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Reviewer - Materials Engineer Exam





Scales for weighing aggregates and cement shall be accurate within____%
throughout the range of use. Scales shall be inspected and sealed asoften as the
Engineer may deem necessary to assure their continuedaccuracy.a) 1.0 %
c) 0.5 %
b) 1.5 %d) 2.0 %2.When cement is placed in contact with the aggregate, batches
may berejected unless mixed within_____ hours of such contact.
a) 1.5 hours
c) 0.5 hoursb) 2.0 hoursd) 2.5 hours3.When mixed at the site or in a central mixing
plant, the mixing time shallnot be less than______ nor more than____ unless mixer
performance testprove adequate mixing of concrete in a shorter time period.a) 30
seconds nor more than 90 seconds
b) 50 seconds nor more than 90 seconds
c) 60 seconds nor more than 120 secondsd) 90 seconds nor more than 120
seconds4.The flow of water shall be uniform and all water should be in the drum
bythe end of the first____ seconds of the mixing period.a) 45 seconds
c) 15 seconds
b) 30 secondsd) 20 seconds5.Concrete not place within____ minutes from the time
the ingredientswere charged into the mixing drum shall be used.a) 120 minutesc)
60 minutesb) 150 minutes
d) 90 minutes
6.When concrete is delivered in truck mixers, additional water may beadded to the
batch and additional mixing performed to increase the slumpto meetthe specified
requirement if permitted by the Engineer, provided allthese operationare performed
within____ after the initial mixing operation and the water andcement ratio is not
exceeded.a) 30 minutes
c) 45 minutes
b) 15 minutesd) 60 minutes7.A sample from a bituminous mix weighs 1000 grams.
Atextraction, it was found out that the dry aggregate weighed 950grams. What is
the % of asphalt by weight of mix?a) 5.2 %c) 5.4 %
b) 5.0 %
d) 4.8%8.The minimum penetration of the preservative with the surface of the
timber piles shall be____a) 150 mmc) 250 mm
b) 200 mm

300 to 9. it absorb and retain water.a) 30 cm c) 60 cm b) 50 cmd) 40 cm19.10 in /min d) 0.05 in/ minc) 0.08 in /min b) 0.The specific gravity of Sodium Sulfate used in soundness test foraggregate should be with in the range of____.Vibration shall operate a frequency of 8.09 in /min14.The penetration test is an indication of the____ of asphalt. a) Consistency c) Hardnessb) Softnessd) Flash Point16.600 impulses perminute under load at a maximum spacing of____ cm.d) 100 mm9.a) 7 daysc) 14 days b) 10 days d) 20 days15. .Specification requires one (1) Quality test for every____ of asphalta) 20 tonsc) 50 tonsb) 200 tonsd) 40 tons17.a) Potassium Chloride c) Magnesium Chloride b) Calcium Chlorided) Sodium Chloride12.The____ is the most commonly used method in the design andevaluation of bituminous concrete mixes.The uniform rate at which the movable head of the CBR machine travelis_____ .a) Job mix formula c) Marshall Stability b) Design mixd) Extraction18.a) 0.The mass % wear of soil aggregate used in cement/limeproportions should not be more than____a) 40 % c) 45 % b) 50 %d) 55 %13.This is used in soil stabilized road surface due to its high____property.The contractor shall submit in writing a job-mix formula for themixture supported by laboratory test data along with samples of resources of components and viscosity  temperature relationships tothe Engineer for testing and approval at least____. that is.Cast in place concrete shall not be post  tensioned until at least____and until the compressive strength has reached the strength specified.a) two weeksc) one week b) three weeks d) four weeks 11.

051 to 1.178d) 1.308 b) 1.154b) 1.151 to 1.295 to 1.308d) 1.250 to 1.058 to 1.408 c) 1.195 to 1.Aggregate accounts for 92  95 % of the weight of the bituminousmixture asphalt accounts for 5  8 % of the weight of the mix. Theexact percentage to be used is determined by the_____ a) Trial mix c) Job mixb) Design mixd) Job order22.280 to 1.18420._____ is an indication that the asphalt mix is overheated.31821.180 to 1. a) Blue smoke c) Rising steamb) Stiff appearanced) Mix slumps in truck .a) 1.The specific gravity magnesium sulfate solution used insoundness test for aggregate should be within the range of____ .174 c) 1.a) 1.