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Metaphors Of Globalization: Mirrors, Magicians, Mutinies

" Metaphors of Globalization inquires into the power and politics of metaphors in the making of our globalizing era. The approach is multidisciplinary, with case studies in global finance, global governance, literary theory, political theory,




  Metaphors of Globalization Mirrors, Magicians, and Mutinies Edited byMarkus Kornprobst, Vincent Pouliot, Nisha Shah, and Ruben Zaiotti i  ii  Table of Contents  pageList of ables and !igures vii Foreword viii "an #art Scholte#ckno$ledge%ents  xi  Notes on &ontributors  xiii Introduction: Mirrors, Magicians and Mutinies of Globalization 1 Markus Kornprobst, Vincent Pouliot, Nisha Shah andRuben Zaiotti PART I: MIRRR! 27  "# Closed Fist, $%pt& 'and, or pen 'and( Globalization and 'istorical Analogies 29 Markus Kornprobst )# Refle*i+e Mirror: $+er&thing Taes Place as if Threats were Going Global 53 Vincent Pouliot -# Mutin& or Mirror( Politicizing the .i%it/$thics of the Tobin Ta* 77  "a%es 'rassett 0# 1ridging Co%%onsense: Prag%atic Metaphors and the 2!chengen .aborator&3 103 Ruben Zaiotti PART II: MAGICIA4! 129 5# 6o Metaphors of Globalization 6estro& the Public !er+ice( 131 #ndr( Spicer  iii  7#   In Paradise: Metaphors of Mone&8.aundering 1righten 9p the 6ar !ide of Globalization 153 Rainer )*lsse # ;aging ;ars in Ira<: The Metaphoric Constitution of ;ars and $ne%ies 179 +aid Muti%er  =# Technolog& as Metaphor: Tropes of Construction, 6estruction, and Instruction in Globalization 205 i%othy Luke PART III: M9TI4I$! 231 ># Conceptualizing Glocal rganization: Fro% Rhizo%es to $?%c )  in 1eco%ing Post8'u%an 233 Sian Sullian "@# I%agining the Future: Globalization, Post8Modernis% and Criticis% 259 -%re S.e%an ""# 1e&ond !o+ereignt& and the !tate of 4ature: Metaphorical Readings of Global rder 285  Nisha Shah ")# ;here is 2The For in the Road3( +er the 'orizon An In<uir& Into the Failure of 94 Refor% 315 Richard !alk  PART IB: C4C.9!I4! 343 "-# Co%%entar& 345 K/M/ !ierke "0# Conclusions: Metaphors ;e Globalize 1& 367  Markus Kornprobst, Vincent Pouliot, Nisha Shah andRuben Zaiotti'ibliography 391 i  .ist of Tables and Figures  page .ist of Tables Table 1  Metaphorical Visions of 0lobali.ation 312 .ist of Figures Figure 1 he 1inding Road #head 22 Figure 2 Line +ra$ing of the Rhi.o%atous 0rass Species 256 Cynodon   dactylon 