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Comparative Police Research Indonesia And Philippines

Comparative Police System




BACKGROUND The Indonesian National Police When large large part partss of Indo Indonesi nesiaa was unde underr Dutch colonial occupation until 1940s , Polie duties were  perfor!ed "# either !ilitar# esta"lish!ents or olonial polie $nown as the veldpolitie  or the fields  polie% &apanese &apane se o oupa upatio tion n dur during ing WW II "ro "rough ughtt ha hange ngess whe when n the &ap &apane anese se for! for!ed ed 'ar 'ariou iouss ar! ar!ed ed organi(ationss to support their war% organi(ation )his had led to the distri"ution of weapons to !ilitar# trained #ouths, whih were largel# onfisated fro! the Duth ar!our#% After the &apanese oupation, the national polie "ea!e an ar!ed organi(ation% )hee Indonesian police was established in 1946 , and )h and its its units fought in the Indonesian National Revolutio Revo lution n agai against nst the inva invading ding Dutch forc forces es Also partiipated in suppressing the 194! co""unist revolt in #adiun% In 1966, the polie was "rought under the control of $r"ed %orces &hief % police ice pla pla'ed 'ed a vi vital tal ro role le whe when n the' activel' activel' *ollowing *ollow ing the pro prola la!a !atio tion n of ind indepe epende ndene ne,, the pol supported the people(s "ove"ent to dis"antle the )apanese ar"'% And to strengthen the defence of  the newl' created Republic of Indonesia )he polie were not o!"atants who were re+uired to surrender their weapons to Allied fores% During th During thee re' re'olu olutio tion n of ind indepe epend nden ene, e, the pol polie ie gra gradua duall# ll# for for!ed !ed into wh what at is now $no $nown wn as *epolisian Negara Republic Indonesia +P,-RI. or the Indonesian National Police In /000, the polie fore offiiall# regained its independene and now is separate fro" the "ilitar' "ilitar' -ist of &hiefs of Police +*apolri. R aid oe$anto )-o$rodiat!od )-o$rodiat!od-o -o oe$arno D-o-onegoro oet-ipto Danoe$oesoe!o oet-ipto &oedodihard-o ;oegeng I!a! antoso :oh% ;asan Widodo Widod o Budidar!o Awaluddin Aw aluddin D-a!in Anton ud-arwo :oh% anoesi Kunarto Banurus!an Astrose! Astrose!itro itro Di"#o Widodo ./0 epte!"er 1023412 Dee!"er 10305 .13 Dee!"er 10304/0 Dee!"er 10675 .78 Dee!"er 106749 :a# 10635 .0 :a# 106349 :a# 10695 .0 :a# 10694/ Oto"er 10<15 .7 Oto"er 10<1410<25 .10<24/3 epte!"er 10<95 ./6 epte!"e epte!"err 10<94109/ 10<94109/55 .109/410965 .1096410 *e"ruar# 10015 ./8 *e"ruar# 10014April 10075 .April 10074:arh 10065 .:arh 10064/9 &une 10095 Roes!anhadi Roesdihard-o uro#o Bi!antoro Da=I Bahtiar utanto Ba!"ang ;endarso Danuri ./0 &une 100947 &anuar# /8885 .2 &anuar# /8884// epte!"er /8885 ./7 epte!"er /8884/9 No'e!"er /8815 ./0 No'e!"er /8814< &ul# /8835 .9 &ul# /883478 epte!"er /8895 .78 epte!"er /889 > Oto"er /8185 Timur Pradopo Soetarman Badrodin Haiti Tito Karnavian (October 2010 - October 2013) (October 2013 - Present ) (17 April 201 ! 