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Method Statement For Installation Of Dbs

Method Statement for Installation of DBs




Method Statement For Installation of DBs, SMDBs and MDBs. 1. Introduction and Scope This statement is written for the purpose of establishing method and procedures for the Installation of DBs, SMDBs and MDBs. 2. Applicable Projects Specification Section: SWITCB!"#D DIST#IB$TI!% &"%'(S "%D MCCs. Di)ision: I%ST"(("TI!% Sub Di)ision: Subdi)ision 3. Location of Activity (ow *oltage #oom and 'lectrical #ooms 4. Health and Safety Haards Speci+c safet measures ha)e to follow as applicable, and all the safet measures are co)ered separatel in the pro-ect safet plan. !. "peration . Materials: Materials used will be as per the material submittal appro)ed b the engineer and will be as per the appro)ed drawings in coordination with other ser)ices. /. Storage / Protection: Protection : DBs, SMDBs, and MDBs and "ccessories shall be unloaded with care to a)oid an damages. If the are shipped in pac0s or pallets, each pac0 of pallet shall be lifted indi)iduall with suitable lifting e1uipment. ')er precaution shall be ta0en to preser)e their cleanliness before installation. Store in accordance with manufacturer2s instructions, &roperl protected from construction acti)ities and weather conditions. 3. Installation: a. b. To ma0e ma0e sure sure that that the the ent entir ire e ins insta tall llat atio ion n is is in in conf confor orma manc nce e and and in in accordance with the design intent of the pro-ect for the 'lectrical and (ow *oltage Sstem in addition to the speci+cation and as per appro)ed shop drawings and compl with llo ocal and In International S Sttandards. c. "ll "ll the the swit switch chbo boar ards ds shal shalll be be fab fabri rica cate ted d at at the the manu manufa fact ctur urer er2s 2s wor0s. d. Befo Before re beg begin inni ning ng inst instal alla lati tion on in in an an area area,, e4a e4ami mine ne all all par parts ts of the ad-oining wor0s into which applicable wor0 is to be placed. Should an condition be found which will pre)ent the proper e4ecution of the wor0, installation shall not proceed in that area until such conditions are corrected b the contractor. e. 5i4 all e1uipment independentl of wiring sstem. $se cadmium of 6inc electroplated bolts, nuts, washers and screw. f. Mount single DB at 788mm from +nish 9oor le)el to top of e1uipment, unless shown otherwise on drawing  schedules. g. 'nsures that clearance in front of switchgear is not less than m, or as indicated. h. %umber terminals, cables and component parts to correspond with manufacturer ha)e certi+ed drawings. i. Terminate &*C, SW" &*C and MICS cables inside enclosure b securing cables to switchboards with gland brac0et; and enclosure with glanding plates or fabricated steel e4tension bo4es.  -. 5or 9ush installation, DB2s all conductors shall terminate behind the board in an adaptable bo4. 5or surface mounting, trun0ing shall be +4ed between the board and ceiling or 9oor le)el, or conduit run directl into Trun0ing which pre)ent correct installation of the Trun0ing lid. "de1uate earth continuit shall be made between the  )arious components. #. $esponsibilities 1. 2. Project %ana&er a. To ensure that all the preparation and application wor0s are carried out according to the Contract Speci+cation. b. To ensure that the progressing of wor0s is carried out according to the planned program and as per the appro)ed method statement. c. To ensure that all e1uipment and material re1uired e4ecuting the wor0 are a)ailable according to the planned Construction &rogramme. d. To co. Wooden hammer ?. 5lat +le @. Screw dri)ers A. !pen and bo4 spanners 7. Crimping tool 1/. Health and Safety Strictl follow as per the manufacturer2s ealth and Safet recommendations for handling and use of the materials. 