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Nqesh 2013 Mock Test 2013 With Answers





LITE REVIEW CENTER Nel Ars Bldg., Dagupan City Pangasinan PRINC PRINCIP IPAL AL’S EXAMIN EXA MINA ATION TION TEST TEST (Mock Test, December 08, 201! Pre"#re$ b%& Mr' DENTON N' CAALLERO, M'E$' Part II. Directions Directions Read, understand and analy!e t"e sentences care#ully care#ully.. T"en $rite t"e letter o# your ans$er on t"e space pro%ided #or.  &&&&& '. W"ic" o# t"e t"e #ollo$ing is TR(E under t"e declaration declaration policy policy o# RA )'**+ )'**+ I. T"e T"e ta tate te prot protec ects ts and and pro pro-o -ote tes s t"e t"e rig" rig"tt o# o# all all citi citi!e !ens ns to ual ualit ity y /asic education. II. II. Pro% Pro%id idin ing g 0il 0ilip ipino ino c"il c"ildr dren en #re #ree e and and co-p co-pul ulso sory ry edu educa cati tion on in in t"e t"e ele-entary le%el. III. III. 0ree educ educat atio ion n in in t"e t"e "ig" "ig" sc"o sc"ool ol le%e le%el. l. IV. IV. Incl Includ udes es t"e t"e AL AL #or #or out out1o# 1o#1sc 1sc"o "ool ol you yout" t"s s and and adul adultt lear learne ners rs.. a. I and II only c. II and IV only /. II and III only d. I, II, III and IV2  &&&&& 3. In $"at Repu/lic Repu/lic Act rena-ed rena-ed t"e DEC into DepEd+ DepEd+ a. RA 4567 c. RA 5684 /. RA )'**2 d. RA )7*4  &&&&& 8. A-ong t"e t"e ter-s used to de9ne uality uality education, $"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing does N:T /elong to t"e group+ a. t tandard2 c. Appropriateness /. Rele%ance d. E;cellence  &&&&& 4. W"ic" o# t"e t"e #ollo$ing is used in in t"e selection o# ono$n as t"e t"e =erit election Plan o# DepEd+ a. DepEd :rder No. 3), s. 37732 c. DepEd :rder No. 3), s. 3778 /. DepEd :rder No. 8), s. 3773 d. DepEd :rder No. 8), s. 3778  &&&&& 6. It contains t"e /asic regulations, institutions and in#or-ation $"ic" guide DepEd Central :ills $"ic" pro%ided an orderly, e as sc"ool principal, t"e PTA President ca-e to "is o o# #unds to -a>e a rip1rap o# t"e sc"ool pre-ise, "e -ade colla/oration a-ong t"e internal and e;ternal sta>e"olders. W"at co-petency is /eing s"o$n /y =r. + a. Political Co-petency2 c. Leaders"ip Co-petency /. Arc"itectural Co-petency d. =anagerial Co-petency  &&&&&'8. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is N:T under t"e situational analysis o# t"e c"ool I-pro%e-ent Plan+ I. Per#or-ance Indicators III. Pro/leIdenti9cation II. Lin>age =anage-ent IV. P"ysical 0acilities a. I c. III /. II2 d. IV  &&&&&'4. =r. A used t"e #or-ula, FEnrol-ent in rade VI F37'3G H Enrol-ent in rade I F3775G ; '77. W"at is /eing co-puted /y =r. A+ a. Pro-otion Rate c. Co"ort ur%i%al Rate2 /. Participation Rate d. Retention Rate  &&&&&'*. T"e sc"ool o# =r. B $as gi%en a ELL:W C:L:R in t"e Pupil1Teac"er Ratio. W"at does t"is -ean+ a. T"e sc"ool "as 3*' pupil1teac"er ratio. /. T"e sc"ool "as 87 J 84.))' pupil1teac"er ratio. c. T"e sc"ool "as 8* J 8).))' pupil1teac"er ratio.2 d. T"e sc"ool "as 4* J 4).))' pupil1teac"er ratio.  &&&&&'5. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is N:T a >ey re#or- t"rust o# BERA+ I. c"ools III. ocial support to learning V. DepEdKs institutional culture II. Teac"ers IV. Co-ple-entary Inter%entions a. I and II c. III, IV and V /. All o# t"e c"oices. d. None o# t"e c"oices.2  &&&&&'6. (nder Repu/lic Act 56'8, $"at is /eing s"o$n $"en M =r. = did not did not #a%or "is nep"e$ to /e "ired or appointed to a certain positionM.+ a. Co--it-ent to pu/lic interest. c. ustness and sincerity2 /. Pro#essionalisd. Political neutrality  &&&&&'?. o$ -any days do an e-ployee or a pu/lic ono$n as LEVEL 8 standards+ a. Esta/lis"ed and de%eloped structures and -ec"anis-s. /. Introduced and sustained continuous i-pro%e-ent process. c. Ensured t"e production o# intended outputs.2 d. ecured and -anaged outputs.  &&&&&33. It creates a sa#e, euita/le and a Oe;i/le en%iron-ent /ased on t"e needs o# t"e students, teac"ers and t"e co--unity. a. c"ool1Based =anage-ent c. c"ool o%erning Council2 /. c"ools 0irst Initiati%e d. IPPD  &&&&&38. Teac"er  is assigned in one o# t"e #ar Oung sc"ools o# =aguindanao. e is rendering -ore t"an 5 "ours o# actual classroo- teac"ing. By "o$ -any percent o#  renu-eration s"ould /e paid /y t"e go%ern-ent+ a. At least 3* o# "is /asic pay.2 C. At least P"p * 777.77 -ont"ly. /. Additional '* o# "is /asic pay. d. None o# t"e c"oices.  &&&&&34. In ection '5 o# RA 4567 states t"atMt"e progression #ro- t"e -ini-uto t"e -a;i-u- o# t"e salary scale s"all not e;tend o%er a period o# &&&& yearsM. a. * c. '* /. '72 d. 37  &&&&&3*. W"at is /eing re#erred to as a teac"er1-e-/er o# t"e PTA+ a. o-eroo- ad%isers c. non1teac"ing personnel /. u/Qects teac"ers d. All o# t"e c"oices2  &&&&&35. une ' is t"e start o# t"e sc"ool year. =r. P, t"e ead Teac"er III o#  Tali/ae$ Ele-entary c"ool designate une '* as t"e election o# t"e "o-eroo- PTA oy BL(E and REEN in a sc"ool color code -ean+ a. No nationally #unded teac"er. c. c"ool $it" e;cess teac"ers.2 /. c"ool $it" teac"er needs. d. None o# t"e c"oices  &&&&&83. It re#ers to t"e secondary sc"ools t"at -aintain separate Boo> o# Accounts. a. I-ple-enting (nits2 c. uali9ed Recipient c"ools /. Non1i-ple-enting (nits d. ig" Priority c"ools  &&&&&88. Di%ision @ $as regarded as a "ig" priority di%isionM last sc"ool year 37'31 37'8. W"at does t"is indicate+ a. ig" Per#or-ing Di%ision c. Di%ision o# E;cellence /. Belo$1standard Per#or-ing Di%ision2 d. ot pot Di%ision  &&&&&84. In gi%ing t"e a-ount o# sc"ool grant $"ic" ranges #ro- P"p *7 777 to P"p 377 777, $"at is N:T a priority+ a. c"ools $it" t"e "ig"est nu-/er o# drop1outs. /. Appro%ed c"ool rant Proposals as reOected in t"e IPHAIP. c. Belo$ standard in t"e NAT result. d. c"ools $"o are per#or-ing $ay a/o%e t"e national -ean per#or-ance.2  &&&&&8*. W"at is >no$n as t"e '7 o# t"e B= rant Installation and upport 0unds distri/uted a-ong t"e dierent le%els o# depart-ents+ a. Progra- upport 