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* * * Savannah Morning News, Monday, December 2, t991 - 3D Television Diane Keaton Directs TV Movie 'Wildflower' for Cable's Lifetime By SCOn WILLIAMS NEW YORK - The love that illuminates "Wildflower," a hauntingjy beautiful movie on cable's Lifetime next Tuesday, emanates from it like sunlight through stained glass. The tale, set in rural, Depressionera Georgia and directed by actress Diane Keaton, has the timelessness of a fairy tale or a parable. It's almost biblical in its simplicity. Patricia Arquette stars as a beautiful, Neglected 17year-old girl imprisoned by her wicked stepfather because she is "touched by the devil" deaf and epileptic. Reese With- Derspoon plays 13-year-old Ellie Perkins, a neighbor who discovers the grimy, half-wild girl locked away in a chicken coop. She is unwashed, illiterate, and barely capable of speech. Ellie and her 18-year-old brother, Sammy (William McNamara), befriend Alice, against the vehement wishes of their father, Jack (Beau Bridges, in a masterly performance), a widower still locked in the grief of his loss. They help Alice emerge from her ignorance and isolation, and when conflict looms with Alice's father, papa Jack is forced out of his own emotional isolation. At the same time, young Sammy realizes that his unsophisticated red tones. friend is rapidly becoming a beauti"I didn't want to see much blue, ful woman, and he doesn't quite because I felt like I wanted to just know what to make of his feelings. sink into this world of green, and beSara Flanigan's teleplay, based ing caught up in the woods, and the on her books, treats these kinds of romance of that," she said. "I wantlove with great feeling and without a ed to be hidden under green." trace of greeting-card sentimentalKeaton, who has directed epiity: sodes of ABC's "China Beach," and Here is the unselfish love of hu- "Twin Peaks," was reluctant to dismankind; here is redemptive love; cuss her contribution to the film, here is familial love (as well as its praising her cast and collaborators. cancerous absence); and here, hapAnd she wants to do more directpily and unhappily, is the love of a ing. man and a maid. "The problem with acting is sitArquette's portrayal of a pro- ting in a trailer, and being left to foundly hearing-impaired girl is ut- your own devices and thoughts and terly believable. According to pro- fantasies and self-obsessions, and all duction notes, she researched the the things that are terrifying about role by listening to speech tapes of acting," she said. hearing-impaired children before "With directing it's a different and after cochlear implants. She kind of terror. You don't have time also worked with a speech therapist, to think about your terror as much. and was coached by a girl who has a You don't have time to contemplate hearing loss similar to Alice's. about all the horrible accidents of "Wildflower" is a superb movie, what you're doing." a fully realized, sophisticated piece "When you're acting, it's an inteof film-making. But try telling that rior adventure that's about feelings to its director, and you can actually and anticipations. And I kind of am hear her blush over the telephone. more afraid of that, in a strange Although the movie is billed as way," she said. "In terms of using Keaton's directorial debut in a fea- my feelings and my emotional life, I ture-length vehicle, she demurred at really feel like acting is, in a way, calling "Wildflower" a movie. harder." "I don't see it as a film, I see it as Elsewhere in television... a television show," she said. "You TOOTS AND KLEIN PLAY: have to plan the