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On Farmer Buying Behavior Toward Pesticide

on farmer buying behavior toward pesticide




Presentation on farmer buying behavior  toward pesticide • • • Presented By By,, Patel Bhavesh N Exam No:1013 Presented to, GNU CMS 1. Introduction Introduction of bayer Bayer Crop Science Ltd, is a multinational multinati onal company and exists in different countries.  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., is originated from Germany. Germany.  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., has a two manufacturing units in Gujarat at, Ankleshwar and Himmatnagar (Gujarat).  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., is manufacturing Agrochemicals at Himmatnagar and having modern plant for Granules, Dust & liquid formulation which is operated  by DCS.  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., has ISO 9001 Certificate which is a Quality system syst em and ISO 14001 Certificate which is a Environmental Environmental Management System. Also Company has ISI mark.  1. Introduction Introduction of bayer Bayer Crop Science Ltd, is a multinational multinati onal company and exists in different countries.  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., is originated from Germany. Germany.  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., has a two manufacturing units in Gujarat at, Ankleshwar and Himmatnagar (Gujarat).  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., is manufacturing Agrochemicals at Himmatnagar and having modern plant for Granules, Dust & liquid formulation which is operated  by DCS.  Bayer Crop Science Ltd., has ISO 9001 Certificate which is a Quality system syst em and ISO 14001 Certificate which is a Environmental Environmental Management System. Also Company has ISI mark.  2.Company Profile  Bayer has taken over Aventis Aventis Crop Science world Wide Wide in year 2004 and became Bayer Crop Science Limited. Bayer Crop Science Ltd has got three manufacturing units in India, one is at Thane (Maharashtra) and one is at Ankleshwar (Gujarat) and one is at Himmatnagar (Gujarat.) The company is providing wide range of products in India including Insecticides, Fungicides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Bio seeds etc. Bayer Crop Science is leading company in India in Agro Agro Chemicals market.  The Company Company was incorporated in 1958 as Bayer Agrochemical Private Limited at Mumbai, to meet the agrarian needs of the Indian economy and became public in 1960. It was renamed as Bayer (India) Limited in 1963. The first manufacturing activities at Thane commenced in 1967 and activities ac tivities at Himmatnagar Plant commenced in 1991 .  The Company continues to strive in reaching out to human needs in the fields of  crop protection products, rubber chemicals, health care, animal health,  pharmaceuticals and consumer care products and chemicals.  The Himmatnagar Plant manufactures crop protection products.  The Company attaches as much importance to environmental protection as it does to product quality and commercial efficiency. This is evident from the measures taken to protect the environment. An Incinerator Plant for all chemical and industrial wastes and Tower Biology for treatment of industrial and domestic effluent have been commissioned at the factory at Thane.  The Company is an early signatory to the ‘Responsible Care’ initiative under the aegis of the Indian Chemical Manufacturers’ Association [ICMA].  3. General Information Bayer Crop Science Limited  Plot No.66/1 to 75/2, GIDC Estate, Motipura, Himmatnagar   Large scale unit  Total aprox Current Investment – more then 400 Mio  Main products are in four Category i.e. WG, WP, SC, ES  Site Establishment in March 1991  Auditors & Solicitors : Price Warehouse and Crawford Bayley & Co.  Total Site Area 17379 m2  Bankers are : Bank of America, Central Bank of India, City Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India.  General Information Company vision and mission Bayer Crop Science wants to be acknowledged as Industry Leader in Crop Protection, Bio Science, and Environmental Science Providing innovative solutions meeting the needs of our customers in line with the global principals of Responsible Care and Sustainable development. 4.Site Information  Background Information : Land for the plant was acquired in October 1988 for Folidol dust 2% (Methyl Parathion 2% DP) Production facility. It was decided to shift at Himmatnagar on account of easy accessibility to Soap stone supply. Soapstone is the inert raw material for Folidol dust 2%, which is being transported from Dungarpur  (Rajasthan). Dungarpur is 80 Km away from Himmatnagar. The Himmatnagar site is located at plot No.66.1 to 75/2, in Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation Estate, Himmatnagar (Dist.Sabarkantha) which is situated on National Highway No.8 (Mumbai-Delhi High way). Himmatnagar has generally dry weather Himmatnagar is District headquarter of Sabarkatha district. Himmatnagar is 75 km away from Ahmadabad city, 60 Km away from Gandhinager city (Capital of Gujarat) and 55 Km from Ahmadabad Airport. 