltd. Kuber Floritech Ltd.

Kundalika Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kusum Electrical Inds. Kuwer Industries Ltd. Kurali Toll Bridge Co. Kuttanad Cardamoms Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kusters Calico Machinery Ltd. Kusum Limited Kusum Products Ltd. Kusum Construction & Oils Ltd. Kurla Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd. Co. Ltd. Ltd. Kutch Railway Co. [merged] Kundan Investments Ltd. Kusalava Power Pvt. Ltd. Kusalava International Ltd. Kuttukaran Machine Tools Ltd. Kutumbkam Realtors Ltd. Kwality Biscuits Pvt. Kuttukaran Leasing & Invsts. Kunststoffe Industries Ltd. Kurlon-cesare Furniture Pvt. Kushal Industries Ltd. Kutch Marine Shipping Co. Ltd. Ltd. Kutch Salt & Allied Inds. Kusum Ingots & Alloys Ltd. Kushavati Mining Pvt. Kusum Iron & Steel Ltd. Kurlon Ltd. Kusum Industrial Gases Ltd. Kundil Ispat Ltd. . Ltd. Kundavai Benefit Fund Ltd. Kusalava Finance Ltd. Kutchh Power Generation Ltd. Kurnool Leasing & Invsts. Ltd. Kuriland Pvt. Kusam Electrical Inds. Kunnam Developers Pvt. Kushal Pharma-medico Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kutchh Gujarat Securities Ltd. Kurnool Power Projects Ltd. Kushal Diamonds Ltd. Kunnamkulam Financing Co. Kusum Agrotech Ltd. Ltd. Kunshan Rotam Reddy Pharmaceutical Co.

L & T Capital Co. L & T Metro Rail (hyderabad) Ltd. [merged] L & T Finance Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Kwality Credit & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. L & T Netcom Ltd. L & T Infrastructure Finance Co. L & T Infrastructure Devp. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Gulf Pvt. L & T Aviation Services Pvt. L & T . Ltd. L & T Arun Excello Commercial Projects Pvt. Projects Ltd. L & T Interstate Road Corridor Ltd. L & T Emsys Pvt.Mhi Boilers Pvt. L & T . [merged] L & T Panipat Elevated Corridor Ltd. L & T Mutual Fund Trustee Ltd. L & T Plastics Machinery Ltd. L & T Concrete Pvt. L & T Investment Mgmt. L & T Power Development Ltd. Ltd. L & T Krishnagiri Thopur Toll Road Ltd. L & T Bangalore Airport Hotel Ltd. Ltd. L & T Natural Resources Ltd. L & T Chennai-tada Tollway Ltd. L & T Ahmedabad-maliya Tollway Ltd. L & T Hitech City Ltd. Kwality Resorts & Hospitality Pvt. L & T Halol-shamlaji Tollway Pvt. L & T Finance Ltd. Kwality Feeds Ltd. L & T Port Kachchigarh Ltd. Ltd. . Kyang Tea Seed Co. L & T Equipment Leasing Co. Ltd. L & T Infra & Property Devp. Ltd. Ltd.Kwality Builders & Developers Ltd. Ltd. L & T Phoenix Infoparks Pvt. L & T Boilers Pvt. Kwality Dairy (india) Ltd. L & T Electricals & Automation Ltd. Kwik Patch Ltd. L & T Infocity Ltd. Ltd. L & T Chiyoda Ltd. Ltd. L & T Arun Excello It Sez Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.

L G Electronics India Pvt. Pvt. L & T Tech Park Ltd. L & T Urban Infrastructure Ltd. [merged] L & T Transco Pvt. L G B Industries Ltd. L G B Forge Ltd. .L & T Power Invsts. L & T Realty Pvt. L D I Flender India Ltd. Ltd. L & T-case Equipment Pvt. Ltd. L & T Special Steels & Heavy Forgings Pvt. L & T Western India Tollbridge Ltd. L & T-ramboll Consulting Engineers Ltd. L & T-gould Ltd. L C C Infotech Ltd. L & T Trade. Ltd. Ltd. L & T Trustee Co. L & T-sargent & Lundy Ltd. L E L Properties (india) Ltd. L & T Seawoods Pvt. Ltd. L & T Welfare Co. Ltd. L & T Turbo Generator Pvt. L & T-mhi Turbine Generators Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. [merged] L G B Textiles Ltd. L & T-valdel Engg. L & T Siruseri Property Developers Ltd. L & T South City Projects Ltd. [merged] L G F Services Ltd. L & T Shipbuilding Ltd. L G Hotline Cpt Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. L & T Uttaranchal Hydropower Ltd. [merged] L & T Power Ltd. Ltd. L & T Technologies Ltd. Ltd. L & T Vadodara Bharuch Tollways Ltd. L D Textile Inds. L & T-niro Ltd. [merged] L & T-komatsu Ltd. Ltd. L & T Rajkot-vadinar Tollway Ltd. L & T Transportation Infrastructure Ltd. L & T Vision Ventures Ltd. L & T Western Andhra Tollways Ltd. Ltd. L G Electronics System India Ltd. L G Balakrishnan & Bros.

L M W Investments Ltd. L I Cement Pvt. L P G Infrastructure (india) Pvt. L M L Holdings Ltd. L I C Housing Finance Ltd. L M P Gujarat Agro Exports Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. L I C Nomura Mutual Fund Trustee Co. L L M Appliances Ltd. L P S Securities Ltd. L R N Finance Ltd.L G N C Ltd. Ltd. L Kant Paper Mills Ltd. [merged] L K P Securities Ltd. L S K Finance & Allied Services Ltd. L M L Fibers Ltd. [merged] L V P Foods Pvt. L M Van Moppes Diamond Tools India Pvt. L S Mills Ltd. Ltd. L S M Benefit Fund Ltd. L J International Ltd. L N J Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. L K P Forex Ltd. L T Foods Ltd. L N Industries India Ltd. Ltd. L M J Services Ltd. L M L Ltd. L I C Nomura Mutual Fund Asset Mgmt. L V S Power Ltd. Ltd. L I C H F L Care Homes Ltd. . L I C H F L Asset Mgmt. L I Eastern Pvt. L P Investments Ltd. Co. Ltd. L K P Finance Ltd. L S P Agro Ltd. Co. L'avenier Telcoms Ltd. L N Development Ltd. Pvt. L T M Ltd. L S Inds. L-pack Polymers Ltd. Ltd. L W S Knitwear Ltd. L G S Global Ltd. Pvt. L I C H F L Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. L I C H F L Trustee Co.

Lafarge India Pvt. Lakeshore Hospital & Research Centre Ltd. Lak Carbomet Ltd. Ltd. Laffans (india) Ltd. La Opala R G Ltd. Ltd. Ladam Finance Ltd. Labinduss Ltd. Lakeshore Watersports Co. Ltd. Laadki Trading & Invsts. Lahoria Credits & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Ladderup Finance Ltd. Ltd. Labh Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Labour (india) Publications Ltd. Lahoti Terra Knitfab Ltd. Laffans Petrochemicals Ltd. Lakshadweep Development Corpn. Ladderup Wealth Mgmt. Ltd. Lahoti Spintex Ltd. La Medical Devices Ltd. Lahoti Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lactose (india) Ltd. Lahing Lowjan Tea Plantation Ltd. Laksha Infra Projects Pvt. Lakhani India Ltd. Lakme Exports Ltd. [merged] Lakme Lever Pvt. Laburnum Finance Ltd. Ltd. Lactochem Ltd. Lake Valley Health Resorts Ltd. Ltd.La Mansion Granites Ltd. Ladderup Insurance Broking Pvt. Lakadia Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ladderup Corporate Advisory Pvt. Lakhanpal Pvt. La Tim Lifestyle & Resorts Ltd. Lakeview Clubs Ltd. Lacock Holdings Ltd. Lagan Engineering Co. Labh Construction & Inds. Ltd. Ladam Steels Ltd. Ltd. Laabh Shubh Securities Intl. Ltd. Lagoon Realtors Pvt. Lakhani Platinum Lifestyle Pvt. .

Ltd. Ltd. Lambodhara Textiles Ltd. Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems Ltd. Inds. Lakshmi Synthetic Machinery Mfrs. Mills Ltd. Lakshmi Ring Travellers (coimbatore) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lakshmi Porcelains Ltd. Ltd. Lakshmi Energy & Foods Ltd.Lakshana Cotton Spg. Lakshmi Technology & Engg. Lambodar Investments & Trading Co. Lalani Computech Ltd. Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. Lakshmi Priyaa Spinning Mill Ltd. Lakshminarayan Infraestates Pvt. Lakshmi Ganesha Textiles Ltd. Lakshmipuram Benefit Fund Ltd. Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. Ltd. Lalbhai Finance Ltd. Ltd. Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Lakshmi Mills Co. Lalapet Benefit Fund Ltd. Lakshmi Priya Properties Pvt. Lalit Pipes & Pipes Ltd. Lakshmi Apparels & Wovens Ltd. Mills Ltd. Pvt. Lakshmi Vishnu Investment Ltd. Ltd. Lallson Financial & Management Services Ltd. Lakshmi Auto Components Ltd. Ltd. Lakshmi Properties Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Lakshmi Automatic Loom Works Ltd. Lakshmi Finance & Indl. Lakshmi Cement & Ceramics Inds. Lakshmi Trade Credits Ltd. Ltd. Lalji Manekji Inds. Co. Lalitpur Power Generation Co. Lakshmi Precision Tools Ltd. Lakshmi Shanmuga Spg. Lalit Organics Ltd. Ltd. Lakshmi General Finance Ltd. . Lalit Polymers & Electronics Ltd. Lally Motors Ltd. Lakshmi Card Clothing Mfg. Lakshmi Sugar Mills Co. Lamhas Entertainment Ltd. Lakshmiji Sugar Mills Co.

Ltd. . Landmark Malls & Towers Pvt. Lamtuf Plastics Ltd. Ltd. Co. [merged] Lanco Mantri Technology Park Pvt. Landmark E-tail Pvt. Ltd. Lanco Kalahasthi Castings Ltd. Lark Hotels & Motels Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lap Farmacia Ltd. Lanco Net Ltd. Lan Eseda Inds. Lark Trading & Finance Ltd. Landale & Clark Ltd. Lampa Trading Co. Lancor Projects Ltd. Landmark Ltd. Landlord Developers Pvt. Lanco Budhil Hydro Power Pvt. Lanco Infratech Ltd. Lanco Industries Ltd. Ltd. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd. Larite Industries Ltd. Ltd. Landmark Township Planners Pvt. Laneseda Agents Ltd. Lanco Hydro Power Ventures Pvt. [merged] Lancor Holdings Ltd. Landmarc Leisure Corpn. Landmark Portfolios Ltd. Lanyard Foods Ltd. Ltd.Lamhas Satellite Services Ltd. Larkspun Investments Ltd. Lamina Foundries Ltd. Lancor Realty Ltd. Landmark Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Lancor Maintenance & Services Ltd. Lancor Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Landbase India Ltd. Landmark Property Devp. Larica Estates Ltd. Landis + Gyr Ltd. Ltd. Lanxess India Pvt. Lancor G:corp Properties Ltd. Lapiz Online Pvt. Lamina Suspension Products Ltd. Lap-ross Engineering Ltd. Ltd.

Laxmi Organic Inds. Latest Developers Advisory Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Laser Infomedia Ltd. Lavasa Corporation Ltd. Lavrids Knudsen Maskinfabrik (india) Ltd. Lead Finvest India Ltd. Last Point Leasing & Finance Ltd. Lead Financial Services Ltd. Lavanya Jewels Ltd. Ltd. Laser Cables Pvt. Lavino-kapur Cottons Pvt. Ltd. Latest Investment & Finance Co. Lawkim Ltd. Laxmi Pipes Ltd. Le Waterina Resorts & Hotels Ltd. Laser Dot Ltd.Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Latha Fincom (india) Ltd. [merged] Lawreshwar Footcare Pvt. Ltd. Lason India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Lavasa Star Hotel Ltd. [merged] Lawacoated Papers Pvt Ltd. Laxmi Granites Ltd. Laxmi Asbestos Products Ltd. Laxmi Vishnu Textile Mills Ltd. Lawreshwar Polymers Ltd. Lavish Packagers Ltd. Latice Bridge Benefit Fund Ltd. Lauren Information Technologies Pvt. Laser Lamps (haryana) Ltd. Lashkaria Construction Pvt. Laxmi Ventures (india) Ltd. Lazard India Pvt. Laurel Organics Ltd. Laxmi Air Control Ltd. [merged] Laser Soft Infosystems Ltd. Laser Diamonds Ltd. [merged] Lavasa Bamboocrafts Ltd. Laxman Leafin Ltd. Ltd. Lavasa Hotel Ltd. Laxmi Board & Paper Mills Ltd. Laxmi Starch Ltd. Laxmi Aluminium Ltd. .

Leather Trends Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Leena Consultancy Ltd. Of Marathwada Ltd. Leena Textiles Ltd. [merged] Lekar Pharma Ltd. Lemos Cements Ltd. Leader Gas & Petrochem Ltd. . Leena Denim Ltd. Lekar Healthcare Ltd. [merged] Lenus Power Ltd. Ledo Financial Services Ltd. Leafin India Ltd. Ltd. Lear Seating Pvt. Lee & Nee Softwares (exports) Ltd. Leela Lace International Ltd. Leela International Ltd. Ltd.Leadage Alloys India Ltd. Ltd. Leisure Hotels Ltd. Legend Finstock Ltd. Ltd. Leela Scottish Lace Pvt. Ledo Tea Co. Leadstone Energy Ltd. Ledo Spinning (india) Ltd. Leo Industrials Ltd. Lee Cooper (india) Ltd. Lenbrook Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Leisure Wear Exports Ltd. Leandra Builders & Developers Pvt. Learnet India Ltd. Legrand (india) Pvt. Leader Valves Ltd. Ltd. Leela Gold Designs Ltd. Leading Edge Infotech Ltd. Leather Industries Corpn. Leela Palaces & Resorts Ltd. Lee & Muirhead Ltd. Leader Packaging Inds. Leasing Finance India Ltd. [merged] Leaprofin Securities Ltd. Ltd. Leasco Limited Leasemen Fin-invest (india) Ltd. Leela Packagings Ltd. Ltd. Leela Realty Ltd. Lehman Finance Pvt.

Libord Finance Ltd. Ltd. Liberty Frozen Foods Pvt. Libra Management Services Ltd. Lexicon Infotech Ltd. Liberty Pesticides & Fertilizers Ltd. Liberty Urvarak Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Life Style Networks Ltd. Lexicon Auto Ltd. Ltd. Liberty Media Vision Pvt. Lerros Fashions India Ltd. Liberty Phosphate Ltd. Levin Steels Ltd. Liberty Pharma Ltd. Libra Constructions & Finance Ltd. Libra Filaments Ltd. Lifeline Housing Devp. Levindra Trust Ltd. Lesha Industries Ltd. Libra Leasing Ltd. Finance Co. Libra Capital Inds. Lifecare Endoscopic Dignostic & Oncological Research Foundation Ltd. Liberty Retail Revolution Ltd. Lifeline Injects Ltd. Libord Securities Ltd. Liberty Oil Mills Ltd. Lifeline Industries Ltd. Lexus Motors Ltd. Lifeline Drugs & Pharma Ltd. Lexicon Finance Ltd. Lexicon Commercial Enterprises Ltd. [merged] Levers Associated Trust Ltd. Lexus Exports Ltd. Lever India Exports Ltd. Libord Consultants Ltd. Liberty Computer Stationery Ltd. Lexus Securities Ltd. Life Line International Ltd. Liberal Finlease Ltd. Lexicon Securities Ltd. Liberty Shoes Ltd.Leopard Investments Ltd. Leyden Leasing & Financial Services Ltd. . Libra Finance Ltd.

Lintas India Pvt. Ltd. Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Lily Projects Pvt. Likhami Trading & Manufacturing Co. Lila Laboratories (india) Ltd. Lifelong India Ltd. . Limelight Trade & Commerce Ltd. Likhami Commercial Co. Link Infrastructure & Developers Pvt. Likhami Exports Ltd. Lineage Investments Ltd. Ltd. Link Pharma Chem Ltd. Ltd. Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd. Lifelong Meditech Ltd. Light Metal Inds. Lina Coats Ltd. Linkson International Ltd. Light Publications Ltd. Liners India Ltd. Likhami Leasing Ltd. Linear Industries Ltd. Link House Inds. Lingapur Estates Ltd. Light Alloy Products Ltd. Line X Port Intl. Ltd. [merged] Light Precipitated Chemicals Ltd. Linemann Halflo (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lilasons Industries Ltd. Light House Investments Ltd. Lincoln Helios (india) Ltd. Lilasons Breweries Ltd. Lilac Power Ltd. Linaks Microelectronics Ltd. Lilac Exports Ltd. Link Farms Ltd. Link Up Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Lime Chemicals Ltd. Linas Engineering Enterprise Pvt. Lincoln Industries Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Light Roofings Ltd.Lifeline Pharmacies (india ) Ltd. Lifestyle Cosmetics Ltd. Linc Pen & Plastics Ltd.

Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Lodha Antique Buildtech & Farms Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Lloyds Line Pipes Ltd.Lintas Investment & Trdg. Lloyds Metals & Energy Ltd. Little Flower Kuries & Enterprises Ltd. Lodha Attractive Constructions & Farms Pvt. [merged] Liquid Investment & Trading Co. Lodha Achiever Buildcon & Farms Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Little's Oriental Balm & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Live Wire Software Ltd. Lloyd Credits Ltd. Locknil Electronics Ltd. Co. Ltd. Lodha Buildcon Pvt. Lion Financial Services Ltd. Living Media India Ltd. Live Reporters Pvt. Lipi Data Systems Ltd. [merged] Lipton India Ltd. Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd. Lodha Designer Construction Pvt. Lodha Construction Pvt. Liva Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. Littlevalley Promoters Pvt. Lipi Mercantile Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lloyds Steel Inds. Ltd. Little Kingdom World Ltd. Lodha Attentive Developers & Farms Pvt. Lippi Systems Ltd. Ltd. Lipton India Exports Ltd. . Lodestar Slotted Angles Ltd. Lintas Mercantile Ltd. Lodha Corporation Ltd. Lions Commercial Co. Ltd. Ltd. Lodha Building & Construction Pvt. Little Rock Trade & Invst. Lloyd Cements Ltd. Liverpool Finance Ltd. Lloyd Rockfibres Ltd. Lodha Developers Ltd. Little Kancheepuram Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Little Woods Construction & Real Estates Ltd. Lloyds Finance Ltd.

Lokhandwala Construction Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Lohia Starlinger Ltd. . Ltd. Loha Ispat Ltd. Pvt. Lodha Finance India Ltd. Pvt. Lok Exports & Imports Ltd. Lodha Land Developers Pvt. Ltd. Lok Holdings & Constructions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lokmanya Industries Ltd. Lohia Securities Ltd. Logwell Forge Ltd. (1920) Ltd. Ltd. Lodha Properties Devp. Ltd. Lohia Filament Machines Ltd. Lok Housing & Constructions Ltd. Logix Microsystems Ltd. Ltd. Lodha Land Scapes Pvt. Ltd. Lok Shelters Ltd. Lodha Elevation Buildcon Pvt. Lodha Estate Pvt. Lok Priya Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. Lohia Packaging Machines Ltd. Ltd. Logistics Corporation Of India Ltd. Ltd. Lodha Infracon Pvt. Lodha Hi-rise Builders Pvt. [merged] Lohia Metals Pvt. Lodha Healthy Constructions & Developers Pvt. Lohia Investments Ltd. Lodna Colliery Co. Lodha Home Developers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Lohia Polyester Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Lokesh Commercial Pvt. Ltd. Logicon Building Systems Pvt. Ltd. Lodha Offset Ltd.Lodha Dwellers Pvt. Lohia Machinery Mfrs. Lok Estates & General Maintenance Ltd. Lohia Sales & Services Ltd. Lodha Premium Builders Pvt. Lodha Home Styles Pvt. Lodha Pinnacle Buildtech & Farms Pvt. Lok Cements Ltd. Lohit Merchandise Ltd. Lok Prakashan Ltd. Lokesh Machines Ltd.

Lord Krishna Bank Ltd. [merged] Lord Krishna Dwellers Pvt. Longview Tea Co. Ltd. Lookman Electroplast Inds. Lords Distillery Ltd. Loktak Downstream Hydroelectric Corpn. Lotus Chocolate Co. Lotus Recreation & Motels Pvt. Ltd. Loss Prevention Association Of India Ltd. Ltd. Loop Tower Holdings Pvt. Lordvin Labs Ltd. Lord Krishna Infotech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lots Shipping Ltd. Lords Chemicals Ltd. Lotte India Corpn. Lotus Trading Corp Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Lotus Udyog Ltd. Lotus Eye Care Hospital Ltd. Loop Telecom Ltd. Ltd. Lotus Herbals Ltd. Lord Inchcape Financial Services Ltd. Lona Industries Ltd. [merged] London Rubber India Ltd. Louisiana Investment & Finance Pvt. Longview Finvest Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Loobah Co. Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd. Lords Ishwar Hotels Ltd. (india) Pvt. Lotus Homes Ltd. Ltd. Loop Mobile (india) Ltd. Ltd. . Lotus Glycol Ltd. Lookad Finance & Leasing Ltd. London Draft Pubs Pvt. Ltd. Lotus Services India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Loop Telecom Infrastructure Ltd. Loukik Finance Ltd.Lokmudra Commercial Co. Londa Hydro Power Pvt. Longlife Financial & Devp. Lords A B N Ltd. Loop Telecommunications Holdings India Ltd. Ltd. Lotus Investments Pvt. London Star Diamond Co.

Lucid Software Ltd. Ludlow Exports Ltd. Ludlow Jute & Specialities Ltd. Lucknow Finance Co. Lubi Pumps Ltd. . Co. Lubrizol India Pvt. Ltd. Lumax D K Auto Inds. Luk India Pvt. Lucky Goldstar Co. Ltd. Lumen Magnetic Wires Ltd. Lucid Colloids Ltd. Ltd. Lubi Electricals Ltd. Ltd. Lubes Specialities Ltd. Lucina Realtors Pvt. Lunar Diamonds Ltd. Lunar Holdings Ltd.Lovable Lingerie Ltd. Loyalty Investments & Enterprises Ltd. Lucky Minmat Ltd. Ltd. Lumax Industries Ltd. Lucina Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Lucas Indian Service Ltd. Lucky Meadows Pvt. Ltd. Loyal Textile Mills Ltd. Lucky Valley Invsts. Luhadia Sons Shahpura Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Lumiere Coolants Ltd. Lucera Retail Venture Pvt. Luminaire Technologies Ltd. Lucrative Leasing Finance & Invst. Luckyview Home Finance Ltd. Loveleen Finance India Ltd. Ltd. Lucas-tvs Ltd. Lucky Star's Entertainment Ltd. Lunar Finance Ltd. Ltd. Lucky Strike Resorts Ltd. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Lucknow Sitapur Expressways Ltd. & Holdings Ltd. Lumax Auto Technologies Ltd. Lovson Exports Ltd. Ltd. Lumax Automotive Systems Ltd. Lumax Automotive Components Systems Pvt. Loyal Industrial Gears Ltd.

Luxmi Tea Co. Lustre Tiles Ltd. Lurgi India Co. Lurgi India Intl. Ltd. Lyca Finance Ltd. Luxmi Township Ltd. M & B Switchgears Ltd. Ltd. Lupin Herbal Ltd.Lunar Realtors Ltd. Ltd. Luxur Metaltec (india) Pvt. Lupin Pharmacare Ltd. Luxite Industries Ltd. Lympha Laboratories Ltd. Services Pvt. Lynx Optics Ltd. M & M Auto Inds. Lux Industries Ltd. Lyons Corporate Market Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Lupin Laboratories Ltd. Pvt. Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. M & M Harvests Ltd. Ltd. Lyka Exports Ltd. Luxor International Pvt. Lyka B D R International Ltd. Lynx Machinery & Commercials Ltd. Ltd. Lyka Silk Mills Ltd. Lusin Industries Ltd. [merged] Lupin Securities Ltd. Luthria Printers & Traders Pvt. Lyons Industrial Enterprises Ltd. Luxury Jewellery Pvt. Lustre Fin Securities Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Lupin Ltd. Ltd. Lyka Labs Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Luni Power Co. M & I Watches Ltd. Lyons Range Finance Ltd. Lynx India Ltd. Lushgreen Landscapes Pvt. Lupin Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. Lyons Technologies Ltd. Lupin Performance Chemicals Ltd. Pvt. Lunkad Aluminium Ltd.

M A C Infotech Ltd. M C X-s X Clearing Corpn. M C C Investment & Leasing Co. M G F (india) Ltd. M B M Ltd. M D L Industries Ltd. M G T Cements Pvt. M A Property Developers Pvt. Pvt. M B Commercial Co. M G Agro Processors Ltd. M B Industries Ltd. M D D A-ramky Isbus Terminal Ltd. M C X Stock Exchange Ltd. Ltd. [merged] M C M Investments & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. M D Kothari & Co. M G F Motors Ltd. M G Lifestyle Clothing Co. Ltd. M C C Pta India Corpn. M C-stitch Ltd. M F L Global Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. M G M Minerals Ltd. M B Parikh Finstocks Ltd. Ltd. M F L International Ltd. Ltd. M A S Financial Services Ltd. M C S Software Solutions Ltd. [merged] M A C Clothing Ltd. M F L India Ltd. Ltd. M C F International Ltd. . [merged] M B L Property Developers Ltd. M C S Ltd. M C S Fasteners (india) Ltd. Ltd. M E K Slotted Angles (india) Ltd. M B L Infrastructures Ltd. M B Panesar & Sons Pvt. M B L Investments Ltd. Pvt. [merged] M G F Automobiles Ltd.M A C Agro Inds. M G F Securities Ltd. Ltd. M C C Finance Ltd. M Entertainments Pvt. M G Steels Ltd. M D A Softwares Ltd. M D Overseas Ltd.

M N R Leasing & Finance Ltd. [merged] M K Aromatics Ltd. Ltd. M K Wears Ltd. M J Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. M N Dastur & Co. Ltd. M K Shah Exports Ltd. M J Pharmaceuticals Ltd. M K G Plantations (i) Ltd. Ltd. M Lal & Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. M I T Consultants Ltd. M M Vora Automobiles Ltd. M K International Ltd. M L Industries Ltd. M K J Enterprises Ltd. M M T C Ltd. M K Web-tech Pvt. M M T C Gitanjali Pvt. M J Holdings & Leasing Ltd. M M Forgings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. M K Exim (india) Ltd. M M Publications Ltd. M K Securities Ltd. Ltd. M L Dalmiya & Co. (machinery) Pvt. M M Rubber Co. M M Infoproc Services Pvt. M I C Electronics Ltd. M M K Toll Road Pvt. Ltd. M M G India Pvt. M Manifold Pvt. M M T V Ltd. M I L Industries Ltd. M H T C Logistics Ltd. . M I L Controls Ltd.M H D Securities Ltd. M L G Industries Ltd. M J Institute Of Research M J Patel Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. M H Mills & Inds. M L Shah & Co. M L B Securities Ltd. M L D C Combines Ltd. M K J Developers Ltd. Pvt. M L C Industries Ltd.

M P Agro Inds. M P L Corporation Ltd. M P L Cars Ltd. Ltd. M S K Finance Ltd. M R R Trading & Invst. M P Carbide & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. M P J Financial Services Ltd. M P C R Broadcasting Service Pvt. M S Capital & Mgmt. M S D Industrial Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. M R C Autosolutions Pvt. Ltd. M S A (india) Ltd. [merged] M P Telelinks Ltd. M R F Corp Ltd. [merged] . Ltd. M P S Content Services India Pvt. M S Investments Ltd. M P S Ltd. Ltd. M P Veneers Pvt. M S E Financial Services Ltd. M P Online Ltd. Ltd. M P Petrochem Ltd. Ltd. M S J Colonising & Leasing Co. [merged] M P S E Z Utilities Pvt. M O I L Ltd. M S D Properties Ltd. Ltd. [merged] M S K Infrastructure & Toll Bridge Pvt. M S K Highways Ltd. M R Italian Chains Ltd. M S International Ltd. M R F Ltd. M P Uni-magna-tech Ltd. M P Birla Group Services Pvt. Services Ltd. M P Audyogik Kendra Vikas Nigam (jabalpur) Ltd. M P I L Corpn.M N S Securities Ltd. M P C O N Ltd. M Ravji Oil Inds. M P S Technologies Ltd. M P Investment & Consultancy Services Ltd. M P L Enterprises Ltd. M R F International Ltd. Co. M P Polypropylene Ltd. M P Toll Roads Ltd.

M V S Engineering Ltd. M S S L Global Wiring Ltd. Ma Foi Global Search Services Ltd. Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd. M V L Industries Ltd. Maa Television Network Ltd. M T Z Polyfilms Ltd. M S K Projects (kim Mandvi Corridor) Pvt. . M Sons Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Maagrita Exports Ltd. M T R Foods Pvt. M S Online Broking Services Ltd. M-tech Innovations Ltd. M S P Steel & Power Ltd. M S Khurana Engg. Ma Capital Market Services Ltd. M-serve Business Solutions Pvt. M W P Ltd. Maa Durga Solutions Ltd. Maan Township Developers Ltd.M S K Projects (himatnagar Bypass) Pvt. Maangani City Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. M S L Industries Ltd. M V L Telecom Ltd. Maa Leafin & Capital Ltd. M S R India Ltd. [merged] M S Securities Ltd. Ltd. M S Shoes East Ltd. M Y M Technologies Ltd. Ltd. M S Universal Exports Ltd. Ltd. [merged] M W Unitexx Ltd. M S P L Ltd. M V Cotspin Ltd. M V L Developers Ltd. Maan Aluminium Ltd. Maa Usha Urja Ltd. Maa Tara Ceramics Ltd. M V L Ltd. Ltd. M Suresh Exports Pvt. M S M Energy Ltd. M S T C Ltd. M T Z Industries Ltd. M S M Energies Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Macmillan Developers Pvt. Macfarlane & Company Ltd. Machinery Manufacturers Corpn. Ltd. Machine Tools (india) Ltd. Madanapalle Spinning Mills Ltd. Madhav Trading Corpn. [merged] Macawber Beekay Pvt. Madalsa International Ltd. Madanlal Ltd. Mack Savings & Finance Ltd. Macred India Pvt. Ltd. Madavarvilagam Benefit Fund Ltd. Madhin Trading Pvt. Machino Polymers Ltd. Macrotech Construction Pvt. Ltd. Mack Trading Co. Machino Techno Sales Ltd. Machad Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Machino Plastics Ltd. Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co. Macor Global Finance Ltd. Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Madanpur South Coal Co. Maddi Lakshmaiah & Co. Madhav Marbles & Granites Ltd. Macro Marvel Projects Ltd. Mackintosh Burn Ltd. Madatheril Constructions Ltd. [merged] Mac Oil Palm Ltd. Ltd. Maars Software International Ltd. Maave Electronics Pvt. . Ltd. Macrofil Investments Ltd. Ltd.Maars Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Mad Entertainment Ltd. Madhav Industries Ltd. Macor Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Madan Capital Market Ltd. Macneill Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Mac Industrial Products Ltd. [merged] Mac Industries Ltd. Madhavnagar Cotton Mills Ltd. Macro (international) Exports Ltd. Mac Charles (india) Ltd.

Ltd. Madhukar Investments Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Ashok Hotel Corpn. Ltd. Corpn. Madhur Capital & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Co. . Madhya Bharat Papers Ltd. Madhucon Mega Mall Pvt. Madhur Agro Proteins Ltd. Madhukan Financial Services Ltd. Madhusudan Holdings Ltd. Madhya Bharat Power Corpn. Madhur Housing Finance Ltd. Madhusudan Fincap Ltd. Madhucon Agra Jaipur Expressways Ltd. Madhya Pradesh State Indl. Madhumilan Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Madho Properties Ltd. Madhya Bijlee Pvt. Corpn. Madhu Industries Ltd. Madhumilan Syntex Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Electricals Ltd. Madhucon Infra Ltd. Ltd. Madhusudan Texturisers Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Rajya Sahakari Bank Maryadit Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Devp. Madhusudan Securities Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Jaypee Minerals Ltd. [merged] Madhu Jayanti International Ltd. Madhusudan Overseas Ltd. [merged] Madhur Industries Ltd. Madhucon Infotech Ltd. Madhucon Projects Ltd. Madhu Intra Ltd. Madhu Refoils & Chemicals Ltd. Madhya Pradesh Financial Corpn. Madhucon Heights Pvt. Madhya Gujarat Vij Co. Madhu Textiles Ahmedabad Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Madhusudan Special Sections Ltd. Madhusudan Industries Ltd. Madhusudan Fiscal Ltd. Madhumilan Fincorp Ltd. Madhumala Traders Pvt. Madhucon Energy Ltd. Devp.

Ltd. Madipakkam Benefit Fund Ltd. Madura Coats Pvt. Madras Petrochem Ltd. Madras Purasawalkam Hindu Janopakara Saswatha Nidhi Ltd. Ltd. Madura Garments Intl. Ltd. Maersk India Pvt. Madras Stock Exchange Ltd. Madkini Hydro Power Pvt. . Madras Motor Finance & Guarantee Co. Maersk Logistics India Pvt. Madurai-tuticorin Expressways Ltd. Madras Lakshmi Finance Ltd.Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Madhyavart Exxoil Ltd. Ltd. Madras Electrocastings Ltd. (cbe) Ltd. Madura Hindu Permanent Fund Ltd. Madras Spindle Co. Madras Wire Products Ltd. Madras Vanaspati Ltd. Madurai Vetrilai Pakku Beedi Cigarette Varthaga Sangathargal Stores Ltd. Madras Fertilizers Ltd. Ltd. Maegaware Computers Pvt. Brands Co. Madras Cements Ltd. Madras Hi-tech Circuits Ltd. Madura Agro Inds. Ltd. Madras Chipboard Ltd. Ltd. Madura Spinning & Mfg. Ltd. Madras Forgings & Allied Inds. Maersk Concorde Airfreight India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Madurai Menal Finance Ltd. Madras Harbour Benefit Fund Ltd. Madras Sugars Ltd. Maestro Motors Ltd. Ltd. Madras Elastomers Ltd. Madras Race Club Madras Radiators & Pressings Ltd. Madura Garments Lifestyle Retail Co. Ltd. Madras Aluminium Co. Madura Garments Exports Ltd. Madras Shoe Fabrik Ltd. Madras Christian Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Madras Spinners Ltd. Madras Credit & Investments Ltd.

Magna Hardtemp Ltd. Mafco Ltd.Maestro Promoters Pvt. Magico Exports & Consultants Ltd. Co. Magna Electro Castings Ltd. Magnet Labs Pvt. Mafatlal Home Products Ltd. Magenta Trading Pvt. Mafatlal Apparel Mfg. Mafatlal Fine Spg. Ltd. Magna Credit & Financial Services Ltd. Magnetic Meter Systems (india) Ltd. Mafatlal Services Ltd. Ltd. . Magma Consumer Finance Ltd. Mafatlal Enterprises Ltd. Magnanimous Trade & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Magnetic Steels International Ltd. Magma Fincorp Ltd. Mafatlal Industries Ltd. Magad Realtors Pvt. Magma I T L Finance Ltd. Magma Securities Ltd. Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Magna Fourdrinier Ltd. Co. Ltd. Magnum Equity Broking Ltd. Mafatlal Denim Ltd. Magna Inks Ltd. Magnesite & Minerals Ltd. Magnetix (india) Ltd. Magnum Commercial Ltd. Mafatlal Engineering Inds. [merged] Mafatlal Holdings Ltd. Magna Graphics (india) Ltd. Mafatlal Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. Magna Warehousing & Distribution Pvt. Mafatlal Medical Devices Ltd. & Mfg. Magan Industries Ltd. Magna Colors Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd. Ltd. Mafatlal Plywood Inds. Magna Industries & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Magadh Traders Ltd. Magna Publishing Co. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Magnum Trust Ltd. Mahalaxmi Commercial Services Ltd. Mahadev Corporation (india) Ltd. Magnum Steels Ltd. Mahagauri Investments Ltd. Ltd. Magnum Traders Ltd. Magpie Finance Pvt.Magnum Intermediates Ltd. Magnum Steel & Power Ltd. Magnus Rubber Inds. Mahabal Financial Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Mahalakshmi Fibres & Inds. Magnum Ventures Ltd. Mahakali Flyover Co. Mahadev Production Pvt. Mahadeo Jute & Inds. Mahakalp Arogya Pratisthan Mahakaushal Kshetriya Gramin Bank Mahal Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Mahak Marbles Pvt. Magnum Machines Pvt. Maha Rashtra Apex Corpn. Mahadeo Fertilizers Ltd. Ltd. Mahabal Medicare Pvt. . Ltd. Ltd. Mahagun Developers Ltd. Maha Chemicals Ltd. Magnum Polysacks Ltd. Magnum Polymers (india) Ltd. Mahadushi International Trade Ltd. Magunta Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Mahalaxmi Buildtech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mahaguj Power Ltd. Mahadev Industries Ltd. Maha Manav Mritunjay Institute Of Yoga & Alternative Medicine Ltd. Magnum Ltd. Mahabir Jute Mills Ltd. Mahalakshmi Profile Ltd. Mahakaleshwar Knowledge Infrastructure Pvt. Magunta Hotels Ltd. Mahaan Foods Ltd. Mahalakshmi Benefit Fund Ltd. Mahalakshmi Glass Works Pvt. Mahaamba Investments Ltd. Ltd.

Maharashtra Fibre & Syntex Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mahananda Securities Ltd. Co. Co. Mahanivesh (india) Ltd. Maharaja Theme Parks & Resorts Ltd. Corpn. Mahalaxmi Rubtech Ltd. Maharashtra Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Maharashtra Explosives Ltd. Maharashtra Corporation Ltd. Maharashtra Broadband Networks Ltd. Ltd. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. Maharaja Shree Umaid Mills Ltd. Ltd. Mahan Industries Ltd. Ltd. Maharashtra Gramin Bank Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. Maharashtra Airport Devp. Mahanagar Co-op. Maharashtra Laminates Ltd. Mahalaxmi Seamless Ltd. Maharashtra Agro-inds. Mahananda Builders Ltd. Corpn. . Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Maharaja Financial & Management Services Ltd. Maharashtra Krishna Valley Devp. Mahamaya Steel Inds. Maharashtra Motors (mumbai) Ltd. Mahanagar Gas Ltd. Maharashtra Film Stage & Cultural Devp. Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Maharashtra Electronics Corpn. Bank Ltd. Ltd. Mahalaxmi Hospital Ltd. Maharashtra Insecticides Ltd. Maharani Hotels Ltd. Maharashtra Eastern Grid Power Transmission Co. Corpn. Maharashtra Apex Asset Mgmt. Maharashtra Border Check Post Network Ltd. Mahamaya Investments Ltd. Mahanagar Properties Pvt. Mahanagar Commercial Co. Maharashtra Metal Powders Ltd. Mahananda Investments Ltd.Mahalaxmi Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. Mahalaxmi Holdings Ltd. Mahalaxmi Factoring Services Ltd.

[merged] Maharishi Technology Corpn. Ltd. Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. Mahashree Trading Ltd. Maharashtra State Road Devp. Maharashtra State Mining Corpn. . Mahavir Expochem Ltd. Maharashtra Vikrikar Rokhe Pradhikaran Ltd. Mahavir Investments Ltd. Ltd. Maharashtra Petrochemicals Corpn. Mahavir Premises Pvt. Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Mahaveer Krishi Kendra Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mahavidya Investments Ltd. Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Maharashtra Small Scale Inds. Corpn. Ltd. Maharshi Commerce Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Devp. Mahavir Founders & Engineers Ltd. Maharashtra Weldaids Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Mahasena Info Technologies India Pvt. Maharashtra State Electricity Board Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corpn. Maharashtra Patbandhare Vittiya Co. Ltd. Maharashtra State Textile Corpn. Mahashakti Power Ltd. Co. Mahasagar Travels Ltd. Mahavir Rolling Mill Ltd. Mahaveer Cylinders Ltd. Maharashtra State Financial Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Mahaveer Infoway Ltd. Maharashtra State Police Housing & Welfare Corpn. Ltd. Corpn. Mahaveer Finance India Ltd. Maharashtra State Seed Corpn. Ltd.Maharashtra Natural Gas Ltd. Maharashtra Sponge Iron Ltd. Mahavir Minerals Ltd. [merged] Mahavir Impex Ltd. Maharashtra Polybutenes Ltd. Mahavir Build Estate Pvt. Maharashtra Urban Infrastructure Devp. Maharashtra Power Devp. Ltd. Maharashtra Vegetable Products Ltd.

Mahindra Aerospace Pvt. Mahindra Conveyor Systems Pvt. Mahen Distribution Ltd. Ltd. Maheshwari Proteins Ltd. Credit Society Ltd. Mahendra (india) Ltd. Mahindra Business & Consulting Services Pvt. Mahindra E P C Services Pvt. Ltd. Mahindra Automobile Distributor Pvt. Mahindra & Mahindra Co-op. . Mahindra Engineering & Chemical Products Ltd. [merged] Mahila Udyog Ltd. Mahindra Composites Ltd. Maheshwari Nutrients Ltd. Maheshwari Mills Ltd. Maheshwari Paper Ltd. Mahindra Construction Co. Maheshwari Exports (india) Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Maheswara Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Consulting Engineers Ltd. Mahesh Estate Ltd. Mahendra Shipping Ltd. Mahindra Engineering Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mahendra Cements Ltd. Maheshwari Solvent Extraction Ltd. Mahindra Econova Pvt. Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. Mahen Boutiques Ltd. Maheshwari Telecommunications Ltd. Mahavira Foods Ltd. Mahendra Denim (india) Ltd. Ltd. Mahesh Agricultural Implements & Steel Forgings Ltd. Maheshwari Polyspin Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Bebanco Developers Ltd.Mahavir Steel Inds. Maheshwary Ispat Ltd. Mahdi Bagh Estates Ltd. Mahendra & Mahendra Paper Mills Ltd. Mahesh Edible Oil Inds. Mahendra Mills Ltd. Mahendra Petrochemicals Ltd. Mahindra Electrical Steel Ltd. Mahindra Castings Ltd.

[merged] Mahindra Residential Developers Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd. Mahindra Water Utilities Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Hinoday Inds. Mahindra Ugine Steel Co. Mahindra World City Developers Ltd. Mahindra Sona Ltd. Mahindra Infrastructure Developers Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. Mahindra Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Mahindra Steel Service Centre Ltd. Mahindra Retail Pvt. Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd. Mahindra World City (maharashtra) Ltd. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. . Mahindra Hotels & Residences India Ltd. Mahindra Realty & Infrastructure Devp. Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Ltd. [merged] Mahindra Holdings Ltd. Mahindra Logistics Ltd. Mahindra United Football Club Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Mahindra Owen Ltd. Mahindra Logisoft Business Solutions Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Mahindra Infrastructural Projects Pvt. Mahindra Gears & Transmissions Pvt. Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd. Mahindra Information Technology Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Integrated Township Ltd. Mahindra World City Jaipur Ltd. Mahindra Forgings Ltd. [merged] Mahindra Punjab Tractors Pvt. Mahindra Shubhlabh Services Ltd. Ltd. Mahindra Holdings & Finance Ltd. Mahindra Nissan Allwyn Ltd. Mahindra Industrial Park Ltd. Mahindra Intertrade Ltd. Mahindra Navistar Engines Pvt. Mahindra United World College Of India Mahindra Vehicle Mfrs. Ltd.

Maksad Properties Ltd. Maiden Infotech Ltd. Maitri Mutual Benefits Ltd. Makers International Pvt. Ltd. Majestic Farm House Ltd. Maitrikrishna Finance Ltd. Mak Medicals Ltd. Makizham Estates Ltd. Mahyco Vegetables Seeds Ltd. Makjai Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Maithan Alloys Ltd.Mahle Engine Components India Pvt. (india) Ltd. Makers Laboratories Ltd. Makan Investments & Trdg. Majestic Industries Ltd. Maksad Estate & Hardware Pvt. Mainland Docks Pvt. Majestic Homemakers Ltd. Maintenance India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Majerhat Estates & Developers Ltd. Malabar Agricultural Co. Ltd. Makharia Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. Makan Agro Oils Ltd. Makcoy Investments Ltd. Majestic Auto Ltd. Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (india) Ltd. Mak Software Systems Ltd. Maithon Power Ltd. Ltd. Mailam Murugan Benefit Fund Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Major Metals Ltd. Mailam India Ltd. Mahyco Seeds Ltd. Maitri Steels Ltd. Maithan Ceramic Ltd. Makers Development Services Pvt. Mahle Filter Systems (india) Pvt. Ltd. Makarand Securities Ltd. Majuli Tea Co. Majestic I T Services Ltd. . Co. Makalu Trading Pvt. Maikaal Fibres Ltd. Major Exports Ltd. Mahle Filter Systems (india) Ltd.

Malkan Engineering Pvt. Malad Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Malay Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Malhotra Steels (bombay) Ltd. Ltd. Malayalam Industries Ltd. Malabar Produce & Rubber Co. Ltd. Malanpur Captive Power Ltd. Malankara Plantations Ltd. Malar Shareshoppe Ltd. Malayalam Communications Ltd. Ltd. Malco Industries Ltd. Mallur Siddeswara Spg. Malar Stars Medicare Ltd. Malabar Spices Co. Malana Power Co. Malhotra Rubbers Ltd. Ltd. Malabar Dyeing & Finishing Mills Ltd. Malet Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Malco Power Co. Malanpur Leathers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Malik Polychem Ltd. Ltd. Malabar Shipping & Transport Ltd. Malayala Manorama Co. Malegaon Manmad Kopargaon Infrastructure & Toll Road Pvt. Mallcom (india) Ltd. Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Malabar Building Products Ltd. Malankara Wood Ltd. Malabar Processors Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mali Florex Ltd. . Malayalam Benefit Fund Ltd. [merged] Malabar Cements Ltd. Malika Embroider Ltd. Malabar Hill Club Ltd. Mallelavanam Property Developers Pvt. Malanpur Steel Ltd. Malabar Coast Marine Services Pvt. Malabar Coastal Holdings Ltd. Malankara Enterprises Ltd. Malabar Trading Co. Malhati Tea & Inds. Ltd. Malabar Institute Of Medical Sciences Ltd. Mills Pvt.Malabar Breweries Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Malu Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Man Infraconstruction Ltd. Man Projects Ltd. Manaksia Overseas Ltd. Man Force Trucks Pvt. Mamta Steels Ltd. Malwa Hospitality Pvt. Maltex Malsters Ltd. Manamboli Textiles Ltd. Malpani Holdings Pvt. Man Diesel India Ltd. Manaksia Ferro Inds. Man Infraprojects Ltd. Malti Textiles Mills Ltd. Man-made Spinners (india) Ltd. Manali Petrochemicals Ltd. Malt Company (india) Ltd. Man Mohak Fin-invest-lease Ltd. Manaksia Ltd. Ltd. Man Industries (india) Ltd. Manaksia Coated Metals & Inds. Ltd. Manak Overseas Ltd.Malmo Exim Ltd. Malvika Steel Ltd. Ltd. Manali Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Malu Plantation & Resorts Ltd. Man Nirmal Infraconstruction Ltd. Malvica Engineering Ltd. Man Structurals Ltd. Malsi Estates Ltd. Malwa Cotton Spg. Man Realtors & Holdings Pvt. Malwa Chemtex Udyog Ltd. Mammaro (india) Ltd. Malwa Industries Ltd. Malwala Oils Ltd. Mills Ltd. . Manabarrie Tea Co. Malpani Industries Ltd. Manaksia Steels Ltd. Manaksia Aluminium Co. Ltd. Man Ajwani Infraconstruction Ltd. Malwa Mercantile Ltd. Malwa Vanaspati & Chemical Co.

Mangalam Engineering Projects Ltd. Ltd. Mangal Processing Mills Ltd.Manappuram Asset Finance Ltd. Ltd. Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd. . Ltd. [merged] Mandu Industries Ltd. Manavta Holdings Ltd. Mangalam India Ltd. Manappuram Benefit Fund Ltd. Mangal Knits Ltd. Bank Ltd. [merged] Mandya Finance Co. Ltd. Mangal Murthi Realtors Ltd. Mandakini Motels Pvt. Manav Investment & Trdg. Mandke Foundation Mando India Ltd. Mandya National Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd. Mangal Anand Health Care Ltd. Manas Buildcon Pvt. Mangalam Cement Ltd. Mangalam Gases Ltd. Mangal Bhawan Holdings Ltd. Mangalam Drugs & Organics Ltd. Manas Dwellers Pvt. Mangal Tirth Estate Ltd. [merged] Maneswari Trading Co. Mandhana Industries Ltd. Mangalam Alloys Ltd. Mangalam Computech Ltd. Maneesha Finlease Ltd. Mandya Udyog Viniyog Ltd. Manav Pharma Ltd. Mandovi Pellets Ltd. Manappuram Insurance Brokers Pvt. Co. Manappuram Finance Ltd. Manchali Trading Co. [merged] Mandvi Co-operative Bank Ltd. Manashvi Securities Ltd. Maneklal Harilal Mills Ltd. Ltd. Manchanda International Ltd. Manbhawani Investment Ltd. Mangal Co-op. Mangal Steel Enterprises Ltd.

Manipal Entertainment Network Ltd. Manipal Finance Corpn. Mangalam Ventures Ltd. Manimuthar Agro Products Ltd. Manipur State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Manipal Housing Finance Syndicate Ltd. Mangalore Breweries & Distilleries Ltd. Manish Birla Finance & Invst. . Mani Management Consultants Pvt. Manipal Properties Ltd. Mani Commercial Ltd. Mangroh Infratech Ltd. Ltd. Manipal Control Data Electronic Commerce Ltd. Manipal Technologies Ltd. Mangalya Soft-tech Ltd. Co. Ltd. Mangalore Stock Exchange Mangalwedhe Sun-soya Ltd. Manipal Industries Ltd. Manhattan Credits & Finance Ltd. Manhattan Leasing Ltd. Manipal Ace Event Mgmt. Mangalam Services Ltd. Mani Market Creators Ltd. Mangalya Trading & Investments Ltd. Mani & Money Ltd. [merged] Manipal Insurance Services Ltd. Mangium Plantations Ltd. [merged] Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Manipal Stock & Share Brokers Ltd. Manhattan Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Mangla Hospitality Ltd. Ltd. Mangalbhagya Exports (india) Ltd. Mangaldas Mehta & Co. Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd. Manipal Digital Systems Pvt. Pvt. Manipal Informatics Pvt. Mangalam Timber Products Ltd. Ltd.Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd. Ltd. Manipal Media Network Ltd. Manipal Home Finance Ltd. Manglam India Ltd. Manipal Hotels Ltd. Mangrul Mills Ltd.

Manjunatha Investments Ltd. Ltd. Manor Floatel Ltd. Mankind Pharma Ltd. Manoram Agro Foods Ltd. Manoway Investments Pvt. Ltd. Manjeera Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Manocha Polymers Ltd. Mansi Finance (chennai) Ltd. Ltd. Manjeera Constructions Ltd. [merged] Mansarovar Holdings Ltd. Manjula Finances Ltd. Manphool Exports Ltd. Manjri Stud Farm Pvt. Mannakrishna Investments Ltd. Manna Foods Pvt. Manishree Plantation Ltd. Ltd. .Manish Organics India Ltd. Manoraj Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Manoranjan Grah Ltd. Ltd. Mansi Bijlee & Rice Mills Pvt. Manraj Housing Finance Ltd. Mansarovar Bottling Co. Manjushree Technopack Ltd. Manphul Trading & Finance Co. Manorama Industrial & Technical Services Ltd. Mansarovar Paper & Inds. Manmir Engineering Inds. Manor Dealcom Pvt. Ltd. Manmohan Textiles Ltd. Manjeet Securities & Finlease Ltd. Mansarover Realtors Ltd. Manjiri Investments Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Manjushree Plantations Ltd. Manjeera Retail Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Manna Glass-tech Inds. Manoj Yarn Processors Ltd. Manohar Finance India Ltd. Manor Investment Co. Ltd. Mansi Chem Pvt. Mansi Chhog Impex (chennai) Ltd. Maniyar Plast Ltd. Mannohar Lal Hira Lal Ltd. Manorath Mercantiles Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Manuweb International Ltd. Mantora Agro Inds. Mansingka Industries Ltd. Ltd. Manu Maharani Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Mar Thoma Rubber Co. Mansinghka Oil Products Ltd. Maple Holdings Ltd. Mantora Oil Products Ltd. [merged] Maratha Sahakari Bank Ltd. Marangi Pvt. Ltd. Mantri Credit & Capital Ltd. Maral Finance Ltd. Marathwada Autocompo Pvt. Ltd. Bank Ltd. Marathon Nextgen Realty Ltd. Ltd.Mansi Foundation Pvt. Ltd. Bank Of Goa Ltd. [merged] Manugraph India Ltd. Ltd. Manyog Securities Ltd. Manu Enterprises Ltd. Mansurpur Sugar Mills Ltd. Marathon Electric India Pvt. Ltd. Manvijay Development Co. . Maratha Mandir Co-op. Mansukh Industries Ltd. Marathon Electric Motors (india) Ltd. Ltd. Marathwada Alloy Steels Co. Maples E S M Technologies Ltd. [erstwhile] Mantu Housing Projects Ltd. Mapro Industries Ltd. Mapusa Urban Co-op. [merged] Mantas India Pvt. Maral Overseas Ltd. Map Auto Ltd. Maram Polymers Ltd. Mantech Counting & System Pvt. Manush Distributors Ltd. Ltd. Manu Valley Tea Co. Maplle Infraprojects Ltd. Manu Credit India Ltd. Mansoon Trading Co. Ltd. Maple Esolutions Ltd. Ltd. Marala Real Estate Pvt. Maple Circuits Ltd. Maparna Investments Ltd.

Marigold Capital Mgmt. Marikar (motors) Ltd. Marigold Glass Inds. [merged] Maris Apparels Ltd. Marg Capital Markets Ltd. Marine Link Associates Ltd. Mardia Chemicals Ltd. Marine Cables & Wires Pvt. Marg Finance Ltd. Marathwada Development Corpn. Marine Laboratories Ltd. Marionbarie Tea Co. . Marda Commercial & Holdings Ltd. Mardia Steel Ltd. Marble Leasing Ltd. Pvt. Marine Integrated Finance Ltd. Margo Trading Co. Ltd. Marit Finance Ltd. Ltd. Mardia Tubes Ltd. Marim Industries Ltd. Marathwada Refractories Ltd. Marico Ltd. Marine Projects Services Ltd. Marchon Textile Inds. Maritime Association Of Shipowners Shipmanagers & Agents Mark Exhaust Systems Ltd. Marina Shoes Ltd.Marathwada Ceramic Complex Ltd. Mardia Extrusions Ltd. Ltd. Maravika Plastic Inds. Maris Spinners Ltd. Margo Finance Ltd. Mardia Copper Products Ltd. Mardia Ispat Ltd. Marine Cargo Co. Ltd. Marikar Engineers Ltd. Mardia Samyoung Capillary Tubes Co. Ltd. Marble Finvest Ltd. Marck Biosciences Ltd. Ltd. Marg Ltd. Ltd. Mark Leasing & Finance Ltd. Mark Marbles & Mines Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Marg Projects & Infrastructure Ltd.

Maruti Insurance Agencies Services Ltd. Ltd. Maruthi-it. Marksans Pharma Ltd. Marketing Consultants & Agencies Ltd. (mfg. Maruti Coffee Estates Ltd. Maruti Industrial Carbohydrates Ltd. Marudhar Edible Oils Ltd. Maruti Cottex Ltd. Martin & Harris Laboratories Ltd. Marson's Textiles Ltd. Marshall Sons & Co. Marlex Products Ltd. Maruti Fertochem Ltd. Marshall Sons & Co. Maruthi Plantation Ltd. Ltd. Market City Resources Pvt. Ltd.Mark Omega Organic Inds. Market City Developers Pvt. Market Creators Ltd. Maruti Insurance Agency Logistics Ltd. Ltd. . Marsons Ltd. Markanda Vanaspati Mills Ltd. Marketplace Technologies Pvt. Maruti Comforts & Inn Pvt. Ltd. (india) Ltd. Marshall Bhawanjee Co. Marmagoa Steel Ltd. Markandeshwar Foods & Allied Products Ltd. Maruthi Imaging Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Marktesh Trading Ltd. Maruti Funcity Ltd. Mark Steels Ltd. Maruthi Goldstar Silks Ltd. Pvt. Marudhar Food & Credit Ltd. Martin Burn Finance Ltd. (india) Ltd. Marksell Pharma Ltd. Markson Trading Pvt. Mars Life Sciences Ltd. [erstwhile] Martin Burn Ltd.) Ltd. Market City Mgmt. Maruthi Industries Ltd. Maruti Countrywide Auto Financial Services Ltd. Marstech India Ltd. Maruti Infrastructure Ltd.

Marvel Fragrances Pvt. Master Channel Community Network Pvt. Ltd. Master Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Maruti Plastics Ltd. Mashreqbank P S C Masroor Agrotech India Ltd. Marvel Vinyls Ltd. Masantoshi International Ltd. Marvel International Ltd. Mas Enterprises Ltd. Marvel Capital & Finance (india) Ltd. Marutinandan Real Estate Dovelopers Pvt. Maruti Organics Ltd. Marvel Pharmachem Ltd. Maruti Insurance Business Agency Ltd. Marvel Fashions & Textiles Ltd. Maruti Insurance Distribution Services Ltd. Maruti Salt Farm Ltd. Ltd. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Mashaal Impex Ltd. Mascon Global Ltd. Maruti Insurance Agency Solutions Ltd. Co. Maruti Papers Ltd. Maruti Insurance Broker Ltd. Marvel Housing Pvt. Marvel Hi-tech Ltd. Ltd. Mashobra Resort Ltd. Maruti Iron & Steel Ltd. Mas Pack Ltd. Maruti Syntex (india) Ltd. Maruti Telstar Inds. . Ltd. Maruti Securities Ltd. Masalia Finance Ltd. Ltd.Maruti Insurance Agency Network Ltd. Marwar Gears Ltd. Mascon Technical Services Ltd. Mas Embroideries Pvt. Marvell Mall Devp. Pvt. Ltd. Mastek Ltd. Marvellous General Finance & Invsts. Marwar Hotels Ltd. Marvel Industries Ltd. Marwar Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd.

