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WOODWORKING AND THE ART OF INLAY; A NEWSLETTER/CATALOG TO THE FRIENDS OF JUDY GALE ROBERTS AND JERRY BOOHER Copyright © Email List am starting to compile names and email address’s so I can email late breaking news and specials to those who want to know about them. All you have to do to get on my list is email me, [email protected] and put “Mailing List” in the subject line and I will add you to it. Don’t worry..........I won’t bore you with a bunch of BS, just good stuff (like announcing new saw’s). New Scroll Saw EXCALIBUR has announced a new scroll saw which will be available in a couple months. A new 21” saw with a stationary table. Plus the head actually tilts rather than the table for angled cuts. The name is the EX-21. I think this saw is priced in a mid range. We are very excited about this saw and hope to have some in our classroom. There is a very good chance that we will be a dealer for this saw. Hopefully we will have one on the showroom floor for visitors to see and try. I will let you know as soon as it is available. jerry The double sided carpet tape we use (which is the cheap stuff but has good holding power) is no longer available at WalMart. I was able to contact the factory that makes the tape and the only place we found it is available now is Ace Hardware. It is labeled “Light Duty Carpet Tape” # 50106 NEW I N D E X Abrasive Cleaning Stick................ 12 American Wildlife Series..................7 Better Grip Tip................................2 Class information............................13 Copy Permission.............................10 Endangered Species Patterns........... 7 Glue Gun.........................................11 Hardware/Supplies.....................11,12 Intarsia Books................................ 10 2005 “Intarsia Experience” New Web Site Changes Coming Very Soon peaking on the subject of the internet and emailing, this year we are going to make a big push on our site to update it more often. We will have a full store available so you can purchase securely all of our goodies on-line. The most exciting revision will be to view rotating 3-D models. We already have the latest newsletter that can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat. Keep checking our site and be sure to put your name on Jerry’s email list because we plan to start changing it very soon. See you there!! Larger Patterns.............................. 8,9 New Patterns.................................... 2 Order Form......................................15 Poster Pattern Sets.........................8, 9 Regular Size Patterns........ 2,3,4,5,6,7 Scroll Saw Blades...........................12 Scroll Saw Books............................13 Switch It, Foot Switch Idea............7 Videos.............................................10 I-212 Cat in Sink 13” x 19” - 66 pcs 91/2 x 71/2 approx.17pcs ea I-214 Pet Angels 12” x 161/2” - 45pcs I-215 Montauk Lighthouse 161/2” dia.- 79 pcs I-216 Pomeranian & Schnauzer 13” x10”1/2 121/2” x10”- 38 pcs 44 pcs Both dogs on one pattern II-17 Sunflower 13”x 27” to 52+” -109 Six New Patterns “Sunflower” (II-17) This is a larger format pattern, which sells for a little more ($8.95). This pattern is versatile, you can lengthen the fence to any height desired. If you are the more ambitious type you can do a whole wall as shown on the front cover. Flowers are easier to shape than people or animals which made the shaping of this project less stressful. I sanded the centers first - then marked where the petals join. The petals are laid out with 3-4 petals per Bee Detail section which makes the layout and sawing quicker, the same applies to the leaves. Plus most of the edges are “outside” edges so you can relax when sawing. I added a pattern for some bee’s if you want to go the extra mile. More details are included with the pattern. “Cat in Sink” (I-212) The comedy projects are fun to sand. I enjoy taking something as ordinary as a sink to frame in the piece. Also the illusion of the sink being more dimensional than it really is makes this project stand out. I used sanding shims for the different sections of the cat to keep a consistent contour on all the parts. There are other options listed on the pattern like changing the colors on the cat. This is a comedy cat I developed in the mid eighties when we were selling the finished pieces, each cat sold as soon as it was shown. “Opossum” (I-213) Believe it or not we have received a lot of requests for a Opossum. This is a youngster which is a little more attractive than an adult. Still they are a creature Better Grip! NEW ➠ ➠ Regular size patterns above $7.95 ea. or 3 for $21.95 Sheet size 17 1/2” by 23”, mix and match any 3 of this size pattern and receive the 3 for $21.95 discount. ➠ ➠ NEW I-213 Opossum only their mothers think are beautiful. They have a extremely wiry coat so I decided to use the “Wonder Wheel” for the texture, I also used the wheel for the texture on the tail. I used sanding shims to sand the body parts and the face. I had a couple of shades of aspen that I used on the face. “Pet Angels” (I-214) To go along with our Gift Angels a fellow Intarsia enthusiast suggested a set of pet angels. They are a little on the tedious side, especially if you make all four at one time. The little cat with stripes took the most time. I suggest making it a solid cat, unless you’re like me, a (as