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Agreement Between - VILLAGE OF and TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION 700 (Police Employees) Mw? 2012 - 2016 (.2 ?f TABLE OF CONTENTS Amos I - .. Section 1.1




.. Section 1.2 Probationary .. Section 1.3 ARTICLE II - UNION SECURITY AND . Section 2.1 Dues Check Off . Section 2.2 Fair . .. Section 2.3 Religious Objections .. Section 2.4 Names and Work . Section 2.5 Union Use of Bailetin Section 2.6 DRIVE Deduction Authorization and . ARTICLE - LABOR MANAGEMENT Section 3.1 Meeting . Section 3.2 Section 3.3 . ARTICLE IV - MANAGEMENT ARTICLE - . . . . ARTICLE VI HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIM Section 6.1 Application of . . . .. . Section 6.2 Norma] Workweek and Section 6.3 Changes in Normai Workweek and Workday .. Section 6.4 Changes in .. Section 6.5 Overtime Section 6.6 Court . Section 6.7 Caii Back Section 6.8 Computation of Hourbz Rate of Section 6.9 Caiiont Section 6.10 O?'icer in Charge Section 6.11 No Section 6.12 Firearms Quali?cation and Other Required . Section 6.13 Fieid Training . . Section 6.14 Section 6.15 Promotional .. . .. . .. . ARTICLE VII - GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE . Section 7.1 De?nition ..8 Section 7.2 Procedure . Section . . ARTICLE - N0 STRIKE - NO a In". uh nun-n: "1 a? nu EwiuLuNIuixsiq n-Iulnlnunuu-ul nuan- nu a I - emote up- "nun-unannqu nan-nun- u" 9 Section 8.1 No Strike .. 10 2 Section 8.2 No . . Section 8.3}udicial.. ARTICLE Ix - Section 9.1 Section 9.2 Holiday .. ARTICLE - LAYOFF AND RECALL . Section 10.1 .. .. Section 10.2 Recall ARTICLE XI SCHEDULED TIME OFF . .. Section 11.1 Earned Section 11.2 Personal . .. . .. Section 11.3 Vacation .. Section 11.4 Vacation .. ARTICLE XII SICK Section 12.1 Paid Sick . .. .. Section 12.2 Consecutive Absen Section 12.3 Sick Lea Section 12.4Sick Leave .. .. . .. . Section 12.51nvoiuntary Medical . Section 12.6 No Fault Sick Time Usage .. ARTICLE ADDITIONAL Section 13.1 Discretionary Leaves .. Section 13.2 Appiicationfar Section 13.3 Funeral . . . . Section 13.4 Military . . . Section 13.5 jury . Section 13.6101) Related injury, Illness or Disability . .. Section 13. 7 Maternity Section 13.8 Family Medical Leave . . ARTICLE XIV-TUITION PROGRAM Section 14.1 Tuition Reimbursement Program Section 14.2 . Section 15.1 Wage Section 15.2 Longevity .. ARTICLE XVI - UNIFORM .. .. .. Section 16.1 . Section 16.2 Body ARTICLE XVII - Section 1 7.1 Major Medical Insurance Coverage .. Section 17.2 Health and Section 17.2a Contributions forSubsequent .. Section 1 7.2b Disabled Section 17.2c Employer Section 122d Delinquent .. .. . Section 17.2e Section 1 7.3 Section 125 Cafeteria Plans/Deferred Compensation 457 Plans .. Section 17.4 Insurance ARTICLE MAINTENANCE OF ARTICLE XIX IMPASSE ARTICLE XX - SAVINGS CLAUSE . .. . ARTICLE XXI - EMPLOYEE DISCIPLINE AND RELIEF FROM DUTY .. ARTICLE XXII - EMPLOYEE . . Section 22.1 PersonaiAssets . Section 22.2 Reiease of Section 22.3 investigation of inpio yee .. Section 22.4 ARTICLE NON-DISCRIMINATION . Section 23.1 Equal Employment Section 23.2 . ARTICLE XXIV - MISCELLANEOUS . . . .. .. Section 24.1 Union Section 24.2 Visit 5 a Union Representative .. Section 24.3 inspection ofPersonnei Section 24.4 Exposure to Disease . Section 24.5 Drug Testing .. .. Section 22.5 Drug Testing . Section 22.5.1 Section 22.5.2 The Administration of .. .. Section 22.5.3 Order to Submit to Section 22.5.4 Test to be . . Section 22.5.5 Voiuntaiy: . . . . .. Section 24.6 Residency . . . . Section 24.7 Outside Empioymen . Section 24.8 .. . . Section 24.9 Additional Work .. . .. ARTICLE XXV ENTIRE ARTICLE XXVI - .. . AGREEMENT BETWEEN VILLAGE OF MONEE, ILLINOIS AND TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION it 700 (Police Employees) PREAMBLE THIS AGREEMENT entered into by the VILLAGE OF MONEE, Will County, ILLINOIS, (hereina?er referred as the ?Village? or the ?Employer"), and the INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION #700 (hereinafter referred to as the "Union"), is in recognition of the Union's status as the exclusive representative of the Village's, sworn peace of?cers as described in section 1.1 and has as its basic purpose the promotion of harmonious relations between the Employer and the Union; the establishment of an equitable and peaceful procedure for the resolution of differences; and the establishment of an entire agreement covering all rates of pay, hours of work and conditions of employment applicable to bargaining unit employees. Therefore, in consideration of a mutual promises and agreements contained in this Agreement, the Employer and the Union do mutually promise and agree as follows: - ARTICLE I RECOGNITION Section l.l Recognition I11e.Village recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining representative for all sworn full-time peace of?cers (hereinafter referred to as "of?cers" or "employees"), but excluding all sworn peace officers of the