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Male Monologues

monologues for young male actors


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    June 2018
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COMEDIC MONOLOGUES HUMPTY  It was a dark and stormy night in fairyland. A night jst !"rf"#t for wit#h"s. $ith fairy godmoth"r in th" #link% I &"gan to wond"r if w" w"r" r"ady for a world trn"d to!sy'tr(y. to!sy'tr(y. It)s a world gon" mad. I was a&ot to #all it a day &"#as" I had this o("r "asy f""ling #oming o("r m"... wh"n sh" roll"d in. Sh" had th" *gr" of a fortr"ss and th" #ont"nan#" of a #o&ra. I told h"r to &"at it nl"ss sh" want"d to ha(" a talk with all th" +ing)s hors"s and all th" +ing)s m"n. ,t th"n h"r "y"s t"ar"d ! and I was s!""#hl"ss. -"y% I)(" got f""lings. I)m a &it soft'&oil"d arond th" dam"s. And this dam" n""d"d h"l!. And h"l! is what I do% &"#as" I)m -m!ty Dm!ty% ri(at" Egg. -ard'&oil"d d"t"#ti(". GENIE Aaaaahhhhh/ O0/ 1"n'thosand 1"n'thosand y"ars will gi(" ya s#h a #ri#k in th" n"#k/ $hoa/ Do"s it f""l good to &" otta th"r"/ Ni#" to &" &a#k% ladi"s and g"ntl"m"n/ -"y% 2gman/ -a("n3t s""n yo in a f"w mill"nnia/ Sla! m" som" tass"l/ 0o/ 0"ah/ 4high'*("s #ar!"t5 Say% yo3r" a lot small"r than my last mast"r. mast"r. Eith"r that or I3m g"ttin3 &igg"r. &igg"r. Look at m" from th" sid"% do I look di6"r"nt to yo7 1hat3s right% yo3r" my mast"r/ Now what wold yo yo wish of m"7 1h" "("r im!r"ssi("% th" long #ontain"d% oft"n imitat"d% &t n"("r d!li#at"d8. G"ni"/ Of/ 1h" 1h " Lam!/ 0o 0o g"t thr"" wish"s to &" "9a#t. And i9'nay on th" wishing for mor" wish"s. 1hat3s it% thr"". Uno% dos% tr"s. No s&stittions% "9#hang"s or r"fnds. So% whadda ya want77 MALE