Jerry calls me) “pin head”. We used “fretwork” type sawing to put the names on them. There is a complete alphabet printed on the pattern. “Montauk Lighthouse” (I-215) Lighthouses are still very popular. The frame fits with the nautical theme. We left out what would be the sky and made the clouds. The sky areas were cut out of the backing. Most of the lighthouse is sanded flat angles and sanded up pretty quick. After making the I-209 Portland Head lighthouse it is much easier to leave the sky part out as I did on this one. “Pomeranian & Schnauzer” (I-216) The Pomeranian made me smile the whole time I was working on it. As I studied lots of pictures of Pom’s I noticed most looked like they were smiling. We used to have a Schnauzer, this one has the expression ours had most of the time. Sanding shims were used on the Pom to blend in the raised areas. I used the “Wonder Wheel” on both dogs, most of which is on the outside edges. The lines I used to follow for texturing are printed on the pattern. Have fun, Judy One of our students brought to class a clever idea which helps her hold onto her parts while sanding. They are “Rubber Finger Tips” which are available at office supply stores in various sizes. Not only do these tips help your grip they also protect your fingers from the sander. I tried them out as I worked on this set of patterns. The only problem at first was I kept trying to hold my fingers with tips on them far away from the sander. Which meant I was only holding each piece with three fingers. I had to keep reminding myself that it’s alright to sand the rubber tips, that’s what they are for. The skin on my fingers are usually sanded pretty thin, not this time. They work especially good for those small parts that are hard to hold onto. Thanks Marianne! For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 2 INTARSIA ITEMS Regular Regular Size Size Patterns Patterns Beginner Patterns Pattern sheet size 171/2”X 23” Beginner/Intermediate Patterns Intermediate Patterns Select any regular sized patterns for $7.95 each, or 3 for $21.95 I-02 Toucan I-03 Raccoon I-04 Cat in Bag I-05 Seascape I-01 Panda I-07 Cat w/ Yarn I-06 Rose I-08 Koalas 20”x9” 38 pcs 17”x15” - 29 pcs 22”x16” - 29 pcs 14”x9” - 33 pcs I-09 Big Foot I-10 Clown Window I-11 Clown With Daisies Clown 21”x15.5” - 57 pcs 20.5”x16” - 34 pcs 15.5”x17” - 57 pcs 22”x17.5” - 63 pcs I-12 Buck Deer I-13 Horse I-14 Orca,Butterfly I-15 Oh Hoot West 14.5”x10” 28 pcs I-16 Mouse 16”x18” 29 pcs 21.5” x11” 28 pcs 15”x17” 28 pcs 21.5”x15.5” -61 pcs 19.5”x17” - 79 pcs 21.5”x15.5” - 86 pcs I-19 Hobo Clown I-20 Flamingos I-17 X-Mas Stockings #1 I-18 Pelican 15”x11” - 25/35 pcs 17” dia. - 51 pcs I-24 Duck I-25 Pig/Blanket 14.5”x 21.25” - 83 pcs I-34 Santa 20”x16” - 84 pcs 22”x16” - 73 pcs I-21 Still Life I-22 Light House 16.5”x18” - 103 pcs 19.5”x15” - 37 pcs I-26 Bag Lady I-27 Curious Coon I-28 Bass I-29 Cat in Chair 22”x 8” 62 pcs 15”x 20.5” - 55 pcs 10”x21.5” - 32 pcs I-35 Wreath 9.5”x13”,11”x19” - 13/7 pcs I-37 Dolphins 15” dia. - 80 pcs 21”x16” - 85 pcs I-30 Bog Buddies 17”x19” - 49 pcs I-38 Penguins I-39 Dog I-40 USA Eagle I-23 Balloon 15.5”x 20.5” - 152 pcs I-41 Cow I-42 Bears 18”x17” - 115 pcs 10.5”x7.5” - 30 pcs ea. 10”x21” - 12 pcs 14”x14” - 30 pcs 14”dia. - 33 pcs I-43 Swan I-44 Sailboat 18”x16” 9”x8” - 8 pcs ea. I-45 Arizona 16”x10” - 31 pcs 19”x17” - 56 pcs I-46 Up Carrousel I-47 Down Carrousel I-49 Rose Bud I-50 Barn Owl 21” x 17” 63 pcs 39 pcs 13”x 21” - 20 pcs 15.75”x 20.25” - 106 pcs 20” x 17” 49 pcs 16”x16” - 54 pcs For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 More Patterns 16.5”x13.5” - 39 pcs ☞ 3 Regular Size Patterns Pattern sheet size 171/2”X 23” Intermediate Patterns Beginner/Intermediate Patterns Beginner Patterns Select any regular sized patterns for $7.95 each, or 3 for $21.95 I-51 Wabbit I-52 Tropical Fish I-53 Antique Santa I-54 Xmas 20”x 8” 27 pcs Ornaments I-56 Rocky Top I-55 Oh Hoot Hawaiian I-57 Callas Flower 15.5”x8” 25 pcs 4.5” x3.5” to 9.5” x 11.5” 10 to 25 pcs. 14”x 21” - 97 pcs 18.5”x13” - 26 pcs I-60 Giraffe I-59 Moose 15.5”x22.25” - 38 pcs I-66 Fawn-Doe 16.75” x 15.75” 15.625”x19” - 72 pcs I-61 Coyote 13.5”x19” - 88 pcs 13.3”x16.5” - 32 pcs I-67 White Tail I-68 Christmas Sign 12.5”x 21.25” - 84 pcs 20.5”x15.75” - 35 pcs 15.75”x15” - 44 pcs I-72 Golfer I-71 Barn 17”x 20.25” 43 pcs 55 pcs I-65 Ol’Blue I-64 Wolf I-62 Still Pottery I-69 Angel 10.5”x16.5” - 55 pcs I-73 Batter 22”x 11 3/8” 21” x1 3.25” 92 pcs 56 pcs 10”x 21” - 69 pcs 22”x13” - 68 pcs I-75 Rooster I-74 Castle I-76 Bald Eagle 19”x 16.75” - 53 pcs I-77 Elk I-78 Humming Bird I-79 Covered Bridge I-80 Xmas Stockings #2 213/4” x151/2” 61 pcs 17” dia. - 63 pcs I-81 Cardinals 16” dia - 35 pcs 17”x18” - 41 pcs 18”x16.5” - 89 pcs I-82 Woman Golfer I-83 Fruit Still Life I-84 Cowboy I-85 Pup & Decoy 20”x 141/4” 69 pcs 22” x 12” 84 pcs 16.75”x16.25” -75 pcs I-86 Pheasant 18”x17” - 37 pcs 16”x9” - 32 / 21 pcs I-87 Red Fox 12”x 20” - 51 pcs 12.5”x 22” - 39 pcs I-88 15”x13” - 66 pcs Snowman Chickadee 19”x 16” - 71 pcs I-89 Noah’s Ark I-90 Sunflower Welcome I-91 Cat on Shelf I-92 Football I-93 Wood Duck I-94 German Shepherd 22.1/2”x 14.1/2”89 pcs 16.5”x15.5” - 34 pcs 16.5”x17” - 62 pcs 21”x14.5” - 122 pcs 13”x 22” - 60 pcs 10.5”x 22” - 96 pcs For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 181/2”x 141/2” 32 pcs 4 Regular Size Patterns Pattern Pattern sheet sheet size size 17 171/2 1/2”X ”X 23” 23” Beginner/Intermediate Patterns Beginner Patterns Intermediate Patterns Select any regular sized patterns for $7.95 each, or 3 for $21.95 I-96 Mare & Foal I-95 Black Bear I-98 Praying I-100 Pronghorn I-101 Cross with I-102 Longhorn Dove I-99 Kitten & Bear Hands 15 “x 21 3/4” 63pcs 19.5”x 11.5” -35 pcs 20” x 161/2” 87 pcs 16.25”x 16.25” - 112pcs I-103 Squirrel I-104 Unicorn 9.25” x 21.5” I-110 Big Horn 17.5”x17” - 37 pcs I-105 Canada Gander 21.5”x 12.5”- 52pcs I-111Cotton Tail I-112 I-108 Indian Face I-109 Christmas Candles 15”x 21” - 48 pcs 21”x16” - 97 pcs 16.25”x18.5” - 50 pcs I-113 Caribou I-114 Huntin’ I-115 Feathered Friends I-116 Mom’s Kitchen St. Francis Buddies 24” x 12” 89 pcs 191/2” x 16” 97 pcs 12.5” x 22.5” - 118 pcs 22”x 12.”