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Homosexual Behaviour & Pedophilia

A presentation of the relationship between homosexual behaviour & pedophilia




  Homosexual Behavior&Pedophilia By Frank V. York and Robert H. Knight  TABLE OF CONTENTS Homosexual Activists WorkTo Normalize SexWith Boys2Sexual ‘Liberation’3Going After Children3Sexual Ageism and ‘Age of Consent’Laws4Homosexual/Pedophile Efforts in Canada6Efforts to Normalize Pedophilia in the United States7David Thorstad Connects Pedophilia to ‘Gay Rights’8Using Psychiatry/Psychology9Child Abuse ‘Experts’Provide Cover for Pedophiles12The Kinsey Pedophilia Agenda14Judith Reisman’s Research15Academics Work to Normalize Pedophilia16Public Schools Are Recruiting Grounds17Entertainment Industry Popularizes Adult/Child Sex18Conclusion18Appendix20Correspondence from the American Psychological Association 21Correspondence from the American Psychiatric Association27Endnotes28  2 Although most homosexual activists publ i cly deny that they want access to boy s ,m a nyh o m o s exual groups around the wo rld are wo rking aggre s s ive ly to lower the age of sexual consent. Th e i rcause is being aided by the pro fessional psych i at ric and psych o l ogical associat i o n s ,wh i ch have move din recent ye a rs towa rd normalizing pedophilia,mu ch as they did with homosexuality in the early 1970s.Kevin Bishop,an admitted pederast (pedophile),is promoting the wo rk of the North A m e ri c a nM a n - B oy Love A s s o c i ation (NAMBLA) in South A f rica. Bishop,who was molested at the age of six,i salso an admitted homosexual who is blunt about the re l ationship between homosexuality and pedophil-ia. “ S c rat ch the ave rage homosexual and you will find a pedophile,”said Bishop in an interv i ew withthe  E l e c t ronic Mail & Guard i a n ( June 30,1 9 9 7 ) . 1 This pedophile/homosexual activist began studying pedophilia while a student at RhodesU n ive rs i t y. He also discove red Karl Marx there,as well as other literat u re that helped fo rm his wo rl d-v i ew. His views are being echoed around the wo rld by homosexual activists who are seeking wh at theycall “ s exual fre e d o m ”for ch i l d re n .Bishop is on a crusade in South A f rica to have “ age of sexual consent law s ”ab o l i s h e d,and he islooking for help from NAMBLA to accomplish his goal. He says ch i l d ren must be empowe red “ byt e a ching them about loving re l ationships at an early age,and giving them the opportunity to make ani n fo rmed decision about having [sex ] .”He also ap p roves of incest,n o t i n g,“ Two women psych o l ogi s t sin A m e rica say the healthiest introduction to sex for a child should be with their [sic] pare n t s ,b e c a u s eit is less thre atening and the emotional intimacy more comfo rt abl e.” 2 Bishop agrees with NAMBLA that the next social movement in We s t e rn politics will be an at t a ck on “ s exual age i s m ,”wh i ch prohibits sexual contact based on age diffe rences. The movement alre a dy iswell under way in Europe and Canada. Homosexual Activists Work ToNormalize Sex With Boys Frank V.York and Robert H.Knight I N T R O D U C T I O N  3 S EXUAL ‘L IBERATION ’ Homosexual activist groups around the worldare working to lower or abolish age of consent laws inorder to “liberate”children from the constraints of ap at ri a rchal society.Kate Millett,a radi-cal feminist andMarxist theoretician,d e s c ribed this phi-losophy in an inter-view first publishedin “Loving Boys”in1980. It was laterreprinted in The AgeTaboo ,published byAlyson Publishers,ahomosexual publish-ing house in Boston.Millett cl a i m s ,“[O]ne of children’s essential rights is to express them-selves sexually,probably primarily with each other butwith adults as well. So the sexual freedom of childrenis an important part of a sexual revolution.”Millettsays the sexual revolution begins with the emancipa-tion of women and also includes ending homosexualoppression.She views the incest taboo as an instrument of oppression. “The incest taboo has always been one of the cornerstones of patriarchal thought,”says Millett.“We have to have an emancipation proclamation forchildren. What is really at issue is children’s rights andnot,as it has been formulated up to now,merely theright of sexual access to children.” 3 Millett believessexual access to children is only one part of a largergoal of liberating children from all forms of parentaloppression.This theme of sexual liberation re c e n t lyappeared at a 1999 U.N. Population Conference in theNetherlands,where teenage delegates lobbied for theright of teens and children as young as 10 to have sex-ual pleasure and sexual freedom. Approximately 130youths from 111 countries signed the sexual rightsdocument. They also demanded the right to abortionon demand without parental consent or knowledge. 4 Jim Hanes,administrative director of Americansfor Truth about Homosexuality,visited Amsterdam inthe Netherlands in November 1998. After contactingvarious homosexual bookstores and the HomosexualStudies department of the University of Amsterdamregarding pedophile material,he was referred to theIntermale Bookstore,which featured a wide selectionof pedophilia in a section called “Padeo.”The storem a n ager directed him to seve ral back issues of  Paidika, the journal of pedophilia,in addition to  Anatomy of a Media Attack  (published by NAMBLA), Varieties of Man/Boy Love from Wallace HamiltonPress, Crime Without Victims by Preben Hertoft, TheSexual Life of Children by Floyd M. Martinson andmany fictional books about child sexual acts withadults. The material was prominently displayed andcan be ordered from the Intermale Bookstore websiteat,which features a sectioncalled “Boys and Teenagers.” G OING A FTER C HILDREN Pat Califia is an American advocate of total sex-ual “freedom.”She is a self-proclaimed lesbian sexu-al radical who has written extensively on the impor-tance of “liberating”children from sexual oppression.Her book, Public Sex ,contains two essays on age of consent laws,“The Age of Consent:The Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of ’77”and “The Aftermath of the GreatKiddy-Porn Panic of ’77.”Califia argues that all ageof consent laws should be abolished and supportsNAMBLA’s efforts to legalize adult/child sex. Califiais a columnist for The Advocate ,a mainstream homosexual magazine. 5 Gaining access to children has been a long-termgoal of the homosexual movement. In 1972,theNational Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a“Gay Rights Platform”that included the followingdemand:“Repeal of all laws governing the age of sex-ual consent.”David Thorstad,a spokesman for thehomosexual rights movement and NAMBLA,clearlystates the objectives:“The ultimate goal of the gay lib- “The Incesttaboo has alwaysbeen one of thecornerstones of patriarchalthought,” saysMillett. “Wehave to have anemancipationproclamation forchildren.”