rank of sergeant and above, any employees excluded from the de?nition of ?peace of?cer" as de?ned in the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, and all other managerial, supervisory, con?dential and professional employees as de?ned by the Act. - Section 1.2 Probationary Period The probationary period shall be twelve months in duration following proper certi?cation by the Police Training Board. For those who already possess such a certification at the time of employment, the probationary period will begin with the date of employment. During the pro'bationSry period, an of?cer is entitled to all rights, privileges or benefits under this Agreement. Section 1.3 Gender Whenever the male gender is used in this Agreement, it shall be construed to include both male and females equally. ARTICLE II - UNION SECURITY AND RIGHTS Section 2.1 Dues Check-off While this Agreement is in effect, the Village will deduct from each paycheck the appropriate dollar amount of Union dues for each employee in the bargaining unit who has ?led with the Village a voluntary, effective check-off authorization. The fixed 5 5 dollar amount to be deducted from each paycheck shall be equal to two?and-onenquarter hour?s straight time pay per employee per month, equalized of the number of pay periods. The dues to be deducted may be changed once a year by the Union. If an employee?s Check is less than the dues amount, the Village has no obligation to make the deduction. A Union employee desiring to revoke the dues check off may do so by written notice to the Village at any time during the thirty (30) day period prior to the annual anniversary date of the contract. Dues shall be placed in the mail to the Union by the 151h day of the month following the deduction. Section 2.2 Fair Share Any present of?cer who is not an employee of the Union shall have deducted from his pay and transmitted to the Union a fair share (not to exceed to amount of union dues) of the cost of the collective bargaining process and contract administration rendered by the Union as the exclusive representative of the employees covered by this agreement. All employees hired on or after the effective date of this Agreement and who have not made application for Union membership shall, on or after the thirtieth day of employment, also have deducted from their pay and transmitted to the Union a fair share of the cost of the collective bargaining process and contract administration. Such fair share fees shall be deducted by the Village from the earnings of non-employees and remitted to the union with the same frequency and in the same fashion as dues payments. The Union shall periodically submit to the Village a list of employees covered by this Agreement who are not employees of the union and an af?davit which Specifies the amount of fair share fee. The amount of fair share shall not include any contributions related to the election or support of any candidate for political of?ce or for any employee-only bene?t. The fair share fee should be uniform for each employee subject to the obligation to pay a fair share fee. The Union may change the ?xed uniform dollar mount that will be considered the payroll deduction amount once each calendar year during the life of this Agreement. The Union will give the Village thirty (30) day notice of any such change in the amount of the fair share fee. The Union shall indemnify and hold the Village completely free and harmless against any claim, demand, cause of action, loss, lawsuit and attorney fees which may arise as a result of the Village?s actions taken with respect to the provisions of this Section. Section 2.3 Religious Obiections The obligations to pay a fair share fee to the Union shall not apply to any employee, who on the basis of a bona-?de religious tenet, teaching or a church or religious body of which such employee is an employee, objects to the payment of a fair share fee to the Union. Upon proper substantiation and collection of the entire fee, the Union will make a payment on behalf of the employee to a non-religious charitable organization mutually agreed to by the objecting employee and the Union. If the employee and the Union are unable to agree Upon non-religious charitable organization, the organization shall be determined in accordance with the procedures established by the Illinois Labor Relations Board. Section 2.4 Names and Work Classi?cations The Village shall provide the Union within thirty (30) days of hire the name, classi?cation, rate of salary and starting date of any new employee hired into the bargaining unit. Section 2.5 Union Use of Bulletin Boards The Village will make available space on a bulletin board for the posting of official Union notices. The Union will limit the postings of Union notices to such bulletin board. - Section 2.6 DRIVE Deduction Authorization and Deduction While this agreement is in effect, the Village will deduct from the employees paycheck of all employees covered