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Is-4031 (part6)





Indian Standard




Secondf.eprint NOVEMBER 1996



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Ctr 2



August 1988

This part covers the metbod for Drocedure for the tests to evaluatc the physical determiningthe compressive strelgth of hydraulic prooerties of different types of lrydraulic cemenls. The relative humidity of the laborato-rv cubescorirpactedby meansof standard vibration shall be 65 :t 5 percent. F H Y D R A U L I C CEMENT OTHER THAN MASONRY CEMENT ( First Revision) O.4 For the purposeof deciding whethera partistandard and future revisions.2 Standard methods of testing cemetrt are resultscan be obtainedonly with standardtesting essential adiunct to the cement sPecifications. SCOPE proccdure 3. 3. the final value. of cementbeitg tested. 3. refereoceis given to different instrument specifi. 2.had beenpublished.1950*. rSpecification for standard saod for tetting of ccmbor _ ( first rcvision l.2 The moist closet or moist room shalt be maintained at 21 t 2"C and at a relative humi2. of sampling hydraulic cement (/irs.1 This Indian Standard ( Part 6 ) Revision ) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on l0 March 1988.lS:rl03l(Part6)-f98E Indian Standard METHODSOF PHYSICALTESTSFOR HYDRAULIC CEMENT P A R T 6 D E T E R H I N A T I O N O F C O M P R E S S I V ES T R E N G T H € .l Or. analyris of hydrarilic ceoent +Rules for rounding off numerical valres ( rcttEed ).d. This will also facilitatc updating of individual tcsts.1 The samplesof the cementshall be taken in 4. stai:dard and.l $tandard Sand -The standard sand to be 1986* and the relevant standard specification for usedin the test shall conform to IS : 650-1966*. cement other than masonry cement which is Thd procedure for conducting chemical tests of coveredin Part 7 of this standard. .Vibration machine shall be thoroughly mixed before testing.a brief description of which was alsocoveredin the standard. +Methods retision l. as it has been recognizedthat reproducible and repeatabletest 0. after the draft finalized bv the Cement and CoDcrete Sectional Committe6 had be en approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. it has been decided cular requirementof this standard is conplied to Drint the different tests as different parts of the with. dry 1. rM€thod of chcmicd ( fir st retision ).materialsand water shall be maintainedat 27 i sented by compressive strength testson mortar 2"C. In this revision.1 The temperaturc of moulding room. observed or calcuiated. machine. prooerties of hydraulic cements were covered in one^s t anda rdb u t fo r fa c i l i ta ti n g th e use of thi s 0. accordingly this revi sed standard expressingthe result of a test or analysis. a number of standards covering the the specifiedvglue in this standard. SAMPLING ANDSELECTION OFTEST SPECIMEN dity of not lessthan 90 percent.of single graded sandhas beendeletedin this revision.1 This standard( Part 6 ) covers the for determiningthe strength of cementas iepre. ( First 0.ginatty all the teststo evaluate the physical bcen incorporaled a_n{ the use. equipment capable of giving desired level oT This standald in different parts lays down the accuracy. FOREWORD requir€m€nts of different equip$€nt uscd for testingof cement. shall be roundedoff in accordancewith IS : 2 . The criteria hv dr aulic c e me n l i s c o v e re d i n IS :4 0 3 2 -1985* . fcr accepting compressivestrength values has O. GENENAL accordancewith the requirementsof lS: 3535. therefore. The number of significant placesretained in the Further. TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY 1. since publication of the original standard rounded off value should be the sameas that of in 1958. APPARATUS tive 5.1 Vibration Machine . has been brought out in thirleen parts. The representarhe type 'aamDle of the cement selectedas above 5.cationsdeleting the description of the instruments.