- 35 pcs I-118 Grandpa’s Angel I-119 Nature Boy Pelican I-107 Howling Wolf I-106 Canada Goose 20.5”x15.75” - 35 pcs I-117 White 16.5”x 21.75” - 40 pcs 21.5”x 10” -52 pcs 14 3/4”x 213/4” 44 pcs - 31pcs 121/2”x181/4” - 29pcs 31.25”x 16.25” -24 pcs I-120 Dogwood & Cardinal I-121Puppy & Kittens 19.25”x 15.625” 104 pcs I-122 Western Boot 21”x 13” 111 pcs 8.5”x 10.5” -13 pcs 16”x 14.”- 67pcs I-123 Pueblo Pottery I-124 Chipmunks I-130 Corner Cats 16.5”x 16.5”- 90 pcs I-125 Mule I-126 Great Blue I-127 Wild Turkey I-128 Corner Coon I-129 Golden 14”x 22” - 79 pcs 16.5”x 21” - 81pcs 9.5”x 16.5” -79 pcs 16”x 14” 62 pcs Retriever Heron 16.5”x 18.5 “ - 113 pcs 22” x 11” 79 pcs I-131 Church 20.5”x 17” -32 pcs I-132 Stallion I-133 Emperor Penguin 14”x 17.5”- 41 pcs I-134 Frog I-135 Rear View 10” x 14” - 21 pcs 7” x 19” - 18 pcs 15.5” x 10.5” - 36 pcs I-136 Bronco 21 1/4” x 14 5/8” 53 pcs 19.5”x 16” -70 pcs 16.5”x 20” -56 pcs 17”x 16”- 41 pcs 20 “ x 16 1/4”” 56 pcs For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 22 1/4” x 8” 26 pcs More Patterns ☞ 5 Regular Size Patterns Pattern Pattern sheet sheet size size 17 171/2 1/2”X ”X 23” 23” Beginner/Intermediate Patterns Intermediate Patterns Beginner Patterns Select any regular sized patterns for $7.95 each, or 3 for $21.95 I-137 Cocker SpanI-138 I-141 I-139 FireFighter I-140 Wolf Cubs iel All Grown Up 22 1/4” x 11 “ 72 pcs 16”x 12 1/2” 39 pcs 20 1/2”x 151/4” 70pcs 20”x 16 1/2” 70 pcs I-145 Labrador I-146 Poodle I-147 Bear Cub I-148 Mother & Child I-144 Bear I-142 Blue Birds I-143 Jumping Bull Rider Sign Deer 21 1/4” x 11 1/2” 124pcs 22.1/2 x 12” 78 pcs 18” x 19” 65 pcs I-150 Mariner I-149 Hockey Player 19 1/2” x 16 1/4” 57 pcs I-151 Chihuaha &Scottie Scottie 12” x 12” 39pcs Chihuaha 16”x 14” 48pcs I-152 Beagle 17”x 13” 29pcs 19” x 16 1/2 “ 65 pcs 22”x 12” 39 pcs I-154 Collie I-153 Girl/Boy I-155 Loon 10 1/2”x 10 1/2” 39pcs 16” x 12 3/8” 60 pcs 15 1/4 x 271/2” 72 pcs I-156 Boy/Girl Basket Ball I-157 Full Body Elk I-158 Beaver 23 1/2“ x 8” Soccer 57 pcs 221/2”x 10 1/2” 39 pcs 18” x 13 1/2 “ 54 pcs 15”x 14” 47pcs I-159 Ballerina I-160 Husky I-161 Roper I-162 Lion Expert 21 1/2” x 15“ 60pcs 21 1/2” x 14” 39 pcs 16 1/4“ x 21 3/4” 52 pcs I-163 Panda & Baby I-164 Light House I-165 T-Rex 22” x 13” 46pcs 11 1/2”x 25 1/2” 32 pcs 17” x 13 “ 51 pcs I-166 Cats 20 1/2“ x 16 3/4” 127 pcs I-167 Great White Shark I-168 Rottweiler Pup 15”x 51/4” 36 pcs 22“ x 15”- 56 pcs 131/2” x 191/4” 23 pcs Both Cats on Pattern I-172 Horse Run I-173 Monkey Business 13”x 161/2” - 31 pcs 12 1/4” x 19 3/4” 41pcs 9 1/4 x 19 1/4“ 47 pcs 19” x 16” 67 pcs I-174 Boxer 16”x 10” - 58pcs 171/2 x 16” 20pcs I-169 Wild Birds Blue Jay Elephant 6”x10” 23 pcs Bob White 13” x 19” 47pcs I-170 Full Body 8”x12” 42 pcs Woodpecker 16”x 8” 58 pcs 111/2”x 16” - 48 pcs 14 1/2”x 22 1/2” 32 pcs I-175 Draft I-176 United We I-177 Mallards in Flight Stand Horse 13”x 143/4” - 38 pcs 201/2”x 161/2” - 145 pcs I-171 Dachshund Pup 151/2”x 18” - 64 pcs For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 I-178 Lion & Lamb 151/2”x 20” 95 pcs 6 Regular Size Patterns Pattern Pattern sheet sheet size size 17 171/2 1/2”X ”X 23” 23” Beginner/Intermediate Patterns Beginner Patterns Select any regular sized patterns for $7.95 each, or 3 for $21.95 I-179 Tennis I-180 Hang in I-181 Maltese & Yorkie There 101/2”x 9” -41 pcs Kitten I-182 Sand Castles I-183 Puma Intermediate Patterns I-184 Farm Land I-185 Gone Fishing 22”x 14” 50 pcs ea. 13”x 8 - 42 pcs Both dogs on one pattern 21”x 16” - 87pcs I-187 Sea Otter I-186 Grizzly Walk Door Top 25”x 7 1/2” - 87pcs I-191 Reef Fish 9”x 16” - 47 pcs I-192 Critters #1 Lop Ear Rabbit Chinchilla 9”x81/2” 35pcs 15”x 121/2” 15”x 21” - 67 pcs - 47 pcs 16”x 19” 89 pcs I-188 Pug Dog I-189 Bulldog 17 1/2”x 16” 55 pcs 16”x 181/2” - 68 pcs I-193 Cowgirl I-194“Who’s There” I-195 the“Cow I-197 Shih Tzu Hampster 6”x51/2”27 pcs 13”x 6” 24 pcs 19”x 15” - 44 pcs 21” x 18 1/2” - 49 pcs 161/2”x 21” - 90 pcs I-207 Dog & his Boy I-208 Cougar Cub 10”x 16” 43pcs 13” x 141/2” - 40 pcs Foot Switch 22”x 17” - 71 pcs This is an “over the door” project. The snow can be extended at both ends to fit your door frame size. I-205 Snowy Owl 12”x 21 -45 pcs 101/4”x 61/2” ea - 23 to 32 pcs 16” x 12” 31pcs ▲ Both dogs on one pattern Snow” I-201 “Gift Angels” Nanny” 13”x 101/4” - 33pcs 151/2”x 81/2” - 35 pcs see page 11 191/2”x 151/2” - 82 pcs I-198 “Hoot & I-199 Grizzly Growl I-200 “Goose - Goose” & Jack Russel I-206 Bear Head Rat 18”x 14” - 67 pcs 10”x 233/4” to 391/2” - 49 pcs 17”x 71/2” - 47 pcs 17”x 18 1/2” - 102 pcs I-190 Police Officer I-196 “Looks Like came Home” 9”x10” 21pcs 17” diam. - 155 pcs ea. I-209 Portland Head Cape Elizabeth, ME 161/2” dia.