Mather & Platt Fire Systems Ltd. Matra Realty Ltd. Mata Parvati Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Matcon Export Enterprises Ltd.Master Chemicals Ltd. Masterdhan Financial & Invsts. Matsya Automobiles Ltd. Maulik Kruti Resources Ltd. Master Portfolio Services Ltd. Master Financial Services Ltd. Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd. Mattam Finance Co. Matheson Bosanquet Enterprises Ltd. Matrix Developers Pvt. Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing Co. Masuzawa Punjab Silk Ltd. Matrushree Finance & Investments Pvt. Matrix Innovations Ltd. Ltd. Match Paper (india) Ltd. Matushri Oil Mills Ltd. . Maud Tea & Seed Co. Matulya Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Matrix Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Master Insurance Brokers Ltd. Matruka Investments Ltd. Master Infrastructure & Real Estate Developers Ltd. Matushree Textiles Ltd. Matterhorn Investments Ltd. Master Commodity Services Ltd. Master Exchange & Finance Ltd. Mathew Easow Research Securities Ltd. Mattathur Kuries & Finance Ltd. Matraco Finvest Ltd. Ltd. Matrix Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Services Ltd. Mathur Investment Co. Matru-smriti Traders Ltd. Matrix Information Services Pvt. Matangi Investments Ltd. Mauda Energy Ltd. Master Trust Ltd. Matsyagandha Investments & Finance Pvt. Master Link Leasing & Finance Ltd. Matunga Gujarati Club Ltd.

Maxwell Industries Ltd. Maxpak Investment Ltd. Maurya Trading Co. Ltd. Ltd. Mavi Industries Ltd. Mavens Internet Ltd. Mavis Satcom Ltd. Maximus Capital Research Pvt. Max Healthstaff Intl. Max Healthscribe Ltd. [merged] Max Medical Services Ltd. Max Heights Infrastucture Ltd.Mauri Yeast India Pvt. Maxwealth Properties Pvt. . Maverick Electronics Ltd. Maximaa Systems Ltd. Maxim Radio Cabs Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Max Telecom Ventures Ltd. Max Corporation Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Max Estates Ltd. Maxworth Home Ltd. Maxell Shimnit (india) Ltd. Max India Ltd. [merged] Maxbhumi Developers Ltd. Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. Maxwell Soft Park Ltd. Mauria Udyog Ltd. Maveric Systems Ltd. [merged] Max Ateev Ltd. Mavens Biotech Ltd. Maxworth Country (india) Ltd. Maximus Securities Ltd. Mautik Exim Ltd. Maurya Motors Ltd. Maximal Finance & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Max India Ltd. Maurya Industrial Resources Ltd. Maxcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Maxopp Investments Ltd. Maurya Investments & Credits Ltd. Maximus Multitrade Ltd. Mawana Sugars Ltd. Mawana Sugars Ltd. Max Neeman Medical Intl.

[merged] Mayfair India Ltd. Mayavaram Financial Chit Corpn. Pvt. Ltd. Maytas Estates Pvt. Maxxon India Ltd. Mayoga Investments Ltd. . Mayajaal Entertainment Ltd. Ltd. Mayank Techwelders Ltd. Maya Trade Links Ltd. [erstwhile] Maya Agro Products Ltd. Maytas Enterprises Sez Pvt. Ltd. Mayank Electro Ltd. Maytas Hill County Residences Pvt. Mayank Fincom Ltd. Maytas Infra Assets Ltd. Mayfair Ltd. [merged] Mayar Health Resorts Ltd. Mayar Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Maytas Homes Pvt. Ltd. Maytas Infratech Pvt. Maxworth Orchards (india) Ltd. Maya Entertainment Ltd. [merged] Mayo (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Maypar Leather Mfg. Maya Spinners Ltd. Mayfair Fabrics Ltd. Ltd. Maytas Hotels Pvt. Maytas Infrasys Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Maytas Logiparks (malkapur) Pvt. Ltd. Mayfair Finance Ltd. Ltd. Maytas Hill County Sez Pvt. Co. Maytas Metro Ltd. Mayank Services Ltd. Mayank Hotels Ltd. Maytas Hill County Projects Pvt. Maya Rasayan Ltd. Ltd. Mayo Hospitals Ltd. Maxworth Orchards International Ltd.Maxworth Industrial Services Ltd. Maytas Affordable Homes Pvt. Ltd. Maytas Hill County Pvt. Maytas Mineral Resources Ltd. Maytas Logiparks (isnapur) Pvt. Mayank & Lili Pharma Ltd.

Mcda Agro Pvt. Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. Maytas Ventures Sez Pvt. Maytas Vasishta Varadhi Ltd. Mazda Colours Ltd. Mazda Enterprises Ltd. [merged] Mcdowell Holdings Ltd. Mcneil & Argus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Maytas Ventures Residences Pvt. Ltd. Mayur Colours Ltd. Mayur Trades Ltd. Mazda Fabric Processors Ltd. Mayur Dye-chem Intermediates Ltd. Mcnally Bangalore Industries Ltd. Mazda Distilleries Ltd. Mcnally Bharat Engg. Mcleod Russel (india) Ltd. Mazagon Dock Ltd. Mcnama Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Maytas Properties Ltd. Mayur Floorings Ltd. Mazda Ltd. Mayurbhanj Metals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Mcleod Russel India Ltd. Mazda Properties Ltd. Mazda Textile Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Mcnally Bharat Equipments Ltd. Ltd. Mcdowell International Brands Ltd. Mazson Builders & Developers Pvt. Maytas Ventures Farms Pvt. Co.Maytas Projects Ltd. Mcdowell & Co. Mcnally Bharat Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Mazda Estates Pvt. Ltd. Mazda Industries & Leasing Ltd. Mcnally Sayaji Engg. Mayuka Investment Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Mcdowell Properties Ltd. . [merged] Mcleod & Co. Mayura Alloy Inds. Mayuranathar Benefit Fund Ltd. Mayur Leather Products Ltd. Ltd. Mayur Inorganics Ltd.

. Medvarsity Online Ltd. Medravati Agro-farms Pvt. Pvt. Mediklin Healthcare Ltd. Medicamen Biotech Ltd. Medicorp Technologies India Ltd. Ltd. Medhawi Traders Ltd. Medi-caps Ltd. [merged] Medicross Pharma-chem Ltd. Meena Scales Co. Mediline Equipment & Computer Systems (india) Ltd. Mediaone Global Entertainment Ltd. Meca Quilts Ltd. Medispan Ltd. Mecon Ltd. Mediasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Mcphar International Pvt. Ltd. Medha Projects Ltd. Medicare Investments Ltd. Mecklai Financial Services Ltd. Media Dreams Ltd. Media Electronics Ltd. Medgene Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Media Matrix Worldwide Ltd. Mechanalysis (india) Ltd. Media Research Users Council Media Savvy (india) Ltd. [merged] Medinova Diagnostic Services Ltd. Medisearch Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Media Anupam Ltd. Ltd. Meenachil Rubberwood Ltd. Meekan Transmissions Ltd. Medsave Healthcare Ltd. Meenakshi Enterprises Ltd. Medi-net Services Pvt. Mecords India Ltd. Meadow Real Estate Pvt. Meenakshi (india) Ltd. Mediplus (india) Ltd. Ltd. Medley Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Meda Finance Ltd. Medley Minerals India Ltd. Medico Interpharm Ltd. Ltd. Medtech Products Ltd.

Ltd. Mega Online. Mega Capital Broking Pvt. Mega Funds India Ltd. Mega Holiday Ltd. Meeraco Diesel Engines Pvt. Meenakshi Tea Co. Meenakshi Projects Ltd. Meenakshi Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. Mega (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Megatech Control Ltd. Mega Fin (india) Ltd. Meera & Co. Mefcom Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Meenakshi Orchards Pvt. Mega Housing Finance Ltd. . Ltd. Mega Stock Ltd. Megh Mayur Infra Ltd. Mega Custodial Services Ltd. Mega One Stop Farm Services Ltd. Mega Resources Ltd. Meerut Festival City Pvt. Ltd. Meeraco Power (india) Pvt. Mega Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Meeraj Multiweb Ltd. Megasoft Ltd. Mefcom Capital Markets Ltd. Mefcom Commodity Brokers Ltd. Megatech Overseas (i) Ltd.Meenakshi Industries Ltd. Mefali Fibres Ltd. Meenakshi Mercentiles Ltd. Meerut Agro Chemical Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Meenakshi Steel Inds. Mega Management Services Pvt. Megatop Insurance Broking Ltd. Meenakshi Textiles Ltd. Mega Cybertech Ltd. Mega Cabs Ltd. Mega Airways Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mefcom Securities Ltd. Mega Meditex Ltd. Megavisa Marketing & Solutions Ltd. Mefcons (india) Ltd.

Mehar Builders Pvt. Mehrancity Exports Ltd. Ltd. Meghalaya Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Mehar Dairy Inds. Meghdoot Properties Pvt. Meghalaya State Electricity Board Meghalaya Watches Ltd. Meghdoot Projects Ltd. Meghmani Specialty Chemicals Ltd. . Meghmani Chemtech Ltd. Mehta Rubber Chemicals Ltd. Megha Technical & Engineers Pvt. Mehta Securities Ltd. Meghdoot Appliances Ltd. Mehta Sulfites (india) Ltd. Megri Soft Ltd. Meghmani Organics Ltd. Meghalaya Minerals & Mines Ltd. Mehta Integrated Finance Ltd. Mehta Havens Ltd. Pvt. Meghmani Industries Ltd. Mehta Auto Services Pvt. Ltd. Mehra Beverages Ltd. Ltd. Mehta Freezing House Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Mehra Computer Systems Ltd.Megha Property Developers Ltd. Mehta Petro Refineries Ltd. Meghmani Finechem Ltd. Ltd. Mehta Caplease Ltd. Mehar Shree Leasing & Finance Ltd. Meghdoot Chemicals Ltd. Meglon Infra-real (india) Ltd. Meghmani Energy Ltd. Meghalaya Cement Ltd. Meher Pharma (india) Ltd. Meghalaya Power Ltd. Ltd. Meghana Pavani Housing Ltd. Mehta Housing Finance Ltd. Mehta Growell Holdings Ltd. Mehul Finance & Invsts. Mehta H P Jain Financial Services Ltd. Mehala Machines India Ltd. Mehratex (india) Pvt.

Ltd. Merchants Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Merchem Ltd. Bank Ltd.Mehul Impex Ltd. Mercury Car Rentals Ltd. [merged] Melstar Information Technologies Ltd. [merged] Mercara Rubbers Ltd. Melstar Indiacentric Ltd. Ltd. Merbanc Financial Services Ltd. Mercard Ltd. Menon Pistons Ltd. Ltd. Meltron Instrumentation Ltd. Mercantile Credit Corpn. Mercurial Finest Ltd. Menon Piston Rings Pvt. Ltd. Merchant Media Ltd. (india) Ltd. Mercator Petroleum Pvt. Menal Farms Ltd. Ltd. Mercator Ltd. Melodeon Exports Ltd. Memon Financial & Invsts. Mercantile Clearing Agency India Pvt. Ltd. Melstar Travels Ltd. [merged] Menon Bearings Ltd. Mekaster Tools Ltd. Memphis Investment & Trading Co. Menon & Menon Ltd. . Meltec Metal Powder (india) Ltd. Mercury Fund Mgmt. Mepco Industries Ltd. Co. Melmont Construction Pvt. Melmount Construction Pvt. Meltron Semiconductors Ltd. Mennen Financial Services Ltd. Mentor Capital Ltd. Mercedes-benz India Pvt. Melvillie Finnvest Ltd. Ltd. Mens Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. Mercator Oil & Gas Ltd. Memon Co-op. Ltd. Ltd. Merck Ltd. Menon Alkop Pvt. Mel Systems & Services Ltd. Melss Automation Ltd.

Mercury Outsourcing Mgmt. Mesco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Merino Shelters Pvt. Merit Investment Ltd. Merit Credit Corporation Ltd. Mercury Link Systems Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mercury Phytochem Ltd. Mermaid Shipping Ltd. Meridian Industries Ltd. Meta Copper & Alloys Ltd. Merind Ltd. [merged] Merrygold Investments Ltd. Merrygold Mercantiles Ltd. Met-rolla Steels Ltd. Mercury Investments Ltd. Merry Sharefin Ltd. Met Trade (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Mertinez Entex Inds. Merryweather Food Products Ltd. Metafilms (india) Ltd. Meriland Estates Pvt. Mercury Manufacturing Co. Merino Industries Ltd. Ltd. Metabond Industries Ltd. [merged] Meridian Medical Research & Hospital Ltd. Meta Data Systems Ltd. Met-rolla Iron & Strips Co. . Mercury Travels Ltd. Merry View Tea Co. Mercury Trade Links Ltd. Meridian Construction (india) Ltd. Merwanjee Securities Ltd. Ltd. Meridian Apparels Ltd. Merlin Industrial Devp. Mercury Metals Ltd. Merino Panel Products Ltd. Mercury Laboratories Ltd. Merit Organics Ltd. Meritec India Ltd. Ltd. Metal Box India Ltd. Ltd. Mercury Paints & Varnishes Ltd.Mercury Infrastructure Ltd. Meridian Fincap Ltd.

Metalores Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Metrotech Technology Park Pvt. Meteoric Industrial Finance Co. Metropolitan Leasing Ltd. Metro Exporters Pvt. . Metropolitan Ventures India Ltd. Metropolis Metro Motors Pvt. Metrochem Industries Ltd. Metropolitan Trading Co. Ltd. Metropolitan Overseas Ltd. Metronation Chennai Television Ltd. Ltd. Metalman Industries Ltd. Metropolitan Transport Corpn. Metromark Green Commodities Pvt. Metro Investments Pvt. Of India Ltd. Ltd. Metals Centre Ltd. Ltd. Metal Corpn. (india) Ltd. [merged] Metroglobal Ltd. Metalco Leasing Ltd. Metro Tyres Ltd. Mewar Marbles Ltd.Metal Coatings (india) Ltd. Mettur Chemicals & Indl. Metaljunction. Metcon Finance Ltd. Metso Minerals Mumbai Pvt. Ltd. Metro Auto Services Pvt. Ltd. Metal Powder Co. Ltd. Ltd. Metkem Silicon Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Metlex Ceramics Ltd. Metro Shoes Ltd. Metro General Credits Ltd. Metrochem Capital Trust Ltd. Metal Industries Ltd. Metropolitan Eximchem Ltd. Ltd. (chennai) Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Metro Dairy Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Methoni Tea Co. Metal Link Alloys Ltd. Metro Garments Pvt. Metropoli Overseas Ltd. Metro India Ltd. [merged] Mettur Spinning Mills Ltd. Metropolitan Infrahousing Pvt.

Mewar Textile Mills Ltd. Ltd. Mfar Hotels & Resorts Ltd.Mewar Polytex Ltd. Microbase Infosolution Pvt. Micro Retail Ltd. Micro Accessories India Ltd. Microsec Capital Ltd. Mewar Sugar Mills Ltd. Ltd. Micro Plantae Ltd. Ltd. Micro Secure Solutions Ltd. Microse India Ltd. Ltd. Mica House Ltd. Micropoint Computers Ltd. Microfine Products Ltd. Ltd. Mico Farm Chemicals Ltd. Micro Forge (india) Ltd. Micro Energy (india) Ltd. Microsec Resources Pvt. Ltd. Michigan Engineers Pvt. Microsec Insurance Brokers Ltd. Micro Finance Ltd. [merged] . Microcell Graphics Pvt. Ltd. Mewat Zinc Ltd. Micro Labs Ltd. Mhaya Buildcon Pvt. Mico Trading Pvt. Micro Inks Ltd. Microland Ltd. Micronet Technologies Ltd. Micam Leather Exports Ltd. Micro Technologies (india) Ltd. Microsec Financial Services Ltd. Microsec Commerze Ltd. Micon Electronics Ltd. Microsec Technologies Ltd. Mhaiskar Infrastructure Pvt. Mica Trading Corpn. Micron Chemicals Ltd. Of India Ltd. Micro Pro (india) Ltd. Mi Marathi Media Ltd. Microsynth Fabrics (india) Ltd. Ltd. Micro Cotton India Pvt. Microgenetic Systems Ltd.

. Midfield Industries Ltd. Microtech Software & Consultants Pvt. [merged] Milgrey Entertainment Ltd. Milestone Holdings Ltd. [merged] Midas Touch Finance & Leasing Ltd. Midco Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Milano Bathroom Fittings Pvt. Mid-west Leasing Ltd. Midland Latex Products Ltd. Ltd. Milestone Global Ltd.Microtec Constructions Pvt. Microwave Communications Ltd. Mihir Properties Pvt. Mihijam Vanaspati Ltd. Midas Pharmasec Ltd. Midland Mercantiles Ltd. Midland Services Ltd. Ltd. Mihir Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Midland Polymers Ltd. Milk Specialities Ltd. Mid East Portfolio Management Ltd. Midastouch Dyes & Intermediaries Ltd. Mideast (india) Ltd. Mid India Inds. Midland Industries Ltd. Ltd. Midland International Ltd. Midland Rubber & Produce Co. Mid-town Projects & Consultants Ltd. Milaap Constructions Pvt. Mig-weld & Machines Ltd. Ltd. Mikado Textile Inds. Milestone Capital Advisors Ltd. Mid-india Oils & Exports Ltd. Milestone Organic Ltd. Midland Plastics Ltd. Midwest Iron & Steel Co. Midvalley Entertainment Ltd. Ltd. Midwest Gold Ltd. Milkfood Ltd. Ltd. Mihir Engineers Ltd. Midco Limited Midday Infomedia Ltd. Mideast Integrated Steels Ltd.

Millennium Beer Inds. Ltd. [merged] Minda Corporation Ltd. [merged] Mineral Exploration Corpn. Ltd. Mindteck (india) Ltd. Minda Industries Ltd. Minar Textile Inds. Millennium Infosoft Pvt. Millennium Accessories Ltd. Millennium E Soft Solutions Pvt. Millennium Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Milton Global Ltd. Mindteck Systems Inc. Milton Plastics Ltd. Minda Autocare Ltd. Minal Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Millenium Information Systems Ltd. Milton's Pvt. [merged] Millennium Cybertech Ltd. Pvt. Milton Cycle Inds. Milton Securities Ltd. Ltd. Millennium Plaza Resorts & Hotels Pvt. Minda Wirelinks Pvt. Millennium Night Star Breweries Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Minda Autogas Ltd. Ltd. . Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Milsoft Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Milligan Investment & Trdg. Ltd. Mines & Rock Products (india) Pvt. Mindarika Pvt. [merged] Minerva Telelink Ltd. Ltd. Minda S A I Ltd. Mindtree Ltd. Minerva Holding Ltd. Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd. Millennium Telecom Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Minerva Hospitalities Pvt. Minda Finance Ltd. Mimansa Jewellery Pvt. Minaxi Textiles Ltd. Minerals & Minerals Ltd. Mindtree Wireless Pvt. Millennium Laboratories Ltd. Minar International Ltd. Mindteck B P O Services Pvt.

Ltd. Mipak Polymers Ltd. Mirasu Marketing Ltd. Mirchi Movies (india) Ltd. Mishapar Investments Ltd. Mitec Industries Ltd. Miracle Elastomer (india) Ltd. Ltd. Mitcon Consultancy Services Ltd. Mira Textiles & Inds. Mirza International Ltd. Mirage Bijlee Pvt. Minex Metallurgical Co. Ltd. Minvesta Infotech Ltd. (india) Pvt. Minhas Steels Ltd. Minota Aquatech Ltd. Ltd. Mintage Electro Equipment Ltd. . Ltd. Mirage Advertising & Mktg. Miracle Food Processors International Ltd. Ltd. Miracle Leasing & Finance Ltd. Miraj Impex Pvt. Minolta Finance Ltd. Mithila Credit Services Ltd. Pvt. [merged] Mirae Asset Global Invsts. Ltd. Mini Diamonds (india) Ltd. [merged] Mirc Electronics Ltd.Minesh Prints Ltd. Mirch Technologies Ltd. Mini Industries Ltd. Miot Hospitals Ltd. Mirah Dekor Ltd. Mining & Allied Machinery Corpn. Mint Investments Ltd. Mitfin Caplease Ltd. Mint Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd. Miraculous Investment Co. Mini Soft Ltd. (india) Ltd. Ltd. Mirage Impex Pvt. Mini Builders Pvt. Mini Muthoottu Nidhi (kerala) Ltd. Mipco Investments Pvt. Ltd. Mirzapur Electrical Inds. Ltd. Minjur Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. Mipco Seamless Rings (gujarat) Ltd.

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Monica Electronics Ltd. Monnet Power Co. Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. Monnet Power Ltd. Monalisa Infotech Ltd. Ltd. Moneshi Agro Industries Ltd. Ltd. Money Managers (india) Ltd. Molex (india) Ltd. Mold-tek Packaging Ltd. Ltd. Mona Textiles Ltd. Money Matters (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Monarch Villas Pvt. Ltd. Monisha Granite Ltd. Ltd. Moneycare Finanz Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Money Management Consultants (india) Pvt. Money Matters Securities Pvt.Mojj Engineering Systems Ltd. Monga Brothers Ltd. Molind Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Money Matters Capital Pvt. Advisors Pvt. & Exports Ltd. Money Matters Distribution Co. . Moneytech Finlease Ltd. Monnet International Limited Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd. [merged] Monnet Sugar Ltd. Money Plant Securities & Leasing Ltd. Money Television & Inds. Monnet Industries Ltd. Money Control Dot Com India Ltd. Moneyline Credit Ltd. Money Matters Invst. Monarch Dyestuffs Inds. Monarch Laboratories Ltd. Monnet Finance Ltd. Moneysa Fibres Pvt. Mokul Overseas Ltd. Money Matters Resources Pvt. Mold-tek Technologies Ltd. Monarch Leder Fabrik Ltd. Ltd. Money Matters Research Pvt. Mona Portfolio Ltd. Ltd. Moneta Finance Pvt. Monal Chains Ltd.

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Morgan Ventures Ltd.
Morganite Crucible (india) Ltd.
Morganite Trading Co. Ltd.
Mori Hanol Hydro Power Ltd.
Morinda Overseas Inds. Ltd.
Mormugao Maritima Ltd.
Mormugao Port Road Co. Ltd.
Morning Glory Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Morteo Trans Freight Reefer Containers Ltd.
Morvi Vegetable Products Ltd.
Morya Housing Ltd.
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Moschip Semiconductor Technology Ltd.
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Mothercare (india) Ltd.
Motherson Auto Components Engg. Ltd. [merged]
Motherson Automotive Technologies & Engg. Ltd. [merged]
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Mphasis Ltd.
Mregnayani Investment Ltd.
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Mrig Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Mrigtrishna Trading Ltd.

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Mritunjay Educational Foundation Ltd.
Mriyalguda Farm Solution Ltd.
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Mukand Ltd.
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Mukat Tanks & Vessels Ltd.
Mukati Transformers Ltd.
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Multimedia Studio Ltd.
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Multiplus Holdings Ltd.
Multiplus Resources Ltd.
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Multispeed Gears Pvt. Ltd.
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Multitex Filteration Engineers Ltd.
Multitex Filters Ltd.
Multivista Global Ltd.
Multiwal Pulp & Board Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Mumal Granites Ltd.
Mumbai Builders Ltd.
Mumbai District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.
Mumbai Futuristic Economic Zone Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai J N P T Port Road Co. Ltd.
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Mumbai Nasik Expressway Ltd.
Mumbai Railway Vikas Corpn. Ltd.
Mumbai Sanchar Ltd.
Mummidi Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Mumtaz Hotels Ltd.
Mumukshu Finance & Services Ltd.
Munak Chemicals Ltd.
Munak Galva Sheets Ltd.
Mundhra Fabrics Ltd.
Mundhwa Investment Ltd. [merged]
Mundra International Airport Pvt. Ltd.
Mundra L N G Ltd.
Mundra Power Sez Ltd.
Mundra S E Z Textile & Apparel Park Pvt. Ltd.
Munis Forge Ltd.
Munjal Acme Packaging Systems Ltd.
Munjal Auto Inds. Ltd.
Munjal Kiriu Inds. Pvt. Ltd.
Munjal Showa Ltd.
Munot Fincon Ltd.
Munoth Capital Markets Ltd.
Munoth Communication Ltd.
Munoth Financial Services Ltd.
Munoth Industries Ltd.
Muqaddar Realtors Ltd.
Murablack India Ltd.
Murahar Investments & Trdg. Co. Ltd.
Murari Investment & Trdg. Co. Ltd.
Murarka Cables & Conductors Ltd.
Murbad Alloy Casting Ltd.
Murbad Steels Ltd.
Murdeshwar Power Corpn. Ltd.
Murli Industries Ltd.
Murlidhar Ratanlal Exports Ltd.
Murudeshwar Ceramics Ltd.
Murudeshwar Developers Ltd.
Murugappa Electronics Ltd. [merged]
Murugappa Management Services Ltd.
Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd.
Music World Ltd.
Music World Retail Ltd.

Muskan Ferro Silicons Ltd.
Mustang Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Mutha Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd.
Muthoot Finance Ltd.
Muthoot Fincorp Ltd.
Muthoot Gold Funds Ltd.
Muthoot Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Muthoot M George Permanent Fund Ltd.
Muthoot Mercantile Ltd.
Muthoot Mercantile Syndicate Ltd.
Muthoottu Mini Nidhi Ltd.
Muthur Murugan Mills Ltd.
Muttil Plantation Ltd.
Muttra Electric Supply Co. Ltd.
Mutual Findeal Ltd.
Mutual Industries Ltd.
Muzaffarnagar Steels Ltd.
My City Technology Ltd.
My Home Inds. Ltd.
My Home Power Ltd.
My Money Securities Ltd.
Mykindasite International Pvt. Ltd.
Mynah Industries Ltd.
Myra Mall Management Co. Ltd.
Myraj Consultancy Ltd.
Myrtle Information Technoloty Ltd.
Mysore Acetate & Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Mysore Breweries Ltd. [merged]
Mysore Chip Boards Ltd.
Mysore Chrome Tanning Co. Ltd.
Mysore Coffee Curing Works Ltd.
Mysore Electrical Inds. Ltd.
Mysore Kirloskar Ltd.
Mysore Lamp Works Ltd.
Mysore Minerals Ltd.
Mysore Paints & Varnish Ltd.
Mysore Paper Mills Ltd.
Mysore Petro Chemicals Ltd.
Mysore Plantations Ltd.
Mysore Sales International Ltd.
Mysore Snack Foods Ltd.
Mysore Stoneware Pipes & Potteries Ltd.

Mysore Sugandhi Dhoop Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Mysore Sugar Co. Ltd.
Mysore Tobacco Co. Ltd.
Mysore Vegetable Oil Products Ltd.
Mysore Wine Products Ltd. [merged]
N & N Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
N A Estates Pvt. Ltd.
N A K Securities Ltd.
N A V Credits & Constructions Ltd.
N B Footwear Ltd.
N B I Industrial Finance Co. Ltd.
N B S International Ltd.
N B Z Pharma Ltd.
N C C Blue Water Products Ltd.
N C C Finance Ltd.
N C C Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.
N C C Intl. Convention Centre Ltd.
N C C Ltd.
N C C Power Corpn. Ltd.
N C C Power Projects Ltd.
N C C Urban Infrastructure Ltd.
N C C Vizag Urban Infrastructure Ltd.
N C D E X Spot Exchange Ltd.
N C J Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.
N C L Alltek & Seccolor Ltd.
N C L Energy Ltd. [merged]
N C L Homes Ltd.
N C L Industries Ltd.
N C L Marbles & Granites Ltd.
N C L Research & Financial Services Ltd.
N C L Seccolor Ltd. [merged]
N C S I (india) Pvt. Ltd.
N D A Commodity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
N D A Securities Ltd.
N D A Share Brokers Ltd.
N D Metal Inds. Ltd.
N D R Hospitals Ltd.
N D S Infotech Ltd.
N D T V Convergence Ltd.
N D T V Lifestyle Ltd.
N D T V Media Ltd.
N D T V News Ltd. [merged]

N E C C Logistics Ltd.
N E Cables Ltd.
N E I F Estates Ltd.
N E I Properties Ltd.
N E Leasing & Finance Pvt. Ltd.
N E P C Agro Foods Ltd.
N E P C India Ltd.
N E P C Tea Garden Ltd. [merged]
N E P C Textiles Ltd.
N G Adhesive Industries Pvt. Ltd.
N G E F (hubli) Ltd.
N G E F Ltd.
N G Industries Ltd.
N G L Fine-chem Ltd.
N G Technologies Ltd.
N H B Ball & Roller Ltd.
N H B Bearings Pvt. Ltd.
N H C Foods Ltd.
N H D C Ltd.
N H K Spring India Ltd.
N H P C Ltd.
N H Securities Ltd.
N I I T Finance Ltd.
N I I T Gis Ltd.
N I I T Institute Of Finance Banking & Insurance Training Ltd.
N I I T Institute Of Process Excellence Ltd.
N I I T Ltd.
N I I T Online Learning Ltd.
N I I T Smartserve Ltd.
N I I T Technologies Ltd.
N I I T Technologies Services Ltd.
N I S Sparta Ltd.
N J C Avenues Pvt. Ltd.
N J C Hydro Power Ltd.
N K G Infrastructure Ltd.
N K G S B Co-op. Bank Ltd.
N K Industries Ltd.
N K Proteins Ltd.
N K T Road & Toll Pvt. Ltd.
N K Textile Inds. Ltd.
N K Toll Road Ltd.
N Kumar Diamond Exports Ltd.
N L C Nalco India Ltd.

N L C Tamil Nadu Power Ltd.
N L Forex Ltd.
N L Infrastructure & Projects Ltd.
N M D C - Cmdc Ltd.
N M D C Ltd.
N P Chewing Gums Ltd.
N P I L-dr. Phadke Pathology Laboratory & Infertility Centre Pvt. Ltd.
N P R Finance Ltd.
N R Agarwal Inds. Ltd.
N R B Bearings Ltd.
N R C Ltd.
N R I Investments Ltd.
N R International Ltd.
N R Jet Enterprises Ltd.
N R Paper & Boards Ltd. [merged]
N R S Textile Mills Ltd.
N R V Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
N S Constructions (india) Ltd.
N S D Commercial Co. Ltd.
N S D L Database Mgmt. Ltd.
N S E Housing & Invsts. Pvt. Ltd.
N S E Infotech Services Ltd.
N S E.i T Ltd.
N S Guzder & Co. Ltd.
N S I L Exports Ltd.
N S L Ltd. [merged]
N S L Renewable Power Pvt. Ltd.
N S L Sugars Ltd.
N S L Textiles (edlapadu) Ltd.
N S L Textiles Ltd.
N S Leasing & Finance Ltd.
N S P Electronics Ltd.
N T C Industries Ltd.
N T C Tobacco India Ltd.
N T F (india) Pvt. Ltd.
N T P C Electric Supply Co. Ltd.
N T P C Hydro Ltd.
N T P C Ltd.
N T P C Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd.
N T P C-s A I L Power Co. Pvt. Ltd.
N T T F Industries Ltd.
N U C Soft Ltd.
N V Distilleries Ltd.

N V G India Ltd.
N W Exports Ltd.
N Y K Line (india) Ltd.
N Y K Logistics (india) Ltd.
N-ablers Infotech (india) Ltd.
Naaz Trading & Finance Ltd.
Naba Diganta Water Mgmt. Ltd.
Nabha Paper Mills Ltd.
Nabha Power Ltd.
Nabha Steels Ltd.
Nac Infrastructure Equipment Ltd.
Nacchiarkoil Town Benefit Fund Ltd.
Nachiketa Papers Ltd.
Nachiketa Publications Ltd.
Nachiketa Strips & Tubes Ltd.
Nachiketh Leasing & Investments Ltd.
Nachmo Knitex Ltd.
Nacro Chemicals Ltd.
Nada Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.
Nadhal Lands Pvt. Ltd.
Nadia Leather Ltd.
Nadiad Safe Deposit Vault Co. Ltd.
Nadira Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Nadukkara Agro Processing Co. Ltd.
Naffar Chandra Jute Mills Ltd.
Nafisa Trading Co. Ltd.
Nafto Gaz India Pvt. Ltd.
Naftogaz Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd.
Naga Global Holding (india) Ltd.
Naga Ltd.
Naga Oil Mills Co. Ltd.
Naga Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Nagai Sivasakthi Benefit Fund Ltd.
Nagalakshmi Flour Mills Ltd.
Nagaland Industrial Devp. Corpn. Ltd.
Nagaland Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd.
Nagammal Mills Ltd.
Nagaraja Benefit Fund Ltd.
Nagarjuna Agri Tech Ltd.
Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd.
Nagarjuna Aqua Exports Ltd.
Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre Ltd.

Nagarjuna Capital Markets Ltd.
Nagarjuna Coated Tubes Ltd.
Nagarjuna Drugs Ltd.
Nagarjuna Electric Generating Co. Ltd.
Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. [merged]
Nagarjuna Finance Ltd.
Nagarjuna Herbal Concentrates Ltd.
Nagarjuna Hospitals Ltd.
Nagarjuna Jiyo Inds. Ltd.
Nagarjuna Nature Base Ltd.
Nagarjuna Oil Corpn. Ltd.
Nagarjuna Securities Ltd.
Nagdevi Trading & Investment Co. Ltd.
Nagendra Commercial Ltd.
Nageshwar Investment Ltd.
Nagina Investment & Finance Ltd.
Nagothane Agrofarms Pvt. Ltd.
Nagpur Alloy Castings Ltd. [merged]
Nagpur Business Forms Pvt. Ltd.
Nagpur City Integrated Road Devp. Ltd.
Nagpur Multi-product Gems S E Z Ltd.
Nagpur Power & Inds. Ltd.
Nagpur Pulverizers & Minerals Ltd.
Nagpur Sical Gupta Logistics Ltd.
Nagpur Sical Gupta Road Terminal Ltd.
Nagpur-seoni Expressway Ltd.
Nagra Id Arrow Secure Card Pvt. Ltd.
Nagreeka Capital & Infrastructure Ltd.
Nagreeka Exports Ltd.
Nagreeka Foils Ltd.
Nagri Mills Ltd. [merged]
Nagrifarm Tea Co. Ltd.
Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd.
Nahar Fabrics Ltd.
Nahar Fibres Ltd. [merged]
Nahar Financial & Invst. Ltd.
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd.
Nahar Industries Ltd.
Nahar International Ltd. [merged]
Nahar Poly Films Ltd.
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.
Nahar Sugar & Allied Inds. Ltd. [merged]

Nahar Textiles Pvt. Ltd.
Nahar Theatres Pvt. Ltd.
Nahata Fabrics Ltd.
Naihati Jute Mills Co. Ltd.
Naik Seafoods Ltd.
Naina Semiconductors Ltd.
Naini Papers Ltd.
Naini Solvex Ltd.
Nainital Bank Ltd.
Nair Coal Services Ltd.
Nairsons Medical Services Ltd.
Naisargik Agritech (india) Ltd.
Nakamichi Securities Ltd.
Nakoda Investments Holdings Ltd.
Nakoda Ltd.
Nakoda Securities Ltd.
Nakoda Shares & Stocks Ltd.
Nakshatra Infrastructure Ltd.
Nalanda Hotels & Properties Ltd.
Nalanda Power Co. Ltd.
Nalawade Dairies Ltd.
Nalco Metal Products Ltd.
Nalin Chemicals Ltd.
Nalin Lease Finance Ltd.
Nalwa Engineering Co. Ltd.
Nalwa Investments Ltd.
Nalwa Metals & Alloys Ltd.
Nalwa Sons Invsts. Ltd.
Nalwa Steel & Power Ltd.
Nam Securities Ltd.
Nama Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
Namah Capital Resources Ltd.
Naman Fincap Ltd.
Naman Plastic Processor Ltd.
Namaste Exports Ltd.
Namastey Chemicals Ltd.
Nambi Buildwell Pvt. Ltd.
Namburnadi Tea Co. Ltd.
Namdang Tea Co. (india) Ltd. [merged]
Namedi Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Naminath Builders & Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Namo Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
Namo Cements Ltd.

Nandan Petrochem Ltd. Nanganallur Permanent Fund Ltd. Nanded Gems S E Z Ltd. Pvt. Namtech Electronic Devices Ltd. Nandyala Real Estates Pvt. Nandina Iron & Steels Ltd. Pvt. Nancy Finlease Ltd. Nandan Biomatrix Ltd. Ltd. Namtech Systems Ltd. Nandit Investment Co. Nanda Parbat Finlease Ltd. Nandi Hills Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Nandini Piramal Invsts. Nandan Piramal Invsts. Ltd. Nandi Highway Developers Ltd. Ltd. Nanded Treasure Bazaar Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Nangai Benefit Fund Ltd. Napa Papers Ltd. Ltd. Naperol Investments Ltd.Namo Sidhi International Ltd. Nanavati Diamond Inds. Nangal Steels Ltd. Namtech Tai Ltd. Namokar Marketing Ltd. Nandanvan Investments Ltd. Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. Nandurbar City Integrated Road Devp. Nando's Indage Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Ltd. Namokar Commercial Pvt. Narain Jewels International Ltd. Nandi Economic Corridor Enterprises Ltd. Nanz Food Products Ltd. Ltd. Nandi Engineering Ltd. Nandini Texcom (india) Ltd. Nandi Infrastructure Capital Co. Ltd. Nanjil Benefit Fund Ltd. Naraingarh Sugar Mills Ltd. Ltd. Nangalia Syntex Ltd. Napco Astec Ltd. Nano Technologies India Pvt. Nandan Horti Processing Paark Pvt. Nandan Exim Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. .

Narendra Polyprints Ltd. Naruson Overseas Ltd. Narmada Polymers (india) Ltd. Narmada Macplast Drip Irrigation Systems Ltd. Nashville Investment & Trading Co. Narayan Krishna Spinners Ltd. Natco Economicals Ltd. Narmada Bio-tech Ltd. Nascent Chemical Inds. Nariman Point Chemical Inds. Ltd. Narbada Steels Ltd. Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals Ltd. Narmada Gelatines Ltd. Narendra Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Narven Finance & Investment Ltd. Ltd. Narendra Impex Ltd. Nashik Silk Inds. Ltd. Narmada Fintrade Ltd. Narayan Agro Foods Ltd. Narmada Cement Co. Nariman Point Holdings Ltd. Nardhana Infrastructure Ltd. Nashik Multi Services S E Z Ltd. Nariman Point Finance Ltd. Narmada Agro Inds. Nashik Township Developers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Narmada Clean Tech Ltd. Naresh Multi Fab Ltd. Narbada Gems & Jewellery Ltd. Narkatiaganj Farms Ltd. Narayana Capitals Ltd. Narmada Infrastructure Construction Enterprise Ltd. Ltd. Narendra Properties Ltd. Narasimha Mills Pvt. .Narang Industries Ltd. Narmada Extrusions Ltd. Nashik Infrastructure Developers Ltd. Narottam Investments & Trading Co. Narendra Explosives Ltd. Narmathaa Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Narlapur Finance & Invsts. Ltd. Nash Fashions (india) Ltd. [merged] Narmada Ceramics Pvt.

Ltd. Corpn. National Commodity Clearing Ltd. National Flask Inds. National Energy Trdg. Ltd. Natco Pharma Ltd. National Auto Accessories Ltd. National Heavy Engg. Board National Education & Information Films Ltd. Ltd. Nathdwara Fibre Cement Product Ltd. National General Inds. National Fertilizers Ltd. Co. Ltd. Mktg. Ltd. National Federation Of Co-op. National Buildings Construction Corpn. National Co-op. & Services Ltd. Ltd.Natco Laboratories Ltd. Of India Ltd. Devp. Corpn. Nath Seeds Ltd. Nath Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. National Bicycle Corpn. Fedn. National Capital Region Planning Board National Ceramic Inds. National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd. National Garage Pvt. Of India Ltd. Ltd. Nath Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Natco Polyplast Ltd. National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development National Bearing Co. National Co-op. National Aluminium Co. National Engineering Inds. National Apparels Ltd. Ltd. National Film Devp. Nathani Paper Mills Ltd. National Cotton Products Pvt. National Boards Ltd. Bank Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Natco Organics Ltd. Nath Industrial Chemicals Ltd. National Dairy Devp. Natex Investment & Marketing Ltd. National Handloom Devp. National Bulk Handling Corpn. (jaipur) Ltd. Ltd. National Highways Authority Of India National Housing Bank . Ltd. National Agricultural Co-op. Corpn. Ltd. Sugar Factories Ltd. Ltd. National Cereals Products Ltd.

Ltd. (maharashtra North) Ltd. National Scheduled Tribes Finance & Devp. Corpn. National Switchgears Ltd. (madhya Pradesh) Ltd. & Ori. (a. [merged] National Textile Corpn.National Housing Devp. & Mahe) Ltd. Ltd. National Standard (india) Ltd. National Securities Clearing Corpn. National Sewing Thread Co. (uttar Pradesh) Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. National Steel & Agro Inds. National Plastic Inds. National Industrial Corpn. Kar. [merged] National Textile Corpn. National Information Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Ass. (t. National Stock Exchange Of India Ltd. (w. Ltd. National Projects Construction Corpn. & Raj.b. Ltd.n. National Securities Depository Ltd. National Spot Exchange Ltd. Ltd. National India Rubber Works Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. National Research Devp. Corpn. National Scheduled Castes Finance & Devp. [merged] National Instruments Ltd. (delhi Pun. [merged] National Textile Corpn. [merged] National Textile Corpn.) Ltd. [merged] National Textile Corpn.) Ltd. National Standard Tyre Moulds (india) Ltd. National Textile Corpn. National Industrial Devp. Ltd. Corpn. National Oxygen Ltd. National Informatics Centre Services Inc. [merged] . National Lime Stone Co. Ltd. National Jute Mfrs. Ker. Ltd. National Peroxide Ltd. Corpn. [merged] National Textile Corpn. National Small Inds. National Seeds Corpn. Pvt. Bih. Corpn. National Leasing Ltd. Finance Corp. National Plywood Inds. National Protein & Solvent Ltd. National Steel Works Ltd. (south Maharashtra) Ltd. National Plastic Technologies Ltd. (gujarat) Ltd. Ltd.p. National Polyplast (india) Ltd. [merged] National Textile Corpn. [merged] National Textile Corpn. National Repair & Restoration Co. Ltd. & Pondicherry) Ltd.

Ltd. [merged] Nava Bharat Agro Products Ltd. Natural Street Pvt. Natural Sugar & Allied Inds. Nav Bharat Tissues Ltd. Ltd. Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd. Pvt. National Trust Housing Finance Ltd. Naturesse Consumer Care Products Pvt. Nava Bharat Enterprises Ltd. Natvar Parikh Inds. Nava Bharat Realty Ltd. Nav-jyoti Investment & Dealers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Natural Stone Exports Ltd. Ltd. Naukri Internet Services Pvt. Natural Biocon (india) Ltd. Nav Bharat Refrigeration & Inds. Ltd. Natural Panel Inds. Natures Basket Ltd. Natural Gems Ltd. Natraj India Ltd. Nav Bharat Tubes Ltd. Nava Bharat Energy India Ltd. National Timber Inds. Natraj Financial & Services Ltd. Natural Textiles Pvt. Ltd.National Textile Corpn. Natural Capsules Ltd. [merged] Nav Nirman Mercantiles Ltd. Natsyn Flora Ltd. . Natural Power Ventures Pvt. National Wind Power Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Natural Vanaspati Ltd. Naturo Pest Ltd. Ltd. Nav Bharat Vanijya Ltd. Natural Organochem Ltd. Ltd. Naturchem India Ltd. Nav Chrome Ltd. Natural Growers Pvt. Natura Hue Chem Ltd. Nava Bharat Projects Ltd. Natraj Proteins Ltd. Natma Securities Ltd. Naturite Agro Products Ltd. Nava Bharat Sugar & Bio Fuels Ltd.

Navneet Publications (india) Ltd. Ltd. Linings & Equip. Navodaya Industries Pvt. Navnit Aviations Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Nava Karnataka Steels Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Navaras Food Products Ltd. Navbharat Shipping (india) Ltd. Navayuga Exports Ltd. Navneet Edutainment Ltd. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Navbharat Coalfields Ltd. Navin Fluorine Intl. Navnit Insurance Broking Pvt. Navlekh Investment Ltd. Naveen Hotels Ltd. Navakkarai Spinners Ltd. Navinon Ltd. Navkar Abhikaran Ltd. Navanithi Benefit Fund Ltd. Nava-barat Fertilizers Ltd. Navketan Merchants Ltd. Navdeep Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Navin Udyog Promotions Ltd. Navjivan Roller Flour & Pulse Mills Pvt. Navbharat Fuse Co. Ltd. Navanirman Co-op. Navia Markets Ltd. Urban Bank Ltd. Ltd. Naval Technoplast Inds. Naveen Textiles Ltd. Navbharat Explosives Co. [merged] Navdhenu Holdings & Properties Pvt. Navabharat Indl. Navkar Builders Ltd. Navnit Motors Pvt. Navanagar Metcoke Pvt. Navin Agro Inds. Navasakthi Vinayagar Benefit Fund Ltd. Navabharat Marketing & Trade Ltd. [merged] Navneet Machines Mfg. Navodhaya Kuries & Loans Ltd. Ltd. Navcom Industries Ltd. Navnit Marine Pvt. . Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Navoday Consultants Ltd. Naveen Projects Ltd. Navoday Management Services Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Navshakti Investments & Financing Ltd. Neelgagan Commercial Co. Necem Cements Ltd. Neelkanth Rockminerals Ltd. Nayan Leasing Ltd. Neel Metal Products Ltd. Naya Raipur Gems & Jewellery S E Z Ltd. Nectar (u K) Ltd. Ltd. Navsari Cotton & Silk Mills Ltd. Nectar Lifesciences Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Nec Packaging Ltd. Ned Energy Ltd.Navratan Techbuild Pvt. Neelkanth Motels & Hotels Ltd. Neelkamal Realtors Suburban Pvt. Neeka Tubes Ltd. Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. Navyug Krishi Sadhan Pvt. Ltd. Necia Builders & Developers Pvt. Neelamber Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Needle Industries (india) Pvt. Neelamalai Agro Inds. Neelanchal Leasing Ltd. Neelkanth Tea Co. Ltd. Ltd. Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd. Ltd. Navsari Ice Factory Ltd. Needwise Advertising Pvt. Navyug (india) Ltd. . Ltd. Nedungadi Bank Ltd. Naying D S C Power Ltd. [merged] Neco Ceramics Ltd. Neelachal Technologies Ltd. Neco Heavy Engineering & Castings Ltd. Neelachal Minerals Ltd. Neelgiri Cements Ltd. Neelambur Holdings Pvt. Neelkamal Realtors Tower Pvt. Neelkamal Shantinagar Properties Pvt. Navyug Investments Ltd. Nawal Textiles Ltd. Nawratan Arts Ltd. Neelam Lefin Ltd. Nayagara Paper Products (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Neil Industries Ltd. Ltd. Neminath Softtech Ltd. Nelcast Ltd. Nellis Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. . Neelstar Info-soft Ltd. Neem Tree Insurance Broking & Advisory Pvt. Neem Guard Organics Ltd.Neelkanth Technologies Ltd. Nehru Place Infratech Ltd. Negolice Ltd. Nemox Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Neerja International Fashions Ltd. Nelito Systems Ltd. Ltd. Neeraj Consultants Ltd. Neeraj Paper Agencies Ltd. Neelyog Construction Ltd. Neha International Ltd. Nekkanti Sea Foods Ltd. Nem Organics Ltd. Nellimarla Jute Mills Co. Nelcast Infotech Ltd. Neema Permanent Benefit Fund Ltd. Neo Corp Intl. Ltd. Neetin Air (tpt) Services Ltd. Neema Benefit Fund Ltd. [merged] Neha Protiens Ltd. Ltd. Nelco Ltd. Nehru Place Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Nenmeny Investments & Agencies Ltd. Neha Oils Ltd. Neemex India Ltd. Nelliampathy Tea & Produce Co. Negolice India Ltd. Neelkantha Steels Ltd. Neeraj Paper Mktg. Neha Exports Ltd. Neelmani Mines & Marbles Ltd. Ltd. Neha Resources Ltd. Neepaz Vforge (india) Ltd. Negapatam Industrial & Finance Co. Ltd. Neem Tree Capital Pvt. Nemi Leasing & Finance Ltd. Neilsoft Ltd.

Pvt. Neogal Power Co. Net 9 Online Hathway Pvt. Nesco Ltd. Neo Intex Mills Ltd. Network 18 Media & Invst. Neptune Exports Ltd. Ness Technologies (india) Pvt. Netlink Solutions (india) Ltd. Ltd. Netel (india) Ltd. Netfinex. Net 4 India Ltd. [merged] Netripples Software Ltd. Ltd. Netflier Finco Ltd. Neoteric Infomatique Ltd. . Neo Multimedia Ltd. Net4nuts Limited Netalter Software Ltd. Neopro Technologies Pvt. Net 4 Communications Ltd. Neon Fuel Ltd. Nestle India Ltd. [merged] Netin I T Ltd. Neogem India Ltd. Neo Techaid Compressors Pvt. Neon Laboratories Ltd. Neotech Solutions & Securities Ltd. Ltd. Netvision Web Technologies Pvt. Nettlinx Ltd. Netesoft India Ltd. Netvision Web Technologies Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Netlink Technologies Ltd. Netwest Finance Ltd. Neogen Chemicals Ltd. Neptune Steel Strips Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Nepa Ltd. [merged] Netvista Information Technology Ltd. Neosonic Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Neptune Consolidations Ltd. Ltd. Neptune Developers Ltd. Net Access (india) Pvt. Neptune Textile Mills Ltd. Nestor Pharmaceuticals India Ltd.Neo Industrial Cooling Tower Co.

New Delhi Indl. New Beerbhoom Coal Co. Co. New Core Steels Pvt. Networth Wealth Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] New Era Urban Amenities Ltd. New Commercial Investment & Trading Co. Ltd. New Dholera Shipping & Trading Co. .Network Capital Markets Ltd. New Bern Invsts. Ltd. Networth Constructions Ltd. New Age Entertainment Pvt. Networth Insurance Broking Pvt. Network Retail Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Promotors & Investors Ltd. [merged] Networth Commodities & Invst. Neutral Glass & Allied Inds. Ltd. New Holland Fiat (india) Pvt. Ltd. New Era Entertainment Network Ltd. New Era Alkaloids & Export Ltd. New Chumta Tea Co. Neulife Laboratories Ltd. Co. New Chemi Inds. Ltd. New Generation Networks Ltd. Networth Stock Broking Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. New Delhi Television Ltd. New Age Agritech Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. New Holding & Trading Co. & Wvg. New Great Eastern Spg. Network Ltd. Networth Softtech Ltd. Network Industries Ltd. New Chennai Township Pvt. New Age Writing Instrument Pvt. New City Of Bombay Mfg. Network18 India Holdings Pvt. New Central Jute Mills Co. Ltd. Ltd. Neuland Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. New Century Leasing & Investment Ltd. New Darjeeling Union Tea Co. New City Credit & Investment Ltd. Network Programs (india) Ltd. New Eros Tradecom Ltd. Ltd. New Consolidated Construction Co. Ltd. Nevtia Spinners Ltd. Ltd.

New Look Invst. New Piece Goods Bazar Co. New India Co-op. New Textiles Ltd. Ltd. New Light Apparels Ltd. Ltd. (bengal) Ltd. Newage Credits Pvt. New Phaltan Sugar Works Ltd. New Line Finance Ltd. Ltd. New India Hospitality Ltd. New Mount Trading & Investment Co. New Industrial Security Agencies Pvt. New Tirupur Area Devp. Ltd. [merged] New Horizons Ltd. Ltd. Bank Ltd. New Terai Association Ltd. New India Construction Co. New India Assurance Co. New Tieup Leasing & Finance Pvt. Ltd. New Millenium Hospitality Ltd.New Holland Tractors (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. New Outlook Securities Ltd. New India Industrial Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Newfind Oil & Gas Ltd. New India Invst. Co. Ltd. Ltd. New Vision Imaging Pvt. Newelco (india) Pvt. Ltd. New Mangalore Port Road Co. . Corpn. Newgen Computers Technologies Ltd. Newlink Overseas Finance Ltd. Ltd. New Markets Advisory Ltd. New Vijay Inds. New-age Cement Ltd. New Plastomers India Ltd. New India Industries Ltd. New India Retailing & Invst. Ltd. New Video Pvt. Ltd. New Town Electric Supply Co. Ltd. New Pinkcity Land Housing Devp. New Rajpur Mills Co. Ltd. Ltd. New Kenilworth Hotel Pvt. Corpn. Newatia Commercial & Trading Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. New World Medical (india) Ltd. Ltd. New Savan Sugar & Gur Refining Co. Ltd.

Newschool Ventures Ltd. Newswire 18 Ltd. Neyveli Lignite Corpn. Nicco Batteries Ltd.Newport Enterprise Ltd. Ltd. Newrise Healthcare Pvt. Newsmen Associates Ltd. [merged] Nicco Insurance Agents & Consultants Ltd. Nexxus Air Ltd. [merged] Newtime Infrastructure Ltd. Nextbrick Solutions Ltd. Nicco Steels Ltd. Nezone Biscuits Pvt. [merged] . Nicco Corpn. Ltd. Nextgen Animation Mediaa Ltd. Nicco Corporation Ltd. Newton Engineering & Chemicals Ltd. Next Mediaworks Ltd. Newsprint Trading & Distributing Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Nicco Biotech Ltd. Ltd. [erstwhile] Nicco Engineering Services Ltd. Newquest Corporation Ltd. Nexplicit Infotech India Pvt. Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd. Nexxoft Infotel Ltd. Next Gen Publishing Ltd. Neycer India Ltd. Nicco Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Niagara Distributors Pvt. Nexus Software Ltd. Ltd. Newway Constructions Ltd. Newquest Insurance Broking Services Pvt. Nezone Tubes Ltd. Nexgen Technologies Ltd. Nicco Industries Ltd. Nexus Equity Consultants Ltd. Next Outdoor Ltd. Nexcen Softech Ltd. Nicco Cables Ltd. Ltd. Nexus Computers Pvt. Ltd. Nexus Commodities & Technologies Ltd. Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd. Newtech Stewing Telecom Ltd.

Niky Tasha India Pvt. Nidhan Commercial Co. Nihon Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Nidhi Polyester Ltd. Nilachal Iron & Power Ltd. Niharika Commercials Ltd. Niharika Trading & Investments Ltd. . Niharika India Ltd. Nilay Infrastucture Pvt. Ltd. Nikita Papers Pvt. Nidhi Services Ltd. Nikumbh Dairy Products Ltd. Niky Tasha Appliances Ltd. Nijjer Agro Foods Ltd. Nihar Stocks Ltd. Ltd. Nikhil Securities Ltd. Nidhi Granites Ltd. Nielcon Ltd. Nilambur Rubber Co. Nihar Financial Services Ltd. Nidhi Pipes Ltd.Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Nihon Nirmaan Ltd. Nihal Projects Ltd. Nichrome India Ltd. Niceman Drupharm Ltd. Nihar Info Global Ltd. Nila Infrastructures Ltd. Nidhi Mercantiles Ltd. Nidhi Holdings Ltd. Nicholas Piramal Consumer Products Pvt. Nicomet Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Nikiceramics Industries Ltd. Ltd. Nice Papers Ltd. Enterprises Ltd. Nila Sea Foods Pvt. Nila Bauart Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Nikki Global Finance Ltd. Nikmo Entertainment Pvt. Nidhi Finance & Invst. Nikhil Adhesives Ltd. Nilanchaal Cement Pvt. [merged] Nicholas Piramal Pharma Pvt. Nilachal Refractories Ltd.

Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd. Ltd. Nilchem Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Nilkamal Ltd. Nilnita Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Nilgiri Infrastructure Ltd. Ninestars Information Technologies Ltd. Nilgiri Commercial & Finvest Pvt. Nilgiri Financial Consultants Pvt. Nilchem Industries Ltd. Nilgiri Plantations Ltd. Nilkanth Engineering Ltd. Nippon Commercial Co.) Pvt. Nilgiri Vyavasaya Corpn. Nippo Batteries Co. Nilgiri Land Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Nina Textile Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Niraj Ispat Inds. Nile Tech Ltd. Nilgiri Tea Estates Ltd. Nilgiris Amusements & Ecoparks Ltd. Nipun Packagings Ltd. [merged] Nilsin Ultrachem Ltd. Nimbus Motion Pictures (a. Nimbus Home Entertainment Pvt. Niraj Impex Ltd. Ltd. Nine Paradise Erectors Pvt. Nilmac Packaging Inds. Nimar Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Nimbus Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Nipha Steels Ltd. Nima Ltd. Ltd. Nile Ltd. Ltd. Nile Developers Pvt. Ltd. Nimbus Foods Inds. Nimbus Communications Ltd.Nilayam Builders & Developers Ltd. Nilgiri Lands Ltd. Ltd. . Nilgiri Land Devp. Nippon Graphic Ltd. P. Nimbus Projects Ltd. Nira Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Nine Media & Information Services Ltd. Nilkash Investments & Holdings Ltd.

Ltd. Nishel Invst. Nirester Finance & Investment Co. Nishchint Properties Ltd. Nirmal E-township Pvt. Nisha Synthetics Ltd. Nirma Ltd. Nirvan Commercial Co. Niryat-sam Apparels (india) Ltd. Ltd. Nirup Synchrome Ltd. Ltd. . Nirmal Finlease India Ltd. Niranjan Piramal Textile Mills Ltd. Nirbhay Rasayan Pvt. & Trading Co. Nirupam Energy Projects Pvt. Nirma Consumer Care Ltd. Ltd. Nirman Constructions Pvt. Niraj Petrochemicals Ltd. Nirma Industries Ltd. Niranjan Hi-tech Ltd. Ltd. Nirmal Lifestyle Ltd. Nishant Paper Mills Ltd. Nircon Homeware Inds. Nirvana Herbals Pvt. Nisakar Trade Links Ltd. Nirav Commercials Ltd. Nirlon Ltd. Nirlon Investments Ltd. Nishad Cargo Ltd. Nirvana Adzone Ltd. Nirvana Television Ltd. Nirmal B O T Ltd. Nirmaan India Ltd. Ltd.Niraj Jindal Ispat Udyog Ltd. Nirmal Floratech Ltd. Ltd. Nirma Petrochemicals Ltd. Nirmaldeep Resources Ltd. Nirmal Holding Limited Nirmal Krishna Benefit Fund Ltd. [merged] Nirma Credit & Capital Ltd. Nirmal Lifestyle Realty Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Nirpan Securities Pvt. Nirgun Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Nirman Mechanical Erectors Ltd. Ltd. Nirman Cements Ltd.