5.Site History  Year of Construction/Establishment :  Prod. start up of Folidol dust 2%(Methyl Parathion 2% dust):  Construction of own warehouse at site:  ISO 9001 Certification:  New Product thane M-45 (Mancozeb 75WP)  Year of ISO 14001:1996 Certification  New Product Antracol 70WPFormulation started  Liquid formulation & Granules start up: (Environmental Science Products)  Year of construction of new project SC/WG  SC/WG Prod started 1989-90 1991 1993 1995 1996-97 2001 2002 2004 2005 2006 Reason for Selection of site     Bayer has selected Himmatnagar as Manufacturing/Formulation site in view of  easy accessibility for raw material supply and easy transportation to Northern  part of India for Finished goods. In 1989-90, Company has built up Himmatnagar plant to Produce Folidol Dust 2% powder, earlier which was producing at Thane in Maharashtra. In Folidol Dust 2% powder, 98% material was Talcum powder, which is a inert raw material. Talcum powder was used to produce from Soap stone lumps which is supplied from Dungarpur, Udaipur from Rajasthan. Dungarpur is just 80 Km away from Himmatnagar. In 1989-90, There was a government subsidy benefit as Himmatnagar is situated in Sabarkatha District, which is a backward place. Due to above reasons, Company has sleeted Himmatnagar for formulation for  their products. 6.Facilities / Infrastructure               Total land area : 17379 m2 Dust, Granule & Liquid formulation facility DCS based formulation plant. Own Warehouse at Site Quality control laboratory at site for testing Raw material, In process material, Finished goods and packaging material. Electrical Power supply: connected load 730 kw. Utilities like Nitrogen, Chiller, Compressed air  Fire hydrant system with Fire Pump (20 Hydrant Post with Hose box) Separate Fire water storage tank with 300 m3 capacity Own Water Bore-well Own Occupational Health Center  Own Ambulance Hospital is 3 to 4 Km away from site Fire Brigade is 4 Km away from site 7.Employee Health & Safety The Safety & Health of employees are ensured by following way at site.  Pre employment and Periodical medical check up of Employee  Monthly blood test (Cholinesterase Activity test) of employee for  Oregano phosphorous compounds exposure  Own Medical centre for first aid treatment  Issue of required Personal Protective Equipment’s near work place.  Daily monitoring of PPE in plant.  Local Exhaust system for All processes.  Monthly Plant safety round 8.Corporate policy The Company worldwide believes in the following basic principles: Comprehensive environmental protection and maximum safety are given the same priority as high product quality and optimum commercial efficiency.  Where health or environmental considerations demand it, the sale of products is curtailed or their production halted, regardless of economic interests. The measures deemed to be necessary on the basis of scientific knowledge are implemented.  Company’s research into environmental protection serves not only the Company and the Chemical Industry, but it also helps deal with issues of general public interest.  The Company’s subsidiaries throughout the world are obliged to apply the same standards of environmental protection and safety  9.Storage of RM,PM & FG Raw material, Packing material and Finished goods are stored in our own warehouse, which is built as per Bayer guidelines. The warehouse is well ventilated and accessible from all sides for fire fighting in emergency. Heavy duty pallet rack system is installed in warehouse. Battery operated stacker is provided for material handling. There is ex proof electrical installations in warehouse. Smoke and heat detectors are installed in warehouse for early detection of  Fire. Four-fire hydrant and three fire extinguishers have been installed around and in warehouse. Containment facility is provided in warehouse in case of fire or spillage. There is emergency exit in warehouse. All material is stored as per storage guidelines and storage matrix made for  warehouse.           10.General Administration  Total Head counts are 64 at site on BCS roll.  Total 50 to 60 people per shift on contract base for packing.  Production is running in three shifts generally and in three shifts in  peak season.  Stock transfer to Bayer’s Warehouse & C&F Agent in India.  Marketing in all over India.  Material transfer by road trucks.  Central purchasing system.  Following all applicable legal requirements e.g Central excise. Sales tax, ESIC, Provident Fund act, Factory act, Labor Act, etc.  