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  Innovation Integration Sustainability  C  OMP A NY P R  OF I  L E  Company Profile Light gauge steel building solutions   Welcome to the future of light steel frame design, manufacturing and building solutions With FRAMECAD technology and FRAMECAD building products, you can turn architectural inspiration into commercial reality much faster and more cost effectively than ever before.It’s a fully sustainable building process that incorporates the intelligence of FRAMECAD software and FrameMaster manufacturing equipment, complemented by an international building products supply chain providing steel, cladding, lining, ooring, insulation, roong and building hardware.FRAMECAD is the world’s most advanced end-to-end steel frame design and manufacturing system, allowing you to mass produce cold formed steel frames with precision accuracy that is determined by the system, not the skill level of factory workers or on-site assemblers. © 2009 FRAMECAD Solutions Ltd Page 2   A sustainable building solution  that is fast and precise “I always felt there was a smarter way to turn designs into buildings. A way to feed the production process the right information, so that component parts t together perfectly. The ability to form steel and punch holes has been around for decades, but generating an accurate 3D FRAMECAD Model that is designed and engineered to the local environmental conditions and building practices is the start of a real revolution.FRAMECAD Software drives the manufacturing process to rapidly turn the 3D Model into precise reality. We are leading the revolution to speed up the design and build process. The most challenging part of our quest was creating smart, versatile software that can take design data from a variety of sources - we partner with other leading CAD software developers to make the design process smarter and easier. The manufacturing equipment is like the printer at the end of your computer system - it will only produce an accurate output if you give it the right instructions. The really intelligent part of our solution is the know how and software that instructs the manufacturing equipment. Our solutions work because we have all the knowledge we need within our team. We have building system researchers, software developers, CAD designers, engineers, machine control experts, technicians and on-site construction experts. We also have people who are good at listening to customers - we’ve always been driven by market needs, because a solution is only worthwhile if it delivers better productivity and quality to our customers.Using FRAMECAD Solutions end-to-end design and build methodology empowers companies to do more than they have ever done before - in less time and using their own people.Our team is totally committed to providing a building system that is faster, producing a better quality output than anything else available.” Page 3 Mark Taylor Chairman, FRAMECAD  A Superior End-To-End Process  The solutions we offer encompass consultation, design, manufacturing and materials supply, backed up with support infrastructure that ensures you get a rapid return on your investment. Page 4© 2009 FRAMECAD Solutions Ltd