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FEELING GREAT 29 HERALDSUN.COM.AU MONDAY, MARCH 31, 2014 Mums on the move     WEEK 11      STEVE MONEGHETTI IN previous generations it was more common for a teenager to become a mum than it was for a woman over 40. But times have changed and there are more new mums in their late 30s and 40s than ever before. Pregnancy among mature mums carries an increased risk and is often a result of a long period spent trying to conceive or fertility treatment. So when conception occurs there can be a little extra anxiety involved. Fitness expert Suzy Clarkson knows only too well the rigours of mature mums. She had her first son Ben when she was 39 after a relatively trouble-free pregnancy, but having a second child proved to be a long, traumatic and exhausting process that was finally rewarded with the birth of Toby last year when Clarkson was 45. Her new book Fit for Birth and Beyond: The Guide for Women over 35 fills a gap Clarkson identified during her first pregnancy. A physiotherapist, Clarkson has a lifelong interest in health, fitness and wellbeing but couldn’t find the advice she needed. “I wanted to make sure that the myths around exercise and pregnancy are completely clarified,’’ she says. Some of those myths and concerns include whether exercise is linked to miscarriage (no), if getting too hot during exercise is dangerous to baby (don’t overdo it and get too hot), and how high your heart rate can get (60-70 per cent of maximum heart rate for women who don’t exercise regularly before pregnancy and 70-80 per cent of maximum heart rate for Author and physiotherapist Suzy Clarkson, below with husband Tim and sons Ben and Toby, encourages mature-age mothers-to-be to exercise and stay fit. BENEFITS OF KEEPING FIT ● Fewer medical interventions during labour and delivery and in some cases shorter labour times ● Decreased rates of postnatal depression ● Enhancement of baby’s birth weight ● Improved strength for regular lifting and carrying required with a newborn ● Stronger back muscles to counteract the pull and strain on your back and ligaments as centre of gravity shifts ● Better quality sleep and better ability to deal with insomnia ● Faster recuperation after labour and a more rapid return to pre-pregnancy fitness, body shape and healthy weight CAMBERWELL RELAX MAA New staff, massage 7 days. 517 Camberwell Rd. 쎰 9889-5633 AFRO-AUSTRALASIAN MSG 0415 726 616 MAA AMAZING MASSAGE MAA Glen Waverley 쎰 0410999007 AMAZING WARM OIL Massage Lvl 1,136 Martin St, Brighton (New staff) MAA 쎰 9530 8828 AMILIA ANGEL TOUCH health/wealth/love/issues MAA H’berg West 0416 564 535 ASIAN MASSAGE MAA 487 High St, Preston 9973-9962. 10am-9pm. 7 days AWESOME RELAX MASSAGE 60 High St, Northcote MAA 9.30am-8pm 쎰 0406333766 BABYFACE - CAMBERWELL 쎰 0410 999 007 MAA BALWYN MASSAGE 쎰 0401 866 801 MAA CAIRNLEA MASSAGE 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 7 days. MAA. Shop 2C, 100 Furlong Rd, Cairnlea 쎰 0425 414 418 V1 - MHSE01Z01MA CANNA MASSAGE Mon. to Sat. Oil Relaxation 29 Harrington Square, Altona 0405 743 290. MAA CARLTON CHINESE MASSAGE 63 Pelham St 7 days 쎰 9939 8867 MAA COBURG THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE GRAND OPENING Relaxation Massage. MAA 11am - 9 pm. (03) 9355 8884 14 Waterfield St, Coburg DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 100 East Esplanade, St. Albans MAA 쎰 0470 365 757 DREAM MAA Private. 