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Practical Tips To Mind Control Dec07

Practical Tips to Mind Control Compiled by Radheshyam Das, M.Tech., IIT Mumbai Director, VOICE Dedicated to His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Founder Acharya: International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Compiled by Radheshyam Das, M. TECH., IIT POWAI Assisted by Gaursundar das BE (Mech) Chaitanya Charan das BE (E&TC) Sankirtan Anand das BE (E&TC) Publishing by: Jagannath Kirtan das, D.I.E Rekindling Wisdom, Reviving Love Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture & Ed




    1 Practical Tips toMind Control Compiled by  Radheshyam Das, M.Tech., IIT Mumbai  Director, VOICE Rekindling Wisdom, Reviving Love  Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture &Education (VOICE) 4, Tarapore Rd., Next to Dastur Boys School,Camp, Pune-411 001 Tel: 26332328, 26361855Email: [email protected],[email protected],Web: www.iskconpune.com2   Dedicated to  His Divine Grace   A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Founder Acharya: International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)Compiled by  Radheshyam Das,   M. TECH., IIT POWAI   Assisted by  Gaursundar das BE (Mech)Chaitanya Charan das BE (E&TC)Sankirtan Anand das BE (E&TC)Publishing by: Jagannath Kirtan das, D.I.E Previous Printing: 53,0007 th Printing: Dec-2007, 5000 Copies For Copies contact: [email protected]: +91-020-24306330    3 The MODERN SCENARIO The search for happiness is the eternalquest for every living entity. In the moderntimes, the propaganda throughout the worldis to work very hard to earn one’s livelihood,to accumulate more and more wealth, toincrease one’s name and fame and thusbecome happy. Consequently, everyone iscaught up in an environment of cut-throatcompetition. In such a situation, every avenueto stay alive and get ahead in life isthoroughly exploited. Mind control plays adecisive role in determining the performanceand shaping the future of a person and it hastherefore become a buzzword in professionalcircles nowadays. The NECESSITY of MIND CONTROL We all know that, somehow or other, ifwe can learn to control our mind, then we canaccomplish many things in our life. Sonaturally, all of us are interested in controllingour mind. At the same time we are all well 4    5 aware of the disastrous consequences of anuncontrolled mind. If the mind of a person isuncontrolled, it will make him miserablethroughout his life and may harass him somuch that he may even go to the extent ofcommitting suicide.Every intelligent person should learn tocontrol his mind and lead a peaceful life.There are many institutions offering courseson Mind Control, but most of them don’t go tothe root of the problem. They are based ononly a superficial knowledge of the mind andthe way in which it works. Mind controlwithout proper understanding of oneself, Godand the purpose of life is just an eyewash; itcan yield no tangible benefit. In this booklethowever, we will get a proper understandingof the mind, based on the timeless wisdom ofthe Vedic philosophical masterpiece, theBhagavad-gita. The “ABC… ” The mind frequently causes us a varietyof problems. And amateur attempts to tackle 6 these problems are bound to fail since thebody-mind mechanism is extremely complex.Therefore the first step in mind control is tounderstand the answers to the following basicquestions: What is this body? Who am I?What is the purpose of this creation?In order to get authentic answers to thesequestions, the best course of action is toapproach the super-intelligent Designer ofthis body, the Mastermind behind thecreation, namely, the Supreme Lord, and askHim, “Why did You create all theseproblems?” This approach involves tacklingthe problems of life by going to their rootcause and so it can provide a permanentsolution. Just as when we get a disease, wego to a doctor, an expert in that field, todiagnose the root cause of the disease andget it cured, similarly we need the help of aguru or a spiritual master, an expert in theknowledge of the essence of life, who canteach us why our mind and body give us somuch suffering in this world and the way topermanently get rid of all suffering.    7   8 Krishna, the Supreme Lord, is universallyacclaimed as the jagat guru or the spiritualmaster of the whole universe. And He isteaching Arjuna in Bhagavad-gita how tocontrol one’s mind and how to lead a purelife.Right at the outset of the Bhagavad-gita,Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that we arenot these material bodies; we are actuallyspirit souls. This body is simply like a dress; itis just an external covering. The atma, theeternal being, who is the eternal servant ofGod, is now trapped in this body exactly like aparrot trapped in a cage. Being trapped in thebody we are constantly suffering due to themiseries caused by the body and the mind. Itis not that we are suffering only now; ourhistory of suffering dates back to many, manylifetimes. Therefore according to all thescriptures the ultimate goal of life, the onlyway to lasting happiness, is to liberateoneself from the cycle of birth and death andto achieve the kingdom of God. That is oursrcinal home and it is from there that we