Nishita Mercantile Pvt. Nitesh Kochi Projects & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Nitu Trading Co. Ltd. Nitin Fire Protection Inds. Noble Biotech Ltd. Nityanand Exports & Consultants Co. Nistha Traders Ltd. Pvt. Nitin Industries Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Nityakunj Chemicals Co. Ltd. Nitco I T Parks Pvt. Noble Brothers Impex Ltd. Nitin Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Nitesh Housing Developers Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Nitco Paints Pvt. Nitco Aviation Pvt.Nishiland Park Ltd. Ltd. Nishu Leasing & Finance Ltd. Niyuprene Plastics Co. Ltd. Nivedita Mercantile & Financing Ltd. Nivi Trading Ltd. Nitta Gelatin India Ltd. Nitesh Property Mgmt. Pvt. Nitasha Investment Ltd. Nizam Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Niwas Spinning Mills Ltd. Nitin Alloys Global Ltd. Niyati Industries Ltd. [merged] Nitesh Estates Ltd. Nisu Fincap Ltd. Nivedan Fin-invest-lease Ltd. Nitya Laboratories Ltd. Nitin Castings Ltd. Nitco Realties Pvt. Nissan Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Nitco Ltd. Nissan Copper Ltd. Nivena Industries & Exports Ltd. Nitesh Indiranagar Retail Pvt. Ltd. Nitesh Urban Devp. Nivedan Vanijya Niyojan Ltd. Nitya Exports Ltd. . Ltd. Nityanand Merchantile Ltd. Niskalp Energy Ltd. Ltd.

Noida Medicare Centre Ltd. North East Cements Ltd. North Eastern Tobacco Co. Nocil Ltd. Ltd. Noida Power Co. Noduron Foundries Ltd. North India Fertilisers Ltd. Nonsuch Tea Estates Ltd. North Karanpura Transmission Co. Of Orissa Ltd. North Eastern Tubes Ltd. Nonstop Plantation Ltd. Noble Drugs Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. North Eastern Mercantiles Ltd. Norben Tea & Exports Ltd. Norris Medicines Ltd. North Eastern Handicrafts & Handloom Devp. Ltd. Nobletex Industries Ltd. Ltd. Non-con Energies (india) Ltd. Noble Trading Co. Ltd. Nortech India Ltd. Noris Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. Norplex-oak India Ltd. Corp. Finance Corpn. Nordic Pharmaceuticals Ltd. North India Wires Ltd. North Eastern Exporters Ltd. Mktg. Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt. North Eastern Devp. North Eastern Publishing & Advertising Co. Noble Explochem Ltd. Ltd. [erstwhile] Noel Agritech Ltd. North Eastern Electric Power Corpn. Noida Toll Bridge Co. Ltd. Ltd. Noida Software Technology Park Ltd. North Karnataka Expressway Ltd. Ltd. North Eastern Carrying Corpn. North Eastern Electricity Supply Co. North Eastern Regional Agri. Noel Merchants Pvt. Noble Polymers Ltd. . Norsea Offshore India Ltd. North East Hydrocarbon Ltd. Corpn.Noble Consolidated Glazings Ltd. Nonmag India Ltd.

Northlink Fiscal & Capital Services Ltd. North Tukvar Tea Co. North-western Cachar Tea Co. Nova Synthetic Ltd. Northern Alloys Bhavnagar Ltd. Northland Holding Co. . Nova International Ltd. Mills Ltd. Ltd. North West Coal Co. North South Properties Pvt. North Star Gems (india) Ltd. Nova Pumech Ltd. Nova Iron & Steel Ltd. Nova Magnetics Ltd. North West Madras Benefit Socy. Nova Corporation Ltd. Northwood Infratech Pvt. Northern Coalfields Ltd. North West Securities Ltd. Northern Projects Ltd. Ltd. Nova Silk Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. [merged] Northern India Hotels Ltd. Northern Digital Exchanges Ltd. Ltd. Of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. North Malabar Paper Dealers Ltd. Ltd. Nova Chemie (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Nova Electro Magnetics Ltd. Ltd. Nouveau Shares & Securities Ltd. Northern Power Distribution Co. Northland Sugar Complex Ltd. Nova Flexipack Pvt. Northeast Broking Services Ltd. Nova Steels (india) Ltd. Nouveau Global Ventures Ltd. Northbrook Jute Co. Northern Strips Ltd. Ltd. North Star Estate Promoters Ltd. Nova Roofings & Pipes Ltd. Ltd. Nova Publications India Ltd. Northgate Technologies Ltd. Northern Minerals Ltd. Nova Dyeing & Prtg. Nova Surgikos Ltd. Nova Realty Pvt.North Maharashtra Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Centre Ltd.

Novagold Petro-resources Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. Nu Tech Agros Ltd. Nuchem Ltd. Novex Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Novotex Industries Ltd. Nucor Wires Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Nucent Estates Ltd. . Novelty Realty & Developers Ltd. Nucleus Investments Ltd. Nulux Tools Ltd. Nucleus Netsoft & Gis India Ltd. Nuchem Weir India Ltd. Nu-tech Corporate Services Ltd. Nubal (india) Ltd. Nufuture Digital (india) Ltd. Novartis India Ltd. Novosynth Research Labs Pvt. Nulon India Ltd. Novodigm Ltd. Nu Tech Organic Chemicals Ltd. Numech Synthetics Pvt. Numaligarh Refinery Ltd. [merged] Novopan Industries Ltd. Ltd.Nova Udyog Ltd. Nuchem Infrastructure Ltd. Nowrosjee Wadia & Sons Ltd. Nuclear Power Corpn. Nu Tek India Ltd. Numech Emballage Ltd. Nucleus Software Ltd. Novel Housing Pvt. Nuddea Mills Ltd. Nufab Industries Ltd. Novel Buildmart Pvt. Nucleus Laboratories (india) Ltd. Of India Ltd. Novel Sugar Ltd. Nuboard Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Novo Agritech Ltd. Novacel Life Sciences Ltd. Ltd. Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Nucleus Gis & Ites Ltd. Nucent Share & Stock Broking Services Ltd.

Ltd. O C L Infomatics Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. O C L Investments & Leasing Ltd. O M C Computers Ltd. O & K Orenstein & Koppel (india) Ltd. O P G Computer Aided Design Pvt. [merged] O P Steels Ltd. Ltd. O K Play Auto Pvt. Ltd. O N G C Videsh Ltd. O P G Inds. . Nutrine Confectionery Co. Nutech Engineers & Power Systems Ltd. O N G C Petro Additions Ltd. Nutan Mills Ltd. Nuvent Technologies Pvt. [merged] O P Vanyjya Ltd. O F L Securities Ltd. O M R Developers Pvt. Nurpur Gases Pvt. Ltd. Nylofils India Ltd. O K Play India Ltd. Nyse Infrastructure Pvt. O N B Enterprises Pvt. O P G Metals & Finsec Ltd. O B Infrastructure Ltd. O P I Export Ltd. O C L India Ltd. O C Denims & Special Finishes Ltd. Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd. O C M India Ltd. Nuway Organic Naturals India Ltd. Nutech Financial Services Ltd. O C L Iron & Steel Ltd. Nutech Global Ltd. O K Glass Fibre Ltd.Numeric Power Systems Ltd. Numero Uno Intl. Nuzone Ecommerce Infrastructure Ltd. Numeric Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. Numero Uno Finance Ltd. Nutan Investments & Trading Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Numero Uno Projects Ltd. Nutrine Finance & Investments Ltd.

Ocean Infrastructure Ltd. . Ocean Capital Markets Ltd. Ocean Diving Centre Ltd. Ltd. Observer (india) Ltd. Oasis Agritech Ltd. Oberoi Leasing & Finance Co. Oceanic Corporate Fiscal Services Pvt. Oberoi Holdings Pvt. Oasis Cine Communication Ltd. Ltd. Oberoi Kerala Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Objectone Information Systems Ltd. Oberoi Realty Ltd. Oberoi Plastics Ltd. Ltd. O R V Castings Ltd. O R G Telecom Ltd. Oasis Township Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. O S M Investment & Trading Co. Oberoi Construction Pvt. Oberoi Mall Pvt. Oceanic Investments Ltd. Ocean Knits Ltd. Pvt. Oasis Securities Ltd. Oasis Fashion Ltd. O S S Air Management Pvt. Ocean Country Resorts Ltd. Ocean Sparkle Ltd. Oasis Portfolio Ltd. Oasis Textiles Ltd. Oasis Media Matrix Ltd. Ocean Agro (india) Ltd. O/e/n Micro Systems Ltd. Ltd.O R G Informatics Ltd. Ocean Park Multitech Ltd. Ltd. O T C Exchange Of India O/e/n India Ltd. Oasis Infotech Ltd. Oasis Hotels Ltd. O T C E I Securities Ltd. Ltd. Oasis Suncity Realtors Pvt. Oban Foods Ltd. Ocean Span Shipping Co. Ltd. O R J Electronic Oxides Ltd. Oberoi Sons (india) Ltd.

Oil Industry Devp. Odeon Theatres & Properties Pvt. Ltd. Okara Leasing & Investment Ltd. Octal Credit Capital Ltd. Ocimum Biosolutions India Ltd. Octagon Hotel & Resort Ltd. Olive Commercial Co. Olinda Coconut Products Ltd. Oceanwijs Maritime Services Ltd. Oil Field Instrumentation (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Olari Little Flower Kuries Ltd. Octad Finance (india) Ltd. Offshore Finvest Ltd. Octanorm India Ltd. Ltd. Octav Investments Ltd. Board Oil Palm India Ltd. Octant Industries Ltd. Oliverays Innovations Pvt. Ocimum Commercial & Trading Pvt. Ltd. Olam Exports (india) Ltd. Oceanic Magnetics Ltd. Oleofine Organics (india) Pvt. Oil India Ltd. Oil Country Tubular Ltd. [merged] Odyssey Technologies Ltd. Octagon B P O Pvt. Ltd. Odyssey India Ltd. Offshore Infrastructures Ltd. Okay Plus Intl. Ltd. Officemartindia. Ltd. Ollur Little Flower Kuries Ltd.Oceanic Lines Ltd. [merged] Odyssey Corporation Ltd. Odyssey Video Communications Ltd. Ltd. . Office Care Services Ltd. Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. [merged] Odeon Shrine Multiplex Pvt. Okara Flour & General Mills Ltd. Ojswi Trades Investment & Finance Ltd. Odissi Securities Ltd. Oceantech Rubbear Lining India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ojas Technochem Products Ltd. Oil & Natural Gas Corpn.

Olympia Industries Ltd. Omaxe Entertainment Ltd. Om Carrying Corpn. . Om Metals Infraprojects Ltd. Olympic General Trading Ltd. Omaxe Infrastructure & Construction Pvt. Olympic Oil Inds. Om Saravanabhava Benefit Fund Ltd. Om Chemical Inds. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Om Sindoori Hotels Ltd. Om Udyog Ltd. Omaxe Buildwell Pvt. Olympia Securities Ltd. Omaxe Housing Finance Ltd. Omaxe Buildhome Pvt. Omaxe Chandigarh Extension Developers Pvt. Om Oil & Flour Mills Ltd. Ltd. Om Shakthi Renergies Pvt. Omax Steels Ltd. Om Cotex Ltd. Olympic Management & Financial Services Ltd. Om Sindhoori Capital Investments Ltd. Om Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Om Leasing & Finance Ltd. Omaxe Infotech City Developers Ltd. Olympic Cards Ltd. Olympia Credits & Mercantile Ltd. Oman International Bank Omax Autos Ltd. Om Logistics Ltd. Omaxe Buildcon Ltd. Om Metals Auto Pvt. Om Procurements & Projects Ltd. Omaxe Housing & Infrastructure Ltd. Olympic Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Om Mitra Securities Ltd.Olympia Capitals Ltd. Ltd. Om Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Omaxe Housing & Developers Ltd. Om Energy Ltd. Ltd. Omaxe Connaught Place Mall Ltd. Omaxe Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Om Shanti Satins Ltd.

One Two Three Greetings (india) Pvt. Ltd. Omnitech Petroleum Ltd. Omni (india) Ltd. . Omini Finlease Ltd. Ltd. Omicron Bio-genesis Ltd. Ltd. Omnitel Industries Ltd. Omega Tex-rising (india) Ltd. Omega Agro Ltd. (duplicate Name Gujarat) Omkar Pharmachem Ltd. Omni Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Omni Auto Ltd. Omaxe Rajasthan S E Z Developers Ltd. Omega Trade Enterprises Ltd. Omega Biotech Ltd. Ompac Global Trade & Commerce Ltd. Omega Telecom Holdings Pvt. Omega Interactive Technologies Ltd. Omega Pipes Ltd. Ompac Infrastructure & Projects Ltd. One 97 Communications Ltd. Omrim Securities Ltd. Omega Ag-seeds (punjab) Ltd. Omega Construction Equipment Pvt. Omega Avenues Ltd. Omni Ax`s Software Ltd. Omaxe Powers Pvt. Omega Cables Ltd. On-dot Couriers & Cargo Ltd. Omkar Overseas Ltd. Omkar Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Omaxe Ltd. Omega Laboratories Ltd. One Audio Ltd. Omni Dye-chem Exports Ltd. Omnitech Infosolutions Ltd. Omnitex Industries (india) Ltd. One Star Realty Pvt. Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd. Onaway Industries Ltd. Omega Management Services Ltd. Onco Therapies Ltd. Omtech Infrastructure & Construction Ltd. Omtex Ltd.

Opto Circuits (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Option Pratibhuti & Vinimay Co. Onida Savak Ltd. Opto Infrastructure Ltd. Opel Securities Pvt. Ltd. Onlooker Press Ltd. [merged] Onkar Bus Service Ltd. Opal Trading Ltd. Opera Builders Ltd. Optic Fibre Goa Ltd. Ltd. Open Media Network Pvt. Opec Innovations Ltd. Onida Saka Ltd. Onmobile Global Ltd. Options Communications (india) Pvt. Optimal Media Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Opal Industries Ltd. [merged] Optical Security System (india) Ltd. Ongoing Advertising & Packings Ltd. Open Software Technology (india) Ltd. Optiemus Infracom Ltd. Onward Technologies Ltd. Onondaga Agro Invsts. Opto Cardiac Care Ltd. Ontrack Systems Ltd. Ontrack Global Services Ltd. Opel Finance Ltd. Onida Finance Ltd.One Two Three India. Ltd. . Oracle (ofss) A S P Pvt. Ltd. Opera Properties Pvt. Onnu Kurae Ayiram Yogam Mission Hospital Ltd. Oojam Dwellers Pvt. Opto Eurocor Healthcare Ltd. Ontop Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Onward Eservices Ltd. Optel Telecommunications Ltd. Opulent Fiscal Services Ltd. Onelife Capital Advisors Ltd. Options Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Onondaga Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Oodlabari Co. Optimus Global Services Ltd.

Oregon Commercials Ltd. Orbit Polyester Ltd. Orbit Residency Pvt. Organon (india) Ltd. Ltd. Orchid Research Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. Orbit Realty Infrastructure Ltd. Orbit Infotech Ltd. Orichem Ltd. Organised Investments Ltd. Oracle Credit Ltd. Orient Bonds & Stock Ltd. . Ltd. Oracle (ofss) Processing Services Ltd. Ltd.Oracle (ofss) B P O Services Ltd. Orbit Buildcon & Realty Pvt. [merged] Orbit Industries Ltd. Ltd. Orbit Multimedia Ltd. Ori-plast Ltd. Organto Trades & Finance Ltd. Orde Industries Ltd. Organic Coatings Ltd. Orbit Shelter Pvt. [merged] Orbitech Ltd. Orchard Microsystems Ltd. Oracle Finance & Investments Ltd. Orient Craft Ltd. Orbit Housing Pvt. Oracle India Pvt. Orient Beverages Ltd. Orient Ceramics & Inds. Orbit Highcity Pvt. Ltd. Orient Belts Ltd. Ltd. Orchid Securities Ltd. Organic Chemoils Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Orbit Corporation Ltd. Oricon Enterprises Ltd. Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Orbit Exports Ltd. [merged] Orbit Constructions & Realtors Pvt. Orient Abrasives Ltd. Oracle Enterprises Pvt. Orient Agro Foods Ltd. Ltd. Orbit Habitat Pvt. Ltd.

Orient Press Ltd. Orient Vegetexpo Ltd. Ltd. Oriental Hotels Ltd. [merged] Orient Industrial Resources Ltd. Oriental Aromatics Ltd. Oriental Power Cables Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Orient Syntex Ltd. Oriental Co. Ltd. Ltd. Orient Flour Mills Ltd. Oriental Meadows Ltd.Orient Designs Pvt. Ltd. Orient Resins Ltd. Oriental Containers Ltd. [merged] Orient International Ltd. Orient Factors Commercial Co. Orient Steel & Inds. Orient Engineering & Commercial Co. Ltd. Orient Fabritex Ltd. Co. Orient Express Ship Mgmt. Ltd. Orient Tradelink Ltd. Orient Information Technology Ltd. Oriental Civil Engg. Ltd. Oriental Pharmaceutical Inds. [merged] Orient Green Power Co. Orient Net Ltd. Ltd. Oriental Finlease Ltd. Oriental Rubber Inds. Finance Corpn. Oriental Coal Co. Oriental Housing Devp. Orient Holdings Ltd. Oriental Kuries Ltd. Orient Organics Ltd. Orient Movietone Corpn. Ltd. Oriental Bank Of Commerce Oriental Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Oriental Carbon & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Oriental Remedies & Herbals Ltd. Orient Packagings Ltd. . Ltd. Orient General Inds. Orient Fincorp Ltd. Oriental Industrial Investment Corpn. Ltd. Orient Paper & Inds. Oriental Seritech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Orion Polyfab Pvt. Orissa Integerated Power Ltd. Orissa Ceramic Inds. Orissa Power Transmission Corpn. Ltd. Orind Steels Ltd. Origin Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Orissa Power Generation Corpn. Orissa Luminaires Ltd. Ltd. . Orissa Manganese & Minerals Ltd. Ltd. Orissa Forest Devp. Orion Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Orion Laminates Ltd. Orissa Securities Ltd. Oripol Industries Ltd. Orissa Synthetics Ltd.Oriental Trimex Ltd. Oripro Ltd. [merged] Orissa Tea Plantations Ltd. Ltd. Orissa Sponge Iron & Steel Ltd. Ltd. Orissa Minerals Development Co. Orissa Polyfibres Ltd. Origin Agrostar Ltd. Orissa Management Education Pvt. Orissa Lamps Ltd. Orind Exports Ltd. Orissa Industries Ltd. Orion Acids & Chemicals Ltd. Orissa Lift Irrigation Corpn. Ltd. [merged] Orissa Power Consortium Ltd. Orissa Oil Inds. Orissa Green Forest Devp. Ltd. Orissa Extrusions Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Orissa State Cashew Devp. Orissa Drugs & Chemicals Ltd. Orion Abasaan Pvt. Orissa Hydro Power Corpn. Orissa State Financial Corpn. Ltd. Oriental Veneer Products Ltd. Ltd. Orion Power Pvt. Oriqua Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Orissa Mining Corpn. Corpn. Orissa Organics Ltd. Oriental Vinyls Ltd. Corpn.

Oscar Biotech Pvt.Orissa Textile Mills Ltd. Oscar Global Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Oswal Yarns Ltd. Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd. Oswego Trading & Invst. Oswal Knit India Ltd. Otis Elevator Co. . Otco International Ltd. Orkay Industries Ltd. Osho Ceramics Ltd. Osian Industries Ltd. Oswal Minerals Ltd. Oseaspre Consultants Ltd. Co. Osram India Pvt. Oscar Investments Ltd. Oswal Motels & Resorts Ltd. Oswal F M Hammerle Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Oswal Capital Services Ltd. Ornate Textiles Pvt. Mills Ltd. Orphic Dyeing & Printing Mills Pvt. Orlando Trading Co. (india) Ltd. Ossoor Estates Ltd. Orson Holdings Co. Oswal Industries Ltd. Oswal Leasing Ltd. Orton Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. Oswal Spinning & Wvg. Osiajee Housing Developers Ltd. Oswali Chemicals Ltd. Orpine Systems Ltd. Ormed Medical Technology Ltd. Oswal Agro Furane Ltd. Oswal Agro Mills Ltd. Orix Auto Infrastructure Services Ltd. Oswal Retail Pvt. Oscar Finance & Leasing Co. Oswal Greentech Ltd. Ortin Laboratories Ltd. Osborn V M E Equipments Ltd. Oswal Overseas Ltd. Orphic Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ostwal Investments & Credit Ltd.

P A Seafoods Exports Ltd. P B A Infrastructure Ltd. Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd. P C Media Systems Ltd. P C I Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Overnite Express Ltd. Oxford Industries Ltd. P C S Data General India Ltd. Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd.Otoklin Plants & Equipments Ltd. P C P International Ltd. [merged] Overseas Synthetics Ltd. Overview Conferences Ltd. Overseas Development & Employment Promotion Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Own Investment (india) Ltd. Overseas Sanmar Financial Ltd. P & R Infraprojects Ltd. Oyeindia Internetworks Ltd. Otto India Ltd. P C M Ltd. P B M Polytex Ltd. P C L Telecom Ltd. Ltd. Oxford International Finance India Ltd. Overseas Carpets Ltd. Ltd. P C L-j D R C Joint Venture Ltd. P C I Ltd. P C R Investments Ltd. Ltd. P & B Steels (india) Ltd. [erstwhile] Oxides & Specialities Ltd. P A E Ltd. P C I Papers Ltd. Oxemberg Clothing Ltd. [merged] . P C B L Industrial Finance Ltd. P A M Infrastructure Projects Ltd. P A E Renewables Pvt. P 9 Integrated Pvt. Ovobel Foods Ltd. Owens-corning (india) Ltd. Overseas Manpower Corpn. P B Waviwell (india) Ltd. Oxemberg Fashions Ltd. Oversea-chinese Banking Corpn.

Ltd. P I B C O Ltd. P K Leasing & Finance Ltd. P H Trading Ltd. [merged] P I H Finvest Co. P H Sales & Services Ltd. P I C P L Ltd. P K S Ltd. Ltd. P F Y L Holdings Pvt. Services Ltd. P D J Securities Ltd. P K F Finance Ltd. P I L Chemicals Pvt. P K B K Buildwell Pvt. P F C Consulting Ltd. P E L Power Ltd. P E T Fibres Ltd. Ltd. . P K B Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. P F L Infotech Ltd. Ltd. P D J Properties & Invst. P K L Ltd. P F H Mall & Retail Mgmt. Ltd. P I C Properties Ltd. P G Electroplast Ltd. Ltd. P H Capital Ltd. P I Industries Ltd. Ltd.P C S Positioning Systems Pvt. P D L Assets Ltd. P K Textiles Ltd. P H I L Corporation Ltd. P I Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. P H C Manufacturing Pvt. P I Life Science Research Ltd. P E C Ltd. P K Worldwide Ltd. P H L Fininvest Pvt. Ltd. P G Industry Ltd. P E L Port Pvt. P G Foods & Brewaries (i) Ltd. P G Foils Ltd. P H I Seeds Ltd. P C T Holdings Pvt. P J L Clothing (india) Ltd. P C S Technology Ltd. Ltd. P H F Leasing Ltd. Ltd.

P R Textiles (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. P N B Capital Services Ltd. P M P Iron & Steels (india) Ltd. P M P Auto Components Pvt. P S B Finance & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. P L G Power Ltd. P O C L Enterprises Ltd. P M C Soft Ltd. P O L Securities Ltd. P R T L Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. P L Shipping & Logistics Ltd. P M C Bearings Ltd. P N C Productions Ltd. Mills Ltd. P N C Wellness Ltd. P L Engineering Pvt. P M L Industries Ltd. P N B Gilts Ltd. . Ltd. P R Cements Ltd. P N R Capital Services Ltd. P L M Builders & Developers Ltd. Co. P M L Investments & Trading Co. Ltd. P L Finance & Investment Ltd. P N B Investment Services Ltd. P N C Capital Trust Ltd. P M Telelinnks Ltd. P N R Securities Ltd. P L Enterprise Ltd. P N B Housing Finance Ltd. P R G Jewels Ltd. P M P Steel Rolling Mills (madras) Ltd. P S A Sical Terminals Ltd. P N B Asset Mgmt. P M P Textiles Spg. P M A Controls India Ltd. P L Agro Technologies Ltd. P L Motors Ltd.P Kishanchand Textiles Ltd. P M Industries Ltd. P L Worldways Ltd. P R P Technologies Ltd. P R G Estates Pvt. P N C Infratech Ltd. [merged] P N B Finance & Inds.

P V R Ltd. Paam Antibiotics Ltd. P T L Enterprises Ltd. P T L Projects Ltd. Paami Textiles & Invsts. [merged] P V P Screens Pvt. P T C Energy Ltd. P T C India Financial Services Ltd. Pace Laboratories Ltd. P S L Gas Distribution Pvt. P S L Infrastructure & Ports Pvt. Paam Pharmaceuticals (delhi) Ltd. P S T S Heavy Lift & Shift Ltd. P S L Erickson Ltd. P V R Pictures Ltd. Pacecon Engineering Project Ltd. P S L Ltd. Pacific Agro Food (exports) Ltd. Pachapalayam Holdings Pvt. Ltd. P T C India Ltd. Pace Automation Ltd. P S L Financial Services Ltd. P S J Investment & Securities Ltd. Pac Computers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Paark Consultants Ltd. P V P Corporate Parks Pvt. P S L Corrosion Control Services Ltd. Pace Industries Ltd. Ltd. P V R Bluo Entertainment Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pace Finstock Ltd. Ltd. Pace Services Ltd. Pacheli Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. P V T Investment Ltd. Paam Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Pacific Cotspin Ltd. P V S Infotech Pvt.P S E Securities Ltd. P S Global Ltd. P S Realtors Pvt. Pac Systems Ltd. P T C Industries Ltd. P V P Ltd. Ltd. P V P Ventures Ltd. .

Padmavathi Cashews & Coffee Ltd. Pagel Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Paharpur-pragnya Tech Park Pvt. Pai Paper & Allied Inds. Paharpur Industries Ltd. Pacman Computers Systems Ltd. Packaging India Pvt. Padi Korattur Benefit Fund Ltd. Pacific Pearl Finance & Leasing Ltd. Padmavati Investment Ltd. Paharimata Industrial Devp.Pacific Finstock Ltd. Pacific Industries Ltd. Padmini Tele Media Ltd. Packworth Udyog Ltd. Padmini Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Pagaria Energy Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pacific India Atlantic Exim Ltd. Pacrim (india) Ltd. Packwell Packaging Products Ltd. Paco Exports Ltd. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd. Padma (india) Ltd. Packing Products Pvt. Ltd. Pafco Laboratories Ltd. Pact Securities & Financial Services Ltd. Padmanabh Alloys & Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Padmabalaji Benefit Fund Ltd. Padmavati Oils (india) Ltd. Padam Cotton Yarns Ltd. Ltd. Pahargoomiah Exports Ltd. Pacific Plantations Ltd. . Pacific Orient Trading Co. Pagita Leasing & Finance Co. Pacific Harish Inds. Packtech Industries Ltd. Ltd. Pacific Netinvest Ltd. Pahwa Traders & Exporters Ltd. Page Industries Ltd. Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd. Pai Enron Technologies & Systems Ltd. Ltd. Pact Industries Ltd. Paharia Impressions (india) Ltd.

Palavoor Wind Farms Ltd. Pallavi Manufacturers Pvt. Palitana Sugar Mills Pvt. Pallishree Ltd. Palmtech India Ltd. Pallavan Transport Consultancy Services Ltd. Effluent Treatment Co. Ltd. Palombe Securities & Finance Ltd. Pallawi Trading & Mfg. Pallmall Edusystems & Medicare Services Pvt. Paliwal Developers Ltd. Palav Synthetics Pvt. Pali Commercial Co. Pallavi Portfolio Mgmt. Palampadam Plantations Ltd. Paintex Chemicals (bombay) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pallazzio Hotels & Leisure Ltd. Pals Distilleries Ltd. Ltd.Pai Vaibhav Hotels (india) Ltd. Palaypu Financial & Investment Services Ltd. Ltd. Co. Palanpur Engineering & Fabrications Ltd. Ltd. Palm Spring Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Palcredit Securities Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Palode Paper Mills Ltd. Palazhy Tyres Ltd. Pallava Textile Ltd. Palco Metals Ltd. Pals Industries Ltd. Pal-peugeot Ltd. Pal & Paul Builders Ltd. Ltd. Palatial Trading Pvt. Pal Credit & Capital Ltd. Pallavan Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd. Pairs Retail India Ltd. Pal Synthetics Ltd. Palakkad Medical & Research Centre Ltd. Pajjuvasami Developers Pvt. Palani Andavar Mills Ltd. Palchin Real Estates Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pallawi Resources Ltd. Pallavaram Tanners Indl. Palani Andavar Cotton & Synthetic Spinners Ltd. . Paika Farmtech Ltd. Palladium Constructions Pvt.

Pan Clothing & Consolidated Co. Panasonic Home Appliances India Co. Ltd. Paman Investments Ltd. Ltd. Pam Raffia Ltd. Pan Asia Global Ltd. Pan Electronics (india) Ltd. Ltd. Pamvi Industries Ltd. Panasonic Energy India Co. Pancard Clubs Ltd. [merged] Panchdhara Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd. Pan Capri Hitek Ltd. Pan India Resort & Land Devp. Ltd. Ltd. . Pan Music & Magazines Ltd. [merged] Pamvi Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Panasonic Carbon India Co. Pamwi Tissues Ltd. Pancham Realcon Pvt. Panchkutir Developers Ltd. Pan Emami Cosmed Ltd. Pan Auto Ltd. Panchmahal Cement Ltd. Sugar Mills Ltd. Panchmahal District Co-op. Ltd. Panacea Educational Institute Pvt. Milk Producers' Union Ltd. Panacea Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. Pan India Drugs & Chemicals Ltd. Pan Realtors Pvt. Pampasar Distillery Ltd. Pan Drugs Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Panama Petrochem Ltd. Pan India Corpn. Pamba Rubbers Ltd. Panatone Finvest Ltd. Pan Asia Inds. Panasonic A V C Networks India Co. Panacea Biotec Ltd. Palsoft Infosystems Ltd. Pan Herbo Ltd. Pan Pipes Resplendents Ltd. Ltd. Panachwati Greenfield Realty Devp. Ltd.Palsana Enviro Protection Ltd. Ltd. Palwal Co-op. Pamvi Properties Ltd. Panchanan Investment Ltd.

Panjwani Packaging Ltd. Services Ltd. Panyam Cements & Mineral Inds. Paper & Pulp Conversions Ltd. Pankhil Finlease Ltd.Panchmahal Properties Ltd. Panjon Pharma Ltd. Pankaj Agro Protinex Ltd. Panther Fincap & Mgmt. Pankaj Piyush Trade & Invst. Ltd. Pantape Magnetics Ltd. Pandian Graphites (india) Ltd. Panchsheel Organics Ltd. Pankaj Investments Ltd. Pandyan Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Pankaj Polymers Ltd. Panchura Estates Ltd. Panoramic Holidays Ltd. Pankaj Projects Ltd. [erstwhile] Pantex Geebee Fluid Power Ltd. Panoramic Tour & Travels Ltd. . Pandian Chemicals Ltd. Panoramic Universal Ltd. Panchratna Arts Ltd. Panchmukhi Investment & Trdg. Panoramic Resorts (india) Ltd. Panggo Exports Ltd. Co. Ltd. Pantaloon Retail (india) Ltd. Ltd. Pankaj Aluminium Inds. Panther Industrial Products Ltd. Papankuzhi Developers Pvt. Panjon Finance Ltd. Panickker Switchgear Ltd. Panruti Benefit Funds Ltd. Pandora Infra Pvt. Ltd. Pankaj Commercial Ltd. Panchmahal Steel Ltd. Panchwati Holiday Resorts Ltd. Pankaj Priyank Ltd. Pantaloon Industries Ltd. Panjon Ltd. Papanasam Benefit Fund Ltd. Panther Investrade Ltd. Ltd. Panorama Capital Market Ltd.

Paramount Centrispun Castings Pvt. Paradigm-global Infoservices Ltd. Parakh Foods Ltd. Paraan Ltd. Ltd. Parabolic Research Labs Ltd. Ltd. Paradeep Carbons Ltd. [merged] Paramount Communications Ltd. Parakh Agro Inds. Ltd. Paramount Dealcomm Pvt. Par Polypack India Ltd. Ltd. Paramount Minerals & Chemicals Ltd. Papyrus International Ltd. Param Industries Ltd. Parag Agro Products (gujarat) Ltd. Papyrus Papers Ltd. Pappilon Exports Ltd. Paradise Plastics Enterprise Ltd. Par Investments Ltd. Ltd. Paragon Synthetics & Polymers Ltd. Parakaram Technofab Ltd. Paramount Printpackaging Ltd. Paragon Finance Ltd. Paragon Textile Mills Pvt. Paradip Port Road Co. Paper Products Ltd. Parag (india) Ltd.Paper Mill Plant & Machinery Mfrs. Param Dairy Ltd. Paragon Plastics Ltd. Paradise Realty Ltd. [merged] Paradeep Phosphates Ltd. Paragon Power Cable Ltd. . Paramount Finco & Traders Ltd. Paramount Containers Ltd. Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd. Ltd. Param Shubham Vanijya Ltd. [merged] Paramount Cosmetics (india) Ltd. Ltd. Paperbase Co. Parag Shilpa Investments Ltd. Papillon Estates Ltd. Parabolic Drugs Ltd. [merged] Param Jyoti Tobacco Products Ltd. Ltd. Paramount Capfin Lease Pvt.

Paramount Surgimed Ltd. Co. Parani Spinning Mills Pvt. Paramount Syncot Pvt. Parenteral Drugs (india) Ltd. Ltd. Paranjape Schemes (construction) Ltd.Paramount Rolling Mills Ltd. Paras Petrofils Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Parekh Aluminium Co. Paramount Wires & Cables Ltd. Parijat Paper Mills Ltd. Parekh Distributors Ltd. Parekh Industries Ltd. Parel Investment & Trdg. . Parekh Marketing Ltd. Parasrampuria Credit & Investment Ltd. [merged] Parijata Euro Flowers Ltd. Parekh Aluminex Ltd. Paras Lubricants Ltd. Parasrampuria Synthetics Ltd. Paras Ship Breakers Ltd. Ltd. Paramount Steels Ltd. Parenteral Biotech Ltd. Parasrampuria Polyamides Ltd. Paranjape Premises Pvt. Parenteral Drugs International Ltd. Parasrampuria Industries Ltd. Parca Paper Inds. Parbati Holdings Ltd. Parekh Crown Caps Ltd. Parbhudas Kishordas Tobacco Products Pvt. Parenteral Impex Ltd. Parikh Herbals Ltd. Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Paras Technologies Ltd. Parbati Koldam Transmission Co. Ltd. Parenteral Surgicals Ltd. Parijat Trading Ltd. Parekh Platinum Ltd. Paramount Security Printers Ltd. Parentech Healthcare Ltd. Parashar Developments Ltd. Parichay Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Parasrampuria Plantations Ltd.

Ltd. Parle Bisleri Pvt. Park Avenue Engg. Parry Murray & Co. Ltd. Parinika Harvest Floratech Ltd. Paripurna Dairy Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Parikrama Trading Ltd. Pariksha Fin-invest-lease Ltd. Parmax Pharma Ltd. Park Land Developers Pvt. Ltd. Parle Software Ltd. Ltd. Parque Foods & Exports Ltd. Parry Infrastructure Co. Parry Murray & Co. Parimitaa Estate & Reality Pvt. Parmes Diamonds Exports Pvt. Parrys Investments Ltd. Ltd. (i) Ltd. Park View Promoters Pvt. Ltd. Furnishing & Floor Coverings (india) Pvt. Parineetaa Estate & Reality Pvt. Parmeshwari Silk Mills Ltd. Parksons Packaging Ltd. Park Leather Inds. Ltd. [merged] Parry Phytoremedies Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Parrys Sugar Ltd. Ltd. Paro Syntex Ltd. . Parry Agrochem Exports Ltd. Parle Products Pvt. Parle Sales Services Pvt. [merged] Parry Agro Inds. Parle Biscuits Pvt. Park Land Construction & Equipments Pvt. Parry & Co. Pariwar Finance & Invst. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Parnami Habitat Developers Ltd. Parrys Sugar Industries Ltd. Park Club & Resorts Ltd. Park Chambers Ltd. Parnami Credits Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Parry Engineering & Exports Ltd. [merged] Parle International Pvt. Ltd. Parry Chemicals Ltd. Parke-davis (india) Ltd. Parry Nutraceuticals Ltd. [merged] Parker Agrochem Exports Ltd.

Paschim Gujarat Vij Co. Parsvnath Developers (s B B T) Pvt. Parth Aluminium Ltd. Parshwa Spinners Ltd. Parsvnath Midc Pharma S E Z Pvt. Parul Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Parsee Leasing & Finvest Ltd. Parshuram Pottery Works Co. Partap Steels Ltd. Ltd. Parsoli Commodities Ltd. Pashupati Alloys Ltd. Parsvnath Infra Ltd. Parsvnath Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. . Parsoli Insurance Brokers Ltd. Parth Housing & Estate Developers Ltd. Parvardigaar Realtors Ltd. Ltd. Parsoli Securities Ltd. Parsvnath Film City Ltd. Parsvnath Landmark Developers Pvt. Ltd. Partap Industries Ltd. Paschim Petrochem Ltd. Partap Paper Mills Ltd. Parsvanath Developers (gmbt) Pvt. Parshwanath Corporation Ltd. Pashmina Holdings Ltd. Parvatiya Power Pvt. Parsoli Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Parteek Finance & Invst. [merged] Parul Foods Specialities Pvt. Particle Boards India Ltd. Ltd. Partap Rajasthan Special Steels Ltd. Parsvnath Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd. Pasari Spinning Mills Ltd. Parsharti Investment Ltd. Parshuram Steels Ltd. Ltd. Co. Ltd.Parsa Kente Collieries Ltd. Parth Industries Ltd. Parsoli Travel House Ltd. Parsvnath Developers Ltd. Partap Steel Rolling Mills (1935) Ltd. Parsvnath Hotels Ltd. Parsvnath Retail Ltd. [merged] Partyline Products Pvt.

Patel Engineering Infrastructure Pvt. Pashupati Seohung Ltd. Patel Energy Resources Pvt. (saurashtra) Ltd. Patel Food Product Ltd. Ltd. Patel Engineering Ltd. Patan Co-operative Bank Ltd. Patel Agro-farm Pvt. Patel Energy Assignment Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Patel On-board Couriers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Patel Energy Operations Pvt. Patel Energy Ltd. Patel Realty (india) Ltd. Pat Infrastructures Pvt. Pasupati Technofab Ltd. Patcart Packaging Ltd. Paswara Papers Ltd. Pasupati Fincap Ltd. Patel K N R Infrastructures Ltd. Patan Wind Energy Ltd. Patel Lands Ltd.Pashupati Cables Ltd. Patel Energy Works Pvt. Pasumai Irrigations Ltd. Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd. Pataliputra Highway Ltd. Pasupati Aluminium Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mills Ltd. Patdi Commercial & Investments Ltd. Patel Plast International Ltd. Pasonda Textile Inds. Pasupati Fabrics Ltd. [merged] Pat-parth Engineers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Patel Patron Pvt. Patel Engineers Pvt. Patel Projects Ltd. . Patel Engineering Co. Pasupati Spinning & Wvg. Ltd. Ltd. Pasupati Acrylon Ltd. Ltd. Passary Minerals Ltd. Pasondia Steel Profiles Ltd. Patel Energy Projects Pvt. Pvt. Pasupati Haryana Woollens Ltd. Ltd. Patel Concrete & Quarries Pvt. Patel Energy Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Ltd. . Patni Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Patodia Syntex Ltd. Patnitop Ropeway & Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Patspin India Ltd. Patodia Textile Inds. Patni Foods & Beverages Ltd. Patodia Glass Inds. Ltd. Patwa Finlease Ltd. Patton Developers Pvt. Paushak Ltd. Patell Mills Co. Patheja Forgings & Auto-parts Mfrs. [merged] Patricia Finance & Devp. Paul Merchants Ltd. Patliputra Credit & Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Patrick Estate & Development Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Patni Computer Systems Ltd. Pavan Tyres Ltd. Patron Industries Pvt. Paushak Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Patel's Widecom (india) Ltd. Pavan Poplar Ltd. Patton Electro Ltd. Patels Airflow Ltd. Patiala Flour Mills Co. Patriot Automation Projects Ltd. Patna Rolling Mills Ltd. Patidar Buildcon Ltd. Patni Telecom Solutions Pvt. Patna Electric Supply Co. Pathik Overseas Ltd. [merged] Pavan Aqua Ltd. Ltd. Patil Cement Ltd. Patels Airtemp (india) Ltd. Ltd. Patna Highway Projects Ltd. Pvt. Patodia Textile Inds. Patnaik Steels & Alloys Ltd. [merged] Pavana Reality & Devp. Patiala Distillers & Manufacturers Ltd. Patton International Ltd. Patliputra Industries Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Patheja Brothers Forgings & Stampings Ltd. Patriot Trading Co.

Pearlspot Resorts Ltd. Pearl Retail Pvt. Pebco Motors Ltd.) Ltd. Pearl Styles Ltd. Pawan Leasing & Growth Fund Ltd. Ltd. Pearl Apartments Ltd. Pearey Lal & Sons Pvt. Pearlite Liners Pvt. Pearl Reality & Devp. . Pavitra Commercials Ltd. Payne (india) Pvt. Co. Pearl Investments & Finance Co.Pavapuri Trading & Invst. Pearl Drinks Ltd. Peacock Industries Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.p. Pawan Udyog Ltd. Pee Bee Steel Inds. Pearl Clothing Ltd. Ltd. Payal Investment & Trading Ltd. Pearl Beverages Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Pearl Distillery Ltd. Peass Automation Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Pearl Tracon Pvt. Pedder Johnson Finance Ltd. [merged] Pearl International Tours & Travels Ltd. Pawan Proteins (india) Ltd. Peass Industrial Engineers Ltd. Pearl Engineering Polymers Ltd. Pecaru Rubber & Agro Products Ltd. Pawanjay Sponge Iron Ltd. Ltd. Pearl Valley Silks Ltd. Peareylal & Sons (e. Ltd. Pavna Zadi Security System Ltd. Pedder & Pedder Tiles Ltd. Pearls Buildwell Infrastructure Ltd. Pearl Jet Microns Pvt. Ltd. Pearl Global Ltd. Ltd. Peass Exports Ltd. Pearl Print Well Ltd. Pawan Power & Telecom Ltd. Pearl Polymers Ltd. Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd. Pearls Inns Ltd.

Peerless Plastics Inds. Ltd. Peirce Leslie Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Pee Jay Finance Co. Ltd.Pee Cee Cosma Sope Ltd. . Peermade Tea Co. Pegasus Capital & Allied Services Ltd. Penguin Shipping Agencies Ltd. Peninsula Pharma Research Centre Pvt. [merged] Pegasus Apparels Ltd. Pegasus Securities Ltd. Pel Energy Zone Pvt. Peekay Re-rolling Mills Pvt. Services Pvt. Peerless Hospitex Hospital & Research Center Ltd. Ltd. Co. Pen Investments Ltd. Peethambra Granites Ltd. Ltd. Pegasus Fineplast Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pelican Paints Ltd. Peninsula Investment Mgmt. Peekay Construction Ltd. Ltd. Peeti Securities Ltd. Ltd. Pee Dee Yarn Processors Ltd. Peerless Developers Ltd. Peirce Leslie Cashews & Coffee Ltd. Pelicon Finance & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Peeroo Export Ltd. Pee Vee Textiles Ltd. Peninsula Mega Properties Pvt. Pench Valley Coal Co. Ltd. Peninsula Facility Mgmt. Penam Laboratories Ltd. Peerless General Finance & Investment Co. Pefco Industries Ltd. Peerless Drive Ltd. Peerless Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Peninsula Holdings & Investments Pvt. Pegasus Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Peerless Financial Services Ltd. Peninsula Land Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Peninsula Mega Township Developers Pvt. Peerless Securities Ltd. Peirce Leslie India Ltd. Penguin Electronics Ltd. Pelikan Estates Pvt.

Peony Investments Ltd. Ltd. Pennwalt Finance & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pentamedia Graphics Ltd. Pentasia Chemicals Ltd. Perasoft Ltd. Pentagon Properties Pvt. [merged] Pentasoft Technologies Ltd. Penna Tandur Cement Co. Pennwalt Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Pentasia Investments Ltd. Penta Bio-tech Ltd. Pennzoil-quaker State India Ltd. Peoples Investments Ltd. Pennar Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Penta Pharmadyes Ltd. Peoples Transport Co. Pennzol Servisales Ltd. Pennar Industries Ltd. Peninsular Shipping Ltd. Peoples Papers Ltd. Peoples Financial Services Ltd. Pennar Aluminium Co. Penisula Property Developers Pvt. Pentafour Products Ltd. Perambalur Sugar Mills Ltd. Pentokey Organy (india) Ltd. Peninsular Maritime Services Ltd.Peninsula Trustee Ltd. Pennar Paterson Ltd. Ltd. Penta Capsules Ltd. Pentagon Global Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Penna Cement Inds. Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd. Peninsular Tankers Pvt. Pepsico India Holdings Pvt. . Peninsular Plantations Ltd. Penna Electricity Ltd. Pentafour Solec Technology Ltd. Ltd. Perafly Ltd. [merged] Penthouse Properties Ltd. Peninsular Capital Market Ltd. Pennar Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Pentonville Software Ltd.

Perfect Spinners Ltd. Periwal Bricks Ltd. Peregrine Securities (india) Pvt. Permali Wallace Ltd. Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Co. Periyar Plantations Pvt. Perfect Enviro Control Systems Ltd. Persepolis Holdings Ltd. Perk Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Pet Plastics Ltd. Pvt. Perfect Thread Mills Ltd. Periwal Industrial Corpn.Percept D'mark (india) Pvt. Perfect Reformation Socy. Perfect-octave Media Projects Ltd. Persistent Ebusiness Solutions Ltd. . Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Permanent Magnets Ltd. Ltd. Persistent Systems & Solutions Ltd. Pest Control (india) Pvt. Personality Ltd. Perman Project Supports Ltd. Periwal Industrial Mouldings Ltd. Perfect Moulds Ltd. Persistent Systems Ltd. Ltd. Peridot Investments & Finance Ltd. Pesticides & Brewers Ltd. Periyar Chemicals Ltd. Perfect Circle Victor Exports Ltd. Percy Commercial Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Perse Finance & Leasing Ltd. [merged] Perfect Suitings Ltd. Peria Karamalai Tea (india) Ltd. Ltd. Peregrine Capital India Pvt. Perfect House Ltd. Ltd. Perfect Machine Tools Co. Perfect Circle India Ltd. Ltd. Perfectpac Ltd. Peter England Fashion & Retail Ltd. Perpetual Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Persian Carpet & Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Pertech Computers Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Pharmed Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Petrofarms Ltd. Petron Civil Engg. Pharmaceutical Products Of India Ltd. Phaarmasia Ltd. Philips Glass India Ltd. [merged] Phipson Distillery Ltd. Pvt. Pharma Com (india) Ltd. Petronet V K Ltd. Phaskowa Tea Co. Pfizer Ltd. Pharmacia Healthcare Ltd. Petronet C C K Ltd. Phedra Projects Pvt. Petroleum & Minerals Ltd. [merged] Pharmaids Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Pharmax Corporation Ltd. Petro Energy Products Co. . Petrochem International Ltd. Ltd. Petronet India Ltd. Ltd. Petronet M H B Ltd. Ltd. Petrofils Co-op. Phipson & Co. Pfimex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Petro Plast Industries Ltd. [merged] Phoebe Estate & Finance Pvt.Peterhouse Investments Ltd. Petrosil Lubricants Ltd. India Ltd. [merged] Philips Telecommunication Inds. Pettavaittalai Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Philips Electronics India Ltd. Phelix Appliances Ltd. Petronet C I Ltd. Phoenix Cement Ltd. Phadnis Infrastructure Ltd. Petronet L N G Ltd. Phaarmasia Healthcare Ltd. Phar-east Laboratories Ltd. Petrosil Investment & Oil Co. Petrocon India Ltd. Pheasant Securities & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Phillips Carbon Black Ltd. Ltd. Petron Engineering Construction Ltd.

Piccadily Sugar & Allied Inds. Ltd. Piccadily Agro Inds. Pidilite Finance Ltd. Phulwari Bio-tech Ltd. Phoenix International Ltd. Phulchand Exports Pvt. Pindari Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Photon Energy Systems Ltd. [merged] Pigeon Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Phyto Specialities Pvt. Ltd. Phthalo Colours & Chemicals (india) Ltd. Ltd. Phoenix Surgicare Pvt. Phosphorus & Chemicals Travancore Ltd. Photoquip (india) Ltd. Phoenix Solar India Ltd. [merged] Piem Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Phonetize Solutions Pvt. . [merged] Pigments India Ltd. Phoenix Mecano (india) Ltd. Ltd. Pigeon Properties Ltd. Corpn. Pilani Investment & Inds. Ltd.Phoenix Cybertech (india) Pvt. [merged] Pidilite Industries Ltd. Ltd. Pillaiyar Pattiyar Textiles Ltd. Pill Finance & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Pilani Industrial Corpn. Ltd. Piem Investment & Finance Ltd. Pilaniwala Textile Mills Ltd. Photon Capital Advisors Ltd. Piem Holdings Ltd. Picopeta Simputers Pvt. Phosphate Co. Pigment Specialities India Ltd. [merged] Phoenix Industries Ltd. Phoenix Real Time Services Ltd. Phoenix Mills Ltd. [merged] Picturehouse Media Ltd. Phyto Chem (india) Ltd. Phoenix Yule Pvt. Phoenix Electric (india) Ltd. Phoenix Industries Pvt. Pinakini Grameena Bank Pincon Spirit Ltd.

Pioneer Cashew Inds. Pioneer Agro Extracts Ltd. Ltd. Pioneer Wealth Mgmt. Ltd. Pioneer Magnesia Works Ltd. Pioneer Polyfeb Ltd. Pioneer Products Ltd. Pioneer Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd. Pioneer Wincon Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.Pine Chemicals Ltd. Pioneer Investment Advisory Services Ltd. Pioneer Auto Lamps Ltd. Pioneer Alloy Castings Ltd. Pinnacle Investments Ltd. Pioneer Ball Inds. Services Ltd. Pioneer Financial Consultants Pvt. Pinnacle Trades & Invsts. Pinnacle Real Estate Devp. Ltd. . [merged] Pink City Invst. Pioneer Protec Ltd. Co. Pinnacle Finance Ltd. Pioneer Promotors Pvt. [merged] Pinnacle Industries Ltd. Pioneer Finvest Ltd. Pioneer Asia Financial Services Ltd. Pipal Research Analytics & Information Services India Pvt. Pioneer Credit Ltd. Ltd. Pioneer Urban Land & Infrastructure Ltd. Pioneer Money Mgmt. Pioneer Fundinvest Pvt. Pioneer Aqua Estates India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pioneer Financial & Mgmt. Ltd. Pinky Shipyard Pvt. Pioneer Embroideries Ltd. Pioneer Feeds & Poultry Products Pvt. Pioneer Amusement & Motels Ltd. Ltd. Pioneer Commodity Intermediaries Pvt. [merged] Pioneer Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Pioneer Investcorp Ltd. Pinky Chemicals Ltd. Pioneer Realty Ltd. Pioneer Infrastructure Ltd. Services Ltd. Pink Palace Invest & Contract Ltd. Pioneer Ltd.

Ltd. Co. Piramal Financial Services Ltd. Piramal Glass Ltd. Ltd. Pittie Cement & Inds. Piramal Diagnostic Services Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Planet 41 Mobi-venture Ltd. Plant Organics Ltd. Ltd. Piramal Realty Pvt. Pix Autos Ltd. Piramal Pharmaceutical Devp. [merged] Pipri Ltd.Pipavav Defence & Offshore Engg. Piyu Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Planetview Mercantile Co. Ltd. Pipavav Railway Corpn. Planter's Polysacks Ltd. Co. Ltd. Pipavav Power Devp. Services Pvt. Piramyd Retail & Merchandising Pvt. Pivet Finances Ltd. Pixion Media Pvt. Plasmac Machine Mfg. Ltd. Ltd. Pittsburgh Iron & Steels Ltd. Ltd. Piramal Water Pvt. Piramal Healthcare Ltd. [merged] Pitamber Coated Papers Ltd. Pivotal Realtors Ltd. Piyush Limited Piyush Steels Ltd. Pitti Laminations Ltd. Pipeline Infrastructure (india) Pvt. Ltd. Piramal Enterprises Ltd. Piramal Polymers Ltd. Plaat Industries Bangalore Ltd. Plastiblends India Ltd. Plantation Wood Products Ltd. . Ltd. [merged] Piramal Life Sciences Ltd. Placid Plantations Ltd. Piramal Holdings Ltd. [merged] Pix Transmissions Ltd. Ltd. Plasti Pac Flexibles Ltd. Planet E-shop Holdings India Pvt. Pithampur Poly Products Ltd. Co. Plama Laboratories Ltd. Pvt. Planet Retail Holdings Pvt.

Polar Fan Inds. Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Plaza Properties Ltd. Plexion Technologies (india) Pvt. Pvt. Pokarna Fashions Ltd. Polar Breweries Ltd. Ltd. Plus Channel (india) Ltd. Poddar Projects Ltd. Pokarna Fabrics Ltd. Poddar Habitat Pvt. [merged] . Ltd. Point Red Telecom Ltd. Pokarna Ltd. Podar Investments Ltd. Plus Paper Foodpac Ltd. Plenty India Ltd. Podar Mills Ltd. Pokarna Engineered Stone Ltd. Plutocrat Assets & Capital Mgmt. Poddar Infrastructure Pvt. Plus Finance Ltd.Plastics Export Promotion Council Plateau Realtors Ltd. Poddar Tyres Ltd. Platinum Jubilee Publishers Ltd. Poddar Natural Resources & Ores Ltd. Platinum Corporation Ltd. Podar Knittings Ltd. Platinum Fashion Apparel Ltd. Poddar Udyog Ltd. Pluto Chemicals Ltd. Point Plast Ltd. Poddar Tubes & Pipes Ltd. Ltd. Poddar Leisure Infrastructure Pvt. Plugin Sales Ltd. Plus Industries Ltd. Ltd. Plenty Valley Intra Ltd. Pochiraju Industries Ltd. Ltd. Poddar Pigments Ltd. Platinum Finance Ltd. Pluto Tradelinks Ltd. Pofran Sales & Agency Ltd. Poddar Developers Ltd. Ltd. Platinum Jubilee Investments Ltd.

Polyset Plastics Pvt. Polyspin Ltd. Ltd. Polar Investments Ltd. Polo Queen Indl. Polymer Papers Ltd. Poly Medicure Ltd. Polyene Film Inds. Pololight Industries Ltd. Ltd. Polaris Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Pond's (india) Ltd.Polar Finance Ltd. [merged] Polyplex Corporation Ltd. Polisetty Somasundaram Ltd. Ltd. Polo Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Polyester Textiles Ltd. Corpn. Polyolefins Industries Ltd. Pondicherry . Ltd. Polylink Polymers (india) Ltd. Polymechplast Machines Ltd. Polymermann (asia) Pvt. Polaris Financial Technology Ltd. Polycoat Powders Ltd. Polytronics Holdings Pvt. Polar Industries Ltd. Pondicherry Agro Service & Inds. Ltd. [merged] Polycon International Ltd. Polutech Ltd. Pondicherry Aluminum Ltd. Polytex Fibres Trading Ltd. & Fintech Ltd. Polynova Industries Ltd. Polar Marmo Agglomerates Ltd. Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd. Ponderosa Holdings Ltd. Polygenta Technologies Ltd. [merged] Pond's Exports Ltd.Tindivanam Tollway Ltd. Polar Pharma India Ltd. Polmann India Ltd. Polyspin Exports Ltd. Polson Ltd. [merged] Polytex India Ltd. Polar International Ltd. Polychem Ltd. . Polycab Wires & Cables Pvt.

Poonawalla Financials Pvt. Ltd. Popular Estate Mgmt. Pooja Roshni Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd [merged] Pooja Devcon Pvt. Ltd. Pondicherry Spinners Ltd. Pooja Forge Ltd. Ponni Sugars (erode) Ltd. Ltd. Pondichery Papers Ltd. Poonawalla Aviation Pvt. Pooja Soya Inds. Ltd. Poona Club Ltd. Ltd. Poonam Realtors Ltd. [merged] Poona Bottling Co. Ltd. & Invst. Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd. Popular Mega Motors (india) Ltd. Popup Properties & Invsts. Port City Infrastructure Devp. Pooja Entertainment & Films Ltd. Corpn. Ltd. Poona Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Pondy Metal & Rolling Mills Pvt. Popstar Investment & Trading Pvt. [merged] Pooja Credits Pvt. Poompuhar Shipping Corpn. Ltd. Portescap India Pvt. Pvt. Pondicherry Textile Corpn. Poonam Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Poppy's Park Hotel Ltd.Pondicherry Industrial Promotion Devp. Pvt. Poonawalla Racing & Breeding Ltd. Ponni Sugars (orissa) Ltd. Pooja Granites & Marbles Ltd. Poonam Distributors Ltd. Popular Entertainment Network Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Port Shipping Co. Ltd. Poona Agro Foods Ltd. Pooja Creations Ltd. Poonmudi Agencies & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Popular Real Estate & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Popular Kuttukaran Cars Pvt. Pontiac Leasing Ltd. Poonam Rasayan Ltd. (india) Ltd. Ltd. Poona Dal & Oil Inds. Ltd. Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd.

