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Melecio Domingo Vs. Sps Molina

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MELECIO DOMINGO vs. SPOUSES GENARO MOLINA and ELENA B. MOLINA, substituted by ESTER MOLINA G.R. .R. NO. NO. 2002 200274 74 Promu romulg lgat ated ed:: Apr April il 20, 20, 201 2016 6 This is a petitio !or re"ie# o $ertiorari !iled %& the petitioer 'ele$io (omigo assailig the  August ), ), 2011 2011 de$isio de$isio ad ad *auar& *auar& 10, 2012 2012 resolutio resolutio o! the +ourt o! Appeals. Appeals. FACT FACTS S O *ue 1, 1)1, 1)1, the spous spouses es Anasta! Anasta!i" i" and F#"$a F#"$a D"%in&" D"%in&"   %ought a propert& i +amilig, Tarla$, $osistig o! a "ne'(a#) undivided *"$ti"n o"er *"$ti"n  o"er a 1-, 164 suare meter par$el o!  lad #hi$h #as aotated o the Origial +erti!i$ate o! Title /O+T No. 164.  Aasta$io has has %ee %orro#ig moe& moe& !rom the respodet respodet spouses spouses Gena$" and E#ena M"#ina all throughout his li!e. Te &ears a!ter the death o! lora i 1)7-, Aasta$io sold his iterest o"er the lad to the spouses 'olia to as#er !or his de%ts. 3t #as registered uder Tras!er Tras!er +erti!i$ate o! Title /T+T No. 272)677 ad the enti$e "ne'(a#) undivided *"$ti"n ") t(e #and +as t$ans)e$$ed t" t(e t(e%. Oe o! the $hildre $hildre  o! Aasta Aasta$io $io ad lora lora !iled !iled a C"%*#aint )"$ Annu#%ent ") Tit#e and Re!"ve$y ") O+ne$s(i* agaist the spouses 'olia #he he leared o! the tras!er o 'a& 17, 1))). 'ele$io $laims that it is ol& to ser"e as !"##ate$a# )"$ t(e %"ney that %"ney  that his !ather has %orro#ed. e alleges that Anasta!i" !"u#d n"t (ave va#id#y s"#d t(e inte$est  o"er the su%5e$t propert& +it("ut F#"$as !"nsent, !"nsent , as she #as alread& dead at the time o! the sale. The spouses 'olia asserted that Aasta$io su$$ende$ed t(e tit#e t" t(e sub-e!t *$"*e$ty t" ans+e$ )"$ (is debts ad ad told them them that that the& the& a#$eady "+n (a#) ") t(e #and . The& ha"e %ee i *"ssessi"n ") t(e sub-e!t *$"*e$ty be)"$e t(e tit#e +as $e&iste$ed unde$ t(ei$ na%es  ad ha"e religiousl& paid the propert&s real estate taes. The adopted so o! the spouses 'olia, +orelio 'olia, su%stituted them #he the& died durig the pede$& o! the $ase. The Regioal Trial +ourt /RT+ dismissed the $ase %e$ause Me#e!i" )ai#ed t" estab#is( (is !#ai% t(at (is )at(e$ did n"t se## t(e *$"*e$ty t" t(e s*"uses M"#ina  $osiderig that Aasta$io $ould dispose o! $o5ugal propert& to as#er !or $o5ugal lia%ilities. urthermore, it deied 'ele$ios motio !or re$osideratio o! the RT+ rulig ad so he pro$eeded #ith his appeal to the +A. The CA a))i$%ed t(e RTC $u#in& in t"t" . 