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Sale Of Goods Act, 1930

general info about sale of goods act, 1930. this is applicable to India..




  Sale of Goods Act, 1930Sale of Goods Act, 1930 Unit VUnit V  GeneralGeneral  Act applies to whole of IndiaAct applies to whole of Indiaexcept the State of Jammu &except the State of Jammu &Kashmir Kashmir   Contract of Sale of Goods subjectContract of Sale of Goods subjectto the general principles of lawto the general principles of lawrelating to contracts (Indianrelating to contracts (IndianContract Act)Contract Act)  Sale & Agreement to SellSale & Agreement to Sell  SaleSale  The property in the goods isThe property in the goods istransferred from the seller to thetransferred from the seller to thebuyer buyer   Agreement to SellAgreement to Sell  Transfer of property in the goodsTransfer of property in the goodsis to take place at a future timeis to take place at a future time  Becomes sale when time elapsesBecomes sale when time elapsesor conditions are fulfilled i.e.or conditions are fulfilled in goods is transferredproperty in goods is transferred  Essentials of Contract of SaleEssentials of Contract of Sale  Fulfill all essentials of contractFulfill all essentials of contract  It is of ‘Goods’It is of ‘Goods’  Transfer of Property is requiredTransfer of Property is required  Contract is between buyer andContract is between buyer andseller seller   Sale should be for ‘Price’Sale should be for ‘Price’  Contract may be absolute or Contract may be absolute or conditionalconditional