- 57 pcs I-210 Lil’ Dog in Shoe 14” x11” - 35 pcs I-211 Duck Heads 151/2” x12”- 23pcs Switch It . . . . . another use for a foot switch Most you of you already know where I stand as far as a foot switch on my scroll saw goes. Well - - here’s another one for you. There have been several guys stop by the shop and some have come to class also who have mentioned that they use two foot switches. One for their saw and one for their drill press. I am ashamed to say that I have known about that for a couple years and have just now hooked one up to my drill press and it really works out well. One hand on the work piece and one hand on the handle and you are set to go. Very handy that way not to mention a safety feature as well. For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 More Patterns ☞ 7 the “Intarsia American Wildlife Series” Endangered Species Series I-202 “AWS” Deer I-203 “AWS” Raccoon I-204 “AWS” Wolf I-31 Manatee I-32 Polar Bear I-33 Tiger I-36 Elephant Inside Frame Size 18 1/2” x 167/8” 131/2” - 68 pcs 131/2” - 76 pcs 131/2” - 74 pcs The “American Wildlife Series patterns are Intermediate Level 19”x19” - 20 pcs I-58 Panther I-48 Camel Select any Endangered Species pattern for $7.95 ea. or 3 for $21.95 19”x19” - 51 pcs 19”x19” - 92 pcs I-63 Rhino I-70 Lion 19”x19” - 77 pcs I-97Grevy’s Zebra sheet size 17 1/2 “ X 23” Intermediate / Expert Level These patterns can be included with any “regular size” patterns to receive the 3 for $21.95 value. 19”x19” - 43 pcs 19”x19” - 77 pcs 19”x19” - 67 pcs 19”x19” - 41 pcs 19”x19” - 112 pcs For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010, all others 865-428-8875 Larger Size Patterns Intermediate / Expert Level Select any larger sized patterns for $8.95 each, or 3 for $24.95 II-01 Eagle 15”x 37” - 92 pcs II-05 Eagle Landing Pattern sheet size 25 “X 38” II-04 Woodland Trail II-03 Last Supper II-02 Cloud Nine 20”x 41” - 101 pcs II-06 Indian II-07 Owl 23”x 30” - 95 pcs II-09 Sea Gull Piling 23”x 32” - 86 pcs II-10 Buffalo 13.5”x 32.75” - 39 pcs 23”x 34” - 126 pcs II-11 Out on a Limb Coon 34”x 14” - 86 pcs 22”x 22” - 183 pcs II-12 Big Angel 26”x 34” 56 pcs Same as the small angel. 17”x 26” - 145 pcs II-13 Indian Woman II-14 Macaw Paradise 22”x 22” 172 pcs 31”x 18.75” - 66 pcs II-15 Alligator Dreams 28”x 22” - 240 pcs 22.5”x 30.5” - 228 pcs ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ Walking Tiger #II-16 $10.95 36”x 16” - 226 pcs Sheet Size 25” x 38’ Comes with a 81/2” x 14” color print. This Eagle is the same as the 37” eagle, with the exception that it has a 50” wing span, and also comes with a smaller eagle with a 24.5” wing span. Both of these are on the same sheet. SHEET SIZE 35”x 45”. 50” Eagle #II-08 $12.95 To Place an Order Call (800) 316-9010 8 Large Size Patterns /Posters Intermediate / Expert Level finished size is 28” high by The larger Indian version finished size 36” wide. It has approximately 189 pieces and is rated is 46” high by 60” wide. It has approximately expert level. The pattern is printed on 25” by 38” high 200 pieces and is rated expert level. This pattern comes with a 25” by 19” color poster. quality tracing paper. Comes with a color poster. The two part pattern is printed on 35” by 45” Order # P-6 $24.95 high quality tracing paper. The “Cowboy” “The Beginning of the Trail” Two Sizes for this Indian Order # P-5 $29.95 The smaller version finished size is “The Cowboy” 28” high by 35” wide. It has approximately 157 pieces and is rated expert level. This pattern comes with the 25” by 19” color poster (same as for the larger) and a 8.5 by 11 detail of the areas that were modified for the smaller version. The pattern is printed on 25” by 38” high quality tracing paper. Order # P-7 - $24.95 “African Adventure” “FAMILY AFFAIR” #P-3 $19.95 #P-4 $24.95 32 1/2” x 38” A hilarious cat family. This design looks best when using thick wood, finished size is 32.5”x 38” and is printed on a 35”x 45”sheet and comes with a 13”x19” color poster print containing three photos, one large front view and two smaller angled shots which help when shaping this project. There are 265 pieces. 41 1/2” x 30” This is a poster/pattern set which includes special instructions, a 25” by 19” color poster (suitable for framing) and the pattern is printed on 35” by 45” high quality tracing paper. There are 26 different creatures (animals, bugs, reptiles, and birds) all native to Africa. approx 800 pcs. Large Size Patterns /Posters Intermediate / Expert Level Both of these designs have won International competitions held in Toronto, Canada. The “Hidden Forest” comes with it’s own 19”x 25” full color poster suitable for framing. These color posters are very helpful in making these complex designs. “New Shoes” comes with an 8.5” by 11” color photo. Canadians please note that all poster pattern sets and the 50” Eagle have a $16.50 shipping chg. P-1 THE HIDDEN FOREST A Forest scene with six different creatures and 32”x 38”- 556 pcs. #P-1 $24.95 P-2 NEW SHOES A classic design of a young boy splashing water in his new 24”x 37”- 187 pcs. #P-2 $19.95 Both are Intermediate / Expert Level 9 • Intarsia Videos • Scroll Saw Video• • Intarsia Videos • Scroll Saw Video • Contouring Intarsia with Judy Intarsia “How To” Video Starting from the very beginning of how to plan your strategy as well as showing her sanding techniques. The I-172 “Horse Run” pattern is used as a example throughout this 90 minute video. #JB-3 $ 24.95 Covers a beginner level pattern (I-03 Raccoon), starting with the wood selection, working with a pattern, band saw tips, sanding & shaping, applying the finish, applying the hanger and hanging the project on the wall. All of the basics covered apply to all Intarsia projects. 