10am - 11pm Full Body CBD 쎰9663 5594 encourage you, to do exercise and stay fit,” she says. The book contains health and nutrition advice as well as exercise programs for each trimester as the pregnancy progresses. Clarkson says safety is the No. 1 consideration for any mum-tobe when considering exercise. “Talk to your doctor about your fitness plans, get their advice and a good idea is to keep an exercise diary of physical and physiological effects of your activity to motivate you, track ELITE MASSAGE 쎰 0422 158 445 FRANKSTON Chinese Massage 11 Balmoral St MAA 0449 155 445 FULL BODY MASSAGE 30 mins for $40 10am-7.30pm Shop 3/570 Main St, Mordialloc 쎰 0497 392 561 MAA FULL BODY THERAPY Friendly Staff. East Subs. MAA. 쎰 0401 510 131쎰 FULL BODY MASSAGE 7 DAYS. 28 Heyington Cres, Noble Park Nth. 쎰 0430 042 882 (MAA) FULL BODY MASSAGE (MAA) Open 7 days. 1352 Centre Rd, Clayton. 쎰 0422 487 332 South Yarra MAA GLEN IRIS MASSAGE MAA 쎰 0410 469 729 MAA EUROPEAN CLASS 9am-7pm by appt. 쎰 0447 447 555 MAA GRAND OPENING $40 for an unforgettable massage. 24 Station St, Mitcham 쎰 9874 2968 MAA EXPRESS MASSAGE 161 Burke Rd, Glen Iris. Full body Relaxation - Deep tissue Massage 0423 781 981 MAA HAPPY DAY SPA Oakleigh. 0430 341 888. MAA. FOREVER YOUNG MASSAGE Oakleigh 쎰 0433 669666 MAA your progress and to show health professionals. The second consideration is to do the right sort of exercise to prevent injury. Clarkson recommends a mix of cardio, strength, core and low-impact activity such as swimming (particularly in the last trimester) to keep in shape throughout. Fit for Birth and Beyond: The Guide for Women over 35, by Suzy Clarkson, Exile Publishing. RRP $30. HEALING HANDS MASSAGE, 25 Station St, Malvern. MAA. 10am-8pm, 7 days. 9078-7621 HEALTH MASSAGE Shop 14 1-3 Princess St, St Albans MAA 쎰 0401 294 069 Hot Oil Full Body Double Ok. $40. Private. Malvern. 0452 208 873 MAA I AM JOJO 쎰 0425 505 888 MALVERN MAA HEALTH, FITNESS & VITALITY MAGICAL HANDS 545 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn T: 9818 8058 MAA ORIENTAL MASSAGE MAA 621 Plenty Rd, Preston. 9471 4623 /10 am - 8 pm 7 days MASSAGE SPECIALIST MAA 771 High St, Thornbury 10am-11.30pm 쎰 9480 2546 ORIGIN CARE MASSAGE MAA 1533 High St, Glen Iris 0405 300 760 or 9886-0781 MASSAGE THERAPY RELAX 305 Queensberry St, Nth Melb. 10-10 7days 9077-7620 MAA MASSAGE / WAXING JAPANESE RELAXATION Open 8am - 11pm - 7 days MAA. 770 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert. Also Visiting. 쎰 9898 7619 or 0497 289 690 Jasmin Massage - MAA 0425 532 598 East Burwood JOJO/VICKI SCRUB MASSAGE Heidelberg W. 쎰 0424 693 977 New Goddess Touch. MAA L M ROSE MASSAGE Relaxation full body massage. Open 7 Days, 228 Ballarat Rd, Footscray. New Management. 쎰 (03) 9318 4828 쎰 MAA LUXURY ALLURING Massage 1 / 263 Little Bourke St. MAA. 쎰 9650 5153 Private rm 7 days 11 LONG COURSE n/walk (5km) Monday: 40min ru ttom of your Tuesday: Rest run/walk to the bo Wednesday: 2km m long, medium gradient), 50 chosen hill (200-2 l with a walk/slow jog back hil up s ion tit home four repe 2km run/walk back down in between, Thursday: Rest lk (2km) Friday: 20min wa race or time trial (7.5km) e tic Saturday: Prac Sunday: Rest SHORT COURSE walk (2km) n/ Monday: 15min ru st Re y: Tuesda to the bottom in walk/run (1km) Wednesday: 10m 00m long, medium gradient), l (2 of your chosen hil hill either power walking or up s ion tit three repe down in lk or slow jog back running with a wa lk/run (1km) back home between, 10min wa Thursday: Rest lk (1km) Friday: 10min wa race or time trial (3km) e tic ac Pr : ay Saturd Sunday: Rest directory FOREVER YOUNG Caulfield N MAA 쎰 0430 341 888 FULL BODY CARE 쎰 0433 669 666 WE are now less than two weeks from event day and it is time to begin our taper. This is running speak for reducing training to allow your body to absorb the training we have completed over the past few months. The runs set down for this week are shorter, our total mileage only marginally more than race distance. Be strong and stick to the recommended training. When we started the program it may have been difficult for you to commit but I notice that many