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Satta Matka Info

1. SATTA MATKA INFO Satta Matka or simply Matka is Indian Form of Lottery which was mainly invented in India by two people named as Ratan Khatri and Kalyanji…


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1. SATTA MATKA INFO Satta Matka or simply Matka is Indian Form of Lottery which was mainly invented in India by two people named as Ratan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat.Kalyan Matka(by Kalyanji Bhagat) ran from Monday to Saturday while Mumbai Matka(Ratan Khatri Matka) ran from Monday to Friday. Kalyan Matka Result comes in two parts: open and close.Kalyan Open comes at 4.06 PM IST and Kalyan Close comes at 6.10 PM IST and Mumbai Main Result also comes in two parts as like kalyan matka where Open comes at 9.35 PM IST and Close comes at 12.10 AM IST Some people devoted their life to decode the algorithm of satta matka but they back with empty hands.This people uses previous charts of matka (Charts available from 1974 or earlier) and try to do some calculation and finds some pattern by which they can predict what will be next coming result.This matka system is designed in such way that only owner will earn money from it, nobody else does provide this type of service at free of cost except Panditji. There are variety of fraud websites you will found spammed in Internet claiming leak result or datefix game of satta matka like dpboss bossmatka dailymatka indianmatka sattamatka-mobi kapil matka & .But in reality there is no such option exist.Be aware of such websites and people who are demanding money in form of leak result or advace result of sattamatka.Also there are some guesser exists, who tries to guess the matka numbers or ankada in various Satta Matka Forums.Howhever there are only few ones whose guess is close to result.The person who expert at guessing is called as professor.The professors claim that the sattamatka game runs on scheme.In fact thest satta matka number runs on loading.There are famous top guesser in the satta matka 143 forum.The matka result is very cofidencial as some people claim it to be leak.There are some matka chart or matka guess chart are available in news paper market Kalyan Matka Tips or Mumbai Matka Tips distributed by as a form of Matka Chart for satta matka number and satta matka parivar given for Kalyan Mumbai Madhur Day Matka is very beneficial as it comes from scientific study of planetary position of planets moving around earth.At this website whatever information is given which is purely based on Astrology and there is no direct/indirect connection to satta matka business.We are just giving lucky number based on people date of birth and other planetary position, nothing Do hard work instead We're in the industry since 2000.Our chief founder Panditji (a senior astrologer ) founded exclusive math trick by using astrological calculation during his graduation studies.Surprising the strategy / tricks used during game prediction is unique and purely based on maths and astrological calculation which helps you as lucky number.We are ready to help you now and always will be.No other person/ site will give you perfect 95% passing prediction except us.So 2. take your phone and call us.We've guaranteed you'll happy with our lucky ank. Be a winner always All The Information Provided Here And The Number Provided Here Are Purely Based On Astrology And Numerology & Purpose of site is Information only Which Are Not Connected To Any Illegal Bussiness.Please think before making any decision.Thank You very much. कु छ बाते जो हमेशा याद रखो जैसे की 1) हभाये महाॉ दिए गए रकी अॊक सॊऩूर्णत: ज्मोततष शास्त्र ऩय आधारयत है | वतणभान ग्रहो कक स्स्त्िती तिा साॊखिकीम दहसाफके अनुसाय मे अॊक तमाय होते है | 2) कोई बी आिभी आऩको शत-प्रततशत ऩक्का अॊक नही िे सकता | मह किापऩ सॊबव नही है | मदि कोई आऩको मह वािा कयता हो तो वह सयासय झूट है | 3) Datefix Game, Advance Result मा Leak Game जेसा प्रकाय कबी नही यहता | इस प्रकाय िावा कयनेवारी साईटको ऩैसा िेकय आऩना ऩैसा फयफाि ना कये | 4) इॊटयनेटऩय हजायो वेफसाईटस रोगो को उल्रु फनाने भे भाहीय है , कृ ऩमा उनसे फचे | ऩैसा िेकय उल्रु फनसे फेहतय है ककसी गयीफको वो ऩैसा िान कयो | 5) ऩेभेंट कयने के फाि Satta Matka Tips ( ज्मोततष अॊक )आऩको भोफाइर ऩय SMS द्वाया मभरेगी. 6) हभ 100% कोमशश कयते है अॊक साबफत हो रेकीन ककसी दिन अॊक साबफत नही हुए तो टेन्शन नाही रेनेका.फाकी के दिन तो अच्छे जामेंगे 7) Trial के मरए कृ ऩमा कॉर ना कये , आियर्ीम ऩॊडितजी के कहने ऩय हफ्ते भे एक-िो फाय साईटऩय ऩॊडितजी द्वाया मसद्ध ४ अॊक वारा चाटण प्रकामशत होगा.वही ट्रामर सभजकय िेि रेना. 8) कबी ककसी वजह से हभाया पोन फॊि होगा तो एक sms छोििो हभ आऩको फािभे कॉर कयेंगे.. 9)आऩका भुनापा हो मही ऩॊडितजीका एकभार उद्देश होता है. अगय ककसी दिन आऩको रॉस होता है तो फाय फाय पोन कयके ऩॊडितजी को disturb ना कये.आऩकी उस पोन की वजह से ऩॊडितजी के ध्मान धायर्ा भे व्मत्मम आ सकता है. 3. Satta Matka Terms Matka Its type of betting in India.The word derived from earthen pot which was used in past to declare draw Single Any digit between 0 to 9 which involves in betting. Jodi/Pair Any pair of two digits between 00-99 involves in matka (e.g : 52) Patti/Panna A three digit result comes as betting result.All all three digit number is patti/panna.Only limited 3 digit numbers are used. Result Result is nothing but outcome of betting.It comes in two form Open and Close Open Result Matka result comes in two part.First part is known as Open Result Close Result Second half of matka result is called as Close Result SP/DP/TP SP for Single Patti e.g. 123 , DP for Double Patti e.g. 112, TP for Tripple Patti e.g. 111 Cycle Patti The last two digit of patti is called as cycle patti or cp (e.g. In case of patti 128, Cycle patti is 28) Bazar/Market There are two main types of market in satta matka.Kalyan market and Mumbai market Chart Chart is nothing but collection of past records.(e.g.You can find past kalyan results at Kalyan Matka Chart) Bookie A person which takes bets and handles all financial terms is called as Bookie Matka King A expert person in satta matka betting and has won so many bets(earned profit from market)is called as Matka King Result Help Suppose todays matka result is 120-34-149. The first half 120-3 is called as open result while the second half 4-149 is called as close result.If we take sum of digits in open patti(Open patti is 120 and sum is 1+2+0=3), we will get open result 3 and by same calculation you will get close result For More Info Logon To