13 "ul# 201$) (13 July 2016 — present) Rans of Indonesian National Police At their earl# #ears, PO?RI used @uropean polie st#le ran$s li$e Inspetor and Co!!issioner% When the polie was inluded into the !ilitar# struture in 1068s, the ran$s hanged into !ilitar# st#le suh as aptain, !a-or and olonel% When PO?RI onduted the transition to "e full# independent out of ar!ed fores struture at /881, the# use British st#le polie ran$s li$e Inspetor and uperintendent%  Now PO?RI return to Duth st#le ran$s -ust li$e earl# #ears% The Philippine National Police )he o!!on histor# of the polie fores of the Philippines an "e traed "a$ to the reigns of the pre4 ;ispani la$ans, datus and sultans in the islands, where soldiers who ser'ed in the o!!unities where the  people li'ed .and whih reported diretl# to loal leaders5 also enfored loal laws% All hanged with the arri'al of the panish rule and the introdution of Western law to the arhipelago% Until 1969, personnel of the panish ar!# and loal !ilitias were also tas$ed with poliing duties in loal o!!unities, together with the Island Cara"iniers .raised 1<69 and the olon#=s first e'er polie ser'ie5% In that #ear, the loal "ranh of the Ci'il Guard was offiiall# esta"lished "# order of then Go'ernor4 General Carlos :ara de la )orre # Na'a Cerrada% tarting fro! a single di'ision, during the Re'olutionar# period it grew into a orps of !ilitar# polie with detah!ents in ?u(on and the isa#as, and was notorious for its a"uses against *ilipinos% .)hese a"uses were !entioned in &os Ri(al=s two no'els, Noli :e )ngere and @l fili"usteris!o, "oth writing a"out se'eral ases of Ci'il Guards!en a"using the loal populae%5 With the "eginning of A!erian rule and the Philippine>A!erian War, the Philippine Consta"ular# .PC5 was raised in 1081 as a national gendar!erie fore for law enfore!ent, diretl# reporting to the A!erian go'ern!ent% At the sa!e ti!e, what is now the :anila Polie Distrit a!e into eEistene as the Philippines= first it# polie fore% ?ater polie fores "egan to !odel the U depart!ents% )he PC was later integrated into the ran$s of the Ar!ed *ores of the Philippines in the late 1078s 4 first as a o!!and of the Ar!#, and later on its own after the tate Polie folded% .)he PC=s personnel would later "e fighting on "oth sides in the eond World War%5 Passed on Dee!"er 17, 1008, Repu"li At No% 60<3, the Depart!ent of the Interior and ?oal Go'ern!ent At of 1008, ordered the !erger of "oth the Philippine Consta"ular# and the Integrated  National Polie and for!all# reated the Philippine National Polie% R%A% 60<3 was further a!ended "# R%A% 9331, the Philippine National Polie Refor! and Reorgani(ation At of 1009, and "# R%A% 0<89% )he R%A% 9331 en'isioned the PNP to "e a o!!unit#4 and ser'ie4oriented agen#% -ist of &hiefs of the Philippine National Police )he FDiretor GeneralF is head of the Philippine National Polie and the position is in'aria"l# held "# a four4star general% %esar P& 'aareno /aul S& mperial mberto A& /odriue (arc* 31+ 1,,1 ! Auust 2.+ 1,,2) (Auust 2.+ 1,,2 ! a# $+ 1,,3) (a# $+ 1,,3 ! "ul# .+ 1,,) Rearedo A% ar!iento II antiago ?% Alino Ro"erto )% ?asti!oso @d!undo ?% ?arro(a Panfilo :% ?ason ?eandro :endo(a .&ul# 9, 1002 > Dee!"er 13, 100<5 .Dee!"er 13, 100< > &ul# 10095 .&ul# 1009>10005 .1000 > No'e!"er 16, 10005 .No'e!"er 16, 1000 > &anuar# /8815 .:arh 16, /881 4 &ul# /88/5 ;e!ogenes @% @"dane &r% @dgar B% Aglipa# Arturo ?o!i"ao Osar C% Calderon A'elino I% Ra(on &r% &esus A% er(osa Raul Baal(o  Nianor Bartolo!e Alan Purisi!a ?eonardo @spina .OIC5 Riardo C% :ar+ue( Ronald Dela Rosa .&ul# /88/ > August /7, /8825 .August /7, /882 > :arh 12, /8835 .:arh 12, /883 > August /0, /8865 .August /0, /886 > Oto"er 1, /88<5 .Oto"er 1, /88< > epte!"er /<, /8895 .epte!"er /<, /889 > epte!"er 12, /8185 .epte!"er 12, /818 > epte!"er 0, /8115 .epte!"er 0, /811 > Dee!"er 1<, /81/5 .Dee!"er 1<, /81/ > *e"ruar# 3, /8135 .*e"ruar# 3, /813 > &ul# 16, /8135 .&une 16, /813 > &une 78, /8165 +)ul' 1 /016 2 present.