people get addicted to training and find it difficult to reduce the amount they are doing. I find this amusing, but I worry you won’t be able to back off sufficiently to enjoy the day; what a great outcome. Also this weekend I have set a practice race or a time trial. As the name suggests it will allow you to practise what you intend doing on April 13. About half race distance for both events, it will let you try out your clothes, equipment, pre-race food and drink. I have scheduled it for Saturday but you can swap the weekend runs around if it suits your schedule better. Try and treat it seriously because it is the time to iron out any problems you might have. The practice trial or time trial should be done at the pace you intend to run on the day itself to condition your body to what it will experience. The best place to do this effort is at an actual race, so if you know of a local fun run on this weekend then that would be perfect but stick to the distances I have set. Also remember that it is just a practice run so focus on the things I have mentioned and how you feel during the run rather than worrying about where you finish in the event. TRAINING: WEEK regular exercisers). “These concerns still abound especially as older mums are in a very privileged position to be able to carry a baby at that age so sensitivity is often heightened to health concerns. It might make women sit down and do nothing during pregnancy but research shows, and we Feeling great ABC RELAXATION 230 Broadway, Reservoir 쎰 0470 315 724 MAA LET YOUR BODY ABSORB ALL OF THE HARD WORK Despite increased risks with older pregnancy, most mature mothers-tobe are encouraged to exercise, writes Michelle Pountney HEALTH SUNDAY APRIL 13 Specials: 1/2 hr $40 1 hr $60 Canterbury. 9880 7531. MAA MCKINNON MASSAGE New warm friendly staff. 252 Jasper Rd, McKinnon. 쎰 0470 647 244 MAA MORNINGTON Relaxation Massage. 6 days. Mon-Sat. Maa 32 Wood St. 0416 033 188 NATURAL PLUS RELAXATION 5 City Place, Sunshine, 3020 9311-0198. MAA. 10-8pm 7d NEW SHOP Chinese massage. 85 Holmes St, Brunswick. MAA 쎰 9995-7166 / 0410 776 788 NEWLY OPENED! DIVINE BODY RETREAT Full Body Relaxation Massage Murrumbeena - 0478 660 035 MAA PARAMOUNT Therapy & Sauna Centre. Shop 11/12 Paramount Shopping Centre, 108 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000. (03) 9663-6639 MAA RAINBOW Heaven Massage 144 Nepean Hwy, Aspendale. MAA 9588 0358/10 am - 8 pm 7days. RED LOTUS SPECIAL $50 1HR (12-27th April - School Hols) 2/250 Charman Rd, Cheltenham 쎰 9585 6670. MAA. 7 Days. RINGWOOD THERAPY Maroondah 10am - 8pm 쎰 0411 808 266 MAA THERAPY RELAXATION 658 Smith St, Clifton Hill MAA 쎰 9482 5372 ✭✭ Royal Garden Body Care ✭✭ Massage, Spa, M/F Waxing, Luxury Aircon Studios. New VIP room with U.S. infrared sauna. 쎰 9460-2148. Open 7 days 29 Johnson St, Reservoir Also at 140 Queen St, Melbourne 쎰 9642-4368 MAA TRADITIONAL MASSAGE 127-129 Union Rd. Ascot Vale 쎰 9372-9517 MAA ROYAL Massage Wet Room/ Relax Massage MAA. 413 High St. Northcote. 쎰 9489-8788 Samui Sunset Traditional Thai Massage MAA Port Melb 쎰 9645 3323 Richmond 쎰 9428 6388 Kensington 쎰 9078 7089 Carlton North 쎰 9381 2251 RELAX FULL BODY MASSAGE 219 Ascot Vale Rd, Ascot Vale. 10-9pm 7d MAA 9004 1477 TRIPLE ONE MASSAGE STUDIO. 10am-8pm. 7 Days. 111 High St, Preston 쎰 0403 358 123 MAA. TRY MY TOUCH Nunawading. 9877-6838 MAA ✭ TULIP MASSAGE ✭ Altimate Relaxation New Staff. Warrigal Rd. 쎰 0405 743 229 MAA Warm Stone Massage 쎰 0430 009 843 MAA SENSATION **RELAX LOMI DOUBLE**MAA Prahran Market 0421-174-971 New Girls, New Techniques Oakleigh MAA 9563 0080 RELAXING YOUR MIND AND BODY. A massage or Lomi Lomi. Eastern suburbs. MAA. 쎰 0413 021 451. Port Melb. 0450583600 MAA SWEET CAROLINE REMEDIAL HEALTH CARE ANNAS GENTLE TOUCH.MAA Glen Waverley 9561-0456