Canteen room facility. General Administration  Own Ambulance and Medical centre  Round the clock security  Good infrastructural facility and good working Environment.  Employees Salary by Bank account no cash transaction All Employees covered under ESIC, PF, Gratuity and Insurance scheme  Performance base promotion policy based on annual performance analysis system.  Each and every employees will under gone the Training & Development program during the year. Minimum 24 hours Training  plan for each employees. 11.Research Methodology Objective To know about the buying behavior of farmer towards pesticide.  To study the organization and its activities related to farmer.  To find out the consumer purchase behavior.         Research Design Exploratory research Conclusive research Research instrument Target population definition Sampling technique Sampling size Sampling size determination • Research Design In our research report we are using two research designs. •Exploratory research design •Conclusive research  Secondary data: internet ,Magazine, past research  paper. • Research Instrument : Questionnaire Structured;-Have some alternative means close ended. • Population Definition: Target Population: -All farmers who are using pesticide Sampling Element: - A farmer who is using pesticide. Sampling Unit: - A farmer who is using pesticide. Extent: - Sabarkatha Sampling Frame: - Not available •Sampling Technique: - Non Probability Sampling Technique convenience Sampling •Sample Size:-40 14. Data interpretation and Analysis Q1:- how many your annual income? Out of total sample size 23% of farmer have 2.5 to 3.5lac yearly income and 0nly 7% of farmer have less than 1.5 lac income ,17% have 1.5 to 2.5 lac, 30% of farmer have 3.5 to 4.5 lac ,23% have more than 4.5 lac income Q.2 Which kind of crops you taken in farm give the rank ? Descriptive Statistics N Minimum Maximum cotton 40 1 5 Mean 2.70 Std. Deviation .939 potato 40 1 5 3.02 .947 wheat 40 1 5 3.15 1.189 tobacco 40 1 5 3.00 1.320 other  40 1 5 2.20 1.381 Valid N (listwise) 40 Here , Crops is most affective factor in farm give the rank .and after that  potato is also semi important factor  Q3. Land holding pattern (in acres) Out of that 55% farmer farming crop in 3-5 acre land that mean medium size of  land and that’ for they using a cash crop. Q4.What are the various Pesticide used in your farm? 43% of farmer are using special pesticide mean related to their crop and here ,also 27% they using a chemical and 30% of farmer use the chemical powder. Q 5. How do you know about pesticide? 50% of farmer are knowing about pesticide from agriculture department, 12% of farmer knowing from media.2% of farmer are knowing from marketing officer and 23% farmer knowing from news  paper .13%of farmer knowing from other  Q6.Who influence your pesticide buying decision ? Out of total farmer 37% are making purchase decision based on agro retailer ,17% farmer make decision based on advertisement and 23% farmer take decision depend on farmer and 13% farmer are make decision base on a government agriculture. and only 10% farmer make Q.7 Which more in variety of pesticide do you use? Out of total farmer 42% are making purchase decision based on Fungicide ,22% farmer make decision based on Herbicide and 23% farmer take decision depend on Insecticide and only 13% farmer are make decision base on a Bio seeds Hypothesis-1 This hypothesis sows association relationship income and land holding pattern. HO: There is no association significance relation between income and land holding pattern. H1: There is a association significance relation between income and land holding pattern. How much your annual income * Land holding pattern (in acres) Crosstabulation Count Land holding pattern (in acres) Below acre How much your Less than 1.5 3 annual income lac Total 3 Between 3- Above 5 acre acre 0 0 5 Total 3 1.5 to 2.5 lac 0 7 0 7 2.5 to 3.5 lac 0 9 0 9 3.5 to 4.5 lac 0 6 6 12 More 4.5 lac 0 9 9 22 15 40 than 0 3 Chi-Square Tests Pearson Chi-Square Value 66.545a Df  8 Asymp. sided) .000 Likelihood Ratio 54.636 8 .000 Linear-by-Linear Association 28.092 1 .000 N of Valid Cases 40 Sig. (2- a. 14 cells (93.3%) have expected count less than 5. The minimum expected count is .23. CONCLUSION I visited Bayer crop science himmatnagar. This unit has many Departments such as a product, marketing, research and development etc. Bayer crop science as the large scale in a himmatnagar city. I also get information about various departments of company. Every department has an own standard and basis on own formula. This company is producing many pesticide product. When I visited in Bayer crop science pvt ltd, there is a good management. I hope that in future time this unit Is producing more and more product .