'nsure all in)ol)ed personal shall be aware of the same. 11. Supportin& 0ocu)entation This method Statement should be read in con-unction with the below referenced documentations. • IT& for "nti  termite Treatment • Insulation #esistance and continuit Test #eport 13. 0istribution Cop of this method statement shall be issued to the following for information action comments: . &ro-ect Manager /. Site 'ngineer 3. 5oremen Inspection And Test Plan For Installation of DBs, SMDBs and MDBs ITP Claus e No  / Insection T!e of Descritio Insectio n n Testing  %erif!ing / "eference "e#uirement/ Control Document  $ccetance Data Forms Criteria #e)iew of Document s Design drawings,  "uthorities Departments #e1uirement s. Design and Drawings Material  "ppro)al Design Drawings  "ppro)ed #e)iew of Drawing Document and s Speci+cati on 3 Chec0 Switchgear installation and cable termination s.  *isual, Insulation  "ppro)ed #esistance Method and Statement Continuit Test#eport >  *isual, Insulation #e1uest for #esistance  "ppro)ed inspection and Drawing of wor0s Continuit Test report.  "ll the Drawings Should be as per the appro)ed drawing and Speci+cation &roperlocation installation, termination etc Material should ha)e minimum status of  %! !b-ection with comments Submittals Documents  "ppro)ed Drawing Method Statement %o obstructions (e)el, and it is  "ppro)ed in proper Drawings position Method Statement for Installation of GI Conduits & Accessories 1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. Legislation and Code of Practice 4. Reference 5. Definitions 6. Resources 6.1. Equipment  6.2. Safety of Equipment’s 7. Safety Precautions 7.1. Construction Hazards 7.2. Personal Protective Equipment 7.. Safety !rainin" and Emer"ency procedures 7.#. $irst %id .Detailed Construction Se!uence "#et$odology% &.1. Procedure &.Construction Progra' '.1 House(eepin" '.2 Protection of E)ecuted *or(s '. +esponsi,ilities '.# +ecords 1(.)nspection and *esting 11.Related +or's 12.,ttac$'ents 1. Purpose  !-is document descri,es t-e met-odolo"y of nstallation of / conduits and accessories for  t-e pro0ect and to ensure t-at all concerned persons are familiar it- t-e sequence of  activities utilization of resources and e)ecution of t-e or(s in compliance it- applica,le Safety and 3uality Procedures and Pro0ect 4ocuments and Specification.  2. Scope of Works For Installation of GI Conduits !-is met-od statement is intended to outline t-e activities and t-e met-ods used for t-e nstallation of / conduits and accessories. %ll activities ill ,e carried out in accordance it- t-e contract details and in full compliance to t-e Contract Specifications and documents. %ll or( it-in t-e ri"-ts5of5ay of t-e standards and specifications ill ,e done in compliance it- requirements issued ,y aut-orities. 3. Legislation and Code of Practice • All related codes and standards referenced in the project electrical specications. 4. Reference • Contract Specications • Approved Drawins 5. Definitions 6. Resources 6.1. Equipment  !ools !" . D#SC$IPTI"! Bendin %achine Die sets Meas&rin tape Screw driver Chal' %ate thread "il Drill %achine Screw driver 6.2 Safety of Equipment’s  ecessary measures ill ,e ta(en for t-e safety of t-e equipment and any ot-er or(s affected ,y t-e or(s su,0ect of t-is document. +elevant entities -ic- mi"-t require  protection include any suc- or(s in t-e vicinity of t-e area of or( or on t-e service access or disc-ar"e pat-. !-e construction team ill ensure t-at any suc- requirements are documented.  7. Health Safet! & the "n#ironment !-e -azards identified a,ove ill ,e controlled under t-e overall Pro0ect Safety Plan -ic- is a separate document communicated to all parties on t-e pro0ect. 7.2. Personal Protecti-e !uip'ent "tic/ as appropriate% !-e or(s su,0ect of t-is document requires t-at t-e PPE must ,e used as required. 