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6C CLASSIFIEDS 754-8463 Wednesday • April 23, 2014 (Solution to today’s puzzle on H aw k Eye H appenings page) Level: Easy M edium H ard S olu tion tips a n d C om pu terProg ra m : w w d oku .com Fillin the grid so thatevery row ,every colum n and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. That’s allthere is to it! There’s no m ath involved.The grid has num bers,but nothing has to add up to anything else.You solve the puzzle w ith reasoning and logic. It’s fun.It’s challenging.It’s addictive! Solving tim e is typically from 10 to 30 m inutes, depending on your skilland experience. select TV 6:30 7:00 7:30 KTVO News at ABC 36 (N) 3 KTVO 8 WQAD News 8 8 WQAD at 6PM (N) 6:00 3 Wheel of Fortune (N) 8 WQAD News 8 at 630PM (N) The Middle Sue announces she is back with Darrin. (N) Suburgatory Tessa mentors a young social outcast. (N) 4 CBS4 News at Six (N) 4 WHBF 7 KHQA News at 7 KHQA Six (N) 4 Entertainment Survivor “Sitting in My Spy Shack” Tonight (N) (HDTV) A castaway embarks on a 7 Wheel of secret stakeout. (N) Fortune (N) CBS KWQC TV6 NBC 6News at 6PM (N) 6 KWQC 10 WGEM News 10 WGEM at 6 (N) 6 Wheel of Fortune (N) 10 Entertainment Tonight (N) 8:00 Modern Family “Australia” The family visits Australia. (N) 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 (8:31) Mixology Nashville “Nashville: On the Record” 3 KTVO News at (10:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live (HDTV) Dominic asks Tom (HDTV) Cast members perform. (N) 10 (N) Tim Allen; Ginnifer Goodwin. (N) for advice. (N) 8 WQAD News 8 at 10PM (N) Criminal Minds “Strange Fruit” CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (HDTV) Skeletons are discovered in “Passed Pawns” (HDTV) A man is a backyard. (DVS) killed after a big casino win. (DVS) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9:01) Chicago PD “A Material “Betrayal’s Climax” (HDTV) Benson “Rapist Anonymous” (HDTV) Rollins Witness” (HDTV) Olinsky’s daughter becomes SVU’s new commander. helps a friend press charges. (DVS) becomes a witness. (DVS) (DVS) 4 Ten at 10 on (10:35) Late Show With David CBS4 (N) Letterman (HDTV) Sally Field; 7 KHQA News at Timothy Simons. (N) 10 (N) 6 KWQC TV6 (10:34) The Tonight Show Starring News at 10PM Jimmy Fallon (HDTV) Cameron 10 WGEM News Diaz; Jim Gaffigan; Future. (N) at 10 12 (5:30) PBS NewsHour This Old House Nature “Snow Monkeys” Snow mon- NOVA (HDTV) Social lives of smart (HDTV) keys in Japan. (DVS) animals. (N) (DVS) Your Inner Fish (HDTV) Beneficial traits from primates. (N) 15 The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory American Idol “Top 6 Finalists Perform” (HDTV) The six finalists perform two songs. (N) (Live) Modern Family (HDTV) The Middle “The The Arsenio Hall Show Patrick and TMZ (HDTV) (N) Hose” Gina Neely; Earthquake. (N) 18 The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory American Idol “Top 6 Finalists Perform” (HDTV) The six finalists perform two songs. (N) (Live) FOX 18 Nine O’Clock News TMZ (HDTV) (N) The Simpsons Family Guy The Arsenio Hall Show (N) Family Feud Family Feud Arrow “Seeing Red” When the mirakuru sends Roy into a rage. Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Seinfeld “The Clip Show” Community (HDTV) 26 news The 100 (HDTV) Bellamy leads the search for Octavia. (N) Nightly Business The Vintage Red Austin City Report (N) Green Show Limits (HDTV) Seinfeld “The Pie” CNBC CNN CNN2 CSPAN CSPAN2 FOXN MSNBC Billions Behind Bars Erin Burnett OutFront (HDTV) (N) The Situation Room (N) (5) Key Capitol Hill Hearings Key Capitol Hill Hearings On Record, Greta Van Susteren Hardball With Chris Matthews (N) BIGTEN ESPN ESPN2 FOXS (5:30) College Softball Penn State at Ohio State. University B1G Football Replay From Oct. 5, 2013. B1G Football Replay From Sept. 28, 2013. MLB Baseball New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox. From Fenway Park in Boston. (N) 30 for 30 (HDTV) SportsCenter (HDTV) (N) (Live) Olbermann SportsCenter (N) Sportscenter: On the Clock 2014 Draft Academy (HDTV) (N) Baseball Tonight (N) NFL Live (HDTV) (N) SportsCenter (N) Car Warriors (HDTV) UFC Insider Training Day ’14 Blues Live (N) NHL Hockey St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks. (HDTV) (N) (Live) Blues Live (N) sports NHL Hockey Anaheim Ducks at Dallas Stars. (HDTV) (N) (Live) Money Talks “Stripped” Money Talks Anderson Cooper 360 (N) CNN Tonight (HDTV) (N) (Live) CNN Special Report (HDTV) Anderson Cooper 360 CNN Tonight Erin Burnett OutFront (HDTV) (N) Anderson Cooper 360 (N) CNN Tonight (HDTV) (N) (Live) Forensic Files Forensic Files Forensic Files Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. Key Capitol Hill Hearings Speeches. Capitol Hill Book Discussion on Astoria After Words (8:44) After Words Discussion on Citizen Explorer Key Capitol Hill Hearings The O’Reilly Factor (N) The Kelly File (HDTV) (N) Hannity (HDTV) (N) The O’Reilly Factor (HDTV) The Kelly File All In With Chris Hayes (HDTV) (N) The Rachel Maddow Show (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes (HDTV) Rachel Maddow family Baby Daddy (HDTV) (N) Sister Act ›› (1992, Musical Comedy) (HDTV) Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie The 700 Club Branislav Huberman Smith, Kathy Najimy. (PG) saved 1,000 Jews. Melissa & Joey Melissa & Joey (HDTV) Melissa & Joey (HDTV) (N) DISN Liv & Maddie (HDTV) Jessie “Snack Attack” Let It Shine (2012, Comedy-Drama) (HDTV) Tyler James Williams, Coco Jones, Trevor Jackson. (NR) Good Luck Charlie (HDTV) Win, Lose or Draw Austin & Ally (HDTV) Dog With a Blog Stuck in the (HDTV) Suburbs NICK SpongeBob SquarePants Sam & Cat (HDTV) Full House “Viva Full House Las Joey” Full House “One Full House Last Kiss” Full House Full House Friends (10:36) Friends (11:12) Friends TOON Steven Universe Regular Show A King of the Hill (HDTV) (N) haunted pit. (HDTV) King of the Hill (HDTV) The Cleveland Show The Cleveland Show American Dad (HDTV) American Dad (HDTV) Family Guy (HDTV) Family Guy (HDTV) Robot Chicken “Zombie Idol.” A&E Duck Dynasty (HDTV) Duck Dynasty (HDTV) Duck Dynasty (HDTV) Duck Dynasty (HDTV) Duck Dynasty “G.I. SI” (9:31) Duck Dynasty (10:02) Duck Dynasty (10:32) Duck Dynasty (11:01) Duck Dynasty ANIM BET CMT Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters Being Mary Jane (HDTV) Reba Reba COM (5:59) The Colbert Report DSC E! FOOD FX Dual Survival “Castaways” Dual Survival: Untamed (N) Dual Survival (N) E! News (HDTV) (N) Ryan Seacrest Total Divas (HDTV) Restaurant: Impossible (HDTV) Save My Bakery “Out of the Mix” Restaurant: Impossible (HDTV) Capt. America Thor ››› (2011, Action) (HDTV) Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman. (PG-13) Marooned “Botswana” (N) The Soup (N) The Soup Restaurant: Impossible (HDTV) (N) The Americans “Martial Eagle” (N) The Waltons John-Boy gives a coed The Waltons John-Boy enters a mule in a race. Frasier (Part 1 of Frasier (Part 2 of Frasier 2) 2) ABCFAM (HDTV) cable variety Duck Dynasty (HDTV) Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters The Game Stay Together The Dukes of Hazzard (HDTV) The Daily Show Key & Peele With Jon Stewart (HDTV) HALLMK a ride. HGTV Property Brothers (HDTV) HIST Duck Dynasty (HDTV) South Park Property Brothers (HDTV) American Pickers Former firefighter American Pickers A sprawling in upstate New York. Connecticut dairy farm. Baby Daddy (HDTV) Fighting Tuna (HDTV) River Monsters (HDTV) Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters Hot Boyz › (1999, Action) Gary Busey, Silkk the Shocker, Jeff Speakman. (R) Husbands- Ho. Country Strong ›› (2010, Drama) (HDTV) Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Garrett Hedlund. (PG-13) Fighting Tuna Wendy Williams Cops Reloaded South Park (HDTV) (11:01) At Midnight The Middle (HDTV) South Park (HDTV) An epidemic of Triptank “The Peruvian flute bands. Green” (N) The Middle (HDTV) Property Brothers (HDTV) House Hunters House Hunters The Daily Show (10:31) The With Jon Stewart Colbert Report Frasier “Frasier Grinch” Property Brothers (HDTV) American Pickers Chasing a legend Down East Dickering A biker ride-in (10:02) Vikings (HDTV) Princess in Massachusetts. (N) movie theater. (N) Aslaug gives birth again. Property Bro (11:01) American Pickers Burn Notice “Lesser Evil” Burn Notice (HDTV) Burn Notice (HDTV) Burn Notice “End Run” Burn Notice