Power Soaps Ltd. . Ltd. Positive Packaging Inds. Power Brands (foods) Pvt. Ltd. Of India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Positive Electronics Ltd. Powerica Ltd. [merged] Poyilakada Fisheries Ltd. Powai Real Estate Developers Ltd. Ltd. Poshak Farming Forestry & Finance Ltd. Power Cell Inds. Ltd. Potain India Pvt. Portland Rubber Estates Ltd. Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council Powerplant Performance Improvement Ltd. Poysha Industrial Co. Ltd. [merged] Powerflow Ltd. Powergas Information Technology Services Pvt. Power Build Elecon Gears Ltd. Ltd. Porwal Auto Components Ltd. Powergear Ltd. Power Grid Corpn. Power Infotech Ltd. Powmex Steels Ltd. Portland India Outdoor Advertising Pvt. Poseidon Investments Co. Potis Power Projects Ltd. Portside Estates Ltd. Prabartak Jute Mills Ltd. Ltd. Power Systems India Ltd. Powertel Engineering Pvt. Poscho Steels Pvt. Poseidon Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Power Build Ltd. [merged] Powercell Battery India Ltd. Porus Estate & Finance Pvt. Ltd. Power Finance Corpn. Powersoft Global Solutions Ltd. Ltd.Portfolio Financial Services Ltd. Powerica Sales & Services Pvt. Power System Operation Corpn. Posco India Pvt. Ltd. Prabha Energy Pvt. Powerlink Oil Refinery Ltd. (gujarat) Ltd. Powerlinks Transmission Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Prabhat Udyog Ltd. Prabhat Capital Services Ltd. Pragati Power Corpn. Pragati Buildwell Pvt. Prabhukripa Overseas Ltd. [merged] Pradeep Lease & Hire Purchase Ltd. Prabhat (india) Ltd. Ltd. Prachit Holdings Ltd. Prabodha Development & Reality Pvt. Ltd. Pradeep Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Prachi Resorts Ltd. Prag Bosimi Synthetics Ltd. Pragathi Share & Stock Broking Ltd. Pradeep Drug Co. Prag Distillery Pvt. Pradip Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pragati Chemicals Ltd. . Of Uttar Pradesh Ltd. Prabhmeet Consultants Ltd. Pragati Fertilizers Ltd. Prabhu Steel Inds. Prachi Leasing & Finstock Ltd. Prabhu Hira Ice & Cold Storage Ltd. Pragati Enterprises Ltd. Prachee Development & Reality Pvt. Prabha Mercantile Co. Prabhu Reality & Leasing Pvt. Prachi Chemical & Inds. Ltd. Prabhat Zarda Factory Ltd. Corpn. Prachi Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pradeshiya Industrial & Invst. Praga Tools Ltd. Pragati Global Finance Ltd. Pragnya Software Systems Ltd. Pragati Vanijaya Ltd.Prabha Exports Pvt. Pradeep Plastics Ltd. Prag Agro Farm Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Prabhadevi Properties & Trading Co. Prabhav Industries Ltd. Pradeep Metals Ltd. Ltd. Pradyumnna Steels Ltd. Prachar Communications Ltd. Pragati Paper Mills Ltd.

Prakash Leasing Ltd. Prakash Devidas Securities Ltd. Ltd. Prajay Properties Pvt. Prajapati Chemicals & Allieds Ltd. Prajay Developers Pvt. Prakash Oils Ltd. Ltd. Prakash Woollen Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pramada Finvest Ltd. Prakash Fotran Softech Ltd. Prakash Ceramics Ltd. Prakash Cotton Mills Pvt. Prakash Roadlines Ltd. Prakalpa Properties Pvt. Pranavaditya Spinning Mills Ltd. Pranav Agro Inds. Prajay Realty Pvt. Prakash Smariti Seva Sansthan Prakash Solvent Extractions Ltd. Praman Capital Market Services Ltd. Pranam Securities Ltd. Pvt. [merged] Praj Industries Ltd. Pramila Kidney Hospitals Ltd. Prakash Paper Inds. Ltd. Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd. Prajay Land Capital Pvt. Praj Finance Ltd. Ltd. Pranava Shelters Pvt. Pranav Vikas (india ) Ltd. Pramada Reality & Devp. Ltd. Pranav Investment (m P) Co. Ltd. Prakash Constrowell Ltd. Pramukh Car Riders Ltd.Prahlad Flour Mills Ltd. Pranav Infradev Co. Prakash Industries Ltd. Pvt. Prakasam District Permanent Fund Ltd. Ltd. Prakriti Green (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Prajay Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Praj Engineering Ltd. Praja Mechanicals Ltd. [merged] Praj Enterprises Ltd. . Ltd. Prakash Steelage Ltd. Prajeev Investments Ltd. Ltd.

& Mfg. Prashant Commercial Holdings Ltd. Prashansha Ceramics Ltd. Ltd. Prateek Coke Ltd. Ltd. Pratibha Syntex Ltd. Pratibha Industries Ltd. Prashant India Ltd. Pratibha Fabrics Ltd. Pratibha Oil & Natural Gas Pvt. Pranit Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Pratap Spinning Wvg. Pratibha Logistics Pvt. Prasvas's Pharma Ltd. Praval Developers Pvt. Ltd. . Ltd. Prashant Metal Forming Inds. Ltd. Pratibha Offshore Pvt. Prashant Investments Ltd. Prasidh Finance Ltd. Pravara Renewable Energy Ltd. Pranay Sheetmetal Stampings Ltd.Pranay Holdings Ltd. Prasol Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Prasha Technologies Ltd. [merged] Pranik Shipping & Services Ltd. Prathima Estates Ltd. Pratibha Manufacturing & Marketing Ltd. Prasiddhi Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Pratap Holdings Ltd. Praveen Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd. Pratham Projects & Finlease Ltd. Prashanth Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Prasang Steels Ltd. Pratik Panels Ltd. Ltd. Pratibha Infrastructure Pvt. Pratibha Shipping Co. Prasad Media Corpn. Pvt. Pvt. Pravara Estate & Devp. Prasad Kalinga Film Laboratories Ltd. Praveen Securities Ltd. Pravah Holdings Ltd. Prashanth Projects Ltd. Co. Ltd. Prashanth Cylinders Pvt. Prathishta Weaving & Knitting Co.

Precision Realty Developers Pvt. Ltd. Prem Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Precision Containeurs Ltd. Precise Laboratories Pvt. Premco Global Ltd. Ltd. Premier Cereals Ltd. Ltd. Prayag Medical Diagnostic Services Ltd. Prayatna Constructions Pvt. Prem Somani Financial Services Ltd. Precision Meters Ltd. Ltd. Precious Trading & Investments Ltd. Precision Fasteners Ltd. Premier Breweries Ltd. Premier Auto Finance Ltd. . Precicraft Vaccum Pumps Pvt. Precision Camshafts Ltd. Premier Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Prem Metal Products Ltd. Precision Valvetrain Pvt. Prem Kutir Estates & Properties Ltd. Precot Meridian Energy Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Prema Reality & Finance Pvt. Precot Meridian Ltd. Precimax Engineers Ltd. [merged] Precision Tooling Systems Ltd. Precision Shell Cast Ltd. Precious Carrying Corpn. Precision Components Hightech Ltd. Precious Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Premier Capital Market Services Ltd. Ltd. Precision Pipes & Profiles Co. Precision Wires India Ltd. Ltd. Precision Farm & Resort Ltd. Precision Dwellers Pvt. Precise Labels & Papers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Precision Electronics Ltd.Praveera Reality & Devp. Prebon Yamane (india) Ltd. Premier Aqua Farms Ltd. Prayagraj Power Generation Co. Precision Seals Mfg. Prem Spinning & Weaving Mills Co. Pregna International Ltd.

Premier Roofing Products Ltd. Premier's Tea Ltd. Premier L P G Ltd. Premier Pipes Ltd. Premium Transmission Ltd. Premier Proteins Ltd. Premier Ferro Alloys & Securities Ltd. Premier Evolvics Pvt. Premier Electrodes Ltd. Premier Finance & Trading Co. Premium International Securities Ltd. Premier Soya Ltd.Premier Consumer Electronics Ltd. Premium Industries India Ltd. Premier Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. Premier Fertilisers Ltd. Premier Tubes Ltd. Premier Security Printers Pvt. Ltd. Mills Pvt. Premier Ltd. Premium International Finance Ltd. Premium Paper & Board Inds. Premium Travels Ltd. Premier Spinning & Wvg. Premier Ispat Ltd. Premier Vinyl Flooring Ltd. Premium Capital Market & Investment Ltd. Premier Irrigation Equipment Ltd. Premium Merchants Ltd. [merged] Premier Cryogenics Ltd. Premier Explosives Ltd. Premila Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. Premier Equity Ltd. Premium Exchange & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Premier Plantations Ltd. Premium Farm Fresh Produce Ltd. Premier Synthetics Ltd. Premier Road Carriers Ltd. Premier Wire Products Ltd. Premier Industries (india) Ltd. Ltd. Premier Laminates Ltd. Premium Granites Ltd. . Premium Linkers Ltd. Premier Polyfilm Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Pricol Ltd. Pressman Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Prerna Pharma Inds. [merged] Press Trust Of India Ltd. Prestige Shantiniketan Leisures Pvt. Press Metal Corpn. Prestige Mangalore Retail Ventures Pvt. Pvt. Prestige Whitefield Invst. Prestige Mysore Retail Ventures Pvt. Presha Metallurgical Ltd. Prerna Stock Brokers Pvt. Prestige Foods Ltd. Prerana Hospital Ltd. Pressure Sensitive Systems (india) Ltd. Prestige Bidadi Holdings Pvt. & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Presidency Exports & Inds. Ltd. Prestige Valley View Estates Pvt. Prestige Home Finance Ltd. Premsagar Merchants Pvt. Preyanshu Industries Ltd. Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. Ltd. . Prestige Construction Ventures Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Prescient Color Ltd. [merged] Prerna Infrabuild Ltd. Prerna Builders Ltd. Prestige Vyapaar Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pretto Leather Inds. Pressmart Media Ltd. Ltd. Presto Finance Ltd. Prima Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Premjyot Fabrics Ltd. Prima Agro Ltd. Preyanshu Exports Ltd. Prestige Hm-polycontainers Ltd. Prestige Cyber City (india) Pvt. Ltd. Preoption Investments Ltd. Prestige Leisure Resorts Pvt. Prestige Stocks & Bonds Ltd. Presidency Shoe International Ltd. Ltd. Pricol Holdings Ltd. Presidency Finance Ltd. Pride Orchades Pvt. Pricol Medical Systems Ltd.

Prime Mine-o-jewels Pvt. Prime Fertilizers Ltd. Prime Petro Products Ltd. Principal Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd. Prime Metals Ltd. Princess Silks Ltd. Prime Air Global Ltd. Prima Plastics Ltd. Primacy Constructions Pvt. Prime Property Holdings Ltd. Prime Infrapark Pvt. Prime Finvest & Leasing Ltd. Prima Industries Ltd. Ltd. Prime Impex Ltd. . Ltd. Primedatabase. Ltd. (india) Ltd. Primax Fiscal Services Ltd. Prime Property Devp. Co. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Prime Capital Market Ltd. Prime Securities Ltd. Prime Industries Ltd. Ltd. Principal P N B Asset Mgmt. Ltd. Primordial Buildcon Pvt. Prime Techno Build Pvt. Ltd. Primo Pick N Pack Ltd. Prime Electric Ltd. (india) Ltd. Prime Solvent Extractions Ltd. Primetime Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Prism Cement Ltd. Priority Intra Commercial Ltd. Primacy Industries Ltd. Ltd. Prime Broking Pvt. Prime Tea Plantation & Inds. Primus Chemicals Ltd. Prime Focus Ltd. Prime Research & Advisory Ltd. Printing Machines India Ltd. Prime Ophthalmic Products Pvt. Prime Cellular Ltd. Corpn. Prime Urban Development India Ltd. Prime Hometex Inds. Prime Finex Ltd. Ltd. Primenet Global Ltd.Prima Communications Ltd.

Ltd. Priti Automobiles Ltd. Prismo (india) Ltd. Priya Ltd. Ltd. Priya Constructions Pvt. Priyansh Saree Inds. Priyanka Udyog Ltd. [merged] Prithvi Softech Ltd. Probrand Enterprises Ltd. Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd. Privilege Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd. Priyadarshini Salt Works Pvt. Prit Agritech Ltd. Prism Informatics Ltd. Ltd. Priya International Ltd. Ltd. Priya Resources Ltd. Pro Handyman India Pvt. Procal Electronics India Ltd. Priya Business Centre Pvt. Prism Mercantile Co. Ltd.Prism Finance Ltd. Priyadarshini Thread Ltd. Privi Organics Ltd. Priti Mercantile Co. Ltd. Ltd. Priyaanka Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. Prithvi Capital Markets Ltd. Priyadarshini Oils Ltd. Ltd. Privilege Power & Infrastructure Pvt. Prithvi Finsec Ltd. Prisure Promotion & Tradings Ltd. Ltd. Prism Industries Ltd. Prithvi Securities Ltd. . Priya Food Products Ltd. Pro Fin Capital Services Ltd. Priya Healthcare Ltd. Priyadarshini Fabs Ltd. Priyanka Marketing Ltd. Priya Commercial Co. Prism Mills Ltd. Priyadarshini Spinning Mills Ltd. Priya Exhibitors Ltd. Prix India Ltd. Proactive Decisions Ltd.

Pronet Interactive Pvt. Ltd. Projects & Development India Ltd. Progressive Udyog Ltd. Profab Fashions (india) Ltd. Professional Access Software Devp. Proline Software & Finance Ltd. Professional Investment & Securities Ltd. Professional Circuit Boards Ltd. Procheta Consultants Pvt. Prominent Hotels Ltd. Procter & Gamble Home Products Ltd. Promac Engineering Inds. Prodorite Anticorrosives Ltd. Professional Diamonds Ltd. Promain Ltd. Bank Ltd. Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Proline Technologies Ltd. Promact Plastics Ltd. Profin Money Markets Ltd. Prompt Corporate Services Ltd. Profitcore Pipes Ltd. Professional Leasing & Capital Services Ltd.Procall Pvt. [merged] Produce & Share Brokers Ltd. Professional Management Consultants Pvt. Proland Software Pvt. Progressive Co-op. Profil Sentinel Ltd. Ltd. Progen Systems & Technologies Ltd. Pvt. Professional Oral Care Products Pvt. Progressive Finlease Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Professional Commodity Services Pvt. Progressive Constructions Ltd. Ltd. Progressive Printers & Publishers Ltd. [merged] Professional Realtors Pvt. Prompt International Ltd. Ltd. Progressive Steels (india) Ltd. Ltd. Promising Exports Ltd. Progressive Services Ltd. Progressive Exim Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Proline India Ltd. Progressive Extractions & Exports Ltd. Progressive Infotech Pvt.

Prudential Ammana Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Prozone International Ltd. Protos Engineering Co. Prudential Sugar Corpn. Provincial Automobile Co. Ltd. Prudential Cements Ltd. Property Care Service Ltd. Protchem Industries (india) Ltd. Ltd. Provogue Infrastructure Pvt. Provincial Finance & Leasing Co. Prudential Polywebs Ltd. Ltd. Prudential Stock & Securities Ltd. Ltd. Prudential Tirumala Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Protech Switchgears Ltd. Prudential Capital Markets Ltd. Proximus Knowledge & Technology Services Pvt. Protecto Engineering Ltd. Prozone Liberty International Ltd. Provident Housing Ltd. Propmart Technologies Ltd.Pronto Industrial Services Ltd. Protective Mercantile & Trading Co. Prudential Housing & Infrastructure Devp. Prraneta Industries Ltd. Ltd. Provestment Services Ltd. Psychotropics India Ltd. Prudential Leasing Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. . Propene Products Ltd. Prudential Stock Broking Services Ltd. Prudential Investment Ltd. Prudent Capital Services Ltd. Proseal Closures Ltd. Ltd. Prudential Holdings Ltd. Provogue (india) Ltd. Proto Developers & Technologies Ltd. Protech Electromech Ltd. Prudential Sri Jagannath Agro-tech Ltd. Prosoft Systems Ltd. Prozone Enterprises Pvt. Protochem Industries Pvt. Pronto Steerings Ltd. Ltd. Prozone Capital Shopping Centres Ltd. Protech Circuit Breakers Ltd.

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Quantum Knits Pvt. Pyrites Phosphates & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Pyarelal Textiles Ltd. Pyarchand Kesharimal Porwal Bidi Mfrs. Ltd. Quantum Asset Mgmt. Quadrant Televentures Ltd. Quality Cine Labs Pvt. Quality Care India Ltd. Quality Synthetic Inds. Quantum Build-tech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Qedi Proteus Energy Ltd. Qasar Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Quant-m Artnet Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Pyramid Saimira Theatre Ltd. Pushpsri Fiscal Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Quadrant Communications Ltd. Qualitron Components Ltd. Quality Steel Products Ltd. Pussimbing Tea Co. Quantum Digital Vision (india) Ltd. Pushpsons Industries Ltd. Q H Talbros Ltd. Puthutotam Estates (1943) Ltd. Qpro Infotech Ltd. Quality Minerals Ltd. Pushpanjali Floriculture Ltd. Pyramid Metallics Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Pyretic Trading & Finance Co. Quadrant Systems Ltd. Quality Steels & Forgings Ltd. Q R G Exim Ltd. Quality Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Pyramid Trading & Finance Ltd.Pushpanjali Estates Pvt. . Quandong Investments Ltd. Pushya Industrial Gases Ltd. Pyrapure Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Pyramid Finance Pvt. Quadrant Engineers Ltd. Quantum Eservices Pvt. Quality Automation Ltd. Quantum Education Systems & Technologies Ltd.

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R C S Financial Technology Ltd. R D C Concrete (india) Pvt. R G F Capital Markets Ltd. Ltd. R E C Power Distribution Co. Ltd. R F C L Ltd. Ltd. R H L Profiles Ltd. R K Finance Ltd. R D M Care (india) Pvt. R H F L Developers Ltd. R E C Transmission Projects Co. Ltd. R G Assets Pvt. . R G Ispat Ltd. R D B Rasayans Ltd. Ltd. R C L Foods Ltd. R D L Infotech Ltd. Ltd. R E S Q Ltd. R G Foundry Forge Ltd. R D J Constructions Pvt. R C S Exports Ltd. R F L International Ltd. R C S Parivar Finance Ltd. R I L Investments Ltd. R D B Legend Infrastructure Pvt. R E L Infrafacilities Ltd. Ltd. R K M Resource Exchange Ltd. R E P L Enterprises Ltd. R D Estates & Resources Ltd. R J Shah & Co. Ltd. Ltd. R J Corp Ltd. R J M Investments Ltd. R K K R Steels Ltd. R K Manufacturing Co. R K B K Ltd. R K Ispat Ltd. R K Commercial Ltd. Ltd. R C Tobacco Pvt. Ltd. R J Knitwears Ltd.R C I Power Ltd. Ltd. R C S Vanaspati Inds. R D Spinning Mills Ltd. R D F Power Projects Ltd. R D Educational Institutes Pvt. R D B Realty & Infrastructure Ltd.

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Racold Appliances Ltd. Rabo India Finance Ltd. Raasi Aqua Products Ltd. Race Course Services Pvt. Rachit Developers Ltd. Ltd. Raas E Solutions Pvt. Ra-deodate Knowledge Base Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Radha Vallabh Leasing Ltd. Radar Securities Ltd. R T S Power Corpn. Radhakrishna Foodland Carriers Pvt. Radhakishan Cement Ltd. Ltd. Raasi Ceramic Inds. Racold Thermo Ltd. Rabha Plastics Ltd. Raasi Refractories Ltd. Radan Multimedia Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Raasula Securities Ltd. Raajratna Metal Inds. Rachna Investments Ltd. R V Investment & Dealers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Radhakrishna Foodland Pvt. Radaan Mediaworks India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] R V T Media Pvt. [erstwhile] Raasi Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Raasi Enterprises Ltd. R T Research Ltd.R T M Investment & Trading Co. R T Packaging Ltd. Ltd. R V T Investments Pvt. Raasi Leasing Ltd. Radha Madhav Corpn. Ltd. R T M Properties Ltd. Raa Autocom Ltd. . Raasi Cement Ltd. Rachana Capital & Securities Ltd. Radha Krishna Mills Ltd. R T Paper Boards Ltd. Ltd. Radha Madhav Investments Ltd. Raashi Fertilizers Ltd. Rabo India Securities Pvt. Raam Tyres Ltd. Raaj Medisafe India Ltd.

Radhe Developers (india) Ltd. Radiant Info Systems Ltd. Radiant Rotogravure Ltd. Raghoji Cement Mfg. Radhika Traders & Investors Ltd. Radice Ispat (india) Ltd. Radhekrishna Extractions Ltd. . Raghav Industries Limited Raghav Industries Ltd. [merged] Radicura & Co. Raghunath International Ltd. Radhika Exports Ltd. Ltd. Radico Khaitan Finance Ltd. Radhika Fibres (india) Ltd. Radial Finance Ltd. Raghav Commercial Ltd. Radhika Spinning Mills Ltd. [merged] Radiance Housing & Properties Pvt. Raghunath Builders Ltd. Ltd. Raghu Industries Ltd. Radhe Finance (india) Ltd. Raghunath Prasad Phoolchand Ltd. Rafter Trading Pvt. Radix Industries (india) Ltd. Ltd. Rado Tyres Ltd. Radhika Industrial Investments Ltd. Raghava Estates Ltd. Radiant Wires Ltd. Raga Finvest Ltd. Radio Components & Transistors Co. Radico Khaitan Ltd. Radiant Electronics Ltd. Co. Radheshyam Plantation Ltd. Radio Today Broadcasting Ltd. Radhika Polyesters Ltd. Raghunath Cotton & Oil Products Ltd. Radiant Energy Systems Pvt. Ragavendra Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Raghu Rama Renewable Energy Ltd. Rafbrix Ltd. [merged] Radio One Ltd. Radico Khaitan Ltd. Ltd. Radiant Financial Services Ltd.

Ragini Trading & Invsts. Bank Ltd. Rai Agro Inds. Raheja Universal Ltd. Rainbow Infraprojects Ltd. Rahul Commercials Ltd. Ltd. . Rain Fruits & More Pvt. Rahul Udyog Viniyog Ltd. Rainbow Housing Development & Finance Corpn. Raigarh Trading Co. Rainbow Agri Inds. Rahil Investment & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Raghuvir Synthetics Ltd. Rai Investments Ltd. Raghuvir Exim Ltd. Raghuvar (india) Ltd. Raigadh Papers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Raigad Gems S E Z Ltd. Rain Calcining Ltd. & Wvg. Rainbow Ink & Varnish Mfg. Mills Ltd. Ltd. Raghuvanshi Mills Ltd. Co. Rahul Merchandising Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rahi Chemicals Ltd.Raghuvanshi Co-op. Railtel Corporation Of India Ltd. Rainbow Denim Ltd. Rai Bahadur Narain Singh Sugar Mills Ltd. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. Rahuri S S K Ltd. Rain Commodities Ltd. Raichur Sholapur Transmission Co. Rainbow Breweries Ltd. Ragini Finance Ltd. [merged] Rain Cements Ltd. Raigad Industrial & Business Park Ltd. Raigarh Jute & Textile Mills Ltd. Rainbow Commercial Co. Rainbow Investments Ltd. Raiganj-dalkhola Highways Ltd. Raigarh Energy Ltd. Raigad Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Rahul Organic Ltd. Rainbow Foundations Ltd. Rai Saheb Rekhchand Mohota Spg. Ltd.

Rajanarayan Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Rajapalayam Cement & Chemicals Ltd. Raj Breweries Ltd. Raj Poly Products Ltd. Rairu Distilleries Ltd. Raj Rayon Industries Ltd. Raja Bahadur Intl. Rajahmundry Expressway Ltd. Ltd. Rajalakshmi Mills Ltd. Ltd. Raipur Expressways Ltd. Raj Securities Ltd. Raja Bahadur Motilal Export Import Ltd. Raj Television Network Ltd. Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. Rajani Extractions Ltd. Rajaram Solvex Ltd. Raja Forgings & Gears Ltd. Raipur Treasure Island Pvt. Rajadhiraj Industries Ltd. Raj Agro Mills Ltd. Ltd. Raj West Power Pvt. Raj Irrigation Pipes & Fittings Ltd. Raj Krishna Investments Pvt. Raja Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Rajalakshmi Paper Mills Ltd. Raipur Rotocast Ltd. Raj Prakash Chemicals Ltd. Rajagiri Rubber & Produce Co. Raj Marine Services Ltd. Raj Lubricants (madras) Ltd. Rajamahendri Shipping & Oil Field Services Ltd. [merged] Raj Construction Projects Pvt. Raipur Manufacturing Co. Raj Packwell Ltd. Raj Packaging Inds. . Ltd. Rajahbhat Tea Co. Ltd. Ltd. Raj Oil Mills Ltd. Rajanarayan Capital Markets Services Ltd. Raj Dyes Ltd. Ltd. Raj Petroleum Products Ltd. Rajahmundry Godavari Bridge Ltd. Ltd.Rainbow Papers Ltd. Rainbow Realtech Pvt. Ltd.

Rajashree Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rajasthan S E Z Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Rajasthan Polyesters Ltd. Ltd. & Construction Corpn. Ltd. Rajasthan Telephone Inds. Rajasthan Glyoxal Ltd. Rajasthan Mechanical Works Ltd. Ltd. Rajasthan Small Inds.Rajaratna Mills Pvt. Rajasthan Detective Services Ltd. Ltd. Rajashree Polyfil Ltd. Corpn. Rajasthan Udyog & Tools Ltd. Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. Rajasthan Polymers & Resins Ltd. . [merged] Rajasthan Breweries Ltd. Rajasthan State Petroleum Corpn. [merged] Rajasthan Ambuja Inds. Rajasthan State Handloom Devp. Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Ltd. Rajasthan Electronics Ltd. [merged] Rajasthan Polyvin Tubes Ltd. Ltd. Rajasthan Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. Rajasthan State Agro Inds. Rajasthan Bank Financial Services Ltd. & Investment Corpn. Rajasthan Cancer Cure Hospital Ltd. Rajasthan Explosives & Chemicals Ltd. Corpn. Rajasthan Cylinders & Containers Ltd. Rajasthan State Road Devp. Rajasthan Steel Rolling Mills Ltd. Rajasthan Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rajasthan Tube Mfg. Rajasthan Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Rajasthan Financial Corpn. Ltd. Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Ltd. Rajasthan Synthetic Inds. Ltd. Rajasthan Solar Power Co. Ltd. Co. Rajasthan Tools Ltd. Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corpn. Corpn. Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd. Rajasthan Petro Synthetics Ltd. Devp. Rajasthan Gases Ltd. Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Ltd. Rajashree Benefit Ltd. Rajasthan State Indl.

Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corpn. Rajendra Seclease Ltd.Rajasthan Vanaspati Products Ltd. Rajat Leasing Ltd. Rajesh Global Solutions Ltd. Rajendra Mining Spares Co. Rajkamal Synthetics Ltd. Rajit Paints Ltd. Rajgarh Investments Ltd. Rajendra Coffees Ltd. Rajesh Projects (india) Pvt. Rajdhani Printers Ltd. Rajhans Foods Ltd. Rajkumar Mills Pvt. Rajendra Penta Appliances & Electronics Ltd. Rajinder Alloys Ltd. Rajdhani Leasing & Inds. Ltd. Rajesh Exports Ltd. Rajkot Computer Education Pvt. Rajeswari Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Rajath Finance Ltd. Ltd. Rajinder Pipes Ltd. Ltd. Rajdhani Trading Co. Ltd. Rajinder Steels Ltd. Ltd. Rajkumar Forge Ltd. Ltd. Rajco Prints Ltd. Rajdin Apparels Pvt. Rajdhani Nursuries Ltd. Rajeshwari Fincom Ltd. Rajdoot Paints Ltd. [merged] Rajendra Agri-trade Pvt. Ltd. Rajdarshan Industries Ltd. Rajesh Solvex Ltd. . Rajdhani Atithalya Ltd. Rajesh Rayon Silk Mills Ltd. Rajesh Dyeing & Bleaching Works Pvt. Rajgarh Palace Hotel & Resorts Ltd. Co. Rajdhan Finvest Ltd. Rajindra Deposits & Advances Ltd. Rajesh Malleables Ltd. Rajat Pharmachem Ltd. Rajdeep Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Rajgopal Chhaparwal Invst.

Ram Contractors Ltd. Rajpath Contractors & Engg Ltd. Ralchem Ltd. Rakan Steels Ltd. Rajratan Global Wire Ltd. Ralson Industries Ltd. [merged] Rallis Machines Ltd. Rajputana Infrastructure Corporate Ltd. Rajputana Properties Pvt. Rallis Industrial Chemicals Ltd. Rajputana Investment & Finance Ltd. Rajratan Investments Ltd. Ram Kaashyap Investment Ltd. Ram House Ltd. Ram Krishan Kulwant Rai Enterprises Ltd. Rajvir Industries Ltd. [merged] Rajshri Packagers Ltd. Rajshri Forex Ltd. Rajpur Farms Ltd. [merged] Rallis India Ltd. Rajratan Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. Ralson (india) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rallis Chemistry Exports Ltd. Ralson Carbon Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rajputana Developers Ltd. Rajnish Enterprises Ltd. Rally Motor & General Finance Co.Rajlaxmi Industries Ltd. Rajsee Exports & Invsts. Rajputana Fertilizers Ltd. Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Ram Kumar Gupta & Sons Ltd. Rajparis Civil Constructions Ltd. Rallis Finance & Investments Co. Rajvebh Electronics Ltd. Rajshree Automotive Ltd. [merged] Ralliwolf Ltd. Rakhi Ispat Alloys (india) Ltd. Rajoo Engineers Ltd. Rajputana Stainless Ltd. Ram Informatics Ltd. Rakesh Textiles Ltd. . Rajshree Spinning Mills Ltd.

Ramco Ceramics Ltd. Rama Medicares Ltd. Rambal Ltd. Rama Newsprint & Papers Ltd. Ramaa Wood & General Inds. Rama Krishna Cold-chem Ltd. Ltd. Rama Phosphates Ltd. Ram Timber & Plywood Mfg. Rama Steel Tubes Ltd. Rama Dairy Products Ltd. Rama Pulp & Papers Ltd. Ltd. Rama Vision Ltd. Ramada Business Services Ltd. Ramanreti Investments & Trdg. Raman Boards Ltd. Ramco Management Pvt. Ram's Assorted Cold Storage Ltd. Rama Synthetics Ltd. Ramanashree Hotels Ltd. Ltd.Ram Leather Exports Ltd. Ramanasekhar Steels Ltd. Co. Ramakrishna Equity Fund Ltd. Ramaniyam Real Estates Pvt. Ram Ratna Wires Ltd. Rama Paper Mills Ltd. Rama Industries Ltd.) Ltd. Ltd. Rama Fibres Ltd. Ramanuj Leasing Ltd. Ramaniyam Homes Pvt. [merged] Ramaraju Surgical Cotton Mills Ltd. Rama Inn (intl. Rambal Properties Pvt. Ltd. Co. Rambha Investments Pvt. Ram Telcom Ltd. Ram Sahay Fin-lease Ltd. Ramanashree Comforts Ltd. Ltd. Ramco Super Leathers Ltd. Rama Petrochemicals Ltd. Ltd. Rama Capital & Fiscal Services Pvt. Ltd. Ramco Infotech Solutions Ltd. Ramco Industries Ltd. . Rama Pashu Aahar Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Ramchandra Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd.

Ramky Elsamex Hyderabad Ring Road Ltd. Ltd. Ramesh Auto Inds. . Ramjiwan Commercial Ltd. Ltd. Ramsarup Vyapaar Ltd. Ltd. Rampuria Ice Factory Ltd. Rampur Fertilizers Ltd. Ramply (india) Ltd. Ltd. Rampur Industries Ltd. Ramraj Enterprises Ltd. Ramkrishna Fincap Ltd. Pvt. [erstwhile] Ramgopal Polytex Ltd. Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd. Ramkrishna Care Medical Sciences Pvt. Ramsarup Engineering Inds. Ltd. Ramky Pharma City (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ramky Herbal & Medicinal Park (chattisgarh) Ltd. Ramganga Fertilizers Ltd. Rameshwar Textile Mills Pvt. Rameshwara Jute Mills Ltd. Ramneek Agro Farms Ltd. Rams Transformers Ltd. Ramon & Demm Ltd. Ramji Lal Invsts. Rampur International Ltd. Ramprasad Investments & Traders Pvt. Ramdev Food Products Ltd. [merged] Ramsarup Industries Ltd. Ramfabric (india) Ltd. Ramky Towers Ltd. Ltd. Rampur Engineering Co. Ltd.Ramco Systems Ltd. Ramky Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Ramdeo Oil Inds. Rammaica (india) Ltd. Rameswarlal & Co. Ramgopal Textiles Ltd. Ramky Food Park (chattisgarh) Ltd. Rampran Infotech Ltd. Ramky Enclave Ltd. Ramkrishna Udyog Ltd. Ltd. Ramili Investments Pvt. Ramkishan Ispat Ltd. Rameswara Syntex Ltd.

Rane Brake Lining Ltd. Rana Polycot Ltd. Rana Papers Ltd. . Ltd. Rane Automotive Ltd. Ranibari Tea Co. Rangappa Kamat Group Of Hotels Ltd. Rander Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Rangkala Investments Ltd. Rana Ispat Ltd. Ramsons Projects Ltd. Ranbaxy Drugs & Chemicals Co. Rangmeet Investments Ltd. Rangamattee Tea & Inds. Rana Mohendra Papers Ltd. Rane Brake Linings Ltd. Ranbro Brakes India Ltd. Ramsunar Rolsteel Ltd. Ranchem Limited Ranchi Enterprises & Properties Ltd. Ramshyam Textile Inds. Ltd. Rangoli Ceramics Ltd. Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ranbaxy S E Z Ltd. Ranakpurji Exports & Inds. Rane Investments Ltd. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. Ranbaxy Drugs Ltd. Rangar Breweries Ltd. Rane Engine Valves Ltd. Ltd. Rane Engine Valve Ltd. Ranbaxy Life Sciences Research Ltd. Rangoli Holdings Ltd. Rane (madras) Ltd. [merged] Rane Computers Consultancy Ltd. Rana Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Ranicherra Tea Co. Ltd. Ramya Agro Products Ltd. Rane Diecast Ltd. Rane N S K Steering Systems Ltd. Rane T R W Steering Systems Ltd. Ranba Castings Ltd. [merged] Rane Holdings Ltd.Ramshyam Communications Ltd.

Rashtraudhyog Ltd. Ranjeev Alloys Ltd. Rashtra Deepika Ltd. Raptakos Brett Test Laboratories Ltd. . Rao Spinners Ltd. Ras Resorts & Apart Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rashtra Deepika News Corpn. Rapti Nidhi Ltd. Rap Media Ltd. Rasandik Engineering Inds. Raptakos Brett & Co. Ltd. Ras Cities & Townships Pvt. Rasi Electrodes Ltd. Rashtriya Metal Inds. Rasbihari Enterprises Ltd. Rapid Realtors Pvt. Ranisha Real Estate Developers Ltd. Ranisha Automobile Ltd. Rapid Metrorail Gurgaon Ltd. Ltd. Ras Extrusions Ltd. Rare Townships Pvt. Rapid Investments Ltd. Rasandik Auto Components Pvt. Ransi Softwares India Ltd. Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Ranjit Securities Ltd. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rashel Agrotech Ltd. Rashi Leasing Ltd. Rashmi Commercial Co. Ras Propack Lamipack Ltd. Ltd. Raniwala Punjivikas Ltd. India Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Rasa Autocom Ltd. Rasdhara Agro Exports Ltd. Ranklin Solutions Ltd. Rashmi Cement Ltd.Ranisagar Cement Co. Rapidsoft Networks Ltd. Ranisati Properties Ltd. Ranjan Polysters Ltd. Rank Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rapsri Engineering Inds. Rapicut Carbides Ltd.

Ltd. Rathi Syntex Ltd. Rasilah Investments Ltd. Rathi Bars Ltd. Ltd. Ratlam Industrial Ltd. Rational Engineers Ltd. Ltd. Rathi India Ltd. Rathi Credits Ltd. Ratna Commercial Ltd. Rasraj Ayurvedic (india) Ltd. Ratnakar Shipping Co. Rathi Alloys & Steel Ltd. Rathi Essen Finance Co. Ratnabali Capital Markets Ltd. Rathi Steel & Power Ltd. Ratnagiri Gas & Power Pvt. Rasoi Ltd. Rathi Graphic Technologies Ltd. Rasoi Finance Ltd. [merged] .Rasi Nidhi Ltd. Rathi Ispat Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Ratnamani Engineering Ltd. Rathi Rajasthan Steel Mills Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Rasik Plast Ltd. Ratan Jyoti Credits Ltd. Rathi Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ratan Jewellers Ltd. [merged] Rasipuram Textiles Pvt. Ratha Infrastructure Pvt. Rathi Brothers Madras Ltd. Ltd. Rasoya Proteins Ltd. Ratlam Electro-magnetic Ltd. Ratika Constructions Ltd. Rathi Iron Ltd. Rasoi Trading & Agencies Ltd. Ratan Glitter Inds. Ratnabali Investment Pvt. Ltd. Ratan Ashish Inds. Rati Infratech Pvt. Rasna Pvt. Rathi Super Steel Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ratna Drugs Ltd. Ratnakar Bank Ltd. Rathi Oils Ltd.

Ltd. Ravindra Energy Ltd. Raunaq Securities Ltd. Raw Jute Trading & Inds. Ravi Paints & Chemicals Ltd. Ravitex Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd. Rawmet Ferrous Inds. Raval Finance Ltd. Ravileela Dairy Products Ltd. Ltd. Ratnasila Granites Ltd. Ltd. Ravijyot Finance & Leasing Pvt. Ravi Iron Ltd. Ray Cargo Movers Ltd. Ravisha Financial Services Pvt. Ray Constructions Ltd. Ratni Investments Co. Ravi Spinning Ltd. Ravileela Granites Ltd. Ravinay Trading Co. Raunaq International Ltd. Ravichandra Systems & Computer Services Ltd. Ravlon Pen Co. Raveendra Mills Ltd. Ravindra Tubes Ltd. Ravi Hi-tech Ltd. Rave Globals Ltd. Ravraj Impex Ltd. . Ravindra Solvent Oils Ltd. Ltd. Ravinder Holdings Ltd. Ravalgaon Sugar Farm Ltd. Ray Ban Sun Optics India Ltd. Ltd. Ravindra Spinners Ltd. Rattan Vanaspati Ltd. Raunaq Finance Ltd. Raviraj Foils Ltd. Ravin Cables Ltd. Ltd. Raveshia Pigments Ltd. Ltd. Rave Entertainment Pvt. Ravikumar Distilleries Ltd. Ravi Dyeware Co. Ltd. Raunaq Automotive Components Ltd. Ravish Infusions Ltd. Ltd. Raunaq Plastics Ltd.Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.

Raychem Rpg Ltd. Pvt. Recron Synthetics Ltd.Rayalaseema Mills Ltd. Ltd. Rcc Cements Ltd. Reckitt Piramal Pvt. Recon Agrotech Ltd. Raykal Aluminium Co. Raymed Labs Ltd. Raymond Apparel India Ltd. Realest Builders & Services Ltd. Real Gem Buildtech Pvt. Ready Foods Ltd. Redsun Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. Readymade Steel India Ltd. Reacto Papers India Ltd. Realtime Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd. Redex Protech Ltd. Ltd. Redington (india) Ltd. Refex Refrigerants Ltd. Recon Oil Inds. Real Growth Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Reed Relays & Electronics India Ltd. [merged] Red Carpet Films Ltd. Ltd. Real Strips Ltd. Realtime Finlease Ltd. Raymond Apparel Ltd. Rebnoor Infrabuild Pvt. Reeti Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Red Peppers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. [merged] Raymond Calitri Denim Ltd. Reclame Commercial & Securities Pvt. Real Growth Network Marrketing (india) Ltd. Rediff. Reflexion Trading Pvt. Reckon Industries Ltd. Real Value Appliances Ltd. Pvt. Red Robin Intl. Reckitt Benckiser (india) Ltd. [merged] Raymond Jog (india) Ltd. Raymond Ltd. Reasonable Housing Ltd. Refco & Wessamat Appliances Ltd. Raymond Woollen Outerwear Ltd.

Regaul Blue (india) Ltd. Rei Agro Ltd. Refrigeration Accessories Ltd. Reliance Agri Products Distribution Ltd. Rekan Industries Ltd. Relax In Flight Ltd. Regaliaa Realty Ltd. Regal Properties Pvt. Regency Trust Ltd. . Regal Entertainment & Consultants Ltd.Refnol Resins & Chemicals Ltd. Reinz-talbros Ltd. Regency Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Regency Investments Ltd. Rei Six Ten Retail Ltd. Rejoice Land Developers Ltd. Reil Products Ltd. Regency Hospital Ltd. Reid & Taylor (india) Ltd. Rekha Agriplas Ltd. Regency Industries Ltd. Reliable Finstock Services Ltd. Rekvina Laboratories Ltd. Relays & Devices Ltd. [merged] Reliable Manpower Solutions Ltd. Regency Ceramics Ltd. Reliable Ventures India Ltd. Regent Agro Products Ltd. Reliable Alloys Ltd. Ltd. Regency Spin-tex Ltd. Regal (india) Pvt. Reform Club (gujarat) Ltd. Reliable Internet Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Regent Chemicals Ltd. Regency Convention Centre & Hotels Ltd. Rekha Commercial Ltd. Reil Electricals India Ltd. Regal Enterprises Ltd. Refractory Specialities (india) Ltd. Relaxo Footwears Ltd. Rehabilitation Plantations Ltd. Regency Diaper Inds. Rehabilitation Industries Corpn.

Reliance Energy & Project Devp. Ltd. Reliance Commercial Co. Reliance Capital Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Financial Distribution & Advisory Services Ltd. Reliance Commercial Land & Infrastructure Ltd. Reliance Eminent Trading & Commecial Pvt. Reliance Entertainment Ltd. Reliance F & B Services Ltd. Reliance Brands Ltd. Reliance Energy Infrastructure Ltd. Reliance Aromatics & Petrochemicals Ltd. [merged] Reliance Enterprises Ltd. Reliance Corporate It Park Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Capital Pension Fund Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Energy Ventures Ltd. . Reliance Capital Asset Mgmt. Ltd. Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd. Reliance Communications Investment & Leasing Ltd. Reliance Digital Retail Ltd. Reliance Commercial Associates Ltd. Reliance Commodities Ltd. Ltd.Reliance Ambit Trade Pvt. Reliance Big Tv Ltd. Reliance E-commerce Ltd. Pvt. Reliance Comtrade Pvt. Reliance Autozone Ltd. Reliance Financial Ltd. Reliance Digital Media Ltd. Reliance Dot Com Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Chemicals Ltd. Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Reliance Corporate Services Pvt. Reliance Convention & Exhibition Centre Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd. Reliance Corporate Centre Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Dairy Foods Ltd. Reliance Energy Trdg. Reliance Capital Ltd. Reliance Cleangen Ltd. Reliance Communications Ltd. Reliance Biomass Power Pvt. [merged] Reliance Cellulose Products Ltd. Reliance Chemotex Inds.

Reliance Industrial Investments & Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Leisures Ltd. Services Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Natural Resources Ltd. Reliance Jute Mills (international) Ltd. . Reliance Money Infrastructure Ltd. Reliance Hypermart Ltd. Reliance Infotek Ltd.Reliance Food Processing Solutions Ltd. Reliance Home Store Ltd. Reliance Global Commercial Ltd. Reliance Gas Corpn. Reliance L N G Ltd. Reliance People Serve Ltd. Reliance Haryana S E Z Ltd. Reliance Logistics & Ports Pvt. Ltd. Reliance Footprint Ltd. Reliance Personal Electronics Ltd. Reliance Infrastructure Mgmt. Reliance Mobile Ltd. Reliance Petro Mktg. Ltd. Reliance Gems & Jewels Ltd. Reliance Lifestyle Holdings Ltd. Reliance Industries Ltd. Reliance One Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Fresh Ltd. Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd. Services Ltd. Reliance Global Mgmt. Ltd. Reliance Jamnagar Infrastructure Ltd. Reliance Mediaworks Ltd. Reliance Infosolutions Pvt. Reliance Money Express Ltd. Reliance Infraprojects Ltd. Pvt. Reliance Infraventures Ltd. Reliance Logistics Pvt. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. Reliance Investment Banking Services Ltd. [merged] Reliance Nutritional Food Processors Ltd. (1985) [merged] Reliance Loyalty & Analytics Ltd. Reliance Ispat Inds. Reliance Infratel Ltd. Reliance Infrastructure & Consultants Ltd. Reliance Integrated Agri Solutions Ltd. Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Ltd.

Reliance Retail Securities & Broking Co. Ltd. Reliance-grandoptical Pvt. Reliance Ventures Ltd. Reliance-vision Express Pvt. Reliance Universal Enterprises Ltd. Reliance Services & Consultants Ltd. Reliance Universal Ventures Ltd. Reliance Progressive Traders Pvt. Reliance Replay Gaming Ltd. Ltd. (1993) [merged] Reliance Petroleum Ltd. Reliance Trends Ltd. Reliance Prolific Traders Pvt. Relic Technologies Ltd. [merged] Reliance Ports & Terminals Ltd. Reliance Retail Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Telephones Ltd. [merged] Reliance Petroinvestments Ltd. Reliance Universal Traders Pvt. Reliance Securities Ltd. Ltd. Co. Reliance Universal Commercial Ltd. Reliance Utilities & Power Pvt. Reliance Prolific Commercial Pvt. . (2005) [merged] Reliance Polyethylene Ltd. Reliance Vantage Retail Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd. Reliance Retail Travel & Forex Services Ltd. Reliance Strategic Investments Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Retail Finance Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Power Ltd. Reliance Telecom Ltd. Religare Asset Mgmt. [merged] Reliance Polymers (india) Ltd. Reliance Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. Reliance Trade Enterprises Pvt. Reliance Retail Insurance Broking Ltd. Reliance Polypropylene Ltd. Relic Pharma Ltd. Reliance Review Cinema Ltd. Reliance Steels Ltd. Reliance Wellness Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Petroleum Ltd. Ltd. Reliance Trade Services Centre Ltd. Reliance Polyolefins Ltd.

Remi Motors Ltd. Remi Securities Ltd.Religare Aviation Ltd. Religare Commodities Ltd. Religare Finvest Ltd. Renaissance Construction Technologies India Ltd. Religare Technologies Ltd. Remi Edelstahl Tubulars Ltd. [merged] Religare Technova Global Solutions Ltd. . Renaissance Commerce Pvt. Ltd. Finance Corpn. Religare Finance Ltd. Renaissance Petrolube Ltd. Ltd. Religare Housing Devp. Relogistics Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Remco Paper & Board Inds. [merged] Remsons Industries Ltd. Reminiscent India Television Ltd. Renaissance Stocks Ltd. Renaissance Jewellery Ltd. Religare Health Insurance Co. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Religare Trustee Co. Religare Macquarie Wealth Mgmt. Ltd. Religare Securities Ltd. Remi Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Relmer Electric Co. Ltd. Religare Insurance Broking Ltd. Remi Elektrotechnik Ltd. Remington Rand Of India Ltd. Relpol Plastics Products Pvt. [merged] Remi Metals Gujarat Ltd. Religare Venture Capital Pvt. Relson India Ltd. [merged] Religare Technova It Services Ltd. Remco Investments & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Religare Technova Business Intellect Ltd. Ltd. Remi Engineering Fans Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Rems Auto Engineers Ltd. Relish Pharmaceuticals Ltd. [merged] Remi Instruments Ltd. Religare Enterprises Ltd. Religare Capital Markets Ltd. Remi Sales & Engg. Ltd. [merged] Remi Process Plant & Machinery Ltd.

Resins & Plastics Ltd. Renil Holiday Resorts India Ltd. Revati Organics Ltd. Residency Foods & Beverages Ltd. Renee Industries Ltd. Reservation Data Maintenance (india) Pvt. . Reshco Compute Prints Ltd. Resistance Alloys (india) Ltd. Resinova Chemie Ltd. Revati Agrifarms Pvt. Res Photovoltaics Ltd. Rev I T Systems Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Retina Properties Ltd. Renowned Auto Products Mfrs. Pvt. Pvt. Resurgere Mines & Minerals India Ltd. Research Support Intl. Renewable Energy Systems Ltd. Response Projects (india) Ltd. Restile Ceramics Ltd. Reuters India Pvt. Ltd. Rencal Chemicals (india) Ltd. Revathi Equipment Ltd. Renewable Power Projects Ltd. Renukeshwar Investments & Finance Ltd. Repco Home Finance Ltd. Rend Engineering Ltd. Renco Gears Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Resham Motors Pvt. Repute Plastic Colours Ltd. Ltd. Revlon Commercial Co. Responsive Industries Ltd. Retail Initiative Holdings Ltd. Renusagar Power Co. Revashankar Gems Ltd. Resonance Specialties Ltd. Response Informatics Ltd. Reva Proteins Ltd. Retail Concepts & Services (india) Ltd. Ltd. Renuka Investments & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Repro India Ltd. Revlon Investment & Finance Ltd. Replica Investments & Estates Ltd. Ltd.Renato Finance & Invsts. Ltd.

Rich Stones (india) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rhutu Udyog (india) Ltd. Services Ltd. Ltd. Rewdale Precision Tools Pvt. Richimen Synthetics Ltd. Rewati Minerals & Chemicals Ltd. Richmond Park Property Mgmt. Rewari Developers Pvt.Rewa Infrastructures Pvt. [merged] Rico Auto Inds. Ltd. Richirich Inventures Ltd. Richtime Realty Pvt. Riba Textiles Ltd. Richline Pharma Ltd. Rexor India Ltd. Ltd. Rhone-poulenc (india) Ltd. Rich Gold Finance & Securities Ltd. Ltd. Richardson & Cruddas (1972) Ltd. Rexon Strips Ltd. Rice Oil & Foods Ltd. Rewas Investment & Holdings Ltd. Richfield Financial Services Ltd. Ria Holdings Ltd. Rewas Ports Ltd. . Rico Agroils Ltd. Rex-o-knits Pvt. Rex Polyextrusion Ltd. Rhine Valley Leasing & Finance Ltd. Rhodia Specialty Chemicals India Ltd. Rich Universe Network Ltd. Reward Services Ltd. Rich Paints Ltd. Ltd. Riba Business Solutions Ltd. Rhyme Organics & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Richimen Silks Ltd. Reward Real Estate Co. Rich 'n' Rich Finance & Holdings Ltd. Rexnord Electronics & Controls Ltd. Rex-tone Industries Ltd. Rexcel Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Rewa Tollway Pvt. Richa Industries Ltd. Reynolds Pens India Pvt. Ltd. Richardson & Cruddas Ltd. Ltd.

Rishabh Digha Steel & Allied Products Ltd. Ring Gears India Ltd. Right Address Ltd. Rishab Alchem India Ltd. Ltd. Risa International Ltd. Rishab Special Yarns Ltd. . Ltd. Ricoh India Ltd. Rieco Industries Ltd. Rishab Concast Ltd. Ripley & Co. Rishabh Food Products Ltd. [merged] Ripul International Ltd. Rimura Finlease & Technology Ltd.Rico Jinfei Wheels Ltd. Rimjhim Ispat Ltd. Rimjhim Stainless Ltd. Rico Softech Ltd. Rieter-lmw Machinery Ltd. Rikhabchand Sohanlall Ltd. Ridhi Sidhi Textiles Ltd. Rinac India Ltd. Rimjhim Commercial Finance Ltd. Rishab Exports Ltd. Riga Sugar Co. Ltd. Riddhi Siddhi Holdings & Consultancy Pvt. Rishabhdev Housing & Resotrs Ltd. Ltd. Rishabh Ispaat Ltd. Rishab Financial Services Ltd. Ridhi Synthetics Ltd. Rider Electronics Ltd. Riddi-siddhi Bullions Ltd. Rishabh Agro Inds. Ricon Commerce Ltd. Rikvin Floors Ltd. Ltd. Rind Leasing & Finance Ltd. Rishabh Software Pvt. Rishabh Industries Ltd. Rishabh Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. [erstwhile] Ring Plus Aqua Ltd. Rishabhdev Technocable Ltd. Ridhi Sidhi Commercial Co. Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols Ltd. Ripon Finance Ltd.

Rishiroop Rubber (international) Ltd. Riviera Steels Pvt. River Finance Ltd. Ritco Travels & Tours Pvt. Rivaj Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Ritwiz Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. Ritz Mercantile Ltd. Riverside Infrastructure (india) Pvt. Ltd. River Front Hotels Ltd. Ritesh Properties & Inds. Ltd. Ltd.Rishi Cement Co. Rishra Investments Ltd. Ltd. Rivaa Textile Inds. Riveria Commercial Developers Ltd. Rita Trading & Mktg. Ritesh International Ltd. Rita Pad Prtg. Ritesh Polyesters Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Rishika Agrodevelopers Pvt. Rishi Laser Ltd. Rishi Oil & Fats Ltd. Rishi Techtex Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rishi Trading Co. Rishyashringa Jewellers Ltd. Ltd. Riskraft Consulting Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Riverdale Foods Ltd. Rites Ltd. Rishikesh Apparels Pvt. Ritman Infra Ltd. Risingsun Engineers Ltd. Ltd. Riverside Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ritex Exports Ltd. Rishu Buildtech Pvt. Rishi Consfab Pvt. Ltd. Rivaz Finance Ltd. Rithwik Projects Pvt. Risk Technology Intl. Ltd. Ritesh Exports Ltd. Rising Realty Pvt. Riverside Industries Ltd. Risorgimento Industrial Co. Rithwik Energy Systems Ltd. Systems Ltd. Rishraj Filaments Ltd.

Rohan Finance & Securities Ltd. Rohit Agri-trade Pvt. Roberts Mclean & Co. Rohanna Agri Ltd. Rohini Traders & Exporters Ltd. Roadways India Ltd. Rodium Realty Ltd. (india) Ltd. Robo Silicon Pvt. Ltd. Roadstar (india) Infrastructure Pvt. Rohan Rajdeep Toll Roads Ltd. Ltd.Rizvi Exports Ltd. Rockman Printers & Publishers Ltd. Robot Systems Pvt.Lion Properties Pvt. Rockman Industries Ltd. Rohan Rajdeep Tollways Ltd. Rockland Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Rohan Motors Ltd. Rohilkhand Financiers Ltd. Rohan Dyes & Intermediates Ltd. Rohit Machines & Fabricators Ltd. Rochees Breweries Ltd. Rohini Foods Pvt. Robert Resources Ltd. Ltd. Roadmaster Industries Of India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rohit Ferro-tech Ltd. Rockland Projects Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rock Chemicals & Phosphate Ltd. Rodal Circaprint Electronics Ltd. Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Rohini Strips Ltd. Rockland Thermionics Ltd. Rohini Industrial Electricals Ltd. . Roads & Bridges Devp. Rockfort Fasteners Ltd. Rockwell Automation India Pvt. Of Kerala Ltd. Corpn. Rockon Fintech Ltd. Rockwool (india) Ltd. Rock Hard Petro Chemical Inds. Roaring. Ltd. Rockline Projects Ltd. Rohan Auto Sales Pvt. Rockman Advertising & Mktg. Rock Copco Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Romano Tiles Pvt. Ltd. Rolling Construction Pvt. Rose Investments Ltd. Ronson Traders Ltd. Ltd. Roots Industries India Ltd. Ltd. Rolta Infrastructure & Technology Services Ltd. Ronak Dyeing Ltd. Rolex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rollwell Forge Ltd. Romano Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. . Rolta Animation & Modelling Ltd. [merged] Rohit Surfactants Pvt. Roland Industrial Co. Ltd. [merged] Rolcon Engineering Co. Rohtak Textile Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Rohit Tissue Ltd. [merged] Rolta Holding & Finance Corpn. Rolta Shares & Stocks Pvt. Romano Projects Pvt. Roman Tarmat Ltd. Roots Corporation Ltd. Roplas (india) Ltd. Rosa Power Supply Co. Rolta Ltd. Roopa Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Romeda Chemicals Ltd. Roots Multiclean Ltd. Ltd. Rose Marbles Ltd. Roomsxml Solutions Ltd. Rolloy Metals Ltd. Rom Industries Ltd. Rollatainers Ltd. Ltd. Roofit Industries Ltd. Ltd. Rohtak-panipat Tollway Pvt. Ltd.Rohit Mills Ltd. Rolta India Ltd. Romano Estates Pvt. Rose Merc. Roopjyot Engineering Pvt. Ronson Overseas Ltd. Rolta Thales Ltd. Roneo Vickers India Ltd. Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.

Rose Realty Pvt. Rossell Financial Services Ltd. Roseview Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Roselabs Finance Ltd. Rotam India Ltd. Rose Valley Inds. Roto Pumps Ltd. Royal Automobiles Pvt. Roshni Powertech Ltd. Rose Zinc Ltd. Rossell Industries Ltd. Rosmerta Technologies Ltd. Rose Valley Housing Devp. Roxy Exports Ltd. . Rosebys International Ltd. Rotam Commercials Ltd. Roto International Ltd. Rossell Biotech Ltd. Rosekamal Textiles Ltd. Rosy (india) Ltd. Rosy Impex (india) Ltd. [merged] Routes Travel Ltd. Rossell India Ltd. Finance Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Roseberry Developers Pvt. Rose Valley Food Beverage Ltd. Rotomac Global Pvt. Ltd. Royal Bank Of Scotland N V Royal Castle Constructions Ltd. Rose Valley Hotels & Entertainments Ltd. Rosmik Finlease Ltd. Rossel Finance Ltd. Roses Floriculture Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Roselabs Ltd. Rover Finance Ltd. Roseview Buildtech Pvt. Rosette Agro-tech Ltd. Ltd. Rosebys Interiors India Ltd. Roussel India Ltd. Roto Flex Inds. Roselabs Industries Ltd. Rotographics (india) Ltd. Rossell Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Rosemount Pharma India Ltd.