whole movie ac- Robert Klein, the new host of cable's cording to these breaks." "Arts & Entertainment Revue" seTo ease the transition shock, ries, is more thought of as a comediKeaton designed thematic "bump- an-actor than a harmonica player. ers, v which show Alice's lovely eyes But on tonight's show on the A&E against a background of lush, red network, Klein will be urged to atwildflowers. tempt a few riffs on the instrument She consciously set about satu- by one of its leading practitioners, rating the production with green and jazzman Toots Thielemans. TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS 7 AM GD Today Men and dating; Marvin Hamlisch; an auto magazine's cars of the year; chef Jeff Smith ("The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas"). (CC) (S) (2 hrs.) 81753 8 AM 3D This Morning Harry Smith at Pearl Harbor. Author Thurston Clarke ("Pearl Harbor Ghosts"); Hawaii's health-care system; George Burns; Joan Collins; charity scams. (CC) (2 hrs.) 33666 8 AM <2D Donahue Controversy surrounds the drug Halcion. (CC) (1 hr.) 399918 » AM (23) Regis & Kathie Lee Lucie Arnaz; Darryl Bell; potato pancakes. (1 hr. 157937 59395 • AM (3D Donahue Controversy surrounds the drug Halcion. (CC) (1 hr.) 11579 II AM (3D (23) Sally Jessy Raphael Satanic rituals involve incest. (1 hr.) 60260 86463 II AM (H) Geraldo AIDS after 10 years. (R) Uhr.) 44260 If AM (HE) Frugal Gourmet "Foods From Greece" Saganaki; plaki; a visit to a Greek restaurant. (30 mins. ) 947685 11 AM (3D Jenny Jones Stereotypes; scent and sexuality. (Ihr.) 80024 \Z:3* PM (3) A Closer Look A family with AIDS. (CC) (30 mins.) 56482 2 PM (2) One Life to Live Cassie and Bo's wedding day arrives. ( 1 hr. ) 53647 3 PM GD Louisiana Cookin' Praline sauce; rice-bran muffins with blueberries. (30 mins.) 7043 9 PM (OE) Attitudes Guests : Charlene Tilton, designer Marc Jacobs; Jerry Penacoli's cameo on "One Life to Live." (Ihr.) 864555 4:31 PM (3D Entertainment Tonight John Hitter. (CC) (S) (30 mins.) 6668 5 PM (3D Moatel William* Governmentally enforced sterilization. ( 1 hr. ) 4395 I PM CD MacNeU/Lehrer NewsHonr Jim Lehrer, Robert MacNeil, Judy Woodruff and Charlayne Hunter-Gault detail the day's top stories. (CC) (1 hr.) 86260 7 PM © Married ... With Children At Luke's, a stewardess tempts Al. (CC) (30 mins.) 88596 7 PM (3D Cosby Theo's plan to get a date through a friend backfires. (CC) (30 mins.) 5024 7 PM 23) Amen Thelma tells Reuben to propose or else. (30 mins.) 80956 7 PM (fflD David Letternan Bruce Willis ; Letitia Baldridge on manners; tree-lighting in Rockefeller Center. ( 1 hr. ) 401173 7:31 PM (2) Night Coart Harry jails a childhood nemesis; the man vows revenge. (30 mins.) 96005 7:» PM CD A Different World Whitley overestimates an invitation by the dean. (30 mins.) 21 8 PM ® MacGyver Mac helps an old boxer friend (Dick Butkus) make a comeback, then must rescue the man's sister from kidnappers (CC) (S) (1 hr.) 43596 8 PM (3D Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will and hit girlfriend are trapped during an earthquake. (CC) (R) (S) (30 mins.) 1444 8 PM&Movfe *** "Same Time, Next Year" (1978) Ellen Burstyn, Alan Alda. A California housewife and a married New Jersey accountant start a 36-year affair in 1161. (2 hrs.) 706* 8 PM (33) r !>•!