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 A BRIEF STUDY OF MARKETING STRATEGY  OF ROOTS MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Internal Guide: Dr. M. K. Patra (Prof. Human Resources Management) Presented by: Dipankar Sinha Roll No.: B/09/028 B/09/028 Reg. No.:0906281053 Session: 2009-2011 INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC y y y y y y y y y MARKETING STRATEGY (MEANING ) Marketing means the organizational function & set of process for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers. The term Strategy in literal means a plan designed to achieve a long term aim Now, combining both terms together Marketing Strategy  are blue prints for action that marshal and reconcile the marketing function resources with environmental constraints FORMULATION OF MARKETING CUM SALES STRATEGY  Michael Porter  has proposed three types of strategies that provide a good starting point for strategic thinking Ov erall cost leadership:- E very firm tries best to achieve the lowest production and distribution costs so that it can price its products lower than those of its competitors and capture a large market share. Differentiation:In this case a business tries to achieve superior performance in an important customer benefit that is valued by the market. Focus: The firm gets to know narrow market segments intimately and pursues either cost leadership or differentiation within the target segment. LEVEL OF MARKET SEGMENTATION y y y y y Niche marketing: Marketers usually identify niches by dividing a market into segments. Local marketing: Target marketing is leading to marketing programs tailored to the needs & wants of local customer groups in trading areas, neighborhoods, even individual stores Indi v idual marketing: The ultimate level of segmentation leads to segmentation of one, customized marketing or one-to-one marketing. Target market: Once the firm has identified its market segment opportunities, it must decide how many and which one to target Positioning: Positioning the act of designing the companys offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY y y y y To find out the different methods of brand awareness in horn industries. To know the buying decision of the customers in horn industries. To know the satisfaction level of the customers with after sales service. To know about the market share of R OOTS HORN in automobile sector. Sources of data y Primary data : Primary data was collected through a well stucture y questionnaire designed for retailer and consumer. Secondary data: secondary data was collected from various magazines, newspapers,automobile books,retailer,consumer and others. COMPANY PROFILE y Name: R OOTS INDUSTRIES .LTD y Regd office: R.K.G. industrial estate, ganapathy, coimbatore-641006. y Factory: y component division, ganapathy, coimbatore-641006. horn division kadhirinayakenpalayam, thoppampatti,coimbatore641017. Executi v e chairman: Mr.ramasamy  masters degree holder in automobile engineering.  Acti v ity : manufacturers of electric horns,air horns and other equipments. Head office: Coimbatore GROUP OF COMPANY RIL-Roots industries limited (electric horns ) RA PPL-Roots auto products pvt ltd(air horns,switches and controllers) R DES-Roots digital engg service pvt ltd (digital engg service ) RMCL-Roots multi clean ltd (cleaning machines) R PC-Roots polycraft (plastic components) R PP-Roots precision products (dies,tools,jigs and fixtures) RMTL-Roots metrology laboratory (instrument calibration,quality  system consultancy) R.K.Nature cure home (nature cure theraphy,yoga and massage ) SJNMS-satchidananda jothy niketan matric school(international school) CCC-crystal clean care(range of modern cleaning techniques) Roots industries (Malaysia) SDN BHD Roots industries (north america) INC PRODUCT RANGE OF THE ELECTRIC HORN Roots Industries Limited places a premium on original technology and innovation. . This is in a large part possible due to the full-fledged design, developement and test center with the latest CAD/CAM facilities. Its Metrology lab too is equipped with world-class instruments and related equipment. Windtone  Vibrosonic Cleartone Roots 90 Megasonic Smarttone Spider R 70 sensors y y y y y y y y y y Air horn and other product          A t Roots A uto, our work ethics evolve around the tenet of  customer satisfaction. We ceaselessly strive to provide best quality  matching global standards. With the management having an entrepreneurial vision and a team that's highly motivated, we make the quality of our horn heard in every corner of the world. A ir horn Controller Switches Relays Electronic flasher Melody maker Security system Mobile charger LEARNED POINTS OF LITTLE SIZE BUT BIGGER MEANING y y y y y y There are two types of training imparted to workers : 1) on the job basically for 3 months. 2) off the job on monthly basis.  Working shift for the workers are of  8 hours duration. There are two shift of production. The company also manufacture horns for BOSCH COMPA NY. In every sample of  1000 horns 50 horns are checked. A ll the workers on the shop floor are in same dress DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPETATION y DIFFERENT METHOD OF BRAND  AWARNESS IN HORN INDUSTRIES:  Word-of-mouth marketing through satisfaction of  existing customer. A uto Electric Mechanics meet. Free service camp.. Dealer and Sub-Dealer meet. A dvertisement and publicity. y y y y y BUYING DECISION MAKING OF CUSTOMER IN HORN INDUSTRIES Buying reason y y y Self Relatives + mechanic Other reason Number of respondent 45% 30% 25% SATISFACTION LEVEL AMONG CUSTOMER WITH AFTER SALES SERVICE In horn industry the relation need to be maintained from the time of sales of horn till customer return it as scrap after its life is over. The satisfaction level regarding a product is very important because it is a service oriented product. After sales service have a strong impact on buyers decision to repurchase the same brand again-and-again. Out of 50 interviewed, 40 are satisfied with after sales service and 10 were unsatisfied. The company needs to increase the service outlet. SATISFACTION LEVEL 10 Satisfied Unsatisfied 40 MARKET SHARE OF ROOTS HORN IN INDIAN MARKET MARKET SHARE OF R OOTS 40 R OOTS OTHERS 60 Findings(factor affect sales in HORN industries) : y y y y y y y y Brand awareness among customer- people knowledge about availability of  product.  After sales service  as it is a service oriented product.  Auto electrician reference about the product. Warranty duration given on a horn. Customer (self or friends or relative) satisfaction level with the performance & attitude of dealer or sub- dealer. Easy replacement in case of replacement warranty. Market share of the roots product. Last but not the least, advertisement and publicity about product and brand. RECOMMENDATION  y y y y y Company has an opportunity to increase its market share by increasing service station-cum-dealership or sub-dealership. The attitude of companys employee to serve the customer with passion is its strength and need to be continued. Company will have to invest in advertisement to increase brand awareness among customer in far flung areas. Because of less price and good quality of horn than the competitor there is a scope for company to reach the household customers. Company should arrange training for service engineers & mechanics. conclusion y y y y A  well-written, comprehensive marketing strategy is the focal point of all business ventures because it describes how you plan to attract and retain customers, the most crucial aspect of a business. Fundamentally, marketing strategists seek to maximize the efficiency of a firm's sales and marketing efforts to attract as much profitable business as possible at the lowest possible expense. Thus the training was beneficial not only for academic purpose but has given some useful training and information for my career During this industrial visit in roots industries, I have gained the practical knowledge about the functioning of an industry