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Maid Of Honor Speeches For Sisters 2




Prince Charming Sister Speech Hello, everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I am [bride's name]'s [older or younger] sister [your name]. We are all gathered here today to celebrate the union of my [big or little] sis to her Prince Charming, [groom's name]. Of course, he wasn't always what she dreamed her prince would be. I remember [memory from childhood about bride's desires for husband]. Being just [bride's age at time of memory] at the time, [bride's name] thought that the perfect guy for her would have [desirable trait], [desirable trait], [desirable trait], and of course, [desirable trait]! Well, [groom's name], I guess you do have [one of previously listed traits]! (Pause for laughter.) Although [bride's name] thought she knew what she wanted, her heart and her mind agreed that when [groom's name] stepped into her life, he was her true Prince Charming. I have come to know [groom's name] as someone who not only makes [bride's name] smile, but glow. The love between the two of you can be felt by every person in this room. On this day, your wedding day, I want to wish my [baby or big] sister [bride's name] and her Prince Charming the very best "happily ever after" a girl could ever dream of. I love you [bride's name]! Congratulations!