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Sample Examination Manuel By R.g. Swanson (shell Oil Co. Exploration Training)

Sample Examination  Manual  By  R.  G.  Swanson  Shell Oil Company  Exploration  Training  AAPG  Methods in Exploration Series, No.1  Published  by  The American Association of Petroleum Geologists  Tulsa,  Oklahoma 74101,  USA  Printed in the USA  Published  by  The  American  Association  of  Petroleum  Geologists  Tulsa,  Oklahoma  74101,  USA  Copyright ©1981  by  The  American  Association  of  Petroleum  Geologists  All  Rights  Reserved  Published  May  1981  Reprinted  199




  Sample Examination Manual By R. G. Swanson Shell Oil Company Exploration Training AAPG Methods in Exploration Series, No.1 Published by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101, USA Printed in the USA  Published by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101, USA Copyright ©1981 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists All Rights Reserved Published May 1981 Reprinted 1998 ISBN: 0-89181-650-X  Publisher s Note: The American Association of Petroleum Geologists gratefully acknowledges the management and personnel of Shell Oil Company and p rticul rly the Exploration Training Department, for their contribution of this manual to the profession. s explorationists rely more on science, publications of this type will aid the geologist in his everyday work. We hope to set a standard with this book. But because this book cannot be ll things to ll people, we deliberately published t as a loose-leaf binder. This will allow uS to update entire sections from time to time, and will allow the individual geologist to insert any materials that pertain specific lly to his own geographic or stratigraphic) area. PG Publications Tulsa, Oklahoma   reface This manual was prepared to provide the oil industry with a Standard Lithologic Logging System. It sets forth the methods and procedures recommended for rock examination and lithologic logging primarily of drill cuttings but also of core and surface samples. The methods procedures and legends included herein are reasonably compatible with those used throughout the industry. There is no intent to restrict interpretation through standardization. On the contrary it is hoped that this manual will encourage wider use of the basic information derived from sample examination and create a renewed interest in the acquisition of such information by improving the ease and efficiency of doing such work. Good sample examination and logging goes beyond making generalized lithologic descriptions and picking obvious formation tops. This includes interpretation of rock genesis and diagenetic history from cuttings which in turn requires skill, diligence and perceptive analysis. s our knowledge of sedimentary petrology diagenetic processes and criteria for recognition of depositional environments increases it is imperative that this information be applied in routine sample examination. The greater the reservoir of knowledge in the interpreter s mind the more meaningful and imaginative the interpretation of samples. Sample examination need not be a boring monotonous and tedious task. one properly it should be stimulating thought provoking and professionally rewarding.