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Chem mcqs




  Q.1 Circle the correct one in the following MCQ’s   1.   Large no. of isotopes are known for the elements whose masses are multiple of a.   two (b) four (c) six (d) eight 2.   Optical rotation method is used when a.   reaction involve ions (b) change of refractive indices b.   reactions involving change of optical activity (d) none of above 3.   Spectrometry applied for rate determination when a.   Reactants or product absorb U.V., I.R. light (b) Reaction involve ion b.   Reaction involve change in volume (d) none of above 4.   Which is not common way of carrying chromatography a.   ascending (b) descending (c) radial/circular (d) spreading irregular 5.   If absolute temperature of a gas is doubled and the pressure is reduced to one half the volume of gas will. (a) remain unchanged (b) increases four times (c) reduce to (d) be double 6.   At high temperature isotherm moves away from both the axis because of increase in, (a) pressure (b) volume (c) no. of moles (d) all above 7.   In the ground state of an atom, the electron is present (a) in the nucleus (b) in the second shell (c) In the outermost shell (d) none of these 8.   The energy of bounded electron in H atom is (a) positive (b) negative (c) zero (d) none of these 9.   Quantum number values for 3p orbital’s are  (a) n = 0, l = 3 (b) n = 3, l = 1 (c) n = 2, l = 1 (d) n = 1, l = 3 10.   Trend of boiling points of halogens from fluorine to iodine is that it. (a) decreases (b) increases (c) remains constant (d) negligible 11.   Exceptionally low acidic strength of HF is due to (a) strong polar bond (b) small size of fluorine (c) strong hydrogen bonding (d) Vander Waal’s forces  12.   Carbon atoms of diamond are (a) sp hybridized (b) sp2 hybridized (c) sp3 hybridized (d) unhybridized 13.   Solvent Extraction method is particularly useful technique for separation when the product to be separated is a) Non-Volatile or thermally unstable b) Volatile or thermally stable c) Non-Volatile or thermally stable d) Volatile or thermally unstable 14.   Largest number of molecules are in a) 3.6 gmH 2 O b) 4.8 gm C 2 H 5 OH c) 2.8 gm CO d) 5.4 gm N 2 O 5   15.   Glycerin decomposes at its   a) Melting point b) Boiling point c) Freezing point d) Critical point 16.   pH of 10 3  mole dm 3  of an aqueous solution of H 2 SO 4  is a) 3 b) 2.7   c) 2   d) 1.5  17.   In combustion analysis H 2 O vapors are absorbed by a) Mg(CrO 2 ) 2 b) Mg(CrO 3 ) 2  c) Mg(CrO 4 ) 2  d) 50% KOH 18.   Which gas will diffuse more rapidly? (a)HCl (b) CO 2  (c) NH 3  (D) SO 2  19.   Ionic product of water (Kw) increases when temperature increases from 0 o C to 100 o C a) 25 times b) 75 times c) 55 times d) 65 times 20.   The maximum number of electrons in a sub shell is given by a) 2l+1 b) 2l-1 c)2(2l+1) d) 2(2l-1) 21.   Molarity of pure water is a. 1 b. 18 c. 55.5 d.6   22.   Pressure remaining constant at which temperature the volume of a gas will become twice of what it is at 0 o C a. 546 o C b. 200 o C c. 546K d. 200K   23.   In the ground state of an atom, the electron is present: a). In the nucleus b). In the second shell c). Nearest the nucleus d). Farthest from nucleus   24.   The electrode reaction in the electrolysis of dil. H 2 SO 4  with pt. electrode is a. Reduction b. Oxidation c. Reduction and Oxidation d. neither Reduction nor Oxidation   25.   The potential of standard hydrogen electrode is always fixed as a. 1 b. 0 c. 1.5 d.2   26.   The example of Hexagonal system is a. Sulphur b. NaCl c. Graphite d. Diamond   27.   Standard enthalpies are measured at a. 273 K b. 373 K c. 298 K d. All of these   28.   The catalyst used for the reaction HCOOH → H 2  +CO 2  a. Cooper b. Alumina c. Silica d. Iron   29.   Which of the following species has unpaired electrons in anti bonding molecular orbital’s a. H 2  b. He 2  c. O 22+  d.N 22-   30.   The molar volume of CO 2  is maximum at : a. STP b. 127 o C and 1atm c. 0 o C and 2atm d. 273 o C and 2atm 31.   Gooch crucible is made of (A) Clay (B) Asbestos (C) Porcelain (D) Iron 32.   Solvent extraction is a process (A) Exothermic (B) Endothermic (c) Equilibrium (D) Non-equilibrium 33.   CsF has ionic character (A) 60 % (B) 80% (C) 92% (D) 100% 34.   The Comparative rates at which solutes move in paper chromatography depend on (A) The Size of paper (B) Rf value (C) Tank (D) Temperature 35.   Which is not used as drying agent in vacuum desicator is (A) P 2  O 5  (B) CaC ɽ 2  (C) MgC ɽ 2  (D) Silica Gel 36.   The hybridization of carbon in C 2 H 4  is (A) SP 3  (B) SP 2  (C) SP (D) dSP 3    37.   