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Pieroni Et Al. Circum-mediterranean Cultural Heritage And Medicinal Plant Uses In Traditional Animal Healthcare: A Field Survey In Eight Selected Areas Within The Rubia Project (2006)

PIERONI ET AL. Circum-Mediterranean cultural heritage and medicinal plant uses in traditional animal healthcare: a field survey in eight selected areas within the RUBIA project (2006)




  Ta ble 1. Recorded veterinary uses of plants in the selected areas Botanical taxonand voucherspecimen codeBotanicalfamilyEnglish name Country STATUS Parts used Administration Application Animal(s) treatedEthnoveterinaryuseQuotationfrequency  Acacia nilotica L.M 01FabaceaeEgyptianthornEgy WFruits andleafletsDecoction I Digestive xxx  Acacia tortilis Forssk.M 02FabaceaeUmbrellathornEgy WFruits, leafletsand gumsDecoction I Digestive xxx  Acer monspessulanum  L.LEP-ACEAceraceae French maple Alb W WoodBurned, then the coldashes are mixed withwater and given theanimals to drink ITo treat the "evil-eye"x  Achillea fragrantissima (Forssk) Sch. Bip.M 03AsteraceaeLavendercottonEgy W Whole plant Decoction I Digestive xxEgy Topic application ETo treat skindiseasesxx  Allium cepa L. Liliaceae s.l. Onion Mor C Bulbs Fodder (seven onions) ITo facilitate theexpulsion of theplacentaxxx   2 Gre C Bulb Suppository I Digestive xGre Bulb Fodder ITo treat lice and"skin bugs"x  Allium sativum L. Liliaceae s.l. Garlic Mor C BulbFodder (mixed withhuman urine)I Digestive xxAlg C BulbFodder (mixed with oiloil)I Vermifuge xxGre C Bulb Plaster ETo treat skindiseases andwoundsxAlb C BulbOne garlic clove iswrapped in a very smallpiece of cloth, togetherwith two coffee beansand two grains of saltEHung on the hornof the animal inorder to prevent theevil eye ( syni i keq )xxx  Althaea officinalis L.   Malvaceae Mallow Mor W Whole plantWrapped in linen andplaced in the oral cavityof the horseETo treat oralinflammationsxx  Anabasisarticulata (Forssk.) Moq.M 39ChenopodiaceaeBerry-bearingglasswortEgy W Aerial parts Topic application ETo treat skindiseasesxxx   3  Angelicaarchangelica L.Apiaceae Angelica Mor CMacerate in vinegar(together with garlic)I Digestive x  Artemisiaabsinthium L.Asteraceae Wormwood Mor C Leaves Decoction IAnti-parasitic,DigestivexAlg W Aerial part Fodder IDigestive; to healnervous diseasesxxx  Artemisia herbaalba AssoAsAhe01AsteraceaeWhiteartemisiaAlg W Aerial parts Fodder I Vermifuge xxxAlg Decoction ITo treat beesdiarrhoeaxxxAlgSmoke from the burningplantI Acaricide xxx  Artemisia judaica L.M 07AsteraceaeJudeanwormwoodEgy W Aerial parts Decoction ITo heal urinarydisordersxxx  Asparagusacutifolius L.LiAca01Liliaceae s.l.WildasparagusAlg W Leaves Decoction ITo treat stomachdisordersxxx   4  Astragaluslusitanicus Lam.   GDA 49187FabaceaeIberian milk-vetchSpa W Aerial parts Decoction ETo treat skindiseasesx  Atraphaxisspinosa L.M 09Polygonaceae Egy W Aerial parts Decoction I Digestive x  Atropabelladonna LSolanaceaeDeadlynightshadeMor CLeaves, root andflowering headDecoction ITo stop coughingand reducebronchial secretions  Bufonia multiceps  Decne.M 41Caryophyllaceae Egy W Entire plant Fodder I Digestive x  Buxussempervirens L.Buxaceae Box Mor W Leaves x Calotropis procera Ait.M 12AsclepiadaceaeGiantmilkweedEgy W Whole plant Decoction I Digestive xx   5 Egy Topic application ETo treat skindiseasesxx Cardopatiumcorymbosum (L.)Pers.AsteraceaeBlack chamoeleonCyp W RootsCrushed and appliedtopicallyETo treat wounds,antisepticxx Carum carvi L. Apiaceae Caraway Mor C FruitsCrushed in topicapplicationETo treat skinlesionsxx Centaurea alba  ssp. tartesiana TalaveraGDA 49212Asteraceae Spa W Leaves Decoction ETo treat woundsand callusx Cistus creticus L.and C. monspeliensis L.Cistaceae Rock rose Cyp W Exudate Poultice ETo treat skindisorder and bellyachesxx Cistus ladanifer   L.GDA 49097Cistaceae Labdanum Spa W Young stems Topic application E To heal bruises xx Cistus populifolius L.   Cistaceae Spa W Leaves Decoction E To heal wounds xx