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IADC Classification Chart Secur Se curity ity DB DBS S Dr Drill ill Bits Bits Steel Tooth Bits Features    s    e     i    r    e     S 1 2 3 Formations Soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability    e    p    y T 1 2 3 Medium to medium-hard formations with high compressive strength 1 Hard semi-abrasive or abrasive formations 1 2 4 1 Standard Roller 4 Sealed Roller Bearing Bearing     S     B     D    y    t     i    r    u    c    e     S    g    o     l    a    c    y     H     d    e    e     R XN1 Y11     S     B     D    y    t    s    e     h     i    r     h     i    t    u    g    c    u    m    e     H     S     S    g    o     l    a    c    y     H     d    e    e     R R1 DSJ    s    e     h    g    u     H GTX-1 6 Sealed Friction 5 Sealed Roller Bearing Gauge Protected     h    t     i    m     S SDS     S     B     D    y    t     i    r    u    c    e     S    g    o     l    a    c    y     H     d    e    e     R    s    e     h    g    u     H XT1 EBXT1 T11 EMS11G ETS11G GTX-G1 MAX-GT1 MX-1 MSDSH MSDSSH MGSSH+, MGSH+ DTJ DT J XN33 Y13 XN R3 DGJ XN4 2 GTX-3 MGG+ V2J XT3 EBXT3 T13 EMS13G ETS136     S     B     D    y    t     i    r    u    c    e     S     h    t     i    m     S GTX-G3 MAX-GT3 MX-3 SDGH MSDGH MGGH+ SVH MSVH XT4 7 Sealed Friction Bearing Gauge Protected Bearing    g    o     l    a    c    y     H     d    e    e     R XS1 HP11    s    e     h    g    u     H GT-1     h    t     i    m     S FDS FDSS+     S     B     D    y    t     i    r    u    c    e     S    g    o     l    a    c    y     H     d    e    e     R    s    e     h    g    u     H     h    t     i    m     S XSC1, XLC1 EBXS1, EBXSC1 EBXLC1 SL11, TC TC10 TC11, TD TD11 D11 XLX-1, GT-G1H GT-G1, ST STX-1, MX-1, ST STR-1, GT GT-1 MFDSH, FD FDS+, FD FDS+2, MFDSSH FDSS+2, FG FGS+, FG FGS+2, FG FGSH+ FGSS+, FG FGSS+2, XR XR+, FG FGSSH+ HP12 FDT HP13 FDG XS3 EBXS3 D13 HP13G MX-3 FDGH, MFDGH FV XS4 EBXS4 HP21G ATJ-G4 FVH ATJ-4 SL12, HP12 DR5 XN5 L4H R7 In 1987, 1987, the International International Association Association of Drilling Contractors Contractors (IADC) (IADC) initiated the use of a four-character four-character IADC system for roller cone bits. In 1992, the system was expanded to include more more features. The system involves the the combination of the traditional three-numeral  three-numeral  system with a fourth alpha character. character. This fourth character character more clearly  defines additional features features of roller cone bits with regard to cutting  structures, structu res, bearin bearings, gs, seals seals,, hyd hydrauli raulics cs and speci specific fic applications applications.. The codes to the right are used in the fourth fourth position of the  fourth-character IADC bit classification system. ATJ-G8 IADC Code – 4th Character Classification 4th Code Character A B C D E G H J L M S T  W X Y Z Feature Air application (journal bearing with air nozzles) Special bearing seal Center jet Deviation control Extended jets (full length) Extra gauge/body protection Horizontal/steering application Jet deflection Lug pads Motor application Standard steel tooth model Two cone Enhanced cutting structure Predominantly chisel tooth inserts Predominantly conical inserts Other shape inserts Security DBS Nomenclature A – C – – G – – L – – – C*, D* Even, 2nd digit Odd, 2nd digit – * – Prefix (usually precedes bit number, others are suffixes) HALLIBURTON