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JUSTICE TO VICTIMS OF CRIME IN INDIA: AN ANAL ANALY YTIC TICAL AL STUDY PRESENTED BY RAMAKANT INTRODUCTION   It is now standard practice to observe that the victim has lo been !orotten part" in criminal #$stice% &ccasionall" victims wo$ld appear on the scene as complainant and applicant !or compensation' or as complainants and applicants !or compensation 'or as witnesses b$t therea!ter the" were o!ten larel" nelected%   This sit$ation has now been chaned% Now s$!!icient attention is paid to the rihts o! crime victims% DEFINITION,MEANING AND CONCEPT OF VICTIM      MEANIN( &) *I+TIM  A victim o! crime in ordinar" lan$ae means a person aaint whom a crime has been committed%  The term victim has been iven a wider meanin and incl$des the immediate !amil" members's$ch as wi!e 'children' aed parants% DE)INITI&N &) *I+TIM  ,*ictims- means persons who' individ$all" or collectivel"' have s$!!ered harm' incl$din ph"sical or mental in#$r"' emotional s$!!erin' economic loss or s$bstantial impairment o! their !$ndamental rihts' thro$h acts or omissions that are in violation o! criminal laws operative within Member States' incl$din those laws proscribin criminal ab$se o! power%  Accordin to section . wa/ The +ode o! +riminal Proced$re'1234 “victim” means a person who has s$!!ered an" loss or in#$r" ca$sed b" reason o! the act or omission !or which the acc$sed person has been chared and the e5pression “victim”incl$des his or her $ardian or leal heir67 EMERGENCE OF VICTIMOLOGY       victimolo" is s$b!ield o! criminolo" that sociali8es in st$d"in the victim' victimisation' reactions and e!!ects o! victimisation% The term 9victiomolo"7 is enerall" credited to Beniamin Mendelsohn in 12:3%tho$h some s$est that )rederic; istoricall" the victim had a broader meanin relatin to mis!ort$ne o! man" sort' not #$st s$!!erin ca$sed b" crime%  The evol$tion o! the concept can be traced both historicall" and theoraticall"%   >istoricall" the concept o! victimolo" victimolo" in cr$de sense was not onl" part o! >amm$rabi7s code b$t also e5isted in more developed sense than the present%   Man$ in chapter ? 'verse @?3 also tal;s abo$t the compensation to the victim% EXPANDING DIMENSIONS OF VICTIMOLOGY   D$rin 12:7s victimoloist li;e' Mendelson' *on henti and YSI+A==Y A))E+TED  )INAN+IA== )INAN +IA==Y Y A))E+TED  A))E+TIN( )AMI=Y PEA+E  PSY+>&=&(I+A==Y A))E+TED VICTIMS RIGHT  The riht to protection !rom intimidation and harm%  The riht to be in!ormed concernin the criminal #$stice process%  The riht to reparations%  The riht to preservation o! propert" and emplo"ment%   The riht to d$e process in criminal co$rt proceedins% The riht to be treated with dinit" and compassion%  The riht to co$nsel% UNDER STA UNDER STAT TUTO UTORY RY PRO PROVI VISIO SIONS NS IN INDIA  +&MPENSATI&N T& *I+TIMS &) +RIME 1% )AT )ATA= A++IDE A++IDENT NTS S A+T A+ T'1? 1? @% M&T&R *E>I+= *E >I+=E E A+T' A+T'12?? 12?? +RIMINA= PR&+EDCRE +&DE'1234 4% :% % % +&MPENSATI&N )&R >CMAN RI(>TS *I&=ATI&N +&NSCMER PR&TE+TI&N A+T 12? PR&BATI&N PR&BATI&N &) &))ENDERS &))ENDE RS A+T '12? RECOMMENDATION OF COMMITTEE ON JUSTICE TO VICTIM  The =aw +ommission in its report in 122' stated that ,the state sho$ld accept the principle o! providin assistance to victims o$t o! its own trends in cases o! • • •  acF$ittal' or where the o!!ender is not traceable b$t the victim is identi!ied ' or E *I+TIMS &) 1% @% I==E(A= ARREST AND CNS AND )AKE IN+&CNTERS   4% :% P&=I+E )IRIN( )IRIN ( 'R&ITS'AND CNT&APPENIN(S >APPEN IN(S RAPE  % Nilabati Behera vs% State o! &rissa Saheli vs commissioner o! Police +hairman Railwa" Board vs% +handrima Das SEJCA= SEJCA = ASSAC=T  Delhi Domestic