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Mwf Qurbani Leaflet_2009

Qurbani [email protected] Tel. 01282 723 456 (24/7) + Qurbani from £35 + Give an Eid Gift to the poor The Companions of the Messenger of Allah (blessings & peace be upon him ) said ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is Sacrifice (Qurbani)?’. ‘It is the practice of your father Ibraheem’ (upon him be peace). ‘What is the reward from it?’. ‘For every hair there is a good deed’. ‘And what of wool (i.e. animals that have wool on them) O messenger of Allah’, they said. ‘For every fibre of the




    + Qurbi frm £35+ Give  Ei Gift t te pr Qurba Fulfil your obligation with a prompt donation to Minhaj Welfare Foundation www.mwf.ogifo@mwf.ogTel. 01282 723 456 (24/7) T Copos of  Mssg of All ( lssgs pc  upo ) s ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is Sacrifice (Qurbani)?’.  ‘I s  pcc of you f I’ ( upo  pc ). ‘What is the reward from it?’. ‘Fo vy   s  goo’. ‘And what of wool (i.e. animals that have wool on them)O messenger of Allah’, y s. ‘Fo vy f of  wool s  goo ’.   ãtirmidhi & ibn-e-majah  eid gift a cac  l rsjy r   Eid gifts for Orphan Children, Widows , and the Hospitalised . The Prophet   (blessings & peace be upon him) taught thatthe believer/mu’min is the one who loves for humanity thatwhich he loves for him/her self. ( sahih   bukhari  ) Almost halfthe world — over three billion people — live on less than£1.55 a day. Their Eid is not as colourful as ours. Want tohelp? Here’s your chance.   GIFT 2 SEwInG MachInE a sure f imeRespetbe ivig a y ut f pverty a fr y £100   GIFT 1 Food & cloThInG Pack F fr  fmiy f 5ctig fr tseitut tes a fr y £50 Las yar... 580+   Ss & ceges i 10 Yers. 28,283 FREE Eye-ces & opertis i 10 Yers.Expert Emergey Reief wr. Mgemet f 2nd Largest cetive Itef i te wr.GRoUnd BREakInG dElIVERY. MInhaJ wElFaRE FoUndaTIon.  Qurba Bascs y Qbai is ecessay (Wajib) fo evey ɲ Mslim Ma ad Woma who isadlt, sae, ad fiacially capable.Each idividal mst pefom his/he ɲ Qbai fom thei pesoal fiaces.Yo do’t have to pefom the Qbai ɲ yoself. Pesoal fds amotig to thecost of the Qbai ca be give to aidividal o ogaisatio o yo behalf.Pefomig the Qbai is obligatoy ɲ dig the days of Eid-l-Adha.Hece, It wold be ivalid to doate aeqivalet amot of moey fo aotheppose as a sbstitte fo Qbai.De to the geeosity of Allah; if a peso ɲ is able to affod moe tha 1 Qbai - it isecommeced they do so. They may offeo behalf of the Pophet blessigs & peace be po him  o deceased people. Sch a actio meitsewad. SWAt CRiSiS The lagest displacemet cisis i Paista’s histoy.1+ Millio peoplefoced toFLEEthei homes. COMBAT & DESTruCTIOn.MWF was amogst the fist chaity ogaisatio’s toswiftly espod to the 1000’s affected. We have pbliclyvowed ‘not to stop until every displaced person issafely returned to their homeland’ . QurBAnI’S WILL ALSO BE PErFOrMED InSWAT, MALAkAnD, BALOCHISTAn& kASHMIr MWF SUB-BRANCHES ( UK ) Cash payments for Qurbani can also be made through any of the following MWF Sub-branches in the UK  292-296 Romford Road 14 Naseby Road 49 Woodwards Road FARGHANA InstituteForest Gate, Alum Rock WALSALL 122 Withington RoadLONDON E7 9HD BIRMINGHAM B8 3HE WS2 9RN MANCHESTER M16 8FB  02082 571 786 01213 266 537 01922 612 010 0161 2267 1725-7 Dura Street 145 Albert Road, Govenhill 187 Manningham LaneDUNDEE GLASGOW BRADFORDScotland DD4 6RU Scotland G42 8UE West Yorkshire BD8 7HP01382 226 913 01414 339 364 01274 720 760 1000’s of aimals wee sacificed oyobehalf i coties aod the wold.Meat was distibted i pacets. As a eslt1000’sof people who aetoo poo to cosme meatwee give a chace to icopoate thetitioal beefits of feshmeatito thei diet. This yea Mihaj Welfae Fodatio is pefomig Qbai’s{cows, sheep, ad goats} i 10 Coties. Qurbani is a great do oPoph ihm pcpo hm . thPoph Mhmmd l& pcpo hm md h pcc o hummh. e y c  wdl h f o Q oh o who cfc d h poowho f om .abOVe. Po-scfc. th m c, pckd d h dd o hdy  AghoSh // hi-teCh oRphAn CARe home Possibly the most distinguished orphan care project in the entire non-governmental world. 500 orphans . Educated until university level. Helped to find employment upon graduation. Marriage funded.Multi-million pound project. HELP.