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Memorandum Guidelines In The Conduct Of The 35th Annual National Convention

Memorandum Guidelines in the Conduct of the 35th Annual National Convention




MEMORANDUM GUIDELINES IN THE CONDUCT OF THE 35 TH ANNUAL NATIONAL CONVENTION (ANC) EVENT DESCRIPTION The 35th  Annual National Convention (ANC) with a theme of “35th  ANC: The Loudest Roar!” which will be held on April 29, 2018-May 2018-May 1, 2018 at Nature’s Village Resort Talisay, Bacolod is a nationwide gathering of all Local Chapter and Regional Council representatives. This is a national event made possible by the incumbent Executive Officers of National Federation- Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA). It aims to inform all members of the latest issues and veers in the field of accountancy and it also promotes professional development, camaraderie, and maintains the tradition of academic excellence excellence which has been kept for more than three (3) decades. OBJECTIVES This event aims to achieve the following objectives: a) To provide an avenue for academic excellence and social growth for the accountancy students with the aim of being a human resource development center of future leaders and professionals. b) To expose the members to the well renowned partner firms for their dynamic development in knitting a thread of camaraderie among the organizational culture. achievements all throughout the year. c) To highlight all JPIAn’s stories of success and achievements d) To conclude the Hugyaw Federation and continue their legacy of celebrating diversity and keep roaring as one at the same time exploring the beauty of the famous city of smiles, Bacolod City. CONVENTION SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Day 0- April 28, 2018 Year End Award Interview. (Note: The Audit Committee will be sending the final schedule for YEA Interview after the Elimination Round.) Day 1- April 29, 2018 Time 6:00AM-8:00AM 8:00AM-9:00AM 9:00AM-12:00NN 10:00AM-10:45AM 10:45AM-11:30AM 11:30AM-1:00PM 1:00PM-4:00PM 2:00PM 3:00PM-5:00PM 3:00PM-3:45PM 3:45PM-4:30PM 4:30PM-5:15PM 6:00PM-7:00PM 7:30PM-12MN Activities Registration Opening Ceremonies Academic Cup 1 Academic Cup 2 Academic Cup 3 Plenary Talk 1 Plenary Talk 2 Lunch Academic Cup 4 Academic Cup 5 Academic Cup 6 Check-in Case Study Orientation Plenary Talk 3 Plenary Talk 4 Plenary Talk 5 Dinner Himig JPIA MMREO Ft. REO Showoff NFJPIA’s Ultimate Dance Battle Day 2- April 30, 2018 Time 6:00AM-9:00AM Activities Breakfast 8:00AM-12:00NN 8:00AM-4:00PM 12:00NN-1:30PM 8:00AM-4:00PM 6:00PM-7:00PM 7:30PM-12:00MN Debate Cup Case Study 1 & 2 Lunch Palarong Pinoy Dinner Year End Awards: The Black Diamond Awards Closing Ceremonies Ceremonial Turn-over Day 3- May 1, 2018 Time 5:00AM-7:00AM 7:00AM-9:00AM 12:00NN Activities Legacy Run Breakfast Check-out Note: All activities have their prescribed attires and venue which will be announce 30 days prior to the event. PRE-REGISTRATION GUIDELINES 1) All delegates of the 35 th ANC shall be classified as pre-registered. They can preregister individually or as a Local Chapter provided that there will be one contact person per LC. 2) Pay the Registration Fee. The basis of the discount will be the date of payment. Date of Payment Price February 14,2018 – March 6, 2018 PHP 5, 250.00 March 7, 2018 – April 15, 2018 PHP 6, 000.00 *Advisers may avail of the the JPIAn rate upon presentation of appointment as adviser (e.g., letter of appointment, certification from the university) Additional fee for Year End Awards’ Interviewees (4 days and 3 nights): Date of Payment March 7, 2018 – April 15, 2018 Price PHP 1, 200.00 3) After paying, the delegates can proceed to the filling up of the Registration Form [email protected]. and then send it to [email protected] [email protected] cc: [email protected] 4) After 1-3 days from the submission of Form, the Registration Department shall send an acknowledgement letter confirming the receipt of the form and an eticket which will serve as the entry pass on the 35th ANC. PAYMENT SCHEMES 1) Early registrants shall only be considered as one by COMPLETING PAYMENT SCHEME. Such payment will be deposited to: Bank name: Bank of the Philippine Islands Account Name: NFJPIA INC. Account no.: 008633-0235-15 2) Scanned deposit slips shall be attached to the registration form and shall be sent to [email protected] [email protected] cc: vpfinance.nfjpia1718@g [email protected]. REGISTRATION AND ROOM ASSIGNMENTS 1) All of the participating Regional Councils/Local Chapters must observe the following