The Waltons “The Statue” JAG “Empty Quiver” (DVS) Matlock “The D.A.” Matlock “The Blackmailer” Dr. Quinn Bring It! (HDTV) Preachers’ Daughters (N) Bring It! “The Lock-In” (N) (10:01) Bring It! (HDTV) Bring It! Awkward. Faking It “Pilot” 13 Going on 30 ››› (2004, Romance-Comedy) Jennifer Garner. Faking It “Pilot” Ridiculousness Ridiculousness The Face (N) Last Holiday ›› (2006, Comedy) Queen Latifah, Ghrard Depardieu. Sleeping With the Enemy (1991, Suspense) (R) NASA’s Unexplained Files NASA’s Unexplained Files NASA’s Unexplained Files NASA’s Unexplained Files Unexplained Law Abiding Citizen › (2009, Suspense) (HDTV) Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler. (NR) Training Day ››› (2001, Crime Drama) Denzel Washington. (R) SYFY Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge “What Lies Beneath” Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge (HDTV) TBS Seinfeld (HDTV) Family Guy (HDTV) Retelling “The Empire Strikes Back.” TLC Little People, Big World (HDTV) The Roloff kids are home. TNT NBA Basketball Charlotte Bobcats at Miami Heat. (HDTV) Eastern Conference First Round, game 2. From the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. (N) (Live) NBA Basketball Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets. (HDTV) Western Conference First Inside the NBA Round, game 2. From the Toyota Center in Houston. (N) (Live) (N) Man v. Food S. Beach Tow Andy Griffith Trip Flip S. Beach Tow Love-Raymond TRAV TRUTV TVLND USA 19 Kids and Counting A Duggar daughter leaves the nest. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge “Assembly Required” Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge “Heads Up” (HDTV) Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge “Life in Motion” Polar Storm ›› (2009) The Big Bang Theory (HDTV) The Big Bang Theory (HDTV) The Big Bang Theory (HDTV) Conan (HDTV) The Pete Holmes Show 19 Kids and Counting 19 Kids and Counting 19 Kids and Counting Erin Bates is 19 Kids and Counting Josh and getting married in Tenn. Anna’s defining moments. Man v. Food Bizarre Foods America Trip Flip S. Beach Tow S. Beach Tow S. Beach Tow S. Beach Tow Gilligan’s Island Gilligan’s Island Gilligan’s Island Love-Raymond NCIS: Los Angeles “Touch of Death” (HDTV) (DVS) NCIS: Los Angeles “Sans Voir” (HDTV Part 1 of 2) (DVS) Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (HDTV) Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta VH1 Engagement WGN-A America’s Funniest Home Videos Engagement movies Modern Family (DVS) Modern Family (DVS) Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (HDTV) Engagement Engagement The Fabulous Life Of... “Atlanta” Salem “The Vow” (HDTV) Baby Boy ››› (2001, Drama) Tyrese Gibson. (R) Witches Engagement Parks/Recreat (10:01) We Were Soldiers ››› (2002, War) (HDTV) Mel Gibson, Madeleine Stowe. (R) U.S. Marshals ›› (1998, Action) (HDTV) Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr.. Sam Gerard gets caught up in another fugitive case. (PG-13) ENCO (5:20) The Grudge ›› (2004, Horror) Sarah Michelle Gellar. Rush Hour ››› (1998, Action) Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson. (PG-13) Silicon Valley Silicon Valley Veep “Alicia” 19 Kids and Counting NCIS: Los Angeles “Sans Voir” (HDTV Part 2 of 2) (DVS) (4) Windtalkers ›› (2002, War) Nicolas Cage. (R) Silicon Valley Modern Family (DVS) Modern Family (DVS) The Way, Way Back ››› (2013, Comedy-Drama) (HDTV) Steve Carell, Toni Collette. (PG-13) Neighbors: HBO Real Time With Bill Maher (HDTV) Game of First Look Journalist Ana Marie Cox. Thrones HBO2 (5:30) Taken 2 ›› (2012, Action) Liam Neeson. (PG-13) Six by Sondheim (2013, Documentary) (HDTV) (NR) MAX (5:20) Admission ›› (2013, Comedy-Drama) Tina Fey. (7:10) Assault on Precinct 13 ››› (2005, Action) (HDTV) Ethan Hawke, Oblivion ›› (2013, Science Fiction) (HDTV) Tom Cruise, Morgan Laurence Fishburne, John Leguizamo. (R) Freeman, Olga Kurylenko. (PG-13) Sinister ›› (2012, Horror) (HDTV) Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio. A true-crime writer uses found footage to unravel a murder. Man of Steel ›› (2013, Action) (HDTV) Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon. Young Clark Kent must