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Direct-cross Examination (arresting Officer)





DIRECT EXAMINATION OF SP02 SANTIAGO Q : Mr. Mr. Wi Witne tness, ss, how how are are yo you empl employ oye ed? In In othe otherr wor words ds,, wha whatt is is y you ourr profession? A : I am am a bona bona de de memb member er of the the Ph Phil ilip ippi pine ne Nati Nation onal al Poli olie. e. Q : Wha Whatt is is your your ran! ran! as a mem membe berr of of the the Ph Phil ilip ippi pine ne Nati Nation onal al Poli olie? e? A : P"# sir. Q : $ow $ow lon% lon% ha& ha&e you you been been in the the ser ser&i &ie e as a pol poli ie e o' o'er er? ? A : I ha& ha&e e been been in ser& ser&i ie e for for almo almost st () year years s now now.. I star starte ted d sin sine e *) *))+ )+.. Q : Wh Where ere ar are you you desi desi%n %nat ate ed, Mr. Wi Witne tness? ss? A : I am ur urrentl ently y des desi% i%na nate ted d at the the Pr Prein eint t  -rmi -rmita ta,, Man Manil ila. a. Q : ou ou men menti tion oned ed in in you yourr a'da& a'da&it it of arr arres estt that that you you ar are a mem membe berr of the the Philippine National Polie /riminal In&esti%ation and 0etention 1roup, is that ri%ht? A : es, your $onor. Q : 2in 2ine e whe when n ha& ha&e e you you been been ser& ser&in in% % as as a membe emberr of of ttha hatt %r %roup? oup? A : I ha& ha&e bee been a member ber of of tthe he PNP /I0 sin sine e *) *)(). Q : "n "n the #)th of May *)(3, were you wor!in%? A : es, your $onor. Q : Were you assi%ned any tas! on that day? A : I was assi%ned to %o at the ba! of 2M Manila alon% 2an Marelino 2treet as there was a sheduled buy4bust operation that day. I was desi%nated to be as a poseur4buyer with 2P)* 5e%aspi and P)# Alisua% as ba!4ups. Q : /an you desribe to us what happened when you arri&ed there? A : At around 6 pm, our ondential informant introdued me to a ertain 7A!mado8. After identifyin% myself as a buyer, he replied 79abali! a!o.8 After () minutes, Musa arri&ed and introdued himself as the one sent by A!mado. $e then drew from his po!et one bi% plasti sahet ontainin% white rystalline substane. Q : 0urin% that time, did you !now what was ontained in the plasti? A : I suspeted it to ontain 7shabu8 your honor due to the familiarity of  the usual paraphernalia for the use of suh prohibited dru%. Q : What did you do net when you suspeted that the ontent of the plasti was shabu? A : I %a&e him the mar!ed money and in turn he %a&e me the item worth &e hundred pesos. Q : When you pro&ed that the ontent of the plasti was in fat shabu, was the arrest of the man e;eted? A : es, your honor. I then eeuted the pre4arran%ed si%nal by remo&in% my bull ap, si%nifyin% that the transation has been onsummated. witness points the aused Musa di !o alam yun% last name .  di !o alam rst name 2antia%o whih was pre&iously mar!ed as -hibit “B” durin% the pre4trial. Will you %o o&er this and tell if that is the statement of yours? A : es, your honor. Q : And abo&e the name 2P)* >rst name 2antia%o is a si%nature. Whose si%nature is that? A : My si%nature, sir. Prosecutor: May we pray, our $onor, that the name Drederi! Ealiente and his si%nature in the a'da&it be bra!eted and mar!ed as -hibit 794(8?  Jude: M!r"# Prosecutor: No $urt%er &uest'o(s) *our %o(or# CROSS EXAMINATION OF SP02 SANTIAGO Q : Please state your name and line of wor! for the reord. A : My name is >rst name 2antia%o and I am a bona de member of the Philippine National Polie. Q : Is it true that you were on a buy bust operation on the #)th of May, *)(3? A : es, sir. Q : Is it true as well that the buy bust operation was onduted beause of the information %i&en to the 0istrit Anti4Ille%al 0ru%s the day before the said operation? A : es, sir. Q : Is it true that the tip %i&en to you by the informant only mentioned the name of A!mado? A : es, sir. Q : "n the day of the operation, you met A!usado at around 6:)) pm, is that ri%ht? A : es, sir. Q : $owe&er, he left after you were introdued by your informant? A : es, sir. Q :