90 minutes VHS Format. #V-1 $29.95 Scroll Sawing for Accuracy with Jerry Jerry explains and demonstrates his way of staying on the line and how to control your work and achieve the fit you want. 30 minuteVHS. JB-1 $ 19.95 Scrolling Basics with Vicky Lewis For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010 Vicky Lewis is a professional scroller. Vicky’s video is great for someone just beginning to saw and address issues such as safety and blade tension, along with many other helpful tips. 30 min. VHS JB-2 $14.95 INTARSIA BOOKS “Easy To Make Wood Inlay” #IT-1 #IT-1 $19.95 How to Intarsia from A to Z. Claimed by experts to be one of the best how to woodworking books of the early 90’s. Comes with $45.00 worth of free patterns printed in the book (free patterns must be enlarged) plus a color gallery picturing many Intarsia projects. A must for Intarsia newcomers! 3rd Edition “Intarsia Artistry in Wood” # IT-3 “Small Intarsia Projects” Book #IT-2 #IT-2 $14.95 A scaled down version for the Intarsia enthusiast with a scroll saw. There are 13 patterns included, plus a “how to” section to help you along with the first two projects. Some combine both Intarsia and fretwork and offer some stack cutting suggestions to make multiple projects at one time. These are great for laying onto jewelry box tops, etc. “Intarsia Workbook” # IT-4 This book is a must, there are two great “how to” sections, plus 12 beautiful projects. The patterns are small, however, any one of them would look excellent enlarged to any size. All projects can be cut out using either a scroll saw or band saw. #IT-3 $14.95 Copy Patterns Permission You can work your way through this skill-building workbook and soon you will be able to tackle any Intarsia project. You’ll start with a simple bow, just to get the feel and a general idea about Intarsia. Each lesson gets more and more advanced, teaching new skills along the way.These quickie projects would make great gifts. #IT-4 $14.95 If you have any problems making copies of our patterns because of the copyright symbol, take your invoice with you. At the very bottom just above the payment method we give permission to make copies of the patterns purchased on that particular invoice. Copies are intended for your use only, not for resale. Another thought on a similar subject is giving patterns away over the internet or to friends can eventually lead to pattern designers/creators going out of business. 10 HARDWARE ITEMS Intarsia Detail Sanders #IS-1 $19.95 set of two #IS-F Flat Sander only $10.00ea. #IS-B Bow Sander only $10.00ea. Set includes one bow sander and one flexible flat sander. Invented by an Intarsia enthusiast in Florida, just for Intarsia projects. You will find these sanders hard to replace, and use them every step of the way on your Intarsia projects, from start to finish. The bow sander works great for those “hard to get to” areas, and the flexible flat sander is great for contour sanding. These sanders do not require special sandpaper, and use your favorite grit cloth backed sanding sheets, cut into strips. The bow sander will also hold abrasive cord. The set comes with some pre-cut strips of sandpaper to help get you started. Sanding Rolls for Detail Sander “Wonder Wheel” The Wonder Wheel can be used to add texture to all Intarsia projects, it works best on soft wood (like Western Red Cedar). The wheel also makes dowels used for eyes nice and dark. The wonder wheel is 6” in diameter x 1/2” wide with a 1” mounting hole , and comes with a WEAR EYE PROTECTION reducer bushing to fit a 1/2” shaft on when using this product! your bench or pedestal grinder. Max R.P.M. is 4,500 and works perfect #H-WW from 3,000 to 4,000 R.P.M. $29.95ea. Sanding Drums Not Included IS-G150.............. 150 grit 1”x 10 yard roll................$10.00 IS-G180.............. 180 grit 1”x 10 yard roll................$10.00 WIPING GEL FINISHES CLEAR GEL # OM $ 9.85 pint WHITE GEL # OMW $ 9.85 pint Gel Finish We use three coats of this gel on our projects which produces a very nice finish without the need for a matte finish for the third coat Intarsia Whiting, is another gel finish we use when trying to “keep white wood white”. This whiting is the same basic formula as the regular clear, with a white pigment added. When you want to keep it white, just use this whiting for the first coat, the same as you would the clear. Shipping Old Masters is only available to those living in the contiguous United States. If ordering only one can of gel it will come U.S. Mail with a $6.00 shpg. charge, two or 3 Diopter - 1.75 Magnification 5” #BL-1A $189.00 Mfg. list price 6” is $ 219.00 Foredom Variable Speed Lathe Comes with one #A-CHA-5, 1/4”collet holder (with collet), one #TM-3 left hand, and one #TM-4 right hand tapered spindles. To run two Kirjes sanders (as pictured above) you will need to purchase an additional collet listed below. We FOOT SWITCH If you don’t have a foot switch you need one ! LUXO Magnifier / Light Luxo is the “top of the heap” of magnifiers. The magnifer is 3 diopter, and has a ground glass lense. This is a very high quality light not to be confused with the cheap stuff. The same light we use in our classroom. FT-1 $24.95 Mfg. list price is $ 279.00 Let’s face it “if you can’t see it you can’t saw it” Jerry Booher recommend mounting the #140 on the right and the #120 on the LX-1 $ 259.00 left of the bench lathe, as pictured above. The Kirges #130 Comes with a clamp that will mount the unit to a will not fit on the lathe. table top, bench, etc. Can also be removed from the Extra 1/4” Collet holder with Collet #CHA-5 $20.00 clamp and inserted into a drilled hole. reg.