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Ofs13.clearing R08.02





Open -inancial er(ice TEMENO E#%"T*ON ENT&E Warning: This document, is protected by copyright law and international treaties. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or m echanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of TEMENO !E"#$%"&TE& " %nauthori'ed reproduction reproduction or distribution of this presentation or any portion of it, may result in se(ere ci(il and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under applicable law.) *nformation in this document is sub+ect to change without notice ession /0 1Ob+ecti(es  "t the end of this session you should be able to  #escribe and use an O- learing &e2uest  #escribe the parameters in ".ENT&3.4"&"M What is O- learing5  O-.6E"&*N7 interface to crate accounting entries directly using O-  pecific message format  %ses an "4* called O-.6E"&*N7.M"N"7E& to process messages and raise appropriate accounting entries. CLEARING,,INPUTT/123123,LCLG,10,14621~SALARY~7000~C O- learing Message &e2uest yntax CLEARING  , AC.ENTRY.PARAM id Message Data Must always be 6E"&*N7 T8 user information 9id, password, company ; Transaction *d   User Information %ser *nformation   , Operation   , The id of a record in ".ENT&3.4"&"M Message #ata  #ata (alues for the transaction alone  tructure 9i.e. -ield names < positions; described in ".ENT&3.4"&"M What is re2uired for O-.6E"&*N75   "n entry in ".ENT&3.4"&"M   " message O- learing Message O- !eader O- #ata record 6E"&*N7,,*N4%TT?/0/0, -TT, /@,/8>/A"6"[email protected]@@A Transaction id  ".ENT&3.4"&"M   " parameter file that defines the layout of the message  ".ENT&3.4"&"M cont… Important fields ield Des!ription -ield #elim -ield delimiter   &ecord type &ecord type could be #"T", !E"#n or T&"*6 &ecord *d Type of record *d #ata *tem The name of the field in the message data part of the O- message #ata tart The position of the field within the O- data record  ".ENT&3.4"&"M cont… Important fields ield "ample Data -ield #elim A &ecord type #"T" &ecord *d N #ata *tem "O%NT #ata tart  6E"&*N7,,*N4%TT?/0/0,-TT,/@,/8>/A"6"[email protected]@@A  ".ENT&3.4"&"M #ata *tems *mportant (alues for #ata *tems   "ccount Number or 4<6 category.   "mount.  ign, pro(ided directly, or indirectly (ia a transaction code.  The currency code if supplied is for additional (erification against the account currency. Message Mapping CLEARING,,INPUTT/123123,FTST,10,14621~SALARY~7000~C #al$e Des!ription Data Item 6E"&*N7,, *N4%TT?/0/0 O- !eader record 667 *d of ".ENT&3.4"&"M record /@ *# for the incoming Transaction.9This is for internal use in O-.6E"&*N7.M"N"7E&; &ecord *d /8>/ "ccount Number "O%NT "6"&3 &eference T!E*&.&E- [email protected]@@ Transaction amount "MO%NT  ign 9it can be & or #& or F or 1; *7N hecGing if it worGs  *nput the message through any of the O- modes.  Open ".ENT&3.*NW"&# and checG for the corresponding record $ui'  Match Hem Transaction id of O- message #ata *tem / 4osition within data record Other way of supplying the sign for the transaction amoun EI.3TEM.*# #ata postion  ".ENT&3.4"&"M record id #ata tart Transaction reference to be used by O-.6E"&*N7.M"N"7E&  ".*NW"&#.ENT&3 WorGshop   etup an ".ENT&3.4"&"M for inward clearing through -T %se this to credit as well as debit accounts through learing ummary 3ou should now be able to  #escribe and use an O- learing &e2uest  #escribe the parameters in ".ENT&3.4"&"M