protect those he loves from a dire threat. (PG-13) (4:45) Quartet (2012) STARZ (6:05) Blade: Trinity ›› (2004, Horror) Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson. Da Vinci’s Demons Leonardo Blade and a pair of vampire slayers battle Dracula. reunites with Riario and Nico. All Access (HDTV) Nurse Jackie (HDTV) Pacific Rim (2013) (11:10) Pleasure or Pain Seven Psychopaths ››› (2012, Comedy) (HDTV) Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell. (R) Parkland ›› (2013, Docudrama) (HDTV) James Badge (10:35) Da Vinci’s Demons “The Dale, Zac Efron. iTV. (PG-13) Sun and the Moon” TCM How the West Screen Directors They Were Expendable ››› (1945, War) Robert Montgomery, John Wayne, Donna Reed. Was Won (1962) Playhouse PT boats are called to action after Pearl Harbor is bombed. (NR) (DVS) TMC (5:10) Beauty Shop ›› (2005, Comedy) Queen Latifah. Halloween: Resurrection › (2002, Horror) (HDTV) Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Loree. (R) 2 Baby Daddy 7:30 p.m. on ABCFAM Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) is feeling underappreciated and goes on strike. Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) soon realizes how much the boys need her, and he offers to make it up to her by taking her to a Bon Jovi concert — but things don’t work out quite as planned in the new episode “Livin’ on a Prom.” 3 The 100 8 p.m. on 26 Bellamy (Bob Morley) leads his crew into Grounder territory to look for Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Raven (Lindsey Morgan) notices the bond between Finn and Clarke (Thomas McDonell, Eliza Taylor). Flashbacks tell the story of Bellamy’s and Octavia’s early years on the Ark in the new episode “His Sister’s Keeper.” 4 Nashville 9 p.m. on 3 8 The new special episode “Nashville: On the Record” is based on the drama’s companion Web series. Cast members perform songs from the show, and the songs’ writers share the process of bringing their work to television. Participants include stars Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten and Maisy Stella, as well as songwriters Trent Dabbs and Caitlyn Smith (“Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet”). NCIS: Los Angeles (DVS) (8:40) Twister ››› (1996, Action) Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton. Storm chasers (10:35) Perfect Stranger ›› (2007, race to test a new tornado-monitoring device. Suspense) Halle Berry. SHOW 7 p.m. on 26 After Roy (Colton Haynes) goes into a rage and engages in a deadly battle with a police officer, Oliver (Stephen Amell) realizes the mirakuru has taken him over completely and tries to figure out how to stop him. Sara (Caity Lotz) thinks Roy is too far gone and must be killed. Thea (Willa Holland) believes she can get through to Roy and lures him to Verdant, but he unleashes his rage on her in the new episode “Seeing Red.” Baggage Battles Baggage Battles Food Paradise (HDTV) Trip Flip S. Beach Tow S. Beach Tow Operation Repo Operation Repo S. Beach Tow Hot in Cleveland The Soul Man Hot in Cleveland The Soul Man King of Queens AMC HBO 1 Arrow The Golden Girls Burn Notice (HDTV) The Waltons “The Choice” Bring It! “Street Battle” Awkward. (HDTV) (5) Last Holiday ›› (2006) NASA’s Unexplained Files (4) Man on Fire ›› (2004) (R) Deal With It (HDTV) (N) WEDNESDAY Dual Survival Marooned Chelsea Lately E! News (HDTV) Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Im. (10:11) The Americans “Martial Eagle” (HDTV) ION INSP LIFE MTV OXYG SCIENCE SPIKE Family Guy (DVS) Top Picks (9:45) Operation Pacific ››› (1951, War) John Wayne, Patricia Neal. Undersea battles help a sub commander reconcile his life. The Inheritance (2010, Suspense) (HDTV) Keith David, VHS (2012, Horror) (HDTV) Calvin Reeder, Lane Rochelle Aytes. (NR) Hughes, Adam Wingard. (R) East 5 Down Dickering 9 p.m. on HIST Tony and Codfish are inspired to try mining for gemstones in this new episode. Owen “Turtle” Mercon and his crew have an idea for a drive-in movie theater catering to motorcyclists if they can get their hands on the necessary equipment. Clint has a chance to make some big bucks on a roofing job if he can finish it in three days in “Mine Your Own Business.”