$ 29.95 Comes pre-wired with a 6’cord. just plug the switch in your outlet and then plug your saw in the back of the foot switch cord, no special wiring needed. Kirjes Inflatable Sanders • Great for small detail shaping! Model # #120 #140 #130 KHP Hand Pump Size Shaft size Price ea. K-120- 20 X 25mm/ 3/4X1” 6mm (1/4”) $25.00 K-130- 28 X 80mm/ 1 1/8X3 3/16” 8mm (5/16”) $40.00 K-140- 42X 44mm/ 1 5/8X1 3/4” 6mm (1/4”) $29.95 Grit sizes and price. KS-120 80,120,150,220 $1.00 ea KS-130 50,80,120,150,220 $2.35 ea. KS-140 50,80,120,150,220 $2.35 ea. KHP HAND PUMP $10.00ea Replacement Bulbs KR-120 $7.00 ea. KR-130 $9.00 ea. KR-140 $10.00 ea. NEW 400 Degree Hot Melt Glue Gun # I-GUN $36.95 ea. This Hot Glue Gun heats to 400 degrees and has a whopping 225 watts of power. We also have the glue for this gun in 10” sticks. The high heat softens the glue very well and when we press the part to the backing, the glue flattens out very thin. We use a combination of yellow woodworking glue and the hot glue works like a clamp to hold the part in place until the woodworking glue has time to set up. We use very small dots of the hot melt glue. The glue gun is $36.95 ea. and the glue sticks are $6.50 per pound and sold only in one pound bags. # I-GL $6.50 per pound. 11 5” “PLAIN END” SCROLL SAW BLADES “Home of the Bakers Dozen” 13 Blades to a Dozen 12 Bakers Dozen to a Gross (156 blades) You can mix and match the same kind of blade (example 12 dozen various size all Platinum blades) to make up a gross and get the gross price. Super Premium Blade for Hardwoods Reverse Skip Tooth Design Per Doz. Per Gross Order# Univ.# Width Thickness Order# Univ.# Width Thickness Teeth Per Inch PL-3 PL-5 PL-7 PL-9 3 5 7 9 .035 .036 .043 .050 .013 .015 .017 .018 Reverse Skip Tooth Blade, Smooth Cutting for Softwoods as well as Hardwoods TM 13 with 7 rev $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 $3.50 13 with 7 rev 10 with 7 rev 8 with 6 rev $36.00 $36.00 $36.00 $36.00 GD-3 GD-5 GD-7 GD-9 3 5 7 9 .035 .036 .043 .050 .013 .015 .017 .018 Teeth Per Inch Per Doz. Per Gross 12 with 8 rev 12 with 8 rev 12 with 8 rev 12 with 8 rev $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 You can mix and match the same kind of blade (example 12 dozen various size all Platinum blades) to make up a gross and get the gross price. Order# Univ.# Width TLB-2/0 00 .022 TLB-0 0 .024 TLB-1 1 .026 TLB-2 2 .030 TLB-3 3 .031 TLB-4 4 .033 TLB-5 5 .037 Thickness .010 .010 .011 .013 .013 .014 .015 Teeth Per Inch 27 27 25 22.5 20 18 17 Per Doz. Per Gross Order# Univ.# Width Thickness Teeth Per Inch $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 TLB-6 6 TLB-7 7 TLB-8 8 TLB-9 9 TLB-10 10 TLB-11 11 TLB-12 12 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 TM Universal Skip Tooth Blade $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 TM .039 .043 .047 .053 .059 .063 .067 .016 .017 .017 .018 .019 .020 .020 16 15 14 13 12 11 9.5 Per Doz.Per Gross $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 $22.00 Flex Drum Sander • Get inflatable sander results. This soft drum sander will help you attain the soft contours on your Intarsia projects. # DS-1 $ 3 2 . 9 5 This specially designed unit clamps to your 2000 (or 1725) R.P.M motor. Designed to fit 5/8” motor shaft it also comes with a reducer bushing to fit 1/2” motor shafts. The flex sander is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter x 7” in length. Just push the pad and sleeve onto the arbor and it stays put on it’s own (there are two abrasive strips on the arbor to help). You can sand past the ends without the fear of marking the work piece, and even use the end to put a “dish” shape in the part if you need to. #DS-1Flex Sander (comes complete with Motor Not Included 80 and 120 grit sleeves with pad............................. . $32.95ea. #DS-AS Adapter Shaft (for mounting on your drill press) $2.00ea. Sanding Sleeves with Pad approx.2 1/2” X 7” #NDS-80 - 80 grit sleeve with pad................... $4.95ea #NDS-120 - 120 grit sleeve with pad............... $4.95ea #NDS-100 - 100 grit sleeve with pad............... $4.95ea #NDS-220 - 220 grit sleeve with pad............... $4.95ea OptiVisor Abrasive Cleaning Stick This stick is great for giving your sanders extra life. The stick is 1” square X 6” long. The new abrasive cleaning stick is #ACS $3.50 & Light #OV “visor” $ 42.00 $ 36.00 ea. Please specify magnifacation strength #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, or #10 (10 being the strongest.) Order#OV Order #VL-1 #VL-1 “ Light” $ 24.00 $ 20.00 ea. #LP - “Extra lense plates”- $25.00 ea. Please specify #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #10 12 the “Intarsia Experience” 2005 Class Information The classes are held in our Studio/Woodshop located in Seymour, TN (note map on page 14). You will take home a project that is completely shaped/sanded and a backing cut out for it. We