procedures on ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: • Each room must have an assigned Leader and this shall be reflected in the room assignment list that shall be provided by the Local Chapter/Regional VP Membership. The Leader is responsible for the safekeeping of room keys, towels and he/she must maintain order during the entire duration of the convention. Shall there be any problems on room clearing upon check-out; the Leader shall be responsible and liable for any actions that should be taken by the delegates occupying the room. • The room Leader should ensure that all the occupants of the room have read and understood the rules and regulations of the convention venue, as well as the rules and regulations of the convention. • In case the room Leader encounters any problem in the room that they are occupying, he/she must immediately report it to the Project Head/Grievance Committee Committee of the Annual National Convention • Clearance sheets will be given to room leaders, and without surrendering such to the hotel guards on the last day of the convention, transportation buses and delegates are not allowed to go out unless they will settle some disputes. 2) All of the participating Local Chapters/Regional Councils must observe the following procedures on REGISTRATION in sequential order. Delegates are not allowed to skip any process. STEP 1: REGISTRATION AND ASSESSMENT Each delegate should bring all the necessary documents needed (E-ticket, Valid ID, Waiver, and Deposit Slips- if you have any concern) and present it to the Step 1 booth. There will be designated lines per hub so that the delegates will be guided. For the waiver, we are following as STRICT “No waiver no entry” policy. In this step, we will also confirm the participation of the delegates on Year End Awards, Academic, and NonAcademic competitions. Delegates must sign on the Confirmation Sheet to evidence the completion of this step. In here shall be the site of submission of pertinent documents in compliance with the events events thereon. Necessary sanctions sanctions shall be applied to those who will not be complying with the documents to be submitted. STEP 2.1: (WITHOUT DISCREPANCIES) DISCREPANCIES) DISTRIBUTION OF CONVENTION KITS If the delegate has finished the preceding step, he can now claim his Convention Kits. The National Federation will only entertain concerns regarding complaints in case of damage, deficiency or other concerns relating to convention kits within the first day of the convention. The delegate must sign on the Confirmation Sheet to evidence the completion of this step. STEP 2.2: (WITH DISCREPANCIES) DISCREPANCIES) DISTRIBUTION OF CONVENTION KITS There will be special booths which can entertain delegates who have discrepancies in completing the first step. The delegate must bring with him his deposit slip as a supporting document. After fixing any discrepancy with regards to registration, the delegate may now claim his convention kits. STEP 3: ROOM ASSIGNMENT Once the delegate has finished claiming his kit, he should proceed to the third booth to know his room assignment. At this point, the Room Leaders shall personally claim the room keys from the Room Manager and must sign on the Confirmation Sheet to validate the room numbers assignments. STEP 4: FINAL STEP Once the delegate completed the first three (3) steps, he may now proceed to the main hall for the Opening Ceremonies of the 35 th Annual National Convention. YEAR END AWARDS, ACADEMIC, AND NON ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES For the guidelines on the Year End Awards, Academic and Non-Academic Activities, please refer to their respective IRRs Participation and Registration of Participants shall be superseded by the provisions of IRRs in response to this Memorandum. Deadlines for registration of participants shall be enacted, in order to avail the discounted fee for the participants of the activities/competitions. GUIDELINES ON PARTICIPATION PARTICIPATION The Communications Committee shall be responsible in keeping participation at every event suited for every delegate of the Annual An nual National Convention. As prescribed pr escribed by the organizers, ALL DELEGATES must be MANDATED to attend the following events during the 35th ANC: a) Opening Ceremonies b) Plenary Talks c) Night Events d) Legacy Run The Registration booths shall be opened every onset of each activity, signifying that all Delegates attending must not be tardy to any activity being held. Attendance sheet will be provided to let the delegates sign their names.