by this agreement voluntary contributions to DRIVE (Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education). DRIVE shall notify the Village of the amounts designated by each contributing employee that are to be deducted from his/her paycheck on a weekly basis for all weeks worked. The Phrase ?weeks worked? excludes any week other than a week in which the employee earned a wage. The Village shall transmit to the DRIVE National Headquarters on a basis, in one check the total amount deducted along with the name of employee on whose behalf a deduction is made ARTICLE - LABOR MANAGEMENT MEETINGS Section 3.1Meeting Request The Union and the Village agree that in the interest of efficient management and harmonious employee relations, that meetings be held if mutually agreed between Union representatives and responsible administrative representatives of the Village. Such meetings may be requested by either party at least seven (7) days in advance by placing in writing a request to the other for a "labor-management" meeting and expressly providing the agenda for such a meeting. Such meetings and locations, if mutually agreed upon, shall be limited to: a) discussion of the implementation and general administration of this agreement; b) a sharing of general information of interest to the parties c) notifying the Union of changes in conditions of employment contemplated by the Village which may affect employees. Section 3.2 Content It is expressly understood and agreed that such meeting shall be exclusive of the grievance procedure. Speci?c grievances being processed under the grievance procedure shall not be considered at "labOr-management meetings" nor shall negotiations for the purpose of altering any or all of the terms of this Agreement be carried on at such meetings. Section 3.3 Attendance. Attendance at labor-management meetings shall be voluntary on the employee?s part. Normally, three (3) persons form each side shall attend these meetings, schedules permitting. Off-duty attendance shall not be considered time worked and shall in no way interfere with any on duty time of any employee. ARTICLE IV MANAGEMENTS RIGHTS Except as speci?cally limited by the expressed provisions of this Agreement, the Village retains all traditional rights to manage and direct the affairs of the Village in all of its various aspects and to manage and direct its employees. These rights include, but are not limited to, the rights to determine its mission, policies and to set forth all standards of service offered to the public; the right to plan, direct. control and determine the operation or services to be conducted by the Employees; the right to determine the method, means and number of personnel needed to carry out 7 7 the Village's mission; the right to direct the workforce; the right to hire, assign or transfer employees within the police department or other police related functions; the right to promote, to discipline for just cause (probationary employees without cause); the right to layoff or relieve employees due to lack of work or for other legitimate reasons; the right to make, publish and enforce reasonable rules, regulations, orders and policies; the right to evaluate work performance; the right to introduce new or improved methods, equipment or facilities; the right to contract out for any work, goods or services; the right to schedule and assign work including overtime. Management's rights shall not con?ict with any of the express written provisions of this agreement. ARTICLE - SUBCONTRACTING The Village will not subcontract out work performed by members in the bargaining unit during I the term of this Agreement if the subcontracting would result in the layoff of any existing full time officer or if any full-time of?cer is on layoff. ARTICLE VI HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIME Section 6.1 Application of Article This Article is intended only as a basis for calculating overtime payments, nothing in this agreement shall be construed as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week. Section 6.2 Normal Workweek and Workday Except as provided elsewhere in this agreement, the normal workweek (Sunday through Saturday) shall average forty (40) hours per departmental calendar week resulting in 2,080 hours of work per year. The normal workday shall be eight (hours), five (5) consecutive workdays, followed by two regularly scheduled days oft: then repeated for a total often (10) regular workdays each fourteen (14) day pay period. Bach officer will be allowed to take a thirty (30) minute paid meal break each day subject to the work duties. There shall be a minimum of two (2) full time patrol of?cers permanently assigned in each shift, based upon annual seniority shift picks. The on-duty patrol staff shall be two (2) full-time of?cers which may include either an 01C, corporal or sergeant with call handling responsibilities to meet the staf?ng requirement. The employee designated as