do not put a finish on it (takes too long to dry). BEGINNER Class: Will cover basic skills required to get you started on the right foot with Intarsia. You should have some skill using a scroll saw. If not, we suggest you take a scroll saw course or at least practice on your scroll saw before attending the class. We will cover each step, using an easier pattern to help you have a good understanding of this technique. This is beginning Intarsia, if you have not made many or any projects this is a class for you. INTERMEDIATE Class: Will move quickly through the wood selection and layout. We will work on improving your scroll sawing, and then spend a majority of the time on shaping and adding texture to your project. You should have made 8 to 10 Intarsia projects before this class. If not, we suggest you make more projects before attending the class, or take the beginner class first. ADVANCED Class: You must have taken an Intermediate class before you can take the Advanced Class. When we started the classes, we had no idea that we would have so many students take multiple classes. Some have taken three and four classes and one has even taken five classes - that’s Jim in Glendale AZ. In this class we will “shake hands and come out doing Intarsia”. There will be no Introduction to Intarsia, no long talk about Wood Selection, no Wood Drying, and NO Scroll Saw instruction (I know that will make you happy). In Addition to that, there will be no “Applying” Finish portion. We will just get right with it ! We should be finished scrolling by 3 or 4 PM the first day (I will be on hand to answer any questions) then you can spend bunches of time shaping with Judy. The project will be something that Judy has designed just for the class. TUITION: $400.00 Three Day Class: All classes will be held from Wednesday through Friday. This will be a “hands on” class. All classes will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 5 PM with a 1 hour lunch break, we will provide all lunches. Friday you will get to experience Jerry’s authentic Texas Bar-B-Que which has quite a following on its’ own. We will also provide refreshments during the day (sodas and coffee). CANCELLATION: There is a $35.00 cancellation fee. Please notify us at least 2 weeks before the class and we will refund your $65.00 of the $100.00 deposit. If cancellation notification is received less than 2 weeks prior to class date the deposit will not be refunded. REGISTRATION: You may register by calling 800-316-9010. Classes will require a $100.00 deposit with your registration, the remainder of the tuition is due prior to the first day of the class. Beginner Class Dates: April:.............20th-22nd 1space open May:..............18th-20th 2 spaces open August:..........31st-Sept.2nd 6 spaces Intermediate Class Dates: May:............ 4th-6th Sept:.............. 21st-23rd June:............. 22nd-24th Oct:............... 19th-21st Full 1 space open 5 spaces open 5 spaces open Advanced Class Dates: June:............. 8th-10th October:....... 5th-7th ALL FULL SCROLL SAW/FRETWORK BOOKS Fine Line Design Series ▲ #DB-1 ▲ "General Subject"$14.95 ▲ #DB-3 ▲ "The Great Outdoors"$14.95 ▲ #DB-4 ▲ "Sports"$14.95 ▲ #DB-5 ▲ "Heartland"$14.95 ▲ #DB-6 ▲ "Pets & People"$14.95 You will find these and many more projects in the Intarsia Workbook IT-4 on page 10 ▲ #DB-7 ▲ "Circus & Clowns"$14.95 ▲ #DB-9 ▲ "Dog Breeds"$16.95 ▲ #PL-01 ▲ “Making Collector Plates on Your Scroll Saw “$12.95 These projects are the perfect size for Gifts 13 Our Showroom Hours: We are open 10:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. We take about an hour lunch break around noon. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Our Showroom Will Be Closed From: Mid November to the middle of April. Please observe these times and dates. We could have ice or snow making it impossible to get to our location. You may call a few days before a planned trip and ask what the weather condition is. No snow or ice you are welcome to stop by. All orders are processed, only the showroom is closed due to weather conditions. How To Find Us: From Interstate 40 (which runs from Knoxville to Ashville, NC) take exit # 407 (Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg) head south on highway 66. Sevierville will be the first city you To I-40 come to (about 7 or 8 mi. from rt. 40). Turn right on Main Street in Sevierville ( this is also Rt. 441 / 411 / Chapman Highway). ✖ 2620 Heather Rd. After turning right go about a half mile and you will see a State 66 Hardee’s Restaurant on your right. From Hardee’s go 5.8 d R l l i nH Zio miles to Zion Hill Road. Turn right on Zion Hill Road, Hardee’s go .4 (4/10) mile & turn left just past the bridge (there are two bridges on Zion Hill, turn past the second one) and go wy another .2 (2/10) mile to Long Branch Road, turn left on an H apm Ch Long Branch and go .4 (4/10) mile to Heather Rd. and 411 441 turn right, go about .5 (5/10) mile on Heather and our drive way will be on the right (2620 Heather Rd.), and To Knoxville US 441 go straight up to the top. About Zion Hill Road: There are 3 Zion roads all in a row. Before you get to Zion Hill Rd. you will pass Zion Church Rd., and To Gatlinburg State 71 the next road after Zion Hill is Old Zion Hill Rd. The other Zion roads will take you to the first left turn at the bridge mentioned above, so you could proceed from there. For best results turn right