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Environmental Management Plan

This Hubei Xiangfan Urban Transport Project aims to establish a complete traffic network system in Panggong Subdistrict, promote the development of this district, and improve the public transport system in Xiangyang city, enhance the capability of traffic management organizations and improve traffic control. Negative impacts include: impacts on social environment through implementing relevant policies, impacts of the project construction on social environment, influence ambient air quality, influences on surrounding residents, schools and hospitals, pollutions from construction activity are discharged into surface water body, influence on health, and influence on the fauna and flora. Mitigation measures include: 1) strictly control the working area of construction and avoid widening the construction site without authorization; 2) install the separating wall around the construction site; 3) it is required to prepare one watering car at least for each construction site. The spraying frequency will be determined according to the weather condition; 4) low-noise mechanical equipments or equipments with sound insulation or sound reduction should be selected; 5) during the periods of college and high school entrance examination, it is forbidden to take out the construction around schools; 6) it is prohibited to allow the construction activity inside the bank of Hanjiang River; and 7) domestic waste should be stored at fixed points, daily cleaned up.




E2868 v3 Environmental management plan for Xiangyang Urban transport project loaned by World Bank China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd. Xiangyang Construction Investment & Operation Co., Ltd. Nov 2011 1 Table of Content 1 Environmental management organization and principles for supervising........45 2 Environmental impact mitigation measures....................................................56 3 Emergency scheme for environmental risk.................................................2526 4 Environmental monitoring plan..................................................................2930 5 Environment protection training plan .........................................................3132 6 Reporting Institution ..................................................................................3233 7 Environmental sensitive targets..................................................................3334 2 Preface The establishment and implementation of the environmental management plan (EMP) is the reference and basis for environmental management. The EMP is aim to guarantee the construction company, during phrases of the project’s design, construction and operation, to strictly comply with environmental protection regulations and to fully carry out environmental protection measures proposed in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report. In this way, economic development and environmental protection can be balanced well. According to the features of this project, the report puts forward practical environmental management plans for the whole implementation process in order to meet requirements in the relevant national, local and industry laws and regulations for environmental protection. 3 1 Environmental management organization and principles for supervising The supervision mechanism proposed in the EMP is displayed as below: (1)As the client, Xiangyang Construction and Investment Managing Co.,LTD is taking the ultimate liability for the environment management of this project. It shall do periodical or non-periodical inspections on the progress of the project and implementation status of EMP; entrust qualified monitoring institute to carry out environment monitoring based on the EMP and report regularly to the World Bank. (2)Contractor is responsible for carrying out measures to eliminate the adverse impacts during construction phrase while Xiangyang Municipal Administration is responsible for the operation phrase. (3)Based on the requirements of National Supervisory Specifications, project supervisors, having the daily duty to make sure the EMP to be carried out during construction phrase, are aligned to check out whether the construction is environment-friendly and record the practical implementation condition of environmental protection measures as well as problems existed in the seasonal reports. Table1-1 Arrangement of the environment management organization and liabilities Number of Responsibility on environmental Phrase Representative people protection involved Hubei Environental Protection Review and verify the EIA report one Department Xiangyang Construction and Instruct, supervise and coordinate the Investment Managing Co., LTD, project and implement the overall one Xiangyang Construction Commission organization Design and pre- Xiangyang Construction and Set up the general environmental constructio Investment Managing Co., LTD protection guidance and objective, bring one n periods (client), the EMP into the bid document Central and Southern China Municipal Provide the technical support for Engineering Design and Research establishing the environmental one Institute management target (design) China Railway Siyuan Survey and Establish the environmental management Design Group Co., LTD four plan (EMP) (environment impact assessment) 1. instruct, supervise and coordinate all the work left 2. report to World Bank the Constructio Xiangyang Construction and implementation status of EMP one n period Investment Managing Co., LTD 3. supervise and manage the project construction, compile monitoring reports for