7.3. Safety *raining and 'ergency procedures 8efore commencin" any or(s all employees ill attend a site safety induction trainin" to ensure all safety measures are understood and implemented and to cover specific procedures in case of emer"ency. f necessary practical trainin" e)ercises ill ,e conducted on escape routes si"na"e evacuation and rescue. 7.4. +irst ,id Prior to t-e commencement of or( arran"ements ill ,e made for medical facilities and medical personnel to ,e availa,le from prompt attention to t-e in0ured person. !-e contractor’s ve-icle assi"ned to t-e 0o, site ill ,e used for transportin" t-e in0ured person to t-e first aid station and to t-e nearest -ospital -en required. . Detailed Construction Se!uence "#et$odology% .1. Procedure •  Ta'e the followin drawins approved for constr&ction. • (I cond&its la)o&t co%plete with section details. • M#P coordination drawin co%plete with section details. • Architect&ral Drawin *. Chec' the ro&te of (I cond&itin to %a'e s&re that it is free fro% de+ris and o+str&ction of an) other activit). . Arrane sca-oldin of s&cient heiht which is chec'ed +) sca-oldin inspector/ safet) ocer +efore &sin the sa%e for installation. 0. Mar' the reference points on wall/ col&%n as per civil architect&ral drawin. 1. Identif) the circ&it start point and end points to %ar' the cond&it ro&te as per approved drawins. 2. Ma'e hole in wall/concrete &sin drill %achine for rawal pl&, 3 rawal pl& inside hole and then 3 +ase of saddle +) screw ever)  %eter span. 4. 5se reco%%ended and approved (I cond&itin 6 +ends as per site condition and drawin. $e%ove sharp ede of c&t lenth of cond&it +) lin. 7. Install cond&its and all accessories as per approved shop drawin and tiht with saddle and screw, %a'e joints &sin threaded ttins. 8. Installation of (I cond&its shall +e chec'ed +) internal 9&alit) enineer as per drawins and 9&alit) of installation +efore o-erin cons<ant/client for inspection. :. Cond&its are not to cross pipe shafts, vents or openin. *;.Additional threaded c&ts on (I cond&its are to +e painted with C cond&its and +o3es shall +e s&+%itted one da) prior to the cons<ant. 11. Related Forms • As per re9&ired for%s, fro% %ain contractor 12. ,ttac$'ents • $is' Assess%ent Method State%ent For Installation "f #%erenc) ?ihtin S)ste% !-e ,elo met-od statement descri,es some standard operatin" steps to install t-e emer"ency li"-tin" system for any (ind of pro0ect t-e met-od statement can ,e modified as  per different pro0ect requirements. *e -ave "iven t-is as a "eneral "uide and manufacturer  instruction and site specific specification s-ould ,e folloed -ile doin" t-e installation of  e'ergency lig$ting. !-e!ools "enerally required for installation of emer"ency li"-tin". 1. 4rill mac-ine . Porta,le electric drill 0. $or'lift #. Step ?adder ;.  Sca-oldin Platfor% 6. Diital M<if&nction tester 7. Spirit ?evel, @ater t&+e 6 Pl&%+ &. a%%er '. ac'saw *;.Mar'er and Mas'in tape Method Statement for installation of emer$enc! li$htin$ *. #3posed cond&its shall +e (I and parallel with or at riht anles to +&ildin line, +ea%s, or ceilin. For all chane in direction s)%%etrical +ends or %etal +o3es to +e &sed. . Approved e%erenc) lihtin ca+lin i.e. FP ;; will +e &sed onl). 0. @herever the e%erenc) lihtin ca+le passes thro&h walls, =oors, =oor screeds, +ric's walls etc a s&ita+le sleeve shall +e provided. 1. Before ter%inatin the ca+les ins&lation test will +e carried o&t. 2. 5nifor% color codin shall +e &sed thro&ho&t the installation. 4. Connections to the ter%inals shall +e tihtened to avoid an) loose connections, and earth connection points sho&ld +e clean in order to provide ood electrical cond&ctivit) path. 7. #ns&re the installation of l&%inaries as per approved shop drawins, #3it lihts shall +e installed as per approved drawins on all escape ro&tes and their orientation sho&ld +e perfect i.e. sho&ld +e visi+le fro% all sides and e3it direction to +e proper. 8. Install all safet) l&%inaries to cover the specic ha