•! Shade Wood brings Kenny Rogers home to meet the family. iCC)(R)(S)(»min8.)3MO I PM (I) Baflet Ra^ara: A View From &e Wh£ Romanian tour. (30 mins. ) 5444 8 PM (S) Movfe "The Sea Wolf (Color)" (1*41) Edward G. Robioam. John Garfidd. Jack London's Wolf Laraen bruUlises people trapped on his ship, the Ghost Directed by MidiaelCurtii (2 hrs.) 11444 8 PM (fflD DavM L. Wolper Presents "December 7th, the Day of Infamy" Richard Basehart examines events surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor. (1 hr.) 410621 8 PM (HE) L.A. Law Kelsey represents a former TV hero consumed by his crimefighting after ego; a gunman traps Becker with a pretty judge. (CC) (1 hr.) 770S40 8 PM QjXK) Mork * Miody Fred objects to Mork living in Mindy's attic. (30 mins.) 268395 8 PM Gffi) Movie *** "Gunflght at the O.K. Corral" (1957) Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas. Doc Holliday joins Wyatt Earp and his brothers for a Tombstone showdown with the Clanton gang. Directed by John Sturges. (2 hrs. 30 mins.) 673378 8 PM (H) Movie *** "The War of the Roses" (1969) Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner. The Roses are a rich Washington couple who get a divorce, and they both get the house. Directed by Danny DeVito, (2 hrs.) 898685 8:31 PM (D Blossom Blossom and Six fantasize when Nick takes Six's mother out. (CC)(S) (30mins.) 7109 8:39 PM 3D Major Dad The major moonlights at a minimart Holowachuk manages. (CC) (R) (S) (30 mins.) 9647 8:31 PM d) Gladnotes Savannah's Armstrong State College ensemble tour Europe. (30 mins.) 4579 I PM 3D Movie "A Little Piece of Heaven" (1991) Kirk Cameron, Ooris Leachman. A young man finds Christmas playmates for his disabled sister and pretends he's their guardian angel. (2 hrs.) 5734 S PM 3D Murphy Brown Murphy's flip remark insults short men. (CC) (R) (S) (30 mins.) 45840 I PM GD Childhood "The House of Tomorrow" Emotional and physical changes in adolescence; the impact of parents' behavior on children. (Part 7 of 7)(CC)(S)(lhr.) 70024 I:» PM (3D Designing Women Mary Jo and Julia are trapped under an anchor* man's bed. (CC) (S) (30 mins.) 83173 18 PM 3D Northern Exposure Joel tries to adjust to his surroundings while looking for a loophole in his contract with the state. (CC) (R) (S) (1 hr.) 75579 If PM (D CnUdbood in America Professionals discuss videotaped reports of chiW health, schooling, neglect and abuse across the nation. (CC) (1 hr. 30 mins.) 82005 18:30 PM® NigfctCovrt Financial woes cause Mac to flee from wife and job. (30 mins.) 22192 10:38 PM ORE) Movie +++ "Ice Station Zebra" (1968) Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine. A U.S. submarine commander races Soviets to a North Pole weather station to recover a Soviet spy satellite. (3 hrs mins.) 27359024 11 PM (fffl) Cmby, StfBs * Nash: Lf*j Time Conns' Film dips and performances profile the musical group. (1 hr.) 777734 11:3SPMGD Tne TtaMgn* Sfctw Patrick Duffy; comedian Kevin Meaney; Kid Creole A the Cocoouts, (R) (S) (Ihr.) J454840 11:31 PM 3D Amenta Hafl Jamie Lee Curtis; magician David CopperfieW; Wil Wheaton ("Star Trek: The Next Generation"). (CC) (Ihr.) 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Lauren Bacat (PG) 964208 ••••••IMBPVB^H^MI^BnB I MONDAY AFTERNOON December 2,1991 12:00112:301 1:00 I 1:30 I 2:00 I 2:30 I 3:00 I 3:30 I 4:00 I 4:30 I 5:00 I 5:30 BROADCAST STATIONS One Ufe to Live 53647 Senerai Hospital 63051 (Mattock (CC) 90918 WJCL Home (11) Loving (CC) All My Children 51192 jCuirrent ® 63937 867260 iris 68734 JAffair(CC) Days of Our Lives (CC) Another World 53482 Santa Barbara 7840 Oprah Winfrey (CC) 3647 WSAV One on On* A Closer Williams 4395 Tesh Look(CC) 51937 The Contender (1^80, Drama) * Marc Singer, Tina Love Stoulrwinkle floodDuckTalea Beetlejuice Chip 'N Dale Tale Spin )arkwing Andrews, Moses Gunn. 96376 ries 84096 19734 »ecker >uck(CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) (CC) The Bold As the World Turns Entertain- Who's the Hews 4260 News 83685 The Young and tha juiding Light 37821 Restless 115463 (CC) 37482 ment(CC) Boss? Sandiego? instructional TV 42314 Sesame Street (RR)(CC) Reading Cookin' Fun/ Sesame Street (CC) Sandiego? 