Royale Manor Hotels & Inds. Rucha Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Royal Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Royal Orchid Hotels Ltd. [merged] Royce Marine Products Ltd. Royal Orchid Goa Pvt. Ruchi Global Ltd. Rubra Medicaments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Royal Cushion Vinyl Products Ltd. Royal Netra Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Royal Orchid Jaipur Pvt. Ruby Macons Ltd. Ruby Traders & Exporters Ltd. Royal Orchid South Pvt. [merged] Ruchi Finance Pvt. Royal Western India Turf Club Ltd. Ltd. Royal Dairy Ltd. Royal Orchid Maharashtra Pvt. Ruchi Buildcon Ltd. Rubber Products Ltd. Ruchi Acroni Inds. Royal Orchid Mumbai Pvt. Royalsoft Services Ltd. Ruchi Health Foods Ltd. Royal Orchid Shimla Pvt. Royal Orchid Ahmedabad Pvt. Rubber Products International (india) Ltd. Ruchi Green Energy Pvt. Royaltern Finance & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Ruchi Infrastructure Ltd. . Ruby Coach Builders Ltd. Ltd. Royale Travel House Ltd. Ruchi Credit Corpn. Royal Mall Pvt. Royal Enfield Sales Ltd. Ltd. Rubfila International Ltd. Royal Orchid East Pvt. Royal Orchid Hyderabad Pvt. Ltd. Ruby Mills Ltd. Royal Installment Ltd. Rubal Agro Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Royal Gravo Ltd. Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Co. Ltd.

Runeecha Textiles Ltd. Ruia Realtors Pvt. Rugby Food & Beverages Ltd. Ltd. Rukmani Metals & Gaseous Ltd. Ruchi Vanijya Co. (india) Ltd. Rupam Agro Mills Ltd. Ruia Marketing Ltd. Ltd. Rungta Irrigation Ltd. Ruchira Papers Ltd. Rudra Infotech Ltd. Ltd. Rungamattee Tea & Inds. Ltd. Ruia Aquaculture Farms Ltd. Ruchi Strips & Alloys Ltd. Rupa Realty Ltd. Rukmini Leasing Ltd. Rupal Chemical Inds. Rupin Tons Power Ltd. Ltd. Rupa Dyeing & Prtg. Rumjhum Bonds & Holdings Ltd. Ruia Securities Ltd. Ruchika Electronics Ltd. Rujuvalika Investments Ltd. Ltd. Rupsa Petroleum Ltd. Rukma Industries Ltd.Ruchi Soya Inds. Runwal Multiplex Pvt. Rungta Projects Ltd. Rupangi Impex Ltd. Rukmani Resources Ltd. [merged] Rupak Ltd. Rupa & Co. Ltd. Ruhi Construction Co. Ltd. . Ltd. Runit Investments Co. Ruchi Worldwide Ltd. Ruhi Holdings Co. Ltd. Ltd. Rungta Infrastructure Pvt. Ruchika Industries Ltd. Rudravaram Developers Pvt. Rudraprayag Hydro Power Pvt. Rudradev Developers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rupal Laminates Ltd. Rupajuli Tea Co. Pvt. Rudraksh Cap-tech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

S B E C Investments Ltd. S B & T International Ltd. Ruston & Hornsby (india) Ltd. S & S Power Switchgear Ltd. S B & T Designs Ltd. Ltd. Rustom Mills & Inds.Rural Development & Social Welfare Assn. S & H Gears Pvt. S A M Biotech Ltd. Ltd. Russell Investments Ltd. Rusoday Securities Ltd. Russel Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Russell Credit Ltd. Ruttonsha International Rectifier Ltd. Ltd. S B E C Sugar Ltd. S A Benefit Fund Ltd. S & S Power Switchgear Equipment Ltd. S B E C Systems (india) Ltd. Rural Electrification Corpn. Ltd. Rydak Syndicate Ltd. Rushabh Capital & Financial Services Ltd. S B G Housing Pvt. Rushil Decor Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Rutron International Ltd. Rusoday & Co. S B E C Bioenergy Ltd. S A L Steel Ltd. Russel Construction Co. Rushabh Precision Bearings Ltd. Rutvij Chemicals Ltd. S & A Internet Services Pvt. Ryam Commerce & Plantations Ltd. S B E C Stockholding & Invst. S A B Wabco India Ltd. . S & S Industries & Enterprises Ltd. Rusan Pharma Ltd. Rydak Enterprises & Investment Ltd. S A International Ltd. S & S Finance & Investments Ltd. S A Portfolio Ltd. Ltd. S A B Industries Ltd. S & T Corporation Ltd.

Ltd. S E L Manufacturing Co. S B I Home Finance Ltd. S B Organics Ltd. [merged] S C I L Capital India Ltd. S B I Commercial & International Bank Ltd. S C M Infra Developers Ltd. S C Impex Pvt. Ltd. S E R Industries Ltd. S D Biotech Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. S C Cellular Holdings Ltd. Ltd. S B I Factors & Commercial Services Pvt. S D V Intl. S B I Securities Ltd. S C I L Ventures Ltd. S E Investments Ltd. Ltd. S B M Yarn Ltd. S E Electricals Ltd.S B I C A P S Ventures Ltd. Ltd. S B International Ltd. S B Overseas Ltd. S E Forge Ltd. S E L Textiles Ltd. S C Johnson Products Pvt. S D B Cisco (india) Ltd. S D F Industries Ltd. S B I Gilts Ltd. [merged] S B I Global Factors Ltd. S B N Consultancy Services Pvt. S D Fine Chem Ltd. . S B I Capital Markets Ltd. [merged] S C G Securities Pvt. S B I C A P Secutiries Ltd. S C I C I Ltd. S E Composites Ltd. S D Buildwell Pvt. S B I C A P Trustee Co. S B I Funds Management Pvt. S C I L India Ltd. S B L Industries Ltd. S C T Ltd. S D F C Finance Ltd. Ltd. Logistics Ltd. S B I Dfhi Ltd. Ltd. S C M Investment & Trading Co. Ltd.

S H L Trading Ltd. S F S L Investments Ltd. S I P Industries Ltd. S G S Investments Ltd. S G Jhaveri Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. S H L Securities (alpha) Ltd. S E Solar Ltd. S G Capital Services Ltd. S G R Educational Ventures Pvt. S G S Petro Organic Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. S I 2 Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. S G Global Exports Ltd. S I E L Industrial Estate Ltd. Pvt. S G R Publications Pvt. S I E L Aircon Ltd. S I P Infotech Ltd. S E Z Adityapur Ltd. S I P Technologies & Exports Ltd. S I Capital & Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. S I C O M Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. S I L Investments Ltd. Ltd. S I L Properties Ltd. . S I L Business Enterprises Ltd. S H L Property Holdings Ltd. S I E L Edible Oils Ltd. S E Z Services Pvt. S F S L Commodity Trdg.S E S Technologies Ltd. S H C I L Services Ltd. Ltd. S G P Cultivation Farms Ltd. S H C I L Commodities & Derivatives Trdg. S F S Footwear Intl. S G N Telecoms Ltd. S E Z Projects Ltd. S F L Industries Ltd. S I D B I Venture Capital Ltd. S H C I L Projects Ltd. S H Kelkar & Co. [merged] S I E L Holdings Ltd. S I Group-india Ltd. S I E L Financial Services Ltd. S G S India Pvt. S I E L Financial Services Ltd.

S J K Powergen Ltd. Ltd. S I-a L Sbec Bio Energy Ltd. S J V Industries Ltd. S K H Metals Ltd. S K G International Ltd. S J Securities Ltd. Ltd. S K S E Securities Ltd. S Jaykishan (india) Ltd. Ltd. S K F M Ltd. (india) Ltd. S K Roller Flour Mills Ltd. S K Elite Inds. S K P Commodities Ltd. S K M Animal Feeds & Foods (india) Ltd. S K Consultants Ltd.S I Property Development Ltd. S J S Holdings Ltd. Ltd. S K R Properties Pvt. S K N Industries Ltd. [merged] S J Corpn. S K M Alloys Pvt. S K F Ltd. S K M Industries Pvt. S K F India Ltd. Ltd. S K G Chemical Inds. S K A Holdings Ltd. S K G Solvex Ltd. S J L T Textiles Pvt. S J B Tubes Ltd. S K P Securities Ltd. S I V Industries Ltd. S J Clearwater Pumps Ltd. S K G Refractories Ltd. S K G Fiscals Ltd. S K G Securities Ltd. S K G Consolidated Ltd. S I S L Green Infra Ltd. S K Foils Ltd. S J V N Ltd. . S K M Fabrics (amana) Ltd. S J Max Golden-ko Ltd. S K M Steels Ltd. Ltd. S K R Chemicals Ltd. S K M Egg Products Export (india) Ltd.

Ltd. S M Buildcon Pvt. S M C Global Securities Ltd. S M Solar Products Ltd. S M S Pharmaceuticals Ltd. S M L Holdings Ltd. S Kumars Textiles Ltd. S M Industrial Mktg. S M C Wealth Mgmt. S M C Comtrade Pvt. S K S Microfinance Ltd.S K S Financial Services Ltd. Ltd. S Kumars Online Ltd. Ltd. S M Global Finance Ltd. S M S Shivnath Infrastructure Ltd. Co. Pvt. S Kumars Tyre Mfg. S M International Ltd. S L Base Metal Mining Co. S M Cokes Ltd. S L V Spinning Mills Ltd. S M C Power Generation Ltd. Ltd. S M I F S Capital Markets Ltd. S Kumars Ltd. S M C Insurance Brokers Pvt. Pvt. S K S Logistics Ltd. . S M Milkose Ltd. S M N Engineers Ltd. S M L Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. S M Finance Ltd. S M I F S Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. S L Lumax Ltd. Services Ltd. S M I F S Finance Ltd. Co. S M C Credits Ltd. S L S Power Inds. S L M-maneklal Inds. S M Dyechem Ltd. S L N Pharmaceutical Invst. S L P G M Mining Co. Ltd. S M S Infrastructure Ltd. S Kumars Nationwide Ltd. Ltd. S M L Isuzu Ltd. Ltd. S M Energy Teknik & Electronics Ltd. S Kumar Industrises Ltd. S K S Ispat & Power Ltd.

Ltd. . S N R Softech Ltd. S N S Leasings Ltd. S M Textiles Ltd. S P A Enterprises Ltd. S P A Lease & Finance Ltd. S N S Clothing Pvt. S P International Ltd. S P Finance & Trading Ltd. S P G Business Services Ltd. S P B L Ltd. S N S Properties & Leasing Ltd. S N T Securities Ltd. [merged] S P B P Tea (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. S N Realtors Pvt. S P L Hospitality & Plantations Ltd. S O L Pharmaceuticals Ltd. S P A Agro Ltd. S P Capital Financing Ltd.S M Telesys Ltd. S M Z S Chemicals Ltd. S O L Ltd. S N Hire Purchase Ltd. Ltd. S Mobility Ltd. S N T Holdings Pvt. Ltd. S N S (minerals) Ltd. S P A Securities Ltd. S P B Comer India Ltd. S P A Electrical Equipments Ltd. S N S Laboratories Ltd. S N F (india) Pvt. S N S Textiles Ltd. S P A Tea Ltd. S P A Legends Resorts Pvt. S P A Capital Services Ltd. S P F L Securities Ltd. S P Commercial Co. Ltd. S N Finance Ltd. S P B P Tea Plantation Ltd. Ltd. S P E L Semiconductor Ltd. Co. S N L Bearings Ltd. S N S Diagnostics Ltd. S N P Investment & Trdg. S P Investrade (india) Ltd.

S P S Agrotech Ltd. S P M L India Ltd. Finance Ltd. S R F Calgary Holdings Ltd. S R F Fluorochemicals Ltd. S R E I Capital Markets Ltd. S R E I Forex Ltd. S P M L Energy Ltd. S P R Resorts Ltd. S P X Flow Technology (india) Pvt.S P L Industrial Park Ltd. S P M L Industries Ltd. Ltd. S P S Metal Cast & Alloys Ltd. S R F International Ltd. S P L Polymers Ltd. S P Simar Infrastructure Zone Pvt. S Q L Star International Ltd. S P S Printotech Ltd. S P M L Bhiwandi Water Supply Infra Ltd. S R Continental Ltd. Pvt. S R E I Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. S R E I Venture Capital Ltd. Ltd. S R F Holiday Home Ltd. S P M L Infra Ltd. Ltd. S R F Energy Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . S P T Securities Ltd. S P M L Utilities Ltd. S R E I Mutual Fund Asset Mgmt. [merged] S P L Techno Chem Ltd. S P S Buildcon Ltd. S P R International Auto Exports Ltd. S P S Edutech Ltd. S R E I Infrastructure Finance Ltd. S P L Industrial Support Services Ltd. S R E I Infrastructure Devp. S P S Commodeal Pvt. S P S International Ltd. S P M Engineers Ltd. S P L Industries (shanti Packaging) Ltd. S P S Steels Rolling Mills Ltd. S R E I Sahaj E-village Ltd. S P L Industries (shivalik Prints) Ltd. S R E I Mutual Fund Trust Pvt. S R E I Infrastructure Advisors Ltd.

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Ltd. Sahara India Corp. Ltd. Sahara Prime City Ltd. Sagar Soya Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sagavi Promoters & Developers (india) Ltd. Sahara India Financial Corpn. Sahara City Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sahara India Club Royale Corpn. Saguna Finstock Pvt. Sahara Prime Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Sahara Asset Mgmt. Sahajanand Hi-tech Constructions Pvt. Sahara Hospitality Ltd. Sahara Infrastructure & Housing Ltd. Sagittarians International Ltd. Sahara India Commercial Corpn. Ltd. Sahara India Medical Institute Ltd. Sagar Sugars & Allied Products Ltd. Sahara India Institute Corpn. Ltd. Sahara Computers & Electronics Ltd. Sahara India Infrastructural Devp. Sahara Oceania Homes Pvt. Sahara India Ltd. Sahara Housingfina Corpn. Ltd. Sagar Suri Estates & Finance Ltd.Sagar Silk Inds. Ltd. Pvt. Pvt. Sagar Tourist Resorts Ltd. Sahara Continental Estate Pvt. Sahara Oceania Property Pvt. Sahara India Worldmart Corpn. Saha Keil Ltd. Ltd. Sage Investments Ltd. Sahara India Power Corpn. Ltd. Invst. Sagarvar Gambhira Developers Pvt. . [merged] Sagitarian Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sahara Milestones Estates Pvt. Sagar Systech Ltd. Ltd. Sahara Prime Properties Pvt. Sahara Hills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sagarsoft (india) Ltd. Sahara One Media & Entertainment Ltd. Sahara Green Properties Pvt. Sah Polymers Ltd. Sah Petroleums Ltd.

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Sakthi Auto Motors Ltd. [merged] Salasar Industrial Services Ltd. Sakthi Auto Ancillary Pvt. Salguti Industries Ltd. Salil Industries Ltd. Salasar Retail Ltd. [merged] Salkelin Leasing & Finance Ltd. Pvt. Salgaocar Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. Salem Erode Investments Ltd. Salasar Towers Pvt. Sakthi Auto Components Ltd. Salem Textiles Ltd. Sakthi Murugan Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Sakhyata Finance Ltd. Saksoft Ltd. Salora International Ltd. Sakthi Murugan Roller Flour Mills Ltd. Sakthi Soyas Ltd.Sakhi Industries Ltd. Salem Tollways Ltd. [merged] . Salstar Foods & Beverages Ltd. Sakthi Beverages Ltd. Sakura Bank Ltd. Salvador Steel Pvt. Sakriya Investments Ltd. Ltd. Sakthi Synthetic Gems Ltd. [merged] Saks Ancillaries Ltd. [merged] Sakthi Sugars Ltd. Sakthi Properties (coimbatore) Ltd. [merged] Salvigor Laboratories Ltd. Salamander Distillers Ltd. Sakthi Finance Ltd. Salora Components Ltd. Salter India Ltd. Salem Wood Works Ltd. Sakhigopal Integrated Power Co. Ltd. [merged] Sakura Seimitsu India Ltd. Salora Capital Ltd. Ltd. Salasar Stock Broking Ltd. Sakthi Homes Ltd. Sakuma Exports Ltd. Salona Cotspin Ltd. Sakthi Murugan Agro Foods Ltd.

Samali Builders & Developers Pvt. Sampark Trading & Finance Ltd. Sambandam Spinning Mills Ltd.Salzer Controls Ltd. Sammelan Investment & Trading Ltd. . Sam Exim Ltd. [merged] Sam Industries Ltd. Sambhaw Holdings Ltd. Sambhaw Finance & Trdg. Samkrg Pistons & Rings Ltd. Sambandam Solvent Extraction Ltd. Ltd. Samasta Nagar Co-op. Sampark Consultants Ltd. Samarpit Constructions Pvt. Salzer Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Samarth International Finlease Ltd. Samana Plastic Ltd. Sam Leaseco Ltd. Sambhar Salts Ltd. Sam Spintex Ltd. Sampre Nutritions Ltd. Samar Polytex Ltd. Sambhaav Media Ltd. Sam-tul Investments Ltd. Samarth Aviation India Ltd. Sam Turbo Industry Pvt. Samarthman Agro Chem Ltd. Samatva Investments Ltd. [merged] Sam Buildcon Ltd. Sam Finechem Ltd. Samir Commercials Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Samatteri Developers Pvt. [merged] Salzer Electronics Ltd. Sami Labs Ltd. Sampark Industries Ltd. Sampad Vikas Ltd. Sampada Chemicals Ltd. Bank Ltd. Samarpan Infrastructure Ltd. Salzer Exports Ltd. Samalkot Power Ltd. Co. Sam Global Securities Ltd. Samana Steels Ltd. Ltd. Salzer Textiles Ltd.

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Sanatan Herbal & Naturals Ltd.
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Sanathana Dharma Gurukulam Ltd.
Sanathnagar Enterprises Ltd.
Sanblue Corporation Ltd.
Sanchana Leasing & Invsts. Ltd.
Sanchay Databases Ltd.
Sanchay Finvest Ltd.
Sanchit Financial & Mgmt. Services Ltd.
Sanchit Secfin Ltd.
Sanchna Trading & Finance Ltd.
Sancia Global Infraprojects Ltd.
Sanco Trans Ltd.
Sancoale Shipping Ltd.
Sand Plast (india) Ltd.
Sand Storm Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
Sandarbh Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.
Sandarbh Dwellers Pvt. Ltd.
Sandarbha Investment Ltd.
Sandeep Capital Ventures (india) Ltd.
Sandeep Industries Ltd.
Sandeep Steels Ltd. [merged]
Sandeep Traders & Investments Ltd. [merged]
Sanden Vikas (india) Ltd.
Sanderson Industries Ltd.
Sandesh Ltd.
Sandhar Steady Stream Tooling Pvt. Ltd.
Sandhar Technologies Ltd.
Sandhead Investments Ltd. [merged]
Sandhills Finance & Invst. Explorers Ltd.
Sandhya Commercial Ltd.
Sandhya Environs (india) Ltd.
Sandhya Marines Ltd.
Sandhya Spinning Mill Ltd.
Sandoz (india) Ltd. [amalgamated]
Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Sandur Bypass Project Ltd.
Sandur Fluid Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Sandur Laminates Ltd.
Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd.
Sandur Prominent Fluid Controls Ltd.
Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Sandvik Mining & Construction Tools India Pvt. Ltd.
Saneh Industrial Invsts. Ltd.
Sang Froid Labs (india) Ltd.
Sangal Papers Ltd.
Sangam (india) Ltd.
Sangam Aluminium Ltd.
Sangam E-com Ltd.
Sangam Exports Ltd.
Sangam Fincap Ltd.
Sangam Health Care Products Ltd.
Sangam Investments Ltd.
Sangam Power Generation Co. Ltd.
Sangam Solvent Extracts Ltd.
Sangameshwar Coffee Estates Ltd.
Sangameshwar Properties & Holdings Ltd.
Sanganeriya Spinning Mills Ltd.
Sanganeriya Woollen Mills Ltd.
Sangeet Syntex Ltd.
Sangeeth Textiles Ltd.
Sangha Shree Investment & Trading Co. Ltd.
Sanghavi Diamonds Ltd.
Sanghavi Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Sanghi Auto & Organics Ltd.
Sanghi Bros (indore) Ltd.
Sanghi Corporate Services Ltd.
Sanghi Hire Purchase Ltd.
Sanghi Industries Ltd.
Sanghi Polyesters Ltd.
Sanghi Spinners India Ltd.
Sanghu Valley (india) Ltd.
Sanghvi Asbestos Cements Ltd.
Sanghvi Forging & Engg. Ltd.
Sanghvi Investments & Leasing Ltd.
Sanghvi Movers Ltd.
Sanghvi Projects Ltd.
Sanghvi Steels Ltd.
Sanghvi Woods Ltd.
Sangita Bio-chem Ltd.
Sangli Bank Ltd. [merged]
Sangli Media Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sangotri Construction Ltd.
Sangrail Commercial Ltd.
Sangrur Agro Ltd.

Sanguine Media Ltd.
Sanitex Chemicals Ltd.
Sanitone Fabrics Ltd.
Sanjana Cryogenic Storages Ltd.
Sanjay Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Sanjay Intra Ltd.
Sanjay Leasing Ltd.
Sanjay Raja Foods Ltd.
Sanjeevanee Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Sanjivani (takli) S S K Ltd.
Sanjivani Agro Inds. Ltd.
Sanjivani Paranteral Ltd.
Sankalp Forgings Pvt. Ltd.
Sankardev Coke Products Ltd.
Sanket International Ltd.
Sanket Petrochem Ltd.
Sankey Wheels Ltd. [merged]
Sankheshwar Holding Co. Ltd.
Sankhya Infotech Ltd.
Sanklecha Capfin Ltd.
Sanmac Motor Finance Ltd.
Sanmar Alloy Castings Ltd. [merged]
Sanmar Chemplast Investments Ltd.
Sanmar Consolidations Ltd.
Sanmar Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Sanmar Engineering Services Ltd.
Sanmar Enterprises Ltd.
Sanmar Ferrotech Ltd.
Sanmar Foundries Ltd.
Sanmar Group Intl. Ltd.
Sanmar Holdings Ltd.
Sanmar Industrial Filters Ltd.
Sanmar Micropack Ltd.
Sanmar Performance Chemicals & Research Services Ltd.
Sanmar Properties & Investments Ltd. [merged]
Sanmar Shipping Ltd.
Sanmar Speciality Chemicals Ltd.
Sanmarg Investment Ltd.
Sanmati Metals Ltd.
Sanmati Properties Ltd.
Sanmitra Commercial Ltd.
Sanofi-synthelabo (india) Ltd.
Sanraa Global Green Energy Ltd.

Sanraa Media Ltd.
Sanrhea Technical Textiles Ltd.
Sanspareils Greenlands Pvt. Ltd.
Sant Rubbers Ltd.
Santapet Polymers Ltd.
Santaram Spinners Ltd.
Santati Agriestates Pvt. Ltd.
Santhal Parganas Gramin Bank
Santipara Tea Co. Ltd.
Santogen Exports Ltd.
Santogen Silk Mills Ltd.
Santogen Textile Mills Ltd.
Santom Land Devp. & Properties Ltd.
Santosh Electronics Ltd.
Santosh Fine-fab Ltd.
Santosh Industries Ltd.
Santosh Starch Ltd.
Santosh Starch Products Ltd.
Santowin Corporation Ltd.
Sanvan Software Ltd.
Sanvijay Rolling & Engg. Ltd.
Sanwaria Agro Oils Ltd.
Sanyo Impex Ltd.
Sanz Financial Services Ltd.
Sapan Chemicals Ltd.
Saple's Scales (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Sapoi Tea Co. Ltd.
Sapphire Media & Infrastructure Ltd.
Sapphire Oil Inds. Ltd.
Saptagir Camphor Ltd.
Saptarishi Agro Inds. Ltd.
Saptarshi Services Ltd.
Saptashva Solar Ltd.
Saptaswara Agro-farms Pvt. Ltd.
Sapte Investments Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Saptharishi Finance Ltd.
Sar Auto Products Ltd.
Sara Elgi Arteriors Ltd.
Sara International Ltd.
Sara Sae Pvt. Ltd.
Sara Trading & Indl. Services Ltd.
Sara Universal Pvt. Ltd.
Sarabhai Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

Sarabhai Piramal Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Saraf Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
Saraf Chemicals Ltd.
Saraf Foods Ltd.
Saraf Infraprojects Ltd.
Saraf Knitwears (india) Ltd.
Saraf Metasteel Ltd.
Saraf Real Estates Ltd.
Saraf Sons (traders) Ltd.
Saraf Starch Products Ltd.
Saraf Synthetics (rajasthan) Ltd.
Saraiwwalaa Agrr Refineries Ltd.
Saral Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd.
Saral Mining Ltd.
Saral Motor & General Finance Ltd.
Sarala Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Saralee Household & Bodycare (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Saran Trading Co. Ltd.[merged]
Sarang Chemicals Ltd.
Saranga Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Saransh Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Saraogi Oxygen Ltd.
Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.
Saraswat Infotech Ltd.
Saraswati Capital Services Ltd.
Saraswati Commercial (india) Ltd.
Saraswati International Ltd.
Saraswati Merchants Ltd.
Saraswati Pharma Ltd.
Saraswati Properties Ltd.
Saraswati Steel & Alloys Ltd.
Saraswati Sugar Mills Ltd.
Saraswaty Press Ltd.
Sarat Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Saraya Industries Ltd.
Saraya Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Saraya Sugar Mills Ltd.
Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd.
Sarda Energy Ltd.
Sarda Housing Development Ltd.
Sarda Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd.
Sarda Information Technology Ltd.
Sarda International Ltd.

Sarda Metals & Alloys Ltd.
Sarda Papers Ltd.
Sarda Plywood Inds. Ltd.
Sarda Proteins Ltd.
Sarda Transport (nagpur) Pvt. Ltd.
Sardar Associates Ltd.
Sardar Energy Ltd.
Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd.
Sardar Transport Co. Ltd.
Sardeep Finvest Ltd.
Saregama Films Ltd. [merged]
Saregama India Ltd.
Sareshwar Trading & Finance Pvt. Ltd.
Sargam Capital Ltd.
Sarigam Seamless Pipes Ltd.
Sarigam Steels Ltd.
Sarigon Organics Ltd.
Sarika Paints Ltd.
Sarita Sugars Ltd.
Sarita Synthetics & Inds. Ltd.
Sarjoo Textiles Processing Ltd.
Sarla Constructions Ltd.
Sarla Credit & Securities Ltd.
Sarla Fabric Ltd.
Sarla Performance Fibres Ltd.
Sarmangal Synthetics Ltd.
Sarnath Finance Ltd.
Sarnimal Investment Ltd.
Saro Rubber & Allied Products Ltd.
Saroj Alloys & Steels Ltd.
Sarosil Ultrachem (exports) Ltd.
Sarovar Metallwerke Inds. Ltd.
Sarovar Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Sarover Trade Associates Ltd.
Sarth Fincap Ltd.
Sarthak Global Ltd.
Sarthak Industries Ltd.
Sarthak Securities Ltd.
Sarthi Mutual Benefit Ltd.
Sarthi Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Sarthi Real Estate & Finance Ltd.
Saru Aikoh Chemicals Ltd.
Saru Engineering Corpn. Ltd.

Sarup Tanneries Ltd.
Sarv Finvest Ltd.
Sarv- Mangal Realtech Pvt. Ltd.
Sarva Sales Ltd.
Sarva Subitcham Finance Ltd.
Sarvamangal Mercantile Co. Ltd.
Sarvamangal Petroleums Ltd.
Sarvamangal Trading Co. Ltd.
Sarvans Chemicals India Ltd.
Sarvaraya Textiles Ltd.
Sarvesh Automobile Finance Ltd.
Sarvesh Polyesters Pvt. Ltd.
Sarveshwari Diamonds & Finance Ltd.
Sarveshwari Diamonds Ltd.
Sarvhitkari Finlease & Invst. Ltd.
Sarvodaya Beopar Ltd.
Sarvodaya Infratech Ltd.
Sarvodaya Labs Ltd.
Sarvodaya Nano Finance Ltd.
Sarvopari Solid Invst. Ltd.
Sarvotam Leasing & Real Estates Ltd.
Sarvottam Coal & Chemicals Ltd.
Sarvottam Industries Ltd.
Sarvottam Pumps Ltd.
Sarvottam Vanijya Ltd.
Sarvottam Vanijya Pvt. Ltd.
Sarvottam Vegetable Oil Refinery Pvt. Ltd.
Sarwapriy Products Ltd.
Sasan Power Infrastructure Ltd.
Sasan Power Ltd.
Sashak Noble Metals Ltd.
Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.
Sasken Network Engg. Ltd.
Sasken Network Systems Ltd. [merged]
Saswad Mali Sugar Factory Ltd.
Sat E-com Ltd.
Sat Industries Ltd.
Satara Rubber & Chemicals Ltd.
Satara Sahakari Bank Ltd.
Sataytej Commercial Co. Ltd.
Satco Securities & Financial Services Ltd.
Satcom Broadband Equipment Ltd. [merged]
Satellite Engineering Ltd.

Satellite Gazebo Developers Ltd.
Satellite Infoconcepts Ltd.
Satguru Agro Inds. Ltd.
Satguru Infocorp Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sathavahana Ispat Ltd.
Sathe Biscuit & Chocolate Co. Ltd.
Sathya Kamal Agros Ltd.
Sati Oil Udyog Ltd.
Satia Industries Ltd.
Satin Creditcare Network Ltd.
Satish Motors Ltd.
Satish Solvent Extractions Ltd.
Satkar Builders Ltd.
Satkar Cement Co. Ltd.
Satkar Electronics Ltd.
Satkriti Investment Ltd.
Satlej Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Satlej Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.
Satluj Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Satnam Developers & Finance Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Satnam Exports (india) Ltd.
Satpura Cement & Minerals Ltd.
Satra Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.
Satra Estate Development Pvt. Ltd.
Satra Infrastructure & Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Satra Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.
Satra Properties (india) Ltd.
Satra Property Developers Pvt. Ltd.
Saturday Club Ltd.
Saturn Technologies Ltd.
Satvik Hitech Builders Pvt. Ltd.
Satya Company Ltd.
Satya Giri Shipping Co. Ltd.
Satya Leasing Co. Ltd.
Satya Maharshi Power Corpn. Ltd.
Satya Miners & Transporters Ltd.
Satya Shyam Trading Ltd.
Satyakala Agro Oil Products Ltd.
Satyam B P O Ltd.
Satyam Capital Options Ltd.
Satyam Cement Ltd.
Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
Satyam Dairy Ltd.

Satyam Enterprise Solutions Ltd. [merged]
Satyam Financial Services Ltd.
Satyam Home Furnishings Pvt. Ltd.
Satyam Mats Ltd.
Satyam Projects Ltd.
Satyam Properties & Finance Ltd.
Satyam Renaissance Consulting Ltd. [merged]
Satyam Silk Mills Ltd.
Satyam Trading Co. Ltd.
Satyam Travels Ltd.
Satyam Webexchange Ltd.
Satyasai Invst. & Leasing Ltd.
Satyesh Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Saumya Consultants Ltd.
Saumya Medicare International Ltd.
Saurabh Alloy Castings Ltd.
Saurabh Cement Ltd.
Saurabh Cotspin Ltd.
Saurabh Industrial Financing Ltd.
Saurabh Industries Ltd.
Saurabh Steels Ltd.
Saurashtra Calcine Bauxite & Allied Inds. Ltd.
Saurashtra Cement Ltd.
Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd.
Saurashtra Impex Ltd.
Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange Ltd.
Saurashtra Paints Ltd. [merged]
Saurashtra Paper & Board Mills Ltd.
Saurashtra Steel Inds. Ltd.
Savamalai Estates Ltd.
Savana Builders Co. Ltd.
Savana Ceramics Ltd. [merged]
Savana Infrastructure & Properties Ltd.
Savana Realtors Co. Ltd.
Savani Financials Ltd.
Savani Transport Pvt. Ltd.
Savant Infocomm Ltd.
Savare Trade Enterprises Ltd.
Savasthi Investments Ltd.
Save & Prosper Ltd.
Saven Technologies Ltd.
Savera Commercial Enterprises Ltd.
Savera Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Savera Industries Ltd.
Savera Traders Ltd.
Savex Computers Ltd.
Savikar Plyboards Ltd.
Savin Electronics Ltd.
Savioray Petrochemicals Ltd.
Savita Oil Technologies Ltd.
Savita Polymers Ltd.
Savitri Exports Ltd.
Savitri Leasing & Finance Ltd.
Savitri Overseas Ltd.
Savitri Pesticides & Agrochem Ltd. [merged]
Savitri Projects & Mgmt. Consultants Ltd.
Savitrimata Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Savorit Food Inds. Ltd.
Savorit Ltd.
Savorit Oils Ltd.
Savoy Enterprises Ltd.
Savoy Finance & Invsts. Pvt. Ltd.
Savoy Herbals Ltd.
Sawaca Business Machines Ltd.
Sawaca Communication Ltd.
Sawalka Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Sawant Food Products Ltd.
Saya Amusement Mfg. Ltd.
Sayaji Hotels Ltd.
Sayaji Industries Ltd.
Sayedabad Tea Co. Ltd.
Scal Investments Ltd. [merged]
Scal Services Ltd.
Scan Organics Ltd.
Scan Press Ltd.
Scan Projects Ltd.
Scan Steels Ltd.
Scan Synthetics Ltd.
Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd.
Scantech Evaluation Services Ltd.
Scanview Information Systems Ltd.
Scape Velocity Net Solutions Ltd.
Scarlet Flowers & Agritech Ltd.
Scenario Media Ltd.
Schablona India Ltd.
Schefields Limited

Schematic Finance Ltd.
Schenectady India Ltd. [merged]
Schenectady Specialities Asia Pvt. Ltd. [merged]
Schering-plough (india) Pvt. Ltd.
Schindler India Pvt. Ltd.
Schott Glass India Pvt. Ltd.
Schrader Duncan Ltd.
Schreiber Dynamix Dairies Ltd.
Schutz Dishman Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
Scientia Infocom India Ltd.
Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.
Scindia Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.
Scindia Workshop Ltd.
Scintilla Commercial & Credit Ltd.
Scintilla Software Technology Ltd.
Scissors Engineering Products Ltd.
Scitech Centre
Scooters India Ltd.
Scope Industries (india) Ltd.
Score Information Technologies Ltd.
Scoring Traders Ltd.
Scotline Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Scott & Saxby Ltd.
Scott Industries Ltd.
Scottex Industries Ltd.
Scottish Assam (india) Ltd.
Screenshot Television Ltd.
Scruples Clothing Ltd.
Scud Finlease Ltd.
Sea Gold Aqua Farms Ltd.
Sea Lord Containers Ltd.
Sea Sparkle Harbour Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sea T V Network Ltd.
Sea Wind Investment & Trading Co. Ltd.
Sea-falcon Shipping Services Ltd.
Seabuckthorn Indage Ltd.
Seagram Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.
Seagull Leafin Ltd.
Seagull Secexim Ltd.
Seagull Threads (india) Ltd.
Seajuli Developers & Finance Ltd.
Seal Fisheries Ltd.
Sealink (india) Ltd.

Sealion Sparkle Maritime Services Ltd.
Sealion Sparkle Port & Terminal Services (dahej) Ltd.
Seam Industries Ltd.
Seamec Ltd.
Seamen Aqua Farm Ltd.
Search Holding Pvt. Ltd.
Searsole Chemicals Ltd.
Seasons Design Institute Pvt. Ltd.
Seasons Furnishings Ltd.
Seasons Textiles Ltd.
Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ltd.
Seawoods Estates Ltd.
Secals Ltd.
Seco Consolidated Finance Ltd.
Sect Infotech Ltd.
Secunderabad Healthcare Ltd.
Secunderabad Oils Ltd.
Secur Industries Ltd.
Secure Meters Ltd.
Securex Financial Services (india) Ltd.
Securities Development (i) Ltd.
Securities International Ltd.
Securities One (india) Ltd.
Security Company Ltd.
Security Equipment Mfrs. Ltd.
Security Information Systems (india) Ltd.
Security Printing & Minting Corpn. Of India Ltd.
Seed Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Seema Industries Ltd.
Seengal Animation Pvt. Ltd.
Seetharam Cements Ltd.
Seeyok Tea Co. Ltd.
Segunbari Tea Co. Ltd.
Seinumero Engineering India Ltd.
Sekhon Motor Finance Ltd.
Sekhsaria Chemicals Ltd.
Seksaria Behta Sugar Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Seksaria Biswan Sugar Factory Pvt. Ltd.
Seksaria Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Seksaria Marbles & Minerals Ltd.
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd.
Selco International Ltd.
Select Technologies Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Senilis Trading Syndicate Ltd. Selmore Industries Ltd. Ltd. Selligence Technologies Services Pvt. Sequent Scientific Ltd. Servotech Engineering Inds. Sellaids Publications (india) Ltd. Serviont Global Solutions Ltd. Serum Institute Of India Ltd. Sellwin Traders Ltd. Sesa Goa Ltd. Sentia Properties Ltd. Sequent Scientific Ltd. Self Growth Nidhi Ltd. Semi-conductor Laboratory Semiconductors Ltd. [merged] Seraikella Glass Works Ltd. . Selene Constructions Ltd. Sen Pet (india) Ltd. Senthil Infotek Ltd.Selection Synthetics Ltd. Serida Power Ltd. Sentia Thermal Power & Infrastructure Ltd. Serebrum Technologies India Ltd. Servalakshmi Paper Ltd. Self Employers' Leasing & Finance Ltd. Semac Ltd. Sequelsoft India Ltd. Selene Estate Ltd. Sequel E-routers Ltd. Senbo Industries Ltd. Selvaraja Mills Pvt. Serveall Enterprise Solutions Ltd. Serene Industries Ltd. Selene Power Co. Services Press Publications Pvt. Selvaganpathy Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Serum International Ltd. Sepset Thermal Power & Infrastructure Ltd. Senthur Shoes Ltd. Seren Tronic (india) Ltd. Senao International Ltd. [merged] Seminis Vegetable Seeds (india) Ltd. Selene Infrastructure Ltd.

Ltd. Sewa Mercantile Co. Shah Alloys Ltd. Ltd. Seven Star Electrodes Pvt. Seyad Shariat Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sesa Kembla Coke Co. Ltd. Sethia Oils Ltd. [merged] Sesa Mining Corpn. Shaba Chemicals Ltd. Sezal Glass Ltd. Seshachal Technologies Ltd. Seth Industries Pvt. Seyad Cotton Mills Ltd. Ltd. Sethusamudram Corporation Ltd. Set India Pvt. Ltd. Shah Construction Co. Seyon Wind Energy Pvt. Sew Transportation Networks Ltd. Ltd. Sew Thermal Power Corpn. Sew Realty Ltd. Sesa Resources Ltd. Shaan Interwell (india) Ltd. Sew Constructions (maharastra) Ltd. Sewa Finance Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Seya Industries Ltd. Shah Foods Ltd. Seven Hills Business Solutions Ltd. Seymour Technologies Ltd. Seven Hills Clothing Pvt. Setpro18 Distribution Ltd. Sew Infrastructure Ltd. Seshasayee Industries Ltd. Sethia Global Finance Ltd. Sethia Oil Inds. Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd. Setco Automotive Ltd. Sew Energy Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Seven Star Exim Ltd. Shaan Finance Ltd. Sethia Jain & Co. Seven Eleven Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Seven Star Information Technology Pvt.Sesa Industries Ltd. Sewa Papers Ltd. .

Shakti Alloy Steels Ltd. Shakumbhri Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Shah Pratap Inds. Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd. Shalibhadra Infosec Ltd. Ltd. Shahjahanpur Electric Supply Co. Shakti Spinners Ltd. Shaifali Steels Ltd. Shalimar Adhunik Nirman Pvt. Shakthi Knitting Ltd. Shah Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd. Shaktiman Cements Ltd. Ltd. Shakya Technologies Ltd. Shalibhadra Finance Ltd. Shaktigarh Textile & Inds. Shalimar Wires Industries Ltd. Shalimar Productions Ltd. Ltd. Shakumbhri Straw Products Ltd. Shalimar Paints Ltd. Ltd. Shalimar Chemical Works Ltd. Shakumbari Sugar & Allied Inds. Shakti Insulated Wires Pvt. [merged] Shakirah Real Estates Pvt. Shakun Polymers Ltd. Shah Paper Mills Ltd. .Shah Investors Home Ltd. Shalimar Agencies Ltd. Shalimar Krafts & Tissue Pvt. Shakti Press Ltd. Shalimar Works (1980) Ltd. Ltd. Shalimar Holdings Ltd. Shakti Carriers Ltd. Shakti Bhog Foods Ltd. Shakti Rods & Wires Ltd. Ltd. Shakti Bhog Snacks Ltd. Shah Telecom Ltd. Shakti Pumps (india) Ltd. Shakti Met-dor Ltd. Shah Medical & Surgical Co. Ltd. Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd. Shalimar Housing & Finance Ltd. Shaktiman Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Shalimar Pellet Feeds Ltd. Ltd.

Shanthi Gears Ltd. Shanti Intermediates Pvt. Ltd. Shangold India Ltd. Shankarshana Textile Ltd. Shamrock Industrial Co.Shalin Hotels Ltd. Shangar Decor Ltd. Shamken Spinners Ltd. Shanker Vittal Motor Co. Shantigram Utility Services Pvt. Shamken Multifab Ltd. Shangrila Food Products Ltd. Shamrock Texyfab Ltd. Ltd. Shangrila India Ltd. Shanmuga Commercial Credits Ltd. Shalina Laboratories Pvt. Shankar Weaving Mills Ltd. Shama Leasing & Invst. Shanthi Sales Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Shameel Shoes Ltd. Shantamrut Investment Pvt. Shangri-la Golf & Health Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Shantanu Sheorey Aquakult Ltd. Shantigram Estate Mgmt. Ltd. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd. Shalini Resorts & Hotels Ltd. Shamon Leasing Ltd. Shanmughavadivel Holdings Pvt. Shankar Traders & Dealers Ltd. Ltd. Shama Engine Valves Ltd. Shankar Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Bank Ltd. Shamanur Sugars Ltd. Shankar Jewels Ltd. Shankar Packagings Ltd. Shanti Kunj Solvent Ltd. Shalini Holdings Ltd. Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Shantiniketan Properties Ltd. Ltd. Shalini Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Shamken Cotsyn Ltd. Shambhu Mercantile Ltd. Shanti Electro Maintenance Pvt. Shamnagar Estates Pvt. .

Sharp Corp Ltd. Sharda Capsec Ltd. Sharda Ispat Ltd. Shapoorji & Co. Shaper Chemicals Ltd. Sharda Castings Ltd. Sharma East India Hospitals & Medical Research Ltd. Ltd. Shardlow India Ltd. Shardul Securities Ltd. Sharadha Terry Products Ltd. Ltd. Sharon Bio-medicine Ltd. . Shapoorji Drilling Enterprise Pvt. Shapoorji Pallonji Infrastructure Capital Co. Shapoorji Pallonji Ports Pvt. Ltd.Shantivijay Jewels Ltd. [merged] Sharda Textile Mills India Ltd. Sharman Woollen Mills Ltd. Sharda Motor Inds. Sharad International Ltd. Shapre Global Info Services Ltd. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Shardul Commodities Intl. Ltd. (rajkot) Pvt. Sharda Realty Ltd. [merged] Shapre Infotech India Ltd. Ltd. Sharda Consultancy Pvt. Shapoorji Pallonji Power Co. Sharda Sejong Auto Components (india) Ltd. Ltd. Sharat Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sharad Fibres & Yarn Processors Ltd. Shapoorji Pallonji Finance Ltd. Sharp Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Sharekhan Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Shapoorji Data Processing Pvt. Shapoorji Pallonji (gwalior) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Sharda Solvent Ltd. Shapoorji Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Shantmurli Holdings Ltd. [merged] Shapoorji & Company Pvt. Ltd. Sharavana Estates & Plantations Ltd. Shanudeep Pvt. Ltd. Sharda Sugar & Inds. Shardaraj Tradefin Ltd. Shape Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Sheel International Ltd. Sheetal Farms Ltd. Sheeba Hotels Ltd. Sheba Properties Ltd. Shaw Wallace & Co. Shashank Traders Ltd. Shaswat Stock Brokers Ltd. Shashi Ranjan Enterprises Pvt. [merged] Shaw Wallace Financial Services Ltd. Shaw Wallace Distilleries Limited [merged] Shaw Wallace Distilleries Ltd. Sharus Buildings Services India Pvt. [merged] Shaw Wallace Properties Ltd. Shashank Builders & Contracts Ltd. Ltd. Sharp India Ltd. Sharp Investments Ltd. Shatabadi Finlease & Securities Ltd. Ltd. Sharp Industries Ltd. [merged] Shayona Petrochem Ltd. Ltd. Shatrunjay Extrusions Ltd. Sharyans Resources Ltd. Sheela Timber Inds. Shashvat Land Projects Pvt. Shashi Commercial Co. Ltd.Sharp Ferro Alloys Ltd. Shashi Cables Ltd. Sheena Textiles Ltd. Shasun Chemicals (madras) Ltd. Shasun Finance Ltd. Sheetal Diamonds Ltd. Ltd. Sharp Foundry (india) Ltd. Sheetal Exports Ltd. Sheel Biotech Ltd. Sharvani Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Shauma Vanijya Pratisthan Ltd. Sharp Menthol India Ltd. Sharpedge Ltd. Ltd. Shatex Industries Ltd. Sheetal Bio-agro Tech Ltd. Shaw Wallace Breweries Ltd. Shasun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. . [merged] Sharpscan & Prints Ltd. [merged] Shaw Wallace Aoki & Co.

Shenbaga Vinayagar Salterns Ltd. Ltd. Shentracon Chemicals Ltd. Shilp Gravures Ltd. Corpn. Shentracon Tea & Plantations Ltd.Sheetal Filaments Ltd. Shetkari Solvent (india) Ltd. . Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd. Shilp Fabrics Ltd. Shekhawati Poly-yarn Ltd. Ltd. Shervani Hospitalities Ltd. Sheraton Properties & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Shekhavati Investments & Traders Ltd. Shefali Papers Ltd. Co. Shikha Growth Fund Ltd. Shelter Projects Ltd. Sheth Developers & Realtors (india) Ltd. Shethia Mining & Mfg. Sheshan Housing & Area Devp. Shell Soft Computer Solutions Ltd. Sherlon Trading Pvt. Shilchar Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Shetty Leasing (india) Ltd. Sheoparshad Surendrakumar Ltd. Sheffield Appliances Ltd. Shez Leathers Ltd. Shelter Capitals Ltd. Sheth Investments & Trdg. Ltd. Shibir India Ltd. Shetron Ltd. Sheetlamata Commercials Ltd. Shell Infotech Ltd. [merged] Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd. Shikhar Leasing & Trading Ltd. Shelter Infra Projects Ltd. Shell Mercantile Corpn. Sheth Developers Pvt. Sheiladeep Investments Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Shilpa Rerollers Ltd. Pvt. Shervani Sugar Syndicate Ltd. Shikhar Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Engineer Ltd. Shetusha Engineers & Constructors Pvt. Shilpa Medicare Ltd. Shel Investments Consultancy Pvt.

Ltd. Shipra Leasing Pvt. Of India Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Shital Commercial Ltd. Shiv Shakti Press Pvt. Ltd. Shital Fibres Ltd. Shiva Cement Ltd. Shiv Shakti Tubes & Inds. & Consultancy Ltd. Shimoga Technologies Ltd. Shiv Shakti Products Ltd. Shirdi Trading & Agencies Pvt. Shilpax Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Shiv Kamal Impex Ltd. [merged] Shipping Corpn. Shinewell Leasing Ltd. Shirpur Gold Refinery Ltd. Shimoga Steels Ltd. Shilpayanee Ltd. Ltd. Shine Blue Hire Purchase Ltd. Shinhan Bank Shinkolite Cables Ltd. Ltd. Shingar Ltd. Shimal Research Laboratories Ltd. Shiv Agrevo Ltd.Shilpa Software Corpn. Shiromani Infrastructure Ltd. Shiv Shakti Sponge Iron Ltd. Shiv Herbal Research Laboratory Ltd. Shipra Homes Pvt. Shiva Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Shiv International Ltd. Shiva Egg Products Ltd. Shiv Investments Pvt. Ltd. Shimansu Vyaparik Kendra Ltd. Shipra Estate Ltd. Shirdi Industries Ltd. Ltd. Shiv Shankar Resources Ltd. Shiv Om Invst. Shipara Technologies Ltd. Shiva Global Agro Inds. Shital Mercandiser (india) Ltd. Shipra Reality Pvt. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd. Shiv Vani Oil & Gas Exploration Services Ltd. Shirin Investments & Trading Pvt.

Shiva Petroleum (india) Ltd. Shivpuri Trading Co. Shivam Techno Projects Ltd. Shivani Locks Ltd. Shivalik Bimetal Engineers Pvt. Shiva Texyarn Ltd. Shivashakti Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. Shivalik Industrial Resources Ltd. Shivalik Golf & Forest Resorts Ltd. Shivendra Estate & Reality Pvt. Shivagrico Implements Ltd. Shivlaxmi Exports Ltd. Shiva Suitings Ltd. Shivani Vanaspati Ltd. Shivna Spinners Ltd. Shivom Infraestates Pvt. Shiva's Group Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Shivajimarg Properties Ltd. Shivam Gases Ltd. Shiva Metalloys International Ltd. Shiva Petro-synth Specialities Ltd. Shiva Paper Mills Ltd. Shivom Sales Ltd. Shivaji Works Ltd. . Shivaani Alloy Steel Castings Ltd. Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd. Shiva Texfabs Ltd. Shiva Speciality Yarns Ltd. Shivam Apperals Exports Ltd.Shiva Medicare Ltd. Shivani Power Spinners Ltd. Shivam International Ltd. Shiva Sutex Ltd. Shivgarh Resorts Ltd. Shivalik Loha Mills Ltd. Shivam Autotech Ltd. Shivalik Rasayan Ltd. Shivom Granites Ltd. Shivani Synthetics Ltd. Shivalik Agro Poly Products Ltd. Shivir Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. Shivdeep Industries Ltd. Shivaka Industries Ltd.

Shoppers' Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. Shree Araveli Finlease Ltd. Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd. Shoghi Communications Ltd. Shree Ashtavinayak Passion Movies Ltd. Shree Balaji Finvest Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Sholingur Textiles Ltd. Shree Ambeshwar Paper Mills Ltd. Shree Bhagwan Fabrics Ltd. Shrachi Fiscal Services Ltd. Shree Ashtavinayak Light Cameraaction Ltd. Shradha Projects Ltd. Shobhana Securities Ltd. Shradha Leasing & Financing Ltd. Shree Balram Paper Mills Ltd. Shravani Abrasives Mfg. Ltd. (india) Ltd. Shree Benzophen Inds. Shohrat Realtors Ltd. Shree Ambika Sugars Ltd. Shopper's Stop Services (india) Ltd. Shrachi Auto Pvt. Shree Balajee Landmark Hotels Pvt. Shobha Soya Oil Products Ltd. . [merged] Shraddha Investments Ltd. Ltd. Shobhagya Steels Ltd. Shradha Industries Ltd. Shree Ajit Pulp & Paper Ltd. Shramik Krishi Udyog Ltd. Shree Balkrishna Commercial Co. Shopper's Stop. Shradhanjali Investment & Trading Co. Shree Ashtavinayak L F S Infra Ltd. Shrachi Infrastructure Finance Ltd. Shree Bharani Spinnings (india) Ltd. Ltd. Shoppers Stop Ltd. Shree Bhagwat Papers Ltd.Shivraj Sugar & Allied Products Pvt. Shree Ashtavinayak Dream Pictures Ltd. Shree Balaji Power Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Shonkh Technologies International Ltd. Shobhana Traders Ltd. Shree Acids & Chemicals Ltd. Shree Bankey Behari Exports Ltd.

& Trdg. Shree Gopala Iron (india) Pvt. Shree Changdeo Sugar Mills Ltd. Shree Extrusions Ltd. Shree Export House Ltd. Shree Gobind Udyog Ltd. Shree Bijay Sugar Mills Ltd. Shree Ganesh Iron Inds. Shree Electromelts Ltd. & Inds. Shree Durga Iron & Steel Co. Shree Bhawani Cotton Mills & Inds. Shree Dewan Steels (india) Ltd. Shree Capital Services Ltd. Shree Cement Ltd. Shree Bhawani Paper Mills Ltd. Shree Digvijay Cement Co. Shree Gouri Shankar Jute Mills Ltd. Shree Bhikshu Foundation Ltd. Shree Hari Chemicals Export Ltd. Shree Durga Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Shree Ganesh Elastoplast Ltd. Co. Shree Global Tradefin Ltd. Ltd. Shree Gopal Vanaspati Ltd. Ltd. Shree Ganga Leasing Co. Shree Holdings Ltd. Shree Coratomic Ltd. Shree Bhawani Invst. Shree Cosmetics Ltd. Ltd. Shree Ganesh Cotspin Ltd. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. Ltd. Shree Giriraj Inds. Shree Hanuman Sugar & Inds. Ltd. Ltd.Shree Bharka Synthetics Ltd. Shree Gopal Steels Ltd. Shree Ganesh Knit (india) Ltd. Shree Chamundi Mopeds Ltd. Ltd. Shree Foods Ltd. Shree Hiral Surgicals Ltd. Ltd. . Shree Ganesh Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandli Ltd. Shree Ganesh Invsts. Ltd. Shree Bhavanji Cotton Mills Pvt. Shree Ganesh Forgings Ltd. Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Ltd. Shree Gobinddeo Glass Works Ltd.

Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Inds. Ltd. Shree Kumaran Mills Ltd. Shree Madhav Edible Products Ltd. Shree Mahaganga Sugar Mills Ltd. Shree Nirmal Commercial Ltd. Shree Laxmi Infosolutions & Jewellary Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Shree Precoated Steels Ltd. Shree Krithika Holdings Ltd. Shree Mahabir Cotton Fabrics Pvt. Shree Mahadeo Cotton Mills Ltd. Shree Quality Cements Ltd. Shree Manufacturing Co. Shree Krishna Agency Ltd. Shree Krishna Keshav Laboratories Ltd. Shree Krishi Sadhan Ltd. . Shree Nath Commercial & Finance Ltd. Shree Narmada Aluminium Inds.Shree Industries Ltd. Shree Janardana Mills Ltd. Shree Krishna Infrastructure Ltd. Shree Krishna Holiday Home & Farms Ltd. Shree Karthik Papers Ltd. Shree Metalloys Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Shree Navdurga Cotton & Yarn Co. Shree Maheshwar Hydel Power Corpn. Shree Investment Ltd. Shree Mahavir Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Shree Pomani Metals & Alloys Ltd. Shree Luxmi Woollen Mills Estate Ltd. Shree Krishna Rolling Mills (jaipur) Ltd. Shree Mahaganesh Texpro Ltd. Shree Parashnath Re-rolling Mills Ltd. Ltd. Shree Nirman Ltd. Shree Laxmi Agents Ltd. Shree Jagdambe Paper Mills Ltd. Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. Ltd. Shree Kamrup Roofings Ltd. Shree Jagdish Oil Inds. Shree Pacetronix Ltd. Shree Mansingka Oil Mills Ltd. Shree Kem-pharm Ltd. Shree Nidhi Trading Co. Shree Panchaganga S S K Ltd.

Shree Samrudhi Industrial Papers Pvt. Shree Shyam Fabrics Ltd. & Finance Ltd. Shree Tulsi Online. Shree Securities Ltd. Shree Sancheti Motors Pvt. Ltd. Shree Shakthi Agro Oils Ltd. Ltd. Shree Suvarna Sahakari Bank Ltd. Shree Salasar Investments Ltd.Shree Radhe Inds. Shree Sita Ram Paper Mills Ltd. [merged] Shree Rajeshwaranand Paper Mills Ltd. Shree S & G Fin-cap (india) Ltd. Ltd. Shree Sulphurics Pvt. Shree Sai Megha Alloys Ltd. Shree Sidhbali Steels Ltd. Shree Sanyeeji Ispat Ltd. Shree Synthetics Ltd. [merged] Shree Tayal Leasing & Finance Ltd. Shree Rubber Inds. Shree Rajasthan Syntex Ltd. Shree Rang Mark Travels Ltd. [merged] Shree Shubham Logistics Ltd. Shree Steel Wire Ropes Ltd. Shree Sajjan Mills Ltd. Ltd. Shree Surgovind Realtors Ltd. Shree Rama Multi-tech Ltd. Shree Raj Travels & Tours Ltd. Shree Rajivlochan Oil Extraction Ltd. Shree Satyanarayan Investments Co. Shree Ram Estate Ltd. Shree Sanmati Rice Ltd. Ltd. Shree Rani Sati Invst. Shree Swami Harigiri Paper Mills Ltd. . Ltd. Shree Shree Telecom Pvt. Shree Sponge Steel & Forging Ltd. Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. Shree Surgovind Tradelink Ltd. Shree Shaleen Textiles Ltd. Shree Rajasthan Texchem Ltd. Ltd. Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd. Shree Renuka Energy Ltd. Shree Sitaram Sugar Co. Shree Resham Textile Mills Ltd. Ltd.

Shreeji Phosphate Ltd. Shreejal Info Hubs Ltd. Shreeranga Reality & Finance Pvt. & Prtg. Ltd. Shree Vallabh Oil Mills Ltd. Shreno Ltd. Shree Vihar Properties Ltd. Shrenik Marbles Ltd. Shree Vaishnavi Dyg. Bank Ltd. Shrenuj Lifestyle Ltd. Shree Vrindavan Inds. Shree Venkatesh Steels Ltd. Shreno Ltd. Shree Vindhya Cast Coaters Ltd.Shree Vaani Sugars & Inds. [merged] Shrenuj Gems & Jewellery Ltd. Shreeji Jewellary Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Shrenuj & Co. Shreelekha Global Finance Ltd. Shrenik Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Shreeji Industries Ltd. [merged] Shree Vaishnav Ispat Pvt. Ltd. Shree Vardhan Ltd. Shrenuj Diajewels Ltd. Shree Venkatesh Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Shreeji Bhatia Co-op. Ltd. Shree Vindhya Paper Mills Ltd. Shreesena Development & Reality Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Shreenath Investment Co. Shreejee Brokers Ltd. Ltd. Shreekrishna Biotech Ltd. Shreeyash Industries Ltd. Shreeanant Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Shreevatsaa Finance & Leasing Ltd. . Shree Yogi Steel Ltd. Shree Yaax Pharma & Cosmetics Ltd. Shreeji Dye-chem Ltd. Ltd. Shreekant Ltd. Shreetron India Ltd. Co. Shree Vallabh Glass Works Ltd. Shreeji Shipping Services (india) Ltd. Shreekant Chemical Inds. Shreenath Industrial Invst. Shreeom Trades Ltd.