on k re e gbran c h on ea t h er C Happy H d. Zion H Hill Old Zion L ill R n Zio Hill Ch urc h Rd U.S. Shipping Details Pattern orders are rolled in mailing tubes to prevent folds and are shipped by U.S. Mail. The price for pattern shipping is $6.00 per order - regardless of the amount of patterns ordered. Orders are normally shipped the same or next day after we receive them. U.S. Mail takes anywhere from 2 to 11 working days, depending on your location. Hardware, Books, and Videos, $6.00 shipping charge, regardless of quantity (ie. order 2 books, one video and pay only $6.00 shipping). When ordering only one can of Old Masters gel it will come U.S. Mail with a $6.00 shpg. charge, two or more cans it will be shipped via UPS with a $8.00 shpg. charge. Depending on the quantity of any of these items ordered, they will be shipped either U.P.S. or U.S. Mail. If ordering both patterns and hardware items, there will be a multiple shipping charge of $9.00. The $9.00 shipping is for all pattern orders with any hardware, books, or videos. They will be shipped in one box, depending on weight it will be shipped U.P.S. or U.S. Mail. Poster/Pattern size patterns with hardware, books or videos will be shipped in two parts. There will be a total of $12.00 ship- Canadian Shipping Details Payment must be made in U.S. funds, with international money orders or checks drawn on a U.S. Bank, or with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit card. Sorry. No postal money orders or personal checks. Regular Size Patterns Orders are rolled in mailing tubes to prevent folds, and shipped by U.S. Mail. The price for regular size pattern (only) shipping is $7.00 per pattern order - regardless of the amount of patterns ordered. If ordering any of the Poster Pattern Sets or 50” Eagle, please include $16.50 for shipping in place of the normal $7.00 shipping. Orders are normally shipped the same day we receive them. The mail takes anywhere from 7 to 14 working days (do not count Sat. & Sun.), depending on your location. If ordering patterns and any of the items listed below your shipment will be in two part. There will be two shipping charges - one for each parcel. If Ordering Patterns along with Books, Videos, and Hardware Items the charge will be $14.00 ($7.00 for the pattern portion and $7.00 for the other items. All shipments of this type must be insured and will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service. If ordering regular size patterns and Scroll Saw Blades (which can be shipped together in a mailing tube) shipping is only $7.00 pattern shipping. When possible we will ship all items in one box, however two part shipments may be used due to size limits set by the U.S. Postal Service. Shipping charges are subject to change depending on the quantity of items ordered We have a dealer in Canada that carries most of our products, please note the information to the right. For U.S. orders call 800-316-9010 all others 865-428-8875 14 I enclose: [ ] Check, [ ] Money Order, [ ] Visa, [ ] Mastercard [ ] Discover[ ] Amex Cardholder name & Billing Address Expiration Date Name Address City SHIP TO ( State Zip ) Daytime Phone: IMPORTANT-we only use this for a question about your order. Zip When ordering Hardware items please give street address for UPS Sorry, no C.O.D.’s, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, personal checks (drawn on U.S. Banks), and money orders (in U.S. funds only). USE THE PORTION BELOW FOR PATTERN ORDERS Qty Item # Pattern Description Price Each ▲ When ordering multiple items ie. patterns & books, hardware, or videos, they will be shipped together in one box, please add $9.00 total shipping to your order. All pattern only Pattern Subtotal Canadian pattern orders send $7.00 for shipping. Send orders are $6.00, U.S.Pattern Shipping all hardware, book, $16.50 shipping for posters-pattern sets or 50” eagles. video only orders See the Canada Shipping Details for more information Canada Pattern Shipping TN Residents please are $6.00. Scroll on shipping. add 9.5% Sales Tax USE THE PORTION BELOW FOR BOOKS, saw blades can be Pattern Total HARDWARE, AND PLATE ORDERS. ▼ ▼ added to any order Item # Price Each Qty Description without an additional charge. Subtotal *If ordering only one can of Old Masters gel send $6.00 shpg., *Multiple Items shipped together includes U.S.Book/Video/Sanders Shipping patterns with books, hardware,or videos. *Old Masters Gel Shipping two or more send $8.00 shpg. Old Masters is shipped by U.P.S. and their rates have increased considerably. See page 14 Canada Shipping TN Residents please Sorry, we cannot ship Old Masters outside the contiguous 48 United States. add 9.5% Sales Tax Toll-Free Order line 1-800-316-9010 Total Roberts Studio Send Monday thru Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm. Pattern Total orders to: 2620 Heather Rd. Tech. Support Number 1-865-428-8875 Seymour, TN 37865 Fax Orders -1-865-428-7870. Grand Total Total Price $6.00 $16.50/ $7.00 Total Price * $9.00 $6.00 *$8.00 $7.00 IN THIS ISSUE 6 New Patterns & 2005 Intarsia Experience Class Schedule You can find us on the internet: [email protected] See page 2 for details! Judy Gale Roberts • Jerry Booher Roberts Studio 2620 Heather Rd. Seymour, TN 37865 Copyright © Prsrt Std U.S. Postage PAID Permit # 309 Knoxville, TN ALL CONTENTS OF THIS CATALOG ARE COPYRIGHTED. ANY REPRODUCTION FOR DISTRIBUTION IS PROHIBITED. $2.00 U.S.