7 97376 (CC) 40444 (CC) 043 |Watercolors|Hogers (CC)|35444 [RR)(CC) CNN News [The Girl Who Spelled Freedom (1986, Docudrama) Uetsons nspector InyToon Growing Carol Bur- IkndyGrif45043 I*** Wayne Rooeti, 416550 17598 Sadget (Melodies 11550 Pains nett 60192 **' CABLE STATIONS Great {Monsieur Verdoux (1947, Comedy-drama) *** Charles Chaplin, ute The Spoilers ** Marlehe *Girl From Paris (1936) *+ AMG Dictator (10)|Martha Rayg, bobetEbora 885579 iStates 761753 Dietrich. 730482 David Letterman 940647 The Avengers The The Overlanders (1946, Adventure) Delvecchio78182T The Fugitive 245444 — *** Chips ARTS Wringer 959395 Ratleriy, John Nugent Hayward. 439956, Generations Frank's Video Soul 694937 /ideo Vibrations 818840 Rap City 130314 BET 237666 Place Newsday 379260 Early Prime 801444 NewsHo ur508685 Sonya Live 584005 ntemational Hour Showbb CNN 344314 Todav Bodies in Body MotoWortd Tennis Davis Cup Final: Uniied States vs. France {Scholastic Sports Basketball Global Supercard ESPN Motion Shaping (RH) 538573 840208 Preview Wrestling 156111 !(CC) Raportars Paid Pro- American Love Me Tender (1956, Western) * * Elvis Presley, Father Fathar Haroas/Hot Captain N Popty* FAM gramming Baby Rchatd Epan, Debra Paget. 922376 (Knows Best Knows Bast Wfhaals 233734 257314 fe 110444 Supermar- ShopTH Spenser Moonlighting 948314 Attitudes 864555 ma for Christmas (1988, Drama) +*~HaT~ " UFE kit Sweep You Drop , Eva Maria Sainu 518937 Maya the Lift!' Bits Jeff's Collie Flippur David the Unle Koais Looney nspaetor YogiBaar HayDuda NICK Gnome 967314 479734 Bee 248531 Tunes 999753 956289 267666 980005 lindy Off tha Air nsidaGolf Curlay SPSO 730519 Hallman P«rry Mason 595111 Th« Migrants (1974, Drama) ll in th« Tom A Jerry's Funhous* 930821 Brady Happy Days Good Timts TBS [Family CtorisLeachman. 534260 688260 Bunch 977666 Homtworks Easy Doas H OhthaOo Gr»«1 Chtfs Low 'asquala's Homaworfcs Ea»y Do*s llMothar WMdiifa . Matura of Things Serving TDC 209802 968043 471192 Cholastarol Citchan 269024 Natura Chroniclas (Time. 250376 Cookin1 Kite nan Top Card Baa Star Crook & >nStaga Cookin' Top Card Club Dane* 451024 fldaoPM 958579 TNN USA 971463 607376 Chasa 150043 USA (RR) (RR) Objective, Burma! (Color) (1945, War) Errol Flynn, WriHam Prince, )tv» Bombar (1941, AoVenture) +** Errol Ffynn, Fred MacMurray, Ralph Cartoons TNT James Brown. 127096 Jllamy. 99543869 (5:45) Su parlor Tha Judga Tha Judga Superior in, LOM Hollywood Scrabbia $25,000 Zhain Prass Your Just tha Tan My Two USA (CC) (CC) Court Court faction or Draw Squaras Luck 687531 Pyramid ofUa Dads GaraJdo 236802 fh« Honay- Savadby Tr* Little Chip'N Dal* Kntstonas Ftintstones Maws (CC) 245550 f4owltBa Andy WGN Fold Griffith 530579 (CC) moonars Ball (RR) jMermaid 341173 PAY STATIONS •••••• Cart Bears Lunch Box (The Witching of Ban Wagner (1990, Fantasy) ** Umbrella urn mi Uump, Donald Kids, Inc. Mouse Ckib DIS (CC) 262227 jSam Bottoms. Justin Gocke. 132573 JS Bears JRattlay Rania/Roll 638111 Tree Duck |12?)--™ Skyward Convicts on tha Strtet Scavengers (1988, Adventure) * The Heist (1989, Suspense) ** Pierce Brosnan, Tom Rocky V * Sytvester HBO (10:30) (CC) 372395 Skemn, Wendy Hughes, (CC) 773598 Kenneth Oilman. (PG-13) 637076 Stallone. (CC) 675821 Anchors Awaigh (11:30) (1945, Musical) ** Frank Words and Music (1948, Musical) ** Mickey Bataan (Color) (1943, War) Robert Taylor, George MAX Sinatra. Gene Kelly. (CC) 417227 Rooney, Tom Drake, June AHyson. 