0und2 /. =::E c. Tec"nical upport 0und d. Depart-entKs Re%ol%ing 0und  &&&&&85. =alaya National ig" c"ool "as *5 and a/o%e pupils per classroo-. In t"e list o# DepEdKs priority in t"e construction o# classroo- /uildings, $"at is its color code+ a. ello$ c. Blac> /. old d. Red2  &&&&&86. In preparing t"e 9nal list o# sc"ool /uilding proQects, $"at is N:T included in t"e list o# priorities+ a. *7 Based on c"ool1Age Population c. '7 Reser%ed 0unds /. 47 Classroo- "ortage d. * Re%ol%ing 0unds2  &&&&&8?. I# t"e '7 Reser%ed 0unds is P"p '77 777.77 "ypot"etically, /y "o$ -uc" $ill /e allocated #or c"ool 0urniture+ a. P"p 57 7772 c. P"p 3* 777 /. P"p *7 777 d. P"p '7 777  &&&&&8). W"at is t"e con%entional classroo- si!e in all pu/lic ele-entary and secondary sc"ools+ a. ?- ; 6c. ?- ; )/. 6- ; )-2 d. 6- ; ? &&&&&47. W"o cannot seat as a -e-/er o# t"e c"ool rie%ance Co--ittee+ a. PrincipalHead Teac"er c. A teac"er /ot" accepted /y parties in%ol%ed /. President o# t"e Teac"erKsH0aculty Clu/ d. District uper%isor2  &&&&&4'. Pursuant t*o DEC :rder No. 86, s. 377', t"e ear Le%el Representati%eHs s"all /e elected depending on t"e nu-/er o# enrollees+ a. True2 c. =ay/e /. 0alse d. None o# t"e c"oices.  &&&&&43. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing isHare t"e #unctions o# t"e + I. 0or-ulate and reco--end progra-s t"at $ill address rele%ant issuesHconcerns o# t"e studentry. II. Create co--ittees necessary to address t"e needs o# t"e students. III. pear"ead Brigada Es>$ela Progra- in t"e sc"ool. IV. Participate in t"e cra#tingH#or-ulation o# t"e c"ool I-pro%e-ent Plan. a. I and only c. I, II and IV only /. II, III and IV only d. I, II, III and IV2  &&&&&48.  elections s"all /e conducted on $"at -ont" o# t"e sc"ool year+ a. une c. 0e/ruary2 /. uly d. anuary  &&&&&44. In t"e allocation o# t"e /udget #ro- t"e c"ool :rgani!ation 0ee, /y "o$ -uc" s"ould /e gi%en to t"e + a. 3* /. 47 /. *72 d. 8*  &&&&&4*. Based on DepEd :rder No. 48, s. 3773, t"e ad%isors"ip in t"e  s"all /e eui%alent to "o$ -any teac"ing load+ a. '2 c. 8 /. 3 d. 4  &&&&&45. W"at is not TR(E on t"e uidelines on t"e Preparation o# Daily Lesson Plans as stipulated in t"e DepEd :rder no. 67, s. 37'3+ a. Teac"ers $"o "a%e /een in t"e ser%ice #or -ore t"an 3 years, pri%ate sc"ools not included, s"all not /e reuired to prepare detailed lesson plans.2 /. Teac"ers $"o "a%e /een in t"e ser%ice #or -ore t"an 3 years, pri%ate sc"ools included, s"all not /e reuired to prepare detailed lesson plans.2 c. Teac"ers $it" less t"an 3 years teac"ing e;perience s"all /e reuired to prepare DLPs $"ic" include t"e o/Qecti%es, su/Qect -atter, procedure, assess-ent and assign-ent. d. N:NE o# t"e c"oices.  &&&&&46. As an Editor1in1C"ie# o# t"e sc"ool organ, "o$ -any points $ill /e a$arded in t"e co-putation o# co1curricular per#or-ance+ a. '7 c. 52 /. * d. ?  &&&&&4?. Da%idlee attended a National E1: Ca-p, "o$ -any points $ill /e gi%en to "i- as "is credit on "is co1curricular acti%ities+ a. ? c. 52 /. 