Detective shall not be considered as fulfilling the minimum shift requirements. Section 6.3 Changes in Normal Workweek and Workday The shifts, workdays and hours to which employees are assigned shall be stated on a departmental work schedule. This schedule shall be posted no later than the 25th of the preceding month. Shifts shall be assigned and designated as follows: D?l 0700 to 1500 hours two officers A-l 1500to 2300 hours two officers MM -300 to 0700 hours two of?cers For the purposes of this scheduling, the term of?cer shall include the OIC or ranked supervisor (Corporal and Sergeant) and part-time of?cers only when used as authorized in this Agreement. The department may assign a part-time of?cer to the shift of a bargaining unit member when that individual is injured or ill for more than ?ve (5) consecutive days. A part-time of?cer may ?ll that shift for the duration of that illness or injury or until such time the officer may end their employment due to that injury or illness. Part-time of?cers may be used to ?ll in and shall count toward minimum staf?ng when they replace a full-time of?cer on the schedule to accommodate the full-time of?cer using vacation time, or personal days, or as otherwise in Section 9.2 Holidays. Section 6.4 Changes in Shift Assignments a) All shift assignments shall be bid by seniority on an annual basis during the ?rst week of December to be effective the ?rst week of January of the following year. b) Of?cers may switch shifts with advanced noti?cation and approval to the Chief of Police or his designee including the 01C when no designee is on duty. Section 6.5 Overtime Pav Overtime at the rate of time and one-half (1-1 1/2) an employee?s straight-time rate of pay shall be paid for all hours worked beyond the employee'sregularly scheduled workday or duty shift, such pay to be calculated in ?fteen (15) minute segments. Overtime shall be offered by seniority to full?time of?cers ?rst. Section 6.6 Court Time Employees who would otherwise be off-duty shall be paid their overtime rate of pay for all hours when appearing in court on behalf of the Village in the capacity of a commissioned of?cer or when. preparing for an off-duty appearance in the presence of the village prosecutor or Will County State?s Attorney. Of?cers shall be paid a minimum of three (3) overtime hours with respect to State court appearances in Joliet, Illinois, and two (2) overtime hours for local court appearances. Section 6.7 Call Back Pav An employee called back to work after having left work shall receive a minimum of two (2) hours pay at overtime rates unless the time extends to his regular work shift or unless the individual is called back to rectify his own error, in which case the of?cer will be paid at overtime rates only for the time actually spent. Section 6.8 Computation of Hourly Rate of Pay For the purposes of determining overtime compensation, at police of?cer?s salary shall be computed based upon an annual work year of 2,080 hours. Section 6.9'Callout Overtime Non-scheduled overtime shall be offered on a seniority basis to full-time employees ?rst. In the event of a call-off for the on~coming shift, the of?cer in charge of the shift shall attempt to contact off-duty employees to ?ll the shift opening, based on seniority. If all the full-time of?cers tum down the overtime, then the shift of?cer may hold 9 9 over an employee from the on?duty shift (whose relief has called-oft) for no more than five hours and may call-in an officer from the shift after the short shift to come in for a period not to exceed five hours, or by agreement of those on and off duty. The officer in charge may also be allowed to ?ll those openings with part-time of?cers. If none of these remedies ?ll the open position, mandatory holdover and/or call back shall occur. In all cases, the minimum staffing of two, on-duty patrol of?cers shall prevail. Section 6.10 Officer in Charge Compensation Any patrol of?cer who performs the regular duties of the of?cer in charge of the duty shift shift supervisor) for at least two hours per work shift shall receive an addition ?fty (50) cents per hour towards his hourly pay rate. Section 6.11 No Pvramiding Compensation shall not be paid more than once for the same hours under any provision of this Article or Agreement. - Section 6.12 Firearms Quali?cation and Other Required Training Police officers will be compensated for three (3) hours attime and one/half or, if more than three (3) hours, for time actually spent at the range meeting. Quali?cation tests as required by the State. Of?cers must qualify and satisfactOrily complete this requirement as stated in the Police Department Policy Manual. The Village will provide each of?cer with one box of ammunition annually for quali?cation tests. The Village shall provide duty ammunition as well. Section 6.13 Field Training Of?cer The Village will compensate ?eld training of?cers one (1) hour of overtime per shift when that PTO is actually engag