768005 Murphy. Thomas Mitchell 510395 The Great Ziegf aid (10) Torrents of Spring (1989, Drama) +* Timothy Kids-TV She Done Him Wrong Henry's Cat Velveteen Santa SHOW 188395 Hutton. Nastaasja Kinski. (PG-13) 3817550 (2:55)49543579^ (CC) - (CC) Bear's (CC) (CC) Blaze (1989, Docudrama) *** Paul Newman, Lolrta Lady Be Good (1941, Musical) *** Eleanor PoweB, 1969 [1988, Drama) ** Robert Downey Jr., Kiefer TMC Davktovich. (CC) (R) 684550 Ann Sothem, Robert Young. 438208 Sutherland, Bruce Dem. (R) 2696005 E I 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40 r MONDAY EVENING December 2,1991 12:252:455:057 I 6:00 I 6:30 I 7:00 I 7:30 8:00 8:30 I 9:00 BROADCAST STATIONS WJCL News 16869 ABC News Married.. Night Court JMacGyvtr (CC) 43598 (CC) 9:30 NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles at Houston Oilers. (Live) (CC) 528289 Tonight Fresh [Blossom Cosby (CC) Different * Uttla Piece of Heaven (1991. Drama) Ki* World 21 Prince (RR) |(CC)7109 ^aroerorj Cions Uachman. (CC) 5734 (1135)(RR) 5024 Family Ftud Same Tim*, Next Year (1976, Comedy-drama) *** Meet John Do* (1941, Drama) *** Gary Cooper, Love Elton Burstyn.AianAida.fPG) 70666 [Barbara Stanwyck. 29444 Connection 50227 Jeopardy! Evening (Major Dad N. Brown Designing [Northern Eiposure (RR) Mews Wheel of ArsenioHall 1173 CBS 1937 |(CC) 75579 J2812289 Fortune Shade (CC) |(RR) (CC) RRR) (CC) (CC) IOC) Baltot fQladnotes Childhood (Part 7 of 7) Childhood in America (CC) 82005 C. Everett MacNaiaehrer Business Chattahoochee Rotaru k579 KCC) 70024 Koop(CC) NawsHoUf (CC) 86260 Report 13444 (Night Court Mews 93005 Hunter WBSG News 18227 teNN News Amen 80956 Family Feud The Sea Wo* (Color) (1941, Drama) Edward G. 98463 (Robinson, John Ganlekl 16444 J22192 826647 16109 CABLE STATIONS The DKwceerfLady X (1938, Comedy) ** Merte SpoHrs (5) States (RR) (Backstreet (1941, Drama) *** (Salute AMC 575043 7304J2 | CrartesBoycr. 915273 ptatas Obaton, Lawtno* OMw. 882024 David Letterman 401173 David L Wolper Presents|Sheriock Holmes 430685 Lovtjoy Lily's Pearls. Evening at the Improv The Avengers Bizarre. ARTS 939531 400444 410821 VWee Soul (RR) 609531 GenerationsjFrank's Video LP Live From Our Voices Screen Frank's BET 247043 (Ptace(RR) {Scene (RR) LA, Scene Place 908482 263821 The World Today 504869 (Moneyline Crossfire Primenews(CC)313591 jrry King Live! 913735 Wortd News 228004 CNN rttght J76 601111 Up Close SportsCen- College Basketball AC(VBig East Challenge: Wake :ollege Basketball ACC/Og East Chafenge North Carolina Sate ESPN 332444 tef 356024 Forest vs. Connecticut (Live) 821173 a Pittsburgh. (Live) 980463 Bordeftown ather Dowting Mrsterieafrhe 700 Club (RR) Bin Tin Tin Zorro(RR) the Waltons (RR) 765918 Wai I wH (RR) StaNion FAM 764289 (Cd) CC) 754802 (CC) (CC) TO the dan of the Cave Bear (1986, Adventun) Spenser: For HUt 656821 LA. Law (CC) 770840 Supermar- Shop Til China Beach 761192 )aryt Hannah. (H) 780227 You Drop ket Sweep Alfred Green tope man Get Smart Dragnet Looney What You Get the 208173 Hitchcock 795024 947550 Tunes I47802 Do? Picture fennia Forum Chafenge Andre Agass vs. David Wheaton. 882024 JoePatemo 726840 With tha Wind ^939, Romance) **** Clark Gable, VMan Leigrx Lasia Howard (G) 436195J1 Too Close/ ISanfordi Andy JOriffith Cofflfort A Wortd Away Loncjorv SaHing the Greek hrtai^i Showcase 412289 World 425753 Beyond 2000 944463 Hotand. 415376 498899 iaahvifte Now 458937 Stage On Stage VideoPM (5) 958579 757271 535008 at the OX Corral (1957, Western) *** Burt Lancasiet Bugs Bunny 934192 Oougtas, Rhonda Fiemino. 673376 ,Sh» Wrote (CC) wWF Prtwe Tiflw Wreeliflfl 363006 Enrass 599937 :News KCQ37 Ninja Tur- Twy Toon tles 30463 54043 News 85 ALL I WANT POM OMMTMAS 12:052354:457:05*25 HOMI tUJMR TW fTAMS