4 d. '7  &&&&&4). In t"e e%aluation and selection process o# teac"er applicants, t"e c"ool election Co--ittee s"all /e co-posed o# t"e sc"ool "ead as t"e c"air and &&&& as -e-/ers as stipulated in DepEd :rder No. '3, s. 37'3. a. 4 =aster Teac"ers2 c. PTA President /. :ills o# t"e teac"er1applicant, "o$ -uc" is t"e $eig"t credited to t"e READIN SILL+ a. 37 c. '* /. 3*2 d. 87  &&&&&*8. W"at is t"e pri-ary consideration in t"e 9lling up o# %acancy in rade V1VI #or ele-entary sc"ools+ a. u/Qect area speciali!ation2 c. co--unication s>ills /. Residence o# t"e uali9ed applicant d. None o# t"e c"oices  &&&&&*4. In putting up a cordon on a sc"ool /uilding percei%ed to /e "a!ardous, $"at is t"e -ini-u- distance #ro- t"e /uilding line+ a. 'c. 8/. 3d. 4-2  &&&&&**. =r. = #ound out t"at t"e o-e Econo-ics /uilding is /eyond repair. e $anted to conde-n it in order to protect t"e sc"ool c"ildren #ro- any unto$ard incident. W"at #or- $ill "e acco-plis"+ a. eneral 0or- '61FAG2 c. eneral 0or- ')1FAG /. eneral 0or- '?1FAG d. eneral 0or- 371FAG  &&&&&*5. It is t"e po$er %ested upon one F'G person in an o+ a. 47 -ins c. 67 -ins /. 57 -ins d. ?7 -ins2  &&&&&63. Is it possi/le to per-it a graduating "ig" sc"ool student to "a%e an additional su/Qect load in e;cess o# nor-al load+ a. es2 c. =ay/e /. No d. N:NE o# t"e c"oices  &&&&&68. In t"e locali!ed suspension o# t"e classes, $"o can suspend classes in a speci9c sc"ool only+ a. c"ool eadHPrincipal2 c. Di%ision uperintendent /. District uper%isor d. ecretary  &&&&&64. u--er classes is oered to students $"o "a%e #ailed at -ost "o$ -any su/Qects+ a. 32 c. 4 /. 8 d. *  &&&&&6*. o$ -any percent o# t"e teac"erKs /asic pay $ill /e gi%en to teac"ers $"o are rendering -ore t"an 5 "ours /ut not e;ceeding ? "ours o# actual classrooteac"ing a day+ a. '* c. 3* /. 37 d. 87  &&&&&65. Nepotis- as an ad-inistrati%e oense is penali!ed $it" a &&&&&&&& #or t"e 9rst oense. a. Repri-and c. Dis-issal2 /. uspension d. N:NE o# t"e c"oices.  &&&&&66. W"o can a%ail a study lea%e+ a. A teac"er $"o "a%e at least 9%e F*G years o# continuous ser%ice. /. A teac"er $"o "a%e at least si; F5G years o# continuous ser%ice. c. A teac"er $"o "a%e at least se%en F6G years o# continuous ser%ice.2 d. A teac"er $"o "a%e at least eig"t F?G years o# continuous ser%ice.  &&&&&6?. W"at is N:T TR(E on t"e use and grant o# ser%ice credits+ a. :ne $or> day o# %acation ser%ice credit is granted #or one F'G day eig"t "ours o# ser%ice. /. T"e nu-/er o# days o# %acation ser%ice credits granted to a teac"er s"all not e;ceed t"irty F87G $or> days in one year.2 c. Vacation ser%ice credits s"all not /e granted #or ser%ices rendered $it"out pre%ious aut"ority. d. Teac"ers on detail in o lea%e /asis.  &&&&&6). In $"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing situations $"erein ser%ice credits are granted+ a. er%ices rendered in connection $it" t"e conduct o# re-edial classes during su--er or C"rist-as %acation or outside o# regular sc"ool days.2 /. In ser%ice training progra-s #ully #unded /y t"e go%ern-ent. c. Assigned to c"ec>ing o# #or-s and 9nis"ing reports reuired in connection $it" t"e opening and closing o# classes. d. Assign-ent in connection $it" e;"i/its at #air.  &&&&&?7. W"at is N:T a criteria #or t"e selection o# -entorHcooperating teac"ers+ a. At least 9%e F*G years o# teac"ing e;perience.2 /. as at least a per#or-ance rating o# V #or t"e last t"ree F8G years. c. Is a -aQor o# t"e learning area t"e student teac"ers $ill practice #or secondary le%el. d. Been a de-onstration teac"er at least on t"e sc"ool le%el.  &&&&&?'. Is it possi/le t"at a teac"er -ay/e trans#erred e%en $it"out "er consent in t"e e;igency o# t"e ser%ice.M, $it" %alid reasons+ a. es2 c. =ay/e /. No d. N:NE o# t"e c"oices  &&&&&?3. W"at is t"e teac"er pupil ratio #or t"e gi#tedH#ast learners in e%ery classroo-+ a. '87H'8*2 c. '3*H'3) /. '85H'47 d. '47H'4*  &&&&&?8. W"at is t"e ideal teac"er pupil ratio as stipulated in t"e E;ecuti%e :rder No. 84)+ a. '37 c. '87 /. '3*2 d. '8*  &&&&&?4. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is a stress tolerance psyc"ological attri/utes+ a. (ses coping -ec"anis-s to "andle creati%ely.2 /. Internali!e $or> c"anges $it" ease and %igor. c. i%es con%incing reco--endations. d. T"in>s logically and acts accordingly.  &&&&&?*. E;ercising Oe;i/ilityM is under $"at psyc"ological attri/utes and personality traits o# a teac"er1applicant+ a. u-an relations c. tress tolerance /. Decisi%eness2 d. Leaders"ip s>ills  &&&&&?5. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is gi%en nine F)G points under educational attain-entM o# a teac"er+ a. Co-plete acade-ic reuire-ents #or =asterKs Degree /. =asterKs Degree c. Acade-ic units Doctoral Degree d. Co-plete acade-ic reuire-ents #or Doctoral Degree2  &&&&&?6. An inno%ation $as de%eloped /y =r. 0. It $as adopted already in "is district #or t$o F3G years. o$ -any points $ill /e credited #or "i- in t"e ran>ing #or pro-otion+ a. 3 points c. * points /. 4 points2 d. 8 points  &&&&&??. =r. T, $ants to /e pro-oted as ead Teac"er III. e o/tained a general a%erage o# "is per#or-ance rating #or t"e last t"ree F8G $it" ).3*. o$ -any points $ill /e credited #or "i-+ a. 87 points c. 37 points /. 3* points2 d. '* points  &&&&&?). W"at is N:T included in t"e #easi/ility study on t"e opening o# sc"ool anne;es+ a. Petition /y t"e -aQority o# t"e parents o# prospecti%e enrollees. /. Title o# sc"ool site o# t$o F3G "ectares or deed o# donation in #a%or o# t"e Depart-ent.2 c. Certi9cation o# t"e a%aila/ility o# #unds #or t"e construction o# t classroo-s and ot"er #acilities. d. A copy o# t"e /udget o# t"e -ot"er sc"ool and t"e proposed /udget #or t"e anne;.  &&&&&)7. Does t"e regional director "a%e t"e aut"ority to "ire a pu/lic sc"ool teac"er in "is region+ a. es c. =ay/e /. No2 d. N:NE o# t"e c"oices.  &&&&&)'. It is a principle $"ic" recogni!es t"at e%ery unit in t"e education Bureaucracy "as a particular role, tas> and responsi/ilities in"erent in t"e oed to de%elop a su--ary o# t"e teac"ersK acco-plis"-ents and t"eir i-plications to t"e sc"oolKs priority i-pro%e-ent areas as indicated in t"e AIP+ a. c"ool IT Coordinator c. c"ool NCBT Coordinator2 /. c"ool Records Coordinator d. Assistant Principal  &&&&&'7*. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing institution in $"ic" t"e P"ilippine 0lag s"ould N:T /e "oisted day and nig"t+ a. Ri!al =onu-ent c. upre-e Court and ot"er Courts2 /. Barasaoin C"urc" d. enate o# t"e P"ilippines Building  &&&&&'75. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is N:T TR(E a/out t"e P"ilippine Oag+ a. T"e P"ilippine 0lag could /e >notted to signal t"at assistance is /adly needed. /. T"e Oagpole could /e eual in "eig"t or "ig"er t"an t"e Independence 0lagpole.2 c. T"e /lue color s"ould /e on t"e le#t i# in a "anging position in ti-e o# peace. d. It is "anged day and nig"t at t"e Congress o# t"e P"ilippines Buidling.  &&&&&'76. ypot"etically, t"e pea>er o# t"e ouse died, "o$ -any days s"ould t"e P"ilippine 0lag is on a "al#1-ast+ a. '7 days c. '* days /. 6 days2 d. * days  &&&&&'7?. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is a pro"i/ited act on t"e use o# t"e National 0lag+ I. To dip t"e National 0lag to any person or o/Qect /y $ay o# co-pli-ent or salute. II. To display t"e National 0lag "ori!ontally. III. To print, paint or attac" representation o# t"e National 0lag on "and>erc"ie#s, nap>ins, cus"ions and articles o# -erc"andise. IV. To use or display or /e a part o# any ad%ertise-ents or in#or-ercial. a. I and II c. I II and III only /. III and IV d. I, II, III and IV2  &&&&&'7). In t"e Pledge o# Allegiance to t"e National 0lag, $"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is t"e t"ird order /eing -entioned+ a. =a>a/ansa c. =a>a>ali>asan2 /. =a>a1tao d. =a>a1Diyos  &&&&&''7. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is N:T t"e core principle in sc"ool i-pro%e-ent+ a. It is /ased on standards. c. It is continuous. /. It is syste-atic. d. It is e;clusi%e and integrati%e.2  &&&&&'''. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing $ords /est descri/es t"e c"ool I-pro%e-ent Plan+ I. It is a road-ap. II. A co-pre"ensi%e o%er%ie$ o# -aQor priorities. III. It is a docu-ent $"ic" e-/odies t"e sc"ool. IV. It is an instru-ent /y $"ic" t"e co--unity can "old a certain sc"ool accounta/le #or studentsK per#or-ance. a. I and IV only. C. I, III and IV only. /. I, II, and IV only. D. I, II, III and IV2  &&&&&''3. W"ic" o# t"e #ollo$ing is t"e LAT TEP in t"e IP Planning Cycle+ a. Deter-ining t"e sc"oolKs goals and o/Qecti%es. /. I-ple-entation start1up.2 c. Co--unicating t"e plan. d. :rgani!ing #or I-ple-entation.  &&&&&''8. T"is ena/les t"e leader to re$ard #ollo$ers $"o ser%e t"e purpose as suc" "e deri%es instru-ental co-pliance. a. Re#erent Po$er c. Coerci%e Po$er /. Re$ards Po$er2 d. E;pert Po$er  &&&&&''4. W"at is s"o$n $"en t"e principal issues a -e-orandu- to$ards a teac"er $"o al$ays a/sent $it"out notice to t"e principalKs o en%iron-ent $it" clear o/Qecti%es and responsi/ilities and gets t"e Qo/ to /e done /y -oti%ating and -anaging indi%iduals and groups to use t"eir #ull potential. W"at leaders"ip style is /eing s"o$n+ a. Laisse! 0aire Leader c. De-ocratic Leader2 /. Autocratic Leader d. u-an Relations Leader  &&&&&'37. Principal  puts lo$ e-p"asis on per#or-ance and on people. W"at leaders"ip style is /eing s"o$n+ a. Autocratic Leader c. Laisse! 0aire Leader2 /. u-an Relations Leader d. Autocratic Leader  &&&&&'3'. Principal = $ants e%eryt"ing to /e in order in t"e sc"ool at all cost. e $ants al$ays $ant to set "is /est #oot #or$ard. e puts o%er e-p"asis on per#or-ance /ut lo$ e-p"asis on people. WQat leaders"ip style is /eing s"o$n+ a. De-ocratic Leader c. Autocratic Leader2 /. Laisse! 0aire Leader d. u-an Relations Leader  &&&&&'33. It is ai-ed at ena/ling t"e acuisition o# Basic Education co-petencies #or all 0ilipinos. a. c"ools 0irst Initiati%es2 c. Education #or All /. Alternati%e Learning ysted. c"ool I-pro%e-ent Plan  &&&&&'38. W"en $as E%ery1C"ild1a1Reader1Progra- FECARPG launc"ed+ a. 377'2 c. 3778 /. 3773 d. 3774  &&&&&'34. o$ -any days does a receipt o# reuest /y t"e sc"ool to t"e issuance o#  oilled, se-i1s>illed or under s>illed are grouped under $"at category+ a. Clerical er%ice c. Custodial er%ice /. Non1career er%ice2 d. Career er%ice  &&&&&'84. T"e career ser%ice is c"aracteri!ed /y t"e #ollo$ing E@CEPT $"at+ a. ecurity o# tenure. /. :pportunity #or ad%ance-ent to "ig"er positions.2 c. Entrance /ased on uali9cations alone. d. Entrance /ased on -erit and 9tness or on "ig"ly tec"nical uali9cation.  &&&&&'8*. A Pu/lic c"ool Teac"er is classi9ed under $"at le%el o# position+ a. 4t" le%el position c. 3 nd le%el position2 /. 8rd le%el position d. ' st le%el position  &&&&&'85. T"e passing grade #or all CC $ritten e;a-inations e;cept #or e;a-inations co%ered /y special la$s is at least+ a. 6* c. ?* /. ?72 d. )7  &&&&&'86. o"anne graduated as =agna cu- Laude in one o# t"e prestigious uni%ersity in t"e country. (nder $"at la$ allo$s "i- to teac" in t"e pu/lic sc"ool+ a. PD )762 c. RA 5?*7 /. PD ))6 d. PD '47?  &&&&&'8?. T"e Brig"test #or t"e Bureaucracy Progra- FBBPG o# t"e CC, $"o are N:T uali9ed Qoin t"e progra-+ a. Topnotc"ers o# CC and BoardHBar E;a-inations /. PD )76 Eligi/ility older c. Indi%iduals o# e;ceptional uali9cations d. Ci%il er%ice Eligi/les $"o co-e #ro- t"e Top '* o# t"e graduating class.2  &&&&&'8). Regular pu/lications o# e;isting %acant positions in go%ern-ent ono$n as an output process+ a. A docu-ent /eing encoded. c. A =icroso#t e;cel progra/. A docu-ent /eing printed.2 d. P  &&&&&'5?. W"at la$ is ot"er$ise >no$n as t"e 0lag and eraldic Code o# t"e P"ilippines+ a. RA ?4)'2 c. RA '7'*6 /. RA ?*3* d. RA 4657  &&&&&'5). W"at is t"e start o# t"e ter- o# o