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Ipm Cockchafer Beetles In Oil Palm

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  INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF COCKCHAFER BEETLES IN OIL PALM 1.   How the problem is detected 1.1   This problem has been recently detected by routine inspection of Block 4 by assistant manager, newly planted oil palm seedling. did not look good from far and the canopy was not the normal healthy green colour. 1.2   On closer examination. the leaves of the seedlings were eaten by some pests. 1.3    No pest was seen at the time of inspection during day time. only the fresh damage of small holes due to recent feeding and some fresh tiny faeces were seen. 1.4   Checking was carried out at 9 pm the same night using torch light after the Asst. Mgr reported the incidence to the manager. They came to the Block 4 planting and found many small brown colour beetles feeding on the leaves. Some beetles were collected for sending to the agronomist for identification  2.   Identify the problem giving the brief description of the problem, scientific name, classification , biology , etc. 2.1 NAMA BIASA (BAHASA MALAYSIA)  Kumbang Kaboi Hitam NAMA BIASA (BAHASA INGGERIS)  Black Cockchafers Beetle NAMA SAINTIFIK     Apogonia spp. ORDER   Coleoptera FAMILI  Scarabaeidae 2.2 FEATURES ã Also attacking other plants such as sapodilla, rambutan, coffee and palm oil ã Kaboi black beetle attack at night in large numbers and can cause serious damage, especially for a small tree ã Active at night and hide during the day under a layer of dry leaves or in the soil at the base Poko attacked ã The entire body has a small h ole spots 2.3 BIOLOGY ã Only adults are attacking the leaves. Egg and larval stages not found in the leaves ã EGGS: An -one in the land ã larvae: In the land and feed on organic material for 67 -77 days ADULT: Can live up to 4 months in the laboratory  3.   Describe the damage symptoms, assess the severity and in your opinion the economic significance.    Damage the buds and young leaves from the outside to the inside, including the veins    Black beetles can be found on the surface of young leaves Damage caused by species    Kaboi greatest when compared with other Kaboi