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Debate Against Gst

Debate against GST bill




Against GST bill is going to bring a big positive reform in the taxation. GST bill will reduce the overall taxes at every aspect of our life. But these things are  just in paper friends just in paper. paper. Good morning to respected respected jury members, teachers and all my dear friends.  !shitij Gaur representing group " standing here to strongly refute the motion as GST bill cannot open the #ood gates of development at any cost. $e are democratic nation where always decades de cades are spent for ma%ing a decision.  am more than sure friends that again  would be proved correct in the implementation for GST. GST. This bill is not actually of the society, economy but for betterment of their own o wn hold in i n the country. country. Australia implemented GST in the year &'(), right. Bur eventually *i%e Baird, the Australian senator, came to the conclusion that lifting the rate of the GST by )+ per cent is the best way to plug the revenue gap caused by spiralling health costs. $hy friends why, if GST was so good then why rates of taxes were increased in Australia. Baird points out that Australias rate of GST is one of the lowest among the wealthy countries theyre often compared with. -ifting the rate would do nothing more than bring them into line with the international norm. $ell  would li%e to say that a debate is not all about shouting and banging the table, it is about proofs, facts and gures which my worthy opponents have failed to provide.  The GSTs biggest downside is that it hits poor people hardest because it ta%es a higher percentage of low incomes than of high incomes. Any proposal to lift the GST would be deemed grossly unfair unless accompanied by compensation. That means the revenue and e/ciency benets of the GST are eroded to some extent by the volume of compensation and related compliance costs. 0ven *i%e Baird stated about half the extra 123 billion raised by a &) per cent GST annually by would be handed bac% to middle class and low4income households as compensation. So GST is basically about distortion and manipulation. *oreover the need for GST compensation introduces another potential disadvantage that receives less attention that it deserves. Targeted payments to those who need them most, such as family tax benets, can create disincentives to wor%. This a5ects many part4time wor%ing mothers who want to increase the number of hours or days they wor%. 6or them, the nancial rewards of doing more wor% may be cancelled out by the loss of welfare benets and additional childcare costs. 7ear friends GST bill is not more than an enigma of development. sn8t respected jury members. n ndia online shopping is constantly gripping over the mar%et. The rise of  international online shopping is a5ecting GST collections. mported goods valued below 1&+++, and most imported services such as multimedia downloads, are not subject to GST. 7espite the growing popularity of buying low4value goods and services from overseas via the internet, it is unclear whether GST can be e/ciently levied on these purchases. This threatens to a5ect the competitiveness of  domestic businesses over time.  The secondary sector will also get a5ected by GST."ertainly, the big industrial houses are going to get beneted in a massive way as mar%ed by my worthy opponents. The small industries, SS etc, would die their own death, whereby all other people associated directly or indirectly with these SSs would be put to undue hardship resulting in unemployment.  They will be forced to wor% only for big houses. $hether this %ind of growth is envisaged9 Should they loose their self respect by shutting down their own business and go for employment9 Also the thousands of "A8s who are giving their professional services to these SSs, one way or the other, would loose their professionals wor%. They will not have any option then to wor% for the big auditor rms. Thereby resulting in a big benets to the big audit rms. They would be in a commanding position.  The big salary which today they are paying to various "A8s employed with them would drastically come down. :ust thin% about it friends, is this GST bill benecial9  don8t thin% so. ;verall economy would grow. The real wealth of our country also would grow. But this growth would be without development. The majority of the people would be at the mercy of a few number of big business houses.  The rich would become more rich and poor would be more poor.