both ordinary and accidental conditions 1. responsible for the implementation of EMP and other environmental protection Contractor measures one 2.responsible for training constructers on environmental protection 4 1.Carry out the daily supervision and ensure the implementation of Engineering and environmental protection measures Environment Protection (EP) 2. In the monthly monitoring reports, one supervision record the implementation status of environment protection measures and existing problems regular and accidental monitoring during qualified monitoring institute one construction phrase Xiangyang Environmental Protection Inspect the status of environment one Bureau protection during construction period Xiangyang Construction and Investment Managing Co., LTD, Same as mentioned in construction phrase one Xiangyang Construction Commission 1.Responsible for implementing the environmental protection measures and Xiangyang Municipal Administration EMP one 2.Ensure environment protection instruments are in good operation mood 1. Organize the as-built acceptance work to check whether environmental Operation protection measures have been designed, period Xiangyang Environmental Protection constructed and operated as the project Bureau progresses. 2. Inspect the execution condition of environmental management during operation phrase regular and accidental monitoring during Qualified monitoring institute one operation phrase Control the construction of new sensitive Xiangyang Urban and Rural Planning buildings/organizations on the both sides one Bureau of the road 2 Environmental impact mitigation measures According to the adverse impacts determined by the environmental impact analysis, mitigation measures are proposed specifically for design, construction and operation phrases. See table1-2, table1-3 and table1-4 for details. 5 Table 1-2 Summary of mitigation measures on adverse environmental impacts for design and preparation phrases Main adverse Key Executive Supervising Phrases environmental Mitigation measures activities Institute Institute impacts Project office Xiangyang Constructio of Xiangyang Design and Construction Project bring the environmental management plan (EMP) into the bidding document and put the EMP in n and preparation / and bidding the contract in order to be implemented more easily. Investment phrases Managing Investment Co., LTD Managing Co., LTD Requirem Avoid adverse ents on impacts on (1) Suggest that in the next phrase of design, consider to use the road existed as much as possible the route green belts in in order to maintain the existed green belts. selection the city by Central (2) Reserve the expenses on transplantation in advance in the project budget. of the optimizing and road design Southern Xiangyang China Construction Requirem and ents on Municipal Investment the Prevent adverse Engineeri Managing Co., location impacts on ng Design LTD In the design period, tempt to make the temporary constructions like soil excavating and depositing selection farmland by and site, detour road not to occupy or occupy less farmland. of optimizing Research temporary design constructi on 6 Main adverse Key Executive Supervising Phrases environmental Mitigation measures activities Institute Institute impacts (1)Make the sufficient preparation before construction and do the thorough investigation on road, electricity supply, communication system and etc. related to the project. Coordinate with relevant departments, in advance, to determine the resident relocation plan and prepare well for emergency in order to stabilize the social life. (2)With the help of local government, properly deal with the work on land expropriation. For issues of land expropriation as well as removal compensation and resettlement, sufficiently collect opinions from both local government and residents impacted. As to reach the unanimous consent, thorough negotiation should be done on issues which are closely related to the residents impacted, like the way to compensate, compensation standards, implementation methods and etc. For those avoid adverse impacted village and farmers due to land expropriation, redistribute them land and properly arrange requireme impacts on work for those surplus labor within their own village. Suggest the client compile the resettlement Xiangyang nts on social plan in details after reaching complete consensus to eliminate potential adverse influences as much Constructio land environment as possible. n and expropriat / through Investment ion and (3)The work on removal compensation and resettlement will be organized by the construction implementing Managing resident company based on the uniform standard. According to the national and local policies on land Co., LTD relevant expropriation and removal compensation, certain amount of compensation will be paid to residents relocation policies impacted. When the compensation is paid for land expropriation, the construction representative should consider about loss on agriculture yield and fishing due to the land occupation. The cost estimated in this report will be included in the project budget which will not be listed the environmental protection expense separately. (4) Before construction, the transformers to be removed shall be removed and demolished by the organization with the qualification of hazardous waste treatment in Xiangyang in advance after contact, i.e.: Hubei Jinyang Metallurgy Co., Ltd. 7 Table 1-3 Summary of mitigation measures on adverse environmental impacts for construction phrases Main Key adverse Executive Supervising Phrases Mitigation measures activitie environment Institute Institute al im