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Counter Affidavit Murder

Legal Writing - Counter Affidavit




REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES PHILIPPINES ) CITY OF MAKATI ) S.S. COUNTER-AFFIDAVIT I, Emilio S. Regondola , Filipino citizen, of legal age, married and residing at #1, Dahlia St., Fairview, Quezon City, after having been duly sworn to according to law, hereby depose and state: 1. That I am the accused in Criminal Case No. 456321 for the crime of murder under Article 248 of the Revised Penal Code; 2. That I am the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser with plate number AHA 3548; 3. That on February 28, 2017, my wife’s colleague, Arthur D. Guevarra borrowed my car  because he wanted to take his mother to the hospital; 4. That Arthur D. Guevarra bears a striking resemblance to me as we have the same build and facial features; 5. That around the time the crime occurred; I was at home with my wife and children watching a movie as can be proven by pictures posted on my children’s  children’s  Instagram accounts with a time stamp; 6. That the allegations in the Affidavit-Complaint are false and it was physically impossible for me to commit the crime charged because I had been in Quezon City with my family while the incident happened in Makati; Mak ati; 7. That I am executing this Counter-Affidavit freely and voluntarily for the purpose of attesting the truth of the foregoing statements, to inform the proper authorities of the above facts, to support my prayer for the dropping or dismissal of the instant case against me and for whatever purpose this may serve best. IN WITNESS THEREOF , I have hereunto set my hand this 11th day of March, 2017 at the City of Makati. EMILIO S. REGONDOLA Accused Party SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 11th  day of March, 2017 at Makati City, Philippines and I FURTHER CERTIFY that I have personally examined the affiant and I am satisfied that he/she has read and personally understood the contents of his foregoing “Counter-Affidavit ”. ”. MA. THERESA F. CRUZ Prosecutor Roll No. IBP No. PTR No. MCLE Compliance III No.  Notes: Self-defense / Denial / Alibis Complainant is accusing you –  Charged (already a court case/offense) Affidavit of witnesses –  parking attendant not just parking ticket Warrantless arrest –  cannot refuse provided the requisites are met