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Daikin Vrv Iv Co Brochure

Daikin VRV cooling only machines. The use is primarily for Middle east, Asia and Africa. These units do not offer heat pumps functionality




  Preview PVVVN1325aprv   PCVAU1327 Cooling Only / Heat Pump50 Hz  02 * VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd. INDEXP03P13P15P40P65P73P85 Main FeaturesOutdoor Unit LineupIndoor Unit LineupOutdoor Unit CombinationsAir Treatment Equipment LineupSpecifications P67 Option ListControl Systems   COP 4.41 achieved Lineup strengthened : 3 types available Expanded to 60 class Enhanced comfort with built in sensor  01 First launched in Japan in 1982, the Daikin VRV   system has been embraced by world markets for over 30 years. Now, Daikin proudly introduces the next generation VRV   IV    system.It now offers improved energy savings, comfort, and ease of installation to meet an ever wider variety of needs. Next Generation VRV   IV  System  Improve Coefficient of Performance (COP) Quiet Operation Excellent Operational Performance in compact design Improved heat exchanger efficency, helps to reduce operational noise. Lower operation noiseLineup *12 class (33.5 kW) of VRV   IV more compact design than VRV   III 033.544.55 6 class  (16 kW) (22.4 kW) (28 kW) (33.5 kW) (40 kW) (45 kW) (50 kW) 8 class10 class12 class14 class16 class18 class 4.414.303.843.723.673.463.25 * Strengthened Lineup 3 types availableEnergy Saving Peak in outdoor temperature   Peak in outdoor temperature   Peak in outdoor temperature Enable night mode   Enable night mode   Enable night mode Large airflow, high static pressure and quiet operation Without increasing operation sound, advanced analytical technologies are utilized to optimise fan design and increase airflow rate and high external static pressure of 78.4Pa. Night-time quiet operation function Outdoor PCB automatically memorises the time when the peak outdoor temperature appears. It will enable quiet operation mode after 8 h *1 , and return to normal mode after maintaining quiet operations for 9 h *2 . *1 8 h is the initial setting with 6 h or 10 h also available.*2 9 h is the initial setting with 8 h or 10 h also available.Notes: · This function is available in setting at site.· The operating sound in quiet operation mode is the actual value measured by our company. · The relationship of outdoor temperature (load) and time shown above is just an example. Streamlined air grille It promotes the discharge of swirling airflow, further reducing the pressure loss. Streamlined scroll fan The sharp edge of each fan blade has a certain curvature, reducing both the vibration and the pressure loss. Streamlined scroll fan Illustrated fan    O  p  e  r  a   t   i  n  g  s  o  u  n   d   (   d   B   )   L  o  a   d   (   %   )   C  a  p  a  c   i   t  y   (   %   ) Night mode min. 40 dB(A) 8 hrs 8:005060501000 4057 12:0016:0020:000:004:008:00 9 hrs  VRV    IV VRV    IV 6Class810125755565759575860 High-COP TypeStandard TypeSpace Saving Type 20 class   (54.4 kW) 20 class   (55.9 kW) 20 class   (56 kW) Enables further energy savings 12 class (32 kW)-50 class (140 kW) with 4 new models Offers higher capacity up to 60 class (168 kW)6 class (16 kW)-60 class (168 kW) with 3 new models New type with compact & lightweight design18 class (50 kW)-50 class (140 kW) with 17 new models   Class High-COP Type Standard Type Space Saving Type Mo/CNew Lineup Sound level(dB(A)) COP during cooling operation3.93 Product Weight 490 kg 14 %Decrease 22 %Decrease Installation Space 1.66 m 2 380 kg1.42 m 2    M  a   i  n   F  e  a   t  u  r  e  s CoolingOperationCOP 3.94COP during cooling operation Product Weight 490 kg   11 %Increase Installation Space 1.66 m 2 555 kg2.13 m 2 3.94 COP during cooling operation3.11 Product Weight 490 kg 43 %Decrease 35 %Decrease Installation Space 1.66 m 2 320 kg0.95 m 2 3.94 4.36 1 ˜2 dB(A) reduction thanconventional model VRV  VRV VRV VRV  VRV  03 04 EnergySaving Up to60 class  (168 kW) CompactDesign  05 06