Shri Gurudev En-trade Ltd. Shreyans Construction Ltd. Shri Gautam Ghandhar Resources Ltd. Shri Educare Ltd. Shri Bhogavati S S K Ltd. Shreyadita Properties Pvt. Shreyas Intermediates Ltd. Ltd. Shri Ambuja Petrochemicals Ltd. Shri Gautam Ship Breaking Inds. Shri Amba Leasing Ltd.Shrenuj Overseas Ltd. Shrey Industries Ltd. Ltd. Shreyanse Finance Ltd. Shreyans Industries Ltd. Shri Indhira Cotton Mills Pvt. Ltd. Shri Badrinarain Alloys & Steels Ltd. Shri Chlochem Ltd. Ltd. . Shri Chamundeswari Minerals Ltd. Shri Bhagavati Bright Bars Ltd. Shri Ajitnath Buildcon Ltd. Shri Giriraj Ply-n-board Inds. Shri Ambica Mills Ltd. Shri Gang Inds. Shreyas Shipping & Logistics Ltd. Shri Ganpati Fertilizers Ltd. & Allied Products Ltd. Ltd. Shri Govindaraja Mills Ltd. Shri Bajrang Alloys Ltd. Shri Balkishan Agarwal Glass Inds. Shri Arihant Co-op. Shreyas Relay Systems Ltd. Shri Anjaney Agro Foods Ltd. Shri Bajrang Ispat & Plywood Ltd. Shreyas Papers Pvt. Shreyans Leasing & Finance Ltd. Shri Amruta Mills Ltd. Shri Arbuda Mills Ltd. Ltd. Shri Dhudhganga Vedganga S S K Ltd. Shri Hariganga Cement Ltd. Bank Ltd. Shri Ganesh Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Shri Girija Smelters Ltd. Shri Amarsinhji Stationery Inds. Shri Dinesh Mills Ltd. Shri Ganesh Ferro Alloys Ltd.

Shri Krishna Devcon Ltd. Shri Sai Jewels Pvt. Ltd. Shri Radha Krishna Brokers & Holdings Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Shri Rangam Properties Ltd. Shri Ramalinga Builders Ltd. Shri Sainath Proteins Ltd. Shri Mookambiga Spg. Shri Lakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd. Shri Mahabir Dyeing & Printing Mills Pvt. Shri Nandnaket Properties Ltd. Shri Lakshmi Metal Udyog Ltd. Shri Jagdamba Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Shri Ram Chlorochem Ltd. Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn Ltd. Shri Ramchander Straw Products Ltd. Ltd. Shri Ramrupai Balaji Steels Ltd. Shri Sarvesh Cotton Mills Ltd. Shri Ishar Alloy Steels Ltd. Shri Mahasati Invsts. Shri Krsna Urja Project Ltd. Shri Lal Mahal Ltd. Shri Puran Multimedia Ltd. Ltd. Shri Rathi Steels Ltd. Shri Renuga Spin-tex Fabrics Ltd. Shri Ramalinga Mills Ltd. Shri Nataraj Investment Co. Shri Matre Power & Infrastructure Ltd. Shri Prabhulingeshwar Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Shri Nemiraj Finance Ltd. Shri Kalyan Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Shri Lal Mahal Overseas Ltd. Mills Ltd. . Shri Nakoda Bhirav Realtors Pvt. Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad Shri Marudhar Finlease Ltd. Shri Mahalaxi Agricultural Devp. Shri Renuga Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Shri Khodiyar Inds. Shri Teyem Processors Ltd. Shri Keshav Cements & Infra Ltd. [merged] Shri Rangam Investment Co. Ltd.Shri Ishar Agro Ltd. Shri Nataraj Ceramic & Chemical Inds. Ltd. Shri Niranjan Ayurved Bhawan Ltd.

Shriram Investments Ltd. Ltd. Shriram Commercial Ltd. Ltd. Shriram Coconut Products Ltd. Shriram Equipment Finance Co. Ltd. [merged] Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd. Shrijee Heavy Projects Works Ltd. Shriram Credit Co. Ltd. Shriram Foundry Ltd. Shri Warana Minerals (india) Pvt. [merged] Shriram Bioseed Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Shricon Credit & Invst. Ltd. Co. Shriram E P C Ltd. Shriniwas Fertilizers Ltd. [merged] Shriram Insight Share Brokers Ltd. [merged] Shriniwas Steel Ltd. Ltd. Shripal Realty Pvt. Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. Ltd. Shri Veerganapathi Steels Ltd. Shriram Fuel Injection Inds. Shricol Finance & Invst. Ltd. Shrinkhla Buildwell Ltd. Shriram Bioseed Genetics India Ltd. [merged] Shriram Leitwind Ltd. Shripet Cybertech Systems Ltd. Shriram Engineering Construction Co. Shrinathji Solvex Ltd. Ltd. Shrinathji Flour Mills Pvt. Shrijee Cotton Mills Ltd. Ltd. Shricon Industries Ltd. Shriram Ppr Technology Pvt. Shriram Automall India Ltd. [merged] Shriram Non Conventional Energy Ltd. . [merged] Shriram Housing Finance Ltd. Shri Vishnu Eatables (india) Ltd. Shriganesh Texfab Ltd. Shriram Industrial Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Shriram Overseas Finance Ltd. Shriram Asset Mgmt. Shri Vardhvinayak Builders Pvt. Shri Vijay Vallabh Holdings Ltd. Shrilekha Trading Pvt. Shriram Powergen Ltd.Shri Vardhman Overseas Ltd.

Ltd. Shroff Textiles Ltd. Shukra Bullions Ltd. Shubalavanya Jewel Crafts Pvt. Ltd. Shubhashri Extrusions Ltd. Shuklamber Exports Ltd. Shubham Granites Ltd. Shurjo Energy Pvt. (kar. Shristi Infrastructure Devp. Shriram Recon Trucks Ltd. Ltd. Shristi Urban Infrastructure Devp. Shruti Finstock Ltd. Shubh Labh Invsts. Shristi Housing Devp. Shukra Jewellery Ltd. Shubham Industries Ltd. Shroma Tools Ltd. Pvt. Shushrusha Citizens' Co-op. Ltd. Shubhangi Investment & Trading Ltd. [merged] Shriram Transport Finance Co.) Ltd. Corpn. Hospital Ltd. Shubham Chemicals & Solvents Ltd. Shukra Diamonds Exports Ltd. Ltd. Shubh Exim Ltd.Shriram Properties & Constructions (chennai) Ltd. Shroffs Engineering Ltd. Shriyam Broking Intermediary Ltd. . Ltd. Shukun Construction Ltd. Shriram Properties & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Shriramfortune Solutions Ltd. Shruti Synthetics Ltd. Shroff Mushroom Floriculture Ltd. Shubh Enterprises Ltd. Shriram Properties Ltd. Shukla Data Technics Ltd. Shubnam Industries Ltd. Ltd. Shubh Shanti Services Ltd. Shriya Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Shubhan Properties Ltd. Shrishma Fine Chemicals & Pharma. Shubham Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Shristi Udaipur Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Shruti Services & Mktg. Shriram Wealth Advisors Ltd. Shroffs United Chemicals Ltd.

Shyam Internet Services Ltd. Shyamlal Holdings & Trading Ltd. Sicgil India Ltd. Shyamal Holdings & Trading Ltd. Sibar Media & Entertainment Ltd.Shwetha Development & Leasing Pvt. Shyam Finance & Leasing Co. Shyam Vinyls Ltd. [merged] Shyam Sunder Vanaspati Ltd. Ltd. Sibar Auto Parts Ltd. Shyam Prints & Publishers Ltd. Siam Commercial Bank Siasin Energy Ltd. Ltd. Sibar Software Services (india) Ltd. Sicom Arc Ltd. Sical Iron Ore Terminals Ltd. Shyamprakash Spinning Mills Ltd. Shyam Ispat Ltd. Ltd. Sical Logistics Ltd. Ltd. Shyama Infosys Ltd. Shyam Century Ferrous Ltd. . Sical Infra Assets Ltd. Sica Breweries Ltd. Shyam Telecom Ltd. Shyam Ahuja Ltd. Shyam Telecom Mfg. Shyam Sundar Tea Co. [merged] Shyam Ferro Alloys Ltd. Pvt. Shyamkamal Investments Ltd. Shyamkunj (india) Ltd. [merged] Sicagen India Ltd. Sical Multimodal & Rail Transport Ltd. Sicgil Industrial Gases Ltd. Sibar Finance Ltd. Shyam International Ltd. Shyama Power India Ltd. Sical Distriparks Ltd. Shyam Textiles Ltd. Shyam Indospin Ltd. Sical Ships India Ltd. Sical Iron Ore Terminal (mangalore) Ltd. Shyam Flexi Pack Ltd. Sibar Financial Services (p) Ltd.

Ltd. Siddhi Constructions Ltd. Ltd. Siddharth Ormet Ltd. Sicom Trustee Co. Siddharth Textiles Pvt. Sidhi Vinayak Investment Ltd. Sidco Leathers Ltd. Siddaganga Oil Extractions Pvt. Ltd. Sidhartha Metal Coating Ltd. Sidh Leasing Ltd. Sidharth Papers Ltd. Siemens Ltd. Ltd. Siddharth Colorchem Ltd. Ltd. Sidh Industries Ltd. Siddhivinayak Dairy & Food Products Ltd. Siddharth Global Ltd. Siddheshwari Paper Udyog Ltd. Sidh Enterprises Ltd. Siddhnath Residential Paradise Pvt. Sidya Investments Ltd. Sieburth Laboratories (i) Ltd. Ltd. Siddhartha Pharmachem Ltd. Pvt. Siddha Ventures Ltd. Sidh Automobiles Ltd. . (tamilnadu) [merged] Siemens Business Communication Systems Ltd. Siddhartha Tubes Ltd. [merged] Sierra Investments Ltd. [merged] Sidhivinayak Infracon Ltd. Sidmak Laboratories (india) Pvt. Sicom Investment & Finance Ltd. Siemens Telematik Ltd. Siddhartha Super Spg. Siemens Building Technologies Pvt. Mills Ltd. Siddhartha Spinfab Ltd. [merged] Siemens Information Systems Ltd. Sidhi Steel & Alloys Ltd. Siddheswari Garments Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Sicpa India Pvt. Siddhi Multi-trade Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Siemens V D O Automotive Ltd. Sicom Realty Pvt. Ltd.Sicom Capital Mgmt. Siddhi Vinayak Metal Co.

Signet Industries Ltd. Silkcity Petrofils Co. Sikkim Hydro Power Ventures Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Siltex India Ltd. Silktex Commerce Pvt. Silica Ceramica Pvt. Sigma Paints Ltd. Sikaria Securities Ltd. Sikar Investment Co. Silicon Valley Infotech Ltd. Sigma Search Lights Ltd. Siltap Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Silkon Silk Mills (exports) Ltd. Silktex Ltd. . Sika Interplant Systems Ltd. Ltd. Sigma Minerals Ltd. Silpa Infotech Ltd. Sify Plasticscommerce Ltd. Sikka Papers Ltd. Silkroute Indchem Ltd. Sikkim Securities Ltd. Silicon Leasing & Investments Ltd.Sify Baron Net Devices Ltd. Sigma Laboratories Ltd. Sikka N Sikka Engineers Pvt. Sify Ltd. Sijmak Oils Ltd. Ltd. Siltronics (india) Ltd. Sikkim Industrial Devp. Sigrun Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Sigma Microsystems Pvt. Sikozy Realtors Ltd. Silver Peak Township Pvt. Silver Oak (india) Ltd. Sify Software Ltd. [merged] Sify E-learning Ltd. & Investment Corpn. Ltd. Sijberia Industries Ltd. Siltex International Ltd. Ltd. Silcal Metallurgic Ltd. Signet Steels Ltd. Sify Communications Ltd. Sigrun Realties Ltd. Ltd. Sigachi Laboratories Ltd.

Simpson & General Finance Co. Ltd. Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Sincere Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Simco Trading & Finance Co. Simplex Projects Ltd. Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Simplex Castings Ltd. Simplex Mills Co. Ltd. Simplex Papers Ltd. Silverline Cinemas Pvt. Simplex Realty Ltd. Simpex Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Silver Star Plastics Ltd. Silver Trading & Services Ltd. Ltd. Simpson & Co. Silverline Technologies Ltd. Simplex Infra Devp. Silver-sky Real Estates Pvt. Simto Investment Co. Silverton Motels & Resorts Ltd. Silveroak Commercials Ltd. Silvertone Investments Ltd. Silver Valley Communications Ltd. Simplex Trading & Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Simon India Ltd. Ltd. Silverlake Realtors Pvt. Simran Farms Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Simtools Ltd. Silverline Properties Ltd. Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. Simran Wind Project Pvt. Silver Springs Finance Pvt. Simco Industries Ltd. Simco Business Ltd. Silvia Apparels Ltd. Simpark Infrastructure Pvt. Simhapuri Energy Pvt. . Ltd.Silver Smith India Ltd. Silver Spark Apparel Ltd. Simandhar Finance Ltd. Ltd. Simplex Packaging Ltd. Simmonds Marshall Ltd. Ltd. Silvo Liacal Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Singhania Brothers Ltd. Single Window Fin-in Ltd. Sir Shadi Lal Enterprises Ltd. Single Window Securities Ltd. Sindhu Cargo Services Ltd. Singhal Agro Inds. Ltd. Sinew Developers Pvt. Sindu Valley Technologies Ltd. Singhal Cement & Allied Inds. Singlacherra Tea Co. Singhal Fincap Limited Singhal Fincap Ltd. Siporex India Pvt. Sino India Minerals Ltd. Sinha Bulk Shipping Ltd. Sinora Trading Pvt. Singlo (india) Tea Co. (1992) Sindhudurg Mining Corpn. Ltd.Sinclairs Hotels Ltd. Singer India Trading Ltd. Sinnar Bidi Udyog Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Singhal Swaroop Ispat Ltd. (1984) Sindhu Trade Links Ltd. Pvt. Sindhu Greenlands Pvt. Sinkhai Healthcare Ltd. Siraga Aqua Farms & Exports Ltd. Singareni Collieries Co. . Singhal Strips Ltd. Ltd. Singhal Credit Mgmt. Singer India Ltd. Singh Alloys & Steel Ltd. Sinclairs Management Education Co. Ltd. Sirhind Steel Ltd. Sintex Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sintex Infra Projects Ltd. Pvt. Sintex International Ltd. Ltd. Singa Real Estates Ltd. Sindhu Resettlement Corpn. Sipta Coated Steels Ltd. Sindhu Trade Links Ltd. Ltd. Siripada Homes Pvt. Ltd. [erstwhile] Siptech Solutions Ltd. Sinta India Ltd. Ltd.

Sita Investment Co. Sita Enterprises Ltd. [merged] Siris Ltd. Sitel India Ltd. Siticable Network Ltd. Sita Travels & Tours Pvt. Sivakalyani Papers Ltd. Sirocco Sim Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Siva Projects Engg. Ltd. Sitaldas Estate Pvt. [merged] Sivagurunathan Textiles Ltd. Siva Sivani International Academy Ltd. Sivamala Finance Ltd. Siti Vision Digital Media Pvt. Siti Cable Broadband South Ltd. Sirius Zip Fasteners Ltd. Ltd. Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. Sivalik Cellulose Ltd. Sitapuram Power Ltd. Siruvani Properties Pvt. Sivaganga Investments Ltd. Siris India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd. & Enterprises Ltd. Ltd.Siripuram Developers Pvt. Sita World Travel (india) Ltd. Ltd. Siris Agro Ltd. Sita Offers & Bourse Expertise Ltd. Sitara Jewellery Pvt. Siva Ventures Ltd. Siruguppa Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Sitalakshmi Mills Ltd. [merged] Siv-magcobar Lignins Ltd. Siva Compulink Ltd. Sitco Fine Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Siva Credits Ltd. Sitapur Plywood Mfrs. Siva Telesat Vision Ltd. Siva Telenet Systems Ltd. Sirtaj Construction Ltd. [merged] Sital Leasing & Finance Ltd. Siva Industries & Holdings Ltd. Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd. Sita Shree Food Products Ltd.

Sivanandha Pipe Fittings Ltd. Skytone Electricals (india) Ltd. Skip Plastics Ltd. Ltd. Siyaram Finance Ltd. Skyline Millars Ltd. Skyline Air Logistics Ltd. Skypak Service Specialists Ltd. Skyline Caterers Pvt. Skylark Entertainment & Resorts India Pvt. Skil Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Sivananda Steels Ltd. Sky India Transmissions Pvt. Ltd.Sivan Securities Ltd. Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. . Skyline Leather Inds. Siyaram Polycote Ltd. Sky Industries Ltd. Skyhigh Colonizers Pvt. Skil Shipyard Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Skilled Construction Co. Ltd. Ltd. Skol Breweries Ltd. Skipper Ltd. Skyline Nepc Ltd. Skyvalley Buildcon Pvt. Ski Consultancy Services Ltd. Skil Raigam Power (india) Ltd. Skylark Rubber Products Ltd. Skylead Chemicals Ltd. Skyhigh Projects Ltd. Ltd. Skyline Construction & Housing Pvt. Skyline Ventures India Ltd. Ltd. Skil-himachal Infrastructure & Tourism Ltd. Ltd. Siyaram City Cabs Ltd. [merged] Sky Hemmay Pvt. Siyaram India Ltd. Skylid Telecommunication Ltd. Sivika Exim (india) Ltd. Skylimit International Finance Ltd. Skefko India Bearing Co. Ltd. Skyline India Ltd. Skol Breweries Ltd. Ltd. Skylark India Ltd. Sivashakthi Bio Planttec Ltd.

Sleek Textiles Inds. Snam Alloys Ltd. Snow Valley Foods Ltd. [amalgamated] Smridhi Realtech Pvt. Snap Natural & Alginate Products Pvt. Snowman Frozen Foods Ltd. Smark Global Finance Ltd. Smaarftech Technologies Pvt. Pvt. Snowhite Stores Pvt. Bank Of India Small Industries Product Promotion Organisation Ltd. Ltd. Smelters (india) Ltd. Snacko Bisc Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Smart Trading & Invst. Ltd. Smartchem Technologies Ltd. Ltd. . Co. Smruthi Organics Ltd. Ltd. Snowflower Exports & Consultants Ltd. Snam Vijaya Feeds Ltd. Smartinvest Agency.Skyways Properties Pvt. Snowhite Apparels Ltd. Snow White Metal Inds. Snigdha Trading & Leasing Ltd. Smriti Software Ltd. Smith Medicare Laboratories (india) Ltd. Smita Conductors Ltd. Smart It Concepts (nagpur) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Small Tools Mfg. Ltd. Of India Ltd. Ltd. Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. Smart Capital Services Ltd. Sneh Constructions Ltd. Smart Sensors & Transducers Ltd. Smith Stanistreet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Snowflakes Meditech Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Smith & Nephew Healthcare Pvt. Snhehadhara Industries Ltd. Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals (india) Ltd. Snow White Intra Ltd. Small Industries Devp. Smitabh Intercon Ltd. Smriti Commerce Ltd. Ltd. Smart Guard Systems Pvt. Smart Buildwell Pvt. Smartnet Communication Systems Pvt.

[merged] Solar Components Pvt. Solar Capital Ltd. Softrak Technology Exports Ltd. Soil Products (india) Ltd. Soalsil Exports Pvt. Softgenie Ltd. Sobhagya Securities Ltd. Snowtex Udyog Ltd. Solar Industries India Ltd. Sofcom Systems Ltd. Solapur District Central Co-op Bank Ltd. Solace Trade Links Pvt. Sobti Constructions (india) Ltd. Soham Securities Ltd. Ltd. Softsol India Ltd. Ltd. Sohrab Textile Mills Ltd. Softech Infinium Solution Ltd. Ltd. Social Media India Ltd. Sobha Developers Ltd. . Sofia Commercial Ltd. Solar Busiforms Ltd. Software Technology Group International Ltd. Sohum Shoppe Ltd. Social Mutual Benefit Co. Socrus Bio Sciences Ltd. Software Mart India Ltd.Snowtemp Engineering Co. Societe Generale Society Motors Ltd. Sohrab Spinning Mills Ltd. Softpro Technologies Pvt. Solar Investment & Agencies Ltd. Softrak Venture Investment Ltd. Softcell Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Social Leasing (india) Ltd. Soft-tech Info Systems Pvt. [merged] Solar Farmachem Ltd. Sofscript Systems & Services Ltd. Sobat India Ltd. Softouch Hygiene Products (mkt) Ltd. Ltd. Sodexo Food Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Sobhagya Mercantile Ltd. Softcube Systems Ltd. Ltd.

Som Construction & Developers Ltd. Som Shiva (impex) Ltd. Ltd. Solid Stone Co. Solar Mining Resources Ltd. Solvay Pharma India Ltd. Somani Cement Co. Soma Hyderabad City Centre Pvt. Soma Raipur City Centre Pvt. Solar Research Ltd. Solitaire Investments Co. Solid Carbide Tools Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Solex Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Som Datt Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Som Datt Power Ltd. Som Phytopharma (india) Ltd. Somani Cotsynth Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Solix Technologies Ltd. Som Datt Overseas Ltd. Soma Investments Ltd. Solar Trading & Invst. Som Distilleries & Breweries Ltd. Solectron E M S India Ltd. Soma Textiles & Inds. Solaris Chemtech Inds. Somaiya Organo-chemicals Ltd. Soma Enterprise Ltd. Solidaire India Ltd.Solar Magic Pvt. Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd. Ltd. Solarson Industries Ltd. Ltd. Solid Containers Ltd. Somani Iron & Steels Ltd. Som Datt Finance Corpn. Solaris Chemtech Ltd. [merged] Solvent Traders Pvt. Som Datt Builders Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Som Datt Enterprises Ltd. Somani Capital Investments & Finance Ltd. Soma Papers & Inds. Soma Plumbing Fixtures Ltd. Solar Mines & Minerals Ltd. Solus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Solumiks Herbaceuticals Ltd.

[merged] . Ltd. Somany Evergreen Knits Ltd.Somani Overseas Pvt. Sonam Financial Services Ltd. Somani Swiss Inds. Someshwara Multiproject Finance Ltd. Sona Cold Forgings Ltd. Sonal Cosmetics (exports) Ltd. Ltd. Somani Strips Ltd. Ltd. Sonata Information Technology Ltd. Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sonali Bank Sonali Commercial Ltd. Sone Paper & Inds. Sonata Software Ltd. Somany Retail Ltd. Ltd. Sona Fuji Kiko Automotive Ltd. Ltd. Somi Conveyor Beltings Ltd. Somkan Marine Foods Ltd. Somayajulu & Co. Sona Stampings Ltd. Sona Oil & Chemical Inds. Sonarji Ltd. Sonal Vyapar Ltd. Sona Okegawa Precision Forgings Ltd. Sonai River Tea Co. Sona Finance & Leasing Ltd. Sona Processors (india) Ltd. Sona Paper Boards Ltd. Somany Ceramics Ltd. Sonal International Ltd. Ltd. Sonali Shelters Pvt. Sonal Adhesives Ltd. Sona Somic Lemforder Components Ltd. Sonal Sil-chem Ltd. Somany Global Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sombaria Co. Sonar Industries Pvt. Sonal Mercantile Ltd. Sona Global Limited Sona Global Ltd. Someswara Cements & Chemicals Ltd. Sonata Yarns Ltd. Somplast Leather Inds.

Soundcraft Industries Ltd. Sonico Industries Ltd. Soul Space Realty Ltd. Sonu Buildwell Pvt. Devp. South Asian Agro Inds. Sonepat (india) Ltd. South East Agro Inds. Ltd. Sonnet Trade & Investments Pvt. South Asian Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Soumag Electronics Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Soni Securities Ltd. Sophia Finance Ltd. [merged] South Asian Securities Ltd. Ltd. Sonitpur Solvex Ltd. Sophia Exports Ltd. South Asia Capital Services Ltd. Soni Medicare Ltd. South Asia Electricity Holdings Ltd. Soorya Water Technologies Ltd. Sound Investments Co. Sooraj Automobiles Ltd. South Asia F M Ltd. Songadh Infrastructure & Housing Ltd. South Asian Financial Exchange Ltd. Sonell Clocks & Gifts Ltd. Source Financial Services Ltd. Soul Space Projects Ltd. Ltd. Sonico Bikes Ltd. Sorabh Cement Ltd.Soneko India Ltd. Sonu Synthetics Ltd. Ltd. South Bengal State Transport Corpn. [merged] Soundararaja Mills Ltd. Ltd. South Asian Petrochem Ltd. Soundararaja Finance Ltd. Soul Space Hospitality Ltd. Souriau India Pvt. Soubhik Exports Ltd. South Asian Mushrooms Ltd. South East Indl. Soni Rubber Products Ltd. Sound Holdings Ltd. Sonpal Infotech Pvt.

Ltd. Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd. South West Port Ltd. [merged] Southern Infosys Ltd. Ltd. Bank Ltd. Southern Online Services Ltd. Southern Agrifurane Inds. Southern Biofe Biofuels Pvt. Ltd. Southern Housing Corpn. Ltd. Southern Iron & Steel Co. South India Tea & Coffee Estates Ltd. Of Orissa Ltd. Southern Electrodes Ltd. South Indian Concerns Ltd. South India House Estates & Properties Ltd. Ltd. Corpn. Southern L P G Ltd. [merged] South India Cements Ltd. Southern Hydrocarbons Ltd. Southern Latex Ltd. [merged] South India Sugars Ltd.South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. South India Projects Ltd. Ltd. Southern Magnesium & Chemicals Ltd. [merged] Southern Agrosynthese Ltd. Ltd. Southern Gujarat Share Brokers Association Southern Herbals Ltd. South India Shipping Corpn. South Indian Bank Ltd. Southern Industrial Corpn. South India Wires & Ropes Ltd. Southern Fuel Ltd. Southern Gas Ltd. Ltd. [merged] South India Surgical Co. Southern Clothing Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. South India Corpn. Southern Agrifurane Inds. Southern Energy Devp. Ltd. South India Paper Mills Ltd. Southern Pesticides Corpn. Southern Green Fields Ltd. Southern Electricity Supply Co. [merged] Southern Ispat & Energy Ltd. South Indian Co-op. Ltd. Southern India Bidi Works Pvt. Ltd. . South Gujarat Local Area Bank Ltd. South West Drilling & Infrastructure Ltd.

Southern Structurals Ltd. Sova Ispat Ltd. Space Computer & Systems Ltd. Spaceplus Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Southern Road Carriers Ltd. Span Diagnostics Ltd. Sova Ispat Alloys Ltd. Southern Super Castek India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Spaceage Products Ltd. . Spaceage Security Systems Ltd. Southern Refineries Ltd. Southern Tree Farms Ltd. Southern Power Distribution Co. Sowbhagya Media Ltd. Span Biotronics Pvt. Ltd. Spaans Babcock India Ltd. Sowdeswari Amman Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. Southern Switchgear Ltd. Southern Shelters Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sowbhagya Homemakers Ltd. Southern Textile Ltd. Spam Merchants Pvt. Span Allied Inds. Soyuz Trading Co. Ltd. Spaco Engineering Exports Pvt. Spaceage Switchgears Ltd. Span Construction Co. Span Housing & Construction Co. Space Machinetorg (india) Ltd. Southern Veneers & Woodworks Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Southern Petrochemical Inds. Sovereign Trading Enterprises Ltd. Southpole Securities Ltd. Southern Township Promoters Ltd. Sova Ispat Alloys (mega Projects) Ltd. Span Dyestuff Inds. Sovereign Diamonds Ltd. Pvt. Spaco Technologies (india) Pvt. Southern Roadways Ltd. Southern Press Tools Ltd. Space Inter-agro Ltd. Southern Steel Ltd. Corpn. Southern Spinners & Processors Ltd.

Spartan Trade Holdings Ltd. Speciality Petrolubes Ltd. Sparkling (india) Finshares Ltd. Spectra Net Ltd. [merged] Spark Plugs Co. Spartek Ceramics India Ltd. Special Coats Ltd. Spectra Industries Ltd. Spectacle Infotek Ltd. Specsoft Technologies India Ltd. Spearhead Metals & Alloys Ltd. Special Paints Ltd. Speciality Magazines Pvt. Ltd. Sparrow Technologies Ltd. Pvt. India Ltd. Ltd. Special Prints Ltd. . Speciality Coatings & Laminations Ltd. Sparta Cements & Infra Ltd. Spangles International Ltd. Ltd. Special Engineering Services Ltd. Special Tips Ltd. Span Securities Ltd. Ltd. Spark Exports Ltd. Sparkle Foods Ltd. [merged] Sparton Commerce Ltd. Spark Components Ltd. Spark Town Planners Pvt. [merged] Speciality Papers Ltd. Speciality Molecules Ltd. Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd. Spangle Marketing Ltd. Ltd. Specific Computer Printers Ltd. Spectra Motors Ltd. Co. Sparta Infotech India Pvt. Spantile Mfg. Sparr Equipments Ltd. Ltd. Sparsh B P O Services Ltd. Spanco Ltd. Spartek Granites Ltd. Special Steel Forgings Pvt. Sparc Systems Ltd. Span Medicals Ltd.Span Leasing & Investment Co. Spanner Finlease & Securities Ltd.

[merged] Spice Islands Apparels Ltd. Speed-a-way Pvt. Spectrum Integrated Resources Ltd. Ltd. Spectrum Power Generation Ltd. Spenta Floratech Ltd. Spic Holdings & Invsts. Spectrum Jewellery Ltd. . Spectrum Ethers Ltd. Spicejet Ltd. Ltd. Spencers Travel Services Ltd. Speed Packagings Ltd. Spectrum Foods Ltd.Spectra Punj Lloyd Ltd. Speedwell Vyapaar Pvt. Speedy Multimodes Ltd. Spectranet Holdings Ltd. Spencer's Retail Ltd. Spectrum Coal & Power Ltd. Spectrum Corporate Services Ltd. Spectrum Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Spicebulls Investments Ltd. Spenta International Ltd. Spencer & Co. [merged] Spic Petrochemicals Ltd. Spectrum Business Support Ltd. Spentex Industries Ltd. [merged] Spic Organics Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Spectrum Business Solutions Ltd. Spica Elastic Ltd. Spectrum Alkyd & Resins Ltd. Spencer Industrial Fund Ltd. Ltd. Spes (india) Ltd. Spheroidal Castings Ltd. [merged] Spencer International Hotels Ltd. Speedage Commercials Ltd. Specular Marketing & Financing Ltd. Ltd. Spice Communications Ltd. Spic Electric Power Corpn. Spectrum Resources Ltd. Spectrum Commercials Ltd. Spectrum Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Spectra Punjab Ltd. Speedwell Engineers Pvt.

Sradha Real Estates Pvt. Ltd. Splendid Infrastructure Pvt. Springdale Information & Technologies Pvt. Sprint Trading Co. Spraytec (india) Ltd. Spin Packaging Ltd. Splendid Global Expo Ltd. Spring View Developers Pvt. Splash Media & Infra Ltd. Spiritual Dwellers Pvt. Splendor Fitness Pvt. Ltd. Spring Investments Ltd. Spridick Garments Ltd. Sports & Leisure Apparel Ltd. Ltd. Springview Properties Pvt. Sportking India Ltd. Spices Valley Estates Ltd. Sprylogic Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Spry Resources India Pvt.Spicer India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Spiritual Buildcon Pvt. Spiritual Estates Pvt. Spinkraft (india) Ltd. Spotlight Vanijya Ltd. Spirax Marshall Ltd. Springfield Hotels Pvt. Spring Holidays Ltd. Ltd. Square D Textiles & Exports Ltd. Sporting Pastime India Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Springfields Securities Ltd. Spurt Fincap Ltd. Ltd. Sprint R P G India Ltd. Ltd. Spil Finance Ltd. Ltd. Spurt Medical Technology Ltd. Spices (india) Ltd. Springform Technology Ltd. Spotless Laundry Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Spyk Global Ltd. Sponge Iron India Ltd. . Spin Investment (india) Ltd. Spirit Global Constructions Ltd. [merged] Sporting & Outdoor Ad-agency Pvt. Splendor Distributors Pvt.

Sree Narayana Guru Co-op. Sree Egghead (india) Ltd. Sree Rayalaseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals Ltd. Sree Sella Infrastructure & Projects Ltd. Sree Teja Benefit Fund Ltd. & Wvg. Sree Chandrodaya Mills Ltd. Mills Ltd. Bank Ltd. . Ltd. Sree Jayalakshmi Autospin Ltd. Sree Nagalakshmi Textile Mills (madurai) Ltd. Sree Satyanarayana Spg. Sree Meenakshi Mills Ltd. Sree Adi Sakthi Mukkuttathode Hydro Power Ltd. Ltd. Sree Gadhaiya Finance & Overseas Ltd. Sree Solaiandavar Investments Ltd. Sree Ayyanar Spg. Sree Kailas Palchuram Hydro Power Ltd. Sree Gayathri Benifit Fund Ltd. [merged] Sree Meenakshisundaram Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Sree Akkamamba Textiles Ltd. Sree Metaliks Ltd. Sree Behariji Mills Ltd. Sree Rayalaseema Dutch Kassenbouw Ltd. Sree Rayalaseema Petrochemicals Ltd. & Finance Co. [merged] Sree Rayalaseema Power Corpn. Sree Snehavalli Textiles Pvt. Sree Harischandra Prasad Invst. Sree Rajendra Mills Ltd. Sravya Textiles Ltd. Sree Narasimha Textiles Pvt. Sree Narasimha Holdings Pvt. Mills Ltd. Ltd. Sree Rayalaseema Hi-strength Hypo Ltd. Sree Kaderi Ambal Mills Ltd. Sree Kailas Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Sree Prashant Spinners Ltd. Sree Devikarumari Finance Ltd. Sree Rayalaseema Galaxy Projects Ltd.Sravanaa Properties Ltd. Sree Aravindh Steel Ltd. [merged] Sree Sakthi Paper Mills Ltd. Sree Gajanana Motor Transport Co. Ltd. Sree Maruthi Marine Inds. Sree Nithyakalyani Textiles Ltd. [merged] Sree Kanteerava Studios Ltd. Ltd. Sree Karpagambal Mills Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Sree Visalam Chit Fund Ltd. Sri Bhavani Textiles Processors (p) Ltd. Sri Gopal Automotive Ltd. Sree Vadivambigai Textile Mills Ltd. Sri Ganpathy Finlease Ltd. Sreechem Resins Ltd. Sri Balasubramania Mills Ltd. Ltd. . Sreekrishnapuram Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. Sri Chakra Remedies Ltd. Sri K V R Forgings Ltd. Sri Chenchadainathar Karunakadakshi Spinners Ltd. Sri Aruna Auto Service Ltd. Sri K P R Industries Ltd. Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Ltd. Sri Bhawani Cabletel Ltd. Sri Ganapathy Mills Co. Srei Equipment Finance Pvt. Sri Ganapathy Finlease Ltd. Sreeragh General Finance Ltd. Sri Giridhar Foods Ltd. [merged] Sreepa Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Sri Balaji Green Heights Pvt. Sri Chakra Infoways Ltd. Sree Valliappa Textiles Ltd. Mills Ltd. Sri Bajrang Jute Mills Ltd. Sree Uma Parameswari Mills Ltd. Ventures Ltd.Sree Tulasi Solvent Extractions Ltd. Sri Gajanana Rice & Oil Mills Ltd. Sri Balamurugan Textile Processing Ltd. Ltd. Sri Durga Bansal Fertilizer Ltd. Sreenivasa Pharma Pvt. Sreelal Goenka Medical Institute Sreenidhi Engineering Ltd. Sree Venkateshwara Entertainment's Ltd. Sri Gopal Invsts. Sri Jayalakshmi Spg. Sri Arumuga Cottspin Pvt. Sri Bhagavathi Textiles Ltd. Sri Arumuga Enterprise Ltd. Sri Dhandauthapani Mines & Minerals Ltd. [merged] Sri Chamundeswari Sugars Ltd. Sri Asoka Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Sri Balaganapathy Mills Ltd.

Ltd. Sri Karunambikai Mills Pvt. Sri Karthikeya Spg. Ltd. Sri Manjunatha Stones Pvt. Sri Parvathi Hi-tech Products Ltd. Sri Kusuma Haranadha Agro Fural Ltd. Sri Raghava Textiles Ltd. Ltd. Sri Raga Nivas Ventures Pvt. . Ltd. Sri Lakshmi Saraswathi Textiles (arni) Ltd. Sri Ramachandra Hotels Ltd. Inds. [merged] Sri Krishna Fertilisers Ltd. Sri Narendraraja Textiles Pvt. [merged] Sri Rama Steels Ltd. Sri Mata Infratech Ltd. Ltd. Sri Ramadas Motor Transport Ltd. Ltd. Sri Ram Spinning Mills Ltd. Sri Krishna Drugs Ltd. Sri Raga Nivas Property Developers Pvt. Ltd. Sri Krishna Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Sri Raghavendra Benefit Fund Ltd. Sri Lakshmi Oxygen Pvt. Sri Kumaraguru Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Sri Muka Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Sri Narayan Rajkumar Merchants Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Mills Ltd. Mills Ltd. Sri Ramakrishna Mills (coimbatore) Ltd. Sri Nachammai Cotton Mills Ltd. Sri Malini Spg. Ltd. Sri Moogambigai Benefit Socy. Sri Nandaa Spinners Ltd. Sri Nath Ji Ispat Ltd. Sri Rama Vilas Service Ltd. Mills Ltd. Sri Ramakrishna Hi-tech Systems Ltd. Sri Lakshmi Engg. Sri Natesar Spg. Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Kamadhenu Nidhi Ltd. Sri Murali Spg. & Wvg. Sri Murugarajendra Oil Industry Ltd. Sri Rama Distilleries Ltd. Mills Pvt. Ltd. Sri Krishna Jute Mills Ltd. Sri Krishna Commercial Co. & Wvg.Sri Kannapiran Mills Ltd. Sri Panchajanya Power Pvt. Sri Kumaran Mills Ltd. Sri Madhusudana Mines & Properties Ltd.

Sri Ramalinga Choodambikai Mills Ltd. Sri Venkatesh Complex Ltd. Sri Sitaram Investments Ltd. Sri Vasavi Inds. Sri Venkatesa Mills Ltd. Sri Vasavi Poly Inds. Ltd. Sri Sarvaraya Sugars Ltd. Sri Venkatesa Transport & Services Ltd. Ltd. Sri Venkatesa Processors Ltd. Sri Sharadamba Properties Ltd. [merged] Sri Sivakaami Mills Ltd. Sri Venkateswara Pipes Ltd. Sri Ramnarayan Mills Ltd. Sri Simhadri Cements Ltd. Sri Shanmugha Mines & Minerals Ltd. Sri Vijayalakshmi Paper Convertors Ltd. Sri Solai Andavar Benefit Fund Ltd. Sri Varadaraja Textiles Pvt. Sri Shara Spinners Ltd. Sri Ramakrishna Theatre Ltd. Sri Ramiah Spinners Ltd. Sri Venkateswara Enterprises Ltd. Sri Vajra Granites Ltd. Sri Ramakrishna Steel Inds. Sri Revathi Spg. Sri Swaminatha Mines & Minerals Ltd. Sri Sathya Sai Towers Hotels Ltd. Sri Vishnu Annamalaiyar Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sri Trivikrama Mines & Properties Ltd. Mills Ltd. Ltd. Sri Vigneswara Cotton Mills Ltd. Ltd. . Sri Skandan Inds. Sri Subramanya Mines & Minerals Ltd. Sri Sakthi Textiles Ltd. Sri Vasudeva Textiles Ltd.Sri Ramakrishna Oxygen Ltd. Sri Sampurnalaxmi Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Sri Vijaya Engine Valves Ltd. Sri Subbhajothi Movies Ltd. Ltd. Sri Vatsa Hotels Ltd. Sri Tripurasundari Hotels Ltd. Sri Vignesh Yarns Pvt. Sri Sai Home Care Products Pvt. Sri Salaikumaraswamy Benefit Fund Ltd.

Sstella Silks Ltd. Sri Vithoba Investments Ltd. Ltd. Sru Steels Ltd. [merged] Stallion Textiles Ltd. Stag Business Machine Ltd. Ltd. Srinivasa Smelters Ltd. Srivenk Layer Breeder Farm Pvt. Ltd. Srinivasaperumal Bank Ltd. Ltd. Sriman Petrochemicals Ltd. Stallion Garments Export Ltd. Ltd. Stan Capital Ltd. [merged] Sri Vishnu Shankar Mill Ltd. Srinivasa Resorts Ltd. Stable Trading Co. Srinivasa Cystine Pvt. Sriven Multi-tech Ltd. Srichakra Cements Ltd.Sri Vishnu Cement Ltd. Stacey Reality & Leasing Pvt. Sribir Industries Ltd. Srico Software India Ltd. Srinidhi Leafin Ltd. Srikanth Optic Systems Ltd. Sru Securities Ltd. Stainless Investments Ltd. Stallion Shox Ltd. Ltd. Stampede Capital Ltd. Srishti Videocorp Ltd. Stainless India Ltd. Srivenk Broiler Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Stads Ltd. Srushti Shoes Ltd. Ssl-ttk Ltd. [merged] Stable Investments & Finance Co. Ltd. Sriba Industries Ltd. Srichakra Permanent Fund Ltd. Srinivasa Hatcheries Ltd. Srihitha Refineries Ltd. Srinivas Fine Arts Pvt. Srivathsa Power Projects Ltd. Srini Pharmaceuticals Ltd. . Srivatsa Electric & Electronic Ltd. Srinivasa Ferro Alloys Ltd.

Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd. Standard Chartered Plc Standard Chartered Securities (india) Ltd. [merged] Standard Overseas Ltd. Standard Mall Pvt. Standard Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Stanrose Mafatlal Investments & Finance Ltd. Stanes Motor Parts Ltd. Standard Radiators Pvt. Standard Projects Ltd. Standard Batteries Ltd. [merged] Standard Chartered Invsts. Services Ltd. Standard Electrical Ltd. Stanrose Mafatlal Lubechem Ltd. Standard Surfactants Ltd. Standard Capital Markets Ltd. Ltd. Standard Equity Fund Ltd. Stanrose Steels Ltd. Ltd. Stanchart Finstreet Ltd. Standard Organics Ltd. Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank Ltd.Stan Plaza Ltd. Stanrose Fund Mgmt. Standard Motor Products Of India Ltd. Stanes M J F Teas Ltd. Standard Pneumatics Ltd. [erstwhile] Standard Industries Ltd. . Stanes Tyre & Rubber Products Ltd. Standard Tea Processing Co. & Loans (india) Ltd. Stanpacks (india) Ltd. Standard Petrochemicals Ltd. Stanrose Holdings Ltd. Standard Electricals Ltd. Standard Medical & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Stanes Agencies Ltd. Standard Shoe Sole & Mould (india) Ltd. Stanford Engineering Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered Finance Ltd. Standard Chrome Ltd. Standard Salt Works Ltd. Stanes Tea & Coffee Ltd. Stanes Motors (south India) Ltd.

Ltd. Starshine Land Developers Pvt. Starline Financiers Ltd. Star Metallics & Power Pvt. Star Estates Management Ltd. Star Plus Benefit Fund Ltd. Ltd. Star Machinery Mfg. Ltd. Star Light Credit (india) Ltd. Star Industrial & Textile Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Star Line Leasing Ltd. . Stargate Investments Pvt. Star Battery Ltd. Starlite Breweries Ltd. Starol Petroleum Ltd. Star Online Technologies Ltd. Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd. Ltd. Star Circlips & Engineering Ltd. Star Trading & Invst. Ltd. Ltd. Starlight Systems Pvt. Star Delta Transformers Ltd. Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co. Co. Star Electronics Ltd. [merged] Star Instalment Supply Co. Star Aqua Exports Ltd. Star Exim Ltd. Stargate Adayar Properties Pvt. Star Talaash Promotions Pvt. Starnet Software (india) Ltd. Star Spin & Twist Machinery Ltd. Star Paper Mills Ltd. Stargaze Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Star Wire (india) Ltd. Star Precision Electronics (india) Ltd. Ltd. Star Facilities Mgmt. Ltd.. Starlite Components Ltd. Ltd. Star India Services Ltd. Starline Ispat & Alloys Ltd. Star Transformers Pvt. Starcom Information Technology Ltd. Starlite Lighting Ltd. Ltd.Stanvac Metallising Ltd. Star Of Gujarat Textile Mills Ltd. Starch & Chemicals Ltd. Starlite Global Enterprises (india) Ltd.

Steel & Industrial Forgings Ltd. Ltd. Steel Products Ltd. Starvox Electronics Ltd. Steel Exchange India Ltd. Steel Strips Infrastructures Ltd. Steel Strips Tubes Investments Ltd. Statcon Power Controls Ltd. State Trading Corpn. Steel Accord India Ltd. Ltd. State Farms Corpn. Steel Strips Wheels Invsts. [merged] Steel Industrials Kerala Ltd. Steel Authority Of India Ltd. . Steel Suppliers Ltd. Of Tamilnadu Ltd. Status Portfolios Ltd. Ltd.Starvaelley Realtors Pvt. Steel Exchange India Ltd. Steel Strips Wheels Ltd. Tamil Nadu Ltd. State Farming Corpn. State Transport Co-op. Corpn. Staytop Systems & Software Pvt. Steel Complex Ltd. Steel Strips Inds. Ltd. Of India Ltd. Steel City Press Ltd. Steel Strips Ltd. State Bank Of Mysore State Bank Of Patiala State Bank Of Saurashtra [merged] State Bank Of Travancore State Engineering & Servicing Co. Statesman Ltd. Of India Ltd. Steel & Metal Tubes (india) Ltd. Of Tamil Nadu Ltd. Starworth Infrastructure & Construction Ltd. Ltd. Bank Ltd. Status Management Services Ltd. State Fisheries Devp. State Industries Promotion Corpn. State Express Transport Corpn. Steel Exchange Chennai Ltd. State Bank Of Bikaner & Jaipur State Bank Of Hyderabad State Bank Of India State Bank Of Indore State Bank Of Mauritius Ltd. Of Kerala Ltd.

Sterling Holiday Resorts (india) Ltd. Sterling Securities & Futures Ltd. Sterling Milk Products Ltd. Sterling Steels & Wires Ltd. Ltd. Sterling Green Woods Ltd. Stephan Medizintechnik (india) Ltd. Sterling Technologies Ltd. Stellar Exports Ltd. Sterling Futures & Holidays Ltd. Sterling Estates & Properties Ltd. Sterling Spinners Ltd. Sterling (gujarat) Hospitals Ltd. Sterling Strips Ltd. Sterling Infotech Ltd. Sterling Financial Services Ltd. Pvt. Sterling Lease Finance Ltd. Steelco Gujarat Ltd. Sterling International Enterprises Ltd. Stenly Securities Ltd. [erstwhile] [merged] Sterling Resorts Pvt. Sterling Abrasives Ltd. Sterling Resorts & Hotels (india) Ltd. Sterling Computers Ltd. Ltd. Sterling Biotech Ltd. Sterling Kalksand Bricks Ltd. . Sterling Commercials Ltd. Sterling Holiday Financial Services Ltd. Stenly Credit Capital Pvt. Sterling Basic Organics Ltd. Sterling Investment Corpn. Sterling Addlife India Ltd. Sterling Guaranty & Finance Ltd. Step Two Corpn. Steelco Metal Processors Ltd. Ltd. Stelco Ltd. Ltd. Stellar Drugs Ltd. Steelite Engineering Ltd. Steelcast Ltd. Sterling & Wilson Ltd.Steel Tubes Of India Ltd. Stelco Strips Ltd. Stellar Wheels Ltd. Steria (india) Ltd.

Stewart & Mackertich Commodities Ltd. Stocknet International Ltd. Stonewood Cem-fab (india) Pvt. [merged] Stic Pens Ltd. Sterlite Industries (india) Ltd. Stovec Industries Ltd. Stone Medical Intl. Sterlite Paper Ltd. [merged] Store One Retail India Ltd. Stewarts & Lloyds Of India Ltd. Stotz-blacksmiths Ltd. Sterlite Infra-tech Ltd. Stone India Ltd. Stewart & Mackertich Financial Distributions Ltd. Sterlite Telecom Ltd. Stewart & Mackertich Advisors & Brokers Ltd. Stracon India Ltd. Stone World Ltd. Stewart & Mackertich Wealth Mgmt. Sterling Tree Magnum (india) Ltd. Stock Holding Corpn. Sterlite Grid Ltd. Stiefel Und Schuh India Ltd. Sterlite Energy Ltd. [merged] Sterlite Display Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Stork Pumps (india) Ltd. Of India Ltd. . Sterlite Infra Ltd. Sterlite Communications Ltd. Ltd. Stockholders Benefit Club Stockline Research Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sterlite Opportunities & Ventures Ltd. Stilbene Chemicals Ltd. Stewart Holl (india) Ltd. Stex Software Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Stile Investments Ltd.Sterling Tools Ltd. Sterlite Telecables Ltd. [merged] Steuerung Anlage Pvt. Stone Intermodal Pvt. Stiles India Ltd. Stone & Mineral Associates Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sterlite Telelink Ltd. Sterlite Technologies Ltd. Ltd.

Strides Arcolab Ltd. Subhagayam Trade Ltd. Ltd. Subh Laxmi Syntex Ltd. Style Spa Furniture Ltd. Stylam Industries Ltd. Ltd. Su-raj Diamond Dealers Ltd. Subansiri Hydro Electric Power Co. Suashish Jewelry India Ltd. Ltd. Suashish Properties Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Suasion Construction Co. Su-raj Diamonds & Jewellery Ltd. Suashish Diamdeal (india) Ltd. Subh Shree Commercial Co. Ltd. Ltd. Strategic Manpower Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Stuartpet Arakkonam Benefit Fund Ltd. Straw Board Mfg. Subhakti Textiles Ltd. Suashish Diamonds Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Strong Steel Ltd. Strontium Ferriten India Pvt. Strategic Brand Equity Ltd. Sturdy Industries Ltd. Strides Specialties Pvt. Stuti Holiday Resorts Ltd. Style Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Strapex India Ltd. Stream International Services Pvt. Stripes Apparels Ltd. Subham Viniyog Pvt. Subham Industries Ltd. Su-raj Diamond Industries Ltd. Ltd.Strand Properties Ltd. Ltd. Suashish Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Subhadra Trade & Finance Ltd. Su-kam Power Systems Ltd. Stumpp Schurle & Somappa Pvt. Subex Technologies Ltd. Co. . Stupendors Commodeal Pvt. Ltd. Stup Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Subarna Plantation & Trading Co. Stryker India Pvt. Su-kam Health & Fitness Ltd. Subex Ltd.

Ltd. Sudarshan Overseas Ltd. Suchitra Finance & Trading Co. Ltd. Sudarshan Software Exports Ltd. Suchitra Investment & Leasing Ltd. Sudeep Pharma Ltd. Subhash Polytex Ltd. . Subhashini Software Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Suburban Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd. Ltd. Sudarshan Chemical Inds. Sucha Evergreen Tech Ltd. Sudarshan Housing & Finance Ltd. Suddimoola Publishers (india) Ltd. Sudarshan Exports Ltd. Sud-chemie India Pvt. Sudama Technologies Pvt. Subhash Kabini Power Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Sudama Trading & Invsts. Sudal Industries Ltd. Subhash Silk Mills Ltd. Suburban Farms Pvt. Sudarshan Entrade Ltd. Suchitra Electronic Components Pvt. Sudalagunta Hotels Ltd. Sudarshan Cement & Multiprojects Ltd. Subhkam Stocks & Shares Ltd. Sudas Manufacturing & Trading Ltd. Sudar Garments Ltd. Ltd. Subros Ltd. Suchitra Components Ltd. Suburban Agriculture Dairy & Fisheries Pvt. Sudalagunta Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Sudarshan Services Ltd. Subhkam Ventures India Ltd. Suchak Trading Ltd. Subhkam Capital Ltd. Subway Finance & Investment Co. Suchitra Teletubes Ltd. Invsts. Ltd. Subhsree Patrochem Indl.Subhash Capital Markets Ltd. Ltd. Sudarshan Electronics & T V Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Subhlaxmi Exports Ltd. Subhkam Properties Pvt. Ltd.

Ltd. Suhasini Spinners Ltd. Ltd. Sudershan Securities Ltd. Sudha Modern Dal Mills Ltd. Sukam Communication Systems Ltd. Sujala Trading & Holdings Ltd. Sudhakar Polymers Ltd. Sudha Agro Oil & Chemical Inds. Sueryaa Knitwear Ltd. Sujata Electronics Ltd. [erstwhile] Sujana Metal Products Ltd. Sujay Spinners Ltd. Suharsh Investment Pvt. Sugata Investments Ltd. Sugal & Damani Share Brokers Ltd. Sudev Industries Ltd. Sudhir Gensets Ltd. Ltd. Sudha Commercial Co. Ltd. Suguna Mills Pvt. Sudhir Papers Ltd. Sudha Apparels Ltd. Sudhan Cloth Ltd. Ltd. Sujan Trading & Finance Co. Sujani Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Sudhir Intra Vidyut Ltd. Sujana Power (tuticorin) Ltd. Sudhakar Softech Ltd. Sudhir Transport Ltd. Sujana Towers Ltd. Ltd. Sujana Power (gangikondan) Ltd. Ltd. Sudharsanam Investments Ltd. Sujo Land & Properties Pvt. . Sujana Universal Inds. Sudhakar Plastic Ltd. Sudha Sewing Threads Ltd. Sujata Investments Ltd. Sugam Agro-tech Ltd. Sujana Domestic Appliances Ltd. Suguna Poultry Products Ltd.Sudershan Drugs & Intermediates Ltd. Suguna Poultry Farm Ltd. Ltd. Sudhan Spinning Mills Pvt. Suditi Industries Ltd. Sugal & Damani Financial Services Ltd.

. Sumedha Fiscal Services Ltd. Sukher Marbles Ltd. Suman Motels Ltd. Sukaram Marketing Ltd. Sulekhram Steels Pvt. Sulochana Cotton Spg. Ltd. [merged] Sumangal Airways Ltd. Sukrohi International Ltd. Sulakshana Circuits Ltd. Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Ltd. Sumaya H M X Systems Ltd. Sumatex Ltd. Sulzer India Ltd. Ltd. Suman Paper & Boards Ltd. Sukhna Paper Mills Ltd. Sukhchain Cements Ltd. Sukhsandesh Industrial Invst. Sukhdham Colonizers Ltd. Sumangala Investments Pvt. Sumati Industrial Finance Ltd. Sulzer Pumps India Ltd. Ltd. Sulzer Chemtech Tower Field Services (india) Pvt. Sultania Enterprises Ltd. Sukhjit Finance Ltd. Ltd. Sukhraj Agro Papers Ltd. Sukam Systems Pvt. Sulux Phosphates Ltd. Sulabh Engineers & Services Ltd. Sultaanjee Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Sumeet Industries Ltd.Sukam Gravures Ltd. Sumangla Investment Co. Ltd. Sulphur Mills Ltd. Sumangal Financial Services (p) Ltd. Sumangala Steel Pvt. Sulakshana Securities Ltd. Sukhdham Constructions & Developers Ltd. Sumati Projects Ltd. Ltd. Sukhamay Trading Co. Sulzon Energy Ltd. Ltd. Sukta Investment Ltd. Ltd. Mills Pvt. Co. Ltd. Suma Shilp Ltd. Sulabh Vanijya Ltd.

Sumit Circuits Ltd. Sumi Motherson Integrated Technologies Ltd. Sun Pharmaceuticals Exports Ltd. Ltd. Sumilon Industries Ltd. Sun Earth Ceramics Ltd. Sun Industries Ltd. Sumeru Industries Ltd. Ltd. Sumeru Commercial & Trading Pvt. Sumex Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Summit Securities Ltd. Sumit Jewels Pvt. Sumura Maritime Trades Ltd. Sun Agro Foods & Exports Ltd. Sumel Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. . Ltd. Sumu Finlease Ltd. Sun Polymers Ltd. Sun Aero Ltd. Sun Java Solutions Pvt. Sun Granite Exports Ltd. Sun Alloys & Minerals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sumitomo Bank Ltd. Summit Investments Ltd. Ltd. Sun Infoways Ltd. Summit Securities Ltd. Sun Paper Mill Ltd. [erstwhile] Summit Infotech Ltd. Sun & Shine Worldwide Ltd. Sun Pharmaceutical Inds. Sun Investments Pvt. Suminter India Organics Pvt. [merged] Sums Construction Co. Sun Finlease (gujarat) Ltd. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corpn. Ltd. Sun Biotechnology Ltd. Sun Fund Management Ltd. Sumit Industries Ltd.Sumeet Machines Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sumitomo Chemical India Pvt. [merged] Sun Piston Rings Ltd. Sumi Motherson Innovative Engg. Sumitra Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd. Sun Pharma Advanced Research Co. Sun Polytron Inds.

Sunam Investments Ltd. Sundaram Parekh Warehousing Services Ltd. Sundeep Import Export Ltd. Sundaram Textiles Ltd. Sunbeam Udyog Ltd. Sundaram B N P Paribas Fund Services Ltd. Sundaram B N P Paribas Home Finance Ltd. Ltd. Co. Sunbeam Auto Pvt. Sundaram Finance Ltd. Sundaram Infotech Solutions Ltd. [merged] Sundaram Industries Ltd.Sun Rock Exports Ltd. Ltd. Sundaram Business Services Ltd. Sunanda Steel Co. Sun Techno Overseas Ltd. Sunask Finance Ltd. Suncity Amusement Parks Ltd. Sun Star Chemicals Ltd. Suncity Threads Ltd. Ltd. Sundaram-clayton Ltd. Sundaram Plastics Ltd. Sunanda Industrial Machinery Ltd. Sundaram Brake Linings Ltd. Sun-sip Ltd. Ltd. Co. Sundaram Investment Ltd. Sunainaraj Gems Ltd. Ltd. Sundeep Global Ltd. . Sunayana Trade & Invst. Sun T V Network Ltd. Sunanda Industries Ltd. Sundaram Finance Distribution Ltd. Sundaram Auto Components Ltd. Sunbright Stock Broking Ltd. Sundaram Asset Mgmt. Sundaram Finance Services Ltd. Sundaram Trustee Co. Sun Source (india) Ltd. Sun Valley Farm Products Ltd. Sunair Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Suncity Synthetics Ltd. Sunday Exports Ltd. Sunanda Agri-trade Pvt. Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd.