3t held that 'ele$io )ai#ed t" *$"ve by *$e*"nde$ant eviden!e t(at t(e$e +as )$aud   i the $o"e&a$e o! the propert& to the spouses 'olia. 3t ga"e $rede$ $rede$e e to the O+T aotati aotatio o o! the disputed disputed propert& propert& sale. 3t also held that F#"$as deat( is i%%ate$ia# %e$ause i%%ate$ia#  %e$ause Aasta$io ol& sold his rights o"er the lot to the spouses 'olia, e$ludig loras iterest. iall&, the +A held that 'ele$ios a$tio has pres$ri%ed %e$ause he !ailed to !ile the a$tio #ithi oe &ear a!ter etr& o! the de$ree o! registratio. ISSUES 1. 8hether or ot the sale o! a $o5ugal propert& to the spouses 'olia #ithout loras $oset is "alid ad legal9 ad 2. 8hether or ot !raud atteded the tras!er o! the su%5e$t propert& to the spouses 'olia. RULING The upreme +ourt deied the petitio. 'ele$io argues that the sale o! the disputed propert& to the spouses 'olia is "oid #ithout loras $oset. o#e"er, this argumet is umeritorious.  Aasta$io ad lora (omigo %a$$ied be)"$e t(e Fa%i#y C"des e))e!tivity   #hi$h #as o  August , 1)-1)-- ad so their *$"*e$ty $e#ati"n is a !"n-u&a# *a$tne$s(i* *a$tne$s(i*.. 3t dissol"ed #he lora died i 1)6-, pursuat to o# Arti$le 126 /1 o! the amil& +ode. T(e (ei$s ") F#"$a F#"$a +e$e +e$e &"ve$n &"ve$ned ed by a i%*#ied i%*#ied !"'"+ne$ !"'"+ne$s(i* s(i* a%"n& a%"n& t(e !"n-u&a# !"n-u&a# *$"*e$ties  *$"*e$ties   pedig liuidatio ad partitio. This #ill also i$lude Aasta$io #ith respe$t to loras share o! the $o5ugal partership. partership. Aasta$io Aasta$io %eig a $o;o#er, $aot $laim title to a& spe$i!i$ portio o! the $o5uga $o5ugall propertie properties s #ithout #ithout ha"ig doe a a!tua# *a$titi"n !irst, *a$titi"n  !irst, either %& agreemet or %&  5udi$ial de$ree. O the other had , Anasta!i" Anasta!i" "+ns "ne'(a#) ") t(e "$i&ina# !"n-u&a# *a$tne$s(i* *$"*e$ties as (is s(a$e, s(a$e , %ut this is a undivided inte$est. As a !"nseuen!e, (e (ad t(e $i&(t t" )$ee#y se## and dis*"se (is undivided inte$est in t(e sub-e!t *$"*e$ty. The s*"u s*"use ses s M"#i M"#ina na be!a be!a%e %e !"'" !"'"+n +ne$ e$s s ") t(e t(e subsub-e! e!tt *$"* *$"*e$ e$ty ty t" t(e t(e e/te e/tent nt ")  Anasta!i"s Anasta!i"s inte$est. inte$est. Aasta$tios sale to the spouses 'olia #ithout the $oset o! the other $o; o#ers #as n"t t"ta##y v"id, v"id , !or his rights or a portio thereo! #ere there%& e!!e$ti"el& tras!erred. The spouses 'olia #ould %e a trustee !or the %ee!it o! the $o;heirs o! Aasta$io i respe$t o! a& portio that might %elog to the $o;heirs a!ter liuidatio ad partitio. 'ele$ios re$ourse as a $o;o#er o! the $o5ugal properties is a a$tio !or PART3T3ON PART3T3ON uder Rule 6) o! the Re"ised Rules o! +ourt. O the issue issue o! !raud !raud,, the lo#er lo#er $ourt $ourts s !ou !oud d that that there there #as n" )$aud in t(e sa#e ") t(e dis*uted *$"*e$ty to *$"*e$ty to the spouses 'olia. The otaris registered title o"er the su%5e$t propert&. 8?R?OR?, #e here%& ([email protected] the petitio !or re"ie# o $ertiorari. The de$isio dated August ), 2011 o! the +ourt o! Appeals i +A;G.R. + No. )4160 is A3R'?(.