A Component having small value of K (Distribution coefficient) mostly remains inefficient: (A) Stationary Phase (B) Mobile Phase (C) Chromatographic tank (D) none of above 38.   Which of the following species has unpaired electrons in anti bonding molecular orbital’s:  (A)H 2  (B)He 2  (C)O 2+2  (D) N 2+2  39.   A molecular can contain maximum electrons (A)One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four 40.   Bond angle between two H-S-H bond is (A)104.5 o  (B) 107.5 o  (C) 109 o  (D) 120 o  41.   In order to mention the b.p of water at 110 0 C, the external pressure should be a) b/w 760-1200 torr b) b/w 200-760 torr c) 765 torr d) Any value of pressure 42.   . Vapor pressure of a liquid depends upon a) Amount of the liquid b) Suface area c) Temperature d) Size of container 43.   When external pressure is 23.7 torr the boiling point of water will be? a) 100 0 C b) 200 0 C c) 98 0 C d)25 0 C 44.   Exceptionally low acidic strength of HF is due to? a) Strong polar bond b) Small size o F c) Strong Hydrogen bondingd) Wander walls Forces 45.   Down the group polarizability generally a) increases b) decreases c) remain const d) do not follow a regular trend 46.   B.P is low for liquid with a) High vapor pressure b) strong dipole-dipole forces c) low vapor pressure d) none of these 47.   Molar heat of vaporization of water is a) 40.6 j/mole b) 14.06 kj/mole c) 18 kj/mole d) 40.06 kj/mole 48.   London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the: a) Molecule of water in liquid state b) Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature c) Molecules of solid iodine d) Molecules of HCl gas 49.   When water freezes at 0 0 C, its density decreases due to 50.   a) Cubic structure of ice b) Empty structure present in the structure of ice c) Change of bond lengths d) Change of bond angels 51.   Evaporation ofwater is possible at a) 100 0 C b) 0 0 C c) At all temperature d) Above 100 0 C 52.   Crystalline forms of the same, 0substance can coexist in equilibrium with each other at its a)   melting point b) transition temperature c) boiling point d) none of these 53.   Which of the elements in its crystalline form will have the lowest enthalpy change of vaporizations a) chlorine b) argon c) phosphorous d) silicon 54.   Carbon atoms of diamond are a) sp hybridized b) sp2 hybridized c) sp3 hybridized d) unhybridized  55.   Molecular crystals are generally a) hard b) soft c) unstable d) stable 56.   Existence of an element in more than form is known as a) allotropy b) isomorphism c) isotropy d) none of these 57.   Crystals show variation in physical properties depending upon the direction. The property is called a) isomorphism b) polymorphism c) anisotropy d) isotropy 58.   In a crystal the atoms are located at the position of a) Zero P.E b) Infinite P.E c) Maximum P.E d) Minimum P.E 59.   Cleavage planes are a) Horizontal b) Vertical c) Inclined d) Parallel 60.   Graphite shows Anisotropy because a) Layered lattice b) hybdrization of C atom c) Presence of lose electrons in between layers d) all 61.   Close packing is maximum in the crystal a) Simple Cubic b) face centered cubic c) body centered cubic d) All 62.   The velocity of photon is a)   equal to square of its amplitude b) Independent off its wavelength b)   Equal to its wave number d) equal to velocity o light 63.   The radius of 1 st   orbit of hydrogen atom a) .329 A 0  b) .429 A 0  c) .529 A 0  d) .229 A 0  64.   Bombardment of Beryllium with alpha particles generates a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) positron 65.   Goldstein discovered that besides the cathode rays, another type of rays are produced in the discharge tube which are called a) alpha rays b) beta rays c) positive rays d) gamma rays 66.   The value of plank’s constant “h” is a) 6.625 * 10-34 cal b) 6.625 * 10-34 J sec c) 6.625 * 10-34 kJ d) 6.625 * 10-34 k cal   67.   A spinning electron creates a) Magnetic field b) Electric field c) Quantum field d) None of these 68.   The wavelength associated with the moving stone can be measured by many methods b) cannot be measured by any methods c) can be measured by some methods d) None of these 69.   Neutron was discovered by a) Chadwick b) Bohr c) J.J Thomson d) Einstein 70.   n+l value for 4f will a) 2  b) 5   c) 7   d) 9  71.   Which of the following quantum numbers describe energy of an electron in atom a) principal quantum b) azimuthal quantum c) magnetic quantum d) spin quantum 72.   Which orbital has dumb-bell shape a) s-orbital b) p-orbital c) d-orbital d) f-orbital