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Oregon Petitioner's Motion For Default Order And Entry Of Judgment By Default Form




IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR THE COUNTY OF ___________________ In the Matter of □ the Marriage of: Case No. _____________________________ Petitioner, a and PETITIONER’S MOTION FOR DEFAULT ORDER AND ENTRY OF JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT (ORCP 69) Respondent. Motion Based on the attached Declaration, Petitioner asks that this court grant an Order entering the default of Respondent under ORCP 69 C and allowing entry of the accompanying General Judgment of Dissolution of  Marriage  Registered Domestic Partnership under ORCP 69 D. Statement of Points and Authorities ORCP 69 C. A party seeking default must file a motion for order of default and a supporting declaration providing the court with required factual information establishing that entry of such order is proper. ORCP 69 D. A party seeking a judgment by default must file a motion and supporting declaration. Certificate of Document Preparation. You are required to truthfully complete this certificate regarding the document you are filing with the court. Check all boxes and complete all blanks that apply: □ I selected this document for myself and I completed it without paid assistance. □ I paid or will pay money to for assistance in preparing this form. DATED this day of , 20 . Petitioner, Signature Submitted by: Petitioner, Print Name City, State, Zip Address or Contact Address Telephone or Contact Telephone PETITIONER’S MOTION FOR DEFAULT ORDER AND ENTRY OF JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT PAGE 1 OF 1 Disso-1BC: MoDefault-1BC-Ver04.doc (5/14)