Sunder Steels Ltd. Sunflag Power Ltd. Sungwoo Gestamp Hitech (chennai) Ltd. Ltd. Sunido Textiles Ltd. Sunflag Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd. . Sunil Agro Foods Ltd. Sunflag Special Steels Ltd. Ltd. Sunflower Mercantiles Ltd. Sunil Polypack Ltd. [merged] Sungod Trading & Investments Ltd. Sundram Polymers Ltd. Sundram Bleistahl Ltd. Sunil Hitech Energy Pvt. Sunflag Filaments Ltd. Sunil Industries Ltd. Sunita Gupta Share Brokers Ltd.Sundek India Ltd. Sunflag Iron & Steel Co. Sunita Textiles Ltd. Sungold Capital Ltd. Sundram Telematics Ltd. Sunitee Chemicals Ltd. Sundervans Infrastructure & Developers Pvt. Sunder Beverage Ltd. Sundram Non-conventional Energy Systems Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sundrop Foods India Ltd. Sundram Fasteners Ltd. Sundram Fasteners Invst. Ltd. Sunita Bonds & Holdings Ltd. Sundram Builders Ltd. Sunehari Exports Ltd. Sunflower Commerce Ltd. Suniti Commercials Ltd. Sunil Ispat & Power Ltd. Ltd. Sunflag Textiles Ltd. Sungma Tea Co. Sunflex Finance & Investments Ltd. Sunderban Aquatic Farms Ltd. Sunil Energy Ltd. Sunil Mantri Realty Ltd. Sundram Infosel Ltd. Sunil Healthcare Ltd.

Sunteck Wealthmax Investments Ltd. Sunshine Factors & Exports Ltd. Sunstar Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Sunset Resort Ltd. Suniyojit Viniyog Ltd. Sunrise Properties Ltd. Sunshield Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Sunraj Diamond Exports Ltd. Sunteck Realty Ltd. Sunny View Estates Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Sunlit Hospital Ltd. Ltd. Sunrise Biscuit Co. Ltd. Sunshine Capital Ltd. . Sunshine Aluminium Pvt. Sunrise Finlease Ltd. Sunrise Containers Ltd. Sunstar Overseas Ltd. Sunrise Asian Ltd. Sunlake Resorts & Hotels Ltd. Sunrise Distilleries Ltd. Sunrise Spices Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Sunrise Infrabuild Pvt. Sunrise Dwellers Pvt. Pvt. Sunstar Lubricants Ltd. Sunshine Land Projects Ltd. Sunrise Soya Products Ltd. Sunku Auto Ltd. Sunmist Builders Pvt. Sunrise Facility Mgmt. Sunrise Fincap Ltd. Co. Sunlight Builders Ltd. Ltd. Sunstar Software Systems Ltd. Suntec Tyres Ltd. Sunshine Travels (india) Ltd. Sunrise Yarns & Fibres Ltd. Sunrise Industrial Traders Ltd.Suniyojit Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Sunshine Industries Ltd. Sunnidhi Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Sunrise Oleochemicals Ltd. Sunlord Apparels Mfg. Ltd. Sunrise Zinc Ltd. Sunrise Infotainment Pvt.

Super Farm Products Ltd. Super Salts Pvt. Super Steel Casting Ltd. Super Prompt Holdings Ltd. . Superfil Products Ltd. Super Polyfabriks Ltd. Super Investment (india) Ltd. Superhouse Ltd. Super Crop Safe Ltd. Superb Papers Ltd. Superfreeze Foodtech Consultants Ltd. Ltd. Super Smelters Ltd. Superfine Knitters Ltd. Super Mart Two Property Mgmt. [merged] Superior Finlease Ltd. Super Syncotex (india) Ltd. Super Wheel Forests Ltd. Super Sales India Ltd. Super Safetywears Ltd. Super & Stainless Hi-alloys Ltd. Super Spinning Mills Ltd. Suparna Chemicals Ltd. Superaction Realty Pvt. Super Auto Forge Ltd. Super Tannery Ltd. Super Seven Fiscal Services Ltd.Sunview Plantations Ltd. Super Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Super Infrastructure & Toll Bridge Pvt. Super Yarn Processors (india) Ltd. Super Genpack Ltd. Super Bakers (india) Ltd. Super House Ltd. Superfine Properties Ltd. Services Ltd. Super Shock Absorbers Ltd. Super Inducto Steels Ltd. Superior Air Products Ltd. Super Leasing Ltd. Super Seals India Ltd. Super Shoes Ltd. Super Forgings & Steels Ltd. Super Domestic Machines Ltd. [merged] Super Impex Ltd.

Superlative Realtors Ltd. Superior Sox Ltd. Suprajit Engineering Ltd. Supra Exports Ltd. Ltd. Supreme Cylinders Ltd. Supreme & Company Ltd.Superior Industrial Enterprises Ltd. Supraneet Finance & Consultants Ltd. Superstar Welding Inds. Ltd. Supra Pacific Mgmt. Supreme Oriented Films Ltd. Suprajit Chemicals Pvt. Supreme Industries Ltd. Supreme Holdings & Hospitality (india) Ltd. Ltd. Supertex Industries Ltd. . Supplementary Foods (india) Ltd. Supra Industrial Resources Ltd. Superior Investment (india) Ltd. Supreme Conductors Ltd. Consultancy Ltd. Ltd. Suprawin Technologies Ltd. Supreme Commercial Enterprises Ltd. Superior Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Supreme Paper Mills Ltd. Supreme Metprods Ltd. Superior Medicare Ltd. Services Ltd. Supreme Mobiles Ltd. Supernal Corrugation (india) Ltd. Suprajit Automotive Pvt. Supreme Hi-tech Engg. Supernova Engineers Ltd. Supreme Company Ltd. Supra Global Ltd. Supreme Infrastructure B O T Pvt. Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd. Suprem Textiles Processing Ltd. Supreme Offshore Constructions & Technical Services Ltd. Superlative Infrastructure Pvt. Superstar Leafin Ltd. Supreme (india) Impex Ltd. Supertech Solutions Ltd. Supreme Impex Ltd. Suprapti Plastics Ltd. Supreme Manor Wada Bhiwandi Infrastructure Pvt.

Surabhi Shelters Ltd. Supriya Exports Ltd. Surajmukhi Investment & Finance Ltd. (india) Ltd. Surana Industries Ltd. Supreme Treves Pvt. Suraj Ltd. Surana Green Power Ltd. [merged] Surakshit Constructions & Trading Ltd. Suptaswar Investments & Trdg. [merged] Supreme Yarn Spinners Ltd. Co. Suraj Stock Broking Ltd. Supriya Elevator Co. Supreme Renewable Energy Ltd. Suraj Enterprise Ltd. Suraj Enterprises Pvt. Surana Metals Ltd. Suraj Express Travels Ltd. Surabhi Software People Ltd. . Supriya Leasing Ltd. Supreme Vinyl Films Ltd. Suraj Products Ltd. Surana Power Ltd. Supriya Tea Ltd. Ltd. Co. Suraj Industries Ltd. Supreme Suguna Foods Co. [merged] Supreme Telecom & Network India Ltd. Surana Jewellery Ltd. Suraj Chemtech Ltd. Supreme Telefilms Ltd. Surana Corporation Ltd. Suraj Stone Corpn. Suraj Sanghi Finance Ltd. Ltd. Supreme Tex Mart Ltd. Suraj Securities & Finance Ltd. Surabhi Chemicals & Investment Ltd. Suraj Holdings Ltd. Supreme Telecommunications Ltd. Ltd. Supreme Transport & Traders Ltd. Surana Telecom & Power Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Supreme Petrochem Ltd. Surana Securities Ltd. Supriya Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Surajami Investment & Trdg.

Surfactant Specialities Ltd. Surnidhi Investment Ltd. Surdas Trading & Mfg. Sureka Coated Tubes & Sheets Ltd. Surya Fincap Ltd. Surya Healthcare Ltd. Surlux Health Centres Ltd. Surya Foods & Agro Ltd. Surya Funcity Ltd. Surlux Mediequip Ltd. Suri Shoes Ltd. Sureka Estates Ltd. Surya Agroils Ltd. Surnisha Publications Ltd. Surface Holdings Ltd. Surat Textile Mills Ltd. Surya Fresh Foods Ltd. Surfa Coats (bangalore) Ltd. [merged] Surat Telecommunications Ltd. Suretex India Ltd. Surindra Engineering Co. Surya Global Steel Tubes Ltd. Ltd. Surya Cotspin Ltd. Surya Globefin Ltd. Surlux Diagnostic Ltd. Surjan Leasing & Finance Ltd. [merged] Surge Enterprises Ltd. Surprise Traders Ltd. Ltd. Surya Fincaps Securities Pvt. Surevin Internet Services Ltd. Ltd. Surana Vijay Finlease Ltd. Surgiplast Ltd. Ltd. Sure Success Investment & Trading Co. . Ltd. Surat Fashions Ltd. Suri Agritech Systems Ltd. Ltd. Surya Credit Ltd. Surbhi Industries Ltd. Surya Garments Pvt. Co. Ltd. Surya Chandra Paper Mills Ltd. Pvt.Surana Ventures Ltd. Surbhi Portfolio Mgmt. Surbhi Investment & Trading Co. Surat Beverages Ltd.

Suryachakra Global Enviro Power Ltd. Ltd. Suryashankar Properties Ltd. Surya Industrial Corpn. Suryaamba Spinning Mills Ltd. Suryakiran International Ltd. Surya Shakti Vessels Pvt. Suryajyoti Vanijya & Viniyog Ltd. Ltd. Suryo Media Ltd. [merged] Surya Pharmaceutical Ltd. Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills Ltd. Surya Inns Ltd. Surya India Ltd. Suryachakra Power Corpn. Suryavanshi Spinning Mills Ltd. Surya Polyvin Ltd. Surya Marketing Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Suryanagri Fin-lease Ltd.Surya Herbal Ltd. . Suryalaxmi Securities Ltd. Surya Proteins Ltd. Ltd. Surya Processed Food Pvt. Suryajyoti Spinning Mills Ltd. Surya Industries Ltd. Suryo Investments & Transport Ltd. Suryalay Investment & Trading Co. Suryo Papers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Surya Organic Chemicals Pvt. Co. Suryalata Spinning Mills Ltd. Surya Morphy Richards Ltd. Suryodaya Investment & Trdg. Ltd. Ltd. Surya Testing Services Ltd. Surya Vinayak Inds. Suryakrupa Finance Ltd. Surya Roshni Ltd. Suryavanshi Textiles Ltd. Surya Kiran Securities Ltd. Suryodaya Plastics Ltd. Suryo Foods & Inds. Ltd. Suryoday Allo-metal Powders Ltd. Suryo Udyog Ltd. Suryajyoti Finvest Pvt. Surya Industrial Devps. Ltd. Suryo Financial Services Ltd.

Suzlon Infrastructure Services Ltd. Ltd. Sushree Trading Ltd. Ltd. Sutlej Seeds Ltd. Suyaan Transmissions Ltd. Sutlej Textiles & Inds. Ltd. Suzlon Energy Ltd. Sushila Pulp & Papers Ltd. Suzlon Gujarat Wind Park Ltd. Sutnga Mines Pvt. Sushrut Herbals Pvt. Sushanti Avenues Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Susmit Trading Ltd. Ltd. Suvarna Florex Ltd. Suyash Laboratories Ltd. Suven Life Sciences Ltd. Sushil Packagings (india) Ltd. Sushant Capitals Ltd. Sushena Properties Ltd. Susma Traders Ltd. Suvinay Trading & Invst. Sutrapada Shipyard Ltd. Suvarna Apparel & Fashion Exports Ltd. Suvas Holdings Ltd. Sutherland Global Services Pvt. Sushobhit Constructions Pvt. Ltd. Sushmita Holdings Ltd. Sushruta Real Estates Pvt. Suzlon Generators Ltd. Suvarna Aqua Farm & Exports Ltd. Ltd. Suyog Granites & Marbles Ltd. Suvidha Infraestate Corpn. Sushruta Medical Aid & Research Hospital Ltd. Sustime Pharma Ltd. Sutrapada Sez Developers Ltd. Suvridhi Financial Services Ltd.Susee Auto Ltd. Suvijay Exports Ltd. Sushanti Housing Pvt. Sutna Stone & Lime Co. Ltd. Suvidhi Weavers Ltd. [merged] . Co. Ltd. Ltd. Sushrut Hospital & Diagnostic Ltd. Suyog Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Suzlon Engitech Ltd.

Ltd. Svera Agro Ltd. Swadeshi Mining & Mfg. Swadeshi Detergents Ltd. Swagatham Investment Ltd. Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd. Ltd. . Swan Mining & Mineral Ltd. Swadeshi Industries & Leasing Ltd. Swadeshi Cotton Mills Ltd. Swadha Investment Co. Swagtam Trading & Services Ltd. Swabhiman Computech Ltd. Swan Finance Ltd. Swadeshi Projects Ltd. Swan Beauties Pvt. Ltd. Sviss Labss Ltd. Svam Softwares Ltd. [merged] Suzlon Wind Intl. Svizera Labs Pvt. Swadeshi Mills Co. Swaika Vanaspati Products Ltd. Ltd. Swad Industries & Leasing Ltd. Swadharma Swarajya Sangha Swadisht Oils Pvt. Suzlon Structures Ltd. Suzlon Towers & Structures Ltd. Swan Energy Ltd. Swar Land Developers Ltd. Swal Limited Swamiji Mills Ltd. Sven Genetech Ltd. Swajas Air Charters Ltd. Swadeshi Commercial Co. Swal Computers Ltd. Swapna Sakar Steel Ltd. Ltd. Co. Ltd. Svimsan Exports & Imports Pvt. Swagruha Infrastructure Ltd. Svaraj Trading & Agencies Ltd. Swadeshi Polytex Ltd. Ltd. Swapan Properties Ltd. Swan Vacuum Systems Ltd. Ltd. Swan Polymers Ltd. Ltd.Suzlon Power Infrastructure Ltd. Ltd. Swani Spice Mills Pvt.

Ltd. Swastik Roofing Ltd. Ltd. Swarnandhra Roadcare Pvt. Swaraj Automotives Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Swastik Nitro Aromatics Ltd. Ltd. Swarnagiri Greenfields Pvt. Ltd. Swas Health Products Ltd. Swastik Polyblend Pvt. Swasti Vinayaka Synthetics Ltd. Swasti Vinayaka Art & Heritage Corpn. Swastik Technofab Ltd. Swarna Securities Ltd. Swastik Mirch Store Pvt. Swastik Udyog Ltd. Swarnima Oil Inds. Co. Ltd. Swastik Securities & Finance Ltd. Swastik Pipes Ltd. Swastik Oleochems Ltd. Swarn Mayur Bonds & Holdings Ltd. Swastika Feeds Ltd. Swarnika Housing & Developers India Ltd. Swastika Insurance Services Ltd. [merged] Swarnadhara Investments Ltd. Swastik Oxides Ltd. Swarnsarita Gems Ltd. Swaroop Steels Ltd. Swastik Safe Deposit & Investments Ltd. Swastik Land Developers Ltd. Ltd. . Swastik Spintex Ltd. Swarnadhara Credit Corpn. Swastic Corporation Ltd. Swaraj Engines Ltd. Swarup Fibre Inds. Ltd. Swastik Plywood Ltd. Swastik Surfactants Ltd. Swastik Extrusions Ltd.Swar Shilp Properties Ltd. Ltd. Swarnandhra . Ltd.Ijmii Integrated Township Devp. [merged] Swastika Commodities Pvt. Swastika Fin-mart Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Swastika Investmart Ltd. [merged] Swastik Rubber Products Ltd. Swarup Vegetable Products Inds. Swarnamukhi Greenfields Pvt.

Switching Technologies Gunther Ltd. Swetha Engineering Ltd. Sweatamber Steel Ltd. Swayam Realtors & Traders Ltd. Swyfte Marketing Pvt. Syndbank Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Syal Leasing Ltd. Swojas Energy Foods Ltd. Ltd. Symbiox Investment & Trading Co. Ltd. Swift Financial Results Ltd. Swinder Singh Satara & Co. Ltd. Synbiotics Ltd. Swati Synthetics Ltd. Symrise Pvt. Sylvania & Laxman Ltd. Sycotta Tea Co. Swift Finlease (india) Ltd. Swati Herbals Ltd. Symphony Ltd. Pvt. Ltd.Swastika Threads Ltd. Swega Laboratories Ltd. Swati Piramal Invsts. Swissen Interspace Ltd. Swet-chem Antibiotics Ltd. Syncom Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. Synergies-dooray Automotives Ltd. Pvt. Synco Industries Ltd. Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd. Pvt. Swati Menthol & Allied Chemicals Ltd. Synergy Financial Exchange Ltd. . Swetal Steel Inds. Sybly Industries Ltd. Synergy (india) Mktg. Synagogue Impex Ltd. Sylph Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Sword & Shield Pharma Ltd. Syal Finance Ltd. Synergy Art Foundation Ltd. Syncom Formulations (india) Ltd. Syndak Teatech Ltd. Swede (india) Teltronics Ltd. Syndicate Bank Syneix Finance Ltd.

T A F E Reach Ltd. Synfosys Business Solutions Ltd. Synetairos Technologies Ltd. T & I Ltd. T A L Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. Synfab Shirtings Ltd. Syschem (india) Ltd. Systel Infotech Ltd. Synergy Netsoft Ltd. Systematix Mercantile Ltd. Synthite Industries Ltd. Synthetics & Chemicals Ltd. Services Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. . T C E Consulting Engineers Ltd. Synthiko Foils Ltd. Systat Software Asia Pacific Ltd. T B L International Ltd.Synergy Infrastructures Ltd. Synfab Sales & Inds. Syntel Telecom Ltd. Synergy Steels Ltd. T C G Facilities Mgmt. Systematix Fincorp India Ltd. Systematix Corporate Services Ltd. Systematic Steel Inds. Syngene International Ltd. Systronics (india) Ltd. T & I Projects Ltd. T & I Global Ltd. Syngenta India Ltd. T & R Welding Products (india) Ltd. Synthite Properties & Invsts. T C F C Finance Ltd. T & T Motors Ltd. Syntel Ltd. Synergy Shakthi Renewable Energy Ltd. Ltd. T C F C Securities Ltd. Systematix Securities Ltd. Ltd. T A F E Access Ltd. Synthetic Moulders Ltd. Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd. T A F E Motors & Tractors Ltd. T A L Precision Parts Ltd.

T C I Properties (west) Ltd. T C G Urban Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. T K M Global Logistics Ltd. Ltd. T C I Finance Ltd. T D Power Systems Ltd. [merged] T C M Ltd. T C I Properties (pune) Ltd. T C P L Packaging Ltd. Ltd. [merged] T I L Ltd. T C I Bhoruka Projects Ltd. T M T Engineering Inds. T C S E-serve Ltd. T M L Industries Ltd. [merged] T C I Securities Ltd. T C I Developers Ltd. [merged] T P I India Ltd. T J R Sons Ltd. T M T (india) Ltd. T O C Disinfectants Ltd. T I D C India Ltd. T Kumari (financiers) Ltd. T D W India Ltd. T M Harbour Services Pvt. T C I Seaways Ltd. T I Pharma Ltd. T M L Distribution Co. Ltd. T D Kumer & Bros. T C I Infrastructure Finance Ltd. T C I Distribution Centers Ltd. T C S E-serve International Ltd. T G V Projects & Investments Pvt. T C I Infrastructure Ltd. T N (d K) Expressways Ltd. T L Infotech Ltd. Ltd. T P L Plastech Ltd. T C T Finance & Leasing Ltd. T C P Ltd.T C G Refineries Ltd. T K S Developers Ltd. T C Travel & Services Ltd. T C I Industries Ltd. T M International Logistics Ltd. . T M L Drivelines Ltd. Ltd.

T R C Financial Services Ltd. T T M Institute Of Information Technology Pvt. T V A M (india) Pvt. T S R Darashaw Ltd. T T I Enterprise Ltd. T T K Medical Devices Ltd. [merged] T T K Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. T T K Biomed Ltd. T T L Ltd. T V C Skyshop Ltd. T Spiritual World Ltd. [merged] T T Maps & Publications Ltd. T V C Life Sciences Ltd. T V S Electronics Ltd. T S N Constructions Ltd. T V S Commutation Solutions Ltd. Ltd. T R L Krosaki Refractories Ltd.T P S Builders Ltd. T V P Consultants Ltd. T S L Industries Ltd. T R F Ltd. T R R Properties Ltd. T T K-l I G Ltd. Ltd. T Poddar Infradevelopers Ltd. T V S Credit Services Ltd. T T K Tantex Ltd. T V S Capital Funds Ltd. T V S Electronics Ltd. T V S Autolec Ltd. [merged] T T G Industries Ltd. T V S Energy Ltd. [merged] T V S Automotive Systems Ltd. [merged] T V S Electronics South Asia Ltd. Ltd. T V S Finance & Services Ltd. [merged] T T K Prestige Ltd. T V S Dynamic Global Freight Services Ltd. T S S India Ltd. T T Ltd. T S T Pipes Pvt. . T S L Techno Services Ltd. T T Finance Ltd. T R W Rane Occupant Restraints Ltd. T Stanes & Co.

Ltd. T V S Logistics Services Ltd. Ltd. Tai Chonbang Textile Inds. Taib Capital Corpn. T V Today Network Ltd. T V S Interconnect Systems Ltd. Ltd. T V S Srichakra Ltd. Taj Air Ltd. Tag Offshore Ltd. Taddsco Promotions Ltd. T V S-suzuki Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Tablets (india) Ltd. T V S Motor Co. Taj Karnataka Hotels & Resorts Ltd. T V S-e Servicetec Ltd. Tai Industries Ltd. T V S Infotech Ltd. Taida Trading & Inds. Ltd. . Taj Exim International Ltd. Ltd. [merged] T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Ltd. Taal Infrastructure Pvt. T V S Srichakra Investments Ltd. Tahir Properties Ltd. Tainwala Chemicals & Plastics (india) Ltd. T V S Wind Energy Ltd. Taexpert. T V S Investments Ltd. Taggas Industrial Devp. Taikisha Engineering India Ltd. T V Vision Pvt. Tainwala Personal Care Products Pvt. T V S Lakshmi Credit Ltd. Tagros Chemicals India Ltd. Ltd. Tactfull Investments Ltd. T V Today Network (business) Ltd.T V S Housing Ltd. Ltd. T V S Wind Power Ltd. T V S Sewing Needles Ltd. [merged] T V S Lean Logistics Ltd. Tainwala Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd. T V S-e Access India Ltd. Taib Securities (india) Ltd. Tagore Cotton Mills Co. Taj G V K Hotels & Resorts Ltd.

Ltd. Tamil Nadu Inds. Takshila Spinners Ltd. Tambraparni Diamond Dies & Tools Ltd. Talayar Tea Co. For Indl. Ltd. Tamil Nadu Police Housing Corpn. Tamil Nadu Cements Corpn. Take Solutions Ltd. Tamil Nadu Fisheries Devp. Talent Infoway Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Taj Trade & Transport Co. Tamil Nadu Magnesite Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd. Tamboli Castings Ltd. [merged] Taj Madurai Ltd. Ltd. Tamil Nadu Corpn. Ltd. Tamboli Capital Ltd. Ltd. Tamarind Tours Pvt. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Tamil Nadu Ex-servicemen's Corpn. Taj Television India Pvt. Ltd. Tamil Nadu Paints & Allied Products Ltd. Talavadi Rock & Mineral Products Ltd.Taj Kerala Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Tamil Nadu Power Finance & Infrastructure Devp. Ltd. Taloja Steel Pvt. Talwandi Sabo Power Ltd. Talcher Ii Transmission Co. Talbros Engineering Ltd. Taksheel Solutions Ltd. Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd. Taj Sats Air Catering Ltd. Ltd. Talish Agroestates Pvt. Tak Machinery & Leasing Ltd. Tamarai Mills Ltd. Infrastructure Devp. Talco Distilleries & Chemicals Ltd. Talent Tele-times Ltd. Takshashila Academia Of Economic Research Ltd. Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corpn. Taj Lands End Ltd. Captive Power Co. Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd. Corpn. . Corpn. Takenow Property Developers Pvt. Ltd. Talavadi Cements Ltd. Talbros Automotive Components Ltd. Ltd.

Corpn. Ltd. Tamilnadu Adidravidar Housing & Devp. (villupuram Divn. (coimbatore Divn. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Tamilnadu Rural Housing & Infrastructure Devp. Tamil Nadu Small Inds. Tamilnadu Forest Plantation Corpn. Ltd. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Ltd. Corpn. Ltd.-iii) Ltd. Tamilnadu Chromates & Chemicals Ltd. Tamilnadu Property Developers Ltd. Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Trustee Co. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Ltd. Tamilnadu Sponge Ltd. Ltd. (kumbakonam Divn. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Tamilnadu Industrial Investment Corpn.-ii) Ltd.-iv) Ltd. Tamilnadu Industrial Explosives Ltd. (coimbatore Divn. (madurai Divn. (kumbakonam Divn. Devp. (salem Divn. Ltd. Ltd. Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd. Tamil Nadu Water Invst. Corpn. Ltd. Coimbatore Ltd. . Tamilnadu Alloy Foundry Co. Tamilnadu Industrial Devp. Corpn. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd. [merged] Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Ltd. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Tamilnadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Tamilnadu Magnesite Ltd. Tamil Nadu Sugar Corpn. Tamilnadu Small Inds. Ltd. Tamil Nadu Spirit Corpn.-ii) Ltd. Tamilnadu Jai Bharath Mills Ltd. Of Women Ltd. Tamilnadu State Marketing Corpn. Ltd. Devp. Corpn. Co. Ltd. [merged] Tamilnadu Explosives Ltd. Corpn. Bank Ltd. Ltd.-ii) Ltd. Tamilnadu Agro Inds. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Tamil Nadu Steels Ltd. Tamilnadu Medical Services Corpn. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn.-iii) Ltd.-ii) Ltd. Tamilnadu Corporation For Devp. Tamilnadu Magnesium & Marine Chemicals Ltd.-iv) Ltd. (kumbakonam Divn. (villupuram) Ltd. Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-op. Tamilnadu Finance Ltd. Ltd.-iii) Ltd. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn. Tamilnad Hospital Ltd. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corpn.Tamil Nadu Salt Corpn. (madurai Divn.

Tamilnadu Trade Promotion Organisation Tamilnadu Transport Devp. Tarc Mt-visual (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Tamilnadu State Transport Corpn. Tapuriah Steels Ltd. Tangsa Hume Pipes Ltd. Tamilnadu Urban Finance & Infrastructure Devp. Tannery & Footwear Corpn. Tannex Power Generation Ltd. Tarai Foods Ltd. Ltd. Tamilnadu Textile Corpn. Tandon Stock & Share Brokers Ltd. Tan India Ltd. Ltd. Tara Health Foods Ltd. Taparia Tools Ltd. Taqdeer Realtors Ltd. Corpn. Tamilnadu Steel Tubes Ltd. Tanglin Property Developments (mumbai) Pvt. Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. Targof Pure Drugs Ltd. (kumbakonam) Ltd. Ltd. Tapovan Paper & Board Mills Ltd. Tarapur Transformers Ltd. Tarangini Investments Ltd. Tanushree Silks Ltd. Tamilnadu Tea Plantation Corpn. Target Fashions Ltd. Finance Corpn. Taparia Ltd.Tamilnadu State Transport Corpn. Tanglin Developments Ltd. Tanfac Industries Ltd. (madurai) Ltd. Ltd. Tamsa Papers Ltd. Tarajyot Polymers Ltd. Tantia Financial Services Ltd. Tantia Constructions Ltd. Tara Fabrics India Ltd. Tandem Fiscal Services Ltd. . Tariq Development & Leasing Pvt. Tanglin Retail Reality Developments Pvt. Tanishq (india) Ltd. Tamilnadu Telecommunications Ltd. Tapi Prestressed Products Ltd. [merged] Tanla Solutions Ltd. Tantech Agro Chemicals Ltd. Of India Ltd.

Tata Global Beverages Ltd. Tata Industries Ltd. Tata Communications Internet Services Ltd. Tata Infotech Ltd. Tata Communications Banking Infrasolutions Ltd. Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd. Tata Advanced Materials Ltd. Ltd. Tata B P Lubricants India Ltd. Tata Business Support Services Ltd. Plants Ltd. [merged] Tata Finance Merchant Bankers Ltd. Tata Klockner Indl. Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd. Tata Asset Mgmt. Services Ltd. Tarun Shipping & Inds. [merged] Tata Industrial Services Ltd. Tata Housing Devp. Tasati Tea Ltd. Tata Capital Markets Ltd. Tata Chemicals Ltd. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Ltd. Tata Coffee Ltd.Tarmac (india) Pvt. Tarrif Cine & Finance Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Tarpon Trading Co. Tata Cummins Ltd. Tata Ficosa Automotive Systems Ltd. [merged] Tata B P Solar (india) Ltd. Ltd. Co. Tata Korf Engg. Tata Bluescope Steel Ltd. Tashi India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Tata Communications Transformation Services Ltd. Tata Elxsi Ltd. Tata Investment Corpn. [merged] Tata International Ltd. . Tata Internet Services Ltd. Tata Ceramics Ltd. Tata Finance Ltd. Ltd. Tata Communications Ltd. Tata Auto Plastic Systems Ltd. Tata Hydro-electric Power Supply Co. Tata Capital Ltd. Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd. Tata Construction & Projects Ltd.

Tata Yazaki Autocomp Ltd. Ltd. Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. Tata Tetley Ltd. Ltd. Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. Taurus Novelties Ltd. Tata Trustee Co. Tata Motors Insurance Broking & Advisory Services Ltd. Ltd. Tata Steel Processing & Distribution Ltd. Tata-scob Dealers Calcutta Ltd. Tata Sons Ltd. Tatanagar Bricks Ltd. Tata S S L Ltd. Tatia Global Venture Ltd. Tata Metaliks Ltd. Ltd. Tata Projects Ltd. Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. Tata Petrodyne Ltd. Tata Teleservices Ltd. [merged] Tata Toyo Radiator Ltd. Tata Teleservices (maharashtra) Ltd. Tata Technodyne Ltd. Pvt.Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. Co. Taurus Asset Mgmt. Tata Services Ltd. [merged] Tata Technologies Ltd. Tata Metaliks Kubota Pipes Ltd. Tata Pigments Ltd. Tata Power Trdg. Tata Sky Ltd. Tata Steel Ltd. Taulis Pharma Ltd. Tatiya Andhra Mega Power Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Tata Motors Finance Ltd. [merged] Tata Securities Ltd. India Ltd. Tata Power Co. Tata Motors Ltd. Tata Oil Mills Co. . Tatanet Services Ltd. Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Pvt. Tata Precision Inds. Tata Metals & Strips Ltd. Tata Tea Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Tata Pension Mgmt. Ltd. Co.

Teage Ltd. Ltd. Tech India Ltd. Of India Ltd. [merged] Technicast Engineers India Pvt. Technico Agri Sciences Ltd. [merged] Tea Time Ltd. [merged] Techno Finance Ltd. Teamasia Semiconductors (india) Ltd. Ltd. Taylormade Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Techno Electric & Engg. Team United Engineers (india) Pvt. Tebma Shipyards Ltd. Co. Tcg Lifesciences Ltd. Technical Associates Ltd. Ltd. Tea Estates India Ltd. (india) Ltd. Taxsmile. Technicom-chemie (india) Ltd. Techno Blast India Ltd. [merged] Tech Steel Products Ltd. Tea Estates India Ltd. Teaktex Processing Complex Ltd. [merged] Tech Mahindra Foundation Tech Mahindra Ltd. Tech Pacific (india) Ltd. Techni Bharathi Ltd. Co. Taximen's Finance & Leasing Ltd. Technica Valves Ltd. . Ltd. Taximen's Services Ltd. Techno Electric & Engg. Tech Movers Systems (india) Ltd. Ltd. Teamasia Lakhi Semiconductors Ltd. Ltd. Tech Pacific Technology (india) Ltd. Tayal Energy Ltd. Technip India Ltd. Technip K T India Ltd. Tebma Gardens Ltd.Tavoy Apparels Ltd. Techno Chemical Inds. Tech Mahindra (r & D Services) Ltd. Techni Soft (india) Ltd. Technest Solutions Ltd. Tayo Rolls Ltd. Technical Instruments Mfrs. Tea Trading Corpn.

Technomak Enterprises Pvt. Tecil Engineering Ltd. Technova Hichem Systems Ltd. Tecpro Ashtech Ltd. Tecpro Trema Ltd. Ltd. Technosoft Information Technologies (i) Ltd. Techno International Ltd. Corpn. Techquest India Ltd. Ltd. Techprocess Solutions Ltd. Technocraft Industries (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.Techno Forge Ltd. Technocraft Tabla Formwork Systems Pvt. Tejas Infoscripts Pvt. Tecpro Infra-projects Ltd. Technopolis Knowledge Park Ltd. Tedco Granite Ltd. Ltd. Tehri Hydro Devp. Technojet Consultants Ltd. Tejasviny Rasayans Ltd. Technology Plastics Ltd. Ltd. Technodot Engineers Pvt. Technocraft Exports Pvt. . Technofab Engineering Ltd. Tega Industries Ltd. Techtran Polylenses Ltd. [merged] Technocraft Global Holdings Ltd. Techsoft Global Ltd. Techtrek India Ltd. Ltd. Tecpro Systems Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Tee Kay Finvest Ltd. Techtronics (india) Ltd. Teeaye Investments Ltd. Tecil Chemicals & Hydro Power Ltd. Techno Planners Ltd. Teem Laboratories Ltd. Teestavalley Power Transmission Ltd. Tecnotree Convergence Ltd. Teesta Urja Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Tecpro Energy Ltd. Teesta Valley Tea Co. Technoplast Corpn. Techtran Ophthalmics Pvt. Teesta Agro Inds.

) Ltd. Tempsens Instruments (india) Pvt. Tel-abridge (intl. Telephone Cables Ltd. Tektronix (india) Ltd. Telejeevan Communications & Services Pvt. Ltd. Telecom Financial Services Ltd. Teknomin Construction Ltd. Teledata Education Mgmt. Teledata Education & Research Foundation Ltd. Teletek India Ltd. Teletech Investments (india) Ltd. Tempo Finance (west) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Telesis Global Solutions Ltd. Temple Properties Ltd. Telco Dadajee Dhackjee Ltd.Tejoomals Industries Ltd. Telekonnectors Ltd. Teledata Technology Solutions Ltd. Tema India Ltd. Ltd. Teknomin Aqua Exports (india) Ltd. Telesia Trading & Finance Ltd. [merged] Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. Teloijan Tea Co. [merged] Telco Construction Equipment Co. Telco Dealers Leasing & Finance Co. Tejpur Vanijya Ltd. Teksons Ltd. Telesto Comnet Pvt. System Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Telematics Systems Ltd. Telelink Nicco Ltd. Telecon Electric Inds. Tejpur Vanijya (calcutta) Ltd. Temple Leasing & Finance Ltd.[merged] Televista Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Teletube Electronics Ltd. Teledata Marine Solutions Ltd. Ltd. Telesteel India Pvt. Television Eighteen Commoditiescontrol. Telecanor Global Ltd. [merged] Television Eighteen India Ltd. [merged] Tele India Ltd. Telangana Paper Mills Ltd. Telesys Software Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Textool Co. Tetron Commercial Ltd. Texmo Pumpsets Pvt. Thali Estates Pvt. Ltd. Tetrahedron Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Tezpore Tea Co. Thakral Computers Pvt. Texel Industries Ltd. Thackers Holding Ltd. Test Consultants Ltd.Temptation Foods Ltd. Terai Tea Co. Texanlab Laboratories Pvt. Texplast Industries Ltd. Terminus Realcon Pvt. Tenashu Electronics & Tele Technology Systems Ltd. Texmaco Ltd. Terai Overseas Ltd. Texmo Pipes & Products Ltd. Tera Software Ltd. Ltd. Tertiary Minerals Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Thakur Savadekar & Co. Texmaco Rail & Engg. [merged] Tensile Steel Ltd. Thakkar Popatlal Velji Sales Ltd. Ltd. Terra Energy Ltd. Tengpani Tea Co. Tesla Transformers Ltd. Thakkers Developers Ltd. [merged] Terryfab (india) Ltd. Thalassa Ship Mgmt. Ltd. Thakral Services (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Terrygold (india) Ltd. Ltd. Texport Industries Ltd. Texline Agencies Ltd. Thamarapally Rubber Co. Ltd. Textile Corpn. Testeels Ltd. Terrestrial Finance Ltd. Terai Plantation Ltd. Thambbi Modern Spg. Ltd. [merged] Thacker & Co. Ltd. Mills Ltd. Of Marathwada Ltd. Terra Films Pvt.

Thermon Heat Tracers Pvt. [merged] Thermax Capital Ltd. Themis Medicare Ltd. Ltd. Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Ltd. Thanga Mayil Jewellery Ltd. Thanjavur Spinning Mill Ltd. Thangam Steel Ltd. Theata Developers Pvt. Thapsons Steels Ltd. Thenpandi Permanent Fund Ltd. Thapar Exports Ltd. Ltd. Thiagarajar Mills Ltd. Ltd. Thapar Finance Ltd. . Thapar Foods Ltd. Ltd. Thapar Oils & Fats Ltd. Thapar Ispat Ltd. Thermax Sustainable Energy Solutions Ltd. Theyagarayanagar Fund Ltd. Ltd. Thermal Powertech Corpn. Thangavelu Spinning Mills Ltd. Thames Real Estates Ltd. India Ltd. [merged] Thermofriz Insulations Ltd.Thames Liners Ltd. Ltd. Thermax Instrumentation Ltd. Thanjavur Investment Ltd. Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions Pvt. Thanikudam Bagawati Mills Ltd. Thana Electric Supply Co. Thane Ghodbunder Toll Road Pvt. [merged] Thermax Energy Performance Services Ltd. Theodora Reality & Leasing Pvt. Thanigai Benefit Fund Ltd. Thermax Systems & Software Ltd. Thapar Agro Mills Ltd. [merged] Thermax Electronics Ltd. Thinksoft (india) Services Pvt. Thapar Concast Ltd. Thane Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. Thermax Engineering Construction Co. Thermax Ltd. Ltd. Thayer Overseas Finance Ltd. Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Ltd. Ltd. Thermax S P X Energy Technologies Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. Thirani Tea & Inds. (india) Ltd. Thirdwave Financial Intermediaries Ltd. Threadsmith Outerwear Pvt. (india) Ltd. Tiger Steel Engg. Ltd. Ltd. Tijaria Polypipes Ltd. Thomas Scott (india) Ltd. Thomson Digital (india) Ltd. (india) Pvt. Thomson Press India Ltd. Tide Water Oil Co. Thirumbadi Rubber Co. Ltd. Tickwell Commercial Ltd. Thomas Cook Tours Ltd. Tibrewala Electronics Ltd. Ticel Biopark Ltd. Thirumagal Mills Ltd. Tikaula Sugar Mills Ltd. Ltd. Thyssenkrupp Industries India Pvt. Ltd. Thomas Mouget & Co. Thomas Cook (india) Ltd. Three Star Realty Pvt. Thirdware Solution Ltd. Third Eye Media Pvt. Thomas Cook Insurance Services (india) Ltd. Ltd. Three Star Paper Mills Ltd. . Thyrocare Laboratories Ltd. Thirunindra Narayanan Finance & Invst.Thinksoft Global Services Ltd. Tifco Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Tibrewal Global Finance Ltd. Thrilekya Real Estates Pvt. Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd. Tiara Jewels Pvt. Ltd. Tidel Park Ltd. [merged] Thirani Projects Ltd. Tiger Travels & Tours Ltd. Ltd. Tidong Hydro Power Ltd. Thiru Arooran Sugars Ltd. Thirani Chemicals Ltd. Thrive Consultants Ltd. Thiruvaiyaru Industries Ltd. Tiger Breweries Ltd. Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel India Pvt. Tickerplant Ltd.

Ltd. Times Yoga Ltd. Tilda Riceland Pvt. Times Websol Ltd. Tinnevelly Tuticorin Investments Ltd. [merged] Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. Time Shipping Ltd. Tipco Industries Ltd. Ltd. Times Guaranty Ltd. (india) Ltd. Ltd. Timarpur-okhla Waste Mgmt. Timex Group India Ltd. Of India Ltd. Tilak Finance Ltd. Times V P L Ltd. Tilwara Hydro Power Pvt. Times Infotainment Media Ltd. Tinna Overseas Ltd. Times Global Broadcasting Co. Timestar Ltd. Tilan Sugar Ltd. Tinna Agro Inds. Ltd. Tinna Finex Ltd. [merged] . Times Internet Ltd. Tinplate Co. Timken India Ltd. Timespac India Ltd. Timesmobile Ltd. Pvt. Times Finvest & Commerce Ltd. Ltd. Ting Tai India Ltd. Times Innovative Media Ltd. Times Bank Ltd. Ltd. Times Journal India Pvt. Timesofmoney Financial Services Ltd. Timbor Home Ltd. Tips Films Ltd. Tilaknagar Distilleries & Inds. Ltd. Times Transport Co.Tilak Autotech Pvt. [merged] Times Business Solutions Ltd. Tina Electronics Ltd. Tinna Oils & Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Tinsukia Development Corpn. Time Technoplast Ltd. Ltd. Co. Timesofmoney Ltd. Tipco Polymers Pvt.

Tirupati Foam Ltd. Ltd. Titan Foods & Fashions Ltd. Tirrihannah Company Ltd. Tirumala Technologies Ltd. Tirth Plastic Ltd. Titan Comfine Ltd. Titan Media Ltd. Tipsy Trading & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Titagarh Steels Ltd. Titan Alloys Ltd. Tirumala Seung Han Textiles Ltd. Tirupati Industries (india) Ltd. Tirupati Fin-lease Ltd. Tirupati Structurals Ltd. Ltd. Tirupati Inks Ltd. [merged] Titagarh Wagons Ltd.Tips Industries Ltd. Titagarh Biotec Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Titan Consultants & Services Ltd. Titaghur Paper Mills Co. Tirupati Sarjan Ltd. Tirupati Investments & Trades Ltd. Titan Energy Systems Ltd. Titan Metaliks Pvt. Ltd. Tirupati Starch & Chemicals Ltd. Tirupur Gin & Press Pvt. Titan Holdings Ltd. Tirupati Services Ltd. Ltd. Tirupati Luke Ltd. [merged] Titan Industries Ltd. Tirupati Sugars Ltd. Tirthraj Finance Ltd. Tirupathi Software Solutions & Market Research Ltd. Tirupur Textiles Pvt. Tirumala Re-rolling Pvt. Tirupati Shelters Ltd. Tirupati Equities Ltd. Tirupati Fibres & Inds. Tirupati Screen Printing Co. Tiru Tea Ltd. Tirupati Vegpro (india) Ltd. . Tirumani Developers Pvt. Ltd. Titan Bio-tech Ltd.

Pvt. Tons Valley Power Co. Top Media Entertainment Ltd. Topaz Texchem Pvt. Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd. Tofus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Today's Fluid Technologies Ltd. Tolani Shipping Co. Tonira Pharma Ltd. Tobacco Leaf Investments Ltd. Tonira Exports Ltd. Today Retail Network Pvt. Ltd. Ltd.Titan Plast Pvt. Ltd. Tom Expat Services Ltd. Tongani Tea Co. Ltd. Ltd. Titan Properties Ltd. Ltd. Tobacco Diversification Invsts. . Titan Timeproducts Ltd. Today's Stationery Mart Ltd. Tiyempi Investment Ltd. Tomahawk Software (india) Ltd. Tokyo Plast International Ltd. Titanium Equipment & Anode Mfg. Tivoli Construction Ltd. Ltd. Titan Securities Ltd. Ltd. Toheal Pharmachem Ltd. Topaz Commerce Ltd. Todays News Networks Ltd. Top Investments & Finance Pvt. Tiwary Bechar & Co. Ltd. Ltd. Today's Petrotech Ltd. Tokyo Finance Ltd. Todays Writing Instruments Ltd. Titan Trading & Agencies Ltd. Ltd. Toor Spinners Ltd. Co. Top Telemedia Ltd. Today's Infrastructure & Construction Ltd. Top Line Shoes Ltd. Tom Payments Solutions Ltd. Tool & Alloy Steels Assn. Tolani Pvt. [merged] Tobu Enterprises Ltd. Tom Global Payment Services Ltd. Tolani Bulk Carriers Ltd.

Toshvin Industries Ltd. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Torrent Pipavav Generation Ltd. Total Hospitality Ltd. Ltd. Toronto-dominion Bank Torrent Cables Ltd. Towa Sokki Ltd. [merged] Torrent Power Bhiwandi Ltd. Toshniwal Sperry Ltd.Toplight Commercials Ltd. Total Lubricants India Ltd. Tourism Finance Corpn. Toshiba Anand Batteries Ltd. Tower Capital & Securities Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Towels India Exports Ltd. Torrent Cables Ltd. Toral Oils Ltd. Ltd. Torsion Products Ltd. Total Financial Services Ltd. Total Care Ltd. Torrent Power Ltd. Ltd. Torrent Power A E C Ltd. Toyo Engineering India Ltd. Townsend Construction & Equipments Pvt. Tops Armoured Cash Security Pvt. Town Benefit Fund (kumbakonam) Ltd. Toyo Infotech India Ltd. Toscana Lasts Ltd. Torsa Machines Ltd. Torrent Power Grid Ltd. Torus India Ltd. Topsgrup International Security Academy Pvt. Toppers Tutorial Pvt. Tosha International Ltd. Topwell Projects Consultants Ltd. Torrent Exports Ltd. Tops Security Ltd. Tourist Resorts (kerala) Ltd. Torrent Power S E C Ltd. [merged] Torry Harris Seafoods Ltd. Tower Investment & Trading Co. Of India Ltd. . Ltd. Toyama Electric Ltd. [merged] Torrent Energy Ltd.

Trans Techno Foods Ltd. Ltd. Trans-india Network Systems Ltd. Transasia Bio-medicals Ltd. Ltd. Trade-wings Apparels Ltd. Trade City Barter Pvt. Ltd. Trade Wings Apparels Ltd. Tracklightning Finance & Investments Ltd. Transafe Services Ltd. Trans Freight Containers Ltd. Ltd. Trade Line Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Trans Financial Resources Ltd. Trans Asia Auto & General Finance Ltd. Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt. [merged] Trackparts Of India Ltd. Ltd. Trade City Securities Pvt. Trans-pab Comforts Ltd. Traco Cable Co. Trans Agrotech Ltd. Trans India Resorts Ltd. Ltd. Trade City Real Estate Pvt. Trambakam Flour Mills Ltd. Traitrya Construction Finance Ltd. Trade Apartments Ltd. Trade-wings Ltd. Trans India Glass Ltd. Toyota Tsusho India Pvt.Toyo Investments & Properties Ltd. Tradelink Securities Ltd. [erstwhile] . Tracmail (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Tractor Engineers Ltd. Ltd. Trambak Multicon Pvt. Trans Medicare Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Trans Electronics Ltd. Tractors & Farm Equipment Ltd. Ltd. Tractors India Pvt. Transasia Packaging Ltd. Trans-global Credit & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Trade Wings Tours Ltd. Trambak Rubber Inds. Trade Wings Hotels Ltd. Trajax Investment & Trading Co. Trans Asia Corpn. Trade City Commodities Pvt.

Transwarranty Forex & Commodities Pvt. Transworld Energies Ltd. Transpower Engineering Ltd. Transcorp Commerce Ltd. Transcorp Estates Pvt. Transpek Industry Ltd. Ltd. Transperent Heights Real Estate Ltd. Transpares Ltd. Transport Corporation Of India Ltd.Transasia Tubes & Inds. Transglobal Securities Ltd. Transtream India . Ltd. Transpek Finance Ltd. Transformers & Electricals Kerala Ltd. [merged] Transwarranty Credit Care Pvt. Transiel India Ltd. [merged] Transwarranty Finance Ltd. Transcorp International Ltd. Transgene Biotek Ltd. Transweigh (india) Ltd. Travancore Cements Ltd. [merged] Transways (agents) Ltd. Transpek Marketing Ltd. Works Pvt. Transwarranty Capital Ltd. Translloy India Pvt. . Transformers & Rectifiers (india) Ltd. Ltd. Transrail Logistics Ltd. Transweld Mechanical Engg. Transworld Couriers & Despatch Ltd. Transstroy (india) Ltd. Ltd. Transglobe Foods Ltd. Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd. Transmedica (india) Ltd. Transchem Ltd. Ltd. Transpek-silox Industry Ltd. Ltd. Transenergy Ltd. Transrail Lighting Ltd. Translam Ltd. Transmission Corporation Of Andhra Pradesh Ltd. Ltd. Transcon Research & Infotech Ltd. Ltd. Transmission Holdings Ltd. Trat Industries Ltd. [merged] Transmissions Pvt.

Travel Corporation (india) Ltd. Tria Fine Chem Ltd. Trichy-thanjavur Expressways Ltd. Traxpo Trading Ltd. Tribute Trading & Finance Ltd. Tree House Education & Accessories Ltd. [merged] Treasure Showcase Pvt. Trend-setter Securities & Credits Pvt. Trezer Oil Agro Tech Ltd. Tribhuvan Finlease & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Tricom Infotech Solutions Ltd. Trent Hypermarket Ltd. Tribology India Ltd. Tricom Fruit Products Ltd. Trichur Heart Hospital Ltd. Travel. Triad Foods Pvt. Trend Electronics Ltd. Ltd. Trendy Knitwear Ltd. Travancore Rubber & Tea Co. Trend East West Lpg Bottling Ltd. Trichy Steel Rolling Mills Ltd. Ltd. Treadsdirect Ltd. Tribhuvan Housing Ltd. Trichy Distilleries & Chemicals Pvt. Tricom India Ltd. Tri-star Soya Products Ltd. Ltd. Travancore Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. Trent Ltd. Ltd. Travancore Rubbers Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Trent Retail Services Pvt. Travancore Titanium Products Ltd. Trend Designs Ltd. . Trelleborg Automotive India Pvt. Trent Ltd. Ltd. Travancore Rayons Ltd. Trichem Holdings Ltd.Travancore Oxygen Ltd. Treasure World Developers Pvt. [merged] Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (delhi) Pvt. Trendz Finanz Ltd. Tribeni Tissues Ltd. Trent Brands Ltd. Ltd.

[merged] Trident Infotech Ltd. Trident Textile Mills Ltd. Ltd. Trilok Shipbreakers Ltd. Trigger Apparels Ltd. Ltd. Trinethra Infra Ventures Ltd. Tridev Finance Co. Trina Quebec Gears Ltd. Trimurthi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Trident Shipping Agencies Ltd. Trigent Software Ltd. Trident Retail Ventures Ltd. Trimex Industries Ltd. Trigyn Technologies (india) Pvt. Trident Tools Ltd. Ltd. Trimurti Financial Services Ltd. Trident Info-tech Corpn. Trimurti Synthetics Ltd. Pvt. Trikaal Leasing & Finance Ltd. Trident Finance Ltd. [merged] Trident Ltd. Trijal Industries Ltd. Trimurti Ispat Ltd. . Triguna Development & Reality Pvt. Trident Sugars Ltd. Trinetra Cement Ltd. Trident Steels Ltd. Trinethra Superretail Pvt. Trinity Bio-tech Ltd. Trimurti Glass Containers Ltd. Trinity Autopoints Ltd. Trikaya Communications Pvt. Trilochan Trades & Agencies Ltd.Tridem Port & Power Co. Trigon Zinco Ltd. Trigyn Technologies Ltd. Trimurtee Fertilizers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Trigunatmika Trading & Properties Ltd. [merged] Trillenium Technologies Ltd. Trident Projects Ltd. Trident (india) Ltd. Trikaya Investments Ltd. Trinity Expositions Pvt. Ltd. Trinity Coating Systems Ltd.

Trinity Textiles Ltd. Corpn. . Ltd. Trisure Promotions & Tradings Ltd. Triveni Engineering Works Ltd. Ltd. Triseva Pariwahan Services Ltd. Ltd. Triton Laboratories Ltd. [merged] Triveni Glass Ltd. Ltd. Triveni Engineering & Inds. Triton Commercial Pvt. Triumph Retail Broking Services Ltd. Ltd. Triumph Forex Services Ltd. Triplex Engineering Co. Co. Triveni Engineering & Inds. Trisha Infrastructure Ltd. Triple 'a' Business Services Pvt. Triton Corp Ltd. Triumph International Finance India Ltd. Tripti Alcobrew Ltd. Tristar Enterprises Ltd. Triveni Energy Systems Ltd. [merged] Trio Elevators Co. Triumph Realty Pvt. Tripoli Investment & Trading Co. Trivandrum International Health Services Ltd. Trio Mercantile & Trdg. [merged] Trinity Plantations Ltd.Trinity Forge Ltd. Ltd. Triton Valves Ltd. Trishla Finance Ltd. Trinity India Ltd. Triveni Handlooms Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Trinity India Ltd. [merged] Trisuns Chemical Industry Ltd. (india) Ltd. Ltd. Trishakti Electronics & Inds. Triplex Housing & Land Devp. Triton Energy Ltd. Tripura Industrial Devp. Tripex Overseas Ltd. Ltd. Triumph Properties Ltd. Triochem Products Ltd. Triveni Infrastructure Devp. Trio Elevators Pvt. Trivandrum Medical Speciality Services Ltd. [merged] Triveni Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

Ltd. Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Tulip Telecom Ltd. Tulsiani Builders & Textiles Pvt. Tulasee Bio-ethanol Ltd. Triveni Structurals Ltd. Tubed Coal Mines Ltd. Ltd. [merged] . Triveni Turbine Ltd. Tropicana Beverages Co. Tuareg Properties & Securities Services Ltd. Trustwell Holdings Ltd. Tulip Star Hotels Ltd. Tubeknit Fashions Ltd. Tube Investments Of India Ltd. Tropical Agrosystem (india) Ltd. Tropical Foods Ltd. Trivikram Investments & Trdg. Tulsipur Sugar Co. Tullika Investments Ltd. Trump Properties Ltd. Pvt. Triveni Pencils Ltd. Trump Investments Ltd. [merged] True Value Solutions Ltd. Tropical Plantations Ltd. Tulsan Properties Ltd. Tuff Trak International Ltd.Triveni Macfin Ltd. Ltd. Tulga Vaccum Pumps Ltd. Trupti Petroleums Pvt. Tulip Finance Ltd. Trumac Engineering Co. Truman Consultancy Solutions Pvt. Trymbak Commercial & Trading Pvt. Triveni Yarns Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Tubetec Seamless Ltd. Tudor India Ltd. Triwin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Tru Wheels Ltd. Tube Glass Containers Ltd. Ltd. Tropicana Properties Ltd. Tulive Developers Ltd. Trupti Twisters Ltd. Tulip Tea Co. Tulsi Extrusions Ltd. Ltd. Co.

Ltd. Turing Infotech Pvt. Tuticorin Salt & Marine Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Tungabhadra Steel Products Ltd. Ltd. Tumus Electric Corpn. Tulunadu Finance & Developments Ltd. Tuscon Exports Ltd. Ltd. Tuticorin Spinning Mills Ltd. Tungabhadra Industries Ltd. Twenty First Century Steels Ltd. Turner Morrison Land Ltd. Turnkey International Ltd. Tvsnet Technologies Ltd. Tungbhadra Pulp & Board Mills Ltd. Tunip Agro Ltd. Twenty First Century Battery Ltd. Tv18 Broadcast Ltd. Tulya Alloy Castings Ltd. Ltd. Tumhare Liye Realty Pvt. Tushar Holdings Ltd. Twenty First Century Medicare Ltd. Turin Auto Pvt. Ltd.Tulsyan N E C Ltd. Twenty First Century (india) Ltd. Ltd. Tuni Textile Mills Ltd. Tungbhadra Sugar Works Ltd. Ltd. Tuticorin Coal Terminal Pvt. Tutis Technologies Ltd. Tutis Innovative E-solutions Pvt. Twenty First Century Securities Ltd. Tumkur Property Holdings Ltd. . Twenty First Developers Pvt. Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd. Turbo Energy Ltd. Tv18 Home Shopping Network Ltd. Turbo Investment Ltd. Ltd. Tupis Finance & Invsts. Ltd. Tungabhadra Fertilizers & Chemicals Co. Turner Morrison Ltd. Ltd. Tushar Commercial Co. Tulsyan Power Ltd. Tuticorin Port Road Co. Turbotech Engineering Ltd. Turcon Holdings Ltd.

Ltd. Ltd. U B General Invst. Ltd. U H L Power Co. & Finances Ltd. Typhoon Holdings Ltd. U C Majumdar & Co. Twinkle Leasing & Finance (delhi) Ltd. U F M Industries Ltd. Twin Cities Infotech Ltd. [merged] U B Information & Consultancy Services Ltd. Ltd. U B Engineering Ltd. [erstwhile] U C L Plastics Ltd. Twinvest Financial Services Ltd. U B Electronic Instruments Ltd. Tyrolit Sak Ltd. Ltd. Twentyfirst Century Shares & Securities Ltd. Tyre Corpn. U I C Infrastructure India Pvt. [merged] U B S Ag U B S Publishers' Distributors Pvt. U B L Industries & Investments Ltd. U G T Investment & Trading Co. Tyche Electronics Ltd. U B-m E C Batteries Ltd. Of India Ltd. . Typhoon Financial Services Ltd.Twenty Twenty Television Co. Twilight Litaka Pharma Ltd. Ltd. Tyroon Tea Co. Ltd. Twin Cities Invsts. Twentyfirst Century Management Services Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. U F J Bank Ltd. Ltd. U I C Inds. U B E Industries Ltd. Twinstar Industries Ltd. U Call Express Services Ltd. Tyford Tea Ltd. Twin Roses Trades & Agencies Ltd. [merged] U B Global Corpn. Tyco Sanmar Ltd. [merged] U B Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Tyche Industries Ltd. U E M India Ltd. U G Hotels & Resorts Ltd. [merged] U B J Broadcasting Pvt.