6.rllows : Cement 200 g Standard 600 g Sand lP \ Water + I O. the mixture shall F rejectpA and the operation repeaied with a fresb quantity of cementl sand and *atcr.rlt6)-rgEE conformingto lS : 10080-1982'.4 The period of vibration shall be two mrnutes at the. 6.7 Graduatod Glass Cyliadere . covcr the joints between the halves of the mould with. whether P is the percentage of water required to produce a paste of standard consistency determined as described in IS : 4031 ( Parr 4 ) . The least graduations shall extend at least oneseventh of the way around. . PREPARATTON OF TEST SPECTMENS 6. 6. 5. 6.2.{ Gauging Trowel -.1.Gauging trowel shall have a steel blade 100 to 150 mm in length wirh straightedgesweighing210 f l0 g.2 The material for each cube shall be mixed separatelyand the quantity ofcement.The mould shall be of 70'6 mm size conformingto IS : 10080-1982*.3 Cube Mould . film of perroleum jelly and apply a slmttar coartDg of petroleum jelly betwecn the contact surfac€s of thc bottom of ihe mould and its base plate in order to ensure that no water oscapesduring vibration. and iutermediatcgraduations shall extendat least one-fifth of thc tav arouDdthc cylinder.2.1.2.E I PERMISSIBLE VARIATIONS ON WEIG! TS WrroET PrrwrggrrLr VAg'raqoN olr Wnrosrs rrs Ugr (l) (2) (c) 500 3m 2fi z)0 100 50 m l0 5 I (s) +0'35 +0'30 +0'45 +0'2o ifl5 +0'10 *o{)5 +r(x +om +o'02 +0ol 5.lvr"tfroasof ptvsical testsfor hydraulic cemeDt:part 4 .tS:d031(F. 5.2 The mortar shall be prodded 20 timis in about 8 s to ensure elimination of entrained air and honevcombing. Atta6h a hopper oF suitable size and shape seiurelv at the top of the mould to facilitati filling and this hopper shall not be removed until the completion of the vibration period. Mi x i t drv w i th a trowel for one minute and rhen with water until the mixture is of uniform colour.1988*.6 Standard Weights .Spcci0cation tor vibretion machinc for calting stsndard _ Dcterminationof consirtency . 5.2 Moulding Spc.2 Place the assembled mould on thc table of the vibration machine and hold it firmly in position by means of a suitsble clamp. 6. a mi xture of cement and standard sand. 5. and the temperature of water and that of the test room at the time when the abovc operations are being performed shall be 27 l.Self-indicating balancc with equivalent accuracy may also be used. ( flrst rolslon ).'i'ncncr 6. The sensibility reciprocal shall be not greaterthan twicc the permissiblevariation.2 Poking Rod . specified speed of 12 Ofi) * 400 6. place the mortar in the cube mould and prod with the rod specified in 5. standard sand and water shall be as l.1 Cleanappliancesshall be used for mrxlnS .2.Graduated glasscylinders of 150 to 200 ml capacity. 6.1.3 P l acc on a nonporouspl ate. The quantity of water to be used shall be as specified ft 6. 5. Place the remaining quatrtity i.The permissible variation on weightsin use in weighing the cem€nt t TAEI.1. The peruiissible variation on these cylinders shall be * I ml. The graduation lines may be omltted for the lowest 5 rnl.2C. No'r'r 2 .i. percent of (7 combined massof cement and sand.Poking rod conforming to lS: 10080-i982t. The time of mixing shall in any lvent be not less than 3 mi n and shoul d rhe ti me taken to obta in a uniform colour exceed 4 min. the permissiblevariation at a load of I 000 g shall be A l'0g.1 Mir Proportions and Miring vrbfatlon per minute.5 Brlaace -The balanceshall conform to the following requirements: On balancein use.of dandard clmcnt paste c€flrcnt mortar cubcr.1_Irl_assembling the moulds ready for use. Potable/ distilled water shall be used in preparing the cubes. The permissible variation on trew balanCe shall' be one-half ol this value.3 Immedialely after mixing the mortar in accordancewith 6. Treat the intcrior faccs of the mould with a thin coating of mould oil.1. Noru I -The senribility reciprocal ir generally defncd a8 tho change in load requircd to changc thc posirion of rcat of the indicating clcmcnt or clementg al a non-automalic indicating scelc a defiDitc amount of any load. The main graduationlinesof the cylinders shall be in circles and shall bc numbered.t mortar in the hopper of the cube mould and prod again as specified for the first layer and then compact the mortar by vibration. 6. a thin.

AMENDMENT NO. foot-note ) 'tSoecification Insert the following fooi-note at the end: for moulds for uso in tess of cement and concrete.' ( Page 2. New Delhi_ l [email protected] Gauging Trowel . India.Gauging trowel conforming to IS 10086 : 19821.' (cED2) Prioted at Dee Kay Printers.Subsriturerhe following for the existingclause: '5. . clause5.4).1 MARCH 1993 TO IS 4031( Part 6 ) : 1988 METHODS OF PHYSICAL TESTS FOR HYDRAULIC CEMENT PART6DETERMINATION OF COMPRESSIVESTRENGTH OF HYDRAULIC CEMENTOTHERTHANMASONRY CEMENT ( First Revision ) (Page2.

1 The cubes shall be tested on their sides witltout rny packing between the cube and the steel plattens ofthe testing machine. if less than two strength values are left for determining the compressive strength at any given period. One of the pl rttcns shi rl l be carri ed on a baseand shal l be self-ad-itrsting.Keep the 6lled moulds rn moist closet or moist room for 24 hours after completion of vibration. In determining the comprcssivestrength.2."ena -. The water in which the cubes are submerged shall be renewed every 7 days and shall be maintained at a temperature of 27 + 2'C. do not consider speciirens that are mani fesl l yfaul ty. remove them from the moulds and immediately submergc in clean fresh water and keep there until taken out just prior to breaking. After they have been taken out and until they are broken. calculated from the mean dimensions of the section and shall be expressed to the nearest0'5 N/m6'?.1 The measured compressive strength of the cubcs shall be calculated by dividing the maximum load applied to the cubes during the test by lhc cross-sectionalarea. the periods being reckoned from the completion of vibration. and the load shall be steadity and uniformlv applied. 8. remove the mould togeth€r with the base plate from the machine and finish the top surface of the cube in the mould by smoothing the surface with thc bladc of a irowel.5 At the end of vibration.1. starting from zero at a raie of 35 N /mm' z/mi n. At the end of that period.IS:4031 (Pert6)-19SS 6. . CALCULATION 8. 63 Curing Speci. 7. After discarciing specimensor strength values. TESTING ?"1 Test three cubcs for compressivestrength for each period of curing mentioned under th1 relevant specifications for different hydraulic cements. or tl ral gi ve strengt hs di fferi ng by more than l 0 percenl l rom the averagevalue of all the test specimens. 7. a retest shall be made. the cubes shall not be aliowed to become dry.

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