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Measure What Matters Most - Bob Harper

Edo's event 'Start-ups, the user-centred way' in collaboration with Google Developers Launchpad. Bob Harper talks through measurement techniques start-ups can ensure they're meeting their core purpose.




1. Image goes here Bob Harper – Measure what matters most 2. Image goes here Beat the Dealer ● Card counting system ● +1 for low cards ● -1 for for high cards ● Higher the count the more you bet 3. 6 Key Principles Start with why Measure value Measure in context KPIs OKRs Use the scores 4. Key Principle 1 Start with Why 5. What is your Core Purpose? Image from Flickr by Alan Levine 6. To get 400 jobs back 7. Image from Flickr by Elizabeth Nurturing health of the next seven generations 8. With Purpose comes Meaning 9. “My why is to ……………………… so that …………………………...” your impact Your Contribution 10. What is your Why? What is your Core Purpose? How can you Measure it? 11. Key Principle 2 Measure Value 12. Image goes here Bain & Company ● 7,0000 employees ● Researched “value” ● 50 businesses ● 10,000 consumers ● 30 Value Elements 13. Image goes here The right combination of value elements... ● Increases Customer Loyalty ● Boosts growth ● Willingness to try a new brand!!!! 14. “A score of 8+ on four elements 3 x customer loyalty compared to one high score” 15. “A score of 8+ on four elements 4 x growth rate compared to one high score” 16. Discount Retail Quality Variety Reduce Cost Saves Time Rewards Me Grocery Quality Variety Sensory Appeal Reduces Cost Rewards Me Smartphones Quality Reduces Effort Variety Organises Connects Credit Cards Quality Rewards Me Heirloom Avoids Hassle Provides Access Car Insurance Quality Reduces Anxiety Reduce Cost Provides Access Variety Stockbroker Quality Makes Money Hierloom Variety Provides Access TV Providers Quality Variety Reduces Cost Design Fun & Entertainment Credit Cards Quality Reduces Effort Variety Organises Connects Patterns of Value 17. “The more the better, emotional have higher customer loyalty than functional [Apple have 11] 18. Increase Core Value Add Value Elements Pricing & Segmentation 19. What are your Value Elements? How do your Score? 20. Key Principle 3 Measure in Context 21. 22. What stage are you at? Image from Flickr by Ray Dumas 23. What Stage are we? What do we NEED to know? 24. Key Principle 4 KPIs 25. Predictive and Lagging Image from Flickr by Will Folsom, Sean MacEntee & Corgi Homeplan 26. What would you measure? Image from Flickr by BFS Man 27. Key Principle 5 OKRs 28. OKRs are the small picture Image from Flickr by Mark Hunter 29. 10 year goals - 3 year - 12 month 12 targets into 90-days KPIs - Activity and Effectiveness Business - Teams - Individuals 30. Image goes here Setting targets and sharing results ● No stretch goals ● Identify top performers ● Recognise and learn ● Healthy competition ● High performance culture 31. Image goes here ObJectives and Key Results ● Make more sales ● Win 5 deals at £10,000 by 31st Dec● 15 Proposals by 30th Nov ● 20 sales meetings by 15th Nov ● Follow up 50 leads by 30th Oct 32. Key Principle 6 Use the Scores? 33. Weekly Meetings Report OKR progress & KPIs scores Reset every 90-days 34. 6 Key Principles Start with why gives meaning Measuring value for growth and loyalty Measuring in context KPIs to predict success OKRs to drive focus and accountability Radical Transparency to develop culture