. U T L Technologies Ltd. Co. U T V Software Communications Ltd.U I C Udyog Ltd. Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd. U P Mineral Products Ltd. U T V Entertainment Television Ltd. U P Hydro Projects Ltd. U S G Tech Solutions Ltd. U T N Cable Communications Pvt. U P Twiga Fiberglass Ltd. U M S Technologies Ltd. U R D L Bangalore Developers Pvt. Ltd. U T I Asset Mgmt. U R R Housing Construction Pvt. Ltd. U S N Networks Pvt. U W M Investment Pvt. U P S E Securities Ltd. Ltd. U T V Tv Content Ltd. U M T Investments Ltd. Ltd. U P S Jetair Express Pvt. U M W Industries Ltd. U S L Auto Services Ltd. U T I Retirement Solutions Ltd. U M Cables Ltd. Ltd. U I Trading Co. Ltd. U T Agro Products Ltd. U T Ltd. U T V New Media Ltd. U S V Ltd. U T V Global Broadcasting Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. U P Lime-chem Ltd. U T C Fire & Security India Ltd. U T I Technology Services Ltd. Ltd. U T V Tele Talkies Ltd. U S D Industries Pvt. Ltd. U S L Shinrai Automobiles Ltd. Uae Exchange & Finance Ltd. U P Electronics Corpn. U Tech Developers Ltd. U P Hotels Ltd. U P Asbestos Ltd. U V Boards Ltd. U I Wealth Advisors Ltd.

Ltd. Ujjain Treasure Bazaar Pvt. Udayagiri Rubber Co. Uma Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ucil Leasing Ltd. Ultra Drytech Engineering Ltd. Ultrafilter (india) Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ultra Intermediates Ltd. Uflex Ltd. Ltd. Ultra-reach Finance Co. Ujjwal Ltd. Ucal Power Systems Ltd. Ultratech Cement Ltd. Udupi Power Corpn. Udhaya Semiconductors Ltd. Uma Maheswari Mills Ltd. [merged] Udamalpet Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Ultra International Ltd. Uco Bank Udaipur Cement Works Ltd. Ujala Commercials Ltd. Ucal Polymer Inds. Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Udaipur Hotels Ltd. Udit (india) Ltd. Uma Precision Ltd. [merged] Ucchar Investment Ltd. Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ultra Space Developers Pvt. Uma Fabrics Ltd. Udaipur Cotton Mills Co. Ulka Industries Ltd. Ujwal Cotspin Ltd. Ultima Cosmetics Pvt. Udhay-gk Realty Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Umacon Agro Ltd. Uma Ispat Ltd. Udaipur Phosphates & Fertilisers Ltd. . Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd. Udayan Greenfield Developers Ltd.Ucal Machine Tools Ltd. Ujjwal Rural Services Ltd. Uma Properties & Traders Ltd. Uhde India Ltd. Ltd.

Umil Lease Finance Co. Umrongso Cement Ltd. Uni-metal Alloys Ltd. . Umax Packaging Ltd.Umananda Trade & Finance Ltd. Uni-ucb Ltd. Ltd. Uni Gas Inds. Unicom Appliances Ltd. Umeed Leasing & Finance Ltd. Umedix India Ltd. Ltd. Umang Dairies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Unichem Exports Ltd. Ltd. Umi Special Steels Ltd. Unialkem Fertilizers Ltd. Umiya Fin-lease Ltd. Underwater Services Co. Uni-tubes Ltd. Umang Realtech Pvt. Uni Klinger Ltd. Umed Finance Ltd. Ltd. Uni-gem India Pvt. Ltd. Unicorn Seeds Pvt. Umasons Auto Compo Pvt. [merged] Unichem Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Unicorp Overseas Ltd. Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd. Ltd. Unick Fix-a-form & Printers Ltd. Unicorn Organics Ltd. Ltd. Uni-sankyo Ltd. Umang Noida S E Z Pvt. Umang Co-developers Pvt. Umasha Textiles Ltd. Umesh Board & Paper Mills Pvt. Unicorp Industries Ltd. Ltd. Unifi Capital Pvt. [merged] Umil Share & Stock Broking Services Ltd. Umang India Ltd. Uni Deritend Ltd. Umang Commercial Co. Unibios Laboratories Ltd. Umred Agro Complex Ltd. Unidiam Abrasives Ltd. Unicorn Pharmaceuticals (india) Ltd. Ltd.

Unimode Overseas Ltd. Unique Leasefin Ltd. Unilever India Exports Ltd. Unimed Technologies Ltd. Unique Greenfield Ltd. Unified Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Unique Intercontinental Ltd.Unified Agro Inds. Union Roadways Ltd. Co. Ltd. Union Motors Services Ltd. Unilite Industries Ltd. Unique Manufacturing & Mktg. Unique Home Health Care Ltd. Unijolly Investments Co. Uniflock International Ltd. Unimed Investments Ltd. Ltd. Uniflex Cables Ltd. Unique Agro Processors (india) Ltd. Unique Oils India Ltd. (india) Ltd. Uniport Computers Ltd. Unipro Technologies Ltd. Union Dyeing & Mfg. Uniply Industries Ltd. Uniplas India Ltd. Unimers India Ltd. Uniloyal Expotex Ltd. Union Home Products Ltd. Uniproducts (india) Ltd. Uniphos Agro Inds. Unimin India Ltd. . Unique Builders Ltd. Uniphos Enterprises Ltd. Uniliv Foods Ltd. Consultants Ltd. Unimark Remedies Ltd. Ltd. Union Quality Plastics Ltd. Unimet Profiles Pvt. Ltd. Unique Estates Devp. Unifrax India Ltd. Unilazer Exports & Mgmt. Co. Union Company Ltd. Union Bank Of India Union Bearings (india) Ltd. Unipatch Rubber Ltd. Ltd.

Unique Receivable Mgmt. Unique Sugars Ltd. Ltd. Unison International Ltd. Uniscans & Sonics Ltd. Unitech Capacitors Ltd. Unistar Multimedia Ltd. Unitech Wireless (delhi) Ltd. Uniroyal Industries Ltd. Unitech Wireless (mumbai) Pvt. Unitech Wireless (kolkata) Ltd. Unitech Power Transmission Ltd. Unitech Property Mgmt. Unitech Ltd. Unitech Wireless (east) Pvt. Unit Trust Of India Investment Advisory Services Ltd. Unitech Industries Ltd. Unitech Builders Ltd. Unitech Residential Resorts Ltd. Unique Valves Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Unison Metals Ltd. Unitech Machines Ltd. Unique Structures & Towers Ltd. Ltd. Unitech Amusement Parks Ltd. Unitech Hi-tech Builders Pvt. [merged] Unisol Infraservices Pvt. Unirama Industries Ltd. Unique Space Developers Ltd. Unitech Holdings Ltd. Unitech Infosolutions Ltd. Unisys Softwares & Holding Inds. Unisearch Ltd. Unitech International Ltd. Ltd. Unitech Investments Ltd. Unison Hotels Ltd. Uniquest Infra Ventures Pvt. Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Uniroll Leather India Ltd. Pvt. Unitech Paper Mills Pvt.Unique Organics Ltd. Ltd. Unitech Business Parks Ltd. Unitech Software Solutions Ltd. Unitech Country Club Ltd. . Uniroyal Marine Exports Ltd. Ltd.

United Credit Securities Ltd. Unitech Wireless (south) Ltd. United India Shoe Corpn. [merged] United Esters & Nitrochem Ltd. United Asian Traders Ltd. Co. [merged] United Diagnostic International Ltd. United Microelectronic Solutions Ltd. Unitech Wireless (west) Pvt. Unitech Wireless (tamilnadu) Pvt. United Breweries Ltd. United E R P Solutions Ltd. Ltd. United Diamonds Ltd. United Commercial & Hotel Enterprises Pvt. United Interactive Ltd. Ltd. United Malleable Co. United Nanotech Products Ltd. Ltd. United Drilling Tools Ltd. Ltd. . Pvt. United Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. United General Finance Inds. [merged] United Credit Ltd. Ltd. Co. United Collieries Ltd. United Motors (india) Ltd. United Credit & Devp. Ltd. Ltd. United Hotels Ltd. Unitech Wireless Ltd. United Impex Ltd. United Electronics (india) Ltd. United Credit Securities Ltd. United Breweries (holdings) Ltd. United Foundries Ltd. United Electrical Inds.Unitech Wireless (north) Pvt. United Glass Bottles Mfg. Ltd. United Credit Financial Services Ltd. United Health Care Ltd. Ltd. United India Roller Flour Mills Ltd. United Mysore Network Pvt. Ltd. United Finvest India Ltd. United Nanotechnologies Pvt. United Leasing & Inds. United Entertainment Solutions Ltd. Ltd. United Bank Of India United Bleachers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd.

United Storage & Tank Terminals Ltd. United Soya Products Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. United Western Bank Ltd. United Spirits Ltd. Unity Forge Ltd. Ltd. United Proteins Ltd. Ltd. United Van Der Horst Ltd. United Shippers Ltd. United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders Ltd. United Power Controls Ltd. & Workshop Pvt. United Special Ispat Ltd. Universal Cables Ltd. Unitherm Engineers Ltd. Unity Agrotech Inds. Ltd. United Shippers & Dredgers Ltd. United Telecoms Ltd. Unity Telecom Infrastructure Ltd. . Unitrade Assam Ltd. Unity Tourist Hospitality Pvt. Unity Infraprojects Ltd. United Watches Ltd. Unity Steels Ltd. United Phosphorus Ltd. United Planntationn Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Unity Buildwell Ltd. Unity Infrastructure Assets Ltd. Unitherm Finance & Invst. Unity Kurahashi India Pvt. United Trading Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. United Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Co. United Provinces Sugar Co. Universal Arts Ltd. United Textiles Ltd. Ltd. United Thun (india) Ltd. Ltd. [merged] United White Metal Ltd. United Tours & Travels (india) Pvt. Ltd. Unity Agriprojects Pvt. Unitel Communications Ltd. United Salt Works & Inds. Unity Realty & Developers Ltd. Unity Natural Resources Pvt. Unity Integrated Roads Pvt.

Universal Credit & Securities Ltd. Universal Incast Ltd. Ltd. Universal Prime Aluminium Ltd. Universal Media Network Ltd. Universal Pesto Chem Inds. Universal Cylinders Ltd. Uniworth Textiles Ltd. Uniword Telecom Ltd. Universal Share Trading & Consultancy Co. Ltd. Unnati Leasing & Finance Pvt. Universal Commodity Exchange Ltd. Universal Petrochemicals Ltd. Universal Print Systems Ltd. Universal Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Universal Starch-chem Allied Ltd. Universal Finance Traders Ltd. Universal Comfort Products Ltd. Uniworth Biotech Ltd. Universal Industrial Fund Ltd. Universal Comfort Products Pvt. Universal Paper Mills Ltd. Unjha Formulations Ltd. Universal Music India Pvt. Universal Infotech Ltd. Uniworth Ltd. Universal Music Publishing Pvt. Ltd. Universal Office Automation Ltd.Universal Chemicals & Inds. Universal Multimedia Ltd. Universal Vita Alimentare Ltd. Universal Medi-aid Services Ltd. Universal Enterprises Ltd. . Universal Heat Exchangers Ltd. Uniworth Securities Ltd. Universal Radiators Ltd. Universal Conveyor Beltings Ltd. Universal Ferro & Allied Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Universal Generics Ltd. Ltd. Universal Fincorp Ltd. Pvt. Universal Tyres Ltd. Universal Medicap Ltd. (india) Ltd. Universal Cold Storage Pvt. Uniworth International Ltd.

Urvi Build Tech Ltd. Uptron Powertronics Ltd. Urban Gas Ltd. Uno Metals Ltd. Co. Urban Infrastructure Trustees Ltd. Urmila & Co. Urgent Holdings Ltd. Uranium Corpn. Ltd. Ltd. Upper India Special Castings Ltd. Unval Industries Pvt. Urvasi Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Upsurge Investment & Finance Ltd. . Ltd. Ltd. Uptown Trading & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Uppal Housing Pvt. Upcom Cables Ltd. Unzafrica Ltd. Urban Infrastructure Venture Capital Ltd. Urvashi Steel Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Upper Bari Power Generation Pvt. Usav Forgings Ltd. Urvi Chemicals & Allied Inds. Urja Global Ltd. Urvija Investments Ltd.Unnati Mercantile Ltd. Unza International Ltd. Pvt. Upper India Couper Paper Mills Co. Upvan Lake Resorts Pvt. & Engg. Of India Ltd. Upper India Steel Mfg. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Uppal Hospitality Pvt. [merged] Upkar Credit & Portfolio Pvt. Urban Gas Distribution Ltd. Upper Ganges Sugar & Inds. Urvesh Psyllium Inds. Ltd. Unno Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Upasana Finance Ltd. Upasna Trading Ltd. Urban Gas Suppliers Ltd. Urvi Homes Pvt. Usha Adventure Hotels Ltd. Ltd. Upasana Engineering Ltd. Unnatish Agrodevelopers Pvt. Ltd. Usha (india) Ltd. Ural India Ltd.

Ltd. Usha Fuels Pvt.Usha Alloys & Steels Ltd. Usha-lexus (manali) Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Usha Continental Pvt. Usha Gases & Inds. Ltd. Usha Martin Power & Resources Ltd. Usha Shriram Heritage Hotels Pvt. Ushakiran Finance Ltd. [merged] Usha Yarns Ltd. Usha Martin Ventures Ltd. Ltd. Ushdev Trade Ltd. Usha Estates Ltd. [merged] Usha Amorphous Metals Ltd. Ltd. Usha General Foods Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Usha Shriram Himachal Hotels Pvt. Usha Flowell Ltd. Ltd. Usha Overseas Ltd. Usha Ispat Ltd. Usha Martin Holdings Ltd. Usha Martin Education & Solutions Ltd. Usha International Ltd. . Usha Shriram Goa Resorts Ltd. Usha Mutual Benefit Socy. [merged] Usha Iron & Ferro Metals Corpn. Ltd. Usha Marconi Micro Electronics Ltd. Usha Mountain View Hotels Ltd. Usha Breco Realty Ltd. Usha Fertiliser Co. Usher Agro Ltd. Ushakiron Movies Ltd. Ushdev International Ltd. Usha Information Systems Ltd. Ltd. Ushdev Securities Ltd. Usha Martin Telematics Ltd. Usha Breco Ltd. Ltd. Usha Sales Pvt. Ltd. Usha Martin Finance Ltd. [merged] Usha Martin Inds. Usha Hydro Dynamics Ltd. Usha Microprocess Controls Ltd. Usha Udyog Ltd. [merged] Usha Martin Ltd. Usha International Ltd.

Utpala Reality & Devp. Uttar Gujarat Vij Co. Ltd. Utsav Organisers Pvt. Utkal Power Ltd. Utkal Feeds Pvt. Uttam Flour Mills Pvt. Utkal Distilleries Ltd. Ushita Trading & Agencies Ltd. Uttar Pradesh State Cement Corpn. Pvt. Ltd. Utkarsh Systems Ltd. Utkristh Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Utkal Investments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Utility Powertech Ltd. Ltd. Uttar Pradesh Power Corpn. Utisec Commodities Ltd. Uttam Commercial Ltd. Pvt. Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. Utkal Soap Products Ltd. Ltd. Utkal Coal Ltd. Uttam Commercial Co. Utkarsha Reality & Devp. Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd. Utsav Prakashan Ltd. Utkal Moulders Ltd. Utkal Ashok Hotel Corpn. Uttar Pradesh Financial Corpn. Ushma Polymers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ushodaya Enterprises Pvt. Uttar Pradesh State Bridge Corpn. Uttam Holding Ltd. Ltd.Usher Eco Power Ltd. Utility Engineers (india) Ltd. Utility Builders & Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Utkal Automobiles Ltd. Utkal Alumina International Ltd. Ltd. Uttam Fiscal Services Ltd. . Ltd. Utkal Asbestos Ltd. Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd. Uttar Pradesh Exports Inds. Utkal Polymer Ltd. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. Ltd. Utsav Constructions Pvt. Utkal Steels Ltd.

[merged] V 2 Retail Ltd. Uttarkashi Tons Hydro Power Ltd. V A Tech Wabag Ltd. . V B Industries Ltd. Pvt. V A M Holdings Ltd. V L C C Health Care Ltd. Ltd. V K S M Cotton Mills Ltd. Ltd. V B L Innovations Ltd. V H E L Industries Ltd. Uttaresh Reality & Devp. V I P Industries Ltd. Uttarakhand Automotives Ltd. Uttarakhand Power Corpn. V A M Commercial Co. Pvt. Ltd. V C C L Ltd. V J I L Consulting Ltd. Uttarashada Bio-tech Pvt. V Hotels Ltd. Uttar Pradesh Trading Co. V D R Leasing & Credit Co. Uttara Broiler Breeder Farm Pvt.Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Association Ltd. V E Commercial Vehicles Ltd. V I P Movies (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. V L C C (india) Pvt. V G M Finance Ltd. Ltd. V G P Finances Ltd. V F S L Capital Ltd. V G L Softech Ltd. V B C Industries Ltd. V H M Inds. V G Textiles Pvt. Uttaranchal Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. V I F Airways Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. V C K Capital Market Services Ltd. V B C Ferro Alloys Ltd. V I J Constructions Ltd. V B Desai Financial Services Ltd. V H C L Industries Ltd. Uttranchal Finance Ltd. V B Patel Auto (gujarat) Ltd. Uvifort Metallizers Ltd.

V R L Infrastructure Ltd. V P Telecon Ltd. V R L Fashions Ltd. V R L Knowledge Process Ltd. V R L Foods Ltd. V M S Industries Ltd. V R L Movers Ltd. V L S Securities Ltd. V M S V Exports Ltd. V S L Wires Ltd. Ltd. V M T Spinning Co. V S N Property Developers Pvt. . Ltd. Ltd. V S D Confin Ltd. V S Net Ltd. V R S Foods Ltd.V L C C Personal Care Ltd. V S M Finance & Exports Ltd. V R S Foods Ltd. Ltd. V L C C Retail Ltd. Ltd. V R L Retail Ventures Ltd. V R V Breweries & Bottling Inds. V M F Soft Tech Ltd. V S L Infotainment Ltd. [merged] V R W Industries Ltd. V S T Auto Agency Ltd. V S N L Broadband Ltd. [merged] V R Textiles Pvt. V N S Finance & Capital Services Ltd. V L S Investments Ltd. [merged] V R Woodart Ltd. V L S Finance Ltd. [merged] V S Lignite Power Pvt. V M F Finance Ltd. V P C L Finance Ltd. V O C L Investment Ltd. V L S Asset Mgmt. Ltd. V R L Logistics Ltd. V S F Projects Ltd. V R L Consumer Goods Ltd. Ltd. V S L Steels Ltd. V S E Stock Services Ltd. Ltd. V S L Agro Tech Pvt. V S T & Sons Pvt.

Vaibhav Enterprises Ltd. V T X Industries Ltd. V V N Mfg. Vadilal Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. V V F Ltd. [merged] V W F Industries Ltd. V S T Industries Ltd. V X L Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Vadilal Dairy International Ltd. [merged] Vadilal Industries Ltd. Vadinar Ports & Terminals Ltd. V S T Precision Components Ltd. [merged] V V S Alloys Ltd. Vaibhav Empire Pvt. & Investa Ltd. Ltd. Vadilal Enterprises Ltd. V X L Instruments Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vadodara Sun Shine Hotels Ltd. Vaamana Reality & Leasing Pvt. Ltd. Vadilal Financial Services Ltd. Pvt. V T M Ltd. Ltd. Vacuum Plant & Instruments Mfg. V Trans (india) Ltd. Vaarad Ventures Ltd. V T L Investments Ltd. Ltd. Vaghani Techno-build Ltd. V S T Service Station Pvt. V S T Motors Ltd. V-guard Industries Ltd. Pvt. Ltd. Vachan Developers Pvt. Vadinar Oil Terminal Ltd.V S T Auto Parts Pvt. Vachan Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Vaagadevi Investment & Devp. Vachanband Invst. Vadinar Power Co. V S T Distribution Storage & Leasing Co. . V V A Finance Ltd. Ltd. Vadivelan Holdings Pvt. Vadodara Stock Exchange Ltd. Ltd. V V S Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Pvt. V T Industries Ltd. Vadra Consultants Ltd. V S T Tillers Tractors Ltd. Co.

Valdel Xtent Outsourcing Solutions Pvt. Vaishnavi Gold Ltd. Vaidehi Estates Ltd. Valiant Communications Ltd. Vallabh Poly-plast International Ltd. Vakrangee It Solutions Ltd. Vaibhav Heavy Vehicles Ltd. Vaishali (india) Ltd. Vallabh Textiles Co. Vakrangee Softwares Ltd. Ltd. Valecha Engineering Ltd. Pvt. Vaibhav Software & Estate Ltd. Vaj Marketing & Invsts. Vakrangee Technologies Ltd. Vaishno Cement Co. Vaikunt Housing Ltd. Vallabh Steels Ltd. Valentine Estate & Reality Pvt. Vaid Elastomer Processors Ltd. Vaishak Shares Ltd. Ltd. Vallioor Benefit Fund Ltd. Valley Magnesite Co. Vaikundam Plantations Ltd. Valley Strong Cements (assam) Ltd. Vakil & Sons Pvt. Valley Cements Pvt. Ltd. Vaigai Developers Pvt. Vajra Bearings Ltd. Vaibhav Paper Boards Pvt. Valecha Infrastructure Ltd. Valley Computech Pvt. Valli Cotton Traders Ltd.Vaibhav Gems Ltd. . Vaibhav Mercantile Ltd. Vallabhdas Kanji Ltd. Ltd. Vaijayanti Investment & Reality Pvt. Vaishya Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vakasa Electricals Ltd. Vaikundam Rubber Co. Ltd. Ltd. Valeo Friction Materials India Ltd. Vaishali Graphics Ltd. Vaikundam Agrotech Ltd. Valley Abrasives Ltd.

Vamshadhara Paper Mills Ltd. Valuable E-lott Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Vam Champignons & Agro Products Ltd. Ltd. Vamshi Hydro Energies Pvt. Valson Industries Ltd. . Vamshi Industries Ltd. Valvoline Cummins Ltd. Vanita Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Van Tex Ltd. Vantage Realty Pvt. Vamshi Industrial Power Ltd. Vama Industries Ltd. Valson Polyester Ltd. Ltd. Vanasamrat Enterprises Ltd. Ltd.Valluvanad Hospital Complex Ltd. [merged] Valuemart Info Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Valour Construction Ltd. Vanguard Ltd. Van Lakshmi Plantations Ltd. Vansh Nimay Infraprojects Ltd. Ltd. Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. [merged] Vanaz Engineers Ltd. Vanajaa Textiles Ltd. Vanguard Jewels Ltd. Vanakkam Investments Ltd. Vamscorp (india) Ltd. Vamsadhara Agro Pvt. Vaman Technologies (r & D) Ltd. Ltd. Vanil Plantations & Agrofoods Ltd. Vanchinad Hospitals Ltd. Vamona Developers Pvt. Vanasthali Textile Inds. Vanavil Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. Value Industries Ltd. Vandana Ispat Ltd. Vaniampara Rubber Co. Vaniyambadi Tanners Enviro Control Systems Ltd. Vanguard Overseas Ltd. Valuemart Retail Solutions Ltd. Valplus Biotech Ltd. Vamshi Rubber Ltd. Vama Housing Ltd. Valueline Hotels & Resorts Ltd.

Vardhman Polytex Ltd. Vareli Textile Inds. Ltd. Vardhaman Wires & Polymers Ltd. Vardhman Holdings Ltd. Vanutsar Properties Ltd. Vantech Industry Ltd. Varanasi Commercial Ltd. Vardhman Special Steels Ltd. Vardhman Industries Ltd. Vardaan Projects Ltd. Varanasi Hotels & Estates Pvt. Ltd. Varnilam Investments & Trading Co. Varadhalakshmi Mills Ltd. Varroc Engineering Pvt. Varroc Exhaust Systems Pvt. Vapi Waste & Effluent Mgmt. Ltd. Varistha Leasing (international) Ltd.Vantech Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Varma Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Vantech Investments Ltd. Vardhman Yarns & Threads Ltd. Varroc Trading Pvt. Vardhan Ltd. Vardhman Acrylics Ltd. Vardhman Nisshinbo Garments Co. Vanuka Shelters Pvt. [merged] Varindera Spinners Ltd. [merged] Varenya Constructions Ltd. Vardhman Textiles Ltd. Varinder Agro Chemicals Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vardhaman Publishers Ltd. Vardhaman Laboratories Ltd. Vara Infrastructure Pvt. Varahi Infrastructure Pvt. Varahi Diamonds & Finance Ltd. Vardhman Textile Components Ltd. Vanya Green Fields Ltd. Vardhan Capital & Finance Ltd. Vantel Technologies Ltd. Vardan Builders Ltd. Co. Ltd. Vantel Networks Ltd. Vardhman Concrete Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. . Vapi Paper Mills Ltd. Ltd.

Vasu Broiler Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Varun Capital Services Ltd. Vasai Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Vasant Sagar Properties Pvt. Vaspar Conference Services (india) Ltd. Vaskant Finance & Invst. Ltd. Ltd. Co. Varun India Pvt. Varsha Spinning Mills Ltd. Varun Amusement Park Ltd. Ltd. Varun Industries Ltd. Varsha Forgings Ltd. Varun Consultants Pvt. Varun Beverages Ltd. Ltd. Vasavdatta Investment & Trdg.Varsha Capital Services Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Vas Infrastructure Ltd. Vasanta Mills Ltd. . Vasant Investment Corpn. Ltd. Varun Polymol Organics Ltd. Ltd. Varun Seacon Ltd. Vascon Engineers Ltd. Ltd. Varun Petroleum Corpn. Pvt. Ltd. Varun Impex Ltd. Varsha Technologies Ltd. Vashisti Detergents Ltd. Ltd. Varun Mercantile Ltd. Varuna Investments Ltd. Vascon Dwellings Pvt. Vartex Fabrics Pvt. Pvt. Varun Jewels Pvt. Vasant Bahar Realty Ltd. Ltd. Vasu Layer Breeder Farm Pvt. Vasant Sahakari Bank Ltd. Ltd. Vast Textiles Ltd. Vascon Pricol Infrastructures Ltd. Vasudeepthi Finance Ltd. Vasudha Pharma Chem Ltd. [merged] Vasitva Ispat Ltd. Pvt. Varun Minerals Corpn. Vasudha Housing Finance Ltd. Ltd. Varun Cements Ltd. Varun Shipping Co. Varuna Agroproteins Ltd.

Vecron Industries Ltd. Ltd. Veer Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. Vatika Marketing Ltd. Veekay Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Vega Conveyors & Automation Ltd. Vayudoot Ltd. Veeramani Biscuit Inds. Vega Developers Pvt. Vasundhara Printers Ltd. Vayitri Plantations Ltd. Veerarajendra Estates Ltd. Vatican Commercials Ltd. Veejay Lakshmi Textiles Ltd. [merged] Vee Kay Fibres Ltd. Veerprabhu Marketing Ltd. Vazir Glass Works Ltd. Veeryalaxmi Trading Co. Vedurwada Developers Pvt. [merged] Veerashaiva Co-op. Vatan Textiles Ltd. Veena Textiles Ltd.Vasundhara Holdings Ltd. Veejay Lakshmi Engg. Vedavaag Systems Ltd. Vaswani Industries Ltd. Ltd. Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. Vatsa Industries Ltd. Works Ltd. Vedvyas Cement Ltd. Veg Proteins (india) Ltd. Veejay Terry Products Ltd. Vatsa Educations Ltd. Bank Ltd. Ltd. Vasundhara Rasayans Ltd. Vax Housing Finance Corpn. Vegan Colloids Ltd. Ltd. Veer Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Veer Vardhman Textile Mills Ltd. Vegetable Products Ltd. Vatsa Music Ltd. . Veena Investments Pvt. Vegepro Foods & Feeds Ltd. Vector Power Ltd. Veetrag Papers (india) Ltd. Vedanta Creations Ltd.

Ltd. Veljan Denison Ltd. Velvette International Pharma Products Ltd. Venkateshwara Industrial Promotion Co. Venture Lighting India Ltd. Venturbay Consultants Pvt. Venky's (india) Ltd. Ltd. Venlon Metacoat Pvt. Ventura Textiles Ltd. Ventura Securities Ltd. . Ltd. Venkateshwara Management Services Ltd. Venmax Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Venkateshwar Vanijya India Ltd. Veljan Investments Ltd.Vegoils Ltd. Ventron Polymers Ltd. Venugopal Holdings Ltd. Venkat Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Vennar Ceramics Ltd. Venus Fintabac Ltd. Venus Diagnostics Ltd. Ltd. Venus Garments (india) Ltd. Ventura Guaranty Ltd. [merged] Velacheri Properties Ltd. [merged] Venktesh Co. Venka Investments Pvt. Venus Industrial Corpn. Venkat Pharma Ltd. Venky's (india) Ltd. Velimalai Rubber Co. Venus Floriculture Exports Ltd. Ltd. Venlon Metallising Pvt. Velloils Lubricants & Petrochem Ltd. Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Venkateshwara Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Ltd. Venkatramana Food Specialities Ltd. Venad Hospitality Services Ltd. Vellanova Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Venkeys Foods (india) Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Venco Research & Breeding Farm Pvt. Venkateshwar Ispat Ltd. Velan Hotels Ltd. Ltd. [erstwhile] Venlon Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Venus Credit Lease (india) Ltd.

Vibgyor Graphics & Research Centre Ltd. Venus Wire Inds. Vermani Steel Strips Ltd. Pvt. Vibank Housing Finance Ltd. [merged] Vera Pharma Ltd. Victor Commercial Co. Verman Enterprises Ltd.Venus Leasing & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vertex Spinning Ltd. Venus Remedies Ltd. Ltd. Versa Trading Ltd. Via Media India Ltd. Veronica Laboratories Ltd. Venus Power Ventures (india) Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vera Avenues Pvt. Vibrant Buildmart Pvt. Versatile Wires Ltd. Versatile Agro Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Viceroy Chennai Hotels Pvt. Viceroy Chennai Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Victor Builders Ltd. Vertex Securities Ltd. Vichare Courier Service Pvt. Vibhadeep Investments & Trading Ltd. . Vibros Organics Ltd. Venus Softech Ltd. Vibrant Investment & Properties Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vesuvius India Ltd. Venus Universal Ltd. Ltd. Vibhavari Finance & Investment Co. Venus Sugar Ltd. Ltd. Viceroy Hotels Ltd. Vertex Commodities & Finpro Pvt. Vicky Investments Ltd. Vertex Broadcasting Co. Vergola India Ltd. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vibrant Solutions Pvt. Viceroy Bangalore Hotels Pvt. [merged] Vibra Financial Services Ltd. Vera Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Veritas (india) Ltd. Vetri Software India Ltd.

Victoria Investments Co. Vidhi Dyestuffs Manufacturing Ltd. Vidarbha Holdings Ltd. Victoria Enterprises Ltd. Victoria Trade & Finance Ltd. Victory Laminations Ltd. Videocon Power Ltd. Vidhi Industries Ltd. Videocon Industrial Finance Ltd. Vidhyaranya Farms Pvt. Victory Iron Works Ltd. Ltd. Victor Hotels & Motels Ltd. Vidarbha Veneer Inds. [merged] Videocon Narmada Electronics Ltd. Victoria Land Pvt. Victoria Capital Ventures Ltd. Vidarbha Winding Wires Ltd. Vidhi Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Videocon Realty & Infrastructures Ltd. Videocon Energy Ltd. Ltd. Videocon Securities Ltd. Vidarbha Paper Mills Ltd. . Victory Paper & Boards (india) Ltd.Victor Foods India Ltd. Vidarbha Iron & Steel Corpn. Videon T V Manufacturers Ltd. Victory Electricals Ltd. Videocon Energy Holdings Ltd. Videocon Housing Finance Corpn. Videocon Industries Ltd. Victor Gaskets India Ltd. Ltd. Videocon Industries Ltd. Victory Micro Electronics Ltd. Victoria Mills Ltd. Victory Glass & Inds. Ltd. Victoria Jewellers Ltd. Victor Impex Ltd. [merged] Vidarbha Power Ltd. [merged] Videocon Oil Ventures Ltd. Videocon Vcr Securities Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Victor Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Victory Films Ltd. Victoria Marine & Agro Exports Ltd.

Vignesh Apparels Pvt. Ltd. Vidun Dealers Ltd. Ltd. Vijay Shanthi Builders Ltd. Ltd. Vijay Garments Ltd. Vijay Home Appliances Ltd. Vijay Solvex Ltd. Vijay Spinning Mills Ltd. Vidula Chemicals & Mfg. Vijay Proteins Ltd. Vijay Textiles Ltd.Vidiani Agrotech Inds. Vigneshwara Exports Ltd. Vijay Shanthi Finance Ltd. Vidyut Metallics Pvt. Vijay International Ltd. Vidyut Urja Equipments Ltd. Vijay Watches Ltd. . Vidyasagar Textiles Ltd. Pvt. Vihaan Agriestates Pvt. Vidyut Shaving Products Ltd. Vijay Seeds Co. Vijal Holding & Trading Co. Vijay Lamps & Lightings Pvt. Vijay M Mistry Construction Pvt. Vijay Bhargavi Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vidiani Engineers Ltd. Vijay Growth Financial Services Ltd. Vijay Broadcasting Co. Vijay Sabre Safety Ltd. Vijai Electricals Ltd. Vijay Hemant Finance & Estates Ltd. Vijai Beopar Chamber Ltd. Vijay Laxmi Textiles Ltd. Vidula Traders Ltd. Vijay Remedies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vijay Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. Inds. Vignyan Industries Ltd. Ltd. Vidyut Investments Ltd. Ltd. Vidyavihar Containers Ltd. Vidya Dairy Vidyasagar Cotton Mills Ltd. Vijay Tanks & Vessels Ltd. Ltd. Vijay Synthetic Prints Pvt. Pvt. Ltd.

[merged] Vijayanagar Steel Ltd. Vikram Investment Co. Ltd. Vikram Software Ltd. Ltd. Vikalp Securities Ltd. . Vikas Industrial Gases Ltd. Vikhroli Metal Fabricators Ltd. Ltd. Vijaya Bank Vijaya Commercial Credit Ltd. Vijaya Oxygen Co. Vijayalakshmi Mills Ltd. Vikas Spinning & Wvg. Vikram Projects Ltd. Ltd. Vijayshree Chemicals (india) Ltd. Vikram Capital Management Ltd. Vijaya Leasing Ltd. Ltd. Vikatmev Containers Ltd. Vikas Motors Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Vijayaa Steels Ltd. Vijaydeepa Constructions Ltd. Vikas Granaries Ltd. Vijayshree Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd. Vikas Road Carriers Limited Vikas Road Carriers Ltd. Mills Ltd. Viki Industries Pvt. Vijaya Krishna Chitfin Ltd. Vijayshree Industries Pvt.Vijay Wool Ltd. Vijayawada Developers Pvt. Ltd. Vijaya Krishna Permenant Fund Ltd. Vijoy Steel & General Mills Co. Vijaya Home Loans Ltd. Vijayta Audio World Ltd. Vikasjyoti Commerce Ltd. Ltd. Vijaya Kumar Mills Ltd. Vijayawada Bottling Co. Vikas W S P Ltd. Vijayeswari Exports Ltd. Vikram Financial Services Ltd. Vikas Globalone Ltd. Vijaya Productions Pvt. Ltd. Vijayshree Capital & Finance Ltd. Vikash Metal & Power Ltd. Vijayjyot Seats Pvt.

Ltd. Vindhya Greenlands Pvt. Vinayak Steels Limited Vinayak Vanijya Ltd. Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. Ltd. Vinaditya Trading Co. Vindhya Pipes & Plastics Ltd. Vikrant Agri Exports Ltd. Vindus Holdings Ltd. Vini Metaspin Steel Ltd. Bank Ltd. Villaland Developers Pvt. Ltd. Village De Nandi Pvt. Vima Kamgar Co. Vinay Cements Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vikrant Leasing Ltd. Vincent Commercial Co. Vinar Ispat Ltd.op. Vinayaga Infra (india) Limited Vinayak Distilleries Ltd. Vinedale Distilleries Ltd. Vimoni Financial Services Ltd. Vilavancode Self Reliance Credit Services Ltd. Vinayak Local Area Bank Ltd. Vinaykumar Family Trading & Holding Co.Vikram Thermo (india) Ltd. Vimal Oil & Foods Ltd. Ltd. Villa B O S Leathers Ltd. [merged] Viksit Engineering Ltd. Ltd. Vinati Organics Ltd. Vimal Flexsol Ltd. Vikrant Tyres Ltd. Vimal Coatings Ltd. Vimoni Investments Ltd. Vinadeep Investments Pvt. Vimal Moulders (india) Ltd. Vineet Udyog Ltd. Vinay Chem Pharma Ltd. Vinayak Exports Ltd. Vindhyachal Distilleries Ltd. Ltd. Vinayak Industries Ltd. Vimta Labs Ltd. . Vindhyachal Holdings Ltd. Vinayak Infosys Pvt. Vikrant Trade Enterprises Ltd.

Vintage Merchants Ltd. Co. Vipul Dye Chem Ltd. Viraj Alloys Ltd. Vinyl Investments (delta) Ltd.Viniyoga Clothex Ltd. Vipul Ltd. Ltd. Vinviv Holding & Trdg. Viom Networks Ltd. Vipul Hospitality Ltd. Vinyoflex Ltd. Vipul Southern Infracon Ltd. Vipul Eastern Infracon Pvt. Vintron Informatics Ltd. Vintage Securities Ltd. Vinyl Chemicals India Ltd. Vinzol Capital & Finance Ltd. [merged] Vinsari Fruitech Ltd. Vir Developers Ltd. Ltd. . Vinton Healthcare Ltd. Pvt. Vinyroyal Plasticoates Pvt. Viral Alkalis Ltd. [merged] Viraj Impoexpo Ltd [merged] Viraj Profiles Ltd. Vins Overseas India Ltd. Viral Filaments Ltd. Ltd. Vipanchi Chit Fund Ltd. Vippy Spinpro Ltd. Vintage Cards & Creations Ltd. Viplav Investments Ltd. Vipras Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Vintek Rf Products Ltd. Viraat Granites Pvt. Vipra Realtors Pvt. Ltd. Vira Industries Ltd. Ltd. Vipul Securities Ltd. [merged] Vippy Industries Ltd. Vinyl Investments (beta) Ltd. Viper Estates & Invsts. [merged] Viraj Forgings Ltd. Vipul S E Z Developers Pvt. Ltd. Vipras Castings Ltd. Vintage Builders Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Vintage Foods & Inds.

Visen Organic Inds. Visa Steel Ltd. Viramrut Trading Pvt. Visagar Financial Services Ltd. Virinchi Technologies Ltd. Virtualsoft Systems Ltd. Virk Hire Purchase Ltd. Virgo Polymers (india) Ltd. Visakha Finance Ltd. Virgin Holdings Ltd. Virat Crane Inds. Virtuous Share Invsts. Virgo Cements Ltd. [merged] Viscount Management Services (alpha) Ltd. Virchow Drugs Ltd. Visakha Aqua Farms Ltd.Viramgam-mahesana Project Ltd. Virgo Engineers Ltd. Visaka Cement Industry Ltd. Virmati Software & Telecommunications Ltd. Viscount Management Services Ltd. Virgo Global Media Ltd. [merged] . Virdhi Commercial Co. Virendramal Jain Holdings Ltd. Visa International Ltd. [merged] Virat Leasing Ltd. Virstra I-technology Services Ltd. Virtuous Securities & Broking Ltd. Ltd. Virtual Dynamics Software Ltd. Visakhapatnam Port Trust Visat Oil Tech Ltd. Ltd. Visco Trade Associates Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Visaka Industries Ltd. Visa Bao Ltd. Ltd. Viscount Holdings Ltd. Virtual Industries Ltd. Visagar Polytex Ltd. Viramya Packlight Ltd. Visen Industries Ltd. Visakha Hospitals & Diagnostics Ltd. Virat Investment Co. Virat Industries Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Virtuous Finance Ltd.

Ltd. Vishal Agritech India Ltd. . Vishal Chairs Ltd. Vishnuhari Investments & Properties Ltd. Vishay Transducers India Pvt. Vishva Vishal Engineering Ltd. Vishal Furnishings Ltd. Vishal Techno Commerce Ltd. Vishranti Trading Enterprises Ltd. Vishal Finlease Pvt. Vishal Lakto (india) Ltd. Vishal Pipes Ltd. Ltd.Visesh Infotecnics Ltd. Vishal Coaters Ltd. Vishnupriya Agro Inds. Visharda Oils Ltd. Vishal Exports Overseas Ltd. Vishvakirti Consultancy Ltd Vishvas Business Associates Ltd. Vishwa Vikas Services Ltd. Vishva Electronics (india) Ltd. Vishvprabha Trading Ltd. Vishvesham Investments & Trading Ltd. Vishal Malleables Ltd. Vishaldeep Spinning Mills Ltd. Vishwakarma Estate & Developers Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vishwa Vishal Engineering Ltd. Vishakha Infotech Ltd. Vishvjyoti Trading Ltd. Vishnu Forge Inds. Vishal Papertech (india) Ltd. Ltd. Vishudh Urja Pvt. Vishal Fruits & Greenveg Ltd. Vishal Import Overseas Ltd. Vishnu Leasing & Finance Ltd. Vishwa Industrial Co. Vishnu Chemicals Ltd. Vishwakarma Cements Ltd. Vishnu Sugar Mills Ltd. Vishal Nirman (india) Ltd. Vishnu Cotton Mills Ltd. Vishwakriya Housing Finance Ltd. Vishal Footwear Ltd. Ltd. Vishvas Projects Ltd.

Vitara Chemicals Ltd. Vitae India Spirits Ltd. Vitraag Agriculture Pvt. Ltd. [merged] Viswaat Chemicals Ltd. Vitta Mazda Ltd. Vision Comptech Integrators Ltd. Vitro Pharma Ltd. Vision Technology India Ltd. [merged] Vision India Networks Pvt. Ltd. Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd. . Vitesse Pvt. Viswajothe Permanent Fund Ltd. Vision Millennium Exports Pvt. Vitara Finance Ltd. Ltd. Vista Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ltd. Vital Communications Ltd. Ltd. Vivek Automobiles Ltd. Visualsoft Technologies Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Visisth Mercantile Ltd. Viswabharathi Textiles Pvt. Viva Highways Pvt. Vision Corporation Ltd. Ltd. Vitthal Hospitality Pvt. Vista Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Vishwasarh Finance Pvt. Vital Foods Ltd. Ltd. Vision Organics Ltd. Vismaya Constructions Pvt. Visu International Ltd. Ltd. Vita Diagnostics Ltd. Vita Biopharma Pvt. Vishwaroopa Investment & Trading Co. Vivek Commercial Ltd. [merged] Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel Ltd. Vitrum Tiles & Glass Ltd. Vitan Departmental Stores & Inds. [merged] Vitco Ispat Ltd. Ltd.Vishwamaya Syntex Pvt. Visteon Climate Systems India Ltd. Ltd. Vittatum Ltd. Vitari Distilleries Ltd. Vision Hotels & Resorts Ltd. Vishwas Steels Ltd.

Ltd. [merged] . Vivobio Labs Pvt. Vodafone Essar Spacetel Ltd. Vizar Agrochemicals Ltd.Vivek Engineering & Casting Ltd. Volant Textile Mills Ltd. Vogue Commercial Co. Vizag General Cargo Berth Pvt. Vivek Ltd. Vodafone West Ltd. Voice Engineers Ltd. Volkart Fleming Shipping & Services Ltd. Vividh Agro Processors Ltd. Ltd. Vivid Global Inds. Ltd. Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Ltd. Ltd. Volplast Ltd. Ltd. Voltamp Transformers Ltd. Vividhlaxi Audyogik Samshodhan Vikas Kendra Vivimed Labs Ltd. Vodafone Essar Ltd. Volrho Ltd. Vivek Fertilizers Ltd. Volga Investments Ltd. Vodafone Essar South Ltd. Ltd. Vizianagaram Press & Mills Co. Vodafone Essar Cellular Ltd. Vogue Home Products Ltd. Volga Credit & Leasing Ltd. Voith Paper Technology (india) Pvt. [merged] Voltaire Leasing & Finance Ltd. Vivo Bio Tech Ltd. Vodafone Essar Digilink Ltd. Ltd. Vogue Corporation Ltd. Vivek Hire Purchase & Leasing Ltd. Vizag Seaport Pvt. Ltd. Voltamp Transformers (south) Pvt. Voltas International Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Voith Paper Fabrics India Ltd. Vivobio Discovery Services Pvt. Volex Finance & Inds. Vivekananda Skyroad Ltd. Volga Air Technics Ltd. Vodafone East Ltd. Vogue Textiles Ltd.

W S Industries (india) Ltd. [merged] Vulcan Boilers Ltd. W H F Precision Forgings Ltd. W Diamant India Ltd. Vrundavan Agro Inds. Ltd. Ltd. Vrindavan Paper Mills Ltd. Vyas Trading Co. W E L Intertrade Pvt. [merged] W M I Konecranes India Ltd. Vora Wires Inds. Vyaparik Pratisthan Ltd. Vorin Laboratories Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Volvo India Pvt. Ltd. Volvo Properties Pvt. Vyshali Bleaching Co. Vysali Pharmaceuticals Ltd. W S Electric Ltd.Voltas Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Vossloh Beekay Castings Ltd. Ltd. Vulcan Engineers Ltd. W H Targett India Ltd. Ltd. . W H Brady & Co. Ltd. Vybra Automet Ltd. Vora Soaps Ltd. [merged] Vorion Chemicals & Distilleries Ltd. W I B Distributors Ltd. Vrundavan Securities Ltd. Vuppalamritha Magnetic Components Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Vrindavan Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Voltas Systems Ltd. W E P Solutions Ltd. Vyapar Industries Ltd. W P I L Ltd. W S I Holdings Pvt. Volvo Terry Inds. Vsapte Investments Pvt. W M W Metal Fabrics Ltd. W N S Global Services Pvt. W I E Estate Devp. Ltd. Vyom Tradelink Pvt. Vyline Glass Works Ltd. (india) Ltd. Vora Constructions Ltd.

Wardha Power Co. W S Telesystems Ltd. Ltd. Pvt. Wabco India Ltd. Ltd. Wallfort Financial Services Ltd. Wanbury Ltd. Warasgaon Lake View Hotels Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Wandleside National Conductors Ltd. Ltd. Wander Pvt. Pvt. Walchand Peoplefirst Ltd. Ltd. Wall Street Housing & Finance Corpn. Ltd. Walchand & Co. Wardha Greenfields Pvt. Waldies Ltd. Ltd. Warden Oil & Gas Ltd. Ltd. Warren Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Walking Stick Solutions Pvt. Warana Minerals Pvt. Wall Street Finance Ltd. Warden Engineering & Commercials Ltd. Bank Ltd. Warren Laboratories Ltd. [merged] Walker (india) Ltd. Warasgaon Tourism Ltd. Wah Restaurants Pvt. Waaree Instruments Ltd. Walchand Talentfirst Ltd.W S Insulators Ltd. Warren Tea Ltd. Walchandnagar Industries Ltd. Wardhaman Automotive Electricals Ltd. Wai Urban Co-op. Warner Multimedia Ltd. W T I Advanced Technology Ltd. Wadala Commodities Ltd. Ltd. Wadpack Pvt. Wahid Sandhar Sugars Ltd. Wallace Pharmaceuticals Ltd. W W Technology Holdings Ltd. Walvekar Farms & Food Products Ltd. . Wallace Flour Mills Co. Warden Construction & Finance Ltd. [merged] Wapcos Ltd. Ltd. Wall Street Construction Ltd. Wada Industrial Estate Ltd.

Websity Infosys Ltd. Ltd. Webel Crystals Ltd. Ltd.Warrior (investment) Ltd. Webpulse Consulting (india). Ways Enterprises India Ltd. Webneuron Services Ltd. Way2wealth Securities Pvt. Watsonia Developers Ltd. Webel Capacitors Ltd. Wartsila Operations & Maintenance India Ltd. Wavin India Ltd. Webel Consumer Electronics Ltd. . Warrior India Construction Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Weather Crafts Ltd. Waterfall Estate (east) Pvt. Waterwings Equipments Pvt. Wasan Brothers Pvt. Websol Energy System Ltd. Ltd. Weblink E-commerce Ltd. Washington Softwares Ltd. Webhosting & Solutions (india) Ltd. Way2wealth Brokers Pvt. Waterbase Ltd. Wasan Motors Ltd. Webel Mediatronics Ltd. Webel Electronic Communication Systems Ltd. Ltd. Wave Industries Pvt. Webel Informatics Ltd. Waxpol Industries Ltd. Ltd. Webfil Ltd. Weal Infotech Ltd. Webel Power Electronics Ltd. Weavette Texstyles Ltd. Webel Technology Ltd. Ltd. Watercare Investments (india) Ltd. Web 18 Software Services Ltd. Waverley Investments Ltd. Watson Software Ltd. Webel Communication Inds. Waves Realtors Pvt. Wartsila India Ltd. [merged] Wartyhully Estates Ltd. Webel Toolsind Ltd.

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Pvt. West Bengal Pharmaceutical & Phytochemical Devp. Welspun Steel Ltd. West Bengal Indl. West Coast Industrial Gases Ltd. Corpn. Corpn. West Bengal Small Inds. West Coast India Ltd. West Bengal Power Devp. Ltd. West Bengal Multifiber Jute Park Ltd. Corpn. Welspun Projects Ltd. West Bengal Financial Corpn. West Bengal State Electricity Board West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Co. Wep Peripherals Ltd. Ltd. Welspun Investments & Commercials Ltd. Corpn. Corpn. Welspun Tradings Ltd. West Bengal Agro Textile Corpn. West Asia Maritime Ltd. Ltd. Welspun Pipes Ltd. Welspun Natural Resoruces Pvt. West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. Welworth Electric Co. Ltd. Ltd.Welspun Infratech Ltd. Welspun Plastic Pvt. West Coast Brewers & Distillers Ltd. West Gujarat Expressway Ltd. Wendt (india) Ltd. West Bengal Concrete Inds. Ltd. Wescare (india) Ltd. Corpn. West Bengal State Seed Corpn. West Coast Indl. West Dinajpur Spinning Mills Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. West Bengal Tourism Devp. Ltd. Welspun Syntex Ltd. Corpn. West Bengal Handicrafts Devp. West Bengal Infrastructure Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Welspun Retail Ltd. Co. Ltd. Devp. . Corpn. Devp. Ltd. Ltd. Wesco Engineers Ltd. Welspun Mercantile Ltd. Fin. West Bengal Electronics Industry Devp. Welterman International Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. West Bengal S E Z Ltd. West Bengal Essential Commodities Supply Corpn. Welspun Wintex Ltd. Ltd.

West Leisure Resorts Pvt. Western India Race Horse Owners Association Ltd. Western Paques (india) Ltd. Westfort Hi-tech Hospital Ltd. Of Orissa Ltd. Western Orissa Sugar Ltd. Western Traders Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Western India Plywoods Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Western Securities Ltd. Western India Trustee & Executor Co. Western Coalfields Ltd. Western Ministil Ltd. Western India Cottons Ltd. West Kameng Energy Pvt. Western Alliance Power Ltd. Western Pressing Ltd. Western Maharashtra Devp. Western Agri Food Park Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Western Holdings Ltd. Western Fruit & Vegetable Ltd. Western U P Electric Power & Supply Co. Ltd. Westinghouse Saxby Farmers Ltd. Westland Ltd. Western U P Tollway Ltd. Ltd. Western India Tanneries Ltd. Western Bengal Co. Western Electricity Supply Co. Ltd. Western Express Inds. Western India Shipyard Ltd. Westin Estate Ltd. Western India Inds. Western Industries Ltd. Westerwork Engineers Ltd. . West Palm Developments Pvt. Western Chlorides & Chemicals Pvt.West Haryana Highways Projects Pvt. Western Nutrients Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Westend Developers Ltd. Western Foods Ltd. Western India Glass Works Ltd. Western India Automobile Association Western India Commercial Co. Corpn. West India Steel Co. [merged] Western Projects Ltd.

Weston Components Ltd. Ltd. White Stripes Entertainment Ltd. White Diamond Construction & Equipments Pvt. Wimco Greenbelts Ltd. [merged] White Tide Amusement Ltd. Wie Engineering Ltd. Wim Plast Ltd.Westlife Development Ltd. White Way Products (pharma) Ltd. Ltd. Wheeler Leather Corpn. Wilton Investments Ltd. [merged] Wimco Ltd. Whitebud Developers Ltd. Wild Life Conservation Resorts Ltd. Weston Electroniks Ltd. Westpoint Leisureparks Pvt. . Williamson Magor & Co. [merged] Whistling Woods Intl. Ltd. Widereach Infin Services Ltd. Westwind Realtors Pvt. Win Laboratories Pvt. Win Health Care Pvt. Whirlpool Of India Ltd. Wheelabrator Alloy Castings Ltd. Ltd. White Hall Commercial Co. Ltd. Wildon India Ltd. Ltd. Whirlpool Washing Machines Ltd. Wimco Boards Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Willard India Ltd. Wigeon Promoters & Developers Pvt. Willard Storage Battery Ltd. Ltd. Wheel & Axle Textiles Ltd. Wheel & Precision Forgings India Ltd. Williamson Financial Services Ltd. White Diamond Inds. Win Cable & Datacom Pvt. Ltd. Wimco Seedlings Ltd. [merged] Wills Corporation Ltd. Win-medicare Pvt. Williamson Tea Assam Ltd. Ltd. Wheels India Ltd. Wheel & Axle Trading & Finance Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Wilwayfort India Ltd.

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Ltd. Ltd. Wisemoney Finance Ltd. Worthy Plywoods Ltd. Woodlands Finance Ltd. Ltd. Worldwide Leather Exports Ltd. Pvt. Woodsvilla Ltd. Woodland Estates Ltd. Wolkem Industries Ltd. Wisec Global Ltd. Writelines India Ltd. Ltd. Wopolin Plastics Ltd. Worth Holding Pvt. Woco Motherson Elastomer Ltd. Wockhardt International Ltd.) Ltd. Ltd. Woodrose Estates Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Worth Investment & Trading Co. . [merged] Wockhardt Hospital Ltd. Woco Motherson Advanced Rubber Technologies Ltd. Woodside Parks Ltd. Woolcombers Of India Ltd. Wizer Advertising Pvt. Witmans Petrochem Ltd. Wolkem India Ltd. Wockhardt Infrastructure Devp. Woolite Mercantile Co. Worship Industries Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Wrangler Builders Pvt. Wires & Fabriks (s. World City Devp. Ltd. Woolways (india) Ltd. Wood Polymer Ltd. World Resorts Ltd. Worldlink Finance Ltd. World Digital Sound Ltd.Wireforms Ltd. Woodland Securities Ltd. Wockhardt Biopharm Ltd. Worthington Nitin Cylinders Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Wockhardt Ltd. Wordworks Apex I T E S (india) Pvt. Wood House Ltd. Wockhardt Health Care Ltd. Wires & Fabriks Pvt.a. Woodland Promoters Pvt.

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Zaffiro Fashion Ltd. Ltd. . Youngthang Power Ventures Ltd. Z C L Chemicals Ltd. Yuvak Fine Fab Ltd. Zarhak Steels Ltd. Ltd. Yug Developers Ltd. Ltd. Yogya Housing Finance Ltd. Zee Akaash News Pvt. Yokogawa India Ltd. Zed Investments Ltd. Yogrup Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Yule Electrical Ltd. Zamzam Exports Ltd. Ltd. Zadona Electronics Ltd. You Telecom India Pvt. Zee Overseas (india) Ltd. Zandu Realty Ltd. Zee Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. Zakki Exports Ltd. Yubeecee Finance & Investments Ltd. Ltd. Your Investment (india) Ltd. Z F Steering Gear (india) Ltd. Yuvraj International Ltd. Zeenia Realtors Ltd. Yogindera Worsted Ltd. Yule Financing & Leasing Co. Young India Agencies Pvt.Yogi Polyesters Ltd. York Calltech Pvt. Zaveri Exports Pvt. Ltd. Zee News Ltd. Yogya Capital Market Service Ltd. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. Yuken India Ltd. Yule Engineering Ltd. York Transport Equipment (india) Pvt. Zee-turner Ltd. Zee Learn Ltd. Yokostone India Ltd. Yukti Construction Pvt. Zee Sports Ltd. York Exports Ltd.

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Zim Laboratories Ltd. Zodiac Housing & Infrastructure Pvt. Zoom Industrial Services Ltd. Ltd. Zuari Industries Ltd. Zora Pharma Ltd. Zircon Traders Ltd. [merged] Zuari Management Services Ltd. Zullinc Healthcare Ltd. Ltd. [merged] Zydus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Zuari Maroc Phosphates Ltd. Ltd. Zoom Entertainment Network Ltd. Ltd. Zodiac Clothing Co. Zuari Fertilisers & Chemicals Ltd. Zubeda Hospitals Ltd. Ltd. Zuari Indian Oiltanking Pvt. Zydus Animal Health Ltd. Zuari Forex Ltd. Zion Agro Farms Pvt. Zuari Financial Services Pvt. Zuari Cement Ltd. Zuari Leasing & Finance Corpn. Zydus Pathline Ltd. Zodiac Cements Ltd. Zyden Gentec Ltd. Zuari Investments Ltd. Zoom Exports Ltd. Bank Ltd. Zoom Leasing & Finance Co. Zuventus Healthcare Ltd. Zuari Seeds Ltd. . [merged] Zora Traders Ltd. Zodiac Ventures Ltd. Zurich Infotech Ltd. Zillion Pharmachem Ltd. Zodiac-jrd-mkj Ltd. Ltd.Zillion Medicare (exports) Ltd. Zuari Insurance Brokers Ltd. Zoroastrian Co-op. Zoom Trade & Realty Ltd. Zuari Holdings Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Zoria Infratech Pvt. Zodiac Metal Strips Ltd. Ltd. Zuari Commodity Trdg. Zipper Trading Enterprises Ltd.

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