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Design And Operation Of A Future Hydrogen Supply Chain

Design and Operation of a Future Hydrogen Supply Chain




  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2009, V. 34, N 19 1. Editorial Board   Pages iii-iv   Preview PDF (59 K) | Related Articles  Hydrogen Economy 2. Design and operation of a future hydrogen supply chain: Multi-period model   Pages 7883-7897   A. Almansoori, N. Shah Preview PDF (344 K) | Supplementary Content | Related Articles  3. An evaluation of the potential of the use of wasted hydroelectric capacity to produce hydrogen to be used in fuel cells in order to decrease CO 2  emissions in Brazil   Pages 7898-7902   Jaie C. Padilha, Letíia G. da Tridade, Roerto F. de Souza, Marelo Miguel  Preview PDF (187 K) | Related Articles    Electrolysis 4. Sintering and ionic conductivity of 8YSZ and CGO10 electrolytes with small addition of Fe 2 O 3 : A comparative study   Pages 7903-7909  Qiang Dong, Z.H. Du, T.S. Zhang, J. Lu, X.C. Song, J. Ma Preview PDF (668 K) | Related Articles  5. The stability of NiCoZn electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution activity in alkaline solution during long-term electrolysis   Pages 7910-7918   R. Solaz, A. Döer, İ. Şahi, A.O. Yüe, G. Kardaş, B. Yazıı, M. Eril  Preview PDF (1344 K) | Related Articles  6. SO 2  permeability and proton conductivity of sPEEK membranes for SO 2 -depolarized electrolyzer   Pages 7919-7926  Nayoung Kim, Dukjoon Kim Preview PDF (892 K) | Related Articles  Solar Hydrogen    7. Photocatalytic water splitting on new layered perovskite A 2.33 Sr 0.67 Nb 5 O 14.335  (A = K, H)   Pages 7927-7933  Yibin Li, Jihuai Wu, Yunfang Huang, Miaoliang Huang, Jianming Lin Preview PDF (634 K) | Related Articles  Chemical/Thermochemical Hydrogen 8. A novel method for generating hydrogen by hydrolysis of highly activated aluminum nanoparticles in pure water   Pages 7934-7938  Babak Alinejad, Korosh Mahmoodi Preview PDF (665 K) | Related Articles  9. Demonstration of the I  –  S thermochemical cycle feasibility by experimentally validating the over-azeotropic condition in the hydroiodic acid phase of the Bunsen process   Pages 7939-7948  Ho Joon Yoon, Hee Cheon No, Young Soo Kim, Hyung Gon Jin, Jeong-Ik Lee, Byung Jin Lee Preview PDF (1595 K) | Related Articles  Biohydrogen 10. The effect of irradiance growing on hydrogen photoevolution and on the kinetic growth in Rhodopseudomonas palustris , strain 42OL   Pages 7949-7958  Pietro Carlozzi Preview PDF (1014 K) | Related Articles  11. Determining optimum conditions for hydrogen production from glucose by an anaerobic culture using response surface methodology (RSM)   Pages 7959-7963  Yang Mu, Xian-Jun Zheng, Han-Qing Yu Preview PDF (369 K) | Related Articles  12. Hydrogen production by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii   under light driven sulfur deprived condition   Pages 7964-7970  Krishnan Vijayaraghavan, Rajendran Karthik, S.P. Kamala Nalini Preview PDF (271 K) | Related Articles  13. Optimization of biohydrogen production from beer lees using anaerobic mixed bacteria    Pages 7971-7978  Maojin Cui, Zhuliang Yuan, Xiaohua Zhi, Jianquan Shen Preview PDF (348 K) | Related Articles  14. Fermentative hydrogen yields from different sugars by batch cultures of metabolically engineered Escherichia coli   DJT135   Pages 7979-7982  Dipankar Ghosh, Patrick C. Hallenbeck Preview PDF (225 K) | Related Articles  Ethanol/Methanol Hydrogen 15. Methanol resistant ruthenium electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction synthesized by pyrolysis of Ru 3 (CO) 12  in different atmospheres   Pages 7983-7994  A. Altamirano- Gutiérrez, O. Jiéez -Sandoval, J. Uribe- Godíez, R.H. Castellaos, E. Borja-Arco, J.M. Olivares- Raírez  Preview PDF (1023 K) | Related Articles  16. Perovskite La  –  St  –  Fe  –  O (St=Ca, Sr) supported nickel catalysts for steam reforming of ethanol: The effect of the A site substitution   Pages 7995-8005  S.Q. Chen, H. Wang, Y. Liu Preview PDF (605 K) | Related Articles  17. A portable fuel processor for hydrogen production from ethanol in a 250 W el  fuel cell system   Pages 8006-8015  Thomas Aicher, Johannes Full, Achim Schaadt Preview PDF (652 K) | Related Articles  Fossil Hydrogen 18. A novel rotary reactor configuration for simultaneous production of hydrogen and carbon nanofibers   Pages 8016-8022   J.L. Piilla, R. Utrilla, M.J. Lázaro, I. Suelves, R. Molier, J.M. Palaios  Preview PDF (990 K) | Related Articles  19. Catalytic reforming of gasoline to hydrogen: Kinetic investigation of deactivation processes    Pages 8023-8033   Stefa Rae, Frédéri Vogel, Thah -Binh Truong, Takashi Shimazu, Tomohisa Wakasugi, Hiroshi Aoki, Hideo Sobukawa Preview PDF (1196 K) | Related Articles  20. Thermocatalytic decomposition of methane for hydrogen production using activated carbon catalyst: Regeneration and characterization studies   Pages 8034-8045  Hazzim F. Abbas, W.M.A. Wan Daud Preview PDF (1039 K) | Related Articles  21. Catalytic behavior of Ni/Zr  x  Ti − O 2  and the effect of SiO 2  doping in oxidative steam reforming of n -butane   Pages 8046-8052  Fumiaki Sago, Sho Fukuda, Katsutoshi Sato, Katsutoshi Nagaoka, Hiroyasu Nishiguchi, Yusaku Takita Preview PDF (530 K) | Related Articles  22. Hydrogen production by steam reforming of liquefied natural gas (LNG) over Ni  –  Al 2 O 3  catalysts prepared by a sequential precipitation method: Effect of precipitation agent   Pages 8053-8060  Jeong Gil Seo, Min Hye Youn, Dong Ryul Park, Insung Nam, In Kyu Song Preview PDF (570 K) | Related Articles  23. Hydrogen production and CO 2  fixation by flue-gas treatment using methane tri-reforming or coke/coal gasification combined with lime carbonation   Pages 8061-8066  M. Halmann, A. Steinfeld Preview PDF (273 K) | Related Articles  Storage in Hydrids 24. Spatially resolved hydrogen desorption from aluminum hydride observed by magnetic resonance imaging   Pages 8067-8072  Uncharat Setthanan, Bryce MacMillan, G. Sean McGrady Preview PDF (419 K) | Related Articles  25. Microstructure and electrochemical investigations of La .−  x  Ce  x  Mg 0.24 Ni 3.15 Co 0.245 Al 0.105  (  x   = 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4) hydrogen storage alloys   Pages 8073-8078    L.F. Cheng, Y.X. Wang, R.B. Wang, Z.H. Pu, X.G. Zhang, D.N. He Preview PDF (885 K) | Related Articles  26. Effect of ball milling time on the hydrogen storage properties of TiF 3 -doped LiAlH 4   Pages 8079-8085  Shu-Sheng Liu, Li-Xian Sun, Yao Zhang, Fen Xu, Jian Zhang, Hai-Liang Chu, Mei-Qiang Fan, Tao Zhang, Xiao-Yan Song, Jean Pierre Grolier Preview PDF (434 K) | Related Articles  27. Processing analysis of the ternary LiNH 2  –  MgH 2  –  LiBH 4  system for hydrogen storage   Pages 8086-8093  Michael U. Niemann, Sesha S. Srinivasan, Ashok Kumar, Elias K. Stefanakos, D. Yogi Goswami, Kimberly McGrath Preview PDF (1284 K) | Supplementary Content | Related Articles  28. The effect of rapid solidification on the microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of V 35 Ti 25 Cr 40  hydrogen storage alloy   Pages 8094-8100  P. Pei, X.P. Song, J. Liu, G.L. Chen, X.B. Qin, B.Y. Wang Preview PDF (1039 K) | Related Articles  29. Hydrogen storage in a Li  –  Al  –  N ternary system   Pages 8101-8107   Kun Luo, Yongfeng Liu, Fenghuai Wang, Mingxia Gao, Hongge Pan Preview PDF (459 K) | Related Articles    Storage in Nano Structures 30. Mixed-metal Li 3 N-based systems for hydrogen storage: Li 3 AlN 2  and Li 3 FeN 2   Pages 8108-8114  Henrietta W. Langmi, Scott D. Culligan, G. Sean McGrady Preview PDF (432 K) | Related Articles  31. Electrochemical behaviour of single walled carbon nanotubes  –   Hydrogen storage and hydrogen evolution reaction   Pages 8115-8126   P.S. Ferádez, E.B. Castro, S